September 17th, 2013

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Tamar Braxton Talks 'Hot Sugar' Music Video

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Did Tamar Braxton get her wish with the music video for "Hot Sugar"? Is it as hot as she wanted it to be?

In a recent interview, Tamar opened up about the song, which is featured on her new album, "Love and War."

"Yes. I've been waiting on "Hot Sugar" to be a single for a long time and so when the opportunity came out, I was just like I want to make a great video. I want it to be fashionable. I want it to be fun," Tamar tells in video below. "I want it to be sexy and I wanted to remind you of hot sugar and I think that is what we did."

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USA Gymnastics names women’s team for World Championships.

As expected, U.S. all-around champion Simone Biles and 2012 Olympic champions McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross will lead the U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the World Championships beginning Oct. 1 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The only question before the official team announcement Sunday was the identity of the team’s fourth and final member.

Enter Brenna Dowell, 17, who placed third in the all-around at the U.S. Championships last month, behind Biles and Ross.

Dowell beat out the likes of Elizabeth Price (2012 Olympic team alternate), Peyton Ernst (fourth, U.S. all-around) and MyKayla Skinner (third, vault, floor exercise) for the final spot. A selection committee chose the team following a selection camp in Texas this weekend.

Price was named the non-traveling alternate.
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California girls tyfyt

Body confident Naomie Harris displays large back scar in cutaway yellow dress at London Fashion Week

Looking practically perfect has always been an added career pressure for the majority of actresses.

But Naomie Harris put on a brave display of body confidence on Monday as she stepped out in London wearing a cutaway dress which revealed a large scar on her back.

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A quick Google search brought up this site which shows a testimonial she gave about massage therapy with a lymphodema specialist, but who knows.

Kris Jenner, 57, Shares Bikini Photo After Kendall Jenner's Stunning Ad Campaign

Looks like Kendall Jenner has some competition -- from her own mother! Days after the aspiring model, 17, wowed in stunning new shots for Agua Bendita's swimwear line, mom Kris Jenner shared a bikini photo of her own on Instagram.

The 57-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch posted a picture of herself waist-deep in a pool on Sunday, Sept. 15. In it, she wears nothing but a cleavage-baring blue bikini and a chunky gold necklace. Her short dark hair is slicked back, and her face is fully made up with black eyeliner and bright pink lip gloss.

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Mr. & Mrs. Victoria Beckham: Global Fund Celebration!

Victoria Beckham and her husband David Beckham hold hands while attending an evening celebrating The Global Fund featuring the first green carpet challenge on Monday (September 16) at the Apsley House in London, England.

The 38-year-old retired soccer player recently chatted with The Huffington Post UK about his two-year-old daughter Harper’s excellent manners.

“Even my two-year-old daughter says ‘please and thank you’. From living in America, she says ‘You’re welcome,’” David said. “We try to lead by example, by showing them it’s important to work hard. That’s one of the key things me and my wife have always done, (both) before we had children, and now we have four children.”

FYI: Victoria is wearing head-to-toe Victoria Beckham.
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NBC's The Sound of Music releases first poster & casts three Tony winners

The Sound of Music Live!, starring Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp, will premiere on NBC this December. In addition to premiering the first art, NBC also announced today that Broadway vets Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti, and Christian Borle have all signed on to the production. McDonald will play Mother Abbess, Borle will tackle von Trapp family friend Max Detweiler, and Bananti will portray Elsa Schrader, the Captain’s onetime fiancée.

The production, which will also star Stephen Moyer as Captain Georg von Trapp, is based on the original three-hour 1959 Broadway production, not the iconic 1965 movie starring Julie Andrews, although comparisons to the beloved Andrews version are inevitable. This poster, of course, calls to mind one of Andrews’ most iconic moments.

The musical, which NBC is hoping will become a must-watch event, will air live Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.


How do you solve a problem like that poster?

#PlanetBRITNEY - Work Bitch Director Responds To Britney & Official GMA Watch Post

On September 16 at 12am after the world was introduced to Work Bitch officially, after the early leak, Britney (or her management, or whomever you choose to believe. Who cares) tweeted Ben Mor. Who is the director to her anticipated Music Video about getting to #WorkBitch for her impatient fans. He finally responded... Only via Instagram since he doesn't have a Twitter.


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Pink Portable Potties... When will your fave~

Elementary: A Joan Watson Fashion Post

If you're wondering just what it is that has you so gaga for Joan Watson's (Lucy Liu) Elementary style, it’s probably because you can actually picture most of Joan's threads in your own closet. And that's exactly what costume designer Rebecca Hofherr was hoping for.

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So basically, we're going to be seeing more of Lucy's legs is what you're saying?
Oh, you will see a lot of legs [laughs], I promise!


What's your favorite Joan Watson look from Season 1?
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10 Songs Whose Sexual Politics Are More Troubling Than “Blurred Lines”

The controversy over Robin Thicke’s odious “Blurred Lines” is going to be one of those stories that just runs and runs, by the looks of it — just when everyone had started to forget about it, there was the whole VMAs debacle to remind everyone of the song’s unpleasant lyrics and general air of rapeyness. Apparently a student union in Edinburgh has banned the song completely, a move that raises all sorts of questions over the efficacy and ethics of censorship, but whether or not you support expunging it from the airwaves entirely, there’s no doubt that its take on sexual politics is thoroughly questionable. Still, there’s a whole lot of other songs you hear almost as often that are even more troubling. Like these ones, for instance.

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Rest @ source

IDC I still find "Blurred Lines" troubling as hell. ONTD, what are your favorite songs with dubious morals?

The Real Katherine Heigl Problem: A Sexist Studio System

Her career plummeted because she's "ungrateful." But is that a trait we only expect from female stars? "I've never really been America's sweetheart, but for a minute I think that's what they wanted me to be. And I had 'em for a second thinking maybe I was. And then I opened my mouth and it was clear I wasn't." Katherine Heigl told Elle in 2011. In the last five years, she's gone from big-budget romantic comedies to Nyquil commercials. Why? Heigl has what the industry calls a “likeability problem” — and that problem is being "ungrateful" in a studio system where only male actors are allowed to.

Heigl’s reputation for being “ungrateful” began when she said that Knocked Up, the 2007 comedy from much-beloved Judd Apatow, was "a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys… I had a hard time with it, on some days. I'm playing such a bitch; why is she being such a killjoy?” The backlash was immediate, message boards and blogs calling her uptight, bitchy, a traitor, and — overwhelmingly — "ungrateful." However, Heigl’s hardly the only actor who’s pointed out flaws in her own movie. Earlier this summer, Jim Carrey slammed the violence in Kick-Ass 2, and there are copious other male examples: Shia LaBeouf, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, David Cross. Their careers continue to flourish.

In 2008 Heigl turned down an Emmy nomination for Grey’s Anatomy because she felt that the quality of the writing hadn’t earned her one. Again, she was called ungrateful. And again, there's an extensive list of male actors who have crapped on the same shows that propelled them to stardom: Kevin Bacon, Jaleel White, Jason Segel, Tate Donovan — even T.R. Knight, also about Grey’s. The word "ungrateful" is never applied to them — male actors aren't expected to kotow to the showrunners who gave them their start. Or, for that matter, to anybody.

Case in point: Studio execs take issue with Heigl for her temper and requests for creative control. It goes without saying that there’s no shortage of big-budget male actors whose tantrums and pretensions are well-known to the industry and blogs alike. Russell Crowe, duh. Edward Norton, who demanded so much creative control on 2008’s Incredible Hulk that he was finally fired from the sequel. Christian Bale, whose infamous tirade at a crewmember on the set of The Dark Knight went viral. But these instances are attributed to their brilliance and talent. While their tantrums appear on gossip blogs for a few days, these fits have done nothing but further mythologize their star power.

And the final point: Yes, Heigl requests a big fat paycheck (example: $13 million for The Ugly Truth). But let’s put this into perspective: Adam Sandler got $25 million for Anger Management. Robert Downey Jr. got $75 million for Iron Man 3 — and, again, his bad reputation has only added to his net worth. Hugh Jackman tops out at $100 million for Wolverine. Heigl's hard-nosed requests are for a fraction of their paychecks.


Did Robert Pattinson force Kristen Stewart to make her public apology?

You remember Kristen Stewart’s very public, simpering apology after she was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders?

I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry.

I love him, I love him…

It was embarrassment upon embarrassment for Stewart but also, seemingly, totally out of character. After all, leading up to the scandal, she’d avoided even admitting that the two were dating. We went from staunch reluctance to grossly forthcoming, and it was entirely unnecessary. She didn’t need to offer you an apology. But maybe she needed to include you in the apology because she knew that that’s what HE would have wanted?

New interview with Robert Pattinson in Australia’s Sunday Style magazine in which he discusses what he expects in a girlfriend:

“I’m quite sensitive, and I do like a bit of grand gesturing, but that’s just my ego.”

There it is: “Grand Gesturing”. So…he’s the dude who’s living love like a romantic comedy. Now it actually makes sense, right? Understanding that that’s what he would have responded to, Stewart sacrificed her pride, willingly humiliated herself after already humiliating herself, to seek his forgiveness. And he reportedly lorded it over her until they could no longer make it work, even though he claims to be relatively easygoing in a relationship:

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beyonce-flaunt mag

Beyonce Wins An Emmy For Super Bowl Halftime Show

mts carter tour bob-hair-v-festival-081713-8-644x1024

‘Standing On The Sun (H&M advert edit)’ chanteuse Beyoncé has won an Emmy award for Best Outstanding Lighting Design (Lighting direction for a variety special) for her Super Bowl halftime thing.

The award – dubbed ‘the one they all wanted’ – was part of the The Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award, which are held the weekend before the proper Emmys.

As you well know, they are “largely dedicated to key technical disciplines and behind-the-scenes crafts essential to television production: art direction, cinematography, hairstyling, makeup, music, picture editing, sound editing and mixing, special visual effects, stunts and more.” Congratulations Beyoncé!

2013 Emmy Nominations
Beyoncé has nabbed a total of three nominations for her Super Bowl XLVII spectacular.
"Outstanding Special Class — Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program,"
"Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special" WON
"Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Miniseries, Movie or a Special."

Sources 1, 2, 3
Ben Cohen

SCD 2013: Ben Cohen Wanted Robin Windsor To Be His Dance Partner Instead Of Kristina Rihanoff!

Fans of gorgeous rugby star Ben Cohen will of course know that he’s currently competing in the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, and is being partnered and mentored by Kristina Rihanoff

However, activist and anti-bullying campaigner Ben had apparently been hoping to make history by becoming the first celeb contestant on the show to be paired with a same-sex pro-dance partner, and he would reportedly have chosen to be paired up with Robin Windsor (pictured above).

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Dakota Fanning is pale and straggly-haired as she steps out for stroll with her boyfriend


She did have a busy few days in Toronto promoting her two new films.

Perhaps Dakota Fanning had yet to catch up on her sleep as she emerged for a walk with her boyfriend Jamie Strachan in Manhattan on Monday.

The 19-year-old actress was casually clad in baggy cuffed blue jeans paired with a loosely fitted beige jacket and brown leather loafers.

Keeping up appearances wasn't exactly on Dakota's agenda as her face bore no evidence of make-up behind the tinted shades, not even a helpful trace of lip gloss.

Her yellow-blonde hair was uncombed and falling across her face, but she didn't seem to care as she held hands with Jamie, a 32-year-old UK model who now calls New York his home.

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Hiddles + Cookie Monster

Hiddlestoners, Potterheads, and the Cumbercollective: The Film World's Most Dedicated Fandoms

While we admire their dedication, sometimes hardcore fans can be a little overwhelming.

For example, over 93,000 Batman fans who feel Ben Affleck is the wrong man to play Bruce Wayne have signed a petition to remove him from the role.

And Tom Hiddleston has said he's "flattered and amazed" by a group of Hiddlestoners who have decided he deserves his own solo superhero movie.

Saddened that Hiddleston won't appear in Joss Whedon's Avengers follow-up, and clearly concerned that we might never see Loki again, the fans have collected over 22,000 signatures petitioning Marvel for the God of Mischief to star in his own story on the big screen, steadily working toward their goal of 30,000.

But are Hiddlestoners the most dedicated fan base of them all? Let's see...

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Two more dedicated fandoms at the ( SOURCE )

Madonna Teams Up With BitTorrent to distribute a free film and launch a new art project.

BitTorrent Goes For The Mainstream With Madonna As Centerpiece Of Its Latest Bundle

BitTorrent, the P2P network with 170 million users that has been building out a business as the go-to platform for writers, musicians and other media creators to share their content with each other and with their fans, is today taking a step to raise its profile with mainstream users. It’s announcing a deal with Madonna that will see the singer put her latest project, a film she co-directed with Steven Klein called secretprojectrevolution, in a BitTorrent Bundle, along with other content that includes film stills and an interview with Eddy Morretti of Vice, which collaborated with Madonna on the project. The bundle goes lives on the 24th of this month.

To be clear, Madonna has not gone so far as to post her music in a BitTorrent Bundle; that, perhaps, remains too valuable and more easily monetizable for the star and her label. But even so, considering her profile and millions of diehard fans, it’s the biggest name yet that BitTorrent has pulled in it is bid to build out its network and become a name synonymous with legit content with consumers.

As with other Bundles that have been released up to now, the idea behind Madonna’s will be to provide supplementary promotion along other distribution channels. In this case, that will be to kick off Art for Freedom, a bigger initiative Madonna is leading to promote the idea of freedom of expression. BitTorrent will help power that bigger project, with people able to upload original artwork in the form of video, music, photography and poetry “to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution,” BitTorrent’s Matt Mason notes.

The film is Madonna’s way of leading by example, she says. “My goal is to show by the example of secretprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression. I hope my film and other submissions to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency,” she said in a statement.

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Jourdan Dunn: "I'd hate for Riley to have an American accent"

Jourdan Dunn wants her son to grow up with full awareness of his English heritage. The model recently told media that her hearts desire is for Riley to attend a school in London instead of coming to the States for education.

“I don’t want him to grow up in America or go to an American school,” said Dunn. “I’d definitely rather he went to school in London. I’d hate him to have an American accent and start calling me ‘mommy.’”

Jourdan also commented on her career, which currently consists of modeling and a bit of television time. “I’m getting quite a few TV offers now but don’t want to do things just for the sake of it. I still get approached in the street by agents. Someone from Abercrombie & Fitch asked me the other day if I wanted a job in one of their stores. I let him down gently,” explained the celeb.

Riley is Jourdan’s only child. He was born on December 8, 2009.

dog winter

Mark Wahlberg Graduates High School at 42

Mark Wahlberg has received his high school diploma after taking online classes for a year!

“I was fortunate to find out I could attend high school online. For almost a year, I’ve been taking classes and studying any chance I could get – on the set, traveling for work and at home,” the 42-year-old actor told Huffington Post. “It has been both humbling and challenging, but I’m happy to report that I am officially a high school graduate, having received my diploma this summer.”

Mark recently told People, “I would love to go to USC and study film. I don’t want to become a veterinarian or anything, [I want to study] things that further my career and broaden my horizon.”

FYI: Mark dropped out of high school when he was in ninth grade.


25 Ways “Dexter” Went Wrong

As the Showtime series comes to what looks like a disastrous end, let’s take a look back at some of the show’s bigger missteps. Sure, Dexter had some bright spots in its eight seasons, but there have been many mistakes that got us to the very low point that is the show’s final season.

When Debra decided she had romantic feelings for her brother:


Nope. Bad, dirty, wrong. Who conceived of this horrific development, and why? Deb falling for Dexter — her brother by adoption, but her brother nonetheless — was a low point in Season 6, a season filled with low points. It was icky and embarrassing, the culmination of six seasons of Deb getting fucked over by the writers. Thankfully, this plot was mostly abandoned once Debra learned her brother is a serial killer.

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Lifetime Greenlights Gabby Douglas Biopic. Regina King, S. Epatha Merkerson Attached

Lifetime (maybe the only TV network to greenlight more original movies in the last 3 years about black people, than any other TV network - even the black TV networks) has greenlit a biopic on the life of two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, tentatively titled The Gabby Douglas Story.

The movie will follow Douglas from childhood, when she began formal gymnastics as a 6-year-old, to the present; and so 2 actresses will play her - Sydney Mikayla will be Gabby Douglas as a child, and Imani Hakim (Tonya From Everybody Hates Chris) will be Gabby Douglas in her teens, eventually becoming a member of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she won gold medals in both the individual and team all-around competitions.

Regina King will play her mother, and S. Epatha Merkerson will be her grandmother.

Douglas will also appear in the film herself, which is produced by Sony Pictures TV.

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Olivia Munn Joining Johnny Depp in 'Mortdecai'?

olivia munn

Olivia Munn is reportedly in talks to join a star-studded cast headlined by Johnny Depp in the upcoming film Mortdecai, according to Deadline.

The 33-year-old actress, who is a standout on the HBO series The Newsroom, would also join Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ewan McGregor in the film being directed by David Koepp (Premium Rush) with a screenplay by Eric Aronson.

In the film, art dealer Charles Mortdecai (Depp) searches for a stolen painting rumored to contain a secret code that gains access to hidden Nazi gold. No word yet on the role Olivia would play in the movie.


'12 Years a Slave' & Gravity top Indiewire Critics TIFF Survey + New 12 Years Set Images

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Best Narrative Feature:
1. 12 Years a Slave
2. Gravity
3. Under the Skin
4. Stray Dogs
5. A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness
6. Stranger by the Lake
7. Dallas Buyers Club
8. Norte, The End of History
9. La Vie D'Adele (Blue is the Warmest Colour)
10. The Strange Little Cat

Best Director:
1. Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave
2. Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity
3. Jonathan Glazer, Under the Skin
4. Kelly Reichardt, Night Moves
5. Abdellatif Kechiche , La Vie D'Adele (Blue is the Warmest Colour)
6. Denis Villeneuve, Prisoners
7. Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness
8. Tsai Ming-liang, Stray Dogs
9. Claire Denis, Les Salauds (Bastards)
10. Alain Guiraudie, Stranger by the Lake

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AMC has no idea how to run a network

'Mad Men' final season, 14 episodes, to air in 2 parts in 2014, 2015

"Mad Men" fans will have a bit longer to say goodbye to Don Draper.

Following a trend set by "Breaking Bad," the seventh and final season of "Mad Men" will air in two, seven-episode halves, AMC announced Tuesday. The first half of the season, dubbed "The Beginning," will air in spring 2014. The second, "The End of an Era," will air in spring 2015.

"This approach has worked well for many programs across multiple networks, and, most recently for us with 'Breaking Bad,' which attracted nearly double the number of viewers to its second-half premiere than had watched any previous episode,” said AMC President Charlie Collier. “We are determined to bring 'Mad Men' a similar showcase."

Series creator and showrunner Matthew Weiner expressed enthusiasm about the storytelling potential of the two-part final season.

"We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience,” he said. “The writers, cast and other artists welcome this unique manner of ending this unique experience.”

"Mad Men" debuted in 2007 and has since become one of television's most acclaimed programs, winning the Emmy for outstanding drama series four straight times. It is nominated for 12 prizes at this year's ceremony.

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Twist's Ultimate List: The 50 Best Dressed Stars

New York Fashion Week kicked off a few days ago, and it's pretty much the Superbowl of the fashion industry. Trendersetters, editors and Hollywood's A-list sit front row at the shows to take in the new season of style.

Since it's such an exciting and important time for the fashion world, we decided to do something extra-special to celebrate: We're counting down the top 50 best dressed stars in young Hollywood.

From fashion veterans like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence to newcomers like Peyton List, Fifth Harmony and Zendaya, we've ranked the 50 celebs who've made the biggest impacts with their wardrobes. To create the list, we took into consideration stars' red carpet looks, as well as their street style. And we have a feeling our top 10 is going to surprise you ... just sayin'.

10. Fifth Harmony

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R E S T   @   S O U R C E

Aaron Tveit; Yellow

Lee and Morty Kaufman: 90-plus years old and YouTube stars for Swiffer

It took just 30 seconds for Lee and Morty Kaufman to capture millions of hearts.

The Kaufmans star in “The Everyday Effect" Swiffer commercials, drawn from the three-minute video here. He's 91 ("I'm older than my young bride here. By about four months"), she's 90, and they've been married 44 years. Altogether the videos have been viewed about 10 million times on YouTube.

“They’re the couple everybody wants to be -- and that’s really them,” their daughter Myra says in the commercial. Myra was the one who offered them up to a casting agent friend for the commercial. She knew they were perfect.

“We really have a remarkable marriage at this point in our lives,” Lee says. “Considering the rocky situation we had before we met, we made such a lovely life for ourselves.”

Both were widowed in their 40s. Lee had two kids—a girl and a boy—and Morty had four—three boys and a girl.

They met when Lee taught Morty's son Scotty in a summer reading course.

“Morty came in and we shortly stopped talking about study and got busy with ourselves. I never expected a parent conference to turn out to be a date," she says.

The next time Morty saw her, he cut right to the chase. “I said, 'I didn’t come to speak about Scotty—would you care to go out to dinner with me?'” But don’t worry. “In spite of the fact that this took a turn with just the two of us, Scotty did learn to read,” Morty says.

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tom cruise

This is a handsome man post: Oscar-winner George Clooney in Canada

George Clooney hangs out between takes on the set of his new film Tomorrowland on Monday afternoon (September 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 52-year-old actor stars in the sci-fi film set for release on December 12 of next year.

Country singer Tim McGraw was just added to the cast of the film! He is set to begin filming this week, according to Billboard.

Tomorrowland also stars Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, and Judy Greer. Be sure to check out the film when it hits theaters!

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I imagine he smells like coffee and cash
WOULD you hit it, ONTD?

Liam Hemsworth's mother comforts her son after split from Miley Cyrus


He's had a difficult few days after finally confirming that his relationship with Miley Cyrus is over.

So Liam Hemsworth decided to seek comfort from the woman who knows him best, his mother, on Monday night.

The 23-year-old actor and his mom Leonie were seen leaving the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles after apparently having dinner.

Wearing a white T-shirt and blue baseball cap, Liam kept his head down as the pair headed home from their evening out.

However, the strain of the past few weeks were clear to see on Liam's face, with the actor looking tired and stony-faced as he was pictured at the wheel.

Their outing comes as it was claimed that Liam had been left 'mortified' by Miley's now infamous performance at the MTV VMA awards earlier this year.

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Aaron Tveit; Yellow

Kellan Lutz Speaks Out Against Declawing Cats

 photo kellanlutzpawproject-592x375_zps4b775787.jpg

“Twilight” actor, Kellan Lutz, encouraged his Twitter followers to check out the new documentary, “The Paw Project,” about the reality behind declawing cats. He posted:

“Hey team, take a moment and check out @PawProject. This inspiring story aims to increase awareness of the cruelty of declawing. Let’s do all we can to stop animal cruelty. -K”

There is a lack of information (and a wealth of misinformation) surrounding the act of declawing cats. Dr. Jennifer Conrad, the force behind the documentary, is working hard to bust those myths. The Paw Projects’ website explains:

“The Paw Project educates the public about why declawing is inhumane. Many people, including animal lovers, do not realize that declawing is a surgical procedure in which the animal’s toes are amputated at the last joint. A portion of the bone, not just the nail, is removed. Declawing may result in permanent lameness, arthritis, and other long-term complications. The practice, although common in the United States, is actually illegal in many countries. Great Britain’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons goes so far as to declare declawing ‘unnecessary mutilation.’”

To really drive home the reality of the surgery, Dr. Conrad compares it to taking a cigar cutter to a human’s fingers and chopping off the full bones at the end.

Dr. Conrad has been working as a veterinarian for big cat animal actors, as well as big cats in sanctuaries and compounds. When she continued to meet numerous declawed, crippled big cats (tigers, lions, etc.), she became concerned about domestic, household cats suffering as well. She says, “[Declawing] isn’t on the forefront of animal cruelty, but it is such an injustice in the fact that it’s their doctors doing it to them.”

hubs in a hat
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Leaked Pic shows Britney to appear in Miley's MTV doc

As most already know, Britney Spears is appearing on Miley Cyrus' latest album, Bangerz, with a track called "SMS (Bangerz)". After a few LQ photos of Miley's upcoming MTV documentary "Miley: The Movement" have leaked, it seems fans can now look forward to seeing the two ladies on screen as well.

Kinda looks like they are in a studio? Wonder how much Brit appears in it
tom cruise

Cate Blanchett & Colin Firth at Tom Ford S/S 14

Cate Blanchett is classic black while attending the Tom Ford Fashion Show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 on Monday (September 16) in London, England.

The 44-year-old Australian actress was seen sitting next to Colin Firth, who chatted with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

It was recently announced that Cate‘s upcoming thriller flick Blackbird will start shooting in January to prep for a release in 2015.

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I want to be Cate Blanchett.
Gigi, Jiji

Casting Newt Scamander

With breaking fandom news, comes excitable speculation with the most of common of these discussions usually concerning casting - the Fantastic Beasts announcement was certainly no different. The news that the film would focus on the adventures of a young Newt Scamander put the casting hypothesising into over drive. MuggleNet is more than partial to a bit of debate so we have decided to get in on the casting action.

newt actors

Firstly, what do we currently know about Mr Newton Artemis Fido Scamander that would affect the casting?

The fandom seems pretty confident that if this story is to be set ‘seventy years before Harry’s gets underway’ then it is likely the film is to take place in the early 1920s, just after the end of the Great War. If Newt was born in 1897, that would put him in his mid-20s at this point. We can also presume, from ‘his’ commentary in the Fantastic Beasts text book, that he was a bit eccentric (see “beaten them off with my travelling kettle”). And that is pretty much it! There are some visual references in the films but, as we don’t know them to be confirmed by Rowling, we shall exclude them for time being. Armed with this knowledge, here are our thoughts on who could take on the titular role.

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What are your choices, ONTD?
tom cruise

Elle Fanning, 15, out and about...

Elle Fanning shows off her toned tummy as she leaves her dance class and hops into a car on Saturday afternoon (September 14) in Studio City, Calif.

The 15-year-old actress recently opened up about being in the industry at such a young age.

“Some kids go to soccer practice and play games after school. I just do movies,”
Elle told Miss Vogue Australia.

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'Breaking Bad' Presents 'Ozymandias,' The Great And Terrible.

img credit to the-narddog on tumblr

We need to talk for a minute about evil.

There are those who don't really believe in evil, who believe that anyone who cannot be redeemed is more ill and broken than infected with wickedness and viciousness and brutality.

Television often appears not to believe in evil as a subject, but only as an object. A person acted upon — a murderer arrested by a heroic detective, a person punished by an avenging victim — may be evil, but a subject around which a show revolves is not. In fact, defining viewer sophistication in terms of the ability to ignore the appearance of evil has been a hallmark of the anti-hero era: Tony Soprano kills people, but really, he's a family man. Vic Mackey kills people, but he thinks he's doing good. Stringer Bell kills people, but he's a businessman. Understanding that these are not bad people is part of how you prove that you get it.

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adrien sahores

Ben Affleck Responds to Batman Backlash: 'I'm Very Tough'

Ben Affleck spoke candidly about his Batman casting on Monday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon — including the flurry of Internet reactions that followed.

Clearly enthusiastic about the opportunity to go toe to toe with Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel sequel, Affleck had reservations — at least at first — about taking on the Caped Crusader.

"They called me up and said, 'Do you wanna do this?' And I thought, 'Well, I'm not 25, man. Are you sure about this?' " Affleck told host Jimmy Fallon. It wasn't until after he saw director Zack Snyder's take on the character, a different iteration albeit "brilliant" version than Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's Dark Knight trilogy.

After he committed, Affleck recalled conversations he had with the studio about the type of hoopla and chaos a key casting like this could create. "'Listen, we want to talk to you because people go through this process and it can be trying,' " Affleck relayed. "I said, 'What do you mean?' 'We want to show you some of the reactions that past people who have been cast have gotten, like on the Internet and stuff.'"

Though he wouldn't name names, Affleck noted that they were people who were received negatively prior to their movies being filmed. "They send me [reactions for] people who were in these movies who did a great job and they'd say, 'Kill himmmm!' " Affleck said. "You can't say that before a movie comes out. It doesn't matter what you think then, it matters what you think when you see the movie."

But Affleck was sure he could handle the backlash when the announcement hit. "I'm a big boy," Affleck joked. "They said just don't use the Internet for a couple of days. ... I handle shit. I'm very tough. I saw the announcement, I look down on the first comment ... the first one just goes, 'Nooooooooo!'"

He joked: "We're gonna be luddites for a while, kids."

source. watch affleck's interview (begins at the 1:46 mark)
Ann Cury

Riz Ahmed Casting News + New Article + Photo shoot

‘Four Lions’ Star Riz Ahmed to Join Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nightcrawler'

Riz Ahmed is set to join Jake Gyllenhaal in Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut “Nightcrawler.”

The dark thriller follows a driven young man (Gyllenhaal) who discovers the nocturnal world of L.A. freelance crime journalism.

Bill Paxton and Rene Russo co-star in the film, which will find Ahmed serving as Gyllenhaal’s driver and protege.

Jennifer Fox and Tony Gilroy, who collaborated on “Michael Clayton” and “Duplicity,” will produce along with Gyllenhaal. Bold Films is financing with Michel Litvak and David Lancaster producing and Gary Michael Walters serving as executive producer.

Ahmed, who previously starred in “Four Lions” and Mira Nair’s “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” can currently be seen alongside Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall in “Closed Circuit.”

He’s represented by CAA and Kate Bryden and Donna French in the UK.

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Source 1, 2, 3

Sympathy For The Devil: Why It's Crucial That You Still Like Walter White

In old article for Lingua Franca about the visceral pleasures of a good book, literature professor Frank Lentricchia wrote the following: When it’s the real thing, literature enlarges us; strips the familiarity from the world; creates bonds of sympathy with all kinds, even with evil characters, who we learn are all in the family … I confess to never having been able to get enough of the real thing. I worry incessantly about using up my stash and spending the last years of my life in gloom, having long ago mainlined all the great, veil-piercing books. Great because veil-piercing. Book propelling me out the narrow life that I lead in my own little world, offering me revelations of strangers, who turn out not to be totally strange; a variety of real worlds, unveiled for me, for the first time.

And by Lentricchia’s standards, by anyone’s standards, Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad is the Real Thing. The Classic Coke of television drama. Because is there anything more uncomfortable, more veil-piercing than our lingering sympathies for Walter White? The entire series serves to explore what would happen if an ordinary guy, a sympathetic downtrodden man, makes a series of choices that turned him into a monster? And a monster he is, make no mistake. I am constantly shocked by the Breaking Bad fans who seem to view Walter as their conquering hero dragged down by a nagging wife, a duplicitous junkie partner and any other reprehensible person that gets in his way. God forbid Hank do his job, Marie feel betrayed or Walt Jr. defend his mother. So when I say “sympathy for Walt,” I don’t mean the myopic, deluded fanboy kind.

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Harry Styles is joined by best pal Nick Grimshaw as he attends Fashion East show at LFW


He made headlines on Monday as he flirted up a storm with Sienna Miller while watching rumoured girlfriend Cara Delevingne on the catwalk.

But on Tuesday Harry Styles left the ladies behind as he cosied up to best pal Nick Grimshaw as he attended yet another catwalk show.

Sitting side by side the big haired buddies chatted and laughed away while watching the Fashion East show held in the TopShop Show Space.

Keeping his look casual the One Direction singer showed once again he is smoking hot as he slipped on a white T-shirt featuring female hands – some of which held cigarettes.

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Professor Chaos

Cheyenne Jackson Made A J/O Video. ONTD Collectively Orgasms

It’s about damn time Cheyenne Jackson starred in something worth watching!

This man began his career as a total dreamboat, snagging hearts while skating circles around an Off-Broadway stage in the award-winning stage adaptation of Xanadu. He won several awards opposite Kerry Butler and even had a moment in the spotlight at the 2008 Tony Awards.

Then, he starred in Finian’s Rainbow. Blegh.

After that, he thought he was hot shit because he landed a recurring role in 12 episodes of 30 Rock. This is around the same time he became pretentious and started acting like a real asshole actor. Then, Cheyenne Jackson landed a role on Glee. Maybe he was a teacher or a choir coach or something—who knows? We only watch Glee for the half-naked homoerotic shit anyway.

Today, Cheyenne Jackson stars in the role he was born to play: A man making an amateur jerkoff video with his cell phone in a hotel room to send to his boyfriend. Aww! It’s the latest stunt in his midlife crisis, right behind growing a mustache, covering his body with prison tattoos and divorcing his husband to live in West Hollywood with a young boy toy.

The only thing more hilarious than this actual video is the fact that some refuse to believe it’s actually Cheyenne Jackson. We’re going to go ahead and say that it is—you can clearly see one of his brand new prison tattoos in the video, and oh yeah—he shows his fucking face at the end!

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Video will not embed so go to Source 2 to watch. Screenshots were the best I could get.

Source 1

Source 2

FilmDistrict Has Prepared for Your Oldboy Stay in November

FilmDistrict launched the below new promo images and video to prepare you for Oldboy, the Spike Lee-directed film opening on November 27.

Starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, James Ransone and Samuel L. Jackson, Oldboy is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous punishment only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment.

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Zac Efron healthy after stint in rehab

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Zac Efron hasn't been seen out and about on the nightclub scene as of late – and it sounds like there's a reason.

The Parkland star, 25, completed a stint in rehab about five months ago, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The actor – who recently walked the carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival – is "doing great," a source tells PEOPLE. "He's taking care of himself and it shows."

E! News was first to report the news.

tom cruise

Brad Pitt crashes a wedding in England

Brad Pitt poses with a happy bride and groom, Abi Lingwood and new hubby Daniel, after crashing their wedding on Friday (September 13) at the Maidenhead Hotel in Berkshire, England.

“My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and you have got to come with me so he dragged me across the hotel,” the bride told the Maidenhead Advertiser. “I thought he was joking.”

After asking to take a picture, Brad was very amenable! “He said sure, no problem and said congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let’s have a picture,” she said. “And he said I looked nice. He was really nice.”

Abi added that the girls in the room were “going wild and mental.”

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Would you be happy if a celebrity crashed your wedding?

Ziva's replacement cast on NCIS

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beware of NCIS‘ newest agent — she’s got mob ties.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Sopranos grad Emily Wickersham — she played A.J.’s girlfriend Rhiannon during the HBO drama’s sixth and final season — is joining the CBS smash as a potential successor to Cote de Pablo’s Ziva.

Wickersham, whose three-episode deal with the show contains a series regular option, will play Bishop, a bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward new agent. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.” (CBS tends to do these trial runs to ensure the actor/actress in question is a good fit. See also: The Mentalist.)

Currently recurring on FX’s The Bridge as the stepdaughter of Annabeth Gish’s character, Wickersham will make her NCIS debut during November sweeps.

Prior to that, the show will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” EP Gary Glasberg recently told TVLine. “And then in the third episode we [begin to] introduce some different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

hubs in a hat
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Liam Hemsworth Unfollows Miley Cyrus on Twitter

Liam Hemsworth has unfollowed his former fiancee Miley Cyrus on the social networking site Twitter.

The 23-year-old actor and the 20-year-old actress just ended their engagement and have called it quits on their four-year-old relationship.

Over the weekend, fans discovered that Miley had unfollowed Liam on Twitter after much speculation on the status of their relationship.

Liam was last spotted driving his car out of the Chateau Marmont after news of his split with Miley was made public.

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Katy Perry Ties Rihanna for Most #1s in Billboard's Pop Songs Chart

Katy Perry's "Roar" blasts 5-1 on Billboard's Nielsen BDS-based Pop Songs radio airplay chart. With the coronation, which dethrones Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) after 10 weeks on top, Perry matches Rihanna for the most No. 1s – 10 – in the chart's 21-year history. P!nk follows with nine toppers.

At just six weeks, "Roar" marks the fastest flight to the Pop Songs summit since "California Gurls" (featuring Snoop Dogg), the lead single from Perry's last album, 2010's "Teenage Dream," also soared to the top spot in its sixth frame the week of July 3, 2010. ("Roar" makes the largest leap to No. 1 since "Gurls" logged an identical 5-1 jump.) "Roar" previews Perry's new album "Prism," due Oct. 22.

Having now done so twice, Perry is the only act to send a song to No. 1 in as few as six weeks in more than eight years; prior to "Gurls," no song had reached the apex so swiftly since Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" (six weeks, 2005)

Here is an updated list of the acts with the most No. 1s dating to the Pop Songs chart's Oct. 3, 1992, launch:

10, Katy Perry
10, Rihanna

9, P!nk
7, Lady Gaga
6, Beyonce
6, Mariah Carey
6, Maroon 5
6, Bruno Mars
6, Britney Spears
6, Justin Timberlake

Also ROAR just slayed #SleepBitch on iTunes US after spending less than a day at #2 lol #ROARBitch

aweng and alexis

FKA twigs Releases Video for "Papi Pacify"

Water Me,” the last video from the London newcomer FKA twigs, was one of the more arresting and powerfully memorable music videos in recent memory, and her new video for the heaving, twitching soul song “Papi Pacify” (co-produced, like “Water Me,” by the electronic experimenter and Kanye collaborator Arca) is further evidence that this lady knows how to make a music video that grabs your brain. FKA twigs co-directed the video with Tom Beard, and it’s a loving, slow-mo, back-and-forth portrait of a moment that looks both romantic and violently terrifying. There’s also a lot of body-glitter involved. And while nothing explicit exactly happens, you might not want to watch this one at work. Check it out below.


buy ep 2 now!

Sara Bareilles Breaks Silence On Rumors Katy Perry Swiped Her Song

Sara Bareilles says although she doesn't think Katy Perry's "Roar" steals from her song "Brave," she's enjoying her tune's newfound success because of the chatter.

"I was stoked. I was like, `Great,'" Bareilles said in an interview Tuesday. "I was like, `You guys want to go get (mad) about something and buy my music, that's great.'"

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Dark Horse is up to #9!

britney piggie close up

BREAKING: zac efron's trip to rehab was for cocaine and ecstasy

Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse -- it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction.

Zac completed his stint in rehab earlier this year. We're told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen's movie "Neighbors," which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April.

Sources tell us Zac -- who also starred in the movie -- was a no-show on a number of days. As one source connected with the film tells us, "It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine."

Three other sources confirm ... Zac's problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly -- a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves.

We contacted Zac's rep ... she said, "Don't think we'll be making a comment."

source 1

Liam Hemsworth pictured with Mexican beauty Eiza Gonzales AGAIN after their wild weekend in Vegas


It looks like Liam Hemsworth has well and truly moved on from ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus.

For the Hunger Games actor appears to have confirmed a relationship with Mexican bombshell actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.

The pair have been pictured together once again on Monday after flirting and partying together in Las Vegas over the weekend.

This time the duo, both 23, were snapped in Los Angeles after returning from Sin City, the very same day Liam and Miley confirmed that they had called off their engagement.

The pair were leaving a residential home, hopping into a black Cadillac Escalade together.

Liam jumped into the driver's seat of the vehicle while Eiza settled herself into the passenger seat.

Both were wearing casual clothing for the outing, with the Mexican singer and actress looking sultry in a black camisole top.

The stunning star was relatively make-up free and swept her hair into no fuss ponytail.

Meanwhile, Liam flashed a hint of his boxer shorts in a pair of low-slung jeans teamed with a white T-shirt.

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smoking goals
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Want a role in a major Hollywood motion picture? Better hope Jennifer Lawrence passes.

THR: The Starlet 'Pecking Order'

THR INFORMALLY surveyed major agents, execs and producers to determine which young actresses gets offered drama and comedy/action roles first. Then if, she passes, who gets offered — and so on. Not surprisingly, Jennifer Lawrence topped both lists.

1. Anne Hathaway, 30 & Jennifer Lawrence, 23

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The rest of drama at the source
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Julian Lennon fears family curse and the boogeyman


JULIAN LENNON is reluctant to become a parent as he fears his famous family is cursed with fathers who walk out on their kids.

John Lennon was abandoned by his parents as a young child, and history repeated itself in the 1960s when he walked out on his first wife Cynthia and their son Julian to start a new life with Yoko Ono.

Julian remains childless at 50 and admits he would love to settle down with a family, but fears the scandal of 'absent fathers' is the bane of the Lennon ancestry.

He tells Hello! magazine, "I was in a relationship many years ago, where a child was involved, not mine, obviously. When the relationship ended I missed the child even more than the mother. I fell in love with the idea of being a father. But for me to even consider being a father, I felt I had to grow a great deal more and not follow the curse of the Lennon family.

"If I was going to be a father, I wouldn't abandon my son or daughter as my father and grandfather did before me. Of that, I wanted to be sure."


He's said it before. At 50 if he's going to have children he might want to consider that now is the time.

Old interview of Julian speaking about John.

Trailer for Zulu with Orlando Bloom and Forrest Whitaker

Plot Summary: As a child, Ali Neuman narrowly escaped being murdered by Inkhata, a militant political party at war with Nelson Mandela's African National Congress. Only he and his mother survived the carnage of those years. But as with many survivors, the psychological scars remain. Today, Ali is chief of the homicide branch of the South African police in Cape Town. One of his staff is Brian Epkeen, a free-wheeling white officer whose family was originally involved in the establishment of apartheid but who works well with Neuman. Together they have to deal with crime that inevitably exists in sprawling areas of un -and under- employed people, crime exacerbated by gangs, both local and from other parts of Africa. Their job gets even more difficult when the corpses of two young women are found. A new evil has been introduced in the city and a new drug has been introduced to its residents, including both murder victims. At the chaotic crossroads where brutality and modernization collide, the echoes of apartheid still resound in the shadows of a society struggling toward reconciliation.

Source 1 2

Orlando fun fact: His adoptive father, Harry Bloom, died when Orlando was 4 and was a legendary figure in antiapartheid circles in South Africa. Harry also wrote a famous tome called Episode In The Transvaal, was jailed for his beliefs, and worked alongside Nelson Mandela. (src)
Captain Marvel

Jelly Rice Gooped The Children: Chanté Moore Says R&B Divas Tour Isn't Happening

Is there an "R&B Divas" tour in the works? Did Kelly Price speak too soon during the taping for the "R&B Divas LA" reunion? According to Chante Moore, there might have been a tour in motion at one point, but now it's not going anywhere.

"It was a premature announcement that was made by Kelly," Chante Moore shared in a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand. "I thought by now, it would be cleared up or settled – that it would happen or would be for sure, or either way I thought something would be settled and at this moment, nothing is happening."

As seen on part two of the reunion last week, Kelly Price teased viewers with a line up of R&B Divas that would include Faith Evans, Chante Moore and Brownstone, but according to Chante Moore, fans shouldn't hold their breath or dollars for tickets.

"They postponed or cancelled – definitely postponed – I don’t know if it’s ever going to get picked up. Period," said Moore.

Thoughts? Would you go to an "R&B Divas" concert?


Anyone else watch and LIVE for the R&B Divas LA reunion?

26 Famous People Who Met Their Spouses At School

These well-known couples have somehow managed to conquer the ins and outs of fame. Stay strong, people!

Bill & Hilary Clinton


How they met: Both Hilary and Bill attended Yale University, they started dating in 1971. Hilary even stayed an extra year in college to spend time with her future husband.
Married: 38 years

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21 more @ the SOURCE

how did you meet your significant other, ONTD?

Jimmy Jean-Louis Books Role With Multi-Episode Arc On CW's 'Arrow'

The upcoming season of The CW's action-drama Arrow, will feature the talents of not 1, not 2, but 3 new black actors.

We already alerted you to the castings of Michael Jai White as a character named Bronze Tiger, aka Ben Turner, a claw-wielding assassin, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson who was recently cast to play Amanda Waller.

Now we can add Jimmy Jean-Louis, who informs me that he's currently in Vancouver shooting what will be a multi-episode arc for a character he's signed up to play, who goes by "The Captain." Jimmy says that the character is somewhat morally ambiguous, and will first appear on Arrow, in an episode at the end of October.

Monsieur Jean-Louis is certainly no stranger to superhero-themed TV series, as you might recall the Haitian actor (who won the 2013 Nollywood & African Film Critics' Award in the Best Actor in a supporting role Diaspora Film category) played a character known primarily as The Haitian. on NBC's Heroes, a few years ago.

Up next for the star of Philippe Niang's 3-hour epic drama, Toussaint L'Ouverture, is award-winning director Jerry LaMothe's Brooklyn/Haiti-set drama The Promise Keeper, amongst a few other projects.

I should note that David Ramsey (also a black actor) has been a member of the Arrow cast since its first season, playing a character named Diggle, a former military turned tough-as-nails bodyguard hired to keep an eye on Arrow, by his mother.

Arrow is based on the chronicles of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow. It's second season premieres on Wednesday, October 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

  • roxas39

Drake's Family Message: How 'Nothing Was The Same' Inspired Personal Reflection

"Heard once that in dire times when you need a sign, that's when they appear/ Guess since my text message didn't resonate, I'll just say it here."

Two days before Drake's third studio album, "Nothing Was the Same," surfaced on the Internet, he debuted one of the album's most personal songs, "Too Much," on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." "Don't think about it too much, too much, too much, too much/ There is no need for us to rush it through," Sampha's abrasive voice introduces an emotionally frustrated Drake. Sampha's hook is almost the antithesis of Drake's turmoil; the calm. "Done saying I'm done playing," Drake launches into rapid rhymes of the restlessness that success has struck upon him. But it's the second chorus where you hear Drake roll up his sleeves.

"From Love" is on repeat right now

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Cara Delevingne & Jourdan Dunn reveal fashion week diet


She claims that she does 'nothing' to prepare for her catwalk appearances due to a hectic work schedule, but size 6 Cara Delevingne always looks incredibly slim on the catwalk.

And now the 5ft 9in model of the year has given girls worldwide even more reason to envy her after taking to Instagram to showcase her 'fashion week diet' of McDonald's burgers and chips.

The 21-year-old posted a photo of herself and fellow model Jourdan Dunn with giant bags from the fast food chain with the caption: 'My food is faster than yours!!! #fashionweekdietplan.'

Speaking to style website Beauty High last year, Cara said: 'I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat'.

And it seems she isn't the only genetically-blessed model that loves a good calorie-laden meal; Jourdan Dunn is a big fast food fan too, citing her favourite meal as fried hot chicken wings.

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Thandie Newton's new beauty website: who is it for?

The co-creator of the new site ThandieKay, Kay Montano, explains why it's far more than a beauty site for mixed-race women


Early last year, makeup artist Kay Montano published an interview with British actor Thandie Newton, in which she spoke for the first time about forgoing relaxers (chemical straightening) and letting her hair grow out naturally. The response was immediate. "I got more hits than I've ever got," says Montano. "It was on the Today show on US television. I got asked to go on to the BBC to talk about it. And all these beautiful comments from readers! That's when I realised – there's something here.Beauty can be used to make you feel better about yourself, instead of worse."

From that single piece – and an eight-year friendship that started when the two women met on a shoot for Vogue magazine – came an idea for a wider project. The result, 18 months later, is the website ThandieKay.

But is this site, created by two mixed-race women, a response to the largely white-dominated media that pushes a certain aesthetic over others? Not exactly, says Montano. "It's not a 'mixed race' site. We're not going to exclude anybody." She sees the site as a sort of Rookie magazine, the popular American online magazine for teenage girls created by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, but with an older readership. "In America, there's a strong – I wouldn't call it a subculture, it's somewhere in between subculture and mainstream – culture online."

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Beauty Post?


Grand Theft Auto V set to earn $1.2 billion in sales

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hundreds of gaming fans queued overnight to get their hands on the first copies of Grand Theft Auto V, which is thought to be the most expensive computer game ever produced.
The game goes on sale today, but many outlets opened especially at midnight to facilitate gamers keen to get their hands on the new version of the popular franchise.

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Ignore the other posts mods I hit post too quickly

Kimberley Walsh Lifts Lid On Girls Aloud Rift

Girl’s Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh has admitted that she would probably never have chosen Nadine Coyle or Sarah Harding as friends, if she hadn’t ended up in a band with them.

The former Strictly Come Dancing finalist last toured with her bandmates earlier this year and the ‘Ten The Hits’ shows wrapped up in March, after positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Since then, things have been fairly quiet on the Girls Aloud front, however in A Whole Lot Of History – Walsh’s new autobiography – the stunning singer opens up about tensions behind the scenes and admits that she only really feels close to Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts now.

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Professor Chaos

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Series Premiere Review: A (Cop) Case for Comedy

One of the biggest problems with network comedy is predictability. You got your family sitcoms where the dad is like, "Get me outta here!" and the daughter wants to date bad boys and the mom cocks her head and puts her hands on her hips and the son is stupid. You got your generational rom-coms, where a group of young friends navigates the dating world and hooks up with more people than is sanitary and one of the friends is stupid. You got your "workplace" comedies where the weird guy, the charming guy, the sweet girl, the macho dude, the uptight cat lady, and someone who is stupid all work together. Network comedies don't go much further than those three formulas, so it's no wonder that the genre has shown little innovation in the last five years.

But one comedy genre that we haven't really seen much of is the half-hour action comedy (Fox's 2010 The Good Guys never got a fair shake, Breaking In had some sleuthy stuff going on, and Chuck was an hour-long dramedy), and that's what gives Fox's new series Brooklyn Nine-Nine the appearance of freshness. Set in a New York police precinct and on the crime-ridden streets of the city, Brooklyn Nine-Nine dips its toe into the action-comedy genre and that's enough to make it stand out from the rest of this season's new laffers and the omniscient trend of parents moving in with their adult children or divorcees hitting the dating scene again. And that was enough to make me like it and get over my irrational hatred of star Andy Samberg.

Collapse )

I thought it was one of the better comedies. Kind of like watching an extended SNL skit that was actually fun to watch the whole time. Andre Bauer is the best "straight" man in a while. There wasn't anything problematic that I could tell which is saying a lot when there is a man who is both gay and black as one of the leads. I preferred it over the other comedies on Fox tonight (none of which made me laugh as much w/the notable exception of Winston on New Girl)

The Game & Drake Donate Money to Ohio Woman Who Lost 5 Children and Boyfriend in House Fire

Some of the biggest names in the rap game are giving back in a beautiful way.

Fans of The Game have been following the rapper's journey on Instagram as he participates in The Robin Hood Project, where he's vowed to donate a total of $1 million of his own money to those in need before Christmas, and his latest gracious giveaway got the attention of fellow artist Drake, who joined Game in giving an Ohio woman a total of $22,500.

"Meet Ana Angel, a mother of 5 who lost her 5 children & her boyfriend (father of her youngest) in a house fire early Sunday morning in Tiffin, Ohio," Game wrote with his Instagram post. "I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time. Ana Angel was working her shift at Burger King when she was informed by her manager Pat Boes that her home had burnt down with her family inside it & no one survived."

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Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" Video Prompts Removal of University Statue

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She's wreaked havoc on sensitive viewers with her racy music videos and now Miley Cyrus has inadvertently destroyed a landmark at a university in Michigan.

Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan proudly displayed a pendulum statue with a 42-inch steel ball hanging from a 50-foot cable, which bears uncanny resemblance to the prop used in the pop star's "Wrecking Ball" video.

Accordingly, students jumped at the chance to recreate the video, posing nude or mostly nude on the public statue.

However, the University took action and removed the structure, citing "safety reasons." It's unclear if it will ever return.

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Simple Life vs. KUWTK


Paris Hilton has taken a swipe at Kim Kardashian's series Keeping Up with the Kardashians by insisting The Simple Life is still the best reality show.

The hotel heiress claims she is too busy to watch the popular E! reality series which catapulted her former friend Kim to fame and hailed her own reality series - which saw her and pal Nicole Richie work in a variety of unusual jobs - as 'iconic'.
In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: 'Reality TV is a lot of hard work, and Kim has done well for herself. I don't watch reality TV now, because I don't have time.

'As far as I'm concerned, The Simple Life was the best reality TV show going, and it turned 10 years old recently. It's timeless, iconic and you can still watch it.'
Paris - who recently finished her DJ residency in Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza - claims her busy work schedule won't allow for a reunion with Nicole on The Simple Life.
She explained: 'They wanted us to do a 10-year reunion show recently, but Nicole and I were both too busy.'

Meanwhile, Paris insists there is no longer a feud with her Simple Life co-star after a fall out between the pair saw Nicole replaced by Kimberly Stewart for the show's fourth season.

The 32-year-old blonde beauty explained she is 'happy' for Nicole - who is married to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, with whom she has two kids, five-year-old Harlow and four-year-old Sparrow - and is supportive of her current endeavors.
'[Are we still friends?] Of course! We've been friends since we were two years old and we will always be close. I'm so happy for her with her family. She's so cute now.'


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James Blake x Chance the Rapper – “Life Round Here” (remix)

If you still haven't had a chance to listen to James Blake's latest album Overgrown, well, your loss. But here's a good starting point to play catch up. The London based singer, songwriter and producer tapped Chance the Rapper to appear on the remix of "Life Round Here," (via Noisey) just when we thought the track couldn't get any better. Listen below.
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Jessica Alba guest edits for Piperlime, you wonder why she's relevant, then we look at clothes

Jessica Alba is Piperlime's guest editor, so she assembled a collection of her favorite items at the store for fall, and she discusses a few hot tips in the video below, such as:

  • pair a black dress with "fun shoes"

  • jeans are "essential"

  • hats don't have to be black

But seriously, her boutique picks from Piperlime (a few are pictured below) are super cute & practical.  The prices for these are less cute/practical, but you can also save $10 off $40 at the online store she co-founded, The Honest Company, with coupon code Pollinate10off40 (I don't know how that's related to fashion, but there you go).

Sources: Piperlime & FabSugar & Jessica's Twitter