March 12th, 2014

Hiddles + Cookie Monster

Disney X EDM: Your Favorite Disney Songs Are About To Be Given The EDM Remix Treatment, ONTD

Under The Sea. Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata. A Whole New World.

They’re the Disney soundtrack of our childhoods. But you know what they really need? Some soaring synths, dirty bass, snapping kick drums, and a filthy drop.

Disney Music revealed on Twitter and Instagram today that they’d be releasing a new album on April 22, #DCONSTRUCTED, featuring “new versions of Disney classics” by—wait for it!—dance music royalty like Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, BT, Avicii, Mat Zo, Stonebridge, and James Lavelle & Tim Goldsworthy’s side-project, UNKLE.

A teaser video posted to Instagram reels off the list of house, electro-house, prog and trance names involved (which also includes The Japanese Popstars, Yogi, Shy Kidx, Trion, Shinichi Osawa, Alfred Montejano, and Kinsey Moore) while a kicking trance track (possibly Mat Zo’s remix of "Circle of Life"?) plays briefly in the background.

The full tracklist hasn’t been revealed as yet, but you can already get your pre-order in on Amazon—and finally justify that Princess Jasmine/Pocahontas/Ariel costume you were planning to wear to the next EDM festival.

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SOURCES ( UN ) et ( DEUX )

Disney goes EDM? Fuck yeah!

So ONTD... What Disney song with an EDM remix treatment are you curious to hear?

Taylor breaks up with Selena over Bieber

If Justin Bieber is your boyfriend, Taylor Swift would let you go! The "Red" singer, 24, has distanced herself from former best friend Selena Gomez after the Disney star reconnected with her infamous ex-boyfriend, 20, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

Swift is disgusted that the pair are back together, cutting off her bestie after tweeting just last July that Gomez was "the closest thing I've ever had to a sister."

The "Boyfriend" singer sent his ex $10,000 in flowers and flew from Miami to McAllen, Texas to see her on March 7. Two days later, the "Come And Get It" crooner accompanied the Biebs to the SXSW music fest where he sang his hit "As Long as You Love Me" to her.

But Gomez rekindling of the Jelena flame isn't the only thing peeving Swift. She believes Gomez "used" a brief romance with the Grammy winner's pal Ed Sheeran last June to make her jailbird sweetie jealous.

"After Selena pulled that move, Taylor started distancing herself," a source tells Us.

And Swift has plenty of besties to spend time with otherwise. Recently she's been spotted with Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld, Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss, and even Gomez's enemy, New Zealander Lorde. But while their friendship may be struggling, a Swift pal insists that the country artist-turned-pop vocalist loves Gomez and will always be there for her.


Juan Pablo Galavis Is "So Angry" With Bachelor Producers: "Major Tension" After Filming


The so-called Worst Bachelor Ever is having, well, the worst week ever. Juan Pablo Galavis's spotty run as season 18 Bachelor came to a spectacularly ugly, badly received end on Monday, March 10; as fans know, during the season finale, the former soccer hunk, 32, mortally offended runner-up Clare Crawley ("I love f---ing you, but I don't know you," he whispered) and declined to give an engagement ring or even a simple "I love you" to winner Nikki Ferrell. No one seemed surprised when the Venezuelan-born single dad blew off his Tuesday morning Good Morning America appearance and seemed nearly off-the-grid, with few public sightings noted anywhere.

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I don't know where this restaurant is but the food looks like picnic stuff.  The food in the baskets says it all.

I'm surprised ABC isn't going after him legally for not doing the promotions.  I would think it is enshrined in the contract that you would have to do all promotional tours related to the show.

I'm sure the issue isn't an invasion of privacy (that is so rich considering he kissed, fondled and had sex with total strangers on a tv show).  It's more the fact that ABC didn't want him on DWTS.
Lindsay Lohan

Music has helped Lea Michele through her grieving

Lea Michele poses with a copy of her new album Louder at a signing held at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove.

“Listening to it, it’s therapeutic and difficult. It will always represent the most devastating thing that’s every happened to me in my whole life. But at the same time, music is therapy. It’s been therapy for me in the entire grieving process and in my entire life. I’m grateful that Sia collaborated on that song with me and it’s a moment in my life … music has just been so important and so helpful to me this whole year,” Lea recently shared to Billboard about her song “If You Say So,” which is a tribute to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

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inb4 milking it comments

fav song on the album? i haven't heard them all but omw is my shit so far

'Stupid Little Zayn Malik Fans!': Little Mix Hit Out At Directioners Over Perrie Edwards' Pale Skin

It all started when Perrie and her bandmates were spotted enjoying a day at the beach in Florida earlier this month, and while all the girls looked gorgeous some spiteful tweeters were soon picking on Perrie for her pale complexion.

As pictures of the star circulated online, one tweeter posed: “for Halloween i should be perrie — yeah girl get some demon eyes white skin white hair ”

Perrie doesn't seem too upset by the comments though, hitting back in an interview with OK! as she cites her busy schedule for her lack of tan

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I know OP notes are discouraged but I don't blame her for speaking out against all the hate she gets especially after last night when a BBC show had a Zayn fan claim she wanted to track down Perrie Edwards and 'cut off her head with a rusty chainsaw.'


Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' finale and 'After the Final Rose'


I have had weeks where I’ve found it difficult to write this blog over the years, but nothing compares to how I feel this week. There is so much emotion involved with this show you have to be careful when you are open and honest, as our friend likes to say, but I also feel it’s important to speak with compassion, fairness and, when you can, perspective and understanding. I tried to apply all of these as I lived through this season and then watched it back on TV with all of you. I want to start off by saying I’m not mad about how the season ended nor am I angry with Juan Pablo.
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I heard he regularly blogs for  Never read it but when EW did the recap, they mentioned something about can't wait to read Chris' thoughts so I popped in and looked.

Chris may not be angry but I know he was probably annoyed.
Queen Brit

Conservative Talk Show Host claims Frozen is Turning Kids Gay

Religious Right talk show host Kevin Swanson railed against the Disney film Frozen on Wednesday, accusing Disney of using the movie to turn children gay.
Swanson told cohost Steve Vaughn that Satan is using the movie “to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian.”

Swanson: I would buy Disney. If I was the Devil, I would buy Disney in 1984, that’s what I would have done.

Vaughn: Then you would start making all these nice little movies that throw little things in there that make sin look enticing, in fact some of the worst of sins, make it look enticing or at least to start to indoctrinate slowly, turn the heat up on the frog in the pan.

Swanson: Friends, this is evil, just evil. I wonder if people are thinking: “You know I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way.” I wonder if the average parent going to see Frozen is thinking that way. I wonder if they are just walking in and saying, “Yeah, let’s get my five-year-old and seven-year-old indoctrinated early.” You know they’re not, I think for the most part they’re oblivious. Maybe they do pick up on pieces of it but they just don’t get up and walk out.

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Watch Tyler Posey’s Audition for ‘Maid in Manhattan’

Let’s take a little break from the intensity of Teen Wolf and go back in time for a bit. Most of us have seen how adorable little Tyler was in ‘Maid in Manhattan’. Here’s a clip of his audition for the role that he did with Jennifer Lopez herself. They read lines together from the film and it’s pretty clear by the end that they loved him (how could you not?). The 6-minute video was given exclusively to the site courtesy of the ever-lovely Cyndi, Tyler’s mother.

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Matthew McConaughslay Explains Origin of "Alright, Alright, Alright" to Some Canadian Guy

He said it in Dazed and Confused. He said it at the Oscars. He's even selling T-shirts. But where did Matthew McConaughey's catchphrase, "Alright, alright, alright," come from?

In a 2011 interview on Canadian talk show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, McConaughey explained how he crafted the line in the seconds before his first-ever movie appearance. It may have started as straight lift from The Doors, but now it's taken on a life of its own.

It's also one of the few precious memories McConaughey has left from before he completed his transformation into Rust Cohle.

omg the doors suck tho


The Bachelor: Who Was Most Surprised by Juan Pablo's Refusal to Propose? Jeweler Neil Lane! By Emil

While Monday's Bachelor finale may not have ended in an engagement, that didn't stop Juan Pablo Galavis from picking out a ring for Nikki Ferrell.

So where is the 3.5-carat sparkler – a diamond and platinum ring set with a central cushion-cut diamond, and encrusted with more than 240 smaller round diamonds – now that JP didn't get down on one knee?

According to a show source: "The ring is now with producers and is not in Juan Pablo's possession. If a proposal doesn't occur on the show, the show holds on to the ring. If Juan Pablo decides to propose in the near future, the ring would be his for the asking. But much further down the line? It's unclear whether or not he'd still have access to it."

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Welp, we heard from the jeweler!  I'm on a roll with this show and I don't even watch it on a regular basis.  It's just that this season is such a hot mess that it's must see tv!

Juan Pablo loses out on 'Dancing with the Stars' gig


Looks like ABC’s Dancing with the Stars may dodged a bullet: EW has learned there was serious talk about having Juan Pablo Galavis — aka the man many are calling the worst Bachelor evercompete in the new season that kicks off Monday.

During Monday’s episode of After the Rose, Galavis seemed to indicate that he had something big planned since choosing Nikki Ferrell in the season 18 finale. He then spoke of a “drastic change” to his plans but wouldn’t elaborate.

One key insider told EW that DWTS wanted to include Galavis in this season’s cast, which includes Drew Carey, NeNe Leakes, Candace Cameron and Danica McKellar, but it was quietly nixed. Spokesmen for DWTS and Warner Bros. TV, which produces the Bachelor franchise, declined to comment but it seems likely they saw Galavis as a continued liability, especially given his homophobic comments from earlier this season. Just last week, he used a derogatory term about the developmentally disabled in a tweet, which he later deleted.

Galavis has often blamed the language barrier as an excuse for his questionable choice of words.

Several participants from the Bachelor franchise has participated on DWTS in the past with great success. Melissa Rycroft, for example, was the champion of the all-star edition in 2012, while Bachelor Sean Lowe competed in season 16 last year.

So it's confirmed.  He really was hired for one hot minute!

Lady Gaga’s Charity Short on Actual Charity

Lady Gaga’s charitable foundation gave out millions in 2012 — to lawyers, accountants and publicity teams, tax records show.

The pop superstar’s fledgling Born This Way Foundation spent $429,682 on outreach with its wildly popular “Born to Be Brave” 23-event US bus tour, but the effort dimmed in comparison with what Gaga’s coterie of consultants pulled down, according to the charity’s 2012 filing.

The nonprofit — which took in $2.65 million in revenue — paid out a staggering $406,552 for legal fees, $300,000 for “strategic development” and $150,000 for “philanthropic consulting,” the latest filings show.

Fees added to the hefty expenses. They included $348,000 for the bus-tour production; $77,923 for travel; $62,836 for stage production; $60,000 for research; $58,678 for publicity; $50,000 for social-media development; and $47,825 for meeting and event coordination.

Total expenses came to $1.85 million.

Among all that, the foundation paid out a single $5,000 grant.
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ABC's 'Far East Orlando' (originally titled Fresh off the Boat) casts its leads

Hudson Yang will play EDDIE HUANG, a well-meaning, likable kid, and a recent transplant from Washington, D.C., now living in homogenized, all-white Orlando, Florida, where his dad is opening a restaurant. He's clearly not happy about being uprooted in the middle of the school year, but is trying his best to fit in, make friends and be accepted. So far, it's not exactly working. A first-generation American, Eddie embodies that transition between the old school traditions of his parents and the new school world of strip malls and Air Jordans. A big hip-hop fan, he identifies with the outsider nature of the music and uses it as an anthem in his everyday life. The arc of the series is about Eddie finding his niche in this new place.

His onscreen brothers, Freddy and Gary, will be played by Forest Wheeler and Ian Chen.

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Are You the One? Recap

A week after we saw Chris S. pulling some nifty manipulative moves on Paige, this week's installment of Are You the One? gave us even more reasons to question the motives of the entire cast.

Adam and Brittany, who have had their very own volatile relationship, have started hooking up again because, hey, why not? Anyone else remember how Adam called Brittany clingy and refused to be associated with her? Maybe not the best foundation for a relationship.

But after tonight's inaugural hookup, the contestants were led to compete in the "well hung" challenge. They had to hang on to a slick rope in pairs while "the sexiest lube allowed in the state of Hawaii" was poured on them. Seriously, major kudos to MTV for tracking down that gem.

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Kate Winslet to receive Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Kate Winslet is to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 38-year-old actress will be the 2,520th star to receive an honor, and the unveiling is set to take place early next week with Titanic director James Cameron and Kate's co-star in the film Kathy Bates presenting her with the accolade outside of the W Hollywood Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, on Monday, according to

"We are so happy that Kate Winslet will be here on our famous Boulevard of dreams receiving her well-deserved star. We've seen Kate shine in her roles and fans around the world have been anxiously waiting for this special day to come," producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies, Ana Martinez, said of the new addition.

Other actresses who have been added to the star-studded pavement recently include Non Stop star Julianne Moore and Glee's Jane Lynch.

The news comes just weeks after Kate admitted that she doesn't really know any celebrities, despite being good friends with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, because she doesn't watch reality television. "I literally stand at this bank of magazines going, 'Who are all these people?' Half the time, I don't even know who they are! Now there's a lot of focus on television stars and soap stars and these real-life Kardashian-type families," she previously said.


Lord and Miller not returning (as directors) for 'The Lego Movie 2'

‘The LEGO Movie‘ was a huge, huge success for both Warner Bros. and LEGO (over $225 million and the highest-grossing movie of the year, so far) and both parties moved quickly to make sure ‘The LEGO Movie 2‘ was happening. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will be happening without Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who wrote and directed the original.
Like ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2,’ Lord and Miller will produce the upcoming ‘LEGO’ sequel, but have instead passed the directorial reigns over to Chris McKay, the ‘LEGO Movie’ co-director. Michelle Morgan and Jared Stern are currently writing the ‘LEGO Movie 2′ script.
UPDATE: Chris Miller just tweeted his and Lord’s support of McKay:
Very excited @buddboetticher is directing LEGO 2. He was the underheralded hero of the 1st one. @philiplord & I will still be very involved.
— Chris Miller (@chrizmillr) March 12, 2014
It’s disappointing to know that Lord and Miller, who were so much a part of what made ‘The LEGO Movie’ a hit, won’t be returning, but one can hardly blame them. ‘The LEGO Movie’ made them A-list directors and with ‘22 Jump Street‘ opening this summer, they’re going to want to focus their career live-action. Lord and Miller spent about four years making ‘The LEGO Movie,’ which is a lot of time to devote to one project.
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bb queen

Lindsay Lohan 'lists her 36 lovers'... and that's just the celebrities

She has never been known for reserving her affections.

But now Lindsay Lohan has revealed the true extent of her showbiz dalliances after penning a list of 36 of her best known lovers.

The roll call features the names of literally dozens of celebrity conquests including Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix.

According to the new edition of magazine In Touch, the randy 27-year-old penned the list during a boozy session with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel on January 30, 2013.

A source, who claimed to have watched her write the document, said: 'They were giggling and talking s**t about people in the industry.

'It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.'

The insider also the Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen star would even pause to think at times 'as if she had to remind herself of who they were.'

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daily fail

Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World Separate

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation," they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

"Matt remains living on the farm in our guest house and we work together everyday on the farm, on our business endeavors and most importantly, raising our amazing children."

The Roloffs and their four children – twins Jeremy and Zack, 23, Molly, 20, and Jacob, 17 – starred in the reality series Little People, Big World, which chronicled the daily lives of the six-member family, three of whom were diagnosed with dwarfism.
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Ed - brows

See Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in Clip From 'All Is By My Side' Biopic

Exclusive footage from upcoming film shows guitarist grappling with decision to move to London

The long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side won't see its U.S. premiere until next week at South by Southwest 2014, but Rolling Stone is giving you a first look at Andre 3000 as the guitar god in an exclusive clip today. The video features Hendrix (played by the Outkast's MC) sitting next to friend Linda Keith (Imogen Poots) in a New York restaurant while future manager Chas Chandler (Andrew Buckley) attempts to convince him to move to London, where guitarists are playing music inspired by the blues.

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Lee Pace

Keke Palmer Joins 'Masters of Sex'

The actress-singer will recur on the second season of the Showtime drama.

Showtime's Masters of Sex is adding another player.

Keke Palmer has joined in a recurring capacity on the second season, the pay cabler announced Wednesday. She will play Coral, a nanny hired by the Masters to care for their new baby.

Masters of Sex stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as real-life pioneers of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The series chronicles their unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory.

Actress-singer Palmer can next be seen in the Drew Barrymore-produced horror film Animal, which will be released in June. She also stars in Queen Latifah's Brotherly Love and Imperial Dreams, which debuted at Sundance. She most recently co-starred in Lifetime's A Trip to Bountiful.

Production on Masters of Sex begins later this month in Los Angeles.


Who is your favorite lady of MoS, ONTD?
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Rick Perry Booed on Kimmel in Austin

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was booed as he joined Jimmy Kimmel on stage for an early taping of the host's late-night talk show on Tuesday at the South by Southwest conference in Austin.

Perry, a Republican, held his own, telling Kimmel, "After 14 years of this kind of love, it's all good, man."

The crowd's sentiments shifted when the host of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" asked Perry his position on decriminalizing marijuana. Perry nodded when Kimmel suggested the governor may decriminalize pot in Texas by January 2015. read more

Austin isn't the only "blueberry" in your Texas "tomato soup" JSYK...


Kate Upton Named New Face of Express


Kate Upton and Express are joining forces.

The 21-year-old model has been named the new face of the American fashion retailer, Express announced on Wednesday. Upton is the first celebrity spokesperson to appear for Express in the past decade.

"Attention: @KateUpton is our brand spokeswoman!" Express tweeted on Wednesday, which Upton happily re-tweeted.

The blond beauty's relationship with Express will commence on Thursday, where she will host the spring runway show at The Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach. Per Women's Wear Daily, The Sports Illustrated cover girl's ads will make their debut in the fall.

"The new partnership highlights the mutual admiration between Express and Kate and is the culmination of two iconic American establishments coming together," chairman and chief executive officer of Express Michael Weiss said in a statement.

In addition to Express, Upton is also the face of Sam Edelman's digital and print advertising campaign.

"I've loved Sam Edelman shoes for a long time, so shooting the ad campaign was a lot of fun for me," Upton told Women's Wear Daily about the collaboration last January.

Upton's love for the brand's fancy footwear paid off when she was spotted wearing a pair of Sam Edelman boots.

"It felt like the right time," Sam Edelman added.

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[FS] red lips

Degrassi: 13x25 "What It's Like" promos

ugh no please don't take jenna back like 7 steps i just started liking her. zig's storyline sounds promising

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last night's episode was easily the best this season so far.
[Spoiler (click to open)]all the phone videos were hard to watch and i wanted to shake becky all throughout the first half of the episode. everyone in this episode was great, i think it's one for the books. also i'm glad that this storyline doesn't end there.

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Jackie and Hyde

Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, and more join History Channel mini-series, "Texas Rising"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

History has ordered the eight-hour television event "Texas Rising" from A+E Studios and ITV Studios America, produced by Thinkfactory Media with Leslie Greif ("Hatfields & McCoys") serving as executive producer, it was announced today by Dirk Hoogstra, Executive Vice President and General Manager, History & H2.

The event series, premiering in 2015, will detail the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers. Two-time Oscar-nominated director Roland Joffé ("The Killing Fields," "The Mission") is set to helm with an all-star cast including:
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Casting Hopefuls for Lead Jedi Role in Star Wars Episode VII

With Adam Driver in line to play the villain in the next “Star Wars,” the next order of business for Disney and Lucasfilm is finding the right Jedi to challenge Driver and the evil empire.

After meeting with several young actors this past year, sources tell Variety that “Downton Abbey” thesp Ed Speleers, “Attack the Block” star John Boyega, Jesse Plemons and theater actors Matthew James Thomas, and Ray Fisher are among the men J.J. Abrams is eyeing for the lead role. Though some insiders warn the search is still ongoing, multiple sources confirm to Variety these actors have moved to the top of the list in recent weeks.

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I'll sacrifice something for Boyega to get it

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Cristiano Ronaldo pays for Real Madrid fan to have brain surgery

With his on-pitch swagger and multi-million pound lifestyle, many have accused of Cristiano Ronaldo of just being another arrogant footballer.

But the Real Madrid superstar showed he is anything but this week, after pledging to cover the medical bills of one very ill supporter.

Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-month old Real fan, has cortical dysplasia – a brain abnormality that causes up to 30 seizures each day. The Cruz family have been desperately trying to raise money for his treatment, but because of the huge about of funds needed, it’s been tricky. The nipper needs £60,000 for an operation on his brain, while each test, which he will need for a long time after the operation, costs about £6,000 each.

But just as hope seemed to be fading, AS reports that Ronaldo has stepped in to stop Erik’s plight, by pledging any money needed to help him. Ronaldo is also helping to raise extra money for the family, by donating signed kit and boosts to a charity auction.

What a guy.

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Cris also made a public plea on his facebook this week on behalf of Save the Children's campaign for Syrian refugee children.

Lupita Nyong'o Hugs Her Stylist for THR's Top Stylists Issue, Kristen Stewart & More Featured


Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Dockery hug their stylist Micaela Erlanger on the cover of THR‘s 25 Top Stylists of 2014 issue.

Also featured in the issue are Kristen Stewart with her stylist Tara Swennen, Margot Robbie with her stylist Micaela, Dakota and Elle Fanning with their stylist Samantha McMillen, Rose Byrne with her stylist Penny Lovell, Elisabeth Moss with stylist Karla Welch, and Robin Wright with Kemal Harris.

“The first thing she did was offer me a beer. I thought: ‘Oh, we are going to get along so well. This is my kind of stylist,’” Margot said of Micaela.

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Forget Latino Embarrassment Juan Pablo, True Latino Pride Juanes Slays On 'Jimmy Fallon'

Juanes Rocks 'The Tonight Show' in Spanish: Will His Performance Kickstart a Wave of Spanish-Speaking Artists on Late Night TV?

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Juanes to The Tonight Show, where he rocked the stage with his performance of La Luz off of his latest album, Loco de Amor. He also set a precedent as the first-ever Spanish language performer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, since Fallon took over for former host, Jay Leno. (In 2012, Juanes also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.)

During his Tonight Show performance, Juanes was beaming with joy and his energy was contagious, it was as if he was picking up where he left off, resonating an effortless cool and a humble nature that he's always possessed throughout his career.

I freaking LOVE this song and i'm glad he's getting more exposure. VIVA EL REY COLOMBIANO!!!!!
Kylie 1

Kylie admires 'unapologetic' Rihanna/Miley; Says male celebs get free pass + More

Revlon's The Amazing Spiderman 2 collection

On the left side of this display is a collection of products to create Gwen Stacy's (played by Emma Stone) Daytime Look. On the right side of the display is a collection of products to create Gwen Stacy's Evening Look. It appears that the products for these looks are all repromotes of existing Revlon products.

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Nouveau Cheap

Anna the Flapper

Elizabeth Olsen Engaged to Boyd Holbrook!

Did someone say double wedding? Less than two weeks after Us Weekly exclusively revealed that Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to marry Olivier Sarkozy, a source confirms to Us that the fashion designer's younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is engaged to actor Boyd Holbrook.

"They've been by each other for a while, taking a lot of couple time," a different source tells Us, noting that they've been "talking about getting engaged" and recently took a trip to Paris together. Adds another insider: "They moved into a place in Brooklyn a few months ago."

Dating since 2012, the happy couple first met on the set of their movie Very Good Girls, which also starred Dakota Fanning and Demi Moore. "There was great chemistry there," a source told Us at the time of Olsen, 25, and Holbrook, 32. "She really likes him!"

Romance is definitely in the air for the Olsen family. As previously reported, Mary-Kate, 27, and her French banker beau, 44, are set to wed -- and may even start a family soon. They're "talking about trying to get pregnant," a source told Us. The Full House alum's twin sister, Ashley, has a new love in her life, too; she's dating Moneyball director Bennett Miller.


Super fan: I lost half my bodyweight so Justin Bieber would notice me, but he's yet to tweet me back

A Justin Bieber superfan has lost more than eight stone in a bid to make her pop star idol notice her.

Now weighing in at 10.5 stone Bryanna Debinder, 20, shed an incredible 122 lbs in just a year after becoming jealous of the slim girls who were pulled on stage by Bieber during his concerts.
She vowed to lose weight and embarked on a diet that has seen her almost half her 19-stone frame.

'Every time I saw him pull up a pretty, slim girl on stage, I just thought: 'that should be me',' said Bryanna, of Temple, near Reading, Pennsylvania.

'Everyone deserves a chance to be noticed by the person they love, and I'm his biggest fan.
'I just wanted to be the girl he sang to.'

The Penn State University psychology student's obsession with Bieber, also 20, began when she saw him on MTV in 2009.
As the then clean-cut pop star crooned to his platinum-selling single 'One Time', Bryanna fell in love and there began an obsession that would change her life.

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bieber is so inspirational. i'm sure he could inspire loads of ontd users
nadine 2 fab 4 u

'The Haves and the Have Nots' finale becomes OWN's highest telecast! + preview for new episodes!

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s Tuesday night (March 11) season finale of “The Haves and the Have Nots,” the drama series from Tyler Perry set a network record with 3.6 million total viewers. The episode ranked as the #1 telecast in OWN history among total viewers and #2 in the key female demo (2.75 W25-54) behind only “Oprah’s Next Chapter” with Bobbi Kristina. For the night, episode ranked as the #1 cable telecast in the key female demo (2.75 W25-54) and #4 in all of television among W25-54 rating. This season finale grew double digits, up 38% in total viewers and 24% in W25-54 vs. the prior season finale.

'The Haves and the Have Nots' Returns May 27!!

Source, YouTube

"Shake Your Body" singer Tyra Banks releases cover of Idina Menzel song

Tyra Banks, actress, model, and aspiring singer. Well, she's not so much an aspiring singer as she is an aspiring karaoke buddy of Frozen's Idina Menzel. Menzel's rendition of 'Let It Go' recently won an Oscar after the song's popularity reached an all-time high following the release of 'Frozen' and the film's crossing of $1 billion at the global box office.

Tyra jokingly uploaded a vine video of her own rendition of 'Let It Go', complete with a Frozen barbie thrown into the mix. She tweeted the video to Idina Menzel, writing, "What do you think @idinamenzel? Does the cold bother YOU?"

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yesss when are you releasing new music tyra?

The End of ‘Game of Thrones’ is Known

Not by us, but by someone. And we mean someone beyond the people living inside the mind of A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. In a sprawling feature in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, both Martin and the Game of Thrones executive producer team of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk at length about one of the most prevalent threads that plagues all of Westeros: endings.

Usually the “endings” of note are those of characters we love, meeting their untimely deaths in service of honor or the quest for power. This time around, the creative team behind the books and the beloved show are talking about where and when the story itself may come to an end. The simple answer: seven or eight seasons.

The how and why of it are a bit more complicated.

One issue Game of Thrones will have going forward — something that’s been a known issue since the beginning — is the age of some of the young actors, notably fan favorite Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark. If we chart out what seven or eight seasons would look like, that puts the show’s final season in 2018, assuming they do one season per year and don’t pull a split, a la Breaking Bad or Mad Men. Williams is currently 16, going on 17 in April, and would be creeping toward 21 by the time the final season came around. Based on what we know of the books thus far, that’s not even close to the shorter amount of time that will pass in the books. Unless George R.R. Martin flashes forward many years in the still-unfinished sixth and seventh books. That’s not likely. The age of these young actors is a problem for the show.

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dexter - um no

Oklahoma Fox station removes evolution from ‘Cosmos’ by cutting 15 seconds

In what appeared to be an editing error, a Fox affiliate in Oklahoma managed to remove the only mention of evolution from Sunday night’s Cosmos science documentary by cutting only 15 seconds from the broadcast.

The much-anticipated reboot of Carl Sagan’s legendary Cosmos premiered on Sunday with an overview of the history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the advent of humans.

It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes of the show that host Neil deGrasse Tyson hinted at human evolution.

“We are newcomers to the Cosmos,” he explained. “Our own story only begins on the last night of the cosmic year.”

“Three and a half million years ago, our ancestors — your and mine left these traces,” Tyson said, pointing to footprints. “We stood up and parted ways from them. Once we were standing on two feet, our eyes were no longer fixated on the ground. Now, we were free to look up and wonder.”

But for viewers of KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City, that 15 second paragraph was replaced by an awkwardly-inserted commercial for the evening news. The edit was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube by Adam Bates.

At least one of the segments advertised in the news promo — a story about a 12-year-old bow hunter — did air on that evening’s newscast.

Watch the edited and original versions of Cosmos below, broadcast March 9, 2013.

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rust cohle

'True Detective' Deleted Scene! Rust's Breakup with Girlfriend Laurie

Even several days after HBO's “True Detective” finale, it’s hard to stop thinking about cops Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), and their mission to find a murderer in the Louisiana bayou country.

Luckily, the DVDs are on the way with tons of fun features. As a teaser, “Extra" can offer an exclusive look at one of the deleted scenes!

In the clip, we see the explosive moment that ended Rust’s relationship with girlfriend Lori [sic: Laurie].

Warning! The video includes strong language.

For more bonus material, pick up "True Detective" on DVD and Blu-ray starting June 10! A digital download of the series will also be available.



Gwyneth Paltrow's Box Costs $1,200

Hello darlings, I am back once again following a heavy personal spiral brought upon by the Oscar win of one Cate Blanchett, who as I am sure you are well aware previously lost Best Actress to our dearest Gwyneth and whom only won this year because Ms. Paltrow's tour de force performance in the direct-to-DVD Thanks for Sharing was criminally underrated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Nonetheless, the darkness has subsided and I am here to present the 5 most amazing items currently for sale on So get your white fingers and your black Amex's ready!

Have the current 90s trends got you nostalgic for the fashion of yesteryear? Of course it has! But the early 90s are so overdone at this point. Like, we get it, Jordan Catalano won an Oscar, calm down Forever 21, you don't need to shit plaid, okay? Personally, I prefer the subtly of the late 90s - butterfly clips, chokers, spaghetti strap tank tops and of course - fit and flares. In the grand tradition of LEI, Mudd and the Delia's catalog, these MiH Sugarblue Marrakesh will have you feeling like a teenager all over again, minus the cystic acne and habitual masturbation.

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Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

RHOA's Porsha Williams Gets NOTHING In Her Divorce

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams got hosed in her divorce settlement with Kordell Stewart.

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ --  Porsha gets NO alimony, NO house, NO NFL retirement money, NO cash-out, NO health insurance.  She even has to pay her own credit card balances. It's almost like a western movie.  She gets the Mercedes she drove in on, and that's about it.  She does get to keep the engagement ring and all of her personal crap ... jewelry, clothes and other personal items.

As for Kordell ... he gets two houses, 2 plots of land, a 2013 Mercedes and a 2010 Porsche, and his full retirement benefits.  He also gets to keep a 100% interest in his companies.

Pretty crazy -- considering there was a lot of talk on "Real Housewives" that Porsha and Kordell did NOT sign a prenup.

Porsha was fighting like crazy to stay in the house, but Kordell changed the locks on her.

And it gets even worse.  She's on the chopping block for the show.

On the bright side ... a pawn shop would probably pay a pretty penny for that ring.


Was she represented by Attorney at Law Phaedra Parks?

Everyone's fave show is renewed for 3 more seasons

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The three-year renewal will take TV's No. 1 comedy among adults 18-49 through the 2016-17 season.

CBS has handed out a hefty three-season renewal for The Big Bang Theory.

The pickup takes TV's No. 1 comedy among adults 18-49 through season 10 and extends the series through the 2016-17 season.

"Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television,” CBS Entertainment chairmanNina Tassler said. "This multiyear deal further strengthens our network’s position for future seasons and marks another chapter in the great partnership CBS enjoys with Warner Bros. Television for delivering audiences the best in comedy. We’re proud to work with and showcase the incredible talents of Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and this amazing cast every week.”


Skin Bleaching African Singer Dencia To Star In ‘Light Skin’ Documentary On Oprah’s OWN Network

The good side to controversy is the publicity that comes from it, and Dencia is really riding the wave that Whitenicious is bringing her. She’s becomes somewhat of a weird phenomenon both in Africa and in the United States where many (including Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o) have come out to criticize her and her skin lightening product.

She’s received interview spots from Ebony Magazine and others. Right now we’re getting word that she will be interviewed in Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network for a new documentary, Light Girls.

The documentary is inspired by a film by Bill Duke titled Dark Girls.

blow a kiss.

Neil Patrick Harris Loves That 'Women Still Want To Marry Me'

NPH's female fans could care less the actor is gay.

Neil Patrick Harris has portrayed the lovable lothario Barney Stinson for nine seasons on How I Met Your Mother that his female fans may forget the actor himself plays for the other team.

Neil met his partner David Burtka two years prior to coming out in 2006, and the couple will soon move into their New York City home raising their twin son and daughter, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.


Yet the smooth-talking qualities of Barney and Neil’s family man nature keep attracting women despite no real chance of a future together.

“I’ve found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay,” Neil told Out magazine. “They still want to marry me. And I love that.”

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If you could hook up with any gay actor or actress, which would you choose?


Willow & Jaden Smith get sushi with Kylie Jenner

rsz kylie jenner sugarfish sushi willow jaden sm

Kylie Jenner plays it cool in sunglasses as she heads out of Sugarfish Sushi after grabbing lunch on Sunday afternoon (March 9) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 16-year-old reality star was joined by her pals Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Moises Arias, and Mateo Arias.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kylie Jenner

“Hey East Coasters #KUWTK starts in 10 minutes!! Hope you are all tuning in!” Kylie later tweeted.

Earlier in the month, Willow was spotted carrying a handful of yummy cookies as she exited a local Whole Foods in Encino.

rsz kylie jenner sugarfish sushi willow jaden sm
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Look how happy Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are to be reunited at Need For Speed premiere


Breaking Bad co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been reunited on the red carpet for Need For Speed.

Cranston, who is currently starring on Broadway in All The Way, rushed to make it to the premiere after the show last night.

The actor was still sporting the grey-coloured hair he has for the role of ex-US President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

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Album Review: The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

Taylor Momsen is going to Hell., and judging by the cover photo of The Pretty Reckless’ sophomore full length effort, she plans on being damn sexy when she arrives on the Devil’s doorstep. Whether or not Going to Hell is a legitimate confessional or a full fledged attempt at Momsen shedding her adolescent television days, her cigarette-laden growl and open arms acceptance of an eternity in flames is pretty convincing. “Follow Me Down,” the opening bit, sets the tone for the record right away. Opening with the sound of rain and the sexual innuendo of erotic moans and heavy breathing, transcended into a hard hitting track with a southern blues-like hook that will challenge the listener to not tap their foot along to the melody, it just may be the best track on the record but there is plenty more where that came from. The title track, “Going to Hell” is a percussion driven jam that’s anchored by an exceptional metal guitar riff and an angry, yet arousing, growl that conveys the message that: “We’re not going to heaven and we really don’t give a shit!” “Heaven Knows,” the third song in, demonstrates the abilities of the entire band. No, it doesn’t quite get the head bangers out in full force, but it does resurrect that old time music feel with a tambourine beat and a 70′s esq guitar cue along with a chorus of hand clapping and choir voices.

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"Absolution" is my jam rn... and bitch why is Burn so short?!

Skin Hollywood Skin Care Must Have: Why So Many Stars Swear By Cocoa Butter

The harsh elements of this winter season has given skin a beating - so what are some of Hollywood's stars turning to, for skin that's hydrated and in shape for Spring? Turns out many are fans of the classic brand Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

A tried and true skin care go-to, this rich emollient solves many a skin care woe. Repeatedly highlighted as the tried and true favorite of many top stars, Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula products are a fave among celebs looking to keep skin fresh and flawless.

Skin care expert, Sharina Jamal touted the benefits. "The most widely used butter in the cosmetic industry, cocoa butter is created from the cacao bean and has a mild chocolate scent," she explained. "Its powerful anti-oxidant properties have shown to help soothe and heal dry/irritated skin and improve the look of stretch marks."

No wonder celebs love it. Giselle's hubby Tom Brady and Katy Perry both like to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion ($5) as their go-to moisturizer. "I lotion every day. I can't leave the house without it," Perry gushed to Glamour magazine. Ideal as a year-round moisturizer, the formula is enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E with supreme hydrating and healing properties.

Country star, Jennifer Nettles and model Molly Sims have booth gone on record raving about the Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick ($3) as the ultimate multi-purpose product. The versatile tool works great for dry skin touch-ups on the face and body as well as dry, chapped lips.

And Victoria Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, Leighton Meester and Nicki Minaj are all fans of the Cocoa Butter Formula Jar ($5). "I have them everywhere in my apartment and in all of my handbags," Candice revealed. The formula is ideal product for deep moisturization while healing and softening rough, dry skin.


What is/are some of your holy grail product(s) under $10?
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

'That's so ridiculous and not true': Kylie Jenner, 16, slams claims she has had plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner has slammed claims that she has had plastic surgery.The Australian edition of OK! Magazine alleged the 16-year-old reality star has had a nose job, lip fillers and Botox. And a representative for Miss Jenner told Mail Online: ‘That’s so ridiculous and not true.’

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jimin [bst jp]

Get ready for this, ONTD: Rooney Mara to play Tiger Lily in Joe Wright's 'Pan'

After co-starring in Warner Bros.' Oscar-nominated drama "Her," Rooney Mara is in negotiations to play Tiger Lily in the studio's big-budget tentpole "Pan," an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap. Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund are expected to star in the Joe Wright movie.

Joe Wright is directing from a script by Jason Fuchs, and Greg Berlanti is producing with Paul Webster and former WB exec Sarah Schechter, who now runs Berlanti's production company. "Pan" tells the untold story of how a young orphan boy from London is spirited away to the magical Neverland where he finds grand adventures that shape him into the hero known to generations as Peter Pan.

Wright is planning to create a world that very international and multi-racial, effectively challenging audiences' preconceived notions of Neverland and reimagining the environment.

Warners executive Courtenay Valenti will oversee the project for the studio, which will release the 3D movie on July 17, 2015. Mara, who previously starred in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," is represented by WME.

dick & babs

CONSTANTINE Pilot Shooting - First Picture Reveals Star's Look

Wondering what Matt Ryan looks like as John Constantine? Well wonder no more. In this first-day-of-shooting pilot photo from the set of NBC's Constantine, Ryan's look was revealed, and it is comic book perfection.

The naturally dark brown-haired Welsh actor who recently cut his genre teeth on Assassin's Creed IV as the voice of the playable character Edward Kenway, died his tresses blonde to fit the look of the character. the trademark trenchcoat and loosely tied necktie complete the look nicely (all he needs is a cigarette).

This makes major news this week on four DC Comics shows, following the release of official description and logo for Gotham, the costume for The Flash, and the lead role cast in iZOMBIE.


Not bad
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Beyonce and Blue Ivy take a trip to Dublin Zoo

Beyonce has continued her daily trips out and about in Dublin since she arrived for her four dates at the 02 in Dublin.This afternoon the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer was spotted with daughter Blue Ivy at Dublin Zoo.The 32-year-old has also dined out with husband Jay Z at Fade Street Social on Sunday night and at Coppinger Row on Monday night.
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rust cohle

Matthew McCona-slayed-my-life: (5) 15 of his best roles!!!!

15. Tropic Thunder (2008)
McConaughey was a last-minute replacement to play the aptly named Hollywood agent, Rick Peck, after Owen Wilson dropped out. Memorably, Peck fights adamantly for contractual TiVo rights for Ben Stiller's doofus action star, Tugg Speedman; soon after, he's willing to let his client die in the jungle.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Accused of Beating and Kidnapping Former Employees

Floyd Mayweather Jr., 37, is now a suspect in the brutal beating and kidnapping of two of his former employee’s, reports TMZ. The veteran boxer was reported to have tracked down his stolen merchandise to the two men who have brought the allegations against him.

Sources close to the boxer revealed that the two men had been hired to work on Floyd’s Vegas homes, but when jewelry went missing Floyd pointed the finger at them.

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I bet Biebs was involved.

  • lori22

Taraji P. Henson Cast in Universal's Graphic Novel Adaptation "TERM LIFE"

Taraji P. Henson Rounds Out Universal’s ‘Term Life’ (EXCLUSIVE)
MARCH 12, 2014 | 03:01PM PT Justin Kroll Film Reporter @krolljvar

Taraji P. Henson has rounded out the cast of Universal’s “Term Life” starring Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld.

Pic also stars Shea Whigham, Jonathan Banks, Bill Paxton and William Levy.Peter Billingsley will direct from a screenplay by A.J. Lieberman, who wrote the original graphic novel that he created with Nick Thornborrow.

Story follows a man who plans and sells heists to the highest bidder, but when his latest job goes horribly wrong, he finds himself hunted by everyone he knows — mob bosses, contract killers and dirty cops. With no way out, Nick does the only thing he can think of to help his estranged daughter Cate, taking out a life insurance policy on himself with her as the beneficiary. It’s a great plan until he finds out the policy doesn’t take effect for 21 days. Now Nick is forced to take Cate on the run and keep them both alive while trying to be a father for the very first time.

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A Horrifying Timeline of Terry Richardson Allegations, From Trash Cans to Tampon Tea

Yet another model came out with yet another set of disgusting claims against fashion’s creepiest photographer yesterday, and they were disturbingly similar to the myriad of others that have been revealed in recent years. But the sad truth is that they’ll probably suffer a similar fate.

In the past, trigger warning stories like this have done basically fuck all to convince people not to seek out his arguably very mediocre camera work. Following the anti-Terry petition last year that made headlines everywhere, he’s stayed on the A-OK list of everyone from Vogue and H&M to Jared Leto and even the fashion world’s dual sprit animals Lupita Nyong’o and Cara Delevingne. Only two weeks ago we said it seems for every model or celebrity who continues to work with the legendary creep, there is someone who refuses to do so again. But more and more it’s seeming the other way around — for everyone who discredits him, there’s another model or even Hollywood darling lining up to take her place.

A Google search for “Terry Richardson allegations” now yields 82,400 results. But that doesn’t mean the stories of those brave enough to come forth should be lost in SEO ranking algorithms. Let’s recap the decade’s most sickening Richardson revelations, shall we?

Terry’s intern Alex (2004): A decade ago the Observer published an article about a photographer that not many people outside of fashion world had heard of. Ahead of Terry Richardson’s now-infamous Terry World exhibition, Manhattan journalist Phoebe Eaton described, among shots of anonymous models sucking off Uncle Terry, his intern Alex going down on him from inside a trash can while wearing a diamond “Slut” tiara (“It’s Sesame Street!” Mr. Richardson explained with a chuckle.)

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Aubrih '14 Continues: Rihanna and Drake Hit Up Bowling Alley


They've rarely left each others' sides in recent weeks, and have been partying it up together in London, Amsterdam and Paris over the past few days alone.

And rumoured lovebirds Rihanna and Drake continued their string of date nights as they hit a Manchester bowling alley until the early hours of Wednesday morning.

After partying up a storm at London's exclusive Cirque Le Soir nightclub the previous evening, the on-off couple headed up north to All Star Lanes, where they enjoyed a fun-filled evening out after Drake's performance at the city's Phones4U Arena on Tuesday night.

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Liam Neeson Fights to Stop Ban on New York City's Horse-Drawn Carriages

After his revealing 60 Minutes interview, Liam Neeson is making headlines again, this time for taking a controversial stance on New York City's horse-drawn carriages.

On Sunday, the actor and New York City resident invited every New York City Council member to tour the Clinton Park Stables, one of the stables where Central Park's off-duty carriage horses are housed. Neeson used the meeting as an opportunity to speak against the proposed ban on the park's iconic horse-drawn carriages, reports The New York Times.

"This is an industry that's been here since before Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration,” Neeson told the press gathered at the stables. "A beautiful industry it is. It's a connection with our past."

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Helena Bonham Carter to return for Alice sequel

Helena Bonham Carter looks ready return to her role as the evil Red Queen, as the actress is in final negotiations to join Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska in Disney’s “Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel to 2010′s “Alice in Wonderland.”

James Bobin is on to direct with Joe Roth returning as producer. Plot details are being kept under wraps. Pic will bow on May 27, 2016.

Besides Bonham Carter, Depp and Wasikowska, it’s unknown at this time which actors in the original, such as Anne Hathaway and Alan Rickman, will reprise their roles in this installment.

The first pic grossed more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, including $334 million at the domestic B.O.

Bonham Carter has several films set to bow in the next year including “Suffragette,” with Carey Mulligan, and Disney’s “Cinderella,” in which she plays the Fairy Godmother.


Sigh. I loved the first film, but someone just should kill this before it spreads any further.

Bobbi Kristina Defends Slender Frame

Bobbi Kristina Brown defended her slim frame after she was criticized for being too skinny, saying she takes after her mother Whitney Houston.

"I am my mothers child ! Have you ever heard of a #fastmetabolism ?" Brown wrote on Twitter. "Lol, it's incredible how the world will judge you 4ANY&EVERYthing"

The judgements came just after the 21-year-old shared a photo of herself wearing a teeny black bikini.

Her husband Nick Gordon quickly came to her defense.

"My baby is perfect the way she is," Gordon tweeted Tuesday.

"Working out Eating right and loving life is how my women (sic) keeps her body nobody cares that you are concerned what important is she is comfy," he added.

The newlyweds are no strangers to controversy.

The pair, who grew up together in the Houston home since Gordon was 12, first raised eyebrows when they began dating soon after Houston's death.

"In fact, mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating," Brown wrote on Facebook in July after finally confirming rumors that she and Gordon were engaged.

Brown tweeted in January that she and Gordon tied the knot.


Adrian Pasdar to Play Famous Marvel Figure on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Heroes alum Adrian Pasdar is headed to Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a very well-known role.
The actor, who voices the character of Iron Man in several Marvel animated series, will play a well-known comics character, The Hulk's nemesis Glenn Talbot, Marvel announced on Wednesday.
Pasdar dropped a few hints about Colonel Talbot's appearance on the show. "The way that they filmed [my scene] was very interesting. It was a live feed. [Coulson's team are] in the control room, and I come over a monitor," he told "So I was filming it in another room off of a camera, [and] it was a live feed to them in that room, so it was really happening. It was in-camera, it wasn't going to be superimposed, so my face would come on 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide."
Much like his anti-hero character on Heroes, Nathan Petrelli, Pasdar said Talbot will be a villain. "Every show needs a jerk, [and] I guess I'm that guy," he said.
Glenn Talbot was most recently portrayed by Josh Lucas in the 2003 film Hulk. Pasdar recently recurred on the final season of Burn Notice.


ngl- I don't care about S.H.I.E.L.D. at all, I'm just ridiculously attracted to AP, and will watch him in anything. #bringbackthelyinggame

‘The Simpsons’ Says Goodbye To Edna Krabappel

“The Simpsons” paid tribute to the late Marcia Wallace in its final episode for Edna Krabappel, Springfield’s long-standing elementary school teacher. Wallace voiced the character in more than 100 episodes of the show.

The episode revolved around the comeback of villain Sideshow Bob, but the touching final scene portrayed Ned Flanders daydreaming about Edna. In the dream, Ned dances with Edna and she proceeds to laugh. Ned then awakens and says, “I sure do miss that laugh.”

The touching moment is then abruptly disrupted by Nelson’s signature cackle, but he then says, “I miss her, too.”
Baby Miley Eye Roll

Miley Cyrus Sued -- "Her Tongue Nearly Killed Me"


Miley Cyrus' tongue has finally pissed off the wrong person -- and now he's filed a lawsuit.
Charles Nicholas Sarris filed his lawsuit against ShowFx Inc. -- an L.A. equipment supply company that was hired to make the giant novelty tongue slide for Miley's new Bangerz tour.
Sarris says he was hired to assist in the slide construction, and last month, he was badly injured on the job -- after the equipment and tools provided to him failed, causing him to fall and hurt himself bad.
Sarris claims ShowFx failed to warn him about the potential dangers involved. He wants unspecified damages.


Lea Michele debuts in the top 5 of Billboard 200 with her first album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rapper Rick Ross collects his fifth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, as "Mastermind" arrives atop the list. The set sold 179,000 copies in the week ending March 9, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 is Pharrell Williams' second album, "G I R L." The singer-rapper-producer’s new set sold a larger-than-expected 112,000 in its first week. The album's lead single, the inescapable "Happy," hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 three weeks ago. One day before the release of "G I R L" on Monday, March 3, Williams performed "Happy" on the Academy Awards, where it was nominated for best original song. While the cut didn't win the trophy for Williams ("Let It Go" from "Frozen" took the honor), the global exposure certainly didn't hurt him.

Lea Michele of Fox TV's "Glee" arrives at No. 4 with her debut album, "Louder." It sold 60,000 copies in its first week.

the rest @ src

2 Dead, 23 Injured in Drunk Driving Crash at SXSW

Reports are filtering in that a car has crashed into a crowd of people at the SXSW music conference and festival in Austin, Texas.

According to’s eyewitness the incident happened outside The Mohawk on Red River St. A staff member of was inside when it happened.

Although details are sparse, people were seen to be screaming and crying while the crowd inside the venue has been asked to remain inside. People appear to have blood on them.

Police and emergency services are on the scene, with at least one individual being administred CPR. As many as 20 people could be injured in the incident.

UPDATE: Austin Police have tweeted that they are working on a crash with "multiple" fatalities in the area.

They've now confirmed that two are dead, five critical.

There will be a media briefing at 2am regarding the fatalities.

The incident is believed to have happened around 12.30am Thursday morning local time.

Raw video from the accident scene: (WARNING: IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME)

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