November 11th, 2012

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Kardashians cause UK chaos as thousands camp overnight to see them

Thousands of fans stampede through police barriers after camping on the street overnight.

Ambulances were called as many fainted and needed medics.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have only a limited amount of time in the UK, and their fans are well aware of this.

With that in mind, Westfield London Shopping Centre was overrun with crazed Kardashian fans eager to meet and greet their idols on Saturday morning.

Police and security guards struggled to control crowds of teenagers surging through the gates to see the sisters who were attempting to launch their Kardashian Kollection.

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Paul McCartney narrowly avoided crash


Sir Paul McCartney narrowly avoided a potentially-fatal crash when the pilot of his helicopter became 'disorientated' in bad weather.

The Beatles legend and his wife Nancy Shevell were just two feet away from disaster as the helicopter plunged towards trees, but fortunately the pilot dramatically lifted the chartered Sikorsky S-76C away at the last minute.

The drama happened as the aircraft attempted to land at night on a helipad at Paul's East Sussex estate and the helicopter eventually touched down safely after diverting to a nearby airport.

The couple were said to be unaware of how close they came to crashing but the near miss is being investigated by the Department of Transport.

According to The Mail on Sunday newspaper, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch has categorised the episode - which occurred on May 3 - as a 'serious incident', which it defines as 'involving circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred'.

The report also reveals flying conditions that night included 'low cloudbase, poor visibility and rain'.

Despite this, the pilot went ahead and prepared to land on Pauls's helipad, which is in the corner of a field encircled by woodland.

It added: 'While manoeuvring, the commander became disorientated and the helicopter descended towards tops of trees in the forested area to the south and west of the landing site.'

The pilot then 'executed a go-around' or aborted landing.

Peter Norton, chief executive of the British Helicopter Association, said: 'He [the pilot] was going to land and realised he wasn't in control of the aircraft because of the weather conditions and visibility; he pulled in lots of power to climb away and correct the aircraft to its proper flightpath and missed whatever it was by two feet.'

Paul's spokesman said: 'Paul has been spoken to. It has been put to him, everything. It's a no comment.'


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Union J's Jaymi on what he looks for in a Woman

The X Factor ladies man said, “Just come out, be honest and be who you are, that’s all everyone looks for in a woman.”

X Factor stars Union J have been discussing what they look for in a partner.With most of the boys still single, these tips may come in handy for their fans!

Jaymi told ITN: “Smile and have a twinkle in the eye.”

“Be yourself, don’t worry about being someone you’re not,” said the group’s Jaymi. “Just come out, be honest and be who you are, that’s all everyone looks for in a woman.”

When asked about his celebrity crush, he said, "Rita Ora, but I didn't fancy her until she was on the show. JJ was like a rabbit in the headlights! He couldn't speak."

All of the remaining X Factor finalists – minus Lucy Spraggan – were at the event, along with judges Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa. Both of the girls won awards, with Tulisa beating Nicole to grab the award for Best TV personality, which was last year won by former judge Kelly Rowland. Nicole meanwhile wont he award for the Ultimate Fun Fearless Female, a category seemingly created just for the US star.

Her acts Rylan Clark and Jahmene Douglas presented Nicole with the award, while she spent her thank you speech rambling on. She joked: “Sometimes when I’m nervous I like to talk about balls.”


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Gerard Butler's Big Regret: Jessica Biel Is 'The One That Got Away'


When Gerard Butler’s new movie Playing for Keeps is released nationwide next month, it will be a bittersweet experience for the buff Scottish actor.

That's because Butler dated his co-star Jessica Biel but now regrets the way he treated her and considers Jessica the "one that got away."

Gerard, 42, was scared off by Jessica wanting something more serious when they filmed the romantic comedy, so he bolted – a decision he now regrets.

"Gerard doesn’t have many regrets but not treating Jessica with the respect she deserved while they dated is one of them," a source close to the 300 star revealed. "He genuinely believes she was the one that got away. Jessica liked Gerard a lot, she was into his boyish nature, but she wanted something more serious. She was ready to settle down. That’s why after getting close on the set of Playing for Keeps back in 2011, their relationship soon fizzled out."

Butler is happy for the newly married Biel because he knows that Justin Timberlake was – and is – the love of her life, "but he still thinks he missed out. He just wasn’t man enough to admit the feelings he had for her at the time," the source divulged.

After her summer fling with Gerard, Jessica rekindled her relationship with Justin, and he popped the question not long after. They tied the knot in a lavish $6.5M ceremony in southern Italy and gushed about their happiness as newlyweds.

"It's great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends," Justin and Jessica said in a joint statement.


Anyone ever get away from you, ONTD?
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Ben Whishaw: "The Hour is darker, more shocking than ever before"

Ben Whishaw has declared that viewers will be "blown away" by The Hour's "shocking and dark" second series.

The Skyfall actor reprises his role as reporter Freddie Lyon for the BBC Two drama, which delves behind the scenes of a current affairs program in the 1950s.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other journalists, Whishaw praised writer Abi Morgan for doing an "amazing job" of taking The Hour to unsettling new places.

"I'm really blown away," he admitted. "I think it reaches a really brilliant climax. It's quite shocking and quite dark. It goes into a slightly darker place, maybe than it's gone before."

On the themes that will be explored in The Hour, Whishaw continued: "There's a lot of ingredients. I suppose the main story is really about Soho and this underworld of crime, and again how that is connected to people in positions of power.

"The nuclear race is a big thing and Abi, again very cleverly, ties those two together. But in the background there's also a sort of race issue and it touches briefly on something called the Wolfenden Report, which was a report into whether homosexuality should be legalized. So there's a sexual morality theme as well."

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Emblem 3 member is dating Fifth Harmony member <3

The Sex Factor: X Factor's Lauren and Keaton are in love!

Looks like two members of Simon Cowell’s groups have started a group of their own and have started dating! vThat could be an easy answer for Emblem 3 member, Keaton Stromberg (16) and Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui (16), who are starting to fall in love!

When reporters asked Emblem 3 about their dating status at an after show press room interview Nov. 7, all the members of Emblem 3 were quick to say, “Single, we’re single. Very single!”

But their answer seems to differ from an In Touch report which says Keaton and Lauren are definitely an item.

“They’re both young, and it’s a really cute romance,” says a production insider. “Whenever they’re at the house, they are always hanging out together. [They] are getting closer and closer.”

So it seems they’re both publicly playing coy on their relationship status, but behind closed doors, things seem to be heating up — and we love it! Hopefully the relationship will blossom as the weeks continue, and The X Factor couple will fall more in love and won’t become The Ex Factor!


wow @ her amazing taste <3
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8 video games worth saving up for

This past year saw the debut of many extraordinary games — including Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Dishonored, The Walking Dead, Sleeping Dogs and Max Payne 3, to name a few — but in the immortal words of '70s rockers BTO, "baby you ain't seen nuthin' yet."

The next 12 months promise to be even hotter for video gamers, from the launch of high-profile console and PC titles (like Call of Duty: Black Ops II), the continued boom of mobile and casual games (including a new Plants vs. Zombies in the works) or more mainstream adoption of the indie hits like Minecraft.

If you're into blockbusters, however, here's just a sampling of some of the most anticipated games worth saving for (not listed in any particular order).

The Last Of Us, a brand new adventure from Naughty Dog, is due out some time in 2013.

The Last of Us

One of the most talked-about games at the 2012 E3 video game expo was Sony's The Last Of Us, a brand new adventure from Naughty Dog (of Uncharted fame). Due out some time in 2013, this PlayStation 3 exclusive takes place in the near future, after most of the Earth's population has been wiped out by a deadly viral outbreak. Mother Earth has now reclaimed the planet, growing over much of the streets and buildings. You play as a hardened middle-aged man, Joel, who vows to protect a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, from a number of threats as they make their way across the country.

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X Factor 2012 voting leak: 'Only Jahmene Douglas can beat Chris Maloney'

Jahmene Douglas and Christopher Maloney are reportedly battling out to win The X Factor 2012.

The Daily Star Sunday report today that Liverpudlian singer Chris is continuing to top the votes ahead of tonight’s latest results show.

Only Jahmene Douglas is able to challenge Chris for the top spot, the newspaper claims.

Last week the pair secured half of all the votes between them, while favourite Ella Henderson has apparently been struggling.

A source told the tabloid that Ella had only just been avoiding the bottom two so far this series by a few percentage points.

The source added to the newspaper: “If producers want to stop Chris winning – and it’s a big ‘if’ – then it’s Jahmene they will have to push over the line.

“It seems a long shot from here for any of the others.”


Justin and Jessica Timberlake help Sandy Victims with Timbaland

After having a quiet wedding in Italy and an adventurous safari honeymoon in Tanzania, Africa, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are back in the States. Newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted in the Rocakways, Queens, New York on Saturday (November 10) passing out supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy. They passed out backpacks, blankets, what looks like bedding and, of course, smiles!

Jessica was all about making the kids smile. She even posed for a picture with some tiny fans. Justin looked to be making everyone laugh. The duo handed out relief backpacks to victims of Hurricane Sandy for three and a half hours, staying until the trucks were empty.

The devastation of the couple's home city was on both Biel's and Timberlake's minds this month, even while they were on their honeymoon. "Taking in the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy…my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was affected,” tweeted Timberlake earlier this month.

Although the east coast has been going through a rough time since the "Frankenstorm" hit land, Twitter user Jessica Nortesano knows that having the celeb couple there to help brought a little much-needed joy to those in need. After snapping a photo of the pair lending their helping hands, Nortesano captioned it with a message reading, "Shout out to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for serving along side of us in Rockaway and giving the kids something to talk about besides Sandy."

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Sources: 1, 2, 3

"Homeless people-haters" and "when will he go back to music!" comments in 3..2..
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Why Food Network Alton Brown Can’t Eat Girl Scout Cookies


After losing more than 50 pounds a few years back, celebrity chef Alton Brown not only remained in the culinary industry, he became an even more frequent contributor to the Food Network. In addition to his now-defunct show "Good Eats," he signed on as host of the pro competition series "The Next Iron Chef," which starts its fifth season on November 4, and earlier this year served as a dedicated coach to contestants on the most recent installment of "Food Network Star." That means that everywhere he turns, there's food. But while Brown, 50, has kept his eating habits in check, he admits it's not easy.

"Yeah, I lost a lot of weight, I've kept most of it off, but it's still a constant, day-to-day battle for me," he tells omg!. And there are certain rules that Brown now lives by. "Never sit down to a meal really hungry, because if you sit down really hungry, by the time your brain even realizes you've eaten, you've cleared a plate twice the size of what you needed. I try to never let myself get that hungry," he shares. "You've got to learn that there's such a thing as a spoonful of ice cream. I wouldn't have believed that at one time. To me, a Ben and Jerry's carton was a single serving."

While the trained chef indulges in small portions of decadent items now and again, there are a couple of things he'll never allow himself. For one, Girl Scout cookies. "I can't have one," Brown confesses. "If you break the tube, you eat the tube." The second item? Milk. "I cook with milk, I use milk in a lot of ways, but I don't drink milk because it made me eat Girl Scout cookies."

The impetus to lose weight took place at the Food Network studios, where Brown was shooting an episode of "Good Eats." "One day I was looking at myself on the monitor and my head was out of frame, it was just my body. And for a split second I didn't know who that fat guy was," Brown recalls. "I was like 'Oh … that's me. Oh my God.' I had missed it. How do you miss something like that? How do you miss that you've let yourself go?"

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Diet/food post!
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Anne Hathaway Hosts Saturday Night Live: Best and Worst Sketches

You knew it was going to be a rough outing for Saturday Night Live when — less than a week after the Presidential Election — the cold open was wasted on an extended (and not remotely funny) riff about Mitt Romney drinking massive amounts of milk. If I’d been in host Anne Hathaway’s shoes, I’d have been looking for a much stronger beverage after slogging through a variety of sketches that proved dubious in both concept and execution.

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What did you all think? Homeland and Drunk Uncle were my favs.

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        'I'm NOT pregnant': Paz de la Huerta shoots down baby talk after red carpet appearance        

Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta has denied she is pregnant after turning heads on the red carpet with surprising new curves.
The 28-year-old actress attended at the VIP grand opening of the H&M Lincoln Road Miami Store in Miami Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

And she put on a series of poses for the cameras, seeming pleased to flaunt her rounded tummy.
When contacted by Mail Online, a spokesperson for the actress said on Thursday: 'She's not pregnant.'
Paz, who was spotted kissing a mystery guy in July, generally keeps her love life out of the spotlight and attended the fashion party alone.
Other guests at the event included former Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, Real Housewives of Miami stars Adriana DeMoura and Lisa Hochstein, Glee's Matthew Morrison and rapper Flo Rida.
Paz, well known for her wild antics, made headlines earlier this year for her bad behaviour.

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Denzel Washington Urges Actress Daughter To Be Like Viola Davis

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Denzel Washington has urged his daughter to follow Doubt star Viola Davis' path as she embarks on an acting career.

Washington's daughter Olivia is studying the craft at New York University, and he has offered her little advice - except to work hard and be multi-talented.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I say, 'You're black, you're a woman, and you're dark-skinned at that, so you have to be a triple/quadruple threat.'

"I said, 'You gotta learn how to act. You gotta learn how to dance, sing, move onstage...' I said, 'Look at Viola Davis. That's who you want to be. Forget about the little pretty girls; if you're relying on that, when you hit 40, you're out the door. You better have some chops.'

source, full THR roundtable

Renowned Poet and HIV+ Gay Activist Brandon Lacy Campos Found Dead at 35


Brandon Lacy Campos previously served as the co-executive director for the group Queers for Economic Justice. He also wrote candidly in magazines and blogs about his mixed-race heritage, his status as an HIV-positive man, and his battle with crystal methamphetamine. Campos was also a poet and saw an anthology of his work, It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt, published. Campos was also a contributor to last year's anthology, From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction.

Campos was born in Minnesota and became an activist in his teens, becoming the co-chair of the National Queer Student Coalition at age 20. Campos tested HIV-positive while just out of college, and turned his infection into a call-to-arms, writing about the disease and its effect on young gay men. The activist was also involved with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the New York organization that provides counseling and legal assistance to LGBT youth.

At present time, cause of death is undetermined and family is making service arrangements.  There is a memorial page available for comments, memories, and the like at:


Kristen Stewart On Jennifer Lawrence: 'She's So Cool'

The worlds of our favorite YA adaptations are colliding!

While promoting "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," Kristen Stewart dished to MTV News that not only have she and Jennifer Lawrence met, but they also totally hit it off. The ladies were seated together at a recent event, and we couldn't resist asking what two of the biggest names in Hollywood talked about.

"We didn't compare 'Twilight' to 'The Hunger Games,'" Kristen admitted with a laugh, though she added, "I had seen it."

So what did they chat about, if it wasn't whether Katniss or Bella would win in a fight? From the sounds of it, they just talked about normal girl things—or, as normal as you can get when you're one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

"We talked about... stuff," Kristen hedged. "She's so cool. I was a lot younger than her when I first sort of entered this world of franchise land, and I don't know, I guess we sort of both went, 'Wow, this is so weird.' We were actually sat in a corner with Emma Watson as well, the three of us. We were like, 'Wow, this is strange. This is really cool.'"

She continued, "I think people assume that actresses don't want to [be friends]. It was kind of a great feeling, to be honest. I was like, 'This is kind of just awesome.'"

There was one question Kristen wouldn't answer, though: Whether or not the three stars now have a secret handshake. We're going to take that as a yes, so keep an eye out for it at future Hollywood events.

video won't embed, so watch it at the source

Armstrong tweets shameless picture

Now THIS is a finely-honed troll move. Over the weekend, the above photo showed up in Lance Armstrong's Twitter feed, accompanied by the message "Back in Austin and just layin' around ... "

Armstrong is, of course, reclining oh-so-casually in front of the seven Tour de France jerseys he won. Those jerseys represent the seven Tour de France victories that the International Cycling Union stripped from him following the investigation and documentation of what the United States Anti-Doping Agency called "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen." Armstrong was also served with a lifetime ban from cycling events overseen by the USADA, and his 2000 Olympic bronze medal is now under investigation.

Now, obviously the UCI wasn't going to come into Armstrong's house and yank the jerseys off his walls. (The International Olympic Committee could be a different story. They have ordered disgraced medalists to surrender their medals in the past.) But even though Armstrong has removed the Tour de France victories from his Twitter profile, he's clearly not relinquishing the titles in the public eye.

Not exactly the most humble move, but then, not much that Armstrong does could ever be considered "humble." Clearly, there are more jabs yet to be thrown in this fight.


Recovery came out in 2010, really?

Eminem Reveals 2013 Album Is Coming With A Tip Of The 'Hat'


The Detroit Tigers may have been swept out of baseball's World Series by the San Francisco Giants, but the D still has plenty to celebrate now that there are signs that their native son Eminem will be dropping his eighth solo album next year.

Over the weekend2 weeks ago, Eminem's official online store debuted a Marshall Mathers baseball cap styled like the famous blue-and-white hat the Tigers wear. Instead of the iconic D, the new Slim Shady-inspired headwear features a backwards E and an inscription with the years Em dropped each of his solo albums on the side panel. "Side panel is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation," reads the description on the site.

The 1996 inscription commemorates the release of indie debut Infinite while 2010 marks the drop of Marshall's last LP Recovery, but fanatics with a keen eye noticed the 2013 entry that points to a new album for next year — even though his label has not confirmed a date.

In August, while out promoting Slaughterhouse's Shady Records debut, Em confirmed to MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway that he was once again in album mode. "I've actually kinda just started. I've been on the move a little bit too, so I've in between things, sneak songs in here and there," Em said during a radio interview flanked by Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5'9" and Crooked I.


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Lauren Conrad goes shopping, Dog-Shames her new puppy

Lauren Conrad went shopping at Urban Outfitters in West LA on a rainy Thursday November 8th. and looks appropriately embarrassed to be caught doing so. Urban Outfitters clothing selection has gone to the shitter in the last year or so.

Anyhoo she’s wearing booties are from her LC Kohl’s line making her one of the few celebs who actually wears the stuff they foist on the masses. Does J-Lo ever actually wear her Kohl’s line?

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It’s been a couple of weeks since lil Fitz Conrad won the puppy lotto and got adopted from a shelter by Lauren. Now, owing to his ridiculous level of cuteness he’s an Instagram sensation. Fitz just got his first taste of dog-shaming.

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Interesting tidbit from Lauren about Fitz:
Since I don’t know exactly what Fitz’s breed is, it will be a surprise to see how big he grows. I was told he will be 30 pounds max, but we will see about that. When I got Chloe, the pound said she would be 40 pounds max…and now she is pushing 70!

Sorry Lauren but those paws look big to me. Big paws on a pup usually mean it's going to be a big dog.

Lauren’s instagram
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Katie Holmes vs. Blake Lively: Who wore the Old Navy Rock Star jeans best?

Celebrities are known for shelling out a lot for their wardrobes, and expecting the same from the rest of us! Remember Gwyneth Paltrow's $90 T-shirt, or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's $34,000 backpack for The Row? So it's refreshing when we see someone rocking a look that the rest of us can actually afford to buy; not in some similar, yet cheaper version, but exactly the same piece of clothing that we can find at the mall today. This kind of sensible and budget-friendly style moment happened not once, but twice recently when chic actresses Katie Holmes and Blake Lively both stepped out in the same pair of skinny jeans in different colors from none other than Old Navy. The chain store's Rockstar jeans retail for just $34.50 or less, so you could almost buy three pairs for the price of one of Paltrow's T-shirts! Fashion lovers are the real winners here, but just for kicks, it's time for us to decide ... who wore it best?!

Holmes, 33, wore the body-hugging bottoms in an orangey-red with a silky ivory blouse, a classy oversized handbag, and kitten heels as she left a meeting in NYC in September. The newly single Holmes, whose divorce with Tom Cruise was final in August, has just returned to Broadway in the comedy "Dead Accounts," and continues to co-design the fashion line Holmes & Yang.

Lively, 25, is currently starring on the final season of the fashionable CW soap "Gossip Girl," and in the life of her husband of two months, Mr. Ryan Reynolds. Perhaps you've heard of him? Lively, who's also the muse of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, donned her Rockstars in forest green with a short-sleeved sweater, a chain bag, towering heels, and a fedora while on her way to the NYC set of her show, also in September.

The new Mrs. Reynolds is better known for her high-fashion moments, and here again she appears effortlessly cool in her skinnies. However, Holmes makes this one a close call, looking so put together and polished! But since I'm forced to choose, I say that Lively is the winner here, for making it look as if it's so simple to be so stylish! Do you agree?


2 Stills of Michael Cera (yeah I went there) in 'Magic, Magic'




Poll #1878287 poll name

Poll?! Yes.

Admit it you thought that said 'Magic Mike'
Oh this guy.
He plays the same guy in every role.
Emily Browning is in this too why no good pics of her?
Prince Hamdan
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A star is born!!!

Deport Justin Bieber and that horse face Cody Simpson!!
Move over Austin Mahone and Ark music factory!! Lock up Willow Smith, no seriously lock her up
There is a new star and he will rescue us from the 2012 apocalypse 
Fresh out of the Netherlands I give you Lil Blade


Noah Cyrus Could Be Following In Big Sister Miley’s Footsteps

Noah Cyrus has the pedigree of a star, and it appears that the 9-year-old may be following in her big sister Miley’s footsteps to become a young actress.

The youngest member of the Cyrus family has made a number of television appearances, but always on a family member’s show. She was on her father’s series, Doc, a number of times and also appeared alongside Miley on Hannah Montana. But she later voiced the lead of the animated movie, Ponyo, and earlier this year Noah Cyrus made her own appearance on The Joey & Elise Show.

It was at the same age that Miley Cyrus made her entry into acting. She was eight when her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, moved to Toronto to work on the television series Doc. After Miley watched her father, she was inspired to get into acting, a feeling that was solidified when he took Miley to see a production of Momma Mia! in 2001.

Noah Cyrus would have had the same experience, tagging along as her older sister filmed the show Hannah Montana and worked in the recording industry.

It’s clear that Noah Cyrus and Miley have been spending a lot of time together, so it’s possible that Miley is serving as a mentor to her sister’s ambitions. The two were seen in matching ghost photographs earlier this year, Ace Show Biz reported.

Noah Cyrus is also gaining more connections in the entertainment world — or at least meeting some of her girlhood idols. Last month Katy Perry helped Noah meet One Direction at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Sugarscape reported. Earlier in the year Miley flew Noah to New York to meet Justin Bieber on the set of Good Morning America, The Celebrity Cafe notes.

alice glass

Crystal Castles talks about their new album, the oppression of women in the world and burkas

Alice Glass and Ethan Kath on their new album's themes of oppression, and why their beyond-dire outlook is based on much more than a goth-tinted hallucination.
By Ryan Dombal, November 8, 2012

Photos by Erez Avissar

When most think of Crystal Castles, they think of the Canadian duo's riotous, strobe-strewn live shows, or frontwoman Alice Glass' manic yelps, or producer Ethan Kath's paranoid synth static. They don't think of the words coming out of Glass' mouth-- probably because nearly all of them are distorted beyond recognition. But they're there. And they're important to Crystal Castles.

On new album (III)-- which you can listen to in full below, via Spotify-- Glass' lyrics attack various forms of oppression: religious, societal, governmental.
Her overall outlook, as you might guess from her dying-animal delivery, is quite bleak. On "Insulin", between claustrophobic bass hits, she cries: "Your first born will be accosted/ Fill their lungs with tar and sage/ Make the stem cells act their age." Her message is unrelenting as it depicts a dystopia filled with disease, hypocrisy, and bride burnings-- it makes The Matrix look like "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". And, as Glass explained to us over email, her words are even scarier because they're all based on real-life injustices happening right now around the world.

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I pretty much bolded everything. This is a great interview whether you like the band or not. What are your favorite songs from (III).