January 9th, 2013

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and here we go again....

Slavery-era action figures tied to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained are raising questions about whether they’re appropriate.

A line of figures of the movie’s main characters are on sale online, manufactured by toy maker NECA in partnership with the Weinstein Co.

Najee Ali, director of the advocacy group Project Islamic Hope, plans a news conference Tuesday with other Los Angeles black community leaders calling for the removal of the toys from the market.

Ali called the action figures “a slap in the face of our ancestors.”

“We were outraged,” said Ali, upon learning of the figures. “We feel that it trivializes the horrors of slavery and what African Americans experienced.”

The action figures are collectibles recommended for people older than 17. Tarantino has had such figures made for all of his films, including his last, Inglourious Basterds. That film, too, reveled in a revenge fantasy set in history — Nazi Germany.

The Weinstein Co. and NECA didn’t immediately comment Tuesday.

We feel that it trivializes the horrors of slavery and what African Americans experienced
Ali made clear his objections were not with the film “Django Unchained,” which he said he liked and had seen twice.

Though controversial in its unusual melding of historical atrocity and movie mayhem, “Django Unchained” has proven a hit at the box office, where it has earned $106.3 million since opening Christmas. It’s also been nominated for five Golden Globes.


i just came back from seeing django. i can't be the only person who rejoiced at the dudes getting shot in their dicks?!

Fans vs. the critics: Are movie critics too tough on certain films?

Just out of curiosity, I logged onto the Rotten Tomatoes website — which compiles movie reviews from various sources — before going to see “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” last month. I wanted to see what the critical consensus on the film was, and I was a little concerned when I saw its rating was only 65 percent. This isn’t a horrible score (it means 65 percent of critics still gave it a positive review), but it was a much lower score than I was anticipating, and it was certainly lower than the 90+ percent ratings earned by the three “Lord of the Rings” films.

Ultimately, I ended up going to the film and enjoying it very much. While I certainly respect the opinions of those who didn’t like the film, I personally thought it was a fun, light-hearted adventure. “The Hobbit” was the very first fantasy book I read as a kid, and the movie brought back fond memories for me.

However, it has been interesting to watch the different responses to this film online, and there seems to be a bit of a rivalry between fans and critics. When one critic from a well-known website said “The Hobbit” was “a bloated and often quite-dull would-be adventure that has little of the wide-eyed wonder and emotional pull of the original trilogy,” one reader responded by calling the critic “just another guy paid to walk into a theater and write about something he has neither the wit to understand nor the skill to create.”

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Lance Armstrong set for Oprah interview


US cyclist Lance Armstrong will be interviewed by chat show host Oprah Winfrey, amid reports that he might publicly admit to doping.

Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by the sport's governing body, following a report by the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada).

Winfrey's OWN network said the 90-minute interview would address "years of accusations of cheating".

Armstrong has maintained his innocence as he received a life ban from Usada.

But the New York Times reported on Friday that the 41-year-old was considering a public admission that he used banned performance-enhancing drugs. An admission could lead to an apparent bid to return to competing in marathons and triathlons, the paper reported.

The interview announcement was first made on Oprah Winfrey's Twitter account on Tuesday, and confirmed when Armstrong retweeted it 15 minutes later.

The interview - his first since being stripped of his wins - will be broadcast on 17 January on Winfrey's OWN network and live-streamed online.

Armstrong ended his fight against doping charges in August 2012. In October, Usada released a 1,000-page report saying he had been at the heart of "the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme" ever seen in sport.

He was stripped of his titles by the International Cycling Union (UCI) shortly afterwards and given a lifetime ban from the sport.


Mariah Carey Throws More Shade At Nicki Minaj At The TCA Panel

Five minutes into their season-opening news conference and the new team at “American Idol” were having their first disagreement — about their disagreements. Then Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj kept it going.

“We’re professionals. Have you ever had an argument with someone you’ve worked with?” Minaj said after repeated questions Tuesday about her reported feud with new fellow judge Carey.

“This was sort of one-sided,” interjected Carey, wearing a queenly smile.

“No, it wasn’t,” snapped back Minaj.

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Nicki Minaj

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NGL, I'm Gonna Watch The Hell Out Of This

Exclusive First Look: Alyssa Milano's Return to TV

This summer, Alyssa Milano returns to television with Mistresses, a complex ABC drama about four best friends and the controversial choices their hearts force them to confront.

Featured in ETonline's exclusive first look photo are Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes and Jes Macallan as the rest of Milano's foursome and Brett Tucker, Jason George and Erik Stocklin as the main men in their lives.

Inspired by the hit British drama, Mistresses promises to be titillating and thought-provoking in equal measure. Check out a sneak peek below!


Emily Owens MD 1x11 Spoilers

Tuesday, January 22nd - Emily and...the Teapot
When Emily (Mamie Gummer), Will (Justin Hartley) and Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) compete against each other to be Dr. Bandari's (Necar Zadegan) research assistant, feelings get hurt when they have to describe each other's flaws. Emily is determined to solve the medical mystery of a young patient whose x-rays reveals a bullet lodged in his lung, but who has no signs of a gunshot wound or scar. Meanwhile, Emily comes to a revelation about her personal life after diagnosing a daredevil with a rare disease that forces him to change his entire life.

The dynamic between Emily, Will, and Cassandra is already strained enough and something like this could lead to a shift in how they interact, depending on how deep they dig to get at each other's flaws and how personal they take what the other two say. Emily and Cassandra, of course, don't like each other nor will they ever, so Will's the wildcard here. He had to toe the line regarding study methods for their in-service exam and he'll have to decide how to approach the competition or if he even wants the position enough to risk either relationship.

Well played, Dr. Bandari. Well played.

TYFYT Emily Owens MD is all new tonight! IDKY cw hasn't released a BTS for the new episode smh. Fans don't forget to watch it tonight 9pm on the cw! If you can't dvr it, stream it on the cw website, buy it on itunes, and check in to get glue!

bran and summer

GRRM posts a new chapter from The Winds of Winter

From GRRM:

For all of you who have been clamoring, I have a somewhat belated Xmas/ New Year's gift, a new sample chapter from THE WINDS OF WINTER. You can find it on my website.

This one features Arianne Martell, Princess of Dorne.

(And here she is, couresty of Fantasy Flight Games and Magali Villeneuve)

Read, enjoy, discuss, and speculate to your heart's content... but not here, please, there are better places for that, like the forums at Westeros and Tower of the Hand.

Me, I have a lot more writing to do. On WINDS, and half a dozen other projects.

Read the chapter here


This is probably my favorite sample chapter so far. House Martell is so underrated! I hope Nymeria gets her own chapters as well.  What are your thoughts, House ONTD?

Ashley Tisdale joins Left Behind

Ashley Tisdale, who can be seen in the upcoming Scary Movie 5, is joining Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray in Left Behind, which follows a group of survivors during the first few hours after the Rapture.

Deadline ays she'll be playing Chloe Steele, the daughter of Cage's Ray Steele character. After millions of people suddenly disappear from Earth, Chloe wanders America looking to find any remaining members of her family.

Murray will playing the role of journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams in the remake of the Christian-themed movie franchise.

Vic Armstrong will direct the $15 million project from Stoney Lake Entertainment, the new production company led by Paul Lalonde of Cloud Ten Pictures. Filming is expected to start in early spring for a fourth quarter 2013 release by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The franchise is based on the series of books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins that have sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. Kirk Cameron starred in the original trilogy of which the first film hit theaters in 2001.

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Miranda Lambert still hates Chris Brown

She defends her bashing of Brown: "I didn't feel right not saying something...I don't agree with the message it's sending to young women."

In the February issue of Redbook, Blake Shelton's number one lady discusses her bashing of Brown and admits she feels the same about the situation almost a year later.

"I didn't feel right not saying something. The loudmouth that I am, I say what I think. I wanted everyone to know that I don't agree with the message it's sending to young women. It's not okay. At all. To be celebrated after doing something like that. I don’t think it's right, I never will, and I will stand by what I said till the day that I die."

The country crooner famously slammed the R&B star on Twitter after he took home two Grammys at last year's awards and even blasted Brown at her own concert after taking heat for her tweets.

Following her tweets, Chris Brown replied, “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F*** OFF.”

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A Low-Rated Show Gets a Second Shot

HBO’s internal dialogue about the dark, half-hour series could be summed up similarly as: “Watch me. Watch me.”

In its first season, “Enlightened,”created by Mike White and Ms. Dern, won some critical acclaim. Ms. Dern received a Golden Globe award for best actress for her portrayal of a midlevel corporate executive who has a nervous breakdown after a messy office affair and returns from rehab spouting self-help platitudes.

But the show failed to gain an audience. By Nielsen’s figures, 210,000 viewers watched the Season 1 premiere. The audience sank to 190,000 viewers in its second episode, making it among the lowest-rated shows on HBO.
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Friendly reminder: Enlightened season 2 premiers this Sunday at 9:30 on HBO!

Bethenny Frankel Emotional About Divorce: I Feel Like a Failure

"I feel like a bit of a disappointment to all of you and I feel like a failure."

Bethenny Frankel couldn't hold back her tears as she said those words in her first interview since filing for divorce, opening up about her split from husband of two years Jason Hoppy.

"I wanted the fairytale. I thought I had it," the former "Real Housewives of New York" star tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today.

With a tissue in hand, she went on to say "I don’t know how people go through this because this is excruciating."

"I can't just only be on reality TV and show everything when it's fairy princess, fairytale and then not take my hits when I have to," Frankel says, explaining why she's being open about the split when the wounds are still so fresh.
Despite her heartbreak, Frankel says she's still optimistic for the future.

"I get letters from people saying now I don't believe in love and that's just not true, love is everywhere," she says.

Watch the video

The full interview airs today on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


The cast of 'Django' looking dapper in Berlin

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Awww, everyone pulled it together for Berlin. Kerry looks smashing, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx decided to embrace suit jackets, Waltz looks dapper, congrats to him on his BAFTA nod. Quentin Tarantino... is not wearing a hat or a velvet jacket which is really about the best you can expect from him. 

Looking forward to Scandal tomorrow.

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Katherine Webb "Flattered" by Attention, Thinks Media Has Been "Really Unfair" to Brent Musburg

Katherine Webb is taking her sudden fame in stride.

AJ McCarron's girlfriend (who happens to be Miss Alabama USA) unintentionally stole the spotlight at Monday night's Alabama football game when ESPN commenter Brent Musburger focused an inordinate amount of attention on the brunette beauty. ESPN has since apologized for Musburger taking his commentary "too far," but Webb told Matt Lauer on the Today show Wednesday that she was "flattered" by the attention and no apology was necessary.

"I think the media has been really unfair to [Brent Musburger]," she said. "I think that if he would've said something along the line of we were 'hot' or 'sexy' or made any derogatory statements like that, that would've been a little bit different. But the fact that he said we were beautiful and gorgeous, I don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that…I don't take any offense to it at all."

"I don't think [ESPN's apology] was needed, honestly," she added. "Of course, I appreciate it, but at the same time I don't think that I needed an apology."

The Southern belle said she was "honestly really shocked" at her surge in Twitter popularity (she's amassed over 200,000 new followers in two days), but she's no diva. "I think that we need to draw back our attention to who the real winners are, and that's the Alabama football team," she said, adding that she'll do "whatever I can to support the team" and her quarterback beau.

Katherine Webb, FTW!

You can watch her full interview on the Today Show at the source.

Mitch Hurwitz talks about the new season of Arrested Development

Mitch Hurwitz, creator of the comedy canceled seven years ago, says the Netflix model 'flies in the face' of TV.

PASADENA, CALIF. — Did Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz really think Fox's cult-favorite comedy, canceled after three low-rated seasons, would ever come back?

"I certainly didn't think of it in terms of TV," he says, partly because "it would be impossible to get everyone together at the same time" to film it. But a few logistical somersaults — and a deep-pocketed benefactor in Netflix, the streaming service with 23 million subscribers — has improbably revived the dysfunctional-family sitcom, nearly seven years after Fox dumped it.

The all-at-once model "flies in the face of everything that's been going on in television forever," says Hurwitz, and assumes that voracious viewers are always up to speed. "Part of the experience of waiting for the next episode (forces) the need to create artificial cliffhangers (that) ultimately dilute the storytelling," Sarandos says.

House of Cards was shot in Baltimore in a feature-film style, and Arrested is also applying a new model, less because of its new home than competing demands for its stars, several of whom appear in other projects. "Contractually, we couldn't use all the characters in every episode; they were not free to do as much television as they want," Hurwitz says.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Note: I took a bits out of the article because it talks a lot about Netflix and their other new series.

I'll admit it. I am so disappointed that they're not sticking with the old format, and only Jason Bateman will appear in every episode. I get that it would've been difficult to get everyone together at the same time, but I think their chemistry as a group was so important to the show. I have faith that it'll be great nonetheless, but I'm nervous they'll mess too much with what made it great in the first place. But maybe it'll be like he says, by the end it'll just feel like a 7 hour episode.

'Spring Breakers' International Poster!

Check out the new international poster for Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez!

The movie follows four college coeds who fund their spring break getaway by robbing a fast food joint. But their fortune changes when they’re bailed out by Alien (James Franco), an infamous local thug and amateur rapper who takes them under his wing.

Spring Breakers also stars Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.

The girls took their film to the Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival late last year.


Adam Tweets About Britney's 8th Album

Adam Leber dropped a few hints on Twitter last night about Brit's upcoming eighth studio album. I know it's still super early, but that doesn't mean that I'm not REALLY FRACKING EXCITED!!!

Ester co-wrote "(Drop Dead) Beautiful)" off of Femme Fatale and has worked with other hitmakers like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Usher and Nicki Minaj. While Hit-Boy has never worked with the legendary Britney until now, he has produced for megastars like Kanye West, Jay Z and Justin Bieber.

New music, bitches! I. Can't. Wait. xx


It's happening!

Sales of One Direction tickets soar 50 per cent after Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split

Simon Cowell is one man who won’t be crying into his tea following the end of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s highly publicised one month romance.

Instead, the One Direction and Syco Music boss will be gleaming at his bank balance following news that sales for the boyband tickets have leapt up by 50 per cent since news of the lovers’ break up.

Sadly for Swift, fans seem to be punishing her for her dabble with the teen heartthrob after sales of her concert tickets fell by half in the wake of the news.

‘1D and Taylor Swift are two of the most popular acts in the world and they’re consistently among our best-sellers,’ said Louise Mullock, spokesperson for ticketing website Seatwave.

‘However, the adulation received by 1D is one of a kind, and the boys’ fans are famously protective. Since many of Taylor’s fans are also 1D fans, she may have bitten off more than she can chew by dividing their loyalties.’

The tills started ringing for Cowell and the 1D camp after Harry Styles jetted home to Britain alone after a row with the US crooner during their romantic break on the British Virgin Islands.

Swift, 23, was pictured looking like a sad sap before flying back to the US alone after just three days into the holiday last Friday.

‘Yes I can confirm they have split up,’ an insider said. ‘They were on holiday and had an almighty row.’

During their short and sweet time together the two stars made no attempt to hide their affair from the cameras.

They publicly snogged on New Years’ Eve in front of the camera in New York’s Times Square after they went skiing at Christmas in Utah, as well as doing a karaoke duet together during one night out.

The Little Things singer presented plenty of photo opportunities by making visits to the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer’s hotel following a first date at the zoo at the city’s Central Park.

It's Official: 'X Factor's' Emblem3 Sign With Syco/Columbia (Exclusive)

Simon Cowell is hoping to make stars of another all-boy group: California's own Emblem3.

The X Factor creator and judge, who mentored the Huntington Beach-based trio on season two of the series, has made it official, signing Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick to his Syco Music via Columbia Records, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

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So excited for my boys!! Haters will DEAL as they become a sensation <3



Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj to Develop Exclusive Apparel and Accessories Collections with Kmart & SH

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj announced new long-term relationships with Sears Holdings today. Each superstar, in conjunction with Kmart and the ShopYourWay.com social shopping platform, will launch a multi-department lifestyle brand. The superstars will each develop apparel and accessories collections available exclusively at select Kmart locations and on ShopYourWay.com beginning in 2013.

Adam and Nicki will each design and develop their collections with Kmart to reflect their strong creative talents, expressive personalities, and distinctive individual styles.

The collections will extend beyond product and will be integrated with unique, fun, and engaging social experiences for SHOP YOUR WAY members and Kmart customers when they join SHOP YOUR WAY. Through these experiences, Adam and Nicki will showcase the richness of their voices, brands, and lifestyles.

"We are thrilled to align Kmart and SHOP YOUR WAY with two of America's superstars," said Imran Jooma , executive vice president and president of Marketing & Online at Sears Holdings. "We welcome Adam and Nicki into our world and look forward to capturing their energy and creativity on ShopYourWay.com and translating it into unique apparel, accessories and other merchandise."

"I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful barbz all across the U.S.," said Nicki Minaj.

"Partnering with SHOP YOUR WAY to develop this line was an exciting opportunity for me and I am really looking forward to diving into the process of designing an apparel and accessory collection," said Adam Levine .

SHOP YOUR WAY is a free membership program and shopping community that offer rewards, personalized deals, product reviews, contests and sweepstakes. Exclusively through SHOP YOUR WAY, Nicki and Adam will each offer unique interactive content, dream experiences for followers, and special promotions involving their new collections and the inspiration behind them.

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Captain Marvel

shaking and crying

First Look: Chasing The Saturdays on E!

From the Beatles in the '60s to the Spice Girls in the '90s and One Direction these days, American music fans have a long-running infatuation with British singing groups.

Now: meet The Saturdays!

The pop quintet – Rochelle Humes, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Vanessa White and Una Healy, who's Irish – are bringing their vivacious music and sexy dance moves to the U.S., and they're getting a boost from E! Chasing the Saturdays, a new reality show on the network premiering Jan. 20, will follow the group's attempt to break into the U.S. market after their success at home

"It's been our dream as a band since day one to actually come to America and try and break it," says Vanessa, the youngest member of the group, in a first look their series. "It's a little bit like starting over for us," Frankie says. "It's scary," adds Rochelle, "and a little bit daunting."

Their first U.S. single, "What About Us," featuring Sean Paul, is out now. The video is due out on Friday.


omg i'm crying. i can't believe its really happening.
Kelly: Excited

Real Beyoncé GQ Cover

If you've been anywhere near the Internet in the last day, you have heard talk of Beyoncé being on our February 2013 cover.

Well, the rumor is true, and here is your first official peek at her GQ debut.

Oh, and mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 15—that's the day we are putting up ALL our photos of Beyoncé. (You're welcome.)


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Beyoncé is not playing around this year, performing for the president, superbwl etc. BOW

Official Walking Dead Poster Released

AMC has released a poster for the second half of season 3 of The Walking Dead, which returns on Sunday, February 10. Check it out below!

With his group in tatters, his sanity in question, and his own son questioning his every move, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) must somehow pull everyone together to face their greatest challenge -- the Governor (David Morrissey). In order to survive, he must risk everything, including the group's very humanity.

Season three's mid-season finale aired December 2, making "The Walking Dead" the first cable series in television history to reign as the biggest show of the fall season among Adults 18-49, beating out all broadcast and cable entertainment series. The episode totaled 15.2 million viewers for the night.
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me irl barbie

'Lady Gaga's fans say I should kill myself because I'm fat'

Kelly Osbourne says she's at her thinnest and healthiest ever, but people still call her fat. "I get called fat all the time," says Osbourne. "A big fat w***e." The "Fashion Police" host tells Fabulous UK the biggest bullies are Lady Gaga's legion of "Little Monsters."

"Lady Gaga's fans are the worst," Kelly says. "They've said I should kill myself, that they hope I get raped. I mean it's crazy, but I've had this all my life and I just try and ignore it."

As for claims Kelly may have fueled the fire with Gaga's "Monsters" by criticizing their hero's appearance for her on-air fashion critiques, Kelly says, "I have no filter. I say what I think and that's it." But, says Kelly, Gaga has a duty to muzzle her "Monsters."

"I actually think she's a good singer but she has the worst fans in the world," Osbourne says, "and you have a responsibility to stop that. I think you do anyway."


Lena Dunham Caved to Her Critics on Race, and It Made "Girls" a Better Show

girls season 2

The backlash to season one of HBO's "Girls" erupted as soon as the wunderkind glow around Lena Dunham had dimmed. On The Hairpin, Jenna Wortha lamented unham’s failure “to weave a main black character” into the show. The blog Racialiciou posted piece titled “Dear Lena Dunham: I exist.” And Dunham leapt to apologize. “If we have the opportunity to do a second season, I’ll address that,” sh told he Huffington Post. Soon after season two began shooting, news was leaked that “Girls” had put out casting notices seeking “hipster types” of “all ethnicities.”

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Edit: oh god comments enabled. sorry y'all i'm new to making actual posts.


//madonna express//

Madonna Lists Sunset Blvd Mansion for $22.5 Million

Looks like Madonna hasn't been able to nab herself a Russian or Chinese billionaire--she pocket-listed her Beverly Hills house sometime last year but it's now appeared on the wide open market, and with a price chop to boot. Real Estalker reported last year that the nine-bedroom, fifteen-bathroom (!!) house was being quietly shopped around for $28 million; it was listed on the MLS yesterday. (The house, incidentally, sits next door on Sunset Boulevard to the Richard Neutra-designed Kronish House, which belongs to Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos.) According to the listing, the house was "recently remodeled" and has "two living/reception rooms a two story dining room, a jr dining room, large kitchen/breakfast room/den, a full size screening room/theatre, two offices, assistants offices, a gym, staff rooms, two guest houses, N/S Tennis Court and a resort size pool." This is fucking Madonna, we're talking about here, after all. It all sits on 1.17 acres, set back from Sunset with a 500-foot driveway. Asking price is now $22.5 million.

calling my real estate agent rn tbh

HBK putting u on cloud 9

Capcom Celebrates 17 Years Of Resident Evil With Anniversary Package

Resident Evil fans in Japan are getting one hell of a bundle in celebration of the series' 17th anniversary. The Resident Evil Anniversary Package comes loaded with seven games when it lands on PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 22.

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I really hope that they release one over here with a Nick Carter type wig

What's everyjuan's favorite Resident Evil game ?
  • aglows

Directors Guild of America Awards TV nominations announced

The Directors Guild of America announced the nominees for outstanding directorial achievement in television and commercials for the annual DGA Awards Wednesday.

The 65th annual DGA Awards will be held Feb. 2 in the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. Kelsey Grammer will host the event for a second consecutive year.

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Yesterday's DGA Post was the film nominations. The rest of the nominations including musical variety, reality and more can be found here.

Former Jonas Brothers Photographer/Friend Accidentally Outs Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas (left) and Rob Hoffman (right)

Rob Hoffman, the former behind-the-scenes photographer and close friend to the Jonas Brothers during the peak of their career, had a few things to say following the recent confirmed split between young stars Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. As you know, Taylor Swift famously dated Joe Jonas in 2009, which resulted in a nasty breakup and several hit songs. Hoffman, still a close friend of the entire Jonas band, took to his Tumblr blog today to blast his friend's famous ex:
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lol he sounds so mad

Singer Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace leaves the band; Is replaced.

Shocker alert! Frontman Adam Gontier has resigned from Three Days Grace just weeks prior to their upcoming co-headlining tour with Shinedown. The band has replaced Gontier with My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the trek.

A brief posting at the band’s website reveals that Gontier has left the group effective immediately citing a health issue for his exit. The band’s bassist, Brad Walst, stated in a press release, “We were surprised and distressed by Adam’s sudden departure. We are however very excited for this upcoming tour and to have my brother Matt stepping in as lead singer.”

Three Days Grace, with Matt Walst on vocals, are still on schedule to kick off their co-headlining tour with Shinedown on Feb. 1 in Moline, Ill. At present, the tour runs through March 30 in Fargo, N.D. No further info was given as to the health issue that led to Gontier’s exit.

The news comes as a major surprise, as Three Days Grace are one of rock radio’s most successful bands over the past decade, and recently scored a chart-topping single with ‘Chalk Outline’ off their latest album ‘Transit of Venus.’ They’re currently heating up radio again with their new single ‘The High Road.’

The move also puts My Darkest Days‘ future in a different perspective. The band revealed just last week that guitarist Sal Costa had left the group, but that they were beginning work on their next studio album. With Matt Walst jumping over to Three Days Grace in Gontier’s absence, it is not known how that will affect My Darkest Days.


This is terrible news. I hope he's okay and is not using again :(

Three Days Grace & Hoobastank were my first concert EVER 10 years ago.
Whitney smile

Monopoly retiring a game piece, vote to keep your favorite

Monopoly is sending one of its tokens directly to jail forever without passing go, without collecting $200.
The iconic board game is asking its Facebook fans to vote for their favorite game piece, including the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron and wheelbarrow.

The one that receives the fewest votes will be voted off the board next month.

As of Jan. 9, the dog and the car have garnered the most support. Fans of the wheelbarrow and hat may need to select a new game piece.

But out with the old and in with the new: Monopoly will replace the shunned piece with a cat, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter or toy robot.

This isn’t the first time Monopoly has introduced replacement tokens. According to Hasbro.com, the lantern, purse and rocking horse got the ax in the early 1950s, making way for the dog, wheelbarrow and the horse and rider (the horse eventually got booted from the box, too).

Hasbro's promotion hearkens back to M&M’s marketing stunt in 1995, when the the tan-hued chocolate candy was nixed and fans were asked to vote for a new color (the verdict was blue).

Hasbro will reveal the new token on Feb. 6.

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Rosie O'Donnell Debuts Newborn Daughter Dakota

Rosie O'Donnell and wife Michelle Rounds are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl!

The talk show host, 50, and her bride of seven months announced the news moments ago on Twitter, posting a photo of the two of them and their new daughter, Dakota.

"we r thrilled to announce the arrival of r daughter Dakota - #withloveandthanks - AMEN," Rosie posted along with the pic.

No other details about the baby have been released.

Rosie already has four children (Blake, Vivienne, Parker and Chelsea) from her marriage with Kelli Carpenter.

Rosie and Michelle tied the knot in June 2012, days before Rounds went into surgery for desmoid tumors.

Source, 2
film † no place like home

'Arrested Development' Cast Talks Their Comeback

This is the story of the man who reunited the cast of Arrested Development to tell a new tale about that wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.

AD creator Mitch Hurwitz was joined by his cast (Jason Bateman, Portia di Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor and Alia Shawkat) today at The Television Critics Association Tour in Pasadena, CA to preview the new episodes (14 in total) coming our way this May.

Earlier this week, Hurwitz revealed that each episode would focus on a single character, although Michael Bluth will appear in all, and chart their journey following the series finale. "Each individual (episode) kind of depicts what happens in 2006 as the Bluths fled from the law on the Queen Mary" he told USA Today, adding that the episode explains what has happened to them since and leaves them in the present day, he says.

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Trailer for Eli Roth's Netflix series "Hemlock Grove"


“Hemlock Grove Revolves around the murder of a young girl found close to the former Godfrey steel mill. The suspects in her killing include Peter (Landon Liboiron), a 17-year-old Gypsy kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and Roman (Bill Skarsgård), the arrogant Godfrey Scion, whose sister Shelley is disturbingly deformed and whose mother, Olivia (Famke Janssen), is the beautiful and controlling grand dame of Hemlock Grove. Also starring Dougray Scott.“

No blueberries were harmed in the making of this. *rimshot*


Jessica Alba Covers InStyle February 2013

With her new animated movie "Escape from Planet Earth" set to hit theaters on Valentine's Day (February 14), Jessica Alba graced the cover of InStyle magazine's February 2013 issue.

On marriage:
"I just knew when I met him that I was going to know him forever. It was weird; he instantly felt like family. It was so easy. I’d never felt like that with anyone. I was usually pretty self-conscious, minding my p’s and q’s, very aware of every time my fork hit the plate when I was having dinner on a date. With him, there was none of that. We got each other. We’re kindred spirits."

On fashion:
"My style is more adventurous since I became a mom. In the past, I was into my uniform of leggings and a sweater. Now I’m willing to try bold prints, bright colors, and different cuts. Never say never, but I probably won’t ever wear booty shorts. I feel pretty confident about that."

On motherhood:
"Before I had kids, I was very responsible and serious. I used to be all about controlling my environment; everything had to be just so. Now my idea of perfection is different. You can label bins and have a place for stuff, but when the kids go into the playroom, you’re not going to say, ‘We can’t paint, because how are we going to clean it up?'"

celebrity gossip
joan watson - rme

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey: 10 Funniest BFF Moments From the Golden Globes Hosts + Leaked 30 Rock Pilo

What could be better than cohosting a show with your BFF?!
Such is case for famous funnygals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who are set to host the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (Sorry, Ricky Gervais).
But the best part about these two comedy queens? Not only have they costarred in a slew of hilarious skits and flicks (how could you not love Baby Mama?!), they are also close friends off-screen.

From hilarious moments on the big screen to side-splitting humor on the boob tube, the comedic chemistry in this dynamic duo is undeniably awesome, and we have a strong hunch it comes from their many years spent side-by-side.

Who knows what these two chicas have in store for the upcoming awards show (they've already teased "drunken" shenanigans and "slightly ghetto" antics), but there's no denying the famous friends are two of the coolest BFFs in the biz.
So, in honor of the funnygals' friendship and the duo's Golden Globe hosting duties this Sunday, we present you with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's top 10 BFF moments.

And uh, Amy and Tina, if you're reading this…We're next in line if you ever decide to add a third party to your friendship.

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Check out Rachel Dratch as Jenna in the leaked 30 Rock pilot!


Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: Museum of Modern Art Visit!

Emma Roberts dons her favorite scarf while visiting the Museum of Modern Art with her boyfriend Evan Peters on Tuesday (January 8) in New York City.

The day before, the 21-year-old actress and the 25-year-old actor were seen grabbing a bite to eat together at Peels Restaurant in the Big Apple.

Emma recently chatted with Huffington Post about her dating deal breaker.

“If people aren’t nice or try to act like a-holes to be cool. I really dislike that,” Emma shared.

FYI: Emma is wearing a Paul & Joe Sister coat and carrying a Marni Flap Bag from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

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Idris Elba To Make Directorial Debut w/ TV Drama 'Pavement Psychologist' (Nonso Anozie Stars)

Idris Elba has long expressed his desire to direct; it was in mi-2010 that he mentioned he was working with the BBC on a feature film project that was already being developed for him to helm some time in following year (2011), which would've been his directorial debut. He didn't share much at the time, other than to say that the BBC-commission film centered on a young girl - nothing more.

Skip ahead 2 1/2 years later, to a Sky TV report of all its new, upcoming programming, and a section in which it is announced that Elba will be making his TV directorial debut with a Sky Arts' Playhouse Presents feature titled The Pavement Psychologist, which Mr Elba also wrote the screenplay for!

The 30-minute drama will chronicle the intriguing relationship between an affable businesswoman and a charismatic homeless man.

The businesswoman will be played by Anna Friel (Public Enemies) and the charismatic homeless man will be played by, none other than, Nonso Anozie!

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Terrible picture of Nonso...

Garrett Hedlund Talks Wooing Kirsten Dunst with 'Details'!

Garrett Hedlund is smoldering in this new feature from Details magazine’s February 2013 issue, on newsstands January 14.

Here’s what the 28-year-old On the Road actor had to share with the mag:

On how he wooed girlfriend Kirsten Dunst: “I took her out on a 3 a.m. canoe ride. It was not a stable canoe. We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, shitty water, like golf-pond water.”

On choosing roles: “I just really wanted to do things that could make me proud or be emotional.”

On journaling his thoughts: “I spill it out as fast as I can. I don’t really edit. In Brazil, recently, I wrote 70 pages. In London, 80 pages.”

Garrett is also a poet! Here’s a poem he wrote: “Everything you ever knew seems to slowly be forgotten. All the good nights are just nights, all the good mornings are just mornings, all the dots in the sky are the same dots you’ve been looking at all your life…”

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Katrina Bowden Covers 'Maxim' January/February 2013

Katrina Bowden shows off her body on the cover of Maxim magazine’s January/February 2013 double issue, on newsstands on Tuesday, January 15!

Here’s what the 24-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On Tracy Morgan: “He’s a sweet guy, but he has absolutely no filter. His dressing room is right next to mine, so I end up hearing a lot of very interesting conversations!”

On starting 30 Rock younger than everyone else: “At first I felt like I was in over my head, but everyone made me feel so comfortable. I’d hang out with people from the show and go to SNL tapings and the after-parties, and a lot of the writers were young. Like, Donald Glover wrote for the show before he was on Community, and he’s just a little bit older than me. But it’s not like I was going crazy and partying, which might have been different if I’d been on a show with lots of young people, like Gossip Girl.”

On her BF proposing after her last Maxim shoot: “Ha! I think he wanted to propose for a while, but that may have made him want to seal the deal.”

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Bravo Wanted To Repossess Furniture Gifted To Lindsay Lohan

Bravo bosses wanted to repossess furniture and flooring that was given to Lindsay Lohan for the hit show, Million Dollar Decorator, after the actress refused to film for the big reveal, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.


“Bravo, producers of Million Dollar Decorator and interior designers were so furious with Lindsay for bailing on the big reveal of her former Beverly Hills rental house, they attempted to repossess the furniture and flooring that was gifted to her. Ireland in particular was absolutely steamed and pissed off at Lindsay with her antics as she devoted a lot of time to the project,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Lindsay didn’t appreciate anything that was done for her. She was given $250k in furniture. Bravo attempted to get the furniture back, but Lindsay was one step ahead of them and had everything from the house sent to an unknown storage location. Lindsay was quite pleased with herself and bragged to friends that she can get whatever she wants because she is a celebrity,” the source added.

Lindsay approached interior decorator to the star, Kathyrn Ireland, one of the hit show’s famed decorators, at a New Year’s Eve party 2011 and asked if she could appear in an episode of the hit Bravo show. (The finale of Lohan’s 2-part episode aired Tuesday night.)

According to Ireland, Lohan told her she wanted the bedroom to be “very princessey,” and they established a decorating budget of $250k. However, after the goods were delivered and decorating completed, Lohan went AWOL!

Bravo confirmed that Lohan “was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes.”

“Just because the pricey furnishings are in storage doesn’t mean that Kathyrn Ireland doesn’t want it returned. She thinks it’s only fair that Lindsay do the right thing, and just return everything, but she isn’t holding her breath for that to happen. It wouldn’t shock anyone if Lilo tried to sell the goods,” the insider said.

The Liz & Dick star is swimming in monstrous debt, including owing the IRS a whopping $233,000 for unpaid taxes between 2009 and 2010.


4 Date Night Beauty Looks, Modeled by Jordin Sparks

Big ambition deserves big hair. For height like this, use volumizing cream (we like L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Sulfate-Free Hydracharge Leave-In Cream, $9, drugstore.com). Then curl, tease at the roots, and push up with a mini headband.

On Sparks: sweatshirt, Gary Graham. On Derulo: hoodie, T by Alexander Wang.

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Jessica Biel: Farmers Market Shopper!

Jessica Biel keeps it casual while shopping for produce at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday (January 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress recently spoke to THR about her transition from her role on the television series 7th Heaven to film while promoting her latest flick Hitchcock.

“I was looking for something violent. I was looking for something dark, and scary, and sexy or interesting,” the actress shared. “The project that did it for me was Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That was so different from the way anyone knew me before, and, to this day, it is one of the hardest creative experiences I have ever had.”

FYI: Jessica is wearing Verdugo Ankle Zip jeans in Benny by Paige Denim.

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jenna patch

Salma Hayek returns for '30 Rock' series finale

Add another name to the list of celebrities who will help 30 Rock bid farewell: Salma Hayek is returning to guest-star in the NBC comedy’s series finale, EW has learned.
Details of her appearance are being kept under wraps. The film actress appeared in a half-dozen episodes in season 3 as Elisa, the nurse whom Jack (Alec Baldwin) almost married, even after learning that she killed her cheating husband. Elisa won’t be the only blast from Jack’s romantic past in the episode; it is also known that Nancy (Julianne Moore) pops up.
Ice-T and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are among the other famous guests who will appear in the hour-long finale that wraps up the show’s seven seasons on Jan. 31.


If they are bringing back all of Jack's old girlfriends/fiancees/wives, I am hft. Elisa was one of my faves. I want Liz's old boyfriends back too, though. Including the one and only Wesley Snipes.
Kimberly and Trini

Tommy Olivier Is Trying To Break Dat World Record

Green Power Ranger To Try And Break Three Pine Boards While Skydiving

Jason David Frank is likely familiar to you as various Power Rangers, but when he’s not running around making karate noises in a custom motorcycle helmet, or doing convention appearances, he’s managing a karate school and getting into mixed martial arts fights.

Apparently part of that job is trying to break a Guinness world record for a goofy stunt.

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As always dedicated to fwee_prower

Willow Smith samples Radiohead on new single

Willow Smith has covered Radiohead on her new single. The singer has used Radiohead’s Codex from the bands latest album The King Of Limbs throughout the track Sugar and Spice.

The 12 year old singer is famous for her hit Whip My Hair and will release a full lenght album later this year. Listen to the track above.

Youtube | AtEaseWeb
King K

One Million Moms goes after Jillian Michaels

A new press release from One Million Moms demands ACTION against Jillian Michaels...not because she's gay, though. Of course that's not the reason. Right?

"NBC's 'Biggest Loser' is back with a twist. This season includes three children from thirteen to sixteen-years-old ambassadors that are competing. Viewers welcomed this addition to the show, but the excitement is extinguished almost immediately once the vulgarity and obscenities from trainer, Jillian Michaels, ignite and continue through the entire show.

This week's episode has many parents pretty fired up! NBC has the audacity to say that the show is perfectly suitable for family viewing. However, while trainers need to motivate and can be tough, Jillian needs to tone it down. Way down.

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Marc Jacobs Is Getting Ready to Launch a Beauty Line With Sephora

At th Spring 2013 Miu Miu show, Marc Jacob sat giddily in the front row wearing a pair of Prada rubberized brogues. With every look that came down the runway, the American designer offered up a little squeal or smile, his awe as genuine as a fashion week newbie’s.

So it’s no surprise that at last night’ WWD EO Summit,Jacobs eclare Mrs. Prada is all-time favorite designer, dead or alive. “What she’s created with her husband is really incredible,” he said. “I’m just a big fan.”

That wasn’t all Jacobs revealed during his chat wit WWDexecutive editor Bridget Foley. The designer went on about his current contract negotiations with LVMH (without saying too much, of course). “I’m not really sure…I know that we’re discussing [renegotiations],” he said vaguely when Foley pressed.

He was more frank about his upcomin beauty line with Sephora. Though we first learned of the project in April of last year, news of the new line has been hard to come by since. However, it looks like the project has progressed nicely (if under-the-radar). It even has a launch date: Marc Jacobs cosmetics are set to hi Sephora helves in the fall of 2013. Get ready.

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Any excuse is good for a beauty post imo!
michelle williams: elle

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel vacation in Mexico with pregnant Busy Phillips

She is believed to have introduced best pal Michelle Williams to her former Freaks and Geeks co-star Jason Segel early last year.

So three was never going to be a crowd when Busy Philipps joined the couple on holiday in Cancun, Mexico, this week.

Jason, 32, and Michelle, 32, looked the picture of happiness as they wandered along the white sands while immersed in conversation.

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Watch Michelle Williams' Surprise Cameo on BFF Busy Philipps' Cougar Town!

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are best friends who know how to keep a secret!

The former Dawson's Creek costars briefly reunited onscreen during Cougar Town's TBS debut on Tuesday, Jan. 8, when Williams made a surprise blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo at the end of the season four premiere!

And guess what? Williams, a three-time Oscar nominee, is funny. Like really funny! "What what?!"

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shotgun betty

shake off dem thetans, it's $cientology post

About two years ago, Lawrence Wright dropped a 26-page journalism bomb about Paul Haggis's departure from the Church of Scientology. It appears that was just the tip of the iceberg, as he has a new book on the religion, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, coming out later this month. The Hollywood Reporter excerpted a portion about Tom Cruise, Scientology leader David Miscavige, and Sea Orgs (the church's "elite clergy"). Here's what we learned:

1. Cruise modeled his A Few Good Men character on Miscavige, "a fact that the Church leader liked to brag about."

2. One time when Cruise audited former Sea Org Marc Headley, Kirstie Alley was there. Headley decribed her as a "celebrity prop" because she mostly just read.

3. Between 2000 and 2004, the food costs for the Miscaviges and his guests would range between $3,000 to as much as $20,000 a week.

4. Miscavige would have his light bulbs polished once a month.

5. "Miscavige keeps a number of dogs, including five beagles. He had blue vests made up for each of them, with four stripes on the shoulder epaulets, indicating the rank of Sea Org Captain. He insists that people salute the dogs as they parade by. The dogs have a treadmill where they work out. A full-time staff member feeds, walks and trains the dogs and enters one of them, Jelly, into contests, where he has attained championship status."

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This article doesn't mention it, but THR also published an excerpt from the book on John Travolta.

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Justin Bieber gave SNL permission to write pot jokes.

Justin Bieberhas given Saturday Night Live writers permission to spoof him all they want when he hosts the show Feb 9 ... and that includes pot smoking

Sources connected with NBC tell TMZ ... Justin's camp has declared NOTHING off-limits. To the contrary, our sources say Justin himself has told producers to push him as far as they want.

Smart move ... It worked for aris Hilton, who appeared on SNL right after her sex tape was released. Alec Baldwin lso scored right after the whole Words with Friends thing.

FYI -- Justin's doing double duty on the show -- hosting and performing. Wonder how they're gonna stock the green room?


I hope Beliebers lose their shit tbh
michelle williams &amp; jessica chastin

Is Jessica Chastain Joining Or Replacing Michelle Williams In Liv Ullman's 'Miss Julie'?

Last summer, cinephiles got a bit of a surprise when Ingmar Bergman's muse Liv Ullmann revealed that she was preparing to shoot her next directorial project, "Miss Julie," this year in Ireland, and that Michelle Williams was reportedly attached. The movie is an adaptation of August Strindberg's classic Swedish play, a controversial work exploring power, sexuality, class, identity, love and gender set in 1874, and Ullmann said she'd "use Irish actors as servants and British as the masters of the house." But could she be gaining another excellent actress to her class?

At a press conference today for the upcoming, Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror "Mama," star Jessica Chastain was asked what she'd be doing next. "It hasn't been announced but it might be a Strindberg thing. It hasn't been announced yet," she teased. When pressed if it was "Miss Julie," the actress put her finger to her nose. So yeah, not exactly the most rock solid of confirmations, and it raises more questions than it answers, but let's speculate briefly, okay?

The story concerns the titular Julie, who is drawn to Jean, a footman, who in turn is engaged to Christine, a servant and cook. And the play revolves around the powerplay between the three. The latter part of Christine is sort of a second fiddle role, and we don't see Chastain taking it on, so we figure she's replacing Williams. But if both are involved? Just sell us a ticket already, we're in.

So we'll see how this develops, and hopefully an official announcement is forthcoming, but Ullman + Chastain in any variation is one to look forward to. -- reporting by Drew Taylor.


Omg, I hope they're both in this film!

David Bowie – ‘Where Are We Now?’ News Round-Up


Bowie playing the banjo during the recording of ‘The Next Day’ – Source

Since David Bowie’s new single ‘Where Are We Now?’ hit the web yesterday (along with news of the forthcoming album The Next Day) there have been an absolute deluge of news stories and updates. In light of the fact this is the single-most important news for Bowie fans in years, I decided a news round-up was in order.

Buy the song/pre-order the album; Watch the Music Video

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Captain Marvel

~i hate everything about you~

Adam Gontier Writes Letter to Fans; Says he is Sober

As Three Days Grace fans continue to absorb the surprising news from earlier today (Jan. 9) that frontman Adam Gontier has left the band, the singer himself has released a heartfelt letter explaining his departure.

We reported hat Three Days Grace have announced that Gontier left the band due to health issues and has been replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the band’s upcoming tour with Shinedown. With the unspecified ‘health issues’ being cited as the reason, speculation stirred that it might be connected to Gontier’s previously publicized struggles with drugs and addiction. But Gontier explains that he is perfectly sober and is just ready for a new chapter in his life.

See Adam Gontier’s full ‘Address of Resignation’ from Three Days Grace below:

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Three Days Grace, with Matt Walst on vocals, are set to embark on a co-headlining tour with Shinedown at the beginning of February.

followup to this post

stevie close

Dave Grohl Taps Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty for Sound City Players Sundance Gig

The lineup for the Sound City Players has been revealed. Rock legends John Fogerty and Stevie Nicks will perform with Dave Grohl in Utah to celebrate the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Grohl's first documentary, Sound City.
The concert, set for January 18th, will also feature Nirvana bassist Kris Novoselic; Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen; fellow Foo Fighters Chris Shiflett, Taylor Hawkins, Pat Smear and Nate Mendel; Rick Springfield; Rage Against the Machine's Brad Wilk; Slipknot's Corey Taylor; Chris Goss; Alain Johannes; Fear's Lee Ving; Jessy Greene and Rami Jaffee.
Tickets for the performance go on sale today at 6 p.m. CST/8 p.m. EST. Be sure to check out this trailer for Sound City, which tells the story of the famed Van Nuys, California, recording studio used by artists such as Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Metallica.

so excited for this documentary/soundtrack/performance

Robopocalypse Movie Delayed Indefinitely

Steven Spielberg's 'Robopocalypse' Postponed Indefinitely

The DreamWorks film, with distribution from Fox and Disney, was set to hit theaters in 2014.

Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse has been postponed for an indefinite time.

The sci-fi action film from DreamWorks would have been distributed by Fox and Disney, with Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth in talks to star.

Based on the 2011 book by Daniel H. Wilson, Robopocalypse would have reunited Fox and Spielberg, who worked together on 2002's Minority Report.

Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy said the project was "too important and the script is not ready, and it's too expensive to produce. It's back to the drawing board to see what is possible."

It's unclear what project will be next for Spielberg, whose Lincoln has earned more than $145 million at the worldwide box office and is an Oscar front-runner.

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Good. Let's make a Ready Player One movie instead.
aweng and alexis

Reasons Why Beyonce Will Be The Queen Of 2013

Do you hear that noise out there, folks?


We are currently in the calm before the storm, but that won’t last long: Queen Bey is coming.

After taking most of 2012 off, Beyonce is gearing up to rule 2013. The year is still young, but there are already a number of projects that have been confirmed by the singer.

From hanging out with the President, to performing at the Super Bowl, scroll down to find out why Beyonce is about to have the best year ever.
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Not what you think I am

Celebrities and the Countries From Which They’ve Been Banned

Once upon a time, two of your doting Flavorpill staffers were banned from a “ruin pub” in Hungary. The whole debacle was a bit of a silly misunderstanding, but hey — at least we weren’t banned from the entire country, eh? The same can’t be said for the following celebrities, who have somehow landed themselves on a handful of nations’ naughty lists. We’ve got everyone from drug addicts to human rights activists to drug rights activists. Check ‘em out after the jump, and hit the comments to tell us your thoughts and dream


Remember when Brad Pitt starred in Seven Years in Tibet? As a result, the actor (along with director Jean-Jacques Annaud and co-star David Thewlis/Remus Lupin) was banned from China in 1997. Early yesterday morning, however, Brad Pitt joined the popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo and posted “It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming…” Crazy timing, eh? Way to ruin our listicle, you good for nothing beautiful man

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  • abbie

will.i.am, Britney land another top 10 on the Hot 100

will.i.am & Britney Spears Enter Top 10

After five weeks between Nos. 12 and 15, the superstar pairing of will.i.am and Britney Spears results in a top 10 rank at last, as "Scream & Shout" storms 12-8 on the Hot 100. The duet pushes 9-4 on Hot Digital Songs (203,000, down 29%) and passes 1 million sold to date. It rises 16-11 on On-Demand Songs (668,000, up 26%) and 27-21 on Hot 100 Airplay (46 million, up 21%).

With the song's ascent, will.i.am scores his third solo top 10 and first as a lead artist. He'd reached the top tier as a guest on Flo Rida's No. 9-peaking "In the Ayer" (2008) and Usher's four-week No. 1 "OMG" (2010). He's added 10 top 10s as a member of the Black Eyed Peas for a total of 13 top 10 visits overall. 2013 also brings the lucky 13th top 10 appearance for Spears. She first reached the region the week of Dec. 12, 1998, when her debut single and first of five Hot 100 No. 1s, "...Baby One More Time," climbed 18-9. She'd last populated the top 10 with the No. 7-peaking "I Wanna Go" in summer 2011.

Read more at http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/charts-articles/chart-alert/bruno-mars-still-atop-hot-100-will-i-am-1008076612.story#jQ1Zm6Hsv7mCZDco.99

DC vs Marvel: Superman vs Captain America

For as long as there have been comic books, there has been the feud between DC and Marvel. Both are heavy-hitting comic companies that continue to gain legions of fans every year. The purpose of this column is to take one DC persona and one Marvel persona of equal measure and popularity and pit them against each other to see who come out on top.(From House of Geekery)
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  • turi

Beating a Dead Horse - Elmosexual

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Inside Globe (January 21, 2012), the young (but legal) most recent boyfriend of voice of Elmo Kevin Clash speaks out about accusations that he has had sex with underage boys for years.
Nathaniel Prince Jackson, 23, talked about how he was "lured" to a hotel room for sex by Clash, says Clash would ogle and make lewd comments about teenagers when they were out and about and reveals that he was dumped via a cell call:
"I'm calling to say good-bye. I'm turning my life around and have to let some people go, including you. I wish you the best in life."

Ke$ha torch!
  • thaye88

Robot Sexeeee

'Robot Chicken': Ke$ha Voices Sexy Independent Robot (VIDEO)

In the future, robots will not only replace women to destroy humanity, but take on humanly traits as well. So it's only inevitable that one of them would develop a strong sense of robot feminism -- and sound suspiciously like Ke$ha.

Noted ghost sex haver Ke$ha voices an independent robot lady who isn't going to let a man -- or even a human -- tell her what she can or can't do with her steel, robot body. Check out the clip from Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" above.


In other news, Ke$ha's "C'Mon" music video is going to premiere this week, according to VEVO's Programming Update schedule! --> VEVO



My tongue can do so many thiiiiings
Baby Yoda bag

Will Skyfall Earn James Bond His First-Ever Best Picture Oscar Nomination?

James Bond, having just turned 50 years old at the movies, might be receiving the best possible belated birthday present. There’s some significant buzz suggesting that the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, which has been hailed by critics and audiences alike — global box office just passed the $1 billion mark — will become the first ever Bond movie to receive a Best Picture nod, when the Oscar nominations are announced this Thursday.
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