October 23rd, 2013

Zelda fans are the greatest motivation.

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When it comes to the Zelda-series, Nintendo always keeps the fans in mind. That's what Eiji Aonuma of the Japanese gaming company says in an exclusive interview with Sp!ts.

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Source: Sp!ts , Mods: Sp!ts the source is a free newspaper. Translation and scans by me. Some bits were difficult to translate, so apologies for any frustrated reading. I will definitely get the game on 22nd! With a special edition of the 3DS, I don't have one and I missed the opportunity to buy the Zelda edition of the DS. Shout out to creative_candy <3


Broadway revival of Les Miserables casts its Valjean, Javert, Fantine & Eponine

The London musical theater star Ramin Karimloo (“The Phantom of the Opera,” “Love Never Dies”) and the New York musical theater star Will Swenson (“Murder Ballad,” “Hair”) will face off as the bitter antagonists Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert in the reconceived Broadway production of “Les Misérables” this spring, the producer Cameron Mackintosh announced on Tuesday.

Singing “I Dreamed a Dream” as Fantine — the role that won Anne Hathaway an Academy Award in the recent film version — will be Caissie Levy, who starred in the Broadway productions of “Ghost” and “Hair” (and was also in “Murder Ballad” this year with Mr. Swenson).

Nikki M. James, who won a Tony Award for featured actress in “The Book of Mormon,” will play the lovelorn Eponine. Additional casting will be announced later. The revival will be Mr. Karimloo’s Broadway debut. The Toronto run of this new “Les Misérables” recently opened to strong reviews for the production and Mr. Karimloo, who grew up in Canada. The Broadway run is to begin March 1 at the Imperial Theater.

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Katharine McPhee is having an affair with Smash Director, both are married

Katharine McPhee is dating her former "Smash" director Michael Morris, TMZ has learned ... and they're even making out in public -- problem is, THEY'RE BOTH MARRIED TO OTHER PEOPLE. 

kp 1
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it just seems extra sad to me when one or both parties have really young kids, his youngest daughter is just 2 :/

Is There Too Much Death on American Horror Story? + Spoilers for Episode 3 "The Replacements"

American Horror Story doesn't shy away from the horror genre, as evidenced by its name. Whether it's a haunted house, an asylum or a school for witches, FX's anthology series has helped to bring horror to the forefront on television.

But the series has mostly done so by raising the stakes so high that death has become the norm. Murder House killed off the entire Harmon family. Technically, only Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) survived Asylum. And Coven axed two main characters — Lily Rabe's Misty Day, who has the regenerative power to bring things, including herself, back to life, and Evan Peters' frat boy-turned-Frankenstein — in the premiere alone.

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Do you think there's too much bloodshed on American Horror Story?
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James Franco: 'Actors Anonymous' Promo on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The 35-year-old actor was on the show to chat about his new book, teaching students in graduate classes at UCLA, and having host Jimmy Kimmel in one of his graduate films.

James Franco explained his new book, Actors Anonymous, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Some of the chapters are lists of statements:

- I was alive when Shakespeare wrote all that crap.
- I am all actors.
- When they get older some actors that were once respected become clowns.
- Quentin’s best films are Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. They had heart and soul. His new movies are fantasies. He’s an authority on the LA underworld and B movies. Somewhere along the way his characters became their dialogue and lost some of their heart.

“Now, is that true?” Kimmel asked.

“I wouldn’t say that’s, like, fully me, but — I mean, I loved Django,” Franco tap-danced.

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart hooking up ... AGAIN!!!

Five months after their split, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson still haven't completely moved on. Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the duo secretly hooks up when they're both in town!

“They’ve always had a passion for each other,” a source tells the mag, “so even though the relationship didn’t work out, they still hook up when they’re both in LA.”

In fact, a friend confirms to Life & Style that Kristen even spent an evening at Robert's rental house on Oct. 9. When her assistant came to pick her up from Rob’s pad the next morning, “she was in a great mood,” dishes the friend. “They had ordered food in and stayed up late talking. She said hanging out with Rob was just like old times.”

Pals say that K-Stew regrets breaking Rob’s heart in July 2012 when she was caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders and now she wants to reunite. However, the tables have turned, and Rob is in control and has been dating other girls — including Sean Penn’s daughter, Dylan. “Rob doesn’t see a future with Kristen at this point in time, but he likes to hook up with her,” a source tells Life & Style. “He’s made it clear that they are not exclusive.”
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Chloë Grace Moretz faces a Sophie's Choice Question: QUEEN BRITNEY or BADGIRLRiRi & Britney Tribute

As a telekinetic teen in Kimberly Peirce's remake of the classic 1976 horror film "Carrie," star Chloë Grace Moretz faces her fair share of struggles (not even a battalion of Martha Stewarts could make Carrie's blood-spattered prom dress look new). But her wardrobe woes pale in comparison to the task presented to Moretz during the latest episode of After Hours. Namely, choosing between pop starlets Britney Spears and Rihanna.
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UC Berkeley (CAL) band perform a tribute to Britney Spears during a half time show.

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Well, fuck. "Constantin to Restart Production on 'Mortal Instruments' Sequel in 2014"

Constantin to Restart Production on 'Mortal Instruments' Sequel in 2014

The company halted production on "City of Ashes" last month after the first film in the franchise underperformed at the box office.

Constantin is pushing ahead with its adaptations of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling Mortal Instruments franchise and plans to restart production on the second film in the series, The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, next year.

Constantin slammed the brakes on City of Ashes, which had already begun production, after the first film in the planned franchise, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, underperformed at the box office.

But Martin Moszkowicz, Constantin Film’s head of film and TV, said Clare’s massive fan base has responded positively to the adaptation and that Constantin is determined to continue the franchise.

"The fan response, from the blogosphere and the thousands of mails we have received, has encouraged us to keep going,” Moszkowicz told The Hollywood Reporter. “It's been overwhelmingly positive, in contrast to some other YA titles.”

Moszkowicz said international returns for City of Bones means the first film’s worldwide take is now close to $100 million but admits box office revenue was below Constantin’s forecasts.

Lee Pace

Circu Bear Tom Hiddleston Does Impressions of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

Tom Hiddleston was launched to international fame when he was chosen by Kenneth Branagh, no less, to star as the evil Loki in the Marvel movie Thor in 2011. Since then, he's worked with Woody Allen on Midnight in Paris, and Steven Spielberg on War Horse as well as reappearing as Loki in 2012's The Avengers. He returns for the second instalment of the Thor saga in Thor: The Dark World and we caught up with him for a chat about Shakespeare, helping old ladies across the road and working with Kermit The Frog...

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Rinko Kikuchi to Topline 'Last Summer'


Japanese "Pacific Rim" star Rinko Kikuchi will topline "Last Summer," an English-language drama about a Japanese woman trapped on a a yacht with the child she is losing custody of. High-profile Italian indie pic is being helmed by Italo multi hyphenate Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli and produced by Luigi Musini and Elda Ferri ("Life is Beautiful").

The international cast also comprises "True Blood" thesp Lucy Griffiths, Denmark's Yorick Van Wageningen ("The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo"), and Danish thesp Laura Sofia Bach. Casting director is Avy Kaufman.

Kikuchi will play the free-spirited but reckless Naomi who has four days to spend with her six-year-old Ken before she loses custody of him forever to a wealthy Westerner. Confined to her father-in-law's yacht off the coast of Otranto in Southern Italy, Naomi is treated more like a prisoner than a guest by the boat's four-person crew as she tries to forge a long-lasting maternal bond.

This rare case of an Italian production with an entirely international cast is co-penned by best-selling Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto ("Kitchen") and the Tokyo-based cult Italo graphic author known as Igort.

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Christina Aguilera bugs out over a fly on 'The Voice'


AntibugTina freaked out when a fly landed on her shoulder on "The Voice."

Christina Aguilera has one of the biggest voices on "The Voice" — but on Monday she used her vocal power to scream, not sing.

The pop superstar was sitting pensively in her chair, musing over her decision to keep contestant Destinee Quinn and allow Lina Gaudenzito be stolen by fellow coach Adam Levine, when she idly glanced at something buzzing around her shoulder.

"Is that a mosquito?" Blake Shelton asked.

Christina panicked and ran screeching from her chair as CeeLo Green and Adam looked on in puzzlement. Blake, however, continued to fan the flames.

"Was it a mosquito?" Blake asked again.

"I don't know! What was it?" Christina yelled, in a high-pitched voice nearly beyond the ability of human hearing to discern.

Enter the gallant Adam, surging to the rescue with his chosen weapon: a towel. The Maroon 5 frontman smacked her seat with it until he dispatched the offending insect. The verdict?

"It was a fly," Adam said.

That didn't matter. "You sit in my chair," Christina ordered Blake. "I don't like bugs."

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In our culture (African), women are so afraid of a caterpillar and not insects. I wonder how she managed to stay calm in Rwanda
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SeaWorld responds to questions about captive orcas, 'Blackfish' film

This week, CNN will present the premiere of "Blackfish," a documentary that traces the history of killer whales in captivity leading up to the 2010 killing of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau by Tilikum, an orca previously associated with the death of two other people.
SeaWorld has been critical of the film, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, issuing this statement to CNN:

source 2

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Paul McCartney Can't Slow Down: Inside Rolling Stone's New Cover Story

Beatle opens up about writing with John (still!), reconciling with Yoko and his latest LP in candid new interview

Paul McCartney has never dwelled in yesterday, even if he remembers it quite well. At 71, he's just released his 24th post-Beatles album, New, and is generating music at a pace that puts artists a quarter of his age to shame. And in a remarkably candid cover story by Rolling Stone contributing editor Jonah Weiner (on newsstands Friday) McCartney discusses the drive keeps him creating fresh music — as well as the memories of his Beatles bandmates that continue to shape his life today.

Perhaps most shockingly, McCartney reveals that although he's always teaming up with fresh talent — New features production by Adele collaborator Paul Epworth, Amy Winehouse producer Mark Ronson, Giles Martin (son of legendary Beatles producer George) and frequent Kings of Leon partner Ethan Johns — he also consulted with another source, someone who knows his music intimately: John Lennon.

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Kurt Cobain Says He Thought He Was Gay in High School in Unearthed Interview

In an interview by Jon Savage recently unearthed by the PBS series Blank on Blank (and animated), late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain describes how he thought that he was gay in high school, and how his mother's homophobia destroyed intimate connections he had with friends.

Says Cobain:

"I even thought that I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem. Although I never experimented with it, I had a gay friend, and then my mother wouldn't allow me to be friends with him anymore, because she's homophobic. It was real devastating because finally I found a male friend who I actually hugged and was affectionate too, and we talked about a lot of things. I couldn't hang out with him anymore."

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Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to release an Everly Brothers cover album with Norah Jones

What is weirder than thinking about Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong casually chilling out with indie-jazz super chanteuse Norah Jones? How about if the two of them get together and record an album of Everly Brothers covers? In an instance of something so weird it actually makes perfect sense, the two musicians recently convened in NYC to bang out their own version of the Everly Brothers’ album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. The original album, released in 1958, was itself a kind of covers record: a collection of traditional country songs that were previously made famous by the likes of Gene Autry and Tex Ritter. Hearing Armstrong and Jones take on these songs is something of a quiet revelation. While a country standard might not exactly seem out of place in Jones’s oeuvre, hearing her harmonize with Armstrong — a vocalist who doesn’t always get the chance to show off the subtle range of his voice — is both surprising and pretty wonderful. Foreverly not only gives listeners the chance to hear a couple of very established artists creatively letting their hair down — purely for the fun of it — but it also brings to light some beautiful old songs that might otherwise never come to the attention of a contemporary audience.

I had to the chance to talk to both artists about the origins of the project and the experience of recording together. You can check out their version of “Long Time Gone” below.

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adrien sahores

Ja Rule 'Making Microwave Cookbook After Turning Expert In Prison'

Ja Rule is reportedly planning to write a microwave cookbook.

The rapper got out of prison in May and was forced to prepare his own gourmet style meals in the cooking device as he wasn’t satisfied with ordinary fare behind bars.

“He explained that while behind bars he learned to cook anything and everything in a microwave,” an insider told the New York Post’s Page Six.

The musician shared insights about his “microwaveable” project at the New York City Wine & Food Festival on Geoffrey Zakarian’s SiriusXM show Food Talk. The star said he learned how to make dishes like lasagna and cheesecake with the aid of a microwave.

The star told TMZ: “The food inside is not too good but you get packages and stuff like that. You can eat pretty good. You can eat decent enough. We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes, we had lots of things. I really didn't eat prison food."

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Liam Payne: Louis Tomlinson could have an acting career

One Direction star Liam Payne has said that if any of the band were to make the leap into acting it would be Louis Tomlinson.

While chatting to Australian radio show The Hot Hits, Payne got to talking about his admiration for singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake, and revealed that he thinks Louis could potentially follow in his footsteps.

The Kiss You singer dished: "I saw the Justin Timberlake new movie Runner, Runner the other day - it was really, really good."

The 20-year-old continued: "I'm very proud of the idea that he has come from just being in a boy band to doing something like that."

"He is a very talented guy to be able to pull off that as well as he does, and to be one of the best performers in the world."

Although Liam insisted he hasn't "got the talent" to make such a transition, the star singled out bandmate Louis as the 1D member most likely to make the jump to the silver screen.

Liam revealed: "Because he puts himself in a lot of roles sometimes I think Louis would actually be quite good. He'll sit on the bus sometimes and he'll tell a story, but he puts himself in the character. I do reckon he'd be quite good actually"

One Direction have already made a foray into the world of film, releasing their first 3D concert movie This Is Us in August of this year.

lol aw liam bb... no.
Captain Marvel

After Being Dropped by Label & Pending X Factor Firing, Nicole Scherzinger Gets Job at Greggs!

She's used to living a glamorous life as a pop star, but Nicole Scherzinger looked far from A-List as she donned a hair net yesterday.

The 35-year-old singer was spotted serving members of the public cakes and sausage rolls in a London branch of Greggs bakery in the afternoon - and she really didn't look impressed. As she stood behind the counter wearing the official navy blue Greggs uniform, the former Pussycat Doll had a very sour look on her face.

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Simon Cowell calls CRISIS talks over X Factor UK

Saturday night’s latest live performance show was watched by fewer than 8 million viewers, while Sunday’s results were the least watched Sunday episode EVER.

Simon has reportedly been in touch with the team to plan how to get viewers back involved.

According to The Sun, the changes could see the new flash vote axed to make the Saturday show shorter, with the current episodes coming in at over 2 hours long.

“Just because Simon is no longer a judge on the show, it doesn’t mean he is hands-off — on the contrary, he has never been more hands-on,” a source told the newspaper today. “With Strictly winning the Saturday ratings battle, we know we’re now in a real dogfight.

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Poor Simon. Both X Factor's falling.


Joe Jonas going to figure shit out

Joe Jonas arrives in NYC solo, Nick and Olivia back in NYC

"Joe Jonas was spotted making a sullen and solo arrival to NYC’s Kennedy airport after spending one day in Las Vegas with girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler.

Joe was scheduled to arrive to NY with her, but after only one day in NV, Blanda cancelled her flight and sent Joe packing with all of his luggage alone.

The troubled singer pushed his own luggage through the terminal after being greeted by a group of fans, who gave him an inspiring pep-talk and handed him photos and DVD’s to keep him busy in his new-found free time."

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Lea Seydoux, Jason Clarke and Ben Whishaw On Board Dystopian Romance 'Lobster'

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos ("Alps," 2010's superb "Dogtooth," which nabbed a Foreign-Language Oscar nomination) is making his English-language helming debut with "Lobster." He's lined up quite the talented cast: Jason Clarke ("Zero Dark Thirty"), Lea Seydoux ("Blue Is the Warmest Color"), Ben Whishaw ("Skyfall," "The Hour") and Olivia Colman ("Tyrannosaur," "Broadchurch"). Count us excited for this one.

Deadline describes the plot as an "unconventional love story set in a dystopian future where finding a partner is a matter of life and death." The production is eyeing a March 2014 start.

Lanthimos co-penned the script with his longtime collaborator Efthimis Filippou.

Clarke was last seen in "The Great Gatsby" and has Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups" and Fox's "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" in the pipeline. Seydoux's "Blue Is the Warmest Color" finally hits stateside theaters October 25; she's got "Beauty and the Beast" coming up, as well as a role in Wes Anderson's ensemble "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Whishaw of course has "Bond 24" in the eventual pipeline, as well as Terry Gilliam's "The Zero Theorem." Colman is rumored to be on board for the second season of hit mini-series "Broadchurch."


Chris Evans & Minka Kelly SPLIT!

Maybe the third time's the charm? After breaking up back in 2007 and reuniting in 2012, Minka Kelly and boyfriend Chris Evans have split for a second time, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly."It didn't make sense for them to be together right now," one insider tells Us of the couple, citing distance as a factor. (Kelly, 33, is shooting the TV series Almost Human in Vancouver, British Columbia, while Evans, 32, plans to direct the movie 1:30 Train in New York City.) Us Weekly first exclusively revealed that the two were dating back in September 2012. It was their second attempt at romance together; they previously dated (and broke up) in 2007, prior to the Roommate actress' three-year relationship with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

Alas, history seems to be repeating itself in the form of another breakup. But this is not a bitter split. The first source says the duo parted on friendly terms and "still care about each other."Reps for both had no comment.

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Tom Hardy to Play Elton John in ‘Rocketman’

Tom Hardy will star as Elton John in Rocket Pictures’ Rocketman, and Focus Features has come aboard to give the film a major U.S. release, producers announced today.

The Hardy deal caps a lengthy search to cast the role of Elton in the film, which will be co-financed by AI Film.

Much like the man himself, Rocketman is a larger-than-life movie musical spectacle that tells the story of a child prodigy turned music legend. Elton will re-record many of his iconic hits to parallel the emotional beats of the film that will have audiences on their feet, singing along to his much loved music. The film is scheduled to shoot in fall 2014.

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Lindsay Lohan Snapped Reaching for a Wine Bottle + Gets in Fight at Bar

Lindsay Lohan may have been reaching in the wrong direction last night because it looks like her hand was going straight for a wine bottle.

The pic was taken at a Hollywood Hills home where Lindsay was hanging out before attempting to catch a red eye back to NY. Lindsay got to the airport too late and missed her flight.

There are no photos of Lindsay actually clutching the bottle or drinking but the evidence is ominous.

TMZ has learned Lindsay sent her sober coach packing. The coach had stayed with LL in NY after she left rehab, but has now returned to Cali full-time. We're told LL told him she can do it on her own now.


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Harry Styles sports purple polo top and bright white trousers for a day on the golf course


When it comes to his nightime activities, Harry Styles can usually be found bounding around energetically on a stage with his One Direction bandmates.

But the 19-year-old went for a more relaxing pursuit during a rare day off from the band's world tour as he enjoyed a spot of golf in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday.

Harry looked worlds apart from his usual rock star image as he sported a purple polo shirt and white trousers to putt a few balls alongside Australian tennis player Pat Rafter.

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Rooney Mara Out, Saoirse Ronan In For 'Brooklyn'; John Crowley To Direct

The last thing we heard about the big screen adaptation of Colm Toibin's "Brooklyn" was well over a year ago. At that time Rooney Mara was going to play the lead in the Nick Hornby-penned flick, with a shoot planned for spring 2013. Clearly, that didn't happen. But the project is still alive with a new lead and a new director.

With the Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall starring thriller "Closed Circuit" now opening in the U.K., director John Crowley chatted with Bleeding Cool and revealed that not only is he helmig "Brooklyn," it has a fresh face to star. "I’m gonna make a film called Brooklyn which is an adaptation of a novel by Colm Tóibín which Nick Hornby has adapted. We’re going to do it next year," he said. "That’s a story about emigration from Ireland to America in the fifties. A young woman, who’s going to be played by Saoirse Ronan, about her story in America."

Indeed, the story follows Ellis Lacey, a young Irish woman in the 1950s who is unable to find work at home and is persuaded by Father Flood to emigrate to New York. Her initial stint in the Big Apple is dry, as her life revolves around work in a department store, night school for bookkeeping and her confinement by the strict rules of the boarding house in which she lives. She soon falls in love with an Italian plumber, but a letter from back home changes her life all over again.

Hard to complain about the casting switch up here. Ronan and Mara are both fine actresses for the part, though obviously Ronan can more easily slide into the role. As for Crowley, he definitely stumbled with "Closed Circuit," but this material gives him a great chance to rebound. Hopefully more news about this one arrives soon.


Mary McCormack blindsided by pictures of husband with Katharine McPhee

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Smash star Katharine McPhee has been photographed kissing a director for the canceled show, Michael Morris.

Both are married, though a source close to McPhee tells PEOPLE, "She and her husband are separated for over six months, since early this year. They haven't been living together."

McPhee, 29, is married to Nick Cokas, who is also her manager. Morris, 47, and his wife, Welcome to the Family actress Mary McCormack, have three young daughters together.

An agent for Morris and a rep for McCormack both declined to comment.

A source close to the couple, however, tells PEOPLE: "Mary adores her husband. If this is true, she would have been blindsided."

Adds the source: "She is the most devoted mother and wife."

Meanwhile, a rep for the McPhee did not comment on the her split from Cokas or what appears to be a new romance.

As for why the 2006 American Idol runner-up may have called it quits with her husband, an on-set source tells PEOPLE, "I never noticed anything with Kat and the director on set at the time ... I do remember Kat's husband was always around and was very controlling."

[actress] Grace Kelly

Once Upon A Time 3x05 stills

With the deadly Dreamshade coursing through David’s body and close to death, Hook takes him on one last journey to find a sextant that could help them decipher a map that would lead them off Neverland. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Killian Jones – aka Hook – and his brother, Captain Liam, sail off under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury.

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New Album Release Projections

Katy Perry’s PRISM will bow at #1 next week, selling about 100k more than Teenage Dream did when it debuted in August 2010. Here are this week's key debuts:

Katy Perry (Capitol) 275-300k
Fifth Harmony (Syco/Epic) 30-35k
AFI (Republic) 25-30k
DJ Khaled (Cash Money/Republic) 19-23k
Tori Kelly (Capitol) 14-17k

In other new-release news, the UMPG dispensary is debuting holiday-themed strains O Canni-baum, Gelt Trip and Holly Shit. (10/23p)

Hits Daily Double

Little Mix's 'Salute': 10 (Actually 5) things we've learned about their new album

Earlier this month, we sat down with Little Mix's Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne at their record label Sony to have a chat about their new album Salute.

Below are the ten FIVE most important, essential and interesting things we learned about the record.

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19 more days! also, LM tweeted that there will be "something" coming aka the Move MV. stay tuned ;)

Prince George's Godparents Revealed – All Seven of Them!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have picked close friends, a royal and a friend of Princess Diana as godparents to 3-month-old Prince George.

The names of the seven – that's one more godparent than William has – were released a few hours before they were to join senior royals and the Middleton family for George's christening.

Led by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the service is set to take place at 3 p.m. London time (10 a.m. ET) at the Chapel Royal in St. James's Palace.

These are the people who will have a special place in Prince George's life:

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Katherine Heigl to Star in ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ from 'Beaches' Writer

Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond and Grace Gummer are heading to indie comedy “Jenny’s Wedding” with shooting starting Oct. 28. “Jenny’s Wedding” will be for sale at the American Film Market starting Nov. 6 with The Solution handling foreign territories. CAA and Gersh are handling U.S. rights.

Mary Agnes Donoghue is directing from her own script. Donoghue’s writing credits include “Beaches,” “White Oleander” and “Veronica Guerin.” She previously directed “Paradise” from her own script. She is also producing with Gail Levin and MM Productions’ Michelle Manning. Heigl will play the title character, who causes a massive sea-change in the lives of her closely knit, highly conventional family when she finally decides to marry. Wilkinson and Emond will portray her parents.

“I am proud to bring writer/director Mary Agnes Donoghue’s poignant story to life,” Manning said. “Her vision of the family dynamic is unique, inspiring and highly entertaining, and we couldn’t have assembled a better cast to bring the complexities of these characters to life, in what will surely make a highly impactful and very commercial film that will strike a chord with audiences everywhere.”

Heigl will next be seen in “North of Hell” opposite Patrick Wilson. Wilkinson appeared in two films shown at the Toronto Film Festival — “Felony” and “Belle.” Emond will next appear in Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” and Gummer will be seen in Tommy Lee Jones’ “The Homesman” alongside Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank as well as “Learning to Drive” with Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson.


Hmm not sure about this but I loved Beaches and Katherine was the best part of "The Big Wedding".

'Sherlock' season 3 U.S. premiere date revealed (but no UK date yet)


The world’s biggest premiere date mystery has been solved. EW has exclusively learned the return date for Sherlock, along with some scoop about how season three came together.

Sherlock will return to PBS Masterpiece on Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. That means it will air back-to-back for the first time with that other hugely popular and influential Brit import Downton Abbey (which returns Jan. 5).

This announcement caps nearly two years of rabid fan speculation about when the third season of the international sensation will premiere. This also marks first time the mystery-thriller’s U.S. air date has been announced before the BBC reveals its UK premiere date. The BBC has the “first window” rights to air the show, however, so UK fans can take heart in knowing they will almost certainly get to see the show sometime before Jan. 19.

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'Glee': 'A Katy Or A Gaga' Pictures Are Awesome

"Glee" is asking a very important question: Are you "A Katy Or A Gaga"?

The battle of the pop divas has continued this entire fall on the music charts. Between Miley, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga all trying to beat one another for the top spot, it seems that music lovers had to pick a camp to belong to, and now the battle of the pop princess has taken McKinley High as "Glee" takes on the music of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

The "Glee" cast battles it out in the next all-new episode which features the cast singing various Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs, and there's even a guest performance by Adam Lambert, who will sing Lady Gaga's "Applause."

Check out the trailer for the episode below and to see photos from the episode "A Katy or a Gaga" check out the slideshow at the source.

Check out the trailer for the episode below and to see photos from the episode "A Katy or a Gaga" check out the slideshow at the source 250+pics.

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'Kill everyone in China': Outrage over comment during Jimmy Kimmel skit


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has drawn ire from offended Asian Americans for a skit on his late-night talk show which jokingly suggested that Americans should deal with their debt crisis by “killing everyone in China.”

The clip in question, aired on the United States’ ABC Network on 16 October, featured a critique of the recent US government shutdown. In it, Kimmel and a group of children preside over a discussion panel titled “Kid’s Table” and spark a satirical debate over how the US should deal with the government shutdown and the debt owed to China.

One of the children’s comments that the US should “kill everyone in China” produced controversy, and critics have taken to Youtube and created a White House petition boycotting Kimmel’s decision to air the comment on his show.

“I was very disturbed by Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kids Table’ show,” the White House petition reads. “It was aired on ABC recently and talked about killing all the Chinese so that the States do not need to pay back their debts to China. The kids might not know anything better. However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC’s management are adults. They had a choice not to air this racist program, which promotes racial hatred. The program is totally unacceptable and it must be cut. A sincere apology must be issued. It is extremely distasteful and this is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology.”

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source: scmp

click source for video

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Future Talks Ciara, Miley, and Drake

DETAILS: You're dating Ciara, and you cowrote her hit single "Body Party." How did you meet?

Future: The angels brought us together.

DETAILS: How did you know you wanted to be with her?

Future: When I first met her, I didn't want to have sex with her. That was weird for me. I thought that when I met her, I'd immediately look at her and want to. I'm a man, and that's in a man's nature. But we bonded in a different way. Our conversations were nonstop.


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harry - kitty

The 1975 - Girls (Official Music Video)

Matty's statement on the video -
When we released our last video (Sex), people really reacted to the fact that it was in colour. There was a lot of conjecture and talk surrounding it - due to the fact that it was an unexpected stylistic change. It was brought to our attention that certain people thought we were 'conforming to a record companies wishes' along with other expected and unexpected clichés. Obviously this couldn't be further from the truth, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of individuals whose mantra centers on facilitating our creative wishes, we found the whole idea of us being told what to do fascinating. The story of the band who suffer at the hands of a record label shortly after a delirious rise is a tale as old as time. So we kinda wanted to make a tongue in cheek video about it. Twinned with our love of 80's pop, its innocence, grandiosity and conceptual ideas in music videos - we wanted to make a video about a record label's attempt at enforced conformity. We got our mate Adam down to a studio in Los Angeles at the start of our USA tour, got 4 models and made a video about us not wanting to make a video.

x / x

BET Sets Broadcast Premiere Date For 'Being Mary Jane' (The Series) + Watch New Clip

After what was a strong backdoor pilot movie premiere over the summer (4 million viewers and a 2.0 rating with adults 18-49, making it that night's highest rated cable TV show, and the 2nd highest rated show on all of TV), BET’s first original scripted hour-long drama, Being Mary Jane, now has a debut date: Tuesday, January 7 at 10 pm.

Created by Mara Brock Akil, and starring Gabrielle Union, the series chronicles the work, social and family life of a successful African American career woman (Mary Jane Paul, played by Union), an acclaimed host of a 24-hour national cable news network. As Mary Jane juggles her life, her work and her commitment to family, viewers follow how far she’s willing to go to find those puzzle pieces that she, and society, insist are missing from her life as a single black female.

Omari Hardwick, Richard Roundtree, Margaret Avery, Lisa Vidal, Richard Brooks, Tika Sumpter, Raven Goodwin, B.J. Britt, Aaron Spears, Latarsha Rose, Stephen Bishop and Robinne Lee, round out the cast.


January can't come quickly enough!

25 Years Ago, 'Do The Right Thing' Was Shot Over 9 Weeks In Brooklyn. The Cast & Crew Reunite

Considered by many to be Spike Lee‘s best film to date, Do the Right Thing celebrates its 25th anniversary next year, 2014.

We aren't aware of any special new release that Universal may have planned for the film's 25th birthday, after, in 2009, when they released a two-disc special edition DVD (and also Blu-ray) set, loaded with extras, to celebrate the film's then 20th anniversary.

But if don’t want to wait to find out, and you don't already own the film on DVD/Blu-ray, and you're one of the few who still hasn't seen it, or maybe you don't own it and want to watch it again, you should know that it's streaming on Netlifx currently!

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Collapse )

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Rosie is as cute as a button. smh at the reviews and as usual Roger Ebert brings the common sense.
shirtless derek

Has Teen Wolf Social Media Lost its Edge?

Social media has become an increasingly important – if not the most important – part of marketing for film and television. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr allow fans to engage directly with creators. Nielsen has started accounting for tweets and word-of-tweet recommendations can literally make or break a television show. These days a strong online presence is not so much a luxury as a necessity.

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AHS - Jessica Lange lightning

'American Horror Story: Coven' Shaping Up to Be Huge for FX ++++ VIEWING POST ++++

Before Live+Seven data is even available, both episodes of the anthology's latest run are already ranking in the network's top three telecasts of all time -- and besting any other network series in younger viewers.

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STREAM IT HERE (I'll add more if anyone posts them)



MORE STEVIE FUCKIN' NICKS PLS (and these two queens tbh)

THE letter N
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Celebs Who Struggled In Their 20s

Everybody hurts sometimes. More often than not, it happens during our 20s.

You know, that terrifying transition period from adolescence to adulthood? It's a decade marked with quarter-life, dissatisfied crisis as we struggle to find ourselves while attempting emotional, financial and mental stability. Most suffer from wanting more or better for themselves. Others contemplate their existential path to happiness. In short, we feel all of the feelings. Sounds awful, right?

The good news is it isn't permanent. Several top stars in Tinseltown struggled in their 20s before emerging victorious. Let their triumphant stories inspire your own breakthrough, for this too shall pass.



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New Thor: TDW clip + Natalie Portman wears a classy outfit to the premiere after party


Natalie Portman steps out of her vehicle at a hotel for the Thor: The Dark World after party on Tuesday evening (October 22) in London, England.

The 32-year-old actress stepped out in a different ensemble than the dress she wore at the premiere – check out the pics in case you missed them!

Natalie recently chatted about slapping Chris Hemsworth in the movie.

“There were sort of like secret boxes or ramps or something that they would sneak in there so I could be closer to him, otherwise there would be no way I could hit his face if I tried. I’d be like jumping and trying to reach his cheek,” Natalie told E! News.

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'Scandal' fan blogger has been revealed to be an employee of ABC

Courtney Pajor has amassed more than 26,000 followers under the Twitter account “Scandal411″. One of the drama’s top fan bloggers has been revealed to be an employee of ABC and the fandom isn’t happy about it.

Courtney Pajor, a director of special sales for the network out of its New York City offices, has made herself one of the most influential fan voices on “Scandal,” two individuals with knowledge of the blogger’s identity told TheWrap.

“I am 100 percent sure that Scandal411 is Courtney Pajor,” one individual who’s had multiple interactions with the blogger said.

TheWrap is also in possession of documents that link Pajor to the Scandal411 Twitter account, though the individual who provided them asked to remain anonymous.

Under the Twitter account, Scandal411, Pajor had amassed more than 26,000 followers. The account also had a related website, Scandal411.com. Since TheWrap began investigating the blogger’s identity earlier this week, she changed her Twitter account to @GrantForPrez and the Scandal411 website was made private by its owner. Pajor did not respond to TheWrap’s multiple attempts to reach her by phone and social media.

ABC issued the following statement to TheWrap: “We take these allegations very seriously. We are investigating the situation and will handle accordingly.”

Show bloggers and fans have said that Pajor has crossed the line in her exchanges with fans and journalists who don’t share her opinions. The accusations range from incidents as minor as calling other fans “crazy” and tweeting “F-CK YOU ATAS” when “Scandal” star Kerry Washington didn’t win the Best Actress Emmy in September to attacking journalists, including TheWrap, all unbecoming behavior for an employee of the network.

sailor venus
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Keenen Ivory Wayans Comedy Lands at ABC


Keenen Ivory Wayans is taking his brand of comedy to ABC.

In a competitive situation, the network has ordered a pilot script with a significant penalty for Wayans' single camera comedy. The half-hour will look at what happens when the whitest guy in America marries into a sprawling, close knit African-American family.

Wayans will write and executive produce the project, which is being produced by 20th Century Fox TV and Chernin Entertainment. (There are no plans for Wayans to star.) Peter Chernin and his TV chief Katherine Pope will serve as executive producers as well. The news comes on the heels of another Chernin sale, Hieroglyph, an Ancient Egypt-set drama that landed a series order at Fox.

Among the project's appeals is that it's multi-generational, offering the potential for broad viewership a la hit modern Family. What's more, it has the ability to lure the growing African-American audience that is currently underserved in the broadcast marketplace. Outside of CBS' The Millers and Crazy Ones, both lifted by juggernaut The Big Bang Theory, the sizable crop of new comedies have struggled to break through this fall.

Wayans, repped by UTA and Jackoway Tyerman, is best known in TV circles as a creator and host of Fox's In Living Color and as a host of his own, brief syndicated talk show. More recently, the comedian has been wracking up credits as a writer, producer and/or director on movies such as Scary Movie, White Chicks, and Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

source: hollywoodreporter
Lindsay [4]

Lindsay's Rep Fires Back at Relapse Speculation: ‘Lindsay Continues to Succeed in Her

A representative for Lindsay Lohan assures “Extra” that Lohan continues to succeed in her recovery.

A new photo that surfaced on Wednesday, showing Lohan appearing to reach for a wine bottle, has sparked a flurry of questions about her sobriety.

The photo does not show Lindsay consuming alcohol, and could easily be misleading as her purse was also in the photo, and she may have been reaching for it.

Lohan, who is now headed back to NYC, had been in Los Angeles since last week.

Sources close to Lohan told “Extra” she was in town taking meetings on several high-profile film projects.

Perfect face Ricky

Who Were Hip-Hop And R&B’s ’90s Power Couples?

As we come down from the high of last night’s premiere of CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, we have to take a look at which couples ruled the ’90s hip-hop and R&B scenes.

And even though many of these couples had their fair share of drama, we can’t help but remember how big these relationships seemed back in the day. Take a look through our gallery to see who made the cut and tell us which couple you loved the most!

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more @ Source

Can TLC have a tag now ?

Tamar Braxton Speaks Out On Vocal Issues, Blasts Photographers For Messing Up Her ‘Hot Sugar’ Video

Tamar Braxton isn’t having the best month ever. For weeks she’s been plagued with vocal issues, which have been hindering a few of her performances, and she also released her new video for her highly anticipated single “Hot Sugar” that didn’t get the most favorable reviews. Still, she’s not going to let a few hiccups take her down. Earlier today, she hopped on Twitter and posted:

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TamarBraxtonHer Twitter | MadameNoire
Necole Bitchie

Josh Hutcherson talks first kisses: 'It was horrible. The worst ever'

At least he didn't bite her tongue off. As far as we know.

What with being a famous actor and having actually been paid to kiss Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, you might've assumed that Josh Hutcherson is something of a snogging professional. Unfortunately you'd actually be totally wrong and his first kiss was just as awkward as that time you were forced to snog the boy who smells of cheese during spin the bottle - mainly because poor old Josh had a crew of 50 people, his mum AND his dad watching his first spit swap.

Chatting about the logistics of tonguing another individual to Seventeen, Josh admitted that his first kiss was pretty memorable, although probably not for the right reasons.

"My first kiss ever? It was on camera, so my first ever kiss in life, in movies, in ANYTHING, was on camera," he explained.

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What do you make of Josh's first spit swapping experience? Does it rival your own? Any horror stories?

shotgun betty

Perpetua Pans Perry's Predictable "Prism"

The Problem With Katy Perry’s “

The pop star’s disappointing new album sounds exactly like what people who hate pop music assume all pop music is like.

There are basically two types of pop stars. There are the ones who subvert pop culture by bringing new ideas and images into the mainstream, like The Beatles, James Brown, David Bowie, Prince, Madonna, and Kanye West. Then there are those who simply make easy, unchallenging music that a wide variety of people can agree on. Katy Perry belongs to the second category. Whereas contemporaries like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Miley Cyrus all gleefully test the boundaries of what can be done and said in a pop song, and experiment with images that have the potential to alienate large portions of their audience, Perry consistently makes the safest, most conservative creative choices. Her music is conventional; her image is traditionally feminine. Even when she pushes toward overt sexuality, she neutralizes that by making it goofy and regressive.

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Source -- Matthew Perpetua, Buzzfeed

The Originals & The Vampire Diaries Synopsis for 1x07 and 5x07

The Originals
A BLAST FROM THE PAST — When someone from Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) turn to Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane) for help in locating Hayley, who has gone missing. After making a trip down to the bayou, Klaus has a surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Davina (Danielle Campbell) makes a surprising connection, and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) makes Rebekah (Claire Holt) an enticing offer that leaves her torn.

The Vampire Diaries
THE POWER OF DOPPLEGANGERS - While Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) try to explain Amara’s (Nina Dobrev) situation to Stefan (Paul Wesley), Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett) gives Katherine (Nina Dobrev) some deeply disturbing news. Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) shows up at Caroline’s (Candice Accola) dorm room, searching for Katherine. After a surprising conversation with Amara, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) share a glimmer of hope. Silas (Paul Wesley) fails to keep a promise, causing Damon to turn to Tessa (guest star Janina Gavankar) for help with his new plan, and Stefan makes a heartbreaking confession to Damon and Elena.

Source 1 | 2

Breaking~ Jamie Dornan Will Play Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Irish actor Jamie Dornan has been tapped to replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in the Universal and Focus adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Dakota Johnson co-stars as Anastasia Steele with Sam Taylor-Johnson on board to direct. Universal and Focus Features declined to comment.

The project was hit with a huge curveball when Hunnam suddenly departed the project after being attached for just a month. Universal said Hunnam’s departure was due to scheduling issues with “Sons of Anarchy” and upcoming movie “Crimson Peak,” but some sources said battles over a rewrite and the actor’s doubts about the part may have had to do with his exit.

Dornan played Sheriff Graham Humbert in ABC series “Once Upon a Time,” as a serial killer in BBC Two crime drama “The Fall” and was in Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette.” The 31-year old thesp performs in an Irish folk duo and has modeled for Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Armani. His modeling experience may be useful, as the part will require him to act in explicitly sexual scenes.

Michael De Luca is on to produce the adaptation of E.L. James’ sexy bestseller, which is set to bow Aug. 1, 2014.

Source: http://variety.com/2013/film/news/jaimie-dornan-christian-grey-fifty-shades-of-grey-1200748632/

tbh, I've never even read the books. I just liked the eyecandy that is Jamie lol
moving rolling

Maggie Gyllenhaal, John Cusack, Wil Wheaton warn against NSA mass surveillance

StopWatching.us Coalition Releases Video to Support Oct. 26 Rally Against NSA Mass Surveillance

US Rep. John Conyers Jr., “Pentagon Papers” whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and actor Maggie Gyllenhaal join a chorus of prominent voices calling for an end to mass suspicionless surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) in a new short video released by the StopWatching.us coalition. Directed by Brian Knappenberger (We Are Legion: The Story of the Hackivists) and produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the PSA-style video draws parallels between the privacy invasions perpetrated by the Nixon administration and the dragnet telecommunications data collection confirmed this summer by whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Previously John Cusack also wrote an article on NSA in the Guardian in September
alex; whatever idek 2

50 Cent's leaked failed audition for American Gangster and 10 (4) other unlucky Hollywood auditions

The world is a cruel place and it looks as if Hollywood might be the epicentre of cruelty. The Internet has been happily watching and cringing at 50 Cent's just leaked audition tape for American Gangster. Rightly so, mind.

To make him feel less awkward, here's his audition in full along with 10 other failed auditions, some of which aren't actually that bad...

50 Cent - American Gangster

Year: 2007
Who actually got the part: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Okay so the term "famous actor" might not apply to Curtis Jackson but he's cropped up in a surprising amount of movies since Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. One he didn't manage to star in however was Ridley Scott's gangster drama and after seeing this video, you can probably see why...

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rest @ source

The 10 (5) Best Rappers of the '90s

It’s fashionable to say that the ‘90s were better, especially when it comes to rap. Here at Complex, we often go out of our way to catalog and defend the contemporary era because hey, we got now and we don’t care who got next. There’s no denying that the '90s yielded a huge amount of top-shelf rap music. But there’s nothing more dangerous than being blinded by nostalgia.

This sentiment was best explained in Woody Allen’s 2011 comedy Midnight In Paris when one character said, “Nostalgia is denial—denial of the painful present...the name for this denial is 'golden age thinking'—the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one ones living in. It's a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.”

Maybe that’s why many millennials fetishize the '90s, pretending as if Saved By The Bell and Full House were actually good shows. (Try watching them today, they’re downright awful.) That same logic applies to rap listeners who are quick to point to classics like Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle but forget clunkers like its follow-up, Doggfather.

Still, the '90s really were a golden age for rap. In the early part of the decade, the genre was ushering in its platinum era. By the end of the decade, it was a full-on commercial monster, a dominant force, the dominant force, in pop music, in all of youth culture worldwide. Maybe '90s rappers weren’t as revolutionary as their '80s counterparts—the forefathers who laid the groundwork for hip-hop. But the '90s rappers matured the form, modernizing rap to the style that’s still prevalent today. Though the era was marred by controversy, violence, arrests, coastal rivalries, and finally tragedy, the '90s stand as the heyday of the greatest, most impactful, influential artists rap has ever produced.
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5 more at the source
fav rappers, album, songs?

Pauly D In A Custody War With Baby Mama; Says She’s Unfit And He Wants Full Custody

Just yesterday Pauly D announced he was the proud papa of a five-month-old girl. The mama of whom is a one night stand Vegas hookup!

The baby mama in question is named Amanda Markert according to TMZ. She's a Hooters waitress who also has another kid. And therein lies the problem – the former Jersey Shore star claims the 25-year-old Amanda is using him for money and he wants custody of daughter Amabella. Pauly believes that Amanda is unfit based on both her occupation and her double single mother status!

Both Pauly and Amanda have filed court docs against each other filing for custody. Pauly has reportedly never met his daughter, but DNA tests confirm he is definitely the father – and he's looking for FULL custody. Amanda is of course also seeking full custody, plus demanding child support. Sources say Pauly is not contesting support as he wants to take care of his daughter, but he also wants a relationship with her. That's sweet.

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Source: RealityTea
adrien sahores

Coco Rocha announces child model protection law

Coco Rocha teared up as she announced a new law to protect underage models in New York.

The supermodel was overcome with emotion during a press conference held at designer Nicole Miller's store in SoHo on Tuesday, when she unveiled legislation plans - passed by the State Senate and Assembly - which promise to end childhood exploitation in the fashion industry.

A visibly emotional Coco said: "For the large army of minor models in New York, we are changing so many lives today. Having once been a child model myself, I know all too well that, until now, underage models have worked with very few legal protections in New York. The fashion industry's attempts at self-regulation have not been enough to ensure a safe working environment across the board for its minor models."

The new state law was championed by The Model Alliance, a non-profit organization advocating for model rights since its launch in February 2012.

The law now qualifies models up to the age of 18 as employees in the eyes of the law, giving them access to basic protections such as minimum wage, mandatory breaks, compensation for injuries and protection from sexual harassment for the first time. Girls under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by a chaperone on set to monitor risky shoots, and better access to education will be enforced.

  • nene718

Condé Nast kills internship program

Internship programs have proven to be a touchy subject for magazine publishing giant Condé Nast in the last few years, but that will not be the case beginning next year.

Condé Nast - one of the nation's largest magazine publishers and home to Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour - is stripping its internship program all together starting in 2014, according to Women's Wear Daily.

The discontinuation comes after two lawsuits, filed by former interns, who claimed the media company failed to pay them minimum wage at their internships in 2009 and 2010.
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fuck unpaid internships. i did an internship the only year it was unpaid (because of the recession). forever bitter.
Pretty Tom (smile)

Angel Haze releases her own version of Same Love

You may not be familiar with Angel Haze, but you will be after this. She has been doing freestyles over hip hop songs as part of her new #30GOLD campaign, which is leading up to the January release of her debut studio album Dirty Gold. Previously she flowed over Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” and Jay Z’s “Tom Ford.” Most recently she covered Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.”

So why is this important? Three reasons:

1) She takes the song back for LGBT people everywhere, and
2) She takes it back for herself, using it as a moment to talk about her own coming out struggle when she was a teenager.
3) She comes out with her rendition of the song, which is amazing considering that she has very little company now being an out queer woman rapper of color.

Collapse )

Thoughts? As a QWoC I'm glad to see her version getting so much attention.


Madonna To Open Hard Candy Gym In Toronto.

The Material Girl has already opened a number of gyms across the globe.

Madge, the Material Girl, Queen of Pop… whatever you call her, Madonna's got the body to back up her chain of gyms, Hard Candy Fitness, one of which is opening at the end of the month in Toronto.

With locations in Rome, Sydney, Santiago, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Berlin, a Global News article has revealed that the new 42,000-square-foot gym will open its doors on October 31st inside the Shops at Aura on Yonge Street at Gerrard Street. A publicist also told the news outlet that Madonna would likely make an appearance at the new entity in the coming weeks. Madonna owns the chain of gyms with Guy Oseary, her manager, along with Mark Mastrov, the founder and CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. Their signature workout "Addicted to Sweat" was recently given at a Berlin Hard Candy Fitness by Madonna herself.

The full-service Toronto gym will also have saunas and steam rooms, a custom juice bar, and a rooftop terrace.

Her global empire keeps growing!
King K

Eva Mendes to free herself from Ryan Gosling?

It has been reported that Eva Mendes is considering breaking things off from Ryan Gosling.

The Hitch actress has reportedly been meeting up with Peruvian filmmaker and ex-boyfriend George Augusto and has confided details of her relationship with Ryan to him. “Augusto seems to think that Eva’s done with Ryan – he claims it’s just a matter of time before she dumps him officially,” a source revealed.

“She’s been crying on his shoulder about her problems with Ryan wanting to settle down – and as a result Eva and George have become close again.”

Oddly, George lived next door to her for the next year and he still has a stake in their company. Doesn’t sound all that healthy…

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yesss can't keep a strong woman down

Rihanna changed Pour It Up lyrics to "All I see is Palestine" in Tel Aviv concert

Singer Rihanna performed a concert in Tel Aviv on Monday night, shunning the decision made by other artists not to perform in Israel due to pressure from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. But she never mentioned the word “Israel” during her concert, calling out only Tel Aviv and “Palestine.”

Rihanna substituted a song's lyrics to mention Palestine at a Tel Aviv concert Tuesday.
Fifty-thousand spectators gathered to listen to Rihanna perform at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv as part of her Diamond World Tour. Prior to the concert, Rihanna was photographed dipping in the Dead Sea.

“Tel Aviv, thank you for making tonight super-duper special! I will never, ever forget this night. I hope I will see you soon,” the singer said, Haaretz reported.

While performing the song “Pour it Up,” instead of singing the lyric, “All I see is signs / All I see is dollar signs,” Rihanna substituted “All I see is Palestine.”