September 25th, 2013


Lamar Odom BLASTS Dad Joe For “Disrespecting” Khloe Kardashian and Her Family


Lamar Odom took to Twitter on Tuesday night to BLAST his father for derogratory comments he made about the Kardashians in a new interview.

The NBA player, who is said to be estranged from wife Khloe Kardashian as he struggles with a drug addiction, posted a scathing rant about his dad, Joe, hours after the elder Odom claimed the infamous family has ruined his son’s life.

Among Joe’s incendiary comments: He called Khloe’s mom Kris an “evil bitch,” and accused the matriarch of manufacturing the stories about Odom’s alleged drug abuse, said he wishes Odom never wed Khloe, and called the couple’s reality show a “curse.”

Joe also urged Odom to get a divorce, saying, “They don’t give a f*ck about my son. It’s more about the damage they do to the Kardashian brand. They brought him down. He’d be better off without them. Let him go, get his life together.”

In his response, Odom wrote:

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Madonna's 17-min secretprojectrevolution video

secretprojectrevolution is a 17-minute film directed by Madonna and Steven Klein. The film launches Art ForFreedom, a global initiative to further freedom of expression, created by Madonna, curated by VICE, and distributed by BitTorrent.

Art ForFreedom encourages the world to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Join the revolution by uploading original artwork to or tagging original posts #artforfreedom.

secretprojectrevolution, plus bonus content including VICE's interview with Madonna ( and a handwritten message from Madonna and Steven Klein, is available to the public for free download exclusively at BitTorrent Bundle.

Join The Revolution here:
Download here:
Subscribe to VICE:

Thoughts, ONTD?
The dancers were amazing and Godonna looks fab.

Nicki Minaj Boob Post

Nicki Minaj has got standing out down to fine art.

On Tuesday, the singer made it near impossible not to stare at her thanks to a very daring ensemble.

The 29-year-old ensured no one on the back lot of the Ellen DeGeneres Show missed her as she put almost all of very famous curves on display.

The Starship singer threw caution to the wind going without a top or even a bra under an open jacket.

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Vince Vaughn motorboat.gif

Alexander Skarsgård Chose to Go Nude for 'True Blood'


Alexander Skarsgard checks the time on his watch while arriving at Chateau Marmont on Tuesday (September 24) in Los Angeles.

Last week, the 37-year-old Swedish actor was spotted taking the wheel while arriving at the same hotel.

Alexander‘s co-star Stephen Moyer recently talked about his full frontal exposure on the final episode of True Blood‘s sixth season.

“It was never written to have him full frontal. Alex doesn’t like wearing his ‘sock’ or the ‘sack of destiny’ as we call it. It’s the sack of destiny that covers everything. He doesn’t like wearing those so he had one in his room that day [but] he was the one who chose not to wear it,” Stephen shared to E! News.

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Britney's Piece of Me Best-Selling Show in the history of Vegas?

You better get your tickets to Britney Spears' upcoming Las Vegas residency before they're all gone.

Despite a tabloid report claiming sales for the Planet Hollywood gig aren't as strong as her camp expected, Brit's manager Larry Rudolph tells me exclusively that "nothing could be further from the truth.

"This is the best-selling show in the history of Vegas," he said. "We have a great thing going here. We have a great show we're putting together. We have nothing but greenlights ahead of us. We have amazing sales."

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Is Justin Timberlake Still In Love With Britney Spears? Listen To 20/20 Part 2′s Hidden Track!

Start at 5:25, "Pair of Wings"

Back in 2002, the world was shocked when Britney and JT parted ways. Some say it’s because she was unfaithful and cheated on Justin with friend and choreographer Wade Robson. It all makes sense: after their split Britney slowly started to lose it. After releasing the single Everytime (which she wrote in a supposed response to JT’s Cry Me A River), she went from relationship to relationship. She is currently with a new man, while Justin’s married to actress Jessica Biel, and have been so for just short of one year (Oct 2012).

With the release of his new album The 20/20 Experience, Justin touches the darker sides of relationships, however in the last cut on the album titled Not A Bad Thing, Justin goes the route of almost-NSYNC type sound, singing about love and how much he craves it. The entire song is over 11 minutes long! Upon the first listen, I discovered the song actually ends just after the 5 minute mark… Where it goes into silence. At the 5:27 mark a new song starts, and it’s an entirely different one! With just two acoustic guitars, Justin breaks it down, and it almost put me in tears. Why?

Compare Britney’s Everytime: “Everytime I try to fly/I fall without my wings/I feel so small/I guess I need you baby/And everytime I see you in my dreams/I see your face, it’s haunting me/I guess I need you baby.”

In Justin’s hidden bonus track he coos: “And if I had a pair of wings/I’d pick you and fly you far away from here/And we’d fly so high up in the sky/Where the stars are so clear/And then I could save you/From the troubles of the world/And all you’d have to pack is your heart to bring/And there we are, you and me/Flying on a big ol’ pair of wings.”

That is almost too coincidental to me! Is Justin singing exclusively to his first love, Britney Spears? Who else would he be singing about? Is this JT’s response to Britney’s Everytime? Would you love to see these two together? I’ve always told myself, that if Britney and Justin weren’t together at the age they were those two would have stayed together.

What do you think? Is this secret song about Britney?


Might be reaching tbh.
Effie Trinket In Alexander McQueen

Chanel, Prada, And Alexander McQueen Declared As Top Fashion Brands For CoolBrands List 2013

Luxury designer brands Chanel, Prada, and Alexander McQueen all feature in the top 20 of the annual CoolBrands list, following the disappointment last year where no fashion labels were featured. For the 12th annual survey, Chanel came in number 13, placed just ahead of Prada at number 14, which hasn’t featured in the top 20 since 2007, while Alexander McQueen, helmed by Sarah Burton, which last year was ranked outside the top 20 and named the coolest fashion brand, was ranked 19th.

While Chanel, Prada, and McQueen made the CoolBrands list again, technology giant Apple retained the top spot in the annual CoolBrands survey, which is compiled by a panel of 38 “key influencers” including fashion designers Julien MacDonald, Melissa Odabash, and Sadie Frost, model Daisy Lowe, and fashion stylist Grace Woodward, and voted by 3,000 British consumers.

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Madonna Reunites with Sean Penn & Performs a Beautiful Song

Madonna at the Secret Project Screening in New York City
Madonna with Sean Penn, Lindsay Lohan, Anderson Cooper, Steven Klein, Rocco and others at the screening of her short film the Secret Project in New York (September 24)

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Finally, Madonna, who had been seated on the floor several people deep into the audience, was dragged back onto the stage by two "cops." She then performed an exquisite cover of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars" in perfect voice. (The song appears on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack, and as I recall, Madonna named that film her favorite the year it was released.)


Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje Joins Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx In 'Annie' Adaptation

Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje has joined the cast of Sony Pictures' Annie, a reimagining of the Broadway musical, which stars Quvenzhané Wallis as the title character.

Agbaje will play a character named Nash, who's described as the tough but lovable bodyguard and driver for Benjamin Stacks (the character played by Jamie Foxx - the Daddy Warbucks of the movie).

He's also a good friend to Annie.

Co-starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne, the film is currently filmming in New York City, under Will Gluck's direction, based on a script he revised, originally written by Emma Thompson and Aline Brosh McKenna.

Will & Jada Smith's Overbrook Entertainment, in partnership with Jay-Z (who'll be working on the soundtrack) are producing.

The long-in-development remake of the Broadway musical will be released by Sony Pictures on December 19, 2014 (Sony moved the date up a week).

Up next for the busy Mr Agbaje, catch him in George Tillman Jr.'s The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete, in theaters on October 11, and then Thor: Dark World on November 8. Further out, he'll appear in Paul W.S. Anderson’s actioner Pompeii.

Ben Cohen

IndieWire's Playlist Assesses The Potential Oscar Contenders For The Best Supporting Actor Category

So far, for the most part, a good chunk of the 2013 awards contenders have been seen but only by the high falutin' critical types that frequent film festivals—as we saw last week. But that started to change last week with the release of two legit Best Picture contenders: Ron Howard's "Rush," and Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners." So even those trying to stick their head in the sand and avoid Oscar season aren't going to have much of a choice from here on out.

The two films, along with Nicole Holofcener's "Enough Said," which also opened last week, are united by another thing: they all feature performances that could well be among the Best Supporting Actor contenders when nominations are announced in January. Daniel Bruhl, Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Gandolfini are all very much in the running, and with their movies now hitting theaters, it felt like the perfect category to examine first in our week-by-week look at the awards season. Which performers are solidifying their buzz? Who could potentially surprise by shaking things up a few weeks or months from now?

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Read the rest of the article at the ( SOURCE )
all mine

Oz press are ruthless and rip Rih Rih

It's hard not to be cynical about the kind of show that will be put on by a performer who makes more headlines for public spats, tweeting notes on a Thai sex show and posting an illegal snap with a protected animal, than her own gigs.
But she's also released seven albums in seven years, won six Grammy Awards and has a Twitter following of more than 30 million people.
So I wanted to be impressed with the two hour show put on by Rihanna for the Australian premiere of her Diamonds World Tour, but I just wasn't.

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Jimmy Fallon Donates $10,000 after Detroit Lions *NSYNC Endzone Dance


ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Joseph Fauria practiced the dance in the mirror just in case he was going to use it in a game. He had the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake YouTube video, and wanted to make sure he was prepared if he could try it out.

Then came Sunday, a touchdown against Washington and a celebration that could turn the Detroit Lions tight end into a minor celebrity. Fauria did a quick version of the 'N Sync dance to the song "Bye Bye Bye" after he scored, and caught the attention of the band -- and of Fallon.

On "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" early Wednesday morning, Fallon came through on his promise to donate money to charity in honor of the first player to do it. Even though Fauria said he is not being fined for the celebration, Fallon is donating $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"We were going nuts," Fallon said on the show. "We all saw it on Twitter. We were going crazy."

Fallon wasn't the only one to notice Fauria's moves. 'N Sync member Joey Fatone tweeted at Fauria on Monday, complimenting his dance.

This started when Fallon and Timberlake performed the dance as part of the "Evolution of End Zone Dancing" skit on Fallon's show earlier this month. At the end, Fallon did what he called the "Justin Timberlake," the dance 'N Sync made famous with the song "Bye Bye Bye."

"That's where I got it from," Fauria said. "And also being an 'N Sync fan for a long period of time. You know, when I had my bleached blond tips when I was 10, you know."

The song "Bye Bye Bye" was released the day after Fauria's 10th birthday.

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Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Will Be A Free Woman in 42 Days!

Some very exciting and positive news from the Teen Mom world today as there are reliable reports that Amber Portwood will be getting out of prison on November 6, which is less than a year-and-a-half into her five-year sentence for a felony drug conviction!

The former reality star stated back in July, “I’m working my a** off to get out of here!” and it appears as though her hard work has paid off. “Although she is scheduled to be released on November 6, this is the prison system so something could go wrong between now and then, but as of now, Amber’s scheduled to be released.”

If you remember, Amber elected to serve out the sentence instead of returning to rehab because rehab wasn’t working and she was afraid she was going to die from abusing Fentanyl pain patches. “I just hope you guys understand that I chose prison to help me, and pretty much save me from myself,” she later told her brother Shawn in an email.

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Jason Derulo has had sex to own music

Derulo was appearing on the first episode of BBC Three's new chat show Staying In With Greg and Russell, which airs tomorrow (September 25), when he made the admission.

Asked by presenter Greg James if he has ever had sex with his tracks playing, Derulo said: "Well it might have popped up on shuffle once or twice."

Meanwhile, the 'Talk Dirty' singer was also asked by James whether his fans sent him 'dirty talk' because of the number one song.

He said: "Yeah! Sometimes they're a little shocking, even for me. 'Jason I want you to f**k me hard to your music, until the sun comes up, three times over'."

source. just an excuse for a sex post tbh. what's your favorite song to have sex to, ontd?
dean season-9-prince

Catfish (Nick & Melissa): Witch Hunts and Open Relationships


It’s another week and another episode of MTV’s Catfish. This week, we head to Florida to meet Nick. He’s 18 and wants to meet his first love, Melissa. His first crush, really. They’ve been talking for 6 and a half years. Melissa lives in Iowa and not only has a boyfriend, but she’s living with him. That’s a bit of a red flag. An even bigger red flag? Tila Tequila brought them together.

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catfish pout
Kween Tilda + King Hiddles

TIFF Q+A Session With Tom Hiddleston & Jim Jarmusch For "Only Lovers Left Alive" + Two New Film Pics

After hitting Cannes and Toronto, with New York and London in its sights, Jim Jarmusch's vampire film "Only Lovers Left Alive" continues to hit the festival circuit hard, and another stop planned on its worldwide journey, is at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. And coming along with it are a batch of new photos from the movie.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska, and Anton Yelchin, the film follows Adam and Eve, lovers and vampires who have been kicking around the planet for hundreds of years. Adam is disillusioned in humanity's cruelty and cultural ignorance, all while he works away at his own music, while Eve has a bit more hope left, and tries to raise him out of his existential funk. Hilarious, witty and gorgeously photographed, this has all of Jarmusch's trademark interests -- film, literature and of course, music -- packaged into something uniquely new and satisfying.

Check out Jarmusch's intro and Q&A session for the film from TIFF featuring Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, and Anton Yelchin above, then see the new film still photos below.

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Lip Sync-Off with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy asks guests Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant to battle in an epic lip sync-off

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings "Elton John - Tiny Dancer" & "Nicki Minaj - Super Bass"
Stephen Merchant sings "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room" & "Beyonce - Single Ladies"
and Jimmy Fallon sings "The Human League - Don't You Want Me" & "A-ha - Take On Me"

*goes to hide*

YouTube Finally Cleaning Up Comments Section, Trolls Cry In Despair

There are bad comments, and then there is the seventh level of commenting hell known as YouTube comments. The video service is now hoping to turn those conversations into something that doesn’t make you want to take a shower and weep for mankind.

Yes, today YouTube announced that its commenting system is getting an overhaul. The current system drops the latest post right at the top of the comment section. The upcoming system will use several factors to determine which posts float to the top of the conversation. Posts by the video creator, “popular personalities,” posts with engaged conversations, and posts from your Google+ friends will appear at the top of the stream of comments.

The move is supposed to help create conversations instead of a deluge of one-off statements and poisonous vitriol. An updated moderator tool will block certain words and could cut down on some of the worst comments from even showing up on the site.

The update also tightly integrates YouTube with Google+. Conversations on YouTube and Google+ about a video are cross-posted to both sites. By using the Google+ circles to dictate who sees what you have to say about a video, you can determine how many people see your posts. Plus, you can uncheck the ability to cross-post your comment.

How much this will limit the hate-speech found under the average YouTube video is anyone’s guess. But it’s nice to see YouTube trying something. The site plans on rolling out the update to video pages over the next few months. Until then, please, don’t read the comments.

digital sauce

Kim K to Play Roger's Love Interest on American Dad

Roger is getting a new love interest from another planet, and she will be voiced by Kim Kardashian.

In an upcoming episode of American Dad, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star plays a furry alien whose spaceship crash-lands in Langley Falls. She falls hard for her fellow extraterrestrial, and the two wind up in an intense relationship that challenges the narcissistic Roger.

Kardashian’s installment will likely air late in the season. Other celebrities contributing voices to the animated comedy in future episodes include Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Alison Brie, and Stanley Tucci.

The season premiere airs Sept. 29 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie: Kerry Washington + Shonda ripped open ‘hole’ for black actresses

“She just literally, her and Shonda Rhimes with Scandal, just ripped open that hole…They made it known to the industry that this is possible. I’m really glad and I’m totally rooting for her. I love, love, love her work.”


Okay, I love Nicole more now that she's giving shout outs to Kerry and Shonda. <333

Emily Osment To Topline ABC Family Comedy Pilot ‘Young & Hungry’

EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Montana alumna Emily Osment has been cast as the lead in a new multi-camera comedy project, ABC Family pilot Young & Hungry, which is executive produced by another former Disney Channel star, High School Musical alumna Ashley Tisdale. The project, written by David Holden, centers on Gabi (Osment), a feisty young blogger hired as the personal chef to a young San Francisco tech entrepreneur. Not the typical polished chef, Gabi is blunt and klutzy and has an outrageous sense of style. But not only does she have a a true gift for cooking, she has the ability to figure out what it is people want to eat. Holden is exec producing with Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Tisdale, and Jessica Rhoades. Osment is with CAA, Management 360, and Edelstein, Laird & Sobel.


Into the Woods: First Set Pics!

Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt are in full costume and ready to film on the set of their highly anticipated movie musical Into the Woods on Wednesday (September 25) in the United Kingdom

The two stars of the film were joined on the set by their fellow actors Chris Pine, James Corden, Billy Magnussen, Christine Baranski, Tracey Ullman, and a few extras. Noticeably missing from filming that day was Meryl Streep, who stars as The Witch, and Johnny Depp, who will play The Wolf.

Emily showed off her baby bump in her costume – the role she plays, The Baker’s Wife, is pregnant in the script as well!

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"nothing was the same" to sell 675-725k + debut @ #1

YOUR NEW RELEASES: Drake kicks off Q4 in earnest with what will be the second-biggest debut of the year so far. Although the hip-hop megastar's first-week number will be massive, we're duty-bound to note that Kings of Leon will also make some noise next week, and Cher's new batch of EDM anthems is looking at a strong bow, as is another veteran superstar, Elton John, whose new one is earning some stellar reviews. Here are this week's key new releases:

Drake (YM/CM/Republic) 675-725k
Kings of Leon (RCA) 115-125k
Cher (Warner Bros.) 60-70k
Elton John (Capitol) 40-50k
Dream Theater (Roadrunner) 30-35k
Krewella (Columbia) 20-23k
Sting (Interscope) 19-22k
Metallica (Blackened/Rhino) 19-22k
Alan Jackson (Capitol Nashville) 15-17k
R5 (Hollywood) 15-17k
Gov't Mule (Blue Note) 14-16k
Icona Pop (Atlantic) 13-15k
Chvrches (Glassnote) 13-15k
Sammy Hagar (Frontiers) 13-15k
Glee Cast (Columbia) 12-14k

hits daily double

Valve Announces Steam Machines + Beta Program

Steam Box exists, will come in a variety of Steam Machines in 2014

Valve revealed the Steam Box today, under the name "Steam Machines." These boxes will come in multiple forms from different manufacturers in 2014, but all Steam Machines will run SteamOS. First, Valve is sending out 300 prototype boxes to Steam users, free, for testing purposes. See if you're eligible here.

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Steam Machines' 'Eligibility Quest' offers beta program to lucky few

Along with the announcement of its Steam Machines hardware today, Valve pulled back the curtains on a related beta program. The program will grant 300 lucky testers access to prototype hardware for free.

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OP: ONTD Games crosspost. Y'all should be checking in over there btw.

Also, I've started a Steam Group for ONTD Games. It's here:
You should be there, too.

Lee Daniels 'Afraid' To Answer Question About Gay/Black Acceptance In Hollywood: 'I Want To Work'

Here's another interview Daniels gave to KCRW that I thought was worth sharing.

Daniels talks in detail about the making of the film, and specifically addresses being an *out* gay black filmmaker in Hollywood. One of the more distressing, although *understandable* things that Daniels shares during the conversation comes towards the end of it, when he's asked to comment specifically on Hollywood's acceptance of black artists, versus gay artists, versus black gay artists, Daniels replies, stating that he's actually "afraid" to answer the question, and that he'll have to remain silent on it, because, "I want to work."

I mention this because, in my experience, given the number of interviews I've done over the years, this is very much the position that many (and not just artists of color) take - understandably so. They want to work in an industry in which very few companies retain a monopoly. Criticize it and its practices, no matter what you think of them, and you might find yourself kicked out and blacklisted. So, instead, many take on a vow of silence, and maybe vent their frustrations in private instead.

This may not be acceptable for some of us on the outside looking in, who would prefer that they be completely fearless and speak truth to power, regardless of what the consequences might be. But this is the reality of the business for many, whether you think it's "right" or "fair."

Daniels' interview begins around the 6:50 mark (skip to for the question/answer 27:42)


The whole interview is interesting to listen to if you are interested in behind the scenes of the film industry and getting a (black) film off the ground. The story about how the producer who found a black lady that had won the lotto and tried to get her to invest in the film was so random & brilliant!

Bryan Cranston returning to HIMYM!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bryan Cranston — whose Breaking Bad wraps its run this Sunday — will reprise his role as Ted’s former boss Hammond Druthers on the CBS comedy’s final season, CBS announced on Wednesday.

The actor last appeared on HIMYM in Season 2 when Ted worked for the arrogant architect Druthers and then later employed him.

Source 1
Source 2
britney 3 vegas

Britney's Vegas sales numbers are in! Guess who's not flopping?

There are conflicting reports out about ticket sales for Britney Spears' Vegas concerts ... some are saying sales are disastrously poor ... Brit's people are saying "it's the best-selling show in the history of Vegas." TMZ now has the numbers, and it's pretty clear -- Britney is about to own Vegas.

Britney will be performing 48 shows a year for the next 2 years -- according to the contract obtained by TMZ. Tickets are available now for the first 16 shows. We've been on dozens of calls with StubHub, Ticketmaster and Planet Hollywood's box office among others ... and here's what we're told.

For the first 16 shows ... a total of 73,600 tickets were up for sale. The number of tickets actually sold are impressive -- 70,242.

Of the available, remaining, 3,358 tickets, 2,887 are in the nosebleed section.

We can't vouch for this being the best selling show ever in Vegas, but it's definitely up there.

Britney sources have told us they're actually talking about adding shows, and if that happens Britney will rake in even more than the $15 mil a year she's already guaranteed.


OOP @ the same 4 trolls that have been trying it this week lmao
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Melissa Joan Hart Was on Ecstasy During Her Maxim Cover Shoot

From drug-fueled nights on the town to steamy affairs with co-stars, the 37-year-old actress has a lot of dirt to dish in her new book, Melissa Explains It All, on shelves Oct. 29—but first she’s spilling all in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

Sabrina dishes on Paris, Ashton, and more!

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21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors 2013, by Billboard

They've got hit records, millions of fans, and the kind of success most musicians only dream of -- and they can't even legally uncork a bottle of champagne to celebrate their success. Welcome to's 2013 edition of 21 Under 21, our annual ranking of music's most powerful minors.

From bubbly boy bands (and a cool girl group) to hip-hop powerhouses, a sweet K-Pop princess to a rising EDM star, and of course, international pop icons, these are the fresh faces whose careers will continue to pack the biggest punches over the next 12 months. Get used to them all, because they're just getting started.

Billboard's 21 Under 21 List 2013:

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Richard Gere & ADA Jamie Ross to Divorce

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 4.03.09 PM
The couple was married in 2002 and have a 13-year-old son together.

Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell have separated and are planning to file for divorce, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The couple, married in 2002, have "been spending time apart for quite some time," a source close to the couple told Page Six, which first reported that the pair planned to divorce.

Another source told Page Six the two have different lifestyles: "They have a place in Bedford, [N.Y.], and he likes it because it's quiet and he likes the solitude. She likes being in North Haven in the limelight."

The actor, who most recently appeared in Movie 43 and the Wall Street drama Arbitrage, was previously married to Cindy Crawford. Lowell, meanwhile, was previously married to actor Griffin Dunne.

The couple has a 13-year-old son, Homer.

Gere's rep declined to comment.


julian: 11th dimension

Britney Spears To Make 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' Appearance

Britney Spears is set to make an appearance on Alan Carr's Channel 4 talk show 'Chatty Man' during an upcoming visit to the UK.

The singer - who was recently confirmed for a Las Vegas residency - will be interviewed by the comedian as part of the promotion for her comeback single 'Work Bitch'.

Confirming the news on her Twitter page on Tuesday night, she wrote: "Making a trip across the pond in a few weeks to see @chattyman and all my lovely UK fans...can't wait! xo."

The interview marks Britney's first appearance on primetime British TV since performing 'Womaniser' on 'The X Factor' in 2008.

However, Alan probably shouldn't expect too much out of Britney, as Simon Cowell recently said that one of the reasons she was dropped as a judge on the US version of 'The X Factor' last year was because she didn't talk.

henry i

'New Girl' cast post picture with returning cast member Coach!

The cast of New Girl have posted a picture of them with Damon Wayans Jr who returns as Coach.

Wayans was in the original pilot of the show before dropping out of the full series due to commitments on ABC's Happy Endings

The actor (far left in the picture) also took to Twitter to mention his impending return.

He posted a picture of his dressing room with the caption: "It begins again ..... #NewGirl"

New Girl creator Liz Meriwether previously hinted that Coach's return may shake up the show.

She said: "What I think is fun is that he's this alpha male character. [Other than him there] are three weirdo guy characters, and he's going to bring this very male, confident energy to the group.

"How that challenges all three of the guys will be fun to watch, especially when Winston (Lamorne Morris) is very insecure about him coming back."

Professor Chaos

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: "The Tagger"

“Baby steps, Captain.”

This is Jake Peralta’s closing line of “The Tagger,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s second episode. Perhaps it is too wishful to think that the writers included this as a self-referential nod to the series’ progression, but it is nonetheless a fitting description.

To open “The Tagger,” Capt. Holt, despite being too old for this shit, informs Detective Peralta that they will be sharing a squad car until Peralta stops cutting corners in his police work. Their first assignment is to track a vandal who has been tagging police vehicles with enormous, pink-spray paint penises. As was established in the first episode, very little screentime is committed to the stakeout, and, in fact, the hoodlum begins tagging their undercover minivan almost immediately after Peralta finishes explaining how man-sandals complete his disguise.

Holt apprehends the suspect, and Peralta brings him in for questioning. After a series of snot-nosed remarks in which he fabricates a name and claims to be a 610-year-old Highlander, Peralta eventually discovers that his prints are on file and establishes his true identity, thus saving him from trial as an adult in a Highlander court and subsequent beheading.
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So far one of the best new comedy shows. At least more entertaining than New Girl (just give Winston his own show) and on par with the Mindy Project (Dads will be cancelled in 3...2...1...). The cast is all spot on. Even Andy keeps the goof factor at a decent level.
[FS] red lips

Degrassi 13B preview from EW

Description from EW:
School is back in session at Degrassi! After an eventful summer, everyone is ready to make the most of the year. Drew dives right into his presidency in a big way, while VP Clare, quickly sets her sights on getting into Columbia -- and closer to Eli -- at any cost. Maya, Tristan, Miles and Zoe find that what happened in Paris didn't stay in Paris, and drama finds them at Degrassi -- with secrets, scheming and love triangles in full swing. A piece of Alli's Parisian summer follows her home as well. It's a new year at Degrassi: Are you ready to get schooled?

idek anymore
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ABC renews Mistresses for a second season!

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ABC has handed a second season to sudsy drama “Mistresses,” and plans to bow the sophomore season next summer.

Program debuted on the Alphabet’s lineup in June with “The Bachelorette” as its Monday night lead-in for most of its run.

Though not a great performer, “Mistresses” held steady for most of its run and finished as the No. 2 new scripted series of the summer in adults 18-49, behind “Under the Dome.” And, it improved later in its run when ABC moved it to 9 p.m., and thus didn’t have to face “Dome.”

“Mistresses” closed out season one on Sept. 9, drawing just shy of four million viewers.

Drama, from ABC Studios, stars Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan and Yunjin Kim and is based on a Brit format.

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World #1 Novak Djokovic Announces Engagement

Tennis star Novak Djokovac, 26, is officially off the market.

Djokovic announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic on his WhoSay page, posting a photo of Ristic kissing his cheek with the caption, "Meet my fiancé and future wife :) So happy! Thank you for wonderful wishes #NoleFam and friends!"

The couple have been together for eight years.

There are rumors that fellow tennis star Andy Murray will serve as the best man (lol, no) at Djokovac's wedding to Ristic -- who serves as the director of the Novak Djokovic foundation, a charity aiming to bring early-childhood education to children in Serbia -- though he has not confirmed it.

Other good news for Djokovic?
He recently marked his 100th week at No. 1 in the Association of Tennis Professionals rankings. He is only the ninth player ever to reach the milestone, joining tennis legends such as Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.


Confirmed from his Twitter:

YAY! Congratulations!
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Nina Dobrev Is Dating Derek Hough

Is Julianne Hough a celebrity matchmaker? It would seem so, given that her brother, Derek Hough, happens to be romancing her BFF, Nina Dobrev. Despite previous dating denials, sources confirm to E! News that the Dancing With the Stars pro and The Vampire Diaries actress are indeed an item.

Though one insider says they didn't begin seeing each other until August, another source says their relationship is already "somewhat serious."

Dobrev is quite proud of her boyfriend, as he won his first Emmy on Sunday, Sept. 22. Posting an Instagram picture of her man holding his statue via Instagram, she gushed, "@Derekhough !!!!!!!! #EMMYWINNER I cant express in 140 characters how unbelievably excited+incredibly proud I am of you. You deserve this."
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Jennifer Lawrence and Gary Ross will reteam for "East of Eden" adaptation

Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment will produce the adaptation for Universal.

Jennifer Lawrence is reteaming with her Hunger Games director Gary Ross for a new adaptation of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.

Universal is behind the movie, having just closed a deal with the Steinbeck estate, which will be produced by Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment.

Set in California's Salinas Valley prior to World War I, the novel told of two families over the course of two generations, loosely alluding to the Biblical tale of Cain and Abel.

The book was famously adapted as a 1955 James Dean movie directed by Elia Kazan. That movie focused on the second half of Steinbeck's book and on the second generation.

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Lance Bass Knows 'Tons' Of Closeted Celebs, Would Lie To Help Them Stay Closeted

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Lance Bass says he knows "tons" of closeted gay celebrities, but he has no intention of outing them any time soon.

The former NSYNC'er appeared on Bethenny Frankel's show, "Bethenny," Sept. 19 and played a round of "Would You Ever?" backstage. He pulled questions out of fish bowl, one of which was: "Would you ever lie to help a closeted celebrity stay closeted?" "Yes, I would and I have," Bass says in the episode set to air Monday. "I know tons of celebrities that are in the closet right now. But it's up to them to decide if they want to come out or not. And I will support any decision they make."

Last week, straight French actor Gilles Marini paid a visit to Frankel's show and also discussed the subject of closeted celebrities, but he had a different take. “We’re in 2013. I think it’s very uncool to be in the closet nowadays," he said, adding,”Don’t stay in the closet. You’ll only hurt your heart and, down the line, probably your family. They need to know the truth about what you like and what you want in life.”

Bass certainly knows a bit more about being closeted. The 34-year-old didn't publicly come out as gay until 2006, years after NSYNC announced their hiatus.

Last year, he told Ricki Lake he was scared the revelation would "completely ruin" the band. "I didn’t tell a single person when I was with NSYNC, I didn’t tell a friend a family member nothing like that,” he said. “As long as I was with NSYNC, I didn’t date a guy, I was completely asexual.” Ultimately, he decided to be honest. “I would rather be in a position where I could help other people than be the biggest superstar in the world and pretend to be straight.”



Back in June the entire VICE staff was invited to a theater in Brooklyn to watch a new film made by Madonna. Most of us didn't know what was going on, what the film was, or what VICE had to do with it. All we knew was Madonna herself was going to be there and we were all expected to show up. Our other plans were canceled, happily. After all, what sort of goober would blow off Madonna? Once we arrived we learned that VICE and Madonna were embarking on a new partnership in support of global artistic expression called Art for Freedom, and her film was kicking off this beautiful union. Titled secretprojectrevolution, the black-and-white short is visceral and sexy. It has gunplay, old-timey costumes, and beautiful women. Madonna stars in it, and she's fierce and radiant, of course. She also supplies the film's inspirational voiceover. You should take a minute to download the film right here via BitTorrent. After the screening there was a brief Q&A during which Madonna graciously answered a cringeworthy question from someone in the audience about whoring herself out to commercial interests. Thanks for putting up with us, Madonna!

VICE creative director Eddy Moretti recently interviewed Madonna in London. They talked about Madonna's tendency to provoke people as a teenager, her inspirations, and her desire to foster free speech around the world. Watch the interview above, and then check out secretprojectrevolution and get involved with Art for Freedom.


Modnote: This is an interview with Vice, and hasn't been posted previously
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'The Canyons' Director Paul Schrader Facebooks His Disappointment With Lindsay Lohan

Director Paul Schrader slams Lindsay Lohan on the Facebook page for her lack of attention to the film, The Canyons, saying: "I want LL to move forward, have a healthy life and, if possible, a career, but I disagree with her decision to (passively not aggressively) turn her back on Canyons. It's an extraordinary piece of work and serves her well."

The Canyons Facebook

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John Legend Producing a Documentary About Segregated Proms (Preview)

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The Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional the core component of 1965's Voting Rights Act earlier this year because, according to the opinion, "our country has changed" with regard to racial discrimination. But many vestiges of institutionalized racism have been slow to change -- like the practice, in some high schools, of holding segregated proms for black and white students.

In April of this year, Wilcox County High School in Macon, Ga., made headlines when students organized the school's first-ever integrated senior prom. (Since the dances have historically been sponsored by parents rather than the school, they have been deemed private events and therefore not subject to integration law.) Now, John Legend is helping raise the issue of segregated proms once more. Deadline reports the singer's film production company, Get Lifted, recently helped finance a documentary about the legacy of segregated proms at a local high school in Mount Vernon, Ga.

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George H.W. Bush is witness at same-sex marriage in Maine

Another prominent Republican has come out in support of same-sex marriage — or at least, in support of one particular same-sex marriage.

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara served as an official witnesses Saturday at the Maine wedding of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, co-owners of a Kennebunk general store. Thorgalsen posted a photo on Facebook of the 41st commander-in-chief signing a set of documents for them at an outdoor celebration: “Getting our marriage license witnessed!”

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Miley Goes Skydiving

"I've always wanted to [go sky-diving]," Miley Cyrus tells contributing editor Josh Eells in her new Rolling Stone cover story. "We should do it." The next morning, the duo drove to Skydive Perris in the desert outside of L.A. "If I die," Cryus tells instructor Scott Smith, "you guys are so fucked."

The video, captured by Smith and videographer George Katsoulis, documents Cyrus' six-minute flight from 12,500 feet. "I'm finally a bird," Miley says in mid-air, "like I always wanted to be."
Back on Earth, Cyrus called her mother to say she's alive. "One thing about sky diving," she says, "you really know who you love, based on who you call."

Work Bitch debuts at no12 on the Billboard Hot 100!


Britney Spears' 'Work B**ch!' begins on the Hot 100 at No. 12

projected last week, Britney Spears soars onto the Hot 100 at No. 12 with "Work B**ch!" The lead single from her eighth studio set, due Dec. 3, launches at No. 6 on Digital Songs (174,000) and No. 28 on Streaming Songs (1.8 million), while climbing 69-58 in its second week on Radio Songs (21 million, up 31% in its first full week of airplay).

Same position that Scream and Shout debuted..Lets hope that it will follow its success too!



Lamar Odom did not send the tweet in which he trashed his father and embraced the Kardashian family ... sources directly connected to the troubled basketball star tell TMZ.

Lamar supposedly responded to his dad, who had blasted the Kardashians for causing all of Lamar's problems, including drug addiction.

Sources who have first-hand knowledge of Lamar's actions tell us ... he did NOT send the tweet. In fact, they say he has no Internet where he's staying and he wants it that way. Lamar, we're told, is unbelievably paranoid about anyone knowing his whereabouts by tapping his phone. He has a 15-second rule in the house -- no one can be on his phone for longer than that.

What's more ... when anyone comes to the house, Lamar has someone confiscate their phone at the door.

Short story ... we're told Lamar doesn't even know about the comments his dad made -- and the tweet Lamar supposedly wrote in response is bogus.


Elementary 2x01 'Step Nine' BTS & Sneak Peeks

Holmes and Watson travel to London to help track down an old mentor and investigate an unsolved mystery. Meanwhile, Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans), Sherlock's estranged brother, reunites with Sherlock and reveals some secrets of his own, on the second season premiere of Elementary, Thursday, 10/9c. Filmed on location in London, England. Rhys Ifans guest stars.

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Sources: 1 (outside the US?) 2 3

Remember Elementary comes back tomorrow night at 10/9c!

Lindsay Lohan's half sister spends $25,000 on plastic surgery to look just like Lindsay

Skärmavbild 2013-09-25 kl. 22.51.39

Lindsay Lohan's signature look has often been emulated by others.

But the actress's estranged half sister has taken things one, very drastic, step further.

In a bizarre move, Ashley Horn, who shares the same father as the Mean Girls star, has spent a whopping $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like her famous sibling.

The 18-year-old underwent five procedures to try and obtain Lindsay's unique look, including a nose job and several fillers.

'I've gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin and some fat injected into my upper cheeks,' Ashley explained to In Touch magazine, in which she reveals her new look.

Enlisting the expertise of Houston-based surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, Ashley's wanted to copy Lindsay's look during the height of her fame.

'My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old,' Horn told the magazine.

And Ashley, who is hoping to launch her own Hollywood career, is clearly pleased with the results, claiming she is now 'hotter' than her elder sibling.

'I'm hotter than Lindsay!' she told the magazine. 'I have no problem saying that.'

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20 (Ok, 5) Classic Hollywood Stars Who Make Lindsay Lohan Look Like a Saint

Whether it is Lindsay Lohan's boozing or Miley Cyrus' twerking, it seems like there is a new scandal buzzing through the Internet on a daily basis. With each new Hollywood trainwreck, there is an outpouring of outrage from all corners of the web. Then come the think pieces about the degradation of our moral fabric. As it turns out, our moral fabric has been pretty well-degraded for a long time.

Even back when Hollywood films meant five-minute reels of clowns hitting each other with baseball bats and damsels tied to railroad tracks, stars were getting crazy. The antics of some early stars of the silver screen make the actions of our favorite ex-Disney employees seem tame. Sure, today's stars like to get naked and booze, but the rates of heroin addiction, serial adultery, and murder seem to have taken a downturn since Hollywood's Golden Age.

From serial spouses to mysterious murders, Hollywood's past is full of antics that would feed TMZ for an entire year. Once the stars got caught, they wouldn't go to rehab; they'd just have the studio PR department clean it up and get back to debauchery. Here are 20 5 Classic Hollywood Stars Who Make Lindsey Lohan Look Like a Saint.

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The Incredibly Shrinking Xtina: How She Lost 49 Pounds

Christina Aguilera looks better than ever! The recently slimmed down star showed off her sexy body on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ on Sept. 18 and now a new report is spilling her stay-slim diet!

Christina Aguilera is “as happy as can be, as fit as can be and as full of life as can be. She looks amazing,” The Voice producer Mark Burnett told Life & Style magazine at a Sept. 20 event. The magazine is giving a glimpse into Christina’s diet — and you’ll be shocked at what she is and isn’t eating and drinking!

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Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth break-up was delayed due to pregnancy scare, reveal sources

Dramatic rumors surrounding Miley Cyrus' relationship with Liam Hemsworth never seem to end... and the couple's no longer even together! Apparently, the "Hunger Games" heartthrob wanted to break-up with Cyrus as early as last spring, but the 20-year-old "Wrecking Ball" songstress "trapped" him in the relationship with a pregnancy scare. Wait, what!?

A recent cover issue of the seedy gossip magazine OK! blares the headline, "Miley's baby trap. The truth about whether a positive pregnancy test kept Liam from dumping her months ago."

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