March 5th, 2013

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Amanda Seyfried wants to star in Broadway's Wicked

Now that we know that all is good between Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried, can we suggest they work together again?

Seyfried says she would love to do a musical—on Broadway!

"I'd like to do something where there's one character who has one big song—a soprano song—but I don't know what that would be," she recently told me.

Remember when Anne was first nominated for Les Misérables?

Seyfried says a big dream would be starring in Wicked, but she doesn't think she has the vocal chops. "To be honest with you, nobody would put me in that," she said. "I would have to take another two years of voice lessons before I could do that."

Perhaps Wicked with Seyfried as Glinda and Hathaway as Elphaba?

Seyfried was in talks to make her Broadway debut last year in Neil LaBute's play The Shape of Things. "I wanted to do it, but it didn't end up working out," she said. "We had a director but no costar. But I gotta get on stage, man. I'd love it."


Misfits: Joe Gilgun 6

Jonny Lee Miller is Running for Jonah’s Just Begun.

Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes in the hit show ‘Elementary.’ Jonny became involved in helping Jonah’s Just Begun (Foundation to Cure Sanfilippo Inc.) after learning that one of his co-workers Jeremy, a camerman for Elementary had a son with an extremely rare and fatal genetic disease. Having a son the same age as Jonah, Jonny felt compelled to do something to help.

Jonny will be running in The North Face Bear Mountain Run this May 4th-5th.


Lamb of God Frontman Acquitted of Manslaughter in Prague

The verdict is in for Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe's Prague trial over the death of 19 year old fan Daniel Nosek, and Blythe is acquitted of all charges.

Blythe was being charged with manslaughter on claims that he pushed Nosek and that push led to injuries which ultimately led to the fan's untimely death. The trial resumed yesterday with further testimony (our report here) after a week of testimony last month (read a full recap here).

Before the verdict was reached, Blythe made a final statement to the court saying:

"I would like to thank the family of Daniel Nosek for not attacking me in the press and for their kind words to me in this court. I am very sorry for their loss.

Daniel was a fan of my band. I had no wish to harm him. He was just a boy and I wish he was still here.

If, ultimately the Czech legal system sentences me to prison, I will do my sentence like a man.

If I am to remain free, I will do my best to insure that conditions at this concert will not occur again with my band and other bands so that the fans will remain safe.

I have searched for an answer to this situation. The only one I can find is that it was a tragic, horrible accident."

Video of his statement (won't embed, click link).

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I honestly commend him for the way in which he handled this whole situation. He owned up to his actions and wasn't going to run away from the charges like other celebrities have chosen to do in the past. He seems truly remorseful for the fan's death.
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Rachel Weisz on her Broadway Debut: 'It's Confirmed'

Rumors have been swirling that Oscar winner Rachel Weisz could make her Broadway debut alongside her Bond star husband Daniel Craig in a Broadway production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal. During a recent appearance on the U.K. morning show Daybreak, Weisz spilled the beans!

“I am going to do a play on Broadway,” Weisz told host Aled Jones. “It’s confirmed. I’ve never done Broadway [so I’m] very excited. [Broadway has] this mythical shine about it.” Although Weisz didn’t confirm that the play she’d be starring in would indeed be Betrayal, it’s safe to say a revival of Pinter’s acclaimed 1978 play is the project she’s alluding to. No word yet on if Craig is definitely attached to the project as well. As previously speculated, Mike Nichols (Death of a Salesman) is in talks to direct.

Telling a story in reverse chronology, Betrayal follows Robert (presumably Craig), whose wife, Emma (presumably Weisz), is having an affair with his friend Jerry, a literary agent.

Weisz starred in the West End production of A Streetcar Named Desire. She earned the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Tessa Quayle in The Constant Gardener. Additionally, Weisz’s film credits include The Lovely Bones, The Fountain, Constantine, About a Boy, The Bourne Legacy and The Mummy.

Craig appeared on Broadway in A Steady Rain. Best known as James Bond in Skyfall, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, his additional film credits include Defiance, The Golden Compass, The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, Munich, Layer Cake and Road to Perdition.

Diana Guerrero

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Developing Exorcism TV Series


As if working on The Walking Dead and developing his latest series Thief of Thieves for AMC wasn't enough, Robert Kirkman is laying the groundwork for a third TV drama.

FOX International Channels (FIC), Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics, and Circle of Confusion are developing a script based on Kirkman’s upcoming comic book series set in the world of exorcism.

Told through the Kirkman prism, the series follows a young man, Kyle Barnes, who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a spiritual journey to find answers but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Kirkman will serve as executive producer alongside The Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert of Circle of Confusion.

Kirkman said, “Sharon Tal Yguado and the entire team at FOX International Channels have been instrumental in making The Walking Dead the worldwide success that it has become. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue working with this forward-thinking and extremely talented group.”

“Exorcism has captivated movie audiences all over the world but has never been explored on television,” said Sharon Tal Yguado, EVP Global Scripted Programming and Original Development at FIC. “Robert Kirkman, who forever changed the scope of Cable TV with The Walking Dead, possesses an unparalleled talent of telling big concept stories in a smart and incredibly genuine way. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with him on this project, which we see as a reinvention of the genre.”


Oscars 2013: Not Bigelow or Affleck, Suraj Sharma gets biggest snub

Really, what does it take to get an Oscar nomination?

Apparently it’s not enough to pretty much have to carry an entire film on your 17-year-old shoulders, to be the only human on screen for most of the film, and emote with a Royal Bengal tiger.

The Oscars nominations did not overlook Life of Pi. It garnered 11 nominations. But Suraj Sharma, the young Pi, was certainly overlooked. Forget Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck. This was THE Oscar snub.

Obviously the Academy didn’t think Sharma was too young for a chance at the statuette. Best Actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis was all of five when she acted in Beasts of the Southern Wild. Was the nominee of colour quota already filled by Denzel Washington for Flight? I don’t have anything against the actual nominees. Daniel Day Lewis has gotten raves for his Lincoln. Hugh Jackman made a splash with Les Miserables. And Joaquin Phoenix is a veteran nominee.

But come on, which one of them had to spend an entire movie, mostly alone, emoting with an invisible tiger? The Sharma guy spent most of the film acting in front of a blue screen. The tiger, the ocean all came later in post-production.

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Still mad about it.
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Alec Baldwin is not interested in anything Shia LaBeouf has to say about Theater

There are so many thought-provoking Shia LaBeouf tweets we could have asked Alec Baldwin to respond to last night at the Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards. But the one we went with was this one: "The theater belongs not to the great but to the brash." Does Baldwin agree with his ex-Orphans co-star, who left the play on not-so-good terms? No, of course Baldwin doesn't agree with him! Here's what the 30 Rock actor had to say, exactly, when we asked him about the tweet.

"I can tell you that, in all honesty, I don’t think he’s in a good position to be giving interpretations of what the theater is and what the theater isn’t. I mean, he was never in the theater. He came into a rehearsal room for six or seven days and, uh — you know, sometimes film actors — I mean, there are people who are film actors who have a great legacy in the theater. Some of the greatest movie stars had really serious theater careers and still do. And many film actors, though, who are purely film actors, they’re kind of like celebrity chefs, you know what I mean? You hand them the ingredients, and they whip it up, and they cook it, and they put it on a plate, and they want a round of applause. In the theater, we don’t just cook the food and serve it. You go out in the garden and you plant the seeds and you grow it. You know, it’s a really very, very long, slow, deliberate — it’s the opposite of film acting. It’s a much more intensive and kind of thoughtful process. And there are people who that’s just not their thing. So for those people who I think it’s not their thing, I’m not really interested in their opinion of it. But thanks."


Criminal Minds - Episode 8.17 - The Gathering - Press Release

“The Gathering” – The BAU investigates victims who were documenting their personal lives and inner desires on blog posts and social media. Also, Kevin gets jealous when he learns Garcia may have a new love interest, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, March 20 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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tv: SoA Jax&Opie back tattoos

Derek 1.06 Season Finale Promo, Season 2 confirmed

In the final episode of the series, a much-loved resident is in decline, which sets in motion a sequence of events culminating in the appearance of an unexpected visitor.

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Source with more teasers
Marlon - Shake
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Who was first eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars?

Task: Celebrites are tasked with fundraising by selling meatballs.

Reality villain Omarosa
Singer La Toya Jackson
Actor Gary Busey
Actor Stephen Baldwin
NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman
Country music star Trace Adkins
Magician and illusionist Penn Jillette
DJ artist and rap star Lil Jon
Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider
Actress and author Marilu Henner
TV personality and actress Claudia Jordan
Actress and author Lisa Rinna
Playboy Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick
Poison frontman Bret Michaels

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bey gq

Good Gal Carly Rae Cancels Boy Scout Concert Over Gay Member Ban

Urged on by tens of thousands of petitioners, Carly Rae Jepsen has backed out as a headliner of a Boy Scouts of America concert this summer, saying the Scouts' ban on gay members conflicts with her personal beliefs.

Jepsen, 27, was one of two headlining acts scheduled to play at the 2013 National Scouting Jamboree in West Virginia in July.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, the Canadian singer said she couldn't participate in an event held by a group with an anti-gay agenda.

The other headlining act, the band Train, has not backed out – but has promised to cancel if the Scouts fail to overturn the ban at a scheduled vote on the matter in May.

Jepsen was apparently swayed by a petition at started by gay Eagle Scout Derek Nance that specifically urged her not to play the concert. Nance's petition has garnered more than 60,000 signatures.

"I came out as gay because I realized the best way to help end this dangerous policy is to stand up, speak out and tell the organization I love to do the right thing," Nance said in a statement.

"A Scout is brave, and I'm thrilled that Carly Rae and Train have joined me in standing up for what is right," the statement continued. "I hope the Boy Scouts of America also choose to be brave this May."


Casting News: Naveen Andrews In Reckless (ABC),Annie Ilonzeh Joins Contemporary 'Hatfields & McCoys'

Annie Ilonzeh (co-star on the short-lived Charlie's Angels reboot) has joined the cast of NBC's contemporary Hatfields & McCoys.

Set in present-day Pittsburgh, a startling death reignites the feud between these two legendary families. Unleashing decades of resentment, the blue-collar McCoys will put the Hatfields' wealth and power at risk as they go to war for control of the city.

Ilonzeh will play Shannon Hatfield, adopted daughter to Rebecca De Mornay's Mary Hatfield, and also love interest for Patrick McCoy (played by Jesse Lee Soffer), which obviously poses one crucial problem - she's a Hatflied. (did not see this plot coming - lol - op)

Shannon is willing to quit her law firm job and leave her adopted family behind to run off with Patrick and get married. When Gable McCoy is murdered and Shannon's brother, Randall (Nick Westrate) becomes a suspect, he may need a defense attorney.

Charlize Theron is executive producer of the project, which will be directed by Smash's Michael Mayer.

Since Charlie's Angels was canceled, Ilonzeh has appeared in TV serials, Switched at Birth and Arrow.
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In This Will Not End Well News: Coach And Nick Miller Reunite In 'Let’s Be Cops'

Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson (The New Girl) will star in Let’s Be Cops, which has been given the greenlight by 20th Century Fox.

To be directed by Luke Greenfield from his own script, the film will follow two best friends looking to add some excitement to their lives, who choose to impersonate cops for kicks - a plan that gets them into a heap of trouble when they unknowingly mess with a real mobster, and shit suddenly gets real.

The project is currently filling out its cast, but no ETA on when production is expected to begin, or when we can expect to see the film in theaters... assuming that's the goal.

Wayans' relatively short resume comprises primarily of TV work, most recently, as a series regular on ABC's Happy Endings.

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Whitney Houston's FBI Files Reveal Extortion Payments Over Her "Romantic Relationships"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You're looking at a heavily-redacted internal Federal Bureau of Investigation memorandum detailing an extortion case against the late entertainer Whitney Houston. The memo is included among the 128 pages of documents in the FBI's file on the late singer that were released last night.

The Bureau investigated three episodes in Houston's life—two involving stalking from fans and the extortion case—between 1988 and 1999. A woman was paid off by Houston after threatening to reveal "intimate details" of Houston's "romantic relationships," reports USA Today reports.

Those documents begin on page 61.

In 1992 a letter, marked "extortion" by the FBI, was sent to Houston's New Jersey offices of Nippy Inc., in which a woman demanded that unless Houston paid $100,000, "certain details" of her "private life" would be revealed. A later letter upped the ante to $250,000 and claims to have "intimate details" of Houston's "romantic relationships.

The FBI interviewed Houston, two lawyers and her father, John Houston. The singer tells agents she considered the woman "a friend" and "did discuss personal things" with her. It appears from the documents that Houston's father next sends the person a confidentiality agreement along with a sum of money (the amount is blacked out in FBI documents) and the case was closed soon after.

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Video: Kat Dahlia – ‘Gangsta’

Art imitates life in the video for Kat Dahlia’s debut single “Gangsta.” The 22-year-old Cuban-American singer reflects on the hardships her mother faced while raising her and her siblings following her parents’ divorce. The vibrant visuals were shot against the colorful backdrop of Kat’s hometown of Miami and incorporate her Cuban roots.

“It was really important for me to shoot this video in Miami because this is my hometown,” said Kat. “I think that the richness and the culture, the colors, the story, it just felt right.”

Kat is the first artist signed to Sylvia Rhone’s Vested in Culture label with Epic Records. She is readying her debut for release this year.

rap up

the song is giving me lana del rey, tbh
Bridget Jones I Choose Vodka

My handsome prince needs a dentist...and a bath

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson
film The Rover in Australia
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He is known for his perfectly coiffed hair and polished set of straight pearly whites. But Robert Pattinson is totally transformed for his new movie The Rover.

The 26-year-old has been given a severe make under for the film in which he plays a common criminal. The Hollywood heartthrob revealed a pair of rather nasty rotting teeth as he filmed scenes alongside co-star Guy Pearce in the Australian outback on Tuesday. Robert appears to have been fitted with a pair of false teeth which are discoloured, crooked and cracked. The prosthetic totally transforms the Twilight hunk's look as soon as he opens his mouth in the scenes. The British actor has also shaved his head for the film - his longer auburn tresses completely gone.

During his day of filming, Robert was also joined by his body double. The pair were seen wandering around the Adelaide set in the same pair of dirty denim trousers and black printed T-shirt. While Rob's doppelganger is a little more on the muscular side, with his facial hair and shaved head, he is a dead ringer for the star.

Throughout the day, Robert was also seen filming some dangerous car ride scenes with Pearce, whom he is said to have formed a close bond with.

The plot of the movie tells the story of Eric (Pearce), a lone traveler in the Australian desert who is forced to pursue a ruthless gang of criminals after they steal his car. Along the way, Eric enlists the help of Reynolds ( Pattinson), described as 'the naïve and injured junior member of the gang' who was left behind after a robbery. The film is directed by David Michod, who had a big win at Sundance in 2011 with his acclaimed movie Animal Kingdom. Michod wrote the film based on an idea conceived with Joel Edgerton, who stars in Zero Dark Thirty and the upcoming Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Pattinson has already filmed several fight scenes for the movie, which is said to feature 'gruelling action'

More pics of the set, etc. at the Source
Gwen smile

Interview with 2 members of House Lannister & Brienne (super long but amaze imo)

Please note that there was a inordinate amount of laughter and naughtiness from these three who have a very obvious fondness for one another. We couldn't stop them. We tried, but Lannisters will not be told what to do and Gwendoline is so striking and tall we didn't want to mess with her.

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sorry this is so long, I cut out a LOT of stuff!

gwen and nik are so flawless, I can't wait to see them more in season 3, and hopefully on the cast commentaries!

whole interview at the source
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Amy Poehler responds to Taylor Swift's Comment

While critics raved about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes hosting gig earlier this year, Taylor Swift has some harsher words to share.

As part of a cover feature in this month's Vanity Fair, the country darling, whose string of recent breakups have provided ample fodder for her radio-ready tunes, suggests that the duo -- along with other "mean girls" in general -- go to hell. The comment came in response to Fey's in-show quip that the 23-year-old singer should “stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son,” with a suggestion that she could use “some me time to learn about herself." Poehler followed with advice of her own: "Go for it," she joked, garnering big laughs in the Beverly Hills ballroom.

But it would seem Swift didn't find the jab as funny as the some 20 million who tuned in.

“You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people, because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,’” Swift told Vanity Fair. (Technically, the quote is attributed to Madeleine Albright, who uttered the words during a 2006 speech for the WNBA’s All-Decade Team.)

Reached by The Hollywood Reporter for comment, Poehler, who is active in women's causes, including a Smart Girls YouTube channel dedicated to empowering younger girls, said: "Aw, I feel bad if she was upset. I am a feminist and she is a young and talented girl. That being said, I do agree I am going to hell. But for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff."


Stay classy Amy.

Lady Gaga Demands Payment For Cancelled Concert

Well, she may have bored the Internet to tears, but Lady Gaga hasn't lost her touch when it comes to riling up notoriously violent Islamic fundamentalist groups. Last year Mother Monster had to cancel her June 3 concert in Indonesia, when Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) threatened to send 30,000 of its members to prevent her from entering the country's capital. This according to the Hollywood Reporter, who explain that a lawsuit has now arisen from the incident.

The Lady's concert promoters — Live Nation LGTours, Mermaid Touring, and the Atom Factory — are suing insurance provider Lloyds of London for failing to make good on a pricey "Terrorism Policy," which should entitle her people to the "ascertained net loss" for gigs forfeited due to "the sole and direct result of Terrorism and/or Sabotage or Threat." They're asking for at least $75,000 to cover the loss, plus punitive damages for breach of contract and the like.

Why is all of this coming up now? Well, there's a good chance it's related to Gaga calling off the remaining dates of her Born This Way Ball due to doctor's orders (she's currently recovering from hip surgery) — with $25 million in ticket sales to refund, her camp would be wise to quickly collect on any outstanding debts. No word yet as to how the mannequin and merkin industries plan to recover from their related loss.


The Debate of Our Times: Taylor Swift


Certain things get people really riled up. Bad grammar, toilet rolls that face in, But nothing is as divisive as Taylor Swift, the love-obsessed songbird that inspires strong opinions on either end of the spectrum. The debate over whether Swift is a feminist or the worst person ever born has been quieter than usual as of late...until news broke that she took a shot at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler this morning (somewhere everyone's-favorite-punching-bag Anne Hathaway is breathing a little easier). So let's take a stroll down memory lane and remember all the times Tay Tay has won and lost the culture's favor.

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More smh Taylor Swift moments at the source!

10 years later, Dixie Chicks right all along


Two days past 18, He was waiting for the bus in his Army green ...

Those are the first two lines from one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard, "Traveling Soldier." If you don't know it, I encourage you to look it up -- unless you're one of those folks who still hates the group that made the song popular, in which case, its beauty might be lost on you.

It was 10 years ago this week -- as the country was barreling toward war with Iraq -- that Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, stood in front of a packed house in London and said:

"Just so you know, we're on the good side with y'all. We do not want this war, this violence. And we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas."

It didn't matter that the evidence to invade Iraq was questionable or that Maines later apologized. The damage was done, and one of the most popular acts in the country became its most hated. Its music was banned from radio, CDs were trashed by bulldozers, and one band member's home was vandalized. Maines introduced "Soldier" with a call for peace, but she would soon find that the group needed metal detectors installed at entrances to shows on its stateside tour because of death threats.

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lol its worth going to the source and reading all the crazy comments people are writing about the dixie chicks <3

Everyone should go watch the iconic Shut Up And Sing

Terrence Howard -- Oprah Sex Scene Was a Dream Come True ... 'Those Tig Ol' Bitties'

Making love to Oprah Winfrey is a life-changing experience ... so says Terrence Howard, who claims the best part about doing a sex scene with the Big O in their upcoming movie was her "tig ol' bitties."

Seriously, Terrence said that in a recent interview with Movie Fanatic, in which he talks about his and Oprah's love-making scene in "The Butler," slated for release later this year.

Terrence -- who plays Oprah's neighbor in the movie -- said, "Oprah and I had such chemistry. To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol' bitties ... She's such a lovely, voluptuous woman ... That was wonderful."



Blind Item Revealed

remember this blind item from Lainey?

He’s young, super hot, and engaged. To someone also young, also hot, and arguably more famous, for now. But she wasn’t with him. Which is why he could focus all his attention on someone else -- a beautiful girl made famous by a franchise who is growing out her hair while his fiancée currently prefers it the opposite way.

They were flirting for a long, long time. All he wanted to do was talk to her. And laugh with her. And it was just the two of them until almost the end of the night. They were close to the last ones to leave. Am told “he seemed waayyyy into her”, so much so that if “(his fiancée) was there, she would not have been happy about it. But he probably wouldn’t have been like that if she was there anyway”.

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X-Men comic book arcs that oughta be adapted into movies

We've already had four X-Men flicks, but that could be just the beginning.

As we get ready for the second solo Wolverine flick and the fifth team X-Men film in Days of Future Past, it's hard not to think of what other cinematic stories might be lurking in the long and complex history of X-Men comics. After all, this team was once the most popular in the medium, and their popularity has yielded a number of memorable sagas that are perfect for the silver screen. Some (like God Loves, Man Kills and the legendary Dark Phoenix Saga) have already had their cinematic day, but others are still waiting for their moment.

So as we await the triumphant return of the X-Men to movie theaters, we can't help but wonder what other X-Men comic-book sagas would be well suited to blockbuster glory.

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See the rest at the source
Until Dawn

Artist Chris Sprouse exits Orson Scott Card's Superman comic due to controversy.

The brouhaha surrounding Orson Scott Card's involvement with a new Superman comic project has already caused one major change.

Due to the media attention surrounding the science-fiction writer and his story in the forthcoming Adventures of Superman, artist Chris Sprouse — who was to illustrate a tale by Card and Aaron Johnston — has departed from the book, according to DC Comics.

Scheduled to launch April 29, Adventures of Superman is a digital anthology of 10-page Superman short stories featuring the works of various creators that will be collected in print issues beginning in May.

DC's announcement of the creative teams last month caused a furor, however, with the involvement of Card, the acclaimed Ender's Game author who has been criticized for his anti-gay stance and opinions on same-sex marriage.

Fans and retailers called for boycotts of the print comic, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender activist website collected more than 16,000 signatures on an online petition asking DC to drop Card from Adventures of Superman.

"It took a lot of thought to come to this conclusion, but I've decided to step back as the artist on this story," Sprouse said in a statement released Tuesday. "The media surrounding this story reached the point where it took away from the actual work, and that's something I wasn't comfortable with. My relationship with DC Comics remains as strong as ever and I look forward to my next project with them."

Due to the creative change, the Card story will not appear in the first collected issue out May 29. Instead, it will feature a story by writer Jeff Parker and artist Chris Samnee, as well as a tale by Jeff Lemire and one by writer Justin Jordan and artist Riley Rossmo.

DC is also looking for a replacement illustrator for Card's story.

"We fully support, understand and respect Chris's decision to step back from his Adventures of Superman assignment," the company said in a statement. "Chris is a hugely talented artist, and we're excited to work with him on his next DC Comics project. In the meantime, we will re-solicit the story at a later date when a new artist is hired."



Alkaline Trio Mega Post

It's been almost 15 years since Alkaline Trio released their debut studio album, and that time spent together has refined the band's chemistry. In their new video for "I, Pessimist," the rockers offer a revealing look into the studio as they rehearse and record the track. Their sharp punk has a bite as strong as ever, but despite the title, there are plenty of smiles and friendship here. Recording is hard work, but Alkaline Trio make it look fun and easy – even if they're singing about losing their minds to alcohol. "I, Pessimist" will be on Alkaline Trio's forthcoming album, My Shame Is True, out April 2nd.

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Brittany Howard and Ruby Amanfu Blue Series


Third Man Records is as excited as we are proud to announce a once in a lifetime pairing of two of modern music's leading ladies, as Brittany Howard and Ruby Amanfu forces for the "I Wonder" b/w  "When My Man Comes Home" Single (TMR 201).

The new single features the Grammy-nominated Alabama Shakes frontwoman teaming up with the Third Man family member who first caught our ears on Jack White's "Love Interruption" for two reinterpretations of boldly contrasting source material: Side A features their take on "I Wonder," originally performed by Rodriguez, subject of the Oscar-winning documentary Searching For Sugar Man, while side B finds Howard also picking up her acoustic guitar as the two sing their version of "When My Man Comes Home," originally recorded by Memphis Minnie, the immortal composer of "When The Levee Breaks" among others.

The single also features The Buzzards' Dominic Davis on electric and upright bass, Daru Jones on drums, Cory Younts on piano, Ikey Owens on keys and Hammond B3 and Fats Kaplin on electric guitar, lap steel and mandolin. Pre-order the 7" single here, available March 12th.

Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

NB to Justin's PR team: press are starting to turn

An almost palpable glee can be felt from British grown-ups right now over pop star Justin Bieber’s ongoing catastrophic British PR drive.

Bieber, no longer that cheeky pop chipmunk with the horizontal hair and undescended balls, is nowadays a lumbering, petulant man-boy displaying levels of brattish conceit which Roald Dahl would tone down in a second draft.

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YA and Body Image

The heroine of Eleanor & Park isn’t your typical YA heroine. She isn’t skinny. She has crazy red hair. She’s unsure of herself, yet she’s unwilling to be pushed around. She’s tough and guarded and when she falls for Park, her life isn’t magically changed—but she is.

We were totally engrossed in Eleanor and Park’s rich, unputdownable story—just like John Green, who raves in the New York Times, “Eleanor & Park reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.”

Today, author Rainbow Rowell stops by to tell us why she decided to write two unconventional-looking characters, and how, “if the right person finds you beautiful, you win. You win forever.”

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Call-Out Culture, Girl Hate, And Being A YouTube Celebrity: An Interview With Franchesca Ramsey


Though she may be most widely known as the creator of the hugely popular video “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls,” Franchesca Ramsey — YouTube handle chescaleigh — has carved out a huge online presence for herself over the past few years. Making videos on every theme from pop-culture humor to hair care to serious social commentary, Ms. Ramsey has the uncanny ability to handle a seemingly endless array of topics with wit, charm, and a distinct humility that makes every pill (no matter how much of a wake-up call it may be) a pleasant one to swallow. And when we sat down for a long, winding conversation that would prove to cover just as diverse a range of topics as her videos, it became immediately clear that her understated grace is not a persona put on to promote her ideas and come off as theater-ingenue earnest. She really is just that cool.

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Holly Madison gives birth

Congrats go out to Holly Madison and her beau Pasquale Rotella!

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, on March 5 in Las Vegas, Nev., according to In Touch Weekly. The little girl weighed in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and came into the world at 11:59 a.m.

"Pasquale and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl!" Madison tells In Touch. "We haven't yet decided on a name for her but we couldn't be any more overjoyed than at this moment."

"I've never been more in love than I am today as, after months of waiting, I finally was able to hold my daughter for the first time," Rotella, 38, adds. “Holly and I are looking forward to spending some quiet time with our baby and enjoying our new family. I'm truly the luckiest man in the world."

Yesterday, Madison revealed that she was going to be be induced, since her actual due date was March 5. (Perfect timing!)

The 33-year-old "Girls Next Door" star has been keeping fans updated throughout her pregnancy, sharing the sex of her baby, as well as photos of her blossoming bump.

Madison also confessed that she will be consuming her placenta -- in pill form -- explaining, "I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!"

We're sure Holly will be back in tip-top shape in no time.


Sorry Leo/Harry/Russell/Jack, JLaw only has eyes for Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly ignored advances from Leonardo DiCaprio recently as she “only had eyes” for Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer and Bradley appeared alongside each other in Silver Linings Playbook and their portrayal of a couple who are falling in love has caused speculation romance also blossomed off screen. Although they have both denied they are dating, their behaviour at the Oscars last month – where Jennifer was named best actress - set tongues wagging again.

“They keep saying they’re like brother and sister, but anyone who meets them can see that their chemistry is off the charts. Leo DiCaprio was clearly hitting on her, but she only had eyes for Bradley,” an insider told Heat magazine.

The pair also attended a pre-Oscars party together, where they appeared just as friendly. They spent so much time with each other at the event other guests presumed they were an item.

“They were deep in conversation and talking about how they wanted to take a break after the awards season. Everyone at the party was talking about their chemistry; they really looked like they were together, but trying their best to hide it,” the source added.

Bradley, 38, has previously insisted that he is too old to date 22-year-old Jennifer. She has also insisted they don’t see each other romantically, claiming their chemistry is so good on screen as they have none in everyday life. Their behaviour has led many to believe they aren’t being truthful though.

“When they’re at a party together, Brad constantly swoops around the room to check on Jen – it’s like he can’t stay away,” the source mused.


2013 MTV Movie Awards Nominations

The MTV Movie Awards will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2013. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, the cinematic showcase will highlight all of your favorite films from the year with an extra oomph of playhouse pizzazz to honor the industry. Our star, the incomparable Aussie Rebel Wilson, known for her scene-stealing roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, is sure to provide a major dose of LOL's that'll hit your funny bone hard. Psyched for the show already, aren't ya? Mark your calendars now!

Will Ferrell will be honored with the inaugual Comedic Genius Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Known for his roles in hilarious flicks like 'Old School' and 'Anchorman,' Ferrell has been making us laugh for years and shows no signs of stopping. We can't wait to see what he has in store for the show.

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Voting ends April 13, 2013!


Is a 'Wicked' movie adaptation coming soon??


A movie adaptation of Wicked is on the cards "sooner rather than later".

Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson revealed during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that an adaptation of the popular Broadway musical remains a priority for the studio, although it has not yet been officially greenlit.

"Wicked has been an enormous win for this company. The way it works, we should be in agreement together on when the right time to do this is," Fogelson said.

"But I will tell you I believe that we are collectively moving toward Wicked coming to the screen sooner rather than later."

It was rumored last year that Stephen Daldry, who directed Billy Elliot, had been targeted to direct the film.

Based on Gregory Maguire's novel, Wicked is a Wizard Of Oz prequel focusing on the early relationship between Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba the Wicked Witch.


I feel like we've been waiting for them to get started on this thing forever.

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Celebrities attend various tennis events

BNP Paribas Showdown at MSG: Ben Stiller plays doubles with Rafael Nadal against Juan Martin Del Potro and a little girl

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KSwiss LA 10s Challenge at UCLA: Random celebrities turn out to watch Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, the Bryan brothers and others play

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In three weeks I have an interview for a job at Wimbledon and I am so goddamn excited/nervous, so I am making this post in honour of that.

Carrie Fisher returning to Star Wars!

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Not long after Luke Skywalker himself (Mark Hamill) revealed to ET that he was in talks to join the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII cast, Carrie Fisher has confirmed she will indeed dust off the gold bikini, so to speak, and reprise her role as Princess Leia.

When asked point blank by The Palm Beach Illustrated whether Luke's sister would return for the much-anticipated J.J. Abrams-directed sequel, Fisher said "yes," but warns that filmgoers should not expect a sexy return from the screen icon.

"She's in an intergalactic old folks' home," imagines Fisher of her "elderly" reprisal in Episode 7. "I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle."



Jennifer Lawrence has appeared in a new poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The Oscar-winning actress - who plays Katniss Everdeen - is seen in a striking white dress in the latest of the 'Capitol Portrait' images released to promote the film. Katniss also carries a single white rose in the poster, echoing the 'Victory Tour' poster where she holds a bunch of white roses.

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Yassss. Love it!

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News has filtered in that some characters previously thought to have minor roles in season 3 of Teen Wolf will actually have recurring spots. Check out our theories about characters like Talia, Laura, and young Derek!

Through various non-official spoilers and Tweets from different members of the entertainment world, Teen Wolf fans have ascertained that there’s a good possibility several characters will be popping up more often than previously expected. These characters include Talia, Derek’s mother; Laura, Derek’s sister, and young Derek himself.

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New Mad Men Teaser Promo and Spoiler-y Set Pictures

AMC put out this teaser promo inviting viewers to watch "The Affair of the Year".  No new footage, unfortunately.

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Season 6 of Mad Men starts April 7th on AMC at 10PM eastern. The first episode is two hours.

I'm really curious to see where this season is going, especially in relation to Peggy, Betty and Sally.

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Rolling Stone: The New Immortals

Back in 2004, Rolling Stone assembled an expert panel of musicians, industry figures and critics to pick the 50 greatest artists of all time. We called these artists "The Immortals." A year later, our panelists expanded the roster to 100 all-time great artists, which you can read right here. But time stands still for no list, and when we look around us today we see a whole galaxy of other stars who belong in the Immortals conversation. Click through for 14 currently active (or relatively recently defunct) artists who we think will stand the test of time – the kind of acts whose names we wouldn't be surprised to see on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot at some point down the road when they become eligible.
Meet the New Immortals.
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