October 13th, 2013

HDD/Billboard: Justin Falls 80%, Miley Set To Debut #1

YOUR TOP 15: Two-thirds of next week's Top 15 could be debuts, but all eyes are on Miley. Meanwhile, look for a strong second-week showing by Lorde. Here's how it looks headed into the weekend:

*Miley Cyrus (RCA) 250-270k
*Panic! at the Disco (Fueled by Ramen) 95-100k
Drake (Young Money/Cash Money/Republic) 80-85k
*Pusha T (Def Jam/IDJ) 70-75k
Justin Timberlake (RCA) 70-75k
Lorde (Lava/Republic) 60-65k
*Cassadee Pope (Republic Nashville) 40-45k
*Korn (Prospect Park) 40-45k
*Alter Bridge (Alter Bridge) 30-35k
Glee Cast, The Quarterback (Columbia) 30-35k
*Mayday Parade (Fearless) 27-30k
Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 25-28k
Cher (Warner Bros.) 24-27k
*Prince Royce (Sony Music Latin) 17-20k
*Amos Lee (Blue Note) 17-20k
*Cage the Elephant (RCA) 15-18k

On next week's Billboard 200 albums chart, Miley Cyrus is set for a No. 1 debut with "Bangerz," while rapper Pusha T and rock act Panic! at the Disco are on course for top five bows with their latest efforts.

As earlier reported, Cyrus' new studio album "Bangerz" should easily arrive atop the chart, with over 250,000 sold by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, Oct. 13. It may finish the week with perhaps 265,000, so say industry forecasters.

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I guess it's better than nothing: Elizabeth I to appear in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special

Joanna Page appeared on ITV’s Loose Women and confirmed that she will be playing Queen Elizabeth I in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special: The Day Of The Doctor. She also spoke about what it was like working on the show so soon after giving birth and reveals she rides a horse with Tennant in sometime during the episode.

I have a theory, and i think Moffat is a SOB enough to go into the anniversary without releasing a trailer or any scene at all, just those horrible teasers of #SaveTheDate. I need that trailer sfm.


Lorde Disses One Direction (not really, it was a hoax)

Lorde's "Royals" is definitely topping the Billboard charts and beating a few strong opponents such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. By the looks of it, the fame and glory has got to Lorde's head that she's been dissing one celebrity to the next. Last week it was Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, now Lorde has a few words for One Direction.

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OP note: Wasn't she just at a 1D concert though?
OP note2: Nevermind, apparently the 1D quote is fake! http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/9278047/Lorde-The-weirdest-lil-goth-at-One-Direction-concert


Pharrell Is Married!

Pharrell Williams is one lucky guy! The Grammy award-winning record producer tied the knot with his girlfriend model Helen Lasichanh on Saturday, Oct. 12, Us Weekly can confirm. The "Get Lucky" singer and his new bride exchanged vows in Miami, Fla.

The newlyweds were feted by several famous pals, including Usher and Busta Rhymes. "Usher and Busta Rhymes did a mini concert at the wedding," a source revealed to Us. "It was so fun. The little concert was amazing. It [was] the most fun wedding I've ever been to."

"Of course they're playing some of [Williams'] hits tonight," another insider added.

Williams and Lasichanh are already parents to their 4-year-old-son Rocket. "[He's the] best song that I've ever co-written," the fashion designer said about his baby boy to TODAY show host Savannah Guthrie in August. "It's awesome," he said of his family. "I can't tell anyone what to do. I can't give anyone relationship advice. But the bestie thing is awesome. Every night is like a sleepover."


I always thought of him as the George Clooney type that would never settle down.  She's kind of a fashion hot mess so I'm curious what her dress looked like.

It's a Britney Megapost, Bitch!


Britney called in Saturday Night Online to talk about the new album and its title, Celine Dion, and being such an icon!


Britney also tweeted about her upcoming promo trip in England and confirmed her appearance on BBC 1 Radio!

  1. UK!! I'm so excited to come visit London next week! Looking forward to seeing a few of my favorite peeps :)

  2. And if that wasn't enough - @britneyspears will be LIVE in the studio next Wednesday! <3 pic.twitter.com/pHWZVBc8RT

    Retweeted by Britney Spears

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Kim Kardashian's Low-Cut Dress Displays Her Famous Figure

Four months after baby, Kim Kardashian's famous figure is back.

The new mom, who welcomed daughter North West on June 15, rocked a form-fitting, low-cut grey dress as she visited the DASH store in West Hollywood with sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on Oct. 11. Kim accessorized her look with simple jewelry and beige suede heels.

Later that day, she donned the same outfit as she enjoyed a dinner date with Kanye West.

The 32-year-old has been sporting some sexy looks lately, opting for plunging necklines, oversized coats and clingy maxi dresses. Maybe blondes do have more fun!

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I also found some of the pics on tumblr.

E! News Reports Dianna Agron didn't ask to come back for Cory Episode


How It Was Determined Who Was In It: Despite ugly rumors that Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy did not want Dianna Agron (Quinn) to be involved in the tribute, we are told by multiple sources that it all came down to scheduling and timing. Agron simply wasn't available when the episode was shooting, and because of that, she did not ask to come back, as some of the others did. "When you write something like that," Ryan Murphy said of the episode, "there's no right way to do it. So we wrote it. We put people who were under contract to the show in it. And a lot of the actors contacted me and said, I just loved him so much can I just please be a part of it? So we put those people in." A show insider points out that Dianna attended Cory's funeral and is still "very much a part of the Glee family and remains friends with the cast."

(Snipped from this E! Article) http://www.eonline.com/news/468549/glee-s-cory-monteith-tribute-everything-you-need-to-know?cmpid=eonline-twitter&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_topstories&dlvrit=48939
dog winter

James Franco DaVinci on his adaptation of 'As I Lay Dying': 'I'm not out to bore anyone'

William Faulkner is notoriously hard to read, the bane of many a high school sophomore’s existence. But James Franco wasn’t one of them. “I’ve been a huge fan of Faulker’s works since I was in high school and my dad turned me on to his books,” Franco tells EW.

And many years later, he’s now turned As I Lay Dying, Faulker’s 1930 tale of a woman who dies and her body is taken to the city to be buried, into a film that uses a split-screen technique to tell the narrative from various characters’ points of view. Franco spoke with EW about his experience making the film, his choices in casting — including Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride, and how making comedies with Seth Rogen helped inform his filmmaking , even in creating a serious drama.

Why Faulker?
As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury were some of the first books I read when I started getting very serious about literature. So at that time it just kind of spoke to me. Even though they were characters living in the early 20th century in Mississippi, for some reason I think I emotionally identified with some of the characters at that time. The other thing I loved and still do love about Faulkner is he created this fictional county and placed most of his best books there; the books are all connected by this fictional place that he created and I love being able to enter an imaginary world that way.

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source. Support AS I LAY DYING this weekend and it will go to more cities next week!

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at the X-Files 20th anniversary panel at Paley

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson hit the red carpet at the X Files 20th Anniversary Panel held at the Paley Center for Media on Saturday evening (October 12) in New York City.

The actors did a special Reddit AMA the day before and fueled rumors for a third X Files film.

“I think Chris Carter is working on a script,” David said. “Chris is shooting a pilot right now, so he might not be working on a script, but he claims to be working on a script, and if he does do that and Fox wants to make it … Gillian will do it, I will do it, so start your writing campaign now. Seriously. We’d all love to do it. The ball is in Fox’s hands. And not Fox Mulder, Fox the studio.

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veronique 2

Water and Power

Tom Hanks's surprising, subversive new thriller, Captain Phillips

(…) Captain Phillips is actually based on two true stories: the catastrophe Phillips documented in his book A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea and Hollywood's dehumanization of the Third World.

There's every reason to catch the advertisements for this movie and throw up your hands. Tom Hanks versus the bad Africans is so Hollywood it's almost farcical. When the Somalis climb aboard the ship and think they've hit the jackpot, you almost expect them to see Hanks's face and run: We'll never win! But the movie Greengrass has made, from Billy Ray's script, shrewdly frustrates that expectation. He knows he's crafting a thriller about the abduction of Hanks, and that in doing so he's raising the bar high for the movie's humanist challenge. Can he get you to see more than Phillips's peril? Can he get you to understand the Somalis' as well?

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Have you seen the movie ONTD? What did you think of it? And you can read the full, long review of it by Wesley Morris at the source.

Coming Soon To A Store Near You.....Kelis' Sauce & Spice Line "Feast"

Life after Nas must be sweet, now Kelis is launching her cooking sauce called Feast. During her hiatus from music she studied to be a qualified chef (she is a saucier - op) and and has now decided to launch her range of sauces to show off her new skills.

She spoke with NME back in 2012 about the sauces:

Speaking about the sauces: “I love lifestyle stuff, I love housewares. I’m really a homebody, honestly. Anything to do with my kitchen, or my house, I’m all about it. I’m working on a sauce line, so that’s kind of exciting. I’m a saucier.”

sauce, 2

No word on when it hits the shops. Interesting change from the typical celeb fragrance, clothing and make up line.

Lauren Conrad is engaged :)

We've seen Lauren Conrad pull off many a stylish ensemble – and pretty soon, she'll be all dressed in white: The former reality star is set to wed law student William Tell.

"I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend," Conrad, 27, wrote Sunday on her blog, where she also shared a snapshot of her new accessory: a diamond stunner. "I am beyond thrilled!"

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Lexie; Faceless

Charlie Hunnam Dropping Out of Fifty Shades of Grey Role Is "Not a Surprise," Source Says

 photo rs_293x473-130909181034-6342charlie-hunnamls9913_copy_zps3ad4327e.jpg

The news that Charlie Hunnam dropped out as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey came as a shock to many of us. But according to one source, who has not spoken to Hunnam since the announcement, it is not surprising that the hunky actor will not portray the wealthy S&M fetishist.

"This isn't a surprise because what he was taking on with this role was not what Charlie wants in his future career," the source reveals exclusively to E! News.

One possible factor for exiting the coveted role? The attention got to be too much for the hunky Sons of Anarchy star.

"The attention and the pressure was intense," the source explained. "More than anything he hates attention and being in Fifty Shades of Grey would force him to do lots of media. That's really not his thing. Charlie doesn't want to be massively famous. Plus, he hates conforming and being told what to do. This role would force him to have to be something he is not."

The fact that Hunnam even accepted the part as the S&M fetishist came as a "shock," the source said.

"The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam's immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey," Universal Pictures and Focus Features said in a joint statement obtained by E! New.

Hunnam was "all smiles" on Saturday, attending the wedding of celebrity publicist Jennifer Betts.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Closing Night Gala Presentation Of "Her"

Actors Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, and director Spike Jonze attend the Closing Night Gala Presentation Of "Her" during the 51st New York Film Festival at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on October 12, 2013 in New York City.
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Joaquin is so fug.

'Scandal': Guillermo Diaz talks Huck's revelation and his explosive reaction

As Season 3 of "Scandal" continues to prove it'll be just as shocking and thrilling as seasons past, Thursday's (Oct. 10) episode blew fans minds with a handful of flashbacks that illuminated just why Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her father Rowan (Joe Morton) are as dysfunctional as they are, while also further revealing details of Liv and Huck's (Guillermo Diaz) history.

The biggest moment, however, took place in the present when Huck, Liv's ever-dedicated Gladiator, pieced together the reality that his savior is, in fact, the daughter of the B613 baddie who ruined his life. His explosive attack on Liv in the parking garage shocks fans and could possibly break their bond permanently.

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HF Huck v. Rowan.

Lady Gaga Bids $1 Million for 'Horrific' Michael Jackson Head Injury Photos

Pop star Lady Gaga is waging a fierce battle against Michael Jackson's estate to purchase the medical records of his horrific hair injuries.

The file contains graphic pictures of doctors opening Jackson's scalp after the accident during the filming of a Pepsi ad in 1984.

Jackson blamed the injury for starting his drug addiction, which eventually lead to his death at the age of 50 from an overdose of Propofol in 2008.

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Katy Perry .. performs~ on SNL

Katy Perry Performs on 'SNL'


Katy Perry performs her new song “Walking on Air” as her second performance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (October 12) in New York City.

The 28-year-old singer appeared on the program earlier in the night and performed a jungle themed version of her hit single “Roar.”

Katy‘s highly anticipated new album Prism will be hitting stores on October 22!

Watch video of ROAR below the cut

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i mean this bit is literally getting away with murder, what kinda mary katherine gallagher/craft/deep house dish vibe?
the wind, the scarves, the dancers, dressing her band up in costumes i meannnnnnnnn
lets discuss this shit
selina kyle

Downton Abbey 4x04 Review

Why anyone bothers with calendars when Downton Abbey (Sunday, 9pm, ITV) exists is a mystery. Its arrival on the TV schedules signifies the long, dark trudge towards winter better than browning leaves, increased carb intake or disregard for leg-hair maintenance. As we ease into series four, not much has changed in this drama, which is the whole point. It wouldn't wash over you like a nice relaxing dose of smack if it wasn't a cosy pocket of sameness. The Abbey itself is a massive bloody monolith, unmovable by the pace of time, which we're frequently reminded is break-neck, usually with a prophetic pantomime wink to camera.

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tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Prince Charles' siblings left off guest list for royal christening

Kate and William want it to be an 'intimate family affair'

Some senior members of the Royal Family have not been invited to Prince George’s christening this month because his parents want it to be an ‘intimate, family affair’, the Daily Mail has learnt.

Prince William’s aunts, Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, have been left off the guest list, the Mail was told last night. And although Buckingham Palace refused to comment, it seems George’s great-uncles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, are also not attending the hugely anticipated event on October 23.

William and Kate have already chosen to break with recent royal tradition and have their son christened at the Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, because it is smaller and ‘more personal’ than Buckingham Palace.

The full guest list will not be confirmed by Kensington Palace until nearer the day, but it is likely to include great-grandparents the Queen and Prince Philip, and grandparents Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as uncle Prince Harry. Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, sister Pippa and brother James are also due to attend.

Details of the six chosen godparents are also yet to be released, but three of the rumoured names are close friends of the couple: Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Fergus Boyd and Hugh van Cutsem.

Instead of joining the celebrations, the Countess of Wessex, who is married to Prince Edward, will now undertake a day of engagements in the West Country, while Princess Anne is going ahead with an official visit to Canada.

William and Kate have already chosen to break with recent royal tradition and have their son christened at the Chapel Royal in St James's Palace. Prince William, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne were all baptised in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. The Queen was christened in the palace’s private chapel.


british royals proving to be uninteresting flops once again
  • lori22

Exclusive "PERSON OF INTEREST" clip shown at New York Comic-Con

NEW YORK (October 13, 2013) — With the third season of Person Of Interest already building tension, the POI Team might be adjusting to some new faces and cases, but the threats are just as dangerous as ever.  In its return engagement with New York Comic Con, Person Of Interest (Tuesdays 10/9c on CBS) thrilled fans with its cast and producer Q&A, featuring an intense clip from the show’s upcoming 10/22 episode, “PA3ROBOP.”

Appearing in the show’s panel session, POI stars Jim Caviezel (Reese), Taraji P. Henson (Carter), Kevin Chapman (Fusco), Sarah Shahi (Shaw) and Amy Acker (Root) joined executive producer Greg Plageman to take a look under the hood of the Machine and unveil an exclusive, preview clip of footage from the show’s upcoming fifth episode, “PA3ROBOP” which airs on October 22.

The clips features Taraji P. Henson as badass Detective / Officer Joss Carter. She will make you her bitch.

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Seriously, Carter is one of the best female characters on TV.


Just an excuse for a Pokémon Party Post tbh.

Pokemon X and Y tips: Picking starters, versions and the right monsters for you
Which starters should you choose in Pokemon X and Y? Which version of those two games should you actually play? Which new Pokemon should you make sure not to miss?

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post your FCs, ONTD, and we can trade and fight and do whatever, or just come share your awesome parties and just bask in the glory of gen vi together. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

‘Sleepy Hollow’ NYCC Panel & Footage Description

When it was first announced that fan-favorite writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek and Fringe) were planning a Sleepy Hollow TV series, set in contemporary day, reactions were mixed – with many potential viewers wondering how the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman could successfully compete in the modern TV landscape. However, week after week, the show has maintained a steady audience and garnered generally positive word of mouth – with some truly creative (and freaky) supernatural story lines. Can the series sustain its lofty mythology, and subsequent viewership, to reach its goal of seven years (in the show’s timeline) worth of material?

The cast and crew of the show came to New York Comic Con 2013 to tease what fans can expect in the coming months – along with recently announced season 2.

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Sleepy Hollow airs Monday @9pm on Fox.


Louis my bb

Performance artist exploits teenage girls of Youtube and Tumblr.

Am I pretty or ugly? Exploring an unfortunate YouTube phenomenon

"OK, guys, this is a serious matter... I want to know whether I'm pretty or not."

Live artist Louise Orwin has created a show—Pretty Ugly—based on her research into the phenomenon of teenage girls discussing body issues on social media.

"OK, guys, this is a serious matter… I want to know whether I'm pretty or not," says a teenage girl with a high-pitched voice and heavily made-up eyes going by the name of girlsite101.

She goes on to explain with pageant participant peppiness that her classmates say she is pretty and she "wins homecoming queen every year," but that she's not convinced. The only way to settle the situation is to ask the impartial commenters of YouTube.

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Orwin's show, Pretty Ugly, follows the trail of her research, looking at the relationships Becky, Amanda, and Baby have with their commenters and the people who messaged them. "Conversations with trolls, friendships… it also covers all the creepy side of it," she explains.

The show starts with Orwin asking the audience the central question: do they think she is pretty or ugly. "I need to show how irrelevant that question should be. Would you go up to a person on the street and ask them that? I am trying to make this anonymous world into a live face-to-face world."

Orwin is particularly struck by the way digital media is changing the way we perceive ourselves and each other. "And what does it mean for feminism today?"

When she compares her own teenage years to those being lived out today, she says she remembers getting to a certain age when people were starting to talk about the pressures of the media, which was selling unattainable images of perfection and beauty. "But it was about the media. Now if you look on Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, it's not the media, but the teenage girls themselves perpetuating this myth. They are resharing these images, reblogging. There's always going to be peer pressure but I think [social media] makes these issues worse."

The answer lies not in getting parents to block access to certain websites; "it's about changing attitudes toward things and teaching girls to take responsibility for themselves online."

Prettu Ugly will be performed at the Camden People's Theatre from Oct 23 to Nov 5.


tl;dr she posts YT videos posing as 15 year old teenage girls asking if they're pretty or ugly and then uses the hateful comments for shock value. ETA: link to her website which has the videos ETA: sorry those the videos that inspired her, not the artist.

Idek what tags to use for this hot mess.

Ciri 2

DC Comics does something right for a change.

Which fan-favorite (and notable absence from the New 52) is returning next year in the weekly series 'Batman: Eternal'? Plus interview with Scott Snyder about the new series.
batman eternal
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Personally I'm far from thrilled, I know that pretty much no one will agree with me but one of the highlights of the New 52 has been her non-existence. I guess I'm happy for her fans (except not really). I hope this new series can introduce other awesome MIA characters like Helena B., Renee Montoya or Cass Cain.

sources: 1, 2


Michelle Williams is sandbagged by nude scene shown at New Yorker Festival

First Michelle Williams’ “Blue Valentine” character was roughed up onscreen, then she got the live treatment in front of a Q&A audience at W. 23rd St’s SVA Theatre 1.

Three-time Academy Award nominee Williams was shocked when a graphic nude scene between herself and co-star Ryan Gosling was shown to a packed house, while she sat on stage helplessly at a New Yorker Festival chat hosted by the magazine’s film writer David Denby on Saturday.

“They intro’d a clip that was supposed to detail when the cracks in their relationship are starting to show,” said one dumbfounded audience member. Instead, they ran a scene in which a flustered Gosling tries reconnecting sexually with his emotionally withdrawn wife, shouting “What, do you want me to rape you?

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Misc: Chest hair crop circles

Community: Brie Larson, Paget Brewster, Robert Patrick, Ben Folds & Kumail Nanjiani cast

Can we just say everybody in Hollywood will guest-star in "Community" Season 5 at this point? In one single episode, Paget Brewster ("Criminal Minds"), Brie Larson ("United States of Tara"), Robert Patrick, Ben Folds and Kumail Nanjiani will appear.

One of these actors is actually reprising a role. Brie Larson appeared once before on "Community" as Rachel, a quirky friend of Abed's. "Things have been introduced with Abed that we've never really revisited, so it's nice to see something that we go back to -- especially with Brie, because she's great," Danny Pudi told TVLine.

The episode in which Larson appears also is the one that follows Troy's (Donald Glover) departure. Will having a girl around ease Abed's loss?

If not, there will at least be a lot of others hanging out to distract Abed. The huge guest cast is coming for a midterms school dance -- many of them might just be cameos that come and go in passing. But it's not like there's a shortage of guest stars for the rest of Season 5. Jonathan Banks ("Breaking Bad"), Nathan Fillion ("Castle") and Katie Leclerc ("Switched at Birth") are all slated to appear at least once on "Community."

There is currently no return date for "Community" on NBC.

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Lea Michele 'Talks About Cory All the Time,' Pal Says

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Her Glee alter ego gave him a fond farewell on a tribute episode on Thursday, and in real life, Lea Michele is slowly moving on from the pain of losing her boyfriend and costar, Cory Monteith, who died in July.

"It's getting a little easier," a source close to the star tells PEOPLE.

Michele, 27 – who posted a photo of herself with Monteith on Instagram while the episode aired – "still misses him every day," the source admits. "She talks about Cory all the time."

The source says the actress, who has been leaning closely on good pals since Monteith, 31, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room from a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol, "doesn't like to be alone. Her friends have really been helping her through it."

And despite reports, the source says Michele, who was with Monteith for more than two years, isn't ready to think about dating.

"She really struggled," adds a friend in her inner circle. "It was hard to get up every morning. But now, she's doing okay."

  • dringen

Jay-Z & Chris Martin Ride the Tube to Jay-Z's Concert

Jay-Z stands against the wall while waiting to ride the Tube to his concert at the 02 Arena on Saturday night (October 12) in London, England.

The 43-year-old rapper was joined by his good pals Chris Martin, Timbaland, and an entourage of guys.

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During the show, Chris and Timbaland took the stage with Jay to perform his song “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love).”

Jay-Z is bringing the Magna Carter World Tour back to the U.S. with his first show in St. Paul, MN on Nov. 30!

  • dringen

Cher's 'I Hope You Find It' Single Is A Miley Cyrus Cover

Cher dropped her latest album, "Closer to the Truth," this week, debuting a new single with it.

Called "I Hope You Find It," the track got its official lyric video on Tuesday. The emotional number is a cover of an earlier song of the same name which was recorded by Miley Cyrus for her 2010 movie "The Last Song." The cover is an interesting choice for Cher as she recently had some harsh words for the 20-year-old star after her headline-making VMAs performance which Cher called "so bad."

"I'm not old-fashioned," Cher said in a recent interview with USA Today. "She could have come out naked, and if she'd just rocked the house, I would have said, 'You go, girl.' It just wasn't done well. She can't dance, her body looked like hell, the song wasn't great, one cheek was hanging out. And, chick, don't stick out your tongue if it's coated."

Cher later backtracked the comments, taking to Twitter to admit that she was "a little ashamed" and claiming that she should've kept her "big opinionated mouth shut."

Take a listen to Cher's take on "I Hope You Find It" and Cyrus' version below.

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1 2 3
Making her comeback by covering Miley? lololol. Oh.
Tamar Default

Will.i.am: ‘Work Bitch’ reflects Britney, not her eighth album’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He told Billboard the lead single was a foundation of what she had done previously

Will.i.am has defended Britney Spears' new single, saying that it does not represent the more adventurous sound he spoke of previously.

When Will was outed as a producer on Britney's new record, he said that the album would surprise people by diversifying the popstar's electronic sound.

"The album is what the album is, but we felt that song needed to come out to keep the foundation on what Britney represents," he told Billboard. "The song is a reflection of Britney more so than the album."

"But it shouldn't reflect the album: an album is a body of work as a collective. If we had to pick a song like, 'Oh, what song fits every colour of the record', you shouldn't do that… We felt that song represents 'Piece of Me,' that Britney oomph."

William Orbit was also drafted to create a different sound for the LP, admitting that they had written "songs to die for" during their recording sessions.


With the amount of back-peddling she's doing, you'd think she'd look more in-shape than she does.
Miley Tongue

Miley’s Mystery Blonde Revealed! Miley Cyrus Got Cozy With Friend Sky Ferreira

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s her party, she can do what she wants! And apparently all Miley wanted to do at her album release party was hang out with gal pal Sky Ferreira!

An onlooker at Miley’s Oct. 8 Bangerz release party, held at The General in NYC, revealed to In Touch that the Wrecking Ball singer and her 21-year-old friend got pretty close as the two partied the night away!

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1Benedict drag

Deadliest Catch fleet grounded due to government shutdown

On behalf of the Bering Sea crab fleet featured on the hit Discovery Channel series "Deadliest Catch," Capt. Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard sat down with CNN's Jake Tapper and then headed to Capitol Hill on Friday (Oct. 11) to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on how the current government shutdown is going to delay the start of the fall king-crab season, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

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US ontders, how has the government shutdown affected you?

Harvey's blunder number one for the 2013 Oscar race, for 'Fruitvale Station'

Last week, The Weinstein Co. mailed Oscar voters screeners of Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station, its Sundance-to-Cannes-to-July release indie hit. Someone neglected to proof-read the case, though. It encouraged voters to consider Melonie Diaz and Octavia Spencer in the lead actress category, not the supporting actress category in which they are actually being pushed. (The film's sole lead performance comes from actor Michael B. Jordan.)

On Thursday -- after someone probably received a call to remember from Harvey Weinstein -- TWC's awards office sent a follow-up email to Academy members. It began: "Dear Academy Member, It has come to our attention that there was a misprint on the packaging of the DVD screener of FRUITVALE STATION. The actresses Melonie Diaz and Octavia Spencer are to be considered in the category of Best Actress In A Supporting Role. If you have not received your screener yet, you will receive it shortly. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Awards Office..."

Will this blooper actually impact Oscar voting in any meaningful way? We'll never know for sure, but it's possible. This year's best supporting actress Oscar race is unusually wide open -- only 12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o and Lee Daniels' The Butler's Oprah Winfrey seem like locks right now. Spencer, more than Diaz, is currently seen as being right on the bubble, along with August: Osage County's Margo Martindale and Julia Roberts, Blue Is the Warmest Color's Lea Seydoux, Blue Jasmine's Sally Hawkins, Her's Scarlett Johansson, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom's Naomie Harris, Nebraska's June Squibb, Prisoners' Melissa Leo and the as-yet-unseen Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.


Macaulay Culkin Beefed Up

He was said to be close to death last year as he allegedly battled various addiction issues.

And during this difficult period Macaulay Culkin was pictured on several occasions looking worryingly gaunt and dishevelled.

But it seems the tide has turned for the troubled star as he looked far healthier during a rare public appearance on Friday at the 2013 Comic Con in New York.

The 33-year-old looked fit and healthy whilst performing his duties as a guest panellist for the Robot Chicken Panel for the annual event which was held at the Javits Centre.

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Maybe 50 Shades could use him now.
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Humanitarian Jennifer López named Most Powerful Latina in the US; book in the works!

Humanitarian Jennifer López will soon add "New York Times Best Selling Author" to her impressive resumé!

People en Español named the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez as one of the most powerful Latino women in the United States. She topped the list, which features 24 other incredible women.
Lopez, 44, with a $250 million net worth and a cumulative film gross of over $2 billion has used her riches to fund her production company, Nuyorican Production; and to benefit charities
: the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and the American Red Cross. She also finances her own charity, the Lopez Family Foundation which assists children with cancer. Aside from charity work and managing a lucrative music, dance and film career, she also produces the LGBT-themed series influenced by her aunt, The Fosters; all of which certainly makes her the ideal choice for one of the most powerful Latinas in the United States.

During the Nuyorican's interview with People en Español, which took place at her Hidden Hills home, she updated the publication about her life and about a book that she's developing about her separation from Marc Anthony.

Some of the other powerful women featured on the coveted list were Kate del Castillo, ambassador working against human trafficking in Mexico; Ana Maria Polo, media host and attorney; Rosario Dawson, actress and philanthropist; Sandra Smester, TV executive; Rosita Hurtado, fashion designer; and many other powerful players in the music, business, and film industry.

Oct. 24th, the magazine will hold its annual luncheon, honoring Jennifer Lopez and the other women for their contributions. It will take place in Miami, Fla. and will be MC'd by TV host Ilia Calderon.

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'Hercules: The Legend Begins' Trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming action movie Hercules: The Legend Begins has been unveiled.

Millenium Films released the new preview of the Renny Harlin-directed film, which features Kellan Lutz in the title role

Lutz plays Hercules as he embarks upon a journey to claim the love of the Princess of Crete, who was already promised to his brother.

Filmmaker Harlin - best known for his work on Die Hard 2 - has said that the movie will be like "Gladiator meets Clash of the Titans".

The action-adventure fim also stars Scott Adkins, Liam Garrigan, Roxanne McKee, and Gaia Weiss.

Hercules: The Legend Begins is due for a 3D release next year.

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Beyonce vs. Elle Goulding: We Know Who Wore It Best

It was a night of high drama as Lorna Simpson became the first contestant to face The X Factor exit, but it was Ellie Goulding who stole the show in a sweeping gold dress from Julien Macdonald.

The 26-year-old singer was the first of two musical guests to take to the stage at Fountain Studios on Sunday evening, shortly before Lorna and fellow Over-25 Shelley Smith went head to head in a dramatic sing-off.

Ellie was performing a live version of number one single Burn, but the performance was overshadowed by the raunchy dress that glittered beneath the studio lights courtesy of its numerous gold accoutrements.

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Ellie, you're nice but I won't promote this fashion disastuh.

New Stills From ‘Oldboy’ Give Us First Look At Sharlto Copley’s Scarred Antagonist!

Venturing across to San Diego for Comic-Con this July, THN thought Spike Lee’s remake of Chan-wook Park’s classic revenge shocker OLDBOY would make a strong appearance, given the story’s graphic-novel origin. We were sadly disappointed but fans making the trip to this weekend’s New York event would finally get the chance to see some footage of the film being led by Josh Brolin. Over the last couple of days we’ve brought you some ourselves with clips coming via the film’s viral campaign, now we’ve received a trio of new images; one specifically giving us the first look at Sharlto Copley’s mysterious, main antagonist.

Oldboy is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of Joe Doucett, a man who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement, for no apparent reason. When he is suddenly released without explanation, he begins an obsessive mission to find out who imprisoned him, only to discover that the real mystery is why he was set free.

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Excuse me while I set my priorities straight as to why I am seeing this movie (because damn son...)
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Rob Kazinsky: Nudity is empowering

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Rob Kazinsky has vowed to be “damn well naked” on True Blood whenever it is called for.

The British star portrays vampire character Ben Flynn/Macklyn Warlow in US TV series True Blood, which is renowned for its raunchy scenes. He has stripped off for the show but insists he has no problem flashing his muscles.

“No. Nothing distracts me more in a film than a naked actor holding a conveniently-placed vase. So if my character’s naked, he’s damn well naked. It was very empowering,” he told British magazine Heat.

True Blood also stars Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten. All the men are seen in various states of undress in the programme, which is coming to an end after the seventh season next year.

The other actors are the only ones who make Rob self-conscious at times.

“You try,” he replied, when asked if he works out a lot. “But then you see Ryan and Joe Manganiello and you just cry in the corner eating doughnuts.”

Much of the nudity is because there are a great deal of romance scenes on True Blood. Far from being hot to shoot, Rob insists they are no different to other work he has done.

“Not even slightly. Any sex scene is incredibly mechanical. A sex scene with [co-star] Anna Paquin is no different to a regular scene with her,” he explained.