July 25th, 2013


'Blackfish' Documentary looks at SeaWorld's captive Orcas.


What the Oscar-winning 2009 documentary "The Cove" did for dolphin slaughter in Japan, "Blackfish" may do for killer whales living in captivity while performing at marine parks.

"Blackfish," explores what may have caused Tilikum, a 12,000-pound orca, to kill three people, including veteran SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.
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henry i

Smallest Penis Contest Winner Tells All!

Nick Gilronan must have big you-know-whats.

The 27-year-old UPS Store worker who won Brooklyn's smallest penis contest said he's proud of his puny package.

"The size of a man's penis does not matter for who he is as a person or in a relationship," he told Gothamist after his victory Saturday at Kings County Bar.

Gilronan told the website he wanted to "put on a good show for the audience. Looks like my efforts were successful."

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Rumoured leads for Star Wars VII

Disney conspicuously kept Star Wars out of this year’s Comic-Con slate only to have it at it’s own annual D23 Expo, which is about three weeks away, August 9-11 in Anaheim.

The studio is working to produce a Star Wars: Episode VII and continue the story of where 1983′s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi left off. Production on the seventh film in the series will start next year in the UK.

Star Wars cast announcements are speculated to be on the horizon at this year’s D23.

About a two months ago my source informed me that they were going to start filming in Pinewood, but I really never paid any mind to it and now it ends up being true that they will indeed film there. I was also told that a MAJOR film star went in for a meeting, that star was Leo DiCaprio. And now I’m told that he’s out.

A little while ago I was told that two names have been thrown around a lot, and that another star went in last week.

The two stars are none other than…

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Funniest Celebrity Pseudonyms Of All Time

It hasn’t been the best week in the world for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Yesterday, news came out that more lewd pictures and texts of Weiner (what a name) sexting some chick hit the Internet.

One of the more interesting and funny details is the alias Antony Weiner was using while dicking around: "Carlos Danger."

(We’re sure there’s a Latin King member out there quite upset by the gringo’s name choice.) [LMFAO]

The second Carlos Danger’s name was released, Twitter-nation went wild with jokes and memes.

Carlos Danger is a funny pseudonym — and it’s just one of many funny pseudonyms celebrities and politicians have used.

Here are some more funny famous ones.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs is a big fan of Friends? Who would have guessed! During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew Perry, the actor who played Chandler Bing on the popular show Friends, revealed that when the singer signs into hotels he used the name Chandler Bing. Bieber's homie Lil Twist uses the name George Costanza.
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Amanda Bynes' former friend sells her out, reveals details of bizarre behavior

Ana Rivera says she came to know Bynes last November, observed much of her bizarre behavior and was even called ugly repeatedly.

A former New Yorker who claims she befriended troubled former child star Amanda Bynes last November and had a front-row seat to the actress' downward spiral offered more disturbing revelations in an exclusive interview obtained by The News.

Ana Rivera, 22, told media agency Coleman-Rayner that Bynes, 27, talked to herself and watched Marilyn Monroe movies on mute while living between Manhattan hotels and a studio apartment on Wall Street.

"The (Wall Street) place was a mess. She didn't even have a shower curtain in the bathroom, so there was always an inch of water on the floor," Rivera said.

She said Bynes changed all her light bulbs to red, even the lights in her chandelier.

"She said she liked the way it made her look," Rivera recalled.

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Debbie Rowe to Testify about Michael Jacksons drug use!

Debbie Rowe will testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case that MJ was a SECRET, hardcore drug addict for decades -- testimony that could severely damage the Jackson's case.

Sources connected with the trial tell TMZ ... Rowe will be called by AEG Live Tuesday or Wednesday ... and she'll testify that in the '80s and '90s ... she knew Michael was abusing some prescription meds, but had no idea his habit was so out of control.
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Source: http://www.tmz.com/2013/07/25/debbie-rowe-testimony-michael-jackson-drug-use-aeg-wrongful-death-lawsuit/

Leo and Lukas go to dinner with Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio gives the thumbs up to his group of pals, including rumored girlfriend Toni Garnn, as they leave a restaurant to get their valeted car on Tuesday (July 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model were joined for dinner by his BFF Lukas Haas, among some others.

“On the road again! See you in September NYC! Really hoping these bags won’t get lost too many times on this one…” Toni tweeted earlier in the month. Have fun this summer, Toni!!

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Who would star in the Trayvon Martin movie?

Now that George Zimmerman's murder trial is over, it may not be long before some sort of biopic hits the small screen. Here's our best guess for who would star in the biopic.

17-year-old Trayvon Martin's was killed by George Zimmerman in February 2012.

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Some more photos/suggestions at the SOURCE
Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch

Daniel Brühl finally gets his own poster for "Rush"

New Rush Character Posters

There's a distinct Maverick / Iceman dynamic to these new Rush character banners. In the left corner... well, car, is 'the Playboy', James Hunt's hard-driving, harder-living bon viveur; in the right, Niki Lauda's 'Perfectionist'. Methodical, determined, focused. There's a yin and yang to this screen pair we haven't seen since the gang at flight school in Miramar. Look out for a bit where the Lauda says, "I don't like you because you're dangerous," before they all go off and play beach volleyball.
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Sources: 1 , 2

Usually I'd say I hate what they did with Daniel's hair and the way they made his overbite more pronounced, but they did a good job at making him look more like Lauda.

New Interview With Moffat About 12: The Search Has Barely Begun for "Him"


Doctor Who's Steven Moffat has spoken to Digital Spy about the show's future and the 12th Doctor.

Moffat talks about the search for an actor to replace Matt Smith on the BBC One sci-fi drama, in an interview shot at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego.

The showrunner also reveals whether or not he would consider casting an older Doctor, and which fan favorite characters will be continuing into the 12th Doctor's era.

"You can push [the 12th] Doctor a bit further maybe, if you've got a familiar world around him," he hinted.

The first full series featuring Smith's successor will air on BBC One in 2014, with Moffat giving DS an update on the current status of series eight.

Doctor Who returns to our screens for its 50th anniversary special on Saturday, November 23.

Video at the source (won't embed).

ETA: Key quotes from the interview:

"Once we announced -- slightly earlier than we intended -- that Matt was leaving, every newspaper is all about that and everyone's buzzing about it so you kind of want to sit tight while that's going on and think, 'Yeah, well... we'll get to [casting/announcing the 12th] in a bit.'" *smug chuckle*

"The difference between casting Bond and Who is obviously that, you know, Doctor Who can be anything from 70 to 20. You know, It can be anybody. So you're not merely finding another person to fill that part, you're finding a different version of that part. Something that will absolutely make it different."

"We've never not considered an older Doctor. There is a huge theory that we're trying to appeal to a Twilight demographic or something. It's all nonsense. There was a 30-year age range in the Doctors we saw last time."

"It is completely on all the lists we make. There are absolutely older Doctors."

"[Launching The 11th Hour with a brand-new cast] was a hellish situation. It was ridiculous. You're not meant to do Doctor Who like that. The execs left, the producers left, the stars left. Everybody left. We felt like imposters."

"This time I've made sure we've got a bunch of characters around him so that we can have a new Doctor introduced and we can push that Doctor a bit further, maybe, if you've got a familiar world around him*."

"I'm rather enjoying the white noise of complete nonsense. I'm not sure anything is right [about rumors surrounding the 50th]."

"Even at our most arc-intensive, it's not that arc-intensive. People talk about Series 6 being hugely complex, and you think 'Actually, it's not.' It's really not!" [OP dies laughing]

*To be honest, I'm having a hard time telling if he's saying "him" or "it" on listening more closely. I know, I know -- fuck Moffat. But I find this interview strangely endearing? It's the first time he's seemingly admitted some flaws and some need for change? Still not here for Strax, Jenny and Vastra being part of his "family," though.

Heidi Klum: My Mom Takes My Racy, Topless Bikini Pictures

There's more to Heidi Klum's racy photographs than meets the eye -- as it turns out, the former Victoria's Secret supermodel recently revealed to Access Hollywood, the skilled photographer behind her risque snaps is none other than her own mother.

"You will be surprised when you hear that my mom takes most of the photos," she told Access Hollywood of her recent string of sultry bikini shots. "Yeah, my mom and dad. They were on holiday. Yes, so my mom can take some good photos."

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Jodie Sweetin's Husband Declares Custody War -- I Want the Kid, Too!

Jodie Sweetin's 2-year-old daughter could become the unfortunate centerpiece in her divorce -- TMZ has learned, Sweetin's estranged husband is gearing up for a full-on custody battle with the former "Full House" star.

We broke the story ... Sweetin filed for legal separation from Morty Coyle last month, citing irreconcilable differences -- but the kicker ... Sweetin requested full custody of their daughter.

But Coyle's not going down without a fight -- he just filed a response to Sweetin's docs, asking the judge to award him joint custody.

He also wants to block the court from awarding Sweetin spousal support.

Coyle and Sweetin had barely been married a year when they split. They were married in March 2012. Sad.

Let's live our lives heroically

A Lady Doctor Who, And Some Other Hopes and Dreams

It's hard to pinpoint when the rumblings started. It could have been fans – fans calling for a female Doctor, fans (and failure "news" sites) totally against it. It could have been Helen Mirren, stating "I’m not going to be the first female 'Doctor Who.' No, no, no. Absolutely not, I absolutely wouldn’t contemplate that... but I do think it’s well over-time to have a female 'Doctor Who'... I think a gay, black female 'Doctor Who' would be best of all," and solidifying her place as president of my heart. Former Who cast member actor John Barrowman has said much the same: "We've had great guys playing the role. The character of River Song was so popular in the last part of the series and it [had] such an impact -- why shouldn’t we have a female doctor?" When Captain Jack Harkness says something, you'd be hard put to argue. That's even truer when the Doctor himself expresses the same sentiments. Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, will be leaving the show with this year's Christmas special and will regenerate into...well, Who knows? The role is reported be as yet un-cast. But at San Diego ComicCon this past Sunday, there was much speculation and even a little bit of teasing, including from the mouth of the 11th himself

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Top Ten Final Boys of Horror


Everyone talks about the final girls of horror, but what about the final boys?  Sometimes the men are just as important in horror.  You’ve read my top fifteen favourite final girls, now read on for my favourite final boys!

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Rest at the source

I do not get the big deal with The Loved Ones. Why does everyone act like it's the best horror movie ever? None of the characters were particularly original or extra-interesting. I just don't get it.

Miley Continues To Bow For Beysus

Miley Cyrus used her latest "Throwback Thursday" opportunity on Twitter to show a pic of her singing with Beyonce:

After getting a verse about her in Jay-Z's SomewhereinAmerica and her recent choosing of Beyonce over Rihanna, one wonders whether she's interested in pulling a Kimmy K and getting in close with the first family of hip-pop.

Tweet Source
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Google Doodle: Rosalind Franklin, DNA scientist

The latest Google doodle celebrates the life and work of British biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin, whose research led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Franklin was born in Notting Hill, London on 25 July 1920.

The second "o" in the doodle contains her image, while the "l" has been replaced with the DNA double helix.

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Britney Gene

Enrique Iglesias open to Bynes duet (and Miley)

Enrique Iglesias hopes Miley Cyrus will teach him how to twerk if they collaborate in the future.

The Spanish singer-and-songwriter is currently promoting his forthcoming album and his new single Turn The Night Up.
Enrique wouldn't rule out working with the troubled actress, who has recently revealed her aspirations to make it in the music industry.
He also named Miley Cyrus as another star who has caught his eye.
"Of course I know who Amanda Bynes is. I would collaborate with her, if I like the song, a collaboration is a collaboration," he told New York radio station 92.3 NOW.
"I would like to work with Miley Cyrus. I like her. I met her the other day in the lobby of a hotel. She's really down to earth. We haven't twerked yet! No, I can't do it. It's become the in thing though, yeah?"
Enrique discussed his new track and the inspiration behind the lyrics. He says Turn The Night Up is based on his favourite phrase.
“It's on the way I'm excited I'm nervous you don't know how people are going to act. The craziest part of this is that it's based around a phrase 'Gimme some of that'. I always walk around my house saying, ‘Gimme some of that'. If I’m hungry, I say, ‘Gimme some of that.’ If I’m horny, I say, ‘Gimme some of that.’ So I got to the studio and I kept on saying that phrase and we wrote a song around it," he smiled.
"We never planned for it to be the first single off the album it's a song that's a little out there. It’s one of those crazy songs that you write and you think, ‘This could be either good or bad but if I pull off the vocals I could actually have something.’”


LOL if this is true. Remember when Britney fans were freaking out because they thought him and Britney were gonna have a tour together.

Paula Deen’s Cook Tells of Slights, Steeped in History

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Dora Charles and Paula Deen were soul sisters. That’s what Ms. Deen called the black cook from the start, even before the books and the television shows and the millions of dollars.

For 22 years, Mrs. Charles was the queen of the Deen kitchens. She helped open the Lady & Sons, the restaurant here that made Ms. Deen’s career. She developed recipes, trained other cooks and made sure everything down to the collard greens tasted right.

“If it’s a Southern dish,” Ms. Deen once said, “you better not put it out unless it passes this woman’s tongue.”

The money was not great. Mrs. Charles spent years making less than $10 an hour, even after Ms. Deen became a Food Network star. And there were tough moments. She said Ms. Deen used racial slurs. Once she wanted Mrs. Charles to ring a dinner bell in front of the restaurant, hollering for people to come and get it.

“I said, ‘I’m not ringing no bell,’ ” Mrs. Charles said. “That’s a symbol to me of what we used to do back in the day.”

For a black woman in Savannah with a ninth-grade education, though, it was good steady work. And Ms. Deen, she said, held out the promise that together, they might get rich one day.

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Does a source get more legit than the NYT?

I know y'all are probably tired of hearing about Paula Deen, but this is one of the most revealing articles I've read about her character, tbh.
Ancients By Nicholas Buer

And Bong-Joon Ho's Epic "SNOWPIERCER" Continues To Slay With a Final Trailer + More Rave Reviews.

Praying so f*cking hard for all of you ignorant folk who refuses to acknowledge the existence of this film and will certainly miss out on this dark and beautiful cinematic masterpiece.

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My second husband is captivated by his role in 'Orange Is the New Black'

The title of the new, acclaimed Netflix series is "Orange Is the New Black," but for one of the show's stars, Matt McGorry, it's all about playing green as a rookie prison guard.

That's because McGorry's character, John Bennett, must learn how to distinguish the proper line between a guard and an attractive female inmate, Dayanara (Dascha Polanco), among other things.

"Bennett is new to the prison system like Piper -- who is at the center of the show -- and he has to deal with Dayanara, who he has flirtations with initially and things sort of become complicated," McGorry told me in recent interview. "He has to learn the ropes of the prison system and what's appropriate and what isn't appropriate -- and how to deal with a crush and a love that's pretty forbidden."

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Benedict Cumberbatch Marries Two Men In Civil Ceremony In Ibiza

'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch has shocked fans by marrying two men in a ceremony.

But the actor hasn't entered into a legalised three way marriage (that would be silly, and besides, he's very heterosexual) - he was overseeing the civil ceremony of two male friends in Ibiza at the weekend.

Illustrative image of Benedict and Colin Firth fixing Gary Oldman's tie. Not related to the wedding.

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The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' star agreed to officiate at the gay wedding on the White Isle on Saturday. He told The Sun: “It’s a very private, lovely thing to be asked to do.

“Of course I’m going to make a joke after it if it goes well — ‘I do weddings. Next will be children’s parties and bat mitzvahs’. “It’s a mainly Jewish and gay audience so hopefully they will be lenient towards me.”

Also at the ceremony between the two unknown men was writer Julie Burchill, who said: “The hotel was lush, the bridegrooms were beautiful, and the man who married them (to each other) was Benedict Cumberbatch — so yes, it was quite a blast.”

Meanwhile, Benedict is set to feature heavily at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival with no less than three of his films featuring at the event 'The Fifth Estate', which sees him playing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, will open the event on September 5.

He will also feature in '12 Years a Slave' and 'August: Osage County', which he stars in alongside Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.


Benedict was seen arriving in Ibiza a few days ago.

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner & the UNCENSORED Weiner

23-year-old Sydney Elaine Leathers tells TMZ she sent the photo to Weiner in July 2012, modeling a cheeky-cut lace thong (good choice) ... in what appears to be her bathroom (bad choice).

Weiner admitted yesterday he sexted long after he resigned from Congress in 2011, but finally nipped his sexting problem in the bud last summer ... around when Leathers sent the thong photo.

Leathers says ... Weiner was very persistent in his naughty picture requests, asking her to send all sorts of naked photos ... more than 30 in total. But we're told Weiner also has a foot fetish, and regularly asked for pics of Leathers' feet in heels. Of course, this was all allegedly in exchange for pictures of his own naked ... weiner.

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Source, 2
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.


Actress Indira Varma has been cast in season four. Varma will play Ellaria Sand on the show, the sexually adventurous paramour of a key new character, Prince Oberyn Martell “The Red Viper” (played by Pedro Pascal).

Since playing Niobe on HBO’s Rome, Varma has had roles on Fox’s Human Target along with UK dramas Silk and Hunted. Last year, the production added fellow Rome actor Ciarán Hinds.

Varma joins fellow season 4 new hires Pascal and Sherlock writer-actor Mark Gatiss. Last week at Comic-Con, Thrones producers and cast told EW they expect season 4 will be the show’s best season yet. “We got more action, which is obviously more time consuming,” says showrunner David Benioff. “It’s a brutal shooting season ahead. But if we can make it through, yeah, I think it’s going to surpass season three. The last 3 episodes, there’s so many scenes we’ve been waiting for so long to do. And it just gets more and more fun to write for these characters. After three years of doing it, we have that much more comfort to make everything uncomfortable for them. We’re very excited for it.”


this makes me curious about what direction the other dornish casting will go, since so many people like lindaaaaaaaaaa were adamant that "dornishmen are not indian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Americans aren't buying Beyoncé's product

NEW YORK (AP) — It seems that not even Beyonce or new, lower-calorie options can convince Americans to drink more soda.

Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. all sold less soda in the second quarter in North America, dashing hopes for the moment that splashy new marketing and different sweetener mixes could get drinkers back.

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Are Americans tired of quenching their thirst with sugary, acidic, carbonated syrup? Or is it time for a different advertising technique?

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Third and Final New "GRAVITY" Clip Shows Bullock & Clooney Plummeting Towards Earth

[Sandra] Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky [George Clooney] in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone – tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth…and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.

Sources: http://youtu.be/-QQGVvt_iW8; http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/JoshWildingNewsAndReviews/news/?a=84177#Li3pS41Hl1MPIzsS.99
Androo smile

Jason Segel’s Character “Mike” to Be Recast in “SLC Punk! 2: Punk’s Dead,” But the Rest of the Crew


As announced earlier this year, the long-awaited sequel to director James Merendino’s cult film SLC Punk!, which was released in 1999, is due out in 2014. However, despite the best efforts of fans — who launched a petition to get Jason Segel to reprise his role as Mike — it appears that Segel’s role will be recast due to the actor’s lack of interest in the film.

Writer/director James Merendino stated
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Universal Furniture CEO Feels Bad For Paula Deen, Stands By Her

(there's a picture of paula, but damnit you know what she looks like)

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The North Carolina-based home furnishings company that markets Paula Deen's furniture line is sticking with the embattled celebrity chef.

The High Point Enterprise (http://bit.ly/1c5x4fY) reports that Universal Furniture International will continue to market the Paula Deen Home Collection.

Deen has been under fire since the revelation earlier this year of a legal deposition in which Deen admitted under oath to having used the N-word. Many companies have dropped Deen since the deposition became public.

Jeff Scheffer with Universal Furniture says he feels bad for Deen. He says the Deen he knows isn't the one who has been portrayed in the media recently.

Scheffer wrote retailers saying his company accepts Deen's apologies for her previous comments. He says part of the decision is based on retail customer feedback.


here's the store.
geo gif smiling cup

Julian Lennon Talks to Larry King


Julian Lennon, son of John, sat down with Larry King for Larry King Now. Some highlights:

"My first concern at that point was to make sure that mum was okay. More than anything," he said about losing his father. "That was the first love of her life. She's known him much longer than I'd ever known her and was much more closer than I had ever been."

Here, Lennon talks about his father's passing.

To view the video click the Source

Jay Z: "My presence is charity, just like Obama"; compares self to Shakespeare

It’s time for some pure, unfiltered Jay Z.

Over the past few years, if Jay Z had something to say, he would put it on wax, but this time around he’s unleashing his uncensored thoughts in a series of media interviews, including his latest sit-down with The Truth’s Elliott Wilson.

During the interview, held at Yankees Stadium, Jay discussed various topics, including being criticized by social activist Harry Belafonte, who says that he and Beyonce have turned their back on social responsibility and giving back. He also dished his feelings on the George Zimmerman verdict, and pegged Drake as his biggest competitor.

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Meet the new BAU section chief on Criminal Minds

The BAU has a new boss.

NYPD Blue and Caprica star Esai Morales has joined Criminal Minds as the new BAU section chief, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

Morales will recur as Matt Cruz, a longtime FBI agent who gets promoted to work with the BAU and has a previous professional relationship with JJ (A.J. Cook) that will be revealed as the season progresses. Might they have worked together during her stint in the Department of Defense?

Morales will make his first appearance in the third episode of Season 9. Showrunner Erica Messer previously told TVGuide.com that Hotch (Thomas Gibson) would be acting section chief for the summer in the wake of the death of their former boss Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) in the Season 8 finale.

Besides NYPD Blue and Caprica, Morales has appeared in Law & Order: SVU and Burn Notice, and co-starred in La Bamba.

Season 9 of Criminal Minds premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c on CBS.

Source: TVGuide
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It had to be George

What's in a name? asks Shakespeare's Juliet. The answer is, a lot: tradition, emulation, family expectation. Our present Queen Elizabeth II (named without a thought that she would ever reign) has benefited hugely from having the same name as the most glorious and personally resourceful of all our monarchs. When her son succeeds her, he will have to dodge comparisons with the previous two kings named Charles: one, pig-headed and divisive; the other, amoral and self-gratifying.

So it had to be George. The bookies who made this name the favourite actually seem to have thought little about unfortunate royal role models in calculating the odds on other names. Collapse )


Entertainment Weekly Cover focuses on Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and the making of 'Elysium'

Matt Damon may be at the top of the A-list, but he had to persuade writer-director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) to cast him in his new sci-fi film, Elysium, opening Aug. 9. “I think he was even reluctant to meet me,” Damon says, laughing, from his apartment in Manhattan. “He kept saying, ‘I’m not doing anything Hollywood,’ and I was like, ‘Dude, I live in New York.’ We ended up meeting in a diner and he was kind of giving me the one-eye for the first 10 minutes or so.” That wasn’t just in Damon’s head. “I was doing that,” Blomkamp says, smiling. “I was just trying to figure out what was going on, you know?”

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I personally hate the cover but the article in the magazine was really good so I ain't complaining, only two more weeks to go!

A$AP Rocky Surprised To Get VMA Nomination For 'Fuckin Problems' Video

A$AP Rocky finds himself on the list of nominees for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with a nod for “Fuckin’ Problems” in the category Best Hip Hop Video, and the Harlem rapper tells MTV News that he’s definitely preparing a speech in case he takes home an award on August 25.

“I don’t know why that would be the video nominated. I thought it would probably be 'Long Live cause ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ was pure art but a nomination is a nomination,” he said, adding, “I would definitely prepare a speech and I hope I win something man, because I’m gonna say something significant.” (I highly doubt that)

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OB: Cosima's smile

Andrew Dice Clay on Woody Allen, Regrets… and Gay Marriage


When the cast list was first revealed for Woody Allen’s new movie Blue Jasmine, one name prompted a fair amount of head-scratching. Cate Blanchett makes sense; he has a long history of writing great roles for terrific actresses. Sally Hawkins and Alec Baldwin had both worked with Allen before. Allen loves to cast stand-ups with similar comic sensibilities, so Louis C.K. was a grand slam. But Andrew Dice Clay? The controversial ‘90s icon and bad boy comedian was doing a Woody Allen movie?

But the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Like Woody, Dice is a Brooklyn guy who got big by developing a distinctive and immediately recognizable comic persona — a persona that quickly became, for the public at large, indistinguishable from his real personality. After that initial flush of fame and controversy, Dice went through some lean years, but he’s back in the public eye after a run on Entourage, to say nothing of his performance in Blue Jasmine, which is indisputably great — the kind of finely tuned character work that you could easily see him doing more of in the coming years. We talked about his relationship with Woody, his acting style, and his past during the recent Blue Jasmine press day.

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Adam 'A Little More Faded Looking or Something' Levine's Preferred Breakup Method: Text Message

What’s a model to do when her boyfriend dumps her and immediately gets engaged to someone else? Binging on ice cream is out of the question, so Nina Agdal has been focusing on her work since being dumped by Adam Levine.

Just one week after Adam and Nina vacationed together in Vegas in early July, he told her he was dumping her to get engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo — and the whole thing went down via text, according to Page Six. She’s said to be “heartbroken,” and RadarOnline.com has learned just how she’s dealing with the pain — lots of work and family time.

Collapse )


If this is true, then Agdal dodged a bullet IMO. Is breakup via text OK, ONTD?

Ariana compares Nathan Sykes to Brian McKnight

Ariana Grande had no idea that when she hit the studio to record "Almost Is Never Enough" that it would snowball into what it's become today.

Now, not only is the love ballad a duet with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, but also one of the songs featured on "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" soundtrack, alongside tracks by Colbie Caillat, AFI, Jessie J and Demi Lovato. When MTV News caught up with the singer, she broke down how it all came together.

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Accredited American source MTV

V smart to compare Nathan to Brian McKnight, w/ whom Mariah collaborated on her five-times platinum #1s album, I'm just saying!

halston l #gayforsage

Sneak Peek from Big Time Rush's Season 4 Finale/Series Finale That Airs Tonight on Nick @ 8/7 C

Big Time Dreams from Jessica Wilson on Vimeo.

Big Time Rush's Season 4 Finale/Series Finale airs tonight on Nickelodeon @ 8/7 C. Karmin, Austin Mahone, Mindless Behavior, Fabio, Nick Cannon, and more guest star in the 1 hour series finale.

Another Clip From Entertainment Weekly (Doesn't Embed)

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Vote for Big Time Rush as Choice Music Group for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards
Buy Big Time Rush's New Album 24/seven on iTunes
Buy Tickets to Big Time Rush's Summer Break Tour with Victoria Justice
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JoJo & Elizabeth Gillies: 'Jawbreaker' on Broadway Stars?

JoJo, Elizabeth Gillies, and Frankie Grande, have reportedly joined the cast of the upcoming Broadway adaptation of Jawbreaker.

“Are you ready for @jawbreakerBway w/ @LizGillies, @JoJoistheway and MORE…including me!!! Such a talented cast! ;)” Frankie tweeted before later deleting the tweet.

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perfect Sharpie-eyebrowed queen. praying she doesn't fade into oblivion
Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Walks Around With Thor & Loki Action Figures In His Pocket

Wanna see Tom Hiddleston having too much of a good time playing with himself?

Of course, when we say “playing with himself,” we don't mean playing with himself in that way. Rather, the lovable British thespian produced three action figures—one of himself as Loki, one of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and one that looks to be the film’s big bad villain Malekith (Christopher Eccleston)—for the Yahoo! interviewer while at San Diego Comic-Con.

Pulling the action figures (courtesy of Hasbro, by the way) literally out of his pants, Hiddleston then proceeds to "re-enact" a few key scenes—complete with grunts and threats—from the upcoming Marvel flick Thor: The Dark World, to hilarious effect.

Have a look below:

(Embed doesn't seem to want to play nice; click the pic to be taken to the video)

Gigi, Jiji

Bella Heathcote And Emma Watson In Running For 'Secret Service' Female Lead

Well, it looks like "The Secret Service," the next Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of a Mark Millar comic book, is almost fully staffed with secret agents. According to a Variety report, newcomer Taron Egerton has landed the lead role of a young street tough who is turned into a super spy, in a story Millar has described as "My Fair Lady" meets James Bond. Meanwhile, the hunt for a female lead is still on, with Bella Heathcote and Emma Watson looking like the current frontrunners.


"The Secret Service" originated as a comic book by Mark Millar, whose comic book creations also inspired "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass" (he also serves in some kind of creative capacity on the Marvel movies Fox has in development) and Dave Gibbons, the artist who worked with Alan Moore on the beloved "Watchmen" series. It tells the story of a kid who is taken under the wing of his super spy uncle, who teaches him how to be the best spy he can be. It's pretty warm-hearted, given Millar's usual nihilistic streak, and should make for a fun deconstruction of the genre.

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Danny’s Involved In A Venomous Scandal In Twisted “Poison of Interest”

First details on Twisted‘s August 13th episode have been officially released by ABC Family.

In the series’ tenth episode, the poisoning scandal on the soccer team surfaces and Danny becomes the target of an expulsion campaign.

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I'm happy Regina's mom is coming back. I love to hate that bitch

Dissed. Lana Del Rey lashes out at Lady Gaga on leaked track

A previously unheard song by Lana Del Rey features lyrics that appear to lash out against Lady Gaga, telling her former friend: "Stefani, you suck."

Leaked online on Tuesday, the song So Legit has already disappeared from YouTube. But copies are still floating around on a handful of blogs, letting fans celebrate or rage against Del Rey's anti-Gaga gall. The ghostly acoustic track seems more like a demo than something made in a studio – and it is not clear when the song dates from – but the singer's deliberate vocals make it clear this wasn't improv.

"You were the freak king of the piercing shop," Del Rey sings. "You're looking like a man, you're talking like a baby/ How the fuck is your song in a Coke commercial, crazy?/ I don't get it, your taste once exquisite."

She goes on:

"I don't get it, I'm so legit.
Tell me, was it cuz I wasn't platinum in jewels?
That perhaps you thought I was a little bit even uncool?
Kid, was that it?
Stefani, you suck
I know you're selling 20 million,
Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg."

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goddess jojo poses for unleashed mag, talks sex with vibe mag

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R&B vocalist JoJo gets real about her sexual exploits

My First Time
"In retrospect, I think I was not ready, but I felt like I was at the time. Would I do it differently? Probably not. Because when you’re a teenager, you think you know everything. I thought I was in love and that I was going to be with this person forever. As I got older, I viewed it from a different perspective. The sex was wack."

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TLC Readies New Album for October, Taps Lil Mama for Reunion Performance

TLC is gearing up for an Epic comeback. In addition to their VH1 biopic and reunion performance, the multi-platinum R&B group has announced details surrounding their new album.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins have reunited with their mentor L.A. Reid, who originally signed the trio to LaFace Records in 1991. The music mogul has re-signed them to LaFace under Epic Records and will release their album on October 15.

The yet-to-be-titled project will feature fan favorites and biggest hits, plus four all-new songs including “Meant to Be,” which was penned by Ne-Yo and will be used during the closing credits of the upcoming VH1 Original Movie, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

Another song, “Posh Life,” was produced and co-written by their longtime collaborator Dallas Austin (who co-produced TLC’s CrazySexyCool and FanMail) and Lady Gaga.

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Salman Khan: Bollywood star charged with homicide

Bollywood star Salman Khan has been charged with culpable homicide by a court in the Indian city of Mumbai for a hit-and-run incident 10 years ago.

The actor pleaded not guilty - if convicted, he faces 10 years in prison. The trial will begin on 19 August.

In September 2002, he allegedly drove his car into a bakery in Mumbai, killing a man sleeping on the street.

So far, he has been tried for the lesser offence of "death caused by negligence".

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I can't believe this had been going on this long.
smokey posey

17 Celebs Who Smoke(d) Pot

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even if you haven't seen Up in Smoke, you're probably familiar with the cultural cornerstone that is the pot-fueled comedy duo, Cheech & Chong. Cheech Marin, who also voiced a hyena in The Lion King (for all us '90s kids!), turns 67 today! Because pot is totally for all ages — even your grandparents! — we thought we'd take this moment to reflect on celebs who have embraced the herb.

Thanks to the 2012 election, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. That's right, folks: In those states, if you're over 21 you can buy pot for fun.

However, plenty of people indulged long before legalization was even on the table, celebrities included. While most stars keep mum about any theoretical drug use, these 17 famous figures are a bit more open about their pot-related experiences. Some of them might surprise you!

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12 more at the source

ontd feel free to add to the list, as it's missing gems such as the flawless prince in my icon. somehow i didn't know whoopi smoked weed but it makes sense seeing as she always looked like the dirty lazy stoner in birkenstocks type.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

weed post y/y?
perrie & jade

LITTLE MIX out-earned by fellow X Factor contestant!

X FACTOR bad boy Frankie Cocozza made more than £120,000 last year.
The tearaway thought he had blown the chance of a lifetime when he was booted off the 2011 series in week six after boasting about taking cocaine.
But he has gone on to make more money than any other contestant from that year, including that year’s winners Little Mix. The four girls made £116,223 each in the same period.
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Kanye West will NOT be prosecuted for angry airport attack on photographer

Kanye West will not be prosecuted following his airport altercation with a photographer, it has been revealed.
The 36-year-old singer charged a paparazzo who was peppering him with questions upon the singer's arrival at Los Angeles International Airport last Friday.

The photographer was taken to a hospital following the assault. He claimed West attempted to steal his camera and told authorities that he wanted to press charges.

However investigators from LA Police's Robbery-Homicide Division told TMZ that it was 'extremely unlikely' West would be prosecuted as there was no proof he attempted to take the camera.

In the next few days police officers will refer the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office as a felony attempted robbery charge rather than the lesser charge of battery.

If, as expected, the charge is dropped then the file will be passed to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution.
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hope u heffas have a blessed day

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn have a question for you

Can you imagine if this actually happened to you? If you're one of millions of American women, it has. It is happening not in an exam room, but in a room with marbled floors, expensive pens and numerous symbols of "freedom," populated by men and women in crisp suits whose ideas about "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are rooted in illogical double-standards and hypocrisies that boggle the mind. These people are making decisions about you, for you, but not by you. They are passing wildly unpopular laws everyday that dictate the choices you can or cannot make, the health care you may or may not be afforded, the rights you can or cannot enjoy in regards to your very own body. Tell Gynoticians like Rick Perry, Trent Franks, Pat McCrory and the Pat McCrorys of women like representative Jodie Laubenberg and Marsha Blackburn that enough is enough: We aren't just coming for their laws, we're coming for their JOBS.

View video at source

Comes at a perfect time since NC just sent a bill to Gov. McCrory that would shut all but one abortion clinic down in the sate

Hit The Floor Finale: The Devils Say Goodbye To One Of Their Own

(click gif to watch the preview, won't embed)

Pete Davenport was the bearer of bad news on Monday night’s Hit The Floor, ending an already shocking hour with word that one of the Devil Girls was found floating underneath a bridge. Our first look at Monday’s season finale confirms our worst nightmare, and shows us just how the Devils organization handles a tragedy.

In the sneak peek above, we see Olivia delivering a message to the large gathering of press from Devils’ home court, mourning the loss of a “a shining star filled with so much promise.” Who could it be? Who do you absolutely not want it to be? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.
Catch the season finale of Hit The Floor on Monday at 9/8 C.
omg I hope it's not one of my faves!
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'Once Upon a Time' casts Tinkerbell

Here’s a happy thought: Once Upon a Time has just cast Tinkerbell for season 3.

Actress Rose McIver has landed the ABC hit’s take on classic role, and will appear in multiple episodes next season.

Season 3 will spend time exploring the fantasy world of Neverland. Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have said Tinkerbell will have a surprising introduction and unlikely connection to another character. As for the mysterious role of Peter Pan, the showrunners promised fans at Comic-Con that he will be a darker and complicated version of the character — and perhaps a little frightening.

McIver has had roles in The Lovely Bones and Showtime’s upcoming Masters of Sex, and was the Yellow Bear ranger on Power Rangers RPM. For next season, Once Upon has also recast Robin Hood (with Sean Maguire filling in for Tom Ellis), booked Robbie Kay as a Lost Boy, and Giancarlo Esposito will return for an episode as The Mirror/Sidney.

One big role that has yet to be cast: Ariel, The Little Mermaid herself. Once Upon returns Sunday, Sept. 29.

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Oprah Sets Date for Lindsay Lohan Interview

Los Angeles – OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, ahead of its Thursday presentation to TV press at the Television Critics Association's press tour, unveiled today the summer lineup and premiere dates for new Oprah's Next Chapter episodes. Additionally, the cable network also announced premiere dates for its fall schedule:


Lindsay Lohan (August 18)

Oprah and actress Lindsay Lohan come together for an exclusive highly anticipated in-depth conversation.

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X Factor is getting old

As an advert for the new series of X Factor (UK) and to celebrate almost 10 years of the show, ITV has released the Ultimate X Factor Mashup with some of the biggest hits from its contestants.

Olly was in this so I felt obligated to post it. Smh at them forgetting Diana Vickers though, Once was perfect.

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Lea Michele and Costars Pay Tribute at Cory Monteith's Memorial

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For many, it was a decidedly un-gleeful morning in LA.

Less than two weeks after the shocking death of Cory Monteith, friends and costars of the actor, including his girlfriend Lea Michele, reunited for a memorial on the Paramount studio lot, where Glee's auditorium scenes are filmed.

Michele joined producer Ryan Murphy and costars including Kevin McHale and Darren Criss at the indoor/outdoor event where guests mingled, dined on buffet food and listened to Glee-appropriate tunes like "Good Vibrations" in Monteith's honor.

Each of the over 150 attendees (including Chord Overstreet, who was seen carrying a guitar) sported black ribbons as a tribute to the late actor.

"They were somber," says an eyewitness of the mourners, who were seen leaving the memorial with puffy, red eyes. "There were a lot of production staff and crew too and most everyone was dressed in black."

In a statement, Fox said: "Today, Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele gathered the cast, crew and producers of Glee, along with colleagues from the network and studio, to share memories and music in an emotional celebration of the life of Cory Monteith. We thank the public for their continued outpouring of love and support as we grieve our friend and colleague during this difficult time."

Meanwhile, the entire Glee cast (Michele included) will resume production in early August. The series will honor Monteith's character, Finn Hudson, in a special tribute episode this fall.


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Jade Thirlwall and Leigh Anne Pinnock chat with Vibe Vixen

Leigh Anne
VIBE Vixen: What was your initial reaction to joining a girl group?
Leigh Anne: At first, it was a little bit scary because I thought being a girl group meant not doing the music that I wanted to do, but then I got to know the girls and we were all on the same page. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. I think anyone would be worried. You get put in a group with people you’ve never known before.

What is the biggest misconception people have about Little Mix?
I’ll probably say the only thing is that people think we get on the stage and lip sync our songs which we don’t. We write our music, we produce it and we always sing live.

What sets you a part from other groups?We kind of take inspiration from all the girl groups. We’ve got a rapper. We’ve got a beatboxer. There’s four of us and we’re all equal. But we’re all quite individual as well. We’ve got different styles. We sing. We dance. We act. We do everything we possibly can (laughs).

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Collapse )I think it is slightly easier for boy bands. They’ve got the image, but girls have to have more skills and prove themselves.


Nicholas Hoult, Gemma Arterton and Stephen Fry are set to voice Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen


Nicholas Hoult, Gemma Arterton and Stephen Fry are set to voice new family-animation Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen. Alexander Williams, an animator on The Lion King and Pocahontas will direct from a script by Chris Brown, one of the original writers of US sitcom Friends. Production is due to get underway this September on the story of a feud between the everyday utensils and the best silver, cutlery from opposite sides of the table. The feature will be sold by UK sales and distribution outfit Kaleidoscope (KFD), which retains UK distribution rights. Williams said: “Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen is a fantasy adventure aimed squarely at a family audience, but with enough sophisticated wit to keep the grown-ups happy. To me the best animated films invite the audience in to a world that they have never seen before – and could not possibly see outside of the medium of animation. We want to bring a familiar world to life in a completely unfamiliar way – what really happens in the kitchen after dark, when the humans leave?”


Gemma's voice is like honey, she's so perfect.
Madonna blinking



At a fourth of July barbecue, New York Times reporter, William J. Broad marveled at his hosts’ ability to keep mosquitoes at bay with an unlikely weapon--an electric fan.

Curious as to how his hosts had come up with the idea, in a story for the New York Times, the reporter traces the dissemination of the information all the way back to its originator, a Philadelphia businessman, who told him, “The solution came from trying to think like a bug, and realizing ‘I don’t like flying into a 15 mph wind.’” Since mosquitoes are weak flyers that clock in at a pokey 1 to 1.5 mph, the blow-‘em-away theory works.

Fight Club:
How Enemies Power Innovation

This think-like-a-bug philosophy reminded us of the adage, “Know your enemy.” We’ve all heard the maxim, “Know your customer,” but that will only get you so far if part of your mission is to dominate or defeat a condition, say, Barbecue Host vs. Mosquitos or Big Pharma vs. the Big C. Or if your mission, in large part, involves dominating or defeating a rival as in Coke vs. Pepsi or Instagram vs. Vine. Sometimes for you to win your rival has to lose. So in a world of fierce competition, why do recent studies suggest that business managers who think-like-their-enemies are in the minority?

There are a few obvious ways to gather intel on those you are trying to best: Become a customer by buying your competitor’s products, talk to their customers about their likes and dislikes, check out their social media sites, set up Google alerts, even buy some stock from your rival so you can get financial information. But here are some more creative tips you can take from successful people who understand that a large measure of success depends on beating out the competition.
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Oprah's plastic surgery queen struggles to accept herself after sudden weight gain

Transformation: Jenny Lee, a plastic surgery addict who appeared on Oprah in 2004 (left), still struggled with body issues seven years later (right) after a weight gain caused by fibromyalgia

A woman so addicted to plastic surgery that she's had 59 procedures has told how she still struggles with her obsession with beauty, especially after a recent weight gain.

Jenny Lee, who shocked Oprah and viewers with her Barbie-like looks in 2004, made an appearance seven years later on Oprah: Where Are They Now?, which will return for a new season on Sunday.

In the episode, the mother-of-two from Austin, Texas, opens up about learning to accept her body after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a painful disease that caused her to gain weight.

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I feel bad for her, one of my biggest fears is that I should become injured or sick to the point where I can't exercise anymore.

Drew Barrymore's 'Animal' Sets Ensemble Cast

Keke Palmer, Eve and Amaury Nolasco are among the actors starring in the horror film.

Produced by Flower Films, Keke Palmer (Joyful Noise) will topline the original feature, currently in production in Manchester, Conn., The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Animal follows a group of close-knit friends who find themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a blood-thirsty predator. Holed up in isolated cabin, tensions mount as secrets are revealed. As the body count rises, the group puts their differences aside and fights for survival.

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Bizarre Twist: Britney Spears’ Controversial Former Manager Sam Lutfi Befriended Amanda Bynes

Britney Spears former controversial manager, Sam Lutfi, bought Amanda Bynes a plane ticket for the troubled starlet to return to Los Angeles from New York City, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

In a bizarre turn that is eerily similar to events leading up to Britney Spears being placed under a conservatorship, Lutfi and Bynes recently became friends, a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Sam bought Amanda the plane ticket for her to return to Los Angeles from New York City. She had no money,” a source revealed. “The two became friends in recent months.

“It’s very concerning to say the very least, given Sam’s history with Britney Spears leading up to her father, Jamie Spears, getting a conservatorship over his daughter, and getting a restraining order preventing Lutfi from having any contact with her.”

Lutfi denied to RadarOnline that he bought Bynes’ plane ticket. But when asked about his friendship with Amanda, he said, “I have to call you back” and hung up abruptly.

Lutfi filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the pop star and accused her father, Jamie of assault. The lawsuit was dismissed last year there will during the trial.

Over the years, Lutfi has tried to get close to Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and even Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter, Paris. Currently, Lutfi is managing Courtney Love.

Lutfi has had a slew of restraining orders obtained against him over the years, ranging from Britney to a former roommate.

According to a source who has dealt with Lutfi: “Amanda should be kept very, very far away from him. She is emotionally extremely vulnerable and needs mental health help.

“He can come across as extremely charming and caring, but he is also very, very manipulative, and would want total control of Amanda’s life. This is the last thing she needs in her life right now.”

Bynes has spoken to Lutfi on the phone since she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


Oh no. I hope this isn't true.

DJ Khaled "Proposes" To Nicki Minaj

DJ Khaled is ready to settle down and wants Nicki Minaj to be his wife. The Cash Money DJ proposed to his YMCMB labelmate via a romantic videotaped message with MTV News.

“I love you, I like you. I want you, I want you to be mine,” says Khaled to the hip-hop bombshell. “I’ma be honest with you, I wanna marry you.”

He brings out a sparkly ring and pops the question. “Nicki Minaj, will you marry me?”

And he insists that he’s serious, explaining why he’s the best man for her. “You need a man like me in your life that’s gonna take care of you and respect you,” says the Miami hitmaker, whose album Suffering From Success drops September 24.

Khaled claims that he wanted to propose to Nicki last year on set of the video for “Take It to the Head.”

No word whether Nicki has accepted or even seen his proposal.

video at the source if u care that much. i guess he gotta promote his album/name-drop somehow but ok u do u DJ KHALED!!!

britney diane

Lead single off Britney's new album to feature Wiz Khalifa ?

The latest rumor floating around claims Britney’s first single off Album 8 drops in October and features rapper Wiz Khalifa.


I saw this buzzing on Twitter a few days ago and they just posted it on BH. Hmm... not sure if I like this tbh. Would prefer a better rapper like Drake or R&B SINGER Frank Ocean on it imo and for it to have a Inside Out or Breathe On Me vibe instead of a typical collabo with a rapper. What about you guys?
Britney Gene

6 Horror Movies With Amazing Beginnings!

While Scream is pretty much a classic at this point, I’m not sure if it ever beats the opening Drew Barrymore sequence. It’s lighter on laughs than the rest of the film, but makes up for it with a sadistic level of suspense that the remaining 100 minutes have a hard time recapturing (those 100 minutes are still pretty great though).
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rest at the source.

just an excuse for a creepy post. What's your favorite scary movie/scary movie scene?

Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth's wife) trying to be Miley Cyrus

Did Elsa Pataky copy Miley Cyrus’ haircut because she’s ‘jealous’ of Miley’s fame?

We really have to hand it to Miley — she may have completely warped her image into something that seems wholly unnatural for a girl with a voice tailor-made for country music, but with one mere cringeworthy music video, Miley has catapulted herself into pop music superstardom. Bless Larry Rudolph’s heart.

So Miley has the fame now — it was really that easy. She went from being a post-Disney starlet who spent her time attending pilates classes every day and posting photos of her dogs to a bona fide pop star. Now all she has to do is maintain this level of ubiquity, which shouldn’t be too difficult. And I can’t believe the tabloids didn’t come up with this story sooner because it’s just so damn funny. According to this week’s issue of the Enquirer, Elsa Pataky is fuming over future sister-in-law Miley’s fame and wants a piece of that. The premise isn’t too hard to believe, right? Well, Miley credits her drastic haircut last summer with changing her life, and now the Enquirer says that Elsa essentially copied Miley’s hair. I had to go back and check the timeline on these haircuts, and Elsa got hers in December! And unlike Miley’s cut, nobody paid a bit of attention to the crop during Elsa’s pap walks.

Now I had previously assumed that Elsa had acquired a post-baby haircut because she may have experienced that dreaded massive hair loss that often arrives with postpartum hormones. But I think the Enquirer’s version is a lot more amusing as it paints the tale of Elsa seeing Miley as “a bitter rival,” but finding herself unable to become “a Miley mimic.” Mind you, this is all based upon what could be a coincidental set of haircuts, but with Elsa’s fameseeking history, well, it makes a lot more sense than Elsa will be comfortable admitting to when she picks up the tabloids this week.

I have forever thought this and how creepy it is, but no one has really reported on it. Saw this article today and had to share. Elsa is sf creepy.
[ thor ] →

Shailene Woodley Doesn't Wear Makeup To Events

Want proof that Shailene Woodley is a beacon of hope in young Hollywood? Look no further.

In a July 24th interview with Flavorwire, the Golden Globe-nominated actress spoke out about how the photoshopped images of celebrities we see in magazines are far from realistic, and why she has a problem contributing to a beauty standard that makes most women feel bad about themselves. She admitted:

I saw somebody -- what I thought was me -- in a magazine once, and I had big red lips that definitely did not belong on my face. I had boobs about three times the size they are in real life. My stomach was completely flat. My skin was also flawless. But the reality is that I do not have those lips and my skin is not flawless and I do have a little bit of a stomach. It was not a proper representation of who I am. I realized that, growing up and looking at magazines, I was comparing myself to images like that -- and most of it isn’t real.

But, despite opposing retouched images, Woodley is ultimately an actress who must promote her work. So how does she reconcile her beliefs with the necessary evils of her job? By refusing to wear makeup. Woodley told Flavorwire reporter Michelle Dean:

So (a) I don’t really wear makeup that much anyway, so part of it is just a selfish, lazy thing, and (b) I want to be me. I do think it’s fun sometimes to dress up for the Oscars or for certain events -- I get to be like a five-year-old again, wearing my Cinderella dress. But for some events where it’s a more casual vibe, I just want to be me.

Considering that women are negatively influenced by altered magazine images (especially young women -- research shows that 47 percent of girls in 5th through 12th grade reported wanting to lose weight based on images they had seen in magazines), it's inspiring to see a rising star like Woodley push back against those impossible beauty standards. We only hope more actresses take note and follow her lead.


'We Can't Stop' without music: Miley Cyrus' dream or total nightmare?

What does the music video for a Song of Summer contender look like without its catchy tune? Horrifying, disturbing, and mesmerizing.
College Humor teamed up with Music Videos Without Music to release a new version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video sans the actual song. While already well known as an odd video depicting the pop singer twerking till the sun comes up, what makes this version so off-putting is the addition of strange sounds to go along with the eerie images.
Check it out (if you dare) here: (it won't embed go to the source)

Game of Thrones’ Writers Take On ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia + More 'It's Always Sunny' News

PHILADELPHIA — No matter what the title of the show promises, the skies over this location shoot for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” had offered only thunderstorms broken up by occasional periods of mugginess. Maybe that was typical weather for this recent summer morning, or maybe it was the influence of the authors of the scene about to be filmed, who were thousands of miles away, busy with their regularly foreboding duties.
David Benioff, a creator of “Game of Thrones,” said he welcomed the challenge of writing an episode of “Always Sunny.”
For most episodes of “It’s Always Sunny,” the proudly depraved FX comedy about miscreant friends who run their own bar, the stars and producers Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day keep the writing assignments to themselves and their like-minded colleagues.

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Queen Céline is a bigger star than Michael Jackson, and this is not up for debate jsyk

AEG Live believes Michael Jackson wouldn't have earned $1.5 billion if he were still alive, according to TMZ.com

The concert promoter, which is being sued by the King of Pop's mother Katherine Jackson, because she thinks the company is responsible for his death from acute Propofol intoxication in 2009, dismissed the Jackson family's claims that the 'Thriller' singer would have earned the huge sum, by insisting Celine Dion is bigger star and is worth $400 million.

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deal with it tbh


The 10 Most Exciting Young Female Directors in the World Today


The prejudices faced by women filmmakers - half of all film school graduates but only 5% of working Hollywood directors - have been well-documented. Those who do make it talk often of the depressing struggle they faced to get there, far longer on average than their male counterparts. It is equally common to hear of a female director whose difficulties in getting financed or produced stemmed from the personal subject matter of their work.

It would seem that both of these realities are informed by the depressing strain of misogyny which judges the perspective of a young woman to be somehow lesser. Greta Gerwig showed awareness of this when she said “| think that people get really angry when it's women doing it, to be totally honest. There's something that feels threatening about it and they have to be doing something other than being thoughtful. It has to be somehow an exercise in narcissism, because why else would you make anything about women?”.

Yet plenty of young female voices have succeeded in breaking through these absurd walls of prejudice, and not with any hint of compromise. Here is a list of ten female directors aged 40 or younger, whose achievements make for refreshing reading, both for content of their work and the way they have established their careers. It is a subjective list, and no disservice to any of the women not included, especially those who simply happen to exceed my arbitrary age limit. My focus on youth need signify no more than an inspiring look to the future, and the many decades of filmmaking we can expect from each of the following.

Celine Sciamma
Age: 32
Nationality: French
Claim to fame: subverting gender expectations
Her story: The press treatment of Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh makes clear that media coverage of childhood gender nonconformity is not exactly enlightened. And whilst we can only dream of Celine Sciamma's "Tomboy" reaching the kind of audience exposed to that level of tabloid dross, it remains a startling film about a ten year old girl who moves to a new town and announces to her new friends that she is a boy. Before this, Sciamma’s debut “Water Lilies” screened at Cannes at the age of 25. With a striking minimalist style both indebted to French tradition and uniquely hers, Sciamma has won over the critical fraternity without compromising her focus on young female sexuality.

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The rest of the list at the source

This is an interesting list. What are your favorite female directors ?

ONTD ORIGINAL: Pop Girls & Their 80s counterparts

This list was compiled via Wikipedia, some ONTD users, ATRL comments & such
Obviously no 2 popstars career trajectories are the same, all of these are ballpark, so for example, if one popstar from the 80s had 2 hits, while a current popstar had 5, they're not supposed to be equal, its overall, retrospect, everything inclusive, impact, sales, staying power, hits, fans, concerts & so on

Also there are some pop girls that aren't included, either because they didn't have any comparable counterpart or because they haven't been around long enough to compare

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include your own lists tbh
& theres alot of commas and shit ok idek whatever ok
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Danneel Harris Jet-Sets With Baby Justice Jay Ackles

Jensen Ackles's wife, Danneel Harris, finally gave us a glimpse of baby Justice Jay Ackles on Wednesday at LAX. Danneel welcomed the new baby with Supernatural star Jensen just last month. At the airport, the One Tree Hill actress went through security with her newborn daughter, and then transferred her back into a stroller. New dad Jensen, who just started production on the ninth season of Supernatural, recently spoke about his experience as a new father, saying, "I'm completely lost," but the baby's "doing great."

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She looks so cute and adorable and sleepy

Amanda Byne's Parents File For Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes’ parents have just filed court documents asking a California judge to impose a conservatorship on their daughter due to her apparent mental illness, TMZ has learned.

The conservatorship would empower Amanda's parents to have decision-making authority over certain aspects of Amanda's life ... though it's unclear, at this point, what specific aspects Amanda's parents are looking to control.

Amanda is currently being held by authorities on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... which was put into place earlier this week after she lit a fire on the driveway of a random elderly woman in Thousand Oaks, Ca.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital say Amanda is showing signs of schizophrenia.

TMZ has learned the documents outline Amanda's bizarre behavior and highlight the troubling string of incidents -- including the driveway fire -- leading up to the 5150.

There will be a court hearing Friday.

It's worth noting ... it's VERY difficult to get a conservatorship in California
Story developing ...