January 24th, 2014


Liam Payne's Sister Defends His New Girlfriend


What started as Liam Payne's sister Ruth posting some cute pictures of Loki, who the One Direction star got with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer, ended with a whole lot of drama. Ruth thought she would tweet something sweet to her brother's former flame, but she probably regretted it after getting attacked online by fans.

Everything started when a fan tweeted Danielle, asking her if she ever got to see Loki since her breakup with Liam. Sadly, she responded with a simple "no."

@reeNIALL no 😢
— Danielle Peazer (@DaniellePeazer) January 21, 2014

After seeing her tweet, Ruth responded, making sure Danielle knew she could see the pup anytime she wanted.

@DaniellePeazer you can organise to see loki anytime , just let me know
— Roo Payne (@RuthPayne0990) January 21, 2014

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Say Goodbye To Troy Barnes With This 'Community,' Childish Gambino Mashup

Tonight was Donald Glover’s final episode of Community. Excuse me for a moment.

This both sucks and blows. Even in the dark days of Community (pretty much the entire time he and Britta are dating), his Troy Barnes was a constant source of amusement; plus, his genuine relationship with Abed provided stability in episodes about pillow fights and paintballs. But now he’s leaving Greendale, to sail around the world and NOT become an emotional rapper, and things won’t be the same without him. For instance, there’s going to be a lot fewer questions about whether bees eat their own honey and references to Legoland.

To ease the pain, here’s a mashup of a Childish Gambino song played over Community clips.

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David Beckham's H&M Underwear Super Bowl Ad Revealed


In the biggest sporting event of the year, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will go head to head at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Oh, and there will also be an H&M commercial featuring David Beckham in his underwear during the second quarter of the matchup.

The Swedish clothing manufacturer unveiled a 30-second teaser for the sexy spot, featuring the 38-year-old soccer icon sporting his skivvies and "tantalizing views of Beckham in never-before-seen positions."

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Lorde Arrives at LAX Airport Ahead of the Grammy Awards 2014


Lorde shows all her teeth while flashing a huge smile while landing at LAX Airport on Wednesday (January 22) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old entertainer made it to town ahead of the 2014 Grammy Awards, which are set to air this Sunday (January 26) on CBS!

Lorde is set to perform at the big show this year, as well as being nominated for four different categories including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.Lorde Arrives at LAX Airport Ahead of the Grammy Awards 2014

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Lupita Nyong’o in her first basketball game! adorable

Now those are expensive tickets.
Lupita Nyong'o joined Edie Falco and John Leguizamo in courtside seats to watch the New York Knicks basketball team play the Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday afternoon.
The 12 Years A Slave Star had to dress up for what should have been a casual event as she went straight from the game to Rockefeller Plaza where she appeared on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

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Allison Williams explains why Marnie is ‘basically a straight guy’ who needs to masturbate more

A lot of people would rather not admit to being like Marnie, the highly-strung, ambitious and occasionally wild character that Allison Wiliams plays in Girls. When the show started, Marnie seemed like the conservative counterpart to the floundering, creative Hannah (Dunham), the hyper Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and the hippieish Jessa (Jemima Kirke). She was in a comfortable, if unfulfilling relationship and a sleek professional life where she would get too drunk on a weeknight at gallery openings. But Marnie morphed, tripped along the way, and our first sight of her in the third season is red-faced, distraught from being dumped, and late for her new job as a barista. She wants all the world has to offer her, but, unlike Hannah, has until now lacked the nerve to plunge herself into it.

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Jon Hamm Stays Comfy in Sweatpants for Morning Dog Walk


Jon Hamm wraps his arm around his partner Jennifer Westfeldt while taking their dog Cora for a walk on Thursday morning (January 22) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor wore some comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt supporting the podcast Sklarbro Country, which features features Randy and Jason Sklar as they give their weekly comedic takes on the worlds of sports and pop culture.

This weekend, Jon is set to attend the Los Angeles Kings hockey game against the Anaheim Ducks, which will take place outdoors at Dodger Stadium. All across the country, teams will be playing in ice hockey’s natural outdoor environment for some special games.

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Un-feisty women on film They aren’t ‘strong’ or ‘fierce’, but these 5 women are complex, interesting

Sick of seeing yet another Strong Female Character on screen that we should all aspire to? These athletic, one-dimensional male fantasies (see: Lara Croft, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Megan Fox in Transformers) are presented as a feminist alternative to simpering damsels in distress. But, in real life, most women are neither of these two extremes. Being human beings, women are varied, multifaceted and flawed. You know, like men. Thankfully, Lena Dunham’s Girls is back with a third season full of irritating and over-privileged – but realistic – screw-ups. Dunham’s characters aren’t constrained by “any standard of sweet female decency”, and not one of them could be described as “feisty”. We celebrate ten female characters who have multi-layered personalities, but who would totally lose in a fight.

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Chloë Sevigny stars as a rogue cop in A&E's new crime drama, Those Who Kill. And, judging by its new trailer, the show seems like a pretty straightforward cop drama: there's plenty of murder, a suspenseful score, and Chloë Sevigny looking off into the distance with what we'd like to officially term 'cop drama crazy eyes.' Almost every variation of CDCE can be spotted in the under-three minute clip (off into the distance, in the shadows, while staring at an old photograph), and we can picture Drew Droege parodying this shiz in 3-2-1... But to be real, we're pretty much always down to watch Chloë Sevigny do anything, especially while she's carrying a gun.

x x

Joel Kinnaman & Abbie Cornish: 'RoboCop' L.A. Photo Call


Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish attend a photo call for their new film RoboCop at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills on Thursday (January 23) in Los Angeles.

The actors were joined at the event by co-stars Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman.

“It was so uncomfortable, it was digging in everywhere, it was pressing down on my shoulders,” Joel said at a press conference about his suit. “I was just sweating like a pig. And after 20 minutes I said, ‘I gotta get out of this.’ I got no sympathy from Michael Keaton when I was complaining about my suit. He was like, ‘Shut the f— up, you’ve got it easy. They had to glue my suit on.’”

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Shine On

How Shia, Beyonce etc Lost Their Virginity

Shia LaBeouf: Not so smooth, Shia. “I was shaking in my boots. Getting naked was very strange. It was the first time I’d been naked in the light, in front of a girl, with no hiding place. I remember putting a pillow underneath
her because I had seen that in a porn movie…[It] put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed…and clearly this wasn’t the move.”
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More @ the source
Beyonce is lying Y/N?
FNL - They had a BLANKET


"Today at rehearsals for @Grammys. I'm trying to remember.. What was the song a lot of you were saying you wanted me to perform on the #Grammys?"

Taylor Swift will likely be performing the fan favorite ballad "All Too Well" from her 1.2 million-in-a-week-selling fourth album RED, nominated for Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammys.



New Still from 'A Million Ways To Die In The West': Charlize Theron is a two-gun woman

Seth MacFarlane has been working away on his next film, comedy Western A Million Ways To Die In The West, and Universal has just released a new image from the film, which arrives via the team at Coming Soon. The film finds cowardly sheep farmer Albert (MacFarlane) backing out of a gunfight because he’s somewhat sensibly afraid of dying.

But his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried), thinks he’s a weak fool and ditches him. Desperate to get back into her affections, Albert seeks help from a mysterious newcomer (Charlize Theron), who teaches him how to shoot and stand up for himself. Slowly but surely, they grow closer, only for her outlaw husband (Liam Neeson) to show up, which forces Albert to put his newfound courage to the test.

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Queen Brit

Goldie tweets support of President of Nigeria days after signing anti-gay law/quickly apologizes

Yesterday, actress Goldie Hawn tweeted a photo from the World Economic Forum at Davos in which she shook the hand of Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan. apologizes

Said Hawn in the tweet: "Met the wonderful President of Nigeria".

Hawn was quickly informed of the heinous anti-gay oppression Jonathan has inflicted on the country's gay and lesbians population with his signing of a new law criminalizing gay unions and gay organizations. Dozens have been arrested across the country and are facing trials in Shariah Courts, where homosexuality is a possible death sentence.

The tweet has been removed amid a flurry of responses from Hawn expressing her regret and embarrassment over the photo.
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Justin Bieber -- His People Say Psychotherapy is Best Hope

Justin Bieber's people are asking the singer to come back to L.A. so they can sit with him and convince him to go into therapy ... IMMEDIATELY.
Sources connected with Bieber tell us ... they have been trying to get him into rehab for months, but he has scoffed at the idea -- he won't have a conversation about it and insists he doesn't need it.
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Oreo Launches Two New Flavors: Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough

Continuing its tradition of creating flavor after new flavor, Oreo has launched two brand-new varieties: cookie dough and then something called “marshmallow crispy” which is clearly based on a Rice Krispies Treat but for legal reasons, we assume, cannot be called that.

Nothing could ever beat the classic Oreo — with its perfect textures and optimal cookie-to-creme ratio — but we conducted a taste test, and we’ll say this: these new flavors are tasty.

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Bow Wow Denies Being Fired From 106 & Park After Using Company Card For Child Support

The latest Internet rumor will have you believing BET’s ’106 & Park’ is searching for a new host because gossip says Bow Wow has been fired by the network. Various web sites reported that the rapper got fired from the video countdown show after he was caught using his company card to pay child support. He took to Twitter to slam the rumors that he was fired by BET.

Im BET 106&PARK FOREVER!!! We run tv!!!! I love yall. So no the rumor is not true. If i dont write a statement its not official. Stop believing these dumb blogs man, when you can get it from the source. 1 love

So it looks like Bow Wow still has a job as the host on ’106 & Park.’ The rhymer took over hosting duties after previous hosts Terrence J and Rocsi left in January 2013. He currently hosts the show alongside Canadian personality Keshia Chanté.

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Sarah Paulson Joins Todd Haynes Pic ‘Carol’

Sarah Paulson has closed a deal to join the Weinstein Co. pic “Carol,” starring Cate Blanchett.

Rooney Mara also stars with Todd Haynes directing.

Film is an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s “The Price of Salt.” Phyllis Nagy adapted the screenplay.

Paulson will play Blanchett’s ex-lover and current confidante.


Go Sarah! I need this movie like now.


Lost Girl 411 Promo/Stills

Lost Girl 4x11 "End Of A Line": Airs Sunday, January 26th at 10pm ET/PT on Showcase. After Bo narrowly escapes an attack by a vengeful Fae, the team tracks down who sent it, only to make Bo doubt her feelings for someone she loves. Also, a visit surprises Kenzi.

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In addition, a title and date has been set for 4.12 - I assume it is legit:
S04E12 - It Begins     9th Feb 2014 (NOTE: the show will be skipping a week again.)

SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3

Since they are skipping a week and Paul Amos (who plays Vex) has said "stiff drinks mandatory" and "this one is quite something" about this episode, I'd get prepared for possibly another cliffhanger and/or rage-off about the storyline (if you even care any more).  I feel zen about it though.  Like a randomly dead butterfly that has come back to life.  ;-P

Ben Foster: Why I Ate Dirt for 'Lone Survivor'


Lone Survivor has surprised many. It's the story of Operation Red Wings – a 2005 reconnaissance mission which found four Navy SEALs ambushed by anti-coalition militia on an Afghan mountain – adapted from SEAL Marcus Luttrell's memoir of the events. Written and directed by Peter Berg, who last coughed up the hideous Battleship, it's everything that film wasn't: heartfelt and exciting in all the right places. No 1 at the US box office, it's doubled its $40m budget and garnered frenzied reactions from both ends of the political spectrum.

This was very much a passion project for Berg, whose father was a Marine. He'd been working on it since 2007; after getting to know Luttrell and the families of the 19 SEALs killed in Operation Red Wings, he embedded with an active SEAL platoon in Iraq for a month. Ben Foster, who plays sonar technician Matthew "Axe" Axelson, one of the four ambushed SEALs, recalls when he first spoke to Luttrell. "He said, 'You know I named my son after the man that you would play – you can't fuck this up.' I said, 'All right, I'll do the very best that I can.' And there was some stillness on the phone, and I said, 'Well, let's spend some time together.'" Foster collected Luttrell from Texas and over three days they bonded on the trip to New Mexico.

Foster has always lent a brooding, simmering presence to his films, playing loose cannons in Alpha Dog, 3:10 To Yuma and The Messenger. Currently in pre-production for Duncan Jones's Warcraft, he speaks slowly, with purpose. As much as he would have liked to, he didn't get the chance to embed with active SEALs, as Berg had. "He was kind of the last civilian they let do that," he says. "The Navy started locking up its doors. But because Pete had made the relationships and proven his intentions on telling the story, they've been very generous with us. So we were not allowed to embed in any real operations, but we did simulate operations with live fire."

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Dude is crazy, but I love him

ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? The Lost Brangelina Post & a bonus on ONTD's stars!

After several requests, I decided to give you my couples post on Brangelina! And some preliminary numbers on ONTD's astrology!


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I'm having a horrible Friday at work, so.... astrology party post til FFAF comes to save us? My body is ready tbh.

Harry Styles Talks "Toothpaste" As One Direction Fans Circulate 'Missing' Photos Online

Harry Styles has always been one for rather bizarre tweets and the One Direction cutie has now taken to the social networking site once again to share an interesting fact about toothpaste. Standard.
Yesterday saw Justin Bieber get arrested and for some strange reason, this then led to fans spreading "lost" images of Hazza in the social networking world, but it seems like the 1D stud is alive and well as he took to Twitter to share yet another odd fact.

The 1D heartthrob has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles recently, where he has been spotted getting cosy with Kendall Jenner, but his UK fans are clearly missing him!
Meanwhile, despite the 'Hendall' romance rumours, Hazza was allegedly spotted flirting with a mystery brunette at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend.
"Harry came to the party with a group of people, he was with three guys and two girls—one of the girls was a brunette and one was a blonde. They were all sitting together in a corner booth laughing and having a good time," the eye-witness told E! News the website claims.
"As the night went on, I could see Harry flirting with the brunette. At one point it was just the two of them canoodling in the corner…they were really into each other."
Wonder what Kendall has to say about all of this?

we all know what that "unidentified" gel was, lbr

Hunter Moore Update: Held Without Bail!!

The founder of a so-called 'revenge porn' website has been arrested and charged by the FBI for allegedly hacking into email accounts and stealing nude photographs to post them online without consent.

Hunter Moore, 27, often described as 'the most hated man on the Internet', was arrested at his home in Woodland, California. A second man, Charles Evens, 25, was also arrested in the Studio City area of Los Angeles.

They face charges including conspiracy, computer hacking and aggravated identity theft as part of a 15-count federal grand jury indictment issued this week.

Evens pleaded not guilty before a federal judge. Moore did not enter a plea and remains in custody without bail in Northern California. If found guilty, they could spend decades behind bars.

According to the 13-page indictment, Moore allegedly conspired with Evens to illegally gain access to victims' computers to obtain explicit photographs for the purpose of revenge. Moore allegedly instructed Evens to hack e-mail accounts in exchange for large sums of money.

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I read that the FBI has a conviction rate of something like 99%. They don't indict anyone without an airtight case. He's also looking at approximately 35 years in prison, so he will be a senior citizen when he gets out.

Source 1

Source 2
Lindsay Lohan

Where Are They Now? Girlicious Edition

Nicole Scherzinger wanted a solo career because being the lead singer of a successful girl group wasn't enough attention, and Robin Antin wanted to keep the cash rolling from the PCD brand, thus giving birth to Girlicious. The group was formed from that one stupidly entertaining competition reality show back in 2008 (good times). Members included Nic, Nat, Tiff, and Chrys, but where are they now?~

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People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo george-clooney-660_zpsd46abcf9.jpg

"I don't want to scare Amy or Tina – I don't want them to be afraid at all – but they've poked the bear."

– Celeb prankster George Clooney, responding to Golden Globe Awards hosts Poehler and Fey's joke about his infamous love life, to Access Hollywood

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HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  Have a wonderful weekend!


Fox Contributer Rios: African Americans Are The Only Racists, Thanks To Obama

Last week, we were treated to the rantings of a Christian radio host who argued vehemently that white Americans were no longer racist. But, just in case they are, it is no fault of their own. Rather, “racist black people” by constantly bringing up race have brought out the racist demon in white folks.
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Beyonce and Jay Z Top Billboard's Power 100 List; Drunk in Love Hits #1 on R&B Charts

What is power? At its base, it’s the ability to reshape the world around you according to your vision. And who in the music industry did so better in the last year than this power couple?

Leveraging their star power to release new albums in unprecedented ways—Jay Z through Samsung and Beyoncé through iTunes—they instantly changed how the industry and fans thought about interacting with music. He gave his album away; she charged a premium price for hers. But they both used the element of surprise to restore the excitement that used to accompany a new release, before that impact was dulled by the endless thunder of carefully plotted promotion.

In short, they proved that content truly is king. Or, in this case, king and queen.

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Source 1 and 2

The Power 100 list is interesting because I believe they're the only ones on the list who are performers as well as involved in management. Also I see you, Gorlplz, callin' in those Alicia radio requests.

Hugh Jackman Joins Joe Wright's Peter Pan Movie

 photo Hugh-Jackman_zpsb4a48818.jpg

Warner Bros. announced today that the X-Man will star in director Joe Wright’s upcoming, yet-untitled live-action Peter Pan film. Jackman is set to play Blackbeard, the villain of this version of the story. (Jason Fuchs’ script casts Pan and Captain Hook as allies, at least initially.)

“There is a reason that Hugh is known and loved the world over,” Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution president Sue Kroll said in a statement. “He is uncompromising in his dedication to every role, and we are all thrilled to be working with him again.” Jackman can next be seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer’s eagerly-anticipated superhero flick.

Though Pan himself has yet to be cast, Tron: Legacy actor Garrett Hedlund has been tapped to play the more sympathetic Hook in Wright’s film. The movie is scheduled for release July 17, 2015.


New York Times Magazine makes a splash with bizzare Hillary Clinton cover

The New York Times made a splash with the cover for its upcoming magazine, which features a bizarre image of a skin-toned planet with the eerily-smiling face of Hillary Clinton stretched across its circumference.

The cover for this week's New York Times Magazine focuses on a feature story about Clinton, former secretary of state and wife of President Bill Clinton, and her influence on those around her — her gravitational pull, if you will.

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Will you be voting for Hillary in 2016? Do you regret not supporting her in 2008?

Australian Open: Rafael Nadal wins semi-final against Roger Federer to set up final against Wawrinka

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rafael Nadal will play Stanislas Wawrinka for the Australian Open crown after heaping yet more grand slam misery on Roger Federer on Friday night.

Clubbing winner after winner in a devastating display of power and precision, Nadal crushed Federer 7-6 (7/4), 6-3, 6-3 in their much-hyped semi-final at Melbourne Park.

The two-hour, 24-minute masterclass repeated his victory over Federer in the 2012 semi-finals and maintained the Spaniard's seven-year stranglehold over the Swiss.

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Jeremy Bieber Defends Son Justin Bieber: "Don't Believe Lies of the Enemy"


Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber‘s father, has taken to Twitter to defend his son after his arrest on Thursday (January 23) in Miami, Fla.

The 19-year-old entertainer and his father are currently together in Miami.

“I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy. #reallife” Jeremy wrote.

“Love @justinbieber @JazmynBieber @JaxonBieber #reallife” Jeremy wrote the evening before.

Justin‘s music manager Scooter Braun made a statement on Twitter about Justin as well, telling him he loves him and cares about him.

In case you missed all the news, Justin was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, drag racing, and resisting arrest.

adele exarchopoulos

Harvey Weinstein fighting a losing battle over gun control

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein announced recently that he's going after the National Rifle Association — a group that he told Howard Stern is a “disaster area” — by producing a new film about which he said “they're going to wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them.”

That's some bold talk. He's wrong, but that's some bold talk.

Oh, his intent isn't wrong. Wanting to curb gun violence is one of the most noble ideas there is. It's how to do it that is so problematic. Gun control advocates say fewer guns would result in fewer killings, while gun rights advocates say more guns would make criminals think twice before pulling a piece, out of fear that someone could shoot back.

Political filmmaking is touch and go. Sometimes filmmakers with a big point get their desired results — see “Blackfish,” the film exploring captive killer whales that has people seriously reconsidering the idea of holding orcas in amusement parks for exhibition. The same goes for any number of Michael Moore's films, from “Roger and Me” to “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which had people questioning the actions of the Bush administration after Sept. 11.

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paz, nhft

Fifth Harmony Supports Teens For Jeans Campaign

Aéropostale, Inc., a mall-based specialty retailer of casual apparel for young women and men, and DoSomething.org, the largest not-for-profit in the U.S. for teens and social change, today announced the seventh annual “Teens for Jeans” campaign.

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For more information, please visit www.teensforjeans.com or text ‘JEANS’ to 38383. The Fifth Harmony PSA can be seen here.

those angels supporting such a great cause!

source: looktothestars x dosomething x dosomething2

“Splash!” Diver Dan Osbourne Gets Tom Daley All Wet


Dan Osbourne, a cast member on the UK reality series The Only Way is Essex (think Jersey Shore with British accents), is currently competing on the celebrity-diving show Splash! And for that we are all grateful.

In the clip below, host Gabby Logan and mentor Tom Daley are clearly smitten with the lad. And we can’t blame them one bit.

“I didn’t choose them trunks,” Osbourne says of his leopard-print Speedo. At first I was like, ‘No way, that’s not happening.’ They went for it, they really did. They went to town on my trunks. They were well cool. After Splash!, I’m keeping them. I’m going to wear them on my next holiday – I’m taking them to Dubai with me.”

Might want to rethink that—they’re not very big on flamboyant men in Dubai.



Britney Spears Reclaims her fame in Las Vegas


I first met 17-year-old Britney Spears backstage at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom in 1999. I was a young Rolling Stone reporter and she was beginning the tour for her first studio album, …Baby One More Time. She was sweet, charming, and—surrounded by handlers—completely inaccessible.

One year later, we met again when I had become the entertainment editor at Seventeen magazine. By then she was an even more unimaginably huge star, but as sweet and unassuming as ever, with the infectious confidence of a child performer whose every move was calculated by the grownups around her.

When I left Rolling Stone for Seventeen, everyone thought I was crazy. But it was the best way to meet Britney: The 17-year-old reader follows the same stars, only without a trace of irony. Britney was loved. Almost 15 years later, Britney Spears—multi-platinum recording artist, fragrance tycoon, Madonna kisser, tabloid staple, mom, and now artist-in-residence at Planet Hollywood—still dazzles me with the energy and innocence of a high school cheerleader.

Britney's Hope to "Live a Normal Life"
Life for Britney is markedly different now. On a typical day, she drops off her two sons at school, heads over to a dance studio for five hours of rehearsal, picks up the kids, then drives home in time to cook dinner. “It’s a grueling schedule,” she admits. It might seem that taking on a two-year commitment to perform some 50 shows per year would add even more strain to an already packed schedule, but the singer imagines that life during her run of Britney: Piece of Me will be—as much as it can be for someone who has sold 100 million albums—rather ordinary. “I think I’ll be able to live a normal life with my kids,” Spears says from her home in Los Angeles with a tinge of optimism in her teenager sweet voice. “I will have some nights where I’ll come back to LA after the show and some when I’ll stay over in Las Vegas.” One activity she’ll be certain to squeeze in during those overnights: pampering. “They have the best spas in Las Vegas—oxygen facials at every one!”

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Disney’s ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Gets U.S. Stage Premiere at La Jolla Playhouse

The stage musical adaptation of Disney’s 1996 animated pic “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” which premiered in Germany in 1999 but never made it Stateside, will have its American preem as part of the 2014-15 season at La Jolla Playhouse, alongside the west coast bow of Elizabeth Egloff’s historical drama “Ether Dome.”

The stage version of “Hunchback,” a rare team-up of songwriters Alan Menken (“Little Shop of Horrors,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Newsies”) and Stephen Schwartz (“Wicked,” “Pippin”), has been in the works for a while now with the aim of retooling the title for future life. Whereas the original 1999 adaptation, which played Berlin for three years, had a book by James Lapine (“Sunday in the Park with George,” “Into the Woods”), this new version has a book by Peter Parnell (“The West Wing,” “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”). Scott Schwartz, the legit helmer who is Stephen Schwartz’s son, directs.

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Better late than never, even though it took 15 years. Even though I am more of a Notre Dame de Paris girl when comes to theatre adaptations I am glad this is finally coming to the states. Just waiting for the day I can see this amazing song live, this can be one of Disney's best villain songs aka. Hellfire appreciation post.

USA Network Picks Up Eliza Coupe-Jay Harrington Courtroom Comedy Benched

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Happy EndingsEliza Coupe is guilty of… having a brand new TV series!

USA Network has handed a 12-episode series order to Benched, a half-hour, single-cam comedy starring Coupe as a dedicated, career-driven corporate attorney who has a very public nervous breakdown after getting passed up for an expected promotion, and finds herself working as a public defender.
Better Off Ted‘s Jay Harrington co-stars as Nina’s new colleague, Phil, a tall, dark and handsome, if not a little scruffy, public defender and avid gambler.

Trophy Wife‘s Michaela Watkins penned the script with Damon Jones (Halfway Home) and both will serve as EPs alongside John Enbom (Party Down),  Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy) and Andrea Shay (Family Tools).


Elisha Cuthbert is the only one from the Happy Endings' cast who has zero project

FF: Firefox1490 Lighting

First poster for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has hit the web

The first poster for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released by EW. The poster features our Christian Grey, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, and the tagline “Mr. Grey Will See You Now.” The film, which was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and also stars Dakota Johnson (The Social Network), hits theaters on Valentines Day 2015.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Should you be lucky enough to be standing — or driving — by one of five specific street corners in the U.S. in the next couple of days you will see the soon sure-to-be-famous backside of the one and only Christian Grey from Universal Pictures’ upcoming film adaptation of the smash best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

On Jan. 25, the studio will begin to debut these extra large billboards, featuring Irish actor Jamie Dornan as the kinky, domineering billionaire, in five locations around the country. The campaign kicks off the countdown to the film’s opening on Valentine’s Day weekend 2015.
Those five locations are: New York (Grand St. & 6th Ave), Los Angeles (Wilshire Blvd. & Gayley), Chicago (LaSalle & Hubbard), San Francisco (Mission St. & 6th), and Grey’s own hometown of Seattle (1st St. & Wall St.).
The image is a sleek, provocative start for what will be a long marketing campaign, conveying Grey’s master-of-the-universe image: the man stands overlooking the entire Seattle skyline. And though you don’t see his face, Dornan certainly wears the suit well.

Plus it’s for this year’s Valentine’s Day, the perfect time of year for any woman to be longing for an unreachable, fantasy man.

Fifty Shades fans, what do you think? Does this make you more optimistic for the movie?

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10 (errr 5) Bands Who Will Influence The Inevitable Pop-Screamo Revival Of 2017

The so-called “emo revival” is all the rage these days, and isn’t it ironic? A genre once ridiculed by mainstream publications and snobby critics is now the inspiration for a new think-piece every week. This surge of new emo bands has also brought with it a great sense of nostalgia for the old, revered bands of the genre. It’s only natural. But while everyone was reminiscing “Jimmy Eat World this” and “the Promise Ring that,” we got to thinking: What about emo’s loud cousin? What about pop-screamo?

If you’re wondering what pop-screamo is, it’s pretty much what its name implies: Poppy emo music with screaming in it that captured mainstream attention in the mid-2000s. You may remember it gracing AP’s cover via the likes of Story Of The Year, the Used, Hawthorne Heights and more. Given the cyclical nature of music trends, it’s only a matter of time before pop-screamo comes back into favor with major labels and rock radio programmers nationwide. So who will the new crop of bands cite as influences? We have an idea.

Senses Fail

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Harry Styles (and Louis) Mourns the Death of Teenage One Direction Fan: "She Was So, So Lovely"


Harry Styles is mourning the loss of a young and very hard-core One Direction fan.
Magdalena (Magda) Szablinska, a 16-year-old from the U.K., suddenly died this week outside her school in Hounslow from what is thought to have been a cardiac arrest. Magda was rushed to a local hospital but doctors were unable to save her.
Earlier today, Styles, who had previously met and took photos with Magda, took to Twitter to share his condolences. "It's incredibly sad to hear the news about Magda," he wrote. "She was so so lovely, i am thinking of her and her family. RIP .xx."
Magda, who ran a 1D fan Twitter account that has over 107,000 followers, had quite a history with the boy band. She had met and taken photos with Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson in addition to actively updating her Twitter account with photos of the band.
Magda's father told the London Evening Standard today, "We are trying to come to terms with this. She was an angel and everybody has said so. So many people have contacted us to pay their respects, she was so loved."
He added, "She liked One Direction and had so many friends on Facebook, she loved school and was very popular and doing very well, she was our star."
This isn't the first time 1D has lost a dedicated fan. Kelcey Hallinan, who lost her battle to cancer this past November, got a posthumous shout-out from Styles after her passing. He wrote at the time, "Incredible attitude, incredible person. R.I.P. KH."


such sweet princes.  r.i.p magda!

Justin Bieber's Skateboard Ramp Reveals Key Evidence In Egging Attack

TMZ got hold of these photos ... showing Justin Bieber's skateboard ramp with a dejected Lil Za kneeling in sorrow ... but there's a BIG CLUE that could help crack the egging case wide open.

Za was in Bieber's Calabasas backyard Thursday ... spray panting his demand to free Bieber and Khalil after their arrests in Miami Beach early that morning.

Now here's what's really interesting. People familiar with the skateboard ramp pointed us in the direction of the splatter marks. Sources VERY familiar with the situation tell us ... they're EGG splatters.

The splatters are highly relevant in the case of the egging of Bieber's neighbor last week. One connected source told us ... Bieber and his buds were stoned in his backyard just before the egging incident, throwing eggs at each other and hitting the ramp. Then on a lark they went next door and did the same to Justin's neighbor.

A key law enforcement source tells TMZ ... when Sheriff's deputies executed their search warrant last week ... they saw the skate ramp from a distance but didn't scrutinize it.

The law enforcement source said to us ... this makes total sense ... because they were all baffled as to why Justin would suddenly attack the neighbor for no apparent reason. It makes more sense that the games in the backyard escalated to an egg attack on Justin's neighbor.


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Pitbull, vocalist Jennifer Lynn López (and someone else) unite for FIFA's World Cup Song!

FIFA and Sony Music today named "We Are One" by Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte the official song for the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament, which kicks off June 12 in Sao Paulo. The song will be released by Sony in the coming months and performed at the World Cup opening ceremony. A video for "We Are One (Ole Ola)" is also in the works.

"I truly believe that this great game and the power of music will help unify us," Pitbull said during an official announcement today (Jan. 23) at the Macarena Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. "Because we are best when we are one."

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Taylor Swift Really Wants Ed Sheeran to Win a Grammy

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"I want him to win everything he's ever up for," the singer says. "He's one of my favorite people on the planet. And he's so talented and he's worked so hard for it."

"I think he would have amazing acceptance speeches. We toured together all year and I watched him every single night. He was just such a show-stopper."

"It was so amazing to watch him work and to watch him put together his new record, which is going to be great," Swift says. "Whether or not he wins Best New Artist, I think people are going to be so blown away by what comes next from him."

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idc about ed besides the whole "how the fuck he's still a newcomer" thing BUT DID YOU HEAR SHE'S PERFORMING ALL TOO WELL
bubblegum bitch

Kristen Stewart Talks Makeup

If you looked at pictures of me when I was 14 or 15, you couldn’t tell the difference between me and my brothers. I looked like a boy, fully. I really like extremes. I wear jeans and t-shirts and am a total tomboy, but at the same time, when I pull out all the stops [for an event], I want to fucking go for it, polarized in the other direction from my reality. Everything Balenciaga makes is beautiful; watching their runway shows is like watching a movie. But wearing it is not the easiest thing. It’s tough to integrate that type of thing into your life. But when you can do it—wear something unexpected, with your personal style—it’s incredibly badass.

I still really don’t know how to do my own makeup. I do the same thing every day, if I do my own: mascara and black eyeliner. I’m a bit of a raccoon—I already have dark eyes—so I just make them a little bit darker. One of my makeup artists, Jill Dempsey, made an eyeliner that I really dig, but I don’t think she’s making any more, which is a bummer. I just use whatever black liner. There’s a pencil that you can get at Topshop that’s cheap, so I’ll get, like, five of them, and they last forever and they’re really, really good. I do both the top and bottom line and then just smudge it with my finger.

I don’t have a favorite mascara, genuinely. I like it clumpy, though—I’ll use anything if it’s clumpy, black, and it works. I don’t mind it being really cakey and heavy. (ew what that's like what I always try to avoid, spider-y lashes are the WORST)

If I’m being responsible, I’ll wash my face, but I never take off my eyeliner or my mascara because it looks so good the next day. It’s a continuous thing; I think I’ve never really had clean eyes. [Laughs] For my skin, I use the whole Proactive system. It really, really works for me; I’ve used it since I was a teenager, a young teenager. I feel like I’m a total spokesperson for them because it really did help me and I’m always telling people, ‘Oh, dude!’ and mentioning it in interviews, but I can’t imagine doing one of their commercials. I don’t think they’d want me to, to be honest. Better in print. [Laughs]

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I've heard proactive pretty much ruins your skin if you stop using it and it's still endorsed by like half of hollywood/the world....
jaebeom | ysl
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Shakira reveals special Target deluxe edition of her album + new fragrance & Voice promo!

We're excited to announce that Shak's teaming up with Target for the Deluxe Edition of her new album, Shakira (out March 25)!

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Shakira is releasing a new fragrance Aphrodisiac Elixir
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new The Voice promo(the series starts on 24th February!!)

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5th Muster- Tae

Official Live-Action Attack on Titan TV Ad's 1st Photo Debuts

On Friday, the Daily Sports newspaper posted the first photograph from the Subaru Forester commercial created in collaboration with next year's live-action Attack on Titan film. The commercial will debut during this evening's Kinyōbi Road Show! (Friday Road Show!) movie airing.

Shinji Higuchi, the 48-year-old director of the live-action Attack on Titan film and The Floating Castle (Nobō no Shiro), also worked on the commercial. The commercial features three Titan giants, including one regular Titan and one female Titan played by stunt people and enhanced with computer graphics. It took four hours to apply the female Titan's makeup.

In addition, the commercial filmed a model of a colossal Titan's upper body. The model was about two meters (about six feet) tall and required seven people to operate.

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laughing/crying at this. had no idea the live action is scheduled for next year
mmmmmm creepy anime post?


Beyonce thinks that Haley and Mckenzie Small are ***Flawless

You know when Beyonce gives you an online thumbs up, you are on the right track. Two singers from Toronto, Haley and McKenzie Small, got Queen B’s seal of approval this week when she posted their cover of Pretty Hurtson her Facebook page. It is actually amazing.

When they came in to Much, Liz had to ask them how they felt when they first found out. “I’m on my Instagram and I started to see notifications pop up saying, ‘Bey sent us here,’…’ Bey told us to watch this video,’” Haley Small said. “I was screaming around the house and then I texted McKenzie and she didn’t respond for like hours.”

McKenzie knew this would be a great song for two young women to sing. “Social pressures takes a big part in high school. I’m in high school,” she said. “The way you look is a huge part of life so Pretty Hurts really does represent everything about that.”

Watch the rest of the interview at source.
Source: http://blog.muchmusic.com/beyonce-thinks-that-hayley-and-mckenzie-small-are-flawless/

Demi Lovato Says Selena is "Strong" and Doing "Really Well" in Wake of Ex Justin Bieber's Arrest


It sounds like Selena Gomez can be secure in the knowledge that she has a loyal, concerned friend in Demi Lovato.

The fellow pop stars and former Disney Channel princesses had dinner togetherjust last night in L.A., the pair enjoying a girls' night out hours after Selena's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was arrested for alleged DUI in Miami.

So, how is Selena doing now that the aftermath-spotlight is inevitably following her around as well, considering her history with Justin?

"We're really, really close," Demi said of Selena, talking to On Air With Ryan Seacrest tonight at the KIIS-FM pre-Grammys party, one of the bashes leading up to Sunday's Grammy Awards.

"And," Demi added, "any advice I had for her, we talked last night and—you know—it's between us. But I love her so much."

The longtime pals have known each other since the child-actor audition circuit back when they were little girls.

"We have an incredible friendship," Demi continued. Selena "is strong! She's doing really well right now!"

The "Skyscraper" singer, whose hair is currently dyed a perky pink, also agreed that Selena is looking great. "She's doing really well right now and I'm really happy for her," Demi said.

rest of the interview here

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Preview of the KING's Wonderful Pistachio Ad

This year's Super Bowl commercials will feature several new faces to the advertising world, perhaps none more striking than Stephen Colbert, the Comedy Central star who became a household name skewering TV pundits on The Colbert Report. Colbert will hawk Wonderful Pistachios, a brand noteworthy for employing some of the more unusualpitchmen in ad history. What can we expect? Judging by the company's recently-released teaser, more or less the same Colbert who's on TV every Monday-Thursday.

The bluster, the suit, the cocked eyebrow, the background eagle - it's all there. That persona is why Colbert is so successful, and it's what people want to see. Although the teaser doesn't give much away in terms of what's in store for the ad, it does show the spot will follow a tried-and-true formula for success - this won't be the first time Colbert ventures outside the confines of his studio still in character.

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