September 7th, 2013


New ‘Catching Fire’ Character Images for Katniss, Peeta, Gale & More


Those of you dying for new imagery need wait no longer. Thanks to a tip sent to us by Phil, we’ve learned that the Hunger Games Explorer site has added new character images for Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Effie, Caesar, Beetee, Finnick, Prim, and Plutarch Heavensbee. Feast your eyes on them below and visit the site to check it out because it looks like they’re adding victors RIGHT NOW!

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"Lady Gaga" Tell-All Book Released

"In 2006, I stayed out late, waiting to pick up my girlfriend from work," said Brendan Jay Sullivan, author of "Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, the Lower East Side, and the Prime of Our Lives." "I went around the corner to a bar and met a girl who introduced herself as Gaga. She was a singer. She recognized me as the DJ from this birthday party she'd gone to. I thought she was going to give me a demo, but she didn't have any songs. I remember thinking that her career was not going to take off without any songs!"

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John Legend: Lyrics in Hip Hop Have ‘A Strong Misogynistic Streak’

*Along with releasing his new album, “Love in the Future,” singer-songwriter John Legend also hopes to elevate the culture as an artist in the future as well.

For “Love in the Future,” Legend tapped long time friend and collaborator Kanye West for the majority of the album’s production. Legend opened up during his interview with Rolling Out Magazine about his need to pay great attention to detail.

“As a musician, I always wanted to make music that was beautiful and excellent,” he said. “I want to make a real contribution to the culture. I grew up listening to [the] soul music [of] greats such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. I look at the legacy they made and I want to leave a similar legacy.” “That means a commitment to quality, a commitment to creating something beautiful, and a commitment to being different from everyone else.” Legend also tapped Rick Ross for the single “Who Do We Think We Are.” Ross found himself in hot water earlier this year due to the use of a date rape lyric, to which Legend adds that as a whole the genre needs to clean up its misogynistic act.

“Hip-hop has a strong misogynistic streak that we should try to get rid of,” he added. “More rappers should be careful about what they say about women. I think they’re trying to sound tough, or sound like they don’t give a s—. But to me, it just sounds like you’re an a–hole. I think rappers should pay more attention to what they say about women. Some of the things I hear, I find pretty disgusting.”

yet he is working with rick 'can't see ma dick' ross (again) tho.

Hannibal Exclusive: Cynthia Nixon Joins Season 2 Cast


Hungry for a little Hannibal Season 2 scoop?

Sex and the City vet Cynthia Nixon is returning to TV with a recurring role on Bryan Fuller’s delectable NBC serial thriller, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Nixon will play Kade Prurnell, an employee of the Office of the Inspector General in FBI Oversight who is investigating the events of the first season and Jack Crawford’s (Laurence Fishburne) culpability.

Nixon’s post-Sex TV roles have included stints on The Big C and 30 Rock.

Hannibal is slated to return at midseason.

Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Angel Haze Slams Washington Post's Coverage of Miley Cyrus as "Total Idiocy"

Rapper Angel Haze is jumping to Miley Cyrus' defense.

After the "We Can't Stop" singer was on the receiving end of rampant criticism following her controversial 2013 MTV VMA performance, the "Hell Could Freeze" rapper has taken to Twitter to fire off a series of heated tweets aimed at media outlets that continue to ask the performer for her opinion on Cyrus' scandalous show.

Namely, Angel took issue with The Washington Post over a opinion piece penned by Richard Cohen in which the author suggested Cyrus' performance fuels a culture of misogyny that he blames for the Steubenville rape case.

"Recently been asked about @MileyCyrus way too much," the rapper began her Twitter rant. "Was particularly perturbed by the whole washington post thing. Let me just vocalize how utterly f--king stupid I think it is for a national news publication to post that her dancing is why things like Steubenville happen," she added.

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meek mill responds to kendrick lamar with a diss song

Set to Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre” instrumental, Meek Mill hits close to home as he responds to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse with "Ooh Kill 'Em." The record, which premiered on Philadelphia's Power 99 radio station, debuts a day after the "Ambition" rapper created another diss song directed at Cassidy, efficiently titled "Kendrick You Next."

With rapid wordplay, Meek Mill revs up the ante on rappers' replies to the "Swimming Pools" lyricist. Listen to the track below.

source, source

joan watson - rme

Nathalie Emmanuel (aka Missandei) joins 'Fast & Furious 7'

Deadline are reporting that Nathalie Emmanuel has been cast in James Wan’s ‘Fast & Furious 7.’ Universal Pictures is keeping character descriptions under wraps, but a source close to the project says that Emmanuel will be part of the pedal to the metal team led by Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel. The British actress is currently seen on HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ in the role of Missandei, personal aide to exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen.Collapse )


hubs in a hat
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Pharrell on Miley's VMA and spills details into her Wrecking Ball MV

"It's awesome. It's got everyone paying attention." Pharrell states. He continues to say "Her video [for her second single, Wrecking Ball] is beautiful and incredibly, like, charming, and you see all of her poise, and then you're going to realize how much of a triple threat she is."

"What she did on stage was a slice of her character. A SLICE of her character. And, to be honest, what other 20 year old gets to party on stage and gets to do what she wants to do? After all those years of just sort of being dictated to, right? But then, when you hear this album, you guys are gonna be like, 'Oh damn, we thought we knew.'"


Porn industry suffers second HIV scare

Porn actor Rod Daily's announcement that he has HIV is the second scare in the industry in as many weeks. Daily's girlfriend, Cameron Bay, confirmed that she tested positive last month, leading to an industry shutdown.

The porn industry has been rocked by a second HIV scare in as many weeks after an actor announced he tested positive for the virus.

Porn actor Rod Daily made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday.

"Drumroll please!! I'm 32 years old and I'm HIV positive. Acute HIV, which means I recently was infected. For that I am blessed," wrote Daily, whose real name is Joshua Rodgers.

In another tweet, Daily wrote, "I'm blessed for the fact that I caught it so early that I can blast that s--- with meds."

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Charlie Hunnam Shirtless 02

Official VEVO Lyric Video to "Atlas" by Coldplay From "THG: Catching Fire" Soundtrack is Released


Downloaded it, put it on repeat, and it's already one of my faves from them! <3
Definitely looking forward to hear the rest of the "Catching Fire" soundtrack!

Here's hoping "Atlas" and "Over The Love" by Florence + The Machine gets nominated for Best Original Song at next year's Oscars...

dog winter

John Travolta Receives Career Tribute at American Film Festival

The Oscar-nominated actor delighted the audience by accepting the award in French.

When John Travolta shot 2010’s From Paris With Love, it seems he left the city with a little love too -- at least the French expression for it: “Je t’aime.” He bookended his brief speech accepting a career honor saying the phrase to the audience, throwing in a few sentences of thanks in the local tongue in between.

The actor, who recalled getting the performing bug from growing up watching his mother and sisters in the theater, reflected on his long career.

“To be completely honest, it went beyond my dreams. I was hoping to make a living as an actor, just to survive as an actor, and it was some people who surrounded me, who believed it could be more than that, more than just a living,” he said at a press conference earlier in the day. “Then because of the imagination of writers and directors, I had this amazing opportunity to be many different characters and things. I knew I had the ability to do it, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to be allowed to do it by the audience and the studios.

“I like actors’ movies, those are my thing, and nowadays it’s more difficult to get them financed,” he said, noting that he sees Killing Season as having an anti-war message similar to the films he grew up with in the 60s and 70s. The studio system has also changed since then, he said.

“It’s very difficult in the United States to get a film like Killing Season financed because it’s more of an actor's movie, it’s more of a psychological movie. And even though it’s got action in it, it’s much more of a message movie. So you need companies that will be willing to finance special projects that mean something to the actors.”

While sidestepping questions about who he sees as his heir apparent in today's crop of young actors and who he'd want to play him in a biopic about his life, he said: “My future roles are in the imagination of writers and directors. Most of the roles in my career I never imagined I would play. But when someone came up with a good idea, I came to the game.”

source. what's your favourite john travolta film, ontd?
Ben Cohen

Blue Is The Ugliest Colour? Director Kechiche Fires Back Against Léa Seydoux + Adèle Exarchopoulos

Yikes. It's always a bummer when behind-the-scenes drama overshadows a movie, especially when the movie is supposed to be really, really great, but sadly that seems to be happening with "Blue is the Warmest Color," the Palme d'Or winning coming-of-age drama out this fall. A couple of days ago, the actresses from the film put the their director Abdellatif Kechiche on blast and talked about how they never wanted to work with him again. And now the director has fired back, apparently culminating in an explosive, tearful confrontation at a press conference for the film.

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Ugh. This is just like what happened between Lars Von Trier and Björk after "Dancer In The Dark" tbqh, and that film also won the Palme D'Or as well as the Best Actress award for Björk... Messy! What do you think, ONTD?
ming xi

'12 Years a Slave' gets rave reviews, places itself as Oscar frontrunner

Suspend the betting, close the books, and notify the engraver: I've just seen what will surely be this year's Best Picture winner, and it's 12 Years a Slave. There's no question in my mind that this will be our ultimate awards season victor, and the fact that there's still any room for debate at all means that Oscar bloggers were high on more than mountain air last week at the Telluride Film Festival, where the film first sneaked before tonight's official Toronto Film Festival premiere. In fact, I'll go one further … no, two further: Not only will 12 Years triumph in the Best Picture category, but I'd put my money on a historic Best Director win for Steve McQueen, and I'd mark Chiwetel Ejiofor as the frontrunner for Best Actor. Like, what's gonna beat this movie? Freakin' Monuments Men?

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Ben Cohen

Director Benh Zeitlin Dishes On His Totally Bonkers Follow-up To "Beasts Of The Southern Wild"

One of the best underdog stories in movies last year happened off the big screen, with Benh Zeitlin's debut feature "Beasts Of The Southern Wild," a tiny-budgeted indie with a bizarre premise and non-actors in all of the major roles, dazzling audiences from Park City, Utah to Cannes, ultimately picking up four Academy Award nominations, including a Best Picture nod and a Best Director nomination for Zeitlin. Of course the question ultimately arises: what next? How do you follow such a strong debut? Well, if you're Zeitlin, you go even weirder.

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Obviously, he'll reteam with Queen Quvenzhané for the lead role of that young girl in his bonkers second movie and it will be fucking awesome!

Haters of BOTSW can exit stage GTFO and go suck on an auroch's dick.

Ed Sheeran Confirms Ellie Goulding Hook Up? 'Normal People Don't Hold Hands If They're Just Friends'

Ed Sheeran has appeared to confirm rumours he's been romancing the gorgeous Ellie Goulding, after the two talented singers were spotted looking very cosy at last month's MTV Video Music Awards.

The pair were spotted cuddling and holding hands at the VMAs a couple of weeks back with the red-haired singer even snapped with his hand on the blonde songstress' thigh at the event, sparking romance rumours.

Ellie was quick to take to Twitter within hours of the pictures going viral, slamming the rumours as she insisted to her 1,700,000 followers: "I love that holding hands with my friends means we're an item. In that case I am in many relationships. Lover not a hater. #whatthef**k," she wrote.

Ed though has a different version of events, seemingly admitting in a new interview that they DID hook up!

The singer was asked about the speculation by radio station Click 98.9 and he coyly replied:

"Normal people don't hold hands if they're just friends,"

When pressed as to whether the two are still together, Ed admitted though: "It was going on. And now it's not." He added of Goulding: "She's a really cool girl and she's very talented. She's had a number one single for three weeks in England now. It's all going well."

The singer wouldn't talk further on the subject but he was happy to address the romance rumours about the other lady in his life, Taylor Swift, saying:

"If you can find a picture of me and Taylor holding hands, you won't be able to, because it doesn't exist... that's just people making assumptions because I was on tour with her."

Making reference to a recent article that referred to him as a "studly womanizer" Ed joked that "the whole 'studly womanizer' thing, I mean, I quite enjoy the title - it's just not very accurate."

He was quick to point out that he "[hadn't] even been pictured with that many women" naming Ellie and his mate's girlfriend as the only two ladies he's even been snapped with:

"I was papped with my mate's girlfriend, he was in the front of the car, she was in the back. He's a little bit annoyed about it! She's now 'mystery blonde,'" Ed joked.



Frank Ocean Disses Chris Brown With New T-Shirt

Sometimes the drama behind the entertainment scenes is more interesting than the stuff artists allow us to see. For example, the beef between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown started over a parking space and a handshake. just when you thought the shade being passed between the two was over, Frank Ocean dons a t-shirt bringing up Breezy’s embarrassing domestic violence case.

A photo of Ocean wearing a shirt with Brown’s face with the words “Wanted” and “Stop Domestic Violence” on it. While Ocean does have his face turned away from the camera, we think it’s his passive aggressive way to say that the beef is still on and popping. But this might a little extreme if this is in retaliation of Breezy refusing to stand when Ocean won a Grammy at this year’s ceremony.

Ben Cohen

Handsomest And Sexiest Shark Ever Graces Toronto For TIFF 2013 With His Predatorial Presence

And what a handsome face it is! Actor Michael Fassbender was snapped by the paparazzi as we was being escorted out from the Toronto Airport, where he stopped to give away a few autographs to fans.

Fassbender is in Toronto to promote his film 12 Years A Slave, which is directed by Steve McQueen and co-stars Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film is set during the Civil War, and tells the real life story of a man living in upstate New York who is abducted and sold into slavery. The movie received several standing ovations at Telluride and looks like a strong Oscar contender, as long as audiences can see its beauty amid the brutality.

View more candid Toronto arrival photos of shark-tastic Fassy at the (

UNF yassssssss I'd definitely have Shark!Fassy ravage me whenever and I'd die a happy and decimated gay man... <3
stu &gt; u

Britney will perform on GMA! + what we want for her new era~

Good Morning America announced that Britney Spears will be performing on the show on Sept. 17. Britney Spears. Performing. On live TV. All together now: AHH! IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH
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Personally, I want more strongney---ballads that make me feel like i can take down mothafuckas left and right

Celebs at New York Fashion Week events on Friday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Matt Bomer suits up while attending the Billy Reid fashion show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 on Friday evening (September 6) at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City.

The 35-year-old White Collar actor was joined at the event by Saturday Night Live‘s Will Forte.

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dog winter

Christina Aguilera: I don't work out that much

Christina Aguilera recently debuted her slimmed-down body, but the singer says she doesn't work out like crazy.

The 32-year-old is on the cover of Maxim magazine's October issue. She's sporting a bra and a big shirt in the cover photo and a fitted dress in the magazine spread.

In a phone interview Thursday, Aguilera says her daily routine includes working out — on some days.

Says Aguilera: "If I can squeeze in a workout, great. If not, that's OK, too."

The Grammy winner adds that her 5-year-old son, Max, is also keeping her in shape: "Running around with him all day is pretty good exercise."

Aguilera will return to the fifth season of NBC's "The Voice" on Sept. 23.

bashir side-eye

Star Trek Into Darkness Screenwriter Engages With Fans and is, Shockingly, an Ass

On September 1, popular Star Trek fansite published an editorial titled “Star Trek is broken—Here are ideas on how to fix it.” The article focuses on this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness, which was a moderate box office success but failed to impress most old-school fans. In fact, while the 2009 reboot is still very popular, Into Darkness was recently voted the fandom’s least favorite movie at a Star Trek convention, with Wrath of Khan topping the poll.

Screenwriter Bob Orci first responded with this comment: “I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.

Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of “broken.” And frankly, your tone and attidude make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.”
(Well, at least he's not condescending as all hell, right?)

When his 'children' were insufficiently humbled, Collapse )

Source (original trekmovie article and comment section)

Well, on one side we have overly-entitled fans, like the 50 Shades petition to get actors fired from the movie and have unwilling actors forced in instead. On the other side we have media creators who insist that their fans are 'children' who, if overly critical, turn into 'morons'. Which side are you on? Are fans entitled to being heard? Is criticism shitty and ungrateful? Or are you Team Please Restore The Fourth Wall and Everyone Just Shut Up? I will say that media creators lose in my book the minute they lash out publicly at negative feedback, especially feedback by fans.

henry i

'Grand Theft Auto' movie offers turned down

Grand Theft Auto movie pitches from several Hollywood studios have been rejected in the past.

Series creator Dan House revealed that the game has never been adapted for cinema because the money on offer has never been worth the risk and the level of creative freedom would be restricted.

"We've been offered, many times, and it's never appealed. The money's never been close to be worth risking one's crown jewels," he told The Guardian.

"Our small dabblings with Hollywood have always left us running back to games. The freedom we have to do what we want creatively is of enormous value. The second you go near Hollywood, people seem willing, or have been forced, to lose a lot of that control.

"That sort of amorphous 'that won't test well' attitude is exactly how we don't work. We've always tried to think of stuff that's innovative and new, and to go into a world where that's not encouraged would be horrible."

  • lr489

Jennifer López lands a movie role; will act again!

Jennifer Lopez has landed in Jason Blum’s new micro-budget thriller, “The Boy Next Door,” that the “Paranormal Activity” producer will make under his first-look deal at Universal.

Lopez will star as a newly separated mother who begins an affair with a new teenage neighbor who befriends her son. Trouble ensues, however, when she tries to abruptly end the relationship.

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Lady Gaga: One Direction Boos Were Embarrassing

Lady Gaga felt embarrassed after One Direction were booed loudly at the Video Music Awards last month, insisting it was a bad representation of her country and MTV.

The British-Irish boy band was jeered by members of the audience when they stepped onstage at the New York City ceremony to accept a trophy, but they were later offered some words of support from Gaga, who urged them to ignore their critics.

Now the singer admits she was "really upset" by the incident, as the crowd's behavior made her feel ashamed.

"It really upset me. It made me feel embarrassed for my country and for MTV. If we were at the Grammys or the Oscars that would have never happened, so I found it really disturbing," she said. "I don't think I'd ever be booed at the Brits. Even if everyone hated me, you would be more polite. It's rude and nasty -- keep your opinions to yourself."

Gaga's pep talk was filmed by an onlooker and the footage later surfaced online, but she is adamant she had no idea she was being recorded.

"I had walked out at that point, and I just happened to run into them. I didn't even know that anyone could hear me or anything," she told Capital FM. "I just genuinely wanted them to know that at least one person in the room thought that they deserved to be there because I know how I would have felt. They're really nice guys, very down to earth, sweet and handsome."

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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Simon Cowell on Britney Exit and "the Other One on The Voice... Blondie"

Simon Cowell has discussed Britney Spears's exit from The X Factor USA.

The singer announced her departure from the competition after one season earlier this year.

During Cowell's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen asked him: "How did that happen initially? Why did you go this will be right for the show?"

Cowell responded: "I think if I'm being honest with you, Ellen, there was a time I think everyone was trying to up themselves in terms of who could find the biggest known star to be on a panel.

"And in terms of a pop singer? Jennifer Lopez and the other one on The Voice... I can't remember. Blondie. Christina. And we said, 'We'll take Britney'. She was fine, but I think she found it very uncomfortable."

"She wasn't comfortable being negative, she didn't like it when the contestants spoke back to her, so she was just uncomfortable. I liked her. So we decided to change it this year."


Simon is so pressed.
tom cruise

Brad Pitt looking like Val Kilmer at TIFF

Brad Pitt suits up while attending the premiere of his latest flick 12 Years A Slave during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival held at Princess of Wales Theatre on Friday (September 6) in Toronto, Canada.

Earlier in the day, the 49-year-old actor’s fiancee Angelina Jolie were spotted landing with their kids in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to TIFF, 12 Years A Slave is scheduled to screen at the New York Film Festival and New Orleans Film Festival next month!

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damn africa, what happened?
LM Scoob

Michelle Dockery takes break from steamy sexcation to watch tennis

I'd be annoyed if I had to leave the hotel room too.

Her Downton Abbey alter-ego is forever facing the wrath of her sharp-witted and acid-tongued grandmother over her lifestyle choices.

But it would seem even the judgmental Dowager Countess would approve of Michelle Dockery's new boyfriend, as the couple cut a sophisticated pair while out and about in New York City on Friday afternoon.Collapse )

Iggy Azalea "Change Your Life" Video Premiere Date, New Pics & Interviews

Iggy Azalea is releasing the visuals for her new worldwide single "Change Your Life", featuring T.I., this Sunday at midnight (GMT). The video was directed by Jonas & François (who also worked with Iggy on her VMA-nominated debut single "Work" video).

The song is already available for pre-order in some countries by clicking here and you can also view some new on-set pics below:

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Jay Z vs. Kanye West: Which Hip-Hop Tour Will Be Bigger?

It's the fall of dueling hip-hop tours. Kanye West had just announced his "Yeezus" tour with Kendrick Lamar, when big brother Jay Z jumped in to proclaim his "Magna Carter World Tour." Did Jay Z steal Kanye's thunder or is this a grand plan by The Throne for world domination? Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Some felt that Jay's tour overshadowed Kanye's announcement. "Jay Z really be stealing Kanye thunder bruh" said JScroggins.

"Kanye West and Jay Z always in competition" added Sebastard, while Omni threw in "So Kanye West announces his Yeezus tour and less than a few hours later Jay-Z announces his Magna Carta tour... Coincidence? I think not." Wehther intentional or not, even Tyler, The Creator threw in his two cents: "I SWEAR YE AND JAY SNEAK DISS EACH OTHER."
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yeezus & kendrick >>>>>>

Third porn actor tests positive for HIV; industry faces indefinite shutdown

Follow up to this

The U.S. porn industry may shut down for the second time in a month after a third actor reportedly tested positive for HIV this week.

The identity of the actor has not been released. The positive test was confirmed by a doctor at a health facility used by the porn industry, an industry trade group said.

Joanne Cachapero, membership director of the trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, said the group didn't know whether the infected actor contracted the virus during a shoot.

"While we don't have evidence to suggest an on-set transmission as opposed to a transmission from non-industry (off-camera) related activity, we are taking every measure to determine the source and to protect the performer pool," Cachapero said in a statement to Reuters.

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alex; whatever idek 2

Ralph Fiennes Reveals Secrets of Making 'The Invisible Woman'

The celebrated actor discusses stepping behind the camera for the second time, making peace with the past and why he decided to play Dickens.

For his second film as director Ralph Fiennes takes on British literary giant Charles Dickens and his secret love affair with a young wannabe actress. Fiennes, 51, plays the writer with Felicity Jones as the young muse and Joanna Scanlan as the writer’s wife and mother of his children. Kristen Scott Thomas and Tom Hollander also star in the Abi Morgan-penned script based on Claire Tomalin’s book of the same name. The divorced Fiennes, who makes his home in East London, talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his second time behind the lens, celebrity and secrets and whether he’d ever make movies in Hollywood.

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a few more @ source

Tom Hiddleston On His Friendship With Benedict Cumberbatch — And Replacing Him

Hiddleston gave his buddy a ring before saying yes to Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Hiddlestoners and Cumberbitches unite!

Tom Hiddleston is taking over Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic romance film Crimson Peak, it was announced on Friday, but there’s no bad blood between the two English stars.

“The thing is we’re really good friends, and as soon as Guillermo called, I called Benedict and I said this is happening, and he was like, ‘Amazing!’” Hiddleston told BuzzFeed on Friday, soon after the news was announced. “So, I had his blessing.”

Once Cumberbatch — whose exit from the movie was announced in late August — gave the thumbs up, it was an easy decision.

“As these things do, they sent me the script about two weeks ago and it was a very new draft,” Hiddleston explained. “I know Mia [Wasikowska], who I’ll be playing with very closely, and I know Jessica Chastain very well. I’ve met Guillermo before. And we are all admirers of each others’ stuff. And everyone said yes! I’m really, really excited about it. I’ll be shooting here in Toronto in February.”

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Flawless Alicia Vikander at the 'Fifth Estate' Premiere at TIFF


Alicia Vikander brings the wow factor to the red carpet at the premiere of The Fifth Estate during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival held at Roy Thompson Hall on Thursday night (September 5) in Toronto, Canada.

The 23-year-old actress, in Erdem, joined her cast mates Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch for photos ahead of the screening.

The Fifth Estate summary: A dramatic thriller based on real events, the flick reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century’s most fiercely debated organization.

The film will hit theaters on October 18th.
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Misha new hat

This is a Carrie Diaries post

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Set Scoop: Life in The Big City

October 25 can’t come soon enough for The Carrie Diaries and the fans who fell in love with a young Carrie Bradshaw and her group of friends in the mid-1980s this past spring on The CW.

The Sex and the City prequel will be back soon enough, but the good news is that the cast is busy at work in New York City shooting the second season.

I dropped by the set last week to check in with stars AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie), Brendan Dooling (Walt) and Freema Agyeman (Larissa) to see what I could find out about the new season. Scroll down now for some fun, exclusive scoop...

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Sources 1, 2

DC breaks silence on Batwoman: She "shouldn't have a happy life"

Pictured: Batwoman fending off editorial incompetence and homophobia

DC Comics’ PR has taken multiple hits this week, and this weekend is a major convention, so you know what that means: DC higher ups giving unsatisfying responses to fan outcry at Baltimore Comic Con. Specifically, we’re talking about DC co-publisher Dan DiDio saying that superheroes should never have happy personal lives, and that a new writer will be taking over Batwoman with issue #25.

Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.

That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Bat family their personal lives basically suck. Dick Grayson, rest in peace—oops shouldn’t have said that,—Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon and Kathy Kane. It’s wonderful that they try to establish personal lives, but it’s equally important that they set them aside. That is our mandate, that is our edict and that is our stand.

In his pre-panel statement, DiDio revealed that Marc Andreyko, the openly gay writer behind last decade’s Manhunter ongoing, will be taking over Batwoman starting with issue #25. This is one issue earlier than Williams and Blackman said that they would be wrapping up their last story arc on the title, leaving the status of their final issues in question.


Article doesn't mention that the first issue under Andreyko will be a crossover event tie-in, ugh. Has anyone else been following the fuckery on Twitter?
AHS - Jessica Lange Name Game

Blessing you mortals with the REAL Queen - Jessica Lange @ TIFF

Jessica Lange attends the ‘Therese’ premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival at Isabel Bader Theatre (Sept. 7, 2013) -- (wearing Escada)

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I haven't posted here in months but I'm pretty sure my fb is sick of my posts - especially my Jessica Lange TIFF posts - so I had to post here and fangirl for a second (knowing ONTD would understand hopefully) - I volunteered to come here for work and help our Toronto office out. Still not over it. She's amazing. She's even more amazing in person. Flailing a little bit. WAH. Seriously....idek how to process such a flawless day. Also WTF mods, no Jessica Lange tag? COME ON.
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Sheryl Underwood Slams Natural Hair

On an "encore presentation" of her CBS show The Talk that aired Aug. 30, Underwood railed against "nappy" "Afro" hair during a discussion about Heidi Klum saving her children's hair after it had been cut. Klum's children with ex-husband Seal have "huge Afros," as she described them.

Upon hearing that Klum saves their hair, Underwood responded, "Why would you save Afro hair?" She went on to imply that nobody wants that type of hair, saying that you never hear of a woman in a hair shop asking for that "curly, nappy, beady" hair.

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This post is just an excuse to share and discuss Natural hair tips

Natural Hair post!!!!! Favorite Protective Styles? Favorite Oils? Favorites Hair Youtubers?

Follow up here

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Zayn and Perrie "to be married for Christmas"

They may have only got engaged a matter of weeks ago, but it doesn't look like Perrie Edwards will have to wait too long before she ties the knot with Zayn Malik.

The pop heartthrob and the Little Mix singer are said to be planning to wed in the next couple of months, as they are 'dreading' spending long periods of time apart when Zayn tours Australia alongside his One Direction bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

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Downton Abbey s4 first look and bts stuff. Spoilers ahead

There are so many words...

For the post-First World War generation, there is a new mantra: life is for living. For a new age is dawning, a new tune playing.
The spirit of the Roaring 20s, with a musical accompaniment of wild jazz and even wilder dancing, is sweeping the sophisticated cities of America and will soon be heading for London.

But there is a dreadful pall hanging over the Earl of Grantham and his family. It is 1922, six months on from Matthew’s death in a car crash, and Lady Mary has only the solace of their son George to ease her pain.
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Miley Cyrus’ VOGUE Cover Cancelled by Anna Wintour After Controversial VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus shot for the December issue of Vogue, but because of her antics at the 2013 Video Music Awards we won’t be seeing it.

According to reports, Anna Wintour herself changed her mind.

‘Anna found the whole thing distasteful,’ a source says. ‘She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.’

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Britney Spears is WERKing hard this weekend and shooting a music video.

After making it to dance rehearsals all week, Britney Spears confirms she is shooting the music video for her lead single "Werk Bitch" this weekend! The single, which is her first single off her 8th studio album, is due to premiere September 17th.

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Robert Pattinson on shooting Dior campaign: "It was one of the first times I felt like an adult.”


Until now, Robert Pattinson has never endorsed a brand in his life. The Twilight star could have boosted his earnings with lucrative contracts but chose not to. It’s Wednesday 12 June 2013 and that’s set to change. We’re at Soho House in West Hollywood for the world premiere of the new Dior Homme campaign and Pattinson is the face. Set to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and directed by Romain Gavras, 1000 Lives is a moody one-minute film following a love-struck couple across New York – and a long way from Edward and Bella.

Dressed in a blue two-button Dior Homme suit and black T-shirt, Pattinson opens up about his first signing.“I was reticent about doing commercials,” he confesses. “I’m always very hesitant to work with big companies.” To convince him, Dior gave Pattinson free rein on the project from the concept to execution.“Romain was my first choice from the beginning,” he says. “I had no idea what to expect going into it; we were just making stuff up. I’d never worked like that before.”

Gavras’ idea was to turn the perfume ad archetype - “a guy with lots of chicks driving expensive cars” - on its head. So there’s a beaten up BMW – which Pattinson crashed on the first day – and a single love interest: model-turned-actor Camille Rowe. According to Pattinson the story line sees two people in a “self-destructive” relationship, like “magnets that repel each other but for a brief second manage to touch – something that shouldn’t have happened”, leaving us to ponder, post Kristen Stewart, whether he drew inspiration from his own experience.

At 27, Pattinson is clearly breaking free of his teen-vampire beginnings: “It was a strange period to be shooting; it was one of the first times I felt like an adult.” Reflecting on the campaign Pattinson reveals,“I’m quite attached to it now. It seems honest, maybe because it was fun making it. It didn’t feel like we were doing a commercial. Even watching it I don’t feel like I’m trying to sell anything.” Which bring us back to why Dior hired him: to sell fragance. So what was his first? “My aunt gave me L’Eau D’Issey when I was 12 – the same summer I discovered hair gel. I thought I was super classy,”


Notorious Madonna fan/Gaga hater attacks Gaga's producer on Twitter, gets shut down

It seems that the owner of the notorious anti-Lady Gaga/pro-Madonna website Paws Down Little Monsters finally got some attention after viciously attacking camp Gaga and her fans over the past 2 years.
The websites tagline is "The worst and best of pop in one place" and it focuses on making fun of Lady Gaga's weight, appearance, lack of talent, etc.

Gaga's main ARTPOP producer, DJ Whiteshadow decided to take the high road and instead invited to buy lunch for the poor, disgruntled Madonna fan.

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Premiere of "Dallas Buyers Club" at TIFF

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Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto attend a dinner hosted by InStyle, Focus Features and Remstar Films to celebrate the world premiere of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ at the Toronto International Film Festival, on Saturday, Sep, 7, 2013.

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Queen Cara Delevingne looks tipsy on another night out as she shows off her laidback style


She's fast become known for her penchant for partying thanks to her love of going out night after night.

And Friday evening was no different as model of the moment Cara Delevingne headed out on the town once more.

The catwalk star went to hotspot The Box to enjoy a DJ set by Snoop Lion and mixed with a number of other star guests at the bash.

Her pal Ellie Goulding was also at the party venue with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, while Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw was also in tow.

And it seemed like Cara had particularly enjoyed her night as she emerged late in the night looking slightly worse for wear.

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