August 18th, 2012

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A post about animation and South Africa.

'Zambezia': 3D animation puts South Africa film in the picture


(CNN) -- He's got blue wings, an adventurous spirit and is poised to be the latest film star to come out of South Africa.

A high-spirited young falcon, Kai is the main character in "Zambezia," a new South African 3D animation film featuring an all-star voice cast, including Hollywood A-listers Samuel L. Jackson, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy and Jeremy Suarez.

Set in the majestic Victoria Falls and inspired by southern Africa's startling artwork, "Zambezia" is hoping to put South African animation on the map while enthralling children around the world with its uplifting message of togetherness.

The movie, produced by Cape Town-based Triggerfish Animation Studios, has been selected as the closing film of the 33rd edition of the Durban International Film Festival, which runs until July 29.

"The film is a wonderful ambassador, in a way, of South Africa and I think as it travels the world it's going to spread the word about an industry that is young and vibrant and extremely talented," says "Zambezia" director and co-writer Wayne Thornley.

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Stan Lee On His Favorite DC Character, MARVEL Movies And More

The man...the legend...answering a bevy of fan questions ranging from comic books to film and more. Says his proudest moment was creating the Fantastic Four and that he wants to see a Black Panther feature film.

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I love him for saying he wants a Black Panther movie. And I wonder how he feels about the Fantastic Four movies...


Female Version of "Expendables" Is A Go!

Just as "The Expendables 2" explodes into theaters, Adi Shankar's banner 1984 Private Defense Contractors has tapped Dutch Southern to write an all-female riff on the star-studded action franchise.

Shankar ("The Grey") will produce for 1984 Private Defense Contractors, which plans to fully finance the "Expendables"-inspired project. Company is already in talks with several prominent actresses affiliated with the action genre.

2012 has been a banner year for female-driven actioners like "The Hunger Games," "Snow White and the Huntsman" and the Gina Carano-toplined "Haywire."

Shankar's shingle recently co-financed Joe Carnahan's "The Grey," Marc Forster's "Machine Gun Preacher" and Andrew Dominik's upcoming Brad Pitt-starrer "Killing Them Softly," as well as Allen Hughes' thriller "Broken City," which pairs Mark Wahlberg with Russell Crowe.

Southern has a history with 1984 Private Defense Contractors, as back in April 2011, the company acquired his 2010 Black List script "Hoof Harrington's Greatest Hits," the story of a semi-retired hitman that has been described as "'Die Hard' by way of Wes Anderson."


Who would you cast in this movie?

Amazing Author Pitches Marxist Iron Man, Is Rejected

Read China Miéville’s rejected Marxist Iron Man pitch

China Miéville was once tapped to write Swamp Thing for DC, but that never panned out. Similarly, the Kraken author has now revealed that he submitted an Iron Man pitch which paints a less than rosy picture of Tony Stark.

Miéville envisioned this as a six-issue, in-canon miniseries. Granted, Stark's done some dodgy stuff in the past, but I can't really see Marvel doing this outside of an alternate reality tale. I do however love the bold fashion statement that is a hardhat shoulder pad.


The economic crisis bites. Flinton, MI, was built on industry, and the industry's gone, since by far the city's dominant company took the stimulus cheque, attacked wages, outsourced more and more, then finally all, R&D and production overseas. Flinton, like so many other towns, is dying.

An extraordinary figure in bizarre makeshift power armour the colours of rust and hazard-warning yellow has appeared, fighting burglars, thieves, drug-dealers, graffiti-taggers. Flashback: he's Dan, an ex-worker in one of the high-tech heavy defence plants, horrified at the social breakdown, going through the many scrapheaps of the town and cobbling together his suit from industrial junk, trying to save his home.

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On behalf of ONTD's four person China Miéville fan club, let me just say that even I think this sounds really, really...out there. But fierce author remains fierce. His Swamp Man series was rejected for being too political, but he finally got his comic book series this year.

Garry Kasparov on his brutal arrest at the Pussy Riot trial

The chess champion and Russian opposition leader was beaten and arrested Friday after showing up at the sentencing of anti-Putin punk band Pussy Riot. He tells Eli Lake about the horrific ordeal.

When chess grand champion and Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov showed up Friday at the sentencing of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, he didn’t expect to spend the next five hours in the custody of the Moscow police, recovering from a severe beating.

Now, he says, after being punched in the genitals, thrown in a van and beaten by several police, Kasparov says the police have accused him of biting one of them—an allegation he denies. “They act like animals and they accuse me of biting them,” Kasparov told the Daily Beast in his first interview since being arrested. “Can you imagine what it means to bite someone when you are being beaten? There should be blood on my face. It is beyond any common sense.”

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Jessie Ware: 'I want to be a private pop star, like Sade or Annie Lennox'


Her sweet soul might be the sound of summer, but there were tears in the studio from the newest south London diva. Click here to listen to [Guardian's] exclusive stream of her debut album.

Adele, west Norwood. Florence, Camberwell. Lianne La Havas, Streatham. Katy B, Peckham. Ellie "La Roux" Jackson, Herne Hill. What is it about south London that breeds so many ballsy female singers? "I don't know, but it's quite cool, isn't it?" beams Jessie Ware, Brixton. "If you're from south London you feel like you're always trying to win people over, so perhaps that underdog passion comes through. It's like being AFC Wimbledon or something."
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NBC's 'Tonight Show' Lays Off 20 Employees


The direct cause is not yet clear, nor are the exact areas of programming that were hit by the downsizing.

NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno has laid off about 20 employees, a network source confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

The direct cause of the shakeup at NBC's late-night staple is not yet clear, nor are the exact areas of the program that were hit by the downsizing.

While the Jay Leno-hosted talker regularly tops the late night ratings, its core audience has aged as competition from such younger-skewing shows as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report has siphoned away viewers.

The move comes as excutives at NBC owner Comcast continue to evaluate the assets the company bought in early 2011.

THR has reported that Leno is paid approximately $30 million. (Jay Leno reportedly took what is being described as a “tremendous” pay cut to “save as many people’s jobs as he could”.) He last reupped his contract in 2011 after reclaiming the Tonight Show from Conan O'Brien. The show currently employs between 150 and 200 people, according to a network source.

The Tonight Show returned this week after a two-week break for the Olympics.

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ABC Developing Tom Sawyer-Huckleberry Finn Drama


ABC has given script orders to three very different drama projects from its studio counterpart.

The network is developing Finn & Sawyer, a contemporary take on Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

The drama hails from Detroit 1-8-7 duo Jason Richman and David Zabel and is described as an adventure-themed reinvention that revolves around the two famed literary characters who re-meet as young men in their 20s and form an investigative firm in a bustling and steampunk New Orleans.

Richman and Zabel (ER) will write and executive produce the project from ABC Studios and Temple Hill Entertainment.

Finn & Sawyer is the latest adaptation of the famed novel, which was first published in 1884. Coincidentally, ABC adapted the material for a 1975 TV movie that starred Happy Days duo Ron Howard and Donny Most as Huck and Tom, respectively, and again in 1985 with Drew Barrymore as Hucklemary Finn for another movie of the week.

In addition, the network has picked up The Outsiders, a family drama pitch from Smallville's Ken Biller. The project is inspired by a true story and revolves around a woman who moves with her family from Atlanta to New York to start a new life and ends up becoming the de facto mother to nine underprivileged kids.

Biller, whose credits include TNT's recently renewed Eric McCormack drama Perception, will write and executive produce the project for ABC Studios.

Lastly, Race to Witch Mountain's Matt Lopez has sold Gothica, a supernatural mystery drama to the network.

The project, which is not related to the 2003 Halle Berry feature Gothika, centers on a woman searching for her own identity in modern San Francisco who delves into a world of supernatural mystery and horror, guided by an enigmatic playboy named Dorian Gray.

Lopez (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) will write and executive produce alongside the Mark Gordon Co.'s Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy) and Nicholas Pepper, whose ABC pilot Americana failed to move forward last season.


'ParaNorman' will scare kids, and that's good

The children's horror genre draws controversy, but fear makes up a big part of entertainment for young people—and when done right, can be empowering.

ParaNorman, the stop-motion animated children's film that hits theaters today, opens on a screaming woman who steps on a human brain as she runs away from a groaning, shambling zombie. This, it turns out, is a movie within the movie, as Norman—our adolescent horror-aficionado protagonist—watches a horror film with wide-eyed attention. But this opening scene is also ParaNorman's statement of purpose: Despite the squeamishness of parents, horror can and often does play a vital role in kids' lives.

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This article is so true. ParaNorman was perfect and easily my favorite movie of 2012. I went in just expecting a cute little kid's zombie movie but I got so much more out of it. There were so many lessons to learn from the movie and some of those were just what kids needed to hear and know especially with all the Chickfila, anti-gay stance news that they could be hearing from their parents, tv, friends, etc. Fear turns you into a monster so why not fight your fear?

It's Official - Tracee Ellis Ross Leaves BET's 'Reed Between The Lines'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's now official that Tracee Ellis Ross has left BET's freshman scripted series Reed Between The Lines.

Specific reasons weren't given, but, in a released statement, Ms Ross expressed her love for the series and its cast, calling it one that "I believe in and care about."

I'd guess that her casting in the in the new NBC women's prison drama Bad Girls, adapted from the UK ITV series of the same name, might have something to do with it. Although I couldn't confirm that NBC has even picked up the series, or when the pilot might air.

I wouldn't completely write her off Reed Between The Lines however; don't be surprised if her character does return in the future - assuming the series is even still around if/when that happens. A second season is certain, and, as we reported yesterday, Tony Rock, Charlie Robinson and Michole White have joined the series' cast as regulars, with star Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

When season 2 begins, the couple (as played by Ross and Warner in season 1) will be separated. In short, Carla (Ross) will be offered a dream job offer she can't refuse; she wants the family to move across the country with her so that she can take the job; but Alex (Warner) isn't feeling the idea, so he and the kids stay put.

Obviously the door is being left open for an easy enough return down the road, if that eventually happens.

I response, BET's prez of original programming, Loretha Jones, said, "We wish her nothing but the best and hope to work with her again in the future."


This is so messed up! for those who haven't seen the show the main theme of the show is the wholesome family dynamic, two parent household, well educated, straight out of the Cosby era kinda thing. I guess having Malcolm-Jamal Warner as a single dad might be interesting....

Kelly Rowland Lands Lead Role In New Scripted BET Pilot

Kelly Rowland has signed up to star in a comedy pilot for BET, exec-produced by The Bernie Mac Show's Warren Hutcherson, and written and co-executive produced by Julian Breece (remember him? He created that Tatyana Ali web series we featured on the old S&A site called Buppies).

I wondered what he'd been up to since then, and if that web series, which was picked up by BET, and aired on its website, opened up any doors for him.

To be titled What Would Dylan Do, Rowland will of course star as the titular Dylan, described as "a struggling L.A.-based relationship blogger" rooming with her best friend Cherise, and Brooke (she's divorced and wealthy), when her ex-fiancee comes back into her life, causing her to rethink their relationship.

Joining Rowland in the cast will be Brandon Scott (aka Dr. Ryan Spalding on Grey's Anatomy) who will play Dylan's ex-financee; also Gabrielle Dennis from The Game will play bext friend Cherise, while newcomer Melanie Liburd will play the rich divorcee Brooke.

BET hasn't ordered the series yet; the pilot will be shot, and decisions will be made from there.

The cable TV network continues to ramp up its original scripted series slate for next season. I'm looking forward to watching all these new shows it's already announced.

And in case you were wondering, the former Destiny's Child member has done some acting, like starring in the 2004 rom-com The Seat Filler, to appearances in Girlfriends, Single Ladies and Think Like A Man.

source, 2

It reminds me of when Eve had a TV series.


Another Gina Torres Interview!

411's Al Norton sits down for an exclusive interview with Gina Torres to discuss the passion of Firefly fans, her feelings about science fiction, and her current role as Jessica Pearson on the hit USA series Suits.

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I just marathoned all of Suits and I love her as Jessica. Love her description of her and Gabriel Macht's interactions as dancing - they do have perfect chemistry.
Leaf Phoenix

Samuel Jackson joins Spike Lee's 'Old Boy' remake

EXCLUSIVE: The English-language remake of Chan-wook Park's cult favorite "Oldboy" already had some big-time names, what with Spike Lee directing and Josh Brolin in the lead role. Now the revenge drama is getting two more notables: Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Hornsby.
Sharlto Copley is going to be the villain and Elizabeth Olsen is rumored to become the female lead.

Jackson has come on board for a small but critical part in the new film, according to a person close to the production who was not authorized to talk about it publicly. The actor will play the man who is being tortured by the hero (Brolin) in a key revenge scene.
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Samuel L. Jackson does not have a tag? :o

Older article about the project

Kate Upton Still Supporting Verlander Amidst Rob Pattinson Rumors

title or description

Keeping her flawless figure in tip-top shape, Kate Upton was spotted in workout garb while walking in New York City on Friday afternoon (August 17).

The 20-year-old supermodel gabbed on her iPhone while donning a Detroit Tigers baseball hat, as she's reportedly dating the team’s all-star pitcher Justin Verlander.

Although Miss Upton has been linked to the pro athlete, she’s apparently got her eyes set on another, newly single prize.

According to Life & Style magazine, the Sports Illustrated model said she’d like to date Robert Pattinson, explaining, "I might be a little scared of a vampire, but yes, he's cute!”

Do you think Kate and Rob would make a good couple?

Enjoy the pictures of Kate Upton chatting on her iPhone in NYC (August 17).

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I saw Kate and Verlander out and about the other day, she is QT in person!
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Lochte Jeah! Copyright Battle Looming with Compton Rapper

U.S. Olympic hero Ryan Lochte might have an unexpected speed bump on his way to trademarking the phrase "Jeah!" in the form of 90s rap star MC Eiht, who claims the phrase was his long before it was Lochte's.

Eiht tells TMZ he coined the phrase back in 1988 and is insulted to hear Lochte is trying to claim it as his own now. Eiht tells us, "Why try and trademark something his ass didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful."

The Compton's Most Wanted rapper tells TMZ he's not so much concerned about the money as he is the "respect and the truth."

Eiht says he plans on sending a cease and desist letter urging Lochte to stop using his phrase.

Lochte's manager tells us, "Ryan has been using JEAH for years," adding, "This is the first I have heard of this claim by MC Eiht."


sorry who?

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Kristen Stewart hits "rock-bottom", health in jeopardy

Kristen Stewart has taken a turn for the worse, as new reports on Friday put her as a recluse living on diet Red Bull and cigarettes. Her gaunt looks reflect the self-punishment she’s put herself through since losing Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with movie producer Rupert Sanders.

The “Twilight” star continues to hide out at a friend’s home and is refusing to eat anything that would provide her the nourishment she’s lacking today. Close friends of Kristen report that when they suggest she eat something she comes back with the excuse that she just did eat or she’s feeling too sick to eat, according to Showbiz Spy. 
Kristen is afraid to come out of the confines of her small closed up world today because of the scrutiny waiting around every corner. This fallout from the affair has gone from bad to worse as Kristen’s health seems to now be in jeopardy.

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~first post~ :*


Only two episodes remain in the action (and deadly) packed season five of "True Blood." With the Vampire Authority ditching their mainstreaming initiative and Russell Edgington after some fairy blood, it looks like one is guaranteed safety in these final episodes.

One character in particular from HBO's hit vampire series seems to be dangling on the edge of danger - Jason Stackhouse. The past few promo trailers for "True Blood" have shown Sookie's brother appearing to be dead and lying next to a mourning Jessica in a shallow grave. The image has become all too familiar, when fans saw Tara in a similar looking act with Pam...right before she was turned into a vampire. So, what's exactly in store for Jason Stackhouse with the season five finale of "True Blood" quickly approaching?
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Nick Grimshaw - Guardian Interview

When Nick Grimshaw was called in to see the controller of Radio 1 one Tuesday morning at the start of July, he genuinely believed something was wrong. "I've never really had a meeting with Ben Cooper before," he says, "so I thought I must be in trouble."

If it seems a little strange that the station's boss has never had a meeting with one of its best-known "turns", well, perhaps it shouldn't. Grimshaw isn't a controversial DJ, the kind who criticises the BBC on-air or makes remarks that get the complaints flooding in and Ofcom issuing reprimands. Besides, his show was tucked away at night-time, in the 10pm–midnight slot once occupied by John Peel. They seem to just leave him to get on with providing what the Radio 1 website insists on referring to, a little dispiritingly, as "late night music and LOLs". But he'd been doing a bit of holiday cover for daytime DJs, and he has a tendency to, as he puts it, "ramble on": he recently treated the nation to a nine-minute oration on the shortcomings of Madonna's gig at Hyde Park.

Instead of telling him off, Cooper offered him the biggest job on the station: the breakfast show, currently the home of Chris Moyles. It wasn't just Grimshaw who was surprised. The papers had suggested his name was entered in a three-horse race, but most people assumed it would go to either Fearne Cotton, who's better-known, or Greg James, the drivetime DJ who'd been open about his ambitions in the press. Grimshaw hadn't said anything but, he smiles, it's the job he's wanted "since I was 10 or 11… It was never, 'I want to work in radio', it was always, 'I want to do the Radio 1 breakfast show.' I remember my mum and dad being like, 'Um, that's quite precise, is there nothing else?' But when I was little, I always thought that it sounded like the free-est and funniest that radio can be."

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king gallagher whew else

Promo Poster for New Season of "Totally Spies" - Starting in 2013

( EDIT: The poster seems to be fan-made but the news is real. Updated with article below: )

Claiming 4 million users enrolled for its Facebook RPG Fashion Agents, Marathon Media’s worldwide broadcast five seasons animated series Totally Spies! has become a lead property on French social media.

According to Zodiak Media group’s subsidiary, the brand, which has been the first TV series adapted on Facebook, has since been developed on all social networks.
Its free Pinball Party game iPhone app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times since last April and the website registers more than 100,000 pages viewed and 31,000 unique visitors.

The series also has also attracted more than 100,000 fans on Facebook since last August. Totally Spies!, which will return for a sixth season coproduced with TF1 features. According to the producer it offers a “positive, optimistic and fun universe, and gathers all key elements to develop as a successful social game able to attract girls and boys of all ages.”


[ What is Totally Spies? ]

top 5 most racist shows on tv?

The 5 Most Bafflingly Racist Shows on TV Right Now

Racism and TV are as old as TV. Racism alone, of course, was invented with radio. But there was a good deal of time during which you'd never see anything even remotely multicultural on TV the vast majority of the time, and people thought they were being pretty progressive by watching Benson. And then they'd watch All in the Family, and that was OK because Archie Bunker, though racist, was also a twat, so when he met Sammy Davis Jr., you always knew Mr. Davis Jr. would come out of it OK. Time passed, sitcom producers started realizing you could feature characters who weren't whiter than bleached Wonder Bread and the world was a fine place.

And yet, even today, in 2012, you can find shows creeping around that seem to not just exist in a vacuum, but revel in just how intolerant or ignorant of race they are.

#5 American Gypsies

The National Geographic Channel, in a bid to outstupid TLC, A&E and the History Channel, all of which are a black morass of clusterfuckery and board certifiable fucktardation of a degree damaging to the very fabric of society and possibly even reality itself, has introduced the Ralph "Karate Kid" Macchio produced atrocity American Gypsies, a show so devoid of purpose, Kardashians can only see it from their peripheral vision when they're medicated. Did that make sense? Yes. Just take a second with it.

Like every other would-be reality show that focuses on an ethnic group, this show is offensive to mankind. But also, it seeks to dispel the myths and stereotypes you know about Gypsies (or "Romani," if you want to pretend to be politically correct before you jump ass first into the racist cistern of dribble shits that this show tosses at you) by replacing them with all new and worse stereotypes. Or, in some cases, just confirming them anyway. For instance, you don't think all Gypsies are fortunetellers, do you? Do you, you crass, ignorant fool? Ha ha! A Gypsy curse on you then, for the family in this show actually runs a chain of psychic shops. Fortunetellers. Pshaw.

Taking a cue from the way TLC presents Toddlers & Tiaras, as though the offensive content was not even their doing, American Gypsies features random fistfights, vandalism, hairy people in suits yelling at each other and the baseless, soulless mantra that somehow, for some reason, family is the most important thing in the world. Because that's apparently what ethnic stereotypes believe when there are 20 of them crammed around the dinner table eating a meal grandma woke up two days ago to prepare, and that makes them not monstrous or awful because hey, they love their momma. So did Norman Bates.

Most of the trailers feature a scene with one of the characters bashing in the windows of an SUV in stark contrast to the myth that Gypsies may be hotheaded. In fairness, it is superior to cursing someone with lycanthropy, but it's still a dick move, Gypsies. In another, an old Gypsy caricature of a woman is seen stroking someone's palm and proclaiming that all Gypsy women are psychic. All of them. But you'd know that if you were a Gypsy, wouldn't you? You would have seen it in your tea leaves.

If it's hard to see any of those old, terrible stereotypes the show seeks to overcome here, it's because they're hidden behind too many crystal balls and hairy, brutish forearms. The only surprising thing about the show is that, after watching it, you probably still retain legal rights to your firstborn and there won't be a shantytown set up in your yard. You learn nothing about Gypsy culture beyond the fact that they seem to be angry, violent frauds, which may not be the best "look what you didn't know about us!" message to give people.

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Disney Pulls The Plug On Henry Selick's Next Stop-Motion Project

Henry Selick’s considered by many to be the “Godfather” of contemporary stop-motion animation. With ParaNorman heading to theaters (and riding a wave of extremely positive reviews), Selick’s name has been mentioned often because his Coraline helped pave the way for the quiet outcast who can talk to ghosts. So this is an odd time for Walt Disney Studios to decide they want to bail on Selick’s latest stop-motion effort, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Variety says Disney informed close to 150 creative artists working at Shademakers Prods. in San Francisco that they were pulling the plug on Selick’s as-yet-untitled film, which was supposed to be in theaters on Oct. 4, 2013.

It’s unclear exactly what forced Disney head Alan Horn to stop production on Selick’s film. Variety only suggests that the movie wasn’t where it needed to be to maintain its rigorous production schedule. Voice actors hadn’t yet been hired. The studio hadn’t been able to share any artwork, potentially promoting the animated effort to another studio eager to distribute. All of the above meant Disney had enough reason to decide that it wasn’t going to move forward.

The good news, however, is that this decision will not affect Selick’s planned adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, which also is set up at the Mouse House. There’s no reason to lose faith in Selick now. The masterful storyteller weaved dark fairy tales in James and the Giant Peach and the brilliant The Nightmare Before Christmas with Tim Burton. But this might be the start of Disney’s declining interest in stop-motion … until ParaNorman passes the $100 million mark. We shall see.


Emma stone set to star in Cameron Crowe's "Deep Tiki"

Following up The Amazing Spider-Man, actress Emma Stone has been cast by director Cameron Crowe for a role in a romantic comedy he's written, Deep Tiki, according to Variety.

Originally, the project was expected to star Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller and follow 2005's Elizabethtown, but scheduling conflicts caused delays, according to

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If you are looking forward to seeing Nikki Minaj at the "V Festival", think again


NEW YORK (AP) — Nicki Minaj has canceled her appearance at this weekend's V Festival in the United Kingdom because of damage to her vocal cords.

Her representative says in an email that Minaj will have to back out of her shows on Saturday and Sunday because of "strained vocal cords."
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Rest your voice up, nobody wants to be the Ashlee Simpson of Rap


'Perception' renewed for a second season on TNT

TNT is giving a second look to its crime drama "Perception."

The cable channel has renewed the series, which stars Eric McCormack as an eccentric neuroscientist (and paranoid schizophrenic) who consults with the FBI on cases, for a second season. The show has enjoyed strong ratings so far airing behind "The Closer" and will be paired with "Major Crimes" for the rest of the season.

"'Perception' has captured the imagination of TNT's audience of armchair detectives with wonderfully intricate cases, emotionally charged situations and, of course, a terrific cast led by Eric McCormack," TNT president and head of programming Michael Wright says. The cast also includes Rachael Leigh CookArjay Smith and Kelly Rowan.

So far this season the show is averaging 7 million viewers per episode (including DVR viewing), with about a third of that audience falling in TNT's sweet spot of adults 25-54.

Season 2 of "Perception" will run 13 episodes and premiere sometime next year.


Shia LaBeouf Method Harassed Mia Wasikowska

Problem drinker and confirmed weirdo Shia LaBeouf told Page Six he fell off the wagon in order to better fulfill his role as a Prohibition-era bootlegger in Lawless.

“I did it for the movie. I didn’t drink off set for no reason. I did it because, when I showed up on set the next day, my [bleep]ing eyes looked like this and my face... had that drunk bloat that I needed, that I couldn’t have if that wasn’t going on.”

Sounds like someones trying to get Daniel Day-Lewis's attention. Instead, LaBeouf's method drunkenness apparently freaked out his co-star, 22-year-old Mia Wasikowska.

“She was calling her attorney, like, ‘Get me the [bleep] out of here,’” LaBeouf told the tabloid. “Mia was ready to walk away from the movie. I was really pretty aggressive about it, and not in any kind of weird, strange way, but I don’t think she had ever experienced anything like that.”

No further explanation of what exactly he got "really pretty aggressive" about, but LaBeouf said two have since become friends. Not just for the movie?


"It's called *acting*, dear boy."

"Looners" substitute balloons for love, sex and intimacy

For children, balloons can make the heart soar, but when an adult tucks his balloons into bed at night, he could be considered a "looner."

Dave, a former piano teacher from outside Little Rock, Ark., thinks of his balloons as his children. And he has fathered 65,000 of them. He cuddles them and coddles them, but insists the relationship is purely platonic.

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nicole waving her hair

X Factor bosses insist managed acts have 'no advantage'

Acts with management deals are allowed to take part in The X Factor this year, but bosses have insisted that they don’t have any advantage.

For the first time in the nine years the show has been on air, this year’s show has been open to professionals as well as amateurs.

But Richard Holloway, the show’s executive producer, explained: “We aim to give everyone the opportunity to come and be part of the show. Everybody that comes along and applies to the show all go through the same process.

“[The rule change is] just broadening the net and opening it up so that everybody gets an opportunity. Every single person, whether they have got any form of management or not will go through the same process.

Meanwhile X Factor judge Tulisa also backed the rule change, revealing: “There has been a change in the broadness of musicians, there have been people bringing out guitars and writing their own songs.”

She explained: “But just because someone has a manager or experience in the music business doesn’t mean they any less deserving to be on the show than a normal person with a normal job who’s had no experience.

“There are so many people out there that are so talented, that have managers, Just because they have a manager doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for them to make it than anybody else.

“I had a manager for seven years of my career before anywhere at all. I think it’s just about being fair. It’s a stigma that if you’ve had experience or had management, so you shouldn’t be allowed on the show. I think it’s a load of rubbish.”

The N-Dubz star added: “This year we’ve opened the doors to that and now we’ve got some real home grown talent, more than ever.”


can't wait for the new season!!! it just started on itv! discussion post?


Snozzlebert Mugglewump: I worry for my fans


Benedict Cumberbatch has confessed he worries for some of his more "obsessive" fans.

Since his award-winning drama Sherlock became a cult hit, the War Horse star has accumulated a group of dedicated fans who call themselves Cumberb****es.

Benedict said: "There is some obsessive behaviour, which is quite worrying. I worry for them, not for me."

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Tom Hardy & Michael Shannon Taking ‘The Long Red Road’

Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon are attached to topline "The Long Red Road" in the first feature from newly-minted Whipsmart, headed by longtime producer Paul Neesan and Houston steel magnate Richard Fant.
Hardy is reprising his role as Sam in Brett C. Leonard's play of the same name, in which he attempts to drink away his demons on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. When a visitor from his past arrives, Sam has to take a hard look at the man he's become and the life he left behind.
Shannon is on board to play the older brother of Hardy's character.
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Late Night Reezy Post: More Pix Of Our Precious Pearls Partying In Vegas

Ryan Lochte poses with some bikini-clad models while celebrating Maxim Fridays at Tao Beach during a party-filled weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

Later that evening, the 28-year-old Olympic gold medalist joined his fellow swimming teammates Conor Dwyer and Cullen Jones, as well as 90210‘s Matt Lanter (with fiancee Angela Stacy), and Chelsea Lately‘s Ryan Basford at Lavo restaurant.

Ryan continued his weekend at Azure at The Palazzo on Saturday (August 18), where he had a belated birthday celebration.
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Azealia Banks talks abusive mother and early sexuality

In other rap news, Azealia Banks is getting extra personal in her interviews as of late.  In her newest Dazed & Confused cover story (the magazine that was banned in several countries because of its risque cover shot), she opened up about her rough childhood. 

She previously she said her mother helped her feel like they were richer than they actually were and kept her laced with nice things, even though they lived in the hood.  Now, in this new cover story, Ms. Banks said her mother also became abusive when Azealia's father died of pancreatic cancer:

'We grew up in the hood, but we had some money. But I moved out when I was 14 to go live with my older sister, because my mom just had, well... issues.'

'After my dad died, my mom became really abusive – physically and verbally.

'Like she would hit me and my sisters with baseball bats, bang our heads up against walls, and she would always tell me I was ugly.'

'I remember once she threw out all the food in the fridge, just so we wouldn’t have anything to eat.

'It was like growing up a feral child, being raised by this person who was always yelling and screaming, hitting you and dragging you around and s***.'

And about her early sexuality:

'Growing up I was so curious about boys. I just loved them.

'I’d always get my recesses taken away for letting boys touch my butt in the lunch line I got in trouble for fooling around in school a lot.

'I just wanted to be touched, ya know? I just wanted to have sex.

'And my mom was always working so there was never anyone around to tell me no.'

Interesting.  The issue is on stands now....where it's not banned.

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GOT: Kraznys and Prendahl cast

There’s more fresh casting news today! Two more roles have been confirmed by

Dan Hildebrand will be playing the role of Kraznys, a slaver who sells the famous “Unsullied” warriors. The actor was seen most recently on Sons of Anarchy, playing Sean Casey. Hildebrand has worked with HBO before, playing both Shaughnessy and Tim Driscoll on the series Deadwood.

Ramon Tikaram will be playing Prendahl, captain of the mercenary company called the Stormcrows. Tikaram is a regular on British television, appearing in series such as Eastenders, Primeval, White Heat, and Casualty.

Both actors will be on Essos and play roles in Daenerys' Season 3 story.

Ours is the Fury: The cast is filling out nicely! Hildebrand looks different from the book’s description of Kraznys, who was quite fat, but he’s certainly a great actor. I’m not familiar with Tikaram’s work, but his lengthy resume is certainly impressive. What do you think of the new additions?


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Prince William Saves Drowning Girl in Helicopter Rescue

The Duke of Cambridge, a Royal Air Force Pilot, and his crew found the teenager off the coast of Wales.

Prince Charming is no longer cornering the market on rescuing damsels in distress.

Britain’s Prince William took part in the life-saving rescue of a 16-year-old girl Thursday, CNN reports. William, a Royal Air Force pilot, had just landed a helicopter as part of an RAF Search and Rescue Force exercise, when he and the crew got word of a person in trouble.

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