November 26th, 2013


'Catching Fire': 12 big changes from page to screen (and why almost all of them work)


While The Hunger Games: Catching Fire clocks in at an expansive 146 minutes, it necessarily can’t include every beat from Suzanne Collins’s 400-page novel. And because the sequel, like The Hunger Games movie — and unlike Collins’s series – isn’t limited to showing only Katniss’s perspective, the film also contains several scenes that have no basis in Collins’s narrative.

But here’s the thing — most of the adaptive choices made by director Francis Lawrence and screenwriters Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt are totally defensible, clearly meant to keep the story moving at a quicker pace and expand the world of Panem beyond Katniss’s immediate vicinity. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to name a change that should anger fans — or even really one that feels unnecessary. (Though fine, Finnick’s less revealing Opening Ceremony outfit does seem like a missed opportunity. Have you seen Sam Claflin?)

Agree? Disagree? Let’s go over some of the most notable ways the movie diverges from the book, then discuss. (And you know there will be spoilers here, right?)

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10 worst things about the 2013 American Music Awards


IT WAS a night that made you wish the MTV VMA's happened every month.

The running time:

It took three hours to get this over and done with. Three hours! At least an hour of that was completely unnecessary and if Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake were only allowed to do one acceptance speech each, the whole thing could have easily fit into a cosy 90 minutes. Don't the AMA's realise we have better things to do on Sunday evenings? Like not listening to One Direction, for example …

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tom cruise

Susan Sarandon feels Barack Obama didn't deserve Nobel Peace Prize

US President Barack Obama should not have been given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has said citing his "not so great" record on civil liberty and that he took too long to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

"No way! I mean we are talking about the Nobel Peace Prize, not at all,"
the actress said during an interaction at International film festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, when asked if Obama deserved a Nobel.

Sarandon, 67, who won an Oscar for best acting in 1995, inaugurated the festival early this week.

"I understand that they are encouraging him somehow to do more peaceful things and I think he managed to edge around Syria. But certainly if I was a parent to someone from Iraq or Afghanistan, I would be very disappointed. How long has he taken to get out of those countries."

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Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

Liam Hemsworth Steps Out After 'Catching Fire' Breaks Box Office Record


Liam Hemsworth rocks a beanie while grabbing a snack at a liquor store on Monday (November 25) in Studio City, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old Aussie actor’s new film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had a huge opening weekend, raking in $161 million.

Last week, Liam participated in a cooler race during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In case you didn’t know, Liam‘s former fiancee Miley Cyrus just turned 21 on Saturday (November 23).

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LeAnn Rimes tweets photo of empty chairs, Brandi Glanville blows up her spot

How Do I Live Without You '13 continues to devolve as Eddie Cibrian has moved out of the house he and estranged wife LeAnn Rimes shared, and taken his two sons, Mason and Jake Cibrian, with him. This happened towards the beginning of October, but don't tell LeAnn that! Maybe it's the fact that she's constantly drunk (and most likely high on some substance or another). Maybe it's her mental illness (many onlookers have guessed borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or bipolar). Or maybe she's just a child star who can't accept being defeated in the public eye. Either way, she is hellbent on continuing the facade that all is well in the Rimes-Cibrian home (the home that, you know, doesn't exist).

For those of you unfamiliar, LeAnn has always been a twitter whore, and until recently, Eddie was along for the ride, even allowing his sons to get in on the charade. They constantly posed for photos and videos that LeAnn constantly posted to her Twitter. So now that Eddie isn't around, do you think that would stop LeAnn? Of course not! Earlier in the evening, she tweeted a photo of a bunch of empty chairs in a campfire setting, complete with hashtags like #smores and #happy, and a cute little child sized tipi in the background:

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Kardashian Kristmas Kards Throughout the Years


The family went "all white everything" for last year's Christmas card, which kinda doubles as a New Year's card with all the confetti. This was also the first year to feature little Penelope!

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"Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"


Miranda Lambert Denies Weight Loss Surgery On Website

Country singer Miranda Lambert showed off her thinner figure at the 47th Annual CMA Awards earlier this month and stories spawned in the tabloids that she had surgery to help her lose the weight. Miranda took to her website yesterday to address those reports directly with a frustrated statement clarifying that she did not have any sort of surgical procedure and that she lost it the “good old fashioned way” by “watching what I eat and working out.”

A letter from Miranda to her fans
Monday, November 25, 2013

Though I NEVER care what the tabloids have to say about me… I wanted to address this certain story they are running this week and set the record straight. I DID NOT have surgery to lose weight. That is ridiculous. I lost my weight the healthy and good old fashioned way. Watching what I eat and working out with my trainer Bill Crutchfield. As for the assumed number of pounds lost…? I don’t even know! Like I have always said, it’s not about a scale, it’s about how you feel and how your jeans fit. And on November 10th when I turned 30, my skinny jeans were finally baggy! Mission accomplished! So for anyone who is tempted to read the “Trash Talk” please don’t. I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size. Thanks for the support yall!




Keeping Up With The Kardashian's Kourtroom Kontradictions

The Kardashian's have been kaught in a major kontradiction which is at the center of the family’s kourtroom battle with their ex-stepmom: Despite momager Kris Jenner klaiming in a sworn kourt declaration that the family isn’t responsible for editing on any of their reality shows, both Kris and Kim have previously admitted they have final say on what airs!

Jenner made the new klaim about her supposedly hands-off approach to editing in a revealing declaration that she filed as part of an effort to have a defamation lawsuit that was filed against her and her children by Robert Kardashian‘s widow, Ellen Kardashian, thrown out of a Los Angeles kourt.

In the document, Jenner protested that after episodes of their E! show are filmed and edited, the family provides “komments and suggestions” to producers at Bunim-Murray Productions, Inc., but she insisted that they are not “responsible” for the editing.

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Stay tuned to see if Kris and Kim’s kontradiction komes up in kourt. The next hearing to see whether a judge will dismiss Ellen Kardashian’s lawsuit is on December 17.


Elizabeth Taylor watched "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"


Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Yes, Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor and yes the Joss Whedon series.

In the new issue of People magazine, Taylor's family revealed intimate details and photos of the late star. Her great-grandson, Finn McMurray, said they'd cuddle in bed and watch her movies -- including "Cleopatra" -- and TV shows such as "CSI" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"We'd watch bad TV and eat popcorn," McMurray said. "She was so much fun."

So, she might not have loved "Buffy" for its quality, but hey, she watched "Buffy"! Series star Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Twitter to comment on the story.

Source: (1)'

[I would like to add that I tweeted the story to SMG and she retweeted me! The only reason I created Twitter was to talk to SMG!]

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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'The Making of The Sound of Music Live' to premiere TOMORROW NIGHT!

“The Making of The Sound of Music Live!” premieres on NBC Wednesday, November 27 at 8pm. The special, produced by NBC News’ Peacock Productions, provides an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the three month countdown to “The Sound of Music Live!,” a three-hour live event, premiering on Thursday, December 5 at 8/7C.

Take a treasured musical, filled with songs from legendary Rodgers and Hammerstein, such as My Favorite Things, The Sound of Music, Do-Re-Mi, and Edelweiss; add six-time Grammy Award winner Carrie Underwood as Maria and “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer as Capt. Georg von Trapp plus 5-time Tony-Award winner Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess and you have a new version of this beloved Broadway musical classic.

In “The Making of the Sound of Music Live!,” viewers will see what goes into creating the live version of “The Sound of Music.” From the nationwide casting call to discover the seven von Trapp children, to the creation of the sets, and the 40 piece orchestra recording the soundtrack, the documentary provides a front row seat as the musical numbers and cast come together for a one-night-only event.

Also co-starring in “The Sound of Music Live!” are Tony Award winners Laura Benanti (Elsa Schrader) and Christian Borle (Max Dettweiler). The young cast set to play the von Trapp children are Ariane Rinehart (Liesl), Michael Nigro (Fredrich), Ella Watts-Gorman (Louisa), Joe West (Kurt), Sophia Caruso (Brigitta), Grace Rundhaug (Marta) and Peyton Ella as young Gretl.

The live holiday spectacular is based on the original 1959 Broadway production of “The Sound of Music,” starring Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel, with a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. The iconic story centers on a young woman who leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the seven children of a naval officer widower.


PS, snippets of the soundtrack are up on Amazon
Belle happy

The DM Gets Something Right: Calls Day of the Doctor a Rotten Disappointment, a Dud and a Damp Squib


Really, I should have known better. The perennial small boy in my head, the one who still watches scary telly through the cracks between his fingers, had been hopping with excitement for months: David Tennant was to return for one episode as the Doctor. Better still, this mega-budget, feature-length show celebrating half a century of Doctor Who (BBC1) would co-star John Hurt as another, darker incarnation of the character. It promised to be fabulous. And, of course, it wasn’t. It was patchy, it was cobbled together and, despite some excellent moments, it was a rotten disappointment.

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Keeping things positive, what did you like about the special, ONTD?

Guy in Brooklyn finds an Emmy in the trash

However improbably, the award was picked up by local actor Ismael Cekic, who tells the Brooklyn Paper he found it in a box of discarded trophies near his home on 28th Ave., and is bringing it to tomorrow’s Anthology Archives screening of Vamp Bikers (a locally-made movie in which he makes an appearance), on the off-chance whoever through it in the trash to begin with wants to come re-claim it.

“I want to return it,” Cekic said, “because I’m curious who this person is, who worked so hard to get that award.” Which is fair enough, though based on how much Cekic seems to be enjoying it (“I close my eyes and picture myself up on stage,” he tells Brooklyn Paper), would whoever threw this thing in the trash in the first place really want to go out of their way to take it back from him? Regardless, a reminder that even those of us too squeamish for full-on dumpster diving could stand to keep a closer eye out in our day-to-day. There’s a lot of good junk floating around out there.

sources: one two

Who do you think threw their Emmy out?

The 2014 Indie Spirits Nominations, led by 12 Years a Slave and Nebraska


BEST FEATURE (Award given to the Producer, Executive Producers are not awarded)
12 Years a Slave
PRODUCERS: Dede Gardner, Anthony Katagas, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen, Arnon Milchan, Brad Pitt, Bill Pohlad
All Is Lost
PRODUCERS: Neal Dodson, Anna Gerb
Frances Ha
PRODUCERS: Noah Baumbach, Scott Rudin, Rodrigo Teixeira, Lila Yacoub
Inside Llewyn Davis
PRODUCERS: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Scott Rudin
PRODUCERS: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa

Shane Carruth
Upstream Color
J.C. Chandor
All Is Lost
Steve McQueen
12 Years a Slave
Jeff Nichols
Alexander Payne

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The Birdcage: Agador

20 (5) Bad Boys We Loved in 2013

These movie and TV guys' actions aren't all pure -- and we can't take our eyes off 'em


1. The Governor, The Walking Dead

The Governor may be a one-eyed homicidal dictator with major family issues but, damn, he makes it look good. Armed with a gravelly Southern drawl and face that looks like David Morrissey, you can almost forgive those that follow him to do unspeakable things. Almost. —Maricela Gonzalez
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source 15more

agree/disagree?  I can't really think of anyone that really stood out.
Savin was good for me. But I'm just shallow


oops at me forgetting my number one
aweng and alexis

The White House Gets Involved in Stan Wars for Thanksgiving

The Hunger Games are real.

It is now tradition that each year, the president will pardon one turkey from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. So far, 23 turkeys have been pardoned by POTUSes over the year. Last year, the turkey that President Obama pardoned was named Cobbler.

But this year, the White House is doing something different: They're asking you to vote on which tribute turkey should be pardoned. And which should be murdered. For all of our amusement.

Just kidding—that would be heartless (even if we are voting to save one turkey while we feast on million others). The White House explains, "Both turkeys will be pardoned, but only the American people will decide which bird takes the title." But you're still a Capitol citizen, so adjust your wig and tell these turkeys, "May the odds be ever in your favor."

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KATY Bubblepop AMA

The Telegraph: "It is often hard to detect any human personality on Britney Jean"

Britney Spears is the spectre that haunts the future of Miley Cyrus. Child star turned sexy pop ingénue, the full force of 21st century global stardom brought Spears paparazzi invasions, romantic disasters, stints in rehab, mental health concerns and endless comebacks. Miley, be warned: this is where twerking could lead.

The publicity pitch for 31-year-old Spears’s eighth album, Britney Jean, is that it is her “most personal” to date. The use of her middle name in the title implies familial intimacy, the private self behind the public icon. It would presumably be asking too much to detect either irony or satire in the decision to launch this campaign with a highly effective, stripped-down electro club banger called Work Bitch, in which young women are commanded (in a peculiar fake English accent) to put some serious effort in if they want to “sip Martinis” in “a hot bikini”. Credits reveal that this prostitution anthem involved contributions from six writers, four of whom are male.

The opening tracks are polished until they gleam, dazzling with the flash of high-end digital pop. They encompass the sci-fi techno of (Madonna producer) William Orbit and the fizzy, melodic electropop of the ubiquitous, while dinky retro synths can be found on the charming Perfume. Even in adulthood, Spears’s voice remains that of a pouty child, though it is often hard to detect any human personality beneath the layers of Auto-Tune. The lyrics are banal to the point of indifference, and with the tracks sequenced (as mainstream pop collections usually are) to put big hitters first, there is a sense of declining returns as events progress.

This album continues the striptease of Britney’s career. But behind each discarded veil there is just another veil, an insubstantial gauze masking teams of (presumably unphotogenic) producers, writers, stylists and sloganeers. Britney is their glitterball, endlessly spinning in a hall of mirrors. Her only function is to keep spinning, but it only works if the audience is dazzled enough to spin with her.

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Miley Cyrus Birthday Roundup

She may have revamped her image as a total sex kitten, but deep down Miley Cyrus is still a daddy's girl … and Billy Ray didn't let her forget it on her 21st birthday Saturday.

Her doting pop went all out on her gift, buying the singer a $24,000 customized Cam-Am Spyder motorcycle, complete with her initials plastered all over it.

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The three-wheeled motorcycle has lately become a trendy toy among the rich and famous – The Game, Ryan Reynolds and Jada Pinkett Smith have all been seen tooling around town on them – and even Billy Ray was photographed taking the gift for a spin around his Toluca Lake neighborhood with younger daughter Noah on the back on Friday.

Cyrus also posted a few Twitter pics of a pretty floral arrangement sent by friends, and Kelly Osbourne Tweeted a shot of them celebrating with a cupcake and birthday hats backstage at Sunday's AMAs.

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But the real party began when her crew – Osbourne, Emma Roberts, Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Cherie Daly, Tyler the Creator and the ATL Twins to name a few – hit Hollywood hotspot Beacher's Madhouse.

With performances from a professional twerk team led by Beacher's resident twerker Amazon Ashley, and Mini-Miley and Mini-Robin Thicke recreating their infamous VMA performance to mini-teddy bears and Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, guests were not disappointed. They were also treated to a cake depicting the singer in a bikini made of pot leaves.

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Taylor Swift might save pop music sooner than expected

Taylor Swift is already working on her new album and it’s coming along very nicely thanks for asking.

Having a chat to lots of journalists in a room after the American Music Awards (but quoted in this instance by Rolling Stone), the ‘Tim McGraw’ hitmaker said of the album:

“I’m so obsessed with where it is right now because I think, for me, the goal is that we start coming upon a sound that’s different from everything that we’ve done before, an identity to a new record.”

(Fingers crossed Max Martin’s involved though right guys.)

She continued: “Having come upon that so early in the process is just really thrilling.”

So is it way ahead of schedule though?

“I’ve got a lot of time to write more, but it’s really looking promising so far… It’s way ahead of schedule. So I’m really stoked for you to hear it.”

Great, send it over!


The only pop girl other than RiRi who has yet to disappoint me, praise ha.
tom cruise

Tom Cruise 'on cloud nine' after date with fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise was on "cloud nine" after a date with actress Laura Prepon, whom he has been friends with through Scientology.

The pair have known each other for some time, and it seems the friendship has now blossomed into romance. Tom is believed to have pulled out all the stops when he took Laura for dinner at The Manor Hotel in Los Angeles, a favourite among fellow Scientology followers.

"It may seem like an odd choice but it's a top restaurant called The Renaissance serving French/Californian cuisine," a source told British magazine Grazia.

"He had her picked up in a vintage car, knowing it was one of her favourite, and had pre-ordered a vintage bottle of 1979 merlot, which was on the table when she arrived. They spent three hours laughing and joking. It's clear Tom is smitten and after the date he was on cloud nine. They had their second date at the restaurant too, meeting for Sunday brunch, and then she accompanied him a few days later to a dinner party at John's [Travolta] home."

Tom is now believed to be secretly dating the Orange Is the New Black star and they have been spending a lot of time together. According to insiders, he is believed to be eager to settle down and get married.

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marina † primadonna

MSNBC Cancels Alec Baldwin Talker 'Up Late'

MSNBC's Alec Baldwin experiment proved to be quite short-lived. The network has pulled the plug on the actor's Up Late in the wake of a paparazzo catching footage of the actor shouting an unconfirmed homophobic slur earlier in November.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the planned Nov. 29 episode, what was to be its first back from a two-week suspension, will not air -- and the series has been pulled from the schedule entirely, as first reported by the New York Post. Baldwin had alluded as much in a recent editorial, expressing his doubt that the series would come back from its scandal-prompted hiatus.

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The Hollywood Reporter

Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Goes Ham

The PoI team ends the war with the crime organization HR

“The Devil’s Share” – As the POI team seeks justice for Carter’s murder, Finch realizes one of his team members may go one step too far in order to end the war with HR (understatement). Also, The Machine gives out the number for NYPD Officer Patrick Simmons, one of the crime organization’s key players, in the dramatic conclusion of a game-changing three-episode Person of Interest event, on Tuesday, Nov. 26 (10:01–11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest Stars include Robert John Burke (aka that awesomely acted COCKROACH THAT REFUSES TO DIE) Clarke Peters (I wonder if he’ll die too, Batman Jesus will likely shoot everybody), Enrico Colantoni (ooooh he’s gonna be pissed Carter died, he’ll have no one to drink delicious wine with), David Valcin (aka Scarface, and he’s gonna be pissed too, he’ll have no one to flirt creepily with), Laz Alonso (aka Carter’s babydaddy) and Kwoade Cross (aka Carter’s son. I’M NOT READYYYYYY.) .

Batman Jesus is going Death Wish on our asses. Charles Bronson would be proud.

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Tears. It still doesn’t feel real tbh. And yet it feels like it happened 2 months ago, all the emotion has drained me. Sigh. Carter will be missed. God bless his son JC for improvising that kiss, at least.

source 1, source 2
Bitch please...

Kanye West Flips Out On “Sway In The Morning”

Kanye West and Sway Calloway exchanged verbal jabs this morning on Sway In The Morning. When asked about why he couldn’t produce his fashion line on a smaller level, Kanye began yelling at Sway:

“How Sway? You ain’t got the answers Sway. I’ve been doing this more than you. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t been doing the education. You don’t have the answers though. You tryna give me advice, but you ain’t spend $13 million of your own money to try to empower yourself!”

Kanye eventually articulated his frustration with Sway’s question regarding why Kanye doesn’t empower himself instead of tearing down companies:

"This industry of what I’m trying ot get into. Ain’t nobody never broke down. Ain’t nobody broke down. We all slaves, I ain’t trying to disrespect you on your show. [...] Y’all ain’t experience nothing but a moment out of the movie out of Glory. Back in the days, the slaves had enough money they could buy their own freedom. We slaves to Nike. We slaves to Benz. We slaves to public perception."


Lady Gaga is releasing her new music video the same day Britney Jean is released.

The video for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's duet "Do What U Want," which appears on the former's new record Artpop, will see release on December 3rd through a unique "BitTorrent Bundle" courtesy of the file sharing service and Vice.

Directed by Terry Richardson, the video will be made available in the package alongside photos and 4K video that document the making of the clip, as well as exclusive interviews with Gaga and Richardson.

Though the "Do What You Want" package is being billed as Vice and BitTorrent's first bundle, the two companies announced a similar project with Madonna back in September: The pop star offered up a 17-minute film secretprojectrevolution, as well as plenty of bonus material, as a way to kick off her new Art for Freedom initiative.

In the statement announcing the "Do What U Want" video, the bundle was described as a way to "explore the link between open expression and open technology; providing an inside look at the creative process, with original film, music, archival content and behind-the-scenes footage direct from artists."

Gaga and Kelly have been promoting "Do What U Want" all over the place recently, performing the song at the American Music Awards – set in a sexy oval office no less – as well as during Gaga's recent turn as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

"I felt that it was somewhat of a sexual song, but on a classy tip, you know?" Kelly told Rolling Stone about the song. "Because I have a lot of sexual classics myself. But this, it had a rock funkiness, and somehow, magically, an R&B-ish feel to it. I was just amazed by it."


AlunaGeorge - Best Be Believing (CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund)

London-based pop band AlunaGeorge, a duo comprised of Aluna Francis and George Reid, celebrate the tenth anniversary of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund by performing their new single "Best Be Believing." AlunaGeorge wore Alexander Wang for the performance exclusively for Vogue, who was the 2008 winner of the Fund.
Aluna is sf gorgeous.

Grunge girl Kristen Stewart flashes rare smile on outing with her pals and beloved dog


Kristen Stewart isn't exactly known for her fashion foresight, but perhaps her new set of flip up sunglasses will help her to find the way.

The 23-year-old Twilight star saw the light and the shade thanks to her hip metal-rimmed shades while walking her dog in Los Angeles with two friends on Friday.

Trendy rims aside, Kristen was looking her usually scruffy self in a cultish rock 'n roll sweat shirt with rolled up sleeves revealing a black tattoo.

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princess ysmn

Nigella Lawson allegedly took drugs every day for a decade


Nigella Lawson is a habitual cocaine user who used her ex-husband Charles Saatchi’s money to make sure aides kept her “guilty secret” from him, a court has heard.

Miss Lawson, 53, used cocaine, cannabis and prescription pills “daily” for more than a decade but kept it secret from Mr Saatchi, 70, because she knew he would “not have condoned” her behaviour, it is alleged.

She had a verbal understanding with two Italian “kitchen confidantes” that they could use Mr Saatchi’s company credit card for their personal use in return for an “understanding” that they would keep quiet about her drug use, it is claimed.

The claims relating to Miss Lawson’s alleged drug use came to light after her two long-standing Italian assistants, sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, were charged with defrauding Mr Saatchi out of more than £300,000 to spend on holidays, designer handbags and other items.

The sisters, who worked for Miss Lawson for more than 10 years, wanted to use the “understanding” over Miss Lawson’s alleged drug use as part of their defence, and a judge ruled that the “bad character” claims could be used in court, meaning Miss Lawson can be cross-examined about them when she gives evidence in the case.

Isleworth Crown Court in London heard today that Charles Saatchi had sent his ex- wife an email in which he said he believed "every word" of what the sisters said, and that he thought she had authorised their spending because she was "off her head" on drugs.

At a hearing earlier this month barristers representing the Grillo sisters detailed their allegations.


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full article/source

Come on though, you've seen the last 30 seconds of her progammes, sneaking to the fridge to eat pasta bake from the tray... we all knew she was lean.

Madonna Visits Haiti To See Sean Penn’s Aid Work

Madonna is in Haiti to visit humanitarian projects that ex-husband Sean Penn has been overseeing since the Caribbean nation's devastating earthquake in 2010, the actor said Monday.

Penn said in a brief phone call to The Associated Press that he had invited Madonna, with whom he has "maintained a great friendship over the years," to visit several times and that she had come with her son Rocco. He said they arrived a "couple of days" ago, and he wasn't sure when she would leave.

"She's here, she's seeing, she's made the effort to come here, and I'm thrilled by that," Penn said, adding that he hoped Haiti might inspire her to seek out a cause in the country. "She has a unique platform, and wherever she chooses to bring that to, it's very well."

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Betrayal: British Royal Family FIRES Kate Middleton’s Hair Stylist After Security Breach

When James Pryce was asked to style the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair for her wedding and then tend to her locks on her tour of North America, he took advantage of his new-found fame by cutting his ties to Richard Ward, the owner of the Chelsea salon where he made his name.

Sadly, Mandrake hears that Pryce has not been able to retain his most famous client. “Richard Ward still cuts Kate’s hair and she has her colour done at the salon,” one of Pryce’s fellow crimpers tells me.

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Joan Rivers... being well, Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers thinks everyone is way too uptight about hurling racial and other epithets ... so he hurled against Italians, Blacks, Jews, Chinese, gays and don't forget the Irish.

And speaking of the Irish, Joan blanched at MSNBC's firing of Alec Baldwin for going on a homophobic tirade.

We got Joan outside Canter's restaurant in L.A. -- where lots of Jews hang out.

We didn't bleep anything in the clip, because all you'd hear is a bleep. It's pretty shocking. Take a listen.


Bruno Mars
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Neverwhere: new rehearsal pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy and the cast

Following the news that Neil Gaiman's fantasy drama Neverwhere will get its first full outing on Radio 4 this Christmas, we have some behind-the-scenes shots from the first star-studded table read-through.

The cast must be one of the most impressive ever assembled for a British radio drama, and includes Hollywood A-listers like James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Christopher Lee, alongside other homegrown talent such as Natalie Dormer, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, Johnny Vegas, Romola Garai, Anthony Head, Don Gilet and Bernard Cribbins.

The rehearsal was the only time they were all brought together in one place – after the initial read-through the in-demand actors came into the studio at different times to record their parts – so while the snaps taken by producer Heather Larmour may not be of professional quality, they are very rare.

Even the cast members themselves were impressed (which is why you can see Sophie Okondeo taking some pics of her own), with Natalie Dormer recalling “We were astounded. You saw the cast looking around and it's amazing to see the likes of Benedict [Cumberbatch] and James [McAvoy] a little bit star-struck by Christopher Lee at the table.”

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5 Shocking Celebrity Splits of 2013

2013 hasn't been the kindest year to many Hollywood couples, as some of the most glamorous, high-profile pairs have decided to go their separate ways.

Twerking queen Miley Cyrus and her Hunger Games heartthrob Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement over the summer shortly after her MTV VMA's performance became the talk of the Internet.

But these two weren't the only ones who didn't make it down the aisle ... Britney Spears and her former fiancé Jason Trawick split in the beginning of the year.

"Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement," Spears said in a statement at the time. "I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends."

And these two couples weren't alone. Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up after more than three years together.

Multiple sources told E! News that the brunette actress was "so sad" and "heartbroken" in the wake of the split.

But fortunately for Robsten fans, things seem to be a quite amicable between the two now.

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Were you or anyone you know actually shocked by these splits, ONTD?

Lizzie Olsen for Interview Magazine

In Chan-wook Park's 2003 cult-classic Oldboy, the second film in his "Vegence Trilogy," an alcoholic, absent father wakes up to find himself imprisoned in a mysterious cell. There are no explanations, no signs of who might of done this to him. His only access to the outside world is a television set and a tray of dumplings shoved through his door every day.

Earlier this year, Park made his English-language debut with the visceral Stoker. This week, Oldboy will make its English-language debut under the direction of Spike Lee. As expected, Lee's Oldboy is a translation, rather than shot-for-shot remake of the Korean original. There are still plenty of bloody, hammer-heavy fight scenes and unpleasant plot twists, but the edges are softened: the protagonist (played by Josh Brolin) is imprisoned for 20 rather than 15 years; while in captivity, his daughter Mia, and not the promise of revenge, is his source of solace.

"I wasn't cast right off the bat," admits Elizabeth Olsen of her role in Lee's film. "I read our script and then I saw the original film." Olsen plays Marie Sebastian, a recovered drug addict-turned-nurse who pledges to help Brolin's character find his daughter. "It was all very collaborative," Olsen explains, "Spike immediately would ask, ‘Do you want to change this line? Do you want to change this background point of view?'" she continues. "We did rehearsals for a couple weeks and we just sat around a table—me, him, and Josh—and we just read through every scene and rewrote scenes."

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Regine Velasquez slays "If I Ain't Got You" with Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys sure isn't selfish when it comes to the spotlight. When she had her concert in Manila last November 25 and sang "If I Ain't Got You," which is one of her biggest hits, she let Regine Velasquez (the Philippines' best singer AKA their version of Mariah Carey) join her halfway through the song. Alicia didn't even raise an eyebrow when Regine did some vocal gymnastics.

What do you think of the Philippines' Mariah Carey?


Jennifer Love Hewitt welcomes daughter Autumn James and secretly got married!

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Baby Love Hewitt! Jennifer Love Hewitt welcomed her first child, a beautiful baby girl, with fiance Brian Hallisay on Tuesday, Nov. 26, her rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. And that's not all -- she and Hallisay also got secretly married!

"Jennifer Love Hewitt and her husband Brian Hallisay are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter," the rep says. "Autumn James Hallisay was born on November 26." A source adds that the couple "got married recently in private."

Hewitt and Hallisay began dating in 2012 when they reconnected on the set of the now-cancelled Lifetime show The Client List. They previously appeared together on the short-lived NBC series Love Bites.


Kelly Clarkson on Sunrise + BTS of Christmas Special

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Cranberry Source 1, 2

1) "Kelly Clarkson's (Cautionary) Christmas Tale" is on NBC December 11th at 10pm. Check your local listing.
2) "Wrapped in Red" is on iTunes, Amazon, and a deluxe edition available at Target! A vinyl edition is also available on Kelly's website and on Amazon.
3) I'm happy for her and Brandon for the Kranbaby but I'm sad we probably won't get new music for awhile.
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‘Fight Club,’ ‘Pretty Woman’ Producer Admits to Being Israeli Spy

The Hollywood producer behind Fight Club forgot the first rule of fight club and admitted on Israeli prime time news that he is a former Israeli spy.

Although Arnon Milchan was rumored to be a spy for years — even Robert De Niro raised suspicions — it wasn’t until Monday that the “Pretty Woman” producer admitted to buying arms and assisting his country’s nuclear program to “Uvda,” a popular show in Israel.

“I did it for my country and I’m proud of it,” said Milchan, who also ran a fertilizer company in Israel before making his mark in Hollywood.

He also said other Hollywood bigwigs were involved.


Ariana Grande & Taylor Swift Lead AMAs to Record Twitter Traffic

The American Music Awards engaged record levels of social media activity while attracting their largest television viewing audience in four years.

AMAs dominated Nielsen's Twitter TV Ratings for the week of Nov. 18-24 as more than 7.6 million tweets went out during the broadcast and were read by an audience of 10.23 million, according to Nielsen SocialGuide. The AMA-related tweets were authored by 1.5 million people and generated a total of 304 million impressions.

The ratings refer to Twitter activity from three hours before, during and three hours after an episode's initial broadcast. The AMA numbers far outdistanced the week's second place show, the Nov. 19 edition of "The Voice," which had a Twitter audience of 3.85 million reading 778,000 tweets.

The top three moments in Twitter activity came with Taylor Swift receiving artist of the year (71,365 tweets per minute); Miley Cyrus's show-closing performance (64,929 tweets per minute); and Lady Gaga's performance (41,571 tweets per minute). The #AMAs hashtag was mentioned more than 960,000 times on Twitter during the broadcast.

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Lost Girl 4.04 Promo/Stills + Short Synopsis for 4.07

Lost Girl 4.04 "Turn to Stone" (Dec. 1): When the Clubhouse is robbed, Kenzi's forced to make a confession that could threaten her friendship with Bo. Meanwhile, an angry and frustrated Bo does the unthinkable - she confronts a dangerous foe and makes a shocking discovery.

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SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Ad With Sikh Model Waris Ahluwalia Defaced With Racist Graffiti, Drawing Response from Gap Co.

This is how the Internet is supposed to work.

Arsalan Iftikhar, senior editor at The Islamic Monthly and founder of, posted a picture to his Twitter and Facebook wall of a defaced subway advertisement for Gap featuring Sikh actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia. The caption had been changed from "Make Love" to "Make Bombs," and the writer had also scrawled "Please stop driving TAXIS" onto the poster.

He told The Huffington Post, "When I first saw my Facebook friend's photo of this GAP subway advertisement defaced by vandals with racist messages, I wanted the world to see how millions of brown people are viewed in America today."

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Rooney Mara Wants A Goat For Christmas In Oxfam Ad

While Rooney Mara is no stranger to shilling product this holiday season she's using her name to do some good.

The actress has shot a perfume-esque commercial for Oxfam entitled "The Wanted," in which she desires a goat. Okay, more specifically, she hopes you will do the right thing and give a goat to a community in need, as they provide both fertilizer and food to people in need in rural areas. You can watch her pitch below.


'Doctor Who' ratings break BBC America record

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How many U.S. viewers tuned in for “Day of the Doctor”?

Enough to break BBC America’s all-time ratings record. A total of 2.4 million viewers watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special’s first telecast at 2:50 p.m. ET on Saturday. That total rose to 3.6 million once including the show’s encore. Plus BBC America hosted simulcast screenings in 11 cities. On Twitter, Doctor Who overall generated a total of 1.8 million tweets, beating every show on cable for the week.

The company claims Doctor Who earned a Guinness World Record for the “largest ever simulcast of a TV drama” following the global release which saw the episode broadcast in 94 countries at the same time. The BBC released over the weekend that the episode was seen by 10.2 million viewers in the UK.

The cable network’s new new fantasy series, Atlantis, debuted to a more modest 838,000 total viewers.


Demi Lovato on Jimmy Kimmel

-demi is young jimmy is old
-shade the view
-shade disney
-demi ain't enjoying disneyland
-jimmy is like "aren't u in therapy?"
-smth about real estate honestly i have no idea what's happening
-demi has to work on thanksgiving, she blames simon's britishness
-she's performing on x factor on thrusday
-"who is she to judgeeeeee?" demi is terrible at impressions
-"has she had that baby yet or is he milking that for ratings?"
-demi is finally not wearing black

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Kanye West Won't Appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians Due to the Cinematography

There are a bunch of reasons one could imagine Kanye West might have for deciding not to appear on his fiancée’s reality show: He finds Scott Disick’s antics tiresome. He’s allergic to conversations about upcoming parties had over salads in plastic containers. He wants to let Kim have something of her own.

The actual reason? Kanye divulged in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that it’s the show’s, um, artistic choices that he has a problem with.

“I don’t really do her show just because I don’t particularly like the way the producers shoot some of the shots,” he says. “I’m very meticulous to that, right? I like to get a different DP [director of photography] or whatever.”

You can just imagine Kanye getting worked up over a meal of caviar-coated lamb, “Kim! Let’s get Sofia Coppola to film an episode of your show! Or I’ll call up Steve McQueen. Maybe you should do an episode in black-and-white. That’d be next level. Or we could even do some sort of meta-commentary and show the cameras filming you guys in the episode. You know what, lemme shoot Bret Easton Ellis an e-mail while I’m thinking about it.”

While future Kanye appearances would seem to be on hold until a DONDA cinematographer is installed behind the camera, Kanye did admit he’s willing to make an exception here and there.

“When we got engaged, I made sure the show was there because I felt like that was something that would make her happy,” he said. “Regardless of how it was shot, I felt like this is a moment she would like to have and would like to share, and just have that documented. And we could decide later or not to air it.”

You know, just normal boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, bartering to determine whether your baseball stadium proposal will air on national television or not.


Hilary Duff Candids + Music Update

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The Duff-Comrie family out to lunch at Nate n Al in Beverly Hills

Hilary is currently in the studio right now with Luciana Caporaso and Nick Clow (who just wrote/produced Britney's 'Body Ache'), and also the Cave Kings. Between the three writers/producers, they have worked with Deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grand, Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Kylie Minogue, and Kaskade!

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Kelly Ripa tries on latest weight-loss wonder Suana Pants on Jimmy Fallon show

She is probably the last person that needs to lose any weight, but Kelly Ripa sportingly tried on a pair of bright orange weight loss pants during an appearance on Monday night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The 43-year-old co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael slipped on a pair of Sauna Pants, much to the amusement of the audience.

The bright orange rubber contraption appeared to fit over the top of the wearer's clothes, appearing a lot like a large pair of Bermuda shorts.

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Jason is Finally Coming Back, Bitches!

A new Friday the 13th film is indeed coming. And Paramount has confirmed this by locking in a release date of March 13, 2015.

Yes, that's a Friday the 13th. (The 13th also falls on a Friday in February of that year.) And no, an official title has not been revealed (will it be Friday the 13th 2? Friday the 13th: Part 2? Friday the 13th with some sub-title attached?)

We learned in June that Warner Bros. relinquished the rights to the franchise and gave them bag to Paramount. The studio had five years to get a new entry in theaters before those rights reverted back to WB.

There are no further details other than that. We know Platinum Dunes will be producing the film. But there is no director and there are rumblings of the producers looking for a "found footage" approach.

We'll keep you posted as more comes in.


I know a lot of people hated the 2009 remake, but I thought it was still a fun movie. DNW a "found footage" Friday though. Just give us teens, sex, boobs, and kills!
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James Wolpert of "The Voice" in a coming-of-age short film featuring his original songs

The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested (2013)

Synopsis: Katya Liu, a sixteen year old girl, is determined to increase her bust size before a study date with her science lab partner.

Written and directed by Yulin Kuang. Starring Irene Choi (Community) and James Wolpert (The Voice).


'The Hunger Games': How will 'Mockingjay' work split into two films?


It's all Harry Potter's fault. Ever since the wizarding franchise so successfully bisected its final chapter into two financially and critically acclaimed parts, it's become a foregone conclusion that every closed-ended blockbuster series will do the same. And why wouldn't they? It doesn't take much to work out that two box office record-smashing films are better than one, particularly when there's no scope for further sequels.

Vehemently though Peter Jackson tried to tell us that three Hobbit films were necessary in order to do justice to the scope and detail of JRR Tolkien's world, we all know that the endgame is financial rather than creative. Die-hard Twilight fans were undeniably grateful for the series' ending being postponed, but would a lean two-hour finale have made for a better movie than two faintly anaemic Breaking Dawns? Probably.

So how will it work for Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins' third and arguably most difficult Hunger Games novel? A bleak, haunting war drama that's relatively free of incident for large chunks, centring on an increasingly broken Katniss and distinctly lacking a victorious third act, it's not really an ideal candidate for the Part Deux treatment.

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Watch the cast of The Hunger Games discuss Mockingjay at the SOURCE since the vid won't embed.

ELLE France Beauty Editor Causes A Stir For Trying To Dress Like Solange Knowles

Another day, another opportunity for someone to pretend they didn’t realize that painting their skin brown to appear black was a no-no.
Jeanne Deroo, a beauty editor for ELLE France caused quite a stir this week when she posted a picture of herself with an afro wig and body paint on her Instagram. She dressed up as Solange Knowles of all people to attend an “icons” party, saying that Solo is someone she is a big fan of and sees as an “idol.” But of course, the coloring of her skin overshadowed the fact that she was trying to show her appreciation for the singer.

The FashionBombDaily caught the image and shared it on their site last night, and in no time flat, folks had a lot to say not only on that site, but many others. Of course, there were those who saw nothing wrong with Deroo’s portrayal of Solange, saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” but there were quite a few others who said that if you still hadn’t received the memo, blackface is wrong, wrong, wrong:

“Whether or not one agrees that it’s an insult or not, why do they continue the trend? Why the thirsty need to spark controversy?”

“I would say yes it would be nice that they would want to be us, but then help in the plight to end the racism against black women too.”

“With all the bad press the sudden infatuation of caucasians longing to bring back the black face days, it was not only insensitive of her to do but a blatant ” F**k you, I do because I can ” Because something is constantly done doesn’t mean that it is ever okay; this ‘ ish just IS NOT OKAY.”

“Blackface is not ok. It is offensive because of its historical background. It is awfully reminiscent of minstrel shows that portray black people as overtly simple, exotic creatures of vice and folly. It isn’t funny. It never is funny.”
“Take a note. It is never a good idea to “imitate another races skin tone”. Ever.”

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