January 20th, 2014


Lost Girl 410 Q&A w/Exec Prod Emily Andras (SPOILERS)

This week's post-mortem brings an update on an MIA Tamsin, talk of Wander(er)ing hands and a preview of the Kenzi-focused episode to come.

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[FINAL COUNTDOWN...WhoaaaaOhhhh]
At this point, if the remaining episodes were just multiple hair-band songs cobbled together...I would pick Once Bitten Twice Shy or maybe some Joan Jett (overly optimistic, tho, that song, haha). Anyone get the butterfly/kid!Bo thing at ALL, b/c if that was from S1 or an earlier season... *makes Psycho stabbing motions*  Why was that not a question? That needed to be a question. It feels like there was a LOT of crap missing with the Bo/Rainer train junk.  Potentially leaving THAT on the cutting floor.... smh  Also, I do not have Beauty and the Beast memorized, so if the butterfly was supposed to be a rose stand-in....

At least the next few episodes sound potentially interesting (FINALLY THE KENZI BACKSTORY THAT'S BEEN TEASED FOREVER, OMG A HALE SIGHTING!, TAM-TAM POTENTIALLY BEING HER TAM-TAMMIEST, LINDA HAMILTON COMING BACK! I thought I had misread that she was coming back this season so I'm glad my reading comprehension is less in doubt, THEY HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN THAT DAMN SEED!)
, but they are gonna have to be AMAZING episodes, is all I have to say. This one left me fairly underwhelmed, even though I appreciate Kenzi/Dyson/Lauren being cute and fighting evil mermaids and all the shirtless Kyle Schmid.  I just would've liked a bit more of it (particularly the Bo/Rainer part) to have made more sense.  Kenzi/Lauren/Dyson legit saved this ep from being wtf-land, imo.

Britney walks, Sean cries

Britney Spears, Sean, 8, and Jayden, 7, were seen leaving Barnes & Noble in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (January 18).

As they were leaving Sean shed a few tears but mom kept right on walking.

In a recent interview Spears said having her boys has made her really relate to her mom Lynne.

“My mom is a wonderful woman. She’s always been an inspiration to me, but having kids helped me make even more sense of my relationship with her. My sons [Sean] Preston and Jayden are eight and seven now – and not only do I find myself doing some of the things my mom used to do, I also understand why she did them.”

The Toxic singer is back in Los Angeles and gearing up for her second leg of her Las Vegas residency. She’s continuing her series of shows at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
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lol, my mom used to keep going too, if I started crying/having an attitude in public.


Jimmy Fallon reveals his first 'Tonight Show' guests

One month before Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show, the 39-year-old unveiled the first guests for his inaugural The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Will Smith will join Fallon as the show's first guest on Feb. 17, with musical guest U2, Fallon announced Sunday afternoon during his winter Television Critics Association press tour session.

U2, Oscar-nominated for best original song for "Ordinary Love" from Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom, is releasing a new album later this year. Smith next stars in Warner Bros.' Focus.

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Who would you invite as the first guests on your talk show?
AHS - Jessica Lange lightning

Wow. Such Awesome. Much Money.

Reddit Helped Fund The Jamaican Bobsled Team With Dogecoin Currency

On October 1, the Disney sports movie masterpiece Cool Runnings turned 20-years old with very little celebration, other than a brilliant, thought-provoking piece written by one of the most handsome men to have ever lived. It’s never too late to wish a beloved movie a happy birthday, though, and Cool Runnings is about to be the subject of a lot of new headlines, at the very least, thanks to a Reddit campaign that raised about $30,000 to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

“An Olympic fundraiser? Big deal,” I’m sure someone just said out loud to his monitor, followed by some incoherent ranting about how Stephen Colbert already did it and it was so much better. But the unique aspect of this fundraiser is that these enterprising Redditors raised all of the funds through Dogecoin, which is like Bitcoin, except that it features everyone’s favorite Internet meme. If anything, it was an act that serves the best interests of both the Jamaican athletes and those who would like to purchase things such wow.
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I can't.... this is amazing. I love the internet.

'Looking' Stars Tell You Exactly What You're In For

HBO's latest half-hour dramedy premieres Sunday night (January 19), and even though you might not have heard much about "Looking," it's already garnered favorable comparisons to both "Girls" and "Sex and the City."

Delving into the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco as they juggle their professional and romantic lives, the series is the latest from Andrew Haigh. And given the critical acclaim for his 2011 breakout film "Weekend," the buzz for "Looking" was palpable. It features elements that made his debut film such a success: A loose, improv-like dialogue, a verite shooting style and an almost painfully naturalistic look into the lives of men who are all too relatable.

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Liz Black/White

'Ride Along' Breaks MLK Weekend Record + WEEKEND BOX OFFICE

Over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Kevin Hart/Ice Cube comedy Ride Along drew huge crowds and set a new January opening record. Meanwhile, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit missed the mark and Devil's Due bombed.

Playing at 2,663 locations, Ride Along scored a fantastic $41.2 million over the three-day weekend. That's a tad higher than Cloverfield, which had previously held the January record with $40.1 million. Among original comedies, Ride Along had the highest opening since Ted ($54.4 million) back in June 2012.
Ride Along's stunning debut can be attributed to a number of factors. First and foremost, the movie had a strong, broadly-appealing premise that was put front-and-center in all of the marketing material. That would be worthless, though, if the movie looked like a dud: fortunately, the Ride Along previews were packed with solid laughs, including a very memorable shotgun bit. All of this was brought to life by stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, both of whom have strong brands that aligned nicely with the Ride Along material.

Ride Along's audience was 57 percent female, and 54 percent over the age of 25. The ethnic breakdown was 50 percent African American, 30 percent Hispanic, and 12 percent Caucasian. With an "A" CinemaScore, Ride Along is guaranteed to earn over $100 million by the end of its run.

Fellow Universal Pictures release Lone Survivor took second place this weekend with an estimated $23.2 million. The movie's light 39 percent decline can be attributed to strong word-of-mouth ("A+" CinemaScore) and an ongoing marketing push. To date, the Afghanistan war drama has earned $74 million.
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Box Office Mojo 2

Damn son

Justin Bieber: Treasure Trove of Drugs In Mansion During Raid

Justin Bieber had drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house when it was raided Tuesday ... but drugs were not on deputies' radar ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... when L.A. County Sheriff's deputies searched the house ... there were 2 large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view. There were also 4 - 5 empty codeine bottles in the mansion.

There were also 3 bongs -- 1 in the TV room and 2 in the kitchen.

There were styrofoam cups scattered throughout the house that had elaborate drawings on them ... including the names of the people who used them. The cups, we're told, were used for Sizzurp (also called lean) -- which is Justin's drug of choice. We're told he likes to draw on the cups with markers after using them.

And speaking of Sizzurp ... Sprite is usually part of the mix, but we're told Justin preferred pineapple Fanta instead. There were empty Fanta bottles that were discolored ... we're told from the codeine.

There were lots of "swisher sweets" cigars laying around the house -- Bieber's preferred way to smoke marijuana.

And speaking of weed … we're told Justin has a dedicated smoking room in the house, complete with hookah pipes. Sources say when cops showed up ... some of his friend went into the room and some of the illicit stuff went down the toilet.

As for why cops didn't seize any of these items ... law enforcement sources say they were not on the hunt for drugs -- they were primarily looking for video equipment that may have been attached to surveillance cameras. In fact, cops probably couldn't pry and open jars and such, because it would have exceeded the scope of the search warrant.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin has developed a serious drug problem and his people are pushing him to enter rehab ... something he has resisted.


"To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse..." Sherman Explains Postgame Interview


  • I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me. I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, “Good game, good game.” That’s when he shoved my face, and that’s when I went off.

  • It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am. I don’t want to be a villain, because I’m not a villainous person.

  • To those who would call me a thug or worse because I show passion on a football field—don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.

  • But people find it easy to take shots on Twitter, and to use racial slurs and bullying language far worse than what you’ll see from me. It’s sad and somewhat unbelievable to me that the world is still this way, but it is. I can handle it.

The interview:

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I'm so unexpectedly fascinated by this whole ordeal.
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A Land

NBC Officially Greenlights TV Pilot for Bisexual DC Comics Character

NBC has officially ordered a pilot for a television series based on DC Comics's bisexual dark sorcerer John Constantine, reports Deadline.

Constantine will follow the titular mystical detective as he is pushed to protect our world from malevolent forces. The pilot is spearheaded by executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer. Goyer previously served as script writer for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and last summer's Man of Steel.

Originally a character from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, Constantine was revealed as bisexual in an early-'90s issue of John Constantine: Hellblazer. The title would eventually run for over 20 years to much acclaim, and was adapted into a feature film starring Keanu Reeves in 2005.

Constantine currently appears in a self-titled comic book as well as Justice League Dark, which is under development as a movie, written by director Guillermo del Toro.

ONTD, how much are they going to fuck this up?
Distingue Traces

There's no cock, so don't go expecting it - but here's the threesome from last night's LOOKING

UPDATE: For anyone still reading, the whole episode is up on Youtube now courtesy of HBO. It won't embed, or I'd add it.


Suffice it to say that ONTD did not, on the whole, love the premiere of LOOKING last night. The people who think it's too white still think it's too white, and some who had been looking forward to it were put off by the ambling pace and casual dialogue.

Watching it on a blurry and stuttering online stream I was a little deflated myself: Half an hour wasn't enough to really establish the characters and situations, so the whole thing did feel a little insubstantial. But when I found a clearer version, I thought it was lovely - a very non-glam view of San Francisco, but for sure the city of MUNI stops and grey skies I know.

So I'm still excited for the rest of the season, and I thought I'd throw ONTD the most skin that we got last night. Don't bother reaching for the lotion: it's considerably less heat than we got way back in the nineties when Littlefinger ate out Jax Teller's underage ass.

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But I think the scene was nicely played, so here it is.

And I guess I need a source or something to post, not just a ripped clip, so, well ... you say the AVClub is banned, mods? Okay, I guess I'll just post this then.

"After a good six months of increasingly intense anticipation (at least within certain circles), Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh's San Francisco-set HBO series "Looking" finally made its official debut last night. With it came some pretty remarkable expectations that are really no surprise when...Collapse )

Right. That's great. So there it is, then: a strong A-minus for HBO's LOOKING!

Source: IndieWIRE (although the AVClub was funnier, mods.) and also my totally-fair-use hard drive

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Connie Britton Admits She's Not Above Using Blackmail to Make the Friday Night Lights Movie


If you’re a fan of Friday Night Lights, getting your heart broken is a routine experience. Whether it’s because of the tear-jerking plotlines on the show (Street’s injury, Matt’s dad dying) or the antics of cast members off-screen (those Emmy losses, Battleship), FNL fans are, by now, well-versed in dealing with emotional trauma. Still, none of us were prepared for the agony that was 2013, during which time we got our hopes up, only to see them crushed, over the possibility of a Friday Night Lights movie time and time again. Apparently, though, fans aren’t the only ones who’ve struggled through the “will they or won’t they” filmmaking saga; Connie Britton, aka Tami Taylor, has revealed that she is “choosing the right moment to use” blackmail information on her co-stars, in order to make the FNL movie finally happen.

While we’re all for doing whatever it takes to see Coach and Tami reunited on-screen, it’s a bit surprising that Britton shares our feelings, seeing as her old boss, FNL creator Peter Berg, has said that a movie is “probably not a good idea” and definitely not going to happen. Despite the rest of the FNL cast who supported the idea of a film seeming to have moved on, Britton has stayed vocal about her beliefs that an FNL movie should happen. Her support is great for fans, of course, but it does makes us wonder — why does Tami Taylor want a movie so badly?

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I don't need a movie, just a sit down interview with all of them together!

JT roundup: fan meetings, inspirational stories, + photobombs

Alberta woman’s dream encounter with Justin Timberlake

EDMONTON – Amanda Renneberg is undoubtedly the envy of thousands of Justin Timberlake fans after his concert Monday. Not only did the 27-year-old Sherwood Park woman get a special shout-out from the pop star, but she also had the meeting of her dreams with him before the show.

Global News first spoke to Renneberg in December, after she and her boyfriend, Derek Jones, started an online campaign to help Renneberg get her wish of meeting Timberlake. She explained then that his music inspires her and gives her the motivation to keep fighting her rare neuro-muscular disorder, Friedreich’s Ataxia.

A few days later, the unexpected happened.

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Google honors Martin Luther King, Jr. with doodle

Google's doodles aren't universally popular.

Last week, the Washington Post published an opinion from Justin Moyer, who suggested that history's great names had become "marketing tools."

Of course, it's not just Google that has featured famous people. Apple's "Here's To The Crazy Ones" as is all about a company attaching itself to history's rebels in order to sell a computer.

Still, for Martin Luther King Jr. day, Google offers a simple, peaceful rendition of Dr. King.

Moyer in his piece wrote: "We'd be appalled if McDonald's used Martin Luther King Jr.'s image to sell hamburgers."

Yet Google's talent in using historical figures lies in the fact that it presents many of whom few have heard. All are treated in the appropriate tone. All allow for a little learning, as well as the occasional book sold through Google's store.

For Martin Luther King Jr., we see doves of peace and King himself. A click on the doodle leads you to learn more.

There are some who have no idea of the vast contribution he made to American history and the essence of peaceful protest.

Though racism is by no means dead, the sheer inhumanity of racial segregation against which he fought would be unimaginable to many of those who didn't witness it.

Time regularly fools us. We can easily feel that the world has always been more or less as we see it.

Doodles such as Monday's remind us that there was an America that was very, very different.

  • allyson

Lance Bass debuts first single in 12 years

Lance Bass is back—to making music, that is!

For the first time in 12 years, the former 'N Sync boy bander is set to release a new song.

And only we have the exclusive first listen to the single, "Walking On Air," which drops tomorrow on iTunes. The tune is a collaboration between Bass, Anise K, Bella Blue and—get ready for it!—Snoop Dog.

"For the last two years I've been listening to demos, just trying to figure out if I want to get back in the studio," Bass tells me. "I hadn't heard anything that resonated with me. But a couple of months ago, a track from Anise K landed in my lap from a friend of mine and he was like, 'I think this will be your first song."

Describing the song as a "fun dance track," Bass said, "These days songs have to be played in clubs and this is one of those songs that you'll definitely hear in the club. I'm sure it will be remixed so many different times."

Bass admits he'd love to get back to performing on stage. "But I have zero plans," he said. "I'm going to release it and if people love it, hopefully it will climb the charts...I'm just going to play it by ear." (Earlier versions were released last year in Australia as well as in Belgium with Belgian pop star Ian Thomas.)

Meanwhile, Bass was in Park City, Utah last week for Slamdance, where he premiered Kidnapped For Christ, a documentary he executive produced about an American-run school in the Dominican Republic that uses abusive behavior modification methods to try to change gay teens straight. "They're trying to reform them—pray the gay away," said Bass, who is engaged to artist Michael Turchin. "It's total torture. The first time I saw the rough edit my jaw was on the floor."

source b/c vid doesn't embed
Alternate source bc I dont trust eonline to have working vids

tbh this is a pre-existing song with Lance vocals added in from what I can tell. So I wasn't expecting much but this track is so fun! I'm glad he's finally releasing it in the US!! Buy it on iTunes tomorrow y'all!


Gemma Arterton/The Duchess of Malfi Post

Video: Gemma Arterton on Hollywood and acting by candlelight

Actress Gemma Arterton is playing the title role in The Duchess of Malfi, the macabre, tragic play written by the English dramatist John Webster in 1612. The play is being performed entirely by candlelight at the Globe in London within the second theatre, which has been designed to replicate the indoor playhouses of the early 17th Century.The BBC's Brenda Emmanus caught up with Arterton to talk about the play and why she does not think she is the perfect fit for Hollywood.

The Duchess of Malfi Photocall Pictures

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My flawless Queen is so beautiful, even without makeup.


Stunning 1860s-Style Portraits of the Stars at Sundance

Tintypes, specifically, painstakingly shot by ace photographer Victoria Will at Sundance.

Every year, some extraordinary photographs and moments happen at The Sundance Film Festival. Photographer Victoria Will is no stranger to them, having covered the Festival for the past four years.

In the past, Will has created straightforward (and stunning) photographs of celebrities in attendance, but this year, she decided to try something new—and also incredibly challenging:
"A year ago I had my tin type portrait made at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn by the Penumbra Foundation," says Will, "and since that moment I have been intrigued by wet plate work, you might even say obsessed. I am fascinated by the slow process, the finicky nature of the chemistry, and the beauty in each unpredictable result. There is something really special in each wet plate being one of a kind. It's incredibly honest."

Esquire.com asked Victoria (with darkroom help from fellow photographer Josh Wool) to share her photographs from this year with us. Take a look at this exclusive, incredible (sometimes haunting!) collection of images of some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces.

Diane Kruger


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rest at the source
[actress] Grace Kelly

Louise Brealey talks Sherlock

Nearly all the recurring players on the PBS show Sherlock are based on fictional folks found in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Holmes tales. The most obvious exception? Molly Hooper, the morgue registrar played by actress Louise Brealey. In fact, the show’s creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss at first only intended the Holmes-assisting Hooper to appear in the show’s first episode. But over the years, Molly has become a genuinely beloved character as viewers tracked her unrequited crush on Benedict Cumberbatch’s titular sleuth and her predictably doomed romance with Andrew Scott’s villainous Moriarty.

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cousin greg

King Renly is gonna be in a new show y'all

ALT stars Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) as 24-year-old Danny, who finds himself transported to a parallel universe with his ex-best friend Milo, played by Craig Roberts (Submarine).

The full synopsis for the new drama reads: "Imagine: that mate you dumped months ago because he's a tool, rings you out of the blue and asks for help. You go round and he's tripping. Banging on about parallel worlds and killers with swords and you're not really listening to be honest.

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Vanessa Hudgens: Eating out of the trash for my role was traumatic

Vanessa Hudgens had a panic attack while shooting her new film.
The 25-year-old actress plays pregnant teenager Agnes 'Apple' Bailey in upcoming movie Gimme Shelter. Based on a true story, the feature follows Agnes as she is forced onto the streets during a search for her father.

For this gritty role Vanessa was put in some extreme situations, such as drinking a raw egg and eating from a trash can. One scene in particular pushed the film star over the edge.

"The stealing the car was really traumatic for me for some reason because the guy who tells me to get in the car, his name was Jeff, he was kind of my bodyguard, he was looking out for me the whole time.

"And they wanted me to drive the car really close to him and he bangs on it and he yells at me, and it was so much to take all at the same time that I just had a panic attack and I kind of lost it for a second 'cause it was really overwhelming," she recalled to redeyechicago.com.

"And then eating out of the garbage was horrible as well because there was a paparazzi there that day so pictures are out of 'Vanessa eating out of the trash,' and I'm like, 'No, it's Apple.'"

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Lady Gaga towers above designer Azzedine Alai”a in gargantuan heels

She is known as one of pop's most statuesque figures.

But Lady Gaga took that a step too far on Monday when she attended the Azzedine Alaia fashion show in Paris, France, as part of the Men's Collections.

At 1.55 metres tall, the 27 year-old star dwarfed the acclaimed tastemaker by more than a foot as they posed together for photographs ahead of his collection preview.

Wearing a black and white jumpsuit, the eccentric performer - real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - looked Harlequin-inspired for the city's annual showcase, which has seen the likes of Salma Hayek and Anna Wintour in attendance this year.

She matched the look with epic heels and a grey wig made of plaited rope.

Conservative in comparison, Azzedine opted for an all-black ensemble capped with basic trainers and a waterproof jacket.
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Kasabian: 'Miley Cyrus is a fucking nightmare of the 21st century'

Kasabian have branded Miley Cyrus "a fucking nightmare of the 21st century".

The NME cover stars have slammed the music industry over their marketing of the singer. The 'Wrecking Ball' singer has courted controversy in recent months due to a number of high-profile incidents, including her much-discussed performance at the MTV VMA's when she danced with giant teddy bears and twerked on singer Robin Thicke. She has since hit out at criticism of her behaviour by claiming that she is just playing a "character".

Songwriter and guitarist Serge Pizzorno told NME: "I don't really know what that world is man. It's just a fucking money making thing. We (the music industry) created Miley Cyrus man, that's our fault. She's just a fucking accumulation of internet porn, fucking hip-hop, fucking Disney world. She's just a fucking nightmare of the 21st century."

He went on: "It's not her fault but we created that. The way she goes about her business, Twitter, all this bollocks, blows my mind."

Singer Tom Meighan, who now has a baby daughter, added: "I'll tell you something my daughter's not going to be anything like her no way." The Leicester band also paid tribute to Chase and Status, who were among a number of artists they say influenced their forthcoming album. "Fucking Chase And Status at Reading last year was massive, beyond big. There's a lot to be learned from seeing Chase And Status, the atmosphere they generate, it's fucking energy man. It's exciting," Pizzorno said.


The 5 Biggest Figure Skating Scandals of All Time

If you’re looking for high drama, politically-motivated favoritism, and the most elegant kind of foul play, figure skating is the Olympic sport for you. And it’s not just a overabundance of flesh-panelling and egos that make for trouble — the sport seems to attract some of the most Machiavellian behind-the-scenes “fixers,” too.

Here’s your guide to the five greatest figure-skating scandals to ever grace the ice…


Despite the Cold War finishing up on the political stage in 1991, it extended its icy grip to the skating ring well into the 21st century.

The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City was marred by yet another Soviet vs. the Rest skirmish: it turned out that Russia had manipulated the votes for its figure-skating couple, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, over the better-performing Canadian duo Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

The truth emerged when French judge Marie-Reine La Gougne broke down and admitted that she’d been forced by the head of the French Skating Organization to vote for the Russian couple, irrespective of their performance. An inquiry was ordered, and the International Skating Union upgraded the Canadian couple’s medal to gold, while La Gougne was suspended for misconduct.

The Russians, however, remained untouchable.

Want to play judge yourself? Why not compare Jamie Sale and David Pelletier here…

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Nicole Beharie Lawsuit

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Sleepy Hollow" star Nicole Beharie is begging for a lawsuit ... so says her stylist, who tells TMZ, she's on the brink of taking the actress to court after Beharie stiffed her on a HUGE styling bill.

Sharone Blades tells us ... Beharie hired her to style the actress for a Television Critics Association event Monday ... and agreed to pay $5,000.

Sharone says she did a bang-up job and Nicole loved her dress ... but has only forked over $2,000. Sharone says she confronted Nicole ... who countered by saying she didn't like the dress after all.

Sharone tells us, she's been trying to get Nicole to pay all week -- and she's now hired a lawyer to make her pay the hard way.

Meryl: August

Sean Cody Star Suspended From High School for Doing Gay Porn

We’ve heard of people losing their day jobs when it’s discovered they’ve done porn, but it looks like a high-school student has been suspended for filming with Sean Cody.

Queerty is reporting on a Reddit poster claiming to be the cousin of  ”Noel,” who was allegedly “severely bullied” by classmates and suspended for 10 days when his extra-curricular activity became known. The suspension also means he will not be able to graduate in June. While some students are defending Noel and promising to protest his treatment, the principal is threatening “to automatically expel any student who joins in.”

It’s not clear what the legal situation is: If Noel is 18 and attending public school, presumably whatever legal activities he gets up to on his own time is his business. If he’s at a private school, however, administrators have a lot more discretion to make his life hell.

What we want to know is, who was the one who first recognized Noel and started spreading the word around school?

Source if you wanna see noel in action

ONTD, have you been suspended from school because you were sucking dick on camera for $$$?

Princess Kristen back from Sundance

Kristen Stewart gets escorted to her car by security after landing at LAX Airport on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress was on her way home from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where she attended the premiere of her new movie Camp X-Ray.

Kristen sat down for an interview with MTV and confirmed that she got a new dog named Cole!

“I have a pup, yeah. I actually got on her on Camp X-Ray and named her my character name, which is so embarrassing. But it’s so cute. Young Cole,” Kristen said. “She’s a mutt. We found her on a frisbee golf course, and she was small and scared.”

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princess Kristen thanks you for your time.

kstewartfans: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/nerpy7o15vlz4mdg9qyvcdaogcvg95kw/

'MITT': Filmmaker says Mitt Romney found documentary 'painful to watch'

trailer-for-netflixs-mitt-romney-documentary-mittA film festival wouldn't be a film festival without a behind-the-scenes documentary based on the life of a leading Republican figure. Last year it was R.J Cutler's "The World According to Dick Cheney," and this year the buzz was all about the GOP's 2012 Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

But in a somewhat uncharacteristic departure from the expected Hollywood fare, Greg Whiteley offers a fairly flattering look into the life of Romney in his simply titled "MITT" at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Although it wasn't the filmmaker's intention to make a film with any form of political persuasion.

"Audiences really get to see a certain vulnerability and weakness to Mitt. You look at someone like him who is wealthy, but being a part of human life you see his worries in those small moments," Whiteley told FOX411. "The film is apolitical. We take great pains to avoid trying to tell you that you should or should not like Mitt Romney or that you should vote for him. My job was to shut up and film."

Starting in late 2006, the film traces Romney and his large immediate family through his first decision to run in 2008, and again as the Republican candidate in 2012. Given unprecedented access, Whiteley travels alongside the campaign through interactions with potential voters, preparations for the debates, personal moments with his family, and concluding with final presidential election night results.

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ontd, will you be watching Mitt?

  • _xxtom

Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dasha Zhukova Sits On A 'Black Woman Chair' for Editorial

Happy Martin Luther King Day!
As we pause to reflect on Dr. King’s enduring message of Civil Rights and equality, we must deal with the reality of modern day ignorance and racial insensitivity.
Today, Miroslava Duma’s new online magazine Buro 247 published an article on Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova. The illustration? A serene looking Zhukova sitting on a ‘black woman’ chair.

The Editor-in-Chief of Garage magazine perches on a black ‘dummy,’ (not a real human) who is nude save panties, a garter belt, elbow length gloves, and knee high boots, her folded knees suggestively pushing her naked breasts against her body. As Dasha stares out at the camera in the light filled room, she appears the total opposite of the compromised black woman on the floor. The message: white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.

The photo has now been cropped on the website. To View the original photo click the cut

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Source: 1


Sundance: 'Dear White People' takes on collegiate racial identity

The satire - based on white people's misconceptions about black culture - will debut at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Saturday and explore "racial identity in 'post-racial' America."

After growing through a spoof Twitter account , a viral concept trailer and a successful crowdfunding campaign , the feature film Dear White People will debut on Saturday at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, joining 16 other films in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category.

Cloaked in satire, the film tackles racial identity at a fictional, predominantly white Ivy League institution.

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Source: USA Today

I saw this at Sundance and it was great, smart, funny, etc. It's also getting generally positive reviews.
letZ go

'Son of Batman' trailer finally drops

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Batman turns 75 this year and he's celebrating by becoming a father. The upcoming animated movie Son of Batman introduces Damian, the child Bruce Wayne never knew he had. The story is based on a 2006 comic-book arc written by Grant Morrison in which Batman learns that he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son, secretly raised by the terrorist group the League of Assassins.

The voice cast features Jason O'Mara as Batman/Bruce Wayne; Stuart Allan as Damian; Morena Baccarin as Talia, Damian's mother; Giancarlo Esposito as Ra's Al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins and one of Batman's most notorious enemies; David McCallum as butler Alfred Pennyworth; Xander Berkeley as Kirk Langstrom (aka Man-Bat); and Thomas Gibson plays the master assassin Deathstroke.

This will be O'Mara's second time voicing the Dark Knight. He also stars in Justice League: War, which is out Feb. 4. Both movies are part of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment's popular series of animated superhero features.

Son of Batman comes out late this spring on DVD, Blu-ray and for digital download. The movie will have its world premiere at WonderCon over Easter weekend in Anaheim, Calif.

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Crotch hugger revealed, Ukranian prankster/journalist Vitalii Sediuk

Vitalii Sediuk strikes again.


The 25-year-old Ukrainian journalist somehow made his way onto the red carpet at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A. on Saturday, Jan. 18. Once there, he wrapped his arms around an unsuspecting Bradley Cooper and nestled his face in the Silver Linings Playbook star's crotch.

Cooper, 39, initially appeared to laugh off the gag as his American Hustle costar Michael Peña and actor Mandy Patinkin look on in disbelief. They then helped Cooper pry Sediuk from the actor's legs.
Given his past antics, Sediuk's SAG Awards stunt was relatively tame.

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'La Voz Mexico' Contestant Gibran Martiz Found Dead In Veracruz

A former contestant on the Mexican version of NBC talent search show "The Voice" was found dead at the scene of a gun battle between security forces and suspects, authorities in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz said.

The bodies of "La Voz Mexico" contestant Gibrán David Martiz Díaz and another young man who had been kidnapped along with the aspiring singer earlier this month were discovered Saturday night after the shootout in Huatusco, state Attorney General Amadeo Flores said.

Martiz Díaz and the other captive were killed by their captors before the criminals died at the hands of police, according to the preliminary investigation.

The pair were abducted Jan. 7 from their apartment in Xalapa, Veracruz, by armed men wearing state police uniforms, their families said.

Two vehicles parked outside the residence where the shootout took place were reported stolen in another state, Flores said.

Inside the residence, authorities found four rifles, four handguns, a bulletproof vest, uniforms of several different police agencies and two bags of marijuana, the attorney general said.


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Gisele Bundchen Defends Carrying One-Year-Old Daughter While Ride ATV

Gisele Bundchen came under fire for riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on a private Costa Rican beach with her daughter Vivian Lake. Neither was wearing protective headwear.

The supermodel carried the little girl in a sling across the front of her body as they rode up the beach on Jan. 12. Gisele wrapped one arm around the child and used her other arm to steer, according to TMZ.

Costa Rican law requires riders of ATVs wear a helmet while riding on in public areas. The famous mother and child did not have to follow that rule while riding on a private beach.

The mother of two released a statement through her rep giving a defense of her actions. “Gisele was on a private beach driving very, very slow,” her rep told ABC News.

This isn’t the first time little Vivian and her mother have engaged in this reckless behavior. Last March father and husband, Tom Brady, drove the ATV while Gisele sat in front of him carrying their four-month-old daughter in a shoulder carrier across her chest.

Of course, none of them were wearing helmets at the time.


Rudderless: Sundance Portrait Session & Review

Selena Gomez: Sundance Portrait Session!

Selena Gomez looks so pretty while posing for her portrait session during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Monday (January 12) in Park City, Ut.

The 21-year-old entertainer is in attendance at the film festival to promote her new movie Rudderless, which will have its big premiere later this week. She was joined at the portrait session by co-stars Billy Crudup and William H. Macy.

Rudderless is about a grieving father in a downward spiral who stumbles across a box of his recently deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics. Shocked by the discovery of this unknown talent, he forms a band in the hope of finding some catharsis.

FYI: Selena is wearing a J Brand top and Steve Madden boots.

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uno, due, tre


Married Robin Thicke crosses those lines again as he dirty dances with stunning woman at nightclub


He caused controversy at the MTV VMAs for his raunchy performance with 21-year-old Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke followed that up by fondling a fan’s bottom as they posed for a picture at the afterparty.

And although his wife Paula Patton didn't bat an eyelid at either of those incidents, she is sure to be displeased by his latest antics, dirty dancing with a beautiful female fan at a Parisian nightclub.

The Blurred Lines singer – who has been married to Patton, the mother of his three-year-old son Julian, since 2005 – not only enjoyed a sexy dance with the stunning clubber, but the pair were also spotted embracing.

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(iker) world cup

white hot megapost

Kobe Bryant says he won't play in 2016 Olympics

Lakers star Kobe Bryant told reporters Monday he will definitely not play in the 2016 Olympics for Team USA in Rio.

Bryant will be 38 in 2016, and for a shooting guard that needs his elevation to get his shot off, that's going to be an issue at that point.

Bryant was more or less a role player on the 2012 gold medal team after being the focal point in 2008. He continues his recovery from a fractured tibia he suffered just weeks after returning from an Achilles tear.

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Kobe Bryant Surprises Boston College Class

Boston College professor says he used Kobe Bryant as an example in his first international marketing class of the semester — and then the Lakers star walked into the class and started taking notes.

Boston College says Bryant arrived shortly after the class began Thursday night and stayed for two hours until it was over. Professor Nick Nugent says Bryant's visit was not planned.

Bryant told students that he loves to learn and is interested in international marketing.

He was in the area for the Lakers' Friday night game against the Celtics, but did not play as he recovers from a left knee fracture.

Bryant did not attend college after going to the NBA directly from high school in suburban Philadelphia.

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LeBron James wears Kobe Bryant's Nike sneakers, Kobe tweets Lebron

Indeed, he recently put 47 pairs of his own Nike shoes on eBay in a bid to raise money for his charity.

But on Sunday, while watching NFL on TV, LeBron posted a photo on Instagram of himself wearing a very colourful pair of sneakers.

To be more specific, the 29-year-old forward was wearing a pair of Kobe Bryant's Nike Prelude VI sneakers.

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i am CHOKING at kobe's back handed compliment to gasol

Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Get Wild In Nevada


Getting up close and personal with an exotic creature, Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne visited the Big Cat Encounters Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada on Tuesday (January 14).

With cameras in hand, the gals joined owner/operator Karl Mitchell at the Salt Flats, where he fed a baby tiger.

At one point, the British beauty gave the cub a kiss and the girls both got a chance to walk it on a chain.

On Monday (January 20), Cara marked the federal holiday in the States by honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Posting a quote from the civil rights leader, she tweeted, "This man did more than just dream, he DID! He moved, he inspired, he changed! His legacy will live on forever. Happy #MLKday #LEGEND."

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Kreayshawn Earned $0.01 In Royalties From Her Debut Album

When it comes Kreayshawn's debut album Somethin' 'Bout Kreay, perhaps it's best left forgotten. Since its release in September of 2012 - the LP followed the lightning bolt success of her breakthrough single "Gucci Gucci" - Somethin' 'Bout Kreay has only suffered sad titles. It holds the title for one of the worst first week sales ever, after it only moved 3,900 copies. Pretty bad considering it was released by major label Columbia and her "Gucci Gucci" video had some 30 million plus hits at the time.

This week, a year and some change since the debut's release, Kreayshawn shared her royalties from Somethin' 'Bout Kreay and they're pretty abysmal. The Oakland rapper only made $.01 - yes, one cent - off the LP. The time frame it took for the penny royalty to accumulate is unknown. It could be for only the last week, the entire year 2013 or since the LP's release in 2012. (We're hoping it's the first.)

Kreayshawn has not released a new LP since Somethin' 'Bout Kreay, and has remained quiet on the mixtape front too after giving birth to a boy last year.


Why Jezebel Was Wrong to Put a Bounty on Lena Dunham's Photos

It was the bounty heard ‘round the world last week when Jezebel offered $10,000 for unretouched photos of Lena Dunham in Vogue. Jessica Coen, editor of the Gawker-run women’s site, wrote that they were offering cash for the before pics from Dunham’s cover shoot because the after images are, “all in all, quite nice. She's well-styled and looks fantastic. As if Vogue would have it any other way.”

Because there’s no way a known slob like Dunham could look good without technological assistance, right?

Coen was quick to point out that the bounty wasn’t about seeing Dunham’s “real” body, nor was it about shaming her for working with a known-Photoshopper like Vogue. After all, anyone can see Dunham’s body for the price of an HBO subscription, and Dunham can work with whomever she wants. What then, was Jezebel’s point?

Clickbait. Attention. Body shaming. Um, Coen says “This is about Vogue”?

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buffy - spike and drusilla

ukranian/french princess olga kurylenko post

Olga Kurylenko cast as Lead in Supernatural Horror Film Mara

Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion) will star in the supernatural horror film, Mara, it was announced today by The Solution Entertainment Group's Myles Nestel and Room 101's Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity, Insidious) who will produce with Mann Made Films' Scott Mann and James Edward Barker.

Clive Tonge will direct his feature film debut from an original collaboration with Jonathan Frank (The Tournament), based on the mythology and true phenomena of sleep paralysis, commonly known as Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS), which is scheduled to shoot in May next year. Synchronicity Entertainment is financing and selling the project. Ruzanna Kegeyan, President of International Distribution, will introduce the project to international buyers at the American Film Market.

Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Kurylenko) is assigned to the murder of a man who has seemingly been strangled in his sleep by his wife and the only witness is their eight-year-old daughter, Sophie. As Kate digs into the mystery of an ancient demon which kills people in their sleep, she experiences the same petrifying symptoms as all previous victims and spirals through a chilling nightmare to save herself and Sophie before she dares fall asleep again.

"'Mara' promises huge potential with the star power of Olga Kurylenko and up-and-coming horror director Clive Tonge at the helm. We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Schneider in the launch of this new 'Insidious'-type film franchise," said Nestel.

Says Schneider, "Synchronicity and Mann Made Films are the perfect combination for 'Mara' – innovative, vigorous and exciting companies in the independent sector. Clive is a phenomenal talent and horror fans will embrace him as widely as they did James Wan and, with Olga starring, we're onto another hit franchise."

Said Mann and Barker, "When we started developing 'Mara' with Clive and Jonathan, we aimed to partner with a visionary like Steven Schneider. Now teamed up with him, alongside Synchronicity, and Olga's exceptional talent on board as well, we have the best possible platform to make an incredibly entertaining and chillingly crafted piece of horror."


olga kurylenko looks beautiful at the dior presentation at paris fashion week (jan 20, 2014)

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olga sharing behind the scenes pics of her doing pantene commercials

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Drew Barrymore Won't Let Daughter Pose for Playboy

Drew Barrymore has no regrets over her very wild younger years, but that doesn't mean she wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps. In an interview with ABC News' Amy Robach, the 38-year-old actress, who is six-months-pregnant with her second daughter, opens up about how motherhood has changed her.
"Is there anything you look back at [in your life] and you kind of cringe?" Robach asked.
"No. I celebrate that I had any sense of freedoms at a certain point, because I don't feel like that now," Barrymore said. "I love the very exposed, humorous, imperfect, never trying to pretend to be perfect journey that I have been on in my life."

The E.T. child star famously went to rehab at the age of 13 for alcohol and drug abuse. She later attempted suicide, and became emancipated from her parents at age 15. By 19, she posed for Playboy and got her first divorce from Jeremy Thomas.

Now, Barrymore is married to third husband Will Kopelman, and is the proud mother to daughter Olive, 15 months.

"What if Olive comes to you at 18 or 19 and says, 'Mom, I want to pose for Playboy?'" Robach asked.

"I would not let her," Barrymore said. "I don't think I would. I would influence her not to, because my life choices are supposed to be the gateway to somebody else's. That's my journey."
"I have no regrets in my life whatsoever," the Big Miracle star explained. "I'm psyched about it all. I'm just in such a different mind frame. I'm in mom mode now."

"The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example," Barrymore said. "Whatever I've experienced in my life is a part of my story, and I'm proud of that. But it's someone who wakes up early, works all day, believes in charitable work, business-minded, diligent, accountable, problem-solving . . . I'm so much about school, consistency and tradition."


Legendary R&B music superstar Ashanti gets slammed by hater; returns with Homophobic jab



It’s a term many employ when the name Ashanti is mentioned.

However, the singer clearly has quite the bark and quite the bite – if a recent Twitter exchange is anything to go by.

When faced with rude comments from a less than supportive follower, the Grammy winner clapped back with a fiery response:



In any case, Ashanti’s new album ‘Braveheart’ arrives….

Actually, nevermind.

Ron/Hermione - CoS

2 big reveals on tonight's 'How I Met Your Mother' & recaps

Last week, Craig Thomas told me that we’d learn the names of Ted’s children in tonight’s episode, and as promised, the mystery was solved! The twist? That’s not the only big reveal in “Unpause.”

And we have an extremely drunk Barney to thank for that...

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Source - next week is the 200th big episode
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Kylie Minogue offered £1 million a year to stay on 'The Voice'

The BBC are reportedly prepared to offer Kylie Minogue £1million a year to stay on as a coach on The Voice.

If the Aussie pop star agrees to the deal, she will become the highest-paid coach on the show ahead of Will.i.am, who is currently on a salary of £750,000.

The Daily Star reports: ‘It would put her on twice as much as Sir Tom Jones and around three times more than Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson.’

An insider told the paper: ‘Kylie has proved to be an instant smash hit on The Voice. Ratings are at an all-time high and a lot of that is being put down to the Kylie effect.

‘BBC bosses believe she’s a natural and are prepared to double her pay to keep her on the show. Kylie has a new record coming out later this year and if it sells well a possible world tour is in the pipeline for early 2015 which would clash with The Voice live shows.’

They continued: ‘She’s also a coach on the Australian version of the show and something will have to give next year.

‘No deal has been put on the table as bosses are waiting to see if ratings hold up, but conversations have already been had about what they would need to do to keep her.

‘Kylie will be in a great position to get what she wants, not only in terms of a salary increase but also with scheduling dates.’

Ratings for The Voice so far have been decent, with last week’s opener drawing in 8.4 million. The second round of blind auditions fetched an average of 7.61 million – down 760,000 on last Saturday – but was still Saturday night’s most-watched programme.


ms. minogue collecting dem coins..


Ron Jeremy Came In Like A ‘Wrecking Ball’

You probably shouldn’t eat or drink for 24 hours before viewing this video.

Ron Jeremy, the aging, veteran porn star and reality show lingerer, is back at it again, with his version of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

The video is pretty much a shot-for-shot remake of the original, with Jeremy going through all of Miley’s favorite poses, with hammers and sitting on wrecking balls. Putting a sledgehammer on your face isn’t metaphorical, it’s disgustingly obvious.

This video isn’t funny; it’s a human rights violation. Someone needs to start an activist group so this never happens again.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale Review: Holy S#!%

A good television show is seamless. It pulls you in, it entertains you, and aside from those annoying commercial breaks, the story flows from one scene to the next until you look up and realize an hour has passed without even noticing. Even a ridiculously silly story can achieve this, and while I don't think I'd call Sleepy Hollow silly at this point, I'd definitely say that its first season was one of the most seamless seasons of genre television I've seen in quite a long time. The 13-episode season definitely worked in the show's favor here, because there weren't many filler episodes in the true definition of the word, and because from beginning to end, it told an exciting story that never once let up. It managed to scare us, make us laugh, and deceive us. There's not much more I could have asked for from the first season of Sleepy Hollow.

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the Cranes literally cannot do shit right Christttt