October 5th, 2013


Cara Delevingne poses up a storm in edgy new shoot for Vogue Brazil


She's the fashion world's hottest property at the moment, and has spent the past few weeks well and truly rocking the runways of London and Paris.

And it doesn't look as though Cara Delevingne will be getting a break anytime soon, in spite of the sartorial season now drawing to a close for the time being.

Fresh from the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, the 21-year-old supermodel jetted to Rio de Janeiro and got straight to work on an edgy new shoot for Vogue Brazil on Thursday.

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Melissa Gorga & Joe Talk Teresa Giudice's Lawsuit, RHONJ Reunion & Changes, Sex and more...

Melissa Gorga opens up about the current state of her relationship with Teresa Giudice and reveals if she think she'll be called to testify in Teresa & Joe's trial for various fraud and tax crimes. Then, Joe Gorga joins his wife and reveals the secret to their happy marriage and sets the record straight about his controversial comments when it comes to having sex.


Well.. Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Video Wearing Man Thong

Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Video Wearing Man Thong For New Ad
60 year-old profesional wrestler 'Hulk Hogan' strips down into a man thong to appear in a parody of Miley Cyrus' controversial music video 'Wrecking Ball', but why?

The reason behind this creepy video is for a commercial to promote the wrestler's new web hosting company, cleverly named 'Hostamania', after his gimmick 'Hulkamania'.

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Prune juice

Miley Cyrus Will Diss Sinead O’Connor On ‘SNL’

The battle between Sinead and Miley rages on! After Sinead slammed the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer in not one or two but THREE open letters, Miley fought back on Twitter — but apparently that wasn’t enough. Now she’s vowing to diss Sinead big time during her Oct. 5 ‘SNL’ appearance.

Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor, 46, are in the middle of a major feud! Sinead’s letters to the 20-year-old singer were initially meant to give guidance, but Miley took offense, and then took to Twitter to call out Sinead’s battle with mental illness. Sinead has already threatened Miley with legal action, so we’re pretty sure she won’t be happy when she finds out that Miley is planning to pull off the ultimate diss during her SNL monologue. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Miley’s plans for her SNL performance just keep getting crazier! Now she’s plotting to use the show to get back at Sinead once and for all, a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“The current plan is for Miley to go after Sinead O’Connor during ‘Weekend Update’ or her monologue and she will most likely rip a picture of Sinead O’Conner on SNL,” the source reveals.

This is an obvious reference to Sinead’s own infamous SNL appearance in 1992, in which she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II in protest of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Sinead took this stunt very seriously, so we’re guessing she would be even more furious than she already is if Miley pokes fun at it. This could mean war!

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Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer Share a Vespa

Henry Cavill hops on a vespa scooter with his co-star Armie Hammer on the set of their new movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Thursday (October 3) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old Man of Steel actor was seen looking super suave in a suit while filming scenes for the movie.

Here is the movie’s synopsis: In the early 1960s, CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Cavill) and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin (Hammer) participate in a joint mission against a mysterious criminal organization, which is working to proliferate nuclear weapons.
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Halloween Liz

'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Flawsome and Fierce

Two contestants return to the competition but don't receive warm welcomes from everyone. Kelly pulls a prank on the models during an acting competition. Renee and Chris H.'s relationship continues to deteriorate causing other contestants to intervene. One of the girl's has a health scare, and Tyra teaches the models to accentuate the negative.

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Madonna's Short Autobiography for Harper's Baazar

Mods this is the essay she wrote about her life
Madonna's Back
But she never went away. After 30 years of ruling pop, she tells the truth about daring.
By Madonna

That is a catchphrase that's often associated with me. I made a documentary film with this title, and it has stuck to me like flypaper ever since. It's a fun game to play if you're in the mood to take risks, and usually I am. However, you have to play with a clever group of people. Otherwise you'll find yourself French-kissing everyone in the room or giving blow jobs to Evian bottles!

People usually choose "truth" when it's their turn because you can tell a lie about yourself and no one will be the wiser, but when you are dared to do something, you have to actually do it. And doing something daring is a rather scary proposition for most people. Yet for some strange reason, it has become my raison d'être.

If I can't be daring in my work or the way I live my life, then I don't really see the point of being on this planet.

That may sound rather extremist, but growing up in a suburb in the Midwest was all I needed to understand that the world was divided into two categories: people who followed the status quo and played it safe, and people who threw convention out the window and danced to the beat of a different drum. I hurled myself into the second category, and soon discovered that being a rebel and not conforming doesn't make you very popular. In fact, it does the opposite. You are viewed as a suspicious character. A troublemaker. Someone dangerous.

When you're 15, this can feel a little uncomfortable. Teenagers want to fit in on one hand and be rebellious on the other. Drinking beer and smoking weed in the parking lot of my high school was not my idea of being rebellious, because that's what everybody did. And I never wanted to do what everybody did. I thought it was cooler to not shave my legs or under my arms. I mean, why did God give us hair there anyways? Why didn't guys have to shave there? Why was it accepted in Europe but not in America? No one could answer my questions in a satisfactory manner, so I pushed the envelope even further. I refused to wear makeup and tied scarves around my head like a Russian peasant. I did the opposite of what all the other girls were doing, and I turned myself into a real man repeller. I dared people to like me and my nonconformity.
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The Value of Overpaying Britney in Vegas + New Radio Interview!


Britney Spears recently rode a helicopter into the desert and touched down in front of 1,000 fans to announce a brand-new residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The extravagance of the launch, captured as part of a special for Good Morning America, was only fitting: the “Oops I Did It Again” singer willreportedly pull in over $300,000 per night for nearly 100 shows in Sin City over the next two years.

“I’m working my derriere off for these shows to give you all a true piece of me,” she tweeted to her 33 million followers. “Pumped to see so many of you already buying tickets to come!”

Much of the press coverage she’s received since has focused on the size of her nightly fee. Billboard described her guarantee as “whopping,” while TMZ labeled it “titanic.” So is Britney being overpaid?

Certainly, if you take the angle that she’ll be earning eight times more in a night than most teachers and firefighters earn in a year. Definitely, if she ends up lip-synching the whole production as some havepredicted. Probably, if you consider the fact that her guarantee is higher than the average gross of the arena she’ll be playing in, according to Pollstar (though a sold-out show should generateover $500,000 in ticket sales).

In the strange world of Las Vegas showbiz economics, however, “overpaying” Spears could turn out to be something of a wise move. Pop stars of her ilk often get high six-figure nightly guarantees on the road; some A-Listers routinely break the million-dollar mark. In Vegas, Celine Dion gets nearly $500,000 per show. By comparison, Spears’ residency seems something of a bargain.

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Korean Girl Group "Kara" is breaking up, basically

DSP Media has released a statement confirming that KARA‘s Nicole won’t be KARA’s Nicole by January, as she has decided not to renew her contract with the company. Group member Jiyoung is considering her future as well.

DSP Media announced through an official press release, “We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with DSP Media.”
“Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have all renewed their contract for another 2 years, and have decided to conduct their future activities with DSP… The contract for Jiyoung, different from the other members, will end in April and she has decided to think more about her life’s path, her singing career, and education.”
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long story short: nicole (the best member) is peacing out, and the youngest member, jiyoung is considering it. their label says that regardless the other three girls will continue to promote as kara but we all know how that usually works out. RIP Kara, I'll never forget you and your butt dance

Guess the 2013 Jingle Ball Lineup!

Think you know who's playing this year? If you can guess the artists in the image above we'll enter you for a chance to win tickets to this year's Jingle Ball! Complete lineup announced on Friday, October 11th at 5pm.


Best Guesses

1. Macklemore
2. Ariana Grande
3. Jason Derulo
4. Selena Gomez
5. Pitbull
6. Bruno Mars
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Robin Thicke
9. Mac Miller
10. Fifth Harmony
11. Fall Out Boy
Lee Pace

Lizzy Caplan on 'Masters of Sex' and her very private life with Matthew Perry

They say Lizzy Caplan is 'adorkable'. It's a curious portmanteau that describes a new breed of acerbic women who have a passion for desserts and sarcasm; a Venn diagram of kooky, yet startlingly attractive brunettes that includes Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. Actor Caplan, now 31, made her film debut as an ostracised high-school goth in the hit comedy Mean Girls, later appearing as monster-bait in Cloverfield, and more recently as a sweary bridesmaid in Bachelorette. Fittingly, she has also starred in a number of short-lived, but cultish American TV shows, including Freaks and Geeks and Party Down.
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People: Katie Mcgrath: Excited/SQUEE

Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm Return for 2nd Series of "A Young Doctor's Notebook"

Jon Hamm said: "I'm thrilled to come back to our wonderful, weird, wild world of A Young Doctor's Notebook. Series one was an absolute blast to work on and I'm looking forward to continuing this bizarre adventure."

Daniel Radcliffe added
: "I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing to do a second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook. I had an incredible time working with the multi talented Jon Hamm and of course am a huge fan of Mikhail Bulgakov's work and so was thrilled when I was told a second series had been commissioned. I am also greatly looking forward to working with our new director Robert McKillop and cannot wait to commence filming this summer.”

1st Series airing on American tv this month (Oct 2nd on Ovation TV). 2nd Series will air in December.

Additional article in The New York Times about the series.

Sources: 1 2

POKEMON X AND Y MEGAPOST: The Reviews Are In and Breaks Pre-Order Record in Japan!

With just over a week left until the Pokemon X/Y games hit shelves worldwide, the 3DS games have already broken sales records.

Pre-orders in Japan alone have already exceeded 1.26 million copies making the new Pokemon games the highest pre-ordered 3DS games in Japan of all time. Pokemon Black/White had 1.08 million pre-orders and Black/White 2 pulled down 1.16 million pre-orders. Pokemon X and Y will be released, globally, on October 12th and will be the first set of Pokemon games on Nintendo's 3DS. Sales of the 3DS are relatively low in Japan, with only 13 million units sold total. With the immense amount of pre-orders, many suspect that the games will blow their predecessors out of the water with first week sales. When Pokemon Black and White were released in 2010, they sold a combined 2.55 million in their first week. The games will, almost certainly, far exceed first week sales of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which sold a combined 1.58 million in their first week; Pokemon X/Y's pre-order sales in Japan alone have nearly hit that number.

Pokemon X and Y are the first fully 3D Pokemon games and many are already saying they will be the best-selling games in the Pokemon series. The new Pokemon games add some needed diversity to the games such as language choices, skin color choices, gender choices, and even clothing options later in the game. As with many of the new Pokemon games, there are several new Pokemon joining the ranks and there is also the addition of Mega Evolution for added power in battles.

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[This post has been brought to you by greatest Pokemon in the Kalos Region (leaked X and Y Pokemon)]


Joe Jonas calls out Lorde on Twitter

Joe Jonas is calling out Lorde for her recent comments about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

As he tweeted on October 4, 2013, "Hey @lordemusic you say call me Queen B but you shouldn't be attacking all the true Queen B-tches's #respect."


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ONTD, do you agree with Joe? Isn't it a little too soon for Lorde to be runnin' her mouth?

Playing through BioShock Infinite's compelling Burial at Sea

BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea, a return to the questionable morality and art deco aesthetic of a thriving Rapture, is a short, but powerful journey. I had a chance to play through a nearly complete version of the downloadable content at a recent press event in Irrational's offices.

Set for release this holiday, BioShock Infinite's first narratively-driven piece of post-release content, is two things at once.

The DLC tells a compelling tale, one that is empowered by a mix of familiar faces and familiar places in an unfamiliar, intriguing amalgam.

But the episode is also a player's first chance to walk the underwater streets of the original BioShock's Rapture on the eve of the city's calamitous collapse, to be a knowing voyeur; an informed witness to an antecedent to bloody fictional history.

In Burial at Sea, players take on the role of Booker DeWitt, perhaps the protagonist of BioShock Infinite. But it's not quite as simple as that. BioShock Infinite's use of quantum mechanics leaves the door open to infinite possibilities, infinite realities. So it's is unclear just which DeWitt players control in this work and how exactly it fits, if it even fits at all, with the plot of the main game.
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sorry mods, totally forgot about the cut
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Celebrities want you to #GetCovered

Sophia Bush:

“The gov’t shut down over this y’all? #GetCovered – It’s time that all of us have the same access to health care that our elected officials do. All of us. Get informed. Get covered."

Amy Poehler:

"Questions about the new Health insurance marketplace? Head to http://www.healthcare.gov to get #GetCovered"

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linda granger

Roger Waters Snatches Madonna's Wig

Roger Waters Passes Madonna for Solo Boxscore Record with $459M Wall Live Tour

Rock legend Roger Waters sets the solo artist Boxscore record with totals submitted from the final leg of the Wall Live tour, which also place him at No. 1 on our weekly ranking of Hot Tours. With $81.3 million in ticket sales reported for the final leg through 26 European cities, which kicked off on July 18 in Arnhem, Netherlands and wrapped in Paris on Sept. 21, the three-year world tour totaled an impressive $459 million from 219 performances. The tour originally launched in September 2010 and played six legs in North and South America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand during a three-year span.

The $459 million gross surpasses the solo record of $407 million previously set by Madonna with her Sticky & Sweet tour in 2008-09 and grants Waters with the third highest-grossing tour of all time Only U2 and the Rolling Stones grossed more from a single tour. Sales from U2’s 360° tour totaled $736 million (2009-2011) and the Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang tour grossed $558 million from 2005-2007.

Roger Waters will also be giving the Keynote Q&A at the 10th Annual Billboard Touring Conference, scheduled for Nov. 13 and 14 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.


Short Bread Prince of Terabithia admits to having a girlfriend + is Team Peeta

He’s acted in almost 40 films, but before last year you probably only knew Josh Hutcherson, 20, from his role as the son of a lesbian couple in 2010’s "The Kids Are All Right." It wasn’t until getting cast as Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games" — one third of the Katniss-Gale-Peeta love triangle — that he became paparazzi-stalked and face-on-a-T-shirt famous. As he and the rest of the world gear up for November’s release of the trilogy’s second film, "Catching Fire," the Kentucky native (who is, honestly, the nicest) talked to Glamour about costars, chemistry, and dating in Hollywood.

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Pedro: Sweater

Top 10 (5) Most Disturbing Movie Relationships

You know the moment. You’re mindlessly enjoying a romantic moment in a movie when suddenly there’s this buzzing in the back of your head. Something is very wrong here. Why are they kissing? What’s the matter with them? Oh, God... They’re not? They did! I’m going to vomit.

Cinema is filled with odd relationships. Some are grand and romantic, surviving the test of time and giving us all something to dream about. Others, well, they’re just plain wrong. The worst part is that Hollywood doesn’t always seem to notice how disturbing some of the relationships really are. Though to be fair, sometimes they know exactly what they’re doing. But that doesn’t make the scenes any less creepy. So, in honor of the new movie about a girl falling in love with a zombie, we put together a list of some of the creepiest relationships we’ve seen on the silver screen. Take note, people: There is nothing genuinely romantic about any of these, and most of them are abominations unto the Lord - or at least they are very stupid. So, we welcome you to sit back and enjoy, and before you object to any of our picks, take a moment to think about it. We’ll bet you’ll feel pretty awful about watching these films with your mother afterward.

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Womb is such a weird movie, and now I want to watch Meet Joe Black

Eminem's Daughter Hailee Won Homecoming Queen

Eminem made TWO things clear throughout his career - that he was a GREAT rapper and a GREAT dad. And his daughter Hailee appears to have grown into a lovely and well rounded young lady. Hailee was crowned HOMECOMING QUEEN of her high school. She was voted Queen by her fellow students, and faculty.

We're told that Hailee is not only pretty, but smart and very community oriented. CONGRATS to her and her dad!!

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The Problem With Slavery-Themed Films

Folks complained to Hollywood about the lack of black actors/actresses getting roles in film and television and Hollywood has responded with enough slavery-themed projects to keep the brothers and sisters employed for quite a while. Well, at least they are getting a paycheck – unlike their ancestors.

Blame it on the first black president, whose election has inspired a renewed interest in race. Or, as speculated by the black film website Shadow & Act, Hollywood’s decision to revisit the nation’s dark past might have something to do with marking the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War this year. But definitely, I think we can all agree that the success of Django Unchained has brought about a renewed – or even new – interest in the slave narrative.

As reported by Shadow & Act, there are a number of other slavery-themed films planned for the near future. Brace yourself, the list is long:

Starting the season is Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave, which stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Brad Pitt, and Alfre Woodard, among others, and it’s the true story about a free-born black man named Solomon Northup, who has been kidnapped and sold into slavery in Georgia. Also on tap is Savannah, which also stars Eijofor, and is loosely based on the book Ducks, Dogs and Friends, which tells the real-life tale of a white hunter who spends his days shooting fowl by the river with his best friend, a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie. Cuba Gooding Jr. attempts to free his family from a tobacco plantation in the upcoming flick, Something Whispered, while Former NFL linebacker Jeremiah Trotter will play escaped slave Big Ben Jones in The North Star. Not to leave our mulatto half-brothers and sisters out, there’s also the tale of Belle, about the trials and tribulations of a mixed-race girl living in the 18th century. Rounding out the Year of the Enslaved is the Civil War drama The Keeping Room; a fugitive slave hunting drama The Retrieval; and Tula: The Revolt, which stars Danny Glover and is based on a true story about a slave uprising on the island of Curacao.

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‘Parkland’s’ James Badge Dale on Playing Lee Harvey Oswald’s Brother, ‘Lone Ranger’s’ Bad Reviews

James Badge Dale provides the wounded heart of “Parkland,” a film about the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination that unfolds with a documentary-like procession.

Zac Efron, Jacki Weaver, Paul Giamatti and others may have their names above the title in the film’s posters, but it is the largely unknown Dale who has earned the strongest reviews for his portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother, Robert Oswald.

“Parkland,” opening Friday, also gives the perspective of the doctors who operated on the president and Abraham Zapruder, the man who famously photographed the killing.

The role is a showcase for Dale’s gifts, and a change of pace after a summer in which the actor made a series of memorable supporting turns in big-budget productions like “The Lone Ranger,” “Iron Man 3″ and “World War Z.”

TheWrap spoke with Dale while he was on a break from his role in the Off-Broadway production of “Small Engine Repair,” probing what drew him to “Parkland” and why he thinks the timing is right to re-examine one of the most traumatic events in American history.

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Lady Gaga’s second ‘ARTPOP’ single is ‘Aura,’ dropping October 8

Following the success of her first ARTPOP single “Applause,” Lady Gaga’s next single off her forthcoming album will be “Aura.”

“Aura” will drop on October 8 with a lyric video on Vevo and is being used to promote Gaga’s first acting role in Machete Kills, which hits theaters on Friday, October 11.

Produced by rising EDM artist Zedd, “Aura” by Lady Gaga is used in a new television spot for Machete Kills. Watch below:

The version of “Aura” we hear in the trailer is identical to the leaked song known as “Burqa,” which found its way onto the internet in August. Gaga herself confirmed the leak was authentic when she performed it last month at the iTunes Festival. The singer had opened with the song during her ARTPOP-packed concert, subtly suggesting it could be the next single.

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We'll see...

Issa Rae Wants To Show You What A Black Twitter Party Would Look Like In Real Life

2013 has been an interesting year for Black Twitter, an online of Black Twitter users. Not only was it given its own Wikipedia page, but Awkward Black Girl creator, Issa Rae, has gone ahead and created skit about what a Black Twitter Party would look like in real life.

The hilarious video titled, Black Twitter Party, features some of the major (and most annoying) personalities that you would encounter while navigating the cyber community. First we meet the boring girl, who tweets uninteresting and meaningless things like, “I love rainbows #colorful,” and wonders why she can’t retain followers. Next we meet the ever so annoying thirsty guy, who trolls around Twitter willing to sell his soul for followers.

Then of course, there’s the outspoken intellectual with the cult following aka the amen corner and the infamous K.K.K. trolls. The video also hilariously depicts the wannabe Twitter comedian with the #youknowyou’reblackwhen jokes, the attention wh*re and of course, the pro baller. Last but not least, there’s the too cool for school hipster chick who thinks she’s seen, done and heard it all.

Xtina: QT Glasses

Xtina started massive salaries trend

‘American Idol’ season 13: Boss says Christina Aguilera, ‘The Voice’ started massive salaries

If there has been one aspect of the singing-competition genre that has become rather appalling to watch over the years, it is the notion of seeing superstars be paid beyond anyone’s weight in gold to sit there and offer commentary on someone else singing. Let’s put it into some perspective here. Mariah Carey approximately earned around $18 million for her season of “American Idol,” which is more than any star of “The Big Bang Theory” scored, despite it scoring higher ratings. The same goes for anyone like Patrick Dempsey or Mark Harmon, who star on drama series that require extremely rigorous schedules.

So why pay so much when there are so many other people that can do the job for less? What makes this all the more perplexing is that save for maybe Christina Aguilera, none of these $15 million-plus judges (see Carey or Jennifer Lopez) has really produced anything that entertaining. Nonetheless, the salaries keep coming, and Lopez was paid around $15 million to come back to “American Idol” this year.
Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Core Media head Mark Graboff (who oversees “American Idol” and other properties) explained the high costs, and even said that Aguilera was the first person to really get this going:

“They get it because they can. The arms race for competition-show judges started with Christina Aguilera on The Voice, and Idol should not have played into that arms race. But once they started, it got crazier. And then X Factor and then The Voice again — it ramps up. This year, other than one of the three [Jennifer Lopez, making an estimated $15 million], it’s within a normal salary range.” source

Cara Delevingne hits back over skin taunts

The model is battling psoriasis, a condition which causes red and crusty patches of skin, but she has received a host of catty remarks after posting a photo on Instagram.com detailing the severity of her condition.

The image shows Delevingne sitting in a supermarket trolley with flaky patches of red skin on her legs, and it prompted several nasty responses including, "OMG (oh my God)! Your skin! Cara Delevingne u need a bath!" and "Ugly boots, ugly legs".

Now the British beauty has hit back, taking to Twitter.com to write, "Just to reiterate, I have psoriasis and it's (sic) leaves scares (sic) and I will have (it) for the rest of my life... I can handle the negative comments but just remember that no one is perfect. Embrace your individuality! It's makes you who you are."


Stevie Nicks Writes Game of Thrones Fan Poetry

Stevie Nicks is a fan of Game of Thrones -- in more ways than one. The Fleetwood Mac singer revealed that she's in awe of its author, George R.R. Martin, and that the HBO show of the fantasy series helped her through one of the toughest moments of her life -- the months following the death of her mom.

"I didn't go [to the studio]. I didn't want to go. But it wasn't just that -- I didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't leave the house for almost five months," Nicks admitted to Herald Scotland of the affect her mother's death had on her. "I worked on the edit of my documentary about the making of 'In Your Dreams.' And then I got pneumonia. With my pneumonia and my mother's death I watched the entire first season of 'Game Of Thrones' -- so that was great! That certainly took my mind off everything."

Indeed, Nicks, 65, also took her mind off of her depression by writing poetry about the characters Martin created. "I would love to write some music for 'Game Of Thrones.' I've written a bunch of poetry about it -- one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow...On Arya...On Cersei and Jaime."

She added: "It blows my mind that he's able to create this vast, interlinked world," she says. "As a songwriter I write little movies. But I can't imagine sitting down and writing even one small book."


I want to read it. Stevie needs to get a computer and start blogging.

Chris Brown Talks Never Being Violent With Other Girlfriends, Losing Virginity At 8

People who hate Chris Brown – and there are many – might sum him up as the bad boy of R&B, chiefly famous for beating up Rihanna. They would probably describe the singer as a former teen sensation who tried to cheat his way out of his community service sentence for the assault, two-timed Rihanna when she briefly took him back, and smashed up a TV studio dressing room just because the presenter asked about their relationship. He's the thug with a short fuse who picked fights with A-list rappers Frank Ocean and Drake, the misogynist responsible for lyrics such as, "I super soak that ho/Show 'em no love/Just throw 'em a towel" and the Twitter loudmouth who responded to one woman's critical tweet with "take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE" (sic).

Obviously, that would not be how Brown sees himself. An opportunity to present his version of events has been elusive, however, because all summer he kept having to postpone our meeting due to a hectic schedule of court appearances, as well as a seizure, which his doctor put down to "nonstop negativity".

So much has been written about Brown, and so much of it ugly, that I think, well, who could blame him for being wary? Before long, I begin to suspect he's actually just bored. He's talking about his album, but making no sense, so I suggest we pretend I've just landed from Mars and know nothing about him. Here is a clean slate: his chance to define himself, to explain from scratch who he is and what he does. What would he say? As if registering my presence for the first time, he pauses, almost glances across, smiles – "That's a good question" – and considers it carefully in silence.

"Well, I would say I'm an inspirational guidelines book. You can take my life story or scenarios or songs and relate to them, and apply them to your everyday life. You know, whether it be personal or musical, I just think I'm a walking art piece, just a ball of creativity." Were it not for what he refers to as "the incident with Rihanna", he would now be "bigger than life. Yeah." He can't think of anything he's bad at, apart from "just being able to relax and sleep".

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Sonya Cross

FX’s ‘The Bridge’ at the Center of the DVR Revolution

Americans’ viewing habits have changed markedly since the advent of DVRs, and perhaps no show has benefited from time-shifted playback quite like FX’s “The Bridge,” which wraps its first season tonight.

In what’s believed to be a first, the Shine America drama about detectives tracking a serial killer on both sides of the American-Mexican border is being watched by more young adults on their DVRs within a week of its initial telecast than on Wednesday night, when it airs on the network.

For those who are longtime and/or heavy users of DVRs, this may not sound surprising. But “live plus same-day” viewing (Nielsen speak for viewing that’s done either live or via DVR playback before 3 a.m. the morning after a scheduled telecast) remains the window when most television viewing of a show is done.

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What TV shows do you DVR?

How Liam Payne saved my life: One Direction star beat out flames with hands.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In his first full interview since last month’s horrific fire, Andy Samuels said he is convinced the singer’s quick-thinking saved his life.

Liam Payne’s best friend has told how the One Direction star tried to stop a raging fire with his bare hands during a freak accident in his flat.

Andy, 21, was rushed to hospital after his whole body caught alight as he tried to fill a patio heater with gas. He spent a fortnight in hospital ­undergoing SEVEN skin grafts as they treated him for third-degree burns. Revealing his horrific scars for the first time, Andy said: “I can still see Liam trying to put out the flames with his hands.

"I was set completely on fire – terror is the only word fit to describe what I was feeling.

“The pain and the panic I felt is ­something no one should have to go through.

"I was the one that was injured, but it was a crazy, horrible experience for Liam to witness as well.”

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Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic Discuss the Joy and Pain of Listening to Nirvana Songs

Both Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl were part of one of the biggest bands ever in Nirvana, but in April 1994 Nirvana ended with the suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain. Both musicians recently spoke with Rolling Stone about their reflections on the groundbreaking band and still dealing with the aftermath nearly 20 years later.

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Gene Simmons Says Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse NOT Music Icons

In addition to having an unsavorily long tongue and playing bass for KISS, Gene Simmons is also known for perennially running his mouth.

Despite this fact, the self-proclaimed businessman—and avid businessman endorser—still managed to shock by going after venerated music legends, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

In a recent interview with Team Rock Radio, Simmons went into great detail as to just who does or does not qualify as a music icon. You know, because Gene Simmons is the go-to authoritative voice for determining such things.

After rolling out a list of Simmons-approved, bona fide music idols, he said:

"Kurt Cobain—no, that's one or two records, that's not enough. Amy Winehouse—that's one or two records, that's not enough. What, just 'cause you died that makes you an icon? No, no."

But who then who, you ask, gets the writhing-tongue stamp of approval? The "Love Gun" bassist explained:

"Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and just on and on. And through the '70s—Aerosmith, Kiss, Led Zeppelin."

Unfortunately, no one in the last three decades can be considered a music icon:

"Now from 1984 until today, name one superstar that's bigger than their music, and not just somebody that's recorded one or two records, but another Queen or another AC/DC? None, you can't name one."

We could start our own list of post-1984 music icons here, but we unfortunately do not have access to Gene's magical-voodoo-businessman music icon formula.

Hopefully he'll be back next week to school us on what is or is not a legitimate pizza topping.



Kristen at LAX + new "tattoos"

Kirstin Stewart got her first tattoos in June and then August, and now new mysterious artwork has sparked rumours that she has gone under the needle again.

The 23-year-old On The Road actress displayed a cartoon-like fish above her right wrist, while what looked like a rustic hammer was on her left arm and a crown adorned her left hand.

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lmao at them calling her Kirstin