March 1st, 2014

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Kylie Minogue's Comeback 'Kiss'

Kylie Minogue played some of the biggest venues of her 26-year career in music on 2011's Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour, including a five-night stint at London's O2 arena and her first proper North American run with stops at the Hollywood Bowl and Las Vegas' Colosseum at Caesars Palace. So London's tiny Old Blue Last, with a capacity of 120, was a peculiar place for Minogue to kick off the album cycle for "Kiss Me Once," her 12th studio album and first for Warner Bros. in the United States. (Her longtime label home Parlophone was acquired by Warner Music Group in 2013.)

"It's like every Thursday down at the pub, isn't it?" Minogue joked of the Shoreditch bar, which was re-dubbed "Into The Old Blue Last" in honor of her new single, "Into The Blue" – replete with Kylie karaoke, Kylie bingo and a "Kiss Me Once" photo booth.

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I'm sad the single and album are going to flop :(
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RUMOR: Is a New Matrix Trilogy on the Way?

To quote from the Wachowskis: "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Seems they chose to take the red pill and will see how far the rabbit hole they can take The Matrix franchise. After making the 1999 groundbreaking masterpiece, they followed it up with two underwhelming sequels, The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Since then, they've gone on to make some ho-hum films: Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas and the upcoming snooze-fest, Jupiter Ascending. Time to see if they can milk The Matrix fans three more times.

We’ve been told that the Wachowski’s have already started the writing process with early treatments and outlines already turned into the studio. No word if they will want to direct but my money says “Claro que Si!”. Warner Bros. is desperate for a surefire franchise and will be making a push to have the new Matrix films ready to up against any new Star Wars and Avatar films by 2017.

So the big question, will Mr. Anderson be back? Who knows!! One of the early outlines was about the birth of the Matrix and now that WB is Terminator-less, some of suits would like to explore that early world but it’s way too early and the story is still very fluid. I’ve been also told to that the previous animated Matrix films will not have any effect on the live action movies.



Jimmy Kimmel Oscar Special "Let It Go" Clip Starring Thor, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, & Liam Hemsworth

We're laughing—and keeping our eyes peeled for superstars—already!

Jimmy Kimmel is back Sunday with his now-annual After the Oscars special, and a sneak peek of whatever it is he's doing as a follow-up to 2012's Movie: The Movie and last year's Movie: The Movie 2V promises the be his most epic fake film trailer yet.

The clip starts off with a perturbed-looking Chris Hemsworth being pressed by his mother, played by Meryl Streep with a British accent, to "let it go, it's been 30 years."

But oh no, Hemsworth will find him—and he will destroy him.

Whoever he is.

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Wanted: A nanny for Prince George

They have made much of their desire to be “hands-on” parents, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now on the lookout for a nanny for Prince George, it has emerged.

The couple have put out feelers to find a nanny to help them look after their son when they increase their royal workload in the spring.

Since the third in line to the throne was born last July, the couple have relied heavily on the Duchess’s mother, Carole Middleton, for help with childcare duties, and have also employed the Duke’s former nanny Jessie Webb, 71, on a part-time basis.

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Twitch Plays Pokemon Somehow Manages to Complete The Game

Despite the trolls, anarchists, and just general confusion, Twitch Plays Pokemon has managed to finish Pokemon Red.

If you've been keeping an eye on Twitch Plays Pokemon, you'd know that somehow, despite thousands of players literally shouting random commands out at once, the game was actually progressing, and the team effort was gradually collecting badges. Now, despite all the odds, despite all the trolls, and despite all the anarchy, Twitch Plays Pokemon has managed to defeat the Elite Four and the Pokemon League Champion, thus completing Pokemon Red.

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They will be continuing onwards to Gen 2 very soon, any personal favorite moments?
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‘Family Guy’ Guy as Astrobiology Guy

Members of the series’s team, from left: Mitchell Cannold, Brannon Braga, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan present their new show.

WASHINGTON — When some of the nation’s brightest minds gathered here at the Library of Congress to celebrate Carl Sagan, the pioneering astrobiologist, the first guest speaker was someone with no professional background in science.

It was Seth MacFarlane, the multitasking comedian and creator of “Family Guy,” who gave an impassioned speech to the crowd of Ph.D.s and NASA advisers on how scientific achievement had “ceased in many parts of this country to be a source of pride.”

“Long accepted scientific truths have been brought into question largely — who are we kidding? — by one side of the aisle, solely for the purpose of generating passion that could be shaped into various agendas,” Mr. MacFarlane said in November. “And the other side of the aisle has not really put up much of a fight.” (op: accurate)

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On Tuesday, March 4, fans in 10 cities across the country will have the exclusive opportunity to watch a LIVE interactive Q&A of the highly anticipated series premiere of COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY with COSMOS host Neil deGrasse Tyson, writer/executive producer/director Ann Druyan, executive producer Seth MacFarlane, executive producer Mitchell Cannold, executive producer/director Brannon Braga and co-executive producer Jason Clark will sponsored by Samsung Galaxy® and Chrysler.

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Stephen Colbert gives controversial security conference talk

Stephen Colbert is not terribly worried about the NSA reading his emails.

"I don't necessarily want people reading my emails but I'm not a spy, I don't run a crime syndicate," he said at the RSA computer security conference on Friday. "I've got things I don't want people to know but I didn't really go running for cover for a new way to encrypt."

The comedian gave the closing keynote at the RSA conference, ignoring requests from privacy activists and some members of the cybersecurity community to back out of the event.

A number of security speakers dropped out of the RSA conference when Reuters reported in December that RSA had an undisclosed $10 million contract with the NSA to build a back door for the government agency into encryption software. Some protesters put on a counter-conference nearby called TrustyCon on Thursday. There were protesters passing out anti-NSA information outside of a conference location in downtown San Francisco.

Though not a security expert, Colbert's reaction was closely watched by those outside of the community. RSA closes out its week-long conferences with big-name speakers, traditionally from the political sphere. Condoleezza Rice, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have all held the honor at previous conferences. This year it hired Colbert. Some called for the TV host to boycott the event, and privacy group Fight for the Future started an online petition asking Colbert not to attend.

"Now a lot of people, maybe some in this room, were upset to learn I'd be speaking here today. Many of you see me as a champion of privacy," said Colbert. "Which I know because I read your emails."

Colbert was quick to defend RSA and his decision to keep the paid gig. He said he believed the security company was exonerated by its claim to have promoted the supposedly compromised standard a full two years before the NSA payoff.

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Bruce Springsteen Covers Lorde's 'Royals' In New Zealand

Bruce Springsteen's ongoing tour of Australia and New Zealand has featured some of the most surprising cover choices of his career, but he topped himself last night in Auckland, New Zealand when he walked onstage and kicked off the show with a rendition of Lorde's "Royals." His solo acoustic version made the song sound like it was originally cut during the Nebraska sessions, and he tweaked the lyrics slightly, singing "you can call me king bee" instead of "queen bee."

The show at Auckland's Mt. Smart Stadium marked Springsteen's second-ever live appearance in New Zealand, and his first time there in eleven years. He wraps up this leg of the tour tonight with a second gig at the stadium before heading to America in early April for a five-week run of shows.

During the Australian leg of the tour, Springsteen and the E Street Band (with guest Tom Morello) covered AC/DC's "Highway To Hell," INXS's "Don't Change," the Easybeats' "Friday On My Mind" and the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." The common thread there is that they are all songs by Australian bands. Who knows which New Zealand act he'll cover tonight? Split Enz? Johnny Devlin? Flight of the Conchords? Anything seems possible.


Chipotle Rolls Out Vegan Tofu Option Nationwide

While customers have a bunch of options when building their burritos or bowls at Chipotle, the core of those components has remained reasonably unchanged for two decades. So it’s news that not only has the eatery chain made its first major menu addition in 20 years, but that this addition is tofu.

Chipotle has been testing the Sofritas (shredded tofu braised with roasted poblanos, chipotle chiles, and spices) at certain stores for about a year, but tells Fast Company that it will now be on the menu nationwide.

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Go Vegan ONTD
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Gwen Stefani Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Welcomes Third Son With Husband Gavin Rossdale

1393690523 gwen stefani gavin rossdale article

Queen Gwen Stefani has a new heir to her throne. The No Doubt singer and husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed a baby boy, their third son, on Friday, Feb. 28, two sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

Stefani, 44, and Bush frontman Rossdale, 48, have been married for 11 years, and are already parents to sons Kingston, 7, and Zuma, 5.
On Jan. 17, the "Sweet Escape" singer revealed in an adorable Instagram photo that she was expecting another boy. Wearing a blue shirt and crown, she captioned the snapshot: "I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys."

Stefani revealed back in October 2012 that she had nearly given up hope on having a third child, and hinted at a recent traumatic experience. "I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. And it didn't really work out," she explained to Marie Claire, without going into specifics. "So. . . I feel good with what we've got. Everything works out how it should. You can't plan anything, right? You can try."

To celebrate the impending arrival of her third son, Stefani celebrated with a star-studded baby shower on Feb. 8. The L.A.M.B designer was joined by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Chelsea Handler, Rachel Zoe, and Kate Beckinsale, and the ladies enjoyed blue-colored treats. Sharing a photo of the dessert table on Instagram, Stefani wrote: "Baby shower!!! #can't believe im pregs thanku Shelli Azoff for a beautiful #girlyday = blessed."

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Donna Meagle: A One-Man Woman?

After bidding a bittersweet goodbye to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation returns Thursday with plenty of Pawnee action. Though Ann and Chris are gone, there's now room for other characters to take the spotlight – and we're hoping Retta's Donna Meagle gets more time to shine.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Retta revealed she's pushing for love. Donna has enjoyed a wild dating life, but Retta thinks it's time for a real relationship. "I want there to be a romantic interest in her future, and I keep bringing it up to our executive producer," Retta says. "I've kind of put it in his brain, and I believe that he shall hook a sister up, as they say."

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Spike Lee speaks on the "motherf*cking hipsters" gentrifying Brooklyn

Speaking Tuesday night in Brooklyn, blocks away from his company headquarters and his father’s apartment, Spike Lee went off on how the neighborhood has changed. The filmmaker, wearing a Knicks beanie, orange socks, blue Nikes, and "Defend Brooklyn" hoodie, was at Pratt Institute for a lecture in honor of African American History Month, surrounded by locals, when he was nearly asked a question about “the other side” of the gentrification debate. “Let me just kill you right now,” Lee interrupted, “because there was some bullshit article in the New York Times saying ‘the good of gentrification.’” (See: “Argument Over a Brownstone Neighborhood” and New York’s “Is Gentrification All Bad?”)

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audio at the source
Gunpowder Milkshake: Florence: Tooth

10(5) Actors Who Auditioned for the Role of the Hero

But were Cast as the Villain

A strong antagonist makes for the most compelling stories. Especially in the world of superpowered heroes, a villain needs to work on many different levels or the movie falls flat. Here are 10 actors who were up for the role of a hero in a movie or television series, but were ultimately cast as the villain. With the exception of two entries on this list, all of the actors auditioned and or screen-tested for their respective parts. Though they didn’t get the part they initially wanted, they got the part they deserved, and gave audiences performances to remember.

Tom Hiddleston Thor (2011)
With three films as the Asgardian trickster Loki under his belt, it’s hard to imagine Tom Hiddleston as any other character in the Marvel universe. However, before donning the golden horns, the actor originally auditioned for……Thor. Chris Hemsworth would ultimately land the role of the God of Thunder, beating out a long list of actors that also included his brother Liam Hemsworth. In the video below, producer Craig Kyle explains how Hiddleston’s auditions went.
“At first Tom came in for Thor. He trained. He came in. He was ripped. He did a tremendous job, but he wasn’t Thor.”
The video also features footage from Hiddleston’s screen-tests and includes interviews with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Natalie Portman talking about the importance of Hiddleston’s performance as Loki. Just for fun, I’ve also included a video with Hiddleston doing an impression of Hemsworth had he been cast as Loki — mind-bending, I know.

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The greatest reality show you're not watching

'Are You The One'
Mid-season Trailer

With only two perfectly matched couples shacked up in the Honeymoon Suite, the “Are You The One?” housemates have a long way to go if they want to score a million Benjamins, but judging from this mid-season trailer, they’ve all got a solid shot at the pot of gold!

While some are driven by love and others by money, the claws are comin’ out in full force, with Shanley about to go postal on Simone, who’s likely to fight back the best way she knows how: with STFU-inducing SASS. However, despite everyone’s best efforts to keep Shanley and Chris T. (and their lips) apart — and Paige and Chris being a confirmed perfect match — nothing will stop Chranley from hitting Pound Town. (Guess Chris wasn’t lying about their killer sexual chemistry!)

Meanwhile, a new love triangle is set to bloom between Jacy, John and Chris S. (who doesn’t seem to be mourning Paige too much at all; note to Chranley!), and the Ryan-Kayla-Wes sitch will finally come to a head. There’s also the not-so-minor fact that Kayla may be replacing Brittany as the resident crazy chick (according to Ethan, Amber, John, Jacy and maybe Ryan, at least) — SERIOUS CATFIGHT ALERT!


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let's just talk about how brittany is fucking crazy and delusional
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Robert Rodriguez On Why He Launched a TV Network To Reflect Diversity In Front & Behind The Camera

El Rey, the cable network filmmaker Robert Rodriguez launched in December, feels a bit like the channel he's always wanted to watch. It debuted with a schedule packed with old grindhouse movies, including a lot of Quentin Tarantino favorites, and "Starsky & Hutch," which Rodriguez used to watch growing up -- curated programming, as the director described it, reflecting a particular sensibility.

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Beyonce enjoys FREE three-hour shopping spree in London's Topshop on Oxford Street


She may have a wardrobe to die for, but it appears that Beyonce Knowles is also partial to a bit of budget-priced Topshop.

The chart-topping star, who is currently touring Europe, was personally invited by Sir Phillip Green to 'take whatever she wanted' from the store in Piccadilly Circus, central London.

And, according to The Sun, the Halo singer spent three hours browsing the store's flagship branch on Thursday.

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Robin Wright on 'House of Cards' Directing: 'I Kinda Want to Stop Acting, Keep Directing'

Enjoy the political and personal machinations of Claire Underwood — aka Robin Wright — while you can. Wright made her directorial debut with the 10th episode of "House of Cards" Season 2, and she says it made her realize she prefers directing to acting.

"I have the bug. I love it. I wanna keep doing it. Kinda wanna stop acting … not kidding," Wright told a group of reporters at a "House of Cards" press day earlier this month. "I'm such a control freak. That's really the truth of it, and being in this business now for almost 30 years, I've been biting my tongue for so many years on sets, 'C'mon, we've been doing it forever, we know how this scene should be.' And you can't say anything … so it's nice to be at the helm of the ship, because you're allowed, you're granted clemency, to direct.


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SNL Post: Jim Parsons


Is Uncle Terry making moves on ONTD's Girlfriend?

Things must be getting serious between are-they-or-aren't-they couple Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto. Today, photographer Terry Richardson posted a pic of himself with his old pal Jared - along with Lupita, wishing her luck at the Oscars tomorrow.


Shoutout to queer_bee for commenting with this. And to Terry, don't mess with our (wo)man:

‘Captain Phillips’ Oscar Nominee Barkhad Abdi Is Broke

Barkhad Abdi is in the running for Oscar gold Sunday, but actual wealth eludes him.

Abdi has been widely praised for his role in “Captain Phillips” as the desperate pirate Muse, and even ad-libbed the film’s signature line: “I’m the captain now.” But a New Yorker story reveals that he is now struggling to support himself.

“When Abdi is in Los Angeles to promote the film, he subsists on a per diem, good at the Beverly Hilton, where the studio likes to put him up. The town car is available only for official publicity events. His clothes are loaners,” reads the article. “Recently Abdi requested that he be allowed to stay at a commuter hotel near LAX to be closer to his friend, a Somali cabdriver from Miinneapolis, who shuttles him around for free.”


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Apple pushing record labels for more BEYONCÉ-like releases

Apple Inc.’s music chief Robert Kondrk has been pressuring major labels for releases similar to last year's Beyonce exclusive, excluding services like YouTube and Spotify to help shore up slowing download sales, according to music executives familiar with the conversations.

The tense talks with label executives during Grammy Week in Los Angeles in January were spurred by Beyonce’s success in launching her self-titled album exclusively on iTunes in December for one week, during which the album was only sold in its entirety. After the first week in which it did 1 million copies globally, the album was available for sale at other retailers, and fans were able to buy tracks separately. Crucially, the pop diva kept the album off streaming services for the first week, but made two of the album’s 14 tracks available on Spotify the second week after release. Even her official YouTube videos were kept to 30-second teasers.

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Jared Leto Thanks 'Future Ex-Wife' Lupita Nyong'o at Independent Spirit Awards 2014

Jared Leto points to the photographers while walking the carpet at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards held at the beach on Saturday (March 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor won the award for Best Supporting Male at the show for his work in the film Dallas Buyers Club.

During his acceptance speech, Jared joked about the rumors that he and fellow nominee Lupita Nyong’o were dating.

“I want to thank all the women I’ve been with and all the women who think they’ve been with me… and my future ex-wife Lupita,” Jared reportedly said. Lol!

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