February 20th, 2014

Lady in red! Mariah Carey takes the plunge in elegant scarlet gown

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She's known for her extravagant and dramatic ensembles,and Mariah Carey didn't disappoint on Sunday, sporting a plunging red gown on top of the Empire State Building.

The star shared several selfies on the New York City landmark in the floor length scarlet dress which showed off her ample cleavage.

The 43-year-old wrote alongside the picture: 'As requested by the #lambily..on top o' the Empire State Building! #YoureMineEternal pic.'

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what even is her life

OLLA Eve Ending

More New "OLLA" Reviews + A Roundup of Some Memorable Cinematic Female Vampires

IGN - "It looks beautiful, with photography and production design – overseen by Yorick Le Saux and Marco Bittner respectively – combining to create darkly luscious and frequently hypnotic images that bring the strange world of Adam and Eve to life, most notably when the camera is looking down upon them from high during the film's beautiful slow-motion interludes... Swinton and Hiddleston certainly look the part as the strung-out couple, her cheekbones all feline grace, he – dressed head-to-toe in black – every inch the Byronic anti-hero. But where Eve is filled with the joys of the after-life, Adam is a bit of a 'Debbie Downer', his depression allowing Hiddleston to deliver several amusingly deadpan digs..."
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A friendly reminder that "Only Lovers Left Alive" opens on February 21 in the UK and on April 11 in the US.

Also, I am Team Eve because of obvious reasons. So who's your favorite female movie vampire, ONTD?
Jackie and Hyde

Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips welcome daughter Fianna Francis

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Surprise . . . Danny Masterson is a dad! The That '70s Show alum secretly welcomed his first child, a baby girl, with wife Bijou Phillips on Feb. 14, and shared the exciting news on Instagram Wednesday, Feb. 19.

After dating for eight years, Masterson and Phillips married in October 2011 at an Irish castle.

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FFAO Morning / Hockey Post

NBC Stream
: http://tvpc.com/Channel.php?ChannelID=19370
BBC2 Stream: http://tvpc.com/Channel.php?ChannelID=24022
Non-NBC stream (diff events may be going on) http://www.justin.tv/dennis995
Past Events Replay Stream: http://www.primewire.ag/watch-2744344-Sochi-2014-XXII-Olympic-Winter-Games

Stayed home sick from work (I'm legit sick lol) so I threw a quick post together. let me know if there are better streams

Lost Boy's Jason Patric On Custody Battle: I'm Not A Donor

Jason Patric insists he was not merely a sperm donor to his ex-girlfriend of 10 years, Danielle Schreiber, with whom he's currently locked in a bitter custody battle over their 4-year-old son, Gus.

"I was a willing co-parent and still am," Patric, 47, who hasn't been allowed to see the boy for one year and counting, insists in an interview with PEOPLE. "Danielle and I tried to conceive a child for three years. The only reason we did in vitro fertilization is because she could not conceive naturally. That does not make me a donor."

Schreiber, 41, a massage therapist, argues that that's exactly what Patric was. "When Jason offered me his sperm, it was under the condition that his donation never be made public and that he would not be a father to the child," she has stated. "I chose to use a known donor over a stranger, but only after I knew the law would protect my ability to make the best decisions for my son."

Patric says their relationship soured after he broke up with Schreiber in June 2012, when Gus was 2. Soon, he says, she began withholding access to the boy. After he filed a paternity case for custody a month later, a Los Angeles judge eventually ruled in Feb. 2013 he was a donor and therefore, by California law, not the natural father.

Schreiber, however, has filed a restraining order request against Patric, to forbid him from speaking about their son in public or private without her permission. A hearing is set for April 17.

"I had a loving relationship with my son and it's gone now," says Patric. "Danielle is completely erasing me from my child's life. I'm leaving a public trail so he'll know I did everything I could to be with him, that he wasn't abandoned."


He donated his sperm AFTER they broke up and signed an agreement saying he would have no legal rights to the baby & she couldn't come after him for support or publicly name him as the father. They got back together when the baby was 1 and then he bonded with his son. He didn't originally want/have anything to do with Gus.
Diana Guerrero

Kimora Lee Simmons: Happily (and Secretly) Married to Tim Leissner!


Tying the knot one more time, former model Kimora Lee Simmons is married to banker boyfriend, Tim Leissner!

In the midst of rumors spreading across Hollywood alleging that the 38-year-old brunette babe has been dating rap artist, Bridman, Kim's ex-husband Russel Simmons set the the record straight.

Russel tweeted about Kim's marital status today (February 19), writing, "All of us love @OfficialKimora but the fact is she is happily married. . Tim is has been family for a while now. #gossipcop…." adding, "Oh. And.. Tim is not Russian. Lol."

The former Baby Phat CEO's hubby Tim is a senior level investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and married life seem to suit them well!


At age 40, Pharrell Williams assures everyone he is not a blood-drinking vampire

Ever since Pharrell Williams turned 40 in April, the Internet has been entranced by his seemingly ageless nature: Pictures of the prolific producer show his face barely having changed since his Neptunes heyday.

Like so many times before, the Web decided the mystery of Williams's fresh looks had a simple explanation: He was a vampire, and thus doomed to walk the earth in the body of a man in his late 20s until some brave hero drove a stake through his heart.

As with other celebrities suspected of harboring bloodsucking tendencies, Williams kept mum about the rumors, until Tuesday, when the musician finally spoke out as to whether or not he was a supernatural demon. In an interview with Time Out London, he laid it all on the line: "I'm willing to go on record as saying that I don't drink people's blood."

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Braking Bad! Aaron Paul to take on Top Gear test track

The Breaking Bad star will get behind the wheel of a reasonably priced Vauxhall Astra next month - but will he beat the times of Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Bonneville to top the leader board?

Aaron Paul's had plenty of time to practise behind the wheel ahead of his appearance on Top Gear next month. The Breaking Bad star spent last year filming his upcoming action flick Need for Speed (the clue's in the title...) about a pair of rival street racers.

So, what better stop on his promotional tour than a trip to Top Gear and the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car race track – although we're not sure what his character, Tobey Marshall, would make of the Vauxhall Astra he'll be driving.

The fifth episode in the current series – set to air on 2 March – will also see Richard Hammond driving Porsche's new hybrid sports car in Abu Dhabi while Jeremy Clarkson and James May make a public infrmation programme to promote safe cycling.

But the real question is can Paul can top the leader board, beating the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Bonneville? "Yeah, b***h!"


The Vampire Diaries Casting Scoop: Meet Enzo's Love Interest and Whitmore College's New Gay Student

Make way for a blast from the past!

Hellcats star Heather Hemmens and Chris Brochu have both been cast in roles on The Vampire Diaries, E! News has exclusively learned, and fans of the CW hit series will definitely be intrigued by both of the new characters' connections to our favorite vampires.

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nadine 2 fab 4 u
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LC selling her Laguna Beach home

Lauren Conrad has listed a bluff-top home in Laguna Beach’s Three Arch Bay area at $2.795 million.

Set on a cul-de-sac two doors from the bluff, the Cape Cod-inspired home was built in 1966 and recently remodeled. The 2,280 square feet of living space has a shabby-chic beach house vibe with bleached walnut floors, light-colored interiors and lots of natural light.

There is an entry, a great room with a fireplace, a dining room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

A front deck has what’s known in real estate circles as a “peek-a-boo” view of the ocean. A swimming pool sits in the backyard.

Conrad, 28, was born and raised in Laguna Beach and co-starred in the reality show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” (2004-05). She then moved to Los Angeles and starred in “The Hills” (2006-09). More recently Conrad, who is also a fashion designer, has appeared on “Fashion News Live” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

She bought the property in 2009 for $2 million, public records show.

Pics at Source

Vivid CEO Offers Farrah A Million Dollars If She Passes Lie Detector. Farrah Has No Comment.

In comments earlier this month, Farrah said she was violated during appearances at strip clubs and porn conventions last summer.

“I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the [wrong] type of people into my life,”
she told InTouch. The appearances were apparently arranged by Vivid Entertainment, which released Farrah’s first two adult films.

With his company’s “good name” slandered, Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch called out the former Teen Mom star.

“Farrah has seemingly made a cottage industry out of telling lies,” he said in a press release last Friday. We challenge Farrah to take our sanctioned polygraph test to prove whether or not she was telling the truth. If she passes the polygraph test, we will give her $1 million. If not, Farrah needs to publicly state that she was not being truthful and agree to forego all future and past royalties on both of her tapes. We look forward to her response.”

Her response? Nothing besides a lawyer-issued statement: At this point in time my client has no comment to the offer made by Vivid. That is all the information I can provide you at this time.

Vivid’s Steve responded by saying that’s what he expected.

“We know she loves money, but once she gets called out she’s afraid to respond. First you can’t stop the lies and then you can’t find her. She’s incapable of telling the truth. It’s surprising to me that a therapist with the credentials of Dr. Jenn Berman would really believe Farrah Abraham. We find no merit in Farrah’s recent statement that she was ‘drugged and raped more than once’ while on promotional tour following the release of her sex tape last year. Dr. Jenn could probably be of more benefit to Farrah by helping her to learn to tell the truth.”


Ariana Grande is going to sue Perez Hilton for cocaine claims

Ariana Grande does NOT have a cocaine problem, despite a completely FALSE rumor started by Perez Hilton.

On Sunday, the blogger began barraging the singer with faux concern on Twitter, writing, “Are you okay? I heard someone saw you doing cocaine at a party! Stay away from drugs Ariana!!!”

Perez also tweeted to Grande’s brother Frankie, “Please make sure Ariana stays away from cocaine. I’m hearing awful things about what she’s been doing!”

He even wrote to Nickelodeon, where the actress works on “Sam & Cat,” saying, “Hopefully you guys can help her before it’s too severe!”

But Perez’s claims are 100 percent untrue, and Grande is planning to sue the blogger for his false allegations.

A close Grande source tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Perez’s claims are “all lies” and “not true.”

In fact, we’re told the star is so anti-drugs that she’s even afraid to take over-the-counter medication like Tylenol.

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Lady Gaga & Robbie Williams announce Australian tours

The lady is a vamp ... Gaga has announced her Australian tour. Photo: AP

Late 2014 could yet rival last year's extraordinary run of big gigs with the news today that two of the world's biggest pop stars - Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams - will tour Australia within a few weeks of each other.

Gaga – known to fans as the “Mother Monster” - is set to tour in August, while the revitalised Williams will play in September.

Both artists are at this point set to play the same indoor venues: Perth Arena, Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena, Brisbane's Entertainment Centre and Sydney's Allphones Arena.

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not this bitch announcing dates and having tickets up for sale tomorrow

Clips From Roman Coppola's Amazon Series 'Mozart In The Jungle' Starring Gael Garcia Bernal

If Amazon Studios is trying to get into the streaming game alongside Netflix, they've got to step up their PR game a bit. While we did know they had put a bunch of pilots online this week, including Roman Coppola's "Mozart In The Jungle," we had no idea some peeks via clips were available too. In fact, we stumbled across these completely by accident—but we're glad we did.

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Saffron Burrows, Lola Kirke, Malcom McDowell, Bernadette Peters and Peter Vack, and co-written by Jason Schwartzman, the proposed series is based on Blair Tindell's memoir of the same name about the apparently very wild world of classical music. Bernal is playing a popular young prodigy who is clearly ruffling the feathers of the old guard, and these two clips give a good sense of the tone of the series. That said, they feel very much like pilot-material, and the kind of thing that will get better should it go to series (and it will depend on customer feedback, if it does).

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kol // tvd

Vampire Diaries Fan Favorite to Star in Supernatural: Tribes Spinoff

From vampire to shapeshifter!

Nathaniel Buzolic, best known for playing the devious Kol on The Vampire Diaries, has been cast as the lead in the CW's highly anticipated Supernatural spinoff, Tribes, E! News has confirmed.

Yes, that's two of TV's most passionate fanbases colliding right there. Go on, take your time to process the awesome.

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Still wish they would use Kol on TO but at least he will be back on screen!
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Meryl Streep thanked more often than God in Oscar acceptance speeches

She may be the queen of the Oscars, with a staggering 18 nominations and three wins over a 35-year period, but Meryl Streep might be surprised to hear that she is also unsurpassed when it comes to being mentioned in acceptance speeches at the ceremony. A new survey by Slate magazine suggests that winners over the past dozen years have namechecked the star more times than they have thanked God.
Streep topped the list of individual luminaries named during acceptance speeches, ahead of God, Sidney Poitier and Oprah Winfrey. She was thanked by four out of the 47 individual Oscar-winners since 2002, compared with three for the Almighty and two each for Poitier and Winfrey.
Not surprisingly, the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is high up on the list of those thanked, with 32 mentions. Directors are even more popular, with 42 mentions, while agents, producers and co-stars are also highly likely to get thank yous, with family members falling in just behind.
Spouses (25 mentions), children (21) and writers (19) are the next most likely to be thanked. Surprisingly, fellow nominees have only been thanked 17 times by the past 47 winners.
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meryl > god

Anonymous Oscar Voter Spills Secrets On WoodyGate, WolfGate, & Other Scandals

There are 6,000 Academy Awards voters, but there’s only one who really counts—the one willing to talk to us about Woody Allen, ‘American Hustle,’ and all the Oscar smear campaigns.

There are approximately 6,000 Academy Awards voters, but there’s only one who really counts—the one who was willing to talk to me about the various scandals and smear campaigns in the air and how they might effect the awards outcome on March 2. This person did so without wanting to be named, of course, because divulging the results of your own ballot simply isn’t allowed (though scandals and smear campaigns apparently are). To maintain the person’s complete anonymity, I’ll call them “Pat” and simply say that Pat knows exactly what’s going down—and who’s going down with it.

Hello, Pat. Will all this Woody Allen stuff damage Cate Blanchett’s Oscar chances?

No, it would not have. The actors have nothing to do with that.

How about Woody’s chances? He’s up for Original Screenplay.

I didn’t vote for his screenplay, just because I liked another one better. [The alleged scandal] wasn’t a factor. I thought Her was really original. Woody Allen’s screenplay was so much Streetcar-Named-Desire driven. He borrowed and used things. But Her was an original work of art.

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Khloe Kardashian's Ex, Lamar Odom, to Move to Spain

Two months after his wife Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce, Lamar Odom is moving to Spain.

The former Los Angeles Laker has signed a deal with Laboral Kutxa, a pro team in Spain. The deal is a two-month contract, which includes an option to extend the deal for the remainder of the season, reports ESPN.

"We're very happy to have signed a very important player who has had a long and fruitful career in the NBA," Laboral Kutxa President Josean Querejeta said in a statement. "We've worked very hard over the last couple of days to make this happen, we felt we needed a boost and had to break the collective cloud that has been hanging over us over the last while [sic] so we could get back to winning."

Odom could start for the team as soon as this Saturday, ESPN added. The former reality star has been a free agent since the end of the 2012-2013 season.

On Dec. 13, after months of alleged drug use and infidelity on the part of her Odom, his estranged wife Kardashian, 29, decided to call it quits and filed for divorce.

Odom also received 36 months probation and agreed to attend a three-month alcohol-education program after entering a plea of no contest for his Aug. 30 arrest for driving under the influence.
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Katy Patra Walks Runway For Jeremy Scott's Moschino at Milan Fashion Week

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She was partying until the early hours of Thursday morning following the BRIT Awards.

However, Katy Perry certainly didn't show any signs of being hungover as she made a cameo appearance at the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

The pop star jetted from London to Italy to be in the front row to toast her friend Jeremy Scott's debut collection for Moschino.

The famous pop queen ended up walking down the catwalk to get to her front row seat - creating somewhat of a mini fashion show for photographers before the main event.

She appeared to be wearing clothes from Jeremy's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Katy, 29, opted for a black satin dress and coat.

Fashion critics complained the show started 45 minutes late, with many suggesting Rita Ora's tardy arrival was to blame.

the level of slayage is unreal
all mine

Christina Aguilera Is Pregnant! Newly-Engaged Star Expecting Second Child

picture of where insemination took place

Another Fighter is on the way! Almost one week after Christina Aguilera announced her Valentine's Day engagement to boyfriend Matt Rutler on Twitter, a source has exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly that the Grammy winner is pregnant with her second child.

Aguilera, 33, welcomed son Max with now-ex-husband Jordan Bratman in January 2008, and has enjoyed watching her now-6-year-old grow. The "Beautiful" singer took season 4 off from The Voice to spend more time with her family and to focus on her music career. She's also taking off season 6 of the show, when Shakira will fill the pop diva's red chair

The newly-engaged couple and expectant parents have been together for almost three years. They met on the set of Aguilera's 2010 film Burlesque

The seasoned vocalist was previously married to Jordan Bratman from November 2005 to October 2010, and he shares custody of Max.


Brian Williams unaware Arsenio Hall was still on TV - apologizes for snub

LOS ANGELES (AP) — NBC News anchor Brian Williams had a quick on-air response after Arsenio Hall needled him for excluding Hall from a video montage of latenight hosts: Oops.

"Arsenio is a latenight veteran and he took us to task on his show and he even urged his audience members to call our newsroom," Williams said on his "Nightly News" telecast Wednesday from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

"So, in apologizing to Arsenio we just wanted to point out: At least you're in good company here," Williams continued, noting that the newscast last year left New Hampshire off a map and on Tuesday misspelled Philadelphia on-screen.

Hall's exclusion came during what he called NBC News' "Brady Bunch montage" showing clips of virtually every latenight TV host, including David Letterman, Chelsea Handler and Carson Daly.

The video was used on Monday's "Nightly News" segment on "The Tonight Show" debut of Jimmy Fallon, also on NBC.

On Tuesday's syndicated "The Arsenio Hall Show," the host was smiling but clearly irked as he displayed the graphic and called out Williams and journalism in general.

"If you're doing a story about latenight, all I ask is that you mention me," Hall said. "You don't even have to use a photo. I know how journalism is these days. Use Samuel Jackson — it doesn't even have to be my photo. Use Laurence Fishburne. Just mention me."

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my friends are at the taping as we speak...flawless guests RuPaul and Sage the Gemini

Elizabeth Olsen says she likes Ashley better than Mary-Kate and denies having a nose job.

It seems Elizabeth Olsen can tell her famous twin sisters apart by which one remembers her birthday.

The 25-year- old actress appeared on Wednesday's episode of Bravo's “Watch What Happens Live” and revealed some family gossip after being pressed by a caller to choose her favorite sister.

"You have two sisters, I also have two sisters, you have to prefer one over the other. Who do you like better: Mary-Kate or Ashley?" the fan on the phone asked the brunette star.

"Ashley remembered my birthday, but I don't hold grudges against Mary-Kate forgetting mine," the young Oslen replied.

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Whose your favorite Olsen? And do you believe she hasn't had a nose job?

'I can't talk about him right now': Amy Adams breaks down in tears as she discusses PSH

She was one of many of Philip Seymour Hoffman's former co-stars who attended his wake and funeral after his tragic death from an apparent drug overdose.

And Amy Adams was understandably unable to contain her emotions when asked about her friend during an interview with James Lipton on Inside The Actor's Studio which aired on Wednesday night.

'Gosh, I wish you all could get the chance to work with him,' the 39-year-old Oscar nominated star told the audience of aspiring actors at Pace University in New York City. 'He was beautiful. He's a beautiful spirit and he had this unique ability to see people, to really see them - not look through them - he just really saw people. And he will be missed.'

The actress became emotional at the mention of her second Oscar nomination for Doubt, in which she starred alongside Meryl Streep and Hoffman.

'We've arrived at a difficult moment, of course, for you, for me, for the craft that we love, for the world in which we live,' Lipton told the audience as reported by Us Weekly. 'Fourteen years ago, I brought Philip Seymour Hoffman to this stage with the prediction that he would become the greatest actor of his generation.'

Amy struggled to contain her tears while attempting to discuss the talents of Streep and Hoffman in Doubt, putting her hands up to her face.

'Both Meryl and Philip have this ability to create... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,' she said tearfully.

'That's alright. I'm so sorry,' said Lipton.
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Actress Heard: 'People have always talked about me'

The actress, who recently got engaged to Johnny Depp, plays Kevin Costner’s CIA handler in the terrorist thriller ‘3 Days to Kill.’

Hollywood desperately wants to put Amber Heard in a dress.The tall, blond actress will have none of it, but she will let Hollywood put her in Latex – as long as she gets to play the bad girl. And she does just that in “3 Days to Kill,” a terrorist thriller that stars Kevin Costner and was directed by Newport Beach’s McG. Heard plays Costner’s CIA handler, and she handles him armed with a gun, a wig and a Latex suit. He is an aging but still deadly field agent who must complete one last mission for his demanding handler before he can patch things up with his estranged wife (Connie Nielsen) and teenage daughter (“True Grit’s” Hailee Steinfeld). The film is based on a story by French director Luc Besson, best known for the films “Leon: The Professional” and “La Femme Nikita.”
Heard, 27, will explain why she fights so hard against Hollywood’s attempt to pigeonhole her as an actress, but she won’t talk much about her private life, which has launched a thousand tabloid headlines in recent weeks. Media interest in the actress has grown exponentially since it was revealed that she and Johnny Depp, her 50-year-old co-star from the 2011 film “The Rum Diary,” are engaged. Her relationship with the actor followed on the heels of her three-year relationship with a woman.Although she wouldn’t address either relationship specifically, she went to great lengths to explain what it’s like to be at the center of all this attention. She indicated that she has been causing a stir since growing up a free spirit in Austin, Texas. In fact, she said, she used acting to escape her early life and has been courting controversy as she has pursued her acting dream for 11 years. She is forthright in assessing her own standing in the Hollywood star system and emphasized that she has no intention of compromising her principles to enhance her star status.
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justin hurr

Florida lawyers urging for release of Justin Bieber jail tape; DUI trial postponed

(Reuters) - A Miami judge temporarily blocked media access to any more video images of a semi-clad Justin Bieber filmed while the teenage pop singer was in police custody last month after his arrest for driving under the influence.
Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield ordered that about 10 hours of police surveillance video not be released until he has been able to review them in his chambers. The police station footage included clips of Bieber giving a urine sample behind a low wall.
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Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

Flappy Bird is now playable in Minecraft

The sandbox game that is Minecraft has spawned many incredible creations. Examples include a recreation of the Starship Enterprise, the space shuttle on its launch pad, and a functioning 16-bit computer. There’s even a playable Sonic the Hedgehog mini game.

With the latest craze surrounding Flappy Bird, it was inevitable that someone would take the time to recreate the game in Minecraft. So if you are getting little bit bored playing Minecraft you can now go and get frustrated playing the infuriatingly hard and addictive Flappy Bird rather than, say, logging out and going for a walk.

The creator, going by the name of Nick_Azn on Planet Minecraft, said he made the game because he was bored. He hadn’t seen any other implementations of Flappy Bird in Minecraft, so decided to have a go at making one himself. He succeeded, even to the point where your character has to keep tapping a button to make the bird fly. As for the level layouts, they are randomly generated, so you’ll get a new challenge every time you hit a pipe and die.

In order to play Flappy Bird in Minecraft you’ll need to be running at least version 1.80 otherwise half the map won’t appear. Then it’s just a case of downloading the map and saving it to your Minecraft saves folder. Reloading the game should then make it available to play.

Nick’s version is marked as completed, but I doubt this will be the last Flappy Bird recreation we see in Minecraft. I’m expecting a much larger scale version to appear, and possibly even one that uses AI to train and play itself.


but why?
(SW) leia

A (long) interview featuring two of my fave past/present SNL ladies

From Second City stage actor to Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” anchor in less than two years, Oak Park native Cecily Strong has taken the fast track to TV comedy stardom. In an exclusive interview, the 30-year-old performer connects with SNL alumna and “Debbie Downer” creator Rachel Dratch about her comedy influences, her craving for Old Jerusalem’s Greek salad, and how Chicago’s comedy scene was perfect preparation for the big time.

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I miss Dratch. I hope she gets a successful show.

Source (and there are also more pics there)
Shirley Animated

Megan Fox and the Notorious BAG baby name revealed

Hot mom of two! Megan Fox has welcomed her second child, a baby boy, with husband Brian Austin Green, TMZ reports.

According to a birth certificate obtained by the site, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star gave birth to Bodhi Ransom Green on Feb. 12.

Fox, 27, and Green, 40, who wed in June 2010, are already parents to son Noah, 17 months. (Green is also dad to son Kassius, 11, with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil.)

The This Is 40 actress admitted back in November that her second pregnancy was "rough in the beginning." "I've had rough first trimesters," the mom explained to Us of both her pregnancies. "But once you get into the second, it's fine after that."

The couple announced they were expecting their second child together last August. At the time, Fox was busy filming 2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in New York City.

Shortly after the announcement, former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Green admitted that they didn't have their hearts set on a boy or a girl. "I'm [just] hoping for a healthy baby," he said. Adding about his pregnant wife: "She's doing great. She did great the first time around, but I wouldn't wish the experience on anybody! I couldn't do it! I couldn't make a baby, it's unbelievable!"


Kate Upton in CR Fashion Book and at Sports Illustrated Miami Party


Kate Upton may have landed the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the third time this week. But a new shoot in CR Fashion Book proves that she still has a place in high fashion.

The 21-year-old poses for the fairytale-themed issue in corsets and glossy red lipstick - the femme fatale to Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira’s evil sorcerer.

The shoot, titled ‘Ferocious’ was styled by former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Miss Upton is now a recurring muse of Ms Roitfeld, 59. She appeared on the first-ever cover of CR Fashion Book in September 2012, wearing a knitted V-neck, maternally cradling a brood of ducklings against her ample chest.

She has since featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and countless other prestigious titles.

In October last year, Ms Upton thanked former Ms Roitfeld for helping her make the transition from glamor to high-fashion model. She told Page Six: 'She was the first editor who put me on the cover actually wearing clothing.'

The blonde bombshell initially shot to fame as a bikini-clad Sports Illustrated magazine star, and before landing the gig with Ms Roitfeld, she thought she was destined to be snubbed by the fashion world.

A casting director for Victoria's Secret famously branded her image 'too obvious' and said she would 'never use' her for the lingerie brand's famous runway show. 'She's like a Page 3 girl...like a footballer's wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.'

The CR Fashion Book images were released just days after it was revealed that Miss Upton had yet again scored the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. The new issue of CR Fashion Book will hit newsstands on February 25.

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Mandy Joy [afufle]

Mandy Patinkin: His Lost Loves Found (Kelly & Michael)

I like this guy so much. Here's a video of him reuniting with 2 ex-girlfriends

Video and Source

Mandy Patinkin adorably reunites with two ex-girlfriends on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

You might have thought you'd already watched the best Mandy Patinkin video, but you were wrong. Oh so wrong. This clip from Wednesday's (Feb. 19) episode of  "Live with Kelly and Michael" in which he is surprised by not one but two ex-girlfriends, is actually the best Mandy Patinkin video of all the Mandy Patinkin video on this here internet.

The last time Patinkin visited Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, they read him a letter they'd received from Sandy Hyman, who'd had her first kiss with the actor. Patinkin was thrilled, and caught up via phone and email with Hyman after the show. Unfortunately, they didn't have a chance to meet up in person before she moved to Texas. Enter Kelly and Michael, who flew Sandy in to reunite with her lost love.

Check out the "Homeland" star's face as he realizes she's there, then try not to drown in the adorable as he envelops her in the most genuine bear hug you've ever seen while screaming "OH MY GOD" over and over. The happily married Patinkin sits with his arm around her as they chat about the good old days -- and the fact that they haven't seen each other in 40 years. "Would you know me if you saw me now?" asks Hyman. "In a heartbeat I'd know you," Patinkin responds.

Just when you thought that was the cutest thing you'd see all day, Kelly and Michael cajole Patinkin into mentioning the other ex he's been trying to track down: his college girlfriend, Lenore "Nori" Haines. He'd even tried enlisting some of his CIA and FBI sources to no avail. But those tricksters have an ulterior motive: They've already found her, and flown her in for the segment. Patinkin's reaction is even better (and so is Kelly and Michael's when they see how legitimately moved he is by the reunion).

"I can't take this," he happily exclaims. "Am I dying or something? What's happening?!"

Set aside 10 minutes and watch: It'll make your day, and inspire you to connect with some of your old childhood friends. Bonus: There are also some delightful details about young Mandy's magic skills, which would normally be totally awww-worthy but because of the incredible nature of this double reunion, are barely even worth mentioning.


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"American Idol" producers sue Sony Music for $10 million in unpaid royalities

For 12 years, American Idol has been one of the biggest success stories in the music industry. Even as the reality singing competition series experiences some signs of aging, there is no doubt that the show has provided an immensely influential promotional platform for undiscovered talent and a sanctuary from some of the industry's post-Napster blues.

But as shown by a new lawsuit filed on Thursday by 19 Recordings against Sony Music, the story of how the industry has leveraged American Idol into one chart-topper after the next is not without allegations of greed and corruption. The complaint filed in New York federal court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter also explores some cutting-edge issues on the digital side of the business.

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Ariana Grande V Magazine photoshoot!

Ariana Grande showed off her playful girly side (with the appropriate hint of sex appeal) for V Magazine's spring music issue through a series of beautiful black and white photos. The singer also touched on a number of topics, including her hair, her career, being vegan, her idol Madonna and more.
"I use my hair as a mask, as a shield. I hide behind it and it's what keeps me me. Some people make fun of me for it, but I don't know who those some people are, so I don't care," Grande, who openly revealed that she wears extensions because of all the dye jobs she's had, said.

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Emma Stone nude photo scandal?

The naked Emma Stone photo that has blessed the web is -- unfortunately -- NOT EMMA STONE ... so says Emma Stone.

A pic showing a buck-naked red-haired beauty snapping a selfie in the mirror has gone viral ... and damn if it doesn't look a lot like the "Easy A" actress.  Several websites have published the photo -- saying it's definitely Stone.

But a source close to Emma is adamant ... it's just not her.

As for who really owns the bare lady parts? She's yet to come forward.

Up to now, Emma's managed to keep her lady bits covered in the movies ... which is why this photo exploded on the Internet.

People believe what they wanna believe.

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Ashley Wagner Feels "Gypped"

SOCHI, Russia — Ashley Wagner launched a withering attack on figure skating's hierarchy and the Winter Olympics judges on Thursday night after being pushed down to seventh in the ladies' individual competition.

The 22-year-old American fought back tears as she revealed her frustration and anger with the judging at the Iceberg Skating Palace and suggested that the two Russian skaters, gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova and fifth-place finisher Julia Lipnitskaia, had been given unfairly inflated scores.

"I feel gypped," said Wagner, who skated two programs without any falls and punched the air with delight at the end of her free skate.

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One Direction tease the new album, probably do something else

“We’ve been writing, all of us have been writing the next album….There’s another album coming out soon and it’s sounding pretty good.”

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what would you want their new album to sound like? would you get drunk during the interview just like liam? what was your fave 'harry styles is a flop' moment from the brits? why is zayn so pretty? will harry steal his bandana? so many questions
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'American Idol': Meet your top 13

You gotta love an hour-long American Idol episode where the entire hour is actually devoted to results.

Host Ryan Seacrest began reading the names of the 10 singers who received the most votes this week. As audience members shouted out names of their favorite singers, he quipped, "Sounds like we're playing The Price Is Right here.

Here they are, in the order in which Seacrest called their names:

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In One Of The Top Ten Fast Food Grossest Moments: Pizza Hut Manager Pees in Sink

Nothing spreads like wildfire more than an embarrassing photo or video, which is too bad for these fast food chains with employees caught in acts that give health code inspectors the shivers.

In the latest fast food photo mishap, a district manager is shown in a surveillance video urinating in the kitchen sink of a Pizza Hut in a small town in West Virginia. The restaurant location in Kermit, which is on the border with Kentucky, has been closed since the video surfaced this week, though the incident was recorded several weeks ago.

The unnamed man oversees six Pizza Hut locations, according to WOWK-TV, a CBS affiliate.

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Selena Gomez Is Troubled

It was revealed earlier this month that Selena Gomez had spent two weeks in rehab in January, but according to sources, friends are worried that 14 days wasn't long enough.
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Selena checked into Dawn at the Meadows recovery facility in Arizona at the start of 2014, before leaving the clinic two weeks later.

However, sources have now said that the singer's loved ones are concerned that she should have stayed there longer.

“It is not humanly possible to recover from your rock bottom that quickly,” an alleged friend told US Star magazine, adding: “We’re all concerned for her well-being.”

Gomez has thrown herself straight back into work following her rehab stint, but her friends allegedly think that she needs to slow things down a little.

“She’s still very fragile and not coping with her problems at all,” the source says. “She’s jabbering to herself, and everyone is worried she’s about to pull a Britney [Spears] — she’s a very troubled young girl, and if she doesn’t get it together, the psych ward could be next.”

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This Is a Bcoop Post

Suki Waterhouse was there for Bradley Cooper on Sunday night at the BAFTAs where he was nominated for an award.

But the following day it was the actor's turn to be their for his model girlfriend, as she strutted down the Burberry autumn/winter 2014 catwalk for London Fashion Week.

Bradley, 38, sat next to Vogue US Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, and the two seemed to really hit it off, as Suki, 22, hit the runway wearing a see-through lace dress.

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Bradley Leaves the Greenwich Hotel

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has an actor ever gotten an Oscar nomination for a voice role?

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Jim Jarmusch: "Women are my leaders"

His new film, Only Lovers Left Alive, is a great romance between two vampires unanswerable to time. But Jarmusch doesn't want to live forever – unless it's with Tilda Swinton or Patti Smith.

'I've seen my dog dreaming," says Jim Jarmusch over lunch in New York on a snowy December day. His voice is sedate, but excitement pops in his eyes. Other animals have imaginations, too, he thinks. "Once I left a mop outside the window of my apartment, and I saw a sparrow examining it for several days. It kept coming back, and then it started biting through to take away some strands to build a nest. It was thinking, you know?" Jarmusch does a sparrow voice, which sounds identical to his usual voice: "Man, I think this might work..."

Speaking to Jim Jarmusch, it turns out, isn't so different from watching one of his films. His work, like his conversation, doesn't cohere into stories so much as constellations, networks of seemingly isolated ideas which achieve a greater meaning arranged together just so. As a man, he's immediately identifiable: the Lee Marvin face, that shock of white hair that looks like Andy Warhol touched up with a Tesla coil.

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Jonathan Levine & More on Marvel's Shortlist to Direct 'Doctor Strange'

Right now director Edgar Wright is deep in pre-production preparing to shoot Ant-Man, but Marvel is also trying to line up another director for one of their other Phase Three films. THR has word that the comic book studio is trying to figure out who will direct Doctor Strange, the gestating film about a once brilliant neurosurgeon forced into retirement after a car accident destroys his once skilled hands. A trip to the Himalayas for a hopeful cure led him to be trained by a Tibetan sorcerer to hone in on psychic powers and mystical abilities, giving him the amazing mind powers to battle powerful villains.

So who all is up to direct?

As of now, the list includes Pixar's Brave director Mark Andrews, A Royal Affair helmer Nikolaj Arcel, Welcome to Yesterday director Dean Israelite, or Warm Bodies and 50/50 filmmaker Jonathan Levine. In addition, Marvel has also met with Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger, the scribes behind Kung Fu Panda, to write the script. There's no indicator of who might be a frontrunner, but the studio is keen on getting a writer and director who will work together, or maybe even a filmmaker who can write and direct.

Either way, this film faces a challenge of blending the mystical powers of Doctor Strange with the more grounded aspects of The Avengers and the team's individual heroes. Of course, the forthcoming out of this world Guardians of the Galaxy might help push audiences in that direction since there will be a lot of odd aliens and cosmic action. And the right star could help everything as well. The most recent rumor pegged Johnny Depp for the role, and he wouldn't be a bad fit, especially with his good relationship at Disney. We'll keep you posted as the project develops. Who do you want to direct?

Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

Eddie "Bitch Made" Cibrian Demands Brandi Glanville PAY HIM Child Support

Nearly four years after their messy split, Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian are still at odds – and this time, it's over money.

On Tuesday, Glanville posted on Twitter: "Im not taking cheap shots at my ex in my new book cuz its all true,&now mr fancy new cars&house man is asking ME for child support!"

Glanville, 41, and her ex have two sons, Mason, 10, and Jake, 6.

A rep for Cibrian says in a statement to PEOPLE, "There is no truth to the claims that Eddie has requested child support from Brandi now, nor will he ever request child support from his ex-wife. The notion is preposterous. This is yet another ploy for self-promotion."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star divorced Cibrian in 2010; he married LeAnn Rimes in 2011.

A source close to the situation says, "Now that Brandi is making money and is successful, Eddie is backtracking on a prior agreement they had regarding child support payments. He's asking for money back from her, over $100,000, saying he overpaid. But he's asking for more than he's paid her in the first place!"


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Jai Courtney is Officially Kyle Reese in 'Terminator: Genesis' Reboot

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Just over a week ago, we learned that the role of Kyle Reese in the franchise reboot Terminator: Genesis would be played by either A Good Day to Die Hard star Jai Courtney or rising actor Boyd Holbrook, who will be seen in Gone Girl later this year. Well, Paramount and Skydance Productions have made their decision, and Variety reports it will be Courtney taking the role of the future revolution hero who was sent back in time to save Sarah Connor in the original James Cameron film. Since plot details are under wraps, it's not clear how Reese will be involved with the story, but the role is said to span at least a couple films.

Courtney joins a couple Clarkes in the sci-fi reboot since "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke is on board as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke is on board as her son John Connor. In addition, we know Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning in some capacity as well with Thor: The Dark World helmer Alan Taylor in the director's chair. Personally, I can't say that I'm thrilled with Courtney's casting since he's one of the most bland young actors working today, but maybe he can do well in this new stand alone trilogy. Thoughts?


YASSS! IDC if this is a mess I'll see it (i saw 'I, Frankenflop' for Jai after all LOL).
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Judge Judy scores highest ratings in 11 years

It’s still a standing-room only courtroom for the syndicated Judge Judy.

The long-running daytime strip featuring the gavel-swinging Judy Sheindlin just posted her highest-rated week in 11 years. According to Nielsen data for the week ending Feb. 9, Judge Judy averaged 11.91 million daily viewers — her best audience since the week ending Feb. 17 in 2003. She’s also up 13% in viewers versus last year (11.91 versus 10.53 million).

Judge Judy first premiered in 1996.