January 9th, 2014

Ke$ha torch!
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Ke$ha’s Mom Speaks Out: “She Doesn’t Have a Drinking Problem”


Ke$ha’s mother is tired of all the "lies" about why her superstar daughter really checked into rehab and she’s speaking out for the first time with Celebuzz to set the record straight.

- Ke$ha is in rehab for an eating disorder ONLY, says her mom Pebe Sebert, "flatly denies" that alcohol plays any role.

- Ke$ha is bulimic, and has been so to fluctuating extent since she was 18. Back then, the initial perpetrator apparently already was Doctor Luke and some of his comments and advice, again according to her mom.

- Pebe speaks on the "refrigerator" comment, shares detail on the story and how she thinks it kicked Ke$ha's eating disorder "into high gear".

- Says about the alcohol abuse rumors that she thinks it was "Dr. Luke’s people trying to put that out because he’s been getting a lot of the blame for her eating disorder".

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Obviously NOT an alcohol or drug related issue. I'm glad to hear this. Maybe some won't understand when I say this, but this sounded so unlike her to begin with. The first time I had read about this I immediately thought to myself that this must be fake and nothing but a nasty rumor.
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10 (5) Celebrity Business Flops

Flav's Fried Chicken (Flavor Flav)
In an attempt to compete with established chains like KFC and Popeyes, rapper and reality TV star William Jonathan Drayton Jr., better known as Flavor Flav, opened Flav's Fried Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, in January 2011. Three months later, the restaurant closed a series of disputes between Flav and his co-founder. Flav took one more stab at the fried-chicken business with solo-owned franchises in Las Vegas and Sterling Heights, Mich., but those, too, were quickly shut down.

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s o u r c e ~

Emma Thompson: I want to be the first female Sherlock Holmes

Emma Thompsonsilhouette-large

Emma Thompson, the Love Actually actress, would like to see more actresses cast in roles that are traditionally meant for men.

After an all-female version of Julius Caesar — with Frances Barber in the title role — was staged in London last year, Emma Thompson says that “gender-blind” casting is the way ahead as it affords new ways of looking at the classics.
“Is the heroic role unisex?” ruminates the 54-year-old Oscar-winning actress. “Or does it mean there is an area of life which remains unexplored, which contains stories which remain untold? I suspect that’s the case and it will be very interesting as this generation gets into its stride to see what those stories turn out to be.”

Although the idea is unlikely to appeal to the purists, Miss Thompson has already spoken of her ambition to play Sherlock Holmes. “I have always been a huge Sherlock Holmes fan,” the star of Saving Mr Banks has noted. “I would love to play a character like that, but that’s a problem if you’re a female. I’m always likely to be overlooked for not being male.”

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Paramore and Fall Out Boy are going on tour this summer!

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I would have LOVED for this to have happened like five years ago when I was still into all the FBR/Decaydance bands...
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CREEPY POST: Endgame in Sight for "Paranormal Activity"

Looking forward to having a new "Paranormal Activity" movie ever single year for the rest of your natural life? You might want to cool your jets: Not only is that a wildly unrealistic expectation, but the hit horror franchise might be headed for its endpoint sooner than expected.

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There was demand for a creepy post, so share your creepy stories!




They are destined to be the legwear of choice for the hipster cineaste in 2014: the high-waisted trousers worn by Joaquin Phoenix's character in the Oscar-tipped Spike Jonze drama Her have gone on sale to the public.

Dreamt up by costume designer Casey Storm, the striking pants are now available for $195 (£120) in Opening Ceremony stores in the US. They are part of Storm's Her collection, which also features other items of clothing from and inspired by the critically-acclaimed tale.


Just saw this tonight and it seriously blew me away. I'm still reeling from the emotional intensity of it. Loved the envisioned cityscape of "future" L.A. Joaquin could pull these pants off but they looked ridiculous on every other male in the film, lol.


What Advice Did Michael Jackson Give Aaron Paul?

Yes, you read the two names in the headline correctly. You’re probably scratching your head right now and asking yourself, When, where, why, and how did the paths of the King of Pop and Jesse Pinkman intersect!!? (With that precise phrasing, we’re sure).

Well, let’s set the scene. It’s six years ago, and we’re outside London, at a castle, at the 25th birthday party of a prince (Azim of Brunei). Aaron, at the time a relatively unknown actor, was a “random plus-one” to the glam shindig.

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Damon Lindelof talks about his new HBO drama 'The Leftovers'

Damon Lindelof returns to the world of television later this year with a novel concept — literally and figuratively. The Lost co-creator is adapting Tom Perotta’s 2011 bestseller The Leftovers into an HBO drama series (starring Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, and Amy Brenneman, among others) that follows the residents of New Jersey town three years after a rapture-like event whisked away 140 million people across the globe. Pick up a copy of EW’s 2014 Preview Issue to steal a glance at a script page from the first episode, which is being directed by Peter Berg (who is also an executive producer on the show). Below, Lindelof reveals more about this highly anticipated disappearing act.

On his decision to make another TV show and what attracted him to The Leftovers

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Source: 1 and 2
Kween Tilda + King Hiddles

Exclusive Japanese Teaser Clip of "Snowpiercer" Featuring Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans

One of the biggest news stories of 2013 was undoubtedly the still-unresolved battle between Harvey Weinstein and Bong Joon-Ho over "Snowpiercer." While the apocalyptic thriller has won awards and taken big box office overseas, Harv wants to re-edit the film so it plays to folks in Middle America, while the director wants to keep the movie he made intact. And while the picture was listed among The 21 Best Films Of 2014 We've Already Seen, it's technically still without a release date in the U.S. while abroad, it continues to roll out.

Today brings a new clip for the movie, featuring a good dose of new footage to make it worth a click. To refresh your memory, the future set "Snowpiercer" tells the story of a rebellion on a train holding Earth's final survivors, where the passengers are separated by class. Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Song Kang-Ho, Ewen Bremner, Alison Pill, and Ed Harris are part of the great cast, and the movie itself we called "visionary" and "thrilling."

Still no release date, but hopefully this will tide you over for now. Watch the clip featuring Tilda Swinton leading the rebels through the greenhouse and aquarium sections of the train above.


Lindsay Lohan

Lea wasn't at that lame award show last night, but she won, and she tweeted about it + sighting

Lea Michele picks up some new decorations for her home at HD Buttecup Furniture on Wednesday afternoon (January 8) in Culver City, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress didn’t attend the 2014 People’s Choice Awards later that evening, but she was the recipient of an award! Lea and her Glee co-star Naya Rivera picked up the prize for Favorite TV Gal Pals for their characters Rachel and Santana.

“So excited to win favorite tv gal pals w/ @NayaRivera for the @peopleschoice! Thanks so much to everyone who voted! #PeoplesChoiceAwards :)” Lea tweeted after she found out she won.

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After yesterday's post, I promised myself to never make another Lea post again because of all of the hatred, but I really like her a lot and I think she's beautiful and adorable and super talented and you motherfuckers need to step off my girl, dig?

Bruno Mars
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Sherlock: We’ve plotted out the whole of series 4 and 5 reveals Steven Moffat

“The ideas are the best we’ve ever had,” says the Sherlock writer

Around 10pm on Sunday night, Sherlock fans may be feeling a combination of elated and melancholic. Elated because the concluding episode of series three is very good, melancholic because – just 11 days after it returned – it’s all over again.

So here’s some good news: Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have already plotted out two more series of the detective drama – and Moffat reckons it’s their best stuff yet.

“Rather excitingly, Mark and I, for no particular reason, we just got out of the rain and sat at the top of the [Sherlock] production bus… and we just started plotting out what we could do in the future,” Moffat told the audience at tonight's Bafta screening of the season three finale His Last Vow.

“And we plotted out the whole of series four and five.”

“So we have got plans – but our plans don’t tend to be ‘Let’s blow up the world or cast the most famous person in the world’ they tend to be ‘What exciting twists and turns can we add to this?’ And I think we’ve got some crackers!

“The ideas we had that day, I thought were the best we’ve ever had.”

And after you watch the series three finale on Sunday, you’ll know that’s setting the bar pretty high…

Sherlock: Complete Series 3 is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 20 January and is available to pre-order at BBC Shop now


I've been loving this series, I don't even care.
DH - trio apparate

Art Directors Guild Nominations announced, various cats for film

American Hustle, Gravity and The Great Gatsby are among the film nominees for the 18th annual Art Directors Guild's Excellence in Production Design Awards, it was announced Thursday morning.

The film nominations are broken down into three categories: period film, fantasy film and contemporary film.


Period Film
AMERICAN HUSTLE - Production Designer: Judy Becker
THE GREAT GATSBY - Production Designer: Catherine Martin
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS - Production Designer: Jess Gonchor
SAVING MR. BANKS - Production Designer: Michael Corenblith
12 YEARS A SLAVE - Production Designer: Adam Stockhausen

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THE letter N
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Wild Beasts Share Video For “Wanderlust,” Announce New LP, Present Tense

U.K. quiver-pop band Wild Beasts has just announced the follow-up to 2011′s Smother. It’s called Present Tense, and it’s out February 25 via Domino. Along with the news comes a visual for the album’s first single, Wanderlust.

Directed by NYSU, the clip features four characters (The Thief, The Good Lady, The Quarterback and The Girl) as they run through a faded, dream-like landscape. It’s like The Breakfast Club, except instead of Judd Nelson pouting in a storage room, it’s got a guy in a Hawaiian shirt running with a bag of money. The deluxe vinyl version of the LP will feature a bonus 12-inch with remixes by Factory Floor and the Field. Check out the video, along with Wild Beasts’ upcoming tour dates and the Present Tense tracklist, below.

Not as gripping as their other music... Still excited I love them esp Tom unf
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Princess Kate Upton looks fabulous as per usual

UPTON’S PEEP SHOW: In its upcoming spring preview issue, V Magazine is playing up the va-va-voom of its latest cover girl, Kate Upton. The fashion magazine has created a peel-back acetate cover of Upton, who is clad in a Nicola Formichetti denim bodysuit for Diesel. Next to the image is the title of the cover story: “Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?” Once peeled back, the clear cover cheekily shows Upton wearing only a bikini.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Diana Guerrero

Chris Hemsworth & His Rippling Biceps Give Daughter India A Kiss & It’s Adorable

Honestly you guys, it’s just been too long since we’ve seen Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky out with their daughter India.

The adorable family was spotted in Venice, California yesterday being their adorable selves. India looks so grown up. Her hair is even long enough to put in a ponytail. She and Chris are matching! Well actually he’s not doing the ponytail anymore. But he should.

Also, Elsa Pataky is one seriously gorgeous pregnant lady.


I can’t wait to see what their new baby looks like. If India is any indication, gorgeous is the answer you’re looking for. Side note: did you know that Chris got the job of Thor thanks to his brother Liam? Liam was originally up for the part, but when they decided not to go with him, his manager suggested Chris. And the rest is “Marvel”-ous history.

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Distingue Traces

His name is O-T Fagbenle, which is funny because he plays a homosexual.

No, I swear I didn't google "Surely there must be somebody black in HBO's Looking" (premiering January 14th or 19th maybe, I thought it was the 19th but now I think I had it wrong, I should check * ). Actually I was looking for articles about Frankie J. Alvarez, but there wasn't anything.

So anyway, I found this guy. I guess he was on Doctor Who and stuff? And he's British! BRITISH!

An Exclusive Look at 'Looking' with O-T Fagbenle


Gay characters have become fairly familiar on the small screen. Would you say Looking is breaking new turf in terms of representation, and did you feel some responsibility to "get it right?"

When representation of the LBGT community was much more scarce in the media, I think there was some kind of pressure to encapsulate an entire community in a single character - this can often be a fast track to generalization and stereotypes.

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fagbenle alvarez

When we meet Frank, he is the boyfriend of the only coupled character in the show, Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez). It's clear from the start that Frank has his hands full, but he seems unfazed by Agustin. Is he simply uncomplicated, or is something else going on there?

Frank is a healer, he desperately wants that independent and troubled lover that he can soothe and tame. He knows if he plays the 'Mom' and tries to control Augustin too hard and too quick it will push his love away. He's playing the long game.

If you were having coffee with Frank, what advice would you have for him about his new boyfriend?

Haha! Umm. Maya Angelou once said 'When someone shows you who they are ... believe them.It's good advice for Frank but hell, I'd give that advice to anybody.

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* I was right in the first place. It's the 19th.

BET’s Premiere of ‘Being Mary Jane’ is Cable’s Top Tuesday Show

BET’s first original scripted series, drama “Being Mary Jane,” impressed in its premiere Tuesday, ranking as the top-rated first-run cable program of the night — and the TV’s season’s top cable premiere among young adults.

Nielsen estimates that the series starring Gabrielle Union and Lisa Vidal averaged a 1.5 rating/4 share in adults 18-49 and 3.32 million viewers overall in the 10 o’clock hour, topping in the demo the series premiere of ABC’s “Killer Women” in the same time period (0.9 rating/2 share).

It was cable’s No. 1 original series on Tuesday in 18-49 as well as total viewers. And since the start of the 2013-14 television season in September, it’s cable’s No. 1 premiere in the demo.

“Being Mary Jane” was very big on social media Tuesday night as well, with the official hashtag of #beingmaryjane reaching a unique audience of 1.71 million people while generating 12.48 million impressions, according to Nielsen SocialGuide.

“Being Mary Jane” is created and executive produced by Mara Brock Akil (creator of “Girlfriends” and “The Game”), and executive produced and directed by Salim Akil (exec producer of “Sparkle” and director of “Jumping the Broom”).


hopefully they can keep this momentum going.
Trio - Great Hall

WTF - Director Zhang Yimou Fined $1.2 Million for Breaking China's One Child Policy

The celebrated director has 30 days to pay his penalty for breaching the country's longstanding family planning laws by having three children.

China has fined director Zhang Yimou $1.2 million for violating the country's one-child policy.

In December, Zhang publicly admitted to fathering three children with his wife, actress Chen Ting.

The family planning bureau in Wuxi city of Jiangsu province sent Zhang a letter mandating the "social maintenance fee," according to a post on the office's Weibo account.

The fine for breaking China's one-child law, instituted in the 1970s to control China's booming population, is pegged according to the parents' income. According to the family planning office, the couple made $580,000 in 2000, 2003 and 2005, the years their children were born.

Diana Guerrero

Surfer Rescues DROWNING Anne Hathaway From A Riptide In Hawaii — See The Dramatic Incident


Anne Hathaway had a super scary moment in Hawaii, as the Les Miserables beauty encountered serious danger when she was caught in a fierce rip current while swimming on the beach, but thankfully escaped from peril with a mere foot wound.

Onlookers said the 31-year-old diva began screaming for assistance when the waters turned fierce, at which point a nearby surfer ran to save her.

Anne’s husband, Adam Shulman, was present for the heart-stopping moment and rushed to grab a first-aid kit when his wife was pulled out of the water sporting a scraped-up foot.

The Devil Wears Prada starlet, after averting disaster, seemed to be in better spirits while she recovered on the shore with her hubby, who nursed the hurt foot.

ONTD, feel free to discuss your near death experiences.


Gwynnie sells 100% organic lemonade on the corner w/ Moses & Apple

Those lemons better be organic! Bestselling cookbook author and Goop site creator Gwyneth Paltrow took her A-List status down a notch on Sunday, Jan. 5 when she helped her two children, daughter Apple, 9, and son Moses, 7, run a lemonade stand outside of their Brentwood, Calif. home.

The 41-year-old actress rocked a casual look in a turquoise puffer vest and grey sweatpants from fitness trainer Tracy Anderson's collection while her two children served up homemade lemonade.

"It was super cute and a lot of the neighborhood kids were stopping by," an eyewitness told Us. "People were very surprised to see Gwyneth standing out on the corner like any normal mom. She was very sweet to the kids who came up, calling them 'sir' or 'ma'am' and pouring them drinks."

The health-conscious mom made sure the lemonade was 100 percent organic with no sugar added, and the large jug was sold out in less than one hour.

Paltrow recently returned from a New Year's Eve vacation in Hawaii with her entire family, including husband of more than 10 years Chris Martin.

As Us Weekly previously revealed, the Iron Man 3 star ended her feud with Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter last month after months of reported back and forth between the two over a rumored magazine article involving Paltrow's private life.

Okay, Us Weekly, non-sequitur much with that last paragraph? I guess that means the Gwyneth exposé has been scrapped :(

Not gonna lie, this was kinda cute, but, like, do those kids need more spending cash tbh. And how good could that lemonade be with no sugar added?????


Amazon Owns Your Veronica Mars Binge-Watch

If you were planning on a Veronica Mars-athon in preparation for the cult hit’s March 14 big-screen debut, and you don’t have the DVD set handy, you will want to make sure your Amazon Prime sub is in good standing.

Amazon announced on Thursday that its Prime Instant Video service has secured exclusive online streaming rights to all three seasons of V. Mars, effective today.

Meaning, the likes of Netflix, Vudu and other streaming services will be fresh out of Marshmallows.

“The Veronica Mars series has been popular on DVD and Amazon Instant Video for years, so we know how much Amazon customers love this iconic television show,” Amazon exec Brad Beale said in a statement. “We are excited to become the exclusive subscription streaming home for Veronica Mars and to be able to offer the entire TV series to Prime members to enjoy at no additional charge.”

Marshmallow Source

I don't know how many of y'all are Amazon Prime members (you can get a trial for 30 days and cancel), and I would have preferred this on Netflix (more subscribers), but at least it's somewhere (and it's in HD too!). This article was more for those who have never seen the series and do not have the funds to get the DVDs ro do not want to spend the money even though they are $10 per season on DVDPlanet right now.

BET: We Don't Want Male Host B. Scott Looking Like a Girl


TMZ has obtained some pretty explosive internal emails and texts between BET execs, who candidly admit they ordered a transgender host to change his clothes during its big awards pre-show because he looked like a chick.

B. Scott is suing the network, claiming he was ordered to 86 his flowing blue tunic, black pants, hair, makeup and heels because they wanted him to look more like a man, even though they knew he was a transgender person.


During last year's BET Awards pre-show ... Scott appeared in his garb in the first segment but claims he was then ordered to change his clothes and remove his makeup ... he obliged but was never put back on the air.

BET Music Programming Prez Stephen Hill wrote a pointed email before the show ... "I don't want 'looking like a woman B Scott.' I want tempered B Scott."
Network VP Rhonda Cowan offered help, "I can speak to him about being less 'womanly.'"

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Kristen Wiig Debuts New Bob + Most Iconic Hairstyles of all Time

Kristen Wiig is ready for the new year with a new, super-chic bob.

The funny lady stepped out for the premiere of her IFC TV miniseries, "The Spoils of Babylon," looking awesome Tuesday (Jan. 7), in Los Angeles. Wearing an adorable Valentino frock, Wiig debuted a fresh bob, chopped to her jawline and colored a deep mahogany hue.

The new 'do has style bloggers swooning, and we can't blame them. The 40-year-old looks great!

Wiig will show off the look when she attends the Golden Globes Sunday (Jan. 12). She rocked much lighter, longer tresses at last year's event.

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post photos of side bangs plssss ur favorite celebrity hairstyles ontd!

S O U R C E [sorry mods!! :(]

say it ain't so!

Did Taylor Swift and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Totally Make Out?

OMFG: the startup scene is ablaze with the same lip gloss-smudged rumor: Spring Fling tiara-wearer Taylor Swift and sociopathic app dude Evan Spiegel kissed with their mouths on New Year's Eve.

Talk about a "Picture to Burn," right?! We've heard it from startup people, we've heard it from journalists, and now we've heard it from a certifiable celeb gossip sleaze site:

I'm told that Taylor was at a party with Spiegel over the holidays and it was understood that they were checking each other. Nothing overt but my sources say there's no doubt she was there with him and for him and that they're seeing each other casually…so far. She knows how to pick them at exactly the right time, non? I like this about her. This is definitely not a backup dancer situation.

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julian: 11th dimension

Best & Worst Dressed at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards

After taking in all the red carpet looks at tonight's 2014 People's Choice Awards, the verdict is clear: sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go.

Case in point: Jessica Alba. She looked perfectly polished in an understated white strapless Jason Wu dress. Another winner? Allison Williams. The Girls star looked stunning in a cobalt blue belted David Koma dress that showed just the right amount of skin.

Jennifer Hudson also took the simple route and went with a curve-hugging, white hot number that allowed her bright pink lip to pop.

So far, so fabulous! So where did things get a little, um, tricky? Well, there were a lot of dizzying prints on the red carpet and not all of them wowed.

Most of the floral numbers fell flat, like Melissa Joan Hart's rose-printed, coral and gold metallic hi-low strapless gown just had way too much going on. And while we like that Heidi Klum took a risk with a plunging neckline, the floral print and shoulder detailing made her Armani dress feel too overworked.

Our takeaway? It's January, people! Save the flowers for springtime.

What did you think of the looks at tonight's PCAs?

Lindsay Lohan

Behold the one-sheet for Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau's new movie!

Behold, ye fair maidens and lords and folks like that, our exclusive one-sheet below for the forthcoming horror-fantasy-comedy Knights of Badassdom, starring Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage, True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, and Firefly's Summer Glau.

The long-awaited release follows three best friends (Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Ryan Kwanten) and dedicated LARPers as they take to the woods to reenact a dungeons and dragons-like scenario fresh out of the mythical Middle Ages. Trouble arises after they unwittingly conjure up some serious evil in the form of a blood-lusting Succubus, from the pits of hell.

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Tim & Saoirse

Gillian Flynn Rewrites Last Act of Gone Girl for Film Adaptation

The polarizing ending of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling thriller “Gone Girl” has been completely reworked for David Fincher’s screen adaptation. In fact, Flynn herself wrote an entirely new final act for the screenplay.

Flynn revealed the twist in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, which features a cover (with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike lying in a morgue) shot by Fincher himself.

“Ben [Affleck] was so shocked by it,” Flynn told the mag. “He would say, ‘This is a whole new third act! She literally threw that third act out and started from scratch.’”
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Wow... I knew they would change some stuff up for the movie, but I wonder how it will end now?

Tim & Saoirse

Boardwalk Empire's Fifth Season to Be Its Last

Prohibition will be over soon: Boardwalk Empire has a series end date. This year’s fifth season of HBO acclaimed period drama will be its last. The network made the announcement at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Thursday, confirming recent rumors.

Michael Lombardo, president of programming at HBO, praised series creator Terence Winter and assured critics the show would have a strong conclusion: “It has been an incredible honor to bring this powerful and groundbreaking series to our subscribers,” he said. “Terry Winter has created one for the ages.”

Winter added: “We’re thrilled to get the go-ahead for a fifth season of Boardwalk Empire. After much discussion with my creative team and HBO, we’ve decided to wrap up the series after such a great run and look forward to bringing it to a powerful and exciting conclusion.”


News that is not entirely unexpected, but certainly unwelcome. :/
buffy halloween

The Originals 1x10 Elijah/Hayley Webclip


I just can't get onboard with the ship at all. Elijah needs to find himself a love interest that is not pregnant by his brother. Elijah already knows that Klaus is no okay with him and Hayley (he's made that very clear) and believes that Elijah wants to play father to the child (which I totally see as well - so I don't think it's just in his mind). The more Elijah makes googly eyes at Hayley the worse the relationship between Elijah and Klaus is going to get I think. I'm just waiting for Klaus to really blow up over it and kill Hayley.

Hayley really needs to make some sort of attempt to go and try to talk to Klaus. They're having a baby together yet we've never seen her make any attempt to actually talk to him about it. She should be doing that instead of flirting with his brother.

Broadway productions featuring your favorite Hollywood stars this spring

Every year, it seems that more and more film and TV stars are using their time between shoots to make their Broadway debut, or return to the stage after previous critically acclaimed appearances. Yes, they get to stretch their acting muscles, but the real winner is you, the audience, who get to not only see your favorite stars in the flesh, but also see them in a way you never imagined. Is that studious Michelle Williams vamping it up as Sally Bowles in Cabaret? And Breaking Bad fans won’t want to miss Bryan Cranston’s take on another troubled, but way less dangerous, man when he stars as Lyndon Johnson in All the Way. Here is a rundown of the major stars headed to the Great White Way.
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the rest @ newyork

New Yorkers/people planning to visit NY, will you be checking out one or more of these productions? I LOVE A RAISING IN THE SUN (even the P. Diddy version, tbh) so def that and am interested in OF MICE AND MEN, of course.
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ONTD's dream job?: Be a beard for Clooney for $10!

Picture this: You fly to New York City with a friend and get VIP treatment while on your way to see George Clooney for a late-night interview.

Afterward, you hit the red carpet with the hunky bachelor for his film. Then, you chat with the actor about life, laugh at each other's hilarious jokes and compare your wacky faces, ultimately leading to the two of you falling in love with each other. Sigh.

Well, (almost) all of that could totally happen! And if it did, it would only cost you $10...and a lot of luck.

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ONTD, would you spend $10 for the chance to meet Clooney be on the red carpet? and more important... what would you WEAR?

Source / The Contest
pecan pies
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MADtv Vet Debra Wilson Talks New SNL Cast Member Sasheer Zamata

"Stop with the expectations!"

Veteran comic Debra Wilson, who starred on MADtv for 8 seasons, says Sasheer Zamata will do fine on “Saturday Night Live” telling Showbiz Tonight, “They hired her because she’s funny…and I think she is going to be amazing!”

Sasheer has produced her own skits on her website and appears to have what it takes to be a great addition to the famous skit show. But some online critics have been suggesting that Sasheer may be challenged on just how funny she is because she’s the first black female cast member to join the show in 6 years.

Debra says “I think we need to stop with the expectations and have her just be what she’s gonna be…”

adele exarchopoulos

Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulos - NBR Awards Gala 2014

Blue is the Warmest Color co-stars Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos attend the 2014 National Board of Review Awards Gala held at Cipriani 42nd Street on Tuesday evening (January 7) in New York City.

The ladies were joined by their co-star Jeremie Laheurte at the event that evening.

Adele was honored at the awards gala for her work in the film with the Female Breakthrough Performance Award. Congrats!!!

If you didn’t have a chance to catch Blue is the Warmest Color in theaters, you can pick it up on Blu-ray and DVD on February 25.

FYI: Lea is dressed head to toe in Prada.

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Jackie and Hyde

Jesse Williams and wife welcome daughter Sadie

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dr. Avery is a new dad! Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee have welcomed a baby girl, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. Us broke news in October that the couple were expecting their first child.

The first-time parents named their little bundle of joy Sadie, sources confirm to Us. Their newborn arrived in early December.

The Grey's Anatomy star, 32, and real estate broker Drake-Lee, 33, first met when the now-actor was a school teacher in New York. The couple later tied the knot in Los Angeles in September 2012 after dating for more than five years. The couple celebrated the upcoming birth of their little girl with a baby shower in Brooklyn on Sept. 29.

Williams is best-known for starring on the ABC TV drama since 2009

ms. weiss

Make That Change: Ten Artists That Need Reinvention

It’s a new year and while everybody is busy making resolutions they will likely break in the coming months, there are then artists who require such a major change. These are the struggling acts who are in dire need of reinvention.

Some artists have been recycling the same formulas for too long and need to change their tunes. On the other hand, there are those who should simply pick a niche and stick to it instead of constantly revamping their styles. You know, like Lil Kim…no, it’s a new year so I shall leave that joke alone.

Read all the good stuff below and join the fun.

5. Lady Gaga

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The rest at the source!
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Flowers in the Attic sequel already in the works

SuniLifetime’s hotly awaited Flowers in the Attic hasn’t even premiered yet, but the network is so excited about the film’s prospects it’s already working on a sequel.

At the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena on Thursday, Lifetime announced it's developing author V.C. Andrew’s second novel in the incest-peppered Dollanganger series, Petals on the Wind. Screenwriter Kayla Alpert describes the sequel as taking place 10 years after the first film, “and I’ll just say its a very juicy and compelling revenge drama.”

Meanwhile, Alpert fielded questions about the movie’s approach to the incest featured in the controversial book, saying while there was a certain amount of “condensing,” the network was “very supportive of staying true to the material.” “It’s actually more fun being less explicit,” she said. “I think just like in the novel, the teasing out of some of the violence and sexuality, it’s almost more fun to imply it than to show it. So I tried to keep true to that in the screenplay.”

Alpert also praised the actors, including Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka, who play the older brother-sister duo, saying, “The actors were up for it and it was handled very sensitively, I hope, on set and on the pace as well,” she said. “I feel like we really went for it. We didn’t pull any punches.”


Perrie Edwards whisks fiancé Zayn Malik to Disneyland Paris to celebrate his 21st birthday

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They're both part of hugely successful bands and are kept busy with their various professional commitments.

So when Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik both had some time off to celebrate his 21st birthday, the Little Mix singer decided to go all out to surprise her beau on the occasion.

The pretty blonde treated the One Direction heartthrob to a trip to Disneyland Paris earlier this week ahead of his big day on 12th January.
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what's your birthday disneyland memories, ontd?

Aaron Paul: I Want to Be Part of 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff


Aaron Paul looks cool on the cover of Details magazine’s February 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 34-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On meeting his wife Lauren Parsekian at Coachella: “Not on drugs…normally, I drink a lot at those festivals. But we were just so distracted with the high that was happening between us. It’s unexplainable. I told her that night I was going to marry her. I did. I told her that. I knew what she was all about. I mean, come on, she runs an anti-bullying nonprofit called Kind Campaign.”

On Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff: “Both Bryan [Cranston] and I want to be a part of that. If they’ll have us.”

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New Grimes Album Coming in September

If you follow Claire Boucher aka Grimes on any social network, you’ve probably seen some of her posts about the new record she’s got in the works. In 2012, she said she was working on “dark percussive shit” and “ethereal reggaeton” alongside more dance-geared music, and she’s posted on her Twitter about writing songs about BBC’s Sherlock and inspired by Enya, so, basically, we’re highly anticipating this album. In response to some querying fans recently, Grimes Tweeted that she was looking at a September 9th release date for a new record, so stay tuned – we might get a legit album announcement any day. Can it be called Ethereal Reggaeton please?

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adele exarchopoulos

The New 'Flowers In The Attic' Trailer Is All Kinds Of Crazy Good

Lifetime has cranked up the crazy in the new trailer for their upcoming version of "Flowers in the Attic."

V.C. Andrews' original dark, terrifying and incest-filled novel was published in 1979, and later turned into a campy cult movie nearly a decade later. Now Lifetime has come to give the twisted tale of the Dollanganger children the faithful adaptation it deserves.

Check out the trailer above which shows Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn competing for Mother of the Year, and Kiernan Shipka ("Mad Men") lusting after her own brother.

And you thought your family was dramatic!


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Cate Blanchett Post

Lincoln Center Festival to Feature Cate Blanchett in The Maids, Bolshoi Ballet and Opera, Japanese Theatre Company Heisei Nakamura-za and More

Sydney Theatre Company's The Maids, the New York premiere of Mieczysław Weinberg's opera The Passenger and the Bolshoi Opera, Orchestra and Chorus have been announced for the 2014 Lincoln Center Festival

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American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy talks Stevie Nicks' debut and which witches had it coming

The “White Witch” finally made her much-anticipated debut last night on American Horror Story: Coven. Yes, the one and only Stevie Nicks popped up as a pal of Fiona’s and gave the Miss Robichaux ladies a little private concert. Plus, Marie did an awesome thing her tongue. EW talked to co-creator Ryan Murphy about all this and more, like which witches are gone for good.

Let’s talk about Stevie first. Did she have a blast? How did she feel about the experience?
She did have a blast. She was nervous because she’s never acted. But it’s one of those weird things where you mythologize somebody for months and months and months in the scripts and then you tell the actors “Oh by the way, that person is coming.” So the anticipation for her on the set with the cast and the crew was great and everybody wanted to meet her and take pictures with her and talk to her.

She’s one of those ladies that’s so gracious. She’s just an amazing soul and kind. I love that she did those songs. She just had a ball. She was also very interested in the acting part of it so she spent a lot of time on set watching them and really getting into it. Everybody couldn’t say enough good things about Stevie Nicks nor could I. She’s a great person.

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Stephen Colbert picks his 1D fave

Congratulations to One Direction, for their win at the 2014 People's Choice Awards for Favorite Band.

Almost as cool as their award was the 1D shoutout from Stephen Colbert, who picked up a trophy for Favorite Late Night Talk Host.

Stephen couldn't make the awards show, but did Skype with the PCAs audience and viewers--dishing on the importance of the awards, as he explained: "Tonight's awards are decided by the people. Not some elite academy of out-of-touch plutocrats. These awards are the purest expression of our founding fathers' democratic ideals. Tonight, the American people stand up and decide which member of One Direction is the cutest."

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New Sailor Moon Anime by Toei to Premiere in July


The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project announced on Friday that the new Sailor Moon anime will premiere this July. It will stream worldwide via the Niconico service. The staff is as follows:

Original Creator: Naoko Takeuchi
Director: Munehisa Sakai (One Piece, One Piece: Strong World)
Series Script Supervisor: Yūji Kobayashi (scripts on Saint Seiya Omega, Smile Precure!)
Animation Production: Toei Animation (first Sailor Moon anime)
Theme Song Performers: Momoiro Clover Z

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This has been pushed back so many times, idk what to believe anymore

Until Dawn

‘Afterlife With Archie’: The Walking Jughead? The art of bringing zombies to Riverdale High

IT ISN’T SUCH a far creative leap, apparently, from Jughead to the Undead.

Archie Andrews and the rest of the eerily eternal youngsters at Riverdale High have been deftly riding the trends for more than 70 years — from burgers and shakes at Pop Tate’s, to texting and tweeting on smartphones. Now it’s only natural that they sink their teeth into...zombies.

In “Afterlife With Archie,” perhaps the most popular redhead in comics has more to worry about than choosing between Betty and Veronica — assuming Archie’s favorite gal-pals make it out of this series alive.

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Ann Coulter Calls Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC's 'Token' African-American

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter insinuated on Monday that MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was a token African American on the cable network.
Coulter was on Fox New’s Hannity show discussing Harris-Perry’s apology over comments made on her show about Mitt Romney’s black grandchild.

Harris-Perry has apologized for the slipup, which drew conservative fire but was also defended by conservative media host Glenn Beck. The Romney family also accepted the tearful apology she offered on her show.

Coulter and Hannity, however, were not satisfied, suggesting that she offered the apology only because her job was in jeopardy. Then Coulter went in on Harris-Perry for being the "token" at MSNBC.

"It's particularly good having Melissa Harris-Perry of all people making fun of a black child in the Romney family as a token," Coulter told Hannity. "What does she think she is at MSNBC?"

Hannity took exception to that statement, asking, "Why would you say that?" before adding that MSNBC had plenty of blacks, including the Rev. Al Sharpton.

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raise ya hand if you've been called/known as "the token"
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'Girls' to Debut New Beck and Lily Allen Tracks

Girls music supervisor Manish Raval recently said that the series' third season will highlight new music by a variety of artists, some of whom wrote music specifically for the show. "It's the same sound, same vibe, but one thing that's different this season is we've had the luxury of getting people to contribute brand new songs for us," he told Radio.com. "We had Miguel write us a new song." The series also picked up previously unreleased songs by Beck, Lily Allen, Jenny Lewis and Christina Perri.

The last season of Girls premiered new music from fun. and Santigold. It also helped to springboard Icona Pop's "I Love It" to ubiquity.

Regarding the Beck track, Raval said the artist had just completed the song and was willing to let Girls use it before the February release of his next album, Morning Phase. The Miguel track, on the other hand, was a special request from Girls creator Lena Dunham. "Very early on in the process Lena said, 'Can we just call him and see if he'll do something?'" Raval said. "We did, he said yes. It was very easy, it was very simple."

The music supervisor said that he reserved the Lewis track – which is likely not an extended version of her foray into holiday music – for an especially emotional scene. The track will serve as the end-credits music for the second episode, when character Jessa returns to the fold. "I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment," Raval said. "I think that’s my favorite spot of the season."


The Internet’s Dangerous, Opportunistic Speculation on Conor Oberst’s Rape Accusations Needs to Stop

I wasn’t going to write about the Conor Oberst rape accusations, because the last thing the internet needs is more noise over allegations that no one has any way of knowing are true or false. But the way this whole thing is playing out is both depressing and mildly terrifying. Virtually as soon as the accusations were posted, the internet went crazy, and not in a great way. First it was the accusations going viral on Tumblr, and then it was irresponsible commentary pieces like this, in which a writer explains that she believes the accusations because she had a similar experience. Now, Tumblr discussion of Oberst has become a cesspool of unfounded assumptions and increasingly frightening attempts to out and/or discredit the accuser. People. We need to stop.

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ok i know i'm late but i had not heard about this allegation. what do y'all think?

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Lady Gaga: From Pop’s Undisputed Queen to Defiant Underdog?


Lady Gaga appears to be going through a bit of a rough patch. After her third full studio album, ARTPOP, fell short of expectations with an opening sales week of 258,000 copies (her previous album, Born This Way, sold 1.11 million albums in its first week), she has remained surprisingly—both by her own personal standards and especially those of a megawatt pop star with a new album to promote—quiet. On the heels of lead single “Applause,” she released “Do What U Want” (featuring R. Kelly), which peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and now sits at No. 17 after 11 weeks on the charts.

Last week, Gaga released a new version of the song, featuring Christina Aguilera (following their performance of it on The Voice finale), presumably in hopes of breathing new life into the track. (The Xtina-Gaga duet currently ranks below the iTunes Top 200.) Meanwhile, the music video for the tune has yet to arrive, which led some of Gaga’s devoted Little Monsters to ask their deity about its status on her website last weekend.

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Miley's Marc Jacobs Ads: Photographer Refused to Shoot Singer

Marc Jacobs loves Miley Cyrus so much, he hired her to star in his Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2014 collection campaign.

But not everyone on the designer's team wanted to work with the 21-year-old "Wrecking Ball" singer.

Juergen Teller, the in-house photographer that typically shoots Jacobs' campaigns, refused to work with Cyrus and didn't shoot the new 2014 ads. "I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist," Jacobs tells Women's Wear Daily. "He just didn't want to shoot her."

The new campaign was instead shot by David Sims on a beach set styled by Stefan Beckman.

The ads feature Cyrus along with two other female models on the sandy shore. "We wanted this beach with the girls kind of sulky and broody, and we thought it would be cool if it was Miley with what could be two friends, feeling distant and quite dark," Jacobs says.

Jacobs gushed of Cyrus, "We all just love her and her entire being, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There's nothing I don't like about her. She is just genuine and very natural."

Tell that to Teller!

It's no secret that Miley is also a big fan of the fashion designer. She wore his sheer mesh gown at the 2013 Met Gala in New York. She also posed naked for Jacobs' "Protect the Skin You're In" T-shirt line.

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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2013 Marks HGTV's Best Year Ever

HGTV achieved its highest rated and most watched year ever in 2013 among viewers P25-54. On average, more than 36 million viewers tuned in to HGTV primetime each week. The network's programming, which includes such highly-rated favorites as Property Brothers, Buying & Selling, Rehab Addict, Cousins Undercover, Brother Vs. Brother, and of course, the popular Love It or List It and House Hunters franchises, continue to appeal to upscale audiences and allowed HGTV to finish 2013 as the #1 cable network among upscale W25-54 for the seventh consecutive year. In fact, House Hunters and House Hunters International delivered their highest P25-54 ratings in five years, while Property Brothers and Love It or List It each earned their highest rated episode ever in 2013.

The strong 2013 performance, particularly in primetime which grew 4% over 2012, also helped the network achieve a ranking as the 11th highest rated cable network in primetime among P25-54. On average viewers spent 77.7 minutes watching HGTV programs -- the highest time spent viewing in the network's history.

"We have a strong shot at repeating our 2013 success because our programs feature engaging experts like the Property Brothers and Nicole Curtis who work on compelling, relatable home transformations," said Kathleen Finch, president HGTV and DIY Network. "We know why viewers come to HGTV and our teams are being smart about using those lessons to keep those viewers coming back to the network."

Already off to a positive start in 2014, HGTV ranked #1 among all ad supported cable networks on New Year's Day. Rose Parade 2014, as well as a full day of premiere episodes for newer hit series such as Island Hunters, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Caribbean Life and Living Alaska, helped HGTV attract more than 17.4 million total viewers. The network's popular HGTV Dream Home special, which featured the new 2014 home located near Lake Tahoe, attracted more than 3 million viewers and was up 22% over last year's special. It ranked in the top 2 programs among all cable programs in its time period across upscale P25-54, W25-54, P18-49 and W18-49.

New programs premiering on HGTV in 2014 include the renovation competition series Flipping the Block and Family Under Construction, featuring the home renovation of blogger Jen Hatmaker.

Futon Critic

ontd, time to bitch about the idiots on these shows.