August 17th, 2013


Chris Brown Sentenced To 1,000 More Hours of Community Service

Chris Brown just got his ass handed to him in court -- the judge sentenced him to 1,000 more hours of community service after the L.A. County D.A. accused him of fudging his records.

As we reported, the D.A. believes the singer violated his probation in the Rihanna beating case by submitting bogus community service reports -- in one case even swearing he was picking up trash in Virginia when he was actually on a private jet to Cancun.

The judge revoked Chris' probation last month in the wake of hit-and-run allegations, but reinstated it today on the condition Chris completes an additional 1,000 hours of community service.

Think of it like a do-over -- because of the discrepancy in Chris' original service hours, the singer won't get ANY credit for service he may or may not have completed since his conviction. Chris was originally sentenced to 180 days of community labor (1,440 hours).

Unlike last time -- when the judge said Chris could complete his service in his home state of Virginia -- the judge today ordered that Chris' service must be supervised by L.A. County officials.

Chris can choose between Caltrans (aka highway cleanup), beach cleanup, probation alternative work services (PAWS), or our personal favorite ... graffiti removal.

Chris must also report to a probation officer within the next 48 hours. He did not look happy in court.

The good news ... Chris' probation will finally end in August 2014. One more year to go.

rise and shine. and give god the glory, glory!
[Pokemon] omg hackz0r

Let's go back to Pokémon's first gen

The Pokémon Company previously announced that a new Pokémon anime is set to debut close to the release of the next generation of Pokémon games. Called Pocket Monsters XY, it will air this October. At the “Pokémon Game Show” that is currently taking place, they’ve announced a new series titled Pocket Monsters: The Origin that will take place during the series’ first generation, featuring a brand new protagonist and other characters.

Pocket Monsters: The Origin will begin airing on October 2nd, on TV Tokyo.


Amanda Bynes Transfers to UCLA Psychiatric Facility

Amanda Bynes is moving to a new psychiatric facility. After being hospitalized on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold on July 22, the 27-year-old troubled actress stepped out for the first time to travel to UCLA Medical Center on Thursday, Aug. 15, TMZ reports.

Bynes covered her body and face with a white sheet while leaving a psychiatric facility in Ventura County. The Easy A star appeared to be wearing a bright blue wig on her head and only socks on her feet while walking to a black SUV.

According to TMZ, Bynes' mom Lynn, who was granted temporary conservatorship over her daughter on Aug. 9, wanted her transferred in order to receive the best psychiatric care.

On Aug. 9, TMZ reported that a judge granted doctors' request to extend Bynes' psychiatric hold for an additional 30 days. For the extension to be granted, it required the patient to be "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

Bynes was initially placed under psychiatric care on July 22, after allegedly starting a fire in a stranger's driveway in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, Calif.


Elementary Season 2 Promo + Filming Photos from August 15

It seems like Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller are having a ton of fun filming Elementary. The 44-year-old actress was seen walking her chocolate Labrador around the set in New York on Thursday while Johnny could not contain his laughter while filming with his co-star. Lucy swapped her ankle boots for some flats when she walked her beautiful dog in between takes flanked by security guards.

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Source: Daily Mail, YouTube
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ANTM: 'The Guy Who Gets a Weave', It's Makeover Time!


The models get a lesson in chemistry as they pose alongside sexy supermodels Alessandra Ambrossio and Rob Evans in a risqué photo shoot. The contestants get make-overs, where, surprisingly, a few of the men have meltdowns over their new looks.

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What do you guys think of the makeovers? Are you liking this season?
Gotta say, Cycle 20 is bringing me back!

Madonna’s Birthday Messages

With the help of Social Media, the world reached out to Madonna today to express birthday wishes as she turned 55. Madonna herself posted two messages today. One, a birthday wish, asking to donate to Raising Malawi. The other expressing her gratitude at the outpour of love.
"Thank u all for your #birthday love! Help me celebrate my birthday, by donating to Raising Malawi to support the work of one of my Heroes, Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Eric Borgstein: Revolution of LOVE!"
Later in the evening, Madonna posted the following to her official Facebook page:
"The best way to celebrate my birthday and life in general is to be grateful!!!!
And I have nothing but appreciation for all of my fans who have supported me through out the years. I feel your love and it inspires me! It keeps me going!!!.
Thank you for fighting the Revolution of love with Me! -Madonna"

It wasn’t just fans that reached out to Madonna, but other celebrities as well!

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Xstatic Madonna

Lady Gaga And Johnny Depp: When Celebs Slam Critics

A few weeks ago, Johnny Depp blamed critics for the miserable performance of his latest blockbuster, The Lone Ranger. This week, it’s Lady Gaga’s turn.

In what could very well be a tightly scripted publicity stunt, Gaga let loose on Twitter, telling her fans not to listen to bloggers because they ruin music and treat artists unfairly. She even invented a #STOPHarassingTheArtist hashtag. It’s not clear what bloggers are harassing Lady Gaga – she’s such a massive pop star it’s hard to imagine her trolling blogs and weeping over every harsh comment. Isn’t she busy touring and approving costumes and building her floating mansion in Greece?

The same can be said of Depp. I haven’t seen The Lone Ranger so I don’t know if it’s as horrible as everyone says or if it’s actually pretty good. What I do know is that my choice not to run to the theater to see it has nothing to do with what some critic said and everything to do with Depp’s bizarre, hokey “Native American spirit warrior Tonto” getup. I made my decision about a year ago when the first stills from the movie appeared online. An “Open Letter To Johnny Depp’s Tonto” published by McSweeney’s around that time made me smile and nod in appreciation, but it didn’t cement my decision not to see the film. The trailer was what sealed the deal for me. The images spoke for themselves.
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Katy fans should expect MAGIC at the VMAS

Katy Perry Fans Should Expect 'Magic' At The VMAs

If you think you know what Katy Perry's Prism is going to sound like based on her lead single, "Roar", you really have no idea.
According to one of her good pals, it only paints part of the picture of what her October 22 album release sounds like.

Perry's frequent collaborator, songwriter Bonnie McKee, explained to MTV News that the VMA performer's third album release will touch on many subjects and emotions.

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anyway get it katy! cant wait to see this, stanning for the strong, amazing, forward thinking, progressive sounding, nothing on the radio like it feminist anthem of our generation tbqh
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White is the New White: a criticism of OINTB

Slave narratives became most fashionable among abolitionist circles in the mid-nineteenth century. These narratives remain deeply powerful, yet each one is framed by a white introduction, which authenticates the black experience. The white practice of verifying the lives of black fugitives who were skillfully plotting their own liberation has changed in circumstance and in medium—but the role of white people at its center has not. Today, its latest manifestation is playing out in the Netflix hit series, Orange Is the New Black.

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Source: 1

i definitely have my issues with this article, namely that the author didn't have the wherewithal to actually finish the series (and thus substantiate her claims fully) before completing this review/criticism. what do yall think?

Trailer For Cory Monteith's Final Film "McCanick"

Fans of late actor Cory Monteith are likely to be the ones most intrigued by his final film role, as a former convict with a drug problem, in "McCanick." They're also likely to be the ones who find the role hardest to watch.

In the film's just-released trailer, Monteith's Simon Weeks is out of prison, hanging out on the streets and being poked and pursued for reasons as yet unknown by a narcotics detective (played by David Morse). Their relationship has a Jean Valjean/Javert feel to it, though there's clearly some secret Weeks has that Morse's detective either wants to know or wants him to keep silent about.

It looks like a heavy drama, which emphasizes yet again what was lost when Monteith died in July of a heroin and alcohol overdose: Clearly, there was more to him than the song-and-dance man he played on "Glee."

"McCanick" will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.


Katy Perry's 'Roar': Already a Career Best, Sets 2013 Digital Record

In three days, the pop star has sold over 272,000 digital songs and is projected to hit 525,000 within the single's first week of release.

In addition, "Roar" claims the biggest digital song debut of 2013, surpassing One Direction's "Best Song Ever," which tallied 322,000 for the week ending July 28.
The song marks a career best for Perry. Although she hit the ground running just as strongly with her previous album, 2010's Teenage Dream -- a release that would yield five No. 1 singles, a record for a female artist -- the biggest digital track from that cycle was "Firework" with 509,000 unit sales for the week ending Dec. 26, 2010. Perry's biggest digital song debut to date was 2012's "Part of Me," which moved 411,000 its first week out, according to Perry's label, Capitol Music Group.

"Roar" inched onto the Billboard Hot 100 after it leaked on Aug. 10 and is expected to topple Thicke's "Blurred Lines" from the top spot on next week's chart, which factors sales and airplay. It all bodes for a promising start to the Prism rollout. Perry's third album is slated for release on Oct. 22.
i gave up to this song, just yesterday i still told my friends smth like hmm i prefer Sara's "Brave" lol. now i just play it when waking up.

Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Future & Kicks It With Hov

Well look who else is making studio connection with Future…

Justin Bieber has apparently been in the studio with Ciara’s man, working on some new music. The 19-year-old posted a photo of himself alongside the rapper and he captioned the flick:

In the studio making a smash with my bro @future

Mmm… We wonder what these two are cooking up?

In other news, it looks like there really isn’t a dull day in the life of the Biebz. He also shortly after posted a flick with the King or Rap himself, Jay Z and Kevin Hart was also on the scene, posing along side Hov:

Chilling with the boys @kevinhart4real and J

Um… do yall see the major bling going on in this shot. These fellas are definitely sporting a couple houses around their necks.

KFED has not gotten a congrats from the QUEEN

Kevin Federline's an understanding guy. The mother of his 2 kids -- aka Britney Spears -- is probably busy buying Fantas (Cheetos) at the 7 Eleven, and that's why she hasn't congratulated him on his wedding.

As you know ... KFed tied the knot with Victoria Prince last weekend in Vegas. They been together for years and have a kid.

kim k judging

Man kills family because of Selena Gomez

A forty-year-old man obsessed with Selena Gomez has been accused of murdering his mother and sister, along with her teenage daughter and baby, at the Oklahoma City home they all shared on Wednesday night.

Daniel Green was arrested near a 7-11 store a couple of hours after a family friend raised the alarm at around 11pm after finding bloody footprints on the doormat, and the bodies.

Green faces charges of killing his 57-year-old mother, Sallie, his sister Rebecca Cizek, 34, and her two children Katherine, 16, and seven-month-old Amario Dominguez III.
The state medical examiner said Mrs Green and the baby died of gunshot wounds to the head. It has not yet been said how Ms Cizek and her teenage daughter died, according to The Oklahoman.

Helicopters were used to search for Green and police circulated his description to nearby stores after neighbors told them the 40-year-old was often seen pacing the sidewalk and buying energy drinks.

He was arrested close to a 7-11, after the clerk recognized him and contacted police, according to Fox25.

A police spokesman confirmed Green's relationship to his alleged suspects and said that a family friend, who lived at the address, had returned home to discover the bodies.
The motive for the killing is not known, but if Green is found guilty his obsession with young star Selena Gomez may be a factor, a psychologist told News 9.

The 40-year-old's Facebook page was filled with pictures and posts about the star, including many that suggested he was fantasizing that he was in a relationship with her.
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shailene woodley out in la

Enjoying a sunny weekend day out, Shailene Woodley stopped by a friend’s house on Saturday (August 17) in Los Angeles. Sporting drastically shorter locks, the “Descendants” cutie showed off her new hairstyle to the her pal as the duo sat on the porch.

Though the 21-year-old got her hair cut to prepare for her role in “The Fault in Our Stars,” she also put the hair toward a good cause- an organization called Children with Hair Loss.
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Distingue Traces

Zachary Quinto dresses up, talks Tennessee Williams on Broadway

"I was just walking through Times Square, and I passed the Booth Theatre, saw the play marquee in lights [for Glass Menagerie], and had this total moment … I am so excited. It reminded me of the first time I came to New York and had that dream — even more than movies, this has been my dream."


You live in New York City. Were you there the day of the Supreme Court decision on DOMA?

Yes. I went to Stonewall and heard Edith Windsor speak. I was with my brother, who’s straight but enormously supportive of me. I felt so grateful to be right in the middle of it all — to be at the place where, in so many ways, this revolution began, at a time when such significant progress has been made. It was a profound experience for sure.

Many people see your character in Glass Menagerie, Tom, as autobiographical for Tennessee Williams, the pioneering gay writer, and therefore an important gay figure. What's your take?

I don't think of him exclusively in terms of his sexuality. Everything I've learned about Tom, I've learned through Tennessee, [through] reading about his life and how he struggled in a lot of ways and thrived in others. I think his conflicted sexuality is a huge part of his character and therefore part of Tom, but there are larger obstacles he needs to overcome before he can look at that in depth.

I once talked to Patrick Stewart about Trekkies coming to see him perform Macbeth on Broadway, and he was just happy that people were in the seats. Do you worry that people may come to the theater looking for Spock instead of Tom?

I don't have any control over how people see me, I just have control over the work that I do. The good news is that I think all of the people who are fans of me from Star Trek will be exposed to a whole different kind of storytelling. I am certainly grateful for that, I hope they will be too.

This is your Broadway debut. How will you handle doing eight shows a week?

My first play in New York was the Angels in America cycle: both plays in rep, for about seven months. If I could survive that, I’ll be OK.

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Source: OUT Magazine is still a thing, apparently

Sharlto Copley: Elysium, District 9, A-Team Interview

Ahead of Elysium's UK release, we speak to its villain and District 9 star - Sharlto Copley - about acting, improvisation and Fawlty Towers

When District 9 appeared to rave reviews and Oscar nominations four years ago, the film’s success ignited the careers of both director Neill Blomkamp and its leading actor, Sharlto Copley. The pair’s partnership began long before that breakthrough hit; when Blomkamp was still a young film geek keen on getting into movie making, Copley gave him access to the computing facilities at his production company. The result was, among other things, a salvo of startlingly creative short science fiction films, among them Alive In Joberg.

When, through a series of odd circumstances, including the small matter of an aborted Halo movie, Blomkamp embarked on adapting Alive In Joberg into a feature film, he took the chance to return the favour, and cast Copley as the reprehensible yet oddly compelling Wikus, a horrible bureaucrat who’s dragged, kicking and screaming, to a strange sort of salvation in the allegorical District 9.

Since then, Copley’s carved out a career in playing eccentric, flawed but unceasingly mesmerising characters, including a new interpretation of Howling Mad Murdock for the 2010 A-Team reboot, and most recently, the sometimes comic, frequently terrifying sociopathic assassin Kruger in Blomkamp’s latest feature, Elysium. But what drives him to play these strange, deranged characters, and how does he manage to do this with such gleeful abandon?

That, above all else, was the burning question in my mind when I sat down to meet Mr Copley a few months ago. The response I got was as eloquent, generous and surprising as one of the great actor’s screen performances...

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So war_machine_rox & foureyedgirl, I think its time to continue the Sharlto gif party y/y?
tv: SoA S6 promo

Tig and Juice to visit Italy in 2014

No two months after announcing a Sons of Anarchy Convention (held from 12th to 13th April 2014 at Lake Garda, in the North of Italy) the organizers have already been able to announce two greats guests: Kim Coates and Theo Rossi. Both will be appearing on both Saturday & Sunday and will be doing talks, autographs and taking photos.


Got my ticket a few weeks ago. Can't wait!
oitnd | maritza

Beyonce Rocks Short Bob Haircut at V Festival!

Beyonce shows off her short bob haircut while performing at the 2013 V Festival held at Highlands Park on Saturday (August 17) in Chelmsford, England.

The 31-year-old singer was joined at the festival by Rita Ora, who proudly showed her stripes during a performance.

“Straight out of hospital on my way to V Fest! Lets do this!!! On my way!! #Showtime!!” Rita tweeted after staying in the hospital for a bad throat and chest infection.

Earlier in the week, Beyonce rocked longer hair after getting a short hair cut during a lunch with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.
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adrien sahores

The Minogue Sisters Reunited

This Sunday marks 26 years since Kylie and Dannii Minogue last appeared together on local TV screens, for a Young Talent Time performance of "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". While pop superstar Kylie "can't help but feel really nostalgic" looking back on their big hair and shoulder pads, the chance to step back in front of the camera with her sister (no perm in sight) as a guest mentor to Dannii's X Factor team in New York in June, was long-overdue: "I love how we just click into a great way of working together."

The superstar siblings open up to WHO about what went down on set in the Big Apple—and their unbreakable bond—ahead of the X Factor Home Visits.

What did you most enjoy about being back on a TV set together for The X Factor, and why did you decide to do it at this point in time?

KM: The best part about filming X Factor was having the opportunity to hang out together. Also, it was a pleasure to be able offer a double dose of Minogue advice to the contestants!

DM: It was funny for us to feel the electricity in the room when we were together with the contestants. We hang out a lot, so we were surprised by the reaction! We have only worked together when it felt right and this just happened naturally. We have never forced anything to happen. It has to be fun, and we like to make it something special.

What constitutes the 'X Factor' for you?

KM: That magic that makes you want to see more, hear more and really connect with that person.

DM: You know someone has the 'X Factor' when the hairs on your arms stand up and you are compelled to jump out of your seat and applaud.

Would you audition for The X-Factor if you were just starting out as an artist?

DM: Hmm … Not if I was faced with myself on the judging panel!

KM: Perhaps. Would I have made it through? I don't know!

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full interview @ source, yt

Brandy performs to empty stadium LOL

What do you do if you’re booked to perform at a full soccer stadium but once you enter the stage your audience only consists of about 40 people? This horror scenario just happened to R&B star Brandy who was ready to perform a set in Johannesburg for the Nelson Mandela Sport & Culture day. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t know Brandy was to hit the stage and left the stadium… Brandy only performed two songs before she left the stage.

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henry i

Calvin Harris: 'Rita Ora doesn't like my music'

Calvin Harris has revealed that girlfriend Rita Ora "doesn't really like" his music.

The 'Sweet Nothing' DJ explained that Ora is not generally a fan of dance music.

He told The Sun: "Rita doesn't really like dance music. She doesn't really like my music, but I like hers. We're not together for musical reasons, which is great."

When asked about the possibility of teaming up with the 'Radioactive' singer, Harris replied: "We're trying to keep business and pleasure separate. And she's not really into the idea."

The pair began dating earlier this year and were rumored to be appearing on stage together at this year's Virgin Media V Festival, which takes place this weekend.

Harris made chart history earlier this month after 'Thinking About You' became his ninth Top 10 hit from his 18 Months LP.

He is teaming up with Tiesto for a UK and Ireland tour later this year, which he insisted will be a "massive" production.

"We're gonna make it five massive, amazing-looking nights. Everything we make from it is going to go on the production side," he said.


New images from David Gordon Green's 'Joe' starring Nicolas Cage & Tye Sheridan

Tye Sheridan is developing quite an affinity for running around with morally dubious surrogate father figures in the South. After adventuring with Matthew McConaughey’s “Mud” for Jeff Nichols, his next role has him hanging out with Nicholas Cage’s titular “Joe” for director David Gordon Green, and today we’ve got some new images from the fall festival bound dark drama, via The Playlist.

This one seems darker than “Mud”, and is based on Larry Brown’s novel of the same name. Cage is the titular Joe Ransom, a reckless, self-destructive ex-con who gives Sheridan’s teenager Gary a job at a lumber company. While Joe is down-trodden, Gary’s family is even worse off and Joe finds himself becoming a mentor to the determined teenager. The director told The Playlist the movie is “dark as fuck. It’s a slow-burn, dark, heavy movie. Very grim.”

“Joe” will hit Venice, and then Toronto, and then hopefully a theatrical release at some point.

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I Want More! Kim Kardashian Already Talking Baby No. 2

Kim Kardashian’s daughter is only two months old but she is so happy about being a mother that she’s already talking about having baby #2!

The 32-year-old reality star has been hiding out in her home with North West while she bonds with her baby daddy Kanye West and works to get her pre-baby body back.

“She’s told friends that she wants to have another baby soon, within a year,” a source told Life & Style magazine.

“Kim’s a planner and she has always had a timeline in her head. Even before Kanye came into the picture she wanted kids while she’s young.”

Kim gained approximately 60 pounds while pregnant with her daughter and she’s struggling to shed the weight since giving birth.

A source told the magazine that she is hoping to get pregnant again before she loses all the weight.

Kim has started to plan to increase her three person family a source told the magazine.

“Kim is already talking to people about building her brood and is starting to plan.

“Kim wasn’t ready for how totally in love she was going to be with Nori. She can’t believe how much this baby completes her.

After such a difficult pregnancy, Kim was on the fence about having a lot of kids. Now she knows she wants a big family.”


"Katy Perry Vs. Lady Gaga" Adam Lambert Chimes on the Media induced War

Pop star Adam Lambert weighed in on the current uproar about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga that has resulted largely because of the media. With the recent new single releases by both artists, the media, and even fans, have taken to choosing sides between the two queens of pop.

Many are merely predicting who will win the Entertainment Weekly dubbed "Singles Sales Showdown." However, in some cases, reports have been downright nasty. Directlyrics wrote, "although [Gaga] has the "Applause" music video coming out next Monday on 'Good Morning America', her real and ONLY chance to make true damage to Katy Perry's uber successful "Roar" will be when they both take the stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards." Are these women really trying to damage each other? It seems more like the media wants them to have an all-out war, rather than let them bask in their individual glory.

Adam, who has supported both artists in the past, re-tweeted Michelle Visage on Saturday: "WHY does the media have to pit @katyperry and @ladygaga against each other? Can't they both release songs and just BE? WTF?" He responded with, "I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too." Adam has relationships with both artists, being long-time friends with Katy Perry, and Gaga wrote a song on his debut album.

The music biz is a competitive industry, but as Adam says, there is room for all artists to be successful. The media and fans should take a lesson from Adam and rather than bash artists, focus on helping their favorites to succeed.


✰ Paris Hilton: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and I have all grown up ✰

EXCLUSIVE: She used to terrorise LA’s party circuit with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears but Paris Hilton says she and her partners-in-crime have finally grown up.

With spells in jail and rehab under their belts, Hilton says the reformed minxes try to support each other’s comebacks these days.

Anytime I see them, I always love seeing them,’ said Hilton, only weeks after Lohan was released from her latest bid to shake her vices.

I bumped into them a few months ago. Everyone has just grown up which is nice. Everyone goes through things when they are growing up,’ she said. ‘I think they are great girls and I wish them all the best.

Hilton doesn’t want other young female stars like her to fall into the same traps as the hell-raising trio.

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Lady Gaga steps out in Addams Family-style outfit as she serves her fans POPwater

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lady Gaga certainly knows how to keep her fans happy - while at the same time generating publicity for her new single Applause.

The 27-year-old superstar strutted out of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday looking like Morticia from the Addams Family before promptly serving her fans - known as Little Monsters - some cool drinks.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Lady Gaga says 'Applause' almost didn't make new album

Lady Gaga has revealed that her new single 'Applause' was nearly left off her forthcoming album 'ARTPOP'.

The singer was forced to unveil the lead track from her new LP ahead of schedule after it was leaked online, causing her to declare a "pop music emergency" and rush release the song. However, in a radio appearance this week, she claimed that the track could easily not have been included on the LP.

She told Ryan Seacrest that the track "almost didn't make the album" until she met with Interscope Records chief Jimmy Iovine and played him 40 songs during a meeting. "We played 'Applause' last and Jimmy said to me, 'Well every single record you've played me has been better than the one you played before it, so the last one should be the first single,'" she said.

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