August 28th, 2012

Watch The Second Part Of Katy Perry's Brother's Flirty Interview

Talk about a bromance! Katy Perry's brother, David Hudson, has his very first solo interview coming up soon! A few days ago, we saw a super flirty teaser clip (WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP AFTER THE CUT) that featured the actor/singer talking about his charity work with an organization called Red Eye Inc (Katy is also featured on the website!).

The full interview isn't online yet, but another first (or second) look is online! In the new clip, David talks a little bit more about his charity organization. He also does a booty slap! It wasn't on camera, so we're not sure if his booty is nice as Katy's! Read on some blogs that he talks about Katy, and maybe Russel Brand in the interview.

How adorable are they?

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Queen Elizabeth II Wears A Hoodie While Driving A Range Rover

Queen Elizabeth II is cooler than any of us. She raises corgis, parachutes from planes with James Bond (sort of) and hangs out with some awesome girlfriends. Should we even keep trying?

Her Majesty took to the wheel in Balmoral over the weekend -- home of the infamous corgis vs. Princess Beatrice's terrier smackdown -- rollin' in a Range Rover on her way back from a grouse shoot. But instead of her trademark floral hats -- much more customary for a royal -- she slipped into some unusual headgear, wearing what appeared to be a grey-colored hoodie.

The 86-year-old queen usually scoots around in her chaffeured Bentley, so we're surprised to see her gunning behind the wheel of a green Range Rover. But regardless... THAT HOODIE.

Now, we have to ask. Was the queen actually decked out in a hoodie, or was her headwear just a scarf pinned down with bobby pins (which we can sort of make out in the photos)? Judge for yourself.

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Michael Fassbender in Talks to Star Opposite Natalie Portman in Western "Jane Got a Gun"

Michael Fassbender is a very busy man, and he looks to be showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Per Vulture, Fassbender is currently in negotiations to join Portman in We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay’s Jane Got a Gun. The script by Brian Duffield landed on the 2011 Black List and centers on “a woman whose outlaw husband returns home barely alive and riddled with bullet wounds. She is forced to reach out to an ex-lover and ask if he will help defend her farm when her husband’s gang eventually tracks him down to finish the job.” Fassbender would play said ex-lover who teams up with Portman’s character.

Jane Got a Gun is being financed independently on a budget under $20 million, with Portman producing through her handsomecharlie films banner. If Fassbender’s deal closes, the plan is to start production early next year.

Mike conceals to the left
britney piggie close up

pink and her adorable baby on the set of her new music video

Showing off her killer post baby figure, Pink was spotted on the Los Angeles set of her latest music video on Monday (August 27).

The 32-year-old singer looked beautiful in a sheer emerald dress while walking around barefoot and toting her adorable daughter Willow.

In recent news, the Grammy award-winning performer is slated to portray a drug addict in the upcoming film “Thanks for Sharing,” which isn't far from home for the singer.

Pink revealed her scary past in a recent interview stating, “I understand addiction. I was a hardcore partier from 12 to 15.” She continued to explain that not only was she “on all the club drugs,” but she was also “selling Ecstasy and crystal meth and Special K.”

The "So What" singer added, “I overdosed in ’95, and then I never took drugs again, ever.”

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Eric Bana enlists in Peter Berg's 'Lone Survivor'

The actor joins Alexander Ludwig (Cato, Hunger Games), Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster in the drama-action film that depicts a Navy SEAL mission gone bad.

Eric Bana is the latest big gun to be joining Pete Berg's Lone Survivor.

Bana is in negotiations to join Alexander Ludwig, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster in the drama-actioner that chronicles Afghanistan war hero Marcus Luttrell's account of a Navy SEAL mission gone bad.

Berg, who began developing Lone Survivor five years ago when Universal bought the book and life rights for $2 million against $3 million, has put together an impressive cast that also includes Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch .  (Oh no!!!)

Emmet/Furla Films is financing, while Universal will distribute.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin next month in New Mexico.

Lone Survivor recounts how Luttrell and three other SEALs were on a reconnaissance mission near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in 2005. They came across an old man and three boys, and while knowing that it could jeopardize their lives, the commandos let the group pass. The act of mercy backfired, and soon the team was under attack by a small Taliban army. Luttrell was the only one who survived. A later firefight led to the largest loss of life in SEAL history.

Bana will play a SEAL lieutenant.

Berg, who wrote the screenplay, is producing alongside Sarah Aubrey and Akiva Goldsman.

The actor just wrapped Focus Features' suspense thriller Closed Circuit, which John Crowley directed. He is repped by WME and Sloane Offer.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter
these two

This is a Joe Dempsie post

Plans for a degree in History were dashed when Joe Dempsie was handed a far more tempting offer - the role of Chris Miles in 'Skins'. Since leaving the show Joe has started to carve out an impressive career, with roles in 'The Damned United', 'This is England '86', 'The Fades' and, most recently, HBO cult hit, 'Game of Thrones'. Next starring as the prime suspect in 'Murder' the new one-off drama from Birger Larsen, the Danish crime maestro behind 'The Killing'. We met up with the Nottingham native to talk horse riding, Kanye West and life post-'Skins'.

You’ve started work on the next series of Game of Thrones

Yeah I’ve just been doing a read-throughs and I did some horse riding training, the first time I’ve been horse riding and it was surprisingly fun!

Not scary?

Well I was a little apprehensive about it but I’ve heard that horses can sense your fear, so the rational side of my brain just worked out that the best thing to do was to chill out, relax, and it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s one of those things that looks so cool…and it’s a great skill to have for an actor, I think it’s the kind of thing I’d like to keep up, even after we’ve finished filming, I just want to get really good at it because I know from the people teaching us that there’s no limit to how good you can get as a rider.

The read through was really good because the cast is so huge, it’s my third series now and there are still loads of people that I’ve never met, so to have them all around the table for a few days…

Must have been a very big table…

It was! (Laughs) It reminded me of that scene in Batman with Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger where they’re sat at either ends of this huge banquet table.

Do you like being part of a huge team like that or do you prefer when it’s more intimate?

I think both have their pros and cons. The nice thing about being in something like Game Of Thrones is the amount of cast members, not only do you get to learn from far more experienced people, you get to meet far more people - just doing Game Of Thrones has extended my social circle massively because I’ve only lived here for a couple of years.

You’re also such a small cog in such a big machine and that's actually quite nice, I know a lot of actors want to be the centre of everything but with this it’s more of a team effort and you have to get on with the work yourself because the director has a million other things he has to think about, they trust that you know what you’re doing.

It’s nice working with a small cast as well because you do get more to do, you can really get your teeth into something.

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Rosie O'Donnell: I Got Married In June

Rosie O'Donnell has announced that she married her fiancee, Michelle Rounds, in a private ceremony in June, just days before Rounds had surgery to treat desmoid tumors.

The 50-year-old TV personality also said Monday on her blog that she is selling original paintings on eBay to raise money for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation.

A spokeswoman for O'Donnell confirmed the nuptials and fundraising efforts.

Rounds was diagnosed with desmoid tumors in June. She and O'Donnell wed in New York on June 9, and Rounds underwent surgery June 14. Desmoid tumors occur rarely and can affect almost any area of the body. The tumors can be fatal.

O'Donnell has had health issues of her own. She said Aug. 20 that she recently suffered a heart attack.


Did Carole Radziwill date George Clooney?

Carole Radziwill has it all. This Real Housewives of New York is not only a Princess, she’s also rich, famous, and she’s allegedly dated one of Hollywood’s hottest actors. While many fans were left shocked after LuAnn’s St. Barths affair on last night’s show, others were even more surprised to hear Sonja reveal that Carole dated George Clooney for a year.

“Look at the ass on Carole,” Sonja said after catching an eyeful of Carole in her bikini. “No wonder Clooney did her for a year.” That’s right, Carole tied the serial dater down for an entire year. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? But remember, Carole IS a Princess.

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Source, 2, 3
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Joanna Lumley: 'Ab Fab could go on forever'

idk if I want this. The show is already showing signs of age. The movie sounds fab tho! After seeing the "Kath and Kimderella" premiere, I'm psyched to see Patsy and Eddy walk the red carpet and hit the big screen! Jennfer Saunders became a grandma for the first time today, btw!

Joanna Lumley has said that Absolutely Fabulous could 'go on and on'.

"We've already flashed to a time when Patsy's drooling and propped up in a wheelchair with a drip attached to a vodka bottle," she explained.

"Her and Eddy were about 102... No matter how badly Jennifer and I decay, we could carry on playing the characters forever [and] June Whitfield [Eddy's mother] seems to be getting younger all the time."

The 66-year-old actress also confessed that she shares some traits with her flamboyant, chain-smoking character. "I only have maybe five a day," she said. "But playing Patsy has put me in a cage that makes me look like I smoke like an old wizard. "I drink a fraction of what she does but I'm a bit like her. I don't have her vicious language but I adore her."

Lumley revealed that she has also managed to accumulate wardrobes full of clothes and accessories while playing Patsy over the past two decades, some of which she plans to auction off later this year. "I'd often buy Patsy's clothes from the BBC at half price because I loved them so much," she said.

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trailer for "the impossible" with naomi watts & ewan mcgregor

We've seen a few Spanish language spots for Juan Antonio Bayona's "The Impossible" but none have landed with quite the impact (forgive the pun) for the latest domestic spot, one that makes a serious case that we could be looking at an Oscar contender here. Certainly, Summit hopes so.

Starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, the film tells the true story of a family on vacation in Thailand in 2004, when the devastating tsunami rips them apart, putting them on a perilous path of survival. The trailer hits all the right notes: terrifying, emotional and tremendously moving, without feeling like it's exploiting a tragedy for easy awards season tears and awards. Hell, even the Damien Rice cover of U2's "One" feels spot on.

"The Impossible" will premiere at TIFF and open in limited release on December 21st.

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Tom Holland, 16-year-old star of The Impossible, joins the Best Actor race
That rare moment when a studio does what's right by a young actor

I've written pretty much all I should about Juan Antonio Bayona's "The Impossible" at the moment. But to recap, I walked away thinking Naomi Watts was probably the film's best shot at an acting nomination for the raw emotion and embattled nature of her character in the film (which depicts one family's plight during the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004).

Otherwise, I figured that even though Ewan McGregor doesn't have as much to chew on as Watts (though he nails it when he's called upon), he'd probably get a lead actor push to go along with hers, while young actors Oaklee Pendergast, Samuel Joslin and Tom Holland (who play McGregor and Watts' sons in the film) would be shoved into the supporting ranks like so many child actors before them. Well, in the case of Holland, who largely anchors the film and is a definite lead by anyone's measure: not so fast.

After this morning's Oscar update I was notified that Summit will actually be campaigning Holland as the lead he is, while McGregor will be pushed for Best Supporting Actor in the film. And it immediately struck me as a unique and brave move at a time of year when the safe bet is always placed.

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sources: 1&2
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Strictly Season is nearly upon us...

She's one-fifth of one of Britain's biggest girl bands and has had a starring role in a West End musical.

And Kimberley Walsh looks set to add another string to her bow as she prepares to join the line-up for the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The Girls Aloud singer has reportedly signed up to appear in the next season of the BBC One show, which hits screens next month.

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Pop music has become more depressing, claims study

Pop music has become more depressing over the last over the last five decades, according to a new scientific study.


Shortly after scientists claimed to have proved that modern music is louder and more boring than it was 50 years ago, a new study published in the Psychology Of Aesthetics, Creativity, And The Arts journal suggests that songs have become increasingly sadder and more melancholy.

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Is the modern world just that shitty? Brb blogging my feelings.
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Charlie Brooker's 'A Touch of Cloth' kicks off (to good ratings)


The lurid TV murder drama has become a parody of itself, with increasingly elaborate and disgusting cases and ever more unstable detectives. It's hard to take seriously. Can widowed, hard-drinking, emotionally volatile maverick DCI Jack Cloth and the chalk to Cloth's cheese, emotionally closed ice queen DC Anne Oldman, rescue the genre?

Not on your life: they're here to bury it, because while Sky1's A Touch of Cloth has every trope in place, it's all there on purpose. This is a deadpan, joyously silly Naked Gun-style parody conceived by Charlie Brooker, in which John Hannah and Suranne Jones mercilessly send themselves up.

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Exclusive Simpsons Scoop: All the Details on Season 24’s Treehouse of Horror and moar!

'member when The Treehouse of Horror always aired in November? Why did that stop?

Black holes, Back to the Future, demonic possession and the end of the world await Simpsons fans in the upcoming season’s “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” episode.

This year’s installment of the annual Halloween-adjacent special will air on Sunday, Oct. 7, executive producer Al Jean tells TVLine exclusively. And it’s shaping up to be scary good.

After the cut, can Tom Waits save Homer, Zooey Deschanel (appears in 2 eps), Max Weinberg Set for Valentine’s-Themed episode, Benedict Cumberbatch, and other guest voices announced

Justin Bieber makes a cameo in the new season (was posted here)

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Anne Heche launches sunscreen and talks about her face AKA beauty post

Anne Heche's Smart Suncare Solution


Anne Heche was recently here in our studios for Access Hollywood Live, and let me tell you, as beautiful as she is on screen, she is even more lovely in person. Her skin is radiant. And as someone who is also fair, I can really appreciate how she's taken such good care of her skin.

"I often get asked what I do for my skin and my answer is always the same," Anne says. "I use sunblock. I have learned that to have good skin you must keep it protected from the sun."

Anne is so diligent about protecting her family from the dangers of the sun that she's taken matters into her own hands.

She's just launched "Tickle Time" Mineral Powder Sunblock for kids! The water-resistant sunblock is made of 100 percent all-natural minerals and offers complete UVA/UVB protection.

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What's your skincare routine, ONTD? And what are your favourite sunscreens?

PS idek wtf is up with this stupid lj formating so let's just ignore the fact that the font changes


Sean Lennon Slams Mayor Bloomberg Over Fracking


Sean Lennon's anti-fracking folk performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last month didn't stop Mayor Bloomberg from endorsing "safe" fracking, and so the musician and scion of John and Yoko took to the Op-Ed pages of the Times today to speak out against hydraulic-fracturing in New York State. Lennon, who launched the environmentalist group Artists Against Fracking with mother Yoko Ono in July, railed against Bloomberg's argument that fracking benefitted the environment as long as it was regulated properly, noting that the mayor's plan to "'make sure that the gas is extracted carefully and in the right places' is akin to a smoker telling you, 'Smoking lighter cigarettes in the right place at the right time makes it safe to smoke.'"

"Natural gas has been sold as clean energy," Lennon writes. "But when the gas comes from fracturing bedrock with about five million gallons of toxic water per well, the word 'clean' takes on a disturbingly Orwellian tone. Don't be fooled. Fracking for shale gas is in truth dirty energy." Pulling on a few heartstrings, Lennon describes childhood memories of skipping stones and milking cows by hand at his parents' farm in upstate New York, reminding readers, frack-happy and frack-sad, that local farmers may be hit hardest if and when hydraulic-fracturing becomes a reality. "When the gas companies showed up in our backyard, I felt I needed to do some research," he writes. "I looked into Pennsylvania, where hundreds of families have been left with ruined drinking water, toxic fumes in the air, industrial landscapes, thousands of trucks and new roads crosshatching the wilderness, and a devastating and irreversible decline in property value."

And while Bloomberg managed to get Albany to ban fracking in NYC's upstate watershed prior to outing himself as a pro-fracker, Lennon's not convinced city dwellers will still have uncontaminated H20. "The well water on my family's farm comes from the same watersheds that supply all the reservoirs in New York State," he wrote. "That means if our tap water gets dirty, so does New York City's."

Anti-fracking advocates have ratcheted up their rallying efforts of late, as Governor Cuomo gets closer to making a decision as to where and when to introduce hydraulic-fracturing in New York. Yesterday, over 1,000 New Yorkers marched to the Capitol in Albany, demanding the state government ban fracking. Meanwhile, Lennon and Ono will be holding an anti-fracking press conference at the Paley Center tomorrow afternoon, where they will be joined by several members of Artists Against Fracking, including Mark Ruffalo and anti-fracking doc Gasland director Josh Fox.


Missy Elliott to drop two new singles over Labor Day weekend


After a seven-year hiatus, Missy Elliot will return with two new tracks this weekend.

Longtime collaborator Timbaland tweeted the news on Friday: "Watch it world we backk!!! My sista @MissyElliott is droppin her singles #9thinning and #triplethreat labor day weekend."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Elliott's tracks will be from an upcoming album, her first since 2005's "The Cookbook."

Elliot's return caused a buzz for the past half year, returning to the studio for guest-verses with Busta Rhymes, MIA, Demi Lovato and others.

The "Get Ur Freak On" rapper had been coping with the onset of Graves' disease, a thyroid condition that kept her off the charts for the latter half of the decade.

There is still no official title or release date for her seventh studio album.

Eminem personal video sells for 52,000 dollars-for charity

When will your favs?!? A simple personal video sells for 50,000... Boss status.

Ilitch Charities auctions off rapper's personalized video for a dazzling amount of cash
Jim Leyland pitched in with the comic relief Sunday night at the Ilitch Charities One Team, One Community Gala.

Eminem wasn't there, but he left three worthy nonprofits laughing even more — as in gleeful, pinch-me, skipping-all-the-way-to-the-bank titters.

One Team, One Community is a dependably good event, meaning the speechmaking is short and effective, and the rest of the evening is given over to enormous shrimp, interesting auction items and music. Also, there's alcohol, though I tend not to indulge at these things for fear I'd wind up treating the silent auction table like the Home Shopping Network.

Sometimes the auction action can serve as a yardstick for what's cool and what's cooling off. Michael Phelps, for instance, made his last big splash a few weeks ago in London. He donated an autographed swim cap, and bundled with a magazine cover signed by DeWitt gymnast Jordyn Wieber, it went for $400.

On the other side of the main floor at the MotorCity Casino's Sound Board showroom stood a guitar signed by Jimmy Buffett. Final price: $1,700.

At least for one evening, a 65-year-old singer with nine platinum albums was worth markedly more than a swimming legend with 18 gold medals. But for the evening's beneficiaries — the College for Creative Studies, Alternatives for Girls and Reading Works — nothing stacked up to Eminem.

His donation was a personalized video. Exactly what that means seems unclear: a rap written specifically for your cousin Archie, with authentic slinky dancers and a professional director? A quick rendition of "Happy Birthday to You," mumbled toward the lens of a cellphone?

My money is on something in between, but it wasn't my money that brought down the auctioneer's gavel. The top bid was …

OK, guess.

No, higher.

Higher yet.



That was 7½ times as much as the Ultimate Tigers Spring Training and Home Game Experience, a nifty package that included a trip for two to spring training, the chance to serve as manager for a day, and other lavish things that only really matter if you won them. Leyland, the Tigers' manager, took the stage to rally potential bidders, pointing out that "from listening to talk shows, we know there's a lot of managers out there

The spring training adventure will begin with a 6 a.m. arrival at the ballpark, he said, followed by one of the best cups of coffee in all of Lakeland, Fla., though that's a sketchy distinction since "there's only one Starbucks within 30 miles."

Then, he said, "you will smoke a pack of Marlboro cigarettes," make all the decisions during the game, and deal with reporters "who want to know on Feb. 28 if Brennan Boesch will be hitting sixth on Aug. 7."

It was good stuff, and here's something better: the stand-up manager matched the $7,000 winning bid. That's seriously generous.
[yyy] karen o o o

Kaya Scodelario (and Tyler Posey + Analeigh Tipton) on the cover of Wonderland Magazine

Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Wuthering Heights) is on the cover of Wonderland magazine's September/October issue, "Nightlife". In an alternate cover, Ambyr Childers, Chris Zylka, Haley Bennett (seated), Analeigh Tipton, Shiloh Fernandez, Brie Larson and Tyler Posey strike a pose as Hollywood's new class of 2012.

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Looking good and doing Tyra proud, Analeigh. And Kaya is flawless as awlways. NOTE TO MODS: Sorry about the sizing! Should work now.


Richard Gere Makes His First Appearance, Live, September 14

Justin Bieber’s Mother, Pattie Mallette, Live, September 19

Former “Pretty In Pink” Stars Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy

(author, The Longest Way Home), Live, September 18

ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning talk show “The View” returns live, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 (11:00a.m. - 12:00 noon, ET), kicking off a month of exciting celebrity guests. Award-winning actor Richard Gere will make his first appearance on “The View” September 14 to discuss his new film, “Arbitrage.” Patti Mallette (a.k.a. Justin Bieber’s mother) joins the co-hosts live on September 19 to discuss her book, Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom, and shares her incredible journey with her superstar son. Actors Jon Cryer (“Two and a Half Men”) and Andrew McCarthy (author, The Longest Way Home) -- who coincidentally starred together in the 1986 romantic teen comedy/drama, “Pretty in Pink” -- are featured guests, live, September 18.

Also slated to appear in the coming weeks: Oscar-winning actress/singer Jennifer Hudson, reality star Kim Kardashian (“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”), professional basketball player Dwayne Wade (author, A Father First), actress Amy Adams and “Bachelorette” stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan.

Season 16 will also feature the continuation of the popular segments “Joy’s Month in Review” and “Reality Show Round Up,” and the return of “Guy Day Friday.” With the upcoming Presidential election, the show’s “Red, White and View” campaign will kick into high gear.


Katie Holmes Keeps Jewelry & Purses Worth Millions After Divorce

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even though Katie only allegedly walked away with $400K a year, she is reportedly getting to keep all of her designers items — do you think that’s more than fair? Katie Holmes can still carry that Birkin!

The now ex-wife of Tom Cruise, reportedly is going to keep all the lavish gifts that Tom gave her during their marriage. But don’t you think that should be part of the deal, since he gave those things to her? “Tom was extremely generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage and she will be keeping millions of dollars of jewelry, Hermes handbags and other luxurious items,” a source says.

“Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday gift one year that easily cost over $500k and he had custom design pieces made for her. Under terms of the divorce, Katie is keeping all of the jewelry, handbags, accessories, and designer clothing.” Katie will reportedly only receive child support now that she and Tom are divorced, and it’ll only cost Tom $400K a year.

But a source says Katie doesn’t care about the money. “Katie was never with Tom for the money,” the source says. “When it came time for the divorce, she just wanted it to be done quickly and with as little disruption to Suri’s life as possible. Suri has always been Katie’s number one priority and concern. During the divorce settlement talks Katie just wanted to make sure that she and her daughter would be taken care of from a financial standpoint.”

Katie reportedly has custom-made Birkin bags and other items that would make any girl swoon. But do you think Katie should feel lucky to be able to keep these items?

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[actress] Grace Kelly

Russell Brand & Geri Halliwell Are Dating

THE couple are said to be inseperable since meeting at the Olympic Closing
Ceremony where they both performed.

The 37-year-old funnyman, who is divorced from Wide Awake singer Katy Perry,
and the Spice Girl have known each other for years but reportedly began dating
after the Olympics closing ceremony on August 12.

Russell - who admitted to having a crush on Geri after the star-studded
finale in London - has apparently split from American girlfriend Isabella
Brewster so he can pursue a relationship with the 40-year-old singer,
according to The Sun.

"I've got a crush on Geri Halliwell - everything in the world is how it
should be," he said, as he posed for a picture with the reunited girl

The pair are rumoured to have visited Hampton Court Palace with Geri's
six-year-old daughter Bluebell over the bank holiday weekend.

"They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each
other during the Olympics. People thought Russell was joking at the time, when
he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true," a source
told The Sun.

Russell had been rumoured to be considering moving in with former talent
agent Isabella, following his divorce from Katy, which was finalised in July.

Geri, who previously said that the comedian is "really funny and
intelligent but not the type of man I go for", ended her three-year
romance with aristocratic ex-boyfriend Henry Beckwith last September.

[LOTS] Cara

Marion Cotillard - No To Botox

Marion Cotillard says that her "injection-phobic" nature means she'll never have Botox.

"When I have to have an injection I'm like a four-year-old, running around the room with the nurse behind me trying to catch me. So I guess I won't have Botox or whatever you put inside yourself to look younger," she revealed.

Instead, the actress is a fan of the French way of ageing gracefully.

"In France … I was at my friend's house the other day, and all those women there, they were between 50 and 70, and they were so beautiful," she told the New York Magazine. "Sometimes in LA, or even in New York, you run into a lot of products - a lot of women filled with all those products. It's not just about plastic surgery now, it's about injections… and all the women look kind of the same. It just shows fear, and that makes me sad."

But growing older doesn't scare her, for one very good reason.

"I'm really looking forward to being a grandma. This is kind of my obsession right now. I hope my kids won't wait so long, like me, to have kids, because I want to be a very healthy and young grandma… this is really something that I look forward to."



Deadspin is presently in negotiations with a person who is in possession of a photograph of a penis. The penis supposedly belongs to Olympic gold/silver/bronze swimming medalist Ryan Lochte. The photograph is a neck-down bathroom-mirror self-portrait, in which the tip of the penis almost but not quite reaches into the sink basin.

The provenance of the photo is less than ideal. It was allegedly taken for a now-ex-girlfriend of Lochte's. After the Olympics, a friend of the ex began passing the photo along to her friends, and it soon made its way to our source.

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for the TL;DR: Deadspin has a Ryan Lochte dick pic and wants us to pay for it (lame). ETA: They want $5,000. When I put this post up they had raised $77.


new "pitch perfect" featurette

Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air) returns to the big screen this autumn in Pitch Perfect, which promises to be the best musical-comedy of the year.

The first trailer debuted earlier this summer, giving us a great impression of a film not taking itself too seriously, and just having fun with the music – exactly what musical-comedies should be doing, in my books – and now Apple have debuted a new featurette, giving us "A Look Inside."

Starring alongside Kendrick in the lead will be a great supporting cast, headed up by Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die), Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), Alexis Knapp (Project X), Adam DeVine (Workaholics), and John Michael Higgins (Yes Man), with the excellent Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) producing, who makes a nice appearance here behind the scenes.

Avenue Q’s John Moore makes his feature directorial debut, with a script from Kay Cannon (30 Rock), adapting Mickey Rapkin’s original book.

Pitch Perfect will be hitting theatres in the US on 5th October, followed by a UK release on 19th October. I can’t wait. In the meantime, enjoy this new featurette. (I’m still loving the mini a cappella version of David Guetta’s "Titanium" (feat. Sia).


so pumped to see anna sing again. FRITZI!!!

Jamie Bell joins Lars Von Trier's hardcore sex drama "Nymphomaniac" (praise Jebus)

With films like Dogville and Antichrist, Lars von Trier has long established a solid reputation as a powerful but unsettling filmmaker. But for all the dark places his features go and all the horrific things they show, his movies are all built around incredible roles that lend themselves to powerhouse performances. So it's little wonder that no amount of controversy seems to scare off big stars from working with the outspoken and audacious auteur.

His next venture, a reportedly hard-core pornographic drama called Nymphomaniac has already collected a cast that includes recurring collaborators Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard, as well as von Trier newbie Shia LaBeouf. Now THR reveals Jamie Bell has signed on, along with Danish actress Connie Nielsen from the Starz series Boss.

Nymphomaniac will be an ambitious two-part film which is expected to have two versions released, one that will feature hard-core—and possibly real—onscreen sex, the other being a more soft-core version. Gainsbourg will front the feature as Joe, a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac. After being found beaten in an alley by Skarsgard's character Seligman, she's taken to his home and nursed back to health as she divulges her lifetime's worth of carnal exploits. At this juncture, there's no word on what roles the rest will play.

Nymphomaniac will kick off its 11-week long production schedule tomorrow in Germany. The film is expected to hit theaters in 2013.


Batman vs. Superman: Which One Is The Greatest Superhero Of All Time?

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And so it has come to this. Starting with an initial pool of 32 costumed crimefighters, our Superhero Showdown bracket game has slowly but surely whittled the playing field down to two final contestants. The greatest and most popular heroes in comic book history have all fallen by the wayside: Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the unexpectedly popular upstart Hellboy, all of the Marvel superheroes. We are left now with a final face-off that defines the whole history of superherodom.

In one corner, wearing very bright colors and an All-American smile: Superman, the Kansas farmboy, the hero of glittering Metropolis, blessed with every superpower you can imagine.

In the other corner, wearing very dark colors and a cynical grimace: Batman, the big-city billionaire orphan, dark avenger of bleak Gotham, blessed with no superpowers besides boundless vengeful determination.

The time has come, fellow comic book fans. Ponder these two superheroes: Who they are, what they’ve done, what they mean for you and for society. When you’re ready, cast your final vote. The poll will remain open until noon on Friday, at which point we will finally be able to announce — scientifically and irrefutably — the identity of the greatest superhero ever.

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Batman or Superman?

Neither, Both and/or Other

Shadow & Act Takes A Look At What Films You Should See This Fall...

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With the USA 2012 theatrical summer movie season coming to an unsatisfying end (to me anyway), and the fall/awards season films begin their hopeful campaigns for glory, what's there for us to look forward to with regards to what we call black cinema; or films that tell stories primarily about (or center heavily on) people of African descent?

Well, not a lot, which shouldn't be a big surprise. But instead of lamenting what we don't have, let's instead get excited about what we are looking forward to seeing.

In terms of films with stories that center primarily/heavily on black characters, there are very few; but you'll find a number of films that feature black characters in co-starring, supporting or peripheral roles.

But my emphasis here is on the former, not the latter.

I'm looking at both Hollywood releases as well as indies, here in the USA; obviously I don't have information on every single indie release, in every city around the country (I rely on you folks to alert me to any screenings that we don't already know about, as more indie filmmakers take matters into their own hands, releasing their films independently, without much fanfare, whether 4-walling, or via initiatives like AMC Independent).

From the list of upcoming releases I do have, here are 6 that I recommend you have on your short list of must-see films, along with my reasons for why they should be on your list.

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Lots and lots of trees together... equal... big trees!

Nineties pop sensations and songwriting siblings Hanson are no flash in the pan after all.

In 1997 a wave of hysteria hit Australia. Local boys were pushed aside as posters of three blond brothers suddenly adorned bedroom walls and girls around the country locked themselves away blasting one song repeatedly: MMMBop.

The catalysts for the hysteria, which resulted in one in 10 households in Australia owning the album Middle of Nowhere, were the innocent yet attractive siblings Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson.

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I have my ticket to the show at the Hi-Fi. So excited. *jazzhands*
Captain Marvel

THOR: THE DARK WORLD Gearing Up For Filming the Stonehenge Monument

Yet another on-location filming site has been uncovered for Marvel's anticipated sequel, Thor: The Dark World, apparently at a national monument In Wiltshire, England!

As previously noted, the commencement of filming for Thor: The Dark World is set for the first week of September. And while it's already expected to explore underground tunnels in London, the woodland hills in Bourne Wood, and the island country of Iceland, another rather ancient shooting location for the upcoming Marvel sequel has been spotted.

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Snooki: "I love nursing"--- *UPDATE* first glimpse of bb Lorenzo

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has had eyes for many guys, but none has held her attention quite like little Lorenzo.

"Lorenzo is even cuter today," gushed the new mom, 24, Tuesday on Twitter, of her son, who was born on Sunday. "#imsolucky."

Polizzi, who is engaged to Lorenzo's father, Jionni LaValle, shared a photo of their son's nursery (the changing table is leopard print, of course) and reassured one of her pregnant followers that "all the pain and anxiety is so worth it!!!"

The musings on motherhood didn't stop there, either. Although the Jersey Shore star confessed earlier in the summer that breastfeeding "looks so painful," the new mom has had a change of heart.

Tweets Polizzi, "I love nursing my little man!"


Son of Snooki was officially unleashed on Planet Earth today ... and TMZ has the very first pics of lil' Lorenzo LaValle and his mommy being carted out of the a New Jersey hospital.

You can't see much of Lorenzo's face ... only the top of his head ... which appears prime for gobs of gel and grease.

Mama Snooks was clutching her little boy with both arms ... holding him tighter than a cup of Ron-Ron Juice at Karma nightclub.

Snooki gave birth on Sunday ... but it appears she's already back to normal ... rocking a pair of platform wedges as she was wheeled back into reality ... TV ... as an MTV camera crew documented the entire thing.


Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Nathan Adrian Driiiiiiive

Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian shares wild ride with fans, family

Bremerton Olympian Nathan Adrian has been everywhere, from the "Today" show to a rodeo, since winning three medals in London. "It's been like a crazy roller-coaster ride," he says.

BREMERTON — You don't think about them when you're standing on the pool deck, or coiling for the start of a race.

You're not swimming for them, but they are there. In bars and bedrooms, in dens and departure gates, they're watching you, rooting for you.

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Captain Marvel
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Dakota Fanning and Now is Good Trailer

Dakota has a few movies in the can waiting for the light of day. One is soon to be released... in the UK on Sept 19.  Now is Good tells the story of a young woman stricken with a terminal illness who decides she's going to make her bucket list mean something. Trailer here plus photos at the source since I'm too lazy to upload.
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the lovely juno temple on asos magazine

On working being underused on The Dark Knight Rises: “I’ve had extraordinary experiences…you walk on that set and your mind is blown – but then I did a tiny independent film called Little Birds (with Kate Bosworth) and we made it in 17 days and that blows my mind, too. I love it.”

On moving to the US: “It was an adventure…if it tickles your toes a little bit, then you should go with it. And I like it out here. I have a lot of people I love. I’ve made really great friends and I’ve fallen in love with someone really magical (actor Michael Angarano). And I never thought I’d say this, because I love rain, but actually walking up to the sunshine does wonders for your brain.”

On fashion: “I had a good five years of wanting to do fashion. I made a lot of clothes and I’ve got books and books of designs. But I think it would have been a tough business for me, not because I don’t think it’s brilliant, but because I’m not sure I’m feisty enough or it.”

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Terry Crews Turns His Body Into An Instrument for Old Spice

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Yes, you are looking at action star Terry Crews hooked up to electrodes that allow him to control musical instruments using his muscles, and then the video becomes interactive, so you can do it, too, and, also, this is an ad for Old Spice and, also, WTF!?

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

source 1, 2

ou can play around once he finishes his bit. If you press "A" in your keyboard sausages hang from the ceiling - LOL!WTF?. if you are slow and dilly-dally he screams at you....