March 4th, 2014


InDepth InterView: Lea Michele Confirms FUNNY GIRL Revival!

Today we are particularly thrilled to present a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most attention-grabbing and notable Broadway/Hollywood crossover stars of the new millennium talking all about her theatre past, Glee present and potentially quite spectacular future - the charismatic and committed Lea Michele. Sparing some precious moments while promoting her new solo album release, LOUDER, Michele comments on not only her studio work and the current season of her FOX hit musical dramedy series Glee but also sheds some light on much more, including sharing first news of the new stage revival of FUNNY GIRL currently in planning stages following the rights being purchased by Glee creator and mastermind Ryan Murphy, set to mirror the Season Five storyline of Glee itself as it presents the thrilling theatrics, unforgettable songs and backstage backstabbing involved with the FUNNY GIRL revival starring Rachel Berry (aka Michele).

Additionally, Michele analyzes some of her favorite tracks on LOUDER and offers a glimpse into the creative process in creating some of the album's standout tracks such as "Cue The Rain" and "The Bells". Plus, Michele opens up about her role alongside fellow Broadway heavyweights Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters in the hotly anticipated new animated movie musical LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN and clues us in on what we can expect from the 3D multimedia extravaganza. Furthermore, Michele previews some upcoming Glee showstoppers-to-be including two songs penned by Stephen Sondheim - "No One Is Alone" from INTO THE WOODS and "Not While I'm Around" from SWEENEY TODD - as well as teases the appearance of her former SPRING AWAKENING co-star and subsequent PITCH PERFECT breakout performer Skylar Astin, while also offering the 411 on the show's big new move to a primary NYC focus. All of that, thoughts on Glee co-star Idina Menzel's FROZEN performance on this week's Academy Awards telecast, opinions on a new LES MISERABLES revival, a look ahead to her upcoming autobiography BRUNETTE AMBITION and much, much more!

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7(5) Men Who Have Suffered From Eating Disorders


While the stereotypical face of eating disorders in our cultural consciousness is almost uniformly female, that certainly doesn’t mean that these diseases don’t also affect men. Of the estimated 30 million people in the United States who have eating disorders, about 10 million of them are men. Yet, men’s experiences with eating disorders are often under-diagnosed, overlooked, or purposely kept hush-hush.

Here are seven famous men who have bravely spoken out about their struggles with anorexia, bulimia and other disorders. Read about their stories and maybe you’ll think twice next time you’re tempted to use the word manorexic.

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Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

Catherine Martin breaks record with 4th Oscar win

Catherine Martin has become Australia's most prolific Academy Award winner with two Oscars for her dazzling designs for The Great Gatsby.
The acclaimed designer, wife of director Baz Luhrmann, won both best costumes and best production design with set decorator Beverley Dunn.

Having won two Oscars for Moulin Rouge in 2002 - as well as nominations for Romeo + Juliet and Australia - Martin has overtaken the three Oscars won by Orry-Kelly for An American in Paris, Les Girls and Some Like It Hot in the 1950s.

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Cate Blanchett Almost Missed Her Oscar Win Drinking With Julia Roberts At the Bar

Cate Blanchett almost missed her big win at the Oscars on Sunday because she was drinking at the bar with fellow nominee Julia Roberts.

The Australian beauty scooped the Best Actress award for her part in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine,” but she only just returned to her seat in time to take to the stage and receive the trophy.

Blanchett has now revealed she lost track of time while chatting to Roberts at the bar.

She tells E! News, “The blessing and the curse of this (best Actress award) is it happens at the arse end of the evening and so you watch so many other extraordinary people get up there and you lose track of the fact that you’re even nominated. And then you get taken by surprise, ‘It’s my turn,’ and I was with Julia Roberts in the bar for rather too long and just got back to my seat in time.”

I already love this friendship (that I didn't know existed prior to the SAGs).

If I Could Change Your Mind

Lykke Li: "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone," from New Album I Never Learn

Lykke Li will release her new album I Never Learn on May 6 in North America and May 5 internationally via LL/Atlantic. Today, she's shared the album's tracklist and a video for new song "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone". Directed by Tarik Saleh, it's a close-up portrait of Lykke. Read the lyrics to the song here.

The album was co-produced by Björn Yttling (of Peter Björn and John), Greg Kurstin, and Lykke. It's the final entry in a trilogy, which includes 2008's Youth Novels and 2011's Wounded Rhymes.

She says of the album:

Every song on the album is a power ballad. Like one of those old radio stations. This is a slow dance; a slow burner.

I wrote ["No Rest for the Wicked"] in Sweden when I was packing up my shit, and I’d just gotten out of a relationship and it was a horrible time. I just had the hurt, shame, sadness, guilt, longing. In the verse, I’m referring to myself pleading guilty but I’m referring to all of us.

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Almost Human Season 1 Finale: Straw Man

Michael Ealy prefers to keep his personal life private, but it appears that becoming a father may have softened his thoughts on the matter ever so slightly.

The About Last Night star and wife Khatira Rafiqzada wed in October 2012 (although they didn’t announce the nuptials until December) and welcomed a baby boy, Elijah, last year.

“We have a son,” Ealy, 40, told Steve Harvey while appearing on his show in February. “I never understand why people announce the birth of their children.”

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logan prada

Why the Oscars ignore films about young people

When people talk about the cinematic geniuses of the 1980s, one name invariably comes up -- John Hughes. For young people growing up then and even today, the writer-director's name conjures up memories of unforgettable films.

From "Sixteen Candles" (1984) and "The Breakfast Club" (1985) to "Pretty in Pink" (1986) and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986), Hughes was responsible for a series of films that openly and honestly explored the exhilaration and tumultuousness of adolescence.

It's been nearly three decades since those movies arrived in theaters, but audiences still watch and enjoy them as if they were made yesterday. However, despite the love audiences have shown for his work, Hughes was never nominated for an Academy Award.

Hughes isn't alone in being an outstanding filmmaker whose features about people under 30 were overlooked during awards season. It's unfortunate but undeniable that award shows -- and the Oscars in particular -- have a history of ignoring great movies made for and about young people.

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Emma Watson defends J.K. Rowling's controversial Ron & Hermione comments

Rowling recently made waves when she confessed last month that she regretted pairing up Harry's best friends at the end of her beloved series. In an interview in Wonderland magazine (conducted by Watson herself!), Rowling shared, "I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment."

She continued, "If I'm absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people's hearts by saying this? I hope not."

Watson also seemed somewhat pessimistic about the longevity of the popular pairing, sharing at the time, "I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy."

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Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

OFFICIAL: RHONJ Stars Teresa & Joe Giudice Plead Guilty To Fraud!

Teresa and Joe Giudice just pled guilty in their massive money fraud case -- and will likely be heading to prison.

The couple agreed to plead guilty this morning in NJ as part of a plea deal -- in which Teresa would face less than two years in prison and Joe at least three. Joe, an Italian citizen, also faces deportation.

We're told Teresa pled guilty to 4 counts (including conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud) and Joe to 5 counts (same as Teresa, plus failure to file tax returns).

Teresa and Joe were initially indicted on a total of 41 criminal counts last year -- all between 2001 and 2011.

Among their alleged crimes -- prosecutors claim the couple used fake pay stubs, tax returns and W-2 forms to inflate their incomes and obtain nearly $5 million in mortgages and other loans. They also allegedly hid money they got from "Real Housewives" and other business ventures after filing for bankruptcy in 2009.

The couple will be sentenced at a later date.

Source followup to this post

VH1 Cancels 'Single Ladies' - Season 3 Will Be Its Last

This is a surprise, especially since it's been a successful series for them, over what has now become 3 seasons. But maybe it's run its course, and, as the saying goes, it's better to go out "on top."

VH1 has announced that, after this, it's 3rd season, the network will end its hit drama series Single Ladies - the Queen Latifah/Flavor Unit Entertainment produced original scripted program (which was also VH1’s first hour-long scripted series), which stars LisaRaye McCoy, Denise Vasi, Charity Shea, D.B. Woodside, Travis Winfrey, Terrell Tilford, with new additions this season in LeToya Luckett, Damien Dante Wayans and Lesley-Ann Brandt.debuted last night, and did so stronger than ever! Did you watch? If so, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

"We've been proud to deliver three seasons of the drama, romance and style that engaged viewers in each episode of Single Ladies," VH1 said in a statement. "Although we've decided not to move forward with another season, we hope to work again with the talented cast, creatives and producers as well as our partners at Flavor Unit Entertainment in the near future. We also thank the show's fans for their support since the premiere in 2011."

This season's premiere episode drew 2.6 million viewers, and a 1.74 rating, which was up an astounding +51% from the series' season 2 debut.

In its ongoing 3rd (and now final) season, Single Ladies has been averaging 2.2 million total viewers, which matching its season 2 numbers.


They really lost the plot this season. The best thing to come out of this show was Stacey Dash getting fired. And WTF is that Jarule cameo?

In Defense of Kate Upton


What is it about Kate Upton that makes people so crazy? The obvious answer is her amazing boobs, but there’s also a weird tone to the way she sometimes gets discussed. Page Six recently suggested that the model trio of Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen, who landed the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover for 2014, felt that the mag undermined them by putting a solo shot of Upton on the back of the issue as an alternate cover. Since Upton was the SI cover girl in 2012 and 2013, there have been some rumors that the other models resent her for monopolizing the spotlight.

In her spread in this year’s issue, Upton tops last year’s Arctic pinups by floating around in zero-G, and the shoot has been hyped more than any other aspect of the 2014 swimsuit issue, including the cover and the spread of breakout “Blurred Lines” video/future Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski in a painted-on guitar pick bikini. On the one hand, it’s easy to see why: Upton’s amazing boobs, without gravity! But when Upton didn’t show up to the New York party for the swimsuit issue, a gossip magazine narrative began to form, painting Upton as a diva who stayed home because she was upset she hadn’t been chosen to three-peat the front cover, and the other cover models as angry because they were already competing with each other for attention, and “weren’t expecting to compete for attention with another girl on the back cover.” Upton’s reps insisted she was merely sick, and she showed up as scheduled for the next promotional SI swimsuit issue event in Miami, posing gamely with the other models to quash the rumors that they have beef.

But Page Six’s sources also pointed out that even without the cover, Upton “might still steal the show.” While Upton may not yet have scored the SI covers hat trick that only Christie Brinkley (’79-’81), Elle MacPherson (’86-’88), and Cheryl Tiegs (’70, ’75, ’83) have achieved thus far, she may as well have. The Upton flip-cover is branded with “50th Anniversary” and a photo of Upton in a pink bikini bearing the line “FIVE DECADES OF SEXY” (which might unintentionally convey the message that Upton is 50, in which case, she looks especially great). Even the front cover — in which Agdal, Aldridge, and Teigen stand with their backs to the camera, torqued around awkwardly to look over their shoulders and touch each other’s butts — is interrupted by a tiny image of Upton in the corner, beckoning the reader to flip over the mag.

Carol Alt, who had the cover spot in 1982, semi-shaded Upton to HuffPostLive last week, saying, “I don’t get what all the hullabaloo is [about Upton]. I think what it is, is that in this moment there’s just so much social media and that’s why she’s had more word of mouth than anybody.” She qualified that statement immediately with: “I like Kate. She’s a pretty girl. But all the girls are nice and all the girls are pretty. And every cover, to me, deserves to be talked about.”

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logan prada

11 (5) Possible Oscar Contenders for Next Year

The red carpet at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre hasn’t even been rolled up, but Hollywood is already buzzing about next year’s Oscar race.

Prognosticating this far out is not for the faint of heart, as some possible contenders have yet to lock down release dates or even US distributors.

Will James Gandolfini, who failed to net a posthumous Oscar nomination for “Enough Said,” have more luck with his final film, a Brooklyn-based crime drama that’s now being called “The Drop”?

And then there’s late Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, who has two small films (“God’s Pocket’’ and “A Most Wanted Man’’) that premiered at Sundance due this year.

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lol for reference: last year's predictions

Ellen Sends Her Staff to the Oscars Red Carpet + EXTRA's Red Carpet Roundup

-Benedict Cumberbatch is really happy
-Lupita Nyong'o gets Ellen gloves
-Jared Leto plans to dance off with his pants off
-Julia Roberts drinks wine out of a straw
-Jennifer Lawrence is really excited about Pop Rocks

-Julia Roberts is Mario's girlfriend
-Sandra Bullock gets Mario's underwear
-Mario admits to being a huge fan of Frozen
-Kevin Spacey is Glenn Close's date

Professor Chaos

"The Goldbergs" Pay Homage To "The Goonies" Tonight

ABC’s The Goldbergs is all about the ’80s — the fashions, the TV shows, the technologies, the toys. So it was only a matter of time before they got around to paying their respects to one of the era’s most treasured cinematic entertainments, 1985′s The Goonies.

In Tuesday night’s episode, Adam (Sean Giambrone) gets the opportunity to live out his Goonies fantasies when he gets caught up in a treasure hunt. He calls upon the help of his friends and family, assigning each person a Goonies counterpart to model themselves after — including, naturally, the distant acquaintance that Adam enlists to fill the token Asian role. Awkward.

The network is going so all-out with their promotion for this episode, there’s even a series of special “trading cards” to go with it.

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What Rehab? Selena Gomez At Oscars After-Party: ‘She Was Drinking & Stumbling All Over’

Despite a short stint in rehab — for exhaustion — Selena Gomez got wild Sunday night at an Academy Awards after-party with her best gal pal Vanessa Hudgens.

An eyewitness exclusively tells that the “Come and Get It” singer was boozing it up and even stumbled in her heels by the end of the night.

While celebrating film’s biggest night at the Vanity Fair party, Gomez, 21, sipped on champagne and other assortments of liquor while goofing off with Hudgens and taking lots of photos.

“Selena was drinking constantly throughout the entire party when I saw her,” the spywitness revealed to Radar.

“She was having a grand old time and towards the tail end she was stumbling in her heels and almost toppled right over!”
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Beach House Samples Voyager Space Sounds for "Saturn Song"


A stranger smiles at you on the bus, your friend gives you a gift for no reason, your lover cleans your apartment while you're out just to be kind. Life is full of these unexpected gems, and we can add the surprise release of a brand new Beach House song to the list!

Along with offerings from Youth Lagoon and Spiritualized, "Saturn Song" is part of a compilation called The Space Project, which is being released on Record Store Day (April 19, 2014). The song takes sounds from the interstellar journeys of Voyager 1 and 2 and joins them with Victoria Legrand's moony vocals for an out-of-this-world aural experience.

Science nerd note: the Voyager sounds aren't noise in the traditional sense, but "electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons, and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near." "Saturn Song" is like a love letter from our intergalactic neighbors, four and a half minutes of the gas giants saying "I miss you" and "How have you been" and "Isn't it beautiful we exist at the same time?"

Listen at the source!
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Rihanna x Chanel

Rihanna looked absolutely gorgeous at today’s (March 4) Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015. She was seen having fun with Cara Delevingne and posing for photos with Karl Lagerfeld, photographer Ellen von Unwerth and DJ Leigh Lezark.
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makeup on point!!

Queen Gwyneth Paltrow Named New Face of Skincare Line Restorsea

When it comes to what skincare products Gwyneth Paltrow uses, we're all ears. Because clearly whatever type of fountain of youth she's drinking from, it's working.
Apparently Gwyneth is all about natural luxury skincare line Restorsea, and she's just been named its new brand ambassador. Says Gwyneth, "I was ecstatic when I learned that Restorsea is natural. Over time, I saw a real difference—a kind of freshness and dewiness."

Gwyneth doesn't run around giving her official Paltrow Stamp of Approval to just anything, so clearly there's got to be something special about Restorsea. The brand's secret ingredient is actually a natural enzyme released by salmon at birth that helps skin with the aging process. When we said these products were all natural, we weren't kidding.

But if it's Restorsea that's giving Gwyneth her fresh dewiness that we've been coveting for years, then we're about ready to empty our pockets and buy up the whole skincare line, pronto.

source: eonline, restorsea

beauty post? or share your favorite GOOP recipes!!
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All around flawless Beauty Queen J.Lo is hard at work on her new tour; first single out TOMORROW!

The excitement in Jennifer Lopez’ voice is palpable, even over a phone line from Los Angeles.
“You are the first. The first!”

For anyone that thinks they may have seen it all when La Lopez performed at Dubai Media City in November 2012, the singer-actress-mother has something different up her sparkly sleeve.
Her concert at the Dubai World Cup on March 29 – the world’s richest horserace – will be the first performance of a brand-new show she’s putting together, right now.

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The Woman.The Legend.The Icon. Julia Roberts at the Oscars.

Best Manicures of the 2014 Oscar Awards

Lupita Nyong'O

With every awards shows comes a dazzling array of fabulous celebrity manicures, and last night's 2014 Oscar Awards was no exception!

From pretty pale shades to a surprising number of subtly sparkly hues, manicures among stars like Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga and Giuliana Rancic proved to be chic, short and very versatile.
We caught up with countless of our favorite stars like Lupita Nyong'o, Kristin Chenoweth and Jessica Biel on the red carpet who happily showed off their perfectly polished nails in our very own Mani Cam—and we absolutely loved what we saw.

Celebs, including the hilarious Jonah Hill, couldn't help but strut their nails down the miniature red carpet, putting their mesmerizing manis on full display.

It seemed as almost every leading lady opted for neutral polish shades this time around, letting their dazzling gowns and incredible accessories take center stage for the main event; while the lovely Jennifer Garner stood out from the pack with a classic glossy red manicure for the big night.

Kerry Washington and Emma Watson also both opted for moody berry shades for an elegant touch to their ensembles, and Maria Menounos rocked some edgy nail art for a fun twist.
Check out the best manicures of the evening!

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E! Online
(more at the source)
Aidan Tongue!

It's 2003! Linkin Park to Tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI!

Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars and AFI held a press conference this morning, (March 4) at Milk Studios in Hollywood, CA to announce this summer’s Carnivores Tour (dates below). The news leaked ahead of time on band fan site, Linkin Park Association. Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 7.

“We share a lot of fans,” said Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda during the conference. “When I listen to the radio, I don’t hear a lot of that visceral guitar rock right now. I feel like this is a great moment for these bands to come together and hit the road.”

“This is a dream come true,” added Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto. “To stand on a stage in front of the Linkin Park army and the Mars army…it’s going to be an incredible adventure. It’s a meeting of the minds and something people are not going to want to miss. An orgy of art and music.”

Yesterday (March 3), Linkin Park revealed a 21 second song clip via YouTube, which is likely called “The Hunting Party 6.14,” based off a notepad visible on the recording console under guitarist Brad Delson. Sources close to the band say this harder edged track is not unlike many of the album’s songs. This would signify a departure from the band’s most recent EDM-leaning singles.

In February, Mike Shinoda blew the dust off his blog to bring fans up to speed on the new album saying, “I’ve been spending 10-12 hours a day in the studio–jamming, experimenting, writing, recording, re-writing, re-recording…searching for the sound that truly captures where we’re at as a band right now. Something bold and energetic. Something with a balance between the chaos and order. As ever, we’re digging deep to craft the best songs that will set the tone for the next step, that will draw a line between what we’re doing and everything else. We can’t wait for you to hear it this summer.”

Meanwhile, a special 10th anniversary vinyl edition of Linkin Park and Jay Z‘s Collision Course will hit stores on Record Store Day on April 19. The limited edition album will ship on a transparent blue vinyl and features a bonus DVD of the duo performing their mash-ups together in concert.

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AFI?!?!?! HFT TBH!!!
nadine 2 fab 4 u

Radioshack to close 1100 stores

RadioShack said Tuesday that it would close up to 1,100 poorly performing stores amid widening losses, or roughly 20% of its locations, as part of an effort to remake itself for a more competitive era of electronic retailing.

The store closings will leave about 4,000 locations in the U.S. The company has been trying to revamp its stores for the past year.

Yet some analysts say the retailer faces an uphill climb as it struggles to compete against larger big-box stores such as Best Buy.

RadioShack stock (RSH) was down about 15% to $2.31 in afternoon trading.

In the fourth quarter, the company lost $191.4 million, or $1.90 a share. Revenue fell 20% from the same period a year ago to $935 million. Sales at stores open at least a year were down 19%, in part because of weak sales in the mobile phone business. For the year, the company lost about $400 million, vs. $139 million in 2012.

Moar info @ Source

Chain stores killed the Mom-n-Pop's, now the Internet is killing the Chains.
Ron/Hermione - CoS

Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Recasting is ‘Inevitable’

I spoke to the superhero actor and super nice guy on the set of director Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past a few months back, and the topic of recasting Wolverine did come up. Today, in the last part of our coverage of that set visit, Jackman addresses that topic and much more…

Was there ever a conversation about whether First Class would feature a young Logan played by a different actor?
Jackman: I’m sure they had the discussion. They didn’t mention it to me, obviously! [Laughs] Look, that’s inevitable, man.
Anyone who thinks they're indispensable in this business is fooling themselves. But I feel unbelievably blessed to have this part. I never thought in a million years I'd get to play him seven times. Every day I walk on the set with the claws and the hair, I thank my lucky stars. I don't take any of it for granted. To think that in a second version we'd have this cast and this director, and you guys don’t know the script, but I would say probably the best script of all of them, is pretty amazing. I think that's why I'm still here. I'm sure by the way, that it won't always be my decision to always be here. At some point, someone will close the door on me… [Laughs]

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More X-Men spoilers at the source

Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Begins

How did Finch operate before the Man in the Suit?

“RAM” – The secrets of Finch’s operation before he enlisted Reese are revealed, including shocking ties to present-day events, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, March 4 (10:01 – 11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest starring are Annie Parisse (my love!), Camryn Manheim, Jay O. Sanders, John Nolan (i.e. a lot of verrrry interesting familiar faces) and also Joseph Mazzello (aka the little boy from Jurassic Park aka that guy from The Social Network aka that guy from The Pacific) and Julian Ovenden (though it’s unlikely he’ll sing).

Queen Stanton is back from the dead!

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ngl Finch seriously upgraded. Also, lol at Reese’s Flashback Scarf. Way to mix it up. btw I'm loving all these Lost-style glimpses of the past we're getting, all this stuff that happened way before the pilot and Hobo Jesus. Plus, it's all very comic book/origin story and I love it.

source 1, source 2
linda granger

Fox's Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne and Future 'Catwoman' Selina Kyle

Gotham has found its preteen Batman Bruce Wayne.

Touch‘s David Mazouz has been cast in the series regular role of the someday philanthropist/costumed crimefighter in Fox’s upcoming Commissioner Gordon origin series, TVLine has learned.

As those familiar with Batman’s tragic beginnings know, young Master Wayne is an orphan following the murder of his wealthy parents. The serious, soulful kiddo grows up protected and guided by Alfred Pennyworth (to be played by Sean Pertwee) and Gotham PD detective/future commissioner James Gordon (played by Southland‘s Ben McKenzie).

Mazouz is best known as Jake, the mysterious autistic boy at the center of Fox’s Touch. His other TV credits include The Office, Criminal Minds and Private Practice.

Also moving into Gotham as a series regular: Newcomer (and Michelle Pfeiffer lookalike) Camren Bicondova as the teenage Selina Kyle (aka the future Catwoman). Another orphan (and a pickpocket), Selina is described as “wholly unpredictable” and “dangerous when cornered.” Kitten’s got claws, eh?


John Ridley Says There's No Writer/Director Feud with Steve McQueen.

So are they feuding, or are they not feuding?

On Oscar night, the web was all abuzz over what was perceived to be a mutual snub involving 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley. In short, if you missed it all, as John Ridley strode down the aisle to accept his Oscar, despite stopping to shake hands with, and/or hug others along the way, he walked right past McQueen, who was seated in an aisle seat, without so much as a glance, let alone a hand shake. And McQueen didn't even attempt to engage Ridley in any way. Furthermore, Ridley didn’t thank McQueen onstage when he accepted his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, and then McQueen seemingly returned the *snub* when he spoke on behalf of the producers of the film, after it was awarded the Best Picture Academy Award, and thanked several who worked on the film, but didn't mention Ridley at all.

According to Ridley, speaking to The New York Post from inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party after the ceremony, there's absolutely no feud between he and McQueen. His words:

“Listen, without Steve McQueen I wouldn’t have this Oscar tonight [...] I owe a lot to the genius of Steve McQueen, and I am forever grateful to have had the chance to work with him [...] I had less than two minutes to thank everybody, and I was so caught up in the emotion of the moment when I was onstage [...] It was Steve’s wife who found Solomon Northup’s book. It was a great honor, but also a challenge because I wanted to be true to him, to turn Solomon’s eloquent words into a screenplay."

Of course, that's Ridley's story, and he's sticking to it. McQueen may or may not say the same thing whenever he's asked about it - and I'm sure someone will eventually ask him about it. So we'll see.

Read the rest @ the source.

Reeva Steenkamp's Mother: I Don't Wish Oscar Harm, I Just Want The Truth.

Reeva Steenkamp's mother, June, says she can forgive Olympian Oscar Pistorius, but she wants to know what happened the night he shot her daughter four times through a locked bathroom door.

"Only she and Oscar were there and she's not here anymore," June told the Today Show on Tuesday. "I don't wish him any harm. I just want the truth."

The Steenkamps have stayed out of the media spotlight and courtrooms until Monday when June attended the first day of the trial where a neighbor gave a chilling testimony about hearing "blood-curdling screams" on Feb. 14, 2013.

"I wanted to see Oscar face-to-face. I wanted him to know I was there," she said. "He never looked my way."

Instead, Pistorius stayed focus on the testimony, occasionally taking notes. On the second day of the trial, two more witnesses described hearing arguing from his home.

Neighbor Estelle van der Merwe says she was awoken by loud voices and tried to cover her head with a pillow so she could get back to sleep. She heard four noises but was unable to definitively say if they were gunshots.

Charl Johnson was the last witness for the day and described hearing a woman's voice as if "her life was in danger."

"I remember hearing a succession of shots," says Johnson. "I heard the lady scream again and the last scream faded moments after the last shot was fired."

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel followed up his testimony with a report from an expert, which stated, "The fourth bullet hit her in the head. She then died."

According to reports, Pistorius clutched his head in his hands.

The trial is expected to go on for three weeks. Premeditated murder carries a mandatory life sentence with a minimum of 25 years.


Lea Talks About Her Relationship With Cory + His Passing

As Glee's Rachel Berry, she is adored by fans across the world. But Lea Michele has revealed that it was late boyfriend Cory Monteith who made her feel beautiful.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'Cory made me feel like a queen every day,' the 27-year-old revealed to Seventeen Magazine. 'From the minute he said, "I’m your boyfriend," I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful.'

'I only have happy memories of Cory,' she added. 'He was not his addiction – unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was.'

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Mitchell eyebrows

Flawless Irishman Post

Hero hobbit Aidan Turner has embarked on new quest as star of Poldark
Tolkien's archer Kili took aim at the role of Captain Ross Poldark and hit the bullseye

Hobbit hunk Aidan Turner has landed the lead role in classic TV series Poldark – 40 years after Robin Ellis first won hearts in the BBC original.

Bosses are hoping that the handsome Irishman, 30, will prove as popular as Ellis in the role of Captain Ross Poldark.

The dashing actor is best known for playing a dwarf and a vampire. Turner starred as archer Kili in the first two Hobbit movies of the trilogy– the only one of his kind not to have a full beard. In the second film his character enjoyed an illicit romance with Tauriel, played by Lost star Evangeline Lilly.

Prior to this he spent four years as 117-year-old vampire John Mitchell, one of the main characters in BBC3’s supernatural hit Being Human.

Romantic saga Poldark ran for 29 episodes from 1975, adapted from Winston Graham’s gritty novels set in late 18th century Cornwall. It became an immediate hit with British audiences and sold to 40 countries, including America. Poldark is the second most popular TV series on video, behind Pride and Prejudice.

The story tells how dashing Poldark returns to his estate from war to find Britain in the grip of a chilling recession – with his father dead, his home in ruins and the love of his life, Elizabeth, engaged to his cousin. Despite this, Ross finds that hope and love can be found when you are least expecting it.

The eight-part series, adapted by Cutting It writer Debbie Horsfield, will soon start filming in Cornwall and Bristol.

Aidan said: “I’m very excited to play Ross Poldark for the BBC and it’s obviously a huge challenge to honour the extraordinary character Winston Graham created. The scripts are superb, so I can’t wait to get started.”

A man of contradictions, Ross is a volatile rebel who is also full of integrity and fiercely loyal. He finds himself caught not only between two women but between two social classes.

Executive producer for Mammoth Screen, Damien Timmer, said: “Ross Poldark is an iconic role - we needed an actor with the right combination of striking looks, youthful rebelliousness, emotional complexity and maturity of presence which hints at the man he becomes across the saga.”



Keira Knightley Reveals Very Tiny Waist at Chanel Fashion Show


Keira Knightley wears a white dress with a super fitted mid-section, revealing her incredibly small waist at the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 on Tuesday (March 4) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old actress was joined by her husband James Righton in the front row of the show. Afterwards, the duo stepped out for a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

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Demi Lovato Shaves Side of Her Head

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Looks like Demi Lovato was in the mood for a change.

The singer dyed her hair hot pink back in January for her "Neon Lights" tour, but it didn't take long for her to to get bored of her look.

So she decided to switch things up. Demi went for an edgy new cut and shaved off part of her hair (and her long extensions in the process). She posted the pic of herself on Twitter—all smiles with the new 'do—under the caption, "IDGAF #NEONLIGHTSTOUR." IDGAF is, of course, short for "I don't give a f--k." Shaved hair, don't care!

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Aziz Ansari's "Modern Romantics" Subreddit Is Hilarious, Yet Heartwarming

In case you missed it: comedian and star Parks and Recreation Aziz Ansari created a subreddit called Modern Romantics, along with NYU professor Eric Klinenberg, to cull material for a new book he’s writing, which Klinenberg is helping him with. Evidently, Ansari is all about the romance; his last comedy special Buried Alive which he premiered on Netflix, was all about Ansari turning 30 and feelin’ the pressures of finding love “at his age,” “as a millennial,” etc.

Created Tuesday morning, the subreddit is already generating a lot of thoughtful responses and not as many “humanity has failed us” responses as most subreddits are wont to do. Maybe it’s because Ansari seems to attract a certain type of fan to his funny, thoughtful comedy. Ansari’s last special used a lot of audience participation, and his new subreddit is just more proof that he’s just a guy that likes talking to people. If there’s a reason his fans feel particularly connected to him, it’s because Ansari really does make an effort to hear their stories and experiences and incorporate them into his comedy.

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ONTD, how has social media affected your love life?

Lupita's Oscars Hair Explained

Lupita Nyong'o's hairstylist was "blown away" by the headband she wore to the Oscars.

The 31-year-old actress is known for her iconic short hairdo and she accessorised with a cute headband for the 2014 Academy Awards on Sunday.
Hairdresser-to-the-stars Larry Sims tended to her locks for the prestigious ceremony. Speaking about how the finished look came about, Larry recalled when he first came across the glamorous hairpiece.

"About three weeks ago her stylist, Micaela [Erlanger], showed me the dress. We really didn't know it was going to be the dress yet. They showed me like five different ideas of what it could be. As the weeks went by, they landed on the dress they have now. It's Prada and made especially for her," he told The Cut.

"With that in mind, I started thinking about ideas of where the hair was going to go, but it changed as of last night because her stylist showed me this gorgeous headband. It was optional, and she told me, 'You don't have to use it.' But I was so blown away by the headband and the diamonds. It's a gorgeous piece. I said, 'I'm going to have to implement this.'"

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22 (5) Hollywood Stars Who Regret Getting Inked

Britney Spears

While studying Kabbalah, the pop star showed her interest in Jewish mysticism by sporting a Hebrew tattoo on the back of her neck. The tattoo displayed the Hebrew letters mem, hey and shin, which in Kabbalah meant that Spears was taking responsibility for everything in her life and accepting that she could heal herself. But apparently the tat didn’t work for Brit because in 2008, it mysteriously vanished.
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the rest @ source

do you regret any of your tattoos ontd?
Adam Wiles

Roberto Luongo Traded - Longest running melodramas in Canadian sports

Eleven months after Roberto Luongo unscrewed the cap from a bottle of water, took a sip and declared, “my contract sucks, that’s what the problem is,” the 34-year-old was finally offered a solution. He has been traded away from the Vancouver Canucks, and away from one of the longest-running melodramas in Canadian sports.

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Goodbye my Italian Prince <3

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Actress Keisha Whitaker (Forest Whitaker's wife) sparks concern due to extreme weight loss

Just seven years ago, Keisha Whitaker looked happy and healthy as she posed on the arm of her superstar husband.
But it was an entirely different story as the 41-year-old joined her actor spouse at a series of A-list events this week.
Wearing a sleeveless black gown, Keisha sparked concern with her painfully thin figure as she arrived for the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on Saturday.

Keeping a tight grip of Forest, it was Keisha's worryingly slender arms that caused the most concern - with her upper arm looking even thinner than her elbow.
According to, Keisha, who turns 42 this week, is estimated to have lost around 35lbs (two and a half stone) over the past few years.
And such extreme weight loss at her age could lead to significant health problems, according to The Hampton's Diet author Dr. Fred Pescatore.

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Oscar-nominated Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi survives on allowance

It's no secret that many of the actors at the Oscars were wearing borrowed clothes and jewellery after being feted by designers keen for a priceless plug. But not many would have been lent a suit because they couldn't afford one.

Barkhad Abdi narrowly missed out on the Oscar for best supporting actor, but it seems he's also lost out on cashing in on the box-office bounty of Captain Phillips.

And, despite racking up a string of nominations for the role, his clothes are borrowed and he survives on a daily allowance paid by the studio.

The movie, which stars Abdi as the pirate group's leader Abduwali Muse, has drawn $US218 million worldwide on a budget of $55 million.

But The New Yorker has reported that Abdi, 28, was paid just $US65,000 by the studio two years ago, and, while in Los Angeles to promote the film, he survives on a per diem, the studio pays for his accommodation and his clothes are loaned.

Abdi lived in Somalia and Yemen before immigrating to the US in 1999, when he was 14.

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ITV Greenlights "The Great Fire of London" Miniseries. Jack Huston to Play King Charles II

LONDON — “Boardwalk Empire” and “American Hustle” thesp Jack Huston is to star as English monarch Charles II in Ecosse Films’ 17th-century period drama “The Great Fire of London,” which has been greenlit by U.K. free-to-air channel ITV.

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Decoding the Hilarious Moments Before Ellen’s Record-Breaking Selfie

In producing the Oscars selfie-that-broke-Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres also produced one of the funniest minutes of television we've seen in a long time. But if you only watched it once, you probably missed most of the hilarity.

Between Bradley Cooper's fixation on taking the photo (and obvious joy once he finally gets to), Jennifer Lawrence's advice that someone needs to "drop a boob," and Channing Tatum enthusiastically seconding that advice, it's the stuff of comedy gold.

With so much going on and so many stars talking over one another, it's easy to miss all the ridiculous banter going back and forth. So we painstakingly transcribed it, word for word (or at least the words that we're properly mic'd). But oh was it worth it!

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Guillermo at the Oscars

Hundreds of reporters from all over the world flocked to the Oscars red carpet this year but one reporter rose above them all, and that reporter was our very own Guillermo. Here's Guillermo and his trusty bottle of tequila on the Red Carpet at the 86th annual Academy Awards.

Poor Kristen Chenoweth her face says it all.

LOL@ Fassbender's priority: Tequila (magic water)

Fashion Club

Trailer for "Lindsay", OWN's docu-series

“Lindsay,” OWN’s new docu-series about the troubled life of Lindsay Lohan, doesn’t seem to be shying away from the tabloid filler that has consumed the former child star in recent years.

If its new trailer is to be believed, the series covers everything from Lohan’s tumultuous relationship with her father, her struggles to stay sober and how the paparazzi’s constant presence can make her feel like a prisoner. As Oprah Winfrey herself says in the teaser, “this is exactly what everybody said was going to happen and I believed differently.”

See how it all turns out when “Lindsay” premiere at 10 p.m. Sunday.


Aretha Franklin, Ariana Grande Set for First Lady's 'Women of Soul' Concert

First lady Michelle Obama is bringing together an impressive group of female artists for a White House concert celebrating women of soul.

The lineup for Thursday's concert includes Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge and Janelle Monae. Also performing will be Tessanne Chin, Ariana Grande and Jill Scott.

The show will be streamed live Thursday night on the White House website and broadcast April 7th on PBS stations as "Women of Soul: In Performance at the White House."

It is designed to celebrate what the White House describes as great "foremothers" of American music, with songs exploring the struggles and achievements of women.

In connection with the concert, the White House will hold a workshop for students to learn about the history of women in soul.


Marilyn Monroe JFK 'sex tape auction' cancelled

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An auction in which a sex tape said to feature Marilyn Monroe having sex with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy has been axed.

Former Hollywood bodyguard William Castleberry claimed to be the owner of the incendiary home video, with the film set to be offered for sale in a public auction.

It was among a number of possessions of Castleberry's which were seized from his home by the Tulane County Sheriff's Office to cover a court judgement debt against him to the tune of $200,000 (£120,000).

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PoA - trio backs

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield skipped the Oscars for 'personal reasons'

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield were no-shows at Sunday night’s Academy Awards where he was slated to present.

It was a last-minute scramble to have actor Chris Evans fill in for Stone’s boyfriend Garfield, 30, during the Oscar ceremony.

Pals close to the couple reveal their absence must have been for a serious reason.

“It was disheartening to learn that Andrew canceled on the Oscars,” an insider told Radar.

Another source told Radar that Stone, 25, had a long standing family commitment in Arizona.

“With Emma, it’s all family first. And Andrew is so devoted to her that he wouldn’t just leave her in New York dealing with some sort of crisis on her own,” the source said.


Ariana Grande All Smiles On Music Video Set For Chris Brown Collaboration

It looks as though the collaboration between Ariana Grande and Chris Brown could be coming sooner than first thought with the songstress spotted on set of the music video for their anticipated single.

In an Instagram photo, the 'Tattooed Heart' singer can be seen hanging out with the video's director Joe Labisi and another crew member, smiling sweetly while standing in the middle.

Confirming the shoot is for the collaboration, Libisi, who has worked with the likes of Drake and Trey Songz in recent weeks, tweeted: “Me @a_listermann and @arianagrande on set :) for the new @chrisbrownofficial video.”
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sources: 1 2 3

Kretschmann Gets Multiple Marvel Films as Wolfgang von Strucker

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Back in January, we learned that King Kong and Stalingrad star Thomas Kretschmann had signed on for a villain role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Nazi officer who becomes one of the heads of HYDRA, the terrorist group from Captain America: The First Avenger. Now it sounds like Kretschmann will be sticking around the Marvel universe for more than one film as an interview with THR has the actor revealing "I have a multi-picture deal which means I will not only appear in [Age of Ultron], but they’re planning with me for a longer period of time.” Sounds like set up for Captain America 3.

Kretschmann says, "I don’t know details yet, they’re keeping their cards close to their chest — top secret!” However, Badass Digest says, "Von Strucker appears in the opening scene of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and is quickly apprehended by our heroes, but he does not die. He doesn't wear that tacky green HYDRA uniform in the movie, but he does sport a trademark monocle..." That certainly sounds like a set-up for an appearance in a later film. Strucker is more of a Captain America villain than anything, so it would make sense for him to pop up in the next installment of that particular franchise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At the same time, Marvel makes multi-film deals just in case they end up wanting to use certain talents again later down the line. If anything, it's more of a safeguard so they don't have to renegotiate when the time comes to bring a character back into the Marvel universe. While there's always a grand plan at Marvel Studios, there are certain details they don't mind playing with and changing around. Will Kretschmann end up playing a bigger role later in the Marvel universe? We'll be waiting to find out in 2015.


Where can i get my copy of Badass Digest ? LOL

Shia LaBeouf leaves the gym


Shia LaBeouf leaves his gym after working up a good sweat on Monday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actor walked back to his car to find a parking ticket waiting for him on the windshield. Bummer!

Great news, Shia fans! The actor’s film Nymphomaniac: Vol. I will premiere on Movies On Demand in just a few days on Thursday (March 6)! Nymphomaniac: Vol. II premieres later in the month on March 20.

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Jennie Garth was "bitter" rivals with Shannen Doherty during 90210

Jennie Garth has spilled the details on multiple aspects of her life in her book "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde".

And, of course, there was some 90210 talk, which brought up her former frenemie Shannen Doherty.
"One of the great 90210 legends is that Shannen and I actually came to blows one time," Garth writes. "I will tell you that this never happened—although we did come very, very close."

Jennie went on to illustrate a specific incident when Doherty was trying to throw Garth off her game while shooting, and she just had enough.

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Clover II

Possible Terminator Genesis plot details emerge

It's all gone a bit Back to the Future.

Leaks of the plot have come courtesy of Moviehole, and paint a distinctly 'Back to the Future'-esque picture for the sequel/reboot, set for a 2015 release.

It's set to star Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the original Terminator.

Directing is Alan Taylor, of 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Game of Thrones' fame.

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