August 17th, 2012

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Admits to Having an Affair with Kylie Minogue Almost 20 Years Ago!

Jean-Claude Van Damme recently revealed that he had had an affair with "Street Fighter" co-star Kylie Minogue about 18 years ago and the woman who was his wife at the time, Darcy LaPier, says this is news to her.

The 51-year-old Belgian action star, dubbed "The Muscles From Brussels," played Colonel William F. Guile in the 1994 film while Minogue, now 44, portrayed his assistant, Cammy. Parts of the movie were shot in Bangkok, Thailand.

"Yes. OK. Yes, yes, yes. It happened. I was in Thailand, we had an affair. Sweet kiss, beautiful lovemaking," Van Damme was quoted as saying about Minogue to the UK newspaper The Guardian in an interview aimed at promoting his newest movie, "The Expendables 2."

"It would be abnormal not to have had an affair, she's so beautiful and she was there in front of me every day with a beautiful smile, simpatico, so charming, she wasn't acting like a big star," he added. "I knew Thailand very well, so I showed her my Thailand. She's a great lady."

Van Damme, and LaPier, his fourth wife and mother of his third child, wed at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok in February 1994. She filed for divorce that November, a month before the release of "Street Fighter." LaPier also starred in the film, playing the actor's character's date.

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Oh Kylie. I kind of can't blame her for getting that diq though because JCVD was so fine back in the day....

Kathleen Hanna Speaks on Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is the most important band of 2012. That's what you'll hear from countless artists, including Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail, feminist icons and founding members of seminal riot grrrl group Bikini Kill. Since three of the Russian punk group's members were detained this spring on grounds of "hooliganism" for performing a song that included the lyrics "Mother of God, Virgin Mary, drive Putin away" inside of a Moscow church, there has been no shortage of commentary and activism in their defense. But perhaps Hanna summed it up best: "SERIOUSLY THEY ARE IN A FUCKING CAGE!!!"

Bikini Kill and the 1990s riot grrrl movement were huge sources of inspiration for Pussy Riot in their fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin via public performance art. This makes sense aesthetically and politically in Russia, where feminist politics are scarce. "Liberalism in Russia is a peculiar beast," former Pitchfork contributor Michael Idov wrote last week in The New York Times. "Gender equality [remains] firmly outside its scope."

Hanna, though, sees Pussy Riot's actions as inspired grounds for a new movement entirely, which could potentially reinvigorate feminist artists around the world-- without thinking retrospectively. With the case's verdict coming Friday, as well as a day of protest ensuing worldwide, Hanna spoke on her thoughts regarding their radical music, the intersection of art and activism in 2012, and her great hopes of touring with Pussy Riot once they're free.

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On one hand, it's cool how many people are behind them. On the other, it's funny which causes people become passionate about.

Also, I can't help but be annoyed by people who go on and on about ~art~.

ETA: They were sentenced to two years in prison.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother UK 2012...

... and nobody really knows who he is, apart from fellow housemate, former "The Bachelor" Prince Lorenzo Borghese. Remember him? 

On Day 1, during a task given to them by Big Brother, all the celebrities had to explain certain facts about their lives to all of their fellow housemates. Mike, whose subject was "I Use My Body To Make Money" awkwardly said:

"'I use my body to make money'... uh, I guess that's what it says. I'm famous for my nickname, which is uh, The Situation and it refers to my, uh, six-pack and that's pretty much how I started and uh, you know..." 

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Nina Simone's Daughter Finally Speaks: 'Project Is Unauthorized; Simone Estate Not Consulted'


Well, here it is... as I mentioned in my post earlier this morning, Nina Simone's daughter, Simone (born Lisa Celeste Stroud) posted a comment on Facebook yesterday, saying that she would share her thoughts on the film project centered on her mother's life, that Zoe Saldana is attached to star in, along with David Oyelowo.

24 hours later, she's done just that, and I think it fills in some holes; most notably, she states that this specific project is unauthorized, and that the filmmakers never requested permission, nor invited the participation of the Nina Simone Estate.

She also addresses Zoe Saldana's casting, albeit not directly. But it's all there.
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Source: Indie Wire

Rage Against the Machine's guitarist blasts Romney's VP pick and unlikely Rage fan

Last week, Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, the Republican architect of Congress's radical right-wing budget plan, as his running mate. Ryan has previously cited Rage Against the Machine as one of his favorite bands. Rage guitarist Tom Morello responds in this exclusive op-ed.

By Tom Morello:

Paul Ryan's love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Charles Manson loved the Beatles but didn't understand them. Governor Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn't understand him. And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine.

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Scooby-Doo, WWE Movie Coming: Film Will Blend Cartoon With WrestleMania Mystery

Today in bizarre marriages: A forthcoming film will feature Scooby-Doo and his semi-trusty colleagues, as they chase down leads at ... WrestleMania.

The Scooby-Doo, WWE collaboration will be an animated feature. Warner Bros. is the studio behind the project, and The Playlist offers the following plot summary: "When Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to WrestleMania, the entire gang travels in the Mystery Machine to WWE City to attend the epic event. However, when a mysterious ghostly bear appears and threatens to ruin the show, Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred work with WWE Superstars to solve the case." reports the following WWE talent is on board: Triple H, John Cena, Kane, The Miz, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Sin Cara, AJ and WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

The unexpected news struck some as a bit odd, and had at least one fan wondering if this meant the WWE was betting all of its chips on family audiences. A contributor to Yahoo! Sports had this to say: "Just like my parents, I now believe that everything from the past is better than everything is today. The clearest example of this is the WWE."

In the article, Patrick Michael delineates how WWE had once invested heavily in the Attitude Era, a time when WWE matches were more violent, with shows more adult-themed. Apparently the arrival of Shaggy and Scooby at the league's premier event is the final nail in the coffin of the Attitude Era.

The last time a Scooby-Doo film made it to theaters was 2002, when Matthew Lillard, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar teamed up.

Good idea or bad idea?

Poll #1860579 ScoobyDooMovieGoodorBad

Would you watch a Scooby Doo/WWE movie?

I'll wait for the DVD


The Jonas Brothers Announce They’ll Reunite For ONE Concert!

The boys are back in town!

The Jonas Brothers revealed to their faithful fans during “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday that they are indeed reuniting for a one night only concert!

The Jonas Brothers will be taking over Radio City Music Hall in New York City on October 11th at 8 p.m. Fans will be happy to know tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster Friday, August 24 at 10 a.m. You could win tickets to the concert ENTER HERE!

Why Did You Decide To Reunite?
“We know it’s time to come back and do another album…It’s time, we need to be back on the road together,” Kevin told us. “We’ve been making some really good music that we feel like we’re ready to play and we just can’t wait to see the fans.”

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Captain Marvel

such utter bs

Punk Band 'Pussy Riot' Given Two Years Over Anti-Kremlin Protest

MOSCOW—Three members of a once-unheralded feminist group—whose anti-Kremlin protest inside Russia's main Orthodox cathedral led to one of the most politically charged trials of the country's post-Soviet era—were convicted of hooliganism Friday and sentenced to two years in prison.

The diminutive provocateurs, in handcuffs, stood in a glass-enclosed pen in a Moscow courtroom as Judge Marina Syrova announced her decision, ratifying what critics of President Vladimir Putin call a growing crackdown on dissent.

The judge said the three young women, members of the Pussy Riot performance-art collective, committed "a grave violation of public order, showing obvious disrespect for society" by performing a "punk prayer" near the cathedral's altar on Feb. 21.

Outside the brick courthouse, hundreds of people protested the verdict and police blocked the street with metal barriers to hold them back. At least 30 were detained, the Interfax news agency said. Nearby, about 50 Orthodox Christian believers demonstrated against the women, singing religious hymns.

Rest of Article @Source

such utter bullshit if you ask me. Russia, you are a major fail for this.

David Gandy: Pucker

David Beckham Bodywear Line for H&M

It’s that time of the day friends! David Beckham in his underwear!

Come on, you know it’s your favorite part of the day. The soccer hottie is getting ready forthe launch of his new underwear linefor H&M’s winter collection and from what reports tell us, it should be quite the excellent line. Even David loves it. As he said, “I love the range, and feel so comfortable in each of the pieces. It has become second nature for me to wear it!”

There’s all sorts of fancy new underwear, vests, shirts and get this, even long underwear! You can now play out all your back woodsman fantasies in David Beckham approved clothing. That’s all well and good, but you’ll never guess the best part of his new underwear line campaign!

10-foot statues of David wearing his underwear line displayed around London, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. We mentioned it before, but it requires mentioning again. H&M has even got a contest going.

[Campaign Photos]

Campaign Photos
(click for bigger image)

[Behind the Scenes]

Behind the Scenes
(click for bigger image)


(click for bigger image)

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Evans Laugh

Silversun Pickups Ask Mitt Romney To Stop Using Their Song

We recently found out that vice presidential pick Paul Ryan is a big Rage Against the Machine fan. But would you have ever guessed that buttoned-down GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was into Silversun Pickups?

Turns out Romney blasted a crowd with the group's 2009 alt-rock hit "Panic Switch" at a recent event and the band is not that into it.

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Michael Phelps could get in trouble for Louis Vuitton photos

Michael Phelps could be in hot water -- not the cold bathtub he appears to be in -- for his recent photo shoot with the French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Photos of Phelps taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz were leaked on the Internet late last week, violating the International Olympic Committee's controversial Rule 40, which states athletes can't promote any non-Olympic sponsors from July 18 to Aug. 15.

Punishments for the rule range from fines to a stripping of medals.

The campaign was set to begin on Aug. 16 in order to comply with the IOC's campaign against ambush marketing. Someone jumped the gun and the photos appeared on a wide variety of websites starting on the second Tuesday of the Olympics.

Louis Vuitton denies releasing the photographs, as does Phelps' camp.

Rule 40 states "a competitor or a team may lose the benefit of any ranking obtained in relation to other events at the Olympic Games at which he or it was disqualified or excluded; in such case the medals and diplomas won by him or it shall be returned to the IOC." In other words, Phelps could theoretically be stripped of his medals from London.

The odds of the that happening are about the same as the swimmer winning six gold medals in women's gymnastics at the Rio 2016 Games. Unless there's a vast conspiracy involving the maker of high-end trunks and the world's greatest swimmer, it seems safe to assume that these photos were leaked by a rogue individual. Pictures that aren't meant for public consumption get leaked all the time. Michael Phelps can attest to that fact.

Then again, one of the leaked ad photos was with former Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, the woman whose record for most Olympic medals Phelps broke in London. If we were still in Cold War mode, it'd be a legitimate possibility that she leaked them as part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to get back her record.

rpattz → beanie and raybans

BOY BAND REUNION: 98 Degrees on The Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

For the first time in 10 years, 98 Degrees performed together in front of a still-screaming crowd.

Brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre reunited on TODAY's stage after a decade of horrible silence, then hinted to Savannah Guthrie that there may be more to come.

"We view this opportunity as a chance to kind of test it out and see if it was still fun, and I think we're all very happy to say we're having a great time." Nick said. "I think you can expect more from us down the line."

Pop music has come back around, they said, and it's just the right time in their "personal and professional lives." Well, the ladies were certainly still shrieking today.

"I called you a boy band; I guess after 10 years, you've graduated to man band?" Savannah joked.

"You know what? I'm lucky to have these guys on both of my sides," said Jeff, who said he's experiencing more aches and pains from dancing than he used to. "It used to be steak and lobster but now it's Metamucil and prune juice."

Want to catch the bros Lachey and company? Their next stop is the MixTape Fest on 8/18 in Hershey Park, PA.

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ONTD: What boy band should reunite next? Answer is invalid if you say anything other than *NSYNC
David Gandy: Pucker

Jessica Chastain for Vanity Fair Sept. 2012 by Mario Testino

‘She doesn’t really seem like she’s quite of this era,” says contributing editor Evgenia Peretz of Jessica Chastain. Indeed, Chastain—an actress most viewers will recognize as the star of such box-office hits as last year’s The Help and The Debt—radiates a 1950s feminine demureness in person, as well as on-screen, inspiring Peretz to call her “the most sensitive and empathetic actor I’ve ever interviewed.”

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Matthew Gray Gubler & Shemar Moore (along with 3/5 of the CM cast) to sign autographs

The Festival of Arts’ runway fashion show returns on Saturday, Aug. 18 from 1 to 4 p.m. while the cast of the CBS television show “Criminal Minds” will greet fans, take photos and sign autographs arrive the following day, Sunday, Aug. 19.

Cast members Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness will greet visitors from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. on the festival grounds, at 650 Laguna Canyon Rd. Visitors interested in getting an autograph or photo are encouraged to bring their own camera and paper.

In the exhibit of reclaimed, reused or recycled couture, artists compete for cash prizes by designing the most imaginative design. A three-judge panel chooses the grand prize, while the crowd gets to cast their vote for the “People’s Choice Award”.

Competing for prizes are artists Luciano Bortone, Dagmar Chaplin, Bradley Elsberry, Michelle Lance, Rick Graves, Adam Neeley, Jon Seeman, John Tolle, and Annette Wimmer.

The judges this year include Los Angeles County Museum of Art costume curator Kaye Spilker, Style Channel’s fashion makeover show host Jeannie Mai and Extra! TV’s Jerry Penacoli.

The show is free with admission.

White Tux

Now Bradley Cooper Is Rumored for A Star Is Born


Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star in the J. Blakeson-helmed crime thriller Bad Blood and Trouble at MRC.

The in-demand actor is mulling a number of offers, including the male lead in Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born remake at Warner Bros.

He next will shoot the third chapter in the Hangover franchise.

Adrian Sturges and Michael De Luca are producing Bad Blood and Trouble, which is being prepped for a London shoot mid to late next year.

The actor -- who next will be seen in David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook, the indie The Place Beyond the Pines, The Words and Hit and Run -- is also in negotiations to reteam with Russell for American Bullshit, which is scheduled to begin production in early 2013.

White Tux

'American Horror Story': Watch the creepy new teaser for season 2

FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum doesn’t begin its terror-filled second season until late October but today the first teaser was released and… it’s really friggin’ creepy. The second season is set in a 1960s insane asylum run by Jessica Lange, but the teaser is scarily simple: A nun deposits a bucket of food near the woods, but something tells us she’s not leaving it for squirrels or some cute elves living in the trees, making cookies. What could she be feeding? What lives in that woods? Watch below…

Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

The Gospel according to PEOPLE magazine...Jennifer Aniston's adventures in medialand

'Time wastes too fast: every letter I trace tells me with what rapidity Life follows my pen..."

Thus complains Tristram Shandy, the eponymous narrator of Laurence Sterne's 18th-century novel, which satirically explores the artifice required to capture a life in writing, how one can only create a narrative through omission and addition ("how much of it he is to cast into a shade – and whereabouts he is to throw his light") and, most of all, the way that real time will always overtake narrative time.

This brings us, obviously, to "Jennifer Aniston". Not Jennifer Aniston the actual person, whose heart's desires and emotional needs are known only to the very few, but the fictional character "Jennifer Aniston", whose every passing thought and sexual encounter is instantly communicated by the world's media thanks to various "sources" and "unnamed friends".

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People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"Between you, Dolph Lundgren and Arnold [Schwarzenegger], this is the first English film to have an English translator."

– Jay Leno, poking fun at Expendables 2 star Sylvester Stallone and his fellow (European-born) action stars, on the Tonight Show

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HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  xoxo
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Alicia Silverstone's letter to Putin

In the 1995 movie, Clueless, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) collects donations for those who have suffered a recent natural disaster. When her father suggests that the victims probably don't need her skis, Cher reprimands him: "Daddy, some people lost all their belongings. Don't you think that includes athletic equipment?"

Almost 20 years later Ms Silverstone is still trying to donate her skis. While most who have followed the Pussy Riot trial have focused on such concerns as free speech and a fair justice system, Silverstone has spotted another outrage: the lack of tofu in Russia's prisons.

In a letter to President Vladimir Putin, Silverstone, with the same simple good intentions but simple-mindedness of her fictional alter ego, begs the president for his "assurance" that Maria Alekhina, a member of Pussy Riot and a vegan, "will have access to vegan foods".
"I'm sure you can agree that everyone has the right to show compassion and refrain from hurting animals by being vegan," Silverstone writes, displaying the myopic self-righteousness that gives veganism such a good name. No word yet on whether Vlad has responded but maybe he's just a little busy right now, posing with a gun over another animal.

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[marvel] I cannot

Penelope Cruz's Sister is better at playing Nintendo than she is

One of the hottest bombshells in Hollywood is donning some overalls and a mustache for an ad campaign. Penelope Cruz and sister Monica are featured in a new advertisement for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the handheld 3DS.

This is not Nintendo's first foray into getting a big name to hawk its products -- far from it. The company has previously used Robin Williams, Kim Cattrall and Beyonce in its various ads. And they aren't the only video game company to do so.

XBox has employed teen pop sensation Justin Bieber and his mentor Usher, and Sony's Playstation used Harrison Ford in a Japanese advertisement for game "Uncharted 3."

ngl, I enjoyed this. I would like a mushroom.

Mushroom Gravy
White Tux

Several Stores Sell Alcohol to Teen Carrying Fake ID Card with Photo of Bobby from King of the Hill

The face may look familiar to viewers of the Channel 4 television show, King of the Hill.

But salesman behind counters in Nottinghamshire failed to notice the cartoon character on the fake identity card was Bobby King. And the age given on the document was only 17.

However in an undercover operation by trading standards, a teenager using this ID card successfully purchased alcohol six times.

More than half of the 22 shops tested by the county council trading standards operation either served the teenager alcohol without asking for identification, or accepted fake ID, even though it identified that he was underage.

A total of seven stores failed to ask for identification and six checked his false ID card but still sold him the alcohol.

The council said it would issue advice to all the retailers who wrongly served the volunteer and encourage them to adopt a Challenge 25 policy when selling age-related products.

The retailing strategy encourages anyone who is older than 18 but appears younger than 25 to carry acceptable ID, such as a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport.

Mick Murphy, the chairman of the council's community safety committee, said: 'We take the sale of age-restricted products to children very seriously.

'Although the volunteer was 18, we would strongly recommend that retailers always ask purchasers of goods such as alcohol and cigarettes for identification if they look under 25.

'It is disappointing that around a quarter of the shops tested did not properly check the identification that they asked for before accepting it.

We are warning shops that we are considering using a child with fake ID following the results of this exercise.'



ABC Family Orders More Bunheads, Renews Switched at Birth, Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy

Somewhere, Amy Sherman-Palladino is doing a happy dance. ABC Family has ordered additional episodes of the Gilmore Girls creator’s ballerina tale Bunheads. Additionally, the cabler has renewed Melissa & Joey, Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy, while Jane By Design has been given the ax.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Bunheads extension (which is rumored to be around eight episodes) ensures that Monday’s episode will be a summer and not a series finale. The Sutton Foster-Kelly Bishop dramedy is expected to resume production in October and return on air in early ’13. Melissa & Joey will be heading into its third season, while Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy will both be entering Season 2. (The second half of SaB‘s rookie season bows Sept. 3; Baby Daddy and Melissa & Joey wrap Season 1 and Season 2, respectively, on Aug. 29.) Finally, the decision to pull the plug on the struggling Jane By Design comes just weeks after the show ended its sophomore season with 1.2 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, representing half of its Pretty Little Liars lead-in.


(mods the article wasn't this long the first time i swear~)

Julian Fellowes ain't bovvered by Benedict Cumberbatch's Downton shade

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is willing to forgive 'Cumberbitch'

After Benedict Cumberbatch called the second series of Downton Abbey 'atrocious', the show's creator Julian Fellowes has come to the actor's defence.

Benedict Cumberbatch, whose BBC period drama Parade’s End begins next week, couldn’t have been beastlier about Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey. Indeed, he described the last series as “------- atrocious.”
Happily, Fellowes is not easily riled, even by “Cumberbitch”. lol wat “I have known Ben since he was a little boy and I couldn’t be fonder of him,” he tells me. “He has turned out to be a marvellous actor and I will certainly watch Parade’s End, which has a wonderful cast and, in Tom Stoppard, a brilliant writer.
“I am quite sure what Ben said has been taken out of context and do not at all reflect Ben’s real feelings. The popularity of Downton and Ben’s series Sherlock, and, hopefully, Parade’s End are all part of a surge of interest in television drama which can only be good news for all of us.”
Would he be willing to offer Cumberbatch a part in Downton? “I very much hope that we will work together in the future,” he says. I would say he should be cast as Thomas' gay lover but Thomas deserves much better


I thought Cumberbitch was the name for his fans, not him personally.

What is your favorite thing to call him, ONTD?

Real World's Joey Kovar Dead at 29

Reality star Joey Kovar was found dead at a friend’s home near Chicago this morning. The troubled “Real World” and later “Celebrity Rehab” participant was 29.

Kovar’s rep tells that Joey was discovered by a female friend early this morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey’s ears and nose.

Medical personnel rushed to the scene after the woman called 911. He was pronounced dead at that time.

Kovar sought treatment for his addictions to cocaine and ecstasy from Dr. Drew and his team on “Celebrity Rehab.

In a YouTube video, Kovar announced that he joined Muscle Wolf Productions, a company that featured bodybuilder-actors in movies such as “Psycho Street.” The actors also would appear at horror film conventions under the title the “Chippendales of Horror.”


So sad. Poor guy. I remember seeing him on TV. It was pretty scary. Drugs are frightening

ABC Family Cancels 'Jane By Design'

The news comes after the cable network renewed several scripted series on Friday.

ABC Family is not moving forward with Jane By Design.

After renewing a slew of scripted series, including Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy, the cable network opted not to bring back the fashion drama that starred Erica Dasher and Andie MacDowell for a second season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Jane By Design, which centered on high schooler Jane Quimby (Dasher) who moonlighted as an executive assistant to a hotshot executive (MacDowell) at a top New York City fashion house. Jane By Design ended its 18-episode season with 1.2 million viewers in late July.
The series, created by April Blair and executive produced by Gavin Polone, made a splash when it recruited Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher to play Jane's absent mother for a multi-episode arc. Hatcher was slated to direct an episode.

In May, MacDowell booked a TV movie for Hallmark Channel, Cedar Cove, based on the Debbie Macomber book that will serve as a backdoor pilot for a series.

Now we'll never know if Jane and Billy end up together :(


"Hell hath no fury like a shipper scorned"

Entertainment Weekly messes with the wrong fandom.

The latest thing that seems to have taken the internet by storm are hordes of really angry Teen Wolf fans who refer to themselves as Sterek (Stiles + Derek). Yes they are shipping that two men (hot men mind you) will somehow fall in love on the popular MTv show. Now if you are familiar with term shipping (Shipping, derived from the word relationship , is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, are in an intimate relationship , have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship).
You must be also familiar with the fact that today on the internet it isn’t necessary to only ship a male and female character together, same sex characters being shipped together is also pretty popular phenomenon be it John and Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes), Damon and Alaric (Vampire Diaries), Rizzoli and Isles (Rizzoli & Isles), Britney and Santana (Glee) and so on.

It is a well known fact that you don’t mess with a fandom especially ones that are SO invested in the characters getting it on on screen. Many people and web sites have felt the backlash of fandoms and shippers going crazy when something bad is said about their particular ship.
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haters will say its photoshop

Russell Simmons Addresses The Modern-Day Cruella

Dear Mother Monster,

You will go down in history as one of the most talented and beloved artists the world has ever known. You are an integral part of the artistic community that gives a voice to our pain, joy, struggles and triumphs through your music.

This is the same community that has historically been on the side of right since the beginning of time - bringing people together via the language of song. Poets always spoke the truth in song, whether it was via the innocent spirituals, as the slave songs came to be known, the protest songs of the beatnik generation who pushed for the end of the war, the legendary peace anthem of John Lennon's "Imagine," or the poetry of Tupac Shakur that gave a voice to the violent hardships that exist for every angry child growing up in inner cities. The poets who make music about social change set the tone and direction for our society because they are able to express the god that is within themselves.

When you look inside, you see "god" or the connective tissue that bonds you to all living beings and to life itself. The artist knows what the yogis and other leading spiritual beings have said throughout history: that we (all living beings) are ONE. If god were the ocean, we would be cups of god.

While I will not judge each individual's unconscious action, I will speak to the collective. The ripping off of skin of other sentient beings while they are still alive - during a time when we have options available to us to wear cruelty-free alternatives - is an issue I have to lend my voice to. Wearing these skins is abusive to animals, but equally as abusive to ourselves, as we are the animal that we abuse. As a vegan, I believe the greatest karmic disaster in the history of humankind is the 40 billion animals made to be born into suffering each year. Fur-bearing animals suffer the same fate for vanity and greed.

Lady Gaga, you are a great artist who has used your celebrity to fight for equality and fairness, so I know you are a compassionate loving human being who would not publicly defend others for their unconscious behavior. LET'S NOT SET OFF A CHAIN REACTION WHERE ARTISTS ACT AS SUPPORT FOR A SOCIETY'S UNCONSCIOUS BEHAVIOR. Let's instead do what artists have done throughout history and be on the side of love and compassion, because that is our natural state.

I am PETA's Person of The Year and I support them, but this isn't about PETA or their tactics. Don't allow your feelings about them to govern how you feel about animals. Those feelings should come as a result of your heart meditation. Please continue to use your immense talent as an instrument of love, peace and compassion. Watch this video, whose message cannot be denied, and know that I love you.


Russell Simmons

Shut your irrelevant Def Jam ass up tbh
Russell's Twitter
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'Game of Thrones' casts 'Rome' actor as Mance Rayder

The biggest new Game of Thrones role is going to…

Ciarán Hinds!

The Rome actor has been cast as Wildling leader Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. Rayder has united the disparate clans of the Far North behind a single mission: To attack The Wall. He’s been frequently referenced (though unseen) in the HBO hit fantasy drama’s first two seasons. In the second season finale, undercover Night’s Watchman Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was being taken to meet Rayder.

The casting caps months — years, really — of online speculation about who would play Rayder. For awhile, Hinds’ Rome co-star James Purefoy received some fan votes, though he’s booked on Fox’s The Following.

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fergie - t-t-t-tasty

'American Idol' Judge Drama: Coke and Pepsi at War Over Nicki Minaj

As the next phase of American Idol auditions draws near -- specifically, the part we see on television where pop star hopefuls perform for a panel of celebrity judges -- some behind-the-scenes drama is brewing among top brass at the Fox show. You could even say it's fizzing over.

According to a source with close ties to the show, longtime rivals Coke and Pepsi are at war again -- but not about market share, rather over hitmaker Nicki Minaj. The rapper and singer, whose colorful, cartoon-like style has made her among the most successful new acts of the past three years, is at the top of the list for the open seat on season 12 of Idol. But as the new face of Pepsi, an endorsement deal that includes commercials along with touring and album promo, Idol sponsor Coke is none too thrilled at the prospect. The leading soda company has been an Idol partner since season one, at a cost of $26 million per year, according to reports. The show ran into a similar problem when longtime sponsor Ford got wind of judge Jennifer Lopez's commercial deal with Fiat.

If Fox and FremantleMedia execs have their way, this year's panel would consist of Nicki Minaj, previously announced judge Mariah Carey, a country star (the leading candidate is Keith Urban, says an insider) and a Latin artist (Enrique Iglesias is believed to be the No. 1 choice). In March, Minaj showed genuine empathy toward those who compete on Idol, telling THR special correspondent and Idol alum Didi Benami: "It's very difficult to be picked apart. That rejection thing is heavy."

Mayim Bialik steps out for the first time since her accident

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mayim Bialik is in recovery mode after a car accident on Wednesday left her hospitalized.

The Big Bang Theory star, 36, who managed to make it to work just one day after the wreck, was photographed on Friday near her home in L.A., wearing gauze on her left forearm and a full cast on her right hand.

At the time of the accident – caused in Hollywood by three tourists from Chile turning into her vehicle – LAPD Sgt. Monte Houze told PEOPLE that the actress suffered "a severe injury" and, "I was told, there was a lot of blood at the scene."

Writing she was typing with her opposite hand, Bialik blogged on Friday, "I had a horrible accident. I will be okay. I have all my fingers, but a very impaired right hand. It was very bloody and scary, but I am okay."

The former Blossom star, who Tweeted that her accident is preventing her from going to the Jewlicious Festival, adds in her blog that she is a "deeply religious person who used prayer and deep breathing" for several hours following the incident before being medicated.

"I will be continuing on The Big Bang Theory with no weeks off," she writes. "They are so good to me, and I love my job and the support I get from my buddies on the cast and our loving staff and crew."

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From Hollywood Star, To Porn Star.. Ugh I just Can't Deal With This Guy And His Literal Fame Whoring

He recently bared all after appearing naked in an arty Sigur Rós video.

But it seems Shia LaBeouf's next project could leave him even more red faced.

The 26-year-old actor has admitted to being 'terrified' about playing his role in upcoming film The Nymphomaniac - because he and his co-stars have to perform real sex acts.
The man behind the movie is Danish director Lars von Trier - who is planning on making two versions of the film.

Other stars involved include Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, and Willem Dafoe.

The film is said to follow a woman throughout her sexual life.

In an interview with MTV News, Shia implied he would be taking part in the graphic sex scenes - and would be willing to go as far as the Melancholia director asks him to.

He said: '[Von Trier] is very dangerous. He's the most dangerous dude that I've ever showed up for.'

Admitting his fears, he went on: I'm terrified. I'm so terrified, which is why I have to go. We'll see what happens.'

Asked how far he would take it, he went on: '[The film] is what you think it is.

'There's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we're doing [the sex] for real... and anything that is illegal will be shot in blurred images, but other than that, everything is happening.'
The 2001 film Intimacy, by French director Patrice Chéreau, starring Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox, famously featured unsimulated sex scenes.

But LaBeouf suggested von Trier will be pushing the boundaries further, saying the rest of the cast is ready to do whatever is asked.

He added: 'I've seen Intimacy. [Von Trier is] talking about something different... It's going to be a wild movie.'

a pic of him about to do a chick at the source

Pattinson: "Media culture is a monstrous thing"

I know we're getting pretty saturated in Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart posts, but I thought this article was a good read.

Jon Stewart tried to bait him with Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra. "Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos offered him Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But maybe French fries would have been a better ploy to get Robert Pattinson to spill some juicy personal details about his breakup with costar Kristen Stewart.

"Media culture is a monstrous thing," Pattinson lamented Wednesday afternoon, jamming fries into his mouth between puffs on his electronic cigarette. "You can't win. The annoying thing is that you can't attack them, but you can't defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday."

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Beyoncé Continues Promo for World Humanitarian Day (19 Aug)

ONTD, What Will You Do? + UPDATE!

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(If you're interested in exploring the sites mentioned in the pictures, the pictures are hyperlinked to said sites.)

ONTD, what are some suggestions for ways to help others for people in various circumstances, e.g., not much money, not much time, extremely socially awkward, etc...
UPDATE: More details in the post, but would you all be interesting a fun charitable gaming-lite session for World Humanitarian Day on Aug 19?
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ALANIS: 'I still have PTSD from the Jagged Little Pill era. It was a profound violation'

The singer on channelling anger in music, having Madonna as her boss and breaking the rules of yoga

Hello, Alanis. Where are you?
I am at home in Los Angeles.

What can you see?
I see my husband's sink. I'm in his little area.

Do you each have your own sink?
We have our own sinks. It keeps our marriage quite lovely. I think space is tantamount to keeping harmony going.

How do you think you are perceived by the general public in 2012?
My whole thing is to stay the course. I see the movement in terms of the 60s and 70s being all about social and political commentary around the Vietnam era, and the 80s were really about entertainment. And then the 90s was about emotional landscape commentary and I was a big part of that (1). The 2000s were all about entertainment again with the economy doing what it was and I think people wanted a break from the inward-looking, quandary-esque approach (2) and then now, not a moment too soon, I see us segueing back into a more psychological, emotional, spiritual commentary movement in music.

I read a reference to you as "the former angry young woman". Does that label annoy you?
When someone says that I'm angry it's actually a compliment. I have not always been direct with my anger in my relationships, which is part of why I'd write about it in my songs because I had such fear around expressing anger as a woman. I thought I would be retaliated against or physically hit or vilified. Anger has been a really big deal for women: how can we express it without feeling that, as the physically weaker sex, we won't get killed. The alpha-woman was burned at the stake and had her head chopped off in days of old.
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Lady Gaga Thanks Ke$ha For Confirming Fur Criticism Letter Was A Fake

The 'Tik Tok' singer was reported to have penned an open letter slamming Gaga for wearing fur.

Ke$ha has confirmed that an open letter criticising Lady Gaga for reportedly wearing real fur is a fake and was not written by her.

The 'Tik Tok' singer tweeted Lady Gaga and her fans last night (17th August), after the letter was posted on a fan site, to confirm the document was a forgery and that she had only just discovered its existence.

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Not what you think I am

In the "I can't make this up category", Drag Queen Barbie!

Mattel Annouces Drag Queen Barbie


Barbie has been around for quite some time now, so it's only right that she begin to evolve a little, but by no means did we expect her to change into a drag queen!

Mattel has announced plans to produce their first ever Drag Queen Barbie in collaboration with the New York City-based design duo The Blonds, who are responsible for dressing some of the biggest names around, including Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez.

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Nicole Scherzinger: 'I would have saved Rachel Crow on X Factor USA'

"I would have voted for Rachel Crow when it was down to the wire instead of leaving it up to America's vote," Scherzinger said in a Q&A ahead of The X Factor's return to British screens this weekend.
Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she would have chosen to save X Factor USA contestant Rachel Crow in hindsight.

The Pussycat Dolls singer reflected on her decision to send the elimination decision to deadlock during The X Factor USA's quarter-final, a move which eliminated the teenager and sparked controversy at the time.

Scherzinger, who replaces former Destiny's Child musician Kelly Rowland on the ITV1 show's judging panel, promised to "be myself, heart and soul and give 110%, like I always do".

"As an international artist and someone who has been in the music industry for a number of years I know what will sell in the US and across the world... I'll be helping the contestants and audiences to see what it truly takes to make it and bring out the best in them," she added.

Since appearing on The X Factor USA, 14-year-old Crow has gone on to sign a joint record contract with Syco and Columbia, in addition to a talent deal with Nickelodeon.

Crow also recently released her first single 'Mean Girls'.

The X Factor returns on Saturday, August 18 on ITV1 in the UK, while The X Factor USA's second season premieres on September 12 and 13 on Fox in the US.

Lagertha #2

Lochte: Trademarking JEAH!!! (New Article)

As if Ryan Lochte's gold medals and sponsorships deals aren't earning him enough, the swimming star is cashing in on his most famous catchphrase by trademarking the word 'jeah'. Known for his rock hard abs, diamond-encrusted smile and questionable interview skills, Lochte has now filed for ownership of the made-up exclamation in anticipation of a line of merchandise. TMZ revealed that the trademark documents list sunglasses, workout DVDs, gift cards, mugs, drinking glasses, trading cards, calendars, posters, swimwear, sports hats and water bottles among the products that will bear the slogan.

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I hated the tone coming from TMZ, so now I've found another source that I like better...

Source 1 / 2

Neon Hitch Performs "Gold" On ‘Jimmy Fallon’ + Official Lyric Video

After premiering the single cover and song lyrics for her new single “Gold” earlier this week, Neon Hitch hit up Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to give her first performance of the Bruno Mars co-write. Appropriately, the British songstress and her dancers were glowing (literally) as they proceeded to bump and grind around on stage in outfits and body paint that looked like a cross between computer circuit boards and tribal garb. The glow-in-the-dark aspect had shades of Ke$ha. The moves were a bit Kylie. But the red-headed sass was all Neon Hitch. Watch above or by clicking here!

You can also watch the cute official lyric video below:

Neon's new single "Gold" featuring Tyga is now available on iTunes!

sources 1 2 3

Bieber shrug.

TAYLOR SWIFT How to Kiss a Kennedy.

It's a love story ... and now, it's PHYSICAL -- with Taylor Swift and her 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy locking lips in a passionate kiss earlier today in Massachusetts.

22-year-old Taylor and Conor have been dating for the last few months -- but this makes it official ... because it's the first time they've been seen kissing in public.

FYI -- Conor is the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy. He is also Patrick Schwarzenegger's second cousin.

Small world.

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Clip of REEZY on Fashion Police

Video won't embed so click the picture above.

It looks like Ryan Lochte and Joan Rivers got along swimmingly!

After all, what better way to describe it when the Olympic gold medalist slipped on his Speedo and joined the Fashion Police cohost for a dip in a fountain on Thursday morning. (Totally normal, right?)

"One last thing, Ryan, and then I'll leave you alone," Rivers said while partially submerged in water with her newfound friend. "Are you peeing?"

"Yes," revealed Lochte. "I've been waiting to this whole time."

"Me too!" Rivers exclaimed. "Oh God, it's getting warmer!"

Of course, this playful interaction is just a glimpse of all the fun we can expect to see when Lochte appears on Friday's Fashion Police at 10 p.m. on E!

We'll be, er, diving in for sure!


Stream link here: Stream 1

This is the tune in post to watch Reezy's interview on Fashion Police.
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Downton cast throws Fiddly-Dee Ponky-Tonk some lovely shade

In the ever-continuing saga of Benedict Cumberbatch vs. Downton Abbey/British society/the world, three members of the Downton Abbey cast speak out. Sort of. A couple of hours ago, Hugh Bonneville (Robert), Dan Stevens (Matthew) and Allen Leech (Branson), all changed their twitter pictures to the September cover of Reader's Digest, which features Cumberbatch and the headline "Move over Downton". This is the issue that contains Cumberbatch's quote about Downton being "f***ing atrocious."


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First look at Gina Carano and Dwayne Johnson in Fast 6

The sixth installment in the "Fast and Furious" franchise is now filming in Europe, and today we have the first set photo of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his co-star Gina Carano (Haywire). In addition to the photo, Johnson wrote: "Beast and the Beauty... Me and my 'FAST 6' partner in ass kickins (and fun) Gina Carano."

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Fast 6 on IMDB

Natalie Cole Pictured Incredibly Thin Leaving Mr Chow In Beverly Hills

Natalie Cole has had a tough few weeks after the death of her mother Maria following a short battle with cancer.

And the strain of the difficult time is certainly showing on the singer as she stepped out for dinner in Los Angeles last night.

The 62-year-old looked incredibly gaunt as she left Mr Chow in Beverly Hills.

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As well as her recent grief, Natalie has been besieged with health problems.

In 2008, she revealed she had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and in 2009 had a kidney transplant following her diagnosis with kidney disease.

Source with more article and pictures
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Teen Wolf Boss Talks Stiles and Derek's Popularity, Shipping and More

Teen Wolf is home to one of most popular gay couples on TV. One problem: The characters aren't a couple.
Entertainment Weekly found themselves at the center of a fandom controversy when they removed write-in nominations for Teen Wolf's Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) from a poll asking for readers' favorite Summer ship (short for 'relationship,' get it?). The "Sterek" fans? Less than pleased.
"Take it from me," the show's creator Jeff Davis wrote to the magazine on Twitter. "Hell hath no fury like a shipper scorned."
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britney gurl i don't think so

The life of an NBA wife + Vanessa Bryant clarifies championships remarks

The Belles of B-Ball: How NBA Players’ Wives Vie for Fashion Dominance

It's not always easy for a man to surprise his wife, but when Knicks player Tyson Chandler overheard his wife Kimberly talking about the romantic fantasy of Pretty Woman—the shopping sprees, the private jet, the diamond-and-ruby necklace that Richard Gere proffers in a black velvet box before snapping Julia Roberts’s white-gloved hand—he started to formulate an idea. She had just been sitting there on the couch at home, watching the movie with her cousin, and then later, while Tyson was in Vegas practicing, he gave her an unexpected phone call. “I’m on my way home,” he said. “I want you to pack a bag and be ready when I get there.” Suddenly, she was off to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Roberts’s character fell in love with Gere’s businessman, and the next ­morning, a stretch limo waited outside to take both of them to Barneys. “I was like, ‘Hello, what are we doing?’ ” says Kimberly. “And Tyson said, ‘Just come inside.’ ”

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source and source 

I need Vanessa to write a how-to book because I'm completely ready to live her life.

Beck's sheet music album spawns first beautiful thing (with bonus Simpsons)

Beck asked and triple j answered. "Do We?" With Megan Washington's help, "We Do."

Earlier this week we discovered that Beck was releasing a new album - as SHEET MUSIC. This left triple j, a radio station, with a conundrum. How will we play it if even Beck hasn't recorded his songs yet?

With only one page of the upcoming album "leaked" we knew what we had to do. Find a musician to step into the breach and perform the music for us, so we know what it sounds like. And who better Megan Washington?

Megan Washington interpreting and performing an unreleased, unrecorded song by Beck, in a medley with a song from the Simpsons. Any way you look at it, it's unmissable radio.


So from memory ontd wasn't too keen on the sheet music thing. This has won me over a bit, tbh.

If Triple J can now round up a whole group of amazing Australian artists to cover the whole thing (a la No Man's Woman and Straight to You) then I can pretty much die happy.


Kendall Jenner Set to Make Her Acting Debut on CBS' Hawaii Five-0

Kendall Jenner's following in her older sisters' footsteps!

Kendall is set to make her acting debut in an episode of CBS' Hawaii Five-0, a CBS rep confirms exclusively to Life & Style.

So what role will she take on? The 16-year-old will play a sales assistant in an episode due to air in October. Taping, which is happening in the next few weeks, will take place in Hawaii.

Because the budding actress is a minor, at least one of her parents, Bruce and Kris Jenner, will have to accompany her. At this stage, it is not known whether her role is for one episode or if it will be a recurring role.

Kendall is the second Kardashian sister to act in a CBS series. Her big sister Kim Kardashian appeared on CSI: NY in 2009.

Earlier this year, the teen model admitted she was bit by the acting bug.

"I would love to be in a horror movie or a horse movie," she's said. "Or you know Disaster Movie that Kim was in? That seems like so much fun."

We can't wait to tune in!


I don't hate Kendall, but do not want!