September 6th, 2013


Neelam and Samir Soni Adopt a Baby Girl

A little birdie tells us that Neelam and Samir Soni have adopted a little girl named Ahana. The couple, who tied the knot in 2011 were keen to have a daughter and adoption was on their minds for quite some time. The former actor and now a jewellery designer, Neelam says, “The procedure took a couple of months. We wanted a baby, who is around six to seven months old.”

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The Precarious Hysteria of TV Fandom


Fans are awful. I don’t mean fans of any one particular TV show or movie franchise or literary saga or videogame cycle. I mean like the whole contemporary idea of fandom is one of the signature annoying facts of life in the modern age. Fans are passionate and angry and incoherent; fans always know everything, always more than you. They even know more than the people who make the freaking things that fans are fans of. George Lucas, Damon Lindelof, George R. R. Martin — fans create gods and then fans destroy their own gods.

Fans love everything unless they hate something, and when that happens fans can hate with the kind of unblinking blood rage that our ancestors reserved for tribal warfare and boy-band debates. I’m generalizing, but I’m also being very accurate. At the extreme, if you want to argue with a fan about their favorite thing, it inevitably goes something like this:

You: [Reasoned, thoughtful contention implying that the thing they like is not perfect.]
Fan: Shut up.

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Jack Osbourne and his wife lose their baby

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Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa have lost their baby.

The blogger, 26, who was in her second trimester, shared the sad news early Friday morning.

“I have been dreading this announcement,” she writes on her blog, Raddest Mom. “I needed some time before being able to say it. Jack and I lost our baby boy last week.”

She continued, “Having a late term miscarriage is by far the hardest thing either of us have ever had to go through. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask for privacy and respect during this time. It’s important to stay hopeful and optimistic through life’s toughest moments. We never know why things like this happen. All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives.”

Two hours after the announcement, Lisa Tweeted, “Cuddling my amazing, sweet hubby and shutting my eyes. Thank you all for the love and support. It means the world.”

The pair had been in the midst of much happy news as of late. “I am feeling great and trying not to eat everything in sight,” Lisa told PEOPLE last month.

Earlier this week, Jack, 27 — who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 — was named to the cast of Dancing with the Stars, beginning its season Sept. 16.

The couple were married in Hawaii last October and are parents to daughter Pearl Clementine, 16 months.

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Jade Ewen: "Sugababes ended 2 years ago"

Sugababes singer Jade Ewen has confirmed to Digital Spy that the band "fizzled out" two years ago, saying: "I don't feel comfortable lying."
Ewen told us last month that the group are "pretty much done", but bandmate Amelle Berrabah claimed afterwards that they will all be "getting back together at the end of next year".

Speaking at the National Lottery Stars gala tonight (September 5), Ewen insisted that Sugababes have indeed split up and continuing to claim otherwise is "unfair to fans".

"This is a tricky one because I don't feel comfortable lying, saying we're in the studio recording and we're going to bring music out next year, which seems to be the favoured line," she said. "I think it's unfair to fans and we should be honest.

"The band being over is definitely not my choice. I kind of was unlucky in that I came in to towards the end of the cycle when things naturally came to the end. There was so much drama surrounding the group, I think the music just got lost. I don't like all the drama and the negativity. We kind of fizzled out about two years ago."

Ewen also accepted that the numerous lineup changes "obviously" contributed to the downfall of Sugababes.

"I do think the lineup changes have obviously got to be a factor, you can't get away from it," she said. "I'd be lying if I didn't think the same when I was approached. I was like, 'Is this going to work? Are people going to accept it?'

"But I know it's a brand and the music industry isn't necessarily about making music."

Source. They went downhill after Queen Mutya left. RIP Sugababes.

In "No Sh*t" News....Y'all Aren't Watching Luther On BBC America.

As I said to me S&A cohorts, it doesn't appear that the Stateside audience for the acclaimed BBC series Luther (starring Idris Elba) is as strong as I thought it would be by now, halfway through its 3rd season, especially given the excitement generated over the series, across the blogosphere - specifically the black blogosphere.

Or is the excitement over Idris Elba, and not necessarily the series he stars in? Isn't this the kind of TV content a lot of us have been asking for?

The numbers for Tuesday's season 3 premiere episode are out, and they aren't as impressive as I expected them to be.

206,000 viewers tuned in on Tuesday night at 10pm, to watch the return of the *mental* detective. While it's a healthy increase from the 168,000 who tuned in to watch Luther’s season 2 debut, I guess I just expected the numbers this year to be much higher than 206,000 viewers - especially when compared to the series' season 3 premiere in the UK in July. 5 million UK viewers tuned in, compared to the 206,000 Stateside! Although that 5 million in the UK was actually the lowest for a season premiere in the show’s 3-season history - some 600,000 viewers less than the last episode which aired in 2011.

So while viewership in the UK fell, it actually rose here in the USA, which is good I suppose. However, I'm not pleased with that 206,000 figure. As I said, I expected more. Certainly not 5 million, but a lot more than 206,000. If Tyler Perry's The Haves & The Have Nots can attract a record 2.6 million viewers during its season finale earlier this week, on the OWN network, surely, Luther can do better than 10% of what Perry's series did?

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The obvious argument is people already watched it on streaming sites when it aired in the UK. Personally, I think the US audience aren't checking for Idris as much as they pretend they are, if that makes any sense. Reminds me of when he won the golden globe and a room full of people that would claim The Wire as one of the their favourite shows, best show on Tv etc...all kinda looked like "who?".
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Brand New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Of "Snowpiercer" Starring Tilda Swinton + Chris Evans

0:00 - 1:11 : The cast and crew of "Snowpiercer" perform "gosa", a shamanistic ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck + Interview with director Bong Joon-Ho.

1:12 - 1:24 : Interview with Chris Evans on working with director Bong Joon-Ho.

1:25 - 2:58 : Tilda Swinton on set as her "Snowpiercer" antagonist character, Mason + Interview with Ko Ah-Sung on working with Tilda Swinton.

2:59 - 3:14 : Interview with director Bong Joon-Ho.

3:15 - 3:33 : Interview with Chris Evans on being a fan of director Bong Joon-Ho's filmography.

3:34 - 3:57 : Brief clip of Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, and Chris Evans + Stills of "Snowpiercer" supporting cast featuring John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, and Ed Harris.


GDI Harvey Weinstein! Just give me a fucking release date for this film already! UGH!

I need me some ChrisT Evans and Kween Tilda in my moviegoing LIFE!

Song featuring Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony surfaces

A new song titled “Sing To You” has been surfacing around, which features Normani Kordei of the X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony. Could this be Fifth Harmony’s next single? Or a song from an upcoming EP or album?

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the song IS Fifth Harmony’s next single or will appear on an upcoming release, the song is rumoured to be produced by The Invaders and written by Intyceyou. Harmonizers take a listen to “Sing To You” below and let us know what you think!


LOL and it's better than the 5H songs...
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Iconic Avant-Garde Icelandic Kween, Björk, Gets Positive Reviews For Her Final "Biophilia" Show

Collected reviews of Björk's final "Biophilia" show held at the Alexandra Palace in London, England.
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SOURCES ( UN ) ( DEUX ) ( TROIS ) ( QUATRE ) ( CINQ ) ( SIX ) et ( SEPT )

Finally! Now this flaw-free Icelandic kween can get to work on her next epic and trendsetting album which will come to slay all the music lessers after four/five years! Bless! <3

What do you think Björk will do next for her ninth album, ONTD?
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Now Streaming: KASKADE's new album Atmosphere

Kaskade expands his musical palette beyond his house roots on Atmosphere, his new album that Rolling Stone is exclusively streaming ahead of its Tuesday release. 
The hauntingly beautiful "No One Knows Who We Are" features classical elements, and "LAX to JFK" opens with dramatic, Inception-esque strings. Kaskade also sings as lead vocalist for the first time on "Atmosphere."

"It's not necessarily about being a singer – it's more about just catching the idea of the song," Kaskade told Rolling Stone last June. "I'm not gonna go on American Idol or anything like that. But for me, the time was right, and it was the right song for me to sing."

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Stream the whole album at the Source

shaking & crying rn Kaskade's Fire+Ice album is what got me into electro so he holds a special place in my heart. Do we have an electro tag? Also MUSIC POST pls share your fav edm songs in the comments!

Charlie Hunnam's Best Sex Scenes

Charlie Hunnam Cast in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: A History of His Sex Scenes

Charlie Hunnam, the swashbuckling Brit best known for his role on the gritty FX drama Sons of Anarchy, will play the man of your mother’s dirty dreams in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation. He’s been cast as Christian Grey, wealthy entrepreneur and sexual sensei to young Anastasia Steele, who will be played by Dakota Johnson.

This is all to say that we will soon be seeing Charlie Hunnam have sex. Lots of sex. Lots of kinky sex. He will say things like, “Show me how you pleasure yourself … keep still … let’s see if we can make you come like this … you’re so deliciously wet.” We will blush. Also, we will love it.

Typically, when an actor is cast in the film adaption of a hit novel, the book’s fans are stuck with only the whims of their imaginations to picture what he will look like acting out his role. But thanks to Hunnam’s sex-heavy filmography, Fifty Shades enthusiasts get to preview the actor in all his bare-naked glory. From Queer as Folk to Sons of Anarchy, it’s almost as if Hunnam’s been preparing to play Christian Grey his entire career.

What’s in store when Hunnam stars in Fifty Shades of Grey? Here’s a tour through some of his finest sex work.

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The Originals First Look: Grumpy Klaus Edition

Daddy's back!

The Originals makes its highly-anticipated debut on Tuesday, Oct. 3, and its bringing along one of The Vampire Diaries' most infamous big bads: Mikael (Sebastian Roche), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah's (Claire Holt) formidable father. But wait, you might be asking how that's possible considering Klaus killed his father in season two of the CW hit. Well, break out your wigs 'cause The Originals is giving us a juicy flashback in its series premiere!

We've got six exclusive photos from the series' Oct. 3 debut, including Mikael torturing Klaus back in the day (with Elijah's help!), an intense brotherly faceoff and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) serving up some fierce bitch-face!

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Some random beats Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote for lead role

Neither Emma Watson nor Bella Heathcote ends up snatching the female lead role in "The Secret Service" after all. After considering the two actresses, director Matthew Vaughn has changed his mind and cast a newcomer instead. Variety reports that Sophie Cookson has landed the coveted role in the spy movie.
Cookson will team up with another fresh face, Taron Egerton, who takes the male lead. This is not the first time though Vaughn opts for newcomers as he previously cast then-relatively unknown Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz for "Kick-Ass". With Johnson and Moretz now being top stars, Vaughn surely hopes Cookson and Egerton will be the next.
Dubbed a 21st century 007, "The Secret Service" is based on the Mark Millar comic books. It is about a veteran secret agent who takes a young upstart under his wing. Colin Firth will play the mentor of Egerton's character, with Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine taking supporting roles.
There are also rumored cameo appearances from Adele, David Beckham and Taylor Swift, who is said to "have martial arts training in order to convincingly kick Samuel L. Jackson's butt" and reportedly "is also looking forward to working with David Beckham whom she thinks is amazing looking, but taken."


Catherine Tate Would Be Happy to Return to Doctor Who (If Asked)


Catherine Tate has stated she would be ‘happy’ to return to Doctor Who at some point in the future.

Tate played Donna Noble originally in the 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride (with a brief appearance at the end of Doomsday which led into the special) before returning as a full time companion the fourth series in 2008.

Tate was asked by the TV Times whether she would return to the sci-fi series to which she replied “Yes, I would be more than happy to go back”

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How would you bring Donna back, ONTD?

Arcade Fire's 'Reflecktor' Mystery Continues

Arcade Fire continue to pull mystery moves surrounding the release of their next LP, which is probably titled Reflektor, and is definitely out October 29 via Merge. Yesterday, it was revealed that their plan for September 9 at 9 p.m. is to release the new "Reflektor" single and video directed by Anton Corbijn. Now, more pre-release puzzle pieces are popping up.

Arcade Fire Tube points out that various independent record stores have been posting about what appears to be the "Reflektor" 12" single. Grimey's, from Nashville, posted this image on Twitter with a note that it will be available 9/9 at 9 p.m. As Arcade Fire Tube points out, a mysterious map has appeared on as well. While it's unconfirmed, the map appears to indicate store locations where the 12" will be sold. That's the cover of the 12", above.

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First Official Trailer for "The Double" featuring Jesse Eisenberg

Watch the trailer for The Double, the new film directed by Richard Ayoade, and loosely based on Dostoyevsky's novella of the same name. It stars Jesse Eisenberg as a man who is apparently driven insane by the appearance of his Doppelganger, and will have its world premiere on Saturday at the Toronto film festival.

i can't wait for this. i hope this is better than Submarine (it was beautifully shot, but the story lacked severely imo.)

The jokes write themselves: Tom Hiddleston replaces Cumberbatch in Del Toro's 'Crimson Peak'

“Thor” actor Tom Hiddleston will replace Benedict Cumberbatch in Legendary’s horror pic “Crimson Peak,” helmed by Guillermo del Toro.

Cumberbatch left in the middle of August and Legendary worked fast to find his replacement. Hiddleston joins Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska in the pic.

Plot details are unknown as del Toro and Lucinda Coxon work through a rewrite on a script del Toro and Matthew Robbins originally penned.

Legendary will produce and be a participating financing partner on the movie, with Universal Pictures retaining an option to finance at a later date. The film is set to begin shooting in February 2014.

The WME repped Hiddleston can be seen next in “Thor: The Dark World.”


Rashida Jones out for a walk with an SNL writer

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Rashida Jones links arms with Saturday Night Live co-head writer Colin Jost at they head out together on Wednesday (September 4) in New York City.

This is the first sighting of the 37-year-old Parks and Recreation actress and the comedy writer together – but no word if they are a couple or just good pals!

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Sarah Silverman's Dog, Duck, Passed Away

Sarah Silverman's dog Duck passed away this week. He was on her show, The Sarah Silverman Program, and a constant face on her instagram account. She shared her thoughts on her WhoSay account, seen below:


I wrote an obituary type thing:

Duck “Doug” Silverman came into my life about 14 years ago. He was picked up by the State running through South Central with no collar, tags or chip. Nobody claimed or adopted him so a no-kill shelter took him in. That’s where I found him — at that shelter, in Van Nuys. Since then we have slept most every night together (and many lazy afternoons.) When we first met, the vet approximated his age at 5 ½ so I’d say he was about 19 as of yesterday, September 3, 2013.

He was a happy dog, though serene. And stoic. And he loved love.

Over the past few years he became blind, deaf, and arthritic. But with a great vet, good meds, and a first rate seeing-eye person named me, he truly seemed comfortable.

Recently, however, he stopped eating or drinking. He was skin and bones and so weak. I couldn’t figure out this hunger strike. Duck had never been political before. And then, over the weekend, I knew. It was time to let him go.
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Kerry Washington at New York Fashion Week

Actress Kerry Washington, Fashion Director Nina Garcia, Designer Zac Posen, andvHeidi Klum attend the Project Runway Spring 2014 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theatre at Lincoln Center on September 6, 2013 in New York City.

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Ummmm, Kerry looks bad. Get rid of that beige lipstick. Blegh.

RUMOR: Katee Sackhoff In Talks To Play Captain Marvel

In what would likely be the no-brainer casting move of the decade, Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff is rumored to be in talks to play the newest Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.

There’s not a lot to go on just yet, beyond Marvel Studios President Louis D’Esposito saying in an interview with Superhero Hype that Marvel is keen on making a movie with a female lead character, even mentioning Captain Marvel by name. Also, Sackhoff told the hosts of the Schmoes Know podcast that “there’s some stuff going on” between her and Disney, namely the company checking into her availability for early 2014.

Maybe that presages a Captain Marvel appearance in Avengers: The Age of Ultron, or maybe it just means Disney’s hoping to snag her as the voice of a mysterious helicopter in Planes 2: Enter the Chopper (a title I hope the Planes sequel actually has). It’s all pretty hazy right now.

But it’d be pretty, pretty great to have the woman who was Starbuck play Carol Danvers, wouldn’t it?


SMH @ DC if we get a fucking Carol Danvers movies before a Wonder Woman movie.
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FALL RIVER, Mass. -- Six times on Friday a Superior Court clerk read a charge against Aaron Hernandez and asked for his plea, and six times the former New England Patriots tight end answered strongly:

"Not guilty."

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder of his friend, 27-year-old semipro football player Odin Lloyd, and five accompanying weapons charges at his arraignment for an indictment handed down by a Fall River grand jury two weeks ago.

Hernandez, who will seek bail at an Oct. 9 hearing, will remain held in a Bristol County correctional facility, where he has been since his arrest on June 26. When Hernandez originally was charged, a Bristol County District Court judge ordered him held without bail, citing the seriousness of the charges and the convincing evidence.

Hernandez's attorneys will attack the circumstantial evidence against their client at the bail hearing next month, but bail is unlikely with other shooting investigations -- with possible links to Hernandez -- pending.

Still, Hernandez's attorneys, who has previously vowed that he would be "exonerated," asked the public not to jump to conclusions. The information and evidence that has been released on this case has all been one-sided and untested, they said.

"Not one shred of evidence has been presented (in court) yet," Hernandez attorney Charles Rankin said. He likened an arraignment to "a kickoff" in a football game.

If so, Hernandez's attorneys find themselves quickly behind in the score, and the prosecution points could keep piling up.

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Angelina Jolie Arrives in Sydney with All Six Kids!

Angelina Jolie flashes a big smile as she touches down at Sydney Airport with all six of her children – Maddox, 12, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – on Friday (September 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress and her children then hopped into a cab to be taken to their hotel, where they all were spotted checking out the view from their room’s balcony.

It’s been recently announced that Angelina will be receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2013 Governors Awards this November!

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Piper Perabo engaged!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There's nothing covert about it: Piper Perabo is engaged to her director-producer beau Stephen Kay, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

"They're very happy," a source who knows the couple says of the Covert Affairs star and Kay, who is a director on the hit USA Network series.

New Zealand-born Kay, who previously worked as an actor on shows like General Hospital, is also a co-executive producer of the show. The final six episodes of season four will resume Oct. 17 after a four-week hiatus.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress, 36, plays a CIA agent on Covert Affairs.

Source 1
Source 2
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Liam Hemsworth found Miley VMA Performance "mortifying" and wants "clean break"


Miley Cyrus may have no problem with her much-talked about performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 25, but one very important person in her life does -- fiance Liam Hemsworth. According to a source close to the actor, the pair is "just weeks away from calling it off permanently."
"He is over her and wants to make a clean break,"
the source tells Us of the Australian hunk. "No more back and forth."

Another insider adds that Hemsworth found Cyrus' performance, in which she rubbed up against Robin Thicke and made crude gestures with a giant foam finger, "mortifying."

Hemsworth, 23, and Cyrus, 20, have been on and off in recent months, and though the young couple reunited on the red carpet on Thursday, Aug. 8, the pair "acted as if they were strangers," a source told Us at the time.

At present, the pair still reside together at Cyrus' home in L.A.'s Toluca Lake, but the pair are more like roommates than lovers, another source notes. "They're not even sleeping in the same room," the source said.

see more (including video) at the source
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'Wilfred' Season 3 Finale Wraps Up With Major Death and Bizarre Cliffhanger

“Wilfred” wrapped up its third season with basically every season finale-cliche possible.

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Does anyone else watch this underrated show? I hate how it always ends on a crazy cliffhanger and it has yet to be picked up for a season 4! Jason Gann and Elijah Wood are excellent tho. Any theories!?
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

1D's Louis and Zayn show off their custom wrapped Mystery Machine

Not many people can say they have a van that looks exactly like The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, but One Direction sure can! Yianni Charalambous - a ‘car supplier-customizer to the stars’ and his Fast, Furious & Funny crew gave Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson exactly what they wanted and they knew the rest of the guys would be jealous!

The van has everything they could ever ask for; lasers, comic books on the ceiling, every gaming system imaginable, and the loudest speakers ever.

[part 1 & 2]


Debbie Harry: I think Gaga has probably been more influenced by Madonna than me.

There have been several platinum blonde singers in popular music: Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, to name a few. But one woman started it all: Debbie Harry. Her band, Blondie, which is appearing at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q this month, was one of the most influential new wave groups to emerge in the late ’70s with hits like “Call Me” and “Heart of Glass.” With the band’s 40th anniversary coming up in 2014, the group announced it was putting out its 10th album, Ghosts of Download, later this year. At 68 years old, Harry still feels like a rock ‘n’ roll rebel.
What can you tell us about your new album?
We wanted to make a slightly more dance-oriented collection. The Blondie albums traditionally have a wide frame of reference, different styles of music we try to incorporate. On this record we did a lot more collaborating with outside people. It’s kind of textured and interesting in a different way for us.
How do you feel about new female artists who are inspired by you?
I’m sure that they’re lots of girls out there that I’m not aware of. I think that we all build on what we see and what we hear around us. You choose the things that you like and the things that are more instinctive for you. I think Gaga has probably been more influenced by Madonna than me, but then Madonna has said that she was influenced by me. It really is a layering and a building process.
What keeps you inspired to make new music?
I just don’t like living in the past. I really am curious, I guess. I feel comfortable hearing things that I love, but I like being turned on to something new. It’s exciting to me. I don’t always want to be in my comfort zone.
What do you like to do when you visit Austin?
We always try and see the bats come out from under the bridge. I like walking around going to all the vintage stores. I used to play at the Armadillo, and that was always outstanding. I think one of my favorite memories about Austin was the first time I saw Bob Marley and his whole entourage perform in Austin. Everyone was so into Marley and he put on a great show. It was really a long time ago, like in the ’70s.

nadine 2 fab 4 u
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Phillip Phillips' debut album goes platinum, so how are other singing-show winners doing?

American Idol takes a lot of flack for being past its prime — and given the weak chart performance of its reigning champ, Candice Glover, those criticisms make sense — but make no mistake, the show can still produce stars.

Take Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips: The gravelly-voiced folk-pop singer’s debut album The World from the Side of the Moon was just certified platinum by the RIAA for shipments of one million units. The disc, which was released in November 2012, wasn’t a blockbuster out of the gate. It sold 169,000 in its first week, driven primarily by the success of Phillips’ Olympic anthem “Home,” which sold over 4.6 million copies as a single.

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Until Dawn

Tom Hiddleston replaces Benedict in 'Crimson Peak'.

“Thor” actor Tom Hiddleston will replace Benedict Cumberbatch in Legendary’s horror pic “Crimson Peak,” helmed by Guillermo del Toro.
Cumberbatch left in the middle of August and Legendary worked fast to find his replacement. Hiddleston joins Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska in the pic.

Plot details are unknown as del Toro and Lucinda Coxon work through a rewrite on a script del Toro and Matthew Robbins originally penned.

Legendary will produce and be a participating financing partner on the movie, with Universal Pictures retaining an option to finance at a later date. The film is set to begin shooting in February 2014.

The WME repped Hiddleston can be seen next in “Thor: The Dark World.”

Textual; Signage

Chris Evans Biebers his baseball cap, and takes his gf to Disneyland

Chris Evans and his girlfriend Minka Kelly enjoy a day full of fun while taking in all the attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure on Monday (September 2) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 32-year-old actor passed by a bunch of parkgoers wearing Captain America gear, but few people noticed he was actually there!

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Kanye West Announces Tour With Kendrick Lamar


Kanye West has officially confirmed his first solo tour in five years. 'Ye just announced a slew of dates and revealed that Kendrick Lamar will be accompanying him on the road.
The 23-date North American tour kicks off on October 19 at Seattle's KeyArena and runs through December 7, where 'Ye and K.Dot will take over Houston's Toyota Center.
Tickets for most of the shows go on sale Friday, September 13, with more details available at Kanye's official website. Another as-yet-unannounced "special guest" will take the stage at select performances.
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world tour next, please
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Ariana Grande and Tamar Braxton Albums In Battle For No.1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ariana Grande and Tamar Braxton are headed for the top spot on the coveted Billboard 200 albums chart, competing for the top selling album in the country.

According to sales projections released Wednesday, "The Way" and "All The Way Home" singers are both set to sell over 100,000 copies in their first week.

With an undeniable voice and overall talent, Ariana Grande is most likely to hit no.1 with projections that her debut, "Yours Truly," will arrive on the charts with 110-115,000 copies sold.

Led by the hit single, "The Way," Grande's "Yours Truly" features collaborations with Big Sean, Mac Miler, MIKA and Nathan Sykes.
With songs like "Love and War," "The One," and "All The Way Home," Tamar Braxton's album, "Love and War" is poised to come in very close to Grande's final total with 105,000-110,000 copies sold.

As seen earlier this year, talents, like K. Michelle, exceeded projections, so anything is possible within the next few days.
Official chart figures and sales figures will be released this time next week.

Update: Ariana Grande's album, "Yours Truly," is now projected to move between 110-120k.


Sons of Anarchy co-star says Charlie Hunnam 'is perfect' for Christian Grey

Another day, another celeb reacting to the news that Charlie Hunnam has been cast to play Christian Grey in the big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. And this time, it’s Hunnam’s former Sons of Anarchy co-star Taryn Manning singing his praises.
When speaking with E! News yesterday, Manning heard the news of Hunnam’s upcoming role for the first time.
“Wait…what? That’s so amazing! Really? Wow! That is total news to me,” Manning said. “I love Charlie. Working on Sons of Anarchy with him, I mean he has a full accent and just watching him act on set, he is amazing.”

But what exactly is it that makes him so amazing? According to Manning, Hunnam is more than just a great actor with a pretty face: “He studies so hard. One time, my mom and I went to breakfast in Hollywood and he was
sitting at the diner all by himself and he was reading a novel for a movie he was about to do based on the novel. He was sitting alone just reading it and, I don’t know, at that moment, I looked at him in a different light. I had already seen him on set so dedicated, and then seeing him sitting alone at breakfast just working on his craft, he is just a true actor.”

However, his dedication to his craft doesn’t mean that he isn’t, you know, really, really pretty. Manning called Hunnam a “total babe,” adding that, “He was so nice to my mom. He stood up to meet her. Just very chivalrous, old-fashioned and great manners. I have nothing but love for him.”
So what does she think of the backlash from fans?
“Do you realize every single woman that is my friend is, like, ‘Tell me everything about Charlie.’ All the time. He is kind of like how girls feel about Eminem or Justin Timberlake. He is just a heartthrob, so I don’t understand why anyone would question that casting decision. And if you watch the show, he is so noble and strong. That’s weird to me. I don’t understand the backlash. I don’t agree. I think he is perfect for that part!”
What do you think, PopWatchers? Should fans listen to Manning and have faith that Hunnam will work hard to become the perfect Christian Grey, or are you still passing around that Matt Bomer petition?
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‘Stay out’: Madonna slams US plans for Syria strike

American pop star Madonna has spoken against US President Barack Obama’s plan for a military intervention in Syria. Celebs and designers are striking a pose on the Arab country crisis – ranging from strike support or disapproval to dire provocations.
“US stay out of Syria!” reads a photo of a hand-written message posted on the famous singer’s Instagram page.

In less than 19 hours, Madonna’s appeal garnered about 30,000 ‘likes’ from users of the popular photo-sharing service and sparked a discussion on the page.
Some people did not quite welcome the pop singer’s call, saying that the US should intervene in Syria to stop the Bashar Assad government after an alleged August chemical weapons attack near Damascus. While politicians keep clashing over whether the proof points to the regime or the rebels using toxic chemicals against civilians, some web surfers have already made their verdicts.
“There is good evidence chemical weapons were used, killing hundreds, and the world just let it happen. Someone needs to step in. Otherwise, other nations may use chemical weapons on its citizens knowing they'll get away with it. Now I'm not in favor of war, but I'm in favor of the US going to Syria to stop the regime,” wrote a person named andreaswolke.
“When the Republicans took us to Iraq it was ok but when a Democrat does anything war related it’s not ok? The safety of the planet is on the line,” agreed user amendoros.
Meanwhile, freedomlover88 wants to know why people are not asking any questions as to whether “bombing Syria” will make things any better, how many more victims it could lead to, or which of the sides in Syria is telling the truth about not being behind the chemical weapons use.
Still, some people would prefer celebrities to keep away from politics. “Can someone remind Madonna that her job is just to entertain us please?” commented javitheflyingmonkey.


Natasha Khan
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Look who's famous!

Who made their big screen debut in Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring?


(click for bigger)

Two characters in The Bling Ring decide to look up ceiling eyes (Audrina Partridge from The Hills) online and stop at ONTD. It's 36:42 into the film. We made it guys! We're somebody!

source: The Bling Ring
David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Alice in Chains Dis Born-Agains in 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' Video

Grunge-metal icons also dropped more laid-back clip for "Voices"

Alice in Chains have released a pair of music videos supporting their latest album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. One clip, for glammy acoustic jam "Voices," plays like a fairly straightforward lyric video. The song's clumsy line of questioning ("Who am I? Is this me?") is highlighted via a series of neon signs that flash throughout a small town at night. In between, we see Alice in Chains give a relatively low-key performance. It's more engaging than, say, the band's fan-sourced lyric video for "Hollow," but it's also nowhere near as elaborate as the official, outer-space-set short they eventually filmed for that single.

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Roman too bomb

Eric Bischoff Working With Nick Carter

TNA News: Eric Bischoff teams up with a Backstreet Boy
Sep 6, 2013 - 01:43 PM

An Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey produced reality show featuring Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys has been picked up by VH1. reports that the show will chronicle Carter's attempt to make amends with his past as he prepares for his wedding.

Powell's POV: Carter can start his attempts to make amends with me for the role he played in the garbage music that he and the rest of his boy band produced. Actually, it would be pointless. There are some things in life that are simply unforgivable.


Oh I see you Eric

X Factor premiere party/Demi Lovato post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell hit the red carpet at the premiere of The X Factor Season Three on Thursday (September 5) at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, Calif.

The returning judges were joined by the panel’s new additions – Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. The show’s host Mario Lopez and his pregnant wife Courtney Mazza were also in attendance.

The X Factor‘s third season will premiere on Wednesday, September 11 at 8/7c on Fox.

FYI: Demi is wearing a Topshop top, a Dion Lee jacket, Vince pants, and Saint Laurent shoes."
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sorry mods!!

Rupert Grint Lined Up for 'Macbeth' Adaptation

TORONTO – U.K. banner Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has struck a deal for worldwide distribution rights to Enemy of Man, a reworking of Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth, which boasts Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as part of the cast.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kaleidoscope will begin pre-sales during the Toronto International Film Festival on the title, which is set to begin filming in January of 2014 and stars Sean Bean as the tragic antihero.

Kaleidoscope will also distribute the title in the U.K.

Also starring alongside Bean and Grint is Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class), James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas), Neil Maskell (Kill List) and Joe Gilgun (This is England).

Vincent Regan directs this latest version, billed as a retelling of a timeless tale of war, regicide, betrayal and untimely revenge.

"Although 400 years old, Shakespeare’s work feels truly contemporary," Regan said. "An ambitious childless couple; their longing for family replaced by a chilling pursuit of absolute power. Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller."


sean bean?  SPOILER ALERT.
  • abbie

You better WERK bitch! Britney's new single samples classic RuPaul track

Britney Spears producer Jean Baptiste has teased details of her new single.

Baptiste posted a message on his Facebook page that suggests the song, rumoured to be called 'Werk Bitch', samples RuPaul's hit 'Supermodel (You Better Work)'.

He said: "To those who keep asking me and are too impatient to wait for the artist to deliver the single, here go some teaser lyrics.

"'Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right, work, sachey chantey...' (Rupaul voice)."

Singer and drag queen RuPaul released 'Supermodel' in 1992, with the track peaking at number 39 in the UK and topping the US dance chart.

Meanwhile, Spears is due to appear on Good Morning America on September 17, where she is expected to make a big announcement.

RuPaul tweeted

[1] [2]
[hozier] smile

Willem Dafoe Joins Shailene Woodley in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

Ansel Elgort co-stars in the adaptation of John Green’s novel

Willem Dafoe has been cast as reclusive author Peter Van Houten in Josh Boone’s “The Fault In Our Stars,” the director has announced on Twitter.

Fox’s adaptation of John Green’s bestselling novel stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as two cancer-stricken teens who strike up a romantic relationship as they face an uncertain future.

Laura Dern (“Enlightened”) and Sam Trammell (“True Blood”) co-star as Woodley’s parents, as TheWrap first reported.

“Twilight” producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen are producing through their Temple Hill banner. “(500) Days of Summer” screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber adapted the novel.

Nat Wolff also stars in the movie, which is currently filming in Pittsburgh.

Dafoe has four high-profile releases on the horizon, including Scott Cooper’s “Out of the Furnace,” Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Anton Corbijn’s “A Most Wanted Man” and Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac.”


yasssss he's gonna be perfect for the movie, and it's another connection to the spider-man world, which obvs means shai is meant to play mj and will come back tbh <3

Is Drake The Next Marvin Gaye?

With the official tracklist for Nothing was the Same revealing song titles like "Tuscan Leather" and "Pound Cake," the world can't wait to hear what Drake has in store on his third album. And since the Toronto rapper has "aspirations of being Marvin Gaye," you'd better believe that this will be a memorable LP — and yes, there will be more singing.

After dropping Take Care, Drake relocated to Los Angeles, where he recorded a bulk of the new album and focused on stepping up his game. "The music that I'm making is more concise, more clear, and I've been able to get my thoughts a lot better on this album," he told MTV News. "Take Care is a great album, but I listened to it and realized where I could do better and I think I've done better on this album."

Drake's most recent single, "Hold On We're Going Home," is a feel-good pop track that he refers to as his "wedding song," and he's warning critics early that there will be more melodic tracks on the album.

"My biggest thing is...if you wanna listen to Drake music for the rest of your life — I welcome it, I want you to listen to it, I want you to be a part of it — just don't ever be surprised when I'm singing or using melody," he said. "I'm doing that on this album. This album is not some straight rap album, I'll never do a straight rap album. That's not how I came into this and that's never what I'll do. I make songs for the people.

"I have aspirations to be Marvin Gaye in the back of my head," he added. "So I just want to sing the world's triumphs and problems on one record and hopefully Nothing was the Same [can be] the soundtrack to their life."

some ppl aspire to be astronauts so i ain't surprised drake is reaching for the stars. aim high tho
Xstatic Madonna

Tila Tequila DRAGS Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is an Official Syrian War Whore
I am really sad to have to make this announcement about Alyssa Milano being a War Whore, but I call it out the way it is, and this is what she is: A War Whore all while helping to spread further propaganda to the sheeple masses by selling “Sex.” Here are a few reasons why I am highly disappointed about this because:

1. I am tired of seeing some of these “Celebrities” use their name not to spread enlightenment to the masses, but only to further degrade, dumb down all while selling us lies. Alyssa, why did you have to be such a fucking War Whore? At least being a whore is fine as I do not judge since people call me a whore all of the time, but a War Whore? Come on girl… get with the program. People of today are all waking up now. These lame attempts to win over the masses of sheeple will just blow up in your face now. This is not 1984.
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Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams to Star in a Revival of the Revival of Cabaret

 photo rsz_1emcee-alan-cumming-4639002-533-539_zps7c227328.jpg

Roundabout Theatre Company has officially announced that three-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams will star for the first time on Broadway as 'Sally Bowles' in its upcoming revival of Cabaret by Joe Masteroff, John Kander and Fred Ebb. She will take the stage at Studio 54 alongside Alan Cumming, reprising his Tony Award-winning role as the Emcee.

Academy Award-winner Sam Mendes (director) and Academy Award nominee Rob Marshall (co-director/choreographer) will return to recreate their Tony-nominated direction and choreography from the 1998 Tony Award-winning production.

CABARET will play a 24-week limited engagement beginning previews on March 21, 2014 and open officially on April 24, 2014 at the newly transformed Kit Kat Klub at Studio 54 on Broadway (254 West 54th Street)


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THANK GOD it's not Anne Hathaway like it was rumored a few months ago. Very happy with Michelle Williams and I'm so excited at the chance to see Alan Cumming's emcee since I was only 8 when this production ran in 1998. I'm still disappointed I missed his Macbeth

This was announced yesterday but didn't see it posted here
Naomi  Scott Pink

Gad’s Hill celebrates official opening of Junior School with special guests (AKA Harry Lloyd)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Gad’s celebrated the official opening of the eagerly-anticipated Junior School today (Wednesday 4thSeptember) with the arrival of some special guests and a glut of local broadcasters and journalists!

The completion of the first phase of a multi-million pound project undertaken by Gad’s to build two new state-of-the-art schools in the grounds of the old house, will increase public access to the historic Gad’s Hill Place.

The Grade One listed Georgian property - where Charles Dickens penned classic novels such as ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ - has been used by the school for teaching since the 1920s.

The past decade has seen a significant period of growth and progress for Gad’s and it is this success that enabled the school to invest in two new school constructions.

The John Melville Building - named after school’s Chair of Governors who, alongside Headmaster David Craggs, has long campaigned for pupils to vacate the historic and increasingly fragile 18th century house – was officially opened by Marion Dickens, Dickens’ great-great-granddaughter and trustee of the charity due to take over Gad’s Hill Place, along with Mr Melville and the Headmaster.

They were joined by current and former pupils and staff, members of the Dickens family, members from local community groups, those involved in the construction and star ofThe Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, the BBC’s adaptation of Great Expectations and Doctor Who, Harry Lloyd.

Harry and his brother Tom, bothgreat-great-great-grandsons of Dickens, entertained the pupils throughout the ceremony, assisting their mother, Marion Dickens, and the Headmaster with media interviews.

Coverage of the ceremony is due to be broadcast on ITV Meridian News this evening (Wednesday 4thSeptember) at 6pm, BBC South East Today at 6.30pm and can also be heard on KMFM and Radio Kent.

I can't embed the video, but here's a link to where he and his mom are interviewed about the house:
Dicken's House


Have a wonderful weekend guys!

The Queen has graced us with her presence~

Nicole Kidman suits up for the premiere of her new film The Railway Man held during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on Friday evening (September 6) at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada.

The 46-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Jeremy Irvine and Colin Firth, whose wife Livia Giuggioli was by his side at the premiere.

The Railway Man is the true story of a victim (Firth/Irvine) from World War II’s “Death Railway” who sets out to find those responsible for his torture.

Nicole is wearing an Altuzarra suit and Louis Vuitton shoes.

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Get that second Oscar!
nadine 2 fab 4 u
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Pepsi, GM Bail on Fox's X Factor

After serving as the flagship sponsor of Fox’s The X Factor for its first two seasons—an agreement that included extensive integrations and interactive elements—Pepsi has passed on a third go-around with the show.

Also stepping away from the struggling musical-competition program is General Motors’ Chevrolet marque. (Although they bailed last year)

When Pepsi first signed on as The X Factor’s primary sponsor in March 2011, it ponied up some $60 million for the opportunity. At the time, Simon Cowell’s new show was being touted as the next American Idol, a comparison that would prove to be unfounded. After bowing Sept. 21, 2011, to 12.5 million viewers and a 4.4 rating in the 18-49 demo, Factor failed to build on those results.

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Way to go after that younger demographic, promoting a minivan.

Michelle Williams Wants In-Person Chat with Keyshia Cole

Michelle Williams would like a word with Keyshia Cole, and not on Twitter. Williams didn't respond to Cole's negative tweets critiquing her Super Bowl performance, but now that the dust has somewhat cleared, she's ready to get the whole story.

"I don't even do twitter beef," she told Philly's Hot 107.9 PMS Morning Show. "Can't wait to see [Keyshia Cole] in person so we can talk and say, 'Hey, what happened?'"

Before Cole blasted the DC member as "always f---N the groove up," Williams says she was a fan of the Bay Area-born songstress before the drama. "I understood her story and was rooting for her. My little sister was born with crack cocaine in her system, so when I see someone like Keyshia Cole, who is defying the odds, doing things and taking care of her family..."

The Grammy winner added that Cole was someone she was "rooting for," and still wishes her the bet. "I want everybody to win," she said.

Cole however isn't interested in a peace treaty. She responded "that's nice," to a fan tweet about Williams' comments, and reiterated that their rift is deeper than the public knows. "Can't stand when people say things, then act [sic] they never said like they better than everyone else," she tweeted. But all is not lost, Cole is down for a face-to-face adding, "I mean its cool tho. We can link up whnevr."

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Benedict Cumberbatch Calls Chelsea Manning Sentence "Devastating"

TORONTO — Benedict Cumberbatch gives a nuanced portrayal of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, which premiered Thursday night at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he has an equally nuanced view of the legal case that sprang from the historic information leak that Assange published to the site.
Asked about the 35-year prison sentence given to Chelsea Manning, the former United States Army soldier who leaked hundreds of thousands of documents from the Afghan and Iraqi Wars, Cumberbatch said, “I wasn’t in the courtroom; I’ve been following it… it’s pretty devastating.”
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OP: Yeah, I suck at making up names for him... so I don't try.


Madonna blinking

Bruno Mars expected to headline Super Bowl halftime show 2014

Bruno Mars may have been locked out of heaven, but it's looking like he'll have a ticket to the Super Bowl.

The crooner is expected to be tapped to perform at the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVIII next February, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. An announcement could come as early as this Sunday.

Neither the NFL, which produces the Pepsi-sponsored halftime show, or Fox, which is carrying the Super Bowl this season, would comment. An NFL spokesman would only jokingly say that Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus have been ruled out as performers.

If he gets the gig, Mars better bring his winter coat or at least a warm sweater. This year's game is being played in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The New Jersey locale would seem to require a homegrown act. However, Bruce Springsteen has already played the Super Bowl and Bon Jovi is in disarray after the exit of guitarist Richie Sambora from the band.

Mars might not be at the mega-star status of recent headliners like Beyoncé and Madonna, but he’s solidified himself as a scene-stealing performer – as indicated by his recent performances at MTV's Video Music Awards, the Grammys and Billboard Music Awards.
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L.A Times

Liam Payne has a better six pack than Harry Styles according to their personal trainer


They might already be one of the most lusted after boybands on the planet, but it seems that some of them are more buff than others.

Despite Harry Styles' popularity, it's apparently Liam Payne who has the best six-pack, after putting in the most work during their gym sessions, omg! can exclusively reveal.

One Direction's personal trainer, Mark Jarvis, has been putting the boys through their paces, with Liam working harder than them all.

Mark's manager, Ramzy Khachnik, exclusively told omg!'s source: 'Harry hasn’t got a Brad Pitt body yet, but Liam has.'

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Charlie Hunnam Shirtless 02

It's Finally Out! Full Song to Coldplay's "Atlas" From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Soundtrack!


THIS! ALL OF IT! <3 I especially love the "carry your world chorus and finale...
And IDGAF what the haters will say, but Coldplay really delivered with this one!

Stephen Colbert slams Fox News host

Stephen Colbert went after Fox News' Eric Bolling for suggesting that the country would be better off if prisoners killed themselves instead of spending taxpayers' dollars.

The Fox News host recently processed news that Ariel Castro, the man convicted of kidnapping and holding three women hostage in Ohio for a decade, hanged himself in prison. Bolling said that the prison system saved an estimated $780,000 — what it would have cost to house Castro through his life sentence.

"That's a good point," Colbert said on Thursday. "Justice is expensive. Imagine how much we could have saved if we never caught him."

He said that the "Bolling Sunshine Express" did not stop there, noting that the Fox News host went on to wonder how much money would be saved if Guantanamo prisoners killed themselves as well.

"And if any of you freeloaders out there need some inspiration, just turn on 'The Five,'" he joked. "Because every time I watch Eric Bolling, I want to kill myself."

( source )
  • lori22

Sandra Bullock talks about rejecting "GRAVITY" role and confronting her fears

New York Times - September 6, 2013

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Like most movie stars, Sandra Bullock has been endlessly sliced into snackable bites by the celebrity media. In Vanity Fair’s estimation, this Oscar-winning actress is “friendly and direct and so unpretentious.” (True.) Ms. Bullock is “America’s sweetheart,” according to dozens of color-by-number profiles, a gifted physical comedian who has suffered the occasional flop. (Fair enough.)

After her 2010 divorce, she briefly got the tabloid treatment, with one overseas outlet publishing an article accompanied by this headline: Sandra Bullock Finally Leaves the House — Looking Like the Witch from She-Ra.” (Extremely doubtful.)

But one of her most noteworthy attributes is almost never mentioned, perhaps because it’s not always easy to notice on camera. You have to peer behind her performances to see that Ms. Bullock, who returns to cinemas on Oct. 4 in the space thriller “Gravity,” is arguably Hollywood’s gutsiest A-list actress.

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