July 8th, 2013

In praise of Cycle 1 of America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model is gearing up for a new season, its first co-ed "cycle" to date, although it's tough to imagine Tyra Banks and pals coming up with anything truly new. This will be the show's twentieth cycle! That's a lot of people getting lost on go-sees, a lot of teetering on too-tight heels, a lot of weepy makeovers and grouchy in-fighting, and a lot of photo shoots where people have to confront fears (of bugs, heights, drowning). This all started ten years ago, though, in one of the best seasons, debut or otherwise, that any reality show has ever had. That first season of Top Model is unimpeachable.

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the show started flopping after it lost The World's First Supermodel, really. But full-length episodes of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency are available online! highly recommend

Moises Arias on his role in “Despicable Me 2”

Audiences will flock to theaters to see “Despicable Me 2” in order to get their fill of adorable, bright yellow minions (after all, it’s been three whole years since the original film was released!) but they’ll be getting loads of laugh-out-loud thanks in part to Moisés Arias, who voices the character of Antonio Perez, a teen whose flirtatious ways will surely help make the movie a box office hit.

Arias, who at 19 is already a bonafide teen star thanks to his memorable role as Rico opposite Miley Cyrus on tween-friendly sitcom “Hanna Montana,” brings his characteristic tongue-in-cheek fun to the film as Perez, the teenage son of villain El Macho (voiced by Benjamin Bratt). His romantic interest in young Margo (“iCarly” star Miranda Cosgrove) threatens to derail – or at the very least, cause some serious distraction – to the “save the world” mission that protective dad and newly-minted good guy Steve Carell’s Gru embarks on.

“I know how just about everyone is a huge fan of the first movie,” says Arias, whose parents are both Colombian. “So when the opportunity arose, I thought it would be a great project to be a part of. It’s a new character and I think he’s part of a new storyline that people will be excited to see.”

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Alicia Vikander cast in Tulip Fever (Matthias Schoenaerts is in talks for the male lead ).


Tulip Fever is the adaptation of Deborah Moggach’s novel about a 17th Century romance. Alicia Vikander (Anna Karenina , A royal affair ) will play the young wife of an aristocrat named Sophia. When her wealthy husband hires the artist Jan van Loos to paint their portrait, Sophia falls for the artist instead. The story is set against the backdrop of tulipmania in Amsterdam as the two forbidden lovers scheme to invest in the tulip trade to make enough money to run away together. For the male lead,the producers are courting Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead,Rust and Bone).

Tulip Fever is produced by Harvey Weinstein and will be directed by Justin Chadwick (Long walk to freedom with Idris Elba and Naomie Harris).

Keira Knightley and Jude Law were attached to the project in 2003.

Alicia Vikander wrapped Bill Condon’s Wikileaks drama “The Fifth Estate” with Benedict Cumberbatch and crime thriller “Son of a Gun” opposite Ewan McGregor and Brenton Thwaites . She will next be seen in sorcery actioner “The Seventh Son” with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.She apparently has a movie project in the works with Domhnall Gleeson (Levin in Anna Karenina).

Schoenaerts broke out starring opposite Marion Cotillard in last year’s Oscar contender “Rust and Bone” and has also landed  some English roles : “Suite Francaise” opposite Williams, “A Little Chaos” opposite Winslet and “Far From the Madding Crowd” with Mulligan coming up. He recently wrapped up shooting crime drama “Animal Rescue” opposite Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace and is set to reunite with Rapace in thriller “Alive Alone.”


hanni boo boo

Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon & ends 77-year British drought

Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon title and ended Britain's 77-year-wait for a men's champion with a brilliant victory over world number one Novak Djokovic.

The Scot, 26, converted his fourth championship point in a dramatic final game to win 6-4 7-5 6-4 and claim his second major title.

In an atmosphere reminiscent of his Olympic final win last summer, Murray was willed on by the majority of the 15,000 spectators on Centre Court, thousands watching on the nearby big screen and millions more around the country.

And after a gruelling three hours and 10 minutes in temperatures exceeding 40C, he finally followed in the footsteps of Fred Perry's 1936 win at the All England Club.

Perry used to leap over the net in celebration, but Britain's new champion roared in delight before sinking to his knees on the turf.

The final game had been a battle in itself, with Murray seeing three match points slip by from 40-0 and fending off three Djokovic break points with some fearless hitting, before the Serb sent a backhand fly long to end the contest.

Murray then headed into the stands to celebrate with his family and support team, before parading the trophy around Centre Court.

A bleh ending to a flop Wimbledon. Good for him tho.


Was Miley's little sister drinking on the 4th?

From Celebslam: That's Miley Cyrus' 13-year-old little sister Noah leaving a party in Malibu on the 4th of July. As soon as she spotted the paparazzi (which she seemed pretty surprised to see), she quickly handed her plastic cup to her friend. In the history of those plastic cups -- blue, red, or whatever color -- I'm pretty sure that nothing non-alcoholic has ever been consumed out of them. And if it was, it was purely by accident. But hey, I'm probably making something out of nothing.

+11 pics at the source
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henry i

Zach Roerig Fighting With Convict Ex-Girlfriend Over Secret Daughter, 2

"The Vampire Diaries" star Zach Roerig is battling his baby mama for sole custody of their kid because she was just sentenced to Federal prison. But more importantly ... who knew he had a kid?

According to legal docs filed in GA court last month, Zach -- who plays regular human Matt Donovan on the show -- has a daughter with a woman named Alanna Turner, born in January 2011.

In the docs, 28-year-old Zach is asking the court to change the current custody arrangement and grant him full custody -- and he has a pretty good reason.

According to Zach, Alanna has been arrested at least three times and is actually incarcerated right now in after she pled guilty in federal court to "various crimes."

He's also asking that his jail-bird baby mama cough up child support -- perhaps a few cartons of Marlboros a month?

Calls to Zach's rep were not returned.

Tony Ward for Ramone + Petrovsky Photogr

"THE LONE RANGER" Represents Everything That’s Wrong With Hollywood Blockbusters

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg recently took part in a symposium in which they predicted an imminent “implosion” in the system as a result of the industry’s current obsession with blockbuster movies. Curious about whether or not this was simply exaggeration, Vulture’s David Edelstein got in contact with producer Lynda Obst, author of a new book titled Sleepless in Hollywood: Tales From the New Abnormal in the Movie Business. During their conversation, she grimly agreed with the two moguls, predicting, “If, say, four huge tentpole [movies] were to go down at the same time in the same season, it would be catastrophic.”

The Lone Ranger — a.k.a. Pirates of the Caribbean 4.5: Sparrow Goes Westis looking like it might be a huge tentpole movie (it reportedly cost $215-250 million) that goes down this weekend. It also happens to be a perfect example of almost everything that’s wrong with the current Hollywood blockbuster system. In addition to being massively expensive, The Lone Ranger demonstrates the industry’s franchise obsession, origin-story laziness, over-reliance on bloodless violence, and inability to prevent running-time bloat. These are not small problems, and there is no sign that they will be riding off into the sunset anytime soon.

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dog winter

John Mayer Dedicates Love Song to Katy Perry at Concert

John Mayer showed his love for his gal Katy Perry at the kick-off for his Born and Raised World Tour concert on Saturday night (July 7) in Milwaukee, Wis.

“She would order for me…and she would tell people, ‘it’s nice to meet you, he says’,” John told the crowd about how patient Katy was when he was on vocal silence. “When I was in Montana…with bad service… she was so patient as to continue to get to know me and love me.”

He then dedicated his final song, “A Face To Call Home” to “Katy, who is my face to call home.”

Check out a video of John‘s speech about Katy below…

Source / YT
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Chris Pratt's Endless Yoyo-ing for Movie Roles

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After (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt, who has previously shot shirtless selfies while undergoing workouts for Zero Dark Thirty, gave his followers a treat over the weekend when he showed off his progress for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Wrote Pratt on Instagram: "Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me.

Lee Pace

Lee Pace & Karen Gillan's Roles In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Revealed

Den Of Geek's source has provided confirmation of two much-speculated-upon roles in Marvel's space set Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is currently into its first week of shooting in the UK. The site first "confirm" our earlier SCOOP (thanks guys) that Benicio del Toro will play The Collector, but also reveal that Lee Pace is definitely going to be playing Ronan The Accuser (a member of alien race The Kree, who has the potential to switch sides in the movie), and Karen Gillan will be playing Nebula (a space pirate who claims to be the granddaughter of Thanos). These are the roles I think most fans assumed they'd be playing, but now that it looks to be confirmed, what do you think?
BBC: Think!

First look: Dominic Cooper is dashing as 007 author

It was a romance which survived numerous affairs and marriages to other people.
And in the forthcoming mini series Fleming, it looks like James Bond author Ian Fleming's long love affair and eventual marriage with Ann Charteris will be a main focus.
In the first still from the new series, actor Dominic Cooper and Lara Pulver show their on-screen chemistry as Ian and Ann as they fell in love during World War II.

Filming on the Sky Atlantic series has only just started, but producers have given viewers a little sneak peek at what to expect with the stills and a short teaser trailer.

Dominic, 35, looks dapper in his Naval uniform as he plays Fleming during his time in the Royal Navy, where he served during the war.

Sherlock star Lara plays Ann, who first fell for Ian in 1939 when she was married to Baron O'Neill.
When she was left widowed by the death of O'Neill in the war, she was expected to marry Ian, but he decided to remain single.
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OP: Am I alone in thinking Dominic Cooper was the best part of Captain America? (And just about everything else he's in ever. OMG)

10 Fearsome Movie Women You’d Never Mess With

(This article is full of spoilers, and I don’t just mean that the entire list consists of women (oops, spoiler alert). Seriously, though, be warned that every lady in this list comes with a dose of plot summary. If you’re fearsome of spoilers, just take our word for it instead that you may consider these women fearsome as well.)

Ever heard of women described as the “fairer sex”? It seems there was some miscommunication; what you actually heard is “fear our sex.” Movies tend to silence and objectify women, but with the raw power each of the following ten female characters in movies wield, it will be them doing the silencing. From classic films to this summer’s features, female characters are proving that their power over men is not purely sexual. The portrayal of strong, even fearsome women has the potential to extend from comedies all the way to spaghetti westerns.

Perhaps they are even considered fearsome purely because of this ideally leveling power in some instances. Women as a whole are not to be messed with, but when you consider the following ten examples of female characters in the movies, you may find that they have shocking, intimidating reasons unique to each woman as to why one should watch out for her.

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Full list

50 Cent to 16 y.o. son: "F*ck you, Motherf*cker; are you f*cking stupid? I don't have a son."

50 Cent, who was recently arrested for domestic violence against a still-unnamed baby mama, recently exploded at the offspring of his first one.

A heated argument between the rapper and his son Marquise, 16, has leaked online. In it, he calls the teenager “f--king stupid,” a “s--thead,” and worse.

The angry texting tirade came after 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise's mom, were apparently unable to coordinate a custody visitation.

When 50 showed up at his door and Marquise didn't answer, he LOST IT.

He advises Marquise to a DNA test to prove he is his biological son, calls him a "motherf--ker" and even states that he "doesn't have a son" anymore.

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The bad blood between 50 Cent, Tompkins and Marquise has been festering for awhile, but has officially boiled over now, if this didn't make it obvious.

His arraignment in the domestic violence incident with his second baby mama, who accuses him of kicking her (and a lot of her stuff) is July 22.


I tried bolding the worst bits but I was just bolding everything. His son's responses are more restrained than I would have managed at 16.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Resurface Amid Split Rumors

Jennifer Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux are going into therapy -- retail therapy. Nearly a year since their engagement, and several months since they postponed their wedding plans, the couple were photographed together in Beverly Hills on Sunday, July 7. Last seen together attending Lake Bell's wedding last month, the talked-about couple went shopping at Maxfield, with the We're the Millers actress, 43, clutching a garment bag and shopping bag from the boutique.

Wearing sunglasses, a black tank-top, cuffed jeans and platform sandals, Aniston grinned chatting as her hunky beau of two-plus years chatted, wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans.

Back in May, Us Weekly was first to report that the pair had put the brakes on planning a wedding for this summer. "Justin got weirded out by all the rushing," one source told Us. "Nothing has happened on that front in a month." the source tells Us.

The pair have been bogged down with numerous film projects and the massive renovation of their $21 million Bel Air mansion.

"She has been cranky from this stress," another insider told Us. "Justin's never seen her like this."


stories like this makes me really glad I'm not famous. probably easy to ignore but annoying. you do you jen.

Yeah, We’re Doing This: The Lone Ranger and the Updated American Outlaw

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger via. Nerdist.com

After reconciling the with myself the fact that I was indeed going to see The Lone Ranger at some point this weekend, I started reading Isabel Allende’s Zorro to remind myself that my love of masked vigilantes in what would become the American West don’t always have to come with a racist Johnny Depp-shaped kiddie meal toy.

I’d apologize to Disney for cheating my way into seeing The Lone Ranger*, but the movie isn’t worth it. It’s a two and a half hour slog that shines only in the final twenty minutes where you finally catch a glimpse of what the film --written by the team behind Aladdin, The Mask of Zorro, Pirates of the Caribbean and others-- could have been. Unfortunately the film’s failings manage to go beyond Tonto’s white-washing. If you’re going to make something so incredibly racist that garners this level of backlash months before the final cut, at least have the decency to make it good.

But as a fan of the “American Outlaw” trope, this Ranger is only the latest disappointment. I’ll watch anything about The Lone Ranger, Jesse James, John Dillinger, Billy the Kid, and other (supposed) justice-seeking Robin Hood vigilante types, fictional or not. The whitening and brightening of these stories (figuratively and literally) is nothing new; there’s a long history in the genre of shaving down the truth to make these stories more palatable for the general (read: white) American audience. In The Lone Ranger it didn’t even only just apply to Johnny Depp as Tonto. Everyone involved manages to hit on a unique combination of blatant racism, missed opportunities, and straight-up bad filmmaking that makes The Lone Ranger the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year.

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Avan Jogia: Sherman Oaks Errands

The 21-year-old Twisted actor was out and about running some errands ahead of a trip to New York.

“The best job with that kind of character [a sociopath] is Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. It’s almost an exaggerated version of a sociopath,” Avan recently told OK! mag.

He added, “That’s interesting, too, because is stress something a sociopath feels? I don’t know. Maybe the stress of getting found out. I thought that was an interesting movie because maybe Patrick Bateman isn’t a sociopath. At the end of the movie, you don’t know if these things really happened or it’s the dark fantasies of a corporate psychopath.”

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juat are you wearing?
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New Music Video: 78Violet - Hothouse


Never forget: In an interview with Blender magazine, the two expressed their denial of evolution, with the interviewer asking what their thoughts were. When asked if they accepted evolution, AJ responded, "No," and Aly responded, "Are they teaching that in schools now?" When told that it had been taught for the better part of a century, she replied, "I think that's kind of disrespectful, anything that has to do with anybody's beliefs on religion, that should stay out of the classroom. I mean, I think people should be able to pray in school, if people were into that. Everybody should just do their own gig", and AJ added "Evolution is silly. Monkeys? Um, no."

nicola † xxx

'Nashville' Promotes Three to Series Regular

Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella as well as "The O.C.'s" Chris Carmack have been upped ahead of season two of the ABC musical.

ABC's Nashville is adding three full-time residents.

Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella and The O.C.'s Chris Carmack have all been promoted to series regular for the upcoming second season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Carmack joined the country music drama series for the final six episodes of its freshman run as Will, the friend and roommate to Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio). While first seen as a potential threat to the new couple, the character later revealed himself to be gay and using a womanizing personality to cover his sexuality so it wouldn't hamper his hopes at becoming the next big thing in country music.

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The Hollywood Reporter

Lea Michele: a proud DIVA!

Since the dawn of time — or at least since Glee began — leading actress Lea Michele (Rachel) has been the subject of an endless amount of diva rumors. The Broadway vet has a killer set of pipes and an undeniably star quality, and she just can’t seem to shake the ever-present reports of a diva personality that often goes along with it.

But is being known as a diva really a bad thing? Based on a recent Twitter post, the Glee star appears to be embracing her diva personality to the fullest. Lea attended Beyonce’s July 1 concert in Los Angeles, and the next day, she posted this super-fierce Twitter selfie with the caption, “FVOAH.”

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Move over Delena?

Is Nikki Kelly The Next Big Thing?

Nikki Kelly is a 20-something who lives in London, works as a personal assistant in children’s television, and writes fantasy fiction in her spare time. She may also follow such Wattpad alumni as Brittany Geragotelis, Beth Reekles and Abigail Gibbs, as the next author to get a book deal after serializing her work on Wattpad, an online writing community that attracts 16 million visitors every month.

Kelly is bubbly, enthusiastic and lively to talk with, especially when discussing Lailah, the unpublished teen paranormal novel she began serializing on Wattpad in December 2012. Since then the book has attracted well over a million reads on Wattpad, nearly 3000 comments and 12,000 votes from legions of what appear to be teen fans praising the book and often asking her when they’ll be able to buy a published version of the story. Kelly would love to be able to give them an answer and with a little luck that just might happen.

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what are you doing this summer, ontd writers? time to put that bag of oreos down and start writing tbh

Kevin Durant Engaged To WNBA Star Monica Wright

Kevin Durant will be a married man soon. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar recently proposed to his girlfriend, Monica Wright, a guard who plays for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx, and she accepted, she confirmed after the Lynx’ Sunday win over the Phoenix Mercury.

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Wright also has the same name as a character in the 2000 film Love & Basketball. Durant made reference to that character in a 2011 tweet that takes on a new significance with this news:



EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey rushed to hosp. after dislocating shoulder on video set

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MARIAH Carey was rushed to hospital after dislocating her shoulder on the New York set of her latest video, Page Six has exclusively learned.

The superstar was rushed to New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side late last night to have her shoulder reset after she fell while filming a video for the remix of her song #Beautiful.

Carey’s spokeswoman Cindi Berger said, “Mariah fell while filming a video for the remix of #Beautiful, directed by her husband Nick Cannon.

“She was taken to hospital late last night, where doctors reset her shoulder. She is fine and is recovering at home.”

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Sandra Bullock in Space Thriller "GRAVITY" - Photo + Alfonso Cuarón Speaks

If you thought going to the moon was complicated, try shooting a thriller set in the depths of outer space. Director Alfonso Cuarón spent nearly five years attempting to perfect the look of zero gravity for the thriller Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (out Oct. 4).

"We wanted to shoot the whole film showing zero gravity with the actors moving in a choreographic way," say Cuarón, perhaps best-known for directing 2004's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. "This has never been done before. It was a journey of learning. But it looks pretty darn good." Gravity, which Cuarón wrote with his son Jonás, opens the prestigious Venice Film Festiva on Aug. 28 in Italy, and Cuarón will show off footage at the July 18-21 Comic-Con in San Diego.

The film follows Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock), a medical engineer on her first space shuttle mission, alongside veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney). Their routine mission goes very, very wrong when the shuttle is destroyed, leaving them tethered together and spiraling in space. A scene where Bullock struggles to make it back into the International Space Station shows the scope of the film work. It required numerous processes to show the floating, from elaborate wire work to encasing Bullock in a specially constructed 9-foot cube. And that was before the computer graphics were added.

"Sandra had to be in tremendous shape for this kind of filming," says producer David Heyman. "When she was not shooting she was either spending time with her son or working out for these scenes."
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Aaron Tveit; Yellow

D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler Reunite for New Kids Concert

 photo 47a107dc-f82e-4fb5-ac43-ad60ca0f497b_zps38311573.jpg

It was a match made in 90's TV and music heaven Friday night when former "Full House" stars Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber reunited to catch the "New Kids on the Block" concert Friday night in Los Angeles.

That's right — fictional BFFs D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler together again. For New Kids.

The 90’s TV stars even got the chance to meet up with the "Hangin' Tough" boy banders backstage, an encounter that Candace made sure to document to the fullest on Instagram.

The mommy-of-three posted a flurry of pics before the show, writing "#NKOTB @AndreaBarber This will be Epic!" Judging by the pics, it certainly was!

The TV cutie also posted a few snapshots backstage with a few of the members, posing with Danny Wood and Jordan Knight, captioning the images, "Best Night Ever!! #NKOTB @JonathanKnight" and "Yes, we are Joey Girls! #NKOTB".

The two actresses have remained close friends since meeting on the set of "Full House", and it’s great to see that friendship has remained so strong nearly 20 years after their iconic TV show.


Harry Potter star joins celebs giving thumbs-up to group’s sign language campaign

Daniel Radcliffe is among the celebrities giving a ‘thumbs-up’ this week to a campaign boosting deaf youngsters.

The Harry Potter star can be seen signalling the message ‘good morning’ in British sign language in a number of busy Tube stations.

Other high-profile figures giving the gesture on London Underground digital screens include Olympic diver Nick Robinson-Baker, actress Josette Simon, broadcaster Jamie Theakston – and children’s favourite The Gruffalo.

They have all agreed to take part in the Sign Good Morning campaign, organised by the Life And Deaf Association, which aims to increase inclusion of deaf children in their communities.

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Duh. Michael Jackson Had A Drug Problem According to Dr. Finkelstein In Death Trial

LOS ANGELES — A doctor who treated Michael Jackson during a 1993 concert tour that had to be canceled when the singer entered rehab testified Monday about the signs that led him to conclude the singer had a problem with prescription pain medications at the time.

In videotaped testimony, Dr. Stuart Finkelstein said he was later asked by concert promoter AEG Live to act as Jackson's personal physician during the ill-fated "This Is It" tour in 2009 but wanted to know if Jackson was "clean."

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Donald Glover only appearing in five episodes of Community next season

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Back in June, we told you that Donald Glover was looking to spend less time at Greendale and more time with Childish Gambino. Well, now it appears to really be happening: Vulture has learned that the actor's reps and Community producer Sony Pictures Television have worked out a new agreement that will see Glover appearing as Troy Barnes in just five of the show's upcoming thirteen episodes, according to sources familiar with the matter. Reps for Sony and Glover couldn't immediately be reached for comment, while reps for Abed Nadir were doing all they could to keep the news from him.

Baby Yoda bag

Google Doodle Marks 66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO Incident

Google today is celebrating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident with an interactive homepage doodle that allows users to help a lost alien return to his spacecraft.

The "Roswell incident" dates back to 1947, when residents in Roswell, New Mexico reported seeing a mysterious object crash on a nearby ranch. The official government explanation is that a military surveillance balloon crashed to Earth, but many believe it was actually a UFO, making Roswell synonymous with aliens.

The black-and-white doodle, therefore, features an alien crash-landing his small craft on the ranch. He emerges unscathed, but is in need of materials to fix his spaceship. That's where you come in. Guide the extraterrestrial around the ranch to collect various items that will help repair the spacecraft (see the video below), and send our visitor on his way.

Click your mouse to move the alien to a nearby cow, underground, the barn, and the main house. Use the items you collect along the way to further your journey. Hint: a radioactive gasoline tank found underground can help you climb to great heights.

Though the incident happened in 1947, it did not gain notoriety until the late 1970s, when UFO researcher Stanton Friedman started digging in to the story and interviewing witnesses. Several books about the Roswell crash were published throughout the 1980s and 1990s, bringing interest in the subject to a fever pitch. Naturally, a TV movie followed in 1994, while the TV series Roswell, which followed the lives of Roswell teenagers who were alien/human hybrids, made its debut in 1999.

For UFO buffs, a small museum in Roswell commemorates the incident.

Recently, the search giant has honored architect Antoni Gaudí, author Maurice Sendak, Julius Richard Petri, graphic designer Saul Bass, Ella Fitzgerald, Hitchhiker's Guide author Douglas Adams, African singer and activist Miriam Makeba, Nicolaus Copernicus, ferris wheel creator George Ferris, and baseball legend Jackie Robinson.


Leo('s parties) exposed... on Instagram by young kids

Famously private Leonardo DiCaprio is experiencing some leaks when it comes to social media. The actor, who was spotted partying at Guy Oseary’s bash with girlfriend Toni Garrn on July Fourth, seems to be spending a lot of time with the Victoria’s Secret model. On Friday, an Instagram user named Teridactyyl posted a picture of a group of women, including one that looks like Garrn, with the label “Casa de Leo #yolo.”

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(ok who read the title as Leo's panties exposed lol people seem to be constantly misreading my titles on ontd lately)

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Jay-Z Breaks Twitter Silence With Candid Rapid-Fire Tweets

Jay-Z's self-imposed Twitter hiatus didn't last long. The rapper, whose Magna Carta Holy Grail album debuted this month, returned to the service Monday — despite claiming in mid-June that he had reached his "yearly allotment" of tweets.

Jay-Z promised to resume tweeting no sooner than 2014, so his rapid-fire tweets came as a surprise to everyone, causing #MCHG to become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Twitter confirmed to Mashable that Roc Nation said Jay-Z is tweeting and the account has not been hacked, as some fans had speculated. We're not exactly sure why Jay-Z went on a tweet binge, but musicians routinely turn to social media to attract buzz for their new music.

Magna Carta Holy Grail came out July 4 exclusively to Samsung device owners in an innovative marketing stunt before its wide release 72 hours later.

"Jay-Z" and "Magna Carta Holy Grail" have been mentioned nearly half a million times on Twitter since the album premiered, Twitter told Mashable.

To be continued ... because Jay-Z's Q&A with fans is still happening.

Jay's Twitter with all the replies

My favorite tweet:

Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Ellen DeGeneres goes make-up free as she steps out to go furniture shopping


Ellen DeGeneres, is that you? Daytime TV's nicest talk show host ditched the cosmetics on Friday, July 5, as she stepped out for some furniture shopping in Montecito, Calif. sans makeup.The 55-year-old veteran TV personality and comedienne showed off a sun-kissed face and a few laugh lines as she and a male pal browsed for pieces to furnish her newly purchased, $26.5 million Montecito mansion.
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ppg- bubbles and octi

Bieber shows up three hours late to Iowa concert, gets booed.

Justin Bieber fans waited more than three hours for his concert to start in Des Moines, Iowa Sunday. The concert was supposed to start at 7 p.m. at Wells Fargo Arena, but more than three hours later the star still hadn't taken the stage.

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Note: This is where I live, and my friends were at the concert and they did say that the opening acts did not finish their sets until 8:15 or so. Mike Posner, the first act, took the stage at 7:05. Next was Hot Chelle Rae, who finished at around 8:15. However, they also said Bieber didn't take the stage until closer to 10:35, not 10:00 and he only performed for about an hour.

NGL though, I was hoping he'd do something like this here for the lulz. (He was also supposedly high during his meet and greet)

source 1//source 2
ginger spice
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AlunaGeorge - Bad Idea

AlunaGeorge are fast becoming a duo that need no introduction. They've scored a number two single with Disclosure, been booked for every festival under the sun and have established themselves as flag bearers of throw-back, r'n'b infused house music. Their new album 'Body Music' is set to drop on July 29 and features tracks such as 'Attracting Flies' and 'You Know You Like It'. Check out the exclusive stream of 'Bad Idea' below.


7 Cases Of Ridiculous Racism In Film Casting

Mel Gibson aside, filmmakers like to see themselves as a particularly progressive sort, full of tolerance for other people and other cultures. We live in tolerant times far removed from the rampant segregation and prejudice which characterised earlier eras, but that doesn’t necessarily mean racism has been banished completely. Now obviously, anti-racist attitudes are prevalent in the film industry – as they should be – but these attitudes don’t always translate well into the films themselves. Hollywood has often been racist, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and this spectre has re-raised its ugly head recently with Johnny Depp’s controversial turn as a Native American in The Lone Ranger.

The problem is that it can be very easy to stumble into the racism trap – in Depp’s case, it’s the demand to shoehorn in a star name at the cost of racial sensitivity. In other cases it can be caused by racial insensitivity, shocking ignorance and occasionally, the fact that a film just won’t sell with a ‘foreigner’ at the helm. Especially in Hollywood’s case it can be hard to sell a film without some sort of American presence, leading to other cultures being homogenised until they’re rendered palatable to the target audience. In laymans terms, this often results in the whiting up of ethnic characters. A grand slew of films have fallen foul of one or more of these rules over the years, and I intend to identify a few in this list.

And no, I’m not referencing Birth Of A Nation. It’s just far, far too easy.
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Rest at the source
rhcp, love

Randy's Ways Catch Up With Him

medium_DONE harris  travis

Country singer Randy Travis is in critical condition at a Texas hospital after being admitted Sunday. According to a press release from his publicist, the singer of such hits as Forever and Ever, Amen, On the Other Hand and Three Wooden Crosses is suffering complications of recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy.

Viral cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the heart muscles caused by a viral infection.


To my knowledge, cardiomyopathy itself can be caused from prolonged drug/alcohol use. Not sure about the viral aspect of it. As a long-time fan, I hope he pulls through! This will be that point in my life where my favorite celebrities start dying. I will surely be a mess when he dies.

ONTD - Which celebrity deaths will/have made you an emotional crying mess?
Xtina and Emma

Bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle Expand Their Hit Podcast "The Read" w/ Live Audience and Celeb Guests

Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)

As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.

This amazing show is being expanded this fall! Scans from Essence Magazine under the cut:

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Henry sexy hair

‘The Giver’ Casts a 24 Year Old as 12 Year Old Jonas

Australian actor Brenton Thwaites will be spending plenty of time inside the pages of some very classic tales. He's already starring opposite Elle Fanning in 2014's "Maleficent" (as the prince, fittingly), and now Brenton has booked the lead role in the big-screen adaptation of Lois Lowry's 1993 children's novel, "The Giver."

The "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" star will play an aged-up Jonas in the dystopian drama, which takes place in a society where pain has been eliminated through adhering to a plan known as the Sameness. Jonas has been selected as the next Receiver of Memory—responsible for the collective consciousness from before the Sameness. He inherits these memories from the Giver (hence the title of the novel). Jeff Bridges (who is also producing) will play the Giver.

Production on the film is slated to begin in the fall in South Africa.

hope this works, mods


Why Is Brad Pitt Jealous of Matt Damon?

Just because Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are besties (OK, they might not actually be besties, but they're definitely friends) doesn't mean there's not a little jealousy between them from time to time. At least, that's what Damon says.
Apparently, Pitt envies Damon's fame. Well, Damon's type of fame, anyway.

"If you can control the celebrity side of celebrity, then it's worth it," the 42-year-old star explains in the August issue Esquire magazine. "I look at Brad — and I have for years — and when I'm with him I see the intensity of that other side of it. And the paparazzi and the insane level of aggression they have and their willingness to break the law and invade his space — well, I wonder about that trade."
It's the little things that Pitt simply cannot do without causing a paparazzi mob scene that really hit home for the star.
"I remember telling [Brad] that I walk my kids to school, and his face just fell," Damon recalls. "He was very kind, but he was like, 'You bastard.' Because he should be able to do that too. And he can't."
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house wayne

Christian Bale emerges 'Out of the Furnace'

Bale's Russell Baze confronts a local criminal (Woody Harrelson) while searching for his missing brother (Casey Affleck), an Iraq War veteran. Baze is not the traditional slick action character. "Russell is not of that personality, nor does he wish to be," says Bale. "But he finds himself having to confront these people in order to do the right thing. He's only got his own fortitude and will power, nothing else."

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The synopsis reminds me of "On the Waterfront" which isn't a bad thing imo.

The Lifeguard - Official Trailer

Leigh (Kristen Bell) is almost 30, and living a seemingly perfect life in New York. But when her career and love life both come crashing down, she flees to her suburban hometown and regresses right back into teenage life and behavior. She moves into her old room with her parents, hangs around with friends who never left town, and reclaims her high school job as a condo-complex lifeguard. But as Leigh enjoys shirking adult life and responsibilities and enters into an illicit affair, she begins a chain reaction that affects those closest to her. With an all-star cast that also includes Martin Starr ("Party Down," "Knocked Up"), Mamie Gummer ("Side Effects") and Oscar nominee Amy Madigan, it's a journey that's both hilarious and heartfelt.
fuck jj abrams

Study Releases Predictably Depressing Findings on the State of Female Directors in British TV Study

Directors UK, a professional association of film and TV directors, has released a study on the gender breakdown of directors working in television in the UK. The tl;dr of their findings is that last year only eight percent of episodes of television drama were directed by women, with the number of female directors for the BBC and ITV’s flagship shows–Doctor Who and Poirot, respectively—totaling an impressive zero. I’m sorry, did I say impressive? I meant “incredibly frustrating,” especially when you consider five years ago five percent of those shows’ directors were repping it for the ladies.

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Source (which you should totally click because I love that site and they deserve any traffic they get, and because they have their own sources, a Jezebel and a Telegraph link):

Note: In before complaints about wank-bait. I think people like me will keep bringing stuff like this up until stuff like this stops to keep happening. And that's a good thing.


Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford 'buy £2million farmhouse in Devon'

They had a country wedding, and now Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford have the perfect country home to enjoy their married life together.

The couple have reportedly bought a 16th century farmhouse in Devon, for a cool £2million.

Set amongst a green landscape of vast fields and rolling hills, it seems the perfect location for the private marital life shared by Marcus and Carey.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The rose-covered farmhouse is reportedly not far from where the couple have already become regulars in two of the local pubs.
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Tom Hiddleston gets cozy with woman at Wimbledon final, shatters hearts everywhere

(click on image to view in hi-res)

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 07: Tom Hiddleston attends the Mens Singles Final on Day 13 of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 7, 2013 in London, England.

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Sources: 1 2

Kris Jenner: North West Might Make Debut on My Talk Show

Kris Jenner, you tease! Talking up her new talk show Kris on the Today Show Monday, July 8, the Kardashian family matriarch was perfectly coy about the chances that her third grandchild, North West, may make her debut when the show premieres July 15.

"I think you're just going to have to wait and see and tune in, because I’m not sure exactly what's going happen," Jenner, 57, told Matt Lauer of daughter Kim Kardashian's three-week-old daughter with Kanye West. "I won't tell you it won't happen. (I'll) give you a little something to think about. You never know who's going to show up."

Little North (or "Nori" for short), along with her parents, has been staying at Kris and Bruce Jenner's home post-birth as their own home undergoes extensive renovations. The trio made a brief, low-key excursion over the holiday weekend -- visiting stepfather Bruce Jenner's Malibu beach house for a July 4th bash.
"Kim has taken North on a few playdates, but she can't do it with lots of people since she's still so small," a source explained to Us. The beach bash was also attended by Kendall and Kylie Jenner plus Kylie's boyfriend Jaden Smith.

Kris Jenner could confirm a few other VIP guests on Kris: Ryan Seacrest, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Nene Leakes and Kathie Lee Gifford, to name a few. The reality star and mogul was seen showing Lauer a snapshot of Nori on her cell phone off-camera.

Kris is so thirsty for viewers
julian: 11th dimension

The Future of Movies: Will Netflix Become the Next Big Hollywood Studio?

With the success of 'Arrested Development' and 'House of Cards,' is the service poised to make feature-length films?

No doubt you've heard plenty about the return of Arrested Development for a fourth season, this time on Netflix, which paid to resurrect the old Fox sitcom for 15 streaming-only episodes. It follows on the heels of Netflix's successful and much-buzzed-about original series House of Cards, which began streaming on the service's website in February. And you may even have heard about Netflix's upcoming original series over the next year, created by some of the most respected names in TV and movies.

What may have escaped your notice, however, is the debut of Netflix's first original feature film. It's a comedy called Shotgun Wedding, and it debuted on the site on April Fools Day. There may have been little fanfare, but what if the original movie hints at another direction for the home-video giant? Netflix has already become a TV studio that demands comparisons with the likes of HBO and Showtime. Is it about to challenge Hollywood and become a movie studio as well?

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Top 5 Hot Latin Summer Movies

Summer is almost here! Aren’t you super excited to be dripping in sweat and complaining about how it’s hotter than el infierno? Well, we can’t wait either. To get you in the sweltering verano mood, here are 5 of our favorite Latino films about summer:

Y tu mamá también
Director: Alfonso Cuarón

This is the movie that started the world’s love affair with Mexico’s most famous acting duo. Young Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna try to romance a slightly older Spanish woman and take her on a road trip in search of a mostly made up beach called boca del cielo. Along the way they pass police checkpoints, see drug busts and traffic accidents, and drive past shanty towns–you see the real Mexico. It’s beautiful, sometimes violent, many are poor, some really really rich. Filled with the most awkward sex scenes in cinematic history and peppered with Mexi-slang it’s at this point a Mexican classic.
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Can't find a Raising Victor Vargas gif so here have this HTMIIA one instead

Favorite summer movies ONTD?
[actress] Grace Kelly

Writer/Director Christian Taylor Talks TEEN WOLF

Christian Taylor (the former head writer for Clone Wars) talked about how he came to the show in Season 2, how the super-sized Season 3 is being approached as two sets of 12 episodes, how he came to write and direct this particular episode, that it’s more of a stand-alone episode that feels like a ghost story/horror movie within the show, how difficult it is to kill off characters, the biggest challenges in pulling off this show with the budget they have, and how he’d like to continue his partnership with Jeff Davis. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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dog winter

Mrs. Kroeger speaks about wedding

Avril Lavigne has spoken about getting married Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger in a goth-themed wedding.

The pair tied the knot at a chateau near Cannes in the south of France. Lavigne wore a black Monique Lhuillier gown for the day and posed for pictures with a bouquet of black roses.

The 28-year-old singer told Hello! Magazine: "I had goosebumps from head to toe and my eyes filled with tears. It's a moment I will never forget as long as I live. My body was overtaken by emotion, I saw him and he was so calm and happy."

"He had a tear coming down and he wiped it away. I felt so good walking to him. It made me feel like a complete woman.

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MAZEL TOV! Wiz Tweets The Deets...He & Amber Got Married Today!

It's official!

Wiz Khalifa made an honest woman out of Amber Rose today and he loves her so much, he couldn't wait to tell the world they're married. Wiz tweeted just a few moments ago:

The couple was spotted leaving a marriage license kiosk a few days ago, so we knew they'd make their move within the next couple of months.

Now, Mother Rosebud can FORMALLY call Wiz her husband!

Join us in congratulating the duo by leaving your comments below, and be sure to follow Wiz here.

Now we just have to wait for the big ceremony...

Good for them. I love them together

'The Trip to Bountiful' Gets A Second Extension!

It obviously must be doing VERY well, because the revival of The Trip to Bountiful on Broadway, which was initially scheduled for a 14-week limited engagement running through July 7, and which was already previously extended by 8 weeks, through September 1, 2013, has now received a second extension by another month, to October 9.
Congrats to the cast and crew!
Although, Condola Rashad has already signed up for another Broadway play - a new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, with an interracial twist, which will see her play Juliet opposite Orlando Bloom, making his Broadway debut (although not his stage debut) as Romeo. That play is set to begin previews on August 24, for a September 19 opening.
So Condola might be replaced for the latter half of the Bountiful extension. Unless she'll be working on both shows at the same during those last few weeks of Bountiful's run through October - a show that Tyson won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play, this year (Rashad was nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play, but didn't win).
Cicely Tyson stars in the revival of Horton Foote’s 1953 drama The Trip to Bountiful, which is directed by Michael Wilson, and is currently running at the Stephen Sondheim Theater.

Tyson and Rashad are joined by Cuba Gooding Jr. (making his Broadway debut) and Vanessa Williams.

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Poor Condola going from this to low budget Romeo and Juliet.  I need someone to make a film version only way i might get to see this.

Thandie Newton Is Penning Her 1st Script Which She Will Also Make Her Directorial Debut With

"I'm writing my first movie script which will go into production very soon and I'm so excited. I can't say the title yet because it's all top secret, but over the next few years I will be maturing into somebody who is not just up there on the screen. My next step will be directing, that is my ultimate goal".

Words from actress Thandie Newton in an interview with the UK's Daily Mail a few days ago.

Naturally, I had to do some sniffing around to see if I could learn anything about this secret directorial debut Newton plans to make, and I found an item that I posted on this site last year, in which she shared, during another interview, that:

"I'm writing now... I'm adapting a book that I love... set in Oakland and Brooklyn in the 1960s USA... so it's the Black Panthers, Civil Rights..."

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Interview With 'Fruitvale' Director Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan.

Fruitvale Station writer and director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan are currently on a coast to coast publicity tour for their film, which opens in limited release this Friday, July 12, and will expand nationally on July 19th. So when I was recently asked if I wanted to interview them, of course, how could I refuse?

Anyone who regularly follows this site knows that we have been covering the film extensively, including Coogler himself who told me that he regularly reads the site.

And, as usual, I try to avoid those obvious, lame, softball questions you usually read in interviews like: “What was it like working with so-and-so?” As if someone is going to tell me that working with so-and-so was an absolute nightmare. Instead I try to get underneath the issues about the film and the people involved in it.

So here’s my talk with Coogler and Jordan…

SERGIO There’s a video of the both of you right after the screening of Fruitvale Station at the Cannes Film Festival being overwhelmed by the standing ovation from the audience in attendance. What was that experience like?  It’s maybe the dream of every filmmaker.

COOGLER It’s impossible to express in words. In terms of the film, I can talk about myself as a filmmaker. In terms of the film, it was something that affected me very deeply. I’m not a member of Oscar’s family, but I have close insight into that community because we were the same age and we come from roughly the same place.
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hanni boo boo

'Suits' casts 'Revenge' star James McCaffrey as Harvey's father

Revenge actor James McCaffrey has been cast on Suits.

McCaffrey will play Gordon Specter - father of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) - in a third season episode, TVLine reports. The character will feature in a flashback episode, to hit US screens on August 20. Gabriel Macht previously told Digital Spy that the flashback scenes will take place "ten years" prior to present-day Suits.

"You're going to see what it was like for Harvey to be at the DA's office and working with Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) and what went down and how he got out of there," explained the actor.

"You're actually going to see a scene with Harvey's dad - it's a great episode. It's great fun for the fans [to see flashbacks] and it's great fun for us too."

Guest star McCaffrey's past TV credits include roles on Revenge, Rescue Me and Blue Bloods. He is also known for voicing the title character in the popular Max Payne video game series.

Suits returns to USA on Tuesday, July 16 at 10/9c and airs on Dave in the UK.

Watch a promo for the third season of Suits below:

Baby Yoda bag

'The Lone Ranger' and the Curse of the Blockbuster Western

Will the big-budget cowboy movie ever make a comeback? The dismal, holiday-weekend box-office performance for Disney’s (DIS) The Lone Ranger certainly isn’t promising. With a budget of $215 million, the Johnny Depp-led extravaganza opened on July 3 and earned about $49 million over five days, a paltry $29 million of that during the Friday-to-Sunday period. The film, which was roundly pummeled by critics, is the latest chapter in Hollywood’s long saga of failing to transform a genre staple from the mid-20th century into a lucrative 21st century box-office draw.

Westerns are risky investments, as stories set in the Old West aren’t as popular abroad as they used to be. So they face challenges in foreign markets, which today’s big movies increasingly rely on to fuel profits. They also appeal largely to older, white, and male moviegoers—an important demographic, to be sure, but not one to build a summer blockbuster around. To combat these challenges, filmmakers have continually tried to jazz up the Western template. 1999’s Wild Wild West fused a long-forgotten television series with a modern-day sensibility, a hip movie star (Will Smith), and amped-up CGI. It grossed a lackluster $113 million on a production budget of $170 million. In 2010, Warner Bros. (TWX) took a chance on the comic book adaptation Jonah Hex. While it had a modest budget for a summer action movie ($47 million), it was a cataclysmic bomb, earning only $10 million domestically. In 2011, Iron Man director Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens pitted Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford against invaders from outer space in a mash-up of Western and science fiction. That, too, fared poorly—barely making $100 million on a production budget of $163 million.

It was in the wake of that latest dud that Disney started to get cold feet over The Lone Ranger. The studio halted production in August 2011 over concerns about the hefty $250 million price tag for a Western based on a hero only vaguely remembered by modern audiences. (The original Lone Ranger was a 1930s radio serial, then a popular TV and film series in the 1940s and ’50s. His last appearance on the big screen was the 1981 flop The Legend of the Lone Ranger.) Production eventually resumed after the filmmakers whittled the budget down to $215 million.

But The Lone Ranger was something of a passion project for its makers. In this case, star Depp, director Gore Verbinski, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the team behind the Pirates of the Caribbean films. “These guys redefined the pirate-film genre, and we think they can do the same here,” Sean Bailey, Disney’s president of production, told the Wall Street Journal last month. The Pirates films grossed more than $2.6 billion, and another one’s due to arrive in 2015.

That lightning, unfortunately, doesn’t appear to have struck twice. Attempts to broaden the audience don’t look promising, either: 57 percent of The Lone Ranger’s weekend audience was male, and 68 percent over the age of 25; only 16 percent was under 18. And despite Depp’s international appeal, the film’s overseas openings this weekend were also soft; it took in about $24 million abroad. The jury’s still out on whether the film can hold over well in the coming weeks, but it’s unlikely, given the crowded summer movie marketplace.

But there is hope for the genre itself, just not as a summer tentpole. Westerns have had much better luck of late as awards-season contenders. Last December, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained made more than $160 million. In December 2010, the Coen Brothers’ True Grit did pretty much the same. Those titles—as well as earlier, more modest successes such as 2003’s Open Range, 2007’s 3:10 to Yuma, and 2008’s critically acclaimed Appaloosa—are encouraging to those who still enjoy horses and six-shooters. Django even played to a diverse crowd: African-Americans made up 42 percent of its opening-weekend audience. It took in more than $260 million internationally. All of this would suggest that the genre is alive and well. And if history is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before another filmmaker comes along to try and score with a blockbuster Western. Good luck, though, on getting a studio on board.

Sad this movie isn't doing better. It was much better than I expected.


britney 3 vegas

It's a Britney Spears megapost, heaux!

Today, Rapper Jay-Z went on a tweet spree and when asked what his favorite Britney Spears song was he replied "Toxic!" She replied back a few hours later!

After denying one fan a picture on Saturday while out with her boys at Sky High trampoline park, another fan came out and said they asked Britney's bodyguards for a picture and they said no as well.

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Britney win's Celebuzz's most anticipated album of 2013!
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What are your favorite Britney songs ONTD?
goddessly slae legendsen

'Ender's Game' author Tragic Sad Heffa responds to critics: The gay marriage issue is 'moot'

Responding to reports of a nascent boycott against the upcoming movie version of his beloved 1985 sci-fi novel Ender’s Game because of his stated opposition to same-sex marriage, author Orson Scott Card has released a statement exclusively to EW. He declares the gay-marriage issue “moot” due to last month’s Supreme Court rulings. He also makes a plea for gay-marriage supporters to “show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.” His full statement is below.
Ender’s Game is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot. The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution will, sooner or later, give legal force in every state to any marriage contract recognized by any other state.
Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute
(well, coming from this gay person, i hope you and your ilk die as painfully as possible, so...).
- Orson Scott Card

The best-selling author has come under fire in some quarters for his stance on same-sex marriage. In 2009, he joined the board of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex unions. That year, he also wrote a piece in Mormon Times that railed against “dictator-judges” and argued, “Married people attempting to raise children with the hope that they, in turn, will be reproductively successful, have every reason to oppose the normalization of homosexual unions.”

Those views have prompted a backlash. In March, artist Christopher Sprouse backed out of plans to work on a Card-penned Adventures of Superman comic book for DC Comics. More recently, a small online group called Geeks OUT announced plans to boycott Summit’s upcoming $110 million Ender’s Game movie because of Card’s anti-gay-marriage views. “Hopefully, it will send a message that people who are actively vocal against the LGBT community don’t really have a place within the greater geek culture,” says Geeks OUT board member Patrick Yacco.


i'm ready to sacrifice goats, sell bussy and mangoes on the street, go back in time and try to convince his mama to make sure she only fuck his father with condoms, or something, because no one needed this creature or his shitty as book movie to exist.

Lauryn Hill Starts Prison Sentence

Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill began serving a three-month prison sentence on Monday for failing to pay about $1 million in taxes over the past decade.

Hill reported to federal prison in Danbury, said Ed Ross, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons. Inmates at the minimum security prison live in open dormitory-style living quarters and are expected to work jobs such as maintenance, food service or landscaping.

Hill, who started singing with the Fugees as a teenager in the 1990s before releasing her multiplatinum 1998 album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, pleaded guilty last year in New Jersey to failing to pay taxes on more than $1.8 million earned from 2005 to 2007. Her sentencing also took into account unpaid state and federal taxes in 2008 and 2009 that brought the total earnings to about $2.3 million.

Her attorney had sought probation, arguing that Hill's charitable works, her family circumstances and the fact she paid back the taxes she owed should merit consideration.

During her sentencing in May in Newark, Hill described how she failed to pay taxes during a period when she'd dropped out of the music business to protect herself and her children, who now number six. She said the treatment she received while she was in the entertainment business led to her decision to leave it.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sandra Moser acknowledged Hill's creative talent and work on behalf of impoverished children but called Hill's explanation for her actions "a parade of excuses centering around her feeling put upon" that don't exempt her from her responsibilities.

After she is released from prison, she will be under parole supervision for a year, the first three months of which will be spent under home confinement.