November 10th, 2012

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Lucasfilm Confirms Michael Arndt to Write 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

A day after THR reported that Michael Arndt has been working with Lucasfilm for several months on a treatment for the new Star Wars movie, Lucasfilm has confirmed that the Toy Story 3 scribe will write the screenplay for Episode VII.

Arndt had written a 40- to 50-page treatment that will bring the saga of the Skywalkers, the Force-imbued family comprising Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and twins Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, to a close in a new trilogy. The story is said to focus on a new generation of heroes and would feature appearances by Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in older incarnations of their beloved characters from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Sources have said not to discount the possibility that a number of characters from previous Star Wars films could reappear — even the dead Jedis, who have a habit of showing up in spirit form.

The next step for Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy, who is overseeing the production of the new movies for Disney, is to hire a director. One name popping up consistently amongst insiders is Brad Bird, though insiders say no choice has been made and Bird already is working on another top-secret sci-fi project for the studio.

Arndt, repped by Verve, is described as a huge Star Wars fan and well-versed in the lore of the mythology. He won an Oscar for his script for Little Miss Sunshine and was nominated for his work on Toy Story 3, helping make the Pixar movie the most emotional of the three. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

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TV Ratings - X Factor, Voice, Scandal, Elementary, Glee, Beauty & the Beast, Vampires, Parks & more

Aired Thursday:

Grey's Anatomy
Last Resort
Person of Interest
The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
The Office
Beauty and the Beast
Parks and Recreation
Vampire Diaries
Rock Center with Brian Williams
The X Factor
The Voice

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Peter Brant II, Entitled Little Shit, Responds To Obama’s Win By Joking About Assassinating Him

I am not normally one for exercises of state power. However, I feel it might be warranted for the FBI to bust down the door to this kid’s mansion and teach him a valuable lesson in manners.

Peter Brant II, one half of an entity known as “The Brant Brothers,” had a rather predictable response to Obama’s win, for a 1%-er: he wasn’t happy about it. (For those who don’t know who The Brant Brothers are, I envy you. But if you insist on finding out, they’re the foppish, decadent-late-capitalist, teenage sons of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant I, and are famous primarily because the media fucking hates you.)

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For those wondering who this is, he is the kid of supermodel Stephanie Seymour (of November Rain fame). You may recall him from this questionable photoset posted in ontd last year. Him and his brother also had a really embarrassing spread celebrating them for presumably doing not much more than falling out of a rich vagina. And he is just as much of a privileged shithead as one would expect.
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KStew not a fan of PDA with boyfriends, witnesses watch her reject RPattz multiple times

All eyes the other night were on Robert Pattinson, who couldn’t keep his hands off his little trampire. Stewart, however, was so noticeably self-conscious about the PDA that it became dinner theater.

“Maybe she’s just not that into you R-Pattz." one onlooker joked to his table mates as they all marveled over Stewart’s evasiveness. The few diners there agreed that Stewart who famously cheated on her boyfriend of roughly four years last summer didn’t reciprocate.

“Move on!” said one spy, who suggested Pattinson should be more like Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s well known for loving and leaving lingerie models.

Joined by Sienna Miller, nightlife impresario Nur Khan and Lindsay Lohan’s BFF Gavin Doyle, the starstruck couple arrived separately to a dinner party at Graydon Carter’s Beatrice Inn.

R-Pattz popped in around 10 p.m. He was nursing a beer and chatting with pals when a casually dressed Stewart, who’d stopped off to change out of the A.L.C. leather dress she’d worn to a midtown screening of “On the Road,” arrived half an hour later.

Immediately, diners at a nearby table felt a chill in the air. “She just took his hand off her butt!” exclaimed one nearby diner as Stewart held Pattinson’s paw, seemingly to stop it from roaming. Later, Stewart sheepishly turned her head when he moved in for a smooch.

According to a spy, Stewart said: “Don’t kiss me.”

Despite their chemistry — or lack thereof — Stewart and Pattinson headed uptown to Khan’s club The Electric Room after finishing dinner around 1 a.m.

On Wednesday, Stewart appeared on “Today” to promote “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” in which she stars with Pattinson.

When host Savannah Guthrie asked Stewart about their relationship, the elusive actress said: “I’m going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are ... keep ’em guessing, I always say.”

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CW's hit show Beauty & the Beast gets full season order

Last night, Beauty And The Beast scored a 0.7, up a tenth from last week's 0.6 rating.

Arrow also got an order - will Emily Owens be next?

Beauty And The Beast just got a back nine order from the CW, making it the second of three freshmen series to get a full season from the network (Arrow was the first).

Season to date, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is averaging 2.4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among women 18-34, and a 0.9 rating among adults 18-34, in most current Nielsen data.

Beauty And The Beast stars Kristin Kreuk (“Smallville,” “CHUCK”) as Catherine, Jay Ryan (“Terra Nova”) as Vincent, Max Brown (“The Tudors,” “MI-5”) as Evan, Nina Lisandrello (“Nurse Jackie”) as Tess, Nicole Gale Anderson (“Make It or Break It”) as Heather, Austin Basis (“Life Unexpected”) as J.T., and Brian White (“The Shield,” “The Cabin in the Woods”) as Joe.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Take 5 Productions/Whizbang Films with executive producers Sherri Cooper (“Brothers and Sisters”) & Jennifer Levin (“Without A Trace,” “Felicity”), Brian Peterson (“Smallville”) & Kelly Souders (“Smallville”), Gary Fleder (“Life Unexpected,” “October Road”), Bill Haber (“Rizzoli & Isles,” “Thurgood”), Paul J. Witt (“A Better Life”) & Tony Thomas (“A Better Life”), Ron Koslow (“Moonlight”), Frank Siracusa (“The Yard”) and John Weber ("Borgias").



Sotheby's to sell Mick Jagger's love letters


 Handwritten letters from Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to his former loverMarsha Hunt will be auctioned in London next month.

Hunt is an American-born singer who was the inspiration for the Stones' 1971 hit "Brown Sugar" and bore Jagger's first child.

Sotheby's says she has tasked the auction house with selling 10 letters written from the set of Jagger's film "Ned Kelly," which was shooting in Australia.

Sotheby's says the "passionate and articulate" letters sent in the summer of 1969 show a "poetic and self-aware" 25-year-old Jagger.

The auction house said Saturday that the collection, which includes song lyrics and a Rolling Stones playlist, is expected to fetch between 70,000 and 100,000 pounds ($111,300 and $159,000) and will go under the hammer on December 12.


Would you sell lover letters from an ex?

Mark and Lexie; Domestic

Halle Berry Prevented From Moving Daughter to France By Courts


A court has ruled that Halle Berry cannot move to France with her daughter on a permanent basis.

The actress, who is currently fighting with 4-year-old Nahla's father Gabriel Aubry over custody arrangements, was told yesterday (November 9) that she will not be allowed to involve her child in plans to relocate to Paris to live with fiancé Olivier Martinez.

According to TMZ, Berry had argued that the large paparazzi presence in LA made California too dangerous a place to bring up her daughter.

The Cloud Atlas star claimed that a life in France would be safer for all those involved and insisted that she never intended to block Aubry's access to his child.

However, the judge rejected her pleas and ruled in favor of the French-Canadian male model.

Last week, Berry told The Wendy Williams Show that her daughter is keen to have a baby sister.

"She's asking me every day," Berry said. "Every night we do our prayers - we pray to God, so sweet - and she says, 'God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister'."

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Casting Call: Jane (Tarzan)

It’s recently been announced that director David Yates will adapt a big screen version of Tarzan with Warner Bros. Rumors are putting Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam, and Alexander Skarsgård as possibles for the lead but no word yet on who could be playing Jane. Below are some British beauties I’d like to see get the part of Jane in a live-action Tarzan film.
10. poots
Imogen Poots is the blue-eyed damsel from the Fright Night remake with plenty of credit under her belt. She’s been rumored for many important American roles lately and I think this is another one she’d be great for.
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Miley Cyrus Does It Again; “Two and a Half Men” Ratings Perk Up + Talking with CNN About New Album

Ratings can be a fickle game, and it was therefore hard to be certain Miley Cyrus was the true driver of “Two and a Half Men”‘s season high ratings for her first guest appearance.

That argument is now significantly easier to make; ratings again spiked for her appearance this week.

“Men” rose to a 4.0 adults 18-49 rating with 14.1 million viewers, easily winning its timeslot and building on last week’s performance.

While its CBS lead-in “The Big Bang Theory” was again strong, it actually dipped in the demo this week, averaging a 5.0 and 16.5 million viewers compared to last Thursday’s 5.1 and 15.7 million. That further supports the notion that Cyrus is spiking the ratings by a few tenths.


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Mila and Ashton go on sushi date; Ashton lends hand to Hurricane Sandy victims

He lost a lot of female fans after cheating on his wife Demi Moore, who celebrates her 50th birthday on Sunday.

But Ashton Kutcher may have won back a few admirers after he was spotted holding his car door open for his latest squeeze Mila Kunis in Los Angeles on Friday (11/9).

The healthy eating pair seemed to have had a riveting time together, as they both appeared to be in a jolly mood after a meal.Perhaps the pair were talking shop as Black Swan actress Mila prepares to try her hand in a more development oriented role. For it was recently announced that she will be an executive producer on the upcoming drama Meridian Hills, which is about the women's liberation movement.

In other business news, Airbnb (one of Ashton's many investment companies) is dedicated to help those displaced by Hurricane Sandy to find free temporary housing. Airbnb is a fast-growing site that allows users to rent out part or all of their homes. Renters usually pay for the rooms, but in the Donated Sandy Housing program that launched Wednesday (Nov 6), hosts are offering up their homes at no cost.

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The President and Michelle Obama: The Story Behind the Most-Liked Photo of All Time

It was an intimate snapshot of a sweet celebration: Minutes after the networks called the 2012 presidential election for Barack Obama on Tuesday night, the Obama for America campaign posted a picture of him hugging his wife along with a simple message: "Four more years." Within minutes, it became the most popular post in the history of Twitter and the most-liked image in the history of Facebook, shared more than 804,000 times, marked as a favorite by more than 289,500 Twitter users, and "liked" by more than 3.2 million Facebook friends.

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Limited Brands/Victoria's Secret Spokesperson Offers Apology To Offended Individuals

Native Appropriations just received the following apology from Tammy Robert Myers, a spokesperson for Limited Brands:

"We are sorry that the Native American headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals. (AKA we're sorry you got offended). We sincerely apologize as we absolutely had no intention to offend anyone. Out of respect, we will not be including the outfit in any broadcast, marketing materials nor in any other way."
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What Were They Thinking?

Mischa Barton turned heads earlier this week upon arriving at Australia's Melbourne Cup horse race in yet another one of her eccentric ensembles. The former "O.C." star -- who nowadays lands an occasional supporting role in straight-to-DVD duds -- sought attention (received by the confused man in the background) by pairing an unflattering, layered frock with a mismatched headpiece fit for a royal ... not a D-lister.

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Game To Walk Down Aisle In 'Marrying The Game' Reality Show

The premiere of rapper Game's upcoming reality show, "Marrying The Game", is almost here. So, VH1 offers a little peek into what fans should expect, via the debut trailer.

The show follows the unlikely love story of a Compton kid-turned-gangster rapper meeting and falling in love with his straight-laced school teacher/fiancée Tiffney Cambridge. The preview shows Game's family life, where he interacts with his kids and his time around the house, as well as his love for Tiffney. But, there's some struggles as well. We see marriage counseling, fighting, and Game running off to France.

"Marrying The Game" premieres November 19 at 9:30 p.m. EST. For more info, visit

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OH MY GOD. WHERE DID HE GO? This is almost as bad as Bale for the Machinist.

Matthew McConaughey Looks More Skeletal Than Ever



On Friday Nov. 9, the Magic Mike actor, 42, turned up at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight to New Orleans -- looking completely transformed from his usual lean-but-muscular self.

Walking through airport security, McConaughey (sporting an 80-style mustache and shaggy hair) looked downright skeletal in a blue long-sleeved shirt tucked into baggy jeans.

The actor has shed his usually muscular body for a new film role in The Dallas Buyer's Club, which tells the real-life story of Ron Woodruff, a drug addict in 198s-era Texas who contracts HIV. Woodruff became one of the first AIDS activists and launched one of the first AIDS support groups.

In August, McConaughey told Us Weekly he was eating "small amounts" of high-protein, low-carb good to lose weight for the role. "I'll get down to the weight I need to get to," he said. "I'm on my way, and it's what I need to do for the job."

"I'm playing a guy who was sick and would have loved to have been healthier but wasn't," McConaughey explained. "For me, it's more of a mental thing than a physical thing."


Justin Bieber’s Ill-Timed Interview About Selena + First Look: Justin Bieber on Oprah's Next Chapter

Justin Bieber is likely regretting fawning over Selena Gomez in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to air on "Oprah's Next Chapter" Sunday, November 25, days after Thanksgiving.

On Friday, E! reported that Bieber and Gomez ended their two-year romance; additional media outlets have since confirmed the split. Reports claim that the couple's grueling schedules are to blame for the break up. "Selena broke up with Justin about a week ago. It's been a really challenging experience over the last year because of their crazy schedules," one insider told Us Weekly. A rep for Bieber has not yet responded to Yahoo! Music's request for comment.

In a preview of the interview (which was conducted just a few weeks ago), Bieber gushes about Gomez and goes on to say how proud he is to be her boyfriend.
"I never make her separate from me [because] I don't want her to ever feel like I'm ashamed of her," Bieber told Winfrey. "I feel like a lot of guys do that, especially in the business. They don't want to be seen with the girl, so they'll make them ride in separate cars and do all that getaway stuff. ... We get away, we're getting away together."

Those quotes are just the ones that have been released - expect even more when the TV special airs. After all, Winfrey has called the interview the most in-depth chat the singer has ever done.

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Rihanna at NY Daily News’ Hurricane Sandy relief effort

Rihanna wowed her fans Friday by turning up at a Manhattan club where hundreds were grooving to her new album — and delivering supplies to the Daily News hurricane relief drive.

“Rihanna! Rihanna!” the fans began chanting when the sultry siren suddenly arrived at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in Chelsea.

“I’m so excited,” Rihanna told a reporter from The News as she embraced fans and shook hands. “I didn’t know all these people were coming, but it’s all for a good cause.”

Stunned Rihanna fan Darylin Rae Payton said, “She gave me a hug.” “My friends lost houses,” said Payton, 20, of Jamaica, Queens. “I like that she took time to do this. It wasn’t even just her. She got everyone in here to give back.”

Rihanna rocked her fans’ world after she sent out a Mayday message urging them to bring “tools to move forward from this terrible tragedy” with them to her listening party at the W. 25th St. club.

“Hurricane Sandy has deeply affected the lives of millions all across the Eastern Seaboard,” RiRi wrote in an email to The News. “Many are still without power, heat, and the basic supplies necessary to rebuild in the aftermath of such a horrific event.”

Rihanna, who has already pledged 1,000 new sleeping bags to The News’ ongoing storm relief drive, added: “Now is the time for us to come together and do whatever we can to aid those in need.
” That message was received loud and clear as Rihanna fans flocked to the club with supplies in their hands.

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X Factor winners Little Mix let rip at phoney Christopher Maloney


LET’S be honest – only two X Factor singers this year have even half a chance of pop success.

ELLA HENDERSON and JAMES ARTHUR both combine some reasonable vocal talent with enough originality to have a sniff of a record deal.

Don’t give me any of your JAHMENE jive. The boy is afraid of his own shadow — and that brings back images of LEON JACKSON.

As for CHRISTOPHER MALONEY even a girlband like LITTLE MIX can see he’s not cut out for anything more than the club circuit.

JESY from the group, who won last year’s X Factor, even offered her sympathies to his mentor, GARY BARLOW.
She said: “Poor Gary, clinging on to Ma-phoney. We’re not fans.

“I don’t really get it and I don’t know who is going to buy his music. I guess ‘each to their own’. But I can’t see that he’s going to become a pop star.”

And her bandmate JADE vowed: “I’ll eat my hat if he goes the whole way.”
Tonight, Gary defended his act and said: "He's not been in the bottom two so he must be receiving a lot of votes. He can sell records."

Little Mix are set to give their new single, DNA, a massive boost by performing it on the show tonight — as long as everything goes smoothly.

But PERRIE said: “I am going to puke on stage.

“I am genuinely really worried about it. I am petrified. Really petrified.”

It’s no wonder show bosses drafted in Little Mix and ONE DIRECTION, who appeared in a pre-recorded segment last night.

This year has been a bit of a lame duck. Ratings are down and the non-stop deadlock politics between the judges have spoiled the show.

I liked JADE ELLIS, while KYE SONES has clearly got talent. But beyond that, the line-up has been average.

I’ve also enjoyed NICOLE SCHERZINGER and Gary as judges. But that’s not what the show should be about.

I wasn’t a massive fan either of LUCY SPRAGGAN — but there was a glimmer of hope with what she managed to do this year.
Lucy coined about £50,000 by playing her own song on the show, which earned her a decent slice of cash from downloads on iTunes.

The only way Chris will make that kind of money is if he heads back to the cruise ships.

Tom Hardy - eyebrow

Tom Hardy is being eyed for the lead in Animal Rescue

Now this is an interesting looking project. Start with a novel by Dennis Lehane, whose work has inspired ‘Shutter Island,’ ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone.’ Put Michael Roskam, the Oscar-nominated director of the incredible ‘Bullhead,’ in the director’s seat. Finally, headline it with Tom Hardy, easily one of the most interesting and talented actors working today. Yep, that’s all you need to get us interested in ‘Animal Rescue.’

The project was originally in the hands of Neil Burger, but he stepped away to pursue other endeavors. The current line-up of talent is not a sure thing yet, but according to Variety, gears are turning. With luck, we could be getting a Roskam-directed, Boston-based crime drama starring Hardy, which sounds incredible. Hardy is a born leading man (and he’s had one helluva year with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Lawless’) and Roskam’s ‘Bullhead’ is one of the most unique and audacious crime films in recent memory. This is a dream team.

As for the film itself, the story “…follows a lonely Boston bartender who rescues a puppy from a garbage can and becomes the target of the dog’s abusive and mentally unstable former owner, while simultaneously getting caught in the middle of a criminal conspiracy playing out in his mob-controlled bar.”

Of course, things could always change. Both Roskam and Hardy are in high demand, with the former planning to direct ‘The Tiger’ and an HBO pilot called ‘Buda Bridge’ and the latter signed on for a series of other projects, including Doug Liman’s ‘Everest.’ Still, we can only hope this all comes together — everything about this one feels right.


Hardy doing a Boston accent. Laawd.
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Lauren Conrad says her hair takes 7 hours to do, plus pictures of her office

What are some of your favorite local hangouts?

I love my salon. My hairstylist Kristin Ess opened up her own little studio. It’s fun. She’s fantastic, is a close friend, and is thankfully very flexible with my schedule. I’ll be working all week, and I’ll come in at like 7 at night. My hair takes seven hours, so sometimes we’ll order take out and drink champagne. We also like to fool around a bit, so it probably takes a lot longer than it should!

Wait, seven hours?! Explain please!

Well, I usually wear extensions!

Rest of the interview is at the source, but it's pretty boring TBH.

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'Chicago Fire' Gets Full Season 1 On NBC

"Chicago Fire" has gotten a full Season 1 from NBC.

"We all love this thrilling new drama with its sexy breakout cast. We are excited to see it gaining traction on our schedule," Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. “Executive producer Dick Wolf and all the producers have done an amazing job developing a high-stakes series with lots of great heroic characters whose exploits are depicted in Dick’s typically epic storytelling style. We are incredibly invested in this one and can’t wait to hear about their plans for the rest of the season."

According to NBC, "Chicago Fire" has been averaging a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8 million viewers overall. The show hails from executive producer Dick Wolf and creators Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.


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Which 'Twilight' Fanfic Should Land A Publishing Deal Next?

As the big-screen iteration of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" draws to an end, it seems the fanfic her series inspired is about to enjoy its own moment in the sun.

To wit, E L James' erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey," and its sequels have already sold more than 60 million copies worldwide, with a film version in the works. And, just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that another Twific "The Office" (retitled "Beautiful Bastard") will be making its way to bookstore shelves soon. Indeed, it's a good time to be a fan-fiction writer. All of which got us wondering which other "Twilight" takeoffs are worthy of prime placement at Barnes & Noble. We reached out to several in-the-know fanfic enthusiasts to get their opinions.

Check out their reading lists after the jump, and sound off with your own suggestions in the comments!

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LOL ONTD which fanfic - twilight or otherwise - do you think should be the next big publishing hit?
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SNL Post: Anne Hathaway

Quick Gifs & Caps:
Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

Live Links:
(Or go to and look for NBC)

Here is the rundown for the season so far.
Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5

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