Britney Spears Street Team (teambritspears) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Britney Spears Street Team

Angelina got pregnant to save her failing relationship with Brad

Angelina Jolie is only pregnant, because she's trying to save her relationship with Brad Pitt so claims The National Enquirer (via MSNBC). Brad and Angie have apparently been fighting about whether or not their next baby should be biological or they should adopt. Brad wanted Angie to get knocked up again.

This source claims Angelina agreed to get pregnant hoping it would eliminate the tension between them. She couldn't get pregnant and worried Brad would leave her, so she sought the help of a in vitro specialist. Now she's allegedly pregnant with twins!

The source said, "After trying for months to conceive naturally, she also began to fear that she’d never get pregnant again. She really believes that the new babies will finally put to rest the problems in their relationship.”

Uh...huh...There's no way Angie's trying to keep a man. She's the one that's calling the shots. I doubt she's afraid Brad will leave her ass. It's the other way around. She probably made him have a baby or she was going to leave him. I wouldn't be shocked if he was the one carrying twins. Angie's hypnotic vagina is that powerful. She makes men conquer the impossible.

Source & Commentary via Dlisted
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