January 6th, 2013

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Let's Talk Game of Thrones, Specifically Theon and Beverages

Wired has posted a video interview with Alfie Allen where he talks about his character, Theon. Not much new revealed here, but Alfie is always entertaining.

See it here.

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For all you beer snobs out there (and I consider myself one), Fast Co. Create has a short article with some details on Brewery Ommegang’s process in creating Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the official Game of Thrones beer.

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People who haven't read the books, what are your hopes and thoughts on what's going to happen?
BOOK READERS please use the spoiler cut.
[LBR]Who doesn't like giggling/cackling at people who've got no idea what's coming?

What Westerosi or Essos food would you like to try? I'm hf lemon cakes!

ALSO: if someone has a copy of the Game of Thrones magazine that came out on NYD (unfortunately only in the US) - let us know if there's anything good in there!

Idris Elba made GQ's 'UK's best-dressed' list but that is not today's headline...

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens beats Tom Hiddleston to be named the UK's best-dressed man

i suppose he has a personality

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens made a dramatic departure from the show that made his name i a two-hour special of dreary Christmas Day viewing. The reason? In his words, to pursue new roles. But little did he know his first would be of a sartorial variety...

The actor's dapper dressing has landed him the title of best dressed man of 2012, according to GQ magazine - pipping the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Robert Pattinson to pole position. His array of snappy suits - perhaps inspired by Matthew's smart attire - can be seen in the string of well-chosen ensembles he has been sporting on the red carpet over the past year...

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The Borgias: Lucrezia

Gabriel Aubry won't have anger management, Halle checks out churches in Paris

Prosecutors handling Gabriel Aubry's criminal case in which the Canadian model was arrested after getting into a vicious Thanksgiving Day brawl with French actor Olivier Martinez - who's now engaged to Aubry's ex Halle Berry - determined there was no need for him to go to anger management classes, and the case is officially closed, RadarOnline is exclusively reporting.

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Azealia quenches your thirst, shuts down rumors.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 6.18.41 AM


She's not looking too good these past few days and she's definitely made some big blunders, but y'all tried to run with this foolishness for a few hundred comments. Why would Interscope drop Azealia when they have let Nicole Scherzinger rot with her copy of Killer Love for ages now? Let her at least get the chance to offer a sincere apology before you go running with these rumors.

Willow 25th Anniversary Edition to be Released March 2013

Yes, finally Willow is coming to Blu-ray. Here is the official word from Lucasfilm Ltd:

Journey to the far corners of your imagination with Willow, for the first time ever on stunning Blu-ray! Written and produced by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard, the film tells a timeless fantasy tale in which heroes come in all sizes...and adventure is the greatest magic of all. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the unforgettable classic has been fully digitally restored and debuts on Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack March 12, 2013 from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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Special Features:
WILLOW is presented in widescreen with 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio (Lossless)
Willow: Deleted Scenes with Ron Howard
Willow: An Unlikely Hero – Personal Video Diary of Warwick Davis
The Making of an Adventure with an all new introduction from Ron Howard
From Morf to Morphing with an all new introduction from Dennis Muren
Matte Paintings
Easter Egg


I <3 Warwick Davis. What are your favorite fantasy/adventure movies from your childhood, ONTD ??

Marlon - Kiss Wide
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Alexander Ludwig catching fire on the beach

The hunky star & his girlfriend visit Hawaii, after skiing in Canada.

He began dating Nicole Marie Pedra last September.

And Hunger Games hunk Alexander Ludwig is clearly smitten with the Boston-based model as the pair have been inseparable during the winter holidays.

The 20-year-old actor and his brunette ladylove landed in Hawaii Wednesday after their romantic Whistler ski vacation in his native Canada.

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Gérard Depardieu meets Vladimir Putin and gets his Russian passport

Gérard Depardieu has met the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in the Black Sea town of Sochi and obtained his Russian passport, the Kremlin has said, after the French film star left his homeland to avoid a new tax rate for millionaires.

Putin signed a decree on Thursday granting Russian citizenship to Depardieu, who objected to plans by the French president, François Hollande, to impose a 75% tax rate on the super-rich. His decision to quit France had prompted accusations of national betrayal. The Russian president and Depardieu were shown on state-run TV station Channel One shaking hands and hugging each other early on Sunday during what the Kremlin said was a private visit. "A brief meeting between the president and Depardieu took place," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "On the occasion of his visit to Russia, he was handed a Russian passport." Peskov did not say whether Putin personally gave Depardieu the passport or if he obtained it through standard procedures. He said the actor also told Putin about his career plans.

Depardieu, who starred in Cyrano de Bergerac and Green Card, is a popular figure in Russia, where he has appeared in many advertising campaigns, including one for ketchup. He also worked there in 2011 on a film about Grigory Rasputin.Putin asked Depardieu whether he was pleased with his work in the movie, TV footage of their meeting showed, with the actor saying he had already sent Putin excerpts. Depardieu bought a house in Belgium last year to avoid the French income tax rise. The French prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, called Depardieu's decision to seek Belgian residency "pathetic" and unpatriotic, prompting an angry response from the actor.

Putin said last month Depardieu would be welcome in Russia, which has a flat income tax rate of 13%, compared with the 75% tax on income over €1m Hollande wants to levy in France. The Russian president offered Depardieu a Russian passport, saying he had a close, special relationship with France and had developed warm ties with the actor, even though they had rarely met. Putin's critics said the passport move was a stunt and pointed out that the president announced last month a campaign to prevent rich Russians keeping their money offshore.


Vanessa Hudgens visits shooting range with boyfriend

The pair seemed camera-shy after emerging from a Gun Sales shop with a large metal case.

She made a name for herself as the squeaky clean star of High School Musical.

But it would seem Vanessa Hudgens has developed more grown-up tastes of late after she and boyfriend Austin Butler visited a shooting range together on Friday.

And the 24-year-old actress certainly seemed as though as she had something to hide as she left the indoor centre, covering up her face with a large image of of a man pointing a gun to the head of another person.

Meanwhile, Austin, 21, was carrying a large metal case as he emerged from the gun sales section of the range.
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Furture EGOT winner Stacey Dash And The Game in straight to DVD movie - House Arrest.

When we last left Stacey Dash,  a few weeks ago, she was trying to make herself relevant again - first by endorsing Mitt Romney for President, and then with a pilot for a self'-produced "edgy" sit-com Normal.

Neither went over well to say the least.

But she does have another trick up her sleeve with the comedy film House Arrest, in which she stars with The Game, which Lionsgsate Home Entertainment is releasing on DVD on March 26.

To explain what the film is about, since the trailer below doesn't do a particular good job of it, Dash plays Chanel, "a woman living the high life until one day while shopping with her boyfriend DeAndre (played by Mr. Game) they get arrested. Chanel finds herself under house arrest under a judges's order. With nowhere to go, she is forced to move back in with her mother and daughter who live on the "ghetto side of town". As she adjusts to her new situation, DeAndre makes her a proposition that will have her torn between two lifestyles."

And there you have it; here's the trailer:


Tarantino On Why He Didn't Cast ONTD's Most Favourite Black Actor Of All Time In "Django Unchained".

Tarantino Says He Didn't Cast Idris Elba In 'Django' Because He's British... And It's An American Story.

I know, we said no more Django Unchained posts, BUT, this isn't so much a Django Unchained item (no critique nor praise of the film here), as much as it is a nod to several conversations/debates that you folks have had in various comment sections of this blog, relating to the casting of black British actors in roles as African Americans (and vice-versa, or as Africans) whether on TV or film, as well as the, shall we say, "accent problem."

So I thought it was worth sharing, and elaborating on, as well as connecting it to previous conversations, regardless of where you stand on the matter.

In an interview with the UK's Sun, while plugging the film across the pond, where it opens on the 18th of this month, Quentin Tarantino stated, while, as we already know, Idris Elba was one of the actors he looked at for the lead role eventually played by Jamie Foxx, "he never stood a chance of getting the part," because "he’s British," Tarantino said.

“Yeah, Idris is British and this is an American story. I think a problem with a lot of movies that deal with this issue is they cast British actors to play the Southerners and it goes a long way to distancing the movie. They put on their gargoyle masks and they do their phoney accents and you are not telling an American story any more. They are just making hay of it, whether it be James Mason in Mandingo or Michael Caine in Hurry Sundown, they get British actors to do this."

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For the two Thandie Newton fans out there.

This first look at Thandie Newton in ROGUE coming soon to DIRECTV. This suspense drama airing on the AUDIENCE Network (Ch. 239) will be our first ever original series.

It centers on a morally and emotionally-conflicted undercover detective (Thandie Newton) tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to her son's death. Her search for the truth is complicated by her forbidden relationship with the crime boss who may have played a hand in the crime.

The show makes its premiere on April 3rd.

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GIRLS, the show that gave us Lena Dunham's naked body, inspires bra line with Aerie.

American Eagle's lingerie line, Aerie, has asked the costume designer for HBO's Girls to create a line of underwear for the brand. Now you too can wear the underwear of Marnie, Hannah, Jessa, or Shoshanna.

The director of marketing at Aerie told WWD that she's brought on Girls' costume designer Jenn Rogien because "she really understands what girls want and need."

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Tween Aerie customers ≠ Girls viewers. This makes almost no sense... unless maybe you're a tween in Brooklyn

Selena Gomez looks upset and dishevelled as she is whisked through airport after 'split from Justin

Maybe the weight of her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber is too much for her to handle.

Selena Gomez looked upset and dishevelled as she arrived at an airport in Los Angeles late Saturday night.

Wearing a camouflage jacket, grey scarf and matching black pants and boots, the flustered starlet frantically checked her phone as she tuned out the world with her green headphones.

What's behind the glasses? Selena Gomez appeared dishevelled as she was helped through a Los Angeles airport by a friend on Saturday night
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Time For a Fili Oakenshield Post!

From Middle-earth to Vietnam

For Dean O'Gorman, 2012 is a watershed year for two reasons. The first is well known. The Kiwi actor, whose career spans more than 20 years, is one of the 13 dwarfs in Sir Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

O'Gorman was a late entry in the two-part film, after British actor Rob Kizinsky, who had been cast to play the dwarf Fili, had to return home. Jackson then cast O'Gorman. The director even accommodated O'Gorman's commitments to television series The Almighty Johnsons, where he plays the god-like Anders.Dwarfs may be diminutive in size, but playing Fili is likely to have a big impact on O'Gorman's profile - especially overseas, where he was based for seven years.

But the second reason for the watershed year is one that few people know - O'Gorman is also an artist. He has been a painter and photographer for years, but until now has never publicly exhibited his work. His first show opens in Wellington next week.
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He can take pictures of me anytime
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James McAvoy says he wants to play Gandalf in The Silmarillion


In the latest edition o Total Film Magazine, James McAvoy reveals he would like to play a younger Gandalf if prequel as ever made. (Before getting too excited – or not – Christopher Tolkien is pretty adamant he would never sell the film rights to the Silmarillion.)

From TotalFilm.com:

“I’d like to play Gandalf,” he told us, laughing.

‘Gandalf: Origins’, we offer? “It’s called The Silmarillion! It’s a collection of poems and songs that chart the ancient history of Middle-earth. My true geek is coming to the fore, but they’re really, really beautiful stories.

“In part of that is the genesis of Gandalf, or Mithrandir, or Stormcrow, or any of his many, many names. Anyway, maybe that’s the one!”

Would McAvoy make a good Gandalf? Do you think the Silmarillion rights will ever be sold? Tell us what you think below! 


Not what you think I am

Bruno Mars: I'm a show-off


Bruno Mars likes to 'show off' when he's on stage.

The 27-year-old singer is busy promoting his new album Unorthodox Jukebox, which has already produced smash-hit Locked out of Heaven.

When Bruno performs, he oozes confidence and the star believes it's what people want to see when they go to a show.

'You don't want to watch a guy with confidence? You want to watch some nervous schmuck on stage? Or you want to watch someone who enjoys what he does and has confidence?' he challenged British newspaper The Independent.

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Captain Marvel

the takeover is imminent

New 'Chasing the Saturdays' E! Promo + US TV Appearances Announced

Team Sats USA…The Saturdays have arrived!

Our girls caught a flight across the pond to LAX this weekend, as they’re about to make some exciting US TV show appearances!

Over the next coupla weeks the Sats will be popping along to some major US shows to talk about their new music, unleash some juicy deets about their forthcoming reality show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ and perform their new single ‘What About Us’!

Grab your diaries! The girls busy schedule has them chatting with Chelsea Lately on January 9th (11pm/10pm central on E!), Fashion Police on the 11th (10pm/9pm central on E!) and on January 14th The Saturdays will be performing their new single ‘What About Us’ on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35pm/10:35pm central on NBC)!!


Excited much?? Head over to Twitter and tell US!

And stay tuned as we’ve got some more US TV appearances to announce very soon!
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Michael B. Jordan on Friday Night Lights, Sundance, and Role Model Ryan Gosling

We have deep emotional ties to Michael B. Jordan thanks to his mastery of troubled TV characters with hearts of gold. See: Vince on Friday Night Lights, Wallace on The Wire, and Alex on Parenthood.

In person, we learned 25-year-old Michael a) looks wonderful in a leather jacket and b) is about to be a huge movie star, with a leading man role in the upcoming Sundance Film Festival flick Fruitvale. Also, lucky for everyone, he is somehow single and hasn't had a girlfriend since he was 18.

Cosmo: So, you arrived by yourself. No entourage!

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Lout & Proud

Tommy Mottola Describes How He Abused Mariah Carey In New Memoir

The New York Post got its hands on the new memoir by music honcho Tommy Mottola and the paper's most depressing article today is a long piece detailing all the ways Mottola outlined his abuse of ex-wife and ex-employee, Mariah Carey. Mottola first came into contact with then-18-year-old singer through a mix tape. He might have fallen in love with — and set his sights on making money from — her voice, but he very quickly turned their relationship into a sexually exploitative, controlling and emotionally abusive one.
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Even more impressed now that Mariah got to walk away alive AND $28 mil richer, and also is probably happier than this creep ever could be. Ugh.

Spotlight On: Sienna Guillory

(House of Geekery) Our new column, Spotlight On, will feature actors, musicians, artists, writers, and anyone we feel is up-and-coming, underrated or just needs a little bit more recognition. For our first entry I bring you one of my favorite actresses: Sienna Guillory.

Born: 16 March 1975, Kettering, England, UK
Family: Sienna Guillory is the daughter of American folk guitarist Isaac Guillory and Tina Thompson, an English model. Sienna gave birth to her twin daughters Valentina and Lucia Cilenti, with husband Enzo Cilenti in 2011.
Well-Known Films: Resident Evil series, Inkheart, Eragon, The Time Machine, Love Actually, Criminal Minds
Lesser-Known Films: The Virgin Queen, Silence Becomes You, Helen of Troy, Beauty, The Principles of Lust, Late Night Shopping, Take a Girl Like You, Sorted, The Heart of the Earth, Gunless, The Big Bang
Comings Soon: Luther, The Wicked Within, The List, The Whole Banana
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And my brother says it's over... 2012: the year in Sexism


It is reported that on average a measly two out of ten speakers on the BBC’s Today programme are women. (Later in the year, John Humphrys is reduced to asking a man to “imagine” he is a woman in an all-male panel on breast cancer.)

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Mods, please please please approve this
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2012 National Society of Film Critics Winners

The National Society of Film Critics, made of 60 of the country’s most prominent writers on film, today voted Michael Haneke’s “Amour” the best film of 2012. A full list of the other awards follows, with the winner designated by an asterisk and the first and second runners up listed with the number of votes each received.

*1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln – 59 (Dreamworks/Touchstone)
2. Denis Lavant – 49
2. Joaquin Phoenix – 49

*1. Emmanuelle Riva – Amour – 50 (Sony Classics)
2. Jennifer Lawrence – 42
3. Jessica Chastain– 32

*1. Matthew McConaughey – Magic Mike (Warner Bros.), Bernie (Millennium Entertainment) – 27
2. Tommy Lee Jones – 22
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman – 19

*1. Amy Adams – The Master (The Weinstein Co.) – 34
2. Sally Field – 23
3. Anne Hathaway – 13

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I have an everlasting, probably irrational hatred of Matthew McConaughey so I have not seen Magic Mike, but am I right in thinking that he shouldn't have gotten this award??


Pebbelz Da Model Arrested And Charged In Butt-Injection Homicide

According ABC News 24 in Memphis, video performer Pebbelz Da Model, real name Natasha Stewart, was arrested along with another woman in connection to a homicide in Mississippi.

Pebblez, known for videos and photos featuring her 48-inch backside, was wanted for questioning in the death of a Mississippi woman who had her buttocks injected with concrete. Stewart was wanted for questioning and was arrested on January 3rd then charged with being a fugitive from justice in relation to the homicide.

She is currently being held at a Shelby County Jail with another woman, Shannetria Newberry.

Pebblez Da Model is a native of Memphis and has appeared in videos for for rappers like Cam’ron , in magazines like “Straight Stuntin” and “F.E.D.S’ and has a series of DVDS.

In this interview with she talks about the controversy over her butt and whether it’s real. NSFW.

Oh my Lord. This interview. THIS INTERVIEW.

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THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! NHL player reactions

NEW YORK -- The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players' Association reached agreement on the framework of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement early Sunday morning.

After a marathon 16-plus hour negotiating session at the Sofitel Hotel that began Saturday afternoon, the sides announced an agreement in principle shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday.

"We still have more work to do, but it is good to be at this point," NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said.

The League did not announce the start date of the season or the number of games each team will play. Various reports suggest teams will play either 50-game schedules or 48-game schedules, depending on the date on which the season starts. Those details will be announced soon, Commissioner Bettman said.

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sources: article & twitter


Venezuela searches for missing plane carrying Italian fashion boss Vittorio Missoni

Boats, helicopters and divers were searching off the coast of Venezuela Sunday for a director of Italy's famed Missoni fashion house and five others who haven't been heard from in more than two days.

Venezuelan officials said search efforts to locate the small plane Vittorio Missoni and his wife were flying in were intensifying. Authorities say the plane last made contact about 10 nautical miles from shore on Friday.

"All the organizations involved will not diminish the intensity of the search and also will not discard any hypothesis that could lead us the the location of the plane," Venezuela's air transportation ministry said in a statement Sunday.

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NBC Boss Optimistic About Fifth Season of 'Community,' Says Comedy Will Have More Heart

"I"d love nothing more than to see it continue," NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt tells reporters Sunday at TCA.

Following his presentation to critics Sunday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, the executive told reporters that the series, which fired creator and showrunner Dan Harmon last year, could continue on to a fifth season.
"Yes, absolutely," he said when asked if the cult favorite but ratings underperformer could continue after its upcoming fourth season. "I'm always hopeful for a show to continue. We co-own it and I'd love nothing more than to see it continue."

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Donde esta la bibliotecha?
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NBC's 'Smash' Season 2 Trailer

After a very public behind the scenes shake-up, the newly installed Smash EP, Joshua Safran, and the cast addressed the press at the Television Critics Association Tour in Pasadena, CA today.

First thing first, Safran wanted to make it clear that this rejiggered season is still very much the Smash you fell in love with last year. "I don't really think it's changed that much. The stuff you loved last year is still there and the stuff you thought went off on tangents, we tried to find ways to pull together."

"It's bigger, with more music, younger in some regards, but I hope the people who watched it still see the same show they loved."

Having watched the two-hour premiere, I can attest that what Safran says is true. The episode is fast-paced, more grounded yet dares all the characters to dream higher. All in all, it's simply more of what you loved to begin with.

To play off that, Smash introduces Hit List, a second burgeoning Broadway musical this season, which is how newbies Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus (they play Hit List's writers) come into the picture. "We have more original music, more musical sequences per episode [and] more diverse styles," Safran added. "If you look at Broadway, there are shows that take place in the 1800s and shows that take place today. I wanted to represent that [on our show]."

Check out a brand new sneak peek above and tune in to the season two premiere of Smash, February 5 at 9 p.m. on NBC.


Very excited to see some Jeremy Jordan on my screen! Are you excited for the new season?

Thomas Gibson arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

The 50-year-old actor was in downtown Los Angeles in the early hours of Sunday morning when he attempted to drive through an area that had been sectioned off for a half marathon.

After being stopped and informed of the diversion he allegedly continued to attempt to drive through the cordoned off area.

He was then stopped by police who allegedly noticed a strong smell of alcohol. After refusing a breathalyser test Gibson was taken into custody at 1.37am. According to website TMZ Gibson's bail is set at $15,000 and he remains in custody. The father-of-three lives in Texas with his children and wife of 19 years.

His best known roles include Aaron Hotchner on CBS's Criminal Minds, Daniel Nyland on CBS's Chicago Hope, and Greg Montgomery on ABC's Dharma & Greg, for which he was twice nominated for a Golden Globe.


Aaron Hotchner would be disappointed.