June 30th, 2013


The hottest motherfucker of all time MEGA POST

Justin Theroux steps out of a storefront in the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Saturday afternoon (June 29).

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The 41-year-old actor, who was seen the day before strolling around the West Village after eating at Bar Pitti restaurant, carried a camouflage backpack.

Justin is currently in the Big Apple while filming the pilot episode for his upcoming HBO series The Leftovers, which follows a group of people who must rebuild their lives after the Rapture takes about 100 people from their community.


Justin Theroux looks super buff while chatting on his cell phone on Thursday afternoon (June 27) in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

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The 41-year-old actor made his way to Italian restaurant Bar Pitti to grab some lunch before returning home.

The day before, Justin was spotted filming scenes with a dog for the first day on the set of his latest flick The Leftovers.


Justin Theroux films scenes with a dog for the first day on the set of The Leftovers on Wednesday (June 26) in Douglaston, New York.

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The 41-year-old actor was later seen carrying a fake dead dog prop for the scene. The pics inside look a little graphic – click at your own risk!

The Leftovers revolves around the Rapture and follows a group of people who are left behind in the suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of more than 100 people.


Justin Theroux shows off his bulging muscles in a “From Out of Darkness” tank while hopping on his Ducati motorcycle on Tuesday (June 25) in New York City.

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The day before, the 41-year-old actor donned a a black and white helmet while getting ready to ride his motorcycle.

It was recently announced that twin brothers Charlie and Max Carver have joined Justin‘s upcoming pilot The Leftovers and will play “happy-go-lucky identical twins Scott (Charlie) and Adam (Max) Frost, friends of Garvey’s daughter, whose laid-back demeanor brings levity to a dark world.”


Sephora Announces Massive Nail Polish Collection

Sephora is amping up its nail polish game in a big–make that a really big–way. The mega-beauty retailer is launching its own line of over 200 (!) nail polishes. It’s quite possibly the biggest nail polish collection we’ve ever come across, and it’s certainly Sephora’s biggest foray into the category yet.

The collection, called Formula X, officially launches in September at all Sephora stores and online. The lacquers will sell for $10 to $12.50, and treatments for up to $14. Which is all pretty damn reasonable in this crazy world of $30 nail polishes.

Sephora has left no glittery stone unturned. Every possible color/effect has been incorporated into separate groups. There’s the “Colors” group which includes 94 classic colors and neutrals. It gets really fun when you delve into the “Effects,” which includes all the effects and various textured top coats. I tried out an amazing neutral-flecked-with-pastel matte glitter top coat, called Demolition, which caused multiple other editors at the preview event to go scampering to try some. From sheer translucent colors to neons, if you don’t find a color you like, then you probably just hate nail polish.

In addition to the colored lacquers, there’s a supporting team of nail treatments–like an erasing pen for when you goof and get color all over your fingers, quick dry products, cuticle oil, and strengthener, to name a few. Sephora’s Formula X “System” includes a base coat, top coat, and something you don’t see very often–a nail cleanser. This is that first step that you’re supposed to do to get all the oil off your nail beds, which helps the base coat stick better. In salons they usually use alcohol or nail polish remover for that task, but this one you just brush on and it evaporates, leaving a dry base.

There will also be seasonal and holiday collections, and colors in the permanent collection will be retired as trends come and go. The current Sephora by OPI line will be discontinued, and a Sephora rep told us they are kicking out a few other nail polish brands (though they were coy on which ones) to make room for this massive collection.

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More pics @ source

THIS is what they got rid of OPI for? And that cheap ass bottle...
sorry mods, forgot the tag!

Paula Deen: New Job Offer...No Apron Required

Disgraced chef Paula Deen needs a job ... and she's a mom ... so the good people who run a MILF-based porn site put 2-and-2 together and have offered her a SIX-FIGURE GIG.

A website called PureMature.com fired off a letter this week ... offering Paula a place in their company ... in light of her N-word controversy, which has lost her MILLIONS in sponsorships.

In the letter, PM starts by explaining to Paula she's a MILF -- a hot mom over the age of 65 who men would like to (you know). It continues with the job offer adding, "Full figured of thin, arthritic or diabetic -- you embody our perfect spokesperson."

As for compensation, PureMature says it's willing to offer her "6 figures for very little work" ... and NO nudity is required. Phew.

Who knows what years of fried Twinkies has created ...

only if

Emmy Watch: Tatiana Maslany


Could BBC America’s addictive new drama Orphan Black hold the flag for classic sci-fi when Emmy nominations roll around? Tatiana Maslany, the show’s captivating and chameleon-like star, sure hopes they can.

“It would be so amazing if the show got nominated or we got out there; I think people would be really excited about that because so many incredible sci-fi-shows go under the radar and don’t get taken seriously in award season,” she says. “But I think sci-fi definitely belongs there because it tells sort of subversive stories about society without hitting you over the head. It puts very real stories into the context of a fantastical world, so there’s a sense of escapism but there’s also a sense of, ‘This isn’t far from our reality.’”

Reality has just started to set in for the newcomer, who has burst onto the scene to become a dark horse contender for a nomination this Emmy season. In a Q&A with EW, she talks about the show’s success and some of her most challenging scenes. And with seven different roles, she had plenty to choose from!

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Tatiana for all the nominations!  If you aren't watching this, please rethink your life choices.

Pokémon XY anime to air in October

TV Tokyo has announced that the new Pokemon X and Y anime will debut in Japan on October 17th. It will begin in the Kalos region’s Lumiose City. Ash and Pikachu will of course return, and as always, Ash will be sporting new attire. Iris and Cilan are not pictured, and since they’re both Unova Gym Leaders, they probably won’t have much marketing use for this next generation (Brock and Misty were always around because each generation up until this one featured Kanto either directly or indirectly through a remake).


There's some new game news floating around but I can't find a credible source to confirm anything just yet, sigh.

also if you're only going to comment in this post to bitch about the new generations plz do everyone a favor and keep scrolling no one has time for you rn let us have our fun ffs it's pokémon

Rapper ordered to take etiquette classes to correct his Twitter behavior

An up-and-coming rapper in Philadelphia was ordered to take etiquette classes yesterday in response to some poorly drafted Tweets.
The rapper, Meek Mill, was in court on violation of his probation.

Common Please Court Judge Genece Brinkley was informed by an assistant district attorney that the rapper - whose real name is Robert Williams - was very active on Twitter and other social media.

Apparently a few of his Tweets had caused some of his followers to send threats to Williams' probation officer.
The judge suggested taking the classes from Philadelphia radio host Dyana Williams, who is knowledgeable of the music business.
Judge Brinkley said that these classes were 'more important than any concerts he might have.'

In addition to the etiquette classes, Williams will have to inform him probation officer any time he leaves the state, something that Williams expressed was an inconvenience.
'I have my own record label with seven artists...I do radio. I do interviews,' Williams said.

The same judge kept Williams from touring for a month last December after finding out that he had violated probation restrictions.
Williams' attorney said the restrictions were keeping the rapper from making a living, and that frequent pictures of him posted on social media were enough to inform the probation officer of his whereabouts.

Williams grew up in the famously dangerous North Philadelphia area. He was convicted in 2008 on gun and drug convictions and ordered to spent 11 to 23 months in prison. He served eight months in jail, and was released in 2009 to begin five years of probation.
The judge said that Williams must complete his etiquette classes by August 4.
Williams debut album came out last October and he performed on Jay-Z's Made In America festival earlier this year.

really tho?

Kim Kardashian: Kris' Talk Show Won't Go In North West Direction

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby daughter North West won't be unveiled on Kris Jenner's upcoming talk show ... despite reports to the contrary.

Sources close to the Kardashian fam tell TMZ, Kim is planning a first look with N.W.  in a photo shoot.  She hasn't accepted an offer yet, but we're told at least one magazine has offered North of $2 mil.  We're told the proceeds will go to charity.

Interesting ... a baby reveal on Kris' new show could be a ratings bonanza, but it's not gonna happen.

In fact ... we're told Kim is so averse to exploiting her baby -- she doesn't even plan to show North West on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" next season.  We're guessing Kanye had something to do with that decision.

We'll believe it when we see it.

not exploiting the baby AND donating money to charity? how couth of them

Kelly Clarkson Slays Audiences With Cover Of Mumford & Sons 'I Will Wait'

Greek Goddess Kelly Clarkson has been covering a whole host of artists during her recent tour and the 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' hit maker treated crowds to a stunning rendition of Mumford & Sons 'I Will Wait' during her performance in Chicago.

Fans were left in awe of Kelly's incredible performance and luckily for us one overly excited fan recorded the whole thing for the rest of us who weren't as fortunate to be there.

The luminous superstar recently confirmed that she is currently working on her new album following her Greatest Hits released towards the end of last year and recently premiered her country inspired new single 'Tie It Up'.

Meanwhile the incomparable powerhouse has claimed she is planning to release a Christmas album later this year revealing: "We're doing a Christmas album, which will be out later this year.

"Soon after that we'll be releasing another record and that's going to be really cool."

"We're already working on that right now. That will be early next year, so I have two coming out!"

Kelly is rumoured to be marrying her fiancé Brandon Blackstock in October in a small ceremony in Nashville after announcing her engagement last December.



Brooke Hogan gets engaged

Phil Costa is now a full-fledged Hulkamaniac – or at least a Hulka-daughter-maniac.
Costa, a center who is entering his fourth NFL season with the Dallas Cowboys, pledged to take on the most famous wrestler in the world as his father in law when he dropped to one knee at the Bellagio in Las Vegas (nice touch, Phil) and proposed to Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan.
No word on whether Hulkster will rip off his tuxedo shirt after walking Brooke down the aisle.

We shouldn't use up all the snarky jokes at Hulk's expense (also considered: "Will Hulk drop the big leg on Costa if he doesn't treat Brooke right?" "Will Brooke walk down the aisle to 'Real American?'" "Does Costa have to survive a cage match with Hulk and King Kong Bundy to get Hulk's blessing?" and "What does the Iron Sheik think about all this?" ... BONUS JOKE: "Will someone intercept the wedding rings from Tony Romo?") because Brooke is famous on her own right. She was part of the reality series "Hogan Knows Best," and parlayed that into some singing success and minor acting roles.
We're glad for the couple, as Brooke proclaimed it the happiest moment of her life. Just more proof that if you train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins, it'll all turn out with a storybook ending. Brother.


hulk must be jealous
yenny flawless//<lj-user="zenetic">

ONTD ART POST: The Museum of Me

Robbie Antonio’s new house in Manila, designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, will be filled with portraits of himself, by world-class artists such as Julian Schnabel, Marilyn Minter, and David Salle. Is the 36-year-old real-estate developer a patron, an egomaniac, or both?

Ask Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas why he’s taken on his first residential commission in 15 years—scheduled to be completed this month in Manila, the Philippines—and he has a very short answer indeed: “Well, basically Robbie.”

“Robbie” would be Robbie Antonio, a 36-year-old real-estate developer and voracious art collector who has spun a golden web and ensnared some of the world’s top creative names for two eye-poppingly ambitious projects.

The first is the Manila home, which also serves as a museum for his ever expanding art collection, with works by the likes of Damien Hirst, Francis Bacon, and Jeff Koons. The building, by Koolhaas and his team at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), is referred to by the name Antonio gave it, Stealth. Its cost—upwards of $15 million—is in somewhat stark contrast to the average annual Filipino-family income of $4,988. Indeed, the building, under construction on a small lot in Manila’s most exclusive neighborhood, has been kept largely quiet until now. It’s a series of boxes stacked together in an irregular pattern, with scooped-out windows that call to mind Marcel Breuer’s Whitney Museum, all wrapped in a charcoal-colored concrete-and-polyurethane “skin”; the roof features a pool flowing into a dramatic waterfall.

Antonio calls the second project Obsession: a series of portraits of himself by some of the world’s top contemporary artists, including Julian Schnabel, Marilyn Minter, David Salle, Zhang Huan, members of the Bruce High Quality Foundation, and Takashi Murakami.

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Your faves could never. What kind of art would you fill your house with?

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson's row over assistants who 'misappropriated funds'

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson argued over two former personal assistants accused of misappropriating £170,000 moments before he was photographed with his hands around her neck, reports have claimed.

Mr Saatchi, 70, is suing the women after they allegedly spent tens of thousands of pounds on designer products, taxi journeys and a flight to New York.
But Ms Lawson, 53, is understood to be close to the women – who were employed to look after her children from her first marriage – and did not want her husband to take them to court.

Friends say the women were a factor behind their row at an exclusive restaurant in Mayfair that resulted in Mr Saatchi accepting a caution for assault.
News of the impending court battle came as Ms Lawson was spotted house-hunting on Friday. She reportedly viewed an £11,000-a-month rental home in a central London mews.

Italian sisters, Francesca, 34, and Elisabetta 'Lisa' Grillo, 32, are alleged to have misappropriated money to buy luxury goods including a £3,616 Virgin Atlantic flight to New York and items from Prada, Miu Miu and Chanel.

Francesca was paid £28,000 a year, while Elisabetta was paid £25,000 to carry out childcare duties as well as activities related to Mr Saatchi's business interests.

Both began working for Ms Lawson when she was married to her first husband John Diamond, who later died of cancer aged 47 in 2001.
They are due to appear before Isleworth Crown Court later this year.
A source told the Mail on Sunday: "The Grillo girls had been very close to Nigella for a long time.
"She brought them into the marriage and she has naturally been very defensive about all this. I don’t think she particularly wanted them to be sued. That’s one of the things they were rowing about over the now infamous lunch.
"Charles was criticising her for allowing the assistants free rein and things clearly got a bit heated. One of them was allegedly spending money on Chanel handbags and other designer stuff. He thinks Nigella has been too easy on them."
Mr Saatchi initially described the incident as a “playful tiff”, claiming that he had held Miss Lawson’s neck repeatedly to “emphasise my point” while the couple discussed their children.

However, Mr Saatchi later voluntarily went to Charing Cross police station and accepted a caution for assault. He explained that he did this to avoid having the incident “hanging over all of us for months”.
Miss Lawson moved out of the marital home in Chelsea, West London, over a week ago and is temporarily staying in a rented apartment in an exclusive private members’ club in Mayfair.

She has since been seen in public without her wedding ring, but has so far made no comment about the incident.
Richard Cannon of Janes Solicitors, who is acting for the Grillo sisters, said in a statement. "Our clients will continue to vigorously defend themselves both in the civil proceedings before the High Court and the criminal proceedings before the Crown Court."

@ everything

Katy Perry slashes price on Hollywood Hills home

Pop sensation Katy Perry is determined to sell the property she bought with ex-husband Russell Brand, putting her final connection to the relationship behind her. After listing the 7-bedroom, 11-bath Hollywood Hills home in April, the 28-year-old singer just dropped her asking price by $430,000.

Now listed for $6.495 million, Perry is asking $5,000 less than she and Brand, a British comedian, bought it for in 2011.
But finalizing their divorce isn’t the only reason Perry is motivated to sell. She reportedly never lived in the home, preferring to buy a mid-century modern house in the neighborhood a month ago for her main residence.

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Dream house post!

Mumford And Sons speak of 'fear' ahead of Glastonbury headline slot

Banjo player Winston Marshall jokes that they will push bassist Ted Dwane on stage 'in a hospital bed with a drip'

Mumford and Sons have spoken of their "fear" about headlining Glastonbury tomorrow night (June 30).

Talking to NME backstage at Worthy Farm, banjo player Winston Marshall said that he was "pretty fucking nervous" about their first headline slot at the festival.

"Fear. There’s a lot of fear involved. There’s never been any higher expectation for any show. We’re excited and terrified."

Marshall also spoke about what the band intend to play. "We had a rehearsal this week and we’ve got a temporary setlist that we’ll probably do," he continued. "We’re like: 'We should do this! We should do this!' but if we fuck with it too much and take too many risks, it could backfire. And I heard that the Arctic Monkeys set yesterday was a hit-fest – it was amazing. We've only got two records' worth though, so taking risks is dangerous."

Marshall hinted that audience members can expect something special. "We've got a good, a fun idea… there will be one special thing at least. If not, two." When asked if this would include a special guest, he replied, "Yes," but wouldn’t disclose who it would be.

Marshall also spoke about bassist Ted Dwane, who had brain surgery for a blood clot, which led to the group being forced to cancel a string of US dates. "Ted’s doing really well," he revealed. "It’s been very scary – not to get too soppy – but it’s been a pretty emotional couple of weeks. We were on tour, and he was complaining about having a headache for about 10 days – but he played it down. He’s one of those guys who’s just very low-key and didn’t really grumble much."

He continued: "He had a MRI scan and found out that a blood vessel had burst in his brain, which he got from head-banging during a gig. It was fucking scary. And we had to cancel some really big shows
. Bonnaroo and Telluride are two festivals in America which are as important to us as Glasto. Those two festivals really embraced us in that country. Missing out on those was very emotional."

Joking about how Dwane would fare on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday, Marshall added: "I just really wanna push him out tomorrow night in a hospital bed with a drip. I think that’d be amazing. Just to really milk the situation. Put two big screws in his brain…"

Mumford And Sons will headline Glastonbury today (Sunday June 30th)

Source: the eNeMeEee

Lena Dunham, 'Girls' co-star Jemima Kirke parody Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' video

The fifteen second clip shows Dunham pretending to paddle Kirkes butt with a wooden spoon as Kirke sings the chorus from "We Can't Stop."

At the end, Dunham collapses into giggles and poses alongside Kirke. "Did it turn out good?" she asks.
Dunham isn't the only one who has spoofed Cyrus' bizarre video, which includes a shot of a party-goer eating a sandwich full of hundred dollar bills and another of a skull made out of French fries.

This week, website Petodies introduced a spoof of the music video recreated by dogs-titled, appropriately "We Can Bark." In it, pooches frolic happily around a pool, wear sunglasses, and even twerk.
The lyrics of the song also get reworked for the canine audience.

"I'm a doggie, I can do what I want/ I'm a puppy I can do what I want/ I can lick what I want, bark when I want, roll where I want."
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Paula Deen fans not happy with Emmy Award-winning Italian chef Giada de Laurentiis

When The Food Network yanked Paula Deen's shows and replaced them with programs by Giada De Laurentiis, the chef felt the backlash.

Giada stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday, where she dished on being in caught in the middle of Deen's N-word controversy.

"Her shows got replaced by my shows, so we have a lot of people not happy with me right now, as if I had anything to do with it," Giada told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

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Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Boy Ace Knute Johnson With Fiance Eric Johnson

Maxwell's baby brother has arrived! Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson have welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Ace Knute Johnson, her rep tells Us Weekly exclusively. Little Ace was born in Los Angeles via scheduled C-section on Sunday, June 30, the rep adds.

"Ace Knute (pronounced Ka-nute) Johnson has arrived! Mom and baby are doing great," her rep tells Us. "Jessica, Eric and Maxwell are thrilled to welcome the new addition to their family."

The singer, 32, and Johnson, 33, are already parents to daughter Maxwell, nearly 14 months. Us exclusively revealed in November 2012 that Simpson was pregnant again just seven months after Maxwell's birth; Us also broke news in February that Simpson planned on naming her child "Ace." (Ace's middle name honors dad Eric's Swedish paternal grandfather, Knute Johnson.)

In true Jessca fashion, the Fashion Star mentor accidentally confirmed the sex of her second baby-to-be to back in March. "The crazy thing is I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous," she joked of her morning sickness. After realizing her mistake, Simpson added, "Well, I guess I just told the world that I'm having a boy!"

And gender wasn't the only difference for pregnancy number two. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on March 7, Simpson shared that "this pregnancy is the complete opposite. Like with Maxwell, I felt amazing. Like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of energy," she recalled. "This time around . . . I'm like exhausted. Eating Tums. That's my snack of choice."

After about six months of dating, Simpson and Johnson, a Yale grad and former NFL player, got engaged in fall 2010, but were forced to postpone their nuptials twice due to her unexpected, back-to-back pregnancies. But a source recently told Us they're hoping to (finally!) tie the knot soon.

At the Weight Watchers spokeswoman's April 14 baby shower, she "was telling friends she wanted to get married a few months after the baby is born," the source told Us. "Jessica said, 'Let's have this wedding already before I get pregnant with another one!'"


10 Most Infuriating Movie Cliffhangers

Movie cliffhangers can be the best or the worst thing about a film – they can leave us on tenterhooks, thinking deeply about what we’ve just seen, or they can be maddeningly vague, a cheap cop-out that feels like a lazy writer deciding they don’t want to give us the answers we so desperately crave. With even their most clever, entertaining use, cliffhangers can be infuriating, leaving us wanting to know more even if we really recognise the genius of what we’ve just seen; conversely, it can leave us knowing that more is coming in the form of a cheap sequel, and infuriate us because of that fact.

Here are the 10 most infuriating movie cliffhangers…

10. The Italian Job

We’ll start with what a literal cliffhanger in what is easily the most famous movie cliffhanger of all time; the finale of the film sees the intrepid rogues make off with the money and pose as a gang of English football fans in a van. In Switzerland, it seems as if all is well, when the van skids on an icy road and ends up precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff, with the gold sliding towards the back of the bus. Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) crawls towards the gold and utters to his friends, “Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea”, with the film leaving us to ponder the fates of both the men and the gold.

It’s unquestionably a brilliant climax to the film that’s perfectly in tonal step with what’s come before, but damnit if I didn’t also shout an expletive the first time I saw it. I was desperate to know what would happen and that, I suppose, is the genius of the film in the first place. This hilariously iconic exclamation point is a whole lot more satisfying – if also a little annoying – than them getting away with the gold would ever have been.

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Which cliffhangers worked for you and which didn't? List your best and worst, ONTD.


Friends: 10 Best Chandler Bing Moments

Of all six principal characters, Chandler Bing was possibly the one who developed most throughout Friends’ ten years. Starting off as a sarcastic, lovesick loser, he gradually changed, with Monica’s help, into a husband comfortable with his feminine side who became more able to get what he wanted, especially looking at the change from his previous anonymous career to a more interesting advertising role.

Now often cited as one of TV’s most lovably sarcastic characters of all time, Chandler had so many genius moments (or the opposite…) that will never be forgotten. This could never be an exhaustive list, but I hope it represents a good time span over the series, and the chronological order will show his development along the way.

10. Hitting on Rachel
“Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my ball.” “Yeah, so?” “…and now I’ve picked it up again.”

A simple one, but a moment that shows exactly how awkward Chandler was before we first meet the gang properly on Rachel’s failed wedding day. Behaving like a typical man and freaking out when she says she wants to have a meaningless fling with the next guy she sees, Chandler basically leaps into her eyeline with an awkward double entendre. Put together with the awful goatee, this is a hilariously subtle look at possible events in The One That Could Have Been.

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List your favorite Chandler moments!


Cirque du Soleil performer dies from fall during Las Vegas show

A Cirque du Soleil performer has died after falling Saturday night during a performance of the show "Ka" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Sarah Guillot-Guyard was killed in fall from the show's elevated vertical stage at the MGM Grand, according to the Las Vegas Sun. It's the first onstage death in the 30-year history of artistic acrobatic troupe.

The Clark County Coroner's Office confirmed Sunday morning that Guillot-Guyard, 31, died Saturday night.

No formal cause of death has been determined pending further examination of Guillot-Guyard's body. She was born in Paris and had spent more than 22 years as an acrobatic performer. She was the mother of two young children.

According to reports from audience members, the incident occurred Saturday night during the latter stages of the production at MGM Grand. Guillot-Guyard was one of several performers suspended by a wire from the show's vertical stage in the final scene. As she ascended to the top of the stage, she slipped free of her safety wire and dropped to the open, unseen pit below the performers.


Drake leads at EBT Awards with 12 nominations

The BET Awards should be called the Drake Awards.

The rapper-singer is up for 12 honors, including five nominations for video of the year, which has 10 nominees.

His own hits — "Started from the Bottom" and "HYFR" — are up for the top prize, as well as his guest appearances on 2 Chainz's "No Lie," A$AP Rocky's "(Expletive) Problems" and Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice." Other video of the year nominees are Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie," Rihanna's "Diamonds," ''Adorn" by Miguel, Kanye West's "Mercy" and "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

While 26-year-old Drake is mostly battling himself for the night's top award — to air live Sunday from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live — some of his friends (and enemies) will blaze the stage, including Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, who is nominated for best male R&B artist. Minaj, who has won best female hip-hop artist for three consecutive years, is up for the honor again with little competition.

But the animated rapper isn't the only diva taking the stage: Mariah Carey is also set to sing her latest single, "#Beautiful," with Miguel.

Justin Timberlake, who has four nominations including best male R&B artist and best collaboration for "Suit & Tie" with Jay-Z, will also perform. Other performers include Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, India.Arie, Ciara and Robin Thicke, who's "Blurred Lines" is spending its third week on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

2 Chainz and Lamar, who had a breakthrough this year with his critically acclaimed major label debut, "good kid, m.A.A.d city," follow Drake with eight nominations each.

Timberlake, Drake, Lamar, Rocky, Miguel and Rihanna will compete for the fan-voted viewer's choice award. Charlie Wilson will earn the lifetime achievement award and Dwyane Wade, who recently won the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat, will receive the humanitarian award.

Chris Tucker will host the awards show, and presenters include Jamie Foxx, Angela Bassett, Paula Patton and Gabrielle Union.

Sunday's BET Awards is the last part of the network's three-day, weekend event dubbed "BET Experience at L.A. Live." It kicked off Friday with a Beyonce concert, and other performers throughout the weekend included Miguel, The Jacksons and R. Kelly.


Hugh Jackman Admits He's "Frustrated" by Constant Rumors That He's Gay

Hugh Jackman can do it all – play an action hero in Wolverine, sing in Les Miserables and dance on Broadway, but there's one thing he can't do: stop the rumors that he's gay.

The speculation about the Aussie actor's sexuality began around the time he played flamboyantly gay singer Peter Allen in the Boy From Oz on Broadway, but while he says "on some levels it's a compliment," he hates to see the effect it has on his wife of 17 years, Deborra-Lee Furness.

"If I was, I would be," he said in an interview yesterday with 60 Minutes in Australia. "It's, to me, not the most interesting thing about a person, anyway… I do get frustrated for Deb, cause I see Deb go, '"Ah, this is crazy!'"

Deborra-Lee, who's 13 years older than Hugh, says the constant questioning is "offensive." "If he was gay, fine, he would say he's gay," she says. "It's annoying because it's not true."

The couple have two children, Oscar and Ava, but Hugh admits that his kids aren't impressed by his role in the X-Men movies.

"They've only seen it recently," Hugh reveals. "I figured it would be very undermining to see their father slicing people's heads off. It does take away my credibility when I say, 'Please don't hit your sister.' 'Really, Dad?'"

But his 13-year-old son knows how to use his dad's fame when it counts.

"I have seen Oscar use the fact that his dad's Wolverine to try and chat up a 14-year-old girl," Hugh, 44, admits. "I'm like the wingman for my son!"

henry i

Armie Hammer Is Excited To Meet Henry Cavill!

Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill are two of the hottest actors at the moment and they will be starring together in The Man From U.N.C.L.E..

The hunky pair has never met, but in a recent interview Armie Hammer, whose film The Lone Ranger is scheduled to open next week, said he is excited to meet Henry.

The movie will be directed by Guy Ritchie and is a remake of a television series with the same name which starred Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as evil-fighting agents.

Armie plays David’s character, Illya Kuryakin, a Russian spy while Henry landed Robert’s role, Napoleon Solo, after Tom Cruise had to step down due to a conflict in his schedule.

“I would have loved to work with Tom, but at the same time, I’m also excited to do it with Henry, because it adds a different twist to the movie.” Armie Hammer said in the interview.

At the time of the interview, Armie had not met Henry and stated that he was very excited to do so and about what Cavill would bring to the movie after the success of Man of Steel.

“I’m excited about meeting both of them,” said Hammer. “Hopefully, I’ll get to meet David while making the movie. We start shooting in August.”

Armie talks about how he is getting ready to play the Russian agent:

“I’m also very excited about playing a Russian,” he adds. “I’m in the middle of my research phase now. I’m studying the political climate during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was a fascinating time globally. It’s such a great script (by Scott Z. Burns), and it’s so funny! Guy Ritchie has such a great take on it.” he finished.




Beyonce Spotted Showing Kelly & Michelle The "Grown Woman" Video

Before Beyonce even took the BET Experience stage Friday night, she was already on to the next thing...her "Grown Woman" video.  Check out her showing the rough cut to her D-Child gals.

A few pics leaked from Bey's dressing room backstage at the Staples Center Friday night.  She was spotted showing some "Grown Woman" video rough cut footage to Kelly & Michelle, this according to the person inside the room who snapped the pic.  Gotta love how they all still support each other.

they all look completely bored/unamused imo. i wonder what her (& her team's) plan of action is, because the entire album release (is there even an album anymore tho) is so messy/confusing.
fuck the mcu

'Dexter': The secret to Jennifer Carpenter's intense performance

“I hate this!” howls Jennifer Carpenter as she gets hosed down. “It’s so cold!”

The actress is standing beside a Southern California lake as Dexter assistants gently soak her. She’s preparing for a scene where she has to drag a body out of a water. Though it’s nearly 70 degrees and sunny, you get the impression she’s being stung by every drop.

Several watery minutes later, Carpenter exits the water. “I need a belt!” she says as her pants slip down her narrow hips. Then she touches her forehead, where the makeup team applied red goop to simulate a head wound. “I’m bleeding!” she cries, alarmed. Then realizes: “Oh, that’s fake…”

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Does Monsters University send out a bad message to kids?

So I've been reading reviews about the movie, and a lot of them are mixed. Furthermore, most, if not all reviewers bring up the unexpected route that Pixar took while tackling the story -- or more importantly, the film's ending. Thus, I've gotten hold of 2 reviews that go talk about it in depth, plus the very question of whether it was right to set the film in college when most of the audience (i.e. young kids) know nothing about college.

Note: Obviously, the two articles contain SPOILERS concerning the movie because they discuss the ending.

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What did you think of the movie, ONTD? Did you agree with the message(s) concerning individuality + achieving one's dreams? Should the college setting have been changed in order as to not alienate young viewers? And lastly... Were you a Sulley or a Mike in school? I was totally a Sulley tbh.

Source 1 and Source 2
Sasha Pivovarova for Prada

An in-depth trailer analysis for the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller flick, "SNOWPIERCER"

Bong Joon-Ho's futuristic action epic "Snowpiercer" recently released a spectacular trailer to keep the saliva thick and wanting before the film's South Korean release and world premiere on August 1. Here, I'm going to take you through three key sequences from that amazing trailer, and share some thoughts on what to expect from one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Snowpiercer 10 - Train Section Map

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This quite an interesting read, so I'm hoping this gets through. Original text from the source was too long and somewhat messy with the writing, so I edited out some parts and highlighted interesting sections of the article, so I hope that's okay, Mods. Also, a lot of people mentioned that they couldn't understand what Tilda Swinton was saying in the trailer from previous "Snowpiercer" posts, so I'm glad that the article has clear transcriptions of her dialogue. NGL, I'm totes excited for this and IDGAF what anyone else thinks.

Would you rebel against the privileged 1% during a post-apocalyptic situation, 99% peeps of ONTD?



The first trailer unveiled for The Wolverine - which hits cinemas on July 26 - confirmed long-standing rumours that Famke Janssen features in the story as Jean Grey.

As far as we can tell, she appears in dreams and hallucinations haunting Hugh Jackman's metal-clawed mutant.

But will she also be in Fox's next entry in the franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past, along with Cyclops?

Please be advised that there are possible SPOILERS below.
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BET Acts Homophobic

Word around Twitter is the BET tapped internet celebrity B. Scott to work The BET Awards red carpet. However, things didn't turn out well for B. Scott. Looking at B. Scott's twitter apparently he was told by producers to change his original outfit and make up because they were uncomfortable with the fact that he was wearing heels and makeup.
Fans have shown an outpour of support, and questioning BET's homophobic actions and decision to hire B. Scott in the first place if they were going to try and control his normally gender nonconforming image.

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source 1 2
Cruel Intentions - Snort

Natalia Kills 'Saturday Night'

Natalia Kills has tended toward bad girl posturing with songs like “Problem” and “Controversy,” but there’s a beating heart at the core of her latest single, “Saturday Night". In fact, it’s probably the first truly great song of her career.

“Saturday Night” is a sad song, about squandered youth and disenchantment, but it’s a pretty awesome one. Call it summer’s most wistful anthem. It’s not going to get much better than this. The song hits iTunes on July 2...