September 9th, 2013

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Harper Beckham At Her Mom's NYFW show

She's a regular fixture at her mother's fashion shows, and has become something of a lucky mascot over the past two years.

So when it came to allocating seats for Victoria Beckham's New York Fashion Week show on Saturday, her daughter Harper had pride of place on the front row.

The adorable two-year-old was seen sitting with her father David as the pair watched designs from the hugely talented Spice Girl-turned-designer walk the runway.
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adorable video @ the source

Wentworth Miller: Prison Break Star Tried Committing Suicide Before Coming Out

Wentworth Miller continues to show courage since coming out as gay in late August. The 41-year-old actor spoke at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle Saturday, Sept. 7, revealing that he tried to commit suicide "more than once" as he struggled to come to terms with his sexuality.

"The first time I tried to kill myself I was 15. I waited until my family went away for the family and I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills," he revealed to a large audience. "I don't remember what happened over the next couple of days but I'm pretty sure come Monday morning I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine."

"Growing up I was a target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test and there was a thousand ways to fail," he said. "A thousand ways to portray yourself to not live up to someone else's standards of what was accepted."
The former Prison Break star also admitted that it made him nervous to come out early in his career. "I had multiple opportunities to speak my truth, which is that I was gay, but I chose not to. I was out privately to family and friends -- publicly, I was not." He continued: "I chose to lie -- when I thought about the possibility of coming out, how that might impact me and the career I worked so hard for, I was filled with fear."

In a brave statement, Miller finally came out of the closest in a letter to the organizers of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia on Aug. 21. He reasoned that "in good conscience," he could not attend an event in a country that has anti-gay laws, including a ban on adoption of Russian-born children to national and international same-sex couples.


Ricky Gervais Not Making David Brent Movie


Ricky Gervais is denying reports that he plans to make a movie based on David Brent, his character from the original Office series.

“I not trying to [make a David Brent film],” the British bete noir tells in a recent interview. “I might do.”

Gervais’ comments come in response to reports which appeared after a Hollywood Reporter cover story claimed he was planning “a movie about Brent trying to make it in the music industry.” But the 52-year-old says his intentions were misunderstood and he was speaking hypothetically.

“I think because I can get things commissioned if I drop an idea in everyone’s mind it’s coming out next year,” he laughed.

Perhaps Gervais’ most popular character, Wernham Hogg Paper Company middle manager David Brent debuted in July 2001 on British channel BBC2 as the protagonist in the mockumentary series The Office — which was also created and co-written by the comic.

Gervais stopped making The Office after two seasons, but would occasionally appear as Brent on the popular American version of The Office before resurrecting him last May with the YouTube series Learn Guitar With David Brent.

“I brought him back briefly,” Gervais explained. “I’m having fun with the character. At the moment he’s doing a series on YouTube because I launched YouTube channel. I thought that was perfect because ten years on that’s exactly what he’d be doing.

“He discovered the fact that he could broadcast himself. And he buys into this new culture that a 52 year old rep in a suit can be famous for a while with X Factor and America’s Got Talent and all these terrible reality shows and it’s given him his new hope.”

As for Brent’s future, Gervais, whose new series Derek debuts Sept. 12 on Netflix, has confirmed that live concerts are in the works, but nothing beyond that is in stone.

“It might be a series, it might be a film, I might do a one off,” he said.



One Direction's Zayn Malik £1.2million wedding to Little Mix babe Perrie Edwards


One Direction hunk Zayn Malik has vowed to have the biggest pop wedding ever, with a £1.2million budget for the big day.

The singer will put Cheryl Cole and Victoria ­Beckham’s famous nuptials in the shade with the bash.

Zayn, 20, has been busy arranging the showbiz wedding of the decade since he proposed to Little Mix babe Perrie Edwards last month.

Among the couple’s plans for the day are an invite list of 150 celebrities and 400 other guests.

They also want to hire Gordon Ramsay to create a ­banquet fit for a pop king and queen and their guests.

Perrie, also 20, is already eyeing up a £120,000 Vivienne ­Westwood dress and hopes to hire a castle for the ­reception but neither 1D or Little Mix will perform at the party.

A source close to the couple said: “They have organised loads already and are really excited. The search is now under way for a dreamy castle setting. They are looking at a few options and it looks like it will be early next summer."

"Zayn says money is no object to give Perrie the day of her dreams.

“They will probably end up making all the cash back anyway if they do a deal to sell the pictures.”

Insiders say the couple want to eclipse the bling ceremonies where Cheryl, 30, and Victoria, 39, wowed guests.

Our source said: “They have the top wedding planners in the world to help organise the day and are setting their sights high.

“One thing Zayn insists on is that the lads won’t sing because he wants them all to enjoy the day without any pressure.

“He’s planning to give each of them a role in the wedding party and it looks like bandmate Niall Horan will be best man.

“Perrie is drawing up a guest list. It’ll be a very sought-after invitation.

“They’d love to wed ­sooner than next summer but they are just so busy it would be almost­ impossible to pull it off.”


“12 Years A Slave” Screenwriter John Ridley Thinks We Worry Too Much About Racist Trolls


TORONTO — John Ridley strides into a local Canadian coffee shop with an iPad mini in hand and a face that seems both deeply content and utterly spent. The night before, 12 Years a Slave — which Ridley adapted for director Steve McQueen from the real-life memoir of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was kidnapped into slavery in 1841 — had its gala premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival to a rapturous reception (and breathless reviews). And in a few hours, he was due to walk the red carpet for the gala premiere of All is By My Side, a biopic about the early years of famed 1960s rock star Jimi Hendrix (played by André Benjamin) that Ridley wrote and directed. As Hollywood fate would have it, not only are both films screening at TIFF, they both shot at the same time, with Ridley directing Benjamin in Dublin, Ireland during the day, and then sending re-writes on 12 Years a Slave back to McQueen in Louisiana at night. “It really was a time you dream about,” says Ridley with a smile.

The twin debuts are the culmination of a peripatetic showbiz career, spanning sitcoms (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), TV dramas (Third Watch), feature screenplays both dark and moody (U Turn) and light and goofy (Undercover Brother), novels, stage plays, and a gig as the head writer for the short-lived late night Fox talk show The Wanda Sykes Show. Ridley wrote 12 Years a Slave on spec for McQueen after they both agreed it was well past time for a major feature film about the experience of being a slave in the American south. And as I learned over the course of our conversation, the process was as much a watershed experience for Ridley as the film has proven to be for many festivalgoers in Toronto.

How have you been handling the response to the film?

John Ridley: It’s odd, because I think under different circumstances with a different film, there might be a little be more sense of pure enjoyment with it. I think with this, for me personally, from the time I got the memoir and was able to read it, you feel a sense of responsibility. My wife has friends who want to go and say, “I can’t wait to see it, I’m excited to see it.” On the one hand, that’s great. On the other hand, you’ve got to be ready for something that is really powerful, that is going to stay with you, that is going to haunt you. I don’t know that any one piece of material is going to change lives, but at the very least, [this film can] give an individual perspective about for us in America, where we came from, and where we are, and truly how we got there, and how we got there in a few generations — that’s the amazing part.

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Gabby Agbonlahor receives death threats for injuring One Direction star

Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has been the subject of death threats from One Direction fans after accidentally injuring band member Louis Tomlinson in Stiliyan Petrov’s game for charity at Celtic Park.

Tomlinson, who recently signed a non-professional contract with Championship side Doncaster, was taken down on what looked like a fair challenge from the Villa man. The tackle drew the ire of some, let’s just say, overly excited, young admirers of Tomlinson. Several gems of fans protecting their heartthrob were unearthed on Twitter:

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For those who don't know, the charity match is for Stiliyan Petrov to raise funds for his cancer foundation and other charities. Petrov was diagnosed with acute leukaemia last year and has since retired from football. Here's the video of fans singing You''ll Never Walk Alone as a tribute in the match earlier, gave me chills:

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Sandra Bullock, "I didn't feel worthy of winning my Oscar"...working hard to earn it.

Sandra Bullock: I Didn’t Feel Worthy of Winning My Oscar

"Gravity" very well could make Sandra Bullock a two-time Oscar winner.

Buzz that the 49-year-old movie star will take home Best Actress again in February is higher than ever following Sunday night's screening of the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Post-premiere Bullock came out for a 20 minute Q&A with director Alfonso Cuarón (George Clooney didn't attend TIFF). One audience member asked Sandra to reflect on her Oscar win in 2010, and whether it was an out of body experience (get that gravity pun?).

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Sandra's Best Actress competitors that year: Meryl Streep ("Julia and Julia), Gabourey Sidibe ("Precious"), Carey Mulligan ("An Education") and Helen Mirren ("The Last Station")

Captain Marvel

Robin Quivers: I've Been Battling Cancer

Robin Quivers -- Howard Stern's right hand woman -- just announced she's been battling cancer for the past year ... and that's why she took time off from the show.

Quivers says she's been undergoing treatment for the past year -- including chemotherapy -- and says she was told by doctors that she's now cancer free.
During the emotional segment on Howard's Sirius XM show, Howard said he still gets chills when listening to her story ... and admitted, "I gotta be honest, I thought she was a goner."

Story developing ...


I am glad Robin is better, she was always my favorite on Howard's show, it felt empty without her this last year.
Charlie Hunnam Shirtless 01

Heads Up, ONTD! Meet Yoel Weisshaus, the Hasidic Face of American Apparel

The spandex-loving fashion store has a brand new star. Nina Strochlic of The Daily Beast talks to the model with Hasidic curls from one of American Apparel’s latest fashion shoots.

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Read the rest of the article at the ( SOURCE )

NGL, I find Hasidic men like Yoel to be really cool and strangely attractive with their traditional garb and those long beards they rock. What do you think, ONTD?

Miley Cyrus Vogue Cover NOT Cancelled by Anna Wintour


Miley Cyrus is NOT being kicked off Vogue magazine’s cover because editor Anna Wintour was allegedly miffed by Miley’s racy MTV Video Music Awards performance. The rumor is another fantasy of critics who desperately want Miley to get her comeuppance.
But don’t expect Wintour to do their dirty work.

She has never been one to shy away from controversy or provocative art, whether it’s fashion, music or any thing else. Rihanna, Britney Spears and Madonna have all appeared on Vogue covers, despite their controversial careers.

To the contrary, Wintour has always charted her own course without bending to the whims of conventional wisdom. What’s more, Wintour would have to turn the magazine upside down to change the cover art at this late stage.

Cover decisions are made weeks in advance. To reverse course now, even for the December issue, would throw a wrench in the magazine’s production that even Wintour doesn’t have the power, or desire, to do.

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Katherine Heigl CIA Drama Lands at NBC

NBC is getting into the Katherine Heigl business. The network has landed a CIA drama with the former Grey's Anatomy star attached, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
The untitled CIA project is being developed at Universal Television with Alexi Hawley (The Following) on board to pen the script and executive produce. Heigl will star and exec produce alongside Robert Simonds, her mother/manager Nancy Heigl, Hawley, Henry Crumpton, Rodney Faraon and Julia Franz.

The drama, described as Scandal meets The West Wing, revolves around a maverick CIA officer (Heigl) who was plucked form the field to become the president's daily briefer and responsible for targeting America's most critical threats while navigating the unique lifestyle that comes with such a high-powered job.

"I have been passionate about, and enthralled by, this project from the moment Hank, Rodney and Bob brought it to me over a year ago," Heigl said. "The story is not only compelling and intelligent but a look behind the curtain at the CIA we haven't seen before in film or television. I am thrilled and honored to have been asked to be a part of developing these stories and this character and bringing it all to life. NBC has been a true partner in their passion and support for the show that we've dreamed of making and I could not be happier about joining forces with them. Together, with our brilliant writer Alexi Hawley, I believe we are going to make great television!"

The drama marks the first in a joint venture between film and TV production company Aardwolf Creative and film producer Simonds. Aardwolf Creative is overseen by two former CIA officers: chairman and CEO Crumpton and Faraon, who serves as president. The company in 2012 formed a joint venture with Simonds' STX to develop film and TV projects. Katherine and Nancy Heigl exec produce via their Abishag Productions banner.

For the actress, the drama -- should it go to series -- would mark her return to the small-screen following her breakout role as Izzie on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Heigl left the drama in 2010 to pursue other opportunities following a creative clash with producers. Heigl (27 Dresses, Knocked Up) is repped by CAA and Morris Yorn.


ah i really hope it gets picked up, katherine is so amazing.

Mia Wasikowska On Why She Stuck to Indies Following 'Alice in Wonderland'

Ever since falling down the rabbit hole for Tim Burton in "Alice in Wonderland," Australian actress Mia Wasikowska has kept busy working for other singular filmmakers in films that couldn't be more dissimilar, appearing in everything from Cary Fukanaga's "Jane Eyre" adaption to Park Chan-wook's English language debut "Stoker." At this year's Toronto International Film Festival she's arguably the belle of the fest, with a whopping three features screening at the event.

In John Curran's well received drama "Tracks" she plays a young woman who goes on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with her four camels and faithful dog. Richard Ayoade's follow-up to "Submarine" sees her star opposite boyfriend Jesse Eisenberg in a satiric dark comedy in the vein of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil." And in Jim Jarmusch's freewheeling vampire lark "Only Lovers Left Alive," Wasikowska plays Tilda Swinton's wild child vampire sister who has a lust for blood and hipster boys.

Indiewire sat down with Wasikowska on the second day of the festival to discuss her busy schedule, why she went indie following "Alice," and who her mentors are.

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I was an extra in Aaron Paul's movie last night...

On Sunday, I participated in an open casting call along with user corienc for Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis' new indie movie called "Hellion".

The movie takes place in an oil-booming town. It was filmed in Groves, Texas. Groves is a tiny, smelly town that's about 30 minutes from my hometown. The population is small.

We have been hearing stories of Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis around town so we jumped at the opportunity to be an extra in this film.

The location was Larry's French Market, which is a restaurant not a bar. The scene was Aaron Paul drinking beer at the "bar". It took approximately 6 hours to film a 30 second scene. Paul was nice and energetic. He was the only one drinking real beer, whereas everyone else had nasty drinks made from Central Market juice and fizz powder.

Photos were not allowed but I managed to sneak one! Enjoy Aaron Paul lovers.


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Your Breaking Bad replacement show has arrived

OK, so the writers and producers of prestige cable dramas have not yet gotten over the antihero archetype, which is more than a little played out. When those antiheroes are played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, I, for one, am willing to put aside my weariness with dark, tortured men who do bad things but elicit our sympathies anyway. If True Detective is half as stylish and intriguing as the not-quite-two-minute trailer that HBO put up on YouTube yesterday, then this will be appointment viewing come January.

The show was created by novelist Nic Pizzolato, who has published two well received works offiction, and will be directed by Cary Fukunaga, who made Sin Nombre and the 2011 Jane Eyre. According to Deadline, the show “centers on two detectives, Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Harrelson), whose lives collide and entwine during a seventeen-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. The investigation of a bizarre murder in 1995 is framed and interlaced with testimony from the detectives in 2012, when the case has been reopened.”

If there is a second season of True Detective, it will tell a different story, with different characters—the plan is for this to be an anthology show, à la American Horror Story. Addicts of America’s standard multiseason series format may be disappointed by this news, but I’ve been convinced for a while now that miniseries—lately rebranded as “limited series”—are TV’s best bet, artistically speaking. So I’m glad that this show will have a beginning, middle, and end over the course of eight episodes. And if HBO had to go down the antihero road again, I’m glad McConaughey and Harrelson are behind the wheel.

jesse pinkman // aaron paul

Breaking Bad Recap: Student Becomes Teacher

Jesse both literally and figuratively uses some brains in this week’s Breaking Bad, ultimately leading to a heart-stopping, infuriatingly incomplete final scene. We’re way beyond “Magnets!” here, kids; let’s review the major developments that take place in “To’hajiilee.”

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Obviously we need another reason to discuss last nights shenanigans.

Lorde covered Kanye and the internet went mental

She's already sitting at No. 8 on the US singles charts, is selling out shows overseas and she performed her biggest ever New Zealand gig on Saturday night.

But a random cover of a Kanye West song has earned Kiwi songstress Lorde praise from far and wide - and sent the internet into overdrive.

The cover, of West's Yeezus track Hold My Liquor which also features Justin Vernon and Chief Keef, came halfway through her headlining show at Auckland's Vector Arena on Saturday night, a promotional gig for online radio station iHeartRadio.

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source + tweets

Can you handle your liquor ONTD?

Thandie Newton Expecting Baby #3

Thandie Newton (Jefferson in Paris, Beloved, Crash, ER) is currently pregnant for the third time with her husband of 15 years, writer-director Ol Parker. The 40-year-old actress revealed the big news in an interview with ET Canada earlier today while promoting her film Half of a Yellow Sun at the Toronto International Film Festival. According to the site, “the actress tells us it is a blessing and can’t wait until her new miracle is born in March.”

The new addition to the family will join older sisters Ripley, 13, and Nico, 8.

dog winter

New Transformers 4 Set Clip

New Transformers 4 set clip shows huge Autobots scene action in Chicago other day. Recently, this new set clip for the upcoming “Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction” hardcore action flick, hit the net, and shows a lot of filming action with the autobots on Columbus Drive in Chicago,Illinois back on August 26th. It shows Optimus,Bumblebee, and a ton of other beautiful cars doing their driving thing while onlookers, watched on.

The movie stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing, and T.J. Miller. In the new film, Mark Wahlberg’s character, Flynn Vincent, is a young, single dad, who has a teenage daughter. He’s trying to make it as an inventor, and provide for his family. Then, all hell breaks loose.

It’s due to show up in theaters on June 27th,2014.

s1 / yt

Britain's Waifish, Delicately Cheekboned Kings (and Mr. Bates) to Star in 'Mojo'

This is the first major revival of the play which dazzled London when it opened at the Royal Court, prior to a sell-out West End run in 1996.

Featuring a strong ensemble cast including Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey, The Weir), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter, Driving Lessons), Tom Rhys Harries, Daniel Mays (Made in Dagenham, Mrs Biggs, The Winterling), Colin Morgan (Merlin, Doctor Who) and Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, The Hour, Peter and Alice).

Mojo, winner of the Olivier award for Best New Comedy, reunites two of British theatre’s great collaborators; writer Jez Butterworth and director Ian Rickson who, as well as the original production of Mojo, gave us the multi award-winning, hit sensation Jerusalem and the critically acclaimed The River. Ian Rickson is also fresh from other successes including Old Times and Betrayal.

Set against the fledgling rock ‘n’ roll scene of 50s Soho, this savagely funny play delves into the sleazy underworld and power games of London’s most infamous district.

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Rupert Grint: I’m battling new demons to make my stage debut

Rupert Grint fearlessly battled the forces of evil in the Harry Potter movies. Yet he reveals today that he is terrified of making his stage debut.

The actor, who won fame as Ron Weasley, is taking the plunge after observing co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s passion for theatre.

Grint , 25, joins a stellar cast including Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan from Merlin, Downton’s Brendan Coyle and Daniel Mays in the play Mojo, set in Fifties Soho, which reunites Jerusalem writer and director Jez Butterworth and Ian Rickson on their first hit.

[Full article]
Grint said he knew all eyes would be on him. “There are going to be expectations at my first stab at it. I’m trying not to think about it too much. It is something that really scares me. But part of it is I want to do something that scares me a little bit. It’s quite good to challenge yourself now and again.”

Radcliffe, who has recently finished a West End run in The Cripple of Inishmaan, obviously adored theatre, he said. “Dan has always said it’s a great thing to do and he absolutely loves it. Just watching him enjoy it told me it must be quite fun.” Grint, who last appeared on stage aged about nine as Rumpelstiltskin in a school production, said he needed a break from Potter before making his stage debut — though he has done several independent films.

“I think I just needed time to find myself a little bit. It was 10 years of doing the Potter films and it was quite suffocating,” the Stevenage-born star said.

And money was obviously never a motivation. Grint, who has bought an icecream van and invested in property, said: “I never felt to be in a rush to do everything and so I’m quite careful when I choose things.”

Grint plays “quite naïve” Sweets in the gangland drama. Rickson, who was told by Potter director David Yates that Grint was “special,” hopes he might “attract some people that may not ordinarily see a new production of a modern classic”.

Sources: 1 2 3


Jemma Simmons- Scrunchy Face

Teen Wolf Scoop: Holland Roden Teases New Love Triangle and Banshee Backstory in Season 3B

"There is more of a love triangle with Lydia."

Teen Wolf's got 99 problems and a lack of teen love triangles ain't one of them! Not only are Scott (Tyler Posey), Allison (Crystal Reed) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) heading for some juicy romance drama in the new season, but it seems that Lydia (Holland Roden), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Aiden (Max Carver) will also be in full-fledged love triangle mode when we return to Beacon Hills.

We caught up with Roden at the Mara Hoffman fashion show at New York Fashion Week, where she dished on what fans can expect from the MTV hit series' January return...

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Daniel Radcliffe & Juno Temple Talk The Horror Fairy Tale 'Horns'

Harry Potter no more, young British star Daniel Radcliffe is having a hell of a Toronto International Film Festival, starring determinedly in three very diverse features: he’s a hopeless romantic in “The F Word” opposite Zoe Kazan, a college-aged Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your Darlings,” and a mourning lover confronting his very literal demons in Alexandre Aja’s “Horns.” We got to sit down with Radcliffe and his comely costar Juno Temple to talk about "Horns," which is still looking for distribution.

In "Horns," a devilish fairy tale set in the Edenic wilds of the Pacific Northwest, Radcliffe stars as Ig Perrish, accused of the brutal murder of his lifelong love, Merrin (a red-headed Juno Temple). Despite his protestations of innocence, his small town has mostly shunned him, aside from the we-love-you-anyway support of his parents (James Remar and Kathleen Quinlan), brother Terry (Joe Anderson), and best friend and lawyer Lee (Max Minghella). One day Ig wakes up with horns growing out of his head and finds that he's now equipped with similarly devilish powers that go along with his new look.

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Joe Hill (a.k.a Stephen King’s son), “Horns” is a unique horror flick about the devil inside us all, and the film, adapted by one of the genre's true prankster geniuses (Alexandre Aja of "Piranha 3D" infamy), carries forth the same nutzo spirit of the book, which is equal parts love story, murder mystery, and supernatural, metaphysical nightmare.

We sat down with Radcliffe and Temple at TIFF to discuss their on-screen love story, where they find metaphorical refuge, and the importance of embracing one’s own personal demons.


Queen of pop shopping

tumblr_msnvcuvDV01qfg93zo1_500Collapse )

Dubai: Janet Jackson seems to be settling into her new role as a dutiful Qatari wife. The pop queen star was spotted in Dubai on Thursday shopping for abayas at Village Mall along the Jumeirah Beach Road.

According to Gulf News reader Pylene, Jackson, who married Qatari business tycoon Wissam Al Mana last year, walked into abaya boutique Toushih at around four in the afternoon.

“My colleague told me Janet Jackson was in the shop downstairs. I immediately ran to my boss to ask for permission to go down but she told me I was crazy and that Janet Jackson would never come shopping here. Then another colleague came in to say they’d just seen her. So I rushed down,” says Pylene, who works on the first floor of the mall, and who would only give us her first name.

“She was talking to the shop attendants and picking some of the clothes. She had a companion, another woman, who was dressed in an abaya.”

A person who was present at the store confirmed to tabloid! that the visitor was indeed Jackson.

“She stayed for about half an hour. She didn’t take anything with her but I think she made some orders,” added Pylene, who managed to take a few pictures with her phone.

The pop queen star was then seen walking into a white car that was waiting for her outside.

Gimme new bible soon my queen

Fashion's Most Stylish Niece, Aila Wang, Dons Shower Slides


Of all the confounding '90s trends that have returned this season, none are more puzzling than the shower slides and white socks combo. Crop tops? Okay. Overalls, understandable. But rubberized slip-ons are in an entirely different style class. As Fashionista writes, it's "not as unlikely a comeback as you might think," explaining that it's just a continuation of the comfortable athletic shoes trend.

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Danielle Brooks (Taystee in OITNB) will be the first black woman on 'Girls'

In an interview with Ebony Magazine, Danielle Brooks - who portrays inmate Taystee on Netflix's Orange is the New Black - will appear in HBO's Girls, making her the first black woman to appear on the show.

EBONY: What’s next for you?

DB: Of course you’re going to get to see a lot of Taystee in season two and I just shot an episode of ‘Girls’ for HBO. I will be the first Black woman to be on ‘Girls,’ so that’s exciting for me. Other than that I just don’t know. I’m hoping Melissa McCarthy will hit a sister up.

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David Bowie Confirms Arcade Fire "Reflektor" Collaboration

The new Arcade Fire single, "Reflektor", features a voice that sounds a whole lot like David Bowie. Now, Bowie has posted on Facebook confirming the collaboration. He contributed "a brief backing vocal on the James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produced track (no saxophone though)," according to the Facebook post.

As Bowie's Facebook notes, the single will feature "Reflektor" plus an instrumental version on the B-side. It's being released under the moniker "The Reflektors", in the "reflekting sleeve" pictured above. (What appears to be a tracklist on the sleeve is actually selections from "Reflektor"s lyrics.)

The track will be released tonight at 9 p.m.

A second video for "Reflektor", directed by Anton Corbijn, will also be released today, following the interactive video that went live earlier. Watch a trailer for that interactive video below, and check out the full thing here.


Paul Adelstein to recur on Scandal this season!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Paul Adelstein has booked a return trip to Shondaland, with a plum role on ABC’s Scandal.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the Private Practice alum will recur during Season 3 of Shonda Rhimes’ buzzy D.C. drama in what is thus far (and of course) a secret role.

Regardless, hopefully Adelstein’s character fares better than that of real-life wife Liza Weil, who of course played White House intern Amanda Tanner during Season 1.


Fifth Harmony Better Together Cover +Track List

X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony will release its debut EP Better Together next month.

The quintet consisting of Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke was the top-placing group on The X Factor's second season, finishing third overall behind winner Tate Stevens and Carly Sonenclar.

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Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

She. x NYC

Rihanna was photographed front row at Opening Ceremony’s show during the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 on Sunday (September 8).
idk what the hell she is wearing but she looks gorg. loving the lipstick colour!
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Rihanna was seen posing for photos with fans while shopping in Soho today (September 8).
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Ugh...Katy Perry hints 'Roar' is about John Mayer

Katy Perry has hinted her new single “Roar” is about her on/off boyfriend John Mayer.

She has now spoken about the song’s inspiration, revealing she wrote the track while reeling from a break-up, leading fans to speculate the subject is her current boyfriend Mayer, who she recently reunited with after a split earlier this year.

Perry tells BBC Radio 1, “Roar is a song I wrote as I was a little bit upset. I found myself having a break with my boyfriend, who I loved very much and it really hurt my heart. I said to myself, ‘I need to see what is going on with me and make sure I’m all good.’ When you break up with someone it’s easy to say they are crazy and think it’s all them, but, honestly, maybe there is 50 percent responsibility on your behalf. It was just time for me to be honest with myself.”

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Madonna was the top-earning celebrity of 2013. What’s her secret?

Madonna has stayed on top for three decades. On August 25, 2013 Forbes magazine named Madonna the top-earning celebrity of 2013. Between June of 2012 and June of 2013 Madonna raked in an estimated $125 million. While other pop stars of the 80s have tragically imploded, Madonna remains a supernova. What is the neuroscience behind her daily routines that has given her the resilience, chutzpah, and creative juice to keep going strong for over 30 years?

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Arcade Fire's "Reflecktor" Music Video

Arcade Fire's new single "Reflektor" is so epic, it has been given not one but two music videos, both released on the same day.

The first one, unveiled earlier today, was an interactive experience directed by frequent Arcade Fire collaborator Vincent Morisset. The second one is a traditional, non-interactive video, directed by post-punk film/photography legend Anton Corbijn, as anticipated. The black-and-white video features the band reunited with their big heads from the "Sprawl II" era in a suspenseful film noir caper.


Ariana Grande reveals Madonna obsession .... AND picks NSYNC vs. ONE DIRECTION!!!

Ariana Grande is about to have a number one album .... AND she has great taste!!! Check out a fun Q & A from "Saturday Night Online" ....and P.S. ... SHE is a HUGE Madonna fan!!!!!

*What song off of "Yours Truly" is your favorite?
- Honeymoon Avenue
*Are you working with Demi Lovato?
-It hasn't happened yet, but we've been texting and have some ideas
*Who is your Hollywood Hunk Crush?
-Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill. The funny ones.
*What were your first words after being number 1?
-I probably can't say it here
*What is your favorite movie?
- 13 going on 30, Sex and City, Roman Holiday, Bruce Almighty
* Who do you want to do a duet with?
-Frank Sinatra & Frank Ocean
* Best concert?
- Madonna, it was a religious experience
*One Direction or N'SYNC?
-Are you trying to get me killed?? One Direction
*What pop star would you trade lives with for a day?
- Madonna

VIDEO at the source

'Peeples' Writer, Director Tina Gordon Chism Developing Comedy Series For HBO

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was just announced that Tyler Perry’s Peeples writer and director, Tina Gordon Chism, is currently developing a comedy project for HBO to be called Crushed.

According to THR, the projected series deals with "an African-American family who stumbles into a successful wine business in Napa. The fish-out-water story follows the family's unorthodox approach to wine making and their unique life style."

Ms. Chism will executive produce along with Stephanie Allain Bray, with C. Deneen Brown co-producing.

No word yet as to casting, or when the series will premiere; though one assumes it will be sometime next year.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the project of course.


Glad to see Peeple's flopage didn't hinder her career and black people being the fish out of water for a change.

Patrick Stewart & Sunny Ozell Get Married While Ian McKellen Officiates

It was a very special day for Patrick Stewart.
The actor tied the knot to singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell earlier today, while his good friend and X-Men costar Ian McKellen officiated the wedding ceremony. Although no details on the nuptials have been revealed, the British star quickly and happily shared the news on Twitter.
"Yes, married," Stewart tweeted with a sweet photo of him and his beautiful bride enjoying their first moments as newlyweds by having some fun in a giant colorful ball pit.


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Congratulations to the newlyweds!



Lady Gaga Talks ARTPOP With Fans at GMA

**Trigger Warning**: YAAASSSSS

For those who understandably can't handle the yasssing:

- She wants to create a contest to reveal the next single and video and the vote is between MANiCURE and Sex Dreams
- her image this era is inspired from previous looks (obv) and she is trying to blend them together
- her album cover is a photograph of a collage and sculpture that Jeff Koons has made of her and it is "the best thing that has ever happened" to her.

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Captain Marvel

World Premiere: MikeWillMadeIt x Miley Cyrus x Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J - "23"

Finally! Mike Will Made It unleashes his highly anticipated single ’23′ featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J. This is the first taste of his upcoming ‘Est. In 1989, Pt. 3′ album. On a side note, Mike Will announced his EarDrummas label is now signed with Interscope. Look for ’23′ on iTunes at midnight and listen to it below.

ONTD: WE GOT A NEW BOP! Miley & Juicy J tore it up!

mods: this is the full song. it premiered only today. the only thing posted prior was mileys full rap.

Sharon Osbourne: I Had A Fling With Jay Leno

Sharon Osbourne revealed a surprising secret on Monday's episode of The Talk – she had a fling with Jay Leno.

The revelation came as part of the talk show's weeklong "Big Secret" segment, and Osbourne, 60, was the first of the co-hosts to open up with her surprising confession.

"It's not like it's a dirty little secret," she said nervously before telling her story.

"When I was 25, I just moved to America," she began. "I had met my husband [Ozzy], but we weren't together. We were just friends. I didn't have a boyfriend. I never did date a lot at that time, anyway, because I was not very dateable."

A friend invited her to a club where she saw Leno performing his comedy routine, and Osbourne told her pal that she thought he was "very nice, very funny."

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Chenbot asked her if the chin ever got in the way.
alex; whatever idek 2

Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ a psychedelic synthesis

Five albums in, and British indie-rockers Arctic Monkeys have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the most consistently creative and genre-defining bands of the last decade.

Smart, randy and touched by genius, the Sheffield band’s fifth album is an absolute triumph from start to finish. And the best part? They’re just getting started...

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And the lyrics… oh, maaaan. At times they sound like they were written by a man with a burning hard-on who wants – or rather needs – to savagely fuck your body, mind and soul.

That man, of course, is Alex Turner, one of only a handful of musicians dead or alive that it’s not completely ludicrous to describe as an actual genius.
Mike Williams

AM is out today on itunes and the official store.

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Iman, Naomi and Bethann on GMA + naming names when it comes to racism in fashion

If the Diversity Coalition’s open letter accusing specific fashion designers of racism on the runway isn’t enough to get the industry’s attention, then a national TV segment will definitely do the trick.

Activist and former model Bethann Hardison, who formed the Diversity Coalition, was joined by fellow members and supermodels Naomi Campbell and Iman for a segment on “Good Morning America” discussing the hot topic.

The ladies said they are frustrated and fed up with the blatant lack of diversity they see on the runways as a result of designers only using one or no models of color. In fact, Iman, whose career spans over four decades, believes the problem is worse than when she hit the runway in the 70’s.

"There were more black models working then, then it is happening in 2013,” the 58-year-old model-turned-mogul told GMA.

And the numbers don’t lie. The folks over at have done a bang up job of documenting just how whitewashed the runways have become over the past several years. In addition, top models Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman have recently spoken out about dealing with racism within the industry. Although the problem is a long way away from being solved, let’s just hope the Diversity Coalition’s continuing efforts will inspire some real change.

“There is a time where silence is not acceptable at all,” Iman told GMA. “And if the conversation cannot be had publicly in our industry -- then inherently there is something wrong with the industry."


letters can be viewed here:

so glad they actually called specific people out w/this instead of making a general address + smh at paris and milan's reactions.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Set To End Soon?

Since 2007, the Kardashian family have been keeping us entertained with their family antics, but could the show be on the way out? Well according to critics, it could be following the allegations that Lamar Odom could spill secrets about the family.

In a report by Radar Online, marketing and branding expert Liz Goodgold shared her thoughts on the future of the show, which is under contract until 2015, by claiming that “maintaining their brand image is paramount [right now]", for the reality TV family.

She then went on to claim that it would be unlikely if the show got another run if Lamar did spill secrets because the "scope and scale of how they manipulate the media [would truly be] unveiled.”

Author Jennifer Pozner added that fans have started to "get over" the E! Network show but "E! is probably going to hold on as long as they can despite what the viewers want."

A rep for the Kardashians has been approached for comment.
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James Franco Doesn’t Care If People Think He’s Gay: ‘I Mean I Wish I Was’

James Franco has endured never-ending speculation over his sexuality for years, and in an interview published on Monday
he finally admitted it — he wishes the gay rumors were true.

“I mean, I wish I was gay,” Franco told the Daily Beast.

Franco made the comment while discussing his Comedy Central Roast which premiered last Monday to solid ratings. The telecast topped Roseanne Barr’s last year (but not Charlie Sheen’s record-setting Roast in 2011). While Franco appeared to take the jabs in good humor, he noted a few — from Jeff Ross, in particular — were so far below the line of common decency, that they weren’t even funny.

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alex; whatever idek 2

MGMT stream new album ahead of official release

MGMT are streaming their new album, MGMT, online ahead of its official release next week.

The duo are previewing their third LP via Rdio - sign up and listen to the record below. MGMT have also joined forces with Rdio for a new feature called the Optimizer, which is "an immersive audio and visual experience to accompany the new album for its full 44 minute run time". The experience was created by MGMT alongside a team of visual artists.

Earlier this month MGMT admitted that their new album features music which they "don't even know if it's music we would want to listen to". They also said they were troubled by some of the artists they met after signing a major label record deal in 2006.

"So many musicians have this really commercial sensibility about everything," Ben Goldwasser said. "That made me really disgusted. Looking at music as a product, talking about what we were doing like a brand? We had never thought about music that way."

In August, MGMT revealed the surreal video for their new single Your Life Is A Lie, which is taken from the album. In the video the band are joined by a number of different characters including a choir of skeletons, Happy Days actor Henry Winkler and a crying pebble.

I can't embed but here's the link.

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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Style Network, Not G4, to be Rebranded as Esquire Network

Just two weeks before launching a men's lifestyle cable network called Esquire Network, NBCUniversal has changed its mind about which of its existing networks will form the basis of the new channel.

NBCUniversal said Monday that instead of rebranding its male-targeted gaming network G4 as Esquire, as announced earlier this year, the new network will take the place of its female-skewing Style network.

The decision means that Esquire will be taking over a network with a distribution of 75 million subscribers, rather than one with 62 million, according to people familiar with the matter.

It isn't clear that all of the pay-TV providers that carry Style will agree to the change. While some have signed on, negotiations with others are under way, said a person familiar with the matter.

NBCUniversal, which is controlled by Comcast Corp., is launching the new Esquire channel in cooperation with Esquire's publisher, Hearst Corp., though NBCUniversal will fully own and operate the channel. Aiming to create a channel with the sensibility of the men's magazine, NBCU hopes to attract an affluent male audience that is typically hard to reach on television. The programming mix is to range from fashion to food and travel.

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NBCU continues to be a mess.
alex; whatever idek 2

Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic in the US Open final for his 13th Grand Slam title

Hard to believe this is the same Rafael Nadal who was at home during the U.S. Open a year ago, nursing a bad left knee.

Hard to believe this is the guy sent packing in the first round of Wimbledon in June, losing against someone ranked 135th.

Looking fit as can be, and tough as -- maybe even better than -- ever, the No. 2-ranked Nadal pulled away from No. 1 Novak Djokovic 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 on Monday in a taut, tense U.S. Open final for his 13th Grand Slam title.

They started in sunlight and finished at nighttime, a 3-hour, 21-minute miniseries full of cliffhangers and plot twists and a pair of protagonists who inspired standing ovations in the middle of games.

There was no quit in either of them, during points that lasted 15, 25, even more than 50 strokes.

This was their 37th match against each other, the most between any two men in the Open era, and third head-to-head U.S. Open final in the last four years. Nadal beat Djokovic for the 2010 title, and Djokovic won their rematch in 2011. They know each other's games so well, and play such similar hustle-to-every-ball styles, but in the end, it was Nadal who was superior.


He improved to 22-0 on hard courts and 60-3 overall in 2013 with nine titles, including at the French Open, which made him the first man with at least one Grand Slam trophy in nine consecutive seasons. The 27-year-old Spaniard's total of 13 major championships ranks third in the history of men's tennis, behind only Roger Federer's 17 and Pete Sampras' 14.


I'm sad king Federer didn't win this but Nadal played great, he deserved it. So glad Djokobitch didn't win, I can't stand his smug face.

X Factor ONTD Original: Paulina Rubio!

The X Factor USA's 3rd season two-night premiere is this Wednesday & Thursday, Sept 11th & 12th at 8/7c, and Simon Cowell's judges table has received yet another facelift! The new panel includes returning Season 2 judge Demi Lovato, the beautiful R&B diva Kelly Rowland, and Latina superstar Paulina Rubio.

Unlike other Latina superstar judges like The Voice's Shakira & American Idol's Jennifer Lopez, who've been criticized of being sweet, albeit a bit boring, Rubio is pure entertainment, as evidenced by the new promo focused on the new superstar judge. The clip sees fellow judges Cowell, Lovato & Rowland praising Rubio's spunk and festive nature, in addition to playfully showcasing her adorable Mexican accent.


The line "You sing with passion and you make me sweat. I need to eat a 'prezlet'" will surely be the new "You were amazing" that Britney coined last year.

Golden Showers Sets 'Black Panties' Release Date

R. Kelly has announced he'll release "Black Panties," his 12th studio album, on Nov. 11. At a listening session in Atlanta over the weekend, a sweat-drenched Kellz told attendees the album is the product of his artistic tenacity.

"I took my story and what I've been through and I channeled it," he said. "If you can take tragedy and turn it into triumph, that's when you've reached the zenith of a true champion. Don't mean to be too deep but this shit is real. I didn't run under a rock and go over here or there. I stayed focused. And I'm more focused then ever."

"Black Panies" follows up 2012's "Write Me Back," which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. In July he released the new album's first single, "My Story," featuring an assist from rapper 2 Chainz.

At the listening session, the soul-R&B icon said the album doesn't shy away from any elements of his crazy life.

"My story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs, and even church. It's all of those things mixed up into one," he said. "I'm not afraid of it, I understand it is the nature of life. This gift I have is a beautiful disease and I glad I got it."
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musically, 90s r kelly >>>. favourite song?

FOURTH Porn Actor Confirms Positive Test For HIV… As Fears Of An Epidemic Grow

Another porn star has revealed he has tested positive for HIV, the fourth such case reported in less than three weeks, has exclusively learned.

The male actor confirmed his diagnosis to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest nonprofit global HIV/AIDS organization in the world which is presently fighting for a statewide condom rule in California.

“I can confirm,” the organization’s president Michael Weinstein told Radar. “However, he has asked that all other information be kept strictly confidential at this time.”

When pressed on the circumstances of the latest infection, Weinstein refused to elaborate further: “I have nothing else to say about the performer.”

The organization would not release details on the porn performer, including any adult film company that employed him.

It’s the latest blow to the multibillion dollar adult industry, which could be shut down indefinitely in the wake of the health crisis.

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The Hemsworth Brothers Step Out For The 'Rush' Premiere At TIFF


Now this is a good-looking group of men ...

The Hemsworth brothers stepped out for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival yesterday (Sept. 7) to attend the premiere of Chris Hemsworth's new film, "Rush." The youngest of the brood, Liam Hemsworth, 23, as well as the oldest, Luke Hemsworth, 32, supported Chris, 30, as he celebrated his latest movie, which is already getting Oscar buzz.

Chris was also joined on the red carpet by his wife, Elsa Pataky, who wowed in a curve-hugging, white lace gown. Liam's fiancee, Miley Cyrus, however, did not attend the event, adding fuel to the rumors that the couple has called it quits.

Still, Chris did talk about his future sister-in-law's racy VMA performance, telling E! News that he actually never had the chance to watch it.

"I haven't seen it," he said, adding, "I've been in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago, then Jakarta, then Hong Kong [and] Toronto now. The breaks I get, they're with my family. There's not much surfing the 'net at the moment."

Maybe that's a good thing?

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Top Celebrity Pets

Due to the current recession, Americans with new pets have declined in the past few years. In 2012, the percentage of households with at least one pet decreased 2.4 percent, according to USA Today. It’s no surprise that with the economy in decline, people are less willing to shell out the $1,650 per year of vet bills, food, etc that it takes to care for a dog and $1,270 a year for a cat according to American Pet Products.

Of course, celebrities are the exception to the rule. With their hefty incomes from movies, television, and music, they can afford to care for as many Fidos and Fluffies as they want. As it becomes less practical for us to enjoy pets for ourselves, at least we can see the abundant adorableness of celebrities’ furry friends as they share pics on their Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams! We count down the top ten celebrity pets of today.

9) Steven Tyler’s raccoon
Yes, it is legal to have a pet raccoon, and no, they don’t all have rabies. Domesticated raccoons are as friendly as dogs and can be litter box trained like a cat. The best of both worlds? Steven Tyler certainly thinks so. He goes fishing with his raccoon perched on his shoulder every day. Check out this clip from Letterman, where Tyler talks about his unique pet as the video reaches 1:28.

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Pet post! ONTD show me your pets (or those you desire)!
julian: 11th dimension

The Bloody Beetroots and Paul McCartney 'Hide' - Album Premiere

Italian house group recruits rock royalty for next album

Italy's Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka the Bloody Beetroots, has been behind some of the most riotous, thumping electro-house on the scene since debuting in 2006. His second studio album, HIDE, will be released in a few weeks on Ultra, but now you can take an exclusive first listen to the record, which kicks off with the glitchy blips of "Spank" that build to the obvious but necessary question: "Do you wanna dance?" A blitz of synths ensue and the Beetroots' mastermind hardly seems concerned with keeping the volume down for the rest of the record.

HIDE features a wide array of guest spots, too, including Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee – who shows up for the stadium-sized "Raw" – and Theophilus London, who spits on "All the Girls (Around the World)." Peter Frampton even shows up to lend his famous talkbox vocals to "The Beat" and Sir Paul McCartney himself breaks out some trademark wails on the thundering dance ballad "Out of Sight."

HIDE will be released on September 17th, and you can pre-order the LP over at iTunes.

full album here


Gucci Mane Is Currently On A Twitter Rant...Claiming He Got Freaky With Everyone & The Kitchen Sink

Unless someone has hacked his account this afternoon (Sept. 9), Gucci Mane has embarked on a Twitter rant including claims that he had sex with Nicki Minaj.

The Atlanta rapper’s series of volatile messages also boast claims that he has slept with other notable females in R&B and hip-hop. They include Future‘s boo Ciara, someone named “Buffy,” Monica, someone named “Keyshia,” someone named “Kelly,” T.I.’s wife Tiny, Fantasia, and others. He then tweeted that Iggy Azalea would like to, um, provide him with a certain service.

Additionally, Gucci threw shots at damn near everyone he could, like T.I., Drake, Yo Gotti, Jeezy, Waka Flocka Flame, and even more. It’s not clear if this is going to lead to some kind of proper diss track or merely more Twitter arguments, but we’ll be sure to let you know if and when this escalates. Hopefully it won’t turn violent.

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Gucci's Twitter
Nicki's Twitter

omg this mess

Living the high life! Miley Cyrus spends SEVEN HOURS in Amsterdam 'coffee shop'


Showing no signs of slowing down her rebellious streak, Miley Cyrus stopped by a coffee shop in Amsterdam on Sunday for over seven hours.

It is widely known that coffee shops in that European city allow patrons to light up canabis.

The Twerker brought with her a group of friends and at lunchtime loaded up on junk food to cure what surely must have been a bad case of the munchies.

Dressed hippie chic in a white tank top with a pink-and-black tribal patterned leggings with a floral top tied around her waist, gold platform trainers and lots of gold chains around her neck, the singer fit right into the offbeat neighbourhood.

That heart-shaped Chanel purse she is known for carting around didn't make an appearance.

She wore less makeup than usual though still looked radiant, and she let her short blonde hair flow naturally under a funky black beanie.

Several friends joined her as did a bodyguard who looked out for her.

She arrived at the Greenhouse coffee shop at 10 am and left at 5:30 pm.

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henry i

Tom Welling praises Ben Affleck casting as Batman

Smallville actor Tom Welling has praised the casting of Ben Affleck in the Superman vs Batman movie.

Affleck joining director Zack Snyder's sequel to Man to Steel as the Caped Crusader has led some angry fans to launch a petition to have him removed from the film.

Welling - who played Clark Kent in the CW series Smallville - has since offered his support for Affleck playing Batman on the big screen.

"It's great," he told E! News. "He's a tremendous actor, he's a wonderful director and I wish him the best."

The actor went on to caution fans not to rush to judgment about Affleck's casting in the Man of Steel sequel.

"It's hard to criticize things before they even happen," Welling said. "I know they'll endeavour to make the best film they can."

Josh Brolin recently confirmed that he was briefly in talks to play Batman, but also wished Affleck luck in the role.

CoverGirl Teams Up with NFL on ‘Fanicure’ Nail Polish Sets

Peanut Butter and jelly. David and Victoria. The scratchy part of velcro and the soft part of velcro. Nail art and… football? We can dig it.

Well, now it’s easier than ever to support your favorite NFL team via nail art: Just in time for football season–which kicks off Thursday night in Denver (though we’re sure you’ve had your phone alarm set since the Super Bowl, right?), CoverGirl, the newly-anointed “official beauty sponsor of the NFL,” will be offering up custom-curated bundles of the brand’s Nail Gloss polish based on your favorite team’s logo.

The collab comes as the latest in a recent string of attempts made by the NFL to appeal to the largely untapped market of fashion-and-football-loving fangirls–remember that Marchesa collab?

Available at starting tomorrow, each of CoverGirl’s 32 “fanicure” (ha! Ha-ha!) sets will include two to five nail polishes–depending on the team’s amount of colors–and will cost the standard $5.49 per bottle. And for those of you who need a little nudge in the creativity department, CoverGirl is posting step-by-step tutorials. So whether you’re supporting Tom Brady or one of the other guys (sorry, Boston girl here!) your nails can accurately represent.

Just go easy diving into that plate of cheesy nachos come game day–you wouldn’t want to chip a nail.

Tom Hiddleston, 'Only Lovers Left Alive' Star, On The Scene He Pitched For 'Thor: The Dark World'

It's remarkable how popular Loki has become. What could have been a forgettable role as a mostly unknown villain (at least to the non-comic book reading population of the world) in "Thor," a then-second-tier superhero movie, has now become something close to a household name. This has everything to to with Tom Hiddleston.

Hiddleston is at the Toronto International Film Festival in support of Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive." Hiddleston plays Adam in the film, a very sad vampire who spends his days moping around Detroit and being snobby about music (Adam is a Jack White fan, though). This is not a vampire movie that will appeal to "Twilight" fans; this is a vampire movie that will appeal to Jim Jarmusch fans.

In person, Hiddleston is a geyser of charm, and he's certainly not the type who would look his gift horse -- in this case, his gift god -- in the mouth. That's something Hiddleston displayed to dazzling effect at this year's Comic-Con when he took the stage in full Loki wardrobe in front of hundreds of screaming fans. (It's a moment that, as he mentions here, meant a lot to the 32-year-old actor.) Loki aficionados will have even more to cheer about this fall: In the interview below, Hiddleston discussed the post-Comic-Con additions to "Thor: The Dark World," which he says adds a lot more Loki to the film (including one thing that Hiddleston pitched himself).

But, first, the interviewee explains why he was recently the interviewer.

Tom Hiddleston: I just recently did your job.

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Alexander Skarsgård joins Prince Harry's polar trek

alexandra-skarsgard-returning-to-true-blood-season-7-02Prince Harry-20130802-28

Actor Alexander Skarsgard is to join Britain's Prince Harry on a charity trek to the South Pole.

The True Blood star will lead a team of wounded American soldiers in a race against the royal's British rivals and a third troupe from the Commonwealth nations led by The Wire's Dominic West.

The teams will cover a distance of around 208 miles (335 kilometres) and those taking part have already started a gruelling training routine.

The Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge, which will raise money for charities to help wounded soldiers, will take place in November (13).

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