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So I'm on iTunes and I'm like, uh, this;

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... can't possibly be what I think it is. I mean, Sean Kingston hasn't actually recorded a cover of 'I'm Eighteen.' Because something like that just wouldn't happen, right?


Epic Recording Artist Sean Kingston Cuts New Cover Version of 'I'm Eighteen' for Declare Yourself

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Having celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday, February 3, one of the country's most popular young music artists, Sean Kingston, has created a new version of Alice Cooper's song, "I'm Eighteen." Sean recorded the song in Los Angeles for the national nonpartisan, nonprofit youth voting initiative, Declare Yourself, to encourage America's 18-year-olds to register and vote in the 2008 presidential primaries and general election.

"Turning 18 is a big deal," said Kingston, "not just for me but for every young person in this country. It means all of a sudden you can do a lot of things, and one of those things is voting. I hope if someone checks out this song, it will make them want to hear more, learn more or do more -- whether they're 18 or 80."

Kingston's cover of "I'm Eighteen, which was originally written and recorded in 1971, made its world premiere today, appropriately, Super Tuesday, to encourage young people to vote in the presidential primaries. Sean's rendition of "I'm Eighteen" will be available for a limited time on the homepage of iTunes as a free download. It will also be prominently featured and streamed -- along with exclusive additional content -- on MySpace, the site that helped create some of the incredible success surrounding the young superstar.

At just over three minutes, Kingston's new version carries forward the song's signature guitar riff, with the young performer adding his own elements of rap, reggae, dancehall and psychedelic pop. In Kingston's hands, "I'm Eighteen" has been re-imagined as a contemporary reflection of the empowerment and confusion found in the song's lyrics. Not coincidentally, Kingston declares during the track, "I'm just a vote away!" harkening to both the Super Tuesday primaries on February 5 and the 2008 U.S. presidential election in November as well.

Discovered on the popular social networking site, MySpace, Sean Kingston, has become a force to be reckoned with since his debut, self-titled album launched on July 31, 2007 on Epic Records. Kingston continues to command the charts with his #1 smash hit in 21 countries "Beautiful Girls," his second and third top ten singles "Me Love" and "Take You There." Additionally, Sean is featured on Natasha Bedingfield's latest hit "Love Like This."

This is only the beginning -- Kingston recently wrapped up a national tour with Grammy-nominated Chris Brown, following a national tour with Gwen Stefani. Beginning in March, Sean will kick off an international tour performing throughout Europe, Australia and Asia through the end of spring.

Well, at least it's free...

Sources: Fox Business.

Link to the song, (opens iTunes application).
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