July 12th, 2013

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Natalie Zea Signs On for The Following Season 2 — And Yet Almost Didn't

Claire Matthews is a survivor — or is she?

Natalie Zea will return to The Following for Season 2, after signing an eleventh-hour deal with the Fox drama. Her comeback, however, could be short-lived.

Speaking with TV Guide Magazine, Zea would not disclose how long she’ll be sticking around the Fox thriller, indicating that the near-death events of the first season’s cliffhanger could lead to a goodbye arc or a new storyline.

Zea was very close to not returning at all for The Following‘s sophomore run, leaving Claire on the chopping block.

“My concern, and [creator] Kevin Williamson’s concern, was always, is there more story to tell with Claire? And we both discovered that maybe there wasn’t,” Zea tells the magazine.

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I really miss this show and I'm having a hard time waiting for season 2.

MTV 's Moonman Statue Reinvented By KAWS For This Year's VMA Awards


MTV has changed a lot over the years, moving from a TV station that mostly played music videos to a TV station that airs more than its fair share of wild reality content, including stuff like Teen Mom and the now-defunct Buckwild. With the nature of MTV changing, the network felt it was time for the VMAs iconic Moonman statue to change, too—especially since the VMAs are headed back to Brooklyn this year.

One would hope that the Moonman might be changing for good, but actually this year’s edition will be a limited one, redesigned by famous Brooklyn artist KAWS, who has attracted scores of celebrity fans over the years. But KAWS recently told MTV that he’s glad his Moonman statue will be a one and done affair.
"That's what I liked about the project; I wouldn¹t want to redesign it for history, I like the idea that at this moment, this first time in Brooklyn, the Moonman's going to change. I like the fact that, 40 or 60 artists will win this piece, and the majority won't know anything about my work. [And] I'm sure you'll have artists that are mad; they have their perfect chrome line of Moonmen and I've somehow ruined that symmetry ... I love that idea."

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What' your fav vma performance ONTD?
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henry i

Jesse Metcalfe and fiancée Cara Santana show off toned physiques

The couple that plays together stays together, and Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana seem to have the kind of love that lasts.

Getting in some active quality time, the “Desperate Housewives” hunk and his lovely lady hit up a tennis court in Los Feliz yesterday (July 10) along with a trainer.

And of course, once the SoCal sun began beating down on the clay, Jesse treated everyone to an unhindered look at his shirtless torso as he ran across the court.

Mr. Metcalfe began dating his gorgeous gal back in 2009 and this past January they announced their engagement!

Enjoy the pictures of Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana playing tennis in Los Feliz (July 10).

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Single sensation: Bruno Mars spends more than 3 years topping the charts

It didn’t take long for Bruno Mars to scale to the top of the pop mountain: His first single, “Nothin’ on You” — a collaboration with rapper B.o.B — skyrocketed to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart.

That was in 2010. Since then, Mars has reached the summit four other times, and has amassed a total of 11 Top 10 singles.

With the 27-year-old Hawaiian pop superstar bringing his Moonshine Jungle tour to The Palace Thursday — his first Michigan concert — here’s a look at his history in singles to date.

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Gay porn models from Helix Studios release parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" has put him on top of just about everything. Charts, especially. A public debate has broken out over whether the pointedly flirtatious song and its video, particularly the "unrated" version with topless female models, are degrading toward women. The lines have gotten only trickier to follow now that the models from gay porn site Helix Studios have released their own "gay porn parody" remake of the clip. Like the controversial, breast-baring Thicke original, though, this edition isn't actually pornographic at all: just guys in underwear, which might not even count as "NSFW" in a society where only female toplessness is (generally) illegal. Nor is this really a parody — it's more like a lighthearted homage. Most of all, though, it's another fittingly confusing twist in Thicke's brilliant smoothie-turned-swaggerer culture jam. Missed opportunity: No equivalent of Thicke's "has a big dick" sign at the end of the video.


Primera Cool

ARTPOP Single and Album Release Date + Promo Pic

Tumblr ladyxgaga reports that Lady Gaga had a listening album party/dinner tonight in NYC and has posted a few pictures of what could be the album cover of ARTPOP along with a few release dates of the single, video and the album itself a promo pic and the release date of the single, the album and the ARTPOP app plus bonus pics of Gaga at her listening party tonight. Check it out below the cut!
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Interview With Greg Sestero Of ‘The Room’

Greg Sestero is a super down to earth guy, who happened to star in one of the most famous midnight movies of all time, The Room. Although it’s been dubbed the “Citizen Kane of bad movies,” he doesn’t mind the moniker and appreciates the lasting impact the film continues to have on fans. Greg graciously took time out of his schedule this past weekend after participating in multiple, midnight Q&A’s celebrating the 10th Anniversary to discuss The Room and his upcoming memoir, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made.
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masterpiece that defined a generation tbh
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Adriana Lima: Desigual Fashion Show in Barcelona and Full Miu Miu F/W Campaign.


The Brazilian beauty, who turned 32 last month, looked simply breathtaking as she modeled several bold and bright dresses for Spanish casual clothing brand, Desigual

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Miu Miu F/W 2013/14
Evoking a spirit of adventure and daring, the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign captures the passage of girls in a twilight cinema-scape loaded with intrigue, imagination and femininity. Set at the end of a seaside pier, their stories unfurl against a mysterious cityscape and vanishing horizon, brought to life in an up-tempo quirky dance video where the models move harmoniously with the rhythm and mood of the music. While standing on the dock of the bay waiting for a ferry, they dance away the fun of the night before returning home in the early morning.

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Tony Ward for Ramone + Petrovsky Photogr

Artist Reimagines Iconic Disney Princesses (and Villains) in Historically Accurate Costumes

Artist Claire Hummel grew up watching Disney films and is a little obsessed with costumes. Last weekend she attended L.A.'s annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball dressed in elaborate, hand sewn "rococo punk" attire and this week she's headed to Comic-Con International: San Diego. Her twin fascinations merged after her sister got a job as a costumed interpreter. "My sister Emily, who runs the amazing blog Arrested Westeros, was working at Colonial Williamsburg and whenever I'd meet her friends in the tailor shop I'd think about what Belle would actually be wearing were she properly dressed for the era," she explained to Yahoo! Shine. "This eventually culminated in my historical Belle illustration, and it quickly snowballed into an ongoing project for me."

After two years, she has drawn 14 Disney Princesses and recently, female villains, in more historically accurate dresses and has no plans of stopping. She says she's taken some creative liberties with the style. "These are for fun… they're not diagrams," but Hummel estimates the outfits are about 85 to 90 percent accurate. She encourages fans to cosplay her designs and says she'll be keeping an eye out for them at Comic Con. You can see all of her drawings at deviantart.com.

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beyonce-flaunt mag

Beyoncé Tells Fans To Have "Patience", Shares School Pic of Jay Z & Responds To Pepsi Criticism


Beyonce Writes About Patience On Instagram. Take The Hint.

Beyonce hand-written note alert! The holy priestess of R&B has picked up her pen yet again — this time to carefully print out a quote about the benefits of waiting.

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Meanwhile, a congressional subcommittee pushes the so-called "Jay-Z & Beyonce Bill" to restrict travel to Cuba... When will your faves?

deja butt

‘Transcendence’ Picks Up Chinese Backer

Following the international theme set by several other stories we’ve been following this week, news comes down that Transcendence, the sci-fi thriller starring Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Rebecca Hall, and Paul Bettany and executive produced by Christopher Nolan, will receive major funding from China’s DMG Entertainment. DMG will also distribute the film in China, although Warner Bros. holds distribution rights in the U.S. The move is reflective of China’s growing influence in the world film market, backed not only by the enormous business potential for sales in the territory (DMG, for one, recently distributed hits like Looper and Iron Man 3 in China), but also for the rising strength of Chinese productions as big-budget players on the world scene.

Transcendence is the first feature directed by Wally Pfister. Pfister has been working in the industry as a cinematographer since 1990, and has shot films like The Italian Job, Moneyball, and every Christopher Nolan film since Memento. The high-concept near-future thriller “is about that moment when human consciousness and the insanely fast rise of computing power collide,” according to DMG CEO Dan Mintz, and “pulls from the idea of singularity to tell a truly meaningful story that is more ‘science reality’ than science fiction.” The “singularity,” for those unfamiliar, refers to a theoretical moment in time when natural human capacities and technological computing power will become fused in a way that gives rise to human superintelligence.

Transcendence will follow a pair of scientists striving for the singularity while radical anti-tech organizations try to stop them. It’s being produced by Alcon entertainment (Beautiful Creatures, The Blind Side), is scheduled to complete principal photography this month, and will be released in the U.S. April 18, 2014.


So do you think this film will be like Looper, which incorporated a Chinese storyline into the film (China being the future it place, Bruce Willis' wife being Chinese etc.), or like Iron Man 3 where they filmed scenes in China with Chinese cast members exclusively for China distribution?
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Book Review: 'Man Of Steel' Novelization Slightly Expands The Movie With Minor New Scenes & Textures

Superhero movies mean merchandise, which for most studios, is where the real money lies once the box office cycle is done. Because while Warner Bros. is likely enjoying (and still counting) the $580 million that "Man of Steel" has brought in so far, they are likely just as excited to see the sales of the numerous toys and tie-in products, and of course the numbers that the eventual home video release will be bringing in as well. The money never really stops being printed. And so perhaps it's the long reach of the unending revenue streams that has kept the movie novelization business alive, when the very purpose of owning the book of a movie that will be available to watch at home in a matter of months feels antiquated. But then again, there will always be super-collectors, those who can't help but spend their disposable income on any movie-affiliated material, and maybe they will be the ones to keep the movie tie-in book alive for the future. However, at least in the case of "Man of Steel," the book does offer some minor glimpses of new scenes and textures that will make anyone who loved the movie at least curious to see what may have been left out of the theatrical cut.

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Martin Freeman's last day as Bilbo Baggins

Here's a bittersweet bit of second-breakfast dessert: A few hours ago, Peter Jackson revealed that Martin Freeman had just shot his last scene as Bilbo Baggins.

This marks the end of the Sherlock actor's two-and-a-half-year journey to and from Bag End -- and nearly the end of Jackson's own Tolkien immersion as well. "We have said goodbye to our elves, humans, wizards and now the hobbit. We now enter our final 2 weeks of pick-ups," Jackson writes on Facebook. The good bad hairy news: From here on out, he adds, "it's wall to wall dwarves." (Dwarfs are very upsetting.)

Adios, Bilbo! We're hoping you went straight from the set to a Kiwi bar, where Legolas and Gandalf were waiting with hobbit-sized flagons of ale, full pipes, and celebratory fireworks. Oo -- maybe old Bilbo, Merry, Pippin, and Frodo were all there too!

Tony Ward for Ramone + Petrovsky Photogr

The BEST and WORST Films of 2013... So Far!

Is this the worst summer of blockbusters in a recent age or is it the best? Are “Man of Steel" arguments worth losing friendships over? Is "Southland Tales" a masterpiece as posited by generation revisionism or is it the mess critics took it for initially? Will you dare to give your money to villain mensch Adam Sandler over hero Guillermo del Toro? Debate rages on in 2013 over a variety of topics as is par for the course in the opinionated world of movie criticism and discussion. And yes, as we glance down at our watches, we realize it’s basically the midway point of the year. We already looked at what a handful of us thought were the Best Film Of The Year... So Far, and so in the Peter Travers school of thinking, we thought it might be worthwhile to look at the worst films of the year so far on a Wednesday hump day.

While “Best” was examined by a few core Playlist members (despite what you think of the hive mind, consensus is difficult to achieve around the water cooler), we thought we’d approach our Worst So Far list a bit differently and let each writer speak for themselves so you know where they stand (frankly, some of us don’t want to be standing next to Erik when you throw tomatoes at him). And so, that’s the drill: a quick, down and dirty look at what each of us (or those that participated anyhow) feel is the worst movie of the year so far.

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ONTD ORIGINAL: ONTD’s Most Beautiful Celebrity Female Faces RESULTS Post


We at ONTD are quick to judge beauty and it’s obvious we all have our own opinions on what is beautiful and what isn’t so let’s see who we can agree on as who are the most beautiful famous ladies out there.

Who does ONTD agree are the most beautiful ladies in celebutopia?
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Source: Google images, excel, and ONTD's impeccable taste in women

My brain hurts now so if anyone wants to take over and do a Male Version, go for it!`

Scottish Actor Sam Heughan Cast as Jamie in STARZ Outlander Series

Scottish actor Sam Heughan has officially been cast as Jamie Fraser in the upcoming STARZ series Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s historical novels. Gabaldon tweeted:

The network has ordered 16 episodes of the series which will begin filming in Scotland this fall. It is slated to premiere in 2014.

Sam Heughan's showreel:

Source / Source / Source

What do you think, ONTD?  Who should be Claire? Randall?

(Mods, there is no permalink to the post about Sam Heughan's casting on her site; it's only posted on the main page.  I've added additional sources, though.  Hope this is okay!)

Black Twitter Ethers Paula Deen, Again

Paula Deen is clearly unaware how this whole Twitter things functions. Today (July 11), the TV chef who lost a gang of endorsement deals thanks to her racists rhetoric caught the wrath of the Internets thanks to an ill timed tweet. "My favorite potluck dish is ______ RT me your answer!," tweeted Deen shortly after 4 pm (op: more like a staff member tho). A number of factors led to the subsequent wave of slander. One, Paula Deen's use of the N-word and its fall out is still fresh on the minds of many. Two, today was the closing arguments from the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial. So the righteous Tweeters who feel that America should be spelled with three K's were already riled up. Lastly, Black Twitter will seize any open invitation to clown someone wheneverit can, and that tweet was just too damn easy to pass up.

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More at the source
not as funny/original as the past one, but still hft
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Glee's Blake Jenner & Melissa Benoist engaged

Glee lovebirds Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist are reportedly set to tie the knot.

Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist definitely have something to sing about! The Glee costars are officially engaged, a source tells Us Weekly.

The pair only recently publicly acknowledged their relationship during a Twitter chat with ET Canada, during which a fan asked Blake if the costars were an item off-screen, to which the shaggy-haired actor replied with a simple "yup" and a smiley face.

Jenner, 20, plays Ryder Lynn on the hit Fox musical show. The actor and singer earned a spot on the series after besting 13 other contestants on 2012's The Glee Project.

Benoist, 24, joined the cast as newcomer Marley Rose in the fourth season of the show as "the new Rachel Berry."

Reps for both actors declined to comment on the pair's personal lives.

Source S2

Rihanna calls out Sandra Rose on her "Exclusives"


Word out of Rihanna’s camp is the singer is considering taking out a restraining order if her former lover Chris Brown doesn’t stop dropping her name in interviews. I can’t say any more about that for legal reasons. But if it happens, remember where you read it first.

Both Rihanna and Chris cut off all contact with each other after their break up in May. But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to use Rihanna’s name to promote his upcoming album.

Undeterred by Rihanna’s threats, Brown continues to promote the track — even though it may not appear on his album.


ONTD ORIGINAL: ONTD’s Most Beautiful Celebrity Male Faces (Voting Post)


1. Nominees must be celebrities and still alive. You nominate someone by commenting with their name in the subject line.
2. Only one nominee per comment and provide evidence (1-3 photos/gifs per comment).
3. To vote on someone already nominated, simply comment “+1”.
4. Make sure you don’t nominate someone who already has been nominated. Second nominations will be disqualified.
5. Photos/nominations must be about how someone looks now, not 20 years ago.
Please try not to add negative comments or non-nomination/vote comments so I don’t have to sift through them when counting.

You have to post at least one photo for evidence!
Like the last post, I'll leave this one up for a few days and then count the votes and make a winners post.
Credits to _pinkpornstar_ for their original Most Beautiful Celebrity Female Faces post.


For reference:

Page 1: Christian Bale, Avan Jogia, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Matt Bomer, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hardy, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Jesse Williams, Johhny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., Paul Rudd, T.O.P.

Page 2: Daniel Gillies, Naveen Andrews, Orlando Bloom, Jensen Ackles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Samuel Larsen, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, Michael Varten, Michael B. Jordan, Charles Michael Davis, Tyler Hoechlin, Chris Hemsworth, Richard Armitage.

Page 3: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Daniel Sharman, Ryan Gosling, Stuart Townsend, Hugh Jackman, Shemar Moore, Dylan O'Brien, Jay Baruchel, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Day-Lewis, Zac Efron, Tony Leug.

Page 4: Bradley James, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Charlie Hunnam, Daniel Henney, Gabriel Macht, James Marsden, Jonas Armstrong, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Matthias Schoenaerts, Jared Leto, Lee Pace.

Page 5: Brad Pitt, Zayn Malik, Cillian Murphy, Chris Pine, Alexander Skarsgard, Alex O'Loughlin, Godfrey Gao, Garrett Hedlund, Kris Letang, James McAvoy, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Dae Kim, Harry Styles, Christopher Abbott.

Page 6: Craig Horner, Francois Arnaud, Sam Huntington, Hugh Dancy, Guy Pearce, Beau Mirchoff, Riz Ahmed, Bryan Cranston, Dylan O'Brien, Jean Dujardin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Oded Fehr, Aaron Paul.

Page 7: Stephen Colbert, Sen Mitsuji, Daniel Feuerriegel, Ian Somerhalder, Iker Casillas, Pharrell Williams, Daniel Sunjata, Kit Harington, Mads Mikkelsen, Nishikido Ryo.

Page 8: Aldis Hodge, Ralph Fiennes, Jamie Dornan, James Wolk, Olof Dreijer, Jude Law, Michael Ealy, Paul Wesley, Rodrigo Santoro, Hrithik Roshan, Josh Holloway, Zachary Quinto.

Page 9: Xabi Alonso, Ben Whishaw, Jamie Bamber, Timothy Carlton, Nathan Fillion, David Beckham, Eoin Macken, Scott Disick, Jon Hamm, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Tom Wlaschiha, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nathan Adrian, Joel Kinnaman.

Page 10: Ian Harding, Leo Dicaprio, Ezra Koenig, Aaron Tveit, Mats Hummel, Morris Chestnut, Charlie Cox, Iwan Rheon, Dave Gahan, Frank Ocean, Alexander Siddig.

Page 11: Dane DeHaan, Patrick Wilson, Kenneth Faried, Jack Nicholson, Won Bin, Sharlto Copley, Rob James-Collier, Tyler Posey, Keanu Reeves, Arthur Darvill, Dave Franco.

Page 12: Dominic Cooper, Tim Tebow, David Tennant, Giancarlo Esposito, Robbie Rogers, Ben Barnes, David Gandy, James Wolk, Timothy Olyphant, Ewan McGregor, Michael Phelps, James Franco, Louis Tomlinson, Spencer Pratt.

Page 13: Sendhil Ramamurthy, Claudio Marchisio, Ben Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Charlie Day, Drake, Joe Giudice, Nico Mirallegro, Omar Sy, Adam Levine, Augustus Prew, Colton Haynes.

Page 14: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Justin Bieber, Won Bin, Mark Ruffalo, Tinie Tempah, Ken Hirai, Nick Cannon, Gideon Emery, Gael Garcia-Bernal, Austin Brown.

Page 15: Sung Kang, Joe A'naoi, Raoul Bova, Sergio Ramos, Norman Reedus, Eminem, Ahmed Angel, Colin O'Donoghue, Nicholas Hoult, Elijah Wood, Timothée Chalamet.

Page 16: Patrick Dempsey, Adam Brody, Brendon Urie, Vincent Kartheiser, Jay Carney, Jin Xiankui, Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Morgan, Prince, Kevin McKidd, Viggo Mortenson.

Page 17: Gaspard Ulliel, Andrew Lincoln, James Haskell, Kevin Bacon, Isco Alarcon, Lil B, Ricky Rubio, Max Irons, Peter Mensah.

Page 18: Hideaki Ito, Gary Oldman, Suraj Sharma, Andrew Garfield, Chace Crawford, Balian, Buschbaum, Damian Lewis, Ryan Lochte, Derek Theler, Eiji Wentz, Drew Van Acker, Guy Berryman, Harry & Luke Treadaway.

Page 19: Michael Pitt, Cullen Jones, Jon Cho, Barack Obama, Joseph Morgan, Aidan Turner, Michael C. Hall, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Boyd Holbrook, Jose Mourinho, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jakob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens.

Page 20: Chris Tomson, Will Smith, Ethan Peck, John Stamos, John Krasinski, Jimmy Fallon, Rider Strong, Joshua Jackson, Joel McHale, Gale Harold, Frank Lero, Taylor Hanson, Andrew VanWyngarden, Kim Bum.

Page 21: Manolo Cardona, Jon Kortajarena, Harry Lloyd, Reggie Yates, Gou Ayano, Camille Lacourt, Elliot Knight, Karl Urban, Thomas Vermaelen, Pana Hema Taylor, Tom Welling.

Page 22: Matt Dallas, Santiago Cabrera, Andy Biersack, Chris Cornell, Matthew Goode, Darryl Stephens, Ken Leung, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, Colin Firth, Aaron Johnson, Alexis Denisof.

Page 23: Ethan Hawke, Jerry Yan, Robert Pattinson, Josh Brolin, Ryan Phillpe, Masaki Okada, Jeff Bauman, Diego Luna, Dylan McDermott, Diggy Simmons, Lenny Kravitz, Derrick Rose, Christoph Waltz.


Comments are now locked. Thank you to everyone who contributed and/or voted! The results will be posted shortly.

Ed Sheeran in NYC

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ed Sheeran performs to a 10,000+ crowd at Rockefeller Centre for the Today Show's Summer Concert Series. Fans began lining up Wednesday afternoon for the Friday morning concert. Yesterday he unveiled a collaboration with C.F. Martin & Co for a special edition guitar, which will be donated to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, a UK-based charity.

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Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green Return to The Voice

Christina Aguilera is back! And so is Cee Lo Green!

Fans of The Voice are already getting a first look at the upcoming fifth season of the hit show.

Green and Aguilera – looking super slim with a sophisticated bob and long, lean legs to boot – are reuniting with triple winner Blake Shelton and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine for the new season, which debuts Sept. 23 (8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

Host Carson Daly is also back for season 5 – just in time for blind auditions, which began this week in Los Angeles.

Last season's champion, Texas country singer Danielle Bradbery, who turns 17 July 23, is already hard at work. Her first single, "The Heart of Dixie," is due out July 16.


Nick Carey-Cannon sets record for highest-rated show in MTV2 History with "Wild 'N Out" debut

‘Wild ‘N Out’ made its return to television after six years on Thursday, July 12.

For the new season, host Nick Cannon enlisted new and unknown talent.

The 11 PM debut of the rebooted Nick Cannon Presents: Wild’N Out proved to be the highest-rated show in the 17-year history of MTV2. The improv comedy competition show pulled in a 1.3 rating among the station’s targeted 12-34 demo and 1.1 million viewers. MTV2’s previous top-rated telecast was a February episode of Guy Code that garnered a 0.6 rating.

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Seems like breaking records is a family affair!!


Kanye West Was ‘Outraged’ Kris Jenner Showed Nemesis Matt Lauer Picture Of Baby Granddaugher

Kanye West was outraged that Kris Jenner showed TODAY anchor Matt Lauer a photograph of his daughter North West, RadarOnline.com has been told.

There is no love lost between the rapper and the famed NBC interviewer after West’s 2010 “brutal” interview during which producers showed a clip of former President George W. Bush sharing his pain at West calling him a racist for his response to Hurricane Katrina.

So when girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s momager promised to show Lauer a picture of her granddaughter, the 36-year-old got very riled up behind-the-scenes, an insider revealed.

Kanye became “absolutely apoplectic with anger because he hates Matt,” the source said.

“Kanye he felt extremely disrespected and insulted by Matt and the direction the interview took in 2010…He was outraged and disgusted that Kris showed Matt a picture of Nori and he is now refusing to speak to her.”

Adding further stress to the pair’s already contentious relationship is Jenner’s ongoing persistence that baby North West make her public debut on her new talk show.

During Lauer’s interview with Jenner, he asked, “You’ve got a tool at your disposal and I want to know right now if you are going to use it. Are there plans in the first week of this show to reveal either photos of the new granddaughter North or perhaps a walk on from Kim, Kanye and North?”

“Well while that’s ambitious, that would be fun,” she told Lauer. “I think you’re just going to have to wait and see and tune in because I’m not sure exactly what’ s going to happen.”

After Kris’ interview was finished, “Kim called her mother, at Kanye’s direction, telling her not to show any pictures she had of Nori to anyone. Kim was freaking out because Kanye was so angry. Kris just blew her off and promised she wouldn’t.”

i can't wait for kris to show release the picture of northwestern university. the impending shitstorm from kanye will be hilarious. idk what he expects

Michael Jackson's buttocks were so scarred and infected from long-term drug injections in 1993

Michael Jackson's buttocks were so scarred and infected from long-term drug injections ... the singer's thickened skin nearly broke his doctor's syringe -- this according to the doctor's testimony.

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein -- who cared for MJ back in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour -- sat for a deposition earlier this year in Katherine Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, describing the signs of MJ's drug addiction, and the testimony was just shown to the jury this week in court.

We got video of the depo and the details are crazy -- Finkelstein described one incident, saying, "I attempted to give [Michael] a shot of Demerol [a painkiller] but his buttocks were so scarred up and abscessed that the needle almost bent."

Finkelstein said the scarring resulted from "significant, extensive" shots of drugs over time.

He also describes his bizarre interactions with MJ back in the day, including squirt gun fights. You gotta see it.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2013/07/12/michael-jackson-doctor-butt-scarred-needle/

'Hey Russell, didn't you die in Gladiator 1?' 'Yeah, you sort that out.'

title or description

Rocker Nick Cave has confirmed a decade-old myth suggesting he penned a sequel to Roman epic Gladiator.
The singer/songwriter has revealed he was approached by Russell Crowe to write the script for the follow-up to the film, which won the actor an Oscar.

Movie experts thought the story was little more than a prank made up to entertain journalists at junkets and press conferences, but Cave has now admitted it's true.
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The Script Itself!
Aaron: Laughing At Your Pain

Raúl Esparza, King of my Broadway heart, is now a series regular!


Raúl Esparza will be sticking around on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — an NBC rep confirms the actor has been promoted to be a series regular in the upcoming 15th season. Deadline was first to report the news.

Esparza (who plays A.D.A. Rafael Barba) debuted on the series in the season 14 episode “Twenty-Five Acts,” before returning for 10 other appearances.

Are you excited Esparza’s presence on the show will be more secure?

You guys, I saw Raúl in The Cradle Will Rock last night (even though I've loved him for many years, I'd never had the extreme privilege to see him live in a musical), and while the show itself was kind of eh, Raúl was amazing and my life will never be the same. I ♥ him so!

But also, what does this mean for Chilton on
Hannibal? Is he gone for real? :(

I tried to embed a video from TCWR, but it's being a bitch, so just go here instead.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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adrien sahores

The Best And Worst Of 2013 Horror So Far

Here we are, about halfway through another year of horror movies, and I’m happy to report things are going rather swimmingly. 2012 was a bit of a let down honestly, as I found more movies to hate than love. Looking back on the crop of films I’ve already sat through in 2013 though, I can honestly admit the quality is better than expected (so far). Much, much better actually, considering how many remakes have been pushed out (so far). This year could have easily spiraled into a dark, depressing slump of continually bad Hollywood remakes, but a few directors have redefined the way we look at these inevitable remakes and reboots. Mix that with some gutsy, inventive films that dare to push boundaries, and the 2013 horror game is shaping up pretty damn well.

With films like The Conjuring, You’re Next, and Insidious Chapter 2 still yet to be released, I’m really intrigued to see how my end of the year “Top/Bottom Horror Movies” articles pan out, but for now, let’s take a look at the best and worst that my favorite genre has had to offer this year! Missed any of the big horror movies so far? I’m here to reveal which you should absolutely catch up on, and which you can let slip until their inevitable cable TV premiere.
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How to Lose a Stan in 10 Days: Cuocovil Disaster Deconstructed

On July 1, US Weekly broke the news that Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco were dating. The next day, Cuoco conveniently got papped at the nail bar. The day after that, Cuoco and Cavill were shot together on a hike in the hills by a photographer who just, you know, woke up and decided it would be a good place to hang out for several hours that day in the hopes that Superman would just show up. And just 24 hours later, the two were at the grocery store, holding hands, shopping for the Fourth of July.

It took them three days. THREE DAYS to saturate the market with themselves. What happened next?

As IF. The internet As IFed them, hard. (Bravo ONTD'ers, bravo)

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Hate or loathe Lainey all you want, but besides the Kristen Stewart bit, the woman did not lie.


Fifth Harmony Update: Miss Movin' On (Spanglish version) + Me & My Girls preview + Much more!



Me & My Girls preview

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America, are you ready?

sources: seventeen x youtube x youtube2 x radiodisney x fifth harmony

Arcade Fire Announce New Album Release Date

Last we heard, Arcade Fire were in New York City working on their The Suburbs followup with James Murphy at DFA Studios. Now, the band has confirmed on Twitter that the album will officially be out on October 29. The announcement was accompanied by the image above.

The band confirmed the date in response to a fan, who simply Tweeted, "you're my favorite".


The Pixar Theory

Every Pixar movie is connected. [Jon Negroni] explains how, and possibly why:

Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on Cracked.com that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe.

Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme.

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Aaron Tveit; Yellow

Justin Bieber’s Mom: He’s Getting a Bad Rap

 photo ee664912-2444-479f-bba6-96b346e12a73_300_Mallette_Bieber_071113_zps8e894bae.jpg

Justin Bieber's bad behavior as of late has not gone unnoticed by his mom.

Urinating in a bucket while insulting former President Clinton, showing up to one of his concerts two hours late, continuing to loan friend Lil Twist his cars to abuse — this hasn't exactly been Bieber's finest hour.

So naturally, while hitting the talk show circuit this week to talk about the new teen edition of her book, "Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom," Pattie Mallette, 38, was barraged with questions about her teen idol son.

Here are a few of her choice quotes:

"I definitely think he's getting a bad rap, but I'm also not naive to think that my child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life. He knows what I disagree with, and he knows all the things that I'm really proud of him for, too. I mean, people don't talk about all the great things he does every day."
- "Watch What Happens Live"

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Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Small child asks Queen to pose for a selfie. Queen obliges.

“I WAS A BIT nervous – but she was lovely,” said Jessica Fitch after the Queen agreed to pose for a picture with the seven-year-old – and her Brownie troop’s mascot Bertie the bear – at a Buckingham Palace party yesterday.

It was a departure from the usual protocol but the young girl decided to try the same trick with the Duchess of Cornwall and later with the Prince of Wales.

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Courtney Stodden W H O??? Helen Mirren, 67, works a pair of 6-inch lucite heels on the red carpet

Dame Helen Mirren walked the red carpet for her new movie, Red 2, last night. Her gown and purse were Elie Saab, her jewelry was David Webb, and her shoes were all kinds of ­da-a-a-amn.

Mirren paired her shoes of da-a-a-amn with a flirtatious, fake-shocked facial expression, the kind starlets make when their bikini tops "fall off" in front of paparazzi. The resulting pose was reminiscent of the oeuvre of Courtney Stodden. On Helen Mirren's feet and below the hem of a floor-length gown, the shoes were a hit. "Stunning," "steals the spotlight," "the much-maligned stripper heel gets a new lease of life," the fashion press announced.

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henry i

Chace Crawford: Bulging Biceps in Studio City!

Chace Crawford shows off his bulging biceps in a tight white tee while leaving a friend’s house on Thursday afternoon (July 11) in Studio City, Calif.

The 27-year-old actor wore a shirt featuring the Heileman’s Old Style beer logo on it.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chace Crawford

In case you didn’t know, Chace will be celebrating his 28th birthday on July 18!

Chace currently has the romantic comedy Responsible Adults in development, in which he plays a guy who realizes that his crush, med student Liz Quinn (Katie Holmes), was his babysitter 15 years ago.

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MARVEL KNIGHTS Returns with Indie-Influenced Take on X-MEN

Before Joe Quesada's decade-long stint as Marvel's editor-in-chief, he and Jimmy Palmiotti presided over the "Marvel Knights" imprint, which debuted in 1998 and presented memorable takes on classic characters including Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's Inhumans,Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira's Black Panther and a Kevin Smith-written Daredevil, illustrated by Quesada himself.

As Quesada — currently Marvel's chief creative officer — rose to power at the publisher, the line continued, producing acclaimed works like The Sentry, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Punisher, Madrox (which preceded Peter David's return to X-Factor) and Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Daredevil run. Yet Marvel Knights has stayed mostly dormant since 2010's Spider-Man: Fever, primarily used as branding for the company's motion comics adaptations of print stories.

That changes this fall, with three new Marvel Knights miniseries launching in successive months. Each one pairs creators mostly known for their work at independent publishers with some of Marvel's biggest icons, starting in October with Marvel Knights: Spider-Man from writer Matt Kindt and artist Marco Rudy. November brings Guerillas' Brahm Revel writing and drawing Marvel Knights: X-Men, and December sees writer Joe Keatinge and artist Piotr Kowalski on Marvel Knights: Hulk.

Newsarama has the first interview with Revel on the five-issue Marvel Knights: X-Men miniseries, which takes place in current continuity and features Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and Rogue heading to a small town to recruit two newly manifested mutants to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. Things don't go as smoothly as planned, and Revel told us much more about the story he's crafting.

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Box office preview: Will 'Pacific Rim' sink or swim?

A three-way battle for box office supremacy is brewing between Pacific Rim, Grown Ups 2, and Despicable Me 2 — all of which could potentially earn grosses in the mid-$40 million range this weekend and continue the film industry’s winning streak. The biggest question mark stomping into theaters is undoubtedly Warner Bros.’ ultra-expensive robot adventure Pacific Rim, whose earning potential has proven notoriously difficult to predict. But predict, I must! So without further ado, here’s how I think the box office might look this weekend:

1. Pacific Rim – $52 million
Look, people. I know that tracking for this $190 million Guillermo del Toro-directed tentpole has been woefully weak — down in the $25 million to $35 million range. I know Warner Bros. has repeatedly said it only expects $30 million for it this weekend. I know that everyone on the Internet has already declared Pacific Rim a bomb. But I just don’t believe it. Fandango reports that over 60 percent of daily sales are for Pacific Rim and that the film is outselling World War Z, which opened with $66.4 million, at the same point in its pre-release cycle. Of course, Pacific Rim‘s core demographic of male geeks is exactly the type that would purchase online tickets en masse — but even so, those sorts of pre-sales do not suggest an embarrassing opening.
Pacific Rim has surged on social media this week, which makes sense, since Warner Bros. saved most of its marketing budget for the release phase, and awareness is rising quickly. Plus, the film has earned strong reviews overall, which should lead to solid word-of-mouth. Though there are no bona fide movie stars in Pacific Rim‘s cast (the film has been advertised mostly with robots and monsters), the appeal of Del Toro may connect with film buffs. With 3-D and IMAX prices factored in — plus the groundswell of excitement for an original story — I think Pacific Rim could earn $52 million out of 3,275 theaters this weekend. I’m very aware that might be too high, but really, who knows where this film ends up?

2. Despicable Me 2 – $49 milion
After its $143 million five-day debut, the well-liked family film has easily topped the chart every day this week, and it has a shot at repeating in first place over the weekend if Pacific Rim fails to match my prediction. Despicable Me 2 might fall by about 40 percent — if there weren’t two big releases threatening to cut into its earnings, that percentage would be even smaller — to $49 million this weekend, which would give it an incredible $233 million after just 12 days.

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Tony Ward for Ramone + Petrovsky Photogr

IT IS CONFIRMED, ONTD: Sam Mendes WILL Direct Next James Bond Numero 24!

Back in March, Skyfall director Sam Mendes regretfully announced that he would not be returning for the next Bond film because of his prior commitments, particularly theater productions of King Lear and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then in May, we learned that Bond's producers were willing to wait for Mendes, which is reasonable considering the $1.1. billion his version took in. It appears the waiting worked, as today it was announced that Mendes officially will return for the 24th Bond film, which will be written by Skyfall scribe John Logan, who pitched it as the first installment in a two-film arc. The film is set for release in U.K. theaters on October 23, 2015, and in U.S. theaters on November 6, 2015. Mendes commented, "I am very pleased that by giving me the time I need to honour all my theatre commitments, the producers have made it possible for me to direct Bond 24. I very much look forward to taking up the reins again, and to working with Daniel Craig, Michael G. Wilson, and Barbara Broccoli for a second time." Yeah, who needs theater when you can recreate the ending of Home Alone, but just make it more British and sexy?


FINALLY! And praying to fucking gawd that they cast both Christoph Waltz AND Tilda Swinton to be the next Bond villains. Preferably written in the film as married AND deliciously maniacal motherfuckers who want to see this world burn. IDEGAF about Bond Girls now, gimme a BAMF Bond villain!

What say you, ONTD? Which actors would you like to face off against Daniel Craig in Bond 24?
chris fall by rainbowkisses31

Kevin Jonas talks baby--does he want a boy or girl + Uncle Joe & Uncle Nick

Kevin Jonas has baby on the brain.

The young singer recently revealed to E! News exclusively that he and wife Danielle are expecting their first child together, so we caught up with the Married to Jonas star and his brothers Joe and Nick to talk more about the exciting new chapter they're all about to embark on.

When it came to sharing the happy news with family, Kevin told us that Danielle's family were the first to find out because they were "there when we were ready to tell them and then we actually waited a week to tell them [Joe and Nick] because we wanted to tell them in person. Yeah, so I had to wait a week to tell them. I was dying inside.

Kevin added, "They did a simultaneous arm-shoot-up-in-the-air moment."

Although it's been a short time since Joe and Nick found out about the upcoming addition to their family, they've each already made plans as to what kind of uncles they're going to be.

Joe wants to help his niece or nephew travel the world, telling us, "I want to be able to be like, Kevin calls me three days later like, 'What? Where's my kid?' And I'm like, 'I have her in Taiwan, I forgot to tell you.' I want the kid to be adventurous."

Meanwhile, Nick will focus on extra-curricular activities and making sure the family's musical talent gets passed down.

"I think, for me, it's gonna be a lot of music lessons," he said. "I want this kid to be good in baseball, as well. Basically all the things I love."

Kevin admits the duo don't know the sex of the baby yet, but admitted, "I would love to see a girl in the midst of all these boys all over the place. But then again, at the end of the day, if it's a boy—oh man, we're starting trouble."


LOL Nick. Nobody was surprised about his answer. That pic is from the meet and greet this week in Chicago but I blurred out the baby's face even though it's been all over Tumblr.

Denzel Washington 'Not Divorcing Wife Of 30 Years Pauletta Following Affair Rumours'

Denzel Washington has hotly denied rumours of an impending divorce from Pauletta Washington, his wife of 30-years.

Alleged photos of the the Oscar-winning actor kissing the same mystery woman with whom he reportedly flirted with at a recent house part in Malibu are said to be doing the rounds at various media outlets, prompting stories of an imminent split.

A representative acting on behalf of the 58-year-old has since denied the rumours and insists the couple – who have two children from their three decades of marriage – are not filing for divorce.

“They are not divorcing, not separating,” the rep told Gossip Cop.

However, the couple are understood to have spent their landmark 30th wedding anniversary on June 25 apart, with sources claiming the decision was prompted by their desire to call time on the marriage.

“She moved to New York to contemplate if she's ready to end the marriage for good,” an insider told Star.

The actor was previously rumoured to have had an affair with stunning actress Sanaa Latham while the pair were filming Out of Time in 2003.

In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, Pauletta, 62, opened up about her lengthy marriage to Washington.

“I live with this man. I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part,” she said. “He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That's what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it.

“I can't dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

The couple married in 1983 while Washington was filming his first movie, Wilma.


WOW Shopping Network

Ever wanted to own a piece of your favorite WOWlebrity's wardrobe? Here's your chance! World of Wonder is launching it's very first shopping network! WOW Shopping Network is a place for you to get all of your wowlebrity needs straight from the wowlebrities themselves. First up, Victoria Porkchop Parker sells the legendary outfit that she was wearing when she was eliminated from the first ever episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Future Oscar Winner Ava DuVernay Will Direct An Episode Of 'Scandal' Next Season

And the beat don't stop (as the saying goes) for Ava DuVernay.

As if yesterday's announcement that she'll be helming the once Lee Daniels MLK project Selma, wasn't already exciting enough for fans, the above tweet tweet from Scandal producer Merri D. Howard, should be even more thrilling, especially for all you Scandalistas and Gladiators out there!

Obviously, as the tweet states, in short, DuVernay will be directing an episode of the hit ABC series - #308 to be exact, as in season 3, episode 8.

On May 10, 2013, Scandal was renewed for a third season by ABC. No word yet on what exact date it'll debut in the fall. But we're already pushing towards the end of summer, so we're not that fan away Scandal fans. I know how rabid you guys can be...

But let the rumors begin... I'll start: Kerry Washington will star in Ava DuVernay's next film (after Selma, anyway).

It's Friday...


Michael Jackson’s handwritten letters with his children reveal caring father, says lawyer

Touching handwritten notes that give an intimate glimpse of Michael Jackson’s relationship with his kids were shown to a jury Thursday after a bitter legal battle.
The King of Pop scrawled one of the notes on a scrap of paper to remember a tender exchange with his younger son, Blanket.

“Words of Blanket my son 6 years young,” the pop superstar wrote to introduce a quote attributed to his third-born child.

“What’s your favorite letters Daddy? Mine is ‘G’ for God and ‘D’ for Daddy,” reads the quote written in black pen on white paper.
Jurors also saw a pencil and paper note Jackson’s daughter carefully composed for her dad with ample eraser marks and a heart used to dot the “i” in her name.
“Dear Daddy, I love you so much & I’m so glad I got a goodnight hug,” Paris wrote. “Sleep well, I love you & good night. I’ll see you tomorrow! XOX Goodnight. Lots of love, Paris Jackson”

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson fought for days to get the notes admitted saying they show the immense love Michael had for his kids and the depths of the family’s loss with his untimely death on June 25, 2009.

Katherine Jackson is suing concert promoter AEG Live for wrongful death saying the company’s executives negligently hired the doctor who overdosed her son and should be held financially liable.
AEG denies any wrongdoing, claiming Jackson personally hired the doctor and secretly begged for the intravenous anesthetic that accidentally killed him.

AEG fought against admission of the notes, saying it was impossible to say when and where the notes were written.

The judge finally agreed to admit them, along with testimony from Michael’s beloved nephew Taj Jackson that authenticated their handwriting.

The son of Michael’s older brother Tito Jackson, Taj Jackson said he found them in a box in Jackson’s master bedroom after his death.

Taj Jackson, 39, also said Thursday that his famous uncle planned to make movies with him and Jackson’s older son, Prince, once his ill-fated “This Is It” concert series ended.

Taj Jackson said the promise came during a family party celebrating Katherine and Joe Jackson's wedding anniversary in May 2009.

“His last words to me were, ‘After this, we’'re going to do film,’” Taj Jackson testified at the end of the 11th week of testimony in the Los Angeles case.

transistor, red

One Direction fanfic professionally published!

For all the starving wannabe writers out there: read and weep at the state of the publishing industry in Portugal.

A One Direction fanfic got professionally published in Portugal, by a once-vanity, now royalty-paying publisher. You can find it in the biggest bookstores (the likes of FNAC, Bertrant, Wook) and it costs a measly €12.00. The summary reads:

Nina is an 18 year-old-girl who sees her dreams come true when she gets inside a plane to London. Together with her friends, she will live an adventure she'll never forget as she meets her idol, Liam Payne...

That's not the worst part. Supposedly, it's written by a fourteen-year-old. But a google search will let you know that it's actually a translation of Before You Leave Me Today, a 1D fanfic published on Wattpad earlier this year.

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Adam Lambert Says No to RCA Deal, Walks Away Over Creative Differences

Monday's news -- as reported by The Hollywood Reporter -- that American Idol season eight runner-up Adam Lambert was being asked by his label, RCA Records, to consider recording an all covers album elicited an impassioned response from the legions of Glamberts worldwide. And it wasn't a positive one.

In what was a loud and fairly unanimous outcry, the rocker's fans took to social media, this site and popular American Idol debate destination MJs Big Blog to voice their distaste for the idea. The consensus for the most part being: that Lambert is an artist with his own musical vision who should be allowed to explore it to the fullest.

Now, THR can report, Lambert will be doing just that. The singer is walking away from his RCA contract after two full length albums, 2012's Trespassing and 2009's For Your Entertainment, along with several EPs and a live collection -- all issued by the Sony Music label.

Lambert revealed the news in a letter to THR, which follows in its entirety below. In it, Lambert notes "the oft-cited 'creative differences'" as they related to his next project, stating: "my heart is simply not in doing a covers album." To the contrary, Lambert adds that he's "deep into writing new material with some very talented colleagues," which will surely delight his audience of diehards.

The "evolution" continues, he says. "This music is where my heart is." But it won't be at RCA, where a typical American Idol recording contract stipulates that the artist and the label be on the same page creatively.

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Good for him.
tom cruise

Shailene Woodley: If I didn't have acting, I would open a fruit stand on a Hawaiian island.

Shailene Woodley: Earth Angel for Marie Claire
With four upcoming movies, including this month's The Spectacular Now, actress Shailene Woodley is poised for superstardom - whether she wants it or not.

Shailene Woodley doesn't like the C word. "Celebrity," that is. "I don't use it to describe myself," says the 21-year-old actress. "In high school, a lot of my friends didn't know I was an actor because I didn't talk about it. They would come to school and be like, 'Wait, were you on My Name Is Earl last night?' It was something I kept under wraps because I did it for myself and not for anybody else."

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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Flips Off a Fan AGAIN

Louis Tomlinson is at it again--seen flipping off fans in a new pic, as he was snapped throwing his middle finger in the air at a Michigan airport.

Louis was with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, just like the last time gave the single finger salute.

Is Eleanor the common thread here?

While it's unclear what happened for sure, it's fairly reasonable to guess that Louis had a reason for getting upset.

In fact, his mom set the record straight on why Louis flipped off the crowd in Montreal last week.

His mum, Johannah Darling, tweeted: "I text him this am asking what had happened. His reply: It was not at fans but at men shouting degrading comments ;( xx"

When one Twitter user noted that Louis was sending a message to the fans, Johannah replied, "No it really wasn't! I don't condone giving 'the birdie' but it must be so hard when folk are so rude to you! X"

Do you think that's what happened to Louis and Eleanor this time to make Lou upset?

Ed - brows

BSB's Kevin Richardson Welcomes a Baby Boy

Congratulations! The Backstreet Boy has another little boy of his own, as he welcomed a second son on July 10.

Kevin Richardson, 41, and his wife Kristin welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday, July 10, the pop star revealed on Facebook.

Kevin Richardson Baby Born — Backstreet Boy Welcomes Son, Maxwell Haze

“Special delivery! Another Richardson boy… At 3:05am Wednesday morning (7/10/13), Maxwell Haze Richardson decided to join the party. He is a stout 9 lbs. 8 oz. / 23 inches long. Love! Love! Love!” Kevin wrote on his page.

Kevin & Kristin: How They Announced Pregnancy

The couple are already parents to Mason, 6. They revealed their pregnancy in April by sharing a photo of Kristin cuddled up with the Easter bunny.

“So excited to share … The Easter Bunny brought a very special egg this year,” Kevin wrote at the time.

Kevin Is Gearing Up For The Backstreet Boys Tour

We’re sure Kevin will be taking full advantage of his time with the baby over the course the next two weeks because he’ll soon be touring around the country.

Kevin and the rest of the Backstreet Boys, including Brian Littrell,Howie Dorough, Nick Carter and AJ McLean, kick off their In a World Like This tour on Aug. 2 in Chicago.


beyonce-flaunt mag

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Relax Poolside in Miami!

Jul 2013 miami poolside with blue

While Beyonce is down in Miami for her Mrs. Carter World Tour, she managed to squeeze in some personal time with daughter, Blue Ivy.
The adorable duo were spotted keeping cool poolside and boarding a yacht while enjoying the company of friends. The first daughter of Bey and Jay-Z was seen testing out her sea legs as Bey looked flawless in a one-piece bathing suit. She rocked a flowy printed top and super short shorts before losing it all and taking a dip. It looks the the Carter ladies had a blast in Miami!

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baby bey

Syfy UK Picks Up Rights To ‘The Almighty Johnsons’ Season 3


EXCLUSIVE: The norse gods are returning to the UK. I’ve confirmed that Syfy UK has closed a deal with ALL3MEDIA International to acquire the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to the third season of TV3′s series The Almighty Johnsons. Sources tell me that Syfy UK plans to air the third season close to the series’ debut in New Zealand (scheduled for July 4th) and, while nothing is set in stone, they are eyeing an August premiere.

Created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, The Almighty Johnsons follows Axl Johnson, who has recently found out that his family members are reincarnated Norse gods. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem, his family members don’t have any control over their powers and its up Axl (the reincarnation of Odin) to restore them and ensure the family’s survival by finding the reincarnation of Odin’s wife, Frigg. The dramedy series is produced by South Pacific Pictures and stars Emmett Skilton, Tim Balme, Dean O’Gorman, Jared Turner and Ben Barrington.

The pick up of the show’s third season had been expected following the decent ratings performance of seasons one and two on the Universal Networks International owned channel. The show’s second season averaged just under 0.2 million viewers, making it one of the channel’s better rated scripted imports. The pick up also comes after ALL3MEDIA sealed a deal with Canadian broadcaster Space for a simultaneous release for the show’s third season on July 4th.



This is frankly one of the best shows you are not watching ONTD. It is funny, campy, well acted and the men of New Zealand are hot. You need to get on that!!


Michael B Jordan Talks Fruitvale Station, His Career, and Sort of Responds to Andrew Garfield

Fans of Michael B. Jordan have watched him grow from teenage drug dealer (on The Wire) to leading man, receiving recent festival praise for his work in Fruitvale Station. In the film Jordan plays 22-year-old Oscar Grant III, who was shot and killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2009. Grant’s death resulted in major riots in the Bay Area, but Jordan and first time writer-director Ryan Coogler don’t try to villanize the institution or point the finger. Instead, what you get is a rich, layered depiction of a life that’s no more.

It’s no secret Jordan’s body of work predominantly consists of dramatic roles (tearjerkers, even) and Fruitvale Station is no exception. VH1 spoke with MBJ about what it’s like to be No. 1 on the call sheet, being a self-described “old soul,” and, of course, Texas football.

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joan watson - rme

Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal, The Hunt, and Fan Tumblrs

Before Ryan Gosling became the muse of Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, there was Mads Mikkelsen, who came to prominence in his home country in the Pusher film series. After winning over the rest of the world as the villain Le Chiffre in the first Daniel Craig James Bond film, Casino Royale, Mikkelsen returned to television (he had previously done a Danish crime drama called Unit One) as Hannibal Lecter in the brilliant and beautiful Hannibal series. But even though we might associate him with these villain roles, Mikkelsen turns that on its head by playing a character who is completely innocent in The Hunt. As the kindergarten teacher Lucas, he is accused of sexual abuse of a child — and then multiple children — as his community quite violently turns against him, no matter what he does or says in his defense. Mikkelsen chatted with Vulture about kicking ass, eyeball acting, and his Emmys expectations.

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'Sharknado' scores tweets but not viewers

sharknado photo:  sharknado-005_zpsf4799143.jpg

Sharknado sure was a social-media magnet Thursday night. Syfy's latest B-movie, about sharks swept up from the sea in a tornado to wreak havoc on Los Angeles, drew 387,000 mentions on social media, mostly on Twitter, marking the channel's "most social" program ever.

But that didn't translate to Nielsen ratings. Only 1.4 million viewers watched the movie, a typical audience for the channel's cheese-fests, proving yet again that Twitter can be an echo chamber among a few cheering loudly.
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sharknado photo: SHARKNADO!!! SHARKNADOGIF.gif

did y'all tune in?

People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo busy-phillipps-660_zpsed1bd251.jpg

"It's weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names. Guys, my kids will be therapy for LOTS of reasons, I'm sure."

– Busy Philipps, defending the unique monikers of daughters Birdie Leigh, 4½, and newborn Cricket Pearl, on Twitter

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HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  xoxo  :-)

Disney queen Zendaya releases new single 'Replay'.

“Yay! Here it is, ONLY for my Zswaggers! You are First to Hear this!” the 16-year-old actress/singer tweeted.

Zendaya added, “put it on #Replay!! In case you wanna hear it again.”

“Replay” will hit iTunes on Tuesday, July 16th and was produced by Mick Shuultz and written by Tiffany Fred and Paul “Phamous” Shelton. Be sure to catch Zendaya in NYC next week!

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Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Jeff Wadlow To Write & Possibly Direct 'X-Men' Spinoff 'X-Force'

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow will write the X-Force script for 20th Century Fox with an eye to direct. X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuller Donner is also onboard. Original story follows...

There are rumours that a X-Force movie could be made after the release of Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, due for release May 2014.

20th Century Fox recently registered the domain X-ForceMovie.com, as spotted by X-Menfilms (via DigitalSpy). Previous X-Men titles have been discovered in a similar way in the past.

X-Force focuses on a superhero team of mutants led by Cable, Cyclop's son from the future. It has a slightly different, more mature tone than the X-Men.

Possibly lending this additional credence is the fact Mark Millar – Fox's consultant on all its future Marvel projects – has recently spoken about possibility of a X-Force movie.

“You have to remember that Fox grabbed the X-Men back in the ’90s because it was the biggest franchise in the world," said Millar in an interview with CBR. "So X-Force or Cable or Deadpool — all these amazing characters are things we haven’t really gotten to yet. ‘X-Force’ #1 was the second biggest book of all time behind Jim Lee’s ‘X-Men’ #1, so there’s an immediate brand recognition to that stuff and a build in fanbase. You go to any convention in the world, and you’ll see 20 people dressed as Deadpool. In a lot of ways, these are Marvel’s coolest characters, so I want to remind people of that and build on what we already have."

And we know Warpath, a one time member of the X-Force team, will also appear in Days of Future Past. It's likely the domain has been registered in case Fox want to proceed with the project at a later date. It could be spin-off or conceivably even a sequel; either way, production will likely rest upon the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

jay z

VIDEO: Kanye West lashed out at a TMZ cameraguy and ripped their camera

Kanye West just lashed out at a TMZ camera guy ... tearing into our photog for daring to speak at LAX ... simply 'cause he's an egomaniac who thinks he's bigger than the Constitution.

Kanye -- who calls himself Yeezus -- had arrived to the airport, when our photog tried to tell the rapper how much he loves his music.

But before he could even finish his sentence, Kanye got right in our guy's face ... manhandled the camera -- and started making demands like a Fascist dictator.

"Don't talk ... don't talk to me ... I don't wan't to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows ... don't talk to themselves .. DON'T TALK EVER AGAIN."

Our guy dared to open his mouth ... and said how pumped he was for a possible sequel to the Jay-Z/Kanye album ... and that's when Kanye charged back at our photog and ripped at our camera.

It's not the first time Kanye has gone after our camera ... in fact, he was ARRESTED for smashing our equipment at the very same airport in 2008.


Sasha Pivovarova for Prada

How Your Good-Looking Celebrity Faves are Chosen for Designer Perfume Ad Campaigns

Top Row (L-R): Tyson Ballou, Eva Herzigova, and Tony Ward
Bottom Row (L-R): Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Noah Mills

There is an inherent paradox built into fragrance advertising, which is the notion of persuading the consumer to buy a product whose essential function can’t be conveyed, seen or felt through a broadcast spot or a page in a magazine. Since Audrey Hepburn professed her devotion to Givenchy’s L’interdit in 1957, celebrities have steadily appeared in fragrance ads, although highly-paid supermodels would pose for these brand ads as well. Today—as is also the case with fashion magazine covers—actors, actresses and musicians have supplanted models as the favored currency to act as the face of a perfume.

But what makes a famous face the right one to align with an established scent? How significant is the correlation between what the celebrity represents and what the brand’s identity is? Are fragrance companies increasingly tapping celebs because they have had a recent blockbuster film, or a growing Twitter following? In a $3 billion industry, the stakes are high enough to warrant scrutiny.
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Is Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" About To Become A US Sleeper Hit?

Is Lana Del Rey about to have a “Tik Tok” moment on US radio with “Summertime Sadness”?

And by “a ‘Tik Tok’ moment,” I’m referring to the phenomenon where a song becomes a massive smash on the radio months after its initial premiere — in other words, a sleeper hit. Ke$ha‘s debut single happens to be one of the most memorable examples: Originally released as a free download on her MySpace in July of 2009, the song didn’t even hit radio until October, climbing to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 at the end of December (and dominating for months afterward.) Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance,” which premiered in April of 2008, did the same thing over an even longer period of time, topping the charts in January of 2009. And then there’s Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” — a current Top 10 summer smash — which dropped way back in May of 2012.

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god damn it, sophie

Geordie Shore's Sophie axed from show in race row

GEORDIE Shore is at the centre of a race storm after it is said a cast member was recorded as saying: “I hate n*****s."

Sophie Kasaei has been kicked off the MTV show after allegedly making the comment on camera.

The incident occurred last week as the reality TV star and her cast mates filmed scenes for the seventh and latest series.

A source said: “Apparently Sophie was caught using the n-word.

“The show bosses were made aware of what she is alleged to have said and they kicked her off the programme. She is devastated.”

The former call centre worker was immediately barred from the show — made by production company Lime Pictures — pending an investigation.

An MTV spokesman said: “After an incident last week, Sophie Kasaei was removed from Geordie Shore pending further investigation into alleged offensive behaviour.

“MTV and Lime Pictures have now taken the decision that it is inappropriate for Sophie to return to the show.

“We will be reiterating to the remaining cast members that offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.”

The race row comes just days after Sophie’s housemates Vicky Pattison and Holly Hagan spent a night in the cells after being arrested following a nightclub fracas in Newcastle. The shocking scenes at Florita’s bar last Wednesday left an 18-year-old with facial injuries after she was smacked in the face with a shoe.

The pair, who both deny any wrongdoing, were released on police bail.

Last month the show’s Gaz Beadle was arrested and cautioned after a man claimed he was assaulted at a nightclub in Penrith, Cumbria.

Gaz allegedly struck out after a glass was hurled during a row.

The sixth series of Geordie Shore — which features the gang partying in Australia — started on Tuesday.

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Shia LaBeouf staring at a dude at a stop light

This truck pulls up next to me at a stop light. I can see out of my periphery that the dude is just staring at me. The strange part is that he is in a right turn only lane and should be turning right. Not wanting to make eye contact I ignore him, but the dude is still staring at me. So I look left, just to see what is going on. To balance things out, I then turn and look right. Turns out it was Shia LaBeouf. We exchanged pleasantries, the light turned green, and we drove on.

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Geraldo Riviera Opens His Mouth About Trayvon Martin, Out Comes Something Stupid (The Sequel!)

On this morning’s “Fox & Friends,” criminal-justice expert Geraldo Rivera fielded a question about a ruling in the George Zimmerman trial, under which the jury will be allowed to consider a manslaughter conviction. As is his wont, Rivera went off, rolling MSNBC’s Al Sharpton into his analysis, in a rather culpatory manner:

I thought that manslaughter was the only possible rap they could have brought from the get-go, because it requires no more than culpable or criminal negligence, unlike murder in the second degree, which requires a depraved mind and ill will and hatred and all the rest. It never was that. This was a case brought because of political pressure — race politics in this country. I hate to say it: I hold the Rev. Al Sharpton in much higher regard than many of my colleagues. I won’t speak for any of you presently, but I think I do, but I totally believe that the Rev. Al is the catalyst behind the murder-two charge six weeks after the incident. I believe the original prosecutor got it right. I think it is a self-defense situation, a classic self-defense when you strip it of all the trappings. That should have been the charge — manslaughter at best, if any charge was going to be brought. The fact that they are resorting to it now is a sign of the desperation of the prosecution. They know how weak their case is. They have zero chance of convicting this man on murder charges.

Should the jury align with Rivera’s prediction, look for other voices on Fox News and elsewhere to point fingers at Sharpton. And for Sharpton to lash back with a fierce rebuttal. Cable news could be particularly depraved next week.

Oh, wait: It already is. Rivera didn’t stop with his critique of Sharpton and the prosecution. He went on, in a manner that harks back to last year, when he said that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie was “as much responsible” for his death “as George Zimmerman was.” Here’s what he said this morning when asked about the outcome of the trial:

I see those six ladies [in the jury] putting themselves on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. So it’s a dark night, a 6-foot-2-inch hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies of that jury have reacted? I submit that if they were armed, they would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did. This is self-defense.


I personally think his 2 cents are as worthy as the content's in Capone's vault, tbh.
tom cruise

Is Willow Smith's New Video Too Provocative?

They say that kids grow up too fast these days – and apparently Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter, Willow Smith, is no exception.

The young actress and singer has come under fire this week for her new music video for "Summer Fling," in which the 12-year-old is seen holding hands, hugging, cuddling and flirting with a seemingly much older boy.

Sample lyrics include: "You tell me that I’m the one/I tell you it's just for fun," and "don't really care what we do tonight/good night kiss 'til the mood is right/laying by the beach with you/wishing it would never end."

The controversial video, which has almost a million views on Youtube, has some parents worried that it's too mature for Willow's age and some find fault with the chorus where Willow sings about having a fling. "It's just a couple months, but we do it anyway."
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