April 6th, 2014


Liam Hemsworth Puts His Buff Biceps on Display in a Tank Top!

Liam Hemsworth gives us a gun show while putting his buff biceps on display in a tank top while leaving a storage facility on Friday (April 4) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actor was seen glued to his cell phone while making his way back to his car.

Liam‘s ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus has been mourning the death of their dog Floyd over the past few days. The pair adopted the dog together back in 2012 and she became inseparable from the pet pooch. He unfortunately was killed last week after being attacked by a coyote.

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riz mc

In Conversation with Riz MC

Ex-Das Racist Indian-American rapper Heems and London based Pakistani-origin actor/rapper Riz MC are the duo behind Swet Shop Boys. Most people recognize Riz MC as Changez from Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Heems will tour India this month.

Neither London actor/rapper Riz MC nor New York based rapper Heems are strangers to putting out racially charged rap. When the duo joined hands to form Swet Shop Boys, it was bound to turn a few heads. They took Benny Lava, something that was ridiculed from an outsider’s perspective, and made it cool. Clad in kurtas and pathanis, the duo battle stereotypes, skin colour issues and display pride in their desi-ness.

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Captain America: Winter Soldier is the most political (and subversive) superhero film ever made


We spend a lot of time here on the internet talking about the Meaning of blockbuster movies, attempting to analyze what some new mega-successful PG-13 rated corporate-branded movie says about our culture or the age we live in. We do this maybe because blockbuster movies have become more interested in tackling weighty themes. (9/11 is all over the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies; conversely, it’s difficult to graft some larger mid-’90s topical narrative onto Star Trek: First Contact or Batman Forever.) But we also do this because blockbuster movies are popular, and it’s fun to use popular things as a prism for understanding the issues of our day. It’s rare for a blockbuster movie to come right out and announce its intentions.

And so I was legitimately shocked and impressed and fascinated when I reached the middle of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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This was a great analysis of the movie. When will your faves ever?

Naomi Campbell Is Reported To Be Dating Michael Fassbender

Even at age 43 Naomi Campbell is proving that not only is she in top shape, but she can still attract the hottest men in Hollywood.

While looking as stunning as ever on the cover of the new Shape magazine, according to The Sun newspaper supermodel Naomi Campbell is now dating 12 Years A Slave hottie Michael Fassbender.

The two were allegedly seen openly kissing and canoodling at a restaurant with the paper reporting the pair went public with their relationship after they had secretly met up at hotspot Coya on Tuesday in London's upmarket Mayfair district.

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Leighton Meester looks radiant as she walks her pooches

She recently shocked fans with a surprise marriage.

And Leighton Meester still had a post-wedding glow as she walked her dogs in New York on Saturday.

The 27-year-old star, who married The OC star Adam Brody in February, wore a casual outfit for the afternoon stroll. She wore a denim jacket, teamed with a red jogging top and black skinny trousers as she exercised her dogs Trudy and Penny Lane. She also proudly wore her gold wedding band alongside her diamond engagement ring. The Gossip Girl actress appeared to be wearing little makeup and sported a pair of purple-tinted sunglasses to complete her look.

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Shakira: Jealousy Has Never Been An Issue With Gerard.

It sounds like Shakira painted a misleading picture of her boyfriend Gerard Pique to the media.

A month ago, Billboard posted an interview with the mentor of The Voice, 37, in which she called her man "very territorial," adding, "Since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women."

But after some apparent backlash, the pop star wrote a Facebook post on Thursday, clarifying what she really meant by those comments.

"I was being humorous and now I see that some press took it very literally!" she said. "The reality is that we have a beautiful relationship of mutual trust, and jealousy has never been an issue on either side."

She went on to assure her fans that next time, "I'll be more careful when attempting to use my sense of humor, as clearly it can be easily misinterpreted!"


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TM2's Adam & Taylor Breakup.

Fans have been buzzing for a few weeks about the possible break up of Adam Lind and his second baby-mama, Taylor Halbur. Sometimes these rumors are started by what fans observe on their own through social media. We reported here a few weeks ago, that Taylor and Adam had broken up but we didn’t have concrete proof. That is, until now.

Two insiders, close to Taylor, are revealing that they have finally broken up for good. Reportedly, Taylor is the one who ended the relationship because of Adam’s immaturity. We are told his old demons were starting to creep up again. Adam’s February car crash was a sore spot for Taylor after she received lots of backlash from friends and family about how immature and irresponsible Adam still is.

In case you forgot, Adam is facing 5 serious charges stemming from that car crash and could very well face serious jail time. Adam’s original baby-mama, Chelsea Houska has already taken action in protecting her daughter, Aubree by requiring Adam be under the supervision of his parents if he wants to spend time with Aubree. Adam is also not allowed to drive Aubree, which is obviously a good choice given the fact that Adam was driving without insurance, without proper registration, and without a valid drivers license.

One source close to Taylor, tells us that she isn’t doing very well and is having a hard time dealing with the break up. The source tells us Taylor is constantly listening to empowering break up songs like, “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans. The second source confirms this information, telling us, “Taylor IS struggling but she knows it’s whats best for her and Paislee.”

Taylor posted on twitter over the weekend that she couldn’t wait to pick up Paislee this weekend. We are assuming Paislee might be with Adam at his parents house.


Sister Wives Hide Their Physical Relationship From Each Other

Brady Williams and his five wives have 24 children and even though he and Nonie (wife #4) have decided to have another baby, they’re keeping the news secret from the other women because sex is not something they all openly discuss in their polygamist family.

In a sneak peek of My Five Wives next episode, Nonie explains her fear of sharing the news with her sister wives.

“It’s a little awkward because I don’t want to tell my sister wives about my decision,” she reveals.

“Having a baby is a very physical manifestation of a sexual relationship. In plural marriage, he’s having a sexual relationship with every one of his wife.”

So instead of openly discuss their individual sex lives, Nonie explains that they just block out the truth.

“We kind of sometimes like to not go there because it is a little hard to have to share that sexual relationship. So for me to go tell my sister wives that I’m ready to have a baby, to me that’s just throwing it in their face, hey every night we’re going to be having sex.”


Brady Williams: My 5 Wives (+ 24 Children).
#1 Paulie [Karlie, Joshua, Madeline, September, Maura, & Camry]
#2 Robyn [Hannah, Lauren, Dane, Thomas, & Trey]
#3 Rosemary [Kimberly, Taylor, James, & Brandon]
#4 Nonie [Paul, Rachel, Marissa, Aeyden, & Tailee]
#5 Rhonda [Eden, Lake, Arwen, & Nikolas]
Meg :o

Rebecca Ferguson's family gunned down in drive-by shooting.

The singer is said to be “shocked and terrified” by a targeted attack that seriously injured her children’s uncle and grandfather on Wednesday .

Karl Dures, 51, and his son Craig Dures, 27, were shot in the leg and face as they stood on the corner of Lance Close in Everton .
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Shahs Star Lilly Ghalichi Engaged--But Will She Keep the Ring?!

Surprise! Lilly Ghalichi is getting married after all!
The Shahs of Sunset star had some fun on April Fools' Day by sharing a collage of pictures—including one that featured a huge diamond ring—on her Instagram account. "Engaged!!!!!!!!!!" she wrote.
The 30-year-old Bravolebrity shared a second picture on the social networking site (which has since been deleted) and told her followers, "For those of you that think it's an April fools joke, so did I at first when he got on one knee!! That was his whole plan, he's so funny, romantic and crazy like that."
Given the timing, some of Ghalichi's fans wondered if she was indeed telling the truth.
So what's the real story? Is she really engaged to 29-year-old entrepreneur Dhar Mann?


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According to his wikipedia page, Dhar is a UC Davis grad and the CEO of the Medical Marijuana company weGrow. He was also recently convicted of defrauding the City of Oakland was sentenced to 5 years probation and $44,399 in restitution payments.

Looking at his instagram convinces me that he and Lilly are perfect for each other...In the worst way possible.
Whirlwind romance stories, ONTD?

Lupita VS Dencia: Lupita's Lancôme Sells Bleaching Cream?

When news hit the air yesterday Friday, April 4, that Lupita now joins the likes of Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts as an ambassador for beauty company, Lancôme, we were very happy for her.

Going by the records, Lupita is the very first black lady to join the team of the company's spokes persons.

But there's another twist to the good news. A fan of Lupita whose intention was to shame Dencia, tweeted at the bleaching cream seller about Lupita's new achievement.

Trust Dencia never to be quiet she replied "But they sell bleaching cream tho".

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Blind Side Actor Kicked Off Plane For Being Too Fat

Actor Quinton Aaron from 2009′s Blind Side was thrown off of a plane this week for of all things, being too fat. The 29 year old 6’8, 500 pound actor boarded the plane and before take off received a complaint from his neighbor who was unable to get to their seat.

After unsuccessfully trying to reason with the flight attendant to allow him to remain on the one hour flight from Philadelphia, PA to Rochester, NY., he was politely asked to leave the plane and was then booked on a later flight where he secured 2 seats.

Aaron says he usually does purchases two tickets but only purchased one because that was all that was available this time.
In the end, he didn't seem bothered by the entire situation as he was glad that all parties involved were more comfortable in the end.

Quinton adds, “I definitely need two seats ... It worked out for the better … my knees weren’t pushed into the back of the metal on someone else’s seat.”

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The Slow and Bitter End of Lady Gaga's Career.

Remember when Lady Gaga was virtually infallible? When critics and fans bowed at her altar, and even detractors couldn’t begrudge her the stranglehold of influence (and if not necessarily influence, definitely uncontested saturation) on pop culture? I ask if you remember because it seems that for Gaga, that’s all we have left: the memories.

No one gives a fuck about Lady Gaga anymore. Last week, she released her 11-minute, 46-second epic “Artpop Film” for the track “G.U.Y,” and almost no one gave a shit. The video has just over 23 million views at the time of writing—a number that’s likely to grow, but based on the performance of her last video epic, “Marry The Night,” it won’t likely be by much—but also one that’s disappointing for Gaga in the wake of contemporaries like Katy Perry and Beyoncé, whose videos have amassed 165 million (“Dark Horse”) and 129 million (“Drunk In Love”) views respectively. Even Jennifer Lopez’s recently released video “I Luh Ya Papi” has pulled in 17 million views, and J.Lo doesn’t even have a fun nickname for her fans. Considering none of these other videos are a performance epic to rival Gaga’s, which was filmed at Hearst Castle, that’s got to be pretty frustrating for the Gaga-sphere. I mean, all Bey did was dance on a beach.

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All of the above smooshed together reeks of desperation. Her questionable creative partnerships, her desire to shock simply to be shocking, the objective shittiness of her music—everything comes together to pull back a curtain to a Gaga that’s hanging on by the skin of her teeth, bloody nails digging into whatever surface is soft enough for them to sink into. It’s hard to stay relevant, but it’s harder still to do so with such a bold and conspicuous personality as Gaga’s. And instead of staying calm in the riptide, Gaga’s actions betray the opposite—that she’s thrashing about, taking in lungfulls of water. She’s finally succumbed to the death knell of her career, and in what are perhaps her final moments, like a monkey, she’s flinging shit at a wall, praying in between swings that something will stick.


The Bachelor's Nikki Ferrell Fights Back Against Trista Sutter's Slams

Things got downright catty between recent Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell and first-Bachelorette-to-get-married Trista Sutter after Trista made some comments about Nikki’s relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis to a magazine. Nikki tweeted at Trista to let her know she didn’t appreciate her comments and that she needed to shut her trap, which started an uproar in Internet Land.

“Well obviously, I don’t think you should marry someone who is doubting your relationship, so if he is, then I think she’ll need to have to have a heart-to-heart about whether she wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with her,” Trista told Life & Style.

However, she was quick to clarify that she was speaking generally, not specifically about Nikki and Juan Pablo.

“But I don’t know if that’s the case. I can’t speak to their personal relationship, I can only honestly wish them the best, and hope that if they do get married, that they’re doing it because they love each other and they want to spend the rest of their life with each other,” she said.

Trista went on to say that it “breaks her heart” that Juan Pablo is hated by America, because he is still part of the ‘Bachelor’ family. Nikki, however, didn’t want to hear it. She took to her Twitter to tell Trista to shut it.

“You’re right @tristasutter you can’t “speak to our relationship” because you dont know either one of us. But thank you for playing #juststop,” she tweeted on Wednesday night.

Of course, ‘Bachelor’ fans had to add their two cents into the feud, and, for the most part, defended Trista.

“And this is exactly why people don’t like you Nikki,” one commenter wrote.

Nikki later defended her first tweet by posting another semi-snarky remark.

“Nothing personal against @tristasutter I was just making the point of how can you have an opinion on something you have no real knowledge of,” she wrote.


Kanye West Begs But Hollywood Wants Nothing To Do With His Baby Mama And Kris Jenner

Kanye West has openly gushed about how in love he is with his baby mama Kim Kardashian but RadarOnline.com has learned that despite his A-list status, Hollywood is still turning its back on accepting the reality star into the elite parties, events and clubs that they’re eager to join.

“Kanye is begging people to invite Kim to events or meetings with the cream of the crop in Hollywood, but so many people are refusing,” a source told Radar.

“He’s a serious star that people really respect, especially as a business man, but they want nothing to do with Kim.”

As Radar previously reported, Kardashian, 33, was desperate to go the Vanity Fair Oscar party, but was not invited to the swanky event.

“Kim is just not welcome at the same places Kanye is,” the source told Radar.
“Another problem is that Kanye is pushing not only for people to accept Kim but her mother Kris [Jenner] too! That is definitely NOT going to happen. People want Kris around even less than they want Kim.”

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Sarah Walker

Yet Another BO Update: ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Storms to Record $96 Million at Box Off

Disney's Marvel superhero sequel posts best April opening ever and with another $107 million from overseas, it has crossed $200 million globally in 10 days

Disney's Marvel superhero sequel “Captain America:The Winter Soldier” powered into the record books with $96.2 million in its first three days at the box office this weekend, the largest April opening ever.

It finished well ahead of the $86.1 million that “Fast Five” posted in 2011, and is easily the year's top debut over the $69 million that “The Lego Movie” managed in February. It also beats the opening of the last Marvel superhero sequel from Disney, “Thor: The Dark World,” which rolled out with $85.7 million in November.

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Marvel is slaying at box office. Cap better beat Thor's and MoS' WW numbers and reach 650M

paul yesss

COSMOS poast: Why Cosmos, why now? A Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson (+video)

Space.com caught up with Tyson in February to talk about the series, Sagan, science popularization and his best friend, Bill Nye. The following Q&A has been edited for length and clarity:

Space.com: Why revive "Cosmos" now?

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Any moment would have been good, but it's a matter of how many forces align to actually make it happen … It's not that it's now versus three years ago. It had to happen no matter what. Anywhere between 30 and 35 years is a typical length of what people think of as a generation. There's got to be at least one "Cosmos" a generation; otherwise, we're not doing justice to sharing with the public the role of science and bringing the universe down to Earth.

Space.com: Can you give a few examples of the ways the science on "Cosmos" has been updated? Will the new series incorporate any discoveries of the past 34 years?

Tyson: If you only think of "Cosmos" as a science documentary, then the natural obvious question would be, "Well, it's been 35 years. What has changed?" However, "Cosmos" wasn't only that, and it wasn't even mostly that. "Cosmos" is mostly "Why does science matter to you? Why should you care about science? Why should society care about what scientists say? How can you empower your own destiny by becoming scientifically literate?"
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Jay-Z causes controversy by wearing medallion of group who believe whites are 'wicked and weak'

Jay-Z raised eyebrows at the Barclay's Center last week when he wore a medallion symbolizing the Five Percent Nation.
The Brooklyn-born rapper was sitting court-side at a Nets game on Tuesday with wife Beyonce when he was snapped wearing the controversial symbol.

One of the core tenants of the Five Percent Nation - an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam - is that white people are 'wicked and inferior' to black men.

When asked by a reporter whether the medallion is meaningful to him, Jay-Z shrugged and said 'A little bit'.

This isn't the first time that the rapper has been connected to the Five-Percenters.
He was photographed wearing another similar medallion while giving radio interviews for his album Magna Carta Holy Grail last summer.
And in 'Heaven' a track on that album, Jay-Z references the Five-Percenters acronym for Allah by rapping 'Arm leg leg arm head'.

The Five Percent Nation was founded in 1963 by Clarence Smith, a former student of Malcolm X.
But Smith decided to split off from the Nation of Islam after disagreeing over the idea of God.
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Comrade Jewbear

Superior Russian ice dance couple split, swap partners with third Russian team

Elena Ilinykh, skating until recently with Nikita Katsalapov, will start training together with Ruslan Zhiganshin. They intend to train in Moscow - in the coaching group of Elena Kustarova/Svetlana Alexeeva.
With regard to training plans, Ilinykh's former partner Nikita Katsalapov expressed desire to continue skating with Victoria Sinitsina (former partner of Ruslan Zhiganshin), it all depends on how quickly the athletes will be able to settle all organizational problems. Nikolai Morozov, under whose leadership Nikita with his new partner are going to train, does not intend to continue his coaching activities in Russia and plans to work permanently in Hackensack, USA.

Scarlett Johannson is this weekend's box office queen (+ other box office news)


Jonathan Glazer's first film in 10 years, "Under The Skin," found 2014's second best limited debut this weekend. The A24-released film -- which stars Scarlett Johannson as an alien roaming around Scotland preying on men -- found its way under the skin of enough filmgoers to gross $140,000 from just 4 theaters. That amounted to a $35,000 per-theater-average, the year's highest after "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

That sure helped make a big weekend for Scarlett Johannson. The actress starred in the weekend's best debuts for both an indie and a studio film, as her work in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" soared to a massive $90 million+. "America" averaged north of $23,000 per its 3,938 theaters, which also meant Johannson starred in the films with the weekend's two best per-theater-averages.

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slay a bit scarlett

Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald split, will still cut album together

"Twilight" actress Nikki Reed and her "American Idol" musician husband Paul McDonald are splitting after two years of marriage.

The couple announced their intention to divorce in a statement to People magazine on Friday. Apparently they'd already been living separately for six months because of different work obligations.
"They will continue to share their love of music, and are still working on their debut album, 'I'm Not Falling,' releasing in 2014," the statement said. "They remain best friends and look forward to their continued journey together."

McDonald, who was on "Idol" in 2011 and known for his wild floral suits, cowboy boots and scratchy voice, was dating Reed when he was voted off the show that April. They moved in together the next month.
They'd met at the premiere of "Red Riding Hood" that March.

"She's super-cool, man, she's super-smart, really cool girl," he said of Reed at the time. "I'm happy about it. We've been hanging out, here and there, you know we're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far."

The couple were engaged that June and married the following October, but it appears McDonald's comments about them both being busy actually presaged the end of their whirlwind romance.

Reed, who has three films coming out this year, was spotted out in L.A. over the weekend without her wedding ring.


Taylor Swift at the 2014 ACM Awards

Taylor Swift tossles up her shorter locks for the 2014 Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 6) in Las Vegas.

“Guyssss- Thank you so much for the nominations tonight at the @ACMawards! About to head that way shortly… #ACMs,” the 24-year-old musician wrote before walking the red carpet in her black and white number.

Taylor is up for Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year!

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Veronica Mars: interview with the book author, MTV movie awards, petition for S4

Chatting Veronica Mars’ New Book Series with Co-Author Jennifer Graham

It’s no secret that Veronica Mars has an insanely dedicated following.

After the beloved mystery TV series ended in 2007, it found new life this year in the form of a Kickstarter-funded feature film. Released earlier this month, the Veronica Mars movie was written and directed by show creator Rob Thomas (who also co-created another cult favorite series, Party Down). In the film, Veronica (played again by Kristen Bell) returns to her hometown of Neptune, California, years after the show’s conclusion to investigate a murder that her former flame, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), is accused of.

But while fans (or “Marshmallows”) eagerly wait to see if Veronica Mars will be getting the sequel treatment, they can already find out what happens next to the beloved private investigator. Picking up almost three months after the events of the movie, Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Amazon) is the first installment in an all-new original mystery book series. Co-written by Thomas and author Jennifer Graham, the novel (published on March 25 by Vintage) finds Veronica back in Neptune, this time trying to solve a missing person’s case. And when a second girl with unexpected ties to Veronica’s past goes missing too, it’s up to Veronica to uncover the truth surrounding one of her most personal cases yet.

Taking a break from writing the second novel in the series, Graham chatted with me about transferring Veronica Mars to a new medium, how she and Thomas worked together, what Marshmallows can look forward to in the book, and more.

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Goddess of Slayin-Your-Favs-at-60 Christie Brinkley being adorable post

Christie attends her daughter Alexa Ray Joel's show at Cafe Carlyle.

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She also went to see OF MICE AND MEN on Broadway!

Heres a little gossip... I spotted @jaybeesea with Leighton Meester backstage ar the fabulous new production of #ofmiceandmen XOXO Gossip Girl
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Sources: 1 2

virgin blood or BHA/AHAs, ontd?

Best Show On Television Finale Viewing Post & Season 5 Updates #EmmyForEmmy #EmmyForNoel


Shameless on Showtime has been renewed for a season 5 as season 4 is set to wrap up.

The bad news is that the premiere won’t be until sometime in 2015.

The season will consist of 12 episodes.

Shameless has just been getting more popular as it goes along, with episode 11 of season 4 being the most watched episode in the series’ history.

Episode 11 hit 2.8 million viewers for the night.

The season had been averaging 5.7 weekly viewers as of April 1, according to Showtime.

Production for Shameless will start later this year in Los Angeles.

Emily Bergl (Sammi Gallagher) has been promoted to a series regular for season 5, reported Deadline. Few other cast updates appear available but most if not all of the primary cast is expected back.

The end of season 4 will see Fiona get out of jail and land a job at a diner, where she will be welcomed by guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It seems like a role that could turn recurring for the next season.

The season finale also has Sheila fighting for custody while Frank begins to feel like himself but gets angry that he’s not supposed to drink with his new liver.

Some rumors circulating on the Internet–entirely unconfirmed at this point–indicate that Lip may be unable to keep it together in season 5, while Deb is forced to grow up fast and Carl may become a teen father.

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Vanessa Hudgens praises pal Selena Gomez!

We're all in this together! Vanessa Hudgens showed off her loyalty to fellow Disney alum Selena Gomez during a Mobio INsider chat with fans on April 5.
A follower asked Hudgens, 25, for "5 words to describe Selena Gomez." The High School Musical alum replied, "Beautiful, talented, go-getter, loyal, gypsy."
The Spring Breakers costars have remained close since the 2012 film, and recently cuddled together at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party in early March.
PHOTOS: Vanessa's style evolution
"@vanessahudgens my only, official party buddy for life <3 ;)" Gomez, 21, captioned a photo with her pal.
Their friendship is so cute! <3

Yikes! Blake Shelton Disses Britney Spears at ACM Awards

It looks like we won't be seeing Blake Shelton at a Britney Spears concert any time soon.

While live on stage at the ACM Awards Sunday, the Voice mentor gave his take on the singer's performance skills…and it wasn't pretty.

"If you don't like live music, then you need to go down the block and see Britney Spears," Shelton, who co-hosted the country music awards show with Luke Bryan, said.

Surprisingly, there was no cut away to Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn, who happened to be sitting in the audience (and no tweets about it just yet from either one).