December 23rd, 2013

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Z For Zachariah to be shot in NZ

A new star-studded film set in a remote valley which survives a nuclear holocaust will be shot in New Zealand commencing in late January next year.

The film, produced by Spiderman star Tobey Maguire and Icelandic company Zik Zak Filmworks, is based on the 1974 children's science fiction thriller Z for Zachariah by Robert O'Brien.

In the book 16-year-old Ann Burden survives a nuclear holocaust and nerve gas attack because her farm is located in a remote valley with its own weather system.

Her belief she is alone is shattered when a scientist arrives in the valley.

The screenplay departs from the book by bringing two men into Anna's orbit, not one.

Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia) plays Anna while Pine (Captain Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness) plays one of the men and British star Chiwelel Ejiofor the other.

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The Voice UK: Kylie, will.he.go in first series three trailer

The first trailer for the new series of The Voice UK has been unveiled!

New judges Kylie Goddess Minogue and Ricky Wilson appear alongside will.he.go and Sir Tom Jones in the new clip, which premiered on BBC One on December 21.

Minogue and Wilson join the coaching lineup as replacements for Jessie J and The Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue, who both announced their departures from the show last summer.

Marvin Humes and Emma Willis will succeed Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates as hosts of The Voice UK. Humes has also hailed Minogue's impact on the show, recently telling Digital Spy that the popstar is "really getting stuck in".

The Voice UK returns to BBC One on Saturday, January 11 at 7pm.

Can't wait!

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Questlove and Padma Lakshmi being racist. Blergh.

The Roots is currently on tour in Japan and earlier today, Questlove posted this gem on Instagram:

questlove: Hey @dawnenglehart is it racist for me to write the Sour Tlain? #chipanesedownunder2013
dawnenglehart: Nah you're in The Loots. You're allowed.
dawnenglehart: Arrowed.
padmalakshmi: Hahahaha ha! You ruys clack me lup

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Dawn Englehart is his manager and was with him in Japan. I don't understand why he felt the need to publicly post this, but it's nice to know what he really thinks.

I didn't manage to get a screencap, but dawnenglehart later replied to angry comments with: "It's not lacist if it's taloo" and "padmalakshmi and I get a yellow pass anyway" The entire post has been deleted. She has this great example of internalized racism posted on her Instagram, I guess that's where Questlove picked it up.

Questlove also posted a video of a Japanese woman speaking Japanese with the spoken introduction; "Ladies and gentlemen, they are talking in tongues." The post is still up. Update: The video has also been deleted. They're all just going to pretend all these didn't happen??

Man, it's one thing for some ignorant white tween to do something like this but Questlove? Ughhhhhhhh

Source: Questlove's Twitter and Instagram accounts. The train IG post and tweet were deleted, as was the Talks in Tongues video.

Edit: There's another video on Vine because social media is a gift that keeps on giving. Questlove filmed a sleeping Japanese man and titled it "McSnoleArot". Sigh.

Update: HAHA FUCK. Apparently he's been doing this for a while. This tweet is from November 2012, someone posted about Korean food and he replied, "rooks lear good : )"

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Adriana Lima Says She's the Grandma at VS. Looked Divine While Saying So.

Adriana Lima blows a kiss at the photo call to celebrate Victoria’s Secret at their new Bond Street store on Thursday (December 12) in London, England.

The 32-year-old model recently chatted with Vogue UK about being one of the longest-serving Angels, having walked in thirteen shows for the lingerie giant.
“I’m definitely the grandma,” Adriana joked. “I first walked in the show in 2000, but I was working with the brand even before that, actually. My first show, Stephanie Seymour and Karen Mulder were in it, too – and it is amazing to have done the show for so long… I love the new girls, though. Cara [Delevingne] is so cool. I love the girls that they choose, they are always super nice, really excited. It’s just the most fun job.”
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Britney is not a good cook, talks about kids + I Am Britney Jean Discussion Post!

It's nice to know that Britney Spears isn't asking for much for Christmas.

"What do I want Santa to bring me?—I have everything," the pop princess exclusively told me while promoting tonight's premiere of her new E! special, I Am Britney Jean. "I'm so happy. I don't need anything. I just want good health, happiness and love."

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UPDATE: THE DOC IS RE-AIRING FROM 11-1 am. Enjoy (again)!



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dog winter

Charlie Sheen Donates To Homeless Charity

Charlie Sheen has topped off a charitable year by making a sizeable Christmas donation to help the homeless.

The former Two and a Half Men star has handed $50,000 (£33,333) to My Friend's Place, an organisation which helps homeless young people in Los Angeles.

Charity bosses have sent him a note thanking him for his generous donation, which follows recent gifts to organisations including a Philippines relief fund and an epilepsy charity.

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Rich Juz Spots That E! Digitally Elongated Britney Spears in Her Doc

Last night, E! ran a two-hour documentary detailing the preparation for Britney Spears' upcoming Las Vegas residency and Britney Jean album. The entirety of I Am Britney Jean ran with its picture slightly elongated, which is weird (Britney's not even going through an overweight period) and at odds with the entire concept of documentary filmmaking. But whatever, I guess. This is E!, a place where the hardest news you're going to get is delivered by Giuliana Rancic. We cannot expect much of anything. See above [click to visit source] for a scene in which the stretching is particularly noticeable, and also check out this comparison between stills from the movie that aired and the promo that ran in the days before it:

(Note though that the promo's aspect ratio seems like it could be off too, and in the opposite, widened way. So that's really fucking confusing.)

As far as the content goes, I Am Britney Jean was not particularly raw and candid, but it was well made since it was a World of Wonder (RuPaul's Drag Race, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole) production. The weirdest thing that Britney said was that her onstage persona/alter ego is a different person and that it's "seriously bipolar disorder." (Ever since her 2008 meltdown, it's been widely speculated that Britney is bipolar, and here she is kind of joking about it.)

It was refreshingly honest of Brit to admit, "Personally, I'm really a shy person and I'm particularly not really made for this industry because I am so shy." But at the same time it's like, why are you still doing this then? It would be one thing if she were a singer's singer or a dancer's dancer or if there were some virtuosic, honed craft that her inner artistry compelled her to express despite the unfortunate byproduct of fame. But no, her craft is being an all-around entertainer, a star, and that's how her career was engineered. It's how her life was engineered, and from a very young age, at that. If she is "not really made for this industry," is it any wonder that she freaked out five years ago and hit an SUV with an umbrella, or that she routinely shows up in public and music videos with dead eyes, looking like she wants to crawl out of her skin? Was happiness ever a possibility for Britney Spears? Did anyone ever actually think about that?

She at least seemed more alive and spirited in I Am Britney Jean than she has in years. She was often endearingly goofy. She used big-ish words like "intangibles" and "naiveté," and she also used "fart" as an expletive. She lamented, "Being a perfectionist sucks," and discussed her love of watermelon bubblegum and sex. She seemed kind to her employees and she seems to work very hard to keep the industry that has been organized around her propped up. The artist was present on I Am Britney Jean, but given her comments, you can't help but wonder if she really wanted to be.


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Kate Winslet Names Her Son Bear

Talk about animal magnetism.

Kate Winslet and her husband of one year, Ned Rocknroll, have named their newborn son Bear Winslet, a spokesperson for Winslet confirms to PEOPLE.

The Oscar winner welcomed her third child on Dec. 7 at a National Health Service hospital near the West Sussex home she shares with her husband and children, Mia, 13 and Joe, 10.

In the weeks leading up to baby Bear’s arrival, Winslet, 38, had been seen relaxing, dining out and taking in a London theater show with friends.

Rocknroll, 35, who works on his uncle Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project, was previously called Abel Smith before officially changing his name.

Other famous Bears, aside from Paddington and Smokey, include the British adventurer Bear Grylls and Alicia Silverstone‘s son, Bear Blu.

At least it's not Bear Rocknroll


Watching My Ex Get Famous....


You know Skylar Astin? Of Glee and Pitch Perfect and Spring Awakening, etc., etc., fame? Me too. Only I knew him as Skylar Lipstein and he finger-banged me on my extra-long, twin-size bed while watching Say Anything... in my freshman year dorm room at NYU. I’m 80% sure I was wearing Hard Tail leggings.

The first night we made out, I knew we were going to date. He's Jewish and sort of dorky. I'm Jewish and sort of dorky. We didn’t go out to dinner. He didn't take me to red carpet events. This was before good ‘ol Lipstein traded in for Astin, and I think the most expensive meal we had was at Chick-fil-A at a neighboring dorm.

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Kendrick Lamar Drops 'Sing About Me' Video: Part I

With his critically applauded, epic — and now, Grammy-nominated — good kid, m.A.A.d city, — Kendrick Lamar used rhymes to tell a chilling story of a boy becoming a man in the gang-driven streets of Compton, California. And while every track on the poetic album was almost disturbingly honest, it was the haunting — and, according to Lamar himself, "definitely true" — "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst" that was the most haunting. A narration about the death of his partner's brother, "Sing About Me" is a sprawling 12 minutes long, which is why, when it came time to release the video on Friday (December 20), Kendrick decided to divide it into chapters.


this is my fave song off his album so i'm happy he did a video for it. him rapping the last verse (or at least part of the last verse)  a capella gave me chills ngl.

TDE's CEO and President Respond to Drake's Alleged Diss Toward Kendrick Lamar on "Sh!t" Remix


Earlier today Future's tour DJ, Esco, dropped the remix to "Shit" featuring Drake and Juicy J. While Drake doesn't address Kendrick Lamar directly, Internet consensus is that the Toronto rapper takes aim at Compton's finest in his opening verse:

"And if a nigga say my name, he the hot shit
But if I say that nigga name he still the hot shit
Fucked up, lucky I don’t feed into the gossip
Niggas act like they don’t know but they should know
Yeah, I just think it’s funny how they danglin’ the bait
But I’m the one whose killin’ niggas on the hooks though"

This merry-go-round of words between the two stems from Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control," where he named a number of his rap peers, including Drake, before spitting, "I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you niggas/Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas." Drake would address Lamar's verse on "The Language," from his latest album Nothing Was The Same, as well as during his interview with Elliott Wilson for CRWN. “[Kendrick] is giving people moments but are you listening to it now, at this point in time?" he asked. "It was real cool for a couple weeks."

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This all just needs to stop. It is embarrassing.
Ron/Hermione - CoS

"12 Years a Slave" leads Vancouver Film Critics Circle’s awards nominations

Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave leads all films in the Vancouver Film Critics Circle's International category with six nominations.

Slave's Chiwetel Ejiofor and Davis' Oscar Isaac are joined by Dallas Buyer Club's Matthew McConaughey in the race for Best Actor. Meanwhile, the Best Actress nominees are Gravity's Sandra Bullock, Blue Jasmine‘s Cate Blanchett and France Ha‘s Greta Gerwig.

12 Years a Slave
Inside Llewyn Davis

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Source + Canadian nominations
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Ezra Koenig: Believe in Your Selfie

This week, Oxford Dictionaries announced that its 2013 Word of the Year is "selfie." One person who was less than thrilled about the choice is Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig. "You know, I got really excited about the word 'selfie' in 2012," he tells Rolling Stone. "So when I see that it's the word of the year in 2013, I feel like, 'Tell me about some new words!'"

That said, Koenig is firmly in favor of selfies. "I'm definitely pro-selfie," he says. "I think that anybody who's anti-selfie is really just a hater. Because, truthfully, why shouldn't people take pictures of themselves? When I'm on Instagram and I see that somebody took a picture of themselves, I'm like, 'Thank you.' I don't need to see a picture of the sky, the trees, plants. There's only one you."

Adds Koenig, "I could Google image search 'the sky' and I would probably see beautiful images to knock my socks off. But I can't Google, you know, 'What does my friend look like today?' For you to be able to take a picture of yourself that you feel good enough about to share with the world – I think that's a great thing."

The singer is scornful of those who see selfie-snapping as a sign of narcissism. "There's all this bullshit about 'the younger kids today are more self-absorbed,'" he says. "It's like, give me a fucking break! I've been in nursing homes, where my grandma is. I've seen some of the most selfish people on the planet in there. . . And the world that these kids are born into literally could not get more selfish. The world is so fucked-up and unequal and full of assholes. You can't blame it on the younger generation."

Koenig was unaware of "Selfies at Funerals," the recent Tumblr collecting selfies taken at what some see as an inappropriate place. "No, I didn't hear about that," he says. "But you know what? When I die, everybody is invited to come take a selfie at my funeral. Except for my enemies. They're not invited to the funeral, period."

omg ilh so much <3
oh yeah, selfie post~

15 (5) Best Kanye Kuotes Of 2013

The Year Kanye Let Loose

This year Kanye West broke what had been a prolonged, and mostly strict, media embargo, and he did it in a big way. West's new album Yeezus was outsold by friends (Jay Z) and frenemies (Drake)*Pretty sure they dick ride each other, but ok*, but thanks largely to his explosive and thoughtful interviews, 2013 belonged, undeniably, to him. Here are Ye's most memorable quotes from a wild year. BY JORDAN SARGENT

On Titling a Certain Hit Song

"Why do you think the song 'N****s in Paris' was called 'N****s in Paris'? Because n****s was in Paris!"

On What Inspires Him

"This one Corbusier lamp was, like, my greatest inspiration."

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Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas (Especially With These Ten Episodes)

It’s that time of the year again, so put on your most terrifically ugly sweater, and let’s celebrate by watching our fictional counterparts celebrate. (Because who needs a real Christmas, when you can just watch one?)

“The Best Chrismukkah Ever,” The O.C.

The O.C. has a few legacies, but none more longstanding than the popularized holiday-term ‘Chrismukkah.’ Seth’s a son of Newport with a newpsie, Protestant mother, and a public-defending, Jewish father. And when you combine the two, you only could get Chrismukkah, a beautiful interfaith holiday that perfectly represents Seth and Ryan and how they fit into Orange County (aka how they really don’t). It’s a little bit confusing, way too much, and yet so very, very right. “It’s eight days of presents followed by one day of many, MANY presents.” The O.C. had four Christmas episodes, but none come close to the first season’s “The Best Chrismukkah Ever” or the Cohen Christmas card that came out of it.

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Doctor Who beats Breaking Bad to Best Drama award from DS readers...

Doctor Who was named Best Drama of the year by Digital Spy readers in our 2013 end of year survey.

The 50th anniversary of the show, capped by a special episode featuring David Tennant, Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi, was also named the Entertainment Moment of The Year in our end of year survey, which saw over 22,600 people casting a vote.

The Doctor Who connection continued throughout our TV categories. One-time Doctor and 50th guest star David Tennant was named Best Actor for his role in Broadchurch, with current Doctor Matt Smith in second place.

Tennant's Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman, who has also appeared in Doctor Who, was named Best Actress on 25.0%, with Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith in second place and current companion Jenna Coleman in third.

The Best Comedy of the year was judged by you to be The Big Bang Theory, which won a comprehensive 28.0% of the vote, while I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! was named Best Reality TV Show.

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pshhhhhhhhhhhhht, Breaking Bad below Doctor Who? What is this nonsense?

(goosebumps during this scene)
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"I Am Britney Jean" Review: Britney Spears Is Back & Better Than Ever

Oops, Britney has wow’d us again! ‘I Am Britney Jean’ showed an intimate side of the singer that we’ve never seen before — from her intense dance rehearsals to her adorable family life!

With Britney Spears set to kick off her Las Vegas residency in just five days, the Dec. 27 special was an absolutely perfect way to get us excited. In I Am Britney Jean, we saw just how hard working the pop star is, the amazing team she has behind her, and how she balances planning a three-year residency, promoting a new album, being a loving mother, and a girlfriend.

Britney, 32, began rehearsing for her Vegas residency, Britney: Piece of Me on Dec. 10, and lucky for us she recorded it all — yes, 17 extremely intense days. The documentary on E! gave us a look at how a residency is put together, and Britney isn’t only performing it, but also producing and co-directing the event

It was really special to see the behind-the-scenes meetings that decided every detail of her residency — from what songs she would be putting on and what the stage would be set up like, to what costumes she and the dancers would wear. And in the short amount of time she had to set up, she also was doing tons of other things like filming the sexy music video for “Work Bitch.”

“I love sex, I think sex is great!” she admitted while we saw the super sexy footage. “But I feel a little different about it now that I’m older. sometimes I feel like I’m like 20, and sometimes I feel like I’m 50.”

The most intense parts of the documentary was seeing Brit in the studio really working hard on a new dance routine. During the studio time, Brit showed off her amazingly cut body (seriously though, that stomach!), and that it definitely wasn’t easy to get. Basically, she did some work, bitch.

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Watch it here if you missed it!

What were your favorite parts of "I Am Britney Jean ONTD?
I loved when her kids were amazed at the show effects, talking to the dancers about their talents and in awe of Britney doing Everytime.

Canadian singer: Beyoncé stole my video ideas

Beyonce is still celebrating her self titled visual album being No.1 worldwide.

Just days ago, Bey celebrated her success with a private party at Dave & Busters in New York before hosting a Q&A session on Saturday night. Beyonce showed all 17 videos that came along with her new album, before she answered questions by fans.

But Canadian artist Anjulie hopes to put a damper in Bey’s celebration.

The rocker claims the Drunk In Love singer stole her video concept for Stand Behind The Music. She posted a sarcastic tweet with her video and Beyonce’s Superpower to prove her point.

This is not the first time Beyonce has been accused of jacking another artist style. Watch the videos below and judge for yourself.

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Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards -- You're a Heartless, Ugly Hag

Charlie Sheen has declared nuclear war on his ex-wife Denise Richards ... blasting her as a "heartless" and "ugly" hag who's holding their children hostage.

Sheen just blasted Richards ... again ... this time, he's furious that Denise won't let their children visit him to exchange Christmas gifts.

Charlie expressed his anger in a series of texts ... saying, "lemme see if I got this straight; you won't even spring the girls for 30 mins, from the 10 mil house I gave you, (100 yds away) to come down and open the gifts their dad bought them before they leave??"

"I hope your stocking is bronze-age coal stuffed along with an assortment of 8x10's of yours so you can see how despicable and heartlessly ugly you and your fermented soul continue to be."

He added, "hash tag. hag shag."

Charlie also says despite the fact Denise won't let him see the kids, she had the "audacity" to ask him to borrow his private jet to go on the big family trip that she banned him from.

Charlie says he went to Denise's home to plead with her to change her mind and to deliver gifts to the kids, but was not allowed to see them.

Charlie concludes, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had."


Entertainment Tonight Takes a Look Back at Julia Roberts's Career (Old Interviews/Press Conferences)

Before her latest film August: Osage County hits theaters, ET flashes back on Julia Roberts' career over the decades.

Now considered one of the most iconic American actresses of the modern era, Roberts wasn't always the confident star that she is now, as she admits in ET's flashback with Roberts in 1999.

"To me, I was still really shy and insecure and thrust into this very odd working environment where one would imagine you have to be very confident and I wasn't," Roberts says of her early acting days in films like film Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias.

Watch the video above for a look back on Julia Roberts through the years, and watch her on the big screen in August: Osage County, which opens December 27.

If Julia Roberts is nominated for an Oscar this year, that means she'll have an Oscar nomination in four consecutive decades (80's, 90's, 00's, 10's) - that's some longevity for your ass. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE OLD-SCHOOL JULIA ROBERTS FILM?

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Ariana Grande covers Teen Vogue

Ariana Grande is backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and there's a problem. It's not a wardrobe malfunction, and it isn't her voice, either (she's fully recovered from a vocal-cord hemorrhage suffered in September). The issue producers are wrangling with is logistical: how to get the petite star on stage in a grande-size chicken costume without anyone spotting her. So much for glamour. Says the 20-year-old singer with a laugh: "I am the first in line to make an absolute fool out of myself."

There's nothing foolish, however, about Ariana's emergence this year as an undeniable force in pop music. Hollywood is littered with actresses who have fleetingly dipped a manicured toe in the waters of the music industry, but Ariana flipped the script with Yours Truly, pairing killer vocals with a hot R&B sound to earn a permanent spot in our hearts and iPhones. "The Way" was the song of the summer, and Yours Truly opened at number one on the Billboard 200 chart—something no female artist has done with a debut album since Ke$ha's Animal in 2010. If Ariana's relevance was at all in doubt, check out this endorsement from Katy Perry, who praised Ariana in a recent interview, saying she has "the best female vocal in pop music today." What's most surprising about Ariana's career: It's very possible that some of her massive fan base has no idea she's also the star of Nickelodeon's highest-rated live-action sitcom, Sam & Cat, whose episodes average 3 million viewers during the show's Saturday-night time slot.

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Bruno Mars
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Sandra Bullock, George Clooney Offer Behind-the-Scenes Look at Making of 'Gravity'

The new featurette from Warner Bros. features behind-the-scenes footage from the film and interviews will all of the key people who helped to make it.

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Finally saw this movie a couple weeks ago. My heart was in my throat the entire time lol, though I can see why some people found it boring.
Liz HP

It's Finally Happened: An Official(ish) Harry Potter MMO Is In Beta

A new Harry Potter MMO was quietly released in Beta recently.  Biohazard Entertainment has developed a unique MMO with the permission of Warner Bros., and if the Beta testing goes well, Warner Bros. will announce their official approval and endorsement. The details are a bit hazy, but here's what we know now:
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Sailor Jupiter

English voice cast of classic Sailor Moon series to reunite for the first time in the United States

For many, Sailor Moon was a major catalyst that sparked an interest in Japanese animation and culture.  Next to Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon made up one-half of a particularly influential anime-focused afternoon action block. The Sailor Moon series was a huge influence on many children growing up in the 1990’s, especially young girls. The Sailor Scouts were childhood heroes and role models–a source of inspiration and empowerment.

In honor of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary and the upcoming remake, Anime Expo is pleased to welcome the classic Sailor Moon series’ voice cast for their first full reunion appearance in the United States! Anime Expo 2014 Guests of Honor, Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon, seasons 3 and 4), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars), Karen Bernstein (Sailor Mercury, seasons 1 and 2), and Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus, seasons 1 and 2) will all be participating in a Sailor Moon panel as well as individual autograph sessions.

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Remaining Members of Pussy Riot Freed From Russian Jail

Two members of the music collective Pussy Riot, who in 2012 were sentenced to two years in jail for performing an anti-Putin song in Moscow’s main cathedral, were released today under a new amnesty law. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was set free from a prison in Krasnoyarsk, a town in Siberia; co-defendant Maria Alyokhina was permitted to leave a facility in the western city of Nizhny Novgorod.

“I think this is an attempt to improve the image of the current government, a little, before the Sochi Olympics — particularly for the Western Europeans,” she said. “But I don’t consider this humane or merciful.”

Indeed, it seems that Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova wouldn’t have been freed if Russia hadn’t been embarrassed into enacting the amnesty law ahead of the Winter Olympics it’s hosting in February. The international outcry over the Pussy Riot members’ imprisonment came not only from groups like Amnesty International, but from some of the world’s most prominent artists.

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Basically this is Putin's attempt at mitigating the upcoming clusterfuck at Sochi.  Won't do shit though.  Glad the women never gave in to this glorified torture.
lana del slay

Fifth Harmony: 93.3 FLZ Jingle Ball, awkward interview, Seventeen Prom feature, etc.

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doing pretty good if you ask me

sources: pre-show x backstage x show x seventeen x scans x interview x z100 x preshow1 x preshow2 x preshow3 x preshow4 x show1 x show2 x show3

Celebs and their food/drinks

Pics of celebs and their food from the past few days.

Beyoncé celebrates Beyoncé with a Beyoncé cake!

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
do yall think beyoncé kept it vegan at the party or did she cheat?
Beyonce black crown

Watch Beyonce's Entire Visual Album Exclusively on Fuse

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you're anything like us, you've been listening to and watching Beyonce's surprise self-titled "visual album" on repeat since it dropped overnight last week. With 14 new tracks to digest and 17 new videos to obsess over, we're still trying to decide which is our favorite.

Now, for one time only, Fuse is bringing you the chance to catch all the videos from Beyonce on the big screen—or at least a bigger screen than your computer.

Tune in to Fuse Monday, December 23 at 8 p.m. ET to catch the exclusive U.S. premiere of "Beyonce: The Visual Album." We'll be playing all 17 videos back-to-back in the order they appear on the album, including the bonus video, "Grown Woman."

(Check out our Channel Finder so you know where to tune in.) Prior to "Beyonce: The Visual Album," Fuse will feature a Beyoncé Takeover comprised of programming dedicated to Beyonce's legendary career. Beginning at 6 a.m. ET, tune in to catch her most memorable moments, music videos and more that lead Beyonce from Destiny’s Child to the icon she is today.


I'm watching it rn, and omg, the HD Glory.
I think they're playing it again after the first go-through, according to my tv guide.

okay so nah, it was just the once. boo.

Ed - brows

2014 Celebrity Psychic Predictions

The Seer's 2014 Predictions
Were written while staying
Cayuga Lake
Upstate New York,
just down the road from the entrance to
The Twilight Zone.
(Completed Dec 19th 2013)

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More predictions @

Predictions for 2013

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6 make a Christmas video

Happy holidays, hunties! A new cadre of queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race may not be gracing small screens for another month or so, but that doesn’t mean they’re not already giving it.

It’s only seasonally appropriate that queens’ pre-Race gift is a medley of Christmas carols with cheekily tweaked lyrics. Think “Deck the Halls” and “Away in a Manger” couldn’t be improved? Click through and decide for yourself.
The new season of drag race begins in February on Logo.


hew the fuck are these queens tho anyway, henny?

Jackie and Hyde

Jared and Gen Padalecki announce the birth of their second son

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s a second son for Jared Padalecki!

The Supernatural star, 31, and his wife Genevieve Padalecki welcomed their second child on Sunday, Dec. 22, he announced via Twitter on Monday evening.

The new addition joins big brother Thomas Colton, 21 months. The couple had announced the pregnancy in July.

Padalecki wed former Supernatural costar Cortese Padalecki in February 2010 in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Source 1
Source 2

Michael Lohan to Dina: Don't talk smack about me and Lindsay, or I'll sue

Lindsay Lohan's new tell-all book project has a new wrinkle ... if she tells all she'll end up smack in the middle of a lawsuit between her mom and her dad.

Michael Lohan believes when it comes to writing about Lindsay's childhood, Dina Lohan will tell her daughter defamatory stories about Michael.

So we've learned Michael's lawyer just sent a threatening letter to Dina, reminding her about the gag order which was imposed in their divorce ... the gag order which states, ""The wife shall not, directly or indirectly, publish, or cause to be published, any diary, memoir, letter, story" blah blah blah involving her marriage to Michael.

As we reported, Michael has already warned Dina not to trash talk him in Dina's own tell-all book.

The Lohan's have a lot to tell, if they tell the truth.

So we gotta ask -- most honest storyteller?


so sad that these awful people are involving lindsay in yet another trainwreck.

#MikeWiLLBeenTRiLL mixtape

There's no denying that Mike WiLL Made-It was one of the biggest producers in 2013. To end the year appropriately, Mike teamed up with Been Trill for a mixtape titled #MikeWiLLBeenTRiLL. The mixtape is hosted by Future and features Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and more. You can stream and download the mixtape here.


Official Poster and Trailer for Disney's 'Million Dollar Arm'

Based on a true story, Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” follows JB Bernstein, a once-successful sports agent who now finds himself edged out by bigger, slicker competitors. Late one night, while watching cricket being played in India on TV, JB comes up with an idea so radical it just might work. Why not go to there and find the next baseball pitching sensation? (Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Bill Paxton, Suraj Sharma, Lake Bell and Alan Arkin)

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