November 15th, 2013


The Secrets Of Thor: The Dark World


Tom Hiddleston, Kevin Feige And Alan Taylor spill the beans on the Empire Podcast, for your reading pleasure

Thor: The Dark World fans, congratulations! You've come to the right website. Following in the footsteps of our Man Of Steel Easter eggs reveal with David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder - as well as our Skyfall writers special, the Iron Man 3 spoiler podcast breakdown and this Star Trek Into Darkness dissection - here are the secrets of Thor: The Dark World, as told by director Alan Taylor, Marvel super producer Kevin Feige and Loki himself (Tom Hiddleston) on our recent spoiler podcast. Fascinating, illuminating and chock-full of spoilers, you're not going to want to read this feature until you've seen the movie, which, handily, is in cinemas right about now.

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'O.C.' castmates shun Mischa Barton in her comeback attempt

Mischa Barton might have come clean about her “full-on breakdown,” but people burned in the wake of it — namely, her former peers from The O.C. — aren’t so quick to forgive her, as she tries to revive her career.

An insider tells that the cast, spearheaded by Rachel Bilson, is upset with the show’s former focal point because of her mercurial behavior on the set; and the tarnish they believe she left on their careers with her professional missteps.

Bilson, the insider said, “is the one who basically made it be known that it’s okay for everybody to wash their hands of Mischa and not forgive her past transgressions.

“It’s really sad because [Mischa's] literally trying to set up dinners to make amends and Rachel is telling everybody to ‘ignore her and she’ll go away.’”


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Taking inspiration from Miley? Pigtailed Lady Gaga channels Cyrus

She used to be the most shocking woman in pop, with her every antic followed breathlessly by both fans and the press.
But Lady Gaga has a rival in the form of 21-year-old Miley Cyrus, arguably the most talked about woman in the business right now and the Applause hitmaker is not taking it lying down.
Gaga, 27, made her own bid for attention as she stepped out in New York on Thursday night looking quite similar to Miley, from her skimpy lingerie to the pigtails on top of her head.

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Variety: Lady Gaga's ‘Artpop’ bears little resemblance to fine art

Despite its title, its Jeff Koons album cover, its frequent nods to haute couture and Greek myth, and its creator’s Maude Lebowski-esque manifesto threatening to “bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition,” Lady Gaga’s third full-length album bears little resemblance to fine art. Hell, it’s barely even Pop Art. Yet however short it may fall of Gaga’s lofty ambitions, “Artpop” is nonetheless admirable as a sort of throat-clearing mission statement, full of goofy digressions, brave if sometimes foolhardy stylistic explorations, and an emphasis on textures over immediate hooks that may well drive some fence-sitting fans away from Gaga’s camp. Not all of it works – in fact, quite a bit of it doesn’t – but it’s still Gaga’s most successful effort yet to bridge the gap between the eccentricity of her image and radio-friendly conventionality of much of her music.

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Sinead O'Connor thinks Justin Bieber is being "pimped" out, talks mental illness insensitivity

Has Sinéad O'Connor ever given an interview when she didn't say something blunt, controversial or wacky? The Irish singer is true to form in an interview in Time magazine's latest issue, out Monday.

In it, she answers 10 questions from Time, talks about her contempt for the music business and her frustration over how mentally ill people are dismissed, and revisits her recent online exchange with Miley Cyrus over the young singer's outré behavior.

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Solange Talks Saint Heron, NOLA and The Days Of Having Destiny's Child As Bodyguards

Solange appeared on Hot 97′s “Angie Martinez Show” and talked about her new Saint Heron record label, spanking her son Daniel Julez Smith, and using Beyoncé to scare away bullies as a child.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Solange is that she is very real and candid, which is so interesting considering her sister is ridiculously private.

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You know Michelle would be the scrappiest in a fight.


Belgian Professors Test Fifty Shades of Grey Library Book, Find It Has Traces of Herpes

Two Belgian university professors decided to apply their knowledge of toxicology screenings to the 10 most borrowed books at the Antwerp library. Each book underwent bacteriology and toxicology tests, and the findings reveal that library books are even more germ-covered than you expected.

While the experts found that all 10 books contained traces of cocaine–enough so that people who touched the books wouldn’t feel the effects, but might test positive for the drug–they also found something pretty gross: Fifty Shades of Grey, your weird aunt’s favorite mainstream erotic series, tested positive for traces of the herpes virus.

The professors assured everyone that concentrations of the virus were so minimal that there is no public health risk and it would be impossible for people to contract it by touching the book. Still, something to keep in mind next time you consider taking trashy erotica out of the public library.


"Two books E.L. James 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Pieter Aspe's 'Tango' showed traces of the herpes virus. The virus causes cold sores and may be transmitted via sexual activity."

Lost Girl 4.02 Promotional Stills + Synopses for 4.02-4.04

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SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3

Just thought I'd post these since Ali Liebert will be guesting on Sunday and I knew there are/were some Bomb Girls fans here (Mia Kirshner will be guest-starring, as well).  I don't think an official premiere date for the 4th season has been announced yet by SyFy, but it is in 2014 (possibly January).  No clue when UK, Australian, etc. airings will occur.
Chris Hemsworth Strawberry Shirt

"Thor" Role Puts Spotlight On British Actor, Tom Hiddleston

LONDON — Tom Hiddleston, 32, is a classically trained British actor and the latest in a long line of British performers to move with remarkable dexterity between serious theater and mass-market cinematic fame — most recently in "Thor" and its sequel, "Thor: The Dark World", which finished first at the box office last week. His resume is impeccable: He attended Eton, Cambridge University, then the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts — each on its own a notable producer of acting talent. He played F. Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen’s "Midnight In Paris" and had featured parts in projects as varied as Steven Spielberg’s "War Horse" and the TV series "Wallander".

But it wasn’t until he won the role of the god of mischief, Loki, that Hiddleston hit the A-list. Now he has fan clubs, a serious Twitter following and gossip-column inches. “The fame thing is so odd,” Hiddleston said in a recent interview. Speaking of Loki, he said: “It’s interesting that I’ve had that wide impact in a role that is so unlike me.”

It’s true that the real-life Hiddleston doesn’t much resemble Loki, with his vampiric pallor, long black hair and impassive, mocking stare. In person, he is unobtrusively handsome, with light brown curly hair; an open, friendly manner; and the physical elegance of a dancer. He is also articulate, thoughtful and given to poetic turns of phrase.

Hiddleston grew up in Oxford, the middle child of a Scottish father who ran a pharmaceutical company and an English mother who had worked as a stage manager. He was 13 or 14, he said, when he first thought about acting.

"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth said he thought Hiddleston’s performance makes Loki a more important character than originally envisioned. “Amongst the chaos and madness of that character, there is an incredible vulnerability and charisma,” Hemsworth added. “That’s tough to pull off.”


Oh God. I can't believe I have to wait until APRIL 2014 for "Only Lovers Left Alive" and indulge in more Hiddles goodness now that "Thor: The Dark World" has already completed its promo tours and stuff. The wait is going to be unbearable. T_T

Star Wars: Episode VII Behind The Scenes Photo Features J.J. Abrams With R2-D2

In the Star Wars movies there are only two actors that have played the same characters in all six films. The first is Anthony Daniels, who played the lovably neurotic C-3PO, and the other is Kenny Baker, who stared as the adventurous and awesome R2-D2. Because the characters are droids, they have longer lifespans than every living thing in the universe, and as a result have found their way into the saga from beginning to end. Being familiar with this fact, we have always had every reason to believe that both C-3PO and R2-D2 would be coming back for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII, and today, thanks to the image you see above, that thinking has been 50% confirmed.

The shot was posted by the official Twitter account of Bad Robot, the production company that was founded by Abrams, and was joined by a message that read "Hi from the workshop! #StarWarsVII." What's hard to say is if this image is set in the Bad Robot offices or perhaps the LucasFilm offices or Industrial Light and Magic. Given the people and items pictured it could be any of the locations.

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Pictures from Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe during their last days on Parks and Rec

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The Guardian gives their 2 cents on Lady Gaga's decline

She's split from her manager, her songwriters have called her 'cheesy', and sales are down – by her usually stratospheric standards. But her Little Monsters remain as loyal as ever.

Lady Gaga, it seems, will chalk up her third No 1 album tomorrow. On the face of it, it's a triumph. Yet this may not be the continuation of an imperial phase, but the start of a new period in the career of Stefani Germanotta.

The portents for Gaga's comeback have not been encouraging. Her last tour failed to sell out, reviews of her new album, Artpop, were mixed, and its first single peaked at No 5 in the charts. On top of that, the singer had made dark comments about feeling "tormented" by the "corporate" music industry.

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MTV Ad Sales Up 10% Following Miley Cyrus Appearance


After several frustrating quarters at MTV Networks, which saw a 6% decline in ad sales this time last year, the original youth cable TV brand reported ad sales increased 10% year-over-year and advertising revenues of $4.86 billion for the quarter.

MTV was boosted by adspend for the upcoming new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and its audience (and pop cultural relevancy) went up after the Miley Cyrus controversy at the Video Music Awards.


this queen <3
tony leung: chungking express

M.I.A.'s new music video for "Y.A.L.A."

M.I.A. wins this week's award for Best Use of Metallic Lipstick in the new video for her YOLO spinoff and Matangi single "Y.A.L.A.". The clip, directed by Daniel Sannwald, is another team-up with Kenzo (M.I.A. made a Fashion Week mix for the brand this year.) Watch it below, via i-D. Also: beware of flashing images.


Happy birthday, Shailene Woodley: 5 reasons why the 'Divergent' star is the weirdest ... and we love

She's about to save Chicago from itself in the upcoming dystopian action thriller "Divergent," but first up: it's her birthday. That's right, on Friday (Nov. 15), Shailene Woodley turns 22, and to celebrate the movie star's birthday, we came up with five reasons why the "Divergent" star is the just the weirdest ... and we love her for every single one of them.

5. She has DIY toiletries. "I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils" Woodley recently revealed to Flaunt Magazine.
4. She wore five-toed shoes on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. "I would do it again in a heartbeat," Woodley told Vulture.
3. She doesn't obsess over red carpet style at all, and showed up to the "Red Lights" premiere in NYC with wet hair.
2. When she says she eats naturally, she means it. "I gather my own spring water from mountains every month," Woodley says. "I go to a farm to get my food. I make my own cheese and forage wild foods and identify wild plants. It's an entire lifestyle. It's appealing to my soul."
1. She's a super big hippie, and couldn't be happier about it. "If I didn't have acting, I would be just as happy," Woodley told Marie Claire. "I would probably be an herbalist, or maybe I would open a fruit stand on a Hawaiian island."

Happy birthday, Woodley!


Uncharted on PS4 and The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC on PS3 revealed!

This has been an incredible week at Naughty Dog as we were getting ready for two major reveals – both of which blew up the Spike TV PS4 All Access launch extravaganza.
We premiered our first teaser trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind, a single-player DLC campaign coming early next year. But we weren’t done with announcements quite yet; we had one more treat for our fans – a teaser video that confirms we are working on an Uncharted game on the PlayStation 4 system!
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'Love Actually' at 10: Laura Linney, Rodrigo Santoro


Ten years ago, Love Actually hit theaters, and with it came an endlessly re-watchable Christmastime collection of love stories that are actually, well, all around us. The film explored 10 separate vignettes — some heartwarming and hilarious, some tragic and heartbreaking – that saw its characters “get the sh–” kicked out of them by love. To celebrate the film’s legacy, we reached out to the film’s cast to talk about their storylines and behind-the-scenes takes.

If you ever see Rodrigo Santoro in an airport, you can bet he’s thinking of one film: Love Actually.

“Every time I walk in the airport, I remember this movie. Every. Time,” he tells EW. “When I walk around, I look at people and observe people. I’m always interested in seeing what they’re going through, and that comes from that movie.”

And anyone who’s seen Love Actually knows what he’s talking about: The opening montage, featuring candid shots of family members and friends greeting loved ones at Heathrow Airport, showed that, as Hugh Grant says in his voiceover, “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion love actually is all around.”

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This is Part 2 of EW's retrospective.  I posted Part 1 with Andrew Lincoln earlier this week.

Laura, you are so lucky, you did get the best kiss of the movie (Colin Firth was a close second).  I would have thrown the phone away for you Rodrigo.


'Simpsons' reruns coming to FXX in biggest syndication deal ever

Homer and Co. are in rolling in dough: Fox’s Twentieth Century Fox TV and Twentieth TV have set a massive first-ever cable syndication and VOD sale of “The Simpsons” to FX Networks’ new outlet FXX that is worth more than the Gross Domestic Product of some small nations.

With 530 episodes and counting, the sale is conservatively valued at upwards of $750 million over the life of the deal. Deal also calls for the vast archive of “Simpsons” segs to be available on VOD via the soon-to-launch authenticated FXNow mobile viewing app — which is sure to be a draw for the service as “Simpsons” segs have never been widely distributed online and have never been on any SVOD platform.

The prospect of “Simpsons” going to cable stirred a frenzy among buyers, with competitive bids fielded by Turner Broadcasting, USA Network, Viacom cablers and Tribune for WGN America. Keeping the deal in the Fox family makes strategic sense for 21st Century Fox as it looks to build up the profile of FXX, the comedy spinoff of FX that bowed in September. And the final pricetag for the deal was undoubtedly set at market rates given the certainty that “Simpsons” profit participants, including creator Matt Groening and exec producer James L. Brooks, had reps scrutinizing the bidding process.

The term of the deal is said to be about 10 years. A hard end date was important to both sides in the pact, because of the show’s incredible longevity on the Fox network. Twentieth TV has been handicapped in maximizing the value of the show in syndication because of open-ended syndie agreements struck with local TV stations more than 20 years ago, which meant that the distrib was not going to make the same mistake twice.
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Alec Baldwin Uses His Hairdresser To Prove He Is Not A Homophobe

11-15-2013 11-32-25 AM

Responding to a firestorm of criticism after he was caught calling a photographer a "c--ksucking fag" yesterday, Alec Baldwin brought his gay hairdresser out to the sidewalk today to demonstrate that he's not a homophobe.

TMZ, who broke yesterday's story, writes:

Alec Baldwin just played the, "I have a gay friend" card ... putting his male hairdresser on the spot in front of reporters to vouch for his non-homophobia. It's shameless, it's desperate ... and quite frankly, it's sad.

It wreaks of "dance monkey, dance" ... with Alec asking him straight up -- "Am I a homophobe?"

TMZ then spoke with the hairdresser, who said:

"I don’t think he’s homophobic. I don’t at all. Whenever he is in here, we are always talking and cutting hair. He booked an appointment for today, he always does and he is a good tipper.”

Video at Source.



A-List Exes The Real World San Francisco Should Have Cast


The Real World San Francisco Ex-Plosion is set to feature a seven person cast...and their exes. Here are the only exes worthy of living together on a television show.

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3 more ex couples at the source!

Which exes are you still holding out hope for, ONTD?
linda granger

Britney: No fan of gay marriage, fan of anti-gay preacher

Well, she did admit to being a fan of this guy.

POP princess Britney Spears is hiding a secret that could trigger a backlash among her gay fans!

The ENQUIRER has discovered the 31-year-old singer opposes gay marriage, and sources say her management team is desperate to keep her views on the hot-button topic under wraps despite a recent slip-up.

“Britney has worked with and danced with a lot of gays over the years,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “She’s never been homophobic, but she doesn’t support gay marriage because the Bible is against it.”

THE “TOXIC” SINGER LEAKED her potentially career-threatening opinion during a Twitter interview promoting her upcoming album, “Britney Jean.”

When asked about her favorite author, Britney named Max Lucado, a controversial San Antonio, Texas-based preacher who wrote in a 2004 article that homosexuality could lead to “legalized incest.”
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Fox Network (not News) Says Diversity Leads To Good Ratings And Better Business

It's easy, when writing about network TV, to be cynical.

For example, when I heard the Fox network had been holding annual conferences on diversity, telling top show producers their casts and crew had to feature more people of color, I remained skeptical. What's the catch, I wondered?

Turns out, the network began talking about diversity as a business imperative about three years ago, shifting the conversation to the need for TV programing that reflects the multicultural reality of today's world to keep younger viewers. One year, representatives from several advocacy groups representing different ethnic minorities made presentations. The next time, Fox offered a simpler presentation.

The Deadline Hollywood blog reported on this year's event, held in October for more than 150 people including representatives from the top talent agencies in town, Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons, and top executives from several Fox-owned TV and film business divisions.

The message: Diversity increases the chance Fox will pick up a new show, promote it, syndicate it and see it do well with audiences.

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mariah silhouette

Daughn Gibson - Phantom Rider Music Video

"Daughn Gibson’s Me Moan was our favorite album of the week when it came out in July, and now he has a creepy video for “Phantom Rider,” a strange song that tied his country drawl to a near-house music production. In the Ferry Gouw-directed video, Gibson sings through darkness and smoke while a skull is projected onto his face. His body subtly warps throughout the video, and with that glaring skull it comes together to make something pretty unsettling."


Any fans of Daughn on ONTD? This is one of my faves from Me Moan
adventure time
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Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. For His Ouster From ‘Iron Man 2′

Marvel has a fairly solid track record of keeping actors around for the inevitable sequels, largely by signing them ambitious multi-picture deals. Of course, there are a few exception, most notably Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, and Terrence Howard, who was replaced as James Rhodes in Iron Man 2 after reaching a salary impasse with the studio.

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Britney Spears' Real Body Will Not Appear On New Music Video, Will Use A Body Double Again

Britney Spears’ Weight & Measurements Revealed

Britney Spears‘ weight has fluctuated throughout her career, but she looks better than ever right now, as she is preparing for the release of her album Britney (Myah) Jean and her two year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. All the details on her hot new bod have been revealed!

A casting call company posted an ad on Nov. 15 looking for a Britney Spears body double for an upcoming music video shoot. The ad reveals Brit Brit’s exact measurements, height and weight!

It reads: “Looking for a body double for Britney Spears. Please only submit if you have these measurements or are very close to them all. Height 5’4″, 130 lbs., 32C-27′-35′, dress size 4, shoe size 7.”B

Translation: Brit’s bust is a 32C, her waist is a 27, her hips are a 35, she is a size 4 and she weights 130 pounds!

The ad also states candidates must be female, between the ages of 21 to 33 and caucasian.

What's your size? Are you fat?
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Taylor Swift's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance Dissed By Model

We might have geeked out over Taylor Swift's fun-loving performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night, but not everyone was so keen on the singer's act.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jessica Hart, who walked the show along with the rest of the lingerie models, told Women's Wear Daily Swift wasn't the best choice of performer.

"I think, you know what, god bless her heart. I think she's great," Hart said to WWD at the show after-party. "But, I don't know, to me, she didn't fit. I don't know if I should say that. I think what you find is that for a lot of us, we've been working for 14, 15 years; what it takes to make it here comes from experience and confidence and knowing how to be confident with yourself. I think it comes with age. It's definitely the benchmark of all jobs."

Ouch. Hart might have a point about fit -- past performers at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show have included the edgier Rihanna and Kanye West, whereas Swift has a more bubblegum vibe. But from our vantage point at the show, Swift actually pulled it off, palling around with the models on the catwalk and playing up the girly nature of the event.

Plus, in terms of experience, Swift has been singing professionally since she was 14. That probably gives her more than enough years to take the stage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.


Robert Pattinson Shows Off Goatee at Go Go Gala


Robert Pattinson debuts a brand new goatee at the 2013 Go Go Gala on Thursday (November 14) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 27-year-old actor was joined at the event by the host, director Adam Shankman.

While at the auction portion of the event, Robert reportedly bid on and won a cello made out of recycled material for $5,600, according to E! News. Congrats on the purchase, Rob! He was also seen mingling with other guests and some pals at the affair.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert Pattinson’s brand new goatee??

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Gaga Candids, "Lady Gaga goes to extremes for new album – and for art" & Video Interviews at H&M


There’s just one way to escape the blitz surrounding Lady Gaga’s new album: completely unplug from society.

To kick off the release of her new album, “Artpop,” this week, the entertainer, never known for understatement, has been omnipresent.

She began with a huge release party Sunday where she debuted Volantis, billed as the “world’s first flying dress.” She floated about 6 feet above the floor before performing at the event, streamed live on Vevo.The next day, she opened pop-up “Artpop” stores in New York and Los Angeles, where Gaga-related merchandise was sold, and she was one of the main honorees at Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony. On Wednesday, she was due to appear at the opening of an H&M store in New York’s Times Square.

She’s scheduled to tackle hosting and performance duties on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” and she redesigned the Life section logo of USA Today in her image – the first time the newspaper has had a celebrity do so. The newspaper also featured an interview with the superstar. And a concert special with Ryan Seacrest is set to air on the CW Network next week.

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Kelly Clarkson "My best friend died yesterday"

Kelly Clarkson is sharing some sad news on Twitter.

"My best friend died yesterday," she writes above a picture of a poster-perfect black poodle mix.

"Joplin was special. He fought his whole life to survive & now he can rest. I loved him."

The singer adopted the dog two years ago and almost lost him soon after, on New Year's Eve. Seems Joplin got spooked by some fireworks.

"I lost it (like a little girl) and started bawling when she (Clarkson's sister) told me," the newlywed wrote to America's Country Countdown radio host Kix Brooks. "Seriously, I was so dramatic (hard to believe, I know), but I don't have children and (my dogs) are my babies that I sleep with every night."

Hours later, she found Joplin tangled in some vines and paddling through a pond near her Texas spread.

"Yes, I might be too attached to my dogs and highly sensitive, but I don't care. I love them!" she wrote at the time.

May he rest in paradise

ONTD, do you guys have a pet you can't live without? Fun stories from childhood? Pictures?

James Toback Talks ‘Seduced & Abandoned,’ Working With Robert Downey Jr. Fresh Out of Prison

Right. Several times during the movie you’re seen pitching new more commercially viable leads, changing the plot and basically making any compromise to get the movie made.

Let me tell you a story. “Two Girls And A Guy” [Toback’s 1997 film starring starring Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner] grew out of very specific circumstances. I wanted to make a movie. I hadn't made a movie in a while and was getting restless. Downey [was just] getting out of prison and knowing most of those guys—it's true of Mike Tyson too—when they're getting out of prison is the best time to get them.

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More info at the source
alex; whatever idek 2

Netflix is bringing back The Killing

Two months after the crime drama’s second cancelation, The Killing is being resurrected for a fourth season at Netflix. The streaming service, which stepped up to make the last revival feasible, will air six episodes, which will be billed as the series’ “final season.” AMC, which developed and aired the show for its first three seasons, will have no part in the latest move for the Fox Television Studios series.

The series' stars Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos will return, with the show set to explore a new case. The series' writing staff and crew will return as well, with production set to begin in Canada in February. Though creator Veena Sud’s WME agents and the studio began exploring its options immediately following the series’ September cancelation, conversations with Netflix began in earnest about a month ago. As part of the unprecedented deal, the series’ final installment will bow simultaneously across Netflix’s global territories.

No word yet on the plot of this new season, but The Killing's history of being canceled and uncanceled is substantially more interesting than the actual content of the series. (oop) That content, of course, is 20 percent chewing, 20 percent sweaters, 20 percent red herrings, 20 percent sex crimes, 10 percent atmospheric shots of rainy exteriors, 5 percent atmospheric shots of danky dark interiors, 4 percent crime-solving, and 1 percent Bockmail.


Sylvester Stallone to paparazzo: "This f**king n***er here, this f**ker."

Sylvester Stallone had some harsh words for a paparazzo in Beverly Hills Thursday ... grousing, "This f**king n***er here, this f**ker."

Sly was leaving Caffe Roma with a friend. They were followed by a group of photogs. Sly then hurls the racial epithet. It comes at 7 seconds into the clip.

The video is a little difficult to hear, but as Sly turns the corner and looks over his right shoulder -- back at the paparazzi -- you clearly hear him use the n word. A little later in the video, you hear a female photog say to Sly, "Why the racial slurs?"

There were African-American photogs shooting Sly at Caffe Roma, but it's unclear if the epithet was directed at them.

Video at source
Liz Black/White

'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Might be a Prequel

With ratings that continually rival even the network juggernauts like The Big Bang Theory, it was only a matter of time before AMC announced a spinoff of its zombie series The Walking Dead.  That’s just what happened a few months ago, when the network unveiled plans to develop a “companion series” that will follow an entirely new group of characters in the same zombie-infested universe that continues to plague Sad Rick, Maybe-Psychopath Carl, and the rest of the Georgia-based gang.  Comics creator and TWD producer Robert Kirkman is executive producing the companion series alongside fellow Walking Dead producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert, but beyond a 2015 premiere date details have been scarce.
Now a new report claims to have inside info on the possible premise of the new Walking Dead series, which may actually take place before the events of the current show. The folks over at TV Line are hearing that the Walking Dead companion series will be “a prequel of sorts” that would focus on the early days of the zombie epidemic and the effort to contain it.  The outlet is quick to note that this is still very early days so producers could further tweak this idea or throw it out altogether before it goes into production, but it’s definitely an interesting angle with which to approach the Walking Dead universe.

Some early critics of the series complained about not seeing any of the turmoil that arose just after the zombie epidemic began, and this idea would give the producers the opportunity to explore the real-world reaction to the zombie infestation.  Of course some of the tension is already deflated since viewers know just how dark and desolate things get for the major metropolis areas, but should this new set of characters catch on, we could follow them all the way through and past the major evacuations in subsequent seasons.

Kirkman recently told IGN that this new show won’t be set in Georgia and we already know the story and characters won’t be based on any existing material from his graphic novel series, so this is really a blank slate that could inject a freshness to the world of The Walking Dead.  Again nothing is in concrete yet so don’t count on this being the premise for the spinoff series, but personally I think it’s a neat idea.
What say you, dear readers?  Would you be interested in seeing the early days of The Walking Dead in a new series, or is there another avenue you hope the show to explore?

I hope so, tbh.  The only thing that would make me watch it is if it were a prequel or if it took place in another part of the world entirely.

The Enquirer's Shocking New Exposé on Daniel Day-Lewis

DANIEL Day-Lewis is tight-fisted!

The actor — who’s worth an estimated $40 million — treated his family to dinner on a recent California vacation, but insisted they all order Early Bird Specials, reports the National Enquirer.

“Daniel is as tight as a tick and will do things on the cheap whenever he gets the chance,” says an insider.

“If the studio is picking up the check, it’s champagne and caviar for everyone. But if it’s a meal for his family on his dime, Daniel scrimps whenever he can.”

Daniel took his wife Rebecca and three sons to the Golden Bull Restaurant in Santa Monica on Nov. 1, where they slipped in just in time to catch the discounted dinners. Daniel ordered the $18 prime rib special.

After the kids gulped down dessert, Daniel proved to be fairly generous with the tip, leaving 20%. During the vacation, the family also enjoyed a visit to the Santa Monica Pier to ride the roller coaster and Ferris Wheel. Then Daniel went back to penny-pinching mode for lunch at a Subway sandwich shop.

“It’s one of Daniel’s favorite spots… he likes the specials that come with chips and a drink. He orders two foot-long subs and splits them, then buys a single six-inch sub. He boasts that he can get lunch for the whole gang for $20!” said the source.


Mostly posting cause I found it funny that this is considered newsworthy. If you had his money, would you be frugal, or spend extravagantly?

WWE Diva's Champion AJ Lee collapses in ring during match


WWE Diva AJ Lee collapsed during a match against Brie Bella at a WWE House Show in London, England at the O2 Arena.

AJ blacked out for a few minutes and had some kind of fit on the floor before being taken out the arena by the WWE medical team.

Reddit /SquaredCircle user henderslam posted the following from the 02 Arena...

"I'm here live right now (intermission) and it was pretty scary. The atmosphere in the arena was pretty tense after the match but she got up and walked out eventually. Fingers crossed she's okay."

WNS Facebook Gem-Lou Moules fan posted...

"I'm here now , looks like she fainted. Match was going fine. She was in edge of ring, next thing she fell out cold on floor mat. They signaled for match to end and they cut it short , aj was out for at least 10 mins. She awoke, groggy but walked out of arena with assistance. I defo think she fainted. Very hot in here tonight!"

WWE released an official statement/cause

"Tonight in London, WWE Diva AJ Lee briefly fainted during a match with Brie Bella due to dehydration. She is currently being evaluated by WWE medical staff."

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That sucks. I hope she feels better.

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Sterek no eyes bo

Teen Wolf Casting Scoop: Secret Circle Star Recruited for Top Secret Role

Something wicked is heading to Beacon Hills!

The Secret Circle's Shelley Hennig is set to appear on the upcoming season of Teen Wolf, E! News has exclusively confirmed. Hennig, who played the coven leader Diana on the shortlived CW cult-drama, is joining the MTV hit series, which returns on Jan. 6, in a top-secret, highly guarded role. Seriously, if we spilled any details, we're pretty sure the Kanima, Deucalion and all of the show's other big bads would team up against us.

Source article, Source Tweets

Another actress, Gina Holden, with experience in horror [Harper's Island, Saw 3D, Final Destination 3] also has a secret role:
simple plan ✘ flawless talented assholes

Simple Plan Reveal the Title, Track Listing, Release Date and Cover for their new EP


We're really excited to share some new music with our fans all over the world! "Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!" is a collection of songs we wrote during the song writing sessions for our last album. We can't wait to hear what our fans will think of the new music!

Here is the official track listing:

1 Ordinary Life
2 The Rest of Us
3 Outta My System
4 Fire In My Heart
5 In
6 Lucky One
7 Try

Pick up your physical and digital copy of "Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!" in Australia on November 29th and digital copy on iTunes on December 3rd! More details on territories to come soon!

Now, who wants to hear some teasers in the next few weeks?...

- Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, David and Seb


Roll on December 3rd! I am really excited for this, but still a little disappointed it isn't a new album, but it's new SP music and that's all that matters. Dedicating this to tellmeimawreck and all the SP fans that have been coming out of the woodwork recently.

Doctor Who 50th anniversary: David Tennant and Billie Piper named best Doctor and companion

More than 20,000 voted in 50th anniversary poll to find the ultimate Doctor Who stars from half a century of BBC sci-fi programming
David Tennant and Billie Piper are your favourite Doctor and companion of all time, according to a poll of more than 20,000 readers.

Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor between 2005 and 2010, and will appear in the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, romped home in the best Doctor vote attracting 56% of the vote.

Despite picking up a healthy 15%, incumbent Doctor Matt Smith was left a distant second, narrowly ahead of classic Who icon Tom Baker (10%) who played the Fourth Doctor between 1974 and 1981.

Christopher Eccleston, who was chosen by Russel T Davies to play the lead role when the show was rebooted in 2005, took fourth place, garnering almost seven per cent of the vote.

None of the other actors to play the Doctor managed to get above three per cent of the vote, with Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor, on screen between 1984 and 1986, finishing bottle of the pile with less than 1 per cent of fans selecting him as their favourite star.

Billie Piper, who played the recurring role of Rose Tyler, a companion of both Eccleston and Tennant, topped the best companion poll, attracting a quarter of all votes. Piper, like Tennant, will also be reprising her role as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.
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Scott Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz battles stage IV colon cancer.

A Miami Goth-Scene Pioneer's Battle With Cancer

Scott Mitchell Putesky grew from '90s green-haired goth rocker to clean-shaven musician, but he recently let his mustache grow. It's a symbol of his fight against stage-four colon cancer.

“It represents my personal crusade," he says, two months into his six-month chemo treatment. "Cancer: Take my hair. Take my mustache. I challenge you. I still have my hair and mustache. So I’m winning.”

On Aug. 14, after nearly six years of mysterious abdomen pains -- some so piercing he ended up in the emergency room -- a colonoscopy revealed the 45-year-old had cancer. They prescribed him six months of chemotherapy.

Putesky was the founding guitarist of the Fort Lauderdale-born, industrial-metal group Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, formed in 1990. He and vocalist Brian Warner, a.k.a. Marilyn Manson, were drivers of the goth scene in South Florida.

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Ted Lasso: Collins

Trailers and Clips from Frank Darabont's Mob City

This city. So damn beautiful. But only from a distance. Up close, it's all gutter.


Jon Bernthal plays Joe Teague, an ex-Marine now working as an LAPD cop in an era rampant with police corruption. Jeffrey DeMunn plays Detective Hal Morrison, who heads the LAPD’s new mob squad, with Jeremy Strong as Detective Mike Hendry, Morrison’s second in command. Neal McDonough is Capt. William Parker, Teague’s boss who is determined to weed out corruption and bring down Cohen. And Milo Ventimiglia plays Ned Stax, who fought alongside Teague during World War II but who now works as a lawyer with connections to the mob. The project also co-stars Ron Rifkin playing Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron, who makes it his mission to clean up corruption in city government; Pihla Viitala as Anya, the head bartender at Bunny’s on Central Avenue, the West Coast center of the black jazz scene; and Alexa Davalos as Jasmine, a beautiful woman whose past has come back to haunt her.

Full trailer

Some more trailers to get you in the mood
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excited tbh

Miranda Kerr accused of using Photoshop on Instagram picture

Skärmavbild 2013-11-15 kl. 20.33.12

With more than 2.6 million followers, former Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is one of the most active model's on Instagram -- posting personal snaps, behind the scenes images and professional shots daily.

But one image in particular, which the 30-year-old posted on Wednesday, has drawn more attention that usual; for all the wrong reasons.

Kerr's fans have accused the model of Photoshopping her waist to appear slimmer in the image, which shows her standing in the center of Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio, smiling backstage at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo james-franco_zpsbe6b96b5.jpg

"#catcalendar MERRY XMAS!!!!"

– James Franco, sharing a hilarious (and photoshopped!) early holiday photo (courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres), on Instagram

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  • lr489

Humanitarian and Author Jennifer López blesses Rome with her beauty and flawless fashion sense.

Jennifer Lopez appeared to embrace the past on Thursday when she prepared to leave Rome in a very retro skirt-suit.

The 44-year-old singer and actress wore the rather matronly ensemble as she paid a visit to a local gas-station, ostensibly to use the toilet.

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zayn flawless

New Edie Sedgwick film in the works!

This Short film is about the life and times of Edie Sedgwick, famous socialite from the late 60s/early 70s, Andy Warhol Muse, and the similarities of the era between then and now. Check out the film's first trailer below!

The fabulous 60's icon, (Edie Sedgwick)
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I love Edie and low budget indie films! Will you be seeing this ONTD?

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Taylor Swift, Lily Aldridge Best Friends: "We Had So Much Fun Together"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(the picture just because it's my fave)

Taylor Swift has found her place -- among the Angels! The country-pop star shared the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway with the so-called Angels in NYC on Wednesday, Nov. 13, and it turns out that she and at least one of the women go way back.

Following the 23-year-old's electrifying performance of "I Knew You Were Trouble," supermodel Lily Aldridge told Us Weekly: "We had a little moment at the end of her song 'Trouble,' where we walked in front of the stage together." The mom to 17-month-old Dixie Pearl with rocker husband Caleb Followill (of Kings of Leon fame) described it as "a little love fest."

The singer, who departed for London following the show, also may have some new besties to add to her coterie! "She and I need to be best friends!" Karlie Kloss told Us Weekly. The breakout catwalker, 21, added, "I think she’s the coolest young girl. She’s a great role model, and I love her music."

"It’s happening. I mean, girl power."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this not fitting in bitch!!!
Prune juice

'American Horror Story: Coven' Is Unfairly Villainizing Marie Laveau

FX’s American Horror Story: Coven is a series that plays with history. Where we find one notorious psychopath and murderer in a history book, we find a bumbling, helpless woman played by Kathy Bates who’s been softened by years of immortality on AHS. Where we find the New Orleans Axeman, who was real, but never identified, AHS delivers a supernatural being trapped on the other side. Where Marie Laveau was often called a “saint” by many historical accounts and a “witch” by many others, American Horror Story resolutely makes her a merciless villain. The difference is that, whereas Bates’ Madame LaLaurie is a bad person getting a second chance to make things right via fiction, Laveau is a woman whose legacy is scattered to the winds of uncertainty and AHS has plucked out the worst possible conclusion: that she’s pure-bred evil.

After all, AHS’s Lavaeu is depicted with a sinister eye and a penchant for taking down anyone she pleases. When she buries Madame LaLaurie alive in the 1800s, she first kills her entire family — including her innocent daughters — and hangs their bodies before her victim. It’s a level of cruelty that surpasses the revenge she’s enacting on LaLaurie for torturing her slaves because it punishes innocents in order to make a point.

Later, when she and Fiona face off, she sends a Minotaur after the entire coven. At the time, it appears the Minotaur is commissioned to seek out Madame LaLaurie, but when given the chance, it almost kills Queenie. Again: senseless violence towards innocents. The theme presents itself once more when Laveau sends zombies to consume all the young women at the coven — an onslaught so massive, there’s no way innocent people could have avoided harm if it wasn’t for Zoe, her chainsaw, and that last-minute spurt of magic.

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Do you think Laveau is a villain?
Sarah Walker

Batkid's Make-a-Wish Transforming San Francisco Into Gotham

A little boy will get the surprise of a lifetime today when San Francisco transforms into Gotham City to fulfill the 5-year-old leukemia patient's wish to be Batman for a day.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation has created an entire day catered to Miles' dream.

The day has begun with a special edition cover of the San Francisco Chronicle, whose entire front page is dedicated to the young superhero. The headline for the lead story is "Batkid Saves City."

The author? None other than Clark Kent.

The other front page stories, all about Batkid, are written by Lois Lane, Brenda Starr and Perry White.

Around 9:30 a.m. PT, Miles will see a breaking news story on a TV. The police chief will be asking whether anyone knows where Batkid is because he needs his help to solve a crime and "bringing the bad guys to justice," Make-a-Wish said in a statement.

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source (I hope this new source is ok mods)
that was so amazing!

watch the video at source since I couldn't embed

Feminist Courtney Stodden Says She Doesn't Read or Write


Courtney Stodden's life story will not be hitting bookshelves anytime soon -- if ever. In a new interview for Bethenny Frankel's talk show, airing Friday, Nov. 15, the newly single 19-year-old bombshell shoots down whispers of an upcoming tell-all.

"I don't have a book coming out. That's a rumor," she tells Frankel. Then, giggling, she adds, "I don't read or write."

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Paris Premiere


Jennifer Lawrence poses for a pic with her hunky co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere held at Le Grand Rex on Friday (November 15) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress and her co-stars were also joined at the event by Elizabeth Banks as well as director Francis Lawrence.

“I am not a wet kisser. That is gross. I would never be a swamp kisser, ever. Ever!” Jennifer told Vanity Fair when asked if her and Josh‘s kissing scenes were full of slobber. “You’ve never complained about slobber in any other kissing scene!” she told Josh.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Dior dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Ana Khouri ear cuff, and Monique Pean bar ring.

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