November 10th, 2013

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18 Years Ago, Ross and Rachel First Kissed on Friends

This weekend marks the anniversary of a very special episode of Friends, aptly titled "The One Where Ross Finds Out," which first aired on Nov. 9, 1995.

A little background: When the second season began, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) showed up at the airport to tell Ross (David Schwimmer) his romantic feelings were requited, but soon discovered he was dating fellow paleontologist Julie.

By this episode, Rachel resolves to move on and lets Monica (Courteney Cox) fix her up. The world's worst date ensues, during which Rachel chugs wine and obsesses over Ross and Julie. An intoxicated Rachel then proceeds to aggressively borrow another diner's giant cellphone (reminder: this was 1995) and leave a humiliating message on Ross's answering machine, proclaiming she's "over him."

In one of the series' most monumental scenes, Rachel then teaches all of us how to do damage control after a drunk dial (well, sort of). When Ross stops by her apartment the next day and asks to check his voicemail, Rachel suddenly has a flashback to the previous night's inebriated phone call. She jumps on Ross in a valiant effort to wrestle away the phone, as he wonders out loud, "When were you under me?" The episode concludes with TV's favorite on-again, off-again couple's famous first kiss.

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Update: Tom Cruise did not compare movies to war

On Saturday, Tom Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields released the following statement:

"Tom Cruise has resisted suing the tabloids for years but has always drawn the line when it comes to lies about his family - which is solely what the current legal case is about. Headlines stating he equated his job with those in the military are demonstrably false. They are a distortion of what is provable and on the record. Certain websites have published only a part of the proceedings misleadingly selected by the defendant Bauer Publishing.

What the excerpts leave out is the part where Tom was asked the question point blank 'do you believe the situations (being in a movie and fighting a war in Afghanistan) are the same? and his immediate response was 'oh come on!' Meaning - of course not. Tom is a staunch supporter of our troops and does not feel that making a movie is even remotely comparable to fighting in Afghanistan and said so in plain English."

This was in response to a story published by that Cruise, who sat for a deposition in his $50 million libel suit against a magazine publisher that claimed the actor abandoned daughter Suri, equated making movies to serving in Afghanistan. His statements were taken out of context.

When asked whether being separated from his daughter while shooting movies was comparable to a service-member serving in Afghanistan, Cruise said, in the written deposition: "Oh come on. You know, we're making a movie."

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Conan O’Brien Slammed For Muslim Joke About New Ms. Marvel Superhero

Conan O’Brien has deleted a tweet about the new Ms. Marvel superhero after critics claimed it was insensitive toward Muslims.

Earlier this week, Marvel announced that it will introduce a new character named Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Muslim girl from New Jersey who transforms into Ms. Marvel after she’s suddenly bestowed with special powers.

On Friday, O’Brien tweeted, “Marvel Comics is introducing a new Muslim Female superhero. She has so many more special powers than her husband’s other wives.”

The joke drew a very mixed reaction — including an avalanche of comments slamming O’Brien for being insensitive, ignorant, “tasteless,” “Islamophobic” and even “racist.”

Many observers pointed out that Khan is an assimilated American teenager — not in a polygamous marriage — and that O’Brien should have learned about the character before joking with a questionable stereotype.

On Saturday, the tweet was deleted.


Lady Gaga Invites Larry Rudolph To Destroy Her Career

Despite all the promotion for her new album, Lady Gaga‘s press has been derailed by the departure of two men in her life: her manager and her boyfriend. Now it seems she has set her sights on a new man, in particular, Miley Cyrus’ manager Larry Rudolph. The manager, who represents Britney Spears as well, is talking to Gaga about signing on.

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David O. Russell Talks ‘American Hustle’: “Everybody Is Playing Against Type”

Last night at the AFI Fest tribute to David O. Russell, the director screened the first six minutes of the hotly anticipated ‘American Hustle,’ which stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as con artists working for federal agent Bradley Cooper. Russell noted that ‘American Hustle’ is in the style he discovered with 2010′s ‘The Fighter’ and developed in 2012′s ’Silver Linings Playbook’ - a character-based piece rooted in a real story. “The Fighter was a great revelation to me, about these people, the way they talk, their behavior, their emotion, their romance, their heartbreak,” Russell said. “In Silver Linings, I took the true story and put my own life into it. In American Hustle, I took some of the true story and made it personal and fictional, so it became a movie.”

Asked what that means, David O. Russell replied, “It means that I want to focus on the characters more than an event. In American Hustle, there was an event in the ’70s where a Bronx-born con artist and his partner in crime — that’s Christian Bale and Amy Adams, a woman from England, or supposed to be from England – were forced to work for the Federal government, and they taught the government how to con, and how to create a theater to draw other people in, based on what their hopes were. And this was during a recession. So I wanted to make it about those people and their love affair, these two characters, and Christian’s wife, really — that’s Jennifer — a very, as she describes her, ‘a Picasso of a passive-aggressive[ness]. Jennifer was very excited about playing someone wildly different from who she’s ever played, a real housewife of Long Island.”

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I'm pretty excited for this movie. I still can't see JLaw as a mother though.

After Eminem, Can Albums From One Direction, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears Rack Up Monster Debuts?

Billboard predictions: Gaga 300-350K; Britney less than 276K; 1D +500K;

With Eminem's new album on course for a blockbuster first week, are there any other albums left this year than can also rack up huge, half-million-plus debuts?

Yes. But that list is very short. As in: There's just one album on it: One Direction's "Midnight Memories."

As previously reported, Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" is set to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 next week with around 750,000 sold (through the tracking week ending Nov. 10). It will tally the second-biggest sales week of the year, after the debut of Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience," which bowed with 968,000 in March, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

According to forecasts from label sources, One Direction's "Midnight Memories," due out Nov. 25, could debut with a little over 500,000.

It's the third album from the British vocal group, and follows their last release, "Take Me Home." That set bowed with 540,000 in its first week back in November of 2012.

There are, of course, other albums due out this year that will earn significant debuts. But none -- at least at this point -- are expected to come close to the bows of Eminem and One Direction.

(You may wonder: How can industry sources forecast first-week sales for an album before it has come out? Sales projections are based on a number of indicators. They include orders from physical retailers, pre-orders on digital services like iTunes, first-week performance of comparable albums, media exposure, radio and YouTube trends for the album's singles, and so on.)

Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" album, out on Monday, Nov. 11, may sell around 300,000 to 350,000 if early industry forecasts hold. Her last album, 2011's "Born This Way," debuted with 1.1 million sold. (However, it benefited from an Amazon MP3 offer that sold it for 99 cents on two days of its debut week. Billboard estimates that the 99 cent version resulted in 440,000 copies of the album's first-week haul.)

Also on the horizon is Britney Spears' "Britney Jean," which is scheduled for release on Dec. 3. While it's a bit early to predict what Spears will sell, industry prognosticators indicate it could start slower than her last album. Her previous release, 2011's "Femme Fatale," launched with 276,000 at No. 1.


Lady Gaga wants at least three kids, loves Chicago pizza

She's already Mother Monster, but when the time is right Lady Gaga says she wants some real-life babies to call her own.

"I want to have tons of kids, actually. I think at least three," the "Applause" singer told SiriusXM listeners gathered Friday for a Town Hall discussion at SiriusXM studios in New York City.

"I really want to have a family and I really want to nurture my children," said the singer, who is gearing up for a performance in space.

"To be honest, having my own kids will be like having three little monsters with me all the time. They probably won't be fans," she added.

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Second Annual Baby2Baby Gala

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor Jesse Williams attends the Second Annual Baby2Baby Gala at the Book Bindery on November 9, 2013 in Culver City, California.

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Is Kaley Cuoco About to Share Some Big News?

Remember when The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco "dated" Henry Cavill for like, two minutes, and then she got engaged tennis player Ryan Sweeting?

According to an item on (via Crushable), Cuoco, 27, and Sweeting are pregnant with their first child.

Her friends are telling us that she is right around the twelve-week mark. She is not quite ready to announce, but will instead spend the next few weeks wearing loose-fitting clothing and hoping that you don’t notice (just like Kerry Washington). She will definitely announce before the end of the year.

uoco appeared on Ellen earlier this week, where she and Sweeting took part in a faux wedding ceremony. She admitted to DeGeneres that the hasty engagement looks "a little crazy to some people."
Cuoco and Sweeting were set up through a mutual friend, who insisted they meet despite Cuoco's split from Cavill.

"I was just not in a good place to meet anyone. I said, 'I'm not ready. I'm taking time away from love for a while,'" Cuoco told DeGeneres.

Welp, those two crazy kids met for a drink and the rest is history. Sweeting, who is based in Florida, remained in LA.

"By day two I was like, ‘Oh my god.' It was so unbelievable. I said, 'This is it, this is it.'"


You can feel the heat rising...everything is on's a painful reminder...

that it's an epic Eminem post bitches!!!!!!!

And when I say epic I mean enjoy or get your hate on...while em continues to slay everyone.

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For some reason his 106 and park won't embed so here is the link:

Some other fun things :

Rick rubin talks about Em:

Also Em in on his way to Europe to get the global icon award!!

Sorry mod hope it's fixed now

Miley Cyrus on Godmother Dolly Parton: She's My Role Model

The appreciation between Miley Cyrus and godmother Dolly Parton is mutual.

Just a week after the country legend publicly supported her controversial goddaughter, the pop singer told a German television show that Parton "has always been my role model."

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Who's your role model ONTD?

X Factor 2013 judges told to be more like Nicole Scherzinger!

The X Factor 2013 judges have apparently been told to be more like Nicole Scherzinger!


The excitable American singer is clearly a favourite with X Factor boss Simon, despite him previously ditching her from the US show.

Nicole, along with Louis Walsh, still has all three of her acts left in the running, although two have already been in the bottom two.

After winning last year with the boys and James Arthur, Nicole is one of the favourites to win with the girls this time around, although it’s actually Sharon Osbourne who leads the betting right at the moment.

Nevertheless, producers like Nicole’s attitude and have apparently told the others to match her energy.

According to The Sun however, the other judges didn’t take the request all that well.

“Nicole’s attitude is brilliant — but she’s showing up the other judges and they don’t like it at all,” an insider said today. “They feel Nicole is making them look bad and is being teacher’s pet.

“She’s increasingly isolated by them.”

They added to the tabloid today: “The other judges feel like Nicole the golden girl can do no wrong at the moment. It’s causing bad feeling and resentment.”

Frankly, the thought of four Nicoles on the panel slightly terrifies us…

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3 Reasons to Watch 'Masters of Sex' (Besides Sex)

3. The acting! Michael Sheen is understatedly tortured, Caitlin FitzGerald is heartbreaking, and we are more than happy to see Lizzy Caplan on award watch. The ensemble on this show is pretty darn phenomenal, and the guest stars are great, too: Allison Janney blew our socks off as the tragically inexperienced wife of the closeted gay provost (Beau Bridges).
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More @ the Source
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K.Michelle's fake tooth pops out during show


At a recent concert in San Francisco - one of K Michelle's fake teeth popped out her mouth. After the show she had her security FIND THE TOOTH - and they put it back in her mouth.

It is kind of RATCHET, but you KNOW A CHICK IS GIVING A GOOD PERFORMANCE . . . if she's SINGING SO HARD that one of her teeth POPS OUT!! We can't wait to see K Michelle when she gets back to NYC. We hope she sings off a COUPLE OF TEETH when we're in the audience.

Here's the review of what happened, from a trusted MTO SNITCH:

After the first couple of songs, K Michelles tooth popped right out from the front of her mouth! I was in the front row and saw something fly, and I assume she hit it with her mic really hard.

She noticed it and went to take a sip of her JACK DANIELS. Then she smiled and the front row was like OMG! It was a HUGE black gap in her front grill!

The rest of the concert she wasn't smiling and the MIC was right in front of her mouth. You could tell she kept looking down on the stage trying to find it.

Then after the concert, people were on the stage with flashlights and it took her almost two hours to get to the meet and greet - I'm assuming her team was trying to figure something out.


OOP. Wish they had recorded it for LHHNY this season lmao.

'Thor: The Dark World' smashes competition with $86.1 million debut

Thor: The Dark World debuted mightily atop the domestic box office this weekend, hammering up $86.1 million from 3,841 theaters, which gave Disney’s $170 million 3-D sequel a blazing $22,418 per theater average.

Thanks to the Norse superhero’s increased exposure in last year’s mega-smash The Avengers, The Dark World debuted 31 percent higher than 2011′s Thor, which earned $65.7 million over its first three days in theaters. The film didn’t enjoy as big of a boost as Iron Man 3, which opened with $174.1 million, a 34 percent improvement over Iron Man 2‘s debut — but it’s still the best debut of 2013.

Thor: The Dark World earned an “A-” CinemaScore grade from audiences, which Disney reports were 62 percent male and 61 percent over the age of 25. The film earned an unusually low $5.3 million of its gross from IMAX screens, though IMAX engagements were only announced on Monday, three days before the The Dark World‘s release. Grosses on the international front are much more impressive: The film pulled in another $94 million in its second weekend, bringing its international total to $240.9 million after 12 days. The original Thor earned $268 million overseas, a figure The Dark World will have passed by this time next week.

Disney successfully played up the dynamic between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Avengers breakout Tom Hiddleston) in marketing, and as a result, the movie gave the studio its best ever November opening ahead of The Incredibles, which grossed $70.5 million on opening weekend. It had the ninth-best November start overall behind three Twilight films, four Harry Potter films, and Skyfall, which grossed $88.4 million on this weekend last year. It’s too early to tell where The Dark World will finish domestically, though it should be able to reach $200 million if it plays like Thor, which ultimately earned $181 million.


What movies did you see this weekend, ONTD?

Lady Gaga: "I don't find myself sexy"

Lady Gaga interview: 'I don't find myself that sexy actually'

One day it's yes, the next it's no… an interview with artpop diva Lady Gaga is never certain. But at last the wait is over


This Wednesday, The Culture Show is running a half-hour special on the pop phenomenon that is Lady Gaga, hosted by me. This is considered as something of a scoop. Despite Gaga's willingness to promote her new album, Artpop, she is hard to pin down: she is wanted by so many media outlets, from Graham Norton to The X Factor to the Daily Mail. Anyway, BBC2 is very pleased. And so am I, I think. I don't really know. It was an odd experience.

Before we met, I did a lot of Gaga research. I watched her talk show chats, revisited videos and songs, her performances on awards shows. I read broadsheet pieces, tabloid splashes, studied her Twitter feed. I did this because it's part of the job, but also because our interview kept being cancelled, sometimes as late as 8 o'clock the evening before. There wasn't much else to do but go back to the research. Here's some, so you don't have to bother.

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ONTD How many days on average do you think you're good looking?
Post Pics


tayl'amour <3

Beyoncé's Mrs Carter Show dethrones Pink in Australia

As the dust settled at the Perth Arena on it's first anniversary of officially opened its doors, Beyoncé's sold-out performances have broken new attendance records out of all other shows at the 15,000-capacity venue.

Perth Arena said Beyoncé had "dethroned" fellow American pop singer Pink during her stop in Perth as part of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour. The weekend's performances scored first and second place as the top two highest-attended concerts at the Perth Arena. Saturday night broke the record with more people flocking to the venue than any other act over the course of the year.

"On the last show of year one Beyoncé dethrones Pink - setting the new record for single performance attendance!," Perth Arena posted on Facebook and tweeted on Saturday night.

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I went to last night's show and she also sang Happy Birthday a capella to the girl sitting next to me. Her voice is angelic irl. <3

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Iggy Azalea's Pussy Is "Not" Hanging Out

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Katy talks to MTV about Unconditionally video

Katy Perry Reveals Details Of Her 'Unconditionally' Video: Buckle Up!

'There's one part where I get hit by a car,' Perry tells MTV News at the 2013 EMA.


Out-of-this-world evenings aren't all that uncommon for Katy Perry these days (remember her powerful, pugilistic performance at the 2013 VMAs?)
So when it came time to plot her performance of
"Unconditionally" for the 2013 MTV EMA, she decided to really shoot for the stars.

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video at the source

are you excited for the uncle deshawn ali video / has prism held up?

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Carmen Carrera on ET: about fans campaign for her to be on VSFS

source: hulu (sorry non-americans it might not play for you)

I really hope this doesn't create backlash if it doesn't happen, since it takes months to prep for the show, and there's very limited coveted spots. And I hope her fans don't  start dubbing VS transphobic simply because they didn't cast her for the show.
henry i

Harry Styles dances to Miley Cyrus song in Nick Grimshaw video

Nick Grimshaw has posted a video of Harry Styles dancing to a Miley Cyrus song on Instagram.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ caught the One Direction singer listening to 'We Can't Stop' in the short clip.

The number one hit can be heard as Grimshaw walks towards Styles's car and says: "Listen to what she listens to."

When he reaches the window, Styles can be seen moving his arms to the music before stopping when he notices his friend filming.

The stars have previously defended their close friendship, with Styles laughing off rumors that the pair are involved in a romantic relationship.

In September, Grimshaw was forced to deny claims made by a tabloid that the 19-year-old popstar had slept over at his house throughout London Fashion Week.

A spokesperson for the presenter said: "Harry has not stayed at Nick's house once during Fashion Week."

He recently became involved in a Twitter spat with Styles's bandmate Louis Tomlinson.


Britney Bombs: Spears’ ‘Perfume’ Fails To Make A Splash On Charts

As one of Pop’s most successful figures, Britney Spears is used to explosive sales. However, the singer is dealing with a bomb of a different sort – new single ‘Perfume’.

Commissioned as the second single from the 31-year-old’s new album ‘Britney Jean’, it was hoped that the Sia penned cut would enjoy greater success than predecessor ‘Work B*tch’ – which sold dreadfully and peaked #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, as at writing, the ballad is actually performing worse than ‘Work’.

Indeed, though lapped up by Spears’ legion of loyal fans, it appears ‘Perfume’ has the general public holding their noses and wallets. For, though released just one week ago, the track quickly tumbled down the iTunes tally, where it currently sits at #83. Interestingly, ‘Work B*tch’ is performing marginally better, holding firm at #45.

Beyond the boring, bland, abomination that is the track itself, the saddest part of the matter is that the few things that could help the song commercially are also potential disasters-in-waiting (see: live performances, videos). At a time where only her material can “save” her, it’s such a shame, yet more so worrying that Team Britney ever even considered recording – speak less releasing – this.

And despite being advocates for club-geared Britney, our issue isn’t that it’s not an “uptempo”. After all, we’re growing tired of watching Britney dance like she has cement in her boots. Rather, it’s the fact that the song is flat-out crap and not a patch on past ballads such as ‘Everytime’ and ‘Blackout’s ‘Why Should I Be Sad’ that grates us most.

‘Britney Jean’ arrives December 3rd. But, honestly, at this point, we don’t even care.

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ABBA Reunion

The group drifted apart in the '80s but could get back together to celebrate 40 years since Waterloo launched their careers.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Members of the legendary Swedish pop group Abba are considering a reunion to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Waterloo, the band's first hit.

Agnetha Faltskog, who formed Abba in 1972 with the guitarist and songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus, told a German newspaper that it was one of the options being mulled by the group.

"Of course it's something we're thinking about," 63-year-old Faltskog told the weekly Welt am Sonntag.

"There seem to be plans to do something to mark this anniversary in some way. But I can't say at this point what will come of them."

She admitted that the fact all four band members were getting older made it increasingly difficult to get back together.

"I cannot imagine that we would go on stage with crutches," she said.

Faltskog released a solo album - which included a duet with Gary Barlow - in May after nine years away from the music industry.

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How Marvel’s Loki Became A Bi-curious Villain

The shape-shifting star of Thor: The Dark World has been outed by his comic-book creator. Can audiences get down with a bisexual leading man?

In Norse mythology, Loki is a shape-shifting god who enjoys the occasional turn as a woman. The gender bender doesn’t discriminate—sometimes he’s even a female animal. In fact, Loki was once mounted by a stallion. He then gave birth to an eight-legged horse.

So when comic book writer Al Ewing, who’s working on the solo story Loki: Agent of Asgard, wrote on Tumblr recently that the character would be bisexual and that he would “shift between genders,” it wasn’t a huge surprise.

Marvel has yet to confirm this new direction for the character, perhaps because the whole idea of a queer superhero is complicated by the fictional character’s other gig: as arguably the most popular character in a string of blockbuster superhero movies, from The Avengers to this weekend’s Thor: The Dark World, which has already raked in $100 million overseas and could match that total in domestic receipts within days. Yet according to those who know the comic book world, the whole discussion is moot: Loki’s fluid gender has nothing to do with sexual orientation at all. It’s about guile, and that’s why we Loki. (--> huh? lol)

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What did you think of this article?

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Norman Reedus and a crossbow, Andrew Lincoln and ‘SNL’ talk

  Before tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 4 airs, why not dive in now to a couple of silly little stories that are getting a little bit of traction online?
We begin here with something that is the funniest “Walking Dead”-related thing that we have seen all week long: Crossbow training with Norman Reedus. The actor made an appearance recently on “Conan,” and he also taped a bit that aired this week all about how he originally tried to figure out how to use his famous crossbow. We really don’t want to say too much here (or anything at all), given that it will spoil some of the hilarity of it. But what we really love here is that someone who typically makes a living being referred to as “awesome” all of a sudden is now in a position where he looks weak and vulnerable. It’s pretty hard not to love every second of this one.
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courtesy of just444: Stream 1   Stream 2

All I await is the return of flawfree Queen Jamie Lee Carol.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts Get Cozy at the Brittania Awards

Lean on me! Close pals Julia Roberts and George Clooney giggle and hold hands during BAFTA event

They last appeared together on screen in Ocean's Twelve.

But close friends Julia Roberts, 46, and George Clooney, 52, were reunited at the 2013 BAFTA LA Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday night.

The pair sat together during dinner, giggling and chatting throughout the evening - even holding hands to ensure they weren't parted.

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#artRave LIVE Viewing Post

Lady Gaga fans know their hero has been singing about esteemed artist Jeff Koons of late. They also know that the global superstar goes big when it's time to kick off a new release. How big? To celebrate the arrival of her wildly-anticipated ARTPOP album, Gaga will perform this Sunday night at a secret New York location in a one-time-only event titled artRave. In our latest episode of VEVO Presents, artRave will stream live exclusively across the VEVO platform on Sunday, November 10 at 11:30 pm ET/8:30 pm PT. It will be the first time that the world will hear all the new songs from ARTPOP in concert. Yes, Little Monsters, this is a show for the ages.

or you can watch it LIVE on the VEVO App for your iPad, iPhone, Xbox, AppleTV, Android Device, Windows Phone, Surface, and Windows 8/8.1


Home Depot Apologizes for Racist Tweet Sent From Its Twitter Account

Home Depot is apologizing for a racist tweet and blaming the agency that sent it from the company account.

The home improvement retailer pulled the tweet and apologized on Twitter, saying, "We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive. Deeply sorry. We terminated agency and individual who posted it."

In a statement provided to, Stephen Holmes, director of corporate communications, said, "We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive. The outside agency that created the Tweet and The Home Depot associate who posted it have been terminated. We're also closely reviewing our social media procedures to determine how this could have happened, and how to ensure it never happens again.

Customers responded to the apology on various social media sites.

"Deflecting blame and now all is hunky dory? Hmm," one Facebook user wrote. "So even though you hired the firm responsible for the shockingly racist tweet, you bear/accept no responsibility? Here's to hoping your company uses your one 'do over' wisely."

Another Facebook user wrote: "Very respectful way for you to respond to that offensive tweet. I will continue shopping at the Home Depot. Thank you for firing whoever posted that!"

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Lady Gaga Talks ARTPOP, Depression, 'I Cue Culture'

“I refuse to do what I don’t want to do,” Lady Gaga declared during her “Town Hall” discussion at Sirius XM on Nov. 8. “I am the artist and culture doesn’t cue me. I cue culture.”

Therefore, consider the singer’s fourth studio album ARTPOP her latest alert to culture at large. With a mobile app, space debut and secret – but stream-able – album release party on Sunday, Gaga reveals details about the many tricks up her sleeve, and the depressing but delicious journey that they entail:

1. ARTPOP has a pet. Gaga treated fans to a first look of PETGA, her free app with a pet-Gaga who guides fans into remixing and scratching her new tracks, creating animated GIFs and connecting to her Little Monsters social network, with options to live-deejay music with other fans in the future. Each user’s “aura,” or abstract avatar scanned via the device’s front camera, changes colors based on activity on the app. “We’ve been working on it for two years – I was in a wheelchair for six months, so I had a lot of time,” she said of the tech project that drops Sunday. She noted her app would’ve been released sooner, but “made the decision not to with Born This Way because I felt that the message [of that album] really needed to be paramount.”

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Miley Cyrus: 'Wrecking Ball' at MTV EMA 2013

Miley Cyrus changes into another revealing outfit to belt out her song “Wrecking Ball” at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards held at the Ziggo Dome on Sunday (November 10) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 20-year-old entertainer appeared on stage earlier in the show to sing her song “We Can’t Stop” for the crowd at the EMA show. Make sure to watch the video!

During the show, Miley picked up the award for Best United States Act. Congrats!

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