February 9th, 2014

Professor Chaos

15 (5) Toys We'd Like To See Follow 'The Lego Movie' To The Big Screen

Legos aren't the first toys to be turned into movie stars. "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," "Clue," "Battleship" and even "The Garbage Pail Kids" all beat the little building blocks to the big screen. But with "The Lego Movie" dominating the box office this weekend, we thought it was the perfect time to make a list of some of our favorite childhood toys we want to see made into movies.

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3rd times the charm mods. Which toy would you like to see in a movie? Which toy do you think will become the next movie?

‘The Maze Runner’ director Wes Ball releases new movie stills!

Wes Ball, director of ‘The Maze Runner’ posted this new still with the caption:

"Hey gladers. Another cool frame this week. What do you think is going on?"

The Maze Runner’ is about a boy named Thomas, who wakes up in an elevator, remembering nothing but his own name. He emerges into a world of about 60 teen boys who have learned to survive in a completely enclosed environment, subsisting on their own agriculture and supplies.
Collapse )The Maze Runner’ stars Dylan O’Brien, Patricia Clarkson, Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dexter Darden, Jacob Latimore, Alex Flores, Blake Cooper,Chris Sheffield and Ki Hong Li. The movie is directed by Wes Ball, Produced by Wyck Godfrey. The movie is due for release on September 19, 2014.

Source Wess Ball twitter and PagetoPremiere

‘How I Met Your Mother’ saved by Britney Spears


“How I Met Your Mother” creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have credited Britney Spears with helping to save their show from cancelation.

Spears made a guest appearance as a vengeful receptionist for two episodes on the popular U.S. sitcom in 2008, and according to Bays, her cameo couldn’t have come at a better time.

He reveals Spears boosted ratings in the midst of a crucial time when network bosses were deciding whether or not to pick up the show for a fourth season.

In a question and answer session on website Reddit.com on Monday, Bays reveals that Spears contacted them about appearing in a critical episode which introduced Stella, an integral love interest for the main character Ted.

Bays wrote, “We got a call … saying that Britney Spears wanted to be on our show. And she specifically wanted to be in the episode Ten Sessions, which sent a chill down our spines, because that’s the one where we meet Stella.

“I immediately imagined Britney playing Stella and had a minor panic attack, because it’s such a big role and needed an (sic) proven, experienced actress like (Scrubs actress) Sarah Chalke. But to her credit, Britney liked the character of Abby, and wanted to play that part. So we said sure!

“And by golly she put our show on the map. It can’t be overstated. Britney Spears rescued us from ever being on the bubble again. Thanks Britney!”

The ninth and final season of “How I Met Your Mother” wraps in March.

henry i

TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Stars Strip Down, Oil Up in Sexy Season 3 Teasers

TNT has released some slick promotional and advertising art for the upcoming third season of Dallas, which begins on Monday, February 24

The new poster art features the younger cast members of the show - the now bearded Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, and Julie Gonzalo - with provocative text and little clothing. There are also two promotional ads that feature the rest of the cast - including Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Brenda Strong, Mitch Pileggi, and Emma Bell - as well.

You can find all of the new promotional images below.

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Viola Davis to star in J.Lo's New Video?! Author, Vocalist & Humanitarian Jen Pez talks about it!

Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis are co-starring in Lifetime Films and A + E Studios' upcoming independent film Lila & Eve, but this actually isn't the first time the two actresses have worked together -- Lopez and Davis were both in the Steven Soderbergh classic Out of Sight, which also co-starred George Clooney!

"Feature film debut for me, so I felt like I made it," Davis recalls.

"I remember Viola very well, we had a great time that day," Lopez adds.

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yas jenny's gettin an oscar! when will ur faves, ontd?!

Clint Eastwood saves a choking golf director's life with the Heimlich maneuver

Clint Eastwood was at a party on the eve of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am when he noticed a man choking. The 83-year-old actor grabbed the man, who turned out to be tournament director Steve John, and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

“I was drinking water and eating these little appetizers, threw down a piece of cheese and it just didn’t work,” John told the Associated Press. “I was looking at him and couldn’t breathe. He recognized it immediately and saved my life.”

“I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes,” Eastwood told The Carmel Pine Cone, adding that it was the first time he performed the Heimlich. “It looked bad.”

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Team figure skating: Russia clinches first gold at Sochi

SOCHI, Russia -- Russia's first gold medal at its home Olympics was worth the wait.

Evgeni Plushenko delighted fans with a trip down memory lane, and 15-year-old Julia Lipnitskaia gave them a glimpse of a glorious future as each won their free skates Sunday night to clinch gold for Russia in figure skating's inaugural team event.

Canada won the silver medal.

The U.S. claimed the bronze after solid performances by Jason Brown and Gracie Gold. The Olympic newcomers didn't have their best performances – Brown had a fall, and Gold was a little scratchy – but they more than did their jobs.

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guess ol' sex bomb still has enough fight left in him:


'The Madonna Controversy': Five facts about Bay City's Material Girl you may not have known

BAY CITY, MI — Bay City music historian Gary Johnson played to a full house Saturday afternoon thanks to the subject matter of his presentation — the one, the only, Madonna.

Resize of tumblr_lvapaqiHfJ1qdvx1co1_500

About 125 people packed a room at the Bay County Historical Museum in downtown Bay City to hear Johnson's program — part of the Bay County Historical Society's monthly Second Saturday series. Johnson sought to dispel some of the myths surrounding the most successful female recording artist of all time, Madonna Louise Ciccone, during his presentation titled "The Madonna Controversy."

Born in Bay City at the former Mercy Hospital, Madonna was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, 2008, and is expected to be inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame later this year. She topped Forbes list of top-earning celebrities and her net worth is estimated to be between $850 million and $1 billion.

"Not bad for a girl who played on Smith Street," Johnson quipped.

Johnson acknowledges the negative feelings many Bay City residents have for the Queen of Pop, and said he hopes to remedy such attitudes through his presentation. He said folks on Saturday, Feb. 8, were excited to learn more about Madonna.

Here are five things, according to Johnson, that you might not know:

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Valentino Apologizes for Amy Adams Bag-gate

(NEW YORK) — The fashion house Valentino has apologized for touting in an email blast to journalists that one of their pricey bags was carried by Amy Adams as she stepped from a car at the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Much was made of the promotional email sent Friday, complete with two photos of Adams outside the Thursday wake. Valentino said in a statement that quickly followed that the company didn’t realize the photos were snapped at the sad gathering of loved ones for Hoffman, who was found dead Feb. 2 of an apparent heroin overdose in his apartment.

Hoffman, 46, co-starred with Adams in “The Master” and both his wake, and funeral the next day, were attended by numerous celebrities, Adams included.

“We sincerely regret releasing a photo to the media … of Amy Adams with a Valentino Bag. We were not aware the photograph was taken while she was attending the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was an innocent mistake and we apologize to Ms. Adams who was not aware, or a part of, our PR efforts,” said the regretful statement signed by Mona Swanson, vice president of communications for Valentino USA.

The New York Post splashed the Valentino-toting actress in sunglasses and a sad expression all over its front page Saturday with the headline “DEAD CARPET” after putting up the gaffe online, apparently prompting the apology. The Daily News included the image of Adams with the red, $2,500 bag in a two-page spread inside the paper.


tacky af

Anything Kim can do, I can do better! Kris Jenner dons skintight leotard

Her daughter Kim Kardashian is known for showing off her famous curves in skintight attire.
But Kris Jenner clearly wants a piece of the limelight, donning a figure-hugging outfit of her own on Friday night.
The newly single 58-year-old wore a skintight Lycra black leotard, one-upping her 33-year-old daughter's tight grey leggings as they were seen leaving a pole dancing class in Encino, California.
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Paula Patton Jumps On Board ‘Audrey’s Run’ Film Project

Paula Patton has officially attached herself to the currently in development film project Audrey’s Run, written by Emily Abt which deals with an African-American woman running for mayor in Boston.

Abt’s script was one of four scripts to make the first ever Athena List, created by the Athena Film Festival, as a counterpoint to the more well known Black List - the yearly list of supposedly great but, as yet, unproduced screenplays.

However the Athena List is designed to be more gender conscious, created to bring recognition to great unproduced feature screenplays with “strong female protagonists”.

The inaugural batch of scripts and the screenwriters will be honored at the festival this weekend in New York City.

Melissa Silverstein, who is one of the co-founder of the Athena Film Festival said: “If you follow Hollywood, you know the Black List and you know how it has become important in itself, being on this list. There seems to be a need out there to have a conversation about this lack. Hopefully it will spur people to think that you can make a movie about a woman running for office as easily as you can about a man running for office…. A lot of the time, people get stuck in what they’re comfortable with. Our objective with the Athena List is to make people pay attention for a moment.”


'Power Rangers Dino Charge' coming in 2015


The longtime kids franchise brings back a prehistoric theme for 22nd TV season.

Go, go prehistoric era!

The kid-friendly heroes of Saban's Power Rangers return to the land before time for its 22nd season next year with Power Rangers Dino Charge. The series will air on Nickelodeon in 2015, and Bandai America is slated to create a new dinosaur-themed toy line pegged to its launch.

Dinos are a big draw in Japan and will continue the Power Rangers' strong success overseas, according to Bandai CEO Akihiro Sato. And by returning to the Jurassic influence that also gave the world Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004, "we know fans will find this next season larger than life," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands.

In Dino Charge, the Paragon Prisms were given to a dozen dinosaurs for safe keeping by an alien, but they were lost when asteroids hit the Earth and wiped out the dinos. Now in the present day, an intergalactic bounty hunter starts sniffing around Earth looking for the Prisms in order to harness their power and annihilate the world, so a team of Power Rangers forms to find the Prisms first and fight the bounty hunter and other threats with dino-powered swords, blasters, Zords (in Power Rangers lingo, large fighting machines) and Megazords.

No need to wait till next year for a new season of Power Rangers, though — Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the 21st season of the franchise that debuted in 1993, premieres Feb. 15 (noon ET/PT) on Nickelodeon.


Stephanie Seymour poses in her lingerie — with her sons

Oh, mama! Those aren’t any random male models clinging to Stephanie Seymour’s leg — those are her sons.

The 45-year-old supermodel posed for Harper’s Bazaar wearing sexy lingerie, and had her boys — Peter Brant II, 20, and Harry, 17 — pose with her.
The provocative spread comes three years after she was photographed in a tiny bikini on a St. Bart’s beach, frolicking and kissing Peter, who said people were “gross” for insinuating he had an inappropriate relationship with his mom.

“They are fearless kids. They grew up surrounded by art,” a family friend told me. “They decided to combat silliness with silliness.”
Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey said, “It’s a coup to have captured Stephanie Seymour’s first photo session with her sons. They are a family that puts the fun into fashion.”

The boys grew up in Greenwich, Conn., with a life-size nude bust of their mother on the wall — a work by Maurizio Cattelan, who was inspired by the taxidermied hunting trophies of their father, polo-playing art collector Peter Brant.

When the beach photos caused a stir three years ago, Peter II — who describes himself on Facebook as “a designer, art collector, socialite and model” — stated: “My mother and I are very close as she is with all her children . . . We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay . . . and yes, our relationship may be different because of my sexuality.”

Seymour, who was once engaged to Guns N’ Roses rocker Axl Rose, is a marvel of motherhood, with two other kids as well. She’s looking good. She can’t help being hot.

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'Pretty Little Liars' Star Ashley Benson -- Heroin OD After Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death


Ashley Benson may THINK she's heroin chic ... but we're guessing the prevailing view is that she's heroin creep ... wearing this the day after Phillip Seymour Hoffman was buried.

The "Spring Breaker's" star roamed around West Hollywood Saturday in a black T with the words "DJ Heroin" emblazoned on it.

It's especially startling ... because just a few days before she tweeted a pic of Hoffman with the warning, "Don't do drugs."

So, in the name of fashion, we gotta ask ...

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/02/09/pretty-little-liars-star-ashley-benson-heroin-shirt-philip-seymour-hoffman-death/#ixzz2sqxg02Jn

First Look At Macbeth

A new feature film adaptation of William Shakespeare's bloody tragedy MACBETH starring international superstars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard started filming this week and the first look at the stars in action on location is now available to view.

The new take on the Bard's classic story of war, power, murder and guilt is lensed by Justin Kurzel, with a script by Jacob Koskoff and Todd Louiso, adapted from the original Shakespeare play.

Fassbender stars as MacBeth, with Cotillard as Lady MacBeth and the rest of the cast filled out by Sean Harris as MacDuff and Paddy Considine as Banquo as well as David Thewlis, Jack Reynor and Elizabeth Debicki in featured roles.

The film is scheduled to shoot in Scotland and England over the next 7 weeks and judging from the first look available in these shots, the murky mood and terrifying tone seems to already be set!

Of note, US distribution is owned by The Weinstein Company.

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Shia LaBeouf Storms out of 'Nymphomaniac' Press Conference

BERLIN – Shia LaBeouf stormed out of a press conference for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac Sunday after answering one question.

About 10 minutes into the press conference, LaBeouf was asked his first question, which was about doing a movie with so many sex scenes.

He slowly and deliberately said: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

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T-Pain Says The Urban Music Community Is Homophobic

Hip Hop music has long had its struggles with homophobia. From Eminem's earlier controversial lyrics on the subject to the reaction to singer Frank Ocean coming out, Hip Hop music has often been considered as behind when it comes to accepting gays.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, T-Pain touched on the subject and condemned those who try to over prove their sexual orientation.

"I think it's just niggas man," T-Pain said when asked about the time he compared himself to reality star Ray J. "You ever notice how homophobic niggas is all the time? It's like, dude if you ain't gay, then gay things shouldn't bother you, gay people shouldn't bother you. You ain't going to get your ass pumped dude, ain't nobody trying to look for you my nigga. You can say gay things but not be seen as gay. You don't gotta say, 'No homo.' You ain't gotta say, 'I want a hot dog, no homo...' Be comfortable with your manhood. We know you fuck bitches my nigga."

The singer also talked about other's relationship with his assistant, who is gay. He says people shy away from him when his assistant is present.

"I can see people not fucking with me because he's there," T-Pain said. "It's like, bro, you ain't even got bitches, why do you think this gay dude going to like you? Bitches don't even like you." (op: omg)

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Steven Moffat says he will leave Doctor Who - but has no intention of dropping Sherlock

'I could imagine we'll come back and do Sherlock fairly often for many years,' says showrunner.

Sherlock boss Steven Moffat believes new episodes of the hit BBC drama series will continue to be produced on a regular basis for years to come.

And although the 54-year-old admits he will eventually leave his showrunner role on Doctor Who, he cannot foresee an end to his involvement on Sherlock because it "doesn't swamp his schedule".

Speaking to Assignment X, Moffat is reported as saying: "Eventually, I'll stop doing Doctor Who because it stops me doing anything else.

"But Sherlock doesn't swamp my schedule."

He continued: "I could imagine we'll come back and do Sherlock fairly often for many years, rather than very often for a few years."

It is believed fans will now have to wait until 2015 for the next episode of the detective drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, with Moffat previously saying that discussions were ongoing about filming dates.


10 (5) Surprise Celebrity Voices To Listen For In The LEGO Movie

Sometimes I need to be reminded that I pay way too much attention to the movies coming out in theaters. As we left a recent family screening of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s amazing The LEGO Movie (which finally opens in theaters everywhere), I joked to my wife about the voices of a couple of superheroes in the film, and the meta nod it made to Lord and Miller’s Jump Street reboot. As it turns out, she didn’t recognize either of the voices, so the joke kind of flew right over her head.

Part of the fun of an animated movie – particularly one stuffed to the gills with major characters – is trying to place the celebrity voice who’s supporting a cartoon character on screen. Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to LEGO Movie marketing knows that Chris Pratt of Parks and Rec voices Emmet, the main LEGO man in the movie. Will Arnett’s obviously the gravel-voiced Batman, and Will Ferrell voices Lord Business. But which other pop-culture staples can be heard throughout The LEGO Movie?

If you don’t want to be spoiled on a few of the surprises waiting for you in LEGO, bookmark this feature and come back after you’ve enjoyed the film. However, if you want to impress your family by pointing out these bits of vocal trivia, dig right in!

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SOURCE (Warning: there are some spoilers in this list)
I saw this movie yesterday and I loved it, now I can't stop listening Batman's theme. DARKNESS. NO PARENTS.

Dumb Starbucks (That’s the Actual Name) Opens in Los Feliz


“Ugh I don’t know, let’s just go to dumb Starbucks.” If you’re like us, you’ve probably uttered something similar to this at some point in your coffee searches.

Well, now you can go to a real place called Dumb Starbucks in Los Feliz, which opened Friday, KPCC reports. The store at 1802 Hillhurst Ave. uses the Starbucks corporate logo and looks nearly identical to a real Starbucks, with “dumb” versions of its menu items.

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It's not even funny though

drunk bey

Bruce Jenner’s Sons Admit ‘Dad Is Going Through An Identity Crisis’

Reports continue to surface that Bruce Jenner is going to undergo a sex change, and after recently having his Adam’s apple removed his sons Brandon and Brody concede their reality star dad is going through an identity crisis, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Bruce, who has been sporting longer hair and fingernails, is “definitely having a moment….an identity crisis, according to Brandon and Brody. They attribute it to Bruce finally being out estranged wife Kris‘ house….she never would have allowed him to do this living under her roof,” a source close to the family told Radar.

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she-ra said gay rights
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"TRANSPARENT" and The Future of Trans Representation

A new series, “Transparent”, by award winning filmmaker, Jill Soloway, was released this Wednesday, streaming for free on Amazon, who have joined the ranks of streaming moguls like Hulu and Netflix in providing original series. "Transparent" has been released alongside several other pilots, who will compete to be picked up by the network, if highly rated.Collapse )

Bogus Burger King? Customers say South Side restaurant isn't the real deal

A burger joint in Pittsburgh’s South Side with a Burger King sign, employees in Burger King uniforms, and a drive through with a Burger King menu, turned out to not be a Burger King.

As reported by WPXI Channel 11 News, customers received fast food from the restaurant in generic packaging. Diner Montanya Crosby told the station her meal didn’t taste the same and, “The food was in a brown paper bag, the fries were in a Dixie cup. I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’” When asked if the appearance of the restaurant was deceptive, another customer told the station, “Yeah I didn’t know. Actually, I ordered a double Whopper.” He added, “I mean, the cup doesn’t say Burger King on it.”

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not without my sag

What Cate Blanchett should say if she wins the Oscar

She'll have to decide whether to thank Woody Allen -- and that decision matters
The ongoing controversy over the allegations of molestation against Woody Allen was kicked off by his receipt (in absentia) of a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globe Awards. And Allen’s spectral presence may well dominate the Oscars as well.

Allen’s most recent film, “Blue Jasmine,” is thrice-nominated for Oscars; two of its nominations, for Allen himself in a screenwriting category and for Sally Hawkins in the best supporting actress race, are widely perceived as long shots. But Cate Blanchett, who has already won the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for the title role, has long been widely perceived as miles ahead of the competition in the marquee best actress race — so much so that, making no reference to the Allen scandal, New York magazine’s David Edelstein recently exhorted Oscar voters that Blanchett’s “lock [...] could stand loosening,” in favor of perpetual also-ran Amy Adams.
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Shia LaBeouf Wears Paper Bag on Head to 'Nymphomaniac' Premiere


The actor accessorized his black tuxedo with a black bow tie and a paper bag with the words "I am not famous anymore" written in black paint on it. LaBeouf, 27, has been using the catchphrase repeatedly on his Twitter account for several weeks.

The actor was the first of the cast to arrive at the red carpet premiere, and he headed in before group photos were taken at the glitzy event.

Earlier in the day, LaBeouf abruptly walked out of a press conference after responding to just a question about being in a film with so many sex scenes.

He slowly and deliberately said: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

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Henry V

Trying Again, Doll & Em and The Smoke!

Trying Again is a sitcom about what happens after the affair. Set in The Lake District, Matt and Meg are meant to be together, they're pretty sure of that. And they really are trying to put her indiscretion with her boss Iain behind them. But it's not easy when you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone's business and you have bills to pay.

Highlighting friendships and love and all the problems those things bring, focuses on a relationship between people who make mistakes but live in the hope that love will conquer all.

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source | source | source | source
sorry if the videos don't work in your country!

Adult entertainment company asks Amanda Knox to star in porn movie

Fresh off a legal setback that again finds her responsible for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox has been offered a new job - as a porn actress.

An adult entertainment company - with a knack for gimmicky publicity stunts - has offered 'Foxy Knoxy' $20,000 to star in a porn film.

Adult film distributor Monarchy Distribution says it's offering Knox the 'unique opportunity' to pay her mounting legal bills and fund her education by getting naked on film.

'As you may have read, and were most likely well aware of, the general consensus is you are absolutely smoking hot,' company founder Michael Kulich writes in an e-mail to Knox forwarded to the Daily Dot.

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ONTD, would you star in a porn movie if offered?

and wtf there's no porn tag?

Jennette McCurdy covers NKD Magazine; Says she didn't want to be on Sam & Cat

At only 21 years old, Jennette McCurdy has already been in the public eye for seven years, though she’s been acting for even longer. The petite blonde started her career at the ripe age of eight before landing her first major role in 2007: Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. The rest is history.

I met with Jennette at a friend’s house in Los Angeles during her hiatus from filming her new Nickelodeon show, Sam & Cat – a spinoff of both iCarly and Victorious co-starring Ariana Grande. It’s chilly for California, but Jennette seems comfortable in her faded skinny jeans, a white, short-sleeved t-shirt and Converse sneakers that she has doodled all over.

Jennette may not be necessarily be dressed like a stereotypical television star, but she has had quite a bit of success. In June, Sam & Cat premiered to 4.2 million viewers and was ordered for 20 additional episodes (bringing the first seasons total to 40) just one month later. But Jennette also faced tragedy this past year. In September, her mother passed away after a 17-year battle with cancer. But despite the drastic highs and lows last year, Jennette remains positive, grounded and mostly just busy.

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jimin [bst jp]

Margot Robbie in Violet Grey [Cover Story: Eyes on the Prize]

What does it take for Hollywood to make an actress into a star? A guaranteed route includes being able to transfix Martin Scorsese with one look in his direction. For Margot Robbie, a singular glance with her steely blue-greys won the Australian actress a role opposite Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated actor, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. In the film she plays the Brooklyn-accented, buxom blonde, Naomi Lapaglia. Naomi was the kind of girl who maintained a superb suntan year-round, preferred her hair blown-out and pressed up against a pillow— and knew precisely how to get everything she wanted.

The woman behind Naomi, the actress who brought her to life and enraptured us all, did not at first love the character. The relationship between the two would be a study in growing admiration, respect, and the seductive power of acrylic nails.

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Elizabeth Olsen: We're Not Expecting What's In "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

While attending the premiere of her new indie thriller, In Secret, Elizabeth Olsen was pressed for the latest on her role as Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I’m a big comic kid… I grew up on Star Wars and Lord of the Rings,” she told reporters. “I spent time with the Marvel guys talking about how I love these kinds of movies and I think they seem super creative and super exciting, and Joss [Whedon] and I met and we figured it out.

Speaking with E! News in a separate interview, the Olsen said: “[I'm] very excited! We're doing prep work now. It's a lot of fun and I think it's going to be really exciting for the fans because it's going to be something they are not expecting. That's why I'm excited.”

The Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen, with Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Spader. The film is set to release on May 1, 2015.


hmmmmmmT! Also since when is James Spader in this
rust cohle

'Let The Actors Do Their Work:' A Conversation With True Detective Director Cary Joji Fukunaga

HBO’s True Detective has quickly established itself as a show that must be watched—or at least DVR’d—on Sunday nights. The moody detective series, starring Matthew McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson, takes the simplest premise—two cops chasing a serial killer –and renders it compelling with its evocative Louisiana setting, rich dialogue, and distinctive, cinematic look.

Much of the credit for that goes to director Cary Joji Fukunaga. In television, unlike films, directors tend to be hired guns, working on one episode at a time while the showrunner and the cinematographer maintain the tone from episode to episode. True Detective was unique in that Fukunaga, a feature film director who made an acclaimed 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre, directed all eight episodes.

While putting the finishing touches on the final episodes in post-production, Fukunaga took some time out to discuss the intense schedule, the happy accidents that give a show life, and when, in telling a story, less truly is more.

So how did you get involved in the True Detective project?

I got involved about two years ago. I was sent the first two scripts by my manager, and he asked if I was interested in doing long-form television. I thought about doing pilots before but I liked the idea of a mini series, or a complete long-form project.

This kind of came at the right time, just as I was finishing up Jane Eyre, having to collapse a 700-plus page novel into less than two hours, which is a special exercise.

I read the episodes and I really liked the imagery, the dialogue, the characters who were starting to take shape. I wanted to know more, so I met up with the writer and started talking about it, about films we liked and we decided to work together on the show.

You’ve used the term mini series, but HBO never calls True Detective that.

I think the semantics of mini-series for a network is that it has an end. And I think HBO wants people to know that this is something branded, and there’ll be another season of this. But essentially it’s a long format story that has a beginning, a middle and an end and doesn’t continue on over multiple seasons.

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Who's ready for some TRUE DETECTIVE  tonight??

Stars of "Nymphomaniac" Attend a Photocall at the Berlin International Film Festival


Eager to showcase their controversial film, the stars of "Nymphomaniac" headed to the 64th Berlin International Film Festival on Sunday (February 9).

Looking chic in all black, Uma Thurman wore a sweater, pants, and boots while costar Christian Slater opted for a gray sweater, black jacket, and blue jeans.

Nearby, the eccentric Shia LaBeouf looked like he was plucked from a crowd of tourists in an NYPD hoodie, tan jacket, and dirty baseball cap.

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Victoria Justice suffers wardrobe malfunction at NY Fashion Week - Skirt Flies up

Victoria Justice suffered a fashion scare at New York Fashion Week while heading into the Rebecca Minkoff runway show Saturday.

The Nickelodeon darling was wearing a short dress without leggings or stockings when a gust of wind blew her dress up emulating the famous Marilyn Monroe pose.

The people behind her probably got a good glimpse of her booty, but the actress did a good job of making sure that she didn’t have a disaster on her hands.

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