September 14th, 2013


Alexander Skarsgård attends NYFW and talks about racing Prince Harry


He may play a sexy vampire on TV who enjoys warm blood, but Alexander Skarsgård is willing to suffer through a cold spell for a good cause. Make that a long cold spell.

E! News caught up with the True Blood hottie at the Calvin Klein Fashion Week party in New York Thursday night and asked him about his just-announced race with Prince Harry across Antarctica as part of the Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge.

Needless to say, Skarsgård was thrilled by the prospect of going up against the royal.

"I'm part of the U.S. team and I was just honored when they asked me. It's called Walking With the Wounded, the charity," the 37-year-old actor told E! News. "We're gonna ski to the South Pole with three teams with four wounded soldiers on each team—a British team with Prince Harry and Dominic West from The Wire is with The Commonwealth [Canadian-Australian] Team and I'm with the Americans."

The competition will see the three groups embark on a 208-mile trek across the frozen continent that will take place over a month during Antarctica's summer—winter here in the U.S. But it's no picnic as they'll face along with below-zero temperatures, blizzards and dangerous ravines as they make their way across a harsh, icy landscape.

But given that he's from Sweden, not to mention a former marine in that country (as well as having played a convincing soldier in HBO's Generation Kill), it shouldn't go too badly for Skarsgård who added that he was just happy to be able to help raise money for military charities.

"I had an opportunity to meet [his teammates] for the first time last week in California. Two guys and two girls. Amazing, amazing people. I'm really honored," he said.

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Will And Kate Fight Stigma Against Down Syndrome In Beautiful Way


He’s only a little over a month old, but Prince George may have already learned his greatest lesson from his benevolent parents.

Prince William and Kate Middleton usually shirk gifts for special occasions, but they recently made an exception for an artist with Down syndrome, TODAY reported. Tazia Fawley, 43, spent six months crafting a bright painting of children’s classic Rupert the Bear flying over a bridge in the Bristol Balloon Festival in England in hopes that the royal couple would accept it and hang it in their home.

After the artist completed her piece, Suzie Moffat, director of Heart & Sold, an organization that promotes artists with Down syndrome, took a photo of it and sent it on to the palace to see if the new parents would be interested in it. Soon after, she received an enthusiastic note from the couple saying they would gladly welcome the work of art.

It was a move that Fawley’s mother says will encourage other people with Down syndrome to pursue their dreams, and will also help to chip away at the stigma that still surrounds Down syndrome in the UK, according to Moffat.

“In England, there always has been a stigma attached to (Down syndrome), and now that is washed away by the fact that the Duke and Duchess have accepted that painting,’’ Moffat told TODAY. “For this to happen, it’s kind of turned that negativity around.”

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We All Know Who Invented #GhettoGoth (Hint: It Wasn’t Rihanna)

by Lil Government

“Underground” style don’t exist anymore, thanks to the die-hard self-exposure of today’s internet culture coupled with an industry of celebrity style experts whose existence thrives off combing the instagrams and twitters of more innovative but relatively unknown niche influencers. This sucks, obviously, for those at the proverbial bottom who contribute significantly to the trend economy but are still entrenched in the struggle to claim their own identity as they see it reproduced by stars who are sometimes even one or two degrees away from them personally. I’m not referring to fluke indicators of the blurring between ideological pop and punk, like the fact that Miley Cyrus dresses like Pictureplane now, but seemingly more nefarious instances in which organic movements are surreptitiously lifted from those who created them, dragged off to the capital farm for slaughter. Don’t expect a check, because it ain’t coming.

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Source: BulletMedia
think deep 42
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this is my new favourite keanu interview

Keanu Reeves on ‘Man of Tai Chi,’ ‘Bill & Ted’ & ‘Point Break’

by Marlow Stern

Keanu Reeves sat down with Marlow Stern at TIFF to discuss his directorial debut, where he’d go if he could time travel, the homoeroticism in 'Point Break,' and much, much more.

Everyone has his or her own read on Keanu Reeves. Is he a curious scholar, as this Details profile of him suggests, or spaced-out, like his early, highly convincing onscreen persona? Is he an underrated actor—which I, for one, believe he is—or a one-trick pony?

Wherever you fall on the Keanu spectrum, one thing is certain: he’s fascinating.

He’s also a helluva nice guy. As soon as the 49-year-old actor-director moseys into an empty conference room at Toronto’s InterContinental hotel, the first words out of his mouth are:

Hey, do you want some water?

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iFlop 5c and iFlop 5s specs + Apple flops on share market

i Phone 5 C martin hajek

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Source: theguardian cnet
tl;dr edition=specs are literally iphone5+fingerprint scanner
apple mismarkets phone, prices it too high for chinese market=investors SELL SELL SELL

it's weird how yall like Apple when they buy their parts from Samsung and use it as their own, that A7 chip is probably a innovation based on samsung tech tbh

Sara Gilbert: I Realized I Was Gay While Dating Johnny Galecki

Sara Gilbert opened up about realizing she was gay while dating “Roseanne” co-star Johnny Galecki during an emotional segment on Thursday’s “The Talk.”

She also talked about how he helped her through her discovery, kept her secret for years, and the fears she still has concerning her sexuality.
not sure if this was posted,but i think is a great/sweet story

Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez fight predictions

On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. challenges Saul "Canelo" Alvarez for the WBA and WBC light middleweight titles in Las Vegas. It has been one of the most anticipated fights in years. Here are some predictions:

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champ
"I've only seen Canelo fight twice -- against [Joselito] Lopez and [Austin] Trout. Trout gave him some trouble and he isn't as experienced and as technically skilled as Floyd is. Floyd stays in tip-top shape and is a very relaxed fighter. He is at his peak. It's going to be hard for anybody to beat Floyd now unless he doesn't train. Floyd has transcended the game so much that the best fighters out there now try to emulate his style. Floyd wins by a decision."

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I'm so excited for tomorrow! Mostly because fight night=party & lots of booze and food. Anyone watching? Who are you rooting for?

Katy Perry Premieres 'Prism': 7 Things We Learned + Track by Track Review

The pop star introduced her new album and played it in its entirety at an exclusive event at Los Angeles' Hammer Museum.

“I know every date for the next two years,” said Katy Perry Thursday night at Los Angeles’ Hammer Museum, only half-kidding. The occasion: a full-on premiere of Prism, Perry’s third album, in its entirety, now that it’s been sequenced, mixed, mastered and sent off to the presses with its own official release marked for Oct. 22. In recent weeks, "We all grew a little older," she cracked.

The album represents a milestone moment for the 28-year-old singer, whose last full-length, 2010’s Teenage Dream, yielded five No. 1 singles -- a record number. To say that the pressure is on would be an understatement of universal proportions. Indeed, it’s Universal Music Group, which purchased EMI’s recording arm in 2012 -- and with it, Capitol Records, the label to which Perry is signed -- which has the most to gain from the highly-anticipated follow-up. After all, few would argue with the commonly held belief that Prism, along with Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, are the company’s two top priorities for the fourth quarter of 2013 and beyond.

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4 & 5 at the ROARce

MuuMuse has a description of each track along with his thoughts on the lack of cohesion...

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The good news is that Katy’s ditched some of the more childish “Peacock” wang talk and corny “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” party platter cheese in favor of a more mature, glossy and Swede-inspired sound on Prism. (Evidently, Robyn made a huge impact while opening for her on tour.)

The bad news? It doesn’t quite make sense as an album — at least upon first listen. The last record became a modern pop masterpiece because of its cotton candy-coated teenage dream cohesion from beginning to end. This one? I’m just not sure yet, apart from an airy, lightheaded feeling. (That might have also been the #PrismVodka.) The songs are all objectively good of course, but unlike Teenage Dream, there’s no obvious unity or mission statement. It’s a bit like Rihanna’s Loud in that way — a buoyant pop record with assorted offerings of varying quality.

The lack of cohesion’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Considering her expert marketing ability and vast array of inoffensive, radio-friendly tunes, there are plenty of single options on hand (“Walking On Air,” “Unconditionally,” “This Is How We Do,” “Double Rainbow” and “Legendary Lovers” all come to mind first). But then, she’s Katy Perry — she could pick any record from the album, and it will almost inevitably race to the top slot on the Billboard Hot 100. Like a prism, she’s got plenty of ways to shine.

ROARce Track By Track ROARce
beyonce-flaunt mag

ANTM "The Guy Who Cries" : Sweat, Tears, and Wet Paint

antm paint chris

After a challenge has the models exploring the streets of Los Angeles in their underwear, one of the guys can’t take the pressure and breaks down. At a photo shoot, where paint is thrown on the models, a few of the models are out of their element and fear it will show in their photos.

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Britney preparing for a "mega live event" on GMA + Taking over the Vegas Streets?


Link cause the videos wont embed!

Britney is also preparing to take over Vegas!

Over 400 collateral pieces were printed last week to promote Britney’s Vegas residency, including property signs, taxi toppers, bus wraps, billboards and more, an industry insider has revealed. They have also used a different picture from the Work Bitch cover

JustJared had listened to Work Bitch!

@IfUSeekAnswers @xproudofbritney @MikeyTBH it's a fun club hit. a lot of fast talking, some in her british accent.hope there's great choreo!

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Ive never been this excited for Monday to come
Les Mis; Profile

Natalie Portman Worried About Vegan Diet in Paris

 photo natalie-portman_zps1f62fbd6.jpg

Movie star Natalie Portman is moving to Paris with her husband, Benjamin Millepied, and their two-year-old son, Aleph.

In an interview with HELLO! magazine, she said, “My husband has made me director of dance (article typo - he's been made director) at the Paris Opera Ballet and starts next year. I love Paris.”

The 32-year-old actress is concerned that she won’t have easy access to her favorite vegan foods like she does in the U.S.

”I’ve been vegetarian since I was nine and vegan on and off,” said Portman. “At the moment we live in Los Angeles near Thai Town so we eat a lot of good vegan Thai food and there are also great pasta places nearby – a good pasta is probably my favorite dish. Paris is getting better for vegans – you can get anything there if you know where to look.”

Back in 2009, Portman decided to resume her vegan ways after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestseller “Eating Animals.”

“Perhaps others disagree with me that animals have personalities,” she wrote. “But the highly documented torture of animals is unacceptable, and the human cost Foer describes in his book, of which I was previously unaware, is universally compelling.”

While she went vegetarian during her pregnancy, the 32-year-old has since resumed her animal-free lifestyle. In August 2012, it was reported that Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied celebrated an all-vegan wedding in Big Sur, California.

Portman is clearly excited about the family’s move and for her new role with the Ballet. ”I’ve worked there for a few months at a time, but neither of us ever lived there before – my husband is from Bordeaux. It’s everyone’s dream to live in Paris at least for a while, so there is a wonderful opportunity for us.”

dog winter

Dr. Franco Talks 'Mindy Project'

After becoming an actor, screenwriter, director, author and painter, James Franco will now be practicing medicine on television.

The Oscar nominee is returning to the small screen to guest star on FOX's The Mindy Project, playing the doctor who filled in for Mindy while she was away in Haiti.

In the season two premiere, Mindy is with her minister boyfriend Casey, doing philanthropic work in Port-au-Prince. But when she returns to the hospital, she has a hard time dealing with her popular replacement.

These days fans are more likely to see James in an award-winning movie than a sitcom, and the actor explained what made him take on the role.

"Mindy was very determined to get me on and I was very honored by her interest in me," admitted James, who came to know Mindy on the set of This Is the End. "I also knew that Seth Rogen had been on the show and he said he had a great time."

When determining projects, James says that the vibe he gets from the people he'll be working with is the most important part in making his decision.

"When somebody shows a lot of enthusiasm who is also very talented, it's almost enough for me to want to work with them," said James.

While he is only scheduled to be in a couple of episodes, James consider doing more?

"I would love to come back," said James. "We've had such a great time in the past three days, I told them I'd love to come back."

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Beyoncé hints new song at Rock In Rio Festival, slays the Ah Leke Leke!

Beyoncé continues world domination with The Mrs. Carter World Tour in Brazil. The singer headlined an electrifying performance late Friday night at the Rock In Rio Festival and gave fans a special performance.

The bootylicious singer, who whipped her hair extensions back and forth during her performance last night, recently spoke out about the joys of touring the country.

Speaking at a press conference before her show at the Estádio Plácido Aderaldo Castelão in Fortaleza, she explained: "It makes me proud of my job. It makes me proud that music can impact so many people and bring us together."

Beyonce also joked she felt as if she was still on vacation because she loves Brazil so much: "It’s one of my favourite places in the world," she said. "I’ve never met so many people with so much passion and I am so excited to be here. It doesn’t feel like I’m working, it feels like a vacation."

And she definitely looked like she was enjoying herself. Before ending her set in Rio, Beyoncé told fans to chant the letters "XO" repeatedly, adding fuel to the rumors of a new single. The singer went on to dance to "Ah Leke Leke", a very popular song in Brazil, which made the crowd go wild!

YESSSSSS @ my queen dominating my beautiful motherland, makes me weep. Appropriating black culture in the southern hemisphere so flawlessly, only she can make something embarrassing like the 'leke leke' look classy. <3

source & yt

Brangelina Brood Goes Bowling & Eats Kangeroo Pizza.

Mother-of-six Angelina Jolie was photographed with her children – Maddox, 12, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and 5-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – at the Strike Bowling centre at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Australia on September 10. The Jolie-Pitt kids were all smiles as they walked hand-in-hand out of the bowling alley.

The 38-year-old actress insists her kids try local cuisine when they're abroad and made sure her brood had the chance to taste traditional Australian foods while they were Down Under. A source told The Sun newspaper: "Whenever they are in new countries the kids have a rule about trying local food. The tour guide took them to a specialist Aussie restaurant and they had a mix of kangaroo and emu on a pizza."

The kids even tried witchetty grubs - an Aussie term for white moth larvae, a staple food of Aboriginal women and children - which can be eaten alive, raw or lightly cooked. When cooked, the grubs which are a high protein meat, can turn light yellow like a fried egg. The source added: "The witchetty grubs taste like scrambled egg apparently."

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Earl Sweatshirt: ‘Canadians Are Weirdos’, 'Drake Is Grandma Nice'


The rap collective you’re a member of, Odd Future, became famous very rapidly after you were sent by your mother to a school for troubled youth in Samoa. Did missing out on that success further your resolve to sort through the behavior issues that got you there?
Hell, no. Not initially, and not the way that Odd Future was coming out — it was like a temper tantrum. It was perfect. But throwing a temper tantrum in a residential treatment facility is so much less cool than throwing a temper tantrum on TV.

While you were in Samoa, your whereabouts were pieced together by fans and bloggers. Did it make you worry about how much information is available online?
One day I hope to not have a Twitter, to be sick enough that I don’t have to use the Internet. But since we came up online, I have to be online. Twitter is a real addiction, like the color of it, the process of it.
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Miley Says Britney Called Her & Requested To Record a Duet with Her

Miley Cyrus got pop fans everywhere excited when she confirmed earlier this week
that she and Britney Spears are linking up on her Bangerz track "SMS (BANGERZ)." And now, we're finally getting details.

Around the same time Miley debuted her new brown hair in Paris, she sat down with U.K. talk show "Alan Carr's Chatty Man" to talk about what the song sounds like.

"It's a fast one; it's got to be! It's Britney, bitch!" Miley said in an interview airing Friday night (September 13), Capital FM reports. "She's got one of those voices that as soon as it comes on everyone in the world knows it's Britney Spears, and that's what I wanted. There's just a whole vibe that's around Britney Spears and what she represented, it's like too crazy."

She added that there's "so much her and I connect on," and considering the two have the same manager, Larry Rudolph, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that they were able to make a collaboration happen. But Cyrus explained it all finally came together at Spears' request.

"Well, we've been trying to work together, and I felt like there had to be that right time. And after 'We Can't Stop' came out, she called and said how much she loved the song," she recalled. "At first she heard the song and she didn't know it was me, and then she watched the video and just sort of fell in love with the video.
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Kris Humphries Auctioning Off Kim K's Engagement Ring

You can't buy love, but you can buy the material possessions that are left behind when that love disappears. Three months after finalizing their divorce -- and almost two years after their initial split -- Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries is auctioning off one of the last remnants of the couple's 72-day marriage: her 20-carat diamond engagement ring.

The NBA player has apparently listed the ring for an Oct. 15 sale at Christie's auction house in New York City. A rep for Christie's confirmed to the site that the bauble up for auction is a Lorraine Schwartz creation with a 16.21-carat center diamond and two 1.80-carat side diamonds -- the exact dimensions of Kardashian's ring. The auction house could not disclose the seller's name but said it was "a gentleman."

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adrien sahores

Short Film Depicts Teenage Breakup Unfolding Online

Told entirely from the perspective of one guy's computer screen, "Noah" chronicles a breakup through the lens of Facebook, Skype and Chatroulette.

It's an expertly crafted piece, shot with careful detail as the titular character splits with his girlfriend and must then recover using the digital realm. Directed by budding filmmakers Patrick Cederberg and Walter Woodman, "Noah" just had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival's student showcase and is now available online. Don't miss these 17 minutes well spent.

source / yt

Want to Work for Yeezus? Check Your LinkedIn Account

Kanye West is looking to staff up his forthcoming fashion company. For help, he’s tapping the Web’s biggest résumé nerve center: LinkedIn (LNKD).

Two ads appeared on the site over a week ago by Decision Toolbox, a staffing firm in Irvine, Calif., that are looking for people to be chief financial officer and vice president for production at what is vaguely called the “Kanye West clothing project.” “[U]nlike those in which celebrities merely lend their name to a label, this venture will have the star power of Mr. West’s artistic vision at the heart and soul of it,” the ads say, although they neglect to mention that sometimes that vision is just a white T-shirt.

When asked if the posts were real, Decision Toolbox said that they were and that the person behind the new Kanye line was Richard Dent III, the former chief operating officer of Victoria Secret’s (LTD) PINK line who since 2012 has been the chief executive of custom menswear company Astor & Black. Dent did not reply to e-mails asking him to explain the new venture, so it’s unclear if Astor & Black is producing the line for Kanye or if the rapper is creating it himself and has just put Dent in charge.

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lemme just update ma CV/resume & leave ma job.

An ONTDer is *rumored* to be a new cast member of SNL

Five young comedians are set to join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season, and you might already be familiar with a couple of them. See who we'll be welcoming to the SNL stage this season and why you probably already know a couple of them.

Noël Wells/ prettypertelote

Who she is: The one female joining the cast this season, Wells is an Upright Citizens Brigade alum and photographer.
You know her because: You may recognize her from web videos impersonating Zooey Deschanel. If you don't, you have to watch.
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'TRL' Turns 15 Today: Here are the Top 5 Videos from the Very First Episode

For anybody who did not live through the peak of MTV’s Total Request Live, it’s difficult to understand just how important that show was to pop culture. Every day after school, TRL host Carson Daly would not only unveil the 10 most-requested videos of the day, but he would also interview movie stars, call his celebrity friends, and facilitate awkward exchanges between unlikely bedfellows. Before everybody cared about tween culture, TRL was the center of that universe.

It was also the last time MTV was truly committed to music videos. Though as time went on they showed less and less of the videos on the countdown, the early run of TRL featured full clips in all their glory, and for some of the most definitive acts of the late video era—including Eminem, Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, and Britney Spears—it was the only place to catch their work (remember, this is in the era before video on the Internet was a viable option).

But before all the Mariah Carey ice cream drop-ins and Tom Green-related conspiracies, it had to start with the first episode of Total Request Live, which aired on this day in 1998. It was a hybrid of two shows—MTV Live and Total Request—that had been running intermittently. The first show didn’t have a live studio audience, but it did have Daly’s low-key charisma and 10 great videos. On the 15th anniversary of the show’s premiere, let’s take a look back at the inaugural top 10.

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Glee Warbler to play Flash on Arrow

Grant Gustin will play the lightning-fast character also known as Barry Allen, and appear in three episodes of "Arrow" -- including the backdoor pilot.


The Flash producers have found their speedster.

Glee's Grant Gustin has landed the key role of The Flash/Barry Allen in The CW's backdoor pilot and potential Flash spinoff, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
Gustin will play the iconic comic book character and appear in three episodes of The CW's Arrow -- eight, nine and 20 -- the latter of which will serve as the backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff Flash series.

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saucy source

Not interested. This is what I want to see for a new Flash

Eat My Pussy

Mariah Carey Talks Arm Sling: "It's Not a Fashion Statement"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ever since she dislocated her shoulder in July, Mariah Carey has been recovering in style with some hard-to-miss bedazzled, studded and even feathered arm slings.

And last night was no different, with the songbird showing up to pal Nas' 40th birthday party, hosted by Hennessy V.S. in New York, in a sparkly sling and a little black dress.

But according to Carey, she's not trying to score any fashion points with her snazzy slings.

"I really don't want to keep rocking this sling," she told E! News. "It's not a fashion statement, I promise."

Hmmm, could have fooled us!

And though Mimi's definitely taking her injury in stylish stride, we can't say we blame her for wanting to ditch her constant arm accessory. "It's not easy with two babies," she went on to say. "I'm grateful for all my fans being so supportive, it really keeps me motivated."

So, how long can we expect her to have to wear her non-fashion statement slings? Thankfully, from the sound of things, she's recovering pretty speedily.

"I'm working with best of western and eastern doctors," she told us. "It is very painful, but thank God I'm healing at the rate that I am."

Get well soon, Mariah!


Emma Thompson gives 'snobby' young actors a masterclass in red carpet drama

Actress Emma Thompson has given the younger generation a masterclass in selling their films, as she claims some of the new generation are “a bit snobby” about putting in the hard work of publicity. Thompson, who appeared at the premiere of The Love Punch at the Toronto Film Festival last night, said she believed actors ought to “bang the drum” for their own films and encourage audiences to pay to see them. Saying some younger actors nowadays felt they are “above this”, she went on to give a masterclass in larking about for the camera.
Posing happily with fans, the 54-year-old actress adopted a range of outlandish poses as she signed autographs and gave interviews. At one point, she was photographed swigging from what appeared to be a Grey Goose vodka bottle along with co-star Pierce Brosnan. The good-natured actress went on to dance her way down the red carpet before appearing at a press conference to share the secret of her success.
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bonus with a video of her drunk ass signing fans photographs at TIFF 2013 - It's Tiff! It's Tiff! Wooooooo!
Tamar Default

Tamar Braxton Sets Billboard Record / Talks New Single, John Legend, & More!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This week saw ‘All The Way Home’ hitmaker Tamar Braxton watch her new album ‘Love & War’ take off all the way to the top of Billboard charts.

Skyrocketing to Billboard 200′s #2 (R&B: #1) spot(s), the songstress fended off competition from the likes of Robin Thicke, Jaheim, and John Legend (whom she is due to tour the States with in the coming weeks).

Seemingly winning on every front, as she is also in hot promotion of season 2 of hit WeTV series ‘Tamar & Vince’, today SHE was given a new notch to add to her winner’s streak after Billboard unveiled a chart record she set.

Via Billboard:

“The youngest sibling of R&B icon Toni Braxton first appeared on the list with “Tamar” (No. 42 debut and peak) on April 8, 2000. 13 years and five months later, Braxton sets the female record for longest time between an initial chart listing and a first No. 1 in this chart’s SoundScan era (December 1992 to present).

The record was previously held by Angie Stone, who waited eight years and two weeks (1999-2007).”

Tidbit: Elsewhere on the R&B charts this week, John Legend‘s newest project ‘Love In The Future’ sold 68,000 copies to land at #2 on R&B charts while Jaheim‘s ‘Appreciation Day’ clocked 58,000 to land at #3.

Congratulations are in order to all!


'Don Jon' Premieres in NYC

(L-R) Ryan Kavanaugh (CEO Relativity), Scarlett Johansson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tony Danza, Tucker Tooley (President Relativity) and Jeremy Luc attend "Don Jon" New York Premiere at SVA Theater on September 12, 2013 in New York City.

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Poor Scarjo looks a little off. Maybe she's tired from all the premieres this month?

One Direction's 3rd Album Tops the charts already


If ever there were proof that One Direction are the biggest boyband on the planet and possibly ever, it's the fact that their third album Midnight Memories is ALREADY topping album charts worldwide.

Not such a big deal, you might think, until you factor in that this is based on pre-order sales alone and that only one single (although admittedly the best song ever) has been released from it so far.

Yup, at the time of writing the record is sitting in the number one spot on the US iTunes chart, as well as in countries such as Canada, Norway and New Zealand - while the deluxe version is climbing steadily in the UK and currently placed at number three.

Want to know something even more impressive? The album went on pre-sale on September 9th so it's achieved this success in just THREE DAYS.

Midnight Memories is set for release on November 25th of this year, and will follow on from the mahoosive Up All Night and Take Me Home.

What do you reckon to this - have you pre-ordered a copy?


Gucci Mane Arrested: Guns, Drugs & Threatening Cops

Gucci Mane was arrested this morning for allegedly cussing out a couple of cops in Atlanta while in possession of weed and a gun ... TMZ has learned.

Gucci Mane -- real name Radric Davis -- was taken into custody at 12:05 am this morning after one of his friends complained to cops about his erratic behavior.

According to the report -- the friend waved down police to help out ... but when they approached Gucci he began "cursing and threatening them."

We're told he was immediately taken into custody and police found a small amount of marijuana on the 33-year old rapper ... as well as a handgun.

GM was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession ... then taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution.

We're told he's still at the hospital.

dayum gucci gucci, louis louis, fendi fendi, prada.

Lady Gaga Releases New APPLAUSE Video

Check out this special video for Lady Gaga's "Applause," set to footage from Gaga's secret V Magazine performance, thrown earlier this week. The video features appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Daphne Guinness, Paris Hilton, Mama Germanotta getting down, and more!


loves it!

Robert Pattinson Talks Fashion: "I like drawing couture dresses"


Robert Pattinson describes the type of woman he finds attractive and how it relates to his feelings about fashion in a new interview, and his answers may shock you. It’s totally contrary to the prattle from gossip sites that make up most of their news.

With the release of his new Dior Homme fragrance campaign this month, Rob is going through a bit of a transition in his career.

He’s much more secure about who he is. And, with the “Twilight” hoopla finally fading, he’s starting to come up for some air and expand his interests. The end of his relationship with Kristen Stewart also factors into the equation, but not like most of the fake gossip sites have been reporting.

“Yeah, it’s a whole bunch of stuff happening at the same time, and I am just not worrying about things so much,” he says in a new interview with the Arabian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “I guess it just happens,” he adds.

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Watch Colette Carr New ‘HAM’ Music Video

Looks like twerking “can’t stop.”

On the heels of Miley Cyrus performing the suggestive dance move at the Video Music Awards, rapper Colette Carr is keeping it alive in her brand new music video for “HAM.”

“I can’t believe we got anything productive done during the filming,” jokes Colette about the booty-ful video. “It was definitely one big party. A well-lit room full of all my fav people, a lot of really nice butts, and a ton of frosting.”

“HAM,” which also features Ben J, is one of the 20 songs off of Colette’s debut album, Skitszo, which boasts producers including RedOne, Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszenbaum, Frankmusik and The Cataracs.

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Arctic Monkeys cover Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home'

Arctic Monkeys have covered Drake's latest single Hold On We're Going Home for BBC Radio 1.

The band were guests on Fearne Cotton's morning show on September 13th and performed their version of the song as part of their Live Lounge session. During one part of the song, Alex Turner is heard giving Fearne Cotton a shout out. Elsewhere in the session, Arctic Monkeys played recent single Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?.

Hold On We're Going Home is the latest track to be taken from Drake's forthcoming third album, Nothing Was The Same, due for release on September 24. The album features 13 tracks and will include the singles Started From The Bottom and Hold On We're Going Home. Elsewhere on the album are tracks including Wu-Tang Forever, Tuscan Leather and Pound Cake featuring Jay Z.


Lenny Kravitz Interview: Talks About Cinna's Fate in 'Catching Fire'


The rocker talks about his inspiration for "The Queen Latifah Show" set and his final, bloody scene in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

Lenny Kravitz's career defies any categorization. A musician with four Grammys who has collaborated with diverse artists from Jay Z to country singer Jason Aldean and an actor who next appears in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, he's emerging as a force in the design world with a sexy rock-star sensibility that still manages to be welcoming.

"I do what feels right organically," says Kravitz, who established his own firm, Kravitz Design Inc., in 2003 after his own homes were featured in Vogue and Metropolis. His portfolio has hit critical mass, with luxury hotel suites, a recording studio at the Setai Miami Beach hotel and products that include an upcoming line of sunglasses for Brazilian company Chilli Beans and collaborations with Swarovski chandeliers and with Philippe Starck on his iconic Mademoiselle chair for Kartell.

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Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter Dish On Acting In 'Dexter' Together After Divorce

It's her panel, and she can cry if she wants to. Jennifer Carpenter got a little emotional at the PaleyFest Dexter Fall Farewell event on Thursday, Sept. 12 -- and not just because the Showtime drama is nearing its much-anticipated conclusion after eight seasons and seven years on the air. The actress, 33, teared up onstage when asked about what it was like to work with ex-husband and series star Michael C. Hall following their December 2011 divorce.

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Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne Get Tatted By Bang Bang

Singer Rita Ora and model bestie Cara Delevingne had a girls’ night out in New York City Wednesday night during which the two young beauties both got their bodies enhanced with some artwork from the biggest name in celebrity tattooage, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Cara (aka Harry Styles’ new gf) got her mother’s name Pandora done in script across her left bicep, but Rita went a bit further with a large and extremely detailed rib cage tattoo of pinup artist Alberto Vargas‘ famous painting “Memories of Olive.”

Here’s a photo of Rita Ora’s pin-up ribcage tattoo tweeted by Rita Ora Street Team:

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Bang Bang also reveals that Cara Delevingne held Rita’s hand while she got her tattoo, but he says Rita was “really tough” and did “great” throughout the process.

And speaking of Cara, here is a photo of her tattoo of her mother’s name Pandora written in script across her left bicep:

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The photo was shared by Bang Bang on Twitter/instagram along with the words, “@caradelevingne your so wonderful to tattoo.” Bang Bang also said Cara aready has plans to come back to the shop for more ink. “She really wanted me to tattoo her favorite piece of food,” he says, “but I told her to wait a bit, just to see if she still wants it.”


Scott Disick posts bad taste pictures of toilet paper money on Instagram


Subtlety and self-restraint have never been his strong points.

But king of crass, Scott Disick has outdone himself this time - posting a picture of a toilet roll of cash on his Instagram account.

And while some may call it toilet humour, others will say he has plummeted the depths of bad taste.

Thirty year-old Scott, who found fame as the long term partner of Kardashian sister Kourtney, published a series of pictures on Friday.

The entrepreneur clearly had nothing better to do with his time than pose with some of his estimated $12 million fortune.

In one grainy photo he grabs a fistful of bills and holds them to his ear as if they are a cell phone.

In another shot, the flashy father-of-two piles up money, expensive watches and diamond encrusted jewellery.

Others show bags filled with thousands of dollars.

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Justin Bieber hangs out with Mayweather before the fight

Talk about a tag team duo! Just hours before Floyd enters the ring for a welterweight title match against Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 14, he is leaning on his biggest supporter to — that’s right, Justin Bieber.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be the biggest name in boxing, but we’re more impressed by the company he keeps! After walking into the ring accompanied by Lil Wayne before his last match on May 4, the undefeated boxing champ got his pre-match celebrity fix on Sept. 14 by hanging out with Justin Bieber.

It definitely doesn’t look like Floyd is too worried about facing off against Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night. He’s just chilling with his main man Justin!

Less than 24 hours before the main event, Justin posted a black and white picture of himself and Floyd chatting and getting chummy. Justin might be the biggest Floyd fan on the planet, so it’s no surprise that he was promoting the fight: “Go to to get the fight and support the champ @FloydMayweather. I’ll be there too,” Justin captioned the pic.

Though there’s no way to know what these two are chatting about in the picture, we like to think Floyd is giving Justin a few tips for the next time someone tries to attack him in a nightclub.

Justin and Floyd go way back. When the boxer went head-to-head against Miguel Cotto on May 5, 2012, the Biebs was right there throughout the whole fight. He walked Floyd to his corner and even got to go into the ring and pose with the championship belt after the match was over.

“Hard Work & Dedication . congrats champ . glad i could be a part of it,” Justin tweeted at the time.

As Floyd looks to stay undefeated against Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 14, you know the Biebs is going to be shouting encouragement ringside like the true fan he is.


Eve Accidently Confirms Gwen Stefani Pregnancy Rumors During Interview

While Gwen Stefani has been doing a good job of keeping mum about the flurry of rumors that she is pregnant, her friends have clearly missed the briefing. For rapper Eve appeared to give confirmation that the 43 year-old is expecting her third child. During an interview with Live Nation this week she declared categorically: 'She's preggers.'

She made the slip-up when asked whether Gwen - who she collaborated with on Let Me Blow Your Mind - would be appearing with her at an upcoming New York performance. Eve replied without hesitation: 'Well she's preggers....she's chilling.' Her remarks are the closest confirmation yet that the mother of two is expecting her third with husband Gavin Rossdale.

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"Orange Is The New Black" Laverne Cox & Writer Janet Mock Talk Stigma of Loving Transgender Women

Breaking Down What DJ Mister Cee's Scandal Means

Laverne Cox Janet Mock4

Transgender activists Laverne Cox and Janet Mock joined scholar Mark Anthony Neal and The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith for a discussion on HuffPost Live about DJ Mister Cee’s latest scandal. The famous New York City DJ resigned from his post as host of Hot 97 after a blogger posted a video of an encounter he alleges to have had with Mister Cee in which the longtime radio personality solicited sex for money.

mr cee

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Sailor Moon: La Reconquista musical premieres in Tokyo


The musical “La Reconquista,” based on Takeuchi Naoko’s “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” opened today, 9/13, at Shibuya’s AiiA Theater Tokyo.

Before the first show, a press conference was held with Ookubo Satomi (Sailor Moon), Matsuura Miyabi (Sailor Mercury), Nanaki Kanon (Sailor Mars), Takahashi Yuu (Sailor Jupiter), Sakata Shiori (Sailor Venus), and Yamato Yuga (Tuxedo Mask). Yamato, who hasn’t played a male role since leaving Takarazuka 4 years ago, said “I think I’ve evolved even further at playing male roles since my Takarazuka days.” She even proclaimed “As Chiba Mamoru I’ll absolutely protect Usagi” which caused the Sailor Soldiers to scream “Kyaaa!
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Stinks that they didn't at least sing La Soldier, but I'm happy that the show is getting a very positive reception! Maybe this will lead to more Myu in the future. Also, Naoko Takeuchi was apparently in the audience for opening night and one post from an audience member noted that you could definitely see "Naoko's touch" in the show.


Harry Styles Looks Adorable At London Fashion Week


Harry Styles has been a regular at London Fashion Week for the past few seasons.

So it was no surprise to see the One Direction heart-throb on the front row of his pal Henry Holland's Spring/Summer 2014 show on Saturday.

The 19-year-old singer joined his BFF Nick Grimshaw and their usual social set Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne and Alexa Chung at the London Fashion Week show.

However, he managed to compose himself somewhat and wolf-whistled his pal Henry who came out to greet his public at the climax of the show.

Harry was in good company in the front row at the BFC Showspace at Somerset House, squeezed in between Radio 1 DJ Nick and pop star Nicola Roberts.

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Lindsay Lohan's Wardrobe Malfunction

After Dina Lohan was arrested for DWI on Sept. 13, Lindsay rushed to her side to offer support, but it looks like Lilo’s the one who needs it!

We may have to retire the term “sideboob.” Lindsay Lohan officially pulled off the wildest, most gratuitous display of sideboob in the history of sideboob while walking into her mom Dina Lohan’s house on Sept. 13. At this point, does Lindsay even need to wear a shirt?

Cameras snapped away as the 27-year-old star walked up to the family home, her loose-fitting black tank top blowing from side to side and leaving no doubt whatsoever that Lilo was going braless.

With the slit of her tank extending almost all the way to her waist, Lindsay was more or less wearing a thin sheath rather than a shirt. You can see the result — quite possibly the most shocking example of sideboob ever (and this one picture definitely takes the sheen off of Lindsay’s 2012 Playboy photoshoot).

But at least Lindsay was just going easy and breezy at home. Who doesn’t show a little sideboob within the comforts of their family house?
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Colin Firth is Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear has been headed for our cinemas for years now, ever since Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Warner Bros. announced they had the rights back in 2007. Now we know who will be providing the voice for the CG creature: Colin Firth.

Firth will not be slipping into a performance capture leotard for the film, though he will be filmed in some capacity: “The idea is that Paddington will have something of me in his DNA,” he tells Baz Bamigboye at the Mail, “because I'm going to do some sessions wearing one of those helmets with cameras to capture my face muscles, and all that data will somehow be incorporated into the character."

All the other usual Paddington characters will be humans, including Jim Broadbent as Mr. Gruber, Julie Walters as housekeeper Mrs. Bird (shades of Mrs. Overall, perhaps?), with Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Firth’s Railwayman co-star Nicole Kidman will also be there, playing an evil taxidermist who no doubt wants to get her formaldehyde-stained hands on our hero, the rotter.

"My agent called and said: ‘We've got this offer from London for you to be in a film about a Paddington Bear.’ And I said: 'You mean the Paddington Bear?!'” Firth says. "I was read the stories when I was little and I grew up with Paddington. I know all about his adventures and what mischief he got up to."

With a script based on Michael Bond’s original stories, and directed by Bunny And The Bull’s Paul King, the new Paddington is scheduled to be with us on November 26 next year.


Miley Cyrus Cheating With Mike WiLL Made It — The Truth Revealed

Every since Miley’s scandalous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, rumors about her relationship with Liam have been swirling — one even claiming she was hooking up with her producer.

After Liam Hemsworth reportedly hooked up with January Jones again, a new report was released that Miley Cyrus was cozying up to producer, Mike WiLL Made It. However, has now learned that the truth behind their relationship is actually not what it seems.

Miley Cyrus & Mike WiLL Made It: Are They More Than Friends?

Star magazine reported that Miley was “hooking up” with her producer, Mike Williams, who you know as Mike WiLL Made It, after hearing that Liam was talking to January again.

However, that’s not the case!

“It’s easy to understand why people could jump to conclusions about her and Mike, there have even been times that Liam’s questioned her about it,” a source close to the singer revealed exclusively to “He’s just as worried about her cheating on him, it’s a two way street. But Miley isn’t hooking up with Mike.”
Mike WiLL Made It Has Given Miley Confidence

Additionally, Miley looks up to Mike as a power producer:

Miley chose him to be the executive producer of her album, because she looks up to him and he’s given her a huge amount of confidence — he validated her talent and has been such a big cheerleader. Because of him that she’s getting to work with people like Kanye West, Wiz Kahlifa. That’s a pretty big leap from “Party In The USA” so of course she’s gonna be tight with him but there’s nothing shady going on between them.

Did you hear that, Liam? Nothing is going on! What do you believe, HollywoodLifers?

Dylan O'Brien at the airport with Britt Robertson

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dylan O’Brien waves hello as he departs Vancouver International Airport with girlfriend Britt Robertson on Saturday afternoon (September 14) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 22-year-old Teen Wolf actor is in town to visit 23-year-old Britt as she films her latest flick Tomorrowland with George Clooney.

For those of you that don’t know, Britt and Dylan met while filming their indie flick The First Time!

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Does genius justify exploitative, predatory behavior?


By Joyce Maynard

IN the 50 years since J.D. Salinger removed himself from the public eye and stopped publishing, he has been viewed — more accurately, worshiped — as the human embodiment of purity, a welcome antidote to phoniness. To many, he was a kind of god.

Now comes the word — though not really news, to some — that over the years when he was cherishing his privacy, Salinger was also carrying on relationships with young women 15, and in my case, 35 years younger than he.

“Salinger,” a new documentary film touches — though politely — on the story of just five of these young women (most under 20 when he sought them out), but the pattern was wider: letters I’ve received over the 15 years since I broke the unwritten rule and spoke of my own experiences with the man revealed to me that there were more than a dozen. In at least one case, Salinger was corresponding with one teenage girl while sharing his home with another: me.

Like many of the others involved, I was a young person in possession of particular vulnerabilities as well as strengths — a story that began with my family, not Salinger, and inspired me to seek out an Ivy League education with the dream of becoming a writer. Nine months after I arrived at Yale, having published a story that attracted Salinger’s attention, I received a letter from him. Then many more.

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Alexander Skarsgård out and about in NYC + talks some more about charity trek


Alexander Skarsgard stops to take a pic with a fan while out strolling the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Friday (September 13).

The 37-year-old True Blood star just announced that he will be joining Prince Harry on the Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge to the South Pole this coming November!

The charitable event includes three teams of wounded service members competing to raise money for rehab charities.

“I’m honored to be working and training alongside these soldiers to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause,” Alexander said in a statement

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Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth on Twitter ... That’s an Official Breakup, Yes?


Less than three weeks after the release of “Wrecking Ball”—which may or may not be about fiance Liam Hemsworth—Miley Cyrus has unfollowed the Aussie actor on Twitter.

Their engagement has been seemingly surrounded by a constant swirl of “are they or aren’t they?” all year, and this social media move is, believe it or not, the largest bit of concrete evidence we’ve received to the negatory. Protective papa Billy Ray Cyrus also unfollowed him, adding another check to the “not engaged” box.

Her heart might be achy and/or breaky, but Miley can take some comfort in the almost certainty that “Wrecking Ball” will give her a number one hit—her first, in fact.

Needless to say, we’ll be refreshing Liam’s “following” page nonstop for confirmation.


Paris Hilton to arrive with her boyfriend to Bulgaria’s VIP Brother

Paris Hilton, this year's main attraction in Bulgaria's Celebrity Big Brother is set to arrive to Bulgaria with her 21-year old toyboy boyfriend, it was announced on Nova TV.

The world-famous businesswoman, reality star, actress and singer will enter the Big Brother house with her 10 year younger Spanish model boyfriend River Viiperi.

The reality kicks off on September 15 on Nova TV.

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Twitter Sets Up Filtering Tool for Celebrity Users

Twitter’s New “Verified” Filter Lets Celebs Hob-Nob In Peace


Life is hard for famous people. You’re trying to @ reply with your celebrity friends on Twitter, but the conversation gets drowned out by rabid fans and spammers mentioning you. So Twitter’s begun rolling out to people with verified profiles two new filters for the Connect tab. Filtered, which attempts to cut down spam, and Verified, which only shows interactions with other verified profiles.

Twitter noted the rollout earlier today and you can see them below in this screenshot, though.


Keeping celebrities active and happy on Twitter is a big business for the company, which just filed its S-1 to go public today. Celebrities and their tweets are a big draw for users, who visit Twitter to absorb the latest updates from the actors, athletes, musicians, and other famous folk they love. Twitter capitalizes on that engagement with ad views, so the more celebs enjoy Twitter, the more money it makes.


Project Runway Finale Collections.

Project Runway Season 12 is in full swing on Lifetime.

Here are the final eight designers:

Ken Laurence
Alexander Pope
Alexandria Von Bromssen
Bradon McDonald
Dom Streater
Helen Castillo
Justin LeBlanc
Kate Pankoke

Eight PR Season 12 designers showed at Fashion Week on September 6, 2013, but it wasn't quite the eight above.

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