November 12th, 2013

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Lena Dunham Hilariously, Candidly Interviews Mindy Kaling

Read the full Q&A straight from the pages of 'Rookie: Yearbook Two'

If you put two brilliant funnywomen in a room together, comedic magic is guaranteed. Tavi Gevinson, the founder and editor of Rookie (a two-year-old website for teen girls that covers everything from sex to after-school snacking) knows this well, and commissioned a conversation between Girls' Lena Dunham and The Mindy Project's Mindy Kaling for the site's second print publication, Rookie: Yearbook Two. "I feel like this is such a special glimpse into two beautiful minds and I'm honored they'd do it just for Yearbook Two," Gevinson tells Rolling Stone. "As a boss/feminist/girl/human, so many parts ring true and have gone under my word doc of wise words." Here's the Q&As' exclusive online debut:

I was a fan of Mindy Kaling's long before I was a friend of Mindy Kaling's, and the most wonderful surprise is that the experiences are remarkably similar. Mindy's work (from Matt and Ben, the fringe play that got her noticed in 2003; to her nearly decade-long run as The Office's resident clothes whore Kelly Kapoor; to her best-selling book of essays; to her pièce de résistance, The Mindy Project) is notable for its wit, openness, and ladylike ferocity. Ditto Mindy. I started picking her brain on our first date (at her favorite Ethiopian restaurant, where she taught me how to order and told me I had small bones—a first!) and continue to do so today in email chains where we get to complain to each other about the day-to-day realities of running a TV show. So this interview is just a more formal version of what I want to do to Mindy Kaling every day: quiz her, quote her, learn from her.
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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 'Allure' Covers + New Fragrance!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen get their own covers for the December 2013 issue of Allure, on newsstands November 19.

Here is what the 27-year-old fashion designers had to share with the mag:

Mary-Kate on people’s assumptions: “I think people looked at us with the perception of ‘Oh, you just have everything. You can do whatever,” Strangers assumed we “had enough money to just do nothing-or why would we go to college? And it’s such an uneducated perspective! You still have to grow within business. You have to take a chance.”

Ashley on people questioning how involved they are in their businesses: “It’s not like you wake up one day and have a huge company with four or five different companies within the companies, not to mention our past and future.”

Mary-Kate on their decision to take control of parent company, Dualstar: “There was a switch in us that really wanted to control what we were doing.

Ashley on why she left acting: “I was reading scripts, and ultimately I just said to the people who were representing me, ‘I need to do things 100 percent. I don’t feel like I can give you 100 percent of my time…There’s a lot of compromise in the entertainment industry. I can’t sit in this room and audition for this part.”

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Derek Hough Broke Up With Nina Dobrev Because Ian Somerhalder is Still a FWB

Remember last spring when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder first ended their three year romance and she opted to heal her broken heart by cavorting with equally broken Julianne Hough? It was probably only a matter of time before Jules decided to try and pair her new BFF up with her brother, Derek Hough. At first the new couple seemed to click pretty well and after 6 weeks on the DL Nina and Derek were finally spotted grabbing dinner together in public. In other words, it looked like things were progressing enough to be seen together and then all of a sudden, bam it was over. Just like that.
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Is Justin Timberlake Ready to Apologize to Janet Jackson?


A fan captured a video that has people asking “Is Justin Timberlake ready to apologize to Janet Jackson?”

During his 20/20 Experience World Tour, Justin Timberlake paid Janet a tribute with her single “Let’s Wait A While”, from her career-defining Control album. The fan captured video from the New Jersey stop on the tour has gone viral, sparking opinions from both sides on how Justin sidestepped the blame for his participation in “nipple-gate.”

While Janet and former N-Sync front man Justin Timberlake, performed at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show, there was a “wardrobe malfunction.” As in,  an expensive nip-slip that came with an indecency fine from the FCC and caused a rift between the stars. Both later apologized to America for their actions but the two have not been photographed or seen together since.

Janet hasn’t commented from the sign of affection or apology from JT.

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Solange and Her Custom Lambo Celebrate Saint Heron Album Release

The fashion forward singer is gearing up for the release of a compilation record featuring new and exciting artists on her own independent label, Saint Records and made sure she launched it in style.

Solange posed in front of a Lamborghini Murcielago decorated by Rashaad Newsome to celebrate the release of her Saint Heron compilation album at Opening Ceremony in New York on Sunday.

Solange couldn’t contain her excitement at the launch, taking to Twitter to thank those who showed up.

The collection is due for release on Tuesday and features original songs by Jhene Aiko, Cassie and Solange.

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Saint Heron is so good, honestly one of the best of 2013. Gonna need a Solange tag too.
Road to nowhere

GAGA Talks 'Do What U Want' Music Video

Gaga graced the carpet, and she spoke with BuzzFeed about how she translates her songs into visuals.

“It really depends on the director. When I worked with Inez & Vinoodh on ‘Applause,’ it was a lot of time spent ahead of time planning out the abstract story,” she told BuzzFeed. “Then we get there. We’re looking at the clothes, we’re looking at the frame, we’re looking a the lighting, we’re changing the clothes, the hair, everything. It’s almost like making a painting. We spend most of the time painting it, and then we shoot for a short bit of time.”

But not every experience is the same, she notes: “Then, I worked with Terry Richardson last week with R. Kelly for ‘Do What U Want,’ and that was a totally different thing. We have a loose concept that we really believe in, and it was all about the performance. He presses record and me and R. Kelly just go, and it’s all about him capturing that raw artistic spirit. It really depends on the director. It’s all about a true collaboration and ARTPOP is about bringing art to the front, so it’s really about me allowing these artists to use me as the vehicle for their ideas. So I’m just, you know, a canvas for them to paint on.”

Good Morning America Host Discovers She Has Breast Cancer After On-Air Mammogram

Amy Robach
, host on Good Morning America, annouced this morning that she has breast cancer - a discovery that was made after she did an on-air mammogram in a segment encouraging women to get checked for breast cancer.

Little did she know that SHE was one of those women that really needed to get checked.  After the on-air test, she said, she was called back for more testing.  Last week, she was given the diagnosis she never thought she'd hear: breast cancer.

"I would have considered it virtually impossible that I would have cancer," she told her co-hosts. "I  work out, I eat right, I take care of myself and I have very little family  history; in fact, all of my grandparents are still alive."

On Thursday, she'll undergo a double mastectomy.  Keep Amy and her family in your thoughts!

Video won't embed but at the source.



New Maleficent Poster; Trailer Hits Tomorrow

Angelina Jolie takes on the title role of Maleficent in Disney's next live action fairytale. And here's the first poster...

The latest live action bringing to life of a fairytale character from Disney looks like it's going to have a much darker edge than Alice In Wonderland and Oz: The Great And Powerful. It's called Maleficent, and it's based around the villain from Sleeping Beauty.

Angelina Jolie takes the title role, leading a cast that also includes Sharlto Copley, Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville and Juno Temple. Meanwhile, Robert Stromberg is calling the shots behind the camera.

The movie has a UK release date of May 2014, and the first trailer is set to land tomorrow at 9 AM EST. Before that though, here's the maiden poster...


Its about time I say, looking forward to the preview on GMA!
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Tati Neves, Brazilian Model, Claims Justin Bieber Is "Good in Bed," "Well-Endowed,"

Tati Neves' press tour continues. The Brazilian model and bodybuilder who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in bed last week is quoted extensively in a new interview with British tabloid The Sun -- in which the 27-year-old claims that, yes, she and Bieber, 20, slept together, and provides intimate details of their alleged tryst.

"Take it from me, he's well endowed — and very good in bed," Neves is quoted as telling the Sun. "A man must know what to do to make me happy -- Justin did all that and more."

Neves apparently tells the paper that she met the touring "Boyfriend" singer at a Rio de Janeiro club, Zax, when a member of his entourage invited him back to his rented nearby house for an after party.

The brunette claims that she and about 10 other young women partied at the superstar's "beautiful" rented pad, and that Bieber politely approached her; they began chatting, flirting and dancing, she says.

"He moved in close and nuzzled into my neck, then kissed me gently just below my ear," Neves says in the alleged interview. "He only had eyes for me. He said, 'Mmm, I'd love to see you in a bikini.'"

Hours later, once the party was over, Neves claims that Bieber invited her to bed. "It was one of the best moments in my life. It was marvelous and unforgettable," she says. "He has quite a fit body and he looked great naked."

Although Neves admits to filming Bieber snoozing, she blames a gal pal -- whom she texted the now-infamous video -- for posting the clip online.

"The video was just for her eyes only. I am really angry with her," she explains.




Lamar Odom has a savior ... and it turns out it's the other guy in the Kardashian house who left the Klan ... Bruce Jenner.


Sources connected to both Bruce and Lamar tell TMZ ... Lamar has been spending a lot of time with Bruce at his new home in Malibu. They spend hours together during which Bruce counsels Lamar on various life issues, including how to stay clean and whose company he should and shouldn't be keeping.

Bruce is telling confidantes Lamar is CLEAN -- free of drugs and alcohol.

We're told Bruce feels he's a positive influence on Lamar and can make a huge difference in his life. Bruce has told friends he loves Lamar and thinks he's a "good soul."

As Bruce told one friend, "Everybody's got s**t in their life and they need to learn how to deal with it. Lamar didn't deal with his very well."

Bruce is also telling friends ... Lamar is working out constantly and has not given up on his dream to return to the NBA.

And Bruce is saying ... it doesn't matter that Khloe is pulling the plug on her marriage ... he will stay close to Lamar because he genuinely cares for him.

Tom Hiddleston

What Are You Even Talking About, Tom Hiddleston

While doing press for Thor: The Dark World, reporters have asked Tom Hiddleston about the possibility of a Loki movie about a million times. When Fandago posed the often-asked question why would you do that if you knew he's been asked already, Hiddleston gave his most interesting reply yet.

“It’s up to Kevin Feige. He runs Marvel Studios,” said Hiddleston. “And of course, there are many iterations of the character. Many situations that I would love to see him in. I would love to see him somewhere like on his own on earth in the seventies, running a night club. You know, playing guitar with Jimi Hendrix or something. You know, there is a sort of rock star element to him.”

Hiddleston added, “I must also say he is defined in opposition to Thor, so I don’t quite know how it would be to be Loki in a film without Chris Hemsworth.”

He's trolling, right

Tom Hiddleston

Marvel Confirms The Ending of Thor 2

MASSIVE SPOILERS, obvs. Keep scrolling if you haven't seen it yet.

[Oh, I just can't wait to be king]

....aside from this poster giving it all away.

‘Thor 2‘ has plenty of surprising twists and turns, but one the biggest occurs in the literal final moments of the film, right before the cut to ending credits. Before you read any further, we’re about to completely spoil the ending of the film, so turn back now if you haven’t seen it yet. You’ve been warned!

With Malekith and the Dark Elves defeated, peace has been restored to the nine realms and Asgard begins the lengthy process of rebuilding. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) turns down the throne, saying that he wants to be a protector, not a king, leaving his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in control of the kingdom. Or, so it appears. The moment Thor turns away, we see that Odin is actually Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in disguise, his dramatic death scene earlier in the film all part of an elaborate ruse.

The film is essentially over at this point, so the questions proposed by this scene deliberately go unanswered. How did Loki fake his death? How did he get back to Asgard? Most importantly, where is the real Odin? Is he alive? Is he dead? Is Loki holding him captive or did he actually do the unthinkable and murder his father offscreen?

MTV was on top of this question and went straight to the source to get an answer. First, they spoke to Marvel Studios President and Coulson slayer Kevin Feige, who did a terrific job of dodging the question entirely:

"Like all of our plans at Marvel Studios, we know where we would like to go if given the opportunity. We have very good ideas whether the All-Father is with us or not."

However, director Alan Taylor was a little more blunt in his answer, confirming that Odin is definitely dead and that it was a specific decision they made in the process of developing the film:

"That was a big twist. It took us a while to realize that we were actually going to kill him. And then it took us a while to realize that we were going to do that at the end."

As for Hopkins himself? Well, he’s even more direct than his director:

"He’s dead. I’ve done two, that’s enough."

what a piece of shit. I wish Brian Blessed played Odin.

So there you have it! According to the man who plays him and the director of the film he appears in, Odin is dead and fully replaced by his evil adopted son. Naturally, this is a status quo that could change at the drop of a hat (hence Feige’s cagey answer), but for the time being, we can assume the one-eyed All Father of the cinematic Marvel universe is no more.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ is currently in theaters and it’s quite good. You probably already know this since you read this very spoilerly article.

The idiot just signed his own death warrant. There's no way Thor isn't going to turn him into a greasy spot on the throne room floor when he finds out.

Ke$ha torch!
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Ke$ha Says Farewell to Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers

This story is from the November 21st, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone.
By Ke$ha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am obsessed with Kenny Powers. He's the all-American hillbilly white-trash hero, and I relate to him on a really deep level. There's this one episode of Eastbound & Down where he comes running onto a baseball field in Mexico with an American flag tied around his neck, jerking off to the crowd with fireworks going off. It reminded me so much of myself that it scared me. And made me proud, at the same time.

When my music first came out, my sense of humor was kind of lost in translation. I was like, "Man, they don't know I'm in on the joke!" But then I saw Eastbound & Down, and I knew Kenny Powers would totally get me. We're both oblivious, missing social cues about what's appropriate. We both have a really dark and obscene sense of humor, which my publicists tell me I have to tone down. But Kenny doesn't tone it down. He owns that shit. I am proud to be his female embodiment.

I really don't have a proper gauge on entertainment in society these days. I literally only watch Eastbound & Down and The Golden Girls. Kenny is mostly a mix between Blanche and Sophia. But we all have a little Rose in us, too. The beauty is in the combination, which is what Kenny has.

I always wanted to guest on Eastbound – just be some trashy girl on the Jet Ski with my shirt off. I'll miss Kenny. I love that man. We are one and the same. Fuck yeah, Kenny Powers.


Where can I find Ke$ha x Kenny Powers romantic fan fiction? Tumblrs, help me out here.
cassie smoke

Terry Richardson snaps Daft Punk

Terry Richardson‘s studio must have a revolving door given the sheer number of celebrities that walk through it. Joining muse Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton on the snapper’s long list of famous models are French electro-pioneers Daft Punk. The mysterious gents keep their helmets on but appear to otherwise let loose.

Wearing metallic gold and silver suits (with matching gloves and helmets), the Frenchmen pose against Terry’s trademark white background. They have fun with the shoot — throwing pretend punches and hamming it up with the famed photographer. Perhaps Terry is angling to become the third member?
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Well.. at least he let them keep their clothes on


Stevie Nicks to appear on American Horror Story!

Ryan Murphy just announced it on Twitter:

If you thought American Horror Story: Coven’s Misty Day was all fangirl about Stevie Nicks before, just wait till she meets “the white witch” in the flesh! (Word of advice to the Fleetwood Mac legend: Stand back! Stand back!)

The creepshow’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy, announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that the “Rhiannon” songstress has agreed to make a guest appearance. No word yet on whether she’ll be warbling one of her hits — or even if she’ll be real or a figment of Misty’s vivid imagination — but regardless, Murphy has pulled off what is likely the (spell) casting coup of the year!

Source 1
Source 2
Byun Yo Han

'She'll Grow Out of It': The Lorde Backlash

I hate to start this off with a comparison between Lorde and her female contemporaries illustrating why she is so [gasp] different and refreshing and authentic because that's exactly the kind of rhetoric that is starting to dig her backlash grave among both tweens and contrarian critics. But if nothing else, the one interesting thing about Lorde's rise to fame over these past few months has been its inverse curve to her pop peers with whom she shares a crowded fall release schedule. Months before their albums have dropped, Lady Gaga (whose long-awaited Artpop debuts tomorrow), Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus have waged a multi-platform assault on our attention spans, not only in the form of singles and music videos but well-timed controversial comments and publicity stunts that conveniently end up fueling the media machine for weeks while bringing their name further to the front of the pop cultural conversation. But once the album arrives? Radio silence, as if to emphasize the ultimately utilitarian nature of such campaigns. Meanwhile, Lorde dropped her album Pure Heroine on September 27, when her single "Royals" was no. 1 but her profile was still at a simmer, and she has drawn increasingly more attention to herself since then.

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Lil Kim Steals Makeup Artist/Redditors Photo For New Album Art

Over the Halloween holiday, redditor and makeup artist Sssamanthaa posted her Pop Art Zombie look along with a tutorial explaining how you can easily create the look yourself. It seems like Lil Kim was interested in the look as well, and has ganked it without credit, and used the photo of Sssamanthaa's face as her new album art for her song Dead Gal Walking. It's not like this hasn't happened before to other artists, but Lil Kim could have easily recreated this look on her own by following the tutorial (while giving Sssamanthaa credit) without a problem.

Sssamanthaa asks /r/makeupexchange what she should do in a post titled "Perhaps slightly unrelated, but Lil Kim stole my picture to use as her new album art. I've been fighting this for a while, and I'm wondering if any of you lovely ladies and gents have any new ideas." Posted yesterday, November 11th. Most comments suggest that she sue Lil Kim for copyright infringement.

What do you think she should do ONTD?

Written by me. (Don't kill me, I'm not a great writer, I know.)
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Stellar reviews for Mariah's "The Art of Letting Go"

THE DAILY BEAST: In the age of overwrought, overproduced, oversung "artpop," Mariah Carey's latest ballad is refreshingly straightforward and simple - even if there's no real chorus. The timing of the release of Mariah Carey's latest single, "The Art of Letting Go," couldn't be more refreshing. It arrives the same day as Lady Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, a dizzying kaleidoscope of production tricks and vocal ticks. The simplest of ballads, "The Art of Letting Go," is a much-needed lesson that great pop music is composed of the most basic group of ingredients - a stellar voice and straightforward orchestrations ... There's an undeniable throwback vibe to the Rodney Jerkins-produced song that recalls "Vision of Love," a ballad stripped down to a piano, heartfelt lyrics, and the vocal pyrotechnics of Mariah.

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Queenriah does it again

Kevin Smith Has Seen Ben Affleck as Batman + Lex Luthor Confirmed?

This past weekend, a fan event for Man of Steel took place with Kevin Smith
hosting a chat with director Zack Snyder and the film's stars Henry Cavill and
Amy Adams in order to hype the release of the DC Comics reboot hitting shelves
tomorrow. And while there wasn't any concept art revealed for Batman vs.
Superman (it ended up being art being given away for a contest), a couple
tidbits have surfaced from the weekend which should get fans excited. First up,
Smith revealed on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast (via ComicBookMovie) that not
only has he seen the new Batman suit for the sequel, he's seen Ben Affleck in

Speaking on his podcast, Smith is all excitable for fans to see the suit;

"I saw the Batman costume. More than that I saw a picture of
[Affleck] in the costume. Now, I don't want to give anything away 'cause that is
up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this, I instantly bear hugged
[Snyder]. You have not seen this costume in a movie on film before, and
for a comic book fan it was mind bending. I was like 'Get out of here, only you
have enough power to pull this off.' Because everyone always like does this
Matrix/X-Men black armor. It was fantastic. I'm already a flag waver for this
movie, but the costume, it blew my mind. I think everyone is just gonna be like,
'Holy shit!' It's its own thing, man. It's like we haven't been down this
path at all
. I was so elated. Even the hardest core “fuck all this” person
will be like, 'Alright, I'm ready.'"

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britney 3 vegas

Britney Spears on the cover of Vegas Player Magazine

Anticipating hits ranging from “Toxic” to “Circus,” Britney Spears fans are eagerly awaiting her smash return to the stage. Beginning Dec. 27 at Planet Hollywood Resort, she’ll perform 21 or so of her greatest hits in the splashy production show, “Britney: Piece of Me.”

Though never disappointing with shock and awe, Spears has been coy about divulging any show details since she announced the deal on Sept. 17 with a viral stunt in the Vegas desert.

Now with about six weeks until showtime, Spears is getting personal in a brand-new cover story for “Vegas Player” magazine, Caesars Entertainment’s in-room publication. In the revealing interview, (complete with sizzling new pictures) she looks back on her two-decade career and talks influences, prepping for Las Vegas and the harsh spotlight of being the most photographed woman in the world. But more than anything, Spears can’t wait to hit us one more time with her glittering comeback. “I’m really excited,” she says. “‘Piece of Me’ is a labor of love. I can’t wait to perform it.”

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Another issue of "WTF IS JEFF DAVIS DOING?" - Nemeton return?


The last time you got a good look at the "Teen Wolf" Nemeton, the badly bruised Darach, Jennifer, reached out for it desperately with the hope that it could give her new life, but she was stopped en route, and it remained untouched. Back then, it was nothing more than a dead-looking stump, but now, in an exclusive photo from the upcoming second half of Season 3, we can see a little sprout that's pushed through one of the massive trunk's cracks is working its way to the sky. What do you think it means, and what effect will it have on Beacon Hills?

(we already have a clue that Haley Webb/Jennifer will be back on set, so, it would only make ~sense~ that the Nemeton would, too)

There's also a cute video of tpose at src

eta: sry, i didn't know comments were disabled.
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'The View': Julian Lennon explains 15-year gap between albums, talks dad John Lennon's fame

(View video at the source.)

"The View" brought a little music royalty to their stage on Monday (Nov. 11) -- or the progeny of music royalty, to be more exact.

Julian Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, visited the ladies to promote most recent album "Everything Changes." Before performing his new single, "Someday," Lennon spoke about what kept him away from music for so long. (His last album was released in 1998.)

"I've done music or a good 20 years or so, and there were some other projects that I wanted to do, you know?" he explained. "Documentaries, and now photography as well. A few other things. A lot of charity work. So, you know, that's why."

For fans who'd missed Lennon during his break from the music scene, Lennon revealed that he's leaning on one of his newer hobbies to fill in the blanks. "I've actually be making a documentary over the part year about all the work I've been doing," he said. "I just felt that for those who wanted to know, it would be a sort of update of what I've actually been up to, what my life's about these days and to sort of answer a lot of questions people still have about me."

When asked if his father's career with music was what pushed him to follow in those hallowed footsteps, Lennon admitted, "No, I never thought that. It was actually one of the teacher's at my school who motivated me to play the guitar. He was a rock-and-roller, and in between classed would teach kids to play rock and roll music. And my friend Justin Clayton who I'll be playing with later, he and I started taking rock and roll lessons."

As for whether he realized just how famous his dad was when he was a child, Lennon admitted that he didn't pick up on that until a bit later. "I had an impression," he said. "But as a kid you can't really comprehend that until you're much older, you know?"


Chris Pine is dating an Icelandic Beauty Queen

American actor Chris Pine, turned heads in Paris the other day, where he was seen with an unidentified girl. People have been wondering on his fan page who the girl might be. We now know that the girl is no other than Íris Björk Jóhannesdóttir.

[Larger pageant image]

Íris is 23 years old and won the Miss Reykjavík beauty pageant in 2010. The couple lives in London.

Chris Pine is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness but he also starred in This Means War and Unstoppable.

Dominic Cooper

Zack Snyder Tries His Best To Tackle A Couple Of MAN OF STEEL Controversies


With some filming all ready done, and principal photography on the horizon, “Batman vs Superman” director Zack Snyder has been talking about the upcoming film. In a live fan event hosted by Kevin Smith, and courtesy of Yahoo Movies, Snyder gave his take on a few things that have riled up the fanbase. On the fact that overruled Christopher Nolan- who was opposed to the idea- by having Superman kill Zod, and the possible ramifications of that, Snyder said:

“It’s a real world problem. I think the effect on Superman, it is a deeply difficult decision for him to make. It’s not a thing that he takes lightly, and you can see it affects him pretty profoundly. And maybe we’ll see the repercussions of that in the next film. How that’s affected him, making that decision… Maybe.”

Snyder also chimed in on “the rule” that “Superman Doesn’t Kill”:

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The Originals: Klaus and Elijah show off their guns in 1820s flashback

Another week, another flashback on The Originals. After all, when your show is about vampires who have lived for more than 1,000 years, it’s hard not to look back and explore their many ventures, whether it be through the days of cave drawings or a quick jaunt back to the 1920s.

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If Lady Gaga Wants to Be the Millennial Madonna, 'Artpop' Doesn't Have a Prayer

The reviews are in for Lady Gaga's brand new album, Artpop, and they're unenthusiastic, to say the least. "It's decent, if flawed," declares The Guardian meekly, while Consequence of Sound cuts straight to the chase: "boring and normal."

This wouldn't be an issue for most pop stars today (Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus probably don't care at all about reviews). However, critics mean everything to Lady Gaga because, as her album title suggests, she's aiming higher than typical pop fare — she wants to become a lasting cultural figure. If Artpop is Gaga's best shot at mashing high and low together, it seems she's come up quite short.

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clueless class

The 10 Most Legendarily “Well Endowed” Rock Stars Ever

You ever wonder why rock stars wear such tight pants? Size always matters, no matter how many number one records records you have! Legends concerning musicians with amazing “greatest hits packages” have become part of the rock ‘n ‘roll myth. And we’ve assembled 10 of the very biggest…

Some salacious stories have been making the rounds for decades, while newer ones are coming to light thanks to the miracle of technology. Websites like Groupie Dirt have afforded us an invaluable data-base of rock star bedroom habits and (ahem) “anatomy,” courtesy of ladies who’ve (allegedly) shared intimate moments with their favorite artists. Granted, we can’t TOTALLY confirm that 100 percent of these adventures are true, but we have a funny feeling that these dudes won’t mind. There are worst stories to spread, after all! Plus, they’re pretty hilarious. So head up to the gallery above for some tall tales of rock legends who apparently are packin’ some serious pipe. Get ready to rock out with….well, you know the rest.

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the rest @ src

what's the biggest/smallest you've had?
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Macklemore: Join ACLU "lets my gay friends marry the hell out of each other"

Rap superstar Macklemore today released a video urging people to join the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and get its legendary membership card. In a 50-second spot launched on his Facebook page and promoted via his Twitter feed, the MTV Video Music Award-winning rapper encourages his fans to get the card "that lets my gay friends marry the hell out of each other." The video presents a funny but hard-hitting defense of free speech with lines like: "I’ve got a lot of things to do during the day. So something like being beaten with a club, pepper-sprayed, and tased for expressing my political views would really slow me down. That’s why I carry the ACLU card."

Details (and a contest to meet Macklemore) are here.


Person of Interest: Shit Just Got Real. Prayer Circle for EVERYONE. Batman Jesus Help Us All.

The war with crime organization HR nears a boiling point and the Machine kicks out 38 numbers at once

“Endgame” – The POI team’s war with HR nears a boiling point when Finch receives 38 numbers at once (!!!). from The Machine. He discovers they are connected to an unknown player who is inciting an all-out war between the crime organization and the Russian mob. Meanwhile, a window into Carter’s past is seen through flashbacks with her son’s father, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, Nov. 12 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest Stars include Enrico Colantoni (omggg), Clarke Peters (srsly I can’t), Robert John Burke (you guysssssss), Morgan Spector (aaaaaaaah), David Valcin (interrupting my freaking out to say yay Scarface!) and Laz Alonso (as Carter’s babydaddy, omg!).

FUSCOOOO. He can’t die. It’s a fake-out, right? RIGHT?

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SHAKING AND CRYING IRL. This season is insane. I just hope Fusco and Queen Carter and everyone, basically, will be fine. OR ELSE.

source 1, source 2

CATCHING FIRE reviews are in!!!

While the first film set the bar awfully high for the rest of the franchise — telling a rich, brutal and exciting science-fiction story with genuine gravitas — the sequel didn’t always look like a sure thing. Original director Gary Ross dropped the project and the production was rushed to meet a release date, leaving many fans worried that the tale of Katniss Everdeen was in less than sure hands. But the first wave of critiques have washed ashore, and the verdict is …

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kanye west

The 6 Best-Dressed Men on TV

TV men are under-appreciated when it comes to the wardrobe department, unless you’re Mad Men‘s Don Draper or one of the guys from Suits (it’s in the title). So we thought we’d highlight some of the male characters on TV that put some thought into what they wear, and are a little more unconventional compared to your Don Drapers of the universe.

Historical Hottie – Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod may only have one outfit, and he may be long overdue for a shopping trip (that will probably lead into a rant about consumerism), but you know what – he looks great. Sure, his thick Revolutionary-era military coat and little green hair ribbon are a little out of place for a mid-size city in modern day New York, but that only serves to make the man’s signature look stand out amongst the masses. We foresee many a hipster taking a page out of Ichabod’s fashion magazine.

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Why Do Venezuelan Women Rule Miss Universe?

Q: Three of the last six Miss Universe pageants have been won by Miss Venezuela — what's in the water there? Are pageants a big part of their culture?

A: No, pageants aren't a big part of their culture. Pageants are a massive, huge, enormous part of their culture. In 2010, professor Belinda Edmondson of Rutgers University published an academic paper that pretty much summed it up: "In the beauty contest-obsessed societies of the Caribbean and Latin America, a contestant’s chances of winning a national pageant are directly related to the perception that she has a shot at winning an international beauty contest such as Miss World or Miss Universe."

In other words, in Latin America, beauty pageants serve much of the same hometown rah-rah function that football does in Texas, or basketball in Indiana.

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henry i

Liam Payne's Girlfriend Sophia Smith Pregnant?

Is Liam Payne's girlfriend, Sophia Smith, pregnant?

Liam and Sophia faced a new round of rumors about a possible pregnancy, as gossip on Twitter spread like wildfire.

Let's just say some fans got themselves a bit frothy over the rumor.

While claims that Liam's mom confirmed that the couple are expecting, fans weren't buying it, with one tweeting: "IS SOPHIA SMITH REALLY PREGNANT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Another tweeted: "Apparently Sophia Smith is pregnant bc of liam payne. Even if it's a rumor, it flipping hurts no lie. I cant afford to think about that."

This rumor comes on the heels of gossip that Liam and Sophia had broken up recently.

They haven't broken up and there has not been any confirmation of a pregnancy, so rest easy, fans.
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RuPaul Launches Make-Up Line: GLAMAZON

Via press release:

Supermodel of the World and first face of M.A.C. Cosmetics, RuPaul has joined forces with Colorevolution to launch RuPaul’s GLAMAZON, a beauty collection that includes a fine-fragrance and ultra-rich pigment cosmetic line. “GLAMAZON is for women and men of all ages and preferences who share one thing in common: They are not afraid to be fierce, “ said the world’s most famous drag queen. Working with Colorevolution, RuPaul spent the last year meticulously choosing components for both the fragrance and cosmetics to masterfully craft GLAMAZON, a limited edition unisex fragrance and cosmetic set in designer gift boxes. GLAMAZON features the most essential elements needed to create one of RuPaul’s signature looks. Each collectable gift box offers high quality products for an outrageous value. "For me, glamour should be accessible to all, I am committed to helping the world look and smell more beautiful," said RuPaul.

Is this a first for a drag queen? See the line here.

Get that coin, girl.


Lady Gaga @ 'SNL' Rehearsals

Lady Gaga rocks a huge white wig while exiting her hotel for Saturday Night Live rehearsals on Monday (November 11) in New York City.

The 27-year-old singer took the time to pose for a pic with some fans while sitting in her chauffeured car.

“My voice held out until this AM! She made it through last night! Now I sound like an irritated cow. Making a .gif to express my feelings,” Gaga tweeted earlier in the day.

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Katy Perry’s Preacher Dad Insists ‘We Don’t Use Our Daughter’

gaga“I kissed God and I liked it!” Katy Perry‘s preacher father, Keith Hudson, has made a habit of shouting to his captive audiences.

A long-time minister turned traveling preacher, he’s built his career in recent years through appearances around the world talking about his daughter and the path to salvation: In 2012, has learned, he and his wife, Mary, hit 15 states and 5 countries, raking in nearly $200,000.

Is Hudson “cashing in on his daughter’s fame” while simultaneously decrying her lifestyle, or simply using the platform which he says God has provided for him? We investigate.

Tax documents obtained by Radar show that Keith Hudson Ministries Inc. received $197,271 in revenue in 2012. From that, Hudson and his wife paid themselves a combined total of $45,369 in salary: no great amount, but substantially more than the $1 that their co-directors, Pastor Art Aragon and Rev. Roger Brewer each received.

READ THE DOCUMENT HERE : Keith Hudson’s Tax Returns

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Hocus Pocus: I Put a Spell on You

Once Upon a Time 3.08 bts & promo pics

Think Lovely Thoughts

ONCE UPON A TIME - "Think Lovely Thoughts" - Pan leads Henry to a secret cave, where he has convinced the boy that he alone can save magic and Neverland itself. But a showdown between good and evil is about to go down as Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Mr. Gold and Hook find themselves directly on a path to Pan in an effort to save Henry. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, young Rumplestiltskin is given a magical item that could help him make a fresh start with his father -- who has been anything but a good dad, on "Once Upon a Time,"

Once Upon A Time - Episode 3.08 - Think Lovely Thoughts - Full set of Promotional and BTS Photos (31)_595_slogo
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few more pics at the source

ugh daddy issues
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Brand New Announces 4 New Shows, New Material?

Brand New, as they are wont to do, have spontaneously announced four US shows for next month. The band note that each of these shows will feature two of their four albums — 2009's Daisy, 2006's The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, 2003's Deja Entendu and 2001's Your Favorite Weapon — performed front to back along with their corresponding b-sides, though they don't specify which albums will be performed at which dates.


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HBO Wants Those Real Husbands Of Hollywood Ratings,Turns To Salim Akil For Black Hollywood TV Series

HBO To Explore Black Hollywood With Docu-Style Comedy Series.

could not post a picture of Salim without Mara.

HBO has teamed with film and TV director Salim Akil for “Mr. Director,” a single-camera comedy project Akil is set to write, produce and direct. Currently in development, the show is envisioned as being in the vein of Larry David’s documentary-style HBO comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but with the backdrop of Black Hollywood.

Like David, Akil will play a version of himself in “Mr. Director,” which will explore the life and times of Salim in the business and highlights the outrageous, circuitous path taken to become one of Hollywood’s Top 50 showrunner/directors.

Akil is currently finishing Season 7 of BET’s “The Game,” on which he serves as director as well as co-showrunner alongside the series’ creator, his producing partner/wife, Mara Brock Akil.

Under Akils’ rich multi-year deal with BET, Salim Akil also executive produces Brock Akil’s new series “Being Mary Jane,” and directed the 90-minute pilot, which aired as a movie to big ratings in July, drawing 4 million viewers and a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.

On the feature side, Salim Akil directed “Jumping The Broom” and “Sparkle.”


Mara's black girls rock speech is everything.

Casting Call: Little Women


Sony recently announced that Olivia Milch will be writing a new adaption of Little Women, the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. Little Women happens to be my favorite book, I must have read it ten times by now, and I’m also a huge fan of the 1994 film with Winona Ryder, Christian Bale and Susan Sarandon. Naturally, I had to create my dream cast for the upcoming retelling. Below are my picks for the new Little Women film.

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Rest at the source.

My favorite book <3

Idris Elba Set to Star in Thriller ‘Bastille Day’

After fighting criminals on the streets of London, “Luther” star Idris Elba is now ready to fight bad guys in Paris as he is set to star in the Vendome Pictures and Anonymous Content thriller “Bastille Day.”

Andrew Baldwin penned the script, which Anonymous Content helped develop prior to taking it out to buyers. The director has not yet been set.

The story revolves around a U.S. operative who is tasked with interrogating and eventually making a young American boy “disappear” in order to avoid embarrassment to the U.S. government after the boy is linked as the prime suspect to an attack on the Paris metro.

After several more attacks, the operative realizes the boy is innocent and may be the only link to the person actually orchestrating the attacks.

Though Elba is still doing some work on “Luther,” he has begun to ramp up his work on the feature side in the last year with big roles in “Prometheus,” “Pacific Rim” and “Thor: The Dark World,” which opened this past weekend and has already almost made $200 million worldwide.

Elba can be seen next in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” which is already getting award season buzz for his performance as Nelson Mandela. He is repped by WME, Ken McReddie & Associates in the U.K., Anonymous Content, Headshell Management and Felker Toczek Gellman Suddleson.


Tales From The Darkside Reboot put in development at The CW

After successfully rebooting Whose Line Is It Anyway last summer, the CW is looking to bring back another half-hour series this coming summer. The network has teamed with producers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci and writer Joe Hill for Tales From The Darkside, a reinvention of the 1980s horror/fantasy/thriller anthology series by George A. Romero. Hill will write the project, which will keep the original series’ 30-minute format, for a summer run consideration. Hill, Kurtzman and Orci will executive produce with Heather Kadin, Mitch Galin and Jerry Golod for CBS TV Studios, where Kurtzman and Orci’s K/O Paper Products is based.


Rob Gronkowski Mocks Asian Fan: "They told me he could only cook fried rice!"

Maybe New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hasn't heard what's going on with Richie Incognito -- because he openly mocked an Asian fan over the weekend, calling the guy "Leslie Chow" ... and joking about fried rice.

Gronk was hosting a Q&A with fans in Foxborough, MA Sunday night at Bar Louie Restaurant when people started dancing ... including an Asian man sporting a Gronk jersey.

The Pats star acted surprised, and said -- into a microphone for everyone to hear -- "They told me he could only cook fried rice!" Then Gronk one upped himself by calling the fan "Leslie Chow" ... Ken Jeong's character from "The Hangover."

At least one person in the group thought Gronk might have crossed a line -- because they immediately grabbed the mic and reminded the audience they all signed waivers agreeing to hand over ALL cell phone footage.

It's unclear if that was just a joke, but clearly this video survived -- and now we gotta ask .

britney 3 vegas

Britney Jean track list revealed

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DJ Martin Solveig: Working with Madonna was my best experience!

From releasing radio megahit “Hello” to working with Madonna, DJ Martin Solveig discusses success and more ahead of November 15 Sandance performance.

You might not know his name yet, but you’ve likely let his sounds into your home on more than one occasion. Returning to the UAE after a five-year absence with his electro-pop mastery is DJ Martin Solveig, the down-to-earth fellow behind radio megahit Hello featuring Dragonette, and Madonna’s last album release, MDNA.

“I’m really pleased about performing a bit more in Dubai,” Solveig told us over the phone, making time for tabloid! between filming a music video for his fake brand, Blow, and jetting off to Miami. “It seems that this is going to be a big one.”

Having gone from singing in a school choir to working with the queen of pop herself, the Parisian producer shared a glimpse of his success ahead of his November 15 appearance at Sandance.

Q: How was your experience working with Madonna in 2011?

A: It’s the best experience because it’s a real collaboration. It’s really sitting in a studio for a few months and collaborating on an album. Almost, I would say, a little bit old school: you’re in the same room, at the same time, and you’re working on the same song.

Q: Was Madonna what you’d expected?

A: No. I was expecting her to be a lot harder — a lot tougher on me! I don’t know — she’s super cool. She’s my friend now. We’re still in touch, we talk a lot. It’s great. I’m a bigger admirer after having worked with her than before.

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Lucius releases official video for 'Tempest'

Sometimes, when two voices come together, the result can be arresting. That's what Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe discovered when they met at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and struck up the partnership that would become Lucius. The band is a quintet, with Laessig and Wolfe's voices at the center — and the music they make together can sound like anything from 1960's girl groups to sunbaked psychedelia to the hangover that comes after after a heavy-drinking country song. -NPR

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​Ya'll should check these guys out, I guarantee they'll be your new favorite band
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Taylor Swift and Lorde have lunch in NYC; Lorde calls her "a role model"

Taylor Swift and Lorde put rumours of a feud to rest on Monday (November 11). They were spotted dining at Shake Shack on New York's Madison Avenue.

Both singer-songwriters were signed to major labels in their early teens, honed their craft with professional songwriters, and released their debut albums at the age of 16.

In a Faster Lounder profile earlier this year, Lorde remarked that Swift is "so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don't think it's breeding anything good in young girls. 'I'm never going to be like Taylor Swift. Why can't I be as pretty as Lorde?' That's fucking bullshit."

When the comments made headlines, Lorde clarified her position on tumblr: "I think I cocked that up a bit and what I said wasn't put in context. What I meant was: there's a lot of importance placed on physical perfection in this industry, and I wish my favourite stars didn't look perfect because I think fans (me included) have these feelings of worthlessness, like they'll never be as pretty/talented/whatever, as a result of this intense photoshop culture and the endless strive for perfection. TS was the first person I thought of, which I regret. She happens to be good looking, but I think she actually uses her other imperfections in an incredibly powerful and relatable way. Taylor Swift has a very unique vision, which I admire ... I will probably never be the kind of role model for my fans that TS is for hers. I admire her very much for this reason."

More recently, Lorde named Swift and Grimes as female artists who offer a positive message for young girls: "There are artists who are incredible role models and that's something that I admire. I love Grimes. I think she is awesome. Not so much through her music, but her sexual politics and stuff is really interesting. I feel like Taylor Swift is a really good role model. The girls who listen to her music are so devoted to her. I think what she's saying is pretty cool. I think it's empowering."
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New Couple Alert: Iggy Azalea Has A Date Night With NBA Star Nick Young

HUGE WIN for Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young last night ... the NBA star finally got himself a date with the woman he's been crushing on for months ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

Young hit up a carnival at L.A. Live Monday night with Iggy Azalea -- a 23-year-old Australian rap phenom who recently signed with T.I.'s record label.

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Writers Announced for Daredevil and Jessica Jones Netflix Series

Drew Goddard is in negotiations to write the upcoming “Daredevil” series for Netflix and Disney, an individual with knowledge of the project has told TheWrap.

A representative for Goddard had no comment, while representatives for Netflix and Marvel did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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Melissa Rosenberg will write and produce a series based on Marvel's Jessica Drew character for Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Rosenberg will serve as a writer and executive producer.

Rosenberg, screenwriter for the Twilight films, was tapped years ago to develop AKA Jessica Jones, a drama revolving around the Marvel hero at ABC, but the series never materialized.

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Is Britney Really Singing On Her Album?

Is it really Britney, b*tch? Long a target of lip-synching rumors, Britney Spears found herself at the center of new dubbing allegations this weekend, when a version of “Passenger,” a single from her upcoming album, “Britney Jean,” leaked online. Fans immediately took to Twitter to complain that it didn’t sound like her voice on the track, instead alleging that Myah Marie, one of her backup singers, was the one doing the heavy lifting vocally.

The song, “Sounds like Myah Marie more than Britney (in my opinion),” @kaye_ca tweeted.

And @dylancx2 claimed, “You can clearly tell when they mix in Myah Marie’s voice in the second verse and Britney doesn’t sing the rest of the song.”

Dozens of fans agreed, including @SpikyMooDy, who wrote, “At 1:55 it doesn’t sound like Britney at all. It’s most likely Myah Marie.”

Myah Marie, a pop singer who’s done backing vocals and demos for Spears, has been accused of going above and beyond the duties of a normal backing vocals singer before.

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JLaw blasts behavior from stars like Miley Cyrus: 'For some disgusting reason, young sex sells'


Sex may sell, but Jennifer Lawrence isn't buying it.

The 23-year-old "Hunger Games" star opened up when asked in an interview with BBC's Newsnight about her opinion on the sexualization of young women in Hollywood like Miley Cyrus.

“It is a part of the entertainment industry that sells,” she said. "For some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more.”

The 20-year-old Cyrus' most recent antics include lighting up a funny cigarette in an ultra-revealing outfit as she accepted an award at the MTV EMAs on Sunday.

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Kanye West's popularity has dropped by 66% in the time he has been dating Kim Kardashian

Kanye West's popularity has dropped by a staggering 66% in the time he has been dating Kim Kardashian, new figures have revealed.

The 36-yearold Grammy-award winner has lost a huge amount of fans since he became romantically involved with Kim, 33, with whom he now has a baby daughter.

According to Q Scores, a US website which is regarded as a realistic measure of popularity and likeability, Kanye originally had a high score of 17 among women aged between 18 and 49 before he and Kim began dating in April 2011.

But since his romance with Kim, Kanye's score - which was a 19 among men aged 18-34 at its highest - has now dropped to a lowly 3 in the women 18-49 category.

The results are also even more shocking when it's taken into account that an average hip hop artist should have a score of between 12 and 18, while a regular male celebrity should score between 14 and 19.

It is believed that Kanye's romance with Kim, as well as his various public clashes with the paparazzi and fellow celebrities, have contributed to his fall in popularity.

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tom cruise

tSwift out and about looking hot

Taylor Swift arrives to rehearse for the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday afternoon (November 12) in New York City.

The 23-year-old singer was joined by her mom Andrea at the rehearsal. She will be taping her appearance for the show tomorrow night alongside other musical guests Fall Out Boy and rising groups A Great Big World and Neon Jungle.

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Joshifer confront Joshifer&eat candy + charitable bread prince helps Thor's brother seem interesting

"Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Even though their characters Katniss and Peta are involved in a love triangle in the film, the actors' off screen relationship has more of a sibling dynamic.

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Rihunited.. Drake Surprised Rihanna At Dallas Concert, Went On Romantic Date

On and off couple Rihanna and Drake are dating again.

The Nothing Was The Same rapper surprised Rihanna at her Dallas concert last night. Sources say Drizzy flew in after learning that RiRi is back on US soil and will be performing at the American Airlines Center.

Rihanna’s performance was well received by fans, some of whom waited months to see the “Diamonds” singer after the original date in April was cancelled.

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Same-sex marriage is legal in Hawai'i

Hawaii state Sen. Clayton Hee playfully gives Gov. Neil Abercrombie a kiss on the head before he signs the Hawaii Civil Unions bill into law at a ceremony in February 2011 in Honolulu.

Hawaii's Senate has given the OK to a bill allowing same-sex marriage, which now goes to the governor, who is expected to sign.

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mods, we've had posts where we talked about different states/countries legalizing gay marriage before jsyk b4 you go, "where's the ~celebrity angle in this post deaux~~~~~~~"

American Horror Story: Coven 3.06: "The Axeman Cometh" - Early Review

“Undoubtedly, you Orleanians think of me as a most horrible murderer, which I am, but I could be much worse if I wanted to. If I wished, I could pay a visit to your city every night. At will I could slay thousands of your best citizens, for I am in close relationship with the Angel of Death.

Now, to be exact, at 12:15 on next Tuesday night, I am going to pass over New Orleans. In my infinite mercy, I am going to make a little proposition to you people…”

- The Axeman, 1919

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clueless class

Jenna Jameson back in porn

Jenna Jameson is getting back into the porn business to support her family.

A TMZ cameraman recently stopped Jameson on the street to ask her about getting back into porn. Apparently, the 39-year-old is now doing some webcam work, which purportedly involves stripping and doing sex acts for money. (One blog noted her return in September and claimed such private webcam sessions bring in $0.80 per minute.)

"Well, my motivation is taking care of my family, and having fun, and meeting all my fans," she said. "Good, right?"

Jameson's revitalized porn career comes five years after she swore she would never get back into the adult entertainment business. In 2008, she announced her retirement saying she would "never, ever spread my legs again in this industry, ever."

Clearly, she has had a change of heart.

Just on Sunday (Nov. 10), Jameson discussed her retirement from porn with Oprah Winfrey for a pre-recorded episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" She said she got out of the XXX world because of her 4-year-old twin boys.

"I've had a lot of people question me saying, 'Why haven't you made a comeback? It'd be easy for you to make multi-millions off of one or two scenes,'" she said. "And to be honest, I made a promise to my children when they were in my tummy that there is no way I would ever, ever, ever go back."

Last month, Jameson lost her home to foreclosure. She has also been ensnared in a bitter custody battle with her ex, Tito Ortiz.

can't embed, watch video at source
tom cruise

SHOTS FIRED: Joan Rivers lashes out at 'arrogant' Jennifer Lawrence on Twitter

Sarah Walker

Disney Breaks Its All-Time Record for Global Box Office

With “Thor: The Dark World” dominating worldwide, the studio tops the $3.79 billion mark it set in 2010

Disney is about to break its global box office-record of $3.791 billion, the studio said Tuesday.

With “Iron Man 3,” “Monsters University,” “Oz the Great and Powerful” and “Thor: The Dark World” providing the biggset boosts, the studio will sometime on Tuesday push Disney to its best year ever in terms of worldwide grosses and past the benchmark established in 2010. “Toy Story 3″ and “Alice In Wonderland” were the big films that year.

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The Wrap

with this rate they have a chance to get 4.5B WW. Is Lone Ranger the only flop so far?
also in 2015 with avengers:age of ultron and star wars they probably make 3B with just them. 2015 could be their best year
[buffy] Cordy
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Justin Bieber's Mom Gets Mobbed at the Mall, Asks Fans to Return Her Stolen Sweater

If one can't get a piece of Justin Bieber, it seems something from her mother is the next best thing.
That just may have been what somebody was thinking when he or she decided to take an item that belonged to the pop star's mom.

"Got mobbed at the mall! Someone stole my favorite light brown sweater (chalaco)!" Pattie Mallette tweeted on Monday, Nov. 11.

The 37-year-old author didn't give any more specifics about the incident, but she is clearly hoping to get the article of clothing back.

"Please bring it to the hotel & give it to security," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Mallette is continuing to plug her best-selling memoir Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom, which she has said is aimed at helping teens cope with bullying and anxiety.
She is also dabbling in film, having recently produced the short Crescendo starring Ali Landry, money from which is benefiting crisis pregnancy centers.


Lmao. Btw, it's spelled chaleco not chalaco.
gene and jerry

Seth MacFarlane Slams Partisan Influence in Science at Carl Sagan Tribute

Few people would argue that when it came to communicating the dense world of science, no one did it better than the astronomer Carl Sagan. With his popular 1980 public TV series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” his frequent appearances on “The Tonight Show” and other talkshows, Sagan was a fixture on television until his untimely death in 1996.

Sagan’s profound legacy, and the void he left behind, was Topic A at the Library of Congress Tuesday thanks in large part to Seth MacFarlane. The event included a reception to celebrate MacFarlane’s support and generosity that facilitated a major gift to the library of personal and professional materials.

The collection includes some 1,700 archival boxes of material from Sagan’s archives including correspondences with scientists, drafts of scientific papers, books, articles, and historical documents of the first 40 years of the space age. It will be made available to researchers and others, much of it digitally, the library said.

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Eminem's 'Marshall Mathers LP 2' Scores Second-Biggest Debut of Year -792,000 copies sold

Evil prevails!!!

It's official: Eminem's new album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with the second-largest sales week of the year.

The set, which was released on Tuesday, Nov. 5, sold a bigger-than-expected 792,000 copies in the week ending Nov. 10, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Last week, industry sources had forecast the set to bow with around 750,000.

The rest of the new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

Justin Timberlake continues to reign with the year's biggest week, when "The 20/20 Experience" bowed at No. 1 with 968,000 back in March. The year's second-largest week had been the arrival of Drake's "Nothing Was the Same," which it debuted with 658,000.

"The Marshall Mathers LP 2" ("MMLP2") also logs the sixth-biggest sales week of the past five years. Since November of 2008, the only larger weeks were earned by Taylor Swift's "Red" (2012, 1.2 million its debut), Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" (2011, 1.1 million debut), Swift's "Speak Now" (2010, 1 million debut), Timberlake, and Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" (2011, 964,000 debut).

"MMLP2" marks Eminem's seventh No. 1 album -- all consecutive, and all debuts at No. 1. His only album to miss the top slot was his first release, 1999's "The Slim Shady LP." It debuted and peaked at No. 2.

Impressively, "MMLP2" posts a larger debut than Eminem's last album, 2010's "Recovery," which started with 741,000. Both albums bowed bigger than his previous set, 2009's "Relapse," which entered with 608,000.

Goodnight ontd!!

Lesbians weigh in on the "Blue is the Warmest Color" sex scene

If you haven't heard the rumblings of Blue Is the Warmest Color, get ready. The French drama that follows the tale of two young lesbians has been at the center of praise and controversy since premiering at Cannes this past summer. The film features a seven-minute, totally NSFW, sex scene between young stars Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux. The actresses have since spoken out about what they feel was mistreatment from Blue's director, as well as their level of discomfort in filming the nude scenes.

While nobody is doubting their criticism, Posture Magazine decided to get to the bottom of the sex scene itself. Editors filmed gay women watching the infamous tryst to gauge their reactions. Then, viewers dished on the movie's accuracy — and, more importantly, its level of hotness. The consensus seems to be that while racy, the scene in question is decidedly over-the-top. Watch below to get the dirt, and see if Blue Is the Warmest Color piques your interest.

Sauce: Refinery29 and Hollywood Reporter

ONTD, have you guys seen this film? I want to tbh!

'Hunger Games' cast on their favorite YA books of all time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At the London premiere for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (in theaters Nov. 22), Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and more opened up about their favorite YA series.

Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss): “Harry Potter. I was so crazy about Harry Potter I read it twice. All of them twice. I didn’t have a favorite, I thought they were all amazing.”

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta): ”I kind of, unfortunately, stuck to what the school made me read. I didn’t get to step out of that zone. I had the opportunity but I just didn’t take advantage of it. But my favorite book growing up was probably Catcher in the Rye. I loved that; it’s a great book.”

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What d'you think, ONTD?

Akon on Monogamy: "Men are natural breeders...women need to take more time to understand men"

The divorce rate in this country is pretty alarming. Although there are probably a ton of reasons why relationships are failing, recording artist and producer Akon believes that a huge reason is that men weren’t created to be monogamous.

“If America adopted that [pologamy] culture there would be less domestic disputes. The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff,” the “I Wanna Love You” singer told TMZ.

He went on to say that this difficulty with being monogamous stems from men’s “natural” desire to “breed.”

At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to. Let’s say you put 1,000 guys on one corner and one bad chick walk passed. You gon’ see 1,000 heads go, ‘Damn. They don’t even know why they doing it. They’re natural breeders. It’s in their genes, they can’t help it. Even if you’re walking with your girl and you’re holding her hand and you see a bad chick walk by and she lookin’ at you like, ‘Boy you better not look,’ you gonna wanna look so bad and you don’t even know why that urge is there, but you’re a natural breeder. It’s what we do. Men are put on this earth to breed and the reason why God put multiple women on this earth is for that.”

Oh, and if you’re stomach isn’t turning yet, he also said that women should learn to “scientifically understand men” to foster better chances for relationship success.

“When looking at reproduction, there’s always going to be more reproducing that actual reproducers themselves. There’s more to it scientifically, but as humans, women need to take more time to understand men. If they can do that I think things will work out better for us.”

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Kate Hudson "Can't Afford" Designer Clothes Either

Kate Hudson shows off her signature smile on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's December/January issue, which she posed for during a sexy photoshoot in Malibu last month. Inside the publication, she shares her sentiments on family — they are "excellent" — and fitness — "it really is a vital part of my day in terms of energy." Kate also touches on fashion, proclaiming that she "can't afford" many designer pieces. She adds, "There are certain things I splurge on, but it's very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition. I'm not a big high-end fashion shopper. I wish I could, but the truth is things are just so expensive. Before Isabel Marant was a million dollars and famous, I used to go to her store in Paris and go crazy, it was so affordable."

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Kate recently launched her own line of affordable workout apparel, Fabletics, proclaiming that it's important to her to "reach a larger amount of women, where they can afford the things I'm selling. Especially with the economy, it doesn't make sense to me anymore." One thing it seems we won't see Kate get involved in, though, is social media — the actress told the glossy that she's "scared" to join in on the craze.

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Cameron Diaz Is an Edgy Miss Hannigan

Cameron Diaz's portrayal of the infamous Miss Hannigan in the Annie remake already has us laughing — and the movie won't even hit the silver screen until next year! The first photos of Cameron in costume have come out, and let's just say the actress is spot-on at capturing the look of the abusive yet comical alcoholic who makes our poor little Annie's life miserable. On set, Cameron leaned on a fire escape outside what appears to be the orphanage where Miss Hannigan fails at raising Annie and her fellow orphans. Our modern Miss Hannigan is wearing cutoff jean shorts; a loose, fuzzy sweater; over-the-top gold necklaces and hoop earrings, and quite a bit of eye makeup.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Berlin Premiere


Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning at the premiere of her film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Tuesday (November 12) in Berlin, Germany.

The 23-year-old star of the film was joined at the event by her co-stars Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, and Josh Hutcherson.

The evening before, Jennifer and Josh were joined by Willow Shields, Sam Claflin with wife Laura Haddock, and future Mockingjay co-star Natalie Dormer, for the London premiere after party at held at the Royal Courts of Justice.

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