February 6th, 2014


Jared Leto accused by heckler of trans misogyny, shows cis privilege

Star of Dallas Buyers Club confronted a woman who said he did not deserve to be honored as he was a man playing a trans woman

US actor and singer Jared Leto was accused of ‘trans misogyny’ last night (4 February).

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star, who has won rave reviews by critics, was told by a heckler did not deserve to be honored for his work.

‘Trans misogyny does not deserve an award!’ screamed the unidentified woman at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s Virtuosos Award tribute honoring Leto.

‘What do you mean by that?’ Leto asked, to which the heckler said, ‘You don’t deserve an award for portraying a trans woman, because you’re a man.’

‘Because I’m a man, I don’t deserve to play that part?’ he asked.

‘So you would hold a role against someone who happened to be gay or lesbian – they can't play a straight part?’

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Jared Leto Takes Heckler To Task, Dedicates Night To Philip Seymour Hoffman

Leto wasn't perturbed by the heckler's narrow minded comments

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For Sale: Celebrity Hawaiian Estate That Hosted Beyonce, Jay Z

For sale: $24.95 million

Listing agent Zach Goldsmith offers this story to explain the appeal of the Kailua home he’s selling.

“The owner told me, when Jessica Simpson stayed there, that he went up to Jessica and offered them a complimentary day on a 90-foot yacht and they said, ‘Why would we want to go there?’” Goldsmith said.

Simpson isn’t the only celeb who has vacationed at the beachfront home. Beyonce and Jay Z are fans of the house and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was married there.

The appeal of the house — besides its 600 feet of white sand beach — is its privacy.

The house is surrounded by lush landscaping and natural rock walls.

“The President vacations just down the street, if that paints a picture,” said Goldsmith. “It really feels like your own mini resort.”
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'Fantastic Four' Screen Tests: Emmy Rossum, Kate Mara and Miles Teller in the Mix

This is a big week for Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot as the studio is in the midst of screen tests for the starring roles in the Josh Trank-directed movie.

According to multiple insiders, Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum tested for the part of Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, on Tuesday.

Insiders also say that Miles Teller, currently one of the town’s hottest young actors coming off of the Sundance smash Whiplash, tested for the part of Reed Richards, the stretchable leader known as Mr. Fantastic.

Christian Cook, meanwhile, is said to have tested for Ben Grimm, the rock-skinned strongman of the group.

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Missy Elliott Addresses Absence from Music

It’s been nine years since Missy Elliott released her last album, and you’ll have to keep waiting. The hip-hop icon explains why she’s taking her time to release new music.

In a video chat with Yahoo!’s “The Yo Show,” Missy discussed her lengthy hiatus from the music industry.

“When I create something, it’s gotta be special and it can’t just be to throw something out there because I feel like I’m Missy,” said the 42-year-old rapper. “I gotta feel like what I’m giving the fans is 100 percent and that it’s game-changing. I don’t just throw out microwave records.”

In September 2012, Missy dropped the Timbaland-produced singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” but her seventh album Block Party has yet to see a release.

But writer’s block is not to blame. “Just being inspired by things is what I’m grabbing for because music is different now,” she explained. “Not to say that it’s bad, it’s just different now, so I’m just trying to make sure that what I give is 100 percent because I know that expectations is high from my fans and it’s high of myself.”

She did, however, reassure fans that she is planning a comeback. “It’s coming. I just ain’t telling nobody when.”

In the meantime, she has collaborated with her longtime friend Faith Evans on her upcoming album Incomparable.

Ghost Adventures star buys "Portal to Hell" house

"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently bought an alleged haunted house in Gary, Indiana that many are referring to as a portal to Hell. It was recently reported that a local police captain and various psychics believe that the house is infested with hundreds of ghosts and demons.

A small house on Carolina Street, in Gary, Indiana has over 800 pages of official police reports of odd occurrences happening. In the photo, a strange figure can be seen peering out of one of the porch windows of the home. City officials claim that there were no inhabitants living in the home when the picture was taken. A police captain with the Gary Police Department says he believes that the home is haunted.

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more about the house here (autoplay tho)

Tom Cruise sued for $1 billion over Mission: Impossible script

The makers of Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol are being sued for $1 billion (£613 million) by a man who claims its script was based on his copyrighted screenplay.

Timothy Patrick McLanahan claims the 2011 release was "illegally written and produced" from his 1998 script Head On.

He filed legal papers against Cruise, Paramount Pictures and several production companies in December 2013. The documents have since been obtained and published by Radar Online.

In the court papers, McLanahan said he had originally sent his script to the William Morris Agency only to have it turned it down.

"I was told by the agency that they could not use the script as a movie," he writes.

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Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson Pose Without Makeup for Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson are natural beauties.

The actresses posed without makeup for Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue. The "raw portraits" were taken with "a rare and impressive 20-by-24-inch Polaroid camera" by American painter and photographer Chuck Close.

The up close and personal headshots feature Johansson and Winslet in front of a simple gray background. Their wardrobe is casual and understated: the Don Jon starlet wears a gray top, while the Labor Day actress opts for a black scoop neck sweater. They both sport simple pendant necklaces.

Both women stare straight into the lens; Johansson flashes a big grin, while Winslet 's mouth is shut and she appears more serious. The 29-year-old's wavy locks are down, while the 38 year-old's strands are styled in a loose ponytail.

At the time of the photo shoot, Winslet was pregnant with her third child.

"I don't do glamour shots, and they're not airbrushed or whatever," Close said in a behind-the-scenes video featured on the magazine's website. "So they can be, um...they can be rough. So I need to talk people through it."

He continued, "They have to give up a great deal of vanity in order to do it. And it takes a real act of generosity and faith on the part of the subject to go with it and to give me their image without having any control over what's gonna happen."

No hair, no makeup and no wardrobe was provided, Close revealed. Instead, the women had to "pick something, come on in and comb their own hair."

ONTD, which celebrities do you think are prettiest without makeup?
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Oral History: Tupac, Fist Fights and the Making of ‘Juice’

Q. Bishop. Steel. Raheem. These iconic characters are forever part of hip-hop lore. Their quest to get a rep drove Ernest Dickerson’s directorial debut, which was a morality tale on the dangers of peer pressure. With a magnetic cast, including a young Tupac, an amazing soundtrack, on-set beatdowns and a minor gun controversy, the only logical result was an urban classic.

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Madonna - Pussy Riot

Live from NYC Madonna and Pussy Riot shared the stage and spoke with passion about human rights issues at the Amnesty International Bringing Human Rights Home concert in Brooklyn last night.

Madonna told the crowd of thousands that she received death threats for standing up for Pussy Riot, the Russian protest punk band, when two of its members were arrested for hooliganism after staging a protest in a Russian church in 2012.

"The right to be free, to speak our minds, to have an opinion, to love who we want to love, to be who we are - do we have to fight for that?" she said, answering her own question with an expletive.

"I've always considered myself a freedom fighter since the early '80s when I realized I had a voice and I could sing more than songs about being a material girl or feeling like a virgin. And I have definitely paid for and have been punished for speaking my mind and for sticking my neck out for this kind of discrimination. But that's OK."

Madonna introduced Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who were released from prison in December and made their first public appearance in the U.S. on Tuesday.

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James Franco Launches Acting School

Oscar nominee James Franco is collaborating with Playhouse West to run his own acting school, named Studio 4.

Held at the Sherry Theater in Los Angeles, CA, the school will feature Franco and additional guest teachers offering bi-weekly classes using the Meisner technique.

Playhouse West is the original home of Sanford Meisner's Los Angeles classes, and Studio 4 has adopted the Playhouse West approach, which incorporates innovations that Meisner added to his technique following the end of his teaching career.

Additional advanced classes following Franco's creative visions will also be offered, incorporating the work of his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions. Franco will use his influence to include industry professionals in Q&A sessions and hold scene nights in the studio.


Welcome to Playhouse West Studio 4! James Franco's school for actors. Studio 4 offers Meisner Technique classes from beginning to advanced as well as a broad network of professional actors and artists. James Franco founded Studio 4 as a space for collaborative experiences based in film, theater and performance art.

Studio 4, in direct conjunction with James Franco's rapidly growing production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, offers many unique opportunities, not found in other acting schools. We will invite industry professionals to the classes for Q and A sessions, and will regularly have scene nights in the studio. In addition to outstanding teachers, the students will have the opportunity to showcase their acting talents in front of James, one of the industries busiest directors and actors. Rabbit Bandini and James will cast roles directly from his classes, and will involve his students in a variety of his film and art projects.

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Live your dream, ONTD! ENROLL NOW!!

Stevie Nicks: I'd Be 'Thrilled' to Have a Boyfriend, But Maybe It's Not in the Cards

She's still a hot, blonde rock star, but at 65, Stevie Nicks remains single.

And although she's actively tearing up the stage these days, Nicks said she'd still be open to finding true love – if only a future beau could understand the challenges of being with her.

"I live a single woman's life," with plenty of alone time, she tells The New York Times.

"It would be fun if I could find a boyfriend who understood my life and didn't get his feelings hurt because I'm always a phone call away from having to leave in two hours for New York or a phone call from having to do interviews all day long," Nicks said. "It's not very fun to be Mr. Stevie Nicks."

"If it were to happen to me I’d be thrilled," she adds. "But when I’m 90 years old and sitting in a gloriously beautiful beach house somewhere on this planet with five or six Chinese Crested Yorkies, surrounded by all my goddaughters who will at that point be middle-aged, I’ll be just as happy."
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And I Want My Pink Shirt Back!

Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Franzese meet up to reminisce about old times on Wednesday (February 5) in New York City.

@whatsupdanny #soquiche #werknyc ” the 27-year-old actress captioned the photo on her Instagram account.

Daniel played the fan favorite role of Damian in the hit film Mean Girls, which is celebrating its ten year anniversary in a couple months. We can’t believe it has been so long since that movie came out!
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Zooey Deschanel is developing Fox's animated fairytale comedy 'Queen of Everything'

Zooey Deschanel’s ties with Fox just got a half-hour deeper.

The “New Girl” star will executive produce the half-hour animated workplace comedy “Queen of Everything” for the network.

The show is a modern fairytale about an evil queen who realizes that running a Queendom isn’t easy when you have no people skills and everyone hates you. But with a little help from her staff, she will try to change her ways.

Ali Waller (“American Dad,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) will write and executive produce the Twentieth Century Fox Television project. Sophia Rossi will also exec produce.

tom cruise

Woody Allen: Why Hollywood Is Shrugging Off the Latest Sex Abuse Claims

Neither "Blue Jasmine's" Oscar outlook nor Allen's long-term prospects will suffer after Dylan Farrow's allegations.

Like an unlucky bystander, Hollywood has been dragged into the 22-year war over whether Woody Allen molested his adopted daughter Dylan when she was 7. On Feb. 1, Dylan -- now 28 and living under another name in Florida -- posted a letter on the blog of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, a close friend of her mother, Mia Farrow. The letter offered new and disturbing details about the abuse that Dylan -- backed by her mother and her brother, MSNBC host Ronan -- says took place. The charges erupted in 1992 after Mia discovered her then-boyfriend Allen had begun an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn (then 19 or 21) and while Allen and Farrow were engaged in a custody battle over Moses, Dylan and Ronan. Authorities investigated, and no charges were brought against Allen.

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Should Hollywood be held responsible?

LGBTQ Superheroes Who Should Join 'Arrow's The Black Canary on TV

Wednesday night’s episode of Arrow introduced not only a new character, but a new relationship: Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Nyssa, who was revealed to be Sara’s (aka the Black Canary’s) girlfriend. Show writers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim said that they’ve been planning this move since the beginning of the season. The writers were careful not to label her bisexual, though, to focus more on the relationship rather than on her sexuality. “We really wanted to approach it like not be salacious and be sensitive and be realistic,” said Guggenheim.

With the popularity of superhero movies and shows, it’s surprising that this is the first time an LGBTQ relationship has happened on screen. After all, there’s already a number of great, iconic LGBTQ superheroes who have been portrayed in comics by Marvel and DC alike. Here’s just a few that we’d love to see on television...

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‘Preacher’ Development Confirmed, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Scripting Pilot

If AMC wants a new show to replicate the success of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, it might have just the thing in Preacher. Months ago a report came up that AMC was the latest to develop Preacher, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg working as exec producers and pilot writers, based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Now AMC has confirmed that development, and added that Breaking Bad‘s Sam Catlin will be the showrunner.

A few more details are below, along with gushing statements from the participants.

First, a Preacher primer in the form of AMC’s official description of the show:

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Brooklyn restaurant offers Beyoncé-themed Valentine's Day dinner

Looking for a Valentine's Day dinner that will make your love life as hot as Beyoncé and Jay Z's Grammy performance? Brucie, an Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, is offering an entirely Beyoncé-themed Valentine's Day menu for the romantic holiday.

Dishes include appetizers like Blue Ivy, with smoked blue potatoes, blue cheese, trout roe and watercress ($16) and Oysters Rocafella ($16). The pasta course includes choices like I am Pasta Fierce, a pappardelle with a spicy puttanesca sauce ($24) and Jay-Ziti ($19). Round out your meal with a main course like Breastiny's Child, a veal breast with pickled fig, sopressata and goat yogurt ($29).

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Uproar as 'Japanese Beethoven' Mamoru Samuragochi exposed as a fraud

A celebrated composer hailed as a "Japanese Beethoven" for creating hit symphonies despite his deafness has been exposed as a fraud, after confessing another musician wrote his most acclaimed works.

And in a surprise twist, the man who says he was the ghost-writer of the works, Takashi Niigaki, claimed in a press conference Thursday that he did not believe the acclaimed composer was deaf at all.

Niigaki told reporters in Tokyo that over the past 18 years he had been paid about 7 million yen (about $69,000) to write more than 20 pieces to order for popular classical composer Mamoru Samuragochi.
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More like Japanese Milli Vanilli...


"The Lego Movie" is the surprise critical smash of 2014

Exactly 65 years after Denmark started making plastic bricks that allowed children to build anything using their imaginations, LEGO has been brought to life on the big screen. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street, Clone High), it boasts the voices of an all-star cast including Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett.

But does The LEGO Movie have what it takes to be a blockbuster? Here’s a look at what some of the critics are saying.

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Selena Gomez Bailed on Rehab

Selena Gomez ignored the advice of medical professionals and waltzed out of rehab just 14 days into a 6-week program ... over the strenuous objections of the rehab staff ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Selena tell us just after New Year's she checked into a program at The Meadows called DAWN  -- for alcohol, pot and Rx Ambien -- in addition to what her people believe is an unhealthy union with Justin Bieber.

But 2 weeks in, Selena bailed so she could go the Sundance Film Festival for her upcoming movie.  She told her people she would return to the rehab facility after Sundance, but when it was over Selena decided she was cured and there was no reason to return.

Problem is ...  that's not the way the medical staff at The Meadows sees it ... the treatment program is 45-days and Selena bailed four weeks early.  We're told the staff feels it's essential in any recovery to complete the therapy.

Selena is telling her people ... she completed the toughest week, which the facility calls "Survivor's week" so everything is fine.  Thing is ... Selena's not the doctor -- she's the one with the problem.


Beyoncé crops bandmates out of Instagram photos, again

Just a few minutes ago, Beyoncé posted a Throwback Thursday photo on Instagram of her and former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, on the beaches of Cancun in 2001.

Look familiar? Here's the fuller shot.

This is the second time Beyoncé has mercilessly cropped a bandmate out of an Instagram shot - last month it was Kelly Rowland, in a shot with Aaliyah.

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Lily Allen Obsesses Over Her Man in 'Girls' Tune 'L8 CMMR'

The third season of Girls has been on a musical winning streak this year, as it has premiered new music by Beck, Miguel and Jenny Lewis. The latest is "L8 CMMR," a giddy, unreleased track by Lily Allen that also appears on the show's soundtrack, Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do. The way Allen tells it, placing the song in the show made perfect sense to her.

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I love it. She's back and she's back hardddd. Let's celebrate ONTD!!!

megan fox tmnt

Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carrol FINALLY starts filming

Wow, I can’t even believe I’m reporting this but, after several long years, Marilyn Manson‘s long gestured Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll is actually filming!

While there are no other casting details at this time, Manson himself tweeted that he will be playing Lewis Carroll in the film based on his own screenplay.

Lily Cole, Tilda Swinton and Evan Rachel Wood were all once attached. Anthony Silva co-wrote the screenplay.

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hmmmmmm this will probably be a mess. He's been talking about it since, like, 2004.

TV - The Borgias

Fassy & Marion's "Macbeth" begins filming + other casting news

Justin Kurzel’s version of the Shakespeare classic to shoot for seven weeks in Scotland and England.

Principal photography has commenced on See-Saw Films’ production of Macbeth.

As revealed by Screen, Michael Fassbender plays the titular Scottish lord for Justin Kurzel’s take on the Shakespeare classic. Marion Cotillard plays Lady Macbeth, with the cast also including Paddy Considine, David Thewlis, Sean Harris, Jack Reynor and Elizabeth Debicki.

fassy and marion and sean and paddy all in the same shakespeare thign i can't fUCKING BREATHE BABY JESUS HELP ME [brendanfrasersobbingatasunset.gif]

Marvel reportedly already planning "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2" for 2016

Possibly in direct competition with Batman Vs. Superman

In a recent interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige claimed the company has its upcoming productions mapped out through the year 2021 (what, not 2099?). Most of the titles are still secret; at present, only one of these so-called “Phase Three” movies has been officially announced—July 2015’s Ant-Man. But Marvel’s already staked its claim to several upcoming release dates, including May 6, 2016 and May 5, 2017. They just won’t say what films will be opening yet.

According to JoBlo, the next of these Phase Three films will be a sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy, which opens in theaters this coming August. Their initial report said Guardians 2 would open in the May 2016 slot, which would put it in direct competition with Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Wonder Woman Vs. Mark Zuckerberg. JoBlo later updated their piece after their source clarified that the sequel would open “sometime in 2016,” but not necessarily on that May date.


Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson Close Deals to Return to 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have closed deals to reprise their roles for Pitch Perfect 2, Universal and Gold Circle’s sequel to the 2012 musical comedy.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Banks, who produced and co-starred on the original, is directing the new movie, which has a release date of May 15, 2015.

The actresses were expected to return but both had become increasingly busy since the first film became an unexpected sensation.

Kendrick’s single "Cups" from Pitch Perfect made her a triple platinum recording artist with combined sales of a little less than 3 million units sold. She recently wrapped Disney’s adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the Woods.

Wilson, meanwhile, currently stars in the ABC comedy Super Fun Night, which she created, produces and writes. She is shooting a turn in Night at the Museum 3 and hosted the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and won the awards for Breakthrough Performance and Best Musical Moment.

Paul Brooks will produce Pitch Perfect 2 for Gold Circle Films alongside Banks and Max Handelman for their Brownstone Productions shingle.


Carl Sagan

Kamala Khan's Debut

[Spoiler (click to open)] photo msmarvel_zps0b78b4d8.png

Marvel Entertainment is unveiling its latest heroine, with the comics giant debuting Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan as the new Ms. Marvel.

The character is part of the company's recent efforts to better reflect the diversity of its readership within its storylines.

The first issue of the rebooted series, which debuts in stores today, was written by noted graphic novelist G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Toronto artist Adrian Alphona.

In the revamped, coming-of-age focused series, Khan inherits the Ms. Marvel alias from her predecessor Carol Danvers: a tall, busty, blonde U.S. Air Force officer who gained superhuman abilities after being caught in an alien explosion. In recent Marvel storylines, the Danvers character has since taken on the mantle of Captain Marvel.

Khan is depicted as a modestly dressed, slightly nerdy 16-year-old living in New Jersey with her parents — immigrants from Pakistan — and her conservative older brother.

Wilson, who worked with Muslim-American editor Sana Amanat on creating Khan, has said she wanted to write a character to whom real people, especially young women, could relate — a difficult and complex task.

"Because there are so few characters like this one, everybody wants to see their own particular point of view represented in that character," she said in a recent interview with CBC Radio's Q cultural affairs show.


Who picked it up?

Guillermo del Toro's 'Crimson Peak' gets a release date.

“Crimson Peak”, the new gothic horror film by Guillermo del Toro, got a release date with a studio announcement, according to a Jan. 30 report in Variety. “Crimson Peak” will open Oct. 16, 2015.

The film is described as being about a female author whose new husband starts behaving strangely. It will star Tom Hiddleston, famous for playing Loki in “Thor”, Charlie Hunnam, best known for turning down the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie and Jessica Chastain, the 2013 Golden Globes best actress winner.

“Crimson Peak” was originally supposed to star famous Brit, Benedict Cumberbatch, but due to scheduling conflicts, the “Sherlock” actor was unable to commit to the role. The part was eventually offered to Tom Hiddleston, who is a close friend of Cumberbatch. Tom asked Benedict's permission to take the role and Cumberbatch was overjoyed about the news, according to IMDB.


Cara Delevingne wears toothy accessory with her name on it for lunch with Michelle Rodriguez


Model of the moment Cara Delevingne gave her look some serious edge when she was pictured heading out to lunch and some drinks in Notting Hill with new love, actress Michelle Rodriguez.

The 21-year-old was sporting a set of 'grillz' as the pair dropped Michelle's belongings and bags off in a taxi.

Cara stuck her tongue out at photographers, showing off her metal mouthpiece by designer Dolly Cohen which are personalised with her name.

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Josh Hutcherson Signs With CAA After Leaving ‘Hunger Games’ Dealmakers ICM Partners

The 21 year-old actor next stars opposite Benicio del Toro in the indie movie “Paradise Lost”

CAA has signed “The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson, who recently parted ways with ICM Partners, an agency insider has told TheWrap.

Hutcherson left ICM in January after feeling “it was time for a change,” according to sources. He took meetings with the other major agencies before deciding to sign with powerhouse talent agency CAA.

The 21 year-old actor is set to reprise his role as Peeta Mellark in Lionsgate’s two-part franchise finale “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” though his lucrative deals for those sequels were made by ICM Partners.

“The Hunger Games” isn’t Hutcherson’s only franchise, as he also stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in New Line’s “Journey” movies.

Hutcherson was a child actor whose breakout turn as Laser in “The Kids Are All Right” helped propel him to stardom. He’ll soon be seen in the indie movie “Paradise Lost,” which co-stars Benicio del Toro as drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Jackie and Hyde

Someone steals the "Ben and Leslie" lock in Paris

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bad news for believers in Parks and Recreation and the good of humankind: The lock Ben and Leslie attached to Paris’ Pont des Arts bridge in the show’s 100th episode has disappeared.

Ben surprises Leslie with a trip to Paris after her last day in office, and once there, they snap the lock (reading “LESLIE AND BEN” with a bright red heart) to the bridge. We all thought it would stay forever until a Tumblr post first alerted the world to the disappearance. The poster was in Paris recently and, being a Parks and Rec fan, decided to go on a mission to find the lock. But once they arrived at the sacred spot, they found the lock was gone. “Whoever you are, super hardcore Parks fan, you kinda suck,” the poster wrote. Agreed.

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Read the full story here.

Dakota Johnson Reveals "Fifty Shades" Sex Secrets In ELLE March 2014

Taking time away from the set of her highly anticipated film "Fifty Shades of Grey," Dakota Johnson garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the March 2014 issue of ELLE magazine.

The 24-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning in designer garbs from Burberry Prorsum and Jason Wu for the sultry Carter Smith-shot spread while chatting about everything from her interest in the upcoming flick to being constantly in the spotlight.

Highlights from Miss Johnson's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to ELLE!

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' photocall + premiere in Berlin

Tilda Swinton, Wes Anderson, Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori and Saoirse Ronan attend the 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' photocall during 64th Berlinale International Film Festival at Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 6, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

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Brain and some weird guy lol

Disney’s ‘Rescue Rangers’ Due for Live Action Feature

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Studios has picked up a pitch for a live-action movie based on the ’80s-’90s animated TV series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. This project falls in line with Disney’s recent pushes to reimagine properties from its animation catalog as blockbuster spectacles, such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Robert Stromberg’s villainess POV Maleficent (out May 30 this year).

The Mouse House’s production label Mandeville Films (Muppets Most Wanted) is behind the project, which has been conceived by commercial director Robert Rugan as a live-action/CG animation hybrid a la the Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby-Doo and Smurfs films that have raked in big bucks in the last several years. Currently, Rugan is also developing a couple WB projects, and his credits include the contemporary retake Alice’s Misadventures in Wonderland and the Chuck Jones-inspired live-action short Wiley vs. Rhodes.

The original Rescue Rangers was a 2D animated series created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove for The Disney Channel, premiering in 1989 and running for three seasons. The show recast the chipmunk comedy duo (who first appeared in Clyde Geronimi’s 1943 short Private Pluto) as the founders of a detective agency, dealing with crimes “too small” for the police to handle and serving animal clients. Serious-minded Chip and daffy Dale are assisted by Aussie mouse Monterey Jack, young mouse pilot/mechanic/inventor Gadget and Zipper the Fly in their battle against injustice.

It remains to be seen if the film will take a retro-inspired tone like Muppets or bring the classic characters into the modern age like Smurfs and Alvin. But if it’s a hit, and fans of the show aren’t too creeped out to see their heroes in CG (see Garfield, Yogi Bear) it could be interesting to see where else this strategy takes Disney. Will we be seeing a CG animated Darkwing Duck? The mind boggles.


I dunno ....

Agent Coulson Calls Frustrated Viewers ‘Losers’, Bites The Hand That Feeds Him


Clark Gregg is tired of your s***.
The actor, whose role as Agent Coulston in various films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has led to him starring in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD series on ABC, is aware that many critics and fans are frustrated with the show so far, with some stating that they have all but given up on it, while others are forced to watch it for our amusement. Well, if you’re one of the people who has quit on SHIELD., Gregg has a message for you. Speaking with The Salt Lake Tribune on the set of the show, Gregg had the following to say about fans, or Marvel “geeks,” who have given up on the show due to the lack of appearances by more characters from the Marvel Universe: “Those aren’t geeks. Those are losers.”
Given the fact that “geeks” like that are a huge part of why this show even exists, that position does seem ridiculous.

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Bonnie Wright: Ginny would have ‘been fine’ without Harry


Ginny Weasley actress, Bonnie Wright, was asked this week about J.K. Rowling’s new comments concerning Ron and Hermione, and she thinks her character would’ve “been fine” without the Chosen One.

Wright spoke briefly to The Telegraph at InStyle’s BAFTA party “Ginny is a tough cookie so she’d have been fine,” she said when asked what would’ve happened if Harry ended up with Hermione instead of the red-headed Weasley. “She dated Dean Thomas before Harry, after all.”

The Telegraph says Wright “understands how Rowling could have changed her mind over time.”

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louise belcher

Britney's Co-Conservator to be paid $426,000.

It pays to be Britney Spears‘ co-conservator, because a judge has just signed off Andrew Wallett to be paid nearly $500,000 in 2014, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The pop star, 32, has been under a conservatorship since 2008, after several very public breakdowns.

According the court order “for 2014 in the amount of $426,000 to be paid Mr. Wallett. The proposed 2014 compensation shall be paid monthly, in the amount of $35,500, payable on the first day of each and every month, to commence on January 1, 2014.”

Papa Jamie Spears has served as his daughter’s other conservator, and is also paid for his work.

As Radar previously reported, Jamie’s been paid $16,000 per month for those duties, and is now asking the court merely to extend that compensation.

Jamie claimed in court docs, “as my rent has steadily escalated over the last three years, I request that I be reimbursed an additional $800.00 per month for my office expense for the time period of November 1, 2012, through August 31, 2013,” which adds up to $7,200.
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Dang y'all, stop using this woman to pay your bills. Let her be.

Nick Cannon To Produce & Co-Star In ‘Drumline’ Sequel


Nick Cannon is revisiting Drumline for VH1.

The music-themed cabler has given the green light to a TV movie follow-up to Cannon's 2002 hit feature film, the network announced Wednesday.

Drumline: A New Beat (working title) will focus on a new set of characters at a fictional New Orleans university. The new story will follow Dani Bolton, an upper-class Brooklyn girl who defies her parents in order to attend a college in Louisiana so she can join -- and revitalize -- their once-prominent drumline. Dani’s quest to become the first female section leader of the drumline in the school’s history will be hampered by upperclassmen (including her cousin, Tyree), her feelings for fellow band mate Jayven and the school’s crosstown rivals.
The new format puts a female spin on the franchise, which centered on Cannon's overconfident college freshman who looks to make his mark on a prestigious university's prized drumline. Drumline: A New Beat follows on the success of VH1's CrazySexyCool TLC biopic last year and continues the network's trajectory of original scripted fare with a music bent. CrazySexyCool was the highest-rated original cable movie of 2013 among adults 18-49 with a 2.9 rating.

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'I’m fappy': Channing Tatum explains he's 'fat and happy' after his wife had a baby


In Magic Mike he had washboard six-pack abs.

But since becoming a father, former Sexiest Man Alive cover boy Channing Tatum has admitted to taking time off to spend time with his new baby, resulting in a softer, 'fappier' version of his former self.

While on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday the 33-year-old explained, 'Right now, what me and my wife like to call it, I am very fappy. I’m very fat and happy right now.'

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are you fappy, ontd?

Octavia Spencer, Danny Glover Join Cast Of YA Novel 'The Great Gilly Hopkins' Film Adaptation

The busy Octavia Spencer and Danny Glover have both booked roles in the film adaptation of the YA novel The Great Gilly Hopkins, written by author Katherine Paterson, which will star relative newcomer Sophie Nelisse, in a tale about a wisecracking 12-year old who is moved repeatedly from foster home to foster home, outwitting them all, until she meets her match in Maime Trotter (who will be played by Kathy Bates).

Spencer, Glover, Bates and Nelisse will be joined in the film's cast by Glenn Close, with Stephen Herek (Mr. Holland's Opus, The Mighty Ducks) directing.

The project is being packaged and presented at the European Film Market in Berlin (which kicks off this week), with an April 9 shoot start date.

Author Paterson also saw another novel she wrote, Bridge to Terabithia, adapted to film in a 2007 Disney production.

No word on what roles exactly Octavia Spencer and Danny Glover have signed up to play.

Spencer enters 2014 with Fruitvale Station in her recent past, and with roles in Joon-ho Bong's upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller Snowpiecer, as well as the James Brown biopic starring Chadwick Boseman.

Glover can currently be seen in Flora Gomes' Children's Republic, which is traveling the film festival circuit; coming up, he'll appear in Gina Prince-Bythewood's next feature, Blackbird, and joins Danny Trejo in a sequel to the 2012 comical action movie Bad Ass.


Chiwetel Ejiofor And Michael B. Jordan To Star in Heist Drama 'Triple Nine' Alongside Kate Winslet

Michael B. Jordan has joined Chiwetel Ejiofor (whose casting was announced here yesterday) in director John Hillcoat's (The Road) crime drama Triple Nine, alongside Casey Affleck and Kate Winslet.

Set to film this summer, the story revolves around an L.A. heist in which a group of thieves plan to kill a cop (a "Code 999" in police parlance) to divert authorities from their own crime scene across town.

Ejiofor is taking on the role of the mastermind behind the robbery, while Jordan will play a street-wise cop who teams with the thieves to set up Affleck's targeted officer.

Keith Redmon, Brad Dorros and Steve Golin of Anonymous Content are producing the movie with Megan Ellison on board to finance through her Panorama Media production company.

Open Road will release the film in 2015.

Both Ejiofor and Jordan are on the tail-end of a strong 2013, which saw both actors star in 2 of the most-talked about films of the year: 12 Years A Slave (Ejiofor) and Fruitvale Station (Jordan).

Jordan can currently be seen in the romantic comedy, That Awkward Moment, in which he co-stars alongside Zac Efron and Miles Teller, as 3 New York bachelors who make a pact to stay single even if they fall in love.


Selena Gomez's Rehab Stint: 'She was Burnt Out'


While rumors swirl that substance abuse was the force that drove Selena Gomez into rehab last month, insiders deny it.

“Project wellness,” says a source close to the 21-year-old singer when asked for the reason behind her two-week stay at Dawn at the Meadows, a treatment center in Arizona last month. “She was burnt out after a relentless year of back-to-back films, concerts, TV, touring and all the promotional work that goes along with it. She needed a break.”

According to insiders, Gomez enjoyed her share of partying in 2013, ending the year with a vow to “get healthy.” But that doesn’t mean she’s “hooked to booze, Ambien and pot,” as reports allege, or suffering from body issues, which is the reason given for Ke$ha’s current rehab stint.

“She’s not that girl,” says a source. “Does she party and have the occasional joint? Yes. Does she drink when she goes out? Yes. But she’s not struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. I’ve never seen her out of control. There’s no needle dangling out of her arm.”

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors Review

The second episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, titled Smoke and Mirrors, takes the style and energy of the first chapter and elevates the stakes to the next level. Though the world is still bathed in a beautiful neon color palette, the characters almost always come in shades of grey. If Faith felt like an '80s noir, Smoke and Mirrors is akin to a David Fincher-directed episode of True Detective.

Smoke and Mirrors dives deeper into your bond with Bigby. No matter whether I played as a saint or a monster, I walked away with a richer understanding of who this character is. This episode also fleshes out more of the dark and fantastic world of Fables, and throws you into some truly great predicaments without a real right or wrong solution. It’s a testament to the fantastic writing that days later, I’m still dwelling over specific decisions I made and what the ramifications might be going forward. I've picked the characters that I trust, am willing to do anything in my power to protect them, and just really hope that they don't end up stabbing me in the back.

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[Decision Time! (Major Spoilers)]Oh so no decisions I see? fine then Telltale I'll make my own decision list:

I at least punched the Woodsman/Tweedle-Dee once
I cried tears of joy when Snow returned
I acted kindly towards TJ (Toad's son)
I said Snow can join me in the investigation
I kicked Jack out of the bar
I smash the living shit out of everything with the cricket bat in the Pudding & Pie
I tried to calm Beast down during the fight and said he had enough
I side-eye the living shit out of Ichabod during the photo reveal

So what choices did you make ONTD?

Lifetime Orders Un-Real Satire of Dating Shows From Buffy Producer Marti Noxon

Lifetime is pulling back the curtain on dating shows.

The network has given a 10-episode pick-up to Un-Real, a dark comedy starring Shiri Appleby (Girls, Chicago Fire) and written/produced by Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad Men).

The hour-long scripted series will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program.

Appleby plays a young staffer whose job is to manipulate her relationships with and among the contestants to get the footage demanded by the program’s dispassionate executive producer (played by Rules of Engagement‘s Megyn Price).

The cast also includes Freddie Stroma (Pitch Perfect), Josh Kelly (One Life to Live), Nathalie Kelley (TheFast and the Furious), Johanna Braddy (Shameless), Breeda Wool (Betas) and Ashley Scott (Jericho). Arielle Kebbel (The Vampire Diaries) guest stars as Courtney, a contestant who has no filter.


Professor Chaos

8 (4) Possible Superman vs. Batman Casting Decisions That Would Make the Internet Explode in Rage

Michael Keaton: "HE'S GONNA SUCK!"

Heath Ledger: "HE'S GONNA SUCK!"

Daniel Craig: "HE'S GONNA SUCK!"

Peter Capaldi: "HE'S GONNA SUCK!"

Every single person cast in Batman vs. Superman: "HE'S GONNA SUCK!"

As you can see, nerd outrage is an inexact science at best. And yet here we are, getting angrier and angrier with every announcement as to who plays who in Man of Steel 2: Steeler and Steelerer.

Ben Affleck -- the Gigli guy - is Batman. Jeremy Irons, a psychotic murderous terrorist lion, is Alfred. Jessie Eisenberg, a bushy-haired kid best known for playing the freakin' Facebook guy, is Lex goddamned Luthor. And Gal Gadot becomes Wonder Woman after a few Fast and Furious films and nothing else. In many ways, this seems less like a movie, and more like a scientific experiment to learn just how quickly millions of dorky brains can explode into a mass of goo the size of the Pacific. And you know what? They totally should. At this point, DC should just fuel the hate, and assemble the most unlikable cast imaginable. Every role should be played by somebody that Outraged Nerd Inc. will immediately proclaim doesn't "fit the part," but who could theoretically turn in an awesome performance and prove ONI wrong yet again. Might we suggest ...

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Source 2
Hermione holds Ron

Jarvis apparently now playing Vision in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron

Paul Bettany to Play the Vision in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

Paul Bettany is getting an upgrade.

The actor has been lending his voice to Jarvis, the computer program-cum-butler in Marvel’s Iron Man movies. Now the actor has been cast as iconic Avenger hero The Vision in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron.

Production starts next month, with director Joss Whedon and cast members like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. The Vision was an android created by the robotic villain Ultron, who was meant to be one of Ultron’s henchmen but who instead turns against him and becomes a hero.


Emma Roberts: What's In My Bag?

Emma Roberts is, well, horrified by her passport photo. "I keep my passport in a cute case, but I can't disguise the terrible picture," the star of FX's American Horror Story: Coven, engaged to costar Evan Peters, 27, tells Us Weekly. "I'm 17 with jet-black hair and not smiling." What else does the 23-year-old actress keep inside her Miu Miu bag?

Paper Weight
"I use my iPad for looking at scripts, but I refuse to read books on it, so there's usually a novel with me too, which seems archaic! Right now it's The Shining by Stephen King."

Antiflu Brew
"I carry Emergen-C because I'm always on a plane and don't want to get sick. I also love Pressed Juicery's green juices for a boost on the go."

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What's in YOUR bag ONTD? Post pics!
bradley cooper tie smile

Your Bcoops Fix is Right Here

Bradley Cooper stands atop the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for a photo call for his film American Hustle on Wednesday (February 5) in Moscow, Russia.

The 39-year-old actor was spotted later in the day holding up a star with his name on it at a press conference for the film.

Bradley attended the Paris premiere of American Hustle earlier in the week – check out the pics in case you missed them!

American Hustle is up for several awards at the 2014 Oscars – best of luck to the entire cast and crew on their nods!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana coat and sweater with Diesel jeans at the photo call.

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Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Witch Oz Character Will Show Up Next? Who Should Play Her?

Once Upon a Time‘s journey down the Yellow Brick Road will not end with the Wicked Witch.

Rather, we may be ramping up for a classic clash between evil and… good.

Two months after it was announced that Lostalum Rebecca Mader would be “going green” to play a version of the Wizard of Oz novel’s infamous villainess, TVLine has learned that the ABC drama will also be introducing Glinda.

Casting is underway right now for an actress in her mid to late twenties to recur as the good witch, who is described as elegant, warm and benevolent, as well as wise, clever and shrewd.

That said, it sounds like Glinda might not be in fighting form when we first meet her. Rather, years of isolation have made her lonely and cautious — though at her core, she is a steadfastly filled with optimism.


ONTD, who would you cast as Glinda?

Nick Wechsler from Revenge looking delicious shirtless For Da MAN Magazine

IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Drawing a beautiful quote from Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club,” Nick Wechsler tells how he fights to keep running on the arduous acting career track all these years. To Ronald Liem, the intelligent actor fesses up unabashedly about the dark side of Hollywood, his personal fears and the near-perfect happiness.

The saying that all that glitters isn’t gold aptly describes the real nature of showbiz. And Nick Wechsler is one honest actor who doesn’t beat around the bush in seconding that notion. Currently known as the good-looking and kind-hearted Jack Porter in “Revenge,” his journey in Hollywood has been a hell of a roller-coaster ride. Being in the industry for almost two decades, the Albuquerque native has quite possibly experienced all the ups and downs one could ever sum of a life before the camera. And that is why Wechsler is now, bearing no hidden agenda, paying it forward by confessing the real true story of what goes on behind the screen.

His role as Kyle Valenti in teen drama “Roswell” in 1999 started it all. It was the first big break Wechsler landed after making a big move to Hollywood from the relatively quiet hometown. He then guest-starred in a number of TV shows, including “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Crossing Jordan,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Lie to Me,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “Chase.” Yet it wasn’t until 2011 that Wechsler finally nailed a strong regular role that he well deserved in the riveting drama series “Revenge.” While the audience might only see his shining, genteel act on-screen, the years of persistence to make it work in the business has really shaped Wechsler, for better or worse, as a person. The conversation that follows truthfully reveals what the actor has preciously learned from his multidimensional life.

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I mean can we talk about how hot he is and looks...Glod bless him cuz I'm dying here..You can check out more pictures on the sources. I chose the ones i liked.