August 11th, 2013


Whisper, the anonymity app raising big money going to be the next "big thing", valued at $100M


Whisper, a mobile app (and service) that allows people to anonymously share their secrets, has raised a large round of funding (rumored to be about $15 million) from top investors according to Silicon Valley sources. We are told that company is being valued at $100 million and Sequoia Capital is leading the series B round of financing. The app allows you to share secrets by putting them on top of photos and illustrations, very much like PostSecret, another popular (if somewhat older) service. It launched in May 2012, and is steadily growing in popularity.
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Charlie Hunnam Shirtless 01

Random Selfies of Kween Tilda Swinton's Feet and the Faces of Four Other Male Celebrities

So, selfies, these ubiquitous self-portraits that everyone takes on their cellphones. It’s such a huge phenomenon that The Guardian asked some celebrities to share their take on the selfie. Looking at Tilda Swinton’s selfie, it looks like she may well be an avid Instagramer.

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LOL-ing sfh @ my kween's gangsta-style caption of her foot selfie like jfc I can't even with her perfection rn.

Which celebrities do you follow in Instagram/Vine/Twitter/Facebook for their selfies, ONTD?
Stan and Roger, American Dad!
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Placing Products? Try Casting Them: The Rise and Fall of the Computer-Animated ‘Foodfight!’

Larry Kasanoff the director of “Foodfight!,” with designs for its characters in 2004.

The brand managers at Georgia-Pacific were not about to budge. They agreed that Brawny Man, the plaid-shirted character adorning millions of paper-towel rolls, could come to life and share a moment with Mr. Clean. But their Angel Soft Baby, who had sold countless reams of toilet tissue, could never be displaced from her perch in the clouds.

Such concessions were typical of the two years spent negotiating for more than 80 food-industry characters to appear in “Foodfight!,” a computer-animated movie that was announced in 2000 by Threshold Entertainment. The company’s chief executive and chairman, Larry Kasanoff, proclaimed the project, featuring a voice cast led by Charlie Sheen and Eva Longoria, would help make Threshold’s animation arm “the next-generation Pixar.”

He predicted a huge $100 million tie-in merchandising campaign, with the film being promoted by partners like Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. There would be “Foodfight!” Web episodes, storybooks, plush toys and possibly a live stage show, “Foodfight on Ice.”

That final notion was prescient. Despite Mr. Kasanoff’s track record — a producer on “True Lies,” he was a onetime partner of James Cameron and had control over much of the lucrative “Mortal Kombat” multimedia franchise — “Foodfight!” failed to make a 2002 release, as well as anticipated 2005, 2006 and 2007 dates.

In May, the feature made a muted debut on DVD, where it was quickly seized upon by Internet purveyors of bad cinema and dissected like the Zapruder film.

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adrien sahores

performance art

Famous actors and musicians go out of their comort zones for the sake of art. Watch as these celebrities take art to the limit as only they can.

James Franco

On the season six premiere of the Sundance Channel show Iconcolasts, which pairs together two artists and films the creative results, James Franco was paired with Marina Abramovic and the result was something unusual, expensive and shiny. James Franco sat patiently and quietly as Abramovic stuck sheets of gold leaf onto his skin in order to transform him into a living sculpture of gold. What does it mean? Not much according to Abramovic. "Sometimes with art it's important just to look," she said of the golden Franco.

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more @ source
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It's More Fun In The Philippines, ONTD! IndieWire Applauds Unflinching & Impressive "Metro Manila"

If you're not into niche genre stuff like indie slasher films, Asian action flicks and ridiculously over-the-top monster movies then it's likely that you haven't even heard of the Fantasia Film Festival. For close to three full weeks this international festival descends upon the city of Montreal like a tidal wave of cinematic weirdness. The titles alone speak a thousand words: "Big Ass Spider!," "Zombie Hunter," "Curse of Chucky," "Drug War" etc. So when a movie like Sean Ellis' "Metro Manila" parachutes its way into the program, it almost feels like taking the first breaths of oxygen after a plastic bag's been lifted. Maybe it's the festival widening its range to include the sub-genres of drama, or it could be that they've succumbed to the temptation of premiering the 2013 Sundance Audience Award winner in Canada. Whatever the reason is, bless them for it.

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And this post is dedicated to all the awesome Filipino members here on ONTD, as well as the badass Fil-Ams, cool peeps with some degree of Filipino ancestry, and everyone who has a fierce Filipino friend in their social circle IRL.

Also: have you ever been to the Philippines, foreign members of ONTD? Any cultural stuff from my homeland (like lechon or Lea Salonga) you like or were ever curious about?
Aaron Tveit; Yellow

TV Characters Who Were Supposed to Die

They went on to become pivotal, scene-stealing, and even award-winning and spinoff-worthy cast members of their series, but these TV characters weren't originally scheduled to have long lives on their respective shows. Here, 11 great characters who cheated death in TV land.

 photo slide13-ytv-TVsInfamousSingles-m02-Jesse-jpg_001720_zpsc47c0b3f.jpg

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), "Breaking Bad"

We're very afraid of what may happen to Jesse in the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad," but we should all be grateful that Walt White's meth-making partner made it past the first season of the AMC drama, because he wasn't supposed to originally. Two-time Emmy winner Paul says series creator Vince Gilligan told him he had intended for Jesse to die in the show's ninth episode, but the 2007-08 Hollywood writers' strike gave Gilligan a chance to reconsider the decision.

Gilligan thought he was sharing a bit of good news with the actor — his character had proven too compelling and valuable to off — but Paul says it actually made him paranoid about his job for a couple of years… a fact that ornery co-star Bryan Cranston used to his advantage to play occasional pranks on Paul.

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Rest at source.
Xstatic Madonna

Jennifer Hudson's Outfit Takes Us Back To the 90's

She famously lost over 80lbs in the last two years and has taken advantage of her incredible weight loss to enjoy the new fashion opportunities that her new slim-line figure opened her up to.
And there is no doubt that Jennifer Hudson can look fabulous as has been evidenced by many photographs of her both at formal events and off-duty.
However in New York on Thursday the Dreamgirls star wore a peculiar mismatched outfit that seemed to confuse her as much as it did onlookers.
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Lady Gaga copies Madonna's recent sound for 'Applause' single

Parts of Lady Gaga's upcoming single "Applause" have leaked Saturday afternoon and it's already causing an uproar on Twitter, but not in a good way. It has been described as reductive, juvenile, stupid, and disappointing. However, Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" seem to be enjoying it.

The song certainly sounds a lot better than the Muslim-bating "Burqa." However, it's not saying much. The two clips released recall Madonna's most recent singles "Give Me All Your Luvin'" and "Girl Gone Wild." Even madonna fans will tell you that it's not necessarily a good thing. Still, it makes us want to hear the full song. In other words, it stands on top of a garbage can rather than in it.

This evening, Lady Gaga pretended to be upset on Twitter, although sources say the leak was a publicity stunt to try and take away the spotlight from Katy Perry. It wouldn't surprise us. Lady Gaga has been recently accused of faking hip surgery so she could cover up for poor ticket sales and posting naked videos of herself in order to deflect attention away from what many people feel is bad music.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan rumored to be in the running for Batman after meeting with Zack Snyder

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The latest Batman vs. Superman rumor puts actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the front of the line as the new Dark Knight.

Morgan (Weeds) is rumored to have met with Zack Snyder recently, leading some to believe that the director is thinking of casting the actor in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in his upcoming Man of Steel follow-up.

The popular notion right now is that Snyder is interested in casting an older, middle-aged Batman who has already been avenging his parents’ murder for several years when we meet him. Other actors rumored for the part include Richard Armitage, Josh Brolin and Armie Hammer, but the lattermost is a little too young to fit the bill and isn’t really interested anyway.

Per the insider report from Think McFly Think:

“The actor is taking a meeting with Zach Snyder for the role of Batman,” the leaker explains. “This doesn’t mean he is a lock for the part but Morgan was rock solid as the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’ and a little familiarity doesn’t hurt.”

The rumor is pretty unsubstantiated so far, and hasn’t really been picked up by mainstream gossip blogs.


‘Elysium’: Sharlto Copley on ‘creative chemistry’ with Neill Blomkamp

Tim Burton has Johnny Depp. Martin Scorsese has Leonardo DiCaprio. And Neill Blomkamp has Sharlto Copley.

The “District 9” writer-director and his leading man might not be as well known as others in Hollywood, but Blomkamp and Copley are emerging as one of science fiction’s most loyal and potent actor-director partnerships.

Copley played a mild-mannered bureaucrat charged with relocating some aliens in Blomkamp’s Oscar-nominated 2009 sleeper hit, and now the “District 9” duo is working together again on two more movies, a sci-fi comedy called “Chappie” and Friday’s future-set drama “Elysium.”

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I have a feeling I know what I know what ONTD's opinion on this movie is so I'm going to slowly walk away from this post. I just want to say that I enjoyed the movie, it wasn't amazing by any means and had its fair share of flaws but it was a whole lot better than other movies that came out this Summer. District 9 is still the far superior movie in my eyes though. And Sharlto truly killed it as Kruger, he was such a creeper especially when he was singing the South African nursery rhyme.
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In Today's Weird Fashion Trend News: Babies Wearing Watermelons As Overalls

Weibo, the Twitter of China, has invented a thrilling new trend: dressing babies up in watermelons. China's Xinhua news agency first reported the trend in July, pinpointing its origin to Wenzhou city, where parents of the baby above dressed him in a watermelon on a hot summer day for reasons unknown. His watermelon overalls were so cute, other parents imitated them to similarly cute effect. Gaming blog Kotaku points us to a baby in Gladiator-style watermelon armor and an adult in watermelon sunglasses.

Watermelon babies share meme DNA with this cat with a lime peel on its head, this other cat with a lemon peel on its head, and this kitten eating a watermelon.


Well... at least them watermelon-clad babies in China aren't wearing fur! PETA would be so all over this like whoa. Et tu, ONTD? Are you a fan of watermelons?

Usher's young son watches Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as he recovers from scary pool accident

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Usher's five-year-old son continued to recover in hospital on Saturday from a scary pool accident, but the family appear to be doing their best to move on.

The child's mother Tameka Foster, 42, posted an image showing two side-by-side snapshots of Usher V awake and recuperating in a hospital bed.

'Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry. Watching Fresh Prince... What does he know about the Fresh Prince? Intense face. Lol,' Foster said in her caption.

Foster on Friday lost her bid to get temporary primary custody of the boy and his four-year-old brother Naviyd during an emergency hearing in Atlanta.
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Courteney Cox breaks her wrist in Mexico

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Es no bueno ... Courteney Cox's Cancun vacation was cut short, when she fell and broke her wrist Saturday -- leaving her no choice but to hightail it back to the states. Ay Caramba.

Our sources tell us ... Courteney was chillin' with friends south of the border when it happened. We're told she somehow slipped and when she tried to break her fall, her wrist snapped. Doctors came to her hotel room and confirmed it was pretty bad.

So much so, the medicos put a cast on the busted limb -- but Courtney wasn't taking any chances and booked private jet to take her stateside ASAP ... to get treated by her own physicians. It's unclear if surgery will be necessary.


Lady Gaga's burqa is good for Muslim women.

Is Gaga’s recent choice to wear various “Islamic” items of clothing, a shameless exploitation of orientalist fetishes to promote herself as a pseudo-edgy ‘artiste’? Indeed it is. And yet, I find myself strangely satisfied at the uproar caused by her neon pink burqa, because it challenges the discursive monopoly on the meaning of Muslim women’s clothing. Muslim women’s clothing, apparently, can be oppressive or it can be nothing at all.

In 2009, Lady Gaga held a press conference to which she turned up wearing a bizarre full face covering. Unfazed by her typically outrageous fashion choices, the journalists proceeded to quiz her on her music, none storming out in protest that it was “impossible to read her facial features” or concerned about the “true identity” of who sat before them – no, not one even complained that it was “hampering communication”. Why? Because she’s Lady Gaga and not a Muslim woman.

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Ariana talks to celeb crush Lance Bass!!! & Fabulous Frankie Grande tweets pic w/ Bieber!!

Ariana Grande sat down for an interview at the Radio Disney studio, and while she was there a very special someone called in to chat with her! Radio Disney host Jake Whetter fielded a call from NSYNC’s very own Lance Bass, and handed the call over to Ariana!

Listen below to hear what Ariana has to say about Lance, NSYNC and her brother Frankie Grande! Plus, tell us if you would like Ariana and Lance to team up for a duet!

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Frankie Grande was super excited to take a selfie with Justin Bieber at a recent Believe concert! Frankie shared the photo above of he and Justin along with posting:


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Kimye: North West's Mug NOT For Sale

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are passing up several million smackeroos ... because they've decided not to attach a price to priceless baby pics of North West.

The pics could fetch a cool $3 mil ... but we're told K & K have already rejected such an offer.

Our sources says Kim and Kanye toyed with the idea of selling the pics and donating the money to charity, but decided against it.

They've decided to go one of two routes: Either release the pics to a fancy mag like Vanity Fair, or pull a Bey/Jay Z and release a crude snap on social media.

We're hoping they can still make ends meet.

i just wanna see the pickney tho

38 Final Fantasy X(mostly) and X-2 Remaster Screencaps Revealed

Today’s look at the game takes us back to the various locations within the world of Spira as well as a look at the trophies that can be unlocked in both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game.

One trophy, for example, requires the player achieve a strike of 99999 damage against an enemy – which you can see in one of the images below. For those who’ve never played FFX, a special item is required to exceed 9999 damage.

Some more information on the game’s music has also surfaced, following an earlier report that around 60 tracks from FFX would see the arrangement treatment. The musical director and arranger for this project is Masashi Hamauzu along with secondary music director Keiji Kawamori. Other arrangers include Junya Nakano, Tsutomu Narita, and Hirosato Noda while Nobou Uematsu returns as partial music supervisor.

Final Fantasy X-2 won’t be seeing any new arrangements for the HD version, however the sound quality itself should be a bit better regardless due to the source material. Instead of using the PS2 sound source, the music for this version will come from the OST itself.

That said, Square Enix still hasn’t given the game a release date but it’s still slated for some time this year.

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Breaking Bad Returns Tonight on AMC: Time to Catch Up!

(Recap of seasons 1-5)

"Breaking Bad" is back for its final farewell.

The AMC drama begins airing the last eight episodes in the series tonight, returning fans to the world of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White.
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1, 2 (major spoilers at src 1.)

Party Post!

Naya Rivera Takes A Swipe At Big Sean’s Exes With ‘Sorry’, An Ex Responds

Naya Rivera released her debut single "Sorry"  yesterday and saw it fit as the perfect opportunity to let the exes of boyfriend (and featured artist) Big Sean that he's all hers, calling out a couple of them out by name.

Amber, Brytni, Tiffany,
Sorry he belongs to me
Heather, Ashley, Stephanie
It just wasn’t meant to be,

And as expected, they were not too pleased  in particular a woman named Brytni, who dated Big Sean earlier this year. Who knows what happened behind the scenes that got Naya fired up enough to write a track but Brytni took to Twitter to respond to Naya:

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Dev Patel: The Green Knight: FOX TALKS

Crossing Lines 1x09 and 1x10 synopsis + some pictures

New Scars and Old Wounds please don't be the series finale please please please
special time. coming on an hour early
Kim Coates guest stars. Aw yeah

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This will probably end on an awful cliffhanger and we'll never get answers.
Guess it'll be explained where my bb Anne-Marie has been >:(

I guess this subplot was alright in tonights episode. At least Ava has a back story now. But awww @ my boo at the end ;~;


Promo pictures for finale
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Katy Perry ends year of disastrous diva anthems with 'Roar'

Katy Perry fans got a special treat Saturday morning when her latest soon-to-be smash 'Roar' leaked online. After disastrous new songs from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey disappointed music audiences, some feared that Katy Perry would follow the same path. She didn't.

'Roar' is a self-reliance anthem that deals with being held down and getting back up. It starts off with a creepy (in a good way) beat and leads to one of the best choruses in pop music history. She sings, "“I stood for nothing / So I fell for everything,” “You held me down / But I got up,” “I went from zero / To my own hero,” declaring “I’ve got the eye of the tiger” and “I am a champion / And you’re gonna hear me roar.” If the lyrics sound a little juvenile in print, you definitely have to hear them with the music.

'Roar' should be a huge hit for Perry. It would have possibly debuted at number one, but the leak forced 'Roar' to be released early. The first two days of sales -- which are often the biggest for a new song by a huge artist -- won't be included in next week's chart tally. They will be included in this week's tally, but two days of sales aren't enough for a song to hit number one. But we all know Katy Perry may be able to change the rules.

You can buy #ROAR right now on iTunes !!!


10 lessons Doctor Who can learn from the Thick of It

Two television shows that no one might have ever thought to compare are Doctor Who and The Thick of It. Spinoffs aside, The Thick of It is basically The Office set in the British government whereas Doctor Who is about a time-traveling alien with a habit of picking up adventurous young women. Aside from both shows being British and fantastic, they really didn’t have much in common to prompt any comparison.

Then Peter Capaldi was cast as the Twelfth Doctor, and everything changed. The two shows overlapped, and–like David Tennant with Casanova and Blackpool–there has been a rush to watch the new Doctor’s previous works and figure out which are suitable to share with the children. (Note: The Thick of It is not one of them.) Despite the differences in content and target audience, there are some fundamental lessons from The Thick of It that Doctor Who could do well to remember. So, as our dear departing Eleven might say, “Geronimo!”

Or, as Malcolm Tucker might say, “Let’s **** this ****** until **** ***** *******, you ******* ****!

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Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Always Knew I'd Be Famous'

NEW YORK — Jennifer Lawrence says growing up in Kentucky she always knew she would be famous.

The Best Actress Oscar-winner for "Silver Linings Playbook" tells the September issue of Vogue magazine that she used to "lie in bed and wonder" about what would make her well-known.

She says, "It wasn't a vision. But as it's kind of happening, you have this buried understanding: Of course."

The 22-year-old also confesses her childhood was "unhappy" because she was "anxious." Her parents even sent her to a therapist.

It was when she got cast in 2007 in the TV series "The Bill Engvall Show" that her mother realized she no longer needed counseling because when she was acting it made her happy.

Vogue's September issue goes on sale Aug. 20.


Oh, she is going to get SO much shit for saying that.