September 20th, 2013

Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

Céline Dion remains queen of Las Vegas, Britney tries

Britney Spears will reportedly make bank for her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, but the pop star's payday pales in comparison to Céline Dion's Sin City earnings. The "Work Bitch" singer is expected to confirm her Planet Hollywood gig on Good Morning America Sept. 17; TMZ reports that Spears will perform 48 nights a year, earning $310,000 per show.

Spears, 31, is said to have inked a two-year deal worth nearly $30 million. (At one point, sources estimated she could command up to $144 million for three years.) Dion, meanwhile, earns a reported $33 million per year for her gig at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The Canadian songbird, 45, began her residency in 2011 and will continue to perform at the venue through 2019.

Though she's making far less money than Dion, Spears is hardly hurting for cash. In December 2012, she topped Forbes' list of Top-Earning Women in Music with an annual salary of $58 million, due in large part to her Femme Fatale tour and X Factor gig.
Not bad, ladies


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Emma Watson for The Edit Magazine

Emma Watson discussed her love of fair trade fashion and filming in this week's issue of The Edit magazine, which also included a new photo shoot. Emma mentioned that she worked with actor Colin Firth's wife, Livia, on the Green Carpet Challenge, as a means to bring ethical clothing to a bigger spotlight. That, and comments about some of her earlier red carpet ensembles while promoting the Harry Potter series, can be read here.

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Lorde Readies for Miley Fan Threats as “Royals” Tops “Wrecking Ball”

The achievement of reaching the top of iTunes’ US Singles Chart illustrates the warm American response to New Zealand’s breakout singer-songwriter Lorde.

Thursday morning, “Royals” finally eclipsed Katy Perry’s smash “Roar” to claim the number two spot on the sales chart. By Thursday afternoon, it had done the same to Miley Cyrus’ number one smash “Wrecking Ball,” thus establishing itself as the hottest-selling song in America.

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Aggravate dem!!

Listen: Purity Ring Unveil Lady Gaga ‘Applause’ Remix

For the first new track from Lady Gaga's forthcoming Applause Remix EP (Oct 1), Dazed premieres a skewed remix from Montreal-based duo Purity Ring that has all the drama of a gothic cathedral. Gaga's call for ovation is pitched down to a moan and up to a whimper, and splintered into innumerable pieces as the chorus is dragged down a mineshaft thick with bass. The result is a entirely new creation. We called Corin Roddick of Purity Ring to find out how the remix came about.

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Lady Gaga's Applause Remix EP is out on October 1.


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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul raise $1 Million for Charity


When Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston roll into Breaking Bad's finale screening, it won't be in a limo surrounded by handlers. The pair will be driving the show's famed RV to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screening, with two lucky Breaking Bad fans in tow. And they'll be raising an estimated $750,000 for charity in the process.

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The wording in the article is wonky; Bryan raised $303,000 for the premiere and Aaron is estimated to raise $750,000 for the finale.
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Dressing Up Cameron Diaz For "The Counselor"

When the time came for director Ridley Scott to decide who would dress Cameron Diaz in his upcoming thriller “The Counselor,” he turned to his old friend Paula Thomas, creative director of Los Angeles-based brand, Thomas Wylde.

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More photos of Cameron's outfits for "The Counselor" at the ( SOURCE )

Paul Walker is Shirtless

Paul Walker shows off his hot shirtless body in this official photo from his Davidoff fragrance campaign shoot held earlier this month in Hawaii.

The 40-year-old actor is the face of Davidoff Cool Water’s Love the Ocean 2 initiative in partnership with National Geographic, which is aimed at identifying, studying and protecting fragile marine ecosystems across the world.

p: lucy liu: so qt

'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' adds Ruth Negga in recurring mystery role

It looks like that huge S.H.I.E.L.D. plane could be getting a bit more crowded—metaphorically, at least. In addition to the six principle cast members, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is amassing a strong cast of supporting and recurring characters—a cast that now includes "World War Z" actress Ruth Negga.

Black Film has reported Negga has signed on for a recurring arc in Marvel Studio's first foray into live-action television, although the details of her role remain a mystery. She joins Ian Hart, Ron Glass, and David Conrad as a member of the show's expanded cast.

This comes as great news for fans desiring a bit more diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Negga's an Ethiopian-born Irish actress with an impressive resume including starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson in 2012's "The Samaritan" and portraying iconic Bond songstress Shirley Bassey in her TV biopic. Comic book fans might recognize Negga from her time on the British superhero comedy/drama "Misfits."

And I know this is usually where we start trying to guess who Negga is playing, but that seems a bit premature. Considering that it looks like Maria Hill is the sole character in the pilot that's been pulled from the Marvel Comics, odds are Negga's playing an original character with no prior ties to the Marvel U. Now, if the pilot airs and it includes more than one Easter egg to longtime Marvel readers, and if the winking trend continues on into episodes two and three, then we can start firing out guesses at to who Negga is playing. The only thing we really have to go on is the fact that her character wasn't listed as a S.H.I.E.L.D. science officer like the previous three recurring characters. Could she be a villain or a new super being?

As for when she'll show up, our best guess would be sometime after episode four. A recently published article visited the show's set while they were busy filming the fourth episode, so if this casting announcement was made in a timely fashion, I'd wager that she'll appear in episode five or six.

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." premieres on ABC on September 24th.


This and Twelve Years a Slave? Super-excited for this Ethiopian-Irish queen tbqh.
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In Case Of A Chris Hemsworth Emergency, Call The Number You'll Find Hanging Around His Neck, ONTD...

Chris Hemsworth knows that home is where the heart is—and that there's safety in numbers!

And we mean actual digits.

The Rush star submitted yet another entry for the Swoon-Worthy Hall of Fame today, wearing an "In Case of Emergency" dog tag bearing wife Elsa Pataky's name and a phone number at an appearance for his film at the Apple store in New York's SoHo neighborhood.

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Ancients By Nicholas Buer

The Final French Trailers For "Snowpiercer" Look Way Better Than The Earlier International Versions

OP: Yes, you are seeing Alison Pill wielding a gun with her crazy face on in the video above.
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Dina Lohan should think about putting a lawyer on retainer, because she has a new legal problem -- a bank has filed a lawsuit to foreclose on her Long Island house.

Dina has had problems falling behind on her mortgage payments for years now, but apparently it has reached critical mass.

JP Morgan Chase Bank filed the foreclosure action, according to the Long Island Press.   The process is complicated.  Dina can pull this one out of the fire by settling with the bank.


Dina has salvaged her home in the past.  TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay bailed her out last year by fronting her mom 40k for the crib.

And this is interesting ... Dina was served with foreclosure docs 2 weeks before she was popped for DUI.

Captain Marvel

Judge to Jason Hoppy: STOP THE DIRTY TACTICS

Bethenny Frankel and soon-to-be ex-hubby Jason Hoppy can't pull a Watergate on each other anymore, because a judge has now prohibited them from secretly recording each other ... and for good reason.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... since their separation, Jason has secretly recorded Bethenny on both video and audio.  What's more ... we're told he also recorded their nanny and the Skinny Girl staff, working out of Bethenny's home-office.  And, we're told Jason has gotten into the emails of Bethenny and her staff.

Our sources say the recordings don't go both ways -- Bethenny has never recorded Jason.

TMZ has learned ... the judge has ordered both Jason and Bethenny NOT use tape recorders, cell phones or computers to record each other.  They're also prohibited from recording the nanny.  And they're prohibited from intercepting emails.

We've learned the judge ordered Bethenny and Jason to ante up any video or audio recordings by October 15.  That should be interesting.


smh at this pathetic excuse of a man. Team Bethenny! Make sure you're watching her talk show everyday!
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X Factor Sinks Lower

So Simon … do you want to join NBC’s America’s Got Talent next summer or return to Fox’s American Idol?

Because a fourth season of The X Factor probably isn’t going to happen.

The broadcast season hasn’t even started yet and Factor has been bombing, delivering ratings roughly 38 percent lower than last fall. Thursday night’s episode fell to 6.1 million viewers and an unprecedented 1.9 in the demo, slipping 14 percent from last week’s two-hour edition. Broadcast competition was soft, with Factor facing repeats and the modestly rated summer finales of ABC’s Wipeout (4.4 million, 1.2) and NBC’s Million Second Quiz (5.4 million, 1.4), the latter hosted by Cowell’s former Idol band-mate Ryan Seacrest.

Given that Factor will start facing heavy competition next week like original episodes of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, it’s easy to imagine its demo rating slipping lower into the teens. Plus, NBC’s The Voice is about to launch. Voice doesn’t on the same nights as X Factor, yet its presence certainly can’t help matters. Critics, including our EW’s Annie Barrett, have been pretty brutal about Factor Ver. 3.0, which has yet another revamped judging panel that includes Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland.

Yet Fox has cause for optimism for other slots on the schedule: New drama Sleepy Hollow surprised with an impressive opener on Monday, and the network’s new Tuesday comedies improved their time slots.



Pokémon X And Y News: Aurorus And Tyrantrum Fossil Evolutions Revealed

Time for some Pokémon X and Y news all you trainers. Today brings us leaked Pokémon images of the fossil evolutions. Amaura will evolve into Aurorus (Rock/Ice) and Tyrunt will become Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon). These Pokémon X and Y new reveals gives us a better idea of which fossil types we may want as part of our team. Aurorus seems to be a Pokémon styled after the brontosaur, while Tyrantrum continues to look like a tyrannosaurus rex. Pokémon X and Y new abilities come with the recently revealed evolutions as well.

Freeze Dry, a new attack belonging to the fossil Pokemon Aurorus, will be super effective against water types with the possibility of freezing foes. It seems the Pokémon X and Y new attack will be similar to Scald where, despite its water typing, has the ability to burn. Could Freeze Dry be among the rumored dual-type attacks we've been hearing about?

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I can see many people wanting Tyrantrum, which I'm ngl looks pretty awesome, but I'm more interested in Aurorus even though I don't like its pre-evolution. But less than 3 weeks to go guys! have you already pre-ordered the game?

I PHONE 64GB gold SHORTAGE on the first day of the iPhone 5s/5c release.

iPhone 5S, 5C hunters hit up NYC, but 64GB gold is elusive


NEW YORK -- Long lines awaited the launch of the iPhone 5S in New York City, but many customers soon found out the stores had shortages of the gold version.

The first people in line at Apple's flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue waited 15 days for the 64GB gold iPhone 5S only to find out the store had a very limited supply of that device available.

Brian Ceballo, a 19-year-old who was the first person in line, told CNET before the store opened at 8 a.m. ET that Apple initially told him they didn't have the 64GB version in gold at all but that they'd try to find it. It turned out they found him the phone he wanted. "They had one in back," Ceballo said. But the people in line behind him weren't as lucky.

Ilya Olkhovskiy, a 22-year-old Russian currently in college in the US, had planned to buy two 64GB iPhone 5S phones in gold to sell to a couple of people in his hometown in Russia for $2,000 apiece. He was about 30th in line after waiting for 20 hours, but he had to go with "space gray" instead.

"I have a flight back to Russia today," he said. "I will buy a new phone for myself in two months. Then there will be no line so I can choose any phone I want. Today is just business."

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TNT Greenlights Taye Diggs-Led Steven Bochco Detective Series 'Murder In The First'

TNT has greenlit Murder in the First, a new scripted drama from Steven Bochco, starring Taye Diggs (the 3rd post with a Mr Diggs mention today) and Kathleen Robertson, with Tom Felton), Mimi Kirkland, Raphael Sbarge, Ian Anthony Dale, Bess Rous and Steven Weber rounding out the cast.

TNT has ordered 10 episodes of the San Francisco-set detective drama, which is being produced by TNT Originals.

Here's s synopsis:

Set in San Francisco, Murder in the First will follow a single case across an entire season. The drama centers on homicide detectives Terry English (Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Robertson) as they investigate the murder of an apparent drug addict. The mystery deepens, however, when the victim is found to have a connection to Silicon Valley wunderkind Erich Blunt (Felton), the celebrated CEO of a cutting-edge tech firm. The timing couldn’t be worse for Blunt, who is preparing to take his company public. He's also being sued by a software developer who claims Blunt stole his code for a revolutionary new hologram system. Terry and Hildy's fellow detectives in their squad include philosopher-cop David Molk (Sbarge) The squad is supervised by Lt. Jim Koto (Dale). On the home front, Hildy is a single mom with an inquisitive daughter (Kirkland). Terry, meanwhile, is struggling to take care of his terminally ill wife, Emily, played by guest star Anne-Marie Johnson (JAG, In the Heat of the Night). Working for Blunt are Bill Wilkerson (Weber), his driver and pilot, and Ivana West (Rous), the company's chief technology officer.

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Dear black women you know what to doooo < andre 3000 voice>
dean season-9-prince

“He Gets A Pass”: Chris Brown Asks Why Jay Z Doesn’t Catch Heat After Selling Drugs

And Stabbing Someone Back In The Day


In an interview with JET, 24-year-old Chris Brown seemed to have a lot to get off his chest. From speaking on how he relates to Trayvon Martin, to his issues with the media, and his past relationship with Rihanna, he let it all hang out. But one thing that he decided to speak on in the interview after touching on the way that he’s treated by the media and mainstream folks is his feeling that Jay Z, who made his own share of bad mistakes in the past, gets treated like the squeaky clean success story. However, when it comes to Brown, he gets treated like the red headed stepchild because of his violence against Rihanna. According to, he had this to say:

“No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”

I see what he’s trying to say, but honestly, Brown finds himself in a lot more trouble, altercations, arguments and bottle-throwing drama than Jay Z. And Jay doesn’t really utilize social media like Brown does to share his issues and anger with folks, so he should keep that in mind.

Other interesting tidbits in the interview include his thoughts on his anger issues (“You have to go through the struggle before you can get to the good part. I don’t try to lash out at people, or be as mad or impulsive as I used to be. I got to the point where it’s only so much you can take from the master, you feel me? I’ve taken my fair share of lashings.”) and that love triangle he was recently in with Rihanna and Karreuche Tran (“Relationships are the most difficult part. That’s why I was honest with those two girls and I put out that video. My ex and I broke up because of the “situation” and she had moved on. I fell in love with another girl. Then my ex came back, so it was like, ‘What is a man to do?’ I told them both the truth. I didn’t do the sucker role.”).

Check out the full interview when the newest issue of JET hits stands on September 23

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John Noble to recur on Sleepy Hollow!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fringe vet John Noble is heading back to Fox with a major recurring role on Sleepy Hollow, TVLine has confirmed.

As first reported by Deadline, Noble will play the recurring role of Henry Parrish, a kind and reclusive man who possesses supernatural powers that have the potential to help Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison).

The gig reunites Noble with Fringe cocreators Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci.


Drunk, Sober, High: Aaron Carter Takes Over Levels

I had originally posted this, but it was rejected because I forgot my tags. Whoops. I didn't think to repost until I just saw the Aaron Carter Instagram submission.

Boy band-era sensation Aaron Carter made his highly anticipated second appearance in State College last night.The platinum-selling artist broke onto the scene in 2000 with Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). Now 13 years later, he still performs in nightclubs and college bars around the country.
We sent three writers in different states of inebriation to Levels Nightclub to see the one and only Aaron Carter. These are their stories.
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TL;DR: Aaron Carter performs at local nightclub/bar. One reporter notes: "Aaron Cater admits to cheating on his girlfriend, waiting for eight years to get back together with her, but now she is married to a hockey player and has a son."

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Cincinnati Bengals Will Not Be ROARing All The Way To The Super Bowl

If Katy Perry has any future tour dates planned in Cincinnati, she may want to cancel those because everyone in the city hates her.

Acutally Bengals fans don't really hate Katy Perry -- because how could you -- they just really hate one of her songs. Perry's 'Roar' was played several times during the Bengals Monday night win over the Steelers, including during player introductions and to celebrate the Bengals win. That choice of song didn't sit well with most of the 64,585 people in attendance.

To show their distaste for the megahit, Cincinnati fans took to the internet and it looks like it worked. According to Bengals' director of sales and public affairs Jeff Berding, there will be less Perry played in the future.

"I think some fans proved that there's an expectation that when the team takes the field, there should be more of a hard-rock, classic-rock song and I know that's what we're going to do this game," said Jeff Berding, the Bengals' director of sales and public affairs. "Katy Perry is not going to be the last song you hear before the team takes the field."

The move is a win for tradition, but it also is proof of a national problem. Stadium music nationwide is calcified. Most arenas and stadiums play the same songs they have been playing for years, since testosterone-fueled rock is what people expect.

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Brace yourself for the Queen's vocal SLAYAGE!

Britney Spears is in "vocal shape" for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, according to Caesars VP of entertainment.

Kurt Melien told Billboard that the 'Toxic' singer's 'Piece of Me' show will include 21 of her greatest hits as well as material from her upcoming studio album.

Asked if Spears intends to sing live during her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood, he said: "We haven't had that conversation. She certainly has been a singer and dancer her entire life, and she certainly has the chops today.

"There's no doubt about it that she's in the physical shape and vocal shape to sing the entire show. She's working out a ton, training a ton and rehearsing a ton. She's super pumped and really excited about this idea since it became real."

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dog winter

Actor-director-author-artist James Franco on small versus big movies

James Franco has made a habit of going from smaller more indie offerings to bigger much more mainstream flicks, a schizophrenic trajectory perfectly exemplified by the fact that this past year he’s starred in the hit Disney Wizard of Oz rethink Oz the Great and Powerful and wack-job masterpiece Spring Breakers. In the former, he plays a smarmy magician named Oz. In the latter, he’s a rapper and gangster with some serious issues. The movies and the roles couldn’t be more different.

“The difference between a big and small film is similar to the difference between directors,” said Franco, in a recent interview on the Montreal set of Wim Wenders’s Every Thing Will Be Fine.

Franco was at the Outremont Theatre shooting a scene in which the characters played by him and Marie-Josee Croze go to see a Patrick Watson concert.

“There are similarities. You usually have a camera. You usually have other actors, unless it’s 127 Hours. You usually have a script, though some movies like This Is the End have a lot of improvisation. But there are essential things whether it’s a large or small movie. What I try to do is when I sign on to a movie now, I look at what the director wants to do and also at the kind of film I’m entering. So for example, two movies that came out within weeks of each other were Oz the Great and Powerful and Spring Breakers. Very different movies.”

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pecan pies
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Musician Cass McCombs Releases Collaboration With The Late Actress Karen Black

Cass McCombs has a reputation for keeping quiet. The mysterious singer-songwriter is famously interview-averse, known for valuing his privacy, and kept a low-profile all throughout 2012, taking a well-deserved respite after 2011's double helping of the Wit's End and Humor Risk albums. Now, McCombs has a new LP on the way, "Big Wheel and Others." He has recently just released a new some from this album, enthusiastically dubbed "Brighter!". The just-uncovered gem features no singing from McCombs. Instead, the late actress/singer Karen Black provides lead vocals, laying down a transfixing take that lilts and swells in synch with the tune's dulcet melody.

Sadly, Black passed away last month, succumbing to cancer at the age of 74. As a tribute, McCombs has dedicated "Brighter!" to her memory. The two worked together previously: Black sang backup on and appeared in the music video for McCombs' 2009 single "Dreams-Come-True-Girl."

Karen has also lent her singing voice to films, like, 'Gypsy 83' and Robert Altman's 'Nashville.'
jesse pinkman // aaron paul

Dexter and Breaking Bad Series Finale Debate: Should Anti-Heroes Dexter Morgan and Walt White Die?

Confession: Two of TV's most notorious anti-heroes are signing off for good and we are conflicted.

This Sunday, Dexter is finally bringing Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) killing spree to an end after eight years of murder on Showtime, and the following Sunday, Walt White's (Bryan Cranston) reign as Heisenberg comes to a close on Breaking Bad, whose final season has been so good, it's literally made us physically ill. (That's a good thing, we swear.)

They lived. They sinned. They killed. They entertained and frustrated the crap out of us. But should they really die?! And do they deserve to? That is the question we are tackling today, presenting arguments for why both Dexter Morgan and Walt White deserve to die...and why they should survive!

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Aaron Tveit; Yellow

Emily Deschanel Says Being Vegan Is the Most Humane Way to Live

“Bones” actress and lover of animals, Emily Deschanel, chatted with Yahoo! TV about her popular crime show and, of course, veganism.

Of the 12-question interview, 3 of the inquiries were vegan-related. Deschanel talked a little about how she went vegetarian as a teen (and later, vegan), crediting the book, “Diet for a New America,” for the change. She also added, “I do think [veganism is] the most humane and environmentally sound way to live.”

The next V-word question was, “Do you get grossed out when people eat meat around you?” She answered, “You know, there’s a certain amount of grossness, I guess, to me, but I’ve lived for 20 years with people eating meat next to me, and I have to be understanding of where they are and their choices if I want them to understand my choices. So I try to be tolerant and understanding. Yeah, it grosses me out on a certain level, but I have become used to that, I guess you could say.”

The final vegan-related question was about the connection between animal suffering and human suffering
: is one more important than the other. Deschanel admitted it was a difficult question to answer, but summed it up by saying testing on animals for cosmetics is wrong, and it’s “perfectly healthy and doable” to eat a compassionate vegan diet. Her statement, “I don’t believe that animals are ours to use or to harm,” sums it up nicely.

Check out the rest of her interview here. You can catch Deschanel on the FOX crime series, “Bones,” on Monday evenings.


Ariana Grande works with homophobic organization

Ariana Grande has a big heart and she recently proved that with her latest project, working with the Salvation Army. She helped out the Kansas City branch at a children’s shelter and had an amazing experience. The faith based organization works hard to help those who are in need, including elders, kids and all people. Ariana of course was honored to team up with the nationwide group that has brought much comfort to those hurting. Here is what she had to say about her amazing experience.

Had the most amazing day volunteering @ The Salvation Army Kansas City Children’s Shelter. Follow @SalvationArmyUS to learn how you can help

I just gained more respect for Ariana by her helping out such a great charity. It is a nice break from the usual ones most celebrities go with. It certainly is one that has a solid history and foundation that helps them do what they do. Maybe Ariana Grande can work with them some more during their busiest season of the year, the holidays. That is when they need the most help and awareness that they can possibly even raise.

How do you feel about Ariana working with the Salvation Army?

dean season-9-prince

Tim Gunn Tells Larry King He Spared His Family The 'Disappointment' Of Telling Them He Was Gay

Project Runway's Tim Gunn tells Larry King on Larry King Now that he never came out to his parents:

"It was a very different time. It was a very different era. And I had a lot of fears about being gay, about what that actually meant. And I had already presented my family with a lot of disappointments and I didn't feel that I wanted to present them with yet this. It's very funny, though. My mother died two years ago. And I think she eventually figured out my sexuality, but we never talked about it. And my father was gone long before. We never once talked about it.”

Gunn expressed relief that it's a different time now and said he respects kids for being able to come out at an early age.

Sources 1, 2

Legendriah's influence continues: Giselle Bundchen learned English from One Sweet Day


She made $42m last year modeling. And she owes it in part to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

Gisele Bundchen revealed during her Thursday appearance on the Today show that she picked up English by listening to these superstar American acts.

'I learned how to speak English by listening to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey,' the supermodel revealed. 'It was 1994, I was 14.'

The supermodel stopped by the morning show to promote Think Eat Save, which reduces carbon footprints by conserving food. She helped prepare a chicken on air along with French chef Eric Ripert and explained how to make the bird last several meals.

'Forty percent of the food produced is thrown away because it doesn't look a certain way,' the celebrity said.

'In my garden all my carrots are really crooked but it's delicious.'

When Today host Matt Lauer told the model he heard she was a good cook she replied, 'I like to think so. I really love food.'

Seeing her up so early is impressive considering the night before she presented awards at UNEPs Inspirational Environmental Action Awards at the Museum of Natural History in New York. The Brazilian was there as ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).


Only when your music helps save lives, inspire great people and people, influence two generation of other singers and a career spanning of 2 decades, then you are iconic. One Sweet Day reminds me of my grandmother till this day. ONTD, any songs that inspired you or helped you through a period of time?

Famke Janssen's False Alarm: X-Men Actress Found Guilty Of 'Lonely Doll' Controversy;

Famke Janssen was found guilty of the 'Lonely Doll' controversy, where she claimed that an alleged intruder broke in to her apartment and left a copy of 'The Lonely Doll' book by her bed, Celebuzz reported Friday.

Police revealed today that 'X-Men' actress Famke Janssen was actually the culprit behind the controversial 'Lonely Doll' story, she reported in August, claiming that an intruder had broken into her New York City apartment and left a copy of 'The Lonely Doll' book on a shelf beside her bed.

Famke said back then that she didn't notice anything missing in her apartment or any sign of forced entry or event hints about the suspicious activity through surveillance footage, leading police to speculate that the bizarre story may be related to an earlier incident.
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Mom Sells One Direction Tickets to Punish Lying Daughter and Her Friends


A young One Direction fan in Australia will NOT be seeing the boy band perform next month — because her mother is selling her tickets on eBay, accompanied by a major public shaming.

It seems the mom found out her daughter and the daughter’s friends lied about having sleepovers when they were actually hanging out “like little trollops” at an older guy’s house.

The furious parent explained the whole situation in a jaw-dropping description on the eBay auction for the tickets:

“THIS AUCTION IS FOR ALL 4 ONE DIRECTION TICKETS IN SYDNEY OCTOBER 25th. You can thank my daughters self righteous and lippy attitude for their sale. See sweety? And you thought I was bluffing.

I hope the scowl on your b—– little friends faces when you tell them that your dad and i revoked the gift we were giving you all reminds you that your PARENTS are the ones that deserve love and respect more than anyone. And your silly little pack mentality of taking your parents for fools is one sadly mistaken.

Anyhow. Your loss someone else’s gain who deserves them! THE TICKETS ARE SEATED IN ROW O section 57. REMEMBER AUCTION IS FOR ALL 4 TICKETS and will be sent registered post.

…OH YOUR FRIENDS THOUGHT THAT A FEW PRANKS CALLS WOULD PUT ME OFF SELLING THE GIFT WE BOUGHT FOR THEM for YOUR BIRTHDAY because YOU all LIED to us about sleep overs so you could hang like little trollops at an older guys HOUSE????? Pffft!!

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Angelina Jolie's Unbroken Nabs Garrett Hedlund for Pivotal Role in World War II Film
Angelina Jolie has scored a handsome hunk for her next directorial effort.

Garrett Hedlund has signed on to play a pivotal role in the upcoming drama Unbroken, the actor's rep confirms to E! News.

Unbroken tells the story of former Olympian and real-life World War II hero Louis Zamperini who, as an Air Force pilot, crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 1943 and was subsequently taken captive by Japanese soldiers, who held him in a prison camp for the rest of the war.

Hedlund will portray Commander John Fitzgerald, the leader of the prisoners in the camp where Zamperini was held, according to Variety, which first reported the casting.

Jack O'Connell, best known for his role on the British hit show Skins, will star as Zamperini.

Shooting is set to begin next month in Australia, where Jolie has been spotted recently scouting locations.

Unbroken is scheduled to be released in December 2014.

source: eonline

Jenny McCarthy Talks "The View", Dr. Phil Talks Dina Lohan Interview & more on Wendy Williams Show

The View's Jenny McCarthy tells Wendy about her new co-hosting duties and how she met her new boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg. Jenny also sits in the Hot Seat and reveals if she ever took a job just for the money. Did she ever hook up with any of the contestants on the MTV game show, "Singled Out"?


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Ed Sheeran Rushed to ER

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Thursday, Sept. 19, turned out to be a bloody terrible night for Ed Sheeran. The evening seems to have started out okay, but it ended with the British singer in the emergency room nursing a fairly gruesome hand injury.

Photos and tweets from the 22-year-old redhead's social media accounts show the sequence of events leading up to his unexpected hospitalization. "Day #64 of the RED tour: Nashville!" Sheeran wrote earlier in the night, alongside a photo of a packed arena of Taylor Swift fans.

A few hours later, he tweeted: "Just [sang] 'I Don't Wanna Be' with @GavinDeGraw in a karaoke bar. Awesome."

That's when things started to devolve. A source tells Us Weekly that the "Give Me Love" singer was hanging out with DeGraw at a pub in Nashville when he cut his hand on some glass and had to go to a local ER.

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He is rumored to have a drinking problem, so it's not surprising he is being sloppy.
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Goodreads To Delete Shelves/Reviews About Author Behavior

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A few hours ago, Kara, Director of Goodreads posted this on the Goodreads Announcement Page:

Since our inception, Goodreads has lived by a few simple principles with our reviews. You can see our full policy in our review guidelines, but at a high level, we believe:

1. Reviews should be about the book. If you think a book is a masterpiece, tell people why. If you hated the book, say so. If it had potential but fell short, share your perspective.

2. Members are not permitted to harass or threaten other people. We have always dealt with this promptly when it has been brought to our attention.

We have done our best to uphold these tenets, and they aren’t changing. But we recently recognized that we can do a better job enforcing them, particularly in the small number of situations where tensions start to run high. We took a long, hard look at our guidelines and how we moderate Goodreads and identified some areas where we can be clearer and where we can improve. I wanted to share with you some of the changes we are now making:

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Source: Goodreads
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Forever 21's fashion faux pas?


Clothing retailer Forever 21 was the subject of criticism on Thursday after tweeting a picture that some say amount to appropriation of black culture. The tweet included a photo of three white models posing in T-shirts of hip-hop artists Ice Cube and N.W.A and the text: "New arrivals... straight outta Compton."

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before screenshots were taken. This is not the first time the retailer has been accused of cultural appropriation.

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by alexia_drake

The boy who grew up in North Korea's labour camp 14

Shin Dong-hyuk was born in a North Korean punishment camp, where he endured appalling brutalities until he escaped, aged 23. Now his story is told in a harrowing documentary

Documentary-makers generally tackle torture at a distance. Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing, for instance, introduced us to a charismatic killer from Indonesia's anti-communist genocide who dances the cha-cha on the rooftop where he murdered hundreds of victims almost 50 years earlier. Camp 14: Total Control Zone is different. The German film-maker Marc Wiese's film tells of horrors that could be happening as you read this, in North Korea, in prison camps so vast that they show up on Google Earth.

Some are "re-education" facilities, where the inmates can hope to be released after a period of hard labour and immersion in revolutionary doctrine. The "total control zone", however, is a life sentence, with death the only exit. Other, that is, than escape. Shin Dong-hyuk was born in the camp and fled, aged 23, in 2005. Wiese's film gives a harrowing account of life in a world where people like him are regarded as lower than worms or flies.

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New Shakira demo leaks

unlike what other places(perez hilton i'm looking at you) have been saying,this isn't a demo for a new was recorded for She Wolf but never made it.
and by the sounds of it,it was probably for the best.
also Sony France apparently confirmed at a conference we'll be hearing new music from Shaki by the end of the year!!!

Duo is QT

Catchy TV Tunes : An ONTD Original

Sup ONTD ! Welcome to another ONTD Original list showcasing some of the catchiest non theme songs that have been featured in some of our favorite tv shows and cartoons.

You will probably wanna add some of these songs to your mp3 player ... who knows ;)

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* I resized the videos so the post wouldn't lag *

Jennette McCurdy's mom loses battle with cancer

Jennette McCurdy -- who plays Sam on Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat -- suffered a tragedy today ... her mom died.

We're told Jennette is devastated -- she was very close to her mother, Debra McCurdy.  Debra had been fighting cancer and was very ill.

McCurdy was supposed to host a big show in NYC this weekend -- Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play, where the network goes dark for 3 hours and kids are encouraged to get out and play.  We're told she's cancelled the gig.

Debra had been battling breast cancer for 17 years.  It went into remission but returned and spread throughout  her body, including her brain in 2010.


Leaked Early LOST Document details show's beginnings

A document recently leaked online detailing a version of the hit TV show Lost that never was. It details a show that’s much more episodic, less mythological and almost the exact opposite of the show that ran for six seasons on ABC. Dated May 5, 2004, four months before the first episode aired

The document claims the show will be self-contained and not have a serialized structure. “We promise.”

- It says the show won’t fit into one specific “franchise,” but instead can be many genres, such as a doctor show, lawyer show, cop show or character drama.
- Everything in Lost was supposed to have a scientific explanation.
- Claims the show will have no “ultimate mystery.”
- The mystery of “the monster” would be solved in “the first few episodes.”
- Most of the plane’s passengers were never supposed to show up again.
- The characters would live in a “primitive Melrose Place” that could be built on a soundstage.
- Guest stars would be a part of the show.

Download file PDF here: 728kb

Source: SlashFilm

Note: I'm (was) a super religious Lost fan. I can't seem to move on with other similar shows like Revolution. To keep in touch with the Lost mega fan base, add their web page on your feedly

People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo katy-perry-660_zps93ba37f6.jpg

"I think Rihanna always looks so fresh and I'm like, 'How do you do that? We all know how much pot you smoke!'"

– Katy Perry, on her admiration for pal Rihanna, to Elle Canada

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Autumn and Oktoberfest are here, ONTD!  :-) Prost!

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Celebrities Who Have Said They Don't Want Children

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt
"I'd be a terrible father!" Hamm told Us Weekly, much to the disappointment of the "Mad Men" star's fans. "I see my friends who have children and I'm like, 'Dude, how are you even upright, much less here at work at 6 AM?'"

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Do you want children? What do you think about people who don't want children? What do you think about child-free people? Do you think it's unnatural to be childless? Do you think it's unnatural to want children? Do you like children? Do you think there should be restrictions on how many children a person can have? Do you think there should be restrictions on who can become parents? Should we just let our population become extinct to solve all problems?
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First Look at Henry Cavill Filming 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'

Guy Ritchie has started directing The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in London and we've got some of the first photos featuring Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, upcoming Superman/Batman movie). Cavill stars opposite Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki, Jared Harris, Hugh Grant and Luca Calvani in the 2014 Warner Bros. release.

Set against the backdrop of the early 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. centers on CIA agent Solo and KGB agent Kuryakin. Forced to put aside longstanding hostilities, the two team up on a joint mission to stop a mysterious international criminal organization, which is bent on destabilizing the fragile balance of power through the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology. The duo's only lead is the daughter of a vanished German scientist, who is the key to infiltrating the criminal organization, and they must race against time to find him and prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

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Album Cover: Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’

Eminem goes back to his roots with the artwork for his upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The cover is a vintage photo of his former home on Dresden St. in Detroit where he spent his teenage years.

He asked his Twitter followers a trivia question and the first person to answer it correctly was given the artwork to spread across the Internet.

One of the covers for his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP featured a different photo of the same house (see below).

MMLP2, executive produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin, arrives Nov. 5 featuring the single “Berzerk.”

rap up
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Best Movies to Watch in Autumn

At long last, the sweltering summer temperatures are dipping. Sunday marks the first official day of fall, and we're welcoming it by recalling some of the most alluring autumnal imagery in movies. After you say hello to the most pleasant season there is by frolicking around outdoors, relish a much-deserved binge of the most iconic fall movies. Here are our suggestions.

1. "Dead Poets Society"

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What are your favourite Autumn/Halloween movies?

Chris Hemsworth: There's No DC/Marvel Rivalry Because Marvel Is Just Winning

Among fans online, there is often heated debate about Marvel movies vs. DC Comics movies. While some fans like both Marvel and DC movies, other fans are fiercely loyal to either Marvel or DC.

In an interview with Jake Hamilton (via CBM) to promote his new film Rush, Chris Hemsworth was asked about the Marvel & DC rivalry, and he laid down a Thor-sized hammer on DC fans with his reply. “We’re just winning aren’t we?” said Hemsworth. “That’s not really a rivalry.”

Hamilton laughed at Hemsworth’s answer and agreed that argument could definitely be made. Hamilton pointed out that the Avengers won out over The Dark Knight Rises when they were released in the summer of 2012. Hemsworth laughed, “Did we? Good.”

Then, Hemsorth continued with a little bit more diplomatic response. “Look you can’t not be excited about your film being part of something that does that well, but it all kind of benefits each other. If one film opens big, then most likely people want to come back to the movies and see something else. So it all feeds into each other,” added Hemsworth.

Video at the Source

DC's incompetence gives me so much life that I'm pretty sure I'm now immortal
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Christina Aguilera to receive Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards

Former President Jimmy Carter will headline the first Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards, which will be presented Oct. 3.

Other award recipients will include singers Christina Aguilera and Michael Bolton, officials announced Thursday.

The awards promote achievements in the fight for social justice.

Carter will receive the Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award. Aguilera will be awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award, and Bolton was chosen for the Humanitarian Award for Gender Equality.

Aguilera, a multiple Grammy Award winner who has sold more than 43 million records, will receive the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award.

In 2010, Aguilera became an anti-hunger ambassador for the UN World Food Programme. She has raised funds and awareness for the humanitarian organization with visits to its operations in Haiti, Guatemala and most recently Rwanda. She also has been a global advocate for fast-food company Yum Brands Inc.'s World Hunger Relief campaign to raise awareness and money to end hunger.

The winners also include six young adults and teenagers who are being recognized for exemplifying core principles espoused by Ali.

Mark Hogg, founder and CEO of Louisville-based WaterStep, has been selected as the Kentucky Humanitarian of the Year.

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'Shark Tank' Season 5: Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran dish on appearing on the panel together

lori grenier

For fans of "Shark Tank," the Season 5 premiere marks a pivotal moment in the show's history. It's the first time both of the ABC series' female Sharks, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran, will appear on the panel at the same time -- an event that, for the two fierce businesswomen, couldn't have come soon enough.

Speaking with reporters in advance of Friday's (Sept. 20) premiere, both admitted that they felt this was a long time coming. "It's been maybe two years overdue, in my opinion," Corcoran says, "but we're happy we're here."

"Yes, it's been wonderful," Greiner agrees. "It's been great."

During the interview, the two bicker like old friends. "I actually heard Lori look a blond bombshell with 9-feet-long legs in the eye and lie straight-faced to her and say, 'You are just like me when I was young.' And what did I say, which will be edited out, of course? I said, 'You never looked that good.'"

"She said, 'You are ugly, Lori.' That's what she said," Greiner counters.

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"Shark Tank" returns for Season 5 on Friday (Sept. 20) at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


Thoughts on tonight's episode? I heard that they've added two new cast members, but I didn't see them in the premiere, so I guess they're saving their debuts for later episodes. I really hope so; this show is in need of some fresh blood.

Is Eiza Gonzalez Trying to be Miley?


What a week! Not only has Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus ended their romance but he's already found himself a replacement, in the form of Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez.

We can't have been alone in saying…erm, who!? So, we decided to do some dirt-digging and well, it's all pretty interesting. Here's what we found about Eiza...

Although sources allege that Liam, 23, had only "just met" Eiza in Vegas last weekend, her social media feeds tell us she's been smitten with a certain someone since mid-August.

Oh…and then there's this cryptic tweet before Liam officially ended his romance with Miley Cyrus, "It must be very difficult to accept the fact that the person you're interested in is in love with someone else #oops #goodluck! #whengoodisgood!"

But we're sure it's just a coincidence!

And we also discovered that Eiza, 23, relocated from Mexico to LA less than a month ago. But just before the big move, she decided to make a dig at Miley's VMA performance. She tweeted, "Miley Cyrus style….Jajajaja."

And yeah, we know…who wasn't talking about Miley that day! But fast-forward four weeks and bang, she's locking lips with a certain Mr Hemsworth. Another big coincidence, we know.

Or perhaps we would’ve been a little less suss if she hadn’t deleted the tweet soon after it was posted. Lucky we were quick on the 'save as' button.

Ready to find out a little more about the Mexican beauty, cos we're ready to tell you in our little tell-all about Liam's love interest…check it out below!
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I fixed the image sizes but which parts have been posted besides the pictures of Liam with Eiza?
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Daft Punk remix Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out'

Rockers are flattered by French duo's remix of their song

Daft Punk take on Franz Ferdinand in a new remix of "Take Me Out." Although the robotic duo beefed up some of the guitar work and lengthened a few sections, adding a club-like feel, the song is similar to Franz Ferdinand's original version. Singer Alex Kapranos takes that as a compliment.

"I always love getting a remix back because I’m fascinated by what people do with a song," Kapranos told NME. "Sometimes you get something back and it's completely unrecognizable, and sometimes you get it back like this! It's pretty much identical!"

He continued, "I guess it was a bit of a nod from the Daft Punk guys to say: 'Ach, you got it more or less right.'"

Franz Ferdinand are set to kick off a tour in support of Right Thoughts, Rights Words, Right Action in October.


Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran & Emeli Sandé for Steven Lawrence Memorial Concert

Emeli Sandé and Ed Sheeran are among the acts announced to play a memorial concert for Stephen Lawrence.

Labrinth, Plan B, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Rudimental, Rizzle Kicks and Jamie Cullum have also been announced for the event, which takes place on September 29 at London's O2 Arena.

The concert is in memory of Lawrence, who was murdered in a racially-motivated attack 20 years ago.
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Can't believe it's been 20 years already

Kim Zolciak's Daughter Brielle Walks Runway, Looks Gorgeous at New York Fashion Week


Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson has some competition on the runway! Fellow reality TV teen daughter Brielle walked the catwalk at the Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva show presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation on Thursday, Sept. 12. The 16-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak looked gorgeous -- and her mother couldn't be prouder.

"It's almost show time for my angel @BrielleZolciak so sad I'm not there!," Kim, 35, tweeted Thursday. "I know you will do great! @MichaelKuluva congrats doll ur fab!!!

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Lance Bass will keep your secrets.

My "Would You Ever?" game with (recently engaged) Lance Bass backstage at "bethenny" came out great! He talks about potental fatherhood, eloping and—most juicily—how he knows tons of closeted gay celebs and has lied for them...

And continues to lie for them.