September 2nd, 2012

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X Factor Hosts to be Revealed on September 11

After all four judges take part in a handprint ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"The X Factor" U.S. will have a world premiere event for the show's second season at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on September 11, 2012.

Hosts heavily rumored are Kevin McHale and Kelly Osbourne. Other rumors are: Khloe Kardashian, Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, Stacy Keibler & Erin Andrews.

Here is a partial list of the invitees who are expected to attend:

One Direction
Kevin McHale and other stars from "Glee"
Kelly Osbourne and other members of the Osbourne family
Avril Lavigne
Melanie Amaro
Chris Rene
Zooey Deschanel
Mindy Kaling
Simon Cowell
Britney Spears
Demi Lovato
L.A. Reid

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Chris Pine talks Star Trek 2: "We're Not Making Batman"

Star Trek came after Batman Begins' straight-faced retake of a pop-culture phenomenon made realism and grit the go-to tone for big screen reboots… and chose to follow its own path.

Whereas Christopher Nolan's Wayne skulked in the shadows, J.J. Abrams' Kirk lived in a world so bright it caused near-constant lens-flare. And where Batman's fists got bruised and bloodied from multiple body-blows, Jim's fists swelled to ten times their usual size, for the purposes of a quick belly-laugh.

So when we sat down with Chris Pine to discuss Star Trek 2 for our sci-fi issue, it shouldn't have surprised us to hear the sequel wouldn't be adhering to the usual Part 2 pitch of "like the original, but darker."

"We're not making Batman. That's not our deal," Pine told us.

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REMEMBER THIS MOVIE?  Anyway YAY at them keeping the comedic shenanigans that the post-TNG movies utterly forgot.  TOS was goofy as fuck and people seem to forget that. 

Little nervous about the "character development going places you'd never expect," though.  They had better not kill off anyone, esp. my beautiful space swashbuckler.  I WON'T HAVE IT.  >:c


Daniel Craig Talks ‘Skyfall' + a lot of pictures

With both 2012 marking the 50th anniversary of James Bond films and the release of ‘Skyfall’ looming large, the fine folks over at Esquire featured Daniel Craig as their latest cover story to talk all things Bond, and in particular, the upcoming 23rd 007 adventure. Now on his third outing as Bond with ‘Skyfall,’ the actor spoke on why he believes the James Bond series still has us coming back for more, “I think what’s always fantastic about the Bond stories is that there’s always a darkness involved, but it’s a darkness with a sense of humour. A black humour. It’s about danger, but a good danger, because you’re in the hands of somebody who’s saying ‘F**k you’ to risk, ‘F**k you’ to dying.”

Futhermore, Daniel Craig talked about the difference between starring in a humongous film like ‘Skyfall’ over his less high-profile roles, “Bond movies live or die on their popularity. They force you to care about what people think. And I’m involved [in the films] on a very deep level. I have it in my mind all the time…So there’s that kind of pressure, and that’s an enemy in any art form, acting especially.”

The actor also provided Esquire with some fascinating insight into how Sam Mendes came on board to direct this latest instalment, ‘Skyfall,’ “It’s a very showbizzy story. I was at Hugh Jackman’s house in New York. It was a soiree – we were in a play together – and Sam [film and theatre director Sam Mendes] was there. I’d had a few too many drinks and I went, ‘How do you fancy directing a Bond?’ And he kind of looked at me, and he went, ‘Yeah!’ And it snowballed from there.” 

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When Suri wants a Dog, you get her a Dog

Suri reclaims her authority, gets a new dog.

This is despite Katie refusing to buy her one weeks ago - resulting in tears.

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri Cruise finished off another day of fun at their favourite Manhattan haunt, Chelsea Piers, today.

So far... so normal... but there seemed to be an extra member tagging along with the perennial duo for this outing.

And the latest addition was a gorgeous curly ball of canine fur, the new family dog!

The sighting comes just weeks after Katie was seen telling Suri she couldn't have a puppy, resulting in the obligatory tears.

At the time, Holmes was urged by animal groups to think about getting a rescue dog... and it seems that she may have heeded this as their new pup looks older.

Suri, six, burst into floods of tears after her actress mother refused to buy her the adorable pet puppy she wanted.

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Box office disaster: 'Oogieloves' has the worst opening weekend of all time

After its inauspicious opening Wednesday, when the bizarre kiddie flick The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure earned a shockingly low $47 average at each theater, it looked like it could be headed for the worst opening weekend of all time.

Well, it happened.

According to studio estimates, the colorful toddler-targeting entry, which is being distributed by Kenn Viselman Presents (Viselman formerly found massive success as producer of The Teletubbies) earned a truly awful $448,131 from 2,160 theaters in its debut three-day weekend.
That gross yielded a per theater average of $207. Yes, you’re reading that correctly: $207!

Just how low is that? Let’s pretend that the average ticket price for each customer was about $7 this weekend. That would mean that only 30 people saw Oogieloves at each theater — across all its showings — over the past three days.

The film, which stars a series of creepy costumed characters with names like Toofie, Zoozie, and Goobie, as well as a vacuum cleaner named J. Edgar (and not to mention Jamie Pressly, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lloyd, and Toni Braxton, whose heart will never unbreak now), cost $20 million to produce, and another reported $40 million to promote. Was the marketing money well spent? Judge for yourself in the trailer below:

Oogieloves steals the opening weekend “record” from Delgo, the misguided 2008 animation, which earned only $511,920 in its opening weekend from (cue scary Phantom of the Opera chord progression) 2,160 theaters — the same number as Oogieloves. There’s gotta be some sort of curse around that theater count.

Now, let me turn this hilarious story (if you’re a box office nerd like me) over to you, readers. Did you even know Oogieloves was coming out? Were you possibly one of the people who saw it this weekend? Are you surprised it bombed this badly?

Entertainment Weekly

Nick Cannon is jealous of Lenny Kravitz's friendship with the Queen

Mariah Carey has come to blows with husband Nick Cannon! Cannon is apparently furious that Carey wants Lenny Kravitz to join her as a judge on American Idol.

"Mariah and Lenny have been friends since they were young," a source said. "They had a crush on each other, and all their friends knew it. Mariah told Nick to relax because Lenny probably wouldn't even consider doing the show. But Nick told her, 'That's not the point! I know how you feel about him!' Mariah assured Nick that she and Lenny are just good friends, but Nick's not so sure."

Recent reports claimed Nick - who hosts Idol rival America's Got Talent - is furious that the 42-year-old Grammy winner ignored his wishes and decided to star on a direct competitor of his show.

"Privately, Nick's gritting his teeth and dead-set against her taking the job," a source said. "Nick was tossing around outrageous salary figures in hopes of pricing Mariah out of the market. Right until the eleventh hour, he was begging her to pass on the offer. He was dangling incentives - diamond jewelry, a luxurious spa vacation, even promising to pay her a one-time 'gift' of $15 million for saying no. Nick wants her to be a stay-at-home mom to their twins, at least until they turn 5. He was even hoping to have another baby, but Mariah has effectively scorched that dream."

Mimi sis, shake off that man child and jump on dat Lenny diq tbqh...

Breaking Bad pays respect to The Shining

Remember when Walter White was a chemistry teacher? Oh, just barely. Over Breaking Bad's five seasons, we've watched Walt become a different person, and in last Sunday's episode, "Say My Name" the transfer became complete. He isHeisenberg now, and the doting family man who made a heartbreaking video out in the desert is no more; "Skyler, you are the love of my life" is a pretty far cry from "I am the one who knocks." Walt's not the first guy to let his dark side take over, to go from regular dude to terrifying murderer. Heck, before he was the caretaker for the Overlook Hotel, Jack Torrance was a schoolteacher, too. 

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Franch Source

Well holy hell, as a HUGE Shining fan stan, I never even noticed the homages!  Mind blown.
Now I will be obsessed looking for clues.

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Terrence Malick's 'To The Wonder' Divides Audiences At Venice Film Festival

No wonder? At the Venice Film Festival premiere of "To the Wonder" -- Terrence's Malick's second film to debut in the last 16 months, but only sixth since 1973 -- audience members reportedly booed the romantic drama, much to the consternation of some critics in attendance.

"Booing a Terrence Malick film! Wow, almost as courageous and commendable as kicking Gandhi in the face," wrote Variety critic Justin Chang on Twitter. "Good job, guys."

Film critic Guy Lodge was equally appalled.

"Enough with the booing, people," Lodge tweeted. "You're professionals. Supposedly. Shut the f--k up."

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JLS party with Tulisa + announce new single

Soon her weekends are going to be fully consumed with the X Factor live shows.
So Tulisa Contostavlos is ensuring she makes the most of her nights out while she can.
And that was certainly the case last night (Friday) when she enlisted JLS boys Marvin Humes and Aston Merrygold to be her wingmen.

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Tonight's Copper 'In the Hands of an Angry God' Trailer, Sneak Peek, & Cast Interviews

September 26, 1864. Racial tensions in Five Points come to a head as the body of an Irishman is discovered lynched and hanged. While all evidence points toward a black pastor as the murderer, Corcoran has doubts. As the people of New York cry for a hanging, Corcoran is forced to question every piece of evidence with the help of Doctor Matthew Freeman. The Morehouse family attempts to capitalize on the situation by eyeing new parcels of land in the Points that may become available if the city panics. Meanwhile, the search for Corcoran’s missing wife unexpectedly lands in the hands of Eva Heissen - though Corcoran is entirely unaware.

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Little Mix earns their second #1 single

Little Mix, the winners of last year's X Factor, have gone straight to the top of the UK chart with their single Wings. It is the second number one for the four-piece girl band, who also had a number one with their debut release, Cannonball.

Band member Jesy Nelson said they have had "the best week ever. We feel like Wings is our baby that we've been waiting to unleash on the world. To have it released and go straight to number one is just incredible," she said.

first X Factor winner to get a #1 with their first post-show single in three years :')
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Summer Box Office 2012: Hollywood Studios Underwhelmed As Attendance Drops

Studio executives expected their biggest summer ever this year as they loaded their lineup with huge action movies and superhero franchises.

What they got were two colossal blockbusters, a handful of backup hits and plenty of duds that just didn't deliver, resulting in what may prove the lowest summer movie attendance in 20 years.

While domestic revenues are projected to come in as the second-best ever, the number of tickets sold shrank to about 532 million from the first weekend in May through Labor Day, down 4 percent from summer 2011, according to box-office tracker If that holds by the time final ticket sales are counted through Monday, that would be the smallest audiences Hollywood has packed in for its busiest season dating back to 1993, the earliest summer revenue data maintained by

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Reading Great Writers' Worst Books

Because I have a lot to learn as a writer, each year I choose one author and spend all summer carefully reading eight to ten books by him or her. In the past, I've studied Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy, John Steinbeck, and William Faulkner.

The last two summers, I've mixed it up and read great works by multiple authors, falling in love with Jhumpa Lahiri's The Interpreter of Maladies, Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge, Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son, and Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion.

But leading into this summer, I somehow found myself re-reading Alice Walker's The Color Purple, a book that is both wonderful and awful, a book that is really two books in one. The first half of The Color Purple is some of the best writing of the later twentieth century, a clinic on character and dialogue, well-structured and -- some critics even say -- perfect. But the second half of the novel (starting with the reemergence of the sister) is over-the-top, preachy, and ineffective. The latter half of the book is a heavy-handed, didactic lesson on colonial influence and the dangers of religion in the minds of people of weak character. After finishing, I asked myself, "Why do some books by great authors (or parts of books by great authors) work so well, while others fail, and what can we learn from the failures of talented and established writers?"

So, this summer, I read the worst books by some of my favorite authors, writers who've written brilliantly in other works but fail in a singular attempt. Now I realize that this is a totally subjective study, and that many people will disagree with everything I write here, even my opening premise, but I can only be me, both analytically and critically.

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Interviews with the Doctor Who cast while shooting in Spain

When the Doctor Who crew came to Almería (Spain) I had the chance to meet them and interview them. I've done a video with the audios of the interviews, the trailers for that episido and some pictures a fan let me use (

Here is the video, I hope you like it and if you have any troubles understanding anything, please ask (it was way too windy that day)

Added song by Karen and Arthur:

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What If One of the One Direction Boys Were Gay? (Would teenage American girls accept them?)

Second part of this post's lbr title is my own brilliant addition. Europeans wouldn't give a toss, but in America, would it turn into Think of the Children!!!? They, 1D's managers/PR crew covered up Harry's leaked nude photo a couple of days before they started their US tour. Harry's nudity is well-known in the UK, and nobody cares. Girls today seem to be all into this Harry/Louis secret relationship, with tons of fanfic. Maybe they would accept a gay relationship? This article is about the possiblity of just ONE of the 1D guys being ghey, and other artists who've come out to great success and acceptance (Frank Ocean) despite the 411.

Now, the article ----------------------->

What if, in 2012, one of the One Direction boys decided to tell the world he was gay? Would his umpteen million devoted female fans take the news OK? That is the question I asked Lance Bass during an interview on my SiriusXM show, The Six Pack.

"I actually think they would," Bass said, without hesitating. "The younger generation is way smarter than we were. They're way more perceptive, and they just don't care. ... Back then there was no way in hell I would come out."

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Where are they now?... cast of Ghostwriter.

If in the early ‘90s, you were a) between the ages of 7 and 14, b) owned a television, and c) literate, then you probably watched Ghostwriter. Produced by the Children’s Television Workshop (now called the Sesame Workshop) and BBC One, it premiered in the U.S. on PBS on October 4, 1992. Despite its popularity, the show was abruptly cancelled in its third season due to a lack of funding. The final episode was broadcast on February 13, 1995.

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GORGEOUS Jillian Michaels covers Shape Magazine

Jillian Michaels is best known for the drill sergeant-esque approach to training she employed on The Biggest Loser, but the tough-as-nails trainer reveals a softer side in an exclusive interview with SHAPE magazine this month. This all-star trainer shares a fat-shredding workout that will cut down the minutes spent at your gym session, but not the results. The ten-minute routine is part of her new program, BodyShred, that is coming to Crunch clubs nationwide this month.


ot but someone last time posted a link to blogilates & i am ADDICTED. move over, jillian <3
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'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Talks Walt and His Approach to the Series' End

The end nears for Walter White of 'Breaking Bad'.

Most Hollywood creative types won't openly judge their characters. Judgment, the reasoning goes, corrupts honest, organic storytelling and alienates the modern audience, which sniffs out the invariably distorted and preachy tale.

Tell that to Vince Gilligan, the creator and executive producer of "Breaking Bad," who believes his main character, high school chemistry teacher turned meth dealer Walter White, should go straight to hell. That is, if there is one. Collapse )


live streams and spoilers in the comments!
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Azealia Banks in Spin Magazine's September/October 2012 “Look” Issue + 'The Making of Azealia Banks'

The year's most exciting rising star is a bawdy, self-styled 21-year-old rapper who wants nothing to do with rap, whose viral breakout hit is an ode to a city she's left for good, and whose brazen ambition may be more than the music industry knows what to do with
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Chris and Wyatt

Derek Theler photo shoot!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Derek Theler shows off his guns in this sexy new photo shoot provided exclusively to

The 26-year-old Baby Daddy actor was photographed by Sonny Tong for the pics.

Baby Daddy wrapped its first season last week and became the number one cable comedy this summer in the women 18-34 and females 12-34 demos. It also ranks as ABC Family’s number one comedy of all time in key demos. Wow!

We can’t wait for Derek, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Tahj Mowry, and Chelsea Kane to return with new Baby Daddy episodes this spring!

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Rachel Weisz & Jeremy Renner - The Bourne Legacy at Deauville American Film Festival in France

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner were on hand at the Deauville American Film Festival in France on Saturday September 1.

Getting along famously, the co-stars laughed and chatted while posing during “The Bourne Legacy” photo call. The 42-year-old actress was in good spirits after recently receiving disappointing news.

Weisz learned that she was let go from Terrence Malick's latest movie, “To The Wonder,” which is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week.

The brunette beauty recently spoke about the film and said, “I had the experience of working with him [Malick] but I will not have the pleasure of seeing my work.”

Sources report that Rachel’s role has been cut from the film.

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On the red carpet, the 42-year-old British actress wore a white multi-ruffled sleeveless Nina Ricci gown with her brunette locks worn down while her 41-year-old American costar wore a classic black tuxedo with bowtie.

Jeremy spoke with the Telegraph UK about the difference between the new movie and the previous Bourne flicks. “I’m not playing Jason Bourne: that’s Matt Damon and always will be and he does it brilliantly. This is a new set of circumstances with a new character to tackle. Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross don’t know each other. The only pressure for me was to physically be able to do what was required of me.”

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Elisha Cuthbert announces engagement

Canadian Elisha Cuthbert took to Twitter to announce her engagement. She said, “happily, happily, happily, happily engaged!! This has been the most amazing week-end ever.”

Is Dion Phaneuf, captian of the Toronto Maple Leafs the lucky groom?

She burst onto the American scene as Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter, Kimberly Bauer, in the critically acclaimed series 24.

Her portrayal earned her a nomination for a 2002 Teen Choice Award for Breakout TV Actress.

She also received a 2005 SAG nomination as part of the 24 cast in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Cuthbert starred as Maxine Denver in ABC’s series The Forgotten, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and can now be seen as Alex in the midseason ABC ensemble comedy, Happy Endings.



Poseidon Celebrates Retirement in Vegas with Nateezy and Schmitty

shirtless Michael Phelps is all smiles as he celebrates his retirement at Encore Beach Club on Sunday (September 2) in Las Vegas.

During the bash, the 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist gave fellow Olympian Allison Schmitt a big hug.

Michael ended his Olympic career with a record 22 medals, well more than any other athlete has received.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out Michael‘s limited edition Wheaties box.

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All Michael Phelps knows how to do is WIN -- the world's most medaled man hit Vegas this week ... and sources tell TMZ he walked off with $100,000 from a single poker game.

Phelps has been touring the world with his buddies since scooping up 6 Olympic medals -- starting in the Maldives -- and last weekend, the crew took on Sin City.

According to our sources, Phelps and his buds played a cash poker game at Caesar's Palace, and naturally ... Phelps cleaned up with $100K in winnings.

We're told Michael blew a nice chunk of it at Surrender nightclub in the Wynn -- which is not nearly as exciting as Prince Harry's night at that hotel.

Step up your game, Phelps!

(debunked via twitter)
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Megan and Her Fetus Getting Some Italian Food

Hoping to satisfy her pregnancy cravings, expectant mom Megan Fox and her hubby Brian Austin Green were spotted at Monte Carlo's Italian Deli in Burbank, California, Thursday evening (August 30).

Trying her best to hide her burgeoning baby bump with a bag of take-out, the floral-clad mom-to-be appeared to be less than thrilled with the impending paps as she and Green exited the eatery.

Possibly for the cause of her frown-ridden outing, Megan recently tweeted, "Life sucks when you have a good heart. You help too much. You trust too much. You give too much. And most importantly, you love too much."

Prior to that message, Fox wrote, "Once I stop caring about you, good luck getting that back."

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