February 8th, 2014

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cheap tickets. please buy

The Applause singer has announced extra dates for the UK leg of her artRave: The ARTPOP World Tour in October with tickets on general sale today

Poker-faced megastar Lady Gaga is heading to the UK in October to kick off artRave: The ARTPOP World Tour.

As highlighted by the recent TV ad for the tour (see above), O2 customers and LittleMonsters.com members were given the opportunity to bag tickets earlier this week, but the general sale for dates in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London starts at 9am this morning...

Buy your Gaga tickets now!!
Birmingham, NIA, 15th October 2014
Dublin O2 Arena, October 17 2014 (Onsale on 14th Feb)
Glasgow, SEE Hydro, 19th October
Manchester, Phones 4U Arena, 21st October
London, O2 Arena, 23rd October
London, O2 Arena, 25th October - EXTRA DATE

The Applause singer recently told Harper's Bazaar magazine that she'd had one of the hardest years (no shit lol) of her career so far and hinted that she'd overcome an eating disorder.

Well... Cheer up Gaga, Britain loves you!

So much so in fact that yesterday an extra date at the O2 in London on 25th October was announced on the singer's website, "due to overwhelming demand" (OMW!), natch.

Expect more extra date announcements throughout the day today, we'll add them to the list above as and when we hear anything...


updated: ontd spotted queuing for artrave tickets! BLESS
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Shakira & Rihanna's 'Can't Remember to Forget You' Video Blasted by Colombian Politician

Rihanna and her fellow singer Shakira are facing scrutiny for their racy new music video, "Can't Remember To Forget You."

Shakira, the 37-year-old singer from Colombia, and Rihanna, the 25-year-old Barbadian singer, touch each another suggestively in their controversial new video. The visual collaboration was enough to make Colombian Christian councilman Marco Fidel Ramirez call for the video to be banned from his country.

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Miley Cyrus Says Her Tour Will "Feel A Lot More Young" Than Madonna's

Gather round the stage, boys and girls — school is in session with Ms. Cyrus!
In an interview released Friday, Miley said she will teach children about all sorts of things on her upcoming concert tour. "Even though parents probably won't think this, I think my show is educational for kids," Miley said. "They're going to be exposed to art most people don't know about. People are taught to look at things so black-and-white, especially in small towns. I'm excited to take this tour to places where [art] like this wouldn't be accepted, where kids wouldn't learn about this different kind of art."

Miley gave the interview to her older sister, Brandi, a correspondent for Fuse News. One week after her "pretty f*cking cool" performance with Madonna, the singer said her visual and musical spectacle will be inspired by the Material Girl herself. "I want to make things look high end, like something you would see on Madonna's tour, but make it feel a lot more young," Miley said. As she prepares to enlighten the nation's youth while singing "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball," the former child star is also showing more skin. Miley posed naked on the cover of W magazine's March issue.



Sochi: Opening ceremony marred by broken lights and a missing Olympic ring

The bright launch of the 2014 Games was quickly dimmed by a light malfunction, which meant that only four of the five Olympic rings lit up.

With the run up to the games dominated by reports of half-built hotels, stray dogs and dirty drinking water, the spectacular ceremony was rapidly marred by an electrical malfunction.

When five snowflake-shaped lights were turning into Olympic rings, one failed to display properly, causing scathing jokes from local social media users.

"People responding for it are probably fleeing the country already," joked a Twitter user.

Other unusual incidents that confused Americans present at the ceremony was the use of the Russian alphabet rather than the Western ordering.

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Will Smith Will Not Return for ‘Independence Day 2′

Looks like the sequel to 20th Century Fox’s “Independence Day” will have to find a new actor to lead the charge: Sources tell Variety that Will Smith will not be in “Independence Day 2.”

Roland Emmerich is still attached to direct, with Dean Devlin set to produce. James Vanderbilt penned the script.

Sources previously said that even if Smith passes on the project, there’s a plan on how to do the film without him.

The pic bows July 4, 2016.

Smith, who is repped by CAA and Overbrook Entertainment, can be seen next in Warner Bros.’ “Focus.” Deadline Hollywood was first to report the news.

Then what's the point?


Miranda Kerr's parents beg her to come home.

Miranda Kerr's relatives in Australia have issued a public plea for the supermodel to come home amid claims they have not seen her in "over a year".

The brunette beauty, who grew up in the small NSW town of Gunnedah, left her native country and moved to New York five years ago, marrying and later splitting from British actor Orlando Bloom, the father of her young son Flynn.

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Official music video from CHVCHERS "Bella Lugosi's Dead" (Bauhaus cover) for Vampire Academy

Chvrches have covered Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead" for Vampire Academy. This new music video from Chvrches cover of “Bela Lugosis’s Dead” is brilliant. The first part is an animated explanation of the three different vampire races in Vampire Academy which actually based on Romanian mythology, then goes into a long sort of trailer for the film.

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Source 1, 2, video

As New 'Divergent' Trailer Debuts, Why Shailene Woodley's Stardom Matters

Today sees the release of the second trailer for the Lionsgate release Divergent. Positioned as the would-be “next Hunger Games,” the film is poised to be one of the biggest films in the first 1/4 of 2014. Said trailer debut follows the first trailer for the highly anticipated drama The Fault In Our Stars. That film, based on John Green’s novel about two teenagers who fall in love via a cancer support group, is set to be released by 20th Century Fox on June 6th, 2014, which is just over three months after Divergent drops. Those are just two of three major films starring Shailene Woodley that will debut this year. Imagine that, a major would-be rising star actress actually flush with out-and-out starring vehicles in a variety of genres.

With these two possible blockbusters, along with the upcoming release of the artier all-star ensemble piece White Bird In A Blizzard (which just debuted at Sundance), Woodley is indeed on the verge of genuine stardom. The only question is now whether or not she can become a genuine box office draw, or at least the kind of added value element that boosts an otherwise appealing picture. Why this matters isn’t because Woodley is unique or special, although anyone who has seen The Spectacular Now knows she has the goods. It matters because a would-be “next big female star” is getting a range of honest-to-goodness mainstream starring vehicles usually only afforded to white male actors.

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FOX dubs Hollywood and its indie, small studio film based on obscure toy brand LEGO "Anti-Business"

First it was The Muppets. Then it was The Lorax. Now, the Fox Business Network has found another children’s movie that is clearly promoting an “anti-business” agenda. Ladies and gentlemen, beware The Lego Movie.

The first thing you need to know, according to Fox Business host Charles Payne, is that the film features a character who is actually named President Business. He’s voiced by Will Ferrell and “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney.”

“Listen, Hollywood has its own agenda, and we’re kind of used to this” Payne conceded. “But it feels a little bit more threatening when they start to push this out to our kids over and over.”
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Watch the segment:

source, video of segment

This film's already entered my top five list for 2014 ^_^
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USA bobsledder locked in his bathroom destroys door

Trapped in a bathroom without any way of escaping, U.S. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn was left with just one alternative.

When Russia closes a door, Johnny Quinn makes a window.

“It was an unfortunate situation, but I got out safely,” Quinn said on Today.

Quinn and the U.S. bobsledding team start their quest for gold on February 16. That leaves eight days for him to redecorate other rooms in the Olympic Village.

Before his turn as an Olympian, Quinn played in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers and also with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Source 1 2

Lady Gaga's "artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball" Sells Out All 5 UK Shows In 5 Minutes!

Lady GaGa‘s Monsters are renowned for putting their paws up, however thousands had them down and fixed on their keyboards this morning, as the rush to snap up tickets to the singer’s UK tour commenced.

So fervent were her fans that tickets to all five UK dates sold out today in a mere matter of minutes.

Set to kick off in October following the US leg of the trek, ‘artrave: The ARTPOP Tour’ had been billed as one of the hottest live shows of the year – a status it’s already living up to.

After going on sale at 9am this morning on Ticketmaster, the company confirmed that all tickets were gone in just five minutes:

Say what you will, but there’s no denying GaGa’s potent pull as a live act. Whatever her sales are saying presently, she’s insured her longevity by being a bankable touring talent; one there’s clearly demand for.

We’ll be in the house at the ‘artrave’. Will you?


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Jesse Eisenberg Steps Out with Mia Wasikowska After Lex Luthor Casting News

Jesse Eisenberg holds hands with his girlfriend Mia Wasikowska as they brave the cold for an outdoor stroll on Friday afternoon in New York City.

It looks like the 30-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress went grocery shopping as Mia carried a bag full of items with her.

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Pretty basic post but they look cute and showered <3
nadine 2 fab 4 u
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16 (5) Things That Went Wrong for 'X Factor'

It takes three to make a thing go wrong, apparently — at least when it comes to "The X Factor USA." After three seasons of diminishing returns, ratings, and record sales, the fledgling Fox singing show has officially been canceled, or, as Fox's press release words it, has "completed its domestic run."

Yes, producer and judge Simon Cowell has tried to put a positive spin on all of this: It was announced with great fanfare Friday that he's returning to the judges' table at "The X Factor U.K.," a far more successful series that has spawned actual superstars like Leona Lewis and 2013's top-selling British act, One Direction. With a full schedule in England (not to mention a baby on the way), he can now conveniently explain that he simply doesn't have time to simultaneously helm an American version of the show.

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dexter - um no

"Esquire" re-watches Woody Allen; shines spotlight on pedo moments


Why all of a sudden is the sketch dirty?
Child molestation is a touchy subject, and the affiliates...
Read the papers, half the country's doing it!

Yes, but you name names.

The above is from an early scene in Woody Allen's 1986 film, Hannah and Her Sisters. I've been thinking about it since reading Dylan Farrow's essay in The New York Times, accusing her adoptive father of molesting her when she was a child. The allegations are nothing new. Nobody except Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen knows what happened in that attic, and no one else ever will. But the sheer vividness with which Farrow recounts the experience, as well as the forum in which she does so, is enough to make even the most ardent fan reevaluate an artist's entire body of work, especially one as personal as Allen's.

So what happens when you go looking for evidence of sex crimes in Woody Allen movies? If you look, you find it, again, and again, and again.

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Ronan's dad hates u, woody

Maggie Q is Chinese pirate Ching Shih

Maggie Q To Play Famous Chinese Pirate Ching Shih

Maggie Q, best known as the star of Nikita, will be taking on a role from pirate history.

She has been cast as famous Chinese pirate Ching Shih for an upcoming limited series titled Red Flag.

Red Flag is set in the early 1800s and follows Ching Shih, a beautiful young Chinese prostitute who goes on to become one of the most powerful pirates in history, and the head of the most successful crime syndicate in China.

Ching controlled over 100,000 sailors and 1500-plus vessels, all of which she used to terrorize and rule the South China Sea, conquering the Imperial Chinese navy, the Portuguese navy, and the British navy.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share Ching Shih’s real-life story with audiences that are both familiar and unfamiliar with her prominent history,” Maggie Q said.

Maggie Q will be seen in Divergent, as well as A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island.


Say Goodbye To The Game You Love To Hate

The developer of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird just declared that he’s taking the game down tomorrow.

Dong Nguyen, an indie game developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, tweeted, “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.” He then elaborated, “It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

After his tweets first went out, others asked if he was willing to sell it, but he said no. Nguyen also said that he’s still making games.

TechCrunch interviewed Nguyen via email a week ago, after Flappy Bird took off (it’s still the number one free app in both Apple’s App Store and in Google Play). He said that he’s the only creator at his game studio .GEARS , and he seemed to be as surprised by Flappy Bird’s popularity as anyone else, telling us, “I have no resources to do anything else beside uploading the game.”

I’ve emailed Nguyen to find out more and will update this post if I hear back. Presumably, if you’ve already downloaded the game you’d be able to continue playing it, but again, that’s not something I’ve confirmed with Nguyen.

As noted in Kotaku, Nguyen said earlier this week that the press was “overrating” the success of his games: “It is something I never want. Please give me peace.”


lol damn, I've never seen someone give up on a jackpot so easily.  High scores?  I'm up to 7 after two days of playing.
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HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Teaser

There's one thing the 30 seconds of footage below have made clear: this will be better than "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

That may be akin to saying that two grains of warm rice are better than rat's tail soup, but I am preternaturally optimistic.

For this is the first trailer for HBO's new series that attempts to cast the same kind of mockery upon the large-headed makers of the world as "Veep" casts upon the wrong-headed stiflers of the world.

"Silicon Valley" is the work of Mike Judge, whose previous efforts include "Beavis And Butt-head" and "Office Space."

Some might say that "Silicon Valley" is too generous a title, when he and his two co-creators, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, could have chosen "Butt-head Space."


Olympics Gay Rights Protestors Detained in Moscow & St. Petersburg

Russian police detained gay rights activists who tried to protest on Moscow's Red Square and in St Petersburg on Friday, shortly before Vladimir Putin opened the Sochi Winter Olympics, gay rights activists said.

The protests followed international criticism of a law the Russian president signed last year banning the spread of "gay propaganda" among minors.

Police in Moscow and St Petersburg did not immediately comment on the reports by the gay activists, who said 10 protesters were detained in Moscow and four in Russia's second city.

A list posted by one rights activist on Facebook said two of those detained in Moscow were women from Sweden.

In St Petersburg, the protesters were detained after unfurling a banner declaring "Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement"
, gay rights group All Out said.

Putin, who has staked his political and personal reputation on staging a successful Games, has said there will be no discrimination at the Games and the Russian government says the law is needed to protect young people. [lol]

Gay rights groups say the new law discriminates against gays and that it has fuelled attacks on homosexuals in Russia, but Putin says it is needed to protect young people.


14-Year-Old Justin Bieber RAPS ABOUT PENIS

A glimpse into what could have been -- a 14-year-old Justin Bieber dropped some bars on a hip hop track ... rapping about his penis before even hitting puberty ... and it's shockingly awesome.

It was the early days, a high-pitched moppy-haired Bieber and a few rapper friends were in some studio -- and Bieber threw down over Asher Roth's "Cannon" beat -- dropping lines like, "Hey my young, wanna have some fun? You can play with my cannon."

Even then, the douche level registers -- Bieber's entire verse is pretty much about getting girls to touch his penis -- but what is amazing -- and it pains us to say  -- he actually has sick, sick flow. You gotta hear it.

Bieber gave us a taste of his rap talents during a 2011 radio interview ... but now we know, Bieber's had spitfire ever since he was a wee lad.

Sources tell TMZ, Bieber actually wanted to pursue a rap career ... but manager Scooter Braun dissuaded him, convincing Bieber the real money was in pop.

Probably true ... but a future for Bieber in the rap game isn't out of the question -- in fact, sources tell us, Bieber was in the studio just this week with Diddy, Rick Ross, and Jermaine Dupri.

Listen to it @ the Source


DMX vs Child-Murderer Fight Cancelled!

Ever since it was announced that George Zimmerman would be fighting DMX in a “celebrity” boxing match, people have gone hard to shut it down. While we would all love to see Zimmerman get beat up, many felt the match was making him more famous and putting money in his pocket, two things we definitely don’t want. Well it appears your wish has been granted as boxing promoter Damon Feldman announced the fight was cancelled.

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First Look at Amanda Knox-Inspired Movie 'Face of an Angel'

Michael Winterbottom's film stars Daniel Brühl and Cara Delevingne.

Daniel Brühl and Cara Delevingne (pictured) star alongside Kate Beckinsale in Michael Winterbottom’s The Face of an Angel, a fictionalized adaptation of the best-selling book Angel Face by Barbie Latza Nadeau about the first Amanda Knox trial.

The U.K.’s Westend Films is handling worldwide sales for the project, which is currently in pre-production. The film was shot last year in Italy and is front and center in water-cooler conversations after an Italian appeals court ruled to reinstate Knox’s conviction for the 2007 murder of her British roommate.

BBC Films, Multitrade and Ypsilon Films produce alongside Revolution Films.
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Ben McKenzie lands the lead role of James Gordon in "Gotham"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Southland/O.C. vet Ben McKenzie will play the lead role of a young Commissioner Detective James Gordon in Fox’s upcoming Batman origin series, TVLine has learned.

Exec-produced and penned by The Mentalist‘s Bruno Heller, the one-hour drama promises to explore the origin stories of Commissioner Gordon and the DC Comics villains that made Gotham famous.

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Kim Kardashian Wants To Learn French

The reality star takes fans’ questions on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian has spent a lot of time in Paris, France recently, checking out the latest fashion trends and planning her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Kanye West, so it’s no surprise she’d want to learn the language of love.

“I would love to learn French! I am in France a lot so it would be helpful!” the reality star shared with fans using her Mobio Insider account.


What Languages do you wanna learn ONTD? 

BREAKING NEWS: Federal Gov't to provide benefits, services to all same-sex marriages

The U.S. government will recognize same-sex marriages as equal to traditional marriages in all federal matters, including in U.S. courts, bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benefits, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday.

The expansion of such federal recognition will include 34 states where same-sex marriage isn't legal, but the new federal benefits being extended to those states will apply only where the U.S. government has jurisdiction, Holder said.

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FUCK YEAH, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. Martinis made of conservatives tears are on me tonight!
sleepy hollow, irving
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Amazon's second wave of pilots

Remember a year ago, when Amazon put up pilots for shows and let people select which ones would get made into a series? No? Did you watch Alpha House or Betas? Or the kids shows (Annebots, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf)? Compared to their closest rival Netflix, maybe crowdsourcing ideas and then releasing the episodes weekly didn't work. I mean, House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black both got critical love and popular love (judging by gifs), and even then people might mention Lilyhammer or Hemlock Grove, both of which are getting second seasons.

Well, they have a second wave of pilots for people to watch and vote on. Here's the run down of the programs, with some snap judgements of mine. You can watch (and vote them, too, if you're an Amazon Prime member or just sign up for the trial): HERE.

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New pics from Aloft ft. Jennifer Connelly & Cillian Murphy

 photo william-shimell-jennifer-connellysmall_zpsf4e7bedc.jpg

A batch of new pics have been released for Claudia Llosa's Aloft, which will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Wednesday 12th February. It has just been announced that Sony Classics will be distributing the film in the US and Latin America.

Berlin/New York (February 6, 2014) – Dreamcatchers announced today that Sony Pictures Classics have acquired all US and Latin American rights to Berlin competition title, ALOFT, written and directed by Claudia Llosa. Producers on the film include Jose María Morales on behalf of WANDA, Ibon Cormenzana on behalf of ARCADIA, Phyllis Laing on behalf of BUFFALO GAL and Jerome Vidal on behalf of NOODLES. This is Llosa’s first English Language film. Her last film, MILK OF SORROW won the Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards.

Starring Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy, Mélanie Laurent and William Shimell, ALOFT tells the story of a struggling mother, Nana Kunning (Connelly) and her evolution to becoming a renowned artist and healer. When a young journalist, Jannia (Laurent) tracks down Nana’s son Ivan (Murphy) 20 years after she abandoned him, Jannia sets in motion an encounter between the two that will bring the very meaning of their lives into question.

The premise of this film and the clips that have come out so far are extremely strange and out-there, but I'm curious to see it. I imagine it will be polarising when it comes to the critics.

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Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Makeout for the First Time in Public

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have just shared their first public makeout.
The duo was photographed in Beverly Hills on Friday showing quite a bit of PDA and locking lips in the actress' car.
The South African beauty can be seen leaning in to Penn, who was driving, and cupping his face during the steamy passionate kiss.

A source tells E! News exclusively that it was just the two of them in the vehicle and when they paused at a stoplight, they "made out the entire time."
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Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

AubRih Reunited...again + Rihanna's new hair style

Rihanna and Drake sparked speculation once again that they may be dating after leaving a West Hollywood nightclub together on Friday evening. The singers were spotted leaving Hooray Henry's, on Beverly Boulevard, seconds apart from each other, but were spotted stepping into the same taxi. Both were dressed in stylish, modest ensembles while huge bodyguards escorted them to the car.
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Ed - brows

Taylor Momsen freaked out by Jeffrey Dahmer hotel room

Actress-turned-rocker TAYLOR MOMSEN and her bandmates were thrilled to discover the bathroom of their hotel suite during a recent stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was haunted.

The Pretty Reckless star admits she bribed the manager to let the group stay in the room where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered his last victim - and they were impressed when the suite turned out to be just as spooky as they'd hoped it would be.

Momsen tells Revolver magazine, "As I was showering, some weird s**t happened. The shower shut off and the bathtub started to fill up with water, then the shower went back on... It was a little creepy.

"When I opened the curtain, it had gotten all steamy. I looked up and I saw a giant handprint high up on the wall. Someone would have had to stand on the toilet to reach up that high.

"That room was the shower room for the day, and it happened to everybody in the band. They all saw the same handprint, but, like, in different places. It was really weird."

Behind the Scenes of Pretty Little Liars' Black & White Episode "Shadow Play" (4x19)

The cast of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars talk about filming the film noir inspired episode airing Tuesday, February 11 at 8/7c!


I'm really excited about this episode and I don't even know why. Here have some Spemily from last episode because they're my favorite characters. Hanna and Mona are slightly behind them, and none for Aria's basic ass. I'm still waiting for her to be A, tbh.
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Cate Blanchett's secret of a happy marriage? Sharing an email address!

Star lifts the lid on 16 years of wedded bliss!
The Hollywood shares email with her playwright husband Andrew Upton; Claims she trusts him but checks his messages because 'he hates emails

Cate Blanchett's latest role as a socialite who is incapable of keeping tabs on her philandering husband in the film Blue Jasmine has made her the bookies’ favourite to win the Best Actress Oscar next month.

But the Hollywood star knows exactly what her real-life husband is up to because they share the same email address and she even reads his messages.

Blanchett, 44, says she does trust her husband, the playwright Andrew Upton, but checks his correspondence because ‘he hates emails’.

The mum of three, who until last year ran the Sydney Theatre Company with Upton, said: ‘We work together and it’s a way of synchronising our lives. I can see what he’s up to – it’s not that I don’t trust him.’

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Do you let your significant other look at your social media accounts?

EXCLUSIVE: James Franco's "HOTSEX" artwork feat. Seth Rogen

James Franco might be one of the most versatile artists of his generation since he moves so fluidly between acting, directing, writing and teaching. In the latest edition of V Man, he takes on the role of journalist as he interviews his colleague and spoof-video co-star, Seth Rogen.
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So fucking jealous of Seth tbh! They make such a cute couple <3
Jaskier Bomb
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Midseason Premiere of Walking Dead Leaks Early on Xbox Video

With football over, AMC is looking to rule Sunday nights with the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead’s current season. But while the show isn’t set to air its midseason until Sunday night, Microsoft and Xbox have given it to fans a little earlier — without the consent of AMC.

Xbox users woke up on Saturday morning to find that the new, yet to air episode of The Walking Dead was available in the video store and available for viewing. A few crafty users on Reddit managed to watch the episode and post about it online (there are no uploads of it) before AMC and Xbox both realized the mistake that was made and pulled the episode out of the video store.

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Oscars 2014: The Omens Are Everywhere

With most of the major precursor awards out of the way, how are we to tell how the Oscar race is progressing -- who's pulling ahead, who's falling behind? In the absence of the usual tea leaves and goat entrails, we have to find other omens, and we can find them almost anywhere.

For instance, Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue, with its usual three-panel cover photo, by Annie Leibovitz, of a gaggle of glamorous current A-listers and A-list hopefuls, came out this week. And, as befits the awards year of "12 Years a Slave," "Fruitvale Station," "Lee Daniels' The Butler," and "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" -- well, one out of four, anyway -- a full six of the 12 stars are black. (Indeed, there have probably never been so many black people on Vanity Fair's cover.) Of course, on the newsstand, you'll only see the four stars in the first panel -- Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts, Idris Elba, and George Clooney. Still, that's a striking contrast: the old guard, Roberts and Clooney, along with "12 Years" Best Actor nominee Ejiofor and "Mandela" star Elba. Not too shabby.
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Who do you want to win?
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ALMA Award Winning Vocalist and Author Jennifer Lynn López discusses her upcoming memoir, True Love.

Jennifer Lopez has admitted she still loves ex-husband Marc Anthony and that they are each other's biggest supporters despite their split.

The American Idol judge told Glamour that he would feature in her upcoming book, True Love, which is a behind-the-scenes memoir of her first world tour.

Asked if she still loved Marc, she replied: "I do. I love him as the father of my children and as my friend. That doesn't mean that we were meant to be in a marriage forever though."

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Miley Cyrus reveals Tour Merch

Back in November, Miley Cyrus released a few teaser videos for her upcoming Bangerz Tour. There was twerking, of course, and plenty of wagging tongues, and one giant, dancing foam finger. Everyone in the videos was decked out in puff-painted, homemade Miley-gear, and now, just as we'd hoped/dreamed/guessed (#psychics), it looks like her official tour merch will have that exact same kind of DIY vibe.

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Lady Gaga to shoot creative project at Hearst Castle


Two icons — Hearst Castle and Lady Gaga — will come together next week when the pop singer begins a creative project at the former estate of media magnate William Randolph Hearst. Shooting dates have not been confirmed, according to Remar Sutton, board member of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. He did not give details of the project but said it was much more involved than a music video, for instance.

While there, Lady Gaga will also tape a water-conservation public service announcement and a short feature on the castle’s uniqueness, to be donated to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. The flamboyant entertainer and art lover has toured the castle before and has a keen interest in its art work and the extraordinary detail of its architecture – especially the ceilings, Sutton said.

Lady Gaga, her parents and her associates have agreed to donate $250,000 to the foundation, pay the castle’s standard $22,100 special event fee and reimburse the state for all costs related to the production. That includes extra staffing for heightened security and rearranged tour routes.

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The rumor going around is that the next single is G.U.Y. and the music video will be directed by Jonas Akerlund


Rachel Hurd-Wood boards Second Origin

Rising British actress Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan, Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer) is to star in Second Origin, the new film that maverick Spanish director Bigas Luna was originally slated to direct.

Here at the EFM, Manifest Film Sales today announced the imminent start of production on the project.

Bigas Luna who sadly died during the pre-production, is still being billed as co-director. His friend, co-writer and director Carles Porta is now helming.

A science-fiction romance about love and adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world, Second Origin tells the story of Alba and Dídac two young people struggling to survive in a world left in ruins.

Based on the bestselling Catalan novel Mecanoscrit del Segon Origen by Manuel de Pedrolo, which has sold over 2m copies worldwide, Second Origin is a Spanish/UK co-production, produced by Oscar Rodriguez for Antàrtida Produccions and Christine Alderson for Ipso Facto Productions.

Shooting starts in Lleida and Barcelona for seven weeks from Feb 17.

International sales are handled by Manifest Film Sales and VFX and post production takes place in the UK at London’s Lip Sync. The film is financed by ICEC, ICAA, Televisio de Catalunya, Television Espanola, Diputacio de Lleida, Ajuntament de Lleida, Lipsync Productions, Premiere Picture and Jenson Solutions provided SEIS funding.

“We’re delighted to have Rachel Hurd-Wood on board. She brings just the right balance of warmth and truth to this great script,” commented Alderson.

The first footage should be available in time for Cannes.


Former gay porn stars spotted in GoDaddy.com Super Bowl commercial

If you’re going to plop down $4 million for 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl, your ad better be good. For Coca-Cola, that meant being good meant being gay. For GoDaddy.com, you’d have to know who was in the ad to know just how gay it was.

GoDaddy, the domain registration site whose previous Super Bowl ads have been an over-the-top celebration of heterosexuality, decided to focus more on humor this time out, with an ad called Bodybuilders. And review of bodybuilders would be complete without a gay porn star — or two. In this case, former stars Chris Wide and Vince Ferelli were among the buff pack that descends upon a spray tan salon.

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Kanye West's 'The College Dropout': An Oral History

Kanye's first studio album, "The College Dropout," continues to resonate in pop culture 10 years after its release, not only because of Kanye West but all of those who were a part of the creation. Everyone who contributed was an underdog as well, trying to prove themselves to their hometown, label executives, peers, and most importantly, themselves.

Everyone involved – Kanye West, those he grew up with him in Chicago (GLC, Coodie, Chike, Really Doe, Olskool Ice-Gre, JB Marshall), those who he met at the latter end of the album's development to those who in the thick of it all – were so hungry to achieve something that they became one unit. One family, one machine, with the goal to kick down doors and brighten Kanye West's future. Even as everyone moved on to fulfill their own ambitions and dreams, "The College Dropout" was in the pit of each of them.

In celebration of Kanye West's "The College Dropout," here are the stories of 26 contributors – "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" – who were involved in the making of the album, and more importantly, became instrumental to Kanye West's career.

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