July 30th, 2013

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Rihanna ‘enlisting help of psychic as she is paranoid about losing her fame’

Rihanna is reportedly so worried about losing her fame because of her hectic lifestyle, shes’ seeing a psychic.

If she’s not on stage performing for her fans, she’s in the studio, on Twitter or lapping up the life of luxury on a yacht with pals.

Constantly doing something, the 25-year-old has also turned superstitious and has invested in a Buddhist fortune-teller and a psychic for help.

‘Rihanna is exhausted at the moment and feeling lonely,’ a source said.

‘She’s worried her fans could turn against her and is also convinced she’ll lose her fame.

‘It’s made her really superstitious. She sees signs and omens in normal events.

‘Rihanna has been to see a psychic and a fortune-teller, and asked for a look into her future.’

But in addition to her physcic, she’s also got best pal Cara Delevingne on side to help her out.

The source added to The Sun: ‘She has also been spending more and more time with model Cara Delevingne.

‘She has a phone that only Cara and her mum can reach her on. When they are together they stay up all night talking and drinking.

‘Cara is the person she turns to for everything these days, especially when she’s feeling down.

‘They speak and text constantly and are trying to spend as much time together as possible.

‘Rihanna’s bodyguards have a nightmare because they disappear down stairwells and out side doors and go out on childish jaunts when they are out together.’
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'Supernatural' Spin-Off Details Announced!

Supernatural fans – Are you ready for this?!

According to Variety, The CW is planning a spin-off of the long-running hit series, which will be set up by a backdoor pilot in an episode next spring – similar to what they did with The Vampire Diaries‘ spin-off The Originals.

The show will reportedly explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures in Chicago with all new characters.

The ninth season of Supernatural is set to premiere on Oct. 15 @ 9PM!

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Natalie Portman to move into directing with of A Tale of Love and Darkness


Oscar-winner Natalie Portman is to become the latest young female Hollywood actor to move into directing with a film adaptation of Israeli novelist Amos Oz's memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness.

The book, which has been translated into 28 languages and has sold more than a million copies worldwide, details Oz's childhood in Jerusalem in the chaotic period at the end of the British Mandate for Palestine, as well as the writer's experiences during the early years of the state of Israel and teenage years on a kibbutz. Portman, who was born in Jerusalem to an Israeli father and an American mother, will also take a supporting role as Oz's mother.

They say Portman is to arrive in Israel in October to cast local actors. The movie will be filmed in Jerusalem in early 2013.

It's not decided if the film will be shot in Hebrew or English. Honig's fund is providing $400,000.

Oz told Reuters he had been helping with the film's screenplay and expected Portman to arrive in Israel in September for pre-production. He said the true-life tale was expected to shoot in January 2014.

"She read A Tale of Love and Darkness and asked me for the rights to make a film adaptation around five or six years ago," he said. "I agreed because of my high esteem for her work. She's an excellent actor."

Portman has not yet made any public comment on the project. The 32-year-old won the best actress Oscar in 2011 for her turn as a troubled ballet dancer in Darren Aronofsky's splintered psychological drama Black Swan. She joins a growing list of female Hollywood stars who are venturing behind the camera. Ellen Page is to make her directorial debut next year with Miss Stevens, starring Anna Faris as a teacher chaperoning a mob of high school students to a state drama competition, while Bridesmaids's Melissa McCarthy will co-direct and star in the raunchy comedy Tammy, also next year.

source: 1, 2

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Avengers Sequel Quicksilver Role: I'm 'Really Looking Into It, Properly'

Following rampant online speculation that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is in talks to play Quicksilver in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," the actor spoke to Access Hollywood about the role.

"I think it's a really interesting character," the 23-year-old star told Access at the junket for his latest movies, "Kick-Ass 2." Though he couldn't confirm that he has been offered the role, the actor did give us a hint that he's being considered. "I'm really looking into it, properly," he continued. "We'll have to see." Adding, "Joss [Whedon] is a super talented director and has got a fantastic vision, I love what he did with the first 'Avengers.'"

The character - the mutant son of Magneto, who has the ability to move at amazing speeds - will first be seen on the big screen in July 2014 when Evan Peters plays him in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
Quicksilver's sister, the Scarlet Witch, is also slated to appear in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," which hits theaters on May 1, 2015.

Beyonce, Jay Z Visit Kim Kardashian and Baby North West at Home

Never too busy for friends! Beyonce and Jay Z took time out of their busy touring schedules to make a very important stop at Kris Jenner's home in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday, July 28, to pay a visit to Kim Kardashian and baby North West, a source confirms to Us.

Though best bud Kanye West wasn't home at the time (the rapper is currently in Milan, Italy), both Jay and Bey spent the morning with Kardashian, 32, who has not been seen out in public since giving birth to her tiny bundle of joy on June 15.

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James Blunt apologises for spamming the country with his new single

James Blunt  DirtyLilBlunt  on Twitter

For the recipients it was like finding Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket – but in reverse. Music fans expressed their outrage after being sent a “nationwide” spam email from James Blunt urging them to listen to his new single.

Twitter was swamped with complaints from Blunt-haters who received an unsolicited message from the "You’re Beautiful" singer in their inbox, titled “I’d like you to be the first to hear my new single.”

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Ronda Rousey’s ‘Body Issue’ picture immortalized in fan tattoo

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey posed nude for the cover of ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue in 2012. One fan was so moved by the picture he had the image turned into a tattoo. There was some artistic license taken with the tattoo, like UFC gloves instead of the body wraps, but it's not a bad likeness of the champ.

Here's the big question: Rousey's rival coach on the next season of "The Ultimate Fighter" and opponent at UFC 168, Miesha Tate, posed for the Body Issue this year. Will we see some overzealous fan with Tate body ink next year?

TATTOO POST! Show me your tattoos/bad tattoos (though I'm sure they're not mutually exclusive in some cases)

Bioshock Infinite DLC takes players back to Rapture

  BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea will take players in a bathysphere back to the emerald city of Rapture for a noir-styled adventure. The second and third pieces of downloadable content (DL-Sea) for Infinite are a far more narrative experience than today's Clash in the Clouds.
The first episode places Infinite protagonists Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture, the underwater city Andrew Ryan built so kindly in the original BioShock, around 1958, two year before the fall. Players will get to experience the city in a time before it became the leaky dream under the sea, with new weapons, new "Plasmids/Vigors," tears, Big Daddies and... apparently some sky-lines.
The second episode will have players taking on the role of Elizabeth. She won't be the bullet-absorbing tank that Booker DeWitt is, as Irrational Studios head Ken Levine explained it'll be a different type of experience. The two packs have been priced at $14.99 apiece (included in the BioShock Infinite Season Pass) with more details and a release date coming soon.

Ancients By Nicholas Buer

Newsflash, ONTD: Pope Francis I Says Quote, "Who Am I To Judge Them?"... IS THAT SO?!

Pope Francis has had a busy week at World Youth Day in Rio as he visited his slums and prisons, blessed the Olympic flag and brought three million people to Copacabana Beach for a final Mass on Sunday morning.

Now he has made another headline, this time when the pontiff said, "Who am I to judge a gay person?"

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Foxy Brown Caught Stealing a $900 Weave, Hair Stylist Confronts Her

Foxy Brown reportedly stole a $900 weave from a hair salon in Brooklyn. Ill Na Na visted celebrity hair stylist Genevieve "GStar" Jean-Baptiste at the UDJAT Hair Salon and asked to have the fake hair put in her head. But instead of paying her bill, Brown ran out of the shop.

Baptiste followed the rapper out of the salon, confronted her, and caught it all on Instagram video, which you can watch above.

You can hear Jean-Baptiste say, "Give me my money Foxy Brown" and "This is going to all the blogs." Brown does appear to be handing her cash in the clip, though.

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if video doesn't work, watch it on instagram @ elitestrands


any crazy shoplifting stories ontd?

DC vs. Marvel: Supergirl vs. Storm

For as long as there have been comic books, there has been the feud between DC and Marvel. Both are heavy-hitting comic companies that continue to gain legions of fans every year. The purpose of this column is to take one DC persona and one Marvel persona of equal measure and popularity and pit them against each other to see who would come out on top and who is a better character overall.

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Rest of the breakdowns at the source

Drug-free clean teen queen Lindsay Lohan asks for extra rehab time!

Lindsay Lohan is officially free to leave rehab Wednesday ... but she's decided on her own to stay longer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with LiLo tell TMZ ... Lindsay has told them she will stay another 3 - 4 days because she feels she needs a transition period before re-entering the free world. We're told she'd like to stay in a "lower level, sober living house" which she believes will help her recovery.

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don't D.A.R.E. try to knock this woman down when she is making healthy steps for a better life and bustling career!


Flawless Cate thinks she's 'peculiar-looking'

This summer has been pretty bleak for women in film. Most 2013 blockbusters have been heavy on the testosterone, with a few notable exceptions -- including the Cate Blanchett-helmed Woody Allen film, "Blue Jasmine."

In the film, which opened on July 26th, Blanchett reportedly gives a strong performance as a former Manhattan socialite who is recovering from the shame that her husband engaged in questionable sexual and financial activities during their marriage. Playing a woman in the midst of a breakdown was no small feat for Blanchette -- not just emotionally, but physically as well. But when The Hollywood Reporter suggested that a vainer actress may not have agreed to look as physically weathered as Blanchett did, the Academy Award-winning actress insisted that she doesn't see herself in terms of her beauty.

"I didn't think I was that girl. I'm peculiar-looking, I think, she told THR's Scott Feinberg. And Blanchett considers her less-than-perfect looks an asset for her career. "I think it's lucky as an actor that you can sometimes look decent-looking, and then you can also look strange and, dare I say, ugly," she continued. "I think that's good as an actor."

This isn't the first time Blanchett has spoken out about embracing her natural appearance. When Marie Claire UK asked Blanchett if she would ever consider plastic surgery back in 2009, the actress said:

When you've had children, your body changes; there's history to it. I like the evolution of that history; I'm fortunate to be with somebody who likes the evolution of that history. I think it's important to not eradicate it. I look at someone's face and I see the before I see the person.... You're certainly not staving off the inevitable. And if you're doing it out of fear, that fear's still going to be seen through your eyes. The windows to your soul, they say.

Though many would agree that Blanchett is far from unattractive, it's refreshing to hear an actress frankly discuss the way she looks -- not in terms of meeting or failing to fulfill a certain standard, but in terms of her actual career. Because "peculiar-looking" or not, Blanchett is first and foremost a talented actress.

( source )

How do you feel about the way you look?

Aniston tells ALL .... AND she eats PIZZA!

Jennifer Aniston reveals LOTS of fun details in a new interview with OMG! Insider's Jenny Hutt .....

Even though Aniston shows off a rock hard body in her new movie, WE'RE THE MILLERS .... She admits she DOES indulge in junk food now and then! She even has 3 favorites! Aniston tells Hutt she loves Pasta, likes to indulge in Mexican and pizza! See? She IS human! And as for those much buzzed about stripper moves ... How did she learn them? Check out the interview here

SOURCE http://youtu.be/U1u9rRDolk4
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Speculation Time, ONTD! IndieWire Kickstarts Their 2014 Academy Awards Nominees Predictions!

We know, we know, it's a little early to be making Oscar predictions.  But fall will be here any minute now, and there's actually already a few potential contenders in theaters. Things will be a lot more clear soon enough, and these charts will be updated to reflect each and every twist and turn that comes as a result. Check out our predictions for the nominations of the 86th Academy Awards below, which will be announced on January 16th, 2014. More categories coming soon!

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Check out the Best Original/Adapted Screenplay bets by IndieWire at the ( SOURCE )

More stage falls for next year's awards. That's ALL I ask, please...

Who do you think will make the Academy's final cut, ONTD?

P.S. This post is dedicated to one of ONTD's intrepid cinephiles with impeccable taste, wheresandrae
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Robbie Amell & Peyton List: CW's Summer TCA Party

Robbie Amell suits up as he hits the red carpet at the CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Partyheld on Monday (July 29) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actor was joined by hisThe Tomorrow People co-stars Peyton List, Luke Mitchell, Adelaide Kane,Aaron Yoo, Madeleine Mantock,Mark Pellegrino, Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards, and The Originals castJoseph Morgan, Phoebe Tonkin,Charles Michael Davis, Claire Holt,Danielle Campbell and Leah Pipes.

The Tomorrow People and The Originals premiere on The CW in October!

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The Cost of Becoming a Superhero

In the opening moments of The Wolverine, a shirtless Hugh Jackman as the title mutant hero saves the life of a Japanese solider just as the A-bomb is dropped over Nagasaki. Thick veins pop on Jackman’s massive arms and shoulders as he holds down the metal shield protecting the solider underneath and his body withstands the terrible heat of the nuclear blast. When the solider finally emerges, he stands in horrified awe as the Wolverine’s super-crispy body slowly heals itself back into its perfect, imposing shape. You can almost see him thinking, “My god, who is this man? And how did he get such enormous shoulders?”

For decades, superheroes lived almost exclusively on the page, their bodies limited only by the imaginations of the artists drawing them. Today, however, a small stable of actors are working mightily to mold their bodies to live up to their respective characters’ superhero physiques. In turn, many fans have obsessively dissected those actors’ grueling workout routines and absurd 5,000-calorie-or-more diets with a breathlessness rarely devoted to their actual performances on screen. We gape in awe not only at the fictional feats of Superman, Batman, and the Wolverine, but at the seemingly superhuman efforts to physically become those characters in the first place.

But rarely do we ask: at what cost?

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I figured this would be a good article to post, especially given the fact that in the original posts of Chris Pratt's newest body pic, some people were acting shocked that this kind of yo-yo dieting can be a major health risk. 

Also, there's no Chris Pratt tag? :(

adam: u talking u2 2 me

First Trailer for Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Having slowly carved out a directing career that’s perhaps more impressive than his acting resume, Ben Stiller‘s latest helming work looks to do something quite rare in Hollywood: produce a worthy remake of a classic. Following the 1947 version, this update on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty finds Stiller as a daydreaming magazine photo manager who embarks on an adventure to find a missing negative.

If you saw The Wolverine in theaters last weekend you’ve already seen this trailer, but now 20th Century Fox have made it available online and it’s quite a striking, unexpected preview. Mixing fantasy and reality, all with barely any dialogue, it’s shaping up to be one of our most-anticipated films of the fall and a huge step-up for Stiller in terms of directing scope. Also starring Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Sean Penn, Kathryn Hahn, Shirley MacLaine and Patton Oswalt.


OP: This looks awesome. Really excited for this movie.

ETA: Fox pulled the trailer off youtube. You can see it at yahoo.

Just What We Need, Another White Male Superhero Adaptation

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The CW is looking to its breakout freshman hit to give birth to a new superhero series.

CW president Mark Pedowitz used his platform Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour to announce that his network is fast-tracking Flash, a drama based on the famed DC Comics hero and member of the Justice League of America.

The network will look to Arrow co-creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter to introduce the lightning-fast character during the second season of Arrow.

"We plan to introduce the recurring character of Barry Allen who is the Flash," Pedowitz told reporters. "We're planning an origin story and we'll see how it goes. We do want to expand on DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there."
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Gabrielle Union goes blonde to play a reality TV star in new Chris Rock film

Blondes really do have more fun! Gabrielle Union is glowing as she arrives on set with her brand new golden tresses

Her already stunning appearance was hardly in need of enhancement. But for her latest movie, The Untitled Chris Rock Project, Gabrielle Union has gone golden blonde and it suits her beautifully.

The 40-year-old actress showed up to set on Monday in New York City wearing a giant beaming smile and looking great in a figure-hugging frock.

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What do you think about Gabrielle's new blonde hair?
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The Greatest Movie Virgins of All Time

Over the weekend, Aubrey Plaza's The To-Do List had the largest opening of any specialty feature this summer, reinforcing a truth as old as time: We like to cheer for people questing to lose their virginity. The movies have been telling these tales since the censorship codes first slackened. It's great to see The To-Do List succeed, as more often than not, these films follow young men. But, as we know, everybody wants to get laid.

Especially these classic movie characters—here are the Greatest Virgins of All Time in Movies.

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more @ source
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OWN, Winfrey’s Cable Channel, Turns Around Financially.

After several grueling years, Oprah Winfrey’s cable channel OWN has turned the corner toward profitability, her business partners at Discovery Communications said on Tuesday, six months ahead of a previously stated goal.

In the second quarter, OWN was cash-flow positive for the first time, said David M. Zaslav, Discovery’s chief executive. He credited investments in programming, including two new shows from Tyler Perry, and increases in subscriber fees from cable and satellite providers.

OWN, which is a joint venture between Ms. Winfrey and Discovery, is now “starting to pay down the investment Discovery has made in the venture,” Mr. Zaslav said.

When the channel was announced in mid-2008, Discovery said it would provide the cable shelf space for Ms. Winfrey (by converting the Discovery Health Channel into OWN) and $300 million in loans.

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TV On The Radio's 'Mercy' Premiers Across Instagram, HuffPost (EXCLUSIVE)

click image to listen (won't embed)

TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe claims that he "sees tons of people looking lost and lethal, and I think we're all the same" on the band's latest single, but if "Mercy" is any indication, there's far more "lethal" than "lost" to come from the Brooklyn natives.

HuffPost Entertainment is glad to be premiere the new song, which the band teased when they curated All Tomorrow's Parties and comes as a signal of the band's return to making music (there have been no announced plans for a full LP). It also marks the group's first outing on member/producer Dave Sitek's new label, Federal Prism. In keeping with the band's interest in technology, a preview was first teased on The Huffington Post's account.
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Nicki Minaj Talks About DJ Khaled's Proposal & Drake Rumors Of Leaving Young Money

Nicki Minaj finally speaks out for the first time since DJ Khaled's "proposal".

Well it seems that Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled won't be walking down the aisle together. The Young Money queen has spoken out for the first time since Khaled asked for her hand in marriage, kinda.

Nicki called up to Funkmaster Flex's radio show on Hot 97 Monday night and addressed the DJ Khaled proposal. Just like many fans, Nicki didn't seem to take his offer all that serious. She added,

“I was shocked just like the rest of the world and I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world ’cause Khaled is a master at what he does,”

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Seems like Drake is ready to pack his shit and leave soon.

ABC Family renews Switched At Birth and orders more episodes of Twisted and The Fosters

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ABC Family has renewed Switched at Birth for a third season, the network announced Tuesday.

Birth, which is nearing the end of its second season, is “like no other show on television and we are so proud to have it as part of our family,” Kate Juergens, executive VP of original programming and development at ABC Family, said in a statement. “Adding additional seasons and episodes of our returning series spotlights how well our programming resonates with our audience.”

The network has also ordered additional episodes of its freshman summer series The Fosters and Twisted.

Switched at Birth‘s third season is set to launch in January 2014.


Matt Damon Responds to Benedict Cumberbatch Bro-Date Request!

Remember Benedict Cumberbatch's totally adorable man crush on Matt Damon? The time that he told Vulture, "Do you have Matt's number? Can you pass along a message, and tell him that Benedict is a big fan and would like to hang? That would be brilliant."

Well, Ben — can we call you Ben? — wish granted.

NextMovie sat down with Damon this morning while he was promoting the sci-fi blockbuster "Elysium" and broached the subject of the possible budding bro-dom between the two. We brought up young Benedict's dream, to have a "hot night where we're all getting drunk and dancing and having a good time!"

Damon said he hasn't yet met Cumberbatch, alongside whom he is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, but that he'd love to grab a beer with him sometime.

And, yes, we know, talk is cheap, but for what it's worth, Damon's publicist stopped us on the way out to say she'd dropped a line to Cumberbatch's agent to make it happen.


Think Ben will be jealous? He doesn't seem like the jealous type, does he?

Watch Damon's reaction, and subsequent invitation, in the clip above. Be sure to look out for our full "Elysium" interview with Damon tomorrow.

Source: NextMovie

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James Deen On Michael Bay: 'He's Garbage, But His Movies Make Lots Of Money'

Porn star James Deen begins his assault on the mainstream with the release of "The Canyons" on Aug. 2, but don't expect to see Deen in the next big blockbuster from director Michael Bay. Deen, who plays the male lead in Paul Schrader's new film opposite Lindsay Lohan, slammed Bay as common trash in a new interview.

“You make that mass-produced, Hollywood blockbuster crap, you end up with Michael Bay's 'Transformers 11,'" Deen told the New York Post. "He's garbage, but his movies make lots of money. [...] [I was interested in] making a good movie and not bowing to the capitalist theory of Hollywood."

To that end, Deen told the Post that he isn't interested in leaving the XXX world behind. “People talk to me like this is my big crossover to the mainstream. Absolutely not,” Deen told the Post. "I have no desire to leave porn."

Indeed, those comments were echoed by Schrader. The director said that despite all the press surrounding "The Canyons," Deen still has his heart in the adult world. "I was just talking to him the other day. He's still hard at work; he was complaining about going to Venice, because he was going to lose money, going to lose $10,000 of work time," Schrader told BuzzFeed. "I said, 'James, at some point you’ve got to get out.'"

For more on Deen, head to the Post.


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Arctic Monkeys Release New Song "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"

Arctic Monkeys keep up their recent leakage of music by following up "Do I Wanna Know?" and "2013" with another song that asks a question for its title.

"Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" is reminiscent of the British band's 2009 release Humbug and will serve as the ninth track on Arctic Monkeys' next album AM due out September 9.


Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Circling Great New Movie Role in Ben Affleck Film

Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan is getting out of rehab on Saturday, kids. It’s been 90 days, she’s fresh as a daisy, and determined to turn over a new leaf. One thing is for sure: we know she can act. Paul Schrader’s “The Canyons” screened here last night in New York and Lindsay got kudos (in absentia) from everyone. Indeed, as Schrader said, she’s grown out of the ingenue stage and into a new chapter as a tough cookie, a broad. Think Annette Bening in “The Grifters.”

And so: it does seem as though Lindsay is going to be in Ben Affleck’s next directing project. Ben is putting together “Live by Night,” based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. Lindsay is thisclose to signing on– possibly as Emma, the tough waitress with a heart of gold who gets involved with the two male leads. “Live By Night” is a crime noir period piece, and Lindsay would be perfect for it.

In the meantime, Lindsay has agreed to be followed around by Oprah’s documentary crew for the first 45 days of her return home to New York. She’s going to be living “The Truman Show.” What better way to keep her on the straight and narrow?

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Love & Hip-Hop ATL Recap (Sorta): Season Finale

Here’s the abbreviated version of the events from the show:
Rasheeda and Kirk decide to work on their fake marital problems.
Scrappy goes in to marijuana rehab and comes out as “Darryl”.
Erica didn’t pawn her engagement ring but doesn’t want to get married.
Mimi is adjusting to life with her brand new boobs.
DJ Traci Steel and Babey Drew… *crickets*
Whasserface packs up her fake booty and heads to NYC.
Stevie J. accepts Joseline’s propsal (kinda)…
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source 1 & 2

As Auntie Crissle has said over and over again, just say no to fuckboys
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Messi spotted with a stripper *ALLEGEDLY*

According to widespread reports, Argentine international Lionel Messi has been spotted with a stripper in an uncompromising position, in Las Vegas.

Argentina’s Pronto magazine released these pictures earlier today that has landed the Barcelona star in trouble yet again, following the tax fraud case earlier this month.

The magazine claims that the pictures, which are doing rounds on Twitter, were taken in a strip club after the ‘Messi and Friends’ charity game in Chicago. The 24-year-old has a son and a girlfriend.

It is unclear whether the person of interest in the picture is Lionel Messi himself. It could be the work of miscreants and the images might be completely fake. Regardless, these pictures are bound to do rounds on the internet in the coming

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Folk Prince Johnny Flynn announces new album Country Mile + new song

London folky troubadour, Johnny Flynn will release a third album with his eponymous band Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit this coming September.

Following on from 2008 debut A Larum and 2010′s Been Listening, Country Mile will drop on 30 September via Transgressive Records.

You can listen to new track ‘The Lady is Risen’ below and pre-order the LP here.


Mariah Carey sticking to sensible shoes

Mariah Carey has been avoiding high heels since her fall.

Although the 'Hero' singer is known for her love of stilettos, her husband Nick Cannon says she has decided to stick to flat shoes while she recovers from a dislocated shoulder, cracked rib and chipped shoulder bone that she suffered after falling on the set of her video for the remix of 'Beautiful'.

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Hope she gets some Dr. Scholls inserts or something!!!! Can't let the shoe collection go to waste!


The most terrifying responses to our One Direction covers.

Here at GQ, we like to think we listen to our readers. However when we unveiled One Direction as the cover stars of our September issue last night, we weren't quite prepared for how many tweets we would receive in such a short space of time. (In fact, the response was so large that GQ.co.uk briefly crashed under the strain). While most were positive, and some less so, a few frankly had us fearing for our lives. Although the issue doesn't even go on sale until Thursday, a lot of the band's fan base took issue with certain cover lines, in particular one on Harry Styles' cover, "He's Up All Night To Get Lucky." It just goes to show: hell hath no fury like a Directioner scorned.

Warning: the following article contains serious abuses of Caps Lock.

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This troll-tastic mess is out Thursday. These kids sure have a vivid imagination.

The Return of Sasha Pivovarova

By Craig McDean for Interview April 2013

This February, we got a little...giddy at the Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 show, not just because of the usual parade of need-t0-own clothes, but because there, in a rounded white coat, was Sasha Pivovarova, in all her signature-stomp, heart-faced, ice-blue-stare glory. Backstage, we caught up with the Brooklynite and her baby, Mia (born last May), but only for a quick Instagram:

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Who is your favorite model? Mine is pretty obvious.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Released on $500,000 Bond


Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are free—for now.

On Tuesday, the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were each released on $500,000 bond, per the Star-Ledger. The popular Bravo stars, appearing in federal court in Newark, N.J., for their hearing on fraud charges, were also briefed on the possibility of Joe, a citizen of Italy but not the United States, being deported to his home country if he's convicted.

Teresa and Joe, who have been accused of conspiring to defraud lenders, illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans and allegedly trying to shield their assets during a bankruptcy case, were told the major charges from Monday's 39-count indictment against them. They did not yet enter their pleas to these charges, but are expected to at their arraignment hearing Aug. 14, 2013.

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Time for the Giudice Girls to get their own show tbh


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Princess Diana covers Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair contributing editor Sarah Ellison reports in the September issue on Princess Diana’s1995-to-1997 relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Jemima Khan, Diana’s close friend and the former wife of Hasnat’s distant cousin Imran Khan, tells Ellison, “Diana was madly in love with Hasnat Khan and wanted to marry him, even if that meant living in Pakistan, and that’s one of the reasons why we became friends.”

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'The Butler's David Oyelowo, 'Cloud Atlas' Actor Join Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'


"The Butler" star David Oyelowo and "Cloud Atlas" actor David Gyasi have joined the cast of Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar." an individual familiar with the hush-hush project has told TheWrap.

The duo previously worked together on "Red Tails," and details of their characters are being kept confidential.

Paramount, Warner Bros. and a representative for Nolan did not respond to a request for comment, though the three parties haven't confirmed any "Interstellar" casting to TheWrap. Representatives for Oyelowo and Gyasi declined to comment.

The epic sci-fi movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, Michael Caine and Mackenzie Foy, as well as John Lithgow, Ellen Brustyn, Bill Irwin and Timothee Chalamet, whose castings were first reported by TheWrap.

Story follows a heroic group of explorers who travel through a wormhole and into another dimension.

Nolan, who celebrates his 43rd birthday on Tuesday, is producing with Emma Thomas and Lynda Obst. Jordan Goldberg will exec produce with Caltech physicist Kip Thorne, who serves as a technical consultant on the top-secret project.

Oyelowo, who plays Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey's son in "Lee Daniels' The Butler," previously starred opposite McConaughey in Daniels' Southern thriller "The Paperboy." He recently worked with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise on "Lincoln" and "Jack Reacher," respectively, and will soon be seen opposite Zoe Saldana in the Nina Simone film "Nina."

Gyasi has worked with Nolan before, having played a prisoner in "The Dark Knight Rises." Gyasi has appeared on "The Walking Dead" and "Doctor Who," and he recently played multiple roles in Wachowski Starship's "Cloud Atlas."

Oyelowo is repped by WME, Inphenate, Hamilton Hodell and attorney Ira Shreck. Gyasi is repped by the Gersh Agency, Anonymous Content and United Agents.

source: thewrap

Jay Z Says This Generation Doesn't 'See Color In That Way.' Remains Dead Wrong.

Jay Z claims to be so bothered by George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict that he “didn’t sleep for two days” — yet the rapper is far from joining his fellow artists’ boycott on Florida.

While the likes of Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Usher and Rod Stewart are boycotting Florida until it repeals Stand Your Ground — Jigga and Justin Timberlake are getting ready to head to Florida to perform in Miami’s “Legends of Summer” concert.

Now, it appears Jigga is playing both sides of the fence for the Benjamin’s. Know why? ‘Cause dude isn’t only is saying “a professional law enforcement officer is taught not to profile” … he’s also says “this generation, they don’t see color in that way.”

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not surprised he said this. not one bit. I actually expected it. he's under some delusional impression that because a bunch of white kids listen to his music, and because music is now "integrated," that that suddenly now means that they're not racists or don't ~think like racists. #bye

Iggy Azalea is amazingly real

We met up with the Australian rapper Amethyst Amelia Kelly aka Iggy Azalea, who just two days ago announced that she’s going on Beyoncè’s ”Mrs. Carter World Tour,” for a very relaxed photo shoot and a little heart to heart.

The blonde beauty with the pouty lips and almond eyes has been living in the U.S. for a few years now but her accent is with no doubt still very Aussie. On a personal note, I find this significantly likeable and professionally it connects her with the Australian fans in a remarkable way. “I don’t get a lot of comments on my accent from the people in the U.S. but the Australians love it.”

What we love is that Iggy is amazingly real. Behind her fake nails and perfect makeup she shows herself approachable and open-minded. “Most people just ask me, is that your face?” she says faking a thick American accent, noticeably happy when I identify the tattoo on her lower arm as a simplified cartoon-style head of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

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What Happened to the Cast of Clarissa Explains It All?

For every pre-teen girl in the ’90s, Clarissa Darling was a hero – who also happened to “know it all.” The show, which aired for five seasons on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1994, followed Clarissa’s life as she navigated the troubles of boys, family (especially annoying younger brothers), and school. It’s been credited as being the first Nick show with a female lead, and it’s success made the network less hesitant to follow the same formula for other teen sitcoms.

So, what’s the cast doing today?
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Kanye West 'Sent Prince Clothes'

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have reportedly sent a baby gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The British royal couple welcomed their first baby, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis, into the world in a London hospital on July 22.

According to UK newspaper The Sun, Kanye and Kim, who recently welcomed a child of their own, were keen to congratulate the couple.

Apparently they sent Catherine and William clothes for the newborn prince that reflect Kanye's style.

"They sent William and Kate mini versions of Kanye's clobber, including skinny jeans and hoodies," the outlet reports.

It's unknown how well the royal couple received the reported gift.

"It depends if the Cambridges want to dress him in it," a source said of whether they will acknowledge the offering.

The Duke and Duchess are currently enjoying their first weeks of parenthood out of the spotlight, after introducing their son to the world last week.
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Discount 'Goodies': Ciara's New Album Being Hawked on Groupon

Ciara's self-titled new album has generally been seen as some sort of return to prominence for her. The Atlanta singer spent a year fighting through a number of false-start singles, which themselves came on the heels of her worst-selling LP, 2010's Basic Instinct. Ciara spawned "Body Party," her biggest hit in ages and has spun off another single, the Nicki Minaj-starring "I'm Out," to help her momentum decelerate at a respectably slow pace. But someone at her label, Epic, must not be happy with her first-week sales of 58,000, because it's come to this: Ciara's album is now available on Groupon.

That's right! You have three days left to order the following two-CD bundle featuring Ciara and an almost-greatest hits collection titled Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara. The double-disc offer is available for the discounted price of $13.99, which, to be honest, doesn't seem that cheap at all. You can order her new album on Amazon for just $8 and make a playlist of her hits on, say, Spotify. That is unless you're dying to own a physical copy of this weirdly assembled cash-in that features random mixes of hits you may have once loved. But why would you want that?

Nonetheless, Ciara's life seems to be going pretty well. She was recently in the Bahamas and driving a Bentley, not to mention the fact that she's dating Future. How bad can things really be?

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Michael B. Jordan Tells Bill Simmons: I'm Making a Basketball-Themed TV Show


"Fruitvale Station" star Michael B. Jordan is developing a basketball-themed TV show set in Detroit, the actor told Grantland's Bill Simmons on Moday's edition of popular podcast The B.S. Report.

It's unclear whether Jordan intends to act on the show or simply stay behind the scenes in a producing capacity. A representative for the actor had no comment.

After Simmons gave his guest some career advice (not that he needs any), Jordan responded, "Why don't you produce one of my TV shows I've been working on?"

"Is it a sports one? Will there be balls?" asked Simmons, who taped the interview on Friday.

"Yes, definitely. Basketballs," said Jordan, who revealed that the show is set in Detroit and in the vein of his past series "Friday Night Lights" and "The Wire." It's unclear whether the series would follow a high school, college, or professional basketball team.

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source: thewrap
ACL: everything is beautiful

Kris Allen, Wife Katy O'Connell Welcome Baby Boy Oliver Neil!

Kris Allen is a dad! The season eight American Idol winner, 28, welcomed a baby boy with his wife, Katy O'Connell, on Tuesday, July 30, his rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

"Little Oliver Neil Allen is here!" the rep tells Us. "He's 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great."

Allen first revealed his wife's pregnancy in January, after he was injured in a car accident. "Thank you, Ford, for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family and the little one we have on the way safe," he tweeted. "Yes, I got in a really bad wreck tonight, and yes, I'm having a lil baby."

Two months later, he opened up about first-time fatherhood-to-be at the SXSW Festival in Austin. "I am really excited," he gushed. "I've always wanted to be a dad...[Katy has] already started buying him clothes like mine. He's already got some [fedoras]."

This is the first child for the singer and his wife. Together since high school, they married in September 2008.


Spin Doctor Who? Peter Capaldi favourite to replace Matt Smith as the BBC's new Time Lord?

Peter Capaldi has become the bookies’ latest favourite to play the title role in Doctor Who.

William Hill reported there has been a surge of bets on Capaldi taking over from Matt Smith in the BBC science fiction drama at the end of the year.

The actor, 55, known for playing hot-headed Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, has been placed above Ben Daniels and Rory Kinnear to play the 12th Doctor.

Capaldi has surged to the top of the bookies’ list after a flurry of low-level bets under £50, making up 60 per cent of all bets placed on who will be named the next Doctor.

Joe Crilly, a spokesperson for William Hill, said: “Peter Capaldi was not even in our list a few days ago but he has been the subject of a lot of betting interest recently and this gamble would suggest that if he does not have the part already, he is almost certainly on the shortlist.

It is thought that Capaldi’s name began to surface after Doctor Who creator Steven Moffat said he would not rule out casting an older Doctor.

He said: “We’ve never not considered an older Doctor. It is completely on all the lists we make- there are absolutely older Doctors.”

Other actors who have been linked to the role in the past few weeks include David Harewood, Rory Kinnear, Dan Stevens, Bill Bailey, Daniel Rigby and Damien Molony.

Previous frontrunner Rory Kinnear has slipped to third place at the bookies after he revealed he had never seen an episode of Doctor Who.

Odds to replace Matt Smith as the Doctor

Peter Capaldi: 2/1

Ben Daniels: 4/1

Rory Kinnear: 6/1

Ben Whishaw: 10/1

David Harewood: 10/1


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Garden State music

Unknown spider species named after LotR-star

 photo dominic_monaghan_peter_jaeger_rocket_festival_zps47cb14f1.jpg

The spider expert at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, Dr. Peter Jäger, has discovered further previously unknown spider species in Laos. One of the spiders, now described for the first time, crawled across his path during the filming of Dominic Monaghan’s nature documentary “Wild Things”, which is why he named it after the Berlin-born actor: Ctenus monaghani. The new spider species was introduced with its first description, published in the scientific journal Zootaxa.

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Big Bang member and Wannabe nigga G-Dragon posted a photo of him in BLACKFACE.

The picture poses striking similarities between The Original Trayvon Martin Hoodie picture that many celebrities pay tribute to. However, GD fails to even understand the case and most likely has no idea who Trayvon is, and he is probably doing it to show that he is "down with the hood."

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source: INSTAGRAm/
Virtue/Moir: Cherbourg

Jerry Bruckheimer Says 'The Lone Ranger' Will Eventually Be Looked Upon As A “Brave, Wonderful Film”

The decision was likely decided upon for some time, but when Johnny Depp revealed he'd been toying with plans of retirement, it was difficult not to think of Disney's “The Lone Ranger” as a deciding factor. Three weeks on from its tepid $50 million opening, critics have both continued to bury it and risen to its defense, and while the dust slowly clears for everyone involved to move on, producer Jerry Bruckheimer believes in the end that distance will prove the best perspective.

During the TV Critics Association press tour while promoting his new CBS thriller “Hostages,” Bruckheimer briefly brought up his decades of experience in the business, and pointed to a corresponding moment that displayed similar symptoms. "It reminds me of a critic who called 'Flashdance' a 'toxic dump,'" he said of his 1983 producing effort. "Ten years later [the critic] said, 'This is really a good movie. I missed it.' I think ['Lone Ranger'] going to be looked back on as a brave, wonderful film."

Among those who have seen it, a lack of boldness doesn't seem to be an overwhelming criticism of the film; director Gore Verbinski attempts a unique blend of historical elements, jarring violence, and crowd-pleasing tendencies that doesn't quite gel. But while the waiting game begins for Bruckheimer to be vindicated in his comments, the producer believes Europe had a fairer glance at the film than America.

"You always want to get good reviews, but you know, it's reversed in Europe," he said. "It's 70 percent good reviews and 30 percent mixed there. So, that happens." What do you think? Is "The Lone Ranger" destined to ride into the sunset as a future classic?


kim k judging

Selena Gomez sells less then her peers, manages to debut at #1

Selena Gomez's fourth record, "Stars Dance," was predicted to sell between 95-105k last week. Selling under 100k, she manages to debut at #1 as there is no one relevant debuting that week.

This is Selena's first #1 album and highest first week sales after being in the music industry for over 4 years now. She is set to debut #1 on Billboard tomorrow.

Hopefully her team will wait for Billboard before telling her this time. Congrats!!

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Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto to Divorce

Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto are calling it quits after two years of marriage.

The couple "have decided to amicably split. They will continue to remain good friends," his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The Vampire Diaries star, 31, and Pretty Little Liars actress, 29, met in 2007 on the set of their film Killer Movie. They were married in a private ceremony in New York City in April 2011.

DeVitto also appears on Vampire Diaries; in 2012, Wesley spoke of the benefits of working on the same set. "It's fantastic because otherwise we'd be 2000 miles away, Los Angeles and Georgia, so it's very nice to be in the same geographical location," he said at the time.

Robin Thicke Calls ‘Blurred Lines’ a ‘Feminist Movement Within Itself’

If you've been holding off on enjoying Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" because of the possible interpretation of its subtext or the way the song's music video treats its models with about the same respect that a horseman has for his prize pony (to be fair, the models' manes are extra shiny and, boy, can they canter!), let go and enjoy! "Blurred Lines" isn't anti-feminist — it's actually super feminist because it defends every woman's independence ("that man is not your maker") and right to have sex with Robin Thicke.

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Panic! At The Disco Drummer Reveals Struggle with Addiction

Panic! at the Disco drummer Spencer Smith recently took to the band's website to reveal a multi-year struggle with narcotics and drug addiction.

A Message from Spencer

For the past 4 and a half years I’ve been battling addiction. Well, to be honest, I’ve really been battling it for the last two years. Those first 2 and a half years were spent in a place where I thought I had finally found the correct dosage of my personally prescribed medicine to feel “normal"…..In reality, I was mostly stumbling through my life hoping no one noticed I was high.

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Holy shit dude, I never even knew. I always thought Ryan Ross was the known addict (I wonder if he played a part in this?

Katy Perry Opens Up On Rihanna, 'Dark' Side Of Fame

We may not know a whole lot about Katy Perry's possible upcoming album, Prism, but we certainly now know a lot more about her personal life. Perry graces the September cover of Elle UK and opens up to the magazine about relationships, tabloid rumors and her longtime friendship with fellow pop star, Rihanna.

"I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, I'm reminded of the light that she has. There's a lot of dark in this business," Perry said before elaborating, without naming anyone specific. "I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages — they are the root of their demise. It's really unfortunate but you can't save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over."
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Rejoice: Film academy elects first African-American president!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the group which awards the Oscars each year, has elected its first African-American president.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs was elected by the board of governors to lead the Academy on Tuesday night, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Boone Isaacs, a veteran marketing executive who currently heads CBI Enterprises, is only the third woman to lead the 86-year-old Academy. The first two female presidents were actress Bette Davis and screenwriter Fay Kanin.

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And La Loca Lohan has left Rehab!

90 plus days in rehab didn't make Lindsay Lohan modest -- 'cause she wasted no time showing off her legs moments after leaving Cliffside Tuesday afternoon.

Lindsay was smiling in shades, blue print mini-dress, suede-fringe jacket and knee-high socks as she got into the SUV that picked her up from the Malibu facility.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she'll be staying with a sober coach somewhere in Los Angeles for the next few days.

As we previously reported, Lindsay's telling people in her life she feels like she needs a transition period before re-entering the real world on her own.

Gotta say, so far ... she's looking good.


Can't wait for her interview with Oprah in a few weeks!

Catfish: The TV Show – Jen and Skylar

It’s another week and another episode of MTV’s Catfish. This week, we’re heading to Iowa to meet Jennifer. Jennifer is an adorable and bubbly girl who has fallen for a boy named Skylar. She met Skylar online when she turned to an online gaming community as an outlet to get away from her bullying. I love Jen. Nev loves Jen. Max loves Jen. It’s a bummer she’s bullied.

Catfish Jen and Skylar Recap:

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LIP-SYNCING LEGEND & VEGAS VIXEN debuts new single!!!

Beyonce and Mariah Carey better be ready to bow down because the real Queen of Lip-syncing is back on the the scene. (and queen of Vegas lbr, hi Britney.) Shimmering in a gold blazer and pretending to sing live during a recent concert in Quebec was Celine Dion, who debuted a new song called “Loved Me Back to Life”.

Rumoured to be the lead single from Dion’s upcoming album, “Loved Me Back to Life” was penned by Sia (Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, Beyonce’s “Standing on the Sun”). Dion performed the tune for the first time “live” for 42,000 spectators during her Celine… une seule fois show in Quebec City on July 27.

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[fringe] crying

Anna Torv + Jennifer Jason Leigh cast in Ryan Murphy HBO Pilot

Ryan Murphy has cast two talented, well-known actresses to lead his sexy HBO pilot.

Fox’s Fringe star Anna Torv and veteran performer Jennifer Jason Leigh (most recently seen on Showtime’s Weeds and ABC’s Revenge) have joined the cast of Open.

The pilot is described as “a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships.” Anna Torv will play Windsor, “a yoga instructor in a long-term relationship with Holly (Jennifer Jason Leigh), but upon meeting Grace feels an instant connection.” Now Murphy just needs to cast Joshua Jackson and John Noble to bring the dreams of Fringe fan fiction to life!

The actresses join actors Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley, who were previously announced.

Open is from American Horror Story writer-producer Murphy and Dexter co-executive producer Lauren Gussis; it’s produced by Fox 21.


Really happy to have Anna back on my tv screen. And at least we all know this show will be amazing for one season before sinking to the depths of hell!