October 20th, 2013

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Paula Abdul Joins 'So You Think You Can Dance Australia'

The controversial singer and reality TV personality, who made global headlines for her crazy antics in the early seasons of American Idol, leads a brand new panel of SYTYCD, after Ten cleared the decks of the popular series it shelved four years ago.

The Project's Carrie Bickmore will host a youthful reinvention of the Shine production, while Abdul joins Aussie ballroom king Jason Gilkison, hot choreographer Shannon Holtzapffel and Tap Dogs star Aaron Cash in the all new judging line-up.

For Bickmore, it's a chance to reconnect with her little known dance pedigree, revealing she was on track to study ballet at West Australia's Academy of Performing Arts before detouring to journalism and a Logie-winning career in broadcast TV.

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‘Catching Fire’s’ Amanda Plummer to make trouble on ‘Hannibal’ season 2

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress Amanda Plummer will be stirring up trouble on Hannibal season 2.

When she is finished in the Arena, Amanda Plummer will be heading over to NBC for some serial killer fun. Plummer, who plays District 3 tribute Wiress in Catching Fire, will be causing some trouble on Hannibal next season.

Plummer is set to play Katherine Pimms, a hippie=chic acupuncturist who will be stirring up trouble on the fourth episode of season 2. The question is – will it be trouble for the FBI, for Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), or for Dr Lecter (Mad Mikklesen) himself? After all, we know what happens to rude people when Hannibal is around.

In addition to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Plummer does voice work on Phineas and Ferb, and will appear in the upcoming Strangely in Love. She is a Tony award-winning stage actress, both on and off Broadway.


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A Princess for CW's Oliver Queen

So cute!

Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, 32, showed off an adorable photo of him with his newborn daughter on his Facebook page Saturday.

Holding his bundled baby (born Tuesday), the CW actor points to a hospital TV with his free arm, while the caption reads: “She came just in time for Amell Wednesdays.”

Naming his daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell, the star and his family are “happy and healthy,” according to a statement given to Just Jared.

Shortly after news broke in June that Stephen’s wife, Cassandra Jean was pregnant , he said, “I’m excited – no I’m not excited, I’m very excited! I’m sure that nervous energy will accompany that eventually, but only in a positive way.”


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Songwriter Spends Thousands of Dollars on Surgeries to Become Justin Bieber

An L.A. songwriter with a fear of aging and a love of thick forehead bangs spent his life's savings transforming into a Ripley's wax statue version of his idol, Justin Bieber.

Five years and nearly $100,000 later, 33-year-old Toby Sheldon says his friends "even call me Toby Bieber."

Sheldon has undergone several cosmetic procedures, including hair transplants, Aquamid injections, and most recently, a controversial surgery and waking life nightmare known as "smile surgery." Sheldon said the smile surgery alone cost $15,000 and took over a month to recover from.

For his next trick, Sheldon will likely spend thousands on turning his tabby cat into an exact replica of Bieber's abandoned capuchin monkey.


Elyse Walker Presents The Pink Party 2013

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Host Anne Hathaway attends Elyse Walker Presents The Pink Party 2013 hosted by Anne Hathaway at Barker Hangar on October 19, 2013 in Santa Monica, California.

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Vanilla Ice: Madonna disguised herself as an old lady during our dates

Vanilla Ice recalls how he and former flame Madonna disguised themselves on dates.
The 45-year-old rapper says he and the 55-year-old Material Girl share many romantic memories together.
Vanilla recalls how the pair would camouflage themselves on incognito movie dates.

“Like, we would go to movies. We had disguises. I had a moustache and a hat with hair coming down and she would go as an old lady,” he told British newspaper the Sunday People.
“And we would walk in and the bodyguards would [be] like 20ft behind. Y’know, kinda lookin’ just like we’re nobody. And just walk in and go and see our movie and just have a good, normal... we’d do dinner that way and nobody would ever recognise us. It was the greatest.”

Although Madonna has been an international sex symbol for decades, Vanilla claims their romance was quite ordinary.
“We had great times. You take away the fame and everything and you got two people who just basically had a normal relationship,” he explained.
“And I wish I could tell you more about it and throw some fireworks in there or something but it was kinda cool.”

Madonna has been dating French dancer Brahim Zaibat since 2011.
Brahim has spoken previously of the challenges he faces as the superstar’s partner.
"Being her boyfriend is a handicap as well as an advantage,” he told Gala France.
“Sometimes, it is difficult to know if people want to see me or her..."

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Taraji P. Henson talks about Carter's big Season 3 storyline on "PERSON OF INTEREST"

Person of Interest's Executive Producer Greg Plageman and co-star Taraji P. Henson discuss bringing in new viewers, Carter's moral code, how characters can inspire a story, bad guys you love to hate, and some upcoming important flashbacks during Season 3. Interview was conducted at New York Comic-Con on October 13, 2013.

Source: http://youtu.be/gJWvPYn9c0E

Carter's storyline is my favorite this season. I can't wait for her take down the Russian mafia and the corrupt cops.
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Dannii Minogue in talks to return to X Factor UK

Simon Cowell is already rumoured to be making a dramatic return to the UK version of the show next year and now it looks like Aussie Dannii could be too.

Dannii is due to fly to the UK in the next month to film an ITV special for Boyzone’s 20th anniversary.

And while she’s over here, she’s expecting to head to meetings with X Factor bosses after impressing them so much with her stint on the Australian version of the show. (lol wut)

Dannii was a judge on The X Factor UK for four years, leaving in 2010 after Cowell failed to renew her contract.

But this could be the start of reinstating the old X Factor panel, as while Cowell is set to replace head judge Gary Barlow – who revealed this is his last year on the show last week – Louis Walsh is also said to be in two minds about leaving now.

It would mean they only need to secure Cheryl Cole again, who also left the show in 2010, to have the same line-up as three series ago.

However, X Factor bosses’ plan could hit a brick wall as Dannii was said to be less than impressed when Si revealed their 2007 affair in his autobiography. And Cheryl wasn’t too pleased when he sacked her from the US X Factor in 2011 either.


Box Office Disaster: Benedict Cumberbatch's 'The Fifth Estate' has worst debut of 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch knows he has a rabid fan base of Tumblr-obsessed fans. When asked whether he was worried that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might attack his new drama The Fifth Estate, in which he plays the infamous hacker, Cumberbatch kept his cool: “The Cumberitches have got my back,” he told EW.

But, as it turns out, the Cumberbitches didn’t have his back this weekend — at least not at the box office. The Fifth Estate bombed in its opening weekend with a truly awful $1.7 million from 1,769 theaters, making it the worst debut for a film opening in at least 1,500 theaters this year. (Sorry, Paranoia!) The film, which cost Disney a reported $26 million to produce, earned tepid reviews from critics and could only manage an anemic $969 location average.

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Selena Gomez throws shade, thinks that class is sexy

Two months ago, Selena Gomez was quoted for saying that 'the most attractive thing' about a woman is confidence. But what does she think is sexy about a person? When talking to her fans before performing her song "Who Says" at the Barclays Center, October 16, she talked about one thing that she thinks is sexy: Class.

Selena Gomez' speech:
"This is my favorite part of touring, it's being able to be with you guys, and thank you. I just wanna thank you for one thing and it's that you trust me. And that means so much to me. You trust me, the girls my age trust me, the parents trust me, the kids trust me. You guys trust me and I don't take advantage of that, thank you so much. I have to say that you guys are so honest with me, that you share everything that you go through. And I kinda feel that it's the same thing that you guys deal with. All of these people that are telling you how to live your life or how good you are or... you know, people tell me all the time that I am not sexy enough or I'm not cool enough. Or I would be cool if I did this. But can I say one thing? One thing that I think is sexy is class (*pause*). And there is nothing wrong with that. You guys are beautiful each and every one of you exactly how you are. Don't let anybody tell you that, no one. (*pause*) All these people, who really says that? (*starts singing Who Says*)".

LOL this bitch...
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Drake Cancels Philadelphia Show on Second Night of Tour

Before Drake's Would You Like A Tour? even kicked off in Pittsburgh, the rapper had already fired supporting act Future, only to make up with him. The show's second stop in Philadelphia last night came with more drama, this time in the form of a sudden cancellation over "an unexpected technical issue."

According to Rolling Stone, the plug wasn’t pulled until an hour after the show was scheduled to start. Philly.com reports that "fans had already entered the Wells Fargo Center when they were notified that Drake would not be performing that night."

Also left out of the loop was opener Miguel, who tweeted his surprise at 8:35 p.m. "Man, just found out, unfortunately tonight's show in Philly is cancelled. Can't wait to find out the rescheduled date and come back and rock."
and then went on to play a "make-up set" with his band at another location in the city. A statement from the venue said tickets for Saturday's performance will be honored on Wednesday, December 18 — the show’s new date. Drake is set to play Montreal tomorrow. Third time's a charm.


MTV renews 'The Challenge' for another season

Get ready for another season of fighting, hook-ups, and most of all: challenges.

MTV has renewed its long-running reality competition series "The Challenge" for a 25th season, Zap2it confirms. The new season of the "Real World" spinoff series will shoot this fall in an undisclosed location and air next year, presumably after "The Real World's" current season -- filming in San Francisco -- ends in order to add new cast members *

"The Challenge" takes former "Real World" cast members and pits them against each other in a series of physical and mental competitions for the cash prize. Each season has had a theme, including "Battle of the Exes," "Battle of the Seasons," and this past season, "Rivals."

The latest season, "The Challenge: Rivals 2," took place in Thailand and ended with fan-favorite veteran "Challenge" cast members CT and Wes winning for the boys and Paula and Emily winning for the girls.


*They're already shooting, so this RW season won't be on this challenge.

Who's excited?

Hocus Pocus: I Put a Spell on You

New Posters and Trailer for 47 Ronin

I love everyone in this bar

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From ancient Japan's most enduring tale, the epic 3D fantasy-adventure 47 Ronin is born. Keanu Reeves leads the cast as Kai, an outcast who joins Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada; The Wolverine), the leader of the 47 Ronin. Together they seek vengeance upon the treacherous overlord who killed their master and banished their kind. To restore honor to their homeland, the warriors embark upon a quest that challenges them with a series of trials that would destroy ordinary warriors.

47 Ronin marks the feature debut of director Carl Rinsch and also stars Ko Shibasaki (One Missed Call), Tadanobu Asano (Thor: The Dark World) and Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim). The film is set for a North American release on Christmas Day and opens in the UK on Boxing Day.


Looks insane. Hft tbh
{magnolia} but it did happen

Morrissey says he is "not homosexual"

Earlier this week, Morrissey released his long-anticipated Autobiography via Penguin Classics. One section obliquely describes the singer’s intimate “whirlwind” relationship with Jake Owen Walters. Via The Guardian:

“Jake and I neither sought not needed company other than our own for the whirlwind stretch to come,” he writes. “Indulgently Jake and I test how far each of us can go before ‘being dwelt in’ causes cries of intolerable struggle, but our closeness transcends such visitations.”

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I tagged with 'coming out' since this is the first time he's really discussed his sexuality.
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Cheryl Cole and Kimberly Walsh out in London + 'The Promise' turns FIVE

Best mates Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh stepped out for a slap-up meal at Zuma in London's Knightsbridge on Saturday night.

The lovely ladies were chatting away as they left the restaurant, though Cheryl was intent on her hiding her mouth from public view - apparently because she's just had her teeth whitened.

The Geordie lass wore a cream top, sexy blue leather trousers and black strappy shoes, while blonde singer Kimberley looked elegant in a black jumpsuit.

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'The Promise' Turns FIVE

On October 20, 2008 'The Promise' was released, becoming their fourth #1 single and 19th consecutive top ten hit. The song later went on to win the 2009 Brit Award for Best British Single.

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Another movie for Christina Aguilera

Christina is Quentin Tarantino's new muse
Quentin Tarantino has reportedly been "hitting up" Christina Aguilera with constant work opportunities.

The film director is long known to have considered Uma Thurman, who starred in his Kill Bill franchise, as his muse. It seems he is now ready to move on and is adamant Christina is his biggest source of inspiration. He apparently became particularly interested in her after she showed off her slimmer frame a few months ago.

"He's been hitting her up with e-mails and scripts for movies, plus calling her loads and even writing her letters," an insider told Heat magazine.

The 32-year-old singer is no stranger to the big screen having starred alongside Cher in 2010's Burlesque. Although she would love to revisit movies, she is said to be questioning Quentin's motives.

"Christina doesn't want to offend him and she's open to more acting opportunities. But she's worried that he may have a crush on her, so at this point it's gotten kind of creepy," the source explained.

Top of Christina's list of concerns is said to be the way the film director wants to discuss future projects.

"Quentin doesn't seem to care. He has all these projects he wants to discuss with her, but when she asks him to come to her office, he suggests dinner. Christina would love to be Tarantino's muse, but she is not going to bother if it comes with strings attached," the insider explained.


13 (5) Rappers Who Think They're The Best

When Eminem released his latest hit "Rap God" earlier this week, it wasn't the first time a rapper referred to himself as a religious figure.
Kanye West's latest album is titled "Yeezus," a combination of his nickname Yeezy and Jesus, while Jay Z fondly refers to himself as Hova, short for Jehovah.

Some rap artists throw their egos into their lyrics, too, with a few going so far as to write an entire song about their superiority (ahem, Lil Wayne).

Though the "best rapper award" is almost definitely a matter of opinion, many of today's hottest rappers have already claimed their greatness.

Jay Z refers to himself as the best rapper alive in his 2003 hit "Dirt Off Your Shoulder."

Lyrics: "I drop that Black Album then I back out it/As the best rapper alive, n— ask about me."

Jay Z has been rapping for almost two decades, and with 17 Grammys under his belt, it's safe to say he is one of the best in the industry. And he's the first to admit it — the man does call himself Hov (short for Jehovah).

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More at the source
who ya favs, who ya hate?
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Liam Payne flexes his muscles and shows us just how he gets his toned physique!

Liam Payne appears to be a big fan of showing off his increasingly toned physique lately.

If the One Direction star isn't hanging around on his hotel balcony simply looking hot without a shirt on, he's topless and out hunting for his underwear which was stolen by a fan while almost flashing his bits to the world.

This is a trend we would like to continue to see (the nakedness, not the stealing of pants) but in the meantime we'll have to make do with some snaps of the luscious Liam showing us how he gets his buffed up bod.

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Steve McQueen: I'm here because my family went through slavery

Steve McQueen's new film 12 Years a Slave does not spare viewers from the brutal, disgusting reality of slavery and the director has no apologies. "My responsibility is this: either I'm making a film about slavery or I'm not. It was mental and physical torture … and people have to remember why I as an individual am sitting here today – I'm here because members of my family went through slavery. Fact."

McQueen was speaking before its European premiere as part of the BFI London film festival while at the same time it was going on release in the US to rapturous reviews.

It is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, who lived a decent, free life in Saratoga Springs near New York until he was duped and kidnapped and transported south to be a plantation slave.

It is often a beautiful and uplifting film but does not flinch from showing the breathtaking cruelty of the slavers. The indignities, beatings and whippings are almost unbearable to watch and will stay with people for a long time.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, like McQueen London-born, gives a blazing performance as Northup. Asked a question about whether he had any concerns about some of the scenes he said: "You can't tell a story about slavery unless you tell it."

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Rider Strong marries girlfriend Alexandra Barreto

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shawn Hunter is hitched! Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto, his rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. The newlyweds said "I do" in Oregon at 3:30 p.m. PST on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Strong, 33, and actress Barreto celebrated in a camp-themed weekend and will have all of their guests sleep in bunks after the ceremony. They will also try out a ropes course, games and a talent show. "Let's hope it doesn't rain too much," the actor joked before the bash. The guests also feasted on an ice cream cart by Ruby Jewel instead of a traditional wedding cake.

The blushing new bride wore a Nicole Miller wedding gown for the special day, while Strong wore a Rag & Bone suit. The bridesmaids wore handmade skirts by Anjou Clothing on Etsy with their own chambray shirt, brown belt and boots.

The newlyweds were feted by close family and friends for the big occasion, including famous pals like The Following's Natalie Zea and Scrubs' Travis Schuldt. Unfortunately, costar Danielle Fishel was unable to attend, as she just tied the knot herself with boyfriend Tim Belusko Saturday.

"Bad news: Danielle Fishel's getting married this same weekend, so I'm missing some of my Boy Meets World family (that was my fault, she chose the date first)," Rider explained to Us.

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'Queer Eye' 10 Years Later: The Fab Five's 'Make-Better' Legacy

When Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered in 2003, it was an instant hit. With the premise of five openly gay style experts hijacking a schlubby straight dude to give his lifestyle a reboot, the show was as entertaining as it was helpful. What wasn’t there to like about Ted, Carson, Thom, Kyan, and Jai? They were funny, they had chemistry, and they gave straight women everywhere the hope that their cavemen could be transformed using a few “hip tips.”

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The Queer Eye reunion premieres tonight (Oct 20th 2013) at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

I loved this show even though I was like 11 when it came out. Jai is hot!
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Marilyn Manson Joining 'Once Upon a Time' Cast

Once Upon a Time's journey into the dark recesses of Neverland has gotten pretty scary already, what with an evil Peter Pan running around. Now it's about to get a whole lot creepier: ABC has confirmed exclusively to Rolling Stone that rocker Marilyn Manson will be joining the cast of the show in November. Manson will voice Shadow, a character whose voice will give life to the very essence of Neverland.

"We've always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson," show creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told Rolling Stone. "We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl."

This season on Once Upon a Time follows Emma, Rumpelstiltskin, Regina, Captain Hook and the rest of the Fairytale Avengers in Neverland as they look for Henry while battling the evil Peter Pan. The Shadow has appeared a few times already this season, and he's not quite the mischievous, fun-loving character who appeared in the classic Peter Pan tales. This version of Shadow is more interested in kidnapping and soul-stealing – and with Manson's voice added to the mix, he should become a skin-crawling part of Neverland.


Rihanna sparks outrage again with her outfit...and this time she's fully clothed

She’s used to causing controversy with her racy music videos, but even dressed head-to-toe in a hooded black jumpsuit Rihanna has managed to provoke outrage.

The 25-year-old "Diamonds" singer posted images on her Instagram account showing her posing at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in UAE, where she is currently on tour.

Despite a very conscious effort to tone down her usual attention-grabbing-garb, she is seen sporting crimson lipstick and wearing dark red fingernails while adopting a series of trademark sultry, pouting poses that some have deemed "disrespectful" for a place of worship. Her followers on Twitter couldn't decide whether to condemn the pictures or enjoy them.

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Kanye West's Yeezus Tour Merch Isn't What You Expected

Kanye West's Yeezus Tour just kicked off, and while everyone is taking in the insane performances, we're most shocked by the T-shirts and merch that were made for the tour.

Instead of Kanye producing T-shirts that were similar to Givenchy designs or simply stating the tour stops, the tees visit themes from '80s heavy metal albums and even display imagery of Confederate flags. The "Yeezus" design is inspired by Metallica's iconic band logo, but there's also a T-shirt with a skeleton complete in a Native American headdress and traditional garments with the text "God Wants You."

There's been no word of the Been Trill x Yeezus longsleeve T-shirts that we saw Khloe Kardashian wear late last month.

The Yeezus album took on darker and more politically-motivated themes than Kanye's previous work, and these shirts could be related to Kanye's declarative anthem, "New Slaves." Instead of giving his fans something they can rock to say, "Hey, I went to the concert," the shirts are definitive statements themselves.

We imagine you're itching to see Kanye live, but expect lively discussion as you pass the merch table before you take your seats.
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Bond star Ben Whishaw's new mission is to play Freddie Mercury

James Bond star Ben Whishaw is to play Freddie Mercury in a forthcoming movie about the flamboyant Queen star.

Whishaw’s casting ends months of speculation that has raged since Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen pulled out of the role in July.
Queen drummer Roger Taylor added further intrigue in a TV interview on Friday when he said that an actor with the initials ‘BW’ was the frontrunner.

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Daily Fail source


Miguel Plays Epic Impromptu Show After Drake Cancels Philly Show Last Minute

Miguel delivered a surprise performance to less than 100 people at Ortlieb’s.

Drake canceled his concert in Philadelphia last night, pulling the plug an hour after the show was scheduled to start. Philly.com reports that fans had already entered the Wells Fargo Center when they were notified that Drake would not be performing that night.

A spokesperson for the venue issued a statement explaining the last-minute change: “Due to the elaborate nature of tonight’s show and an unexpected technical issue, Drake’s ‘Would You Like A Tour’ concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed until Wednesday, December 18th.” The tickets for Saturday’s performance will be honored for the new date.

Miguel took a bad situation and made it awesome by deciding to host a last minute impromptu surprise show at Ortlieb’s Lounge. It might not have been 19k people, but the 100+ packed into Ortlieb’s famously intimate venue made for quite a memorable performance. And by intimate we’re talking about fans tying Miguel’s shoe onstage, kiss fans on the cheek, and some dances with the crowd. The young star stayed to meet and drink with every last fan till Ortlieb’s shut things down.

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Thor's Natalie Portman: London rivals Hollywood


The actor Natalie Portman has praised the "incredible" diversity that London offers film-makers and hinted that the UK may even trump Hollywood as a location for film production.

At a press conference in London ahead of the world premiere in Leicester Square of superhero movie Thor: the Dark World, Portman said it was hard to compare London with the traditional California home of film because "we don't really shoot in Hollywood at all". She added: "I love working here, though, and I'm envious of British actors and British crews, because American and Australian actors, we end up like Gypsies, moving cities all the time."

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Hocus Pocus: I Put a Spell on You

Ripper Street series 2 trailer

"Good men may go bad"

Reid, Drake, and Jackson are back on BBC One on Monday the 28th of October, to wipe clean the streets of late-nineteenth century Whitechapel (or, you know, sweep them up a wee bit).

Here's a swaggering trailer for Ripper Street's second run set to the beefy sound of Kanye West's Black Skinhead. It's full of hats, serious-looking men, and, new for this series, Being Human's Damien Molony, in uncharacteristic possession of a shirt...(he better conveniently lose that shirt)


about damn time tbh and ~hello Lord Hal