October 14th, 2012

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Susan Sarandon was almost molested

The actress confided to Elle magazine about a 'disgusting,' casting-couch experience that happened in her younger years. 'It was not successful – for either of us,' Sarandon explained, when asked if she had ever had a casting-couch experience.

'I just went into a room, and a guy practically threw me on the desk. It was my early days in New York, and it was really disgusting. It wasn’t like I gave it a second though, it was so badly done.'

She does not give any details of which audition she was assaulted at. Sarandon had her first audition at 23 when she went to a casting call for the motion picture Joe, landing a major co-starring role in the film, which was released in 1970.

The actress went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the 1995 film Dead Man Walking.


love her so much :(

The real reasons behind Ann Curry's 'Today' dismissal

Former Today anchor Ann Curry claimed she was fired over wanting to wear flat shoes and her gray hair, and producers compared her multi-colored style to Toucan Sam.

Ann Curry has suggested that she was fired by NBC because she has gray hair, wore clothes that were too frumpy and hated wearing high heels.

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Roseanne Barr is a Presidential Nominee, like for reals.

Roseanne Barr for president, Peace and Freedom party

Roseanne Barr will be one of the candidates on the presidential ballot in Florida in the November 6 election.

The outspoken entertainer represents the Peace and Freedom party and will be running against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Barr’s running mate is Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist whose son was killed in the Iraq war in 2004. The party platform will be for legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage.
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Former Pothead Brad Pitt Slams 'War On Drugs'


Brad Pitt is openly slamming the federal government’s so-called War on Drugs. 

It's been "an incredible failure," The Fight Club star told The Huffington Post.

Pitt, who is the executive producer of the new documentary The House I Live In - focusing on President Richard Nixon’s 1972 “war on drug abuse” plan - confessed: “My drug days are long since passed but it's certainly true that I could probably land in any city in any state and get you whatever you wanted. I could find anything you were looking for. Give me 24 hours or so, and yet we still support this charade called the drug war."

Pitt openly discussed his days of "smoking way too much dope" earlier this year, so he feels he has a certain expertise when it comes to the government's battle against drug use.

“We have spent a trillion dollars," he said. "It's lasted for over 40 years. A lot of people have lost their lives for it. And yet we still talk about it like it's this success.”

The actor/producer, engaged to and dad to six kids with Angelina Jolie - who also with a colorful past with narcotics - was frank too on his opinion that drugs should be legalized.

"The only way to end the war on drugs is to take the profit out of it…we have to look at the what-if-everything-was-legal and people were allowed to make their own choices," he said.

Pitt introduced the harrowing docu, directed by Eugene Jarecki, at its premiere Friday night in Los Angeles.

Marlon - Eh
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Mick Jagger's daugher in sexy nude "Dead Fish" photoshoot with mom

Elizabeth Jagger straddles a dead tuna & strips nude with her mother in a steamy high-fashion seafood photoshoot.

Tuna may well be endangered.

But it seems there is no shortage of models willing to get naked with a fish.

Like her model mother Jerry Hall, the 28-year-old showed no inhibitions as she straddled a yellowfin tuna in the nude.

As the eldest daughter of hellraising rocker Mick Jagger and former cover girl Miss Hall, the brunette has embraced a rock’n’roll lifestyle.

Campaigners Fishlove, behind these snaps, say all marine life will effectively disappear from our oceans by the middle of this century if nothing is done.

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LIVE: Red Bull Stratos Jump ..UPDATE: HE DID IT

A live steam as Felix Baumgartner is making his ascent to 23 miles above the Earth to make a death-defying free fall

Description thanks to xliquidskiesx

For everyone who hasn't heard about it: What is the mission/What is Project Red Bull Stratos?
from their site:

Red Bull Stratos, a mission to the edge of space, will attempt to transcend human limits that have existed for 50 years. Supported by a team of experts Felix Baumgartner plans to ascend to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump rushing toward earth at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground.

from Forbes:
Red Bull Stratos, a project five years in the making, will finally try to take flight today. Skydiver Felix Baumgartner will fall from near-space about 23 miles above the Earth’s surface, breaking the speed of sound in the process. He will be the first free-falling human to break the sound barrier. Baumgartner will also collect three other world records: highest manned balloon flight, highest altitude jump (both will be 120,000 feet) and longest time in free fall (about five-and-a-half minutes)

Twitter updateshttps://twitter.com/RedBullStratos

Stream 1: http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/
Stream 2http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/9607604/Skydiver-Felix-Baumgartner-attempts-to-break-sound-barrier-live.html
Stream 3http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/skydiver-attempts-record-breaking-free-fall-article-1.1183115?localLinksEnabled=false 
Stream 4http://freetvall.com/video/3WUHOO41DKS2/Discovery-Channel
On TV: Discovery channel
Elementary: Animated


Victoria Coren's recent article:

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Outrage doesn't even begin to cover my reaction to the idea of Lucy Liu playing Watson.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a feminist. I'm as excited as the next man when it comes to the breaking of glass ceilings, the challenging of male domination, women on the football pitch and in the boardroom and on the moon. I play poker! I'm all for sneaking into the boys' club.

But there is nothing, literally nothing in the world, that I want to watch less than Lucy Liu as Doctor Watson. I'd sooner see Jeremy Clarkson play Hamlet.

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I am so fucking angry right now, I can't even write a comment on this.

10 Tension-Filled Scenes from Horror Movies

(From House of Geekery) These clearly aren't the only tension-filled scenes from horror movies and they’re not even necessarily the best ones. They’re just 10 scenes that stand out to me and that I love so I wanted to share them with you. Spoilers for all of these movies, obviously

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I couldn't get the videos to embed right without the lj cut messing up. I must have tried for an hour. Sorry guys.
But.....creepy post?!

Muhdonna blink

Lilo Sitting Down for One-on-One Interview w/ Bawbwa Gualters

The Freaky Friday star will continue her chatty streak (following her appearance on TMZ Live this week) and will sit down for a one-on-one interview with the legendary Barbara Walters ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has been close to Walters for years and that Barbara reached out to her about doing an interview when it was announced she'd playing Liz Taylor in the upcoming "Liz & Dick" biopic.

We're told LiLo has been hesitant about sit-down interviews because she fears being asked questions she's not prepared for. But our sources say Lindsay trusts Barbara not to take things too far.

According to our sources, Lindsay and Barbara will sit down sometime in the next few weeks. We're told the interview will focus on the parallels between the lives of Lindsay and Liz Taylor -- things like child stardom, a rough childhood, living life in the public, and also dealing with addiction.

Our sources say the plan is for the interview to air next month to coincide with the premiere of "Liz & Dick."


babs needs to go hard on her lbr. get dat delusion out of her.
BBC: Hot Damn

CUMBERBATCH TODAY: Participated in Charity Bike Ride

Benedict Cumberbatch (along with team mate Adam Ackland) was among 3000 cyclists saddling up for The Prince’s Trust Palace to Palace bike ride (supported by Saudi Aramco) today.

The 45 mile ride from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle raises vital funds for the youth charity’s work with disadvantaged young people. Every year the sell out event sees participants collectively cycle 135,000 miles between the Royal Palaces.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust has so far raised an astonishing £23,778 from fans around the world and friends for The Prince’s Trust for this year’s event.

Benedict commenting on his participation in the event said:

“I don’t get the opportunity to cycle much so it was fantastic to take part on such a beautiful route through London. It’s not easy cycling 45 miles but it’s worth it for such an important cause and everyone has had a great time.

The Prince’s Trust is a charity which I am passionate about helping. Young people are our future and with so many struggling to find work in the UK, I feel it’s vital we do everything we can to make sure all young people have the opportunities to succeed.”

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SRC About the Bike Ride

Russell Crowe splits from Aussie singer Danielle Spencer


Insiders blamed the Gladiator star’s hellish workload on their nine-year union ending.

The couple are said to have walked away on ‘friendly terms’ after becoming the latest big Hollywood couple to lose their way this year.

Spencer is said to be looking after their two boys, Charles and Tennyson, aged eight and six, while Crowe shoots his biblical epic Noah.

The move came after the 48-year-old struggled to be at home in Oz this year after working on six films: Man With The Iron Fists, Les Miserables,‘Broken City, Man of Steel, Noah and Winter’s Tale.

Two years ago, Crowe hinted he would walk away from Hollywood completely in a bid to put more time in with the family. At the time the gruff star explained: ‘I want to take a step back and put a normal rhythm back into the kids’ lives. I don’t want to get on a plane again this year.’

The pair tied the knot in a purpose-built chapel at Crowe’s farm in New South Wales in 2003.

Russell admitted he first set eyes on the 43-year-old blonde 22 years ago on the set of The Crossing.
He decided to pursue her after his romance in 2000 with Proof of Life co-star, Meg Ryan, flopped.
The Oscar winner is worth an estimated £40million but it's unknown if the couple signed a pre-nup.
The break-up puts them on this year’s scrapheap of big Hollywood couples that include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Crowe’s spokesman could not be reached.

Source http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/915017-russell-crowe-splits-from-aussie-singer-danielle-spencer#ixzz29InC14gK
Eric Dane; Interview

Meow! Kim Kardashian's Possible Halloween Costume Gives One Paws


It's all about kats, er, cats for Kim Kardashian these days!

First the adorable Mercy, and now Kim's channeling her inner sex kitten as well.

The star shared with followers on Instagram a potential costume for Halloween, allowing fans into the dressing room with her as she struck a pose in a mirror pic donning a tight full-body cat suit.

Kim captioned the photo: "Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping."

We bet beau Kanye West think she looks purrrfect!

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Midnight's Children Trailer

Midnight's Children is an epic film from Oscar-nominated director Deepa Mehta, based on the Booker Prize winning novel by Salman Rushdie.

At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, as India proclaims independence from Great Britain, two newborn babies are switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. Saleem Sinai, the illegitimate son of a poor woman, and Shiva, the offspring of a wealthy couple, are fated to live the destiny meant for each other. Their lives become mysteriously intertwined and are inextricably linked to India's whirlwind journey of triumphs and disasters. 

From the unlikely romance of Saleem's grandparents to the birth of his own son, Midnight's Children is a journey at once sweeping in scope and yet intimate in tone. Hopeful, comic and magical – the film conjures images and characters as rich and unforgettable as India herself. In theatres November 2nd.

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Source 1 2
Halloween Luci

Rupert Sanders Could Helm Tom Cruise-Led ‘Van Hesling’

One thing we all can agree on (well, for the most part) is that Snow White and the Huntsman is a visually-gorgeous and gritty take on the macabre fairy tale. Credit for that belongs in no small way to director Rupert Sanders, which explains why he remains a possible candidate to helm the developing Huntsman spinoff even after he made tabloid headlines with Kristen Stewart (SWATH‘s $400 million worldwide gross didn’t hurt either).

Universal wants to remove the toxic buzz that surrounds Sanders and the Snow White franchise, which is why the studio has floated projects like 90 Church – and now, the Van Helsing reboot starring Tom Cruise – as alternative films for him to direct next (instead of the Huntsman movie).

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Is Downton Abbey a Soap? (aka a shameless excuse for a discussion post)

Is Downton a soap? There was an audible intake of breath followed by a burst of nervous laughter when an audience member dared to ask that question at Cheltenham Literature Festival this week.

Series producer Liz Trubridge expertly batted the question away: “I just don’t categorise it. It doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s good stories, well told, which resonate with the audience then people can call it what they like.”

Jessica Fellowes – niece of Julian and author of The World of Downton Abbey – speculated that it was soap-like in its authenticity. "Uncle wouldn't give a fig", she finally decided, "because he adores Corrie".

Nor did Phyllis Logan – who plays Downton’s no-nonsense housekeeper Mrs Hughes – have any objections. “I wouldn’t take umbridge at that necessarily because you can get some good soap operas,” she mused in her soft Scottish burr. “I can see why people might say that because there are a lot of stories and a lot of characters, and it can be quite dramatic or it can be quite every day.”

“I heard someone the other day describe it as a spoof and that made me uncomfortable,” chipped in Lesley Nicol, better known as Highclere Castle’s cook Mrs Patmore. “Because that implies that we’re not doing the job. Soaps can be great so that’s not an insult. A spoof might imply that you’re just not really accurate and you’re not really doing it to a standard and that would upset me because we are trying very hard to do both of those things.”

What do you think? Is Downton Abbey as highbrow as it appears? Or is it just Corrie with corsets?


talk about the article if you want. BUT THIS IS MOSTLY AN EXCUSE TO HAVE A POST ABOUT TONIGHT'S EPISODE. So uh, spoilers abound in the comments, probably.

ethereal british prince: "Q's slicker this time"

Bungling, middle-aged and surrounded by explosive stationery; this is the traditional description for Q. So, how has 31-year-old Ben Whishaw managed to reinvent him as a slick computer whizz packing little more than a laptop?

Were the Bond films a big part of your childhood?

I saw some of the Pierce Brosnan ones as a teenager, but I don’t remember watching them as a child. It’s been fun going back and watching them. I really like From Russia With Love – it’s very charming.

Your role in the film was undisclosed for a long time. How difficult was it keeping it secret?

Pretty difficult because I had to tell my brother [laughs].

Is he a major Bond nut?

No more so than everyone else. Even people who don’t go to the cinema get excited about a new Bond [film]. But I had to tell him. He didn’t believe me at first [laughs]. You have to sign a confidentiality agreement which, if you broke, your life would not be worth living.

Did you have to audition for the role?

No, Sam [Mendes] just offered it to me out of the blue. It was incredibly exciting.

How did he describe the character to you?

He said this Q was going to be a computer genius. It makes sense for the [film’s] story because the ‘enemy’ operates in cyberspace. There’s a new world order.

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Ben Whishaw To Cameo In Terry Gilliam's "The Zero Theorem"

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Whishaw eyed for "Robopocalypse" role
Brit thesp has topped DreamWorks' list since casting began

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The Duggars Adopt

In June my family was working on a building doing some construction and cleanup when the kids discovered kittens trapped under insulation in a wall. (We think that they must have crawled in through a hole in the wall.) So some of our boys made a hole in the wall and carefully got them out.

The building was going to be secured before we left so we knew that the mother cat wouldn't be able to get back in, and we didn't want to leave the kittens out in the open because there are wild animals near the woods that might've eaten them. And even if they did survive we were pretty sure that they would become feral. So we decided to bring them home where we have two older kittens.

The kittens were just a week old, so at first I stayed up through the night feeding them. At that point they were so small that we had to keep the youngest kids away. Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Justin, Joy-Anna, James, and Jason all researched what the kittens needed - like how much stimulation to give them and how often they needed to be fed. Finally after sleep deprivation started to set in after all the night-time feedings I told the kids I needed them to help with the day feedings.

Jessa, the kids' older sister said, "I remember doing that when I was younger. Everyone needs to do this once in their life." She was passing the torch to the younger kids. And I watched as she supervised them and made sure that the kittens weren't getting any milk up their noses while they were being fed. It was sweet to witness.

She was stepping back at times, not taking complete authority of the situation, but letting them learn. It's just really great when you see your older children encouraging their brothers and sisters in life, helping them to understand what it is to be responsible and caring.

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jas tookes
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James Franco To Join Supporting Actor Race with 'Spring Breakers' + possible December release

Exclusive: James Franco, already an Oscar nominee in the lead category for “127 Hours,” is throwing his hat in this year’s race. I’m told Annapurna Pictures will give Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” a qualifying run in December so that Franco is eligible. His character, Alien, is a runaway hit, and a surprising centerpiece of Korine’s as-usual saga of sex among teens–this time on spring break in Florida.

Alien turns out to be some of Franco’s best work, and certainly one of the top 5 supporting performances by an actor this season. At first when you see Franco with his cornrows, tattoos, and grillwork, you think he’s playing some run of the mill cheeseball drug dealing pimp. Then you realize that it’s a real character Franco has created, and Alien becomes quite the layered persona. Annapurna (owned by Megan Ellison, who also has “The Master” with TWC this season) will have to get screeners into voters’ hands, and or get Academy members into screening rooms ASAP.

Franco will be going up against a strong crowd that starts with Philip Seymour Hoffman in “The Master” and includes Alan Arkin and John Goodman in “Argo,” Robert DeNiro in “Silver Linings Playbook,” Jim Broadbent in “Cloud Atlas,” and as yet to be determined players from “Les Miserables” and “Django Unchained.” And those are just the top tier names. Roberto Benigni was a standout in “To Rome with Love,” Bill Nighy was memorable in “Exotic Marigold Hotel,” and Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln.”

The always busy Franco has just wrapped directing and acting in “As I Lay Dying,” the Faulkner classic. He’s off to film “Homefront” in New Orleans, with Jason Statham and Winona Ryder, and written by Sylvester Stallone.

source: http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/10/14/james-franco-will-join-supporting-actor-race-with-spring-breakers
Somethings got to give swim

Would you pay $8,000 for Megan Fox's eyebrows?

A few minutes into her visit with plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a 40-something brunette pulls up a photo of Megan Fox on her iPhone.

But it’s not Fox’s nose or cheekbones that the patient wants.

“This is how I want my eyebrows,” she says.

The doctor smiles politely. It is the third time in a week he’s been shown a picture of the actress.

“I assured her that it’s not really necessary [for me to study the portrait], because I have the shape of Fox’s brows and the direction of hair growth imprinted in my brain,” says Epstein, recalling the client’s consultation last month. “The look is incredibly popular.”

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Spirited Away: :O
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Kristen Stewart fears someone will kill her...with Twitter

Kristen Stewart is worried her stardom might lead to someone killing her one day.

The Twilight actress - who recently confessed to cheating on co-star Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders - fears someone will log on to a social networking site to find out her location, then travel to where she is and murder her.

"Nowadays it's harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone's twittering," she is quoted as saying in an extract from new e-book, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - In Their Own Words, by Talia Soghomonian.

"Like I'm going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone's going to twitter my location and then it's going to be like, boom."

While the 22-year-old star fears sites such as Facebook and twitter can be harmful in terms of her safety, she admits the communication possibilities on the webpages are "really great".

"I actually think too much of anything can be scary, but at the same time it's also an opportunity," she added.

"I mean mass communication is a good thing. It's actually a really great thing, it's just scary."


Andrew Gower to Guest Star in Series 4 of Misfits!

‘Being Human’ star to appear in 'Misfits'

Andrew Gower, who played Cutler in the latest series of Being Human, will guest star in Series 4 of Misfits.

Misfits producer Matt Strevens has confirmed that Gower will appear as a character named Jake in Episode 4 of the new series.

Series 4 is expected to begin on E4 later this month and Series 5 of Being Human will air on BBC Three early next year.


Yay! Love him!

Miley Cyrus' Home Intruder Convicted + Info on New Album!

Miley Cyrus can rest easier.

The 40-year-old man convicted of trespassing on the starlet's San Fernando Valley property last month, a pair of scissors in hand, was sentenced today to 18 months in jail after refusing an offer of probation, E! News has confirmed.

A jury also found Jason Luis Rivera, who told police when he was arrested in the early morning hours of Sept. 8 that he was married to Cyrus, guilty of resisting arrest. Both charges were misdemeanors.

Cyrus wasn't home for Rivera's ill-conceived attempt at ingratiating himself to his dream wife, but another person on the property called the cops.

He has been behind bars since his arrest.


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Taylor: unicorn earrings

Intruder arrested inside Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean's house on suspicion of burglary

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An intruder was arrested on suspicion of burglary after being found inside the home of 19-year-old rock heiress Frances Bean Cobain on Saturday.

According to reports the man claimed he knew Cobain and that she had given him permission to stay at her Hollywood Hills mansion.

Law enforcement told TMZ Cobain's house sitter came across the white male in his twenties when she returned home today.

The house sitter called police and when they arrived the man repeated his claims.

Law enforcement told TMZ that when police contacted Cobain, her representaives told them she had no clue who the man was.

He was subsequently arrested for burglary and is currently in custody.

Cobain purchased the upscale home with proceeds from a multi-million dollar trust fund set up after her father’s death in 1994.

She bought the luxury home in July 2011 for $1.825 million. The luxurious home is 3,350 square feet and boasts 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

The Spanish-style house was built in 1930 and designed by Carl Jules Weyl, it also retains a lot of the original architectural and decorative features.


Leona Lewis: Calvin Harris replaced me with Rihanna on We Found Love

Leona Lewis has revealed she was the first person to record vocals for We Found Love, only to see Calvin Harris give the track to Rihanna.

It proved to be a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic, cementing the Bajan singer's position among the music world's biggest stars and making Harris one of the most in-demand producers in the industry.

Despite the success of the track, the X Factor winner believes her version is better than RiRi's.
Lewis told the Daily Star: 'I worked with Calvin and we recorded We Found Love. But he went touring with Rihanna and she ended up releasing it.

'I didn't commit to it because I wanted Trouble to be my [next] single so I think that was another reason they went with Rihanna.
'It was the same version and production but mine's better.

Lewis still has the tapes, but fans shouldn't expect to find the song appearing online in the near future.
'I'd never leak it. That's so unprofessional,' she said.

'It was a bit annoying to see how big a hit it was around the world but if I'd released it maybe it wouldn't have done as well.'
Lewis's third studio album Glassheart, which features Trouble, is out tomorrow and she will be hoping it follows Spirit and Echo in topping the charts.


the hit that got away~

q&a with anna kendrick in elle uk november 2012

Her leading men may include George Clooney and Jake Gyllenhaal, but all Twilight star Anna Kendrick wants is a part in Downton Abbey

A one-time child star, Anna, 27, grew up in Portland, Maine, and cut her teeth on Broadway and in indie movies like Camp and Rocket Science before a part in a little film series calles Twilight. But it was her role as feisty, ambitious Natalie in 2009's Up in the Air, with George Clooney, that made audiences and critics sit up and take notice.

Since then she's starred in 50/50, What to Expect When You're Expecting and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (she dates the latter film's British director, Edgar Wright). This year she showcases her talents in End of Watch, a gritty LA cop film where she plays Jake Gyllenhaal's love interest, and the utterly delicious Pitch Perfect, about an all-girl college singing group.

ELLE: Pitch Perfect involves a lot of singing and dancing. Were there intense Glee-style rehearsals?

Anna Kendrick: [Laughs] Every take was the entire song, so by the end of a number I was so tired and wearing high heels, waiting for the director to shout, 'Cut!'

ELLE: Good for fitness levels, though...

AK: Yeah, once rehearsals stopped I had to stop eating so much – that was the greatest thing, getting to stuff my face all day because we were dancing all the time.

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tyfyt ♥
lennon flower

Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Alfonso Ribiero Weds Angela Unkrich

Did he do the "Carlton" dance with his bride?

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro wed love Angela Unkrich in Los Angeles on Saturday, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

41-year-old Ribeiro -- he played cousin Cartlon on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air -- exchanged vows with his love, 31, at a bash attended by his Fresh Prince costars, including Will Smith, who served as a groomsman alongside singerJoey Fatone and baseball star David Justice.

"Just married the man of my dreams today...happiest day of my life," the bride tweeted after the ceremony. On Sunday, she added, "1st morning waking up as Mrs. Ribeiro = AMAZING!!! So happy and blessed!"

The couple announced their engagement in July. It's the second marriage for former child star Ribeiro, who has a 9-year-old daughter, Sienna, with ex-wife Robin Stapler.