August 24th, 2013


Tegan and Sara interview. Mostly about TSwift.

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When Tegan and Sara showed up Tuesday as Taylor Swift's surprise guests to sing "Closer" at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Calgary twins had friends in the audience. "I was like, 'Be prepared. We pop out of the stage,'" Tegan Quin tells Rolling Stone with a laugh. Afterwards, she asked them in a text: "Was it a lot to see me jump up and down with 15,000 teenagers?"

If some of Tegan and Sara's hardcore fans were surprised (or alarmed) by their one-song collaboration with the multiplatinum pop princess, it was a comfortable fit for the Quins. Their latest album, Heartthrob, shows them evolving from indie singer-songwriter mode to something closer to pure, danceable pop, including the Top 40 single "Closer."

The day after appearing with Swift onstage, Tegan spoke with Rolling Stone about their visit to the massive arena production, and their shared commitment to bringing genuine feeling to pop music. "We always say we're emo — that's our genre," says Tegan. "And I think Taylor's emo. She talks about her feelings. She doesn't pretend or hide who she is or how she feels about things. We have that in common."

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MTV’s Madonna/Britney/Christina Kiss, 10 Years On: A ‘Wedding’ to Remember

Some people think it was Big Love that made America seriously think about polygamy in a big way. But those of us with slightly longer memories know it was really the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, which went down in history for a wedding scene between Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. No actual vows were swapped between this terrible threesome, of course...just spit.

Can it really have been a whole decade since the country lost its collective innocence about girl-on-material-girl-on-dirrty-girl action? The three stars weren't the only ones with their mouths wide open, as millions of viewers' jaws dropped in unison.

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Europe's Brangelina is over: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are separating

According to Brazilian GLOBO and French magazine CLOSER, one of the most celebrated couple in Europe is splitting after a 14 year marriage. French actor Vincent Cassel, 47 (La Haine, Black Swan, Eastern Promises, A Dangerous Method) and Italian "last diva" Monica Bellucci, 49 (Malèna, The Matrix Reloaded, Shoot 'em up, She hate me, The Passion of the Christ) did recently move to Brazil, where they were supposed to start shooting a movie with good friend Kim Chapiron. According to Globo, Monica has left their home in Rio de Janeiro with their daughters Deva, 9, and Léonie, 3. They are married since 1999 and together since 1996, and starred in 9 films together. The news is still not confirmed.

Hope you'll excluse my english, I translated this from French :{
In the meantime, here are their lastCollapse )

BRB, crying over my fave real OTP.

Credits: JustJared for the pictures and Closer
Liz Black/White

Seven (Five) Actors Fans Thought Would Suck

In the wake of Ben Affleck's Batman casting breaking the Internet across its knee, we thought it would be best to revisit at least seven other times fans were sure a casting spelled doom and ruination.

7. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
Before Jennifer Lawrence went on to win fans’ hearts at the U.S. box office with $408 million (a feat Iron Man 3 only just NOW barely matched) and everyone else’ with her Oscar Winning turn in last fall’s Silver Linings Playbook, she was The Girl Who Couldn’t Catch Fire. At least that is what a very vocal backlash in the fan community, as well as some decidedly harsh critics, had to say.

When she was cast over a slew of other fan favorites, including actual teenagers like Hailee Steinfeld, the then-21-year-old Lawrence was ridiculed for being too old, too tall and, most egregiously stupid, too “fat.” The actress who at 19 earned an Oscar nomination for playing a dirt-poor orphan of Appalachia in Winter’s Bone was considered too well fed to star in a film called The Hunger Games (which was also shot in a different part of Appalachia). Even after the film was released, critics for The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter suggested that she was too womanly and suffered from “lingering baby fat.” Funny how less than a month later, after The Hunger Games became one of the biggest films of 2012, some of the same critics were running glowing pieces about why Lawrence’s Katniss is a “new type of woman warrior” for young girls to admire. Riiiight.

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The Others at Den of Geek

Lana Del Rey Goes Retro In Beverly Hills, Barrie Tweets Intimate Pic + Y&B Salon Version With Lyrics

22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw1

Lana Del Rey stepped out on Thursday sporting the full-fledged retro look while strolling in Beverly Hills, California.
The 27-year-old Summertime Sadness star looked as if she could have been transported straight from the 1970s. Lana was wearing a short denim skirt and a pair of flat blue canvas sneakers that showed off her long legs.

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w fans let me sign thingsw fans let me sign careful with the girls
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Transformers 4: First on-set picture

Director Michael Bay has shared the first on-set photo from the forthcoming Transformers movie online.

Bay uploaded the image to his website earlier today with the caption "Just Another Day On The Set Of Transformers 4".

The picture features the new stars of the action franchise, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor, posing alongside Bay and members of the production crew during a break in filming.


Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Leaked. N.W.A., Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, and Britney Spears included.

Grand Theft Auto V digital PS3 pre-orders were available for pre-load overnight in the UK, which led anxious fans to discover unknown info via the game's files. Most notable is a number of music stations and songs, as uncovered by GTAForums. Its soundtrack has a massive variety of incredible music spread across hip-hop, rap, pop, rock, and other radio stations across Los Santos. Major players include Tupac, Johnny Cash, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and other artists you'd expect -- and a lot you may not have.

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Did your fave make the cut?
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It's not too late for Lady Gaga: How she can turn things around

It may seem strange to say that it’s not too late for Lady Gaga. After all, her third album, ARTPOP, isn’t even out until Nov. 11—and we’ve only heard one song, “Applause,” which is selling decently and actually has a pretty neat video. But of course, the promotional cycle’s in full swing. And it seems like any minute, Gaga might go over the handlebars.

Her main problem—we won’t say mistake, because this wasn’t entirely up to her, and anyway, we’re loving it—is having fallen into competition with Katy Perry, whose Prism arrives Oct. 22. Perry gave us “Roar”; Gaga came back with “Applause.” Perry made some fun promo videos; Gaga made a serious promo video with Marina Abramovic.

Once it became clear “Roar” would outsell “Applause” in their first week out, Gaga did something truly tacky: Enticed her fans to buy multiple copies of the song—and then asked them to game up the pageviews on her video. Meanwhile, she jumped into an ugly grudge match with her old friend Perez Hilton.

Right now, Lady Gaga doesn’t just look desperateshe’s actually begging her fans to pump up her numbers. And don’t forget: she’s the highest paid celebrity under 30. Of course, she’s not doing it for the money. She’s doing it for the—grits teeth—applause. Which is beginning to translate as “the struggle to stay relevant.”

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Entertainment Weekly

HBO show being developed for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was such a pro on the set of "Eastbound & Down" ... its star Danny McBride wants to take her talents with him ... to a show he's developing for HBO.

Sources close to LL tell TMZ ... while guest starring on "E&D" Danny -- a.k.a. Kenny Powers -- and LiLo really hit it off. Danny was so impressed with her work he had several serious talks with her on set about a new show. He wants her to star in it.

We're told the show is being developed by McBride and his producing partner Jody Hill. It will be in the same comedic vein as "Eastbound" ... but revolve around a high school.

Our sources say Lindsay loves the idea and is hoping it works out.


Help Katy Perry Choose Her Next Monster Hit


Congrats, KatyCats! You’ve unlocked EXCLUSIVE samples of two unreleased tracks from “PRISM” before the album drops on 10/22! Listen to the songs, and vote for your favorite by tweeting #WalkingOnAirNOW or #DarkHorseNOW! It’s YOUR time to decide: watch the bars raise as your votes are counted!

Before Katy takes the stage at the VMAs, Pepsi and MTV will announce the winning track that YOU have chosen, which will be released early on 9/17
"Dark Horse"(currently winning and sounds like a huge hit)

"Walking on Air"


Miley Moves On To Her Jenny From The Block Phase

The 20-year-old is shown wearing a short-cropped bustier and cut-off denim shorts while bending her body sideways with her arms behind her head in New York.

Miley captioned the photo: 'I (love) NY. Love my street purchase!'

The We Can't Stop singer put her edgy style on display Thursday as she headed to a recording studio in Brooklyn, New York.

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LISTEN: Miley Cyrus's Rap On Mike Will Made It's "23" + New Song Title Confirmed

If the soundcloud link goes down, you can listen to it on YouTube here.

On Friday, August 23rd, up-and-coming hip hop superproducer Mike Will Made It stopped by Sway's morning show on Shade 45's Sirius XM channel. In the course of the interview, Mike premiered Miley's entire feature on his upcoming debut single "23", which drops on Monday, and he also confirmed a new song title off Miley's October 8th release, BANGERZ, entitled "Why Don't You Stand By Me" and it features hip-hop star Future. During the interview, Sway and Mike Will Made It also commended Miley's rap skills and how she is really doing the music justice.

You can check out the full interview here.

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Is Rachel McAdams dating Canadian music manager Patrick Sambrook?

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen confirmed their breakup right after the Oscars. Michael Sheen is now dating his Masters Of Sex co-star Caitlin Fitzgerald. It would seem that Rachel has moved on too. She’s been getting close to Patrick Sambrook. Sambrook manages The Tragically Hip, Sarah Harmer, among others. He’s well known in the Canadian music industry.

Rachel and Patrick were first photographed together at a CANFAR benefit in Toronto in May. In July they were spotted at a restaurant in Toronto called Beast and posed for a photo. And they were seen together at a Tegan and Sara show in July and a music festival on the East Coast after that. So she stays close to home, she loves close to home. This is why we claim her here in the Great White North. She really, really, really doesn’t want to leave us.

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Rachel McAdams: "Truthfully, I never really wanted to be a big movie star"

Working with Terence Malick: “The camera would be coming towards me, and tears are streaming down my face and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God! I’m having an Oscar-winning moment here,’ and then the camera zooms past me, and goes to the bird on the branch behind my head. It teaches you not to be too precious."

Stepping out of the limelight at the height of her fame:
“Everything was happening really quickly, there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, a lot of voices around me, and I wanted to step away so I could hear my own voice again. There was no instruction book available about how to deal with it, and also, truthfully, I never really wanted to be a big movie star. I never even wanted to work outside of Canada, or outside of the theatre."

Being stereotyped as the ingenue: "T
here are only so many really juicy parts to go around, so sometimes you have to try and make the less juicy ones a bit more juicy. From Mean Girls onwards, I’ve shown that I can play villainous characters. I can play complicated people. I like playing messy people."

Disliking Ryan Gosling while filming The Notebook: "
We weren’t throwing Ming vases at each other, so it wasn’t loathing, but our relationship was not what you saw on the screen. I would say that we were both, well, professional. [Dating Gosling two years later] certainly wasn’t something that either of us had expected would come out of that filmmaking experience. Which goes to show you that you can engineer chemistry on screen just by telling the audience that these two people love each other. And, unless your actors are doing a really terrible job, I think people will want to see that. As an actor you don’t have to feel it. You don’t have to feel anything. Just imagine it."

Being open to dating another actor:
“I would say that they’re not any less difficult than dating anyone else."

Living in Canada: "The world has become so small these days, and most films aren’t shot in Hollywood any more, so there’s no point living there."

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Pretty Little Liars Halloween Promo Leaks (image heavy)/SPOILER

Last night, a promo for the annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode hit YouTube. The hashtag in the video caused the PLL fandom to explode on Tumblr and Twitter. Did this leaked video reveal the next member of the A-team? Or is Marlene just trying to make us tune in on TuesdAy?

I. Marlene King  imarleneking  on Twitter

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And just for fun....

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Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the corner and cackling so much that I needed to make my first ONTD post (that's a lot of pressure). I hope this is real. And not like TobAy real, but like, Marlene has been trolling this entire time. It would make the entire thing worth it.

-A was here, bitches.

Family And Friends Celebrate The Life of Lee Thompson Young

On Friday afternoon, an emotional Angie Harmon paid tribute to her Rizzoli & Isles co-star, Lee Thompson Young, who took his own life five days ago, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

Harmon, dressed in black, was one of the 150 or so people who celebrated Lee’s 29 years of life on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood. An eyewitness tells us, the actress was visibly distraught when she took to the podium alongside fellow Rizzoli & Isles cast mate Jordan Bridges who she let do most of the talking because she said she was still having a hard time putting together words.

But through her tears, our eyewitness says, “Angie spoke from the heart and thanked his mother, Velma, over and over for all of the wonderful qualities Lee possessed.” She then said she just remembered how they were all at work Monday when they got the shocking word of Lee’s tragic suicide and a make-up artist had a spiritual card with a comforting message on it, as if it was a sign from Lee.

The service began with spiritual celebrations, scriptures and chants from Ifa, a West-African based religion that Young began practicing more than one year ago. And, many members of his church were in attendance wearing white instead of the traditional black.

Lee’s longtime manager, Jonathan Baruch, told the story of how as a 13-year-old from South Carolina, Lee convinced his mother to move to New York with him so he could pursue an acting career. A year later he landed the title lead role in Disney’s The Famous Jett Jackson. He said that Lee was the embodiment of achieving any goals he set.

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source, in lieu of flowers, 3, 4, 5, 6
Aaron Tveit; Yellow

6 Reasons The Internet Is Wrong About Ben Affleck As Batman

 photo AffleckBatman_2651366b_zps2f673b4a.jpg

The announcement this week that Ben Affleck has been cast to play Batman in Batman vs. Superman (see my full report on the story here), the upcoming Warner Bros. sequel to Man of Steel, prompted surprise from those who didn’t see it coming, and a significant amount of outrageous reactions online, mostly from loud fanboys and fangirls angry about the casting. The outcry has focused on claims that Affleck is not a good enough actor for the role, to assertions the film will flop at the box office due to his presence as Batman. And of course, as Hollywood and calmer, more thoughtful readers already know, the claims are without merit.

The degree of hyperbole involved in those overreactions is a bit embarrassing to regular fans, who have grown tired of mainstream perceptions about comic book readers being based mostly on the behavior of a small but shrill segment of fandom. It got so absurd that some of those engaged in the worst overreactions put up a petition on the official White House petition page asking the president to intervene and help reverse the casting (the petition has since been removed, presumably based on a careful government investigation determining it was crazy).

The negative fan reactions went on for hours, and led to a wave of online jokes about the casting from more mainstream folks and media, with Twitter leading the way. By morning, the entertainment press were focused as much on the negative online reaction and portrayed it as if it was some kind of widespread mainstream public opposition to the casting rather than a typical online situation where the loudest voices just get more attention. But that’s the new narrative, and so it’s time we address it head on I guess.

The voices of the Internet — or rather the tens of thousands of people (out of hundreds of millions who watch movies around the world) who went nuts and are convinced that this casting is the worst thing that ever happened in their lives — are wrong. They are wrong about the casting being bad, they are wrong about Affleck being bad, and they are wrong about how the casting will affect the movie. And I’m here to tell you the six biggest reasons they are so wrong.

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Selena Gomez: 'I'm so proud of Demi Lovato'


'Come & Get It' beauty Selena Gomez has revealed that she is incredibly proud of her fellow Disney starlet and close friend Demi Lovato for speaking out about her inner demons and struggles publicly.

During an interview with i-D magazine, Gomez explainedthat it must have taken a lot of courage for her to open up about battling an eating disorder and dealing with being bipolar, and it's even more admirable to think that she has become such a strong role model:

"I'm very proud of Demi and her being able to accept the challenges she went through, but also for staying a good role model to people who do struggle with the things that she's gone through." Gomez added: "I've always been taught that you are who you surround yourself with. So if you surround yourself with good positive people you can only do good things for them and they can only do good things for you.'

'It is frustrating at times when certain things are being said, but other than that I'm just a normal girl living a normal life."


[game] bye bitch

Wind Waker HD Offers a Definitive Experience

Hero mode, selfies using the Picto Box, the revised Triforce hunt, and more explained.

After I played a 30-minute demo of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, a thought popped into the back of my mind: "I really need to go home and compare this experience with the original." Full disclosure: I could have played the GameCube version right there -- Nintendo had one running on an old CRT television in the corner of the room. But when someone hands you a controller to play an HD Zelda, even if it’s a re-release, moment-to-moment comparisons can wait.

Are these sure signs of a man desperate for more Wind Waker? Perhaps. But this HD iteration felt much smoother and more refined than what I remembered of the original, and I just couldn’t tell if it was just always the case. The changes in Wind Waker feel so significant that, in many ways, you could possibly even dub this the definitive version, because some people live in a circle of absolute extremes. I’ve rarely left a preview demo glowing about a game, but Wind Waker HD seemed to buck that trend.

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Penn Badgley Pops Up In Brooklyn Streets On Set Of Cymbeline As A Sk8er!

Penn Badgley and Dakota Johnson huddled up and took direction on Friday for their portrayal of lovers in the adaptation of the Shakespeare drama Cymbeline filming in New York City.

The 26-year-old Gossip Girl star portrays Posthumus in the tale of jealousy and betrayal, while 24-year-old Dakota plays Imogen.

The movie also features Ethan Hawke who has teamed up again with director Michael Almereyda, who helmed the 2000 version of Hamlet that starred Hawke as the troubled prince.

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Britney's countdown may be for her Vegas residency!

Britney's current countdown on her official website may lead to details for her Vegas residency. After cracking the CSS code (a website building code named after inventors A. R. Calderbank, Peter Shor and Andrew Steane,) for the website, fans found out the countdown is connected to a platform showing details for "Ticketing", “Seat Prompt” and “Event Details.”

The countdown will finish on September 17th and it's also rumored to include her first single announcement from album number 8.


THE letter N
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Goldfrapp Tells New 'Tales' After Feeling Rushed on Previous Album

Alison Goldfrapp will be the first to say 2010's "Head First" wasn't her band's best work. A product of pressure from her label Mute's then-parent EMI, the nine-track collection was a synth-coated ode to Olivia Newton-John-esque '80s pop that failed to produce a hit as big as the singles from 2006 breakthrough "­Supernature."

"It wasn't something we were particularly proud of -- in hindsight, we were so rushed, and it would've been nice to take more time with it," Goldfrapp says on the phone from her home in England.

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Miley Cyrus Never Wants Another One Direction VMA Matchup: 'Bitches Be Cray!'


The race is on for fans to cast their votes in the Best Song of the Summer category at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The winner will be declared on Sunday, but Miley Cyrus thinks she may have already lost it to One Direction.

"It would be dope. I never want to be in a category with One Direction ever again!" she told MTV News during rehearsals. Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" is trailing behind 1D's "Best Song Ever" video. And while her Smilers are dedicated to her cause, the Directioners have been turbo-voting for the boy band. As of press time, 1D's video has more than 6.1 million votes while Miley's video has more than 3.6 million votes cast. Smilers can vote with the hashtag #votemiley.

"I'm gonna just put my guard down and not be proud about that. Bitches be cray! They be cray!" she added about the sheer number of votes 1D has received. "I think I got lucky with [Zayn Malik] getting engaged. Maybe something will turn. That's like so crazy."

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Arsenio Hall on his return to late night: I've got to 'get my hustle on'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The Arsenio Hall Show" is coming back to TV this fall after almost 20 years since it last signed off. While Hall says viewers can expect to see a different late-night show than the one he left behind in the 1990s, there's one thing he's pretty sure will follow him wherever he goes: the dog-pound chant.

"I've got a feeling when I walk out this time, they'll be doing (that)," Hall told

The raised fist "Woo! Woo! Woo!" chant may have helped Hall become one of the biggest names in late night during the '90s, but despite his former success, he told reporters Friday he's basically starting over with his show.

"I've got to go find mine and grind and get my hustle on," he said during a conference call. "I’m the new guy and I’m coming to get mine."

Like the "Arsenio" of the past, the one-hour show will feature a mix of comedy, music and interviews with celebrity guests.

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Ed Sheeran Sells Out Madison Square Garden In 3 Minutes, Adds Second Date


Ed Sheeran spent the summer touring with Taylor Swift but now he’s ready to fill arenas all by himself. Tickets went on sale for the talented Brit’s first headlining Madison Square Garden show this morning (August 23) and they sold out in three minutes. In fact, demand for the November 1 concert was so strong he immediately penciled in a second date for October 29. See Ed’s proud tweets after the jump.

Looking forward to the likable redhead performing in a city near you? Let us know in the comments below.

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After lupus, Toni Braxton plans an even bigger comeback

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's been years since a lupus diagnosis sidelined R&B singer Toni Braxton's career.

"Lupus is like the worst flu you've ever had in you life," the 45-year-old said in recent conference call with reporters. "It completely drains you."

Just before the diagnosis, she was performing nightly at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to crowds of adoring fans. She said doctors told her the illness meant she may never be able to do that again.

So she left the stage behind to seek treatment and raise her two sons, Denim and Diezel. Since then, she became a part of a hit reality series about her family of singing sisters, We TV's Braxton Family Values; finalized her divorce from Mint Condition's Keri Lewis; and began recording a new album of duets with songwriter Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

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Unlike C. Baker and Eccleston, Paul McGann and David Tennant Will Be Present at Their BFI Tributes


To whoops of excitement at the tribute to ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, the British Film Institute ended weeks of speculation by announcing that David Tennant and Paul McGann will appear in person at their celebratory events in a few weeks’ time.

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What do you think, ONTD? A sign we might get McGann for the 50th?
*goes to hide*

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards Engagement Triggers Sick #CutForZerrie Twitter Trend

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ announcement that they’re engaged has been cheered by most fans of the One Direction singer and Little Mix singers — but an ugly, sick Twitter trending topic has also taken off.

#CutForZerrie has been among the leading trends in the United States and elsewhere on Saturday.

The implication of the online campaign — which echoes last winter’s horrifying #CutForBieber prank — is that One Direction fans are self-harming (and threatening Edwards) in the wake of the engagement news.

While the Justin Bieber-related trend earlier this year included a barrage of gruesome (real and fabricated) pictures portraying the cutting of wrists, the majority of #CutForZerrie images as Saturday progressed made light of the situation — such photos of a wedding cake being sliced.

But regardless of how the trend originally gained momentum, observers were outraged and disgusted by the notion of a “Cut For Zerrie” protest of Malik and Edwards’ romance.

Thousands of One Direction fans attacked the #CutForZerrie hashtag as inexcusable — even as a “joke” — considering how serious the issue of ACTUAL self-harm is for millions of young people.

Gossip Cop agrees.

source that says all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again

Bar Refaeli Fan Might Just Be The Most Adorable Fanboy Ever


Bar Refaeli hasn't let fame go to her head. Want proof? She's still as nice as ever to her adoring fans.

One fanboy in particular had arguably the best day of his life last month when he got to meet the supermodel face-to-face. He had posted a note to his Instagram account, tagging Refaeli and claiming, "I have 500 pictures of you on my wall in my room... It's my dream to see you." He told her he was standing outside the building where she was working.

The best part? Bar actually responded via Instagram, asking if he was still outside her door (you can read her comment if you're up on your Hebrew). The resultant photo Refaeli posted is pretty priceless: Bar snuggles up to the nervously smiling fanboy wearing his "I ❤️ Bar Refaeli" t-shirt.

Icing on the cake? She captioned the shot, "I ❤️you too."


Marvin Gaye's Family Declined Huge Settlement in "Blurred Lines" Suit

The lawsuit over the song of the summer just got a little hotter: Marvin Gaye's family reportedly turned down a six-figure settlement and have decided to continue with a planned lawsuit, believing that a court will find that "Blurred Lines" is a blatant ripoff of Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" (it kind of is).

Last week, Robin Thicke and the other "Blurred Lines" songwriters filed a preemptive lawsuit against the Gaye family, to try to pressure them to drop a planned lawsuit against the songwriters. Considering this came after the rejection of a sizable settlement, it seems like the Thicke camp also believes they might be found guilty of some level of infringement if the case goes to trial. The songwriters would like to clear up any lawsuits as quickly as possible so they can widely license the song to films, advertising, etc.

"We’re not happy with the way that he went about doing business, let alone suing us over something where he clearly got his inspiration from at the least," Marvin Gaye III said in an interview with TMZ.

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SAY IT AIN’T SO! Lamar Accused Of Drug Use As Khloe K Steps Out Ringless

Could one of our favorite Hollywood couples might be on the verge of a breakup? We hope not!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been fighting rumors of a divorce basically ever since they got married years ago, but this time they could very well be true.

The 29-year-old Kardashian sister was seen out heading to the gym in LA wearing a oversized hoodie and sunglasses to cover her face.

While it was odd enough to see Khloe decide to lay low for a change, it was even weirder since she was not wearing her wedding OR engagement ring!Khloe Kardashian seen without her wedding ring as she hit the gym
Apparently, the thought of a divorce could be a long time coming for these two, since it’s being reported that Lamar has a drug problem that is effecting their relationship.
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Popular movies by black filmmakers show Dr. King's dream lives

It may have been mere coincidence that 50 years to the month after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream, a movie starring a black man, directed by a black man, and surveying the rise of the modern civil rights movement would take the top spot at the box office.

But that’s exactly what “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” did last weekend, raking in nearly $25 million without the aid of superheroes, aliens or teen vampires. That would have been unthinkable 50 years ago.

Then again, a lot would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. Which is why Dr. King’s legacy, his most famous speech and the March on Washington are being celebrated today and for the next several days until the actual anniversary — Wednesday.

We have moved forward. Not far enough, not fast enough. But Dr. King’s spirit carries on.

In truth, a serious film about the black experience achieving such success would be unthinkable in too many of the years since that historic march. But 2013 may turn out to be a high water mark when it comes to black films and filmmakers.

At this point we’ve had two black-themed films garner serious Oscar buzz — “The Butler” and “Fruitvale Station,” the true story of a young black man who was shot to death by a police officer in Oakland for no good reason, the first film from writer-director Ryan Coogler, himself a young black man of 27.

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all these films but only will be in the running for america's next top token oscar nominee spot. would die if 2+ actors or films were nominated tho

Some Christian Show Says Madonna Is Possessed By A Demonic Spirit Of Adultery

On his most recent "Pray In Jesus Name" program, "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt dedicated an entire segment to investigating the question of whether pop star Madonna is possessed by demons.

Citing lyrics from her song "Revolver," which he judged against the "Warning Against the Adulterous Woman" from Proverbs 7, Klingenschmitt concluded that, in fact, Madonna is possessed by a demonic spirit of adultery.

Klingenschmitt then added that he has heard of people being cured of liver cancer after repenting for this sin of pornography, before politely declining Madonna's invitation to engage in intercourse because he has been happily married for 22 years.
Here is the song that got them pressed

True Blood: Should Season 7 Be the Show's Last?


Is HBO about to stop the flow of True Blood?

A decision about the future of the vampire drama — specifically whether Season 7 will be the show’s last — will likely be decided in the coming weeks, according to showrunner Brian Buckner.

“That conversation is happening, but we don’t have an answer yet,” the EP tells TVLine. “I’m being told that I will know – which doesn’t mean that I will tell everybody. But I will know when the writers resume in the room [next month] whether or not we’re wrapping it up or not.”

At the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour last month, HBO president Michael Lombardo said True Blood will continue as “long as there are stories to tell,” adding that, “no decisions have been made.”

True Blood‘s polarizing Season 6 finale on Sunday drew 4.1 million viewers, down from both its season opener (which drew 4.5 mil) and its Season 5 finale (5 mil).


Noisey reviews Doris

If Hank Hill were a rap fan, he would be upset that Earl Sweatshirt isn’t rapping first on his own album. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but it’s just one of those things that isn’t done, dang it. Not rapping first signals a confidence vacuum, an unbecoming lack of drive. If it’s your own album, you damn well should want to be the star of it, and that involves rapping first. Anything else is just, well, BWAAA!

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I have Doris on repeat rn, Earl is lyrically 10 times more mature and interesting then Tyler
Boybands suck

'N Sync Joins Twitter One Day Before MTV VMAs

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 6.42.04 PM

The boy band sent out a cryptic message Saturday, ahead of a rumored reunion at the Aug. 25 awards show.

Boy band 'N Sync has joined Twitter a decade after splitting up and one day before a rumored MTV Video Music Awards reunion.

"Mic check, mic check one.. two... is this thing on?!," read the lone tweet sent out Saturday afternoon.

The 'N Sync account, verified a few hours after the tweet was posted, adds fuel to the fire that Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick will take the stage together during the televised Aug. 25 event. (The 'N Sync official page links to the fivesome's various online websites.)

The setting would be appropriate, as Timberlake -- who was announced as one of the VMA performers earlier this month -- is also set to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the VMAs' version of a lifetime achievement award. This year, Jimmy Fallon will present Timberlake with the honor.

During a recent SiriusXM radio show Dirty Pop With Lance Bass, Bass neither confirmed nor denied the 'N Sync reunion, only explaining how the rumor spread on the Internet like wildfire.

"It's amazing to see the reaction out there on Twitter and social media [and] how many people are supporting 'N Sync," he said. "It's so nice to see because when we ended things [over] 10 years ago, there was no social media, there was no Twitter, but it's so cute to see how many people are supporting [us], and 'N Sync was even trending."

In a 2012 visit to The Hollywood Reporter video lounge, Chasez — then a judge on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew — explained why a 'N Sync reunion was likely not going to happen. “It’s just not in the cards,” he told THR at the time. “I’m sure that everybody in my group has been asked at one time or another -- I know I get asked, I know the other guys get asked -- but we’re happy with what it was and we’re happy to move on.”

'N Sync's last televised performance came at the 2003 Grammy Awards.

The VMAs will take place at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Sunday.

Misha new hat

Lindsey Gort Dishes on Playing Samantha Jones + AnnaSophia Robb on Carrie Diaries Set

Samantha Jones is bringing the sex to the city on The Carrie Diaries!

The CW's Sex and the City prequel is introducing fans to a familiar face when it returns for its second season on Oct. 25: Carrie's (Annasophia Robb) future BFF Samantha Jones, with newcomer Lindsey Gort stepping into Kim Cattrall's iconic Manolos.

E! News exclusively chatted with Gort about taking on the beloved role and receiving Cattrall's blessing. Plus, she dishes on what fans can expect to see when they meet Samantha in the '80s and a "sexier" season two...

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Sources 1, 2

Robert Pattinson Talks Fame: "People Don't Realize How Lonely You Are"


It's not all glitz and glam!

Robert Pattinson is speaking out about the lesser-known side of fame in the latest edition of Spanish GQ magazine.

"It's strange, you don't have a normal life anymore. You spend much time trying to fight it, but in the end you find another way to live," he explained when asked about what being a bona fide movie star really means.

"People don't realize how lonely you are. In any case, I feel fortunate because success didn't reach me very young, at least, I had the opportunity to have a life before."

He added, "When you become famous, it's easy for some people to hate you just because you are famous. That's why, sometimes, you beat yourself up."

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Lady Gaga Prepping For The Applause In New VMA Pics: Catch A Peek

Lady Gaga teased us on Twitter on Wednesday, promising us photos from her VMA rehearsals. Well, early Saturday morning (August 24), she finally delivered -- big time.

In addition to sharing a black and white self-snap on Facebook with the caption "We're opening the show! 'Applause' starring Lady Gaga. #VmaRehearsal," the "Applause" singer also posted a picture to Twitter featuring her and her black-capped dancers.

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be sure to tune into the VMA awards to watch kanye west perform his single from his critically acclaimed album, yeezus. oh, and lady gaga with her new single
  • chrisze

Cast promotes TMI: City of Bones in Norway + Kevin Zegers Photoshoot

Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Director Harald Zwart at 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Photocall in Norway on August 23.

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Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Director Harald Zwart at 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Premiere in Norway on August 23.

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Kevin Zegers for FLAUNT

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Source 1 2 3 4 5 6
goddessly slae legendsen

Chris Brown Trying it in Hawaii

Another brilliant move by Chris Brown -- the singer has affiliated himself with a dangerous street gang in L.A. called the Pirus (a subset of the Bloods) ... and he's bragging about it all the way to Hawaii.

Sources tell TMZ, Brown was in Honolulu Thursday, where he hired a guide to take him and his entourage around to places where they could legally spray paint.

Keeping it "legal" was responsible, but then Brown tagged up his signature monster artwork with the phrase "Fruits Piru," an apparent reference to the Fruit Town Piru gang ... next to the phrase, "F*** police."

Brown's even been claiming Piru on Twitter. He's gotten so cocky, he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyonce collaborate with him, and bragging he's not worried about Mr. Z because he's got Blood ties.

Strange ... just last year Chris tweeted, "I'm no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz,blood, folk, woadie, homie, patna, its slang and ebonics! US KIDS USE THESE TERMS."

For the record, Brown's not doing anything illegal by giving a shoutout to a violent gang -- it doesn't even violate his probation. It's just not smart for someone with his record. Really not smart.

But at least it helps explain Chris' red outfits and cars ...


let us all join hands and pray for the state of hawaii, because she don't need this in ha life.

Zachary Quinto on Fanfiction, Redux

As a follow up to this post regarding Zachary Quinto's comment about fanfiction:

"I'm afraid I have better things to do with my time than read that. If those people don’t have anything better to do, that’s their business, but I do."

Quinto spoke at Fan Expo Canada on Saturday, August 24, 2013, and clarified what he meant when he was asked again about Kirk/Spock fanfic (and possibly about RPS with Chris Pine too):

If you don't want to watch the vid, here's what he says:

"What happened in Ireland was I was giving an interview and somebody asked me about [fanfiction], and I said something that some people have misinterpreted as disrespectful, and so I would like to say here, for the record, that I mean no disrespect for people who either write or read fanfiction. I have absolutely no interest in it; it doesn't interest me. I understand how it interests other people; I respect their desire to be interested in it. I think both Kirk and Spock—and definitely me and Chris—are only good friends. Any suggestion otherwise has more to say about the person making the suggestion than it does about the characters."


Franz Ferdinand: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action – Review

Were Franz Ferdinand a bunch of directional young whelps from Brooklyn, the internet would probably have melted by now as tastes of their new album, Right Thoughts Rights Words Right Action, trickled out. A sleazy guitar sound, redolent of early Queens of the Stone Age, allied to an over-friendly bass bobble? That's the catchy Love Illumination, whose lyrical search for "sweet love" is undermined by the louche sax. A galumphing glam-funk track whose chorus arrives mere seconds into the verse? That's Right Action, whose video re-employs Jonas Odell, the director who filmed their first hit, Take Me Out.

As it is, Franz are 10 years old and on their fourth album, so long past benefiting from the shock of the new. Those who were aware of their third album, 2009's Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, will remember a synthetic experiment failing to fire the public imagination. It was supposed to pit Britain's nimblest guitar band against proper pop producers Xenomania. But the early sessions failed to yield usable music, a let-down from which the album never recovered.

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The Guardian

it already leaked and am loving it tbh

Robyn Lawley On Body-Shaming: 'Skinny' And 'Fat' Labels Are Holding Us Back


Ralph Lauren campaign star Robyn Lawley may be a plus-size model icon -- but you'd better not call her one. In an interview with the Guardian on Friday, the size 12 stunner reveals thats she's loath to endorse any label, big or small.

Robyn thinks that celebrating a so-called plus-size shape can be damaging to thin women as well as larger ones. "People use me as a [plus-size] figurehead," she says, "and to me that misses the point and is blatantly offensive to thin women." She continues:

"Curves don't epitomise a woman. Saying, 'Skinny is ugly' should be no more acceptable than saying fat is. I find all this stuff a very controlling and effective way of making women obsess over their weight, instead of exploiting their more important attributes, such as intellect, strength and power. We could be getting angry about unequal pay and unequal opportunities, but we're too busy being told we're not thin enough or curvy enough. We're holding ourselves back."

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'Orphan Black' actor Dylan Bruce to star in Lifetime's 'Flowers in the Attic'


With Orphan Black not returning until April, star Dylan Bruce is using his downtime wisely. Not only has he scheduled a guest stint on The CW’s hit show Arrow, but EW has confirmed his recent Twitter announcement that he has joined Lifetime’s TV movie Flowers in the Attic.

Bruce joins the movie adaptation as Bart Winslow, the second husband of Corrine, played by Heather Graham. The movie is an adaptation of V.C. Andrew’s novel, which tells the story of what happens when Corrine leaves her four children with their grandmother (played by Ellen Burstyn), who then locks them in the attic due to a family secret. Corrine’s two eldest children, Cathy and Chris, will be played by Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye.

Flowers in the Attic is currently shooting in Vancouver, and according to Lifetime, expects a release date of early next year.

As far as we’re concerned, the more Dylan Bruce in our lives, the better.

Check out his tweet below:


Kristen Stewart's rumoured new boyfriend, Lane Garrison, 'moves into her LA home'


While the rumour mill is currently set on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting back together - we can exclusively reveal that she's actually getting even closer to her rumoured romance, Lane Garrison.

After meeting on the set of Camp X-Ray, Kristen and Lane - who is ten years her senior - sparked up a super close friendship, igniting rumours that the pair could be secretly dating.

A source told omg! that Kristen Stewart is comfortable with Lane Garrison's past and previous manslaughter conviction.

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Kim Kardashian 'Pours Her Heart Out To Beyonce As Kanye West Is Kept Busy With Work'

Kim Kardashian has been through a major life change in the past two months, becoming mum to the very adorable North West. And according to insiders the TV star has felt the need to seek some advice from fellow celeb mum Beyonce as she adjusts to her new role.

Kim gave birth to daughter Nori with boyfriend Kanye West by her side in June. With the star only spotted in public once since then and the first photo of North going public this week, Kim is obviously keen to adjust to her new parental role in private.

It sounds like the star is finding the big change a bit tough though and according to sources she's turned to someone who understands exactly what she's going through- Beyonce.

The hit-maker gave birth to her own daughter Blue Ivy under the public gaze and apparently her advice has been a great source of comfort to Kim, who has been left to her own devices as busy Kanye heads back to work.

"Bey and hubby Jay-Z went to see Kim while Kanye was away to see how she was coping," a source revealed to Star Magazine in the UK.
"Bey saw how fragile Kim has become. Her spark and feistiness wasn't there, and she poured her heart out about the things that were troubling her."
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"learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause" (Isaiah 1:17)
dave + martin = OTP

New Depeche Mode single: Live version of 'Should be Higher'!

A pyrotechnic backdrop adorns Depeche Mode's live-performance video of "Should Be Higher," a cut from their newest album, "Delta Machine." The clip was directed by Anton Corbijn, who's responsible for numerous Depeche Mode videos as well as Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" and Coldplay's "Talk." The song, officially out Sept. 9, marks the third single from "Machine," following "Heaven" and "Soothe My Soul."


Source for vid

Yassss @ Anton directing!! W E R K

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire': New Images of Mags and Gloss

Skärmavbild 2013-08-24 kl. 23.28.45

Another tribute has appeared on the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Victor Banner, an ever-changing image showing all those who will participate in the 75th annual event. Gloss (Alan Ritchson) is the newest face. He joins Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Johanna (Jena Malone) and Mags (Lynn Cohen).

Gloss is a District 1 tribute, meaning that he is a "career" winner, one of the many from that District who has spent his life getting ready for the Hunger Games. As a past winner, he's an even more formidable foe than most.

Additions are being added to the Victor Banner on a daily basis. The next image is due to appear Sunday (Aug. 24) at 2 p.m. ET. To check out the entire Banner, go to the Hunger Games Explorer website. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will arrive in theaters on Nov. 22, 2013.