October 30th, 2013

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Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor': What the Critics Are Saying

After taking home the Grammy for Album of the Year with their 2010 record, The Suburbs, Arcade Fire returned to the recording studio on a demonstrably high note. But while pressure to raise the bar weighed on the band, it did little to hamper production of their fourth studio album, Reflektor, out Oct. 29.

With the support of co-producer and former LCD Soundsystem member James Murphy, Reflektor was positioned to exceed audiences' expectations. The work draws from a litany of cultural influences such as the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus, represented in the album's cover art. Considering Reflektor's ambitious goals and epic themes, it's perhaps appropriate that the two-disc album runs for 75 minutes -- but with such length comes the responsibility to deliver.

Reflektor is laden with tacit promises, both to fans and to polarized critics who hold the band to high standards in this week's "What the Critics are Saying."
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FIFA president Sepp Blatter mocks Ronaldo, says he prefers Messi

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has outlined the differences he sees between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, admitting that he ‘prefers’ the Barcelona man.

The duo have been long compared against each other as the best two players in the game and between them have won the last five Ballon d’Or awards.

In the same week that both are listed in the 23-man shortlist for the 2013 edition of the tournament, a video of FIFA’s president has emerged revealing his take on their duel and their differences.

“They are both exceptional players but are totally different,” Blatter commented at a talk at Oxford Union.

“Football is about the difference between stars. Lionel Messi is a good boy that every father, every mother would like to have at home.

“He is very quick, he is not exuberant, he plays well, he is a good boy. That is what makes him so popular, because he is this nice man and that is why he gets votes.

“The other one [Ronaldo], he is something else, he is like a commander on the field of play. This is the other side of football and it is good to have such commanders on the field also. That gives life to football.

“One has more expenses for the hairdresser than the other, but that doesn’t matter.

“I cannot say who is the best, there will be a contest this year and then January next year it will be announced. I like both of them, but I prefer Messi.”

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How unprofessional (not to mention wrong) of Blatter. And the way he just referred to Ronaldo as "the other one". Smh.

Interview with Jason Dohring about his "The Tomorrow People" Role and a small bit on "Veronica Mars"

The new CW drama series The Tomorrow People follows a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities, who are the next evolutionary leap of mankind. Up until a year ago, Stephen (Robbie Amell) was a “normal” teenager, but then he learned that he is part of a genetically advanced race with the abilities of telekinesis, teleportation and telepathic communication, and that this race is being hunted down by a paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra.

In Episode 4, “Kill or Be Killed,” actor Jason Dohring is guest starring as Killian McCrane, Ultra’s most wanted man, who has emerged after years of being in hiding, looking for revenge and his former friend John Young (Luke Mitchell). During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Dohring talked about how his character fits into the world of the show, why he’s become so spiteful since his time at Ultra, how much fun it is to play an unpredictable villain, just how complicated the fight scenes were, how The Tomorrow People shares some of the same creative team as Veronica Mars, and what it’s like to be a part of projects with such loyal fan bases. Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.
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Kerry Washington pregnant

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Kerry Washington, like her Scandal alter ego Olivia Pope, sure knows how to keep a secret. The 36-year-old actress, who married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in a super covert ceremony in June, has yet another surprise on the way -- a baby! As the new issue of Us Weekly exclusively reveals, the Scandal star is pregnant with her first child.

"She's about four months along," a pal tells Us of Washington. (Thus far, the mom-to-be has kept any hint of a baby bump concealed under roomy dresses.)

This will be the first child for the Emmy-nominated beauty, who married San Francisco 49ers cornerback Asomugha on June 24 in Hailey, Idaho. According to reports, the couple first started dating in the summer of 2012.

chris fall by rainbowkisses31

Jonas Brothers talk about band splitting up on Good Morning America


Basically, Nick said there had been problems in the band for a while that hadn't been addressed and if they didn't address it the whole thing would fall of the rails during tour. Or something like that. But their album isn't going to be released, although they are going to put up 4 unreleased tracks for their fans, and are putting together a 10 song live album from this summer's tour as a gift to their fan club members.

So...there's that. I hope we get Neon and Sandbox as some of the unreleased songs.

Mary McCormack and Michael Morris spotted leaving an office building after four hours inside

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Smash director Matthew Morris was seen with his wife Mary McCormack on Saturday, for the first time since he was pictured kissing actress Katharine McPhee.

The two walked side by side but apart, a noticeable space between them as they left an office building in Los Angeles after spending four hours inside.

Morris still wore his wedding ring, while his wife of more than a decade kept her left hand in her pocket.

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Dominic Cooper

Morrissey Walked Out on a First Date After the Man Ordered Meat


Morrissey, an outspoken vegetarian, walked out on a first date after realizing the man was a meat-eater, PETA reports, excerpting the portion of Moz's Autobiography in which he discusses it:

As his food order arrives I stare intently at what appears to be a sloppy dish of dog food on his plate. … I therefore automatically stand up and walk out of the restaurant. Suddenly you come to a certain situation and you are unable to live with it, and the only protest you can make on behalf of the butchered animal is to depart the scene.

Though it wasn't a complete dealbreaker:

He obviously understood my sudden exit, and he had been curious enough to follow me home. He steps inside and he stays for two years.

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Access Hollywood Interview with Jason Dohring on his guest spot on "The Tomorrow People"

Jason Dohring heads to “The Tomorrow People” this evening, and he’ll be bringing trouble to the doorstep of Luke Mitchell’s John Young.

The “Veronica Mars” and “Moonlight” alum is guest starring as Killian McCrane, a man who was raised at Ultra under the tutelage of Jedekiah (Mark Pellegrino), but left the agency some time ago. Now, he’s back in town, looking for John for reasons that will become very clear in the episode, airing at 9/8c on The CW.

Jason has played a handful of supernatural creatures in his career — four or five by his count — and he discussed taking on new superpowers (like teleportation) for this guest spot, and hinted at the drama ahead in a new interview with AccessHollywood.com.

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All I read was he has a new project going on! :)
Jack & Cher; TIIIIII-OME!
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'Evil Dead 2' May NOT Happen; 'Army of Darkness 2' Still A Go!

When the film premiered at the SXSW Film Festival back in March, director Fede Alvarez, and co-writer Rodo Sayagues revealed they had already begun work on a sequel to their remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. While Alvarez had never committed or confirmed that he’d direct Evil Dead 2, he recently took to Twitter to tell a fan that Raimi was focusing on helming Army of Darkness 2. At the time he made no indication that he wouldn't be back for more deadite madness – but unfortunately, it sounds as if the sequel took a massive step backwards. In fact, Sayagues tells Gorosito TV that Evil Dead 2 isn't happening.

Look, I am sorry to tell you this but that movie won’t happen,” he tells the site before dropping the bomb. “Evil Dead 2 is not going to happen, at least not with us involved. We left that project many months ago because we preferred to put our energies on other things.

I don’t know if the producers still have intentions of making it. But what I can tell you is that we are not part of that project.

Those of you who hate remakes, hated Alvarez’s vision, and hate the idea of it continuing forth should be celebrating – for the rest of us this is a dagger in the heart. If you recall, it took Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures eight years to find a director and a take they liked. With Raimi focusing on Army of Darkness 2, it sounds like this modern adventure will have no finale, at least for quite a few years. Hopefully, Raimi’s AOD 2 experience lights his fire so much so that he decides to get behind the camera for the larger budgeted Evil Dead 2… there’s always that rumor that the two franchises would merge again.


I'm kinda bummed it won't happen! But I'm glad the remake didn't end with some bizarre/cliffhanger ending.

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi Is On The Verge

Actions speak louder than words in the case of the rising Japanese actress

The Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi is the epitome of charming discordance. There’s her fashionably offbeat everyday look: a printed romper over black tights worn with buckled creeper boots and oversize sunglasses. And when she speaks in careful English—which she’s been studying for two years—her delivery is succinct and frank, though accompanied by an impish grin. Asked about the flight gear she donned for her role as a pilot trainee in Guillermo del Toro’s summer blockbuster Pacific Rim, she says simply that the costumes were extremely heavy. “You actually can’t do anything in them.” As for Mizuki, her character in next month’s fantasy samurai film 47 Ronin? “She’s really evil and a bitch,” Kikuchi says with evident delight.

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Doctor Who Roundup: Will We Ever Get a Real Trailer? + Moffat Talks About Kissing Companions


The BBC has announced details of the 2013 Children In Need campaign – and Doctor Who gets a mention. But just what will the Doctor be doing for Pudsey (or is it Madame Kovarian)?

Taking place on 15 November – 8 days before The Day of the Doctor – there are hopes that rather than have the TARDIS land and any number of past, current, new or future Doctors step out, the BBC might run a trailer or a scene from the highly anticipated 50th anniversary episode.

It might even be the oft-rumoured prequel episode which may or may not feature Paul McGann (although we’re not holding out on that one…).

Either way, the Doctor’s involvement will certainly prove a draw for many fans. What do you think the Doctor will be doing on November 15th?

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Kristin Cavallari Pregnant Again, Expecting Second Baby With Husband Jay Cutler

Camden Jack is going to be a big brother! Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler are expecting their second child together, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

The pregnant-again Hills alum, 26, and the Chicago Bears quarterback, 30, are already parents to 14-month-old son Camden. They tied the knot back in June of this year after two and a half on-and-off years of dating. Now a fashion designer with a shoe line for Chinese Laundry, Cavallari has been hinting for months that they were anxious to expand their brood.

"It's funny -- before we had Camden I was like, 'Yeah, four kids, no problem!'" Cavallari told local Chicago news station, WCIU, during an Oct. 11 appearance. The designer mom also told WCIU that she and Cutler were "working on" baby no. 2.

"We're doing all the necessary things to get pregnant," she teased. While the gender of the baby is not yet known, Cavallari revealed to Us Weekly in September that she would "love to have a little girl…But if I had another boy, that would be great, too."
E! News first reported Cavallari's second pregnancy. The Cutler clan splits their time between Chicago, L.A. and Nashville.

~~ folique
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Liberty Ross on her divorce and handling the aftermath of her ex-husband's affair

British model turned actress Liberty Ross—looking better than ever in a sexy photo spread by Norman Jean Roy—speaks for the first time to Vanity Fair contributing editor Evgenia Peretz in the December issue about her husband director Rupert Sanders’s affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Kristen Stewart. “It was horrible,” she tells Peretz. “It was really the worst, really the worst.”

“I have no words to describe what we went through,” Ross says. “But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

Ross tells Peretz that Sanders told her about the affair with Stewart 20 hours before the paparazzi photos showing Sanders and Stewart kissing and hugging on the side of the road in Los Angeles appeared in Us Weekly and then went viral online.

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RM - wink

Rachel McAdams confirms sci-fi romance 'Passengers' with Keanu Reeves

Rachel McAdams is ready to find love...in space

While making the rounds for her new sci-fi/romance "About Time," McAdams confirmed the rumor that she'll star alongside Keanu Reeves in the sci-fi/romance "Passengers," which is set aboard a spaceship.

"There's a film called 'Passengers' thats in the works with Keanu Reeves that's all based in space," she told HitFix's Katie Hasty. "It's a very cool script. Hopefully that's gonna work out..."

"Passengers" takes place on an interstellar transport ship bringing thousands of people to a space colony lightyears from Earth. The trip takes 120 years, but when Jim Preston (Reeves) is accidentally awoken from hypersleep nearly a century too soon, he selfishly wakes up a beautiful girl (McAdams) in order to have some company.

McAdams is stepping in for Reese Witherspoon, who was initially slated for the role.

TV vet Brian Kirk ("Game of Thrones," "Boardwalk Empire") is directing from a script by Jon Spaihts ("Prometheus").


*just reading the script now..*
nadine 2 fab 4 u
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X Factor Scores Series Low

Fox’s The X Factor sunk to another all-time ratings low Tuesday night when an out-of-pattern telecast resulted in a rare head-to-head fight against NBC’s singing competition hit The Voice.

Simon Cowell and Co. faced Christina Aguilera’s crew for the first time this fall, with both shows airing roughly two-hour telecasts that overlapped in the 9 p.m. hour. Factor averaged 4.8 million viewers and a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49 — less than half the audience and adult demo rating for The Voice.

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natalia ♔ butterfly

The Civil Wars' Joy Williams still doesn't know why/if the band split up.


They were the musical odd couple who conquered the world – until they woke one morning and realized they didn’t really get on. No sooner had they announced the split, than their album whooshed to the top of the charts. The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams contemplates her group’s curious afterlife.

Joy Williams just doesn’t know. Doesn’t know why The Civil Wars, her chart-bestriding, Taylor Swift approved alt. country partnership with John Paul White, upped and died late last year. Doesn’t know if the band might yet return from the dead. Doesn’t know if she will ever again speak to White, a deeply mysterious Johnny Depp deadringer with whom she had a strange, slow-motion falling out.

She shrugs, as if to say that sometimes life does these things to you and you just have to sit there and try not to ponder on it too deeply. Otherwise you will truly go crazy.

“It’s like I’m in a bit of a holding pattern,” says 30-year-old Williams, a SoCal Valley Girl turned veteran Nashville songwriter. “I still believe struggle can make you stronger and that this can happen between John Paul and I. If that doesn’t happen, as a band, I am determined it will happen to me as I move forward. I still don’t have any answers.”

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Still have a hard time believing they weren't fucking on the d/l and one or both of their s/o's caught wind. Either way, they should take whatever anger they have towards each other and channel it into a new album - I need another song like Barton Hollow in my life.


What a Ride! The Kardashians Take Over Magic Mountain for Kendall’s 18th Birthday

Kendall Jenner's 18th birthday celebration was a true thrill.

While the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" teen star's big day isn't until Nov. 3, she and her family descended upon Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, on Tuesday for an epic celebration. The famous family had the entire theme park to themselves for an extravagant evening of fun. In other words, no lines, no walking, and all the rides on Apocalypse and The Riddler's Revenge they could want.

"We're here for Kendall's birthday party," big sis Kim said in a Keek video capturing some behind-the-scenes video of the private party. "We rented out Magic Mountain. No one else is in the entire theme park but us and the people there to greet us. No one is even working in the concession stands. And we get to drive instead of walk."

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How did you spend your best birthday ever?
David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Is Garth Brooks plotting a return to country music? It sure looks that way

After a full decade spent (mostly) out of the spotlight, Garth Brooks, country music’s all-time best-selling artist, appears to be throwing his cowboy hat back into the ring.

The star, 51, who has had six albums earn Diamond certification for sales exceeding 10 million copies, famously stepped away from his career in 2001 to focus on raising his three daughters
from his previous marriage to college sweetheart Sandy Mahl — and to enjoy Oklahoma life with fellow country star Trisha Yearwood, whom he married in 2005.

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The Best Movies To Watch On Halloween

With Halloween only a day away, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the best Halloween-themed movies to watch if you’re in that aged sweet spot where you feel too old to spend your precious money on a costume to go out to yet another Halloween party, and are too young to have your own kids to go trick or treating.Halloween is the perfect movie night. Gather friends of a similar mindset, get some party favors, and put a bucket of candy outside your door. Your movie marathon begins now.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


I know, technically The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie. So what? If you really break it down it’s just as Halloween-themed as it is Christmas-themed, and it’s a great movie in general. If you’re feeling anything other than nostalgic, I implore you to re-watch Nightmare Before Christmas and pay special attention to Tim Burton’s bizarrely unique animation style that he implements in the film. He’s a weird, creepy guy, and there’s plenty of unnerving animated gems in this one.

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Ed Sheeran debuts new song at Madison Square Garden

Tumblr detectives think "Tenerife Sea" is about Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran played the first of three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night and took the opportunity to debut "one of his favourites" from his upcoming second record. The Rick Rubin-produced album is scheduled for release in February 2014.

"I wrote this song after the Grammys," Sheeran said in his introduction. "I was in a situation at the Grammys and everything was kind of happening at once. There was a lot of people around and they were just talking a lot of shit, and I found that the only sense that was coming out of anyone's lips was from this one person ... and I wrote a song about it. I hope you enjoy it."

Sheeran has previously spoken about spending time in Swift's dressing room on the day of the Grammy Awards in early 2013: "We had about two hours in Taylor's dressing room, just me, Taylor and Elton John, just chatting about everything going on in the music industry. Taylor being one of the biggest acts in the world at the moment and Elton being one of the biggest acts in the world ever, just watching that conversation was fascinating."

Fans have noted that the physical description of the song's subject fits Swift, who has blue eyes and wore her hair falling down "the side of her neck" at the Grammy Awards.

In the love song, Sheeran tells a girl with whom he is "so in love" that "all you are is all that I'll ever need." In the final line Sheeran concludes, "And in the morning, I knew you better." This echoes the lyrics of the duet "Everything Has Changed," where Swift and Sheeran repeatedly sing the phrase, "I just wanna know you better."

source | source | source

Update: Ed's manager has denied that it's about Taylor

Catching Fire MTV Special - Tickets~

Come see the cast up-close. We are giving away FREE tickets to be part of the audience for the filming of this show. Find out all the behind the scenes secrets? What have they been up to? You will find the answers to all these questions before the rest of the world. Tickets are Free and available exclusively to our members, but space is limited so hurry and apply for your ticket. You must be 18 years old or older to apply for this show.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will be there.

Sign up & get tickets at src

Rihanna criticizes Dominican Republic for having roaches the “size of a bat”

Rihanna has sold out hundreds of concerts around the globe but it looks like she may not be welcomed warmly in the Dominican Republic after slamming the island on social media after a recent stay.

The 25-year-old Barbados native was in the Dominican Republic as a stop during her “Diamonds” world tour, when on Monday, she found herself with several unexpected guests at her hotel room. It wasn’t Chris Brown (????) that showed up her room, but rather a few rodents which scared the pop star into a panic.

“I just get run out my room from a bat, a grasshopper, and a roach de size of a bat!!!” tweeted Rihanna. “Only in the #DR.”

The comments quickly ignited reaction among Dominicans, who responded with Twitter comments ranging from the comedic – “Did you stay in the bushes?” and “That’s why the Dominican Republic is unique” – to the downright indignant.

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I definitely saw big ass roaches in DR when I was a kid and they scarred me for life but LOL at Dominican media going in on her. So dramatic. There is actual speculation that she said that to help Barbado tourism.

Morris' Chestnuts Will Play Sean Bean's Rival In New TNT 'Deep Cover' Drama 'Legends

Morris Chestnut has landed a series regular role on the upcoming new TNT drama Legends, which stars Sean Bean as an FBI Deep Cover Operations agent who is a chameleon, able to seamlessly become whoever he needs to be for each job.

Chestnut joins the series cast to play Bean's rival in the Deep Cover Operations game, named Antonio “Tony” Cimarro, who's just as good as Bean's character, smart and quick-witted.

Chestnut's been busy, most recently inking a development deal with BET, that includes a new TV show, after appearing in 10 episode of Showtime's drama series Nurse Jackie, playing Dr. Ike Prentiss.

He also stars in a South Africa-set thriller titled Asylum Down, in which he plays a reluctant heir to the gold and platinum reserves owned by a royal family.

Up next for Chestnut is the sequel to The Best Man, titled The Best Man Holiday.


sean bean vs a black guy - who will die first?! lol
Dominic Cooper

Naomi Campbell Puts Her Friend Victoria Beckham On Blast For Only Hiring White Models


Supermodel Naomi Campbell launched a campaign to expose racial discrimination in the fashion industry and recently revealed that she personally called Victoria Beckham to ask why she hired only one non-white model in her 30-strong London Fashion Week Show.

After Campbell published an open letter with a list of fashion houses “accused of being guilty,” she phoned the former Spice Girls star.

“I called Victoria and I spoke to her,” Campbell told the Daily Mirror.

“I don’t want to pin-point anyone. It isn’t a blame game. Everyone’s name was on that letter because they’d done it. It could have been completely unintentional. She is one of the designers on there like anyone else.”

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Blind Item:Two unfaithful wives

The First Wife is still trying to figure out if she wants to be one. She and her husband have been through a lot the last few years, on both sides. It was before the trouble though when she had an affair with a colleague -- still above the line, but with a smaller spotlight, both compared to First Wife and his own wife who's just as famous too, and should be just as acclaimed. The affair was intense, so intense that First Wife wanted to end her marriage and he was going to end his marriage but then her husband needed her in crisis. So she helped him recover, and as soon as he healed, she fell apart. By the time she got it together, her moment with her lover had passed. He happily reconnected with his own wife (though she has no idea) while First Wife is struggling with what would have been.

As for the Second Wife – everyone’s been speculating about her infidelity recently but they might be focusing on the wrong target. The right target isn’t a billionaire but he’s a pretty successful player too, albeit on a smaller screen. Their involvement led to an award for her, and a divorce for him. She was attracted to him because “he’s the hot geeky type like her husband”. Both insist that they never moved past suggestive texting and heavy flirting and never ended up consummating their attraction. Bullsh-t. There was at least one night and that’s why she’s so freaked out about the takedown that’s been coming to her. She’d be happy if they stayed on the current scene they’re on so long as she doesn’t get busted for this one.

PS. Everyone mentioned here is a major celebrity.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jessica Alba, Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek film 'How to Make Love Like an Englishman'

Brosnan plays a university professor who finds a woman (Hayek) who forces him to reevaluate his life of hedonistic excess — after he gets her grad student stepsister pregnant.

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source 1 2 3

Everyone looks so cute in the behind the scenes pics, but that plot description... yikes.

Lady Gaga: I’m a tortured soul

Lady Gaga says she’s been left ‘tortured’ by fame and eating disorders.

The Do What U Want singer wants critics to stop comparing her to supermodels and insists she’s more comfortable with a bag over her head despite her stage strip shows. After yo-yo-ing in weight since the age of 15 after battling bulimia Gaga explained ‘some days are better than others … some days I feel fantastic.

‘Today’s good. At the end of the day, I’m a tortured soul,’ she added.

‘Everybody always laughs because I feel so much more comfortable with, like, a giant paper bag on my whole body and paint on my face,’ she said. ‘Sometimes I try really hard to take it all off. But inevitably what’s underneath is still not a straight edge. And I don’t think it ever will be.’

‘In some ways, the outfits — these creations — are because I don’t want to face the reality of what people want from a female pop star,’ she told Glamour magazine.

The 27-year-old concedes she’s ‘not conventionally beautiful’.

‘If there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, I don’t know if I would be the algorithm. I’ve always been OK with that. I’m not a supermodel. That’s not what I do. What I do is music. I want my fans to feel the way I do, to know what they have to offer is just as important, more important, than what’s happening on the outside.’

Despite global mega stardom Gaga insists she’s still the same girl, real name Stefani Germanotta, that she used be behind closed doors,  adding: ‘I’ve accepted things that are me, as opposed to feeling pressure to explain myself to people around me.’

‘That’s just the way I’ve always tried to be. It didn’t change when I became a star.’

But despite her girl next door claims she has slapped a ban on fans remembering her as Germanotta.

‘I’m both all the time. Gaga and Stefani are my nicknames. I guess when people meet me for the first time and call me Stefani, it bothers me. Because it’s something that’s reserved for only the people who are closest to me. It’s not because I don’t like my given name; it’s that I became somebody else. I became somebody else for a reason, you know. This is part of what my message is — you can become whoever you want to be, to escape your past.’


Dan - eye

Daniel Radcliffe starring in Seb Coe biopic 'Gold'

LONDON -- Daniel Radcliffe is to play Sebastian Coe, a man famous to one generation of Brits as a Olympic gold medalist middle distance runner and another generation for overseeing the London Olympics 2012 as chairman of the Games' organizing committee.

Radcliffe will star as the athlete-turned-Olympic tsar in the film Gold, written by Oscar winning scribe Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) and Will Davies (How To Train Your Dragon).

The project will be directed by James Watkins, who directed Radcliffe in the box office horror smash Woman In Black.

The script tells the story of Coe’s world-famous rivalry with fellow athlete Steve Ovett in the years leading up to the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

It is aiming to shoot in the U.K. and Russia in April next year.

Source - Seb Coe vs Steve Ovett (for reference)

Sharlto Copley Wakes Up with Dead Bodies in 'Open Grave' Trailer

After a breakthrough performance in District 9 and taking strong supporting roles in films like The A-Team and Elysium (plus a promising villainous turn in Oldboy), Sharlto Copley is back in the lead with Open Grave. The first trailer for the thriller from Gonzalo López-Gallego has arrived, showing off the story of a man who wakes up in a pit of rotting corpses with no idea how he got there. He begins having flashbacks of himself murdering people and starts to think that he might be responsible for the pile of bodies surrounding him. This looks intense, and we're hoping the January release date isn't a bad sign.

Open Grave is directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego (Apollo 18) and written by newcomers Eddie and Chris Borey. A man (Sharlto Copley) wakes up in a pit of dead bodies with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Fleeing the scene, he breaks into a nearby house and is met at gunpoint by a group of terrified strangers, all suffering from memory loss. Suspicion gives way to violence as the group starts to piece together clues about their identities, but then they uncover a threat that's more vicious than each other. Thomas Kretschmann, Josie Ho and more also star in the film which Tribeca Films releases early next year on January 3rd and On Demand December 24th.

That accent and body, I need this movie in my life please
chris fall by rainbowkisses31

Joe Jonas on drug rumors: "Its ridiculous"

After the Jonas Brothers abruptly canceled their tour three weeks ago – and went silent as they contemplated the band's future – reports surfaced suggesting that Joe Jonas had a drug problem.

Now the 24-year-old singer wishes to set the record straight, telling PEOPLE: "It's ridiculous!"

"We're not saying anything for two or three weeks and I'm a drug addict!"

What upset him even more is that his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, was also dragged into the rumors.

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Also, boopsy429 on Twitter posted some LQ photos of this week's People magazine article on their breakup, where they talk about their decision, and who deleted their Twitter account:

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Joe and Nick also did some radio interviews today to (sort of) promote the fact that some of the members of the group will sort of still be appearing at some scheduled shows in December:

Joe's interview with Kiss 98.5 Buffalo
Nick's interview with B96 Chicago

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Source 2
tom cruise

THR's Actors Roundtable Full Video

Huddled together just before the first of this year's awards-season roundtables got underway at the historic Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake, the six invited actors were eager to discuss one thing: Christopher Nolan. "Is he a big guy?" one of the participants asked Matthew McConaughey, who was taking a break from shooting the director's Interstellar on the Sony lot. Queried another, "Does he talk a lot?" McConaughey, 43, demurred as he joked with his Dallas Buyers Club co-star Jared Leto, 41, who had flown in the night before from Michigan, where he performed with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. The duo joined Josh Brolin, 45, Jake Gyllenhaal, 32, Michael B. Jordan, 26, and Forest Whitaker, 52, in a candid discussion about everything from flubbed auditions to Brazilian waxing.

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Teaser of Future’s ‘Real and True’ video featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr Hudson

You’ve seen the pictures circulating the internet for the last week, and admit it, you’re as curious as the rest of us to see what happened when Future, Miley Cyrus, Mr Hudson and Rankin got together in LA. Well now you can have your first glimpse of what’s to come.

Directed by Rankin, watch the world exclusive first teaser of Future’s ‘Real and True’ video featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr Hudson right here, right now.

The vid won't embed, so here's the link:

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alex; one for the road jacket

James Blake wins 2013 Mercury Prize

The nominees for this year’s Mercury Prize, awarded annually to the best album out of the United Kingdom, included works by Arctic Monkeys (noooo omg whyyyyy), James Blake, David Bowie, Jake Bugg, Disclosure, Foals, Jon Hopkins, Laura Marling, Laura Mvula, Rudimental, Savages, And Villagers. But only one record could take home all the mercury, and tonight that record was Blake’s Overgrown. Blake accepted the award during a ceremony at the London venue Roundhouse, taking over the crown from last year’s winner, Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave.

Also of note: Despite his video for James Murphy’s awesome “Love Is Lost” remix premiering at the ceremony, David Bowie didn’t show up, and host Lauren Laverne introduced Blake as “James Blunt.” (l o l)

hurts to post this tbh. crying real tears bc my bbs didn't win. i don't even...
julian: 11th dimension

MIA: Pop's provocateur comes of age

Musical provocateur, anti-establishment propagandist, enemy of the SuperBowl: MIA is many things. But, surprisingly, her latest album was inspired by a chance encounter with a deity on Google.

For a long time, MIA thought her third album would be her last.

Released three years ago, it was called MAYA, after the name she took when she moved from Sri Lanka to England as a refugee, a week before her 11th birthday.

Maya was the person she became to fit into western society. The album reflected the moment that identity crumbled.

"The civil war in Sri Lanka came to an end," says the 38-year-old. "I'd become successful, so that [ambition] came to an end. I'd had a baby, so my freewheeling youth came to an end."

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Fan Bingbing: Can the actress ever be as popular in America as she is in China?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The lobby action at the Hotel Martinez during the Cannes Film Festival is nonstop: The fabulous, the talented, the wealthy, and the ridiculous all waltz through the majestic Art Deco space in search of their limo drivers or a drink or, simply, attention. At night, the scene intensifies, resembling an Old Hollywood movie about café society—nearly every frock is spectacular, and the men are all dressed in tuxedos. Because of the high glamour quotient, a kind of nonchalance sets in. The lobby audience quickly becomes inured to the sea of style and fame.

Which is why, at the 2012 festival, the frenzy surrounding a certain appearance in the Martinez made such an impression on me. I was a little bored by the usual parade, when I overheard someone saying in a feverish voice, “Fan Bingbing is coming!” I had no idea who Fan Bingbing was, but urgency is contagious, and I followed the herd of fans with their cellphone cameras to the foot of the stairs (paparazzi are not allowed in the lobby of the Martinez). The excitement over the arrival of Fan Bingbing (whoever she was) was palpable. Finally, a tall Chinese woman appeared. She was wearing a heavily embroidered pale-pink Elie Saab  gown with a sweeping train, which cascaded behind her as she walked slowly down the steps, and a matching shimmering cape. Her black hair was pulled into a sleek doughnut-shaped chignon on top of her head. She looked like a cross between a bride, an empress, and a living doll. The total effect was overwhelming.

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Kate Upton covers Golf Digest

Now that Kate Upton's proven she can sell magazines with her clothes on, too, it's just a free-for-all. Last month, Sports Illustrated slapped her on a cover between baseball players B.J. and Justin Upton, solely because she had the same last name. This month, it's Golf Digest, where she poses with 84-year-old Arnold Palmer (who has to stand on a wooden platform to be taller than her in the shoot). Which random magazine will it be next?

joan watson - rme

MPAA releases pirate sites list + UK ISPs block more sites

The Motion Picture Association of America is always quick to swipe at Google for pointing to a plethora of pirate sites and torrent files via its popular search engine.

Yet a month after the Hollywood studios released a study criticizing Google because 82 percent of all infringing URLs came from Google’s search engine, the MPAA is ironically unveiling a pirate’s-dream report of its own (.pdf) — one listing the globe’s major torrenting sites, cyberlockers and even brick-and-mortar marketplaces.

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The sites, including the likes of Torrentz.eu, BitSnoop and ExtraTorrent are to be blocked on October 30.

BT and Virgin Media have confirmed that the block will be implemented in the next two days.

A BT spokesperson said: “BT will only block access to websites engaged in online copyright infringement when ordered by a court to do so. BT has been ordered to block access to these websites, and will do so within the timeframe set out in the court order.”

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Halloween Liz

The Most Popular Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes of 2013

Still looking for a Halloween costume idea? Maybe a look at the most popular choices for this Thursday will help you decide which one to go with – or avoid completely.

On the one hand, you may like one of these popular Halloween costume ideas because you know it’ll be trendy. On the other, using one of these choices means you’re risking someone else attending a Halloween party looking just like you. Hmm, wouldn’t that be a fun picture, though?

To get you in the Halloween spirit, Fandango surveyed moviegoers to find out what movie-inspired picks they decided to dress up as this year. The findings were broken down into four categories and the results follow.

Top 2013 Movie-Inspired Costumes for Women:
1. Katniss (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”) 41%
2. Theodora – The Wicked Witch of the West (“Oz: The Great and Powerful”) 11%
3. Effie Trinket (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”) 10%
4. Daisy Buchanan (“The Great Gatsby”) 7%
5. Hit-Girl (“Kick-Ass 2″) 6%
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I just finished my Ariel costume last week. What are YOU going to be for Halloween, ONTD?

Josh Schwartz (The O.C, HOD, Chuck) & Yunjin Kim To Adapt Korean Drama 'Nine Time Travels’ For ABC

A developmental deal to bring a popular time-traveling Korean drama to ABC is being spearheaded by former Lost actress C, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Kim, who is playing one of the lead characters on ABC nighttime soap Mistresses, will be working with production company Fake Empire to develop an American version of Nine: Nine Travels, a 20-episode serial that aired on Korean cable channel tvN earlier this year.

The actress will serve as executive producer alongside three others.

The show will be written by Derek Simonds and focuses on a man who has nine magical sticks that allow him to travel to 20 years in the past, where he tries to prevent a murder that destroyed his family.


Daniel Dae Kim Inks Overall Deal With CBS Television Studios

CBS Television Studios is locking down Daniel Dae Kim.

The Hawaii Five-0 star has inked a two-year development deal with the studio behind the veteran procedural, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Under the pact, the Lost alum will develop new projects for CBSTVS under his 3AD production banner. He'll serve as a producer on all network and cable projects he develops for the studio and is currently searching for a development executive to oversee the newly launched banner.

I'm excited to be expanding my relationship with David Stapf and CBS Television Studios. Creating original content has been a longstanding goal and I look forward to our future collaborations as a producer with 3AD," Kim said.

The news comes days after the actor's former on-screen wife Lost's Yunjin Kim, announced she was executive producing an adaptation of Korean drama Nine: Nine Time Travels for ABC Studios -- the company behind the former series that helped to launch both their careers.


hopefully this goes somewhere, would be interesting to see the sort of ideas he pitches/sells.

Zoe Saldana (and Ewan McGregor) In Talks To Join Don Cheadle's Miles Davis Biopic...

Finally, some real movement (at least revealed publicly) on Don Cheadle's Miles Davis project, which he's been trying to get financed for a few years now, and seems to be inching closer and closer every year.

Most recently, in June, he put out a call for young, black, talented trumpet players, although he didn't specify what he wanted them for. But, we can assume it was for his Miles Davis film.

This afternoon, Screen Daily is reporting exclusively that international film financing, sales, and distribution company, IM Global, has boarded the project, and will shop worldwide rights at the upcoming American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles next month.

The report also states that Cheadle will direct the film (Antoine Fuqua was previously said to be attached), with Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor in talks to join the film's cast. What roles exactly both actors are eyeing isn't yet public information. Although, in Saldana's case, my guess is that Betty Davis, Miles Davis' second wife, is likely the part she's in talks to play.

Also worth noting, Herbie Hancock is on board as executive producer and musical supervisor.

And finally, previously said to be titled titled Kill The Trumpet Player, the film is now called Shoot The Trumpeter.

Don has said that the film is definitely not your conventional biopic, instead calling it more of a gangster movie, suggesting that he might be taking some liberties with Miles Davis' story.

The AFM begins on November 6, so we should know more (hopefully) after it all ends.

By the way, there's a second Miles Davis film in the works, which George Tillman Jr is attached to direct. The film will be loosely based on Gregory Davis' book, Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis (Gregory Davis being Miles Davis' eldest son).

The plan for Tillman's project, which will be called Miles Davis, Prince of Darkness, is to produce a more conventional biopic (the producers previously mentioned Walk The Line and Ray as potential models that they'll follow).


I hope this casting doesn't move past the 'talking' stage.
Whitney smile

Allen Iverson Officially Retires From the NBA

PHILADELPHIA -- Saying he's lost his desire to play, Allen Iverson formally announced his retirement from basketball Wednesday.

Iverson last played in the NBA in the 2009-10 season, when he played three games with the Memphis Grizzlies and 25 with the Philadelphia 76ers -- he spent the first 10 years of his 14-year career with the Sixers -- before leaving both teams. He last played professionally in Turkey during the 2010-11 season but left halfway through the first season of a two-year contract. Iverson was offered a contract to play in the NBA Development League with the Texas Legends last year but ultimately declined it.

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Hocus Pocus: Just a litte bit of

OUaT: What's in the box?

'Once Upon a Time's' JoAnna Garcia Swisher: Ariel helps save Henry boo


The latest "Once Upon a Time"episode is titled "Ariel," which you all know means the Little Mermaid is popping up in the form of JoAnna Garcia Swisher. She teases forZap2it that we won't only see Ariel in flashbacks.

"You will see me in Neverland. You'll see me all over the place," says Garcia Swisher. "The wonderful thing about mermaids that not many people know is that they can swim between realms, so I am able to really help in the process of saving Henry."

We had to ask -- is she perhaps the occupant of Peter Pan's other cage, the one we saw next to Neal at last episode's end?

"I have no idea!" laughs Garcia Swisher, not telling. But even if she is, this episode won't be the last that we see of Ariel this season.

"You can look forward to a little bit more Ariel, she doesn't just go away in the first episode," says Garcia Swisher.

Look for more from our interview with Ariel later in the week and tune into "Once Upon a Time" on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to find out just how Ariel will factor into Henry's rescue.


AHS - Jessica Lange lightning

Why American Horror Story: Coven May Be the Best Season Yet (VIEWING POST)

Glee and Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy has cultivated a career defined by shock tactics, so when American Horror Story debuted in 2011, its abuse, torture and murder plotlines were little surprise. It was, however, a chance for Murphy to take his fondness for morbid storylines to the extreme, and AHS remains unlike anything else on television.

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~~~~~VIEWING POST~~~~~

More at The Guardian

STREAM IT HERE (I'll add more if anyone posts them)





Elementary 2x06 'An Unnatural Arrangement' Sneak Peek + some teasers about upcoming eps

With the introduction of Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, and more Moriarty to come, it's safe to say that things have been a little uncomfortable for our favourite brilliant, jittery detective. But Holmes isn't the only one who gets a life outside of "Elementary'"s day-to-day cases.

In this week's episode of "Elementary," "An Unnatural Arrangement," we meet Capt. Gregson's wife, Cheryl, played by Talia Balsam, but according to Aidan Quinn, his team gets some surprising insight into his character's life. "Well, you're gonna find things out that Capt. Gregson would never want Sherlock and Joan to find out, but they find out through some incidents that go on," the actor told HuffPost TV at the CBS International Press Junket in New York City. "It's going to be a fun episode to watch."

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Any guesses about Watson's surprise? Some people think Mycroft and Joan will hook up; others hope that Joan will be bi.
linda granger

Celine Dion speaks out against Muslims

In an interview for Macleans, Celion states the following about Quebec's controversial charter of values, which makes wearing Hijabs illegal...

"For me, it’s not about the veil—it’s beyond that. I’m not against what people wear but if you go to the hospital, and you are in Quebec and we have embraced you and opened our country for you to live in a better world, you have to adapt to our rules. If the doctor is a boy or a girl, you’re gonna see the doctor that [is] sent to [treat] you. You can’t just say, “My religion doesn’t permit me to see a woman or a male doctor.” That’s the problem for me. If I’m going to see a doctor and he is gay, I’m not going to have a problem with that. It should not be an issue.

It’s just that these women who practise the things they believe in have to adapt to our country. They have to not change our laws. Because you have a lot of Anglican or veiled women in a schoolyou can’t just take off the [Catholic] cross from the walls, or take down Christmas trees. If I go live in their country and have to be veiled, I will."

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"Loki is Bisexual"

Marvel character Loki is to become bisexual and switch between being male and female in new comic book Agent of Asgard.

The villain, who has seen a surge in popularity through Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of him in the Thor and Avengers films, has been through many changes in his comic book history – previously appearing as a woman and reincarnating into a boy (‘Kid Loki’).

His latest transformation was confirmed by writer Al Ewing while responding to fan questions about the comic.

‘Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that,’ he wrote. ‘He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.’

The development presents interesting opportunities for future big screen portrayals of Loki, with Marvel films always using the comic books as their source material.

Hiddleston will now be taking a break from the role after Thor: The Dark World and will not appear in the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron.

He recently said he was flattered by the fan demand for a Loki spin-off film, but said he could not imagine him existing in a movie without his brother Thor.

Just came back from the film! It was alright tbh but the best parts really were the ones with Loki and the audience reacted to his scenes the most.


Jennifer Connelly & son Kai attend 19th Annual NY Artwalk

 photo 186270365_zps8ac162ab.jpg

Jennifer Connelly and her 16-year-old son Kai Dugan attended the 19th Annual NY Artwalk in benefit of the Coalition for the Homeless on Tuesday (29 October). Jennifer has been working with the Coalition for the Homeless to prepare for her role in the upcoming film Shelter, where she plays a woman who's homeless on the streets of New York City.

Also spotted at the event were Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, along with supermodel Hilary Rhoda.

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Kanye West defends Confederate T-shirts: ‘It’s my flag now’

Kanye West is catching flak these days for all sorts of reasons.

Among his endless feuds and controversies is his curious choice to prominently feature the confederate flag on T-shirts for his ongoing Yeezus tour.

The confederate flag is largely viewed as a symbol of “dehumanization, injustice and pain” by the black community.

However, as far as Kanye is concerned it’s just a way for him to riff on his politically-charged single “New Slaves.”

React how you want. Any energy you got is good energy. You know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way — that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now. Now what are you going to do?” said West during an interview at Los Angeles’ 97.1 AMP radio station on Monday.

“I just think people look cool in it. They look nice. And it’s colorless also,” he added. “It’s super hood and super white boy approved at the same time. That’s really what my style has always been.”


ABC Family developing series adaptation of 'The Hand That Rocks the Cradle'

ABC Family is headed in a darker direction.

The cable network is in the early stages of developing an adaptation of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The effort hails from Supernatural's Daniel Loflin, who is set to write and executive produce, along with Radar Pictures. Radar’s Ted Field, an executive producer of the 1992 film on which the TV thriller is based, and Mike Weber are attached as executive producers.

The R-rated early 1990s original, which starred Rebecca De Mornay and Annabella Sciorra, grossed $88 million at the domestic box office. The ABC Family iteration will tell the story of a young, attractive nanny who terrorizes a suburban family from the inside.

The move comes as the TV landscape continues to embrace darker fare, a trend that has breakout hits from AMC's The Walking Dead to FX's American Horror Story to thank for generating momentum. ABC Family recently announced it was developing The Final Girls, a horror-thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and has the second half of first-year murder-thriller Twisted returning in January.

If ultimately ordered to series, Cradle would join Twisted, Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, The Fosters and more at the youth-skewing cable network.

For its part, Radar’s recent projects include the Harmony Korine dramedy Spring Breakers, co-starring the ABC Family Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson, along with Vin Diesel's Riddick, Robert De Niro's Everybody's Fine and Ricky Gervais' The Invention of Lying.

Loflin is repped by WME, Peter Heller, and Bloom Hergott; Field is repped by WME.


Wings - Sassy Zetterberg

Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov arrested on domestic violence charges

Semyon Varlamov, starting goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche, on Wednesday was arrested for domestic violence-related charges, the Denver Police Department said.

Police arrested Varlamov on second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault charges, police said. The assault charge is a Class 4 felony charge; the kidnapping charge is a misdemeanor.

The police charges stem from an incident on Tuesday, police said.

Varlamov turned himself into police voluntarily earlier in the day, police said. He remains in Denver County jail, police said.

The Avs issued a statement about the arrest:

"The Colorado Avalanche organization is aware of the allegations concerning Semyon Varlamov. At this time, and until the conclusion of this investigation, the Avalanche organization will have no further comment on this situation."

Varlamov is 7-1 as a starting goalie this season for the Avs, his third season in Colorado. He is among the NHL leaders in goals-against average and save percentage this season.

The Avs are schedule to play next on Friday, at Dallas against the Stars.

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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Jennifer Lopez STUNS at 'Idol' Auditions in Atlanta

Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban pose for photos while arriving for American Idol season 13 auditions on Wednesday (October 30) in Atlanta, Ga.

The judges were joined by fellow panelist Harry Connick Jr and the show’s longtime host Ryan Seacrest.

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American Idol XIII starts January 15!!!!

Miley Cyrus is SHOCKING and EDGY with porn pumpkins

Miley Cyrus is more trick than treat this Halloween ... at least judging by the photo of some very X-rated pumpkins she just posted on Twitter.

It's unclear if Miley carved the Jack-o'-lanterns herself -- but she's definitely proud of the 3 pumpkins, 2 of which contain images of people bangin' (one lesbian scene) and another gourd contains an image of a giant marijuana leaf.

And to tie the whole thing together, there's a sign that reads, "Happy F**king Halloween."

You stay classy, Miley.

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whatever, post your pumpkins ONTD

Boston Strong! Red Sox are The 2013 World Series Champions!

For the first time since 1918, the Red Sox have clinched a World Series title at Fenway Park. Boston won the 2013 World Series with a 6-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6.

After Boston fans went 95 years without celebrating such an occasion, Shane Victorino and John Lackey made sure they didn't have to wait too long into Game 6 on Wednesday night before getting the party started. Facing Cardinals rookie sensation Michael Wacha, Victorino put Boston's first runs on the board with a bases-clearing double in the third inning. Victorino would add another RBI in the fourth inning as the Sox piled on three more runs to take an insurmountable 6-0 lead.

With a chance to clinch the Series, Red Sox manager John Farrell gave the ball to Lackey for Game 6. The 35-year-old righty who took the loss in Game 2 limited the Cardinals to just one run in 6.2 frames.

Check ya mics, Boston. Congrats to the city!