June 7th, 2013


Demi Lovato: I Signed a No-Suicide Contract When I Was 7


Demi Lovato opens up about her past struggle with suicidal thoughts in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, excerpted by Us Weekly.

The 20-year-old singer revealed that she has battled depression since she was just 7 years old—when she first felt the spotlight on Barney & Friends.

"The principal called my parents and made me sign this suicide contract saying that I would not kill myself," she told the mag. "They weren't expecting that so young."

Lovato also revealed that her family gave her a few options following her 2010 rehab stint for mental and physical issues.

"My parents were like, 'You have two choices. We can either shut it down and not talk about it, or you can tell people what's up,'" she recalled. "There was no hesitation, really. I opened up that gate."

The "Heart Attack" singer has embraced her past and explained that being sober and on her own after seeking treatment is "not as scary as I thought it would be."

fucked up tbh

Aaron Tveit: Wake Up With Me

Ever since I married What's-her-name. Uh, Martha.

‘A Little Showmance’ Indeed! Virginia Woolf Tony Nominees Carrie Coon & Tracy Letts Are Engaged

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? alums Tracy Letts and Carrie Coon are getting hitched. The Tony-nominated stars are engaged to be married, Coon revealed to The Capital Times. The couple will wed at a courthouse on a yet-to-be determined date.

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I had no idea they were dating! I saw them arrive at the Drama Desks together, but I just assumed they were there as co-stars and nominees. Oop at me. Congrats to them! They were the best George and Honey I've ever seen, Carrie especially. I will be stupidly happy if she wins the Tony on Sunday.

Also, the Broadway tag is getting a workout tonight! Wow.

If anyone cares...

All charges against Rob Kardashian stemming from an alleged paparazzo scuffle this past March were dropped on Thursday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edward Moreton granted a defense motion to dismiss the case after the E! star's attorney presented a signed declaration from Kassandra Perez (the photographer) that she did not want Kardashian prosecuted.

Sources told E! News last month Kardashian had pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Kardashian reached a civil settlement with Perez prior to the judge's dismissal of the misdemeanor battery and petty theft charges against him.

The female paparazzo had filed a civil suit against Kardashian accusing him of assault, battery, theft and inflicting emotional distress for allegedly striking her and removing her camera card when she snapped pictures of him outside the gym.

Fortunately, now that all charges have been dropped, both parties can move forward.

dog winter

Hip-Hop's Catchiest Choruses Since 2000

The-Dream, and later Jay-Z, told you they don’t need no hook on their shit. Murphy Lee and Jermaine Dupri asked each other what the hook gon’ be until that very question became a hook.

As much as some rappers hate to admit it, the search for the perfect chorus to go between every 16 bars is as much a delicate craft as penning the verses. Now and then you can get away without a chorus and make a hit (it helps if you’re Wu-Tang). But generally, you better be ready to sing or shout or sample something catchy as hell, or hire someone who can, to get your joint into heavy rotation.
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RM - wink

'A Most Wanted Man’ Trailer

We’ve been excited for A Most Wanted Man since we reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in negotiations. Over a year has passed since our original report, and now a trailer has dropped for A Most Wanted Man. In addition to Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, and Willem Dafoe also star alongside the actor.

Rumored to have first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, the footage is a moody tone for what’s expected to be an intense story. Although there’s no domestic date set for a theatrical release, or a distributor, no one can deny the talents of the ensemble film. Combine that with the fact that Control’s Anton Corbijn is directing this one, and we have a pretty promising outlook for the thriller.

A Most Wanted Man is an adaptation from the John LeCarre novel and tells the story of a tortured half-Russian, half Chechen immigrant who shows up in Hamburg’s Islamic community due to his father’s unfortunate fortune. On the other side of the story is German and US security agencies that take interest in the man, and slowly but surely both agencies try to unwrap just who this man is. The question still remains: Is he a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is he a force to be reckoned with?

According to a source, the film was granted $1.3 million dollars in production costs from the city’s regional film board and a German promotion in Hamburg. The city is also the primary shooting location as obvious from the accents of the actors. Malte Grunert, who recently launched Hamburg- and Berlin-based Amusement Park Films is a producer of the film.

For Rachel McAdams, this is a welcome turn for the actress who has been focusing on romcoms for the last few years. As for Philip Seymour Hoffman, we’ll be getting a blockbuster look at him in the new Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

Captain Marvel

Ciara Sued by WEHO Gay Bar 'The Factory'

Ciara is being sued by a West Hollywood gay bar ... which claims the singer left them high and dry when she backed out of a gay event during L.A. Pride week ... TMZ has learned.

The nightclub going after Ciara is "The Factory" -- which, according to one Yelp reviewer, is always packed with "gays" who "know how to party."

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Ciara signed a $10,000 deal to appear at The Factory on June 7 (tonight) ... one day before she's supposed to perform on the main stage at the 2013 L.A. Pride parade. Factory says Ciara had mentioned that she couldn't "perform" at Factory due to restrictions in her contract with the L.A. Pride event ... but made it seem like making an "appearance" would be totally kosher.

But Factory says ... Ciara unexpectedly pulled the plug on the whole thing on June 3, leaving the nightclub without a star for its big Friday night pre-gay parade bash.

Now, Factory is suing Ciara for breach of contract -- and want her to pay for all the money the club spent to promote her appearance PLUS the cash they're losing out on thanks to Ciara's last-minute bail. We reached out to Ciara for comment -- so far, no word back.

Captain Marvel

Draya Michele Gets SLAUGHTERED on 106&Park via Twitter Users

Basketball Wives: LA” fans might remember how Draya Michele was ostracized and put down by her co-stars on season 1, but that was nothing compared to the Twitter toughs who attacked her yesterday.

The alleged arrest that happened years ago when Draya’s young son was reportedly left home alone, came back to haunt the reality star again when BET’s “106 & Park” asked viewers to tweet questions to Draya with the hashtag #AskDraya. For more than 12 hours (and counting), the partygoer was subjected to harsh criticism from Twitter users who questioned whether she’s even a part of her son’s life today.

Draya’s critics compared her son to starving children in Africa and speculated that he sees Santa Claus more than he does his mother.

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Tom Hardy To Star In ‘The Outsider,’ Takashi Miike’s English-Language Debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Deadline reports that Takashi Miike will make his English-language debut with "The Outsider," with none other than Tom Hardy to star. If the movie sounds familiar, then you have a good memory, because last year the project was at Warner Bros. where it was being eyed by director Daniel Espinosa ("Safe House") and star Michael Fassbender. That iteration didn't work out, and now the movie is in the hands of Joel Silver's Silver Pictures and has independent financing to go with it. So what's this one all about?

Based on a story by father-son producers Art and John Linson, the highly placed 2011 Black List script by Andrew Baldwin tells the story of an American G.I. and former prisoner of war who rises in the yakuza in post-World War II Japan. So yeah, sounds pretty great right, but the big question is: which Miike are we getting?

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Plaintiff in Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash sex scandal beaten in Brooklyn

A gay man who is a plaintiff in the Elmo sex scandal was the victim of a gay-bash bias attack, it was revealed Friday.

Police arrested five men who they say screamed anti-gay slurs as they beat Kevin Kiadii, 25, outside Prospect Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night, sources said. Kiadii is one of four young men who claim they had sex while they were underage with Kevin Clash, the former Elmo puppeteer.


Another source quotes Kiadii as saying that he used his perfume bottle as mace, saying that his "Dior bottle saved him".

Amy Poehler & Adam Scott recreate Hart to Hart


I hope for your sake, you didn't miss The Greatest Event in Television History last night. If you did, well, then I guess you can catch up now by watching it here.

It features Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, & Horatio Sanz recreating the opening sequence to the 80s TV series Hart to Hart.

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Captain Marvel

REPORT: Mauricio Umansky (Kyle Richards Husband) Cheated with Transgendered Prostitutes

Kyle Richards nearly quit The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills over allegations that her husband Mauricio Umansky cheated on her and now faces new claims he was involved in a kinky threesome.

The 44-year-old reality TV star was talked out of leaving last month by the show's producers, but new revelations of an alleged threesome involving her husband, a female escort and a transsexual prostitute have surfaced. Kyle and 42-year-old Mauricio have been married for 17 years and have three daughters together, Alexia, Sophia and Portia.

Mauricio has been the subject of philandering rumours and Star magazine this week added fuel with its report of a wild sex threesome. The magazine interviewed a transgender former prostitute who claimed that her female escort partner brought Mauricio back to their home after picking him up at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Toni Newman, a transsexual known as Mistress Terri, said she and her escort partner Mistress Carmen, 29, ran their sex business out of their apartment in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. 'We had many high-end clients between 2003 and 2005, Mauricio being one of them,' said the 50-year-old Newman, who recently released the memoir I Rise detailing her life as a prostitute, Newman said the duo worked by having Mistress Carmen take men into her room where she would offer them the option of having her transsexual partner come in. 'Mauricio went for the threesome option and in a kinky twist asked both of them to dress up as police officers, Newman said.

Mauricio has denied the claims by Newman and Mistress Carmen, calling them 'false' and 'utterly ridiculous.' Kyle, who is the aunt of Paris Hilton, was confronted last month by co-stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump over Mauricio's alleged infidelities. She reportedly refused to listen to them and was so upset she called producers to quit the show, but was talked out of it. Kyle also has a daughter Farrah, 24, from her first marriage to Guraish Aldjufrie in 1988.

The fourth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to premiere in the fall.


'Jonah Hill Takes Himself Way Too Seriously In Rolling Stone Interview'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jonah Hill has made a career for himself starring in raunchy comedies, but after a few "serious" roles it seems the actor has lost his sense of humor.

Rolling Stone first interviewed Hill's "This Is The End" co-stars James Franco, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, who were more than game to answer even the silliest of questions (and even take a puff from the magazine's e-joint in McBride's case), but when it came time to chat with Hill, he seemed to take himself way too seriously.

Rogen even warned the magazine that Hill is "serious," but he wasn't able to offer pointers on a suitable approach to talking to the actor. It's too bad, because Rolling Stone could have used the help.

During the course of their interview, Hill refused to talk about his workout routine, telling the magazine it's "of little relevance." But that was only beginning. "His eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets," according to Rolling Stone, when asked what type of farter he is.

"I'm not answering that dumb question! I'm not that kind of person! Being in a funny movie doesn't make me have to answer dumb questions. It has nothing to do with who I am," Hill responded.

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There is no Jonah Hill tag, but I didn't see this posted after some searching.

An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars for these celeb couples?

An astrological interpretation of what is going wrong and what is going right for two of our most talked about couples, by yours truly. (tl;dr warming)


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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim                                    Kanye
Sun: Libra                          Sun: Gemini

Moon: Pisces                      Moon: Pisces

Rising: Sag                   Rising: Cancer

Merc: Scorpio                        Merc: Taurus

Venus: Virgo                               Venus: Taurus
Mars: Sag                                    Mars: Taurus

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Selena Gomez & The Beebz (Not the King of Pop, FYI)
(I know they’re broken up or whatever, but I was looking for variety in signs so....)

Selena                         Beebz

Sun: Cancer                  Sun: Pisces

Moon: Aries                   Moon: Libra

Rising: Leo                    Rising: Scorpio

Merc: Leo                      Merc: Aquarius

Venus: Leo                   Venus: Pisces

Mars: Taurus                 Mars: Aquarius

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And that concludes the longest post ever.... if you made it through, know that I truly love you.

Long OP note: I was inspired to do this after having so many of you came to me with an interest in your own astrology, and thought this might be a fun, cheesy, and campy way to continue doing what we do best, which is talk shit and speculate on shit that we really have no clue about. I am not trying to claim that ANY of this is factual and I’m not asking anyone who enters to believe in astrology, but I will ask that you be willing to learn and accept! I know there are haters so I’m asking nicely that you don’t eat me alive, troll on me, general assholism, because I did work very hard to make this easy to understand and something for people to have fun with (which was not easy), and if that’s not enough- my birthday is on Sunday, and I’m not having the best week - so you know… don’t shit on my work and karma won’t shit on your life (and no, I don’t need “you must be new here” gifs). You know, believe it or not, you have a lot more going on for yourself than just your sun sign!

Short OP Note: Also, I only did a few because once I got going, they ended up being really long, but I have more couples and some other ideas lined up if this doesn’t flop & suggestions are welcome! Also, if there’s any other astrology enthusiasts/hobbyists such as myself who would like to weigh in, I welcome it with open arms!

Note to Mod: I PM’d Brenden about this and was told it was “a great idea.”  Also, don't ask me what's going on with my formatting, I have no idea, this is only my second post ever.

Source for celeb birth charts: http://www.astrotheme.com/
Internet Sources for astrology:

http://www.the12houses.com/ (I wasn't super impressed here, but it's good enough)
http://www.astrologyzone.com/ (the best monthly horoscopes ever by Susan Miller)

And these books:
"The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need" by Joanna Martine Woolfolk
"Astrology: A comprehensive guide to classical interpretation" by Kevin Burk
"Sign Mates: Understanding the games people play" by Bernie Ashman
"Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology" by Lyn Birrkbeck


1D signs personal music publishing deals

Hot on the heels of the One Direction lads Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne launching their own fragrance, it’s been revealed that they’re all set to earn even more cash, having signed personal publishing deals…

The new deal will see each of the 1D lads earning money on songs they’ve written for the band, and in the new contract, rather than split the profits five ways, they’ll earn cash as individuals based on their personal contributions.

And according to The Sun, the lads new deal with Fingate means that they’re making “deliberate” moves to start earning personal fortunes rather than merely taking a cut.

An insider said, “This is a real statement of intent from the band. They have absolutely no intention of being spoon-fed pop puppets.

“They want to write and they want to earn as individuals.”

The paper adds, “Publishers are just as important to musicians as their record labels in the modern music business. They are the people in charge of making the most from the music — cashing in when songs appear in adverts or are used on compilations.”

In the past six months each of the 1D boys has set up their own studio, and their Take Me Home album, the band listed three songs with individual writing credits, and while on their world tour, they’ve apparently been attending “writing sessions” after gigs.

Could this also be a sign that they’re planning their individual careers for after 1D split?

sources: (1) (2)

Alicia Keys and Prince Egypt on a bike tour in Amsterdam

She claims that her two-year-old son never gets in a bad mood. And it’s no wonder little Egypt is such a content youngster as he gets to travel the globe with Alicia Keys. The little boy - who she has with rapper husband Swizz Beatz – got the VIP treatment on Thursday as his superstar mother took him to see the sites of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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prince egypt aka moses of our generation is so qt and gorgeous i can't
i mean what kind of genetic moment, yahweh keys sis?
hot pink venus flytrap carters future husband lbr <3

source source source
Choni Dance Club

Fifth Harmony Announce Debut Single, “Miss Moving On”

It’s been a long and trying wait for Fifth Harmony to release their official debut single, but the X Factor songbirds have finally unveiled the first detail about the upcoming track: It’s titled “Miss Moving On,” as they messily (but likably) revealed in a Vine earlier today. (They shouted the name together and it was kind of hard to understand them, so you have to watch it about twenty times to be sure.)

If their renditions of Taylor Swift‘s “Red” and Ed Sheeran‘s “Lego House” are anything to go by, expect decadent harmonies and plenty of attitude; as they told us in an interview a few weeks ago, the song is “fun.” So there’s that.

Watch their announcement under the cut.
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sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Kelly Clarkson Finally Wants To Lose Weight?

Kelly Clarkson's weight has made more than a few headlines in the past few months. Now it appears she may be taking steps to improve her health. According to a June 5 tweet from singer, Kelly Clarkson, she's embarking on a five day juice cleanse.

Kelly Clarkson sent a tweet on Twitter saying:

Apparently the documentary 'Hungry For Change' is what did it

The “Juice Nashville” cleanse is a program where you drink five 16 ounce bottles of juice, one bottle of almond milk, and a ton of water each day for five days. The goal is to allow your body to rest, reset, and cleanse.

Thespoof.com reports that Clarkson has told a reporter with "iRumors" that she gain 30 pounds because she's a happy camper.

when will san jose?? (spoiler: never)

bunch of bogans

Comedy group branded 'repulsive' by Matt Lucas after they simulated a sex act next to a six-month-old baby and its terrified relatives

An Australian comedy group has been labelled 'repulsive' after posting a prank video on YouTube featuring one of its members performing a lewd act next to a baby.

Melbourne-based The Janoskians have faced widespread criticism over the video which features members of the group masturbating in public and shows one member telling a six-week-old child's mother that her 'baby is sexy'.

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  • go3x

Xbox One is confirmed to be an anti-consumer device.

Microsoft has recently published their Xbox One terms of use and from it, we finally get clarification on how playing, lending, and selling your purchased game works on this device.

This means that if you buy this device you will no longer be able to play the game you've purchased without checking to the internet every 24 hours.

This will also mean that you can't lend your games to your friend via simple method of lending them directly. You'd instead have to go through of complicated scenario of befriending them for 30 days on your device's friend list before you can lend them the game.

You can't resell your game to any party you wish to because you'll have to go to the approved resellers. That's assuming that the publisher allows you to resell the game.

Let others that you know about this and make them aware that they are basically signing away their consumers' right if they purchase this device. Even better, stay away from this device and other devices that intend on infringing your consumers' right.

Update: Giantbomb says that from publishers' side, EA, Activision, and Ubisoft are the ones pushing for this. Let these companies know that this kind of practice is not acceptable.

cowboy point

The Best TV Shows We Ever Binge-Watched

Binge-watching has so quickly become a fact of life that it’s hard to believe Netflix’s streaming video service is still less than five years old. And according to its creator, Vince Gilligan, no TV show has benefited from the rise of marathon viewing more than Breaking Bad. Gilligan went so far as to tell Wired that “it’s very possible we wouldn’t have made it to 62 episodes without this creation of these technologies and this cultural creation of binge-watching.” But Breaking Bad is hardly the only series that merits mainlining. In the interest of keeping you occupied during the networks’ long summer programming hiatus, Flavorwire staffers recommend the best TV shows we ever binge-watched.

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More at the Source | Video Source

What shows have you binged on? I watched seasons 2 to 6 of Oz in a week and I think I did about the same with Superjail

Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Third Child

Baby makes five!

Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their third child, son Marcus Anthony, on Sunday, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Arriving at 11:32 a.m. and weighing in at 9 lbs., 3 oz., Marcus joins big sister Mackynzie, 3½, and brother Michael, 2 this month. The reality stars say their children are "thrilled to welcome a little brother."

"We are so thankful that mom and baby are well! We are blessed to have our family close as we celebrate this gift from God," the couple tell PEOPLE.

Following family tradition, Josh and Anna documented the arrival of their new addition on 19 Kids & Counting: GrandDuggar Makes 3!, which premieres Sunday, June 16, at 8/7c.


Miley Cyrus: 'We Can't Stop' sign of trouble? Already Down to #4 on iTunes


After months of hyping her first studio album in four years -- an album that still won't be released until this fall -- Miley Cyrus dropped the lead single, “We’ Can’t Stop,” on Monday. Some critics wish she would have. Stopped, that is.

“This track just leaves me cold. Obviously after taking a break from recording she wanted to return with a single that reflects her departure from her younger self and former image, but I feel she has just gone such an obvious route. The track is looking to be that next defiant summer anthem for the entitled, ‘no one can tell us how to live’ adolescent masses. At the same time as it seeks to address the constant tabloid banter about Miley's life choices. Yawn,” Lyndsey Rodrigues, former MTV VJ told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I would have loved for Miley to make her return foray into music with a more rock/pop based tuned. A more mature and edgy throwback to ‘See You Again’ to pay homage to her start as a solo artist.”

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apparently you can stop!
what do you think of the song not being able to spend a week at #1 like demi and ariana?
Queen Marie Antoinette

Police Rush to Jackson Family Home Following News of a Reported Gunshot

Police rushed to the family home of Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket after receiving a call that a gunshot was fired in the Calabasas residence yesterday, a source told E! News.

Once the cops arrived at the scene, they found that nothing had happened at The Oaks community mansion and they had been pranked.

LAPD spokesperson Steve Whitmore confirmed that cops responded to a call, but wouldn't go into further detail.

Whitmore told E! News, "We went up to the house to check on something, but it was nothing. That house has had a lot of activity lately, so we sent a unit there."

Upon further request to clarify the gunshot reports, he added, "I know what you're trying to get at, but I'm telling you, nothing happened."

The Los Angeles County home has lately figured as the hub of the Jackson family drama.

E! News has learned that while Paris Jackson and her brothers live at the estate, their coguardian, T.J. Jackson, currently lives elsewhere and moved farther away awhile back. A separate source meanwhile told us that T.J. has been visiting the teens at the house two to three times a week.

New rumors are swirling that child-welfare services are investigating the Jackson children's living situation after her alleged attempted suicide Tuesday evening.
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src 1, 2
clueless class

Kim's BFF Defends Kanye

Bruce Jenner caused quite the furore when he declared Kanye West was missing in action when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. “I’ve only met him once,” the Kardashian-Jenner family patriarch said, last week. “He’s never… he’s not around.”

That’s not the case, according to one of the pregnant reality star’s closest confidantes who has leapt to the 35-year-old rapper’s defense, declaring “Kanye is the man.”

“He’s actually always around, I have hung out with them together so many times, I couldn’t even count all the times and in different countries… all those stories make me laugh,” Jonathan Cheban told RadarOnline.com at the Viva Diva wines summer launch in New Rochelle, New York, on Wednesday night.

You’ll remember: Cheban, the former public relations guru turned E! reality star, had a strained relationship with Kim’s second husband, NBA star Kris Humphries. He even considered filing a lawsuit against Kris, 28, after the Brooklyn Nets power forward called him gay and hurled a homophobic slur at him during a heated argument on Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Kanye couldn’t be further from Kris, Cheban hinted.

“He’s so smart and interesting and perfect for Kim,” he told Radar.

The reality star and entrepreneur also defended Kim against the fat shamers, who have unloaded an onslaught of unfair criticism on Kim, 32, since she announced her pregnancy in December.

Blasted Cheban: “I’m sick of the haters… Kim will have that body back in two month after having the baby. She’ll be hot, but the haters will still be fat and ugly!”


Billionaire Comedian Nick Kroll Brings Some Blond Chick To A Hollywood Event


It's a Hollywood date night!

Amy Poehler and her new beau, Nick Kroll, enjoyed each other's company at the AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony honoring funnyman and filmmaker Mel Brooks at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre on Thursday night.

"Amy looked really happy and upbeat throughout the night – they were cozy," an observer tells PEOPLE. "I haven't seen Amy look this light and airy while out in a long, long time."

Poehler, who split from Arrested Development's Will Arnett last September, and Kroll started dating earlier this year.

The pair worked together when Kroll, a comedian, guest-starred on Poehler's NBC hit Parks and Recreation in the recurring role of "The Douche."

Though Poehler – who shares two kids with Arnett, Archie, 4½, and Abel, 2½ – seems happy to be making her new relationship public, her ex has said dating seems "very scary."


The Good Sis, Raif, Is In A New Movie.

'Runner, Runner' Movie Trailer staring Justin Timberlake & Ben Affleck.

The first official Runner, Runner trailer, the new film from The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck.

In Runner, Runner, Affleck plays a businessman who owns an offshore gambling operation finds his relationship with his protégé (Timberlake) reaching a boiling point. Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie and Ben Schwartz are among the list of co-stars.

20th Century Fox will release the film on September 27, which makes it a possible candidate for the Toronto Film Festival on top of having a chance at some possible Oscar nominations.

Queen Marie Antoinette

Brandi Glanville Dog Stolen From Home, Star Offering $10,000 Reward

Brandi Glanville says someone broke into her Los Angeles home and stole her dog.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star tweeted on Thursday, “I will give anyone who finds my dog chica in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars. Please please. She has a collar call me!”

Glanville’s puppy is a brown chihuahua mix (see photo above.)

On Friday, the reality star told fans she has had no luck finding her dog — and that some people are taking advantage of the situation to taunt her.

Glanville tweeted, “My house was broken into one of my dogs is missing people R calling pretending 2 have her.”

“This is devistating-I will pay money give her back,” she added.

source 1, 2

IGGY AZALEA RACIST: Rapper Mocks Asians, ‘Box Body’ Mexicans, Claims Media is ‘Slandering Me’

Iggy Azalea recently took to social networking site Twitter to whine about the non-existent press coverage that she gets in Australia after her unquestionable racism was brought to light.

The wannabe rapper, who infamously uses a fake American accent, accused the Australian media of “slandering” her after she received widespread backlash over a series of racist tweets that have critics up in arms.
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smh, I can't believe she excused those tweets.

Teen Wolf Season 3: A Familiar Face Returns

Teen Wolf season 3 enjoyed a great premiere, though there were some faces missing from the first episode. However, one actor that fans didn’t expect to return has been on set!
Teen Wolf season 3 enjoyed a great premiere, though there were some faces missing from the first episode. However, one actor that fans didn’t expect to return has been on set!

That person is none other than..

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Source: Hypable
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SHOCKER: Actresses over 40 years old are more liked and higher paid than younger actresses

The Hollywood Reporter
Revenge of the Over-40 Actress

The article is very long. Brief summary:

- The March 2013 Performer Q Study, which measures both how well-known and how well-liked a celebrity is, found Sandra Bullock statistically tied with Hanks, 56, for the film star top spot among U.S. survey respondents over 18. "Her movie roles have been so diverse, from comedies to serious, that she's tracking younger and older, male and female. She cuts across the spectrum," says Henry Schafer, exec vp at The Q Scores Co. Bullock scored 89 percent in recognition and a 41 Q score.

- The actresses with the second and third highest Q-scores were Julia Roberts, 45, and Meryl Streep, 63.

- Younger actresses have not been embraced by audiences, and Hollywood has failed to develop any true female stars in their 20s and 30s. Anne Hathaway's Q-score was 20, Jennifer Lawrence's score was 15, and Kristen Stewart's score was 10.

- MPAA statistics show that 1/3 of cinema attendees in 2012 was 40 years and older. This age group prefers to watch films in cinemas.

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Daddy Issues Post Featuring Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner: Bruce Jenner 'Just Wasn't A Great Father To Me'

"The way I see Bruce with Kendall and Kylie and Brandon, I'm actually so happy for them," Brody says in a preview for the June 9 episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," obtained by Us Weekly. "I think Bruce is an incredible human being and I think that Bruce is an incredible father -- he just wasn't a great father to me."

In the clip, following a family lunch Brody tells Bruce, "It's interesting to watch how you are with the girls, because it's like, something I'm not really used to. You weren't around since I was a kid and it's like ..."

Bruce cuts in, telling Brody, "Now's not the time to talk about it."

The History nerd in me is screaming right now drowning out the Leo fangirl.

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star as the title character in the upcoming film Rasputin
according to Deadline.

The 38-year-old actor will play the Russian mystic “who became an advisor to the Russian Imperial family the Romanovs.” He was embraced by Tsar Nicholas II as a healer for his only son, but his influence with the family in all matters “grew to the point that rivals tried several times to kill him, finally succeeding in 1916.”

Leo reportedly liked the idea that this film brings up different sides to Rasputin that were recently unearthed, like how he was capable of switching easily between kindness and ruthlessness, and that he was a charlatan who prolifically bedded women.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the role of Rasputin?



Betsy Randle/ William Russ (Cory's Parents) to have appearences on Girl Meets World.

Savage, Strong, Matthew Lawrence (Jack), Betsy Randle (the Mom!), Trina McGee (Angela), Maitland Ward (Rachel), and Lily Nicksay (Morgan #1) gathered with creator Michael Jacobs in the green room before greeting a sold-out theater of 300 fans who were watching the series finale. Jacobs told EW that the pilot for the reboot Girl Meets World, which will focus on Cory and Topanga and their 13-year-old daughter, has been shot and is awaiting pick-up from Disney. Strong is not in the pilot, though like all of the Boy cast members he’s been invited to participate in future episodes. Everyone’s beloved Mr. Feeny will appear—”interestingly,” Jacobs said coyly—in the pilot. And Randle says she expects to pop up on an episode every now and then with William Russ, who played her on-screen husband. “Surely we’ll show up for a Thanksgiving episode!” she said.

SOURCE: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/06/07/boy-meets-world-cast-atx-fest/ and http://bmwsequel.com/2013/06/07/betsy-randle-and-william-russ-to-have-guest-appearances-on-girl-meets-world/

NOTE: You all should check out bmwsequel.com if you are big fans of boy meets world! It has all the latest information on the new show and it's cast members so be sure to check it out. And this is the facebook too if you are interested and want get updates right away. I also reccomend following @GMWFan on twitter! They run a great site. . https://www.facebook.com/BMWSequel?ref=hl

Christina Ricci cast as Lizzie Borden in Lifetime film

Photo credit: JustJared

After delving into movies dedicated to bad girls such as Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony, Lifetime is going historical with the concept with a movie about Lizzie Borden.

Lifetime is tackling a project about Borden, who was tried but ultimately acquitted of killing her father and stepmother with an ax in the late 1800s.

Christina Ricci will play the role of Borden.

Nick Gomez ("Drowning Mona," "Burn Notice") is directing the project, with Sony Pictures Television producing.

A writer has not yet been confirmed for the movie.

Source: TheWrap
V Details

Boy Meets World Reunion at ATX Television Festival

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recognize this gang? If you had any sort of childhood, you know it's the cast of Boy Meets World. If you didn't recognize them, what were you doing in the '90s? Playing outside? Building a fort?!

Betsy Randle, Ben Savage, Matthew Lawrence, Rider Strong, Trina McGee-Davis and Maitland Ward Baxter (in order) reunited at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Tex.

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only missing Topanga, Eric and Mr. Feeny

15 White Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Raising Black Children

Race relations may be doing better than any of us think. We bet you'd be surprised to find out just how many of your favorite white celebrities are raising black babies. A few stars have made their adoptions part of their publicity. But some have been raising multicultural families on the down-low for years.

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→ カヲル

New MDNA Tour Teaser + Official DVD/Blu-ray Press Release

"There's Only One Queen, and that's Madonna" Teaser

Madonna’s groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, controversial and visually stunning MDNA concert will be available in the US on August 27th (August 26th globally), it was announced today by Universal Music. The two hour MDNA extravaganza was the most successful tour of 2012.

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chris infinity war

Nick Jonas Gets Guitar Lesson From Adorable Kid, Returns the Favor

Watch out, Kevin and Joe. It looks like Nick Jonas has found two new heartthrobs to jam with.

The singer was in North Carolina last month shooting the movie Careful What You Wish For and was enjoying barbecue and baseball with the crew at Sherrills Ford Optimist park on May 19 when he was asked if he would listen to a kid who had a song for him, an eyewitness exclusively tells E! News.

Nick then ambled up to two young lads, Joseph and Noah, who were tooling around on a guitar and a mandolin.

Nick listented to the wee guitarist pluck out a bluegrass tune (the name of which the kid had "kinda forgot"), telling him, "That's awesome. I play a Fender Telecaster."

Then Nick asked if he could see the guitar for a second and returned the favor, making for a regular unplugged jamfest.

"Nice guitar, I like it a lot," the JoBro complimented his young protégée. "Sounds better than mine."

He then conversed with the young mandolin player for a bit, learning that he also plays piano and bass. Finding out that neither kid plays drums, Nick told them the skill would come in handy "once girls start breaking your hearts, you can go get angry."

Nick then thanked both kids for letting him play and we're told that he autographed the neck of the guitar, a moment not caught on video.

"I signed it on the neck, so when you look down, you know I'm cheering you on," he said, according to our source.

I know it happened a few weeks ago but the parents just posted the video yesterday and E!Online had an article about it. It's kinda cute cause Nick is always kinda awkward with little kids.

Percy Daggs III Signed to Veronica Mars Movie (plus video)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Veronica Mars hits the big screen next year, the pretty private eye won’t be without her bestie.
Percy Daggs III will revisit his role of Wallace Fennel in the former CW series fan-funded film adaptation, creator Rob Thomas announced Friday.
“As so many of you wrote to remind me, Wallace’s friendship with Veronica has always been one of the foundations of the show,” Thomas wrote in an email to those who pledged the project on Kickstarter.

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Hoping for that "Veronica Mars" tag sooner than later, but for now, all VM stuff is under "Kristen Bell" tag.
I can't express how happy I am that Percy is officially signed (even though the script even showcased a little Wallace). I just hope they give him more screen time. I love their friendship SO much! :)
mad women | feeling kinda nordic

Dan Harmon on Community S4: "I'm Not Going to Be a Jerk About It"

Dan Harmon is re-enrolling at Greendale Community College, Human Beings!

Community fans rejoiced when Harmon announced on Twitter that he would be returning as the NBC cult comedy's showrunner for its fifth season after his highly publicized exit prior to season four. While NBC and Sony had no comment, Harmon confirmed his return to Community on the red carpet at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas, on Thursday.

"It was official enough for me to be a jerk and leak all of this business," Harmon exclusively tells E! News when asked if his return is official. "We're in the process of closing my deal. I'm getting yelled at for saying anything about it!"

And though it's not officially official, "We're supposed to start writing it Monday, so if my deal doesn't close, a different kind of history is going to be made," Harmon jokes.

With season five's start date just around the corner, Harmon admits to us he has yet to watch season four, which was overseen by Happy Endings writers David Guarascio and Moses Port, but is planning to binge-watch it.

"I am going to watch it I think when I get back on Sunday. I'm just going to sit by myself, pop some popcorn and watch it," he says. "I'm not going to be a jerk about it. I know there were some great writers working on that show who bled with me for seasons one, two and three…the worst thing I can do is fart in their direction at all."

"At the same time, I'm going to look at this thing and I don't think it would be very Community of me to negate anything," he continues. "Season three was weird, season two was weird, season one was weird; they're all weird. So if season four was weird in a different way, season's five job is to reveal that all four of those weird things add up to some weird hip-hop dance that when you put it on a loop, you go, 'Oh, I get it!'"

Castmembers such as Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Danny Pudi have expressed their excitement over Harmon's return on Twitter, and he tells us he's eager to "gather my most important family around me" to "get all the tears out of us and get back to work."


He's getting points for trying imo but I'll believe it when I see it.

People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo jessica-simpson-2-435_zps95f8c012.jpg


– A very pregnant Jessica Simpson, proving she's still got her sense of humor, while wearing a hot-air balloon sweater, on Twitter

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HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  xoxo

Kings of Leon Sets 'Mechanical Bull' Release Date

"Super Soaker" will be the lead single to the September release.

Kings of Leon will return this fall with its sixth studio album: "Mechanical Bull" is due out Sept. 24 on RCA Records. The group was primed to announce the new album during its headlining performance at New York's Governors Ball Music Festival on Friday night (June 7), but inclement weather prevented the band from taking the stage; however, sources have confirmed the album title and release date to Billboard.

The first single is reportedly titled "Super Soaker" and will be released in mid-July. The group reportedly finished recording the album with longtime producer Angelo Petraglia in March, after starting in on the project last fall.

"Mechanical Bull" follows 2010's "Come Around Sundown," which has sold 727,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Southern rock group's 2008 breakout full-length, "Only By The Night," has sold 2.3 million copies and spawned the smash hit "Use Somebody," which won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 2010.

An onstage meltdown by singer Caleb Followill during a July 2011 performance in Dallas forced Kings of Leon to scrap the remainder of its U.S. tour. However, the quartet has scheduled a slew of dates for 2013, including appearances at the U.K.'s V Festival and at Austin City Limits Music Festival.


any new albums you're excited about??

AHS: Coven To Have A "Companion" Piece?

“American Horror Story: Coven” could have a partner in crime, at least according to a new article over at the Hollywood Reporter.

Says the site, following a March revelation from co-creator/co-showrunner Ryan Murphy that he was in talks with FX to potentially do a companion series, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf says that there’s a strong chance the plan will come to fruition.

“I’d love to do it,” Landgraf says of the potential talk show. “We’re thinking about it. If we do it I don’t think we’ll necessarily do it the way AMC does as a linear thing. We might do an online thing. We haven’t made a final decision but I think there’s a decent possibility we’re going to do something like that for Coven.”

The executive noted that the network has done a “fair amount of legwork” on the potential companion, adding that it was too early to consider potential hosts for the entry. Also yet to be decided is what level of involvement Murphy would have.

Should the “AHS” companion move forward with Murphy, it would mark his second unscripted foray following “The Glee Project,” which is awaiting a decision on its future at Oxygen.

Hopefully it won’t be something insanely lame like “Talking Dead”.

“American Horror Story: Coven” — starring Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and new additions Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett (among others), premieres in October.

Rose and 10 - Doctor Who

The 12th Doctor to be named on Saturday? (08 June 2013)

Earlier this evening Starburst broke an interesting story with relation to the 12th Doctor Who. According to the magazine the BBC will most likely be announcing the name of the new Doctor Who tomorrow evening.

It has been reported that a Tabloid newspaper had obtained the identity of the mysterious actor, who will be taking over from Matt Smith, which has inadvertently forced the BBC to announce the chosen actor who will continue the adventures in time and space much earlier than planned.

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