April 1st, 2014


Stephen Colbert responds to #CancelColbert on show

Stephen Colbert returned tonight with an epic rebuttal to the #CancelColbert trend, starting out with a dream sequence cold open in which Twitter activism actually did cancel his show. Colbert went on to defiantly proclaim, “The dark forces trying to silence my message of core conservative principles mixed with youth-friendly product placement have been thwarted.”

Colbert, who said “the interwebs tried to swallow me whole,” explained that it wasn’t him, but the “brain trust” over at his network that put out the offending, out-of-context tweet in question. He assured viewers he’s not a racist, that “people tell me I’m white and I believe them because I just spend six minutes explaining how I’m not a racist!”

Colbert also brought up the fact that everyone was outraged at him but not the target of his satire: Redskins owner Dan Snyder‘s charity, “which Twitter seems to be fine with, because I haven’t seen shit about that!”

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'Call the Midwife' Season 3: No fancy costumes, but plenty of beauty

This Sunday, March 30, PBS rouses itself from its post-"Downton Abbey" doldrums to bring new seasons of two more made-in-Britain series. While "Mr. Selfridge," which begins Season 2, boasts the sumptuous period design and costumes beloved by "Downton" devotees, "Call the Midwife" is as unglamorous as a flour-specked apron.

Rather than giving us the vicarious thrill of swanning around with money-bag swells, "Call the Midwife" makes a virtue of its intimate, small-scale domestic scope. As Season 3 begins, it's 1959, and the midwives and nuns devoted to helping women in the slums of London's East End cope with pregnancy, delivery and motherhood, are as busy and necessary as ever.

In the first episode, nurse Jenny (Jessica Raine) is struggling to figure out what's wrong with a woman's newborn baby. Elsewhere, the midwives and nuns are in a new home, but Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) is getting even more eccentric, and Chummy (Miranda Hart) is grappling with life as a wife and new mother, and missing working as a midwife.

It all proceeds in gentle fashion, but what makes "Call the Midwife" special is how the stories grip us on a human level. And it's a rare show that, like "Call the Midwife," honors the courage and heroism of women who help to deliver children, and the mothers who do their best to care for them in difficult circumstances.

There's beauty in that, even if none of the women in "Call the Midwife" are wearing jewels, furs or corseted gowns.


'How I Met Your Mother' Finale: 5 Loose Ends That Still Need Tying

The final slap of the slap bet has been delivered, dozens of random asides from the previous eight seasons have been addressed and the long-awaited introduction between Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and the Mother (Cristin Milioti) is mere hours away -- but How I Met Your Mother still has so many questions left unanswered.

3. Will we never see Robin Sparkles again?

One of the most beloved recurring gags in HIMYM history is Robin's alter ego: a Canadian pop princess who released a brief string of '80s friendly hits -- "Let's Go to the Mall," "Sandcastles in the Sand," "P.S. I Love You" -- before falling back into obscurity. Even though Sparkles made a subtle cameo in the penultimate episode -- did you hear the orchestral "Sandcastles in the Sand" as Robin walked down the aisle? -- there is still hope for some small revival. Thomas, Bays and Smulders have been coy throughout the season when many have happily doled out a definitive "no" to speculation.

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Kween Tilda Swinton 01

An Interview With An IRL Immortal Vampire / ONTD Girlfriend™

Tilda Swinton, the fabulously age-defying Oscar-winning actress, talks with Film Comment to further discuss her collaboration with Jim Jarmusch in "Only Lovers Left Alive" as well as giving new insight to her character and that of Tom Hiddleston. Swinton also talks about the transformative roles in her illustrious filmography, owing her career in cinema to Derek Jarman, and why she consistently views herself as a performance artist as opposed to an actress.

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Face it, ONTD: this ethereal goddess is slaying all your lesser flop faves, like they should all better recognize this fierce and flawless HBIC...

Don't forget to watch two of Tilda's films: "Only Lovers Left Alive" (with Tom Hiddleston) premieres on April 11, and the uncut version of "Snowpiercer" (with Chris Evans) will debut on June 27.

BTS of Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey's April Fools' Day Switcheroo

"Drew likes people. I’m a cranky loner. It’s not so good for me. I will be in a bath of Purell for two days now," Ferguson tells THR from the set of "The Price Is Right."

Longtime friends Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson fooled their audiences on April 1 by swapping gigs -- and The Hollywood Reporter was there to witness all the insanity.

Ferguson first surprised the eager audience when he took Carey's place on stage during a Feb. 10 taping of The Price Is Right, later followed by Carey taking over Ferguson's desk during a March 21 taping of The Late Late Show.

The switch made for an even higher energy day on The Price Is Right than usual with a slew of lively contestants, a winning streak that included more than one new car giveaway and lots of hugs -- for which Ferguson was not prepared.

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REM's Michael Stipe to induct Nirvana into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morrello will all take part in the ceremony

REM frontman Michael Stripe will induct Nirvana into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, it has been confirmed.

The ceremony, which will take place at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on April 10, will also see Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello induct Kiss and Bruce Springsteen induct the E Street Band, Rolling Stone reports.

Coldplay's Chris Martin will pay tribute to Peter Gabriel, and Glenn Frey of the Eagles will induct his former bandleader Linda Ronstadt. Stevie Nicks, Carrie Underwood, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt will perform a tribute to the singer.

Questlove of the Roots will pay tribute to Hall and Oates, and Peter Asher will induct Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham.

This year's event marks the first time the general public has been able to attend the ceremony in New York City. Previously, the closed ceremony took place in New York's Waldorf Astoria's grand ballroom.

Artists are eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record, meaning Nirvana, who released debut album 'Bleach' in 1989, have been nominated at the first possible opportunity. Last month, original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing said that he would not be inducted with his bandmates.
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AMC Releases Teaser Poster for Season Five

With the series' fourth season finale having broken rating records, AMC's "The Walking Dead" has today debuted a teaser image for the upcoming fifth season.

Following the season finale of "The Walking Dead" , AMC has announced that the episode netted the highest number of viewers for one of the show's finales since its debuted just four years ago. Bringing in a total of 15.7 million viewers,
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Logan Lerman interviewed by Michael Shannon for Interview Magazine

There is a wonderful moment near the end of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) when the titular high school shy-guy, played by Logan Lerman, takes leave of himself, transported by the euphoric cocktail of friendship and adolescence and glee. In a pique of ebullience, he announces, "I can see it. This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. You are alive ... And in this moment, I swear we are infinite." The moment is doubly wonderful as it coincides with Lerman's own crossing over as a performer. It is in that moment that audience members—at least those who may have missed him as the swashbuckling half-god teen Percy Jackson in that fantasy franchise—went wow. At that moment he came alive and, in Hollywood terms, was probably infinitely in-demand.

Lerman, who grew up in Los Angeles, began acting at 5 years old, often playing the hero's son, first with Mel Gibson in The Patriot (2000) and later with Christian Bale alongside Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma (2007). It is a trend he'll continue this spring, playing the rascal middle kid to Crowe's ark-builder visionary (and brother to his Wallflower co-star Emma Watson) in Darren Aronofsky's Biblical epic Noah. Later this year, Lerman, now 22, will step into the fray as a full-fledged leading man, going to cinematic war alongside Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf in David Ayer's not-yet-titled five-men-in-a-tank drama.

But even as he has come of age and come into his own as a performer, the self-confessed film geek and musical autodidact isn't ashamed to maintain a few heroes. Chief among them is the great Michael Shannon, whose unnerving performances make him every actor's favorite actor. We invited Lerman, who was in New York putting his pants on after our shoot, to call Shannon, who was in New Orleans filming Jeff Nichols's sci-fi drama Midnight Special, and talk about his first time (on screen).
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Mods, the photoshoot was posted, but not the article

Queen Lauren Conrad Debuts Purple Hair

Unless this is some kind of April Fools' joke, Lauren Conrad has taken a purple plunge. I hope it's not a joke—her hair, as always, looks perfect. Like, I want to go to the drugstore right now, buy some purple dye and color my hair in the bathroom. Sorry the sinks are stained purple, coworkers, but this was a hair emergency—bye boring blonde, hello pretty purple!
It was only a few weeks ago that we were complimenting LC's short, springy 'do and now she's taken the look to an entirely different level. This pastel purple isn't the first unnatural color Lauren has tried out—she's gone both pink and multi-color before—but it's the first time she's committed to having the shade for more than a weekend. In a blog post, she explains that while she normally uses temporary dye, this time she went with semi-permanent, which lasts for six to eight weeks. A bold move, but one I respect (and envy), since it looks so good.

Pastel shades like Lauren's are extremely hard to maintain, but if anyone can do it, it'll be Lauren Conrad. Fingers crossed she shares tips—I want need this springy 'do for myself ASAP!

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O-Town Reunites: 'It's A New Beginning'

A decade after O-Town disbanded, the boy band is officially making a comeback. That's right: Erik, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are once again ready to give you their all… or nothing at all.

The group, which originally formed on the ABC reality show "Making the Band" in 2000, announced its reformation on Monday (Mar. 31), rebooting its official website and teasing more specifics to follow in the coming weeks. New music -- the group's first batch since 2002's "O2" album -- is indeed in the works, according to O-Town member Jacob Underwood.

"We started this reunion purely for the fun of it," says Underwood. "We had discussed a summer tour to perform our old songs and finally give the fans what they’ve been asking us for the last 10 years. However, once we began working, what developed was something a little more ambitious. The ideas kept flying and we couldn’t help but start making new music."

Erik Michael Estrada adds, "Each of us have different reasons for agreeing to do this again, a decade later. Mine has to start with the fans. I never knew how much I would miss them. I never quite realized how much of an impact we had on them."

O-Town's 2001 self-titled album has sold 1.7 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and its first two singles, "Liquid Dreams" and "All Or Nothing," reached No. 10 and No. 3 on the Hot 100 chart, respectively. "O2" followed with 257,000 copies sold, and after the group's 2004 dissolution, Ashley Parker Angel's 2006 album "Soundtrack To Your Life" has sold 184,000 copies to date (Angel will not be part of the group's 2014 comeback).

"We are blessed to be able to apply what we’ve learned to create something stimulating and beautiful, that we can call ours," says Underwood. "This isn’t just a reunion for us. It’s a new beginning."


Sailor Moon Fan Project Releases Latest Scene Preview

The Moon Animate, Make Up! project has released a new scene preview for the fan-animated episode of Sailor Moon.

The group project will reanimate the English dub version of the season one episode "Fractious Friends" shot-by-shot. Each shot will be reanimated by a different fan animator, with over 200 animators already signed up to participate.

According to the project organizer Kaitlin Sullivan, the project is on track to be finished by late May or Early June.

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Michael Socha to join OUAT as a regular next season

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wonderland fans, your wish is close to coming true: The Knave of Hearts is headed to Storybrooke. Actor Michael Socha is expected to join Once Upon a Time as a series regular next season.

This is not yet a done deal because Once Upon has not been officially renewed. While the Sunday fantasy drama is considered a lock by insiders to return, ABC hasn’t announced any of their 2014-15 pick-ups yet. When the order comes in, we’re told producers will exercise their option to bring aboard Socha, who charmed viewers on Once Upon‘s spin-off this season Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

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As Bangerz Tour Reaches Halfway Point, Prices For Miley Cyrus Tickets Rising

Miley Cyrus has 17 dates remaining on her ‘Bangerz’ Tour, passing the halfway point of her 40 show dates. After mixed reviews at the start the run, ‘Bangerz’ has gained momentum as the tour has rolled on. Through the first 23 performances, the average price for a ticket on the secondary market was $151.96. For the final 16 shows, the average price has jumped to $182.69. Cyrus played plenty of big venues such as LA’s Staples Center on the first half of the tour and still has venues such as Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and Boston’s TD Garden upcoming, giving neither half of shows an advantage in venue size. With less than half the tour left, chances to see the 21-year-old in concert are decreasing and getting more expensive.

The rising price shows demand for Miley Cyrus tickets has continued to increase despite the initial media reaction surrounding the first shows. At the outset of the tour, many parents were appalled by the actions of the singer onstage, suggesting the remainder of the tour be cancelled or at least come with a warning label. At this point, it seems parents have either gotten over the controversy or they’re the ones putting the tickets on the secondary market as primary tickets are still available for most show dates. Though without an overwhelming amount of tickets on the secondary market, the former seems more likely than the latter.

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In Conversation with Kevin Feige

It’s always a little intimidating to speak with Kevin Feige. In person, the Marvel Studios president is certainly a nice guy, but it’s just a little bit off to know that this is the man who knows every secret about one of the most popular film franchises that has ever been created. Feige, as opposed to other people in his position, is known for not lying. He’s certainly coy! But maybe—just maybe—if I ask a question in a particularly nice way, Feige will explain how the Marvel cinematic universe will unfold with every detail. (Or, more likely, he’ll just laugh with a look on his face that says, “nice try.”)

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Hawkeye and Hulk Get 'Avengers 2' Big Parts, Says Marvel's President Feige

If the lack of a new Hulk movie starring Mark Ruffalo following the character’s breakout status in 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers seemed surprising, it’s because Marvel Studios knew that the character’s absence would make your heart grow fonder for the Avengers sequel, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

“But part of the fun of Age of Ultron was saying, you’ve seen another Iron Man adventure before, you see another Thor adventure and another Cap adventure, but we haven’t seen the Green Goliath again,” he continued.

It “was important in the characters you haven’t seen [since the first Avengers movie] — Hulk being one of them and Hawkeye being one of them – [that] Ultron will make up for it,” he said. “They have very big parts in Age of Ultron.”
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Kardashian/Jenner Post: Kim Vs. Cute Elephant

She is undoubtedly the queen of the selfie – after posting THAT famous white swimsuit picture to show off her post baby body.
But not everyone is a fan of Kim Kardashian’s snaps, as she discovered on Monday when she tried to take a picture with an elephant during their family holiday in Thailand.
While the photo taking started off well, the 33-year-old soon got a bit of a shock when the wild animal seemingly raised its trunk in protest and reached for her long locks.
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They were spotted going on a zip line hike through the jungles of Thailand.
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Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Meets Batmanuel

Ex-Lostie Nestor Carbonell Guest Stars as the POI Reese and Shaw are Monitoring

“Most Likely To…” – Reese and Shaw pose as alumni at a high school reunion in order to keep eyes on the latest POI. Meanwhile, Finch and Fusco travel to Washington, D.C., to investigate the motivations behind Vigilance’s latest attack, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, April 1 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell (RICARDUS! Plus, Lost aside, Batman Jesus will also get to meet the Mayor of Gotham City! How apt. But mostly, RICARDUS!), Camryn Manheim (she’s so chilling on PoI), Leslie Odom (srsly PoI has the best villains) and, last but certainly not least, John Doman (RAWLS! The admirable quest of the PoI producers to cast every single actor from The Wire continues. And he’ll be recurring, too!).

Treat yo self Sameen! Root will be jealous, though. Not to mention Ben Linus.

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Now that’s what I call a Non-Batman Batman outfit. Batman Jesus is slacking.

source 1, source 2
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"The Drop" trailer aka The Tom Hardy and a puppy movie

"Tom was intensely inquisitive," screenwriter Dennis Lehane told USA Today about Tom Hardy's turn. "He mined every single piece of marrow out of that character." And those are encouraging words to hear about "The Drop," the forthcoming film that brings together a helluva ensemble for a tale rich with possibility.

Co-starring the late James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace and Matthias Schoenaerts, and directed by "Bullhead" filmmaker Michael Roskam, this one follows an ex-con trying to go straight, working a legit job in a bar, whose life gets upended by a robbery gone wrong. It's potent stuff, particularly for this Boston Brooklyn-set tale, and Roskam knew he had a great duo in Hardy and Gandolfini. "I could see there was a bit of a smile between them. It was like, 'We're going to nail this, right?' " Roskam said of the production. "And they did this intense scene and were just spot on. There was a beautiful connection between those two guys."

See that chemistry in the first trailer for the film. Fox Searchlight will bring it to theaters on September 19th.

Tom Hardy and his puppy love welcome you.

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RuPaul's Drag Race: Queen Bianca Del Rio Schools An Offended Heckler

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s obvious that RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 fan favorite Bianca Del Rio will end up in the final two this season, even though anyone who watches will tell you the show’s historically fixed outcomes are completely orchestrated by RuPaul herself.

In the video below, we provide proof that even if she doesn’t win the crown, Del Rio may be the wittiest and quickest queen to ever compete.

In what we presume was a recent performance, an agitated fan casually gets on stage to accuse the fast-talking Southern charmer of being racist, and she promptly hands his ass right back to him.

Don’t mess with the Queen if you can’t handle the wrath:

RM - wink

“Lion King” Cast Takes Over Flight

Most of us remember "The Circle Of Life" by heart when The Lion King came out, the film became an instant classic, with a soundtrack to match. It's a song that makes you feel good, one that's instantly recognizable. So when the Australian cast of the show by the same name boarded a flight recently, they decided to entertain their fellow passengers with a rendition of the song that filled the cabin.

It starts out innocently enough, with one or two guys throwing out the opening notes. Soon, though, the entire group joins in, much to the delight of the passengers on board (except maybe the older gentleman over on the left). The performance is praised by the flight attendants and recorded by one, who borrowed a cast member's phone.

I'm all here for that hot flight attendant at 2:13. Hey, hi.

[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A Time 3x16 stills

With Rumplestiltskin as her slave, Zelena challenges Regina to a
fight to the death and shocks the Evil queen with the reveal of their familial
connection, and the town lays Neal to rest. Meanwhile, back in the past in the
land of Oz, a jealous Zelena asks the Wizard to send her to Fairy Tale Land
after discovering that she has a sister, Regina, and that Rumplestiltskin is
training her to become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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McDonald's Gave A Free Karmin Concert... And Only Four People Showed Up

Taco Bell recently started serving breakfast and McDonald’s is doing everything it can to make sure that you forget about it. They started a free coffee campaign last week and now the chain is holding impromptu concerts.

This morning, Karmin rode a giant McDonald’s bus around New York City to give fans, and potential Taco Bell customers, a free concert.

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'I'd never experienced love before' Rita Ora talks "Boyfriend" in May edition Elle UK

Singer Rita Ora has revealed she had never experienced love before meeting her current boyfriend Calvin Harris.

The 23-year-old made the revelations as she stripped off to reveal her tattooed ribcage on the cover of Elle magazine.

Discussing falling in love, she said: ‘There are so many things. The fact that he got something out of me that I never thought I had. Yes, like falling in love. I just didn’t think I had it. I’d never experienced it before. And I was just like in the wilderness, thinking, “Will it ever happen?’

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Earlier today it was posted via facebook that they were reuniting, their website says,

"It's been almost six years since Copeland has released new music. Though each member has been pursuing new ventures, inside and outside of the music industry both collectively as well as individually, Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Stephen Laurenson, and Jonathan Bucklew have reunited to record and self-release their 5th full-length album, Ixora. The record will be recorded and produced by Aaron Marsh at his studio in Lakeland, FL, The Vanguard Room."

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their facebook
their website

The release date is set for Oct. 31, 2014 and preorders are going to crowd fund the release. Crossing my fingers that this isn't an extremely well thought out April Fool's joke.
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10 (5) Bisexual Celebs that you need to stop calling gay or straight

We’re nearing the end of Bisexual Health Awareness Month: a time set aside by the Bi Resource Center to focus on issues that specifically affect those who identify with the B in LGBT. We still have a long, long way to go before we reach equality for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and one glaring issue in our culture is bi erasure. All too often, people who call themselves bisexual get hammered into ill-fitting cubbies labeled “straight” and “gay”– and it happens to celebrities all the time. Here are 10 famous names that we all need to associate with bisexuality!

1. Amber Heard. She’s now sporting a gigantic rock from Johnny Depp, but that doesn’t erase her past relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree– and it definitely doesn’t change the fact that she came out in 2010. “I don’t label myself one way or another,” she said at a GLAAD event. “I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman.”

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The rest at the Source.

MODS, I'm re-submitting this because we have list posts all the time. In fact, I love list posts. So what if it's not ~brand new information~ for everyone? It's a great subject to talk about. ALSO BISEXUAL AWARENESS MONTH... let's be aware.

‘Shameless’ Coming-Out Episode Gets Most Viewers Ever – Even Against ‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale

Mickey comes crashing out of the closet

Showtime's “Shameless” scored the most viewers in the series’ history, even against a massive finale for AMC's “The Walking Dead.”

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The Best-Written Gay Couple on Television Is Hiding on a Guilty-Pleasure Show

Shameless often gets lost somewhere in the glut of prestige Sunday-night television. It lacks the polish of Mad Men and the out-and-out insanity of Game of Thrones. Shameless often gets written off as a guilty pleasure—glance over at the television while someone else is watching and you’re likely to see a debauch of some kind or another. Sex, violence, addiction, and depravity are the show’s rallying cry. But somewhere in the cracks, Shameless has built a cast of believable, sympathetic, dirt-poor characters struggling to escape circumstance, genetics, and self-destructive behavior.

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Source 1, 2

This show needs all the awards.

HIMYM Boss Breaks Silence on Divisive Finale

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Divisive is actually putting it kindly. The fact is, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale went over like a lead balloon with longtime fans (TVLine readers gave the episode a C-), many of whom took issue with the closing twist.

In the wake of the outcry, series cocreator Craig Thomas took to Twitter Monday night to sorta-defend the controversial climax. “The fact that we have been a TV sitcom that has received this much passion from fans, for 9 years (not just tonight) — thank you,” he wrote. “We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end… We did a finale about life’s twists and turns and that [what you expect] is not always what happens.

“Seriously – no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU,” Thomas concluded. “You were with us. We love you. Thanks for this ride.”

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'Gotham' casts Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler

FOX's "Gotham" has added a new member of the Rogues' Gallery to its cast: Meet the man playing the future Riddler.

His name is Cory Michael Smith, and he'll play Edward Nygma in the show, which has a series commitment for 2014-15. Smith has signed on as a guest star but could have a recurring or regular role as the series goes on. When viewers meet him, Edward is a forensic scientist with the Gotham PD. He's very smart but socially maladroit and already has a penchant for speaking in brain-teasers.

Just what turns him into the criminal Batman fans know will presumably be explored in "Gotham's" future.

The part will be Smith's first weekly series role. He appeared in the Broadway production of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 2013 and co-starred in the feature film "Camp X-Ray," which debuted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. He'll also be seen in HBO's miniseries "Olive Kitteridge" later in 2014.

"Gotham" stars Ben McKenzie as a young Detective James Gordon and Donal Logue as his partner, Harvey Bullock. The cast also includes Jada Pinkett Smith, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz as a young Bruce Wayne.

Distingue Traces

UNDER THE SKIN Is About "De-Eroticizing" Scarlett Johansson


The most striking thing about Under The Skin isn't Scarlett Johansson driving around in a van picking up men on the street and taking them to her lair. Rather, it's the film's weirdly dispassionate viewpoint on some really upsetting scenes.

Io9 talked to director Jonathan Glazer about about the process that went into creating this film — in which he had Scarlett Johansson drive around Scotland with hidden cameras, trying to pick up random men who had no idea who she was. (The men were given release forms to sign afterwards.)

A lot of the people who appear in Under the Skin aren't actors. They're normal people who happen to be walking down a road minding their own business when a pretty lady pulls up alongside them and offers them a lift to Tesco — and then a film crew clutching disclaimers leaps out of the back.

At what point did Glazer tell his star: "Oh yes, by the way, Scarlett, we haven't really got any other actors. We're just going to cruise the streets and find them"?

According to Johansson, "That happened later on. And none of us knew how it was going to work."

They considered using prosthetics and other radical changes to disguise her, but in the end she's just wearing a wig, going around Scotland interacting with random people. And surprisingly, only a couple of people recognized her, especially after paparazzi had photographed her in that wig and coat just a week earlier and it had been in the Glasgow newspaper.


In this day and age, with social media, it would just take one person tweeting that Scarlett Johansson was at the mall, and it would be a mob scene. "But it just didn't happen," says Glazer.

"I think we just hid very well," he adds, meaning the camera crew. "We were well hid, and she was well disguised. It wouldn't occur to you to think of her up there [in Scotland], looking like that and driving a van. It wouldn't occur to you."

When people did recognize Johansson, "she just poker-faced, and said, 'No, no, not at all,' and just carried on talking," says Glazer.

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A real-life birth defect

One of the most striking things in the film is when Johansson picks up a man with a birth defect — which is real, not special effects. That man isn't an actor, but a television researcher named Adam Pearson who has suffered from neurofibrosis from birth. In the film, Pearson's character is shy and traumatized, but in real life, "he's very funny, and very socially involved and an incredibly ballsy bloke," says Glazer.

But when it came to the scenes where people [Spoiler (click to open)]go inside the alien's lairwith Johansson, those scenes were story-boarded carefully and mapped out meticulously, since they involved visual effects.

This was about reclaiming Scarlett Johansson's sexuality

"She's objectified, often, for her sexuality [and] the way she looks," says Glazer. "We put that to a better use — she put that to a better use, I think — by reclaiming that in this film. And I think she actually de-eroticizes her image in this film, and reclaims it by doing so."

I have not been this excited about a new movie in a long time.

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Ireland Baldwin suffers a make-up fail with a foundation stripe down her cheek

Her mother is one of the most famously flawless actresses of all time.

But when it comes to make-up, Ireland Baldwin doesn't always get it right - as she proved when she stepped out running errands in Beverly Hills on Monday.

The 18-year-old actress appeared to have mistakenly chosen the wrong shade of foundation for her ivory skintone.

Opting for a darker shade than she needed, Ireland ended up with a large foundation line down the side of her face.

However, Ireland appeared entirely unaware of her cosmetic mishap as she headed out in the 90210 area.
The model looked otherwise stylish for the outing, wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans, loose grey top and black waterfall-style jacket.

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Daily Mail

That actually looks like natural redness to me...

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Talks 10-Day Fling With Henry Cavill

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting managed to keep her two-year romance with Johnny Galecki a secret until after they broke up, but her 10-day fling with Man of Steel's Henry Cavill was as high profile as it gets.

"I had no one following me until I met Superman," she says of her June-July 2013 romance with Cavill, 30. "I've been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me until like several months ago. The recognition was crazy."
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Toby Kebbel Cast as Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four Reboot

Fox has zeroed in on newcomer Toby Kebbell to play the “Fantastic Four” team’s arch nemesis Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom.

The role was chased by several rising stars, including Jack Huston and Domhnall Gleeson, before Fox targeted the ”Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” thesp.

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I'm just glad it's not Redmayne


Here we go again: Perez Hilton Renews Feud With Lady Gaga

Remember when Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga used to be friends? He called her his "wifey" and the whole thing? Yeah, well those days are long gone and we're kind of bummed about it. Not that we necessarily care who Perez Hilton is hanging out with and to be honest, we're still a little annoyed at Lady Gaga over the whole "puking as art" incident at SXSW, but we are not digging this Twitter drama one bit.

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Can he stop? Ariana, Gaga… Harassing celebrities on Twitter is nagl. smh

COSMOS post! Audio interview w/ Kara Vallow, Animation Producer + Q&A panel w/ NdT, Seth, Ann

This was a live Q&A that Seth MacFarlane, Ann Druyan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brannon Braga, Jason Clarke and Mitchell Cannoid did for the premiere night of Cosmos.

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SF Signal talks to Kara Vallow, Animation Producer for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Running time: 41 minutes

Audio link:

Kara Vallow has been a producer on Seth MacFarlane’s slate of animated shows such as Family Guy and American Dad, as well as Dilbert, Johnny Bravo, and Drawn Together. So when MacFarlane invited her to take charge of the animated segments for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, she was uncertain if she could do justice to the material. The result was stunning narratives about historical figures such as Giordano Bruno, William Herschel, and Isaac Newton.

In this interview we discuss how her animation team developed the unique style for the segments, the lasting impact of Carl Sagan, working with Ann Druyan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, bringing the Flammarion woodcut to life, Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question, and the Family Guy Star Wars specials.
* * *

Seth MacFarlane and Alan Silvestri (composer for Cosmos, FERNGULLY!!!!, Back to the Future, Mac and Me [looool], The Abyss, Forrest Gump, Serendipity and more)

source 1
source 2

10 (5) Actresses Who Should Star in the Upcoming "Little Mermaid" Film


They recently announced that Sofia Coppola will be directing a live-action version of the original The Little Mermaid. This film will follow the original Hans Christian Andersen tale and anyone who has read it knows that it is a dark departure from the kid-friendly Disney version. Here are my ideas for ten ladies who would be perfect for the role as The Little Mermaid.

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5 More at the Source

I'm so here for dark fairy tales.
  • smnp

Maleficent may be too dark and scary to be profitable

Scary prospects for Disney’s ‘Maleficent’

Disney’s dark fantasy film, “Maleficent,” starring Angelina Jolie as the title villainess, may be too dark and scary to be profitable, one Wall Street analyst wrote in a report on Monday.

The $130-million-budget movie, which tells the “Sleeping Beauty” tale from the perspective of the evil Maleficent, is set to debut May 30 and will likely result in Disney being forced into a write-down, Wells Fargo’s Marci Ryvicker wrote in a report.

“[E]xpectations for a ‘Maleficent’ write-off seem relatively widespread,” she wrote.

With more than eight weeks to go before “Maleficent” unspools, few on Wall Street are ready to take such a bold stance.

“It’s definitely in the ‘not a sure thing’ bucket,” a second analyst said of the re-imagined fairy tale. RBC Capital’s David Bank is penciling in a total US haul of $150 million.

The movie appears to be pitched at young adults rather than at the more traditional audience for a Disney princess movie: small children.

Jolie appears in the movie with enhanced sharp high cheekbones and headgear with horns. The actress struck a deal with fashion designer Stella McCartney to create a capsule collection for children aged 4 to 14 based on the movie.

It’s hard to deny strong interest in the movie — or perhaps simply Jolie.

An official trailer posted March 18 has gained 4 million views on YouTube. A January trailer garnered 13 million views.
“Maleficent” has 1.8 million Facebook fans, more than any other non-franchise film with a 2014 release date, according to Jason Klein, co-CEO and founder of Listen First Media.

Whether that translates into a big box-office number is anyone’s guess.

A write-down, while very much an open question, could slow the momentum of Disney, whose “Frozen” last week became the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

haters Gonna hate

this article is full of shit,people watched that crappy movie Snow white and i do think It's the same audience , there is no way in hell this can be worse than SW.
we had waited 4 years to see Queen Jolie in big screen...i am so ready for this!
mods is nypost banned?it is not on banned list

SHOCKING rebellious soul Miley Cyrus is TOPLESS on "Adore You" single cover

Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You” remix cover featured her showing a little nipple straddling a horse statue. That was lame though and everyone thought as much. That’s why we now have the full image which surfaced online. It features her completely topless on top of the horse statue (NSFW version here).

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Miley Cyrus’ nipples and it probably won’t be the last. There were photos from that one shoot that leaked which lawyers told us to take down and then there were these and these.

So it’s not like this is really groundbreaking. At this point everyone’s become desensitized Miley Cyrus’ nipple. It’s like seeing the sun for the 47000th time.


R&B Queens Jazmine Sullivan & JoJo to make their thunderous comebacks in 2014


Jazmine Sullivan is back. Following a three-and-a-half-year hiatus, the Grammy-nominated songstress made a roaring return to the stage in London over the weekend.

The 26-year-old played a sold-out show at KOKO London, performing her hits including “Lions, Tigers & Bears,” “Bust Your Windows,” and “Need U Bad,” plus a cover of Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky.”

“I’m glad to be back guys,” she told the crowd as they cheered.

In January 2011, the Philly native announced that she was taking a break from music so she could focus on herself.

“i’m making an official announcement that i am taking a break from music. i’m trying to figure out who i am… w/out a mike, paper or pen,” tweeted Jazmine. “i promised myself that when it wasn’t fun anymore i wouldn’t do it. and here i am. i’m not saying i wont ever sing again in my life becuz i dont believe that. but in this moment… rt now… i got some things to figure out.”

During Saturday’s gig, she reportedly also announced that she is working on her third album and will debut a new single soon.

Prior to her departure from music, Jazmine released two albums including 2010′s Love Me Back and her 2008 debut Fearless, which earned seven Grammy nominations.

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Jazmine's concert on Sunday was seriously the best one I've ever been to.

Solange, Erykah & Ledisi slay Essence's May 2014 Cover

Although Solange Knowles is a lot of things—mother, musician, artist, globe-trotter, and fashion icon—she is herself, above all else. In the May issue of ESSENCE, Knowles opens up about taking style risks, the importance of being confident, and the beauty of being a woman.

“As women we have the choice of how we want to look and how we want to feel, and that’s the beauty of being a woman. We all have the option of how we want to express ourselves through our life, hair, style or whatever we decide.”

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Sources: 1 | 2

Beauty/natural hair post?


Twisted's Maddie Hasson Teases 'Messy' Finale Cliffhanger and a 'Possibility' for Jo and Danny

Twisted‘s freshman season comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday (ABC Family, 9/8c) and star Maddie Hasson tells TVLine that the biggest revelations are still to come.

Below, Hasson previews what we can expect from the game-changing hour, including whether or not long-suffering Janny fans will finally get their reward.

TVLINE | We recently posted a clip of Charlie going bananas. Will we see him go crazier during the finale?
Oh, you’ll see Charlie at his craziest, for sure. Jack Falahee, the actor who plays Charlie, is very good. And he’s fairly new to film, so that’s incredible.

TVLINE | What else can we expect from Charlie? Will we learn anything new about him?
We find out some major things about Charlie and his past. Jo is becoming more and more creeped out by him, and she’s really starting to see through his lies as she discovers more about him throughout the episode. They also spend a lot of one-on-one time together, much to Jo’s dismay.
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Who's ready for this mess?

THE letter N

✌Lykke Li: 'I think pop culture underestimates people'✌

The Swedish phenomenon on her new album, the music industry's sexual double standards – and her ideal festival experience. It doesn't help that the rules for women in music are tacitly different, she says. "If I'm on stage and it's warm and I don't want to wear trousers all of a sudden I'm a victim, but if Iggy Pop takes his shirt off? Oh, that's fine. I think pop culture underestimates people. The message is, 'Being yourself is the worst thing you could possibly be.' But people are still attracted to it."

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Quiznos Mashes Up Game of Thrones and House of Cards, and Somehow It Works

Sandwich shop Quiznos has decided to combine two of 2014’s most talked-about shows, House of Cards and Game of Thrones into one oddly entertaining parody video. In the three-minute short, a man playing the conniving and eloquent Frank Underwood offers wry witticisms directly to the camera as he travels around the continent of Westeros, poisoning kings and throwing warriors into endless abysses. He even stops his evil plotting for a moment to make the requisite short joke about Tyrion Lannister.

At the end of the spoof Underwood holds up a bag of Quiznos to remind the audience exactly why this video was made. It’s featured on Quiznos-backed comedy website called Toasty.TV that the company uses to offer up branded entertainment, an increasingly popular form of advertising that is aimed at bringing viewers enjoyment rather than making a hard sell. Chipotle has also been experimenting with this type of content. The burrito chain has a comedy series on Hulu that is about the dangers of industrial farming rather than Chipotle itself.

Some Game of Thrones spoilers is in the video, so here is the warning now.

The formidable British beauty who's tamed George Clooney

New love interest is human rights barrister who has joined actor on safari in Tanzania

The past years have seen a parade of models, cocktail waitresses and even a noted female wrestler.

All of them have looked immensely decorative on George Clooney’s arm, and perhaps it would be churlish to observe that higher-level education did not figure prominently on any of their lively CVs.

However, Gorgeous George, who at 52 is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, has now apparently fallen head over heels in love with someone quite different: Amal Alamuddin.

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Sherlock shadow

Brit lizard king ice driving in Finland

Benedict Cumberbatch ditches his trademark detective's coat for thermals as he dares to cheat death driving on ice in the Arctic Circle.

The frozen lake we're standing on is speaking to us. It's a groaning, creaking voice, almost of pain, from way down deep in the icy abyss. 'Listen to that,' says Benedict Cumberbatch, dressed in a thick fur-collared jacket, black salopettes, chunky blue scarf, big snow boots, thick gloves and woolly hat. He looks more Scott of the Antarctic than Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street. 'It sounds absolutely magical,' he says, concentrating hard on the sound of the ice moaning beneath us, around us. There is no other sound. It's too cold for birds or people or animals, too isolated for traffic.

'The ice is quite solid, I assume?' asks Benedict, articulating what we're all thinking. We're about to power around this frozen lake in a range of Jaguar sports cars and nobody wants their F-Type to turn submarine. 'Quite solid,' says our Finnish instructor, Tomi. He shows us a contraption that measures ice thickness. 'It's 35cm,' he says reassuringly. (That's just over a foot.) 'Although maybe less thick in places.' (An unhelpful postscript.)

Full article: HERE
Scans with pictures: HERE

Cold blooded animal on the ice. Friendly with puppies. Maybe he'll eat them, later...

ONTD Original: Worst pop performances of all time


The Pussycat Dolls Buttons 2006 American Music Awards

Highlights: Random PCD member failing at chairography at 2:10, Melody showing up out of nowhere screeching for her life at 3:15

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Drag your faves and share more awful performances below!


Lord Jamar Says Justin Bieber Is "Leeching Off Black Music"

Months after Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar referred to pop star Miley Cyrus as a “white Rihanna” and commented on the singer pulling from black music, the rapper has offered similar comments when asked about Canadian crooner Justin Bieber.
While speaking with Vlad TV about those who leech off of Bieber and his fame, Lord Jamar stated that the singer is a leech himself. According to Jamar, along with “a lot of other white artists,” Bieber leeches off of black music.

“I ain’t even as mad at him as a lot people are,” he said. “He’s a little fuckin kid…Do you know how much of a fuckin asshole you’d be at 18, 19 with however many millions of dollars and bitches on ya dick and all that type of shit? Are you kidding me…What I’m saying is the little mothafucka is young. Look who he got around him. He got a bunch of fuckin yes-men and people who’s trying to leech off of shit. But then that in turn is like karma because he’s a leech. He’s leeching off black music. Like a lot of other white artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that white fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”

Lord Jamar also addressed the cosign he believes white artists need from a black man in order to get into black music. He then commented on artists from other genres and professional athletes’ desire to live like rappers.

“I told you they all need a cosign from a black man to get into this shit initially,” Jamar said. “To get into black music you need that cosign somewhere, somehow. So yeah, but he came in as the cute, little, white kid from YouTube. From Canada singing his heart out and you know. They like that. White people like that. But he’s being influenced by Hip Hop culture and R&B culture. How it is nowadays, which has been influenced by Hip Hop…Just like sports players want to be rappers and shit like that. Like they’re not happy with just being famous and having that money. They want to have that extra little fuckin whatever it is that rap niggas have. They want that. And so he wants that too.”

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Aisha Tyler's 'Self-Inflicted Wounds' Headed To TV.

Aisha Tyler's book Self-Inflicted Wounds is getting the TV treatment.

CBS Television Studios has optioned the actress-comedian's New York Times best-selling book, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation is a series of comic essays about times in Tyler's life that she found herself in the middle of humiliating incidents and the lessons that she's learned about embracing failure on the road to success.

A search is underway for writers to adapt the book as a potential half-hour comedy series. No network is currently attached. Tyler and her management company, ROAR, are attached to executive produce.

The book, which debuted in July on the NYT list, is based partially on an element of Tyler's award-winning Podcast Girl on Guy, during which she interviews actors, directors, comedians, chefs, musicians, authors and more and asks each guest to reveal a self-inflicted wound. The podcast was selected by iTunes as a best new comedy podcast of 2011 and has more than nine million downloads.

For Tyler, the project comes as she continues her voice work on FX's animated comedy Archer, currently in its fifth season and renewed through season seven. She also hosts The CW's Whose Line Is It Anyway and is a co-host on CBS' The Talk. On the acting side, she has a role in HBO's Ryan Murphy drama pilot Open. Tyler is repped by UTA, ROAR and Hansen Jacobson.


I've gone off her lately, but congrats to her I guess.
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Nicki Minaj Grants Wish For 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

John Wall launched his own social campaignto help a 5-year-old cancer patient get a chance to meet her idol, Nicki Minaj, and he definitely made that dream come true for Miyah.

That meet-up finally happened over the weekend and it's hard to say who had more fun — Nicki, or Miyah. The YMCMB rapper shared six photos of Miyah on Instagram, posing with that pink wig that she wanted so badly.

The photo spread was also accompanied by a video of the 5-year-old getting a little pep talk. "I'm so happy that you got your pink wig. I think you're beautiful without the pink wig but whenever you wanna play dress up and feel like a little Barbie doll that's fine," Nicki told her. "But remember, you promised me that you were gonna stay in school."

Oh, and she wasn't the only one giving out gifts. In one of her photos with Miyah, Nicki showed off some new jewelry. "She gave me the colorful bracelet I'm wearing. I rlly love it," she captioned the photo. Although John Wall wasn't included in the photo spread, Nicki did pose with his basketball jersey as a reward for his efforts.
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Little Brother's Birthday Party
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How I Met Your Step-Mother Alternate Ending + Angry Tweets

Well, it’s over.

“How I Met Your Step-Mother’s” final episode aired Monday night to record ratings. The Los Angeles Times reports that the show was the highest-rated among viewers aged 18-49 with more than 12.9 million viewers. The farewell was also a series best.

Ted finally revealed to his two children after nine seasons of twists and turns how he met their mother, but that wasn’t the only revelation.

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you haven’t seen it.

While it had been a long-time theory among fans, last night’s episode revealed that the mother, played by Cristin Milioti, had actually died from an unknown illness and Ted ended the story before going to find his one true love, Robin.

Let’s just say it didn’t go over too well with some of the viewers.

In fact, one YouTube user decided to completely reimagine the ending.”

Fans react to "How I Met Your Step-Mother" finale

The CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Step-Mother" ended Monday night after nine seasons to mixed reactions. Check out what some have to say about the series finale:
Some fans thought the finale was great:

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A Day with Lyndie Greenwood (“Sleepy Hollow”)

Lyndie Greenwood, is the kind of girl we adore. She’s a major bookworm, loves to study (currently reading up on wine!), and is already coming up with some movie ideas. If she ever hosts a book club, we’re signing up.

So we were shooting at the coolest bookstore in Los Angeles. Were you in awe as much as we were? Are you a total bookworm?

I absolutely loved shooting at The Last Bookstore. The building itself is gorgeous, and the sheer volume of books was almost overwhelming. I love to read, and I could’ve spent many more hours exploring their collection.

Tell us about your favorite reads! What’s currently on your nightstand?

Right now I’m reading Steven King’s The Dark Tower series. I’m almost finished the second book (The Drawing of the Three), and can’t wait to start the third. While reading this series, I’ve been reading various comics. My favourite comic lately has been Saga. I’ve also been reading a non-fiction book called A History of the World in 6 Glasses.

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tove lo

Starbucks Sorry for Satanic Symbols Squeezed onto Woman's Coffee Order


For one Louisiana woman, a pair of Satanic symbols drawn into her coffee order in what appears to be caramel was anything but sweet. Starbucks apologized to the woman, a Baton Rouge schoolteacher, after she complained on Facebook that a barista had drawn a pentagram and three sixes into her coffee.

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"What appears to be caramel" made me lol. I also saw another article where they were talking about how the baristas like to get artsy and express themselves and this is free speech. religion/food post?

Why It Matters When Asian Women Leave TV Shows


This article contains spoilers for last week’s episode of Hannibal, as well as casting information for the next seasons of Glee and Grey’s Anatomy*.

Someone important died this weekend on NBC’s serial-killer drama Hannibal. That should come as no surprise, beloved actors are dropping like flies on TV these days, and the stakes are always high when Dr. Lecter is involved. In the shadow of larger recent shocks like those on The Good Wife or The Walking Dead, the death of a supporting character like investigator Beverly Katz may not seem like it should hit us quite so hard. But that character happened to be portrayed by Hettienne Park, an Asian female. So what? Does being a Korean-American woman on network television mean you should be bulletproof (or in this case, carving-knife-proof)? Certainly not. But given the lack of strong, female Asian characters on television, Park’s absence carries a weight outside the fictional world of Hannibal. Aware of the uproar surrounding her character’s death, Park commented on the more extreme outcry from the show’s fandom.

"When you feel marginalized by the world at large, there's great comfort and empowerment in seeing someone you can identify with on the screen who isn't subject to cliches or stereotypes. When that gets taken away, you can feel like you've been f***ed over once again. And unless you've ever been hurt merely due to the color of your skin, what's between your legs, or who sleeps next to you at night, you probably don't understand that kind of pain."

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source: vanityfair

ALBUM OF THE YEAR ALERT: Kanye West Postpones Australian Tour to Record New Album for 2014

Australian Kanye West fans will have to excuse the rapper's absence this autumn, as he has an album to finish. He was due to visit the land Down Under for a quick run of Yeezus tour dates, but he has rescheduled them for September – Australia's springtime – so he can keep with a production schedule that will allow him to record his seventh full-length album. It's scheduled to come out this calendar year, according to a press release on RocNation.

"Due to unexpected timing requirements to finish his highly anticipated new studio album, scheduled for a 2014 release, Kanye West regretfully announces the postponement of his upcoming tour dates in Australia," the statement reads. "The tour dates originally scheduled from May 2 to May 11, 2014 will now be played from September 5 to September 15, 2014. All tickets for the initially scheduled shows will be honored for the new dates."

The press release came via Jay Z's Roc Nation, which began managing West's Donda Music – a branch of his Donda creative house – in March. The partnership covers West's "recording brand" and touring ventures.

West has been talking about his plans for a follow-up to Yeezus since late last year. In a talk with architect Jacques Herzog during Miami's Art Basel festival last December, he said he hoped the new album would contain eight songs. Then he compared making an album to designing a building. "It's just reducing down the amount of information that you need," he said. "People say a design is the point where you can't take anything else away. [Yeezus] was very, very designed. I took a departure from radio and popular music in order to get this seat here. If I hadn't made Yeezus, I wouldn't be sitting here with this cool font at Basel right here."

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release this album NOW

A Beautiful Partnership: Jennifer Connelly & Russell Crowe premiere 'Noah' in France

 photo TOPPER_zps5e1522ce.jpg

Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe had fun on the blue carpet as they premiered their new film Noah in France (1 April). The A Beautiful Mind co-stars looked very relaxed together at the event, which came just a day after the film had a large premiere at Leicester Square in London. Connelly and Crowe were the sole ambassadors for the film at the event, which marks one of the final stops on the extended Noah press tour.

I've loved most of Jennifer's looks on the Noah press tour but this one is way out there - it reminds me of a cross between something from Buck Rogers and late-period Elvis costumes.

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Miley and Mitchel

'Cougar Town' Season 5 Finale Recap

Cougar Town‘s Season 5 finale was all about expecting the unexpected, if you will.

Tom won a game of Cul-de-Sac Crew Trivia, was allowed to pick the destination for the group vacation and chose… for everyone to stay home and bond. (He deserved that dinner roll to the noggin, yes?) Bobby and Grayson signed up for a two-on-two basketball league… and wound up in a breakdancing contest against a bunch of teens. And Jules used a container of Laurie’s pee to fake her way through a life-insurance physical… only to get a follow-up call from her doctor that she was pregnant.

Sure it took a second — and some prompting from Ellie — for Jules to remember whose urine was signaling the presence of a bun in the oven (or should we call it a grape in the vineyard?), but considering Laurie’s season-long romance with Jules’ son Travis, you could still say Courteney Cox’s protagonist was in a family/grandmotherly way.

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lana kisses

‘Are You The One’ Reunion: Which Couples Are Still Together?

MTV’s breakout hit ‘Are You The One’ wraps its first round of love games with a reunion special tonight on April 1. But don’t be fooled — these couples are no joke! In fact, someone might just propose. And someone might break out in a huge fight. Click to WATCH an exclusive clip from the big reunion!

Who knew that an MTV reality show could actually work? Well, after last week’s Are You The Onefinale resulted in a “perfect 10,” it’s time to find out just how many couples stayed together. Plus, a couple could be engaged! Is it Shanley and Chris? Keep reading to find out!

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